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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  August 9, 2017 10:00pm-11:00pm EDT

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thanks for watching "strange inheritance." and remember -- you can't take it with you. us. lou: good evening president trump today keeping pressure on north korea. warning rogue rejee regime that united states is well equipped to fight, tweeting our nuclear arsenal is stronger and more powerful than ever, president trump's tweet a day after he warned north korea it would be met with quote, fire and fury like the world has never seen. defense secretary mattis also adding his voice, in a statement in lockstep with president trump's saying, quote, the dprk should cease any consideration of acttion
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that would lead to the end of its regime. secretary under cutting president's message, striking a more diplomatic tone. >> united states has capability to fully defend itself from any attack and defend our allies. we will do so, the american people should sleep well at night. lou: kevin corke is live in washington, has our report on administration's efforts to defuse this crisis. reporter: mr. trump said it was his first order as president to renovate and modernize our nuclear arsenal, it was his eighth order, but coming on january 27. we wrote his defense secretary shall initiate a new nuclear post euro view to ensure that united states nuclear deterrent and modern, robust, flexible, resilient, ready and
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appropriately taylors to deter 21st century threats, and reassure our allies. with 6800 warheads, 1950 are deployed, comparison north korea has 10 to 21 warheads, u.s. arsenal, that including 400 long range icbm, a dozen nuclear subs and fleet of b-52 bombers is aging, a problem that pentagon lar already planned to shore up with a investment. >> there is a modernization plan for the next decade to upgrade american nuclear arsenal. we have seen him make statements about all manner of things, more concerning when you talk about nuclear weapons. >> you want to to did in 5
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years, when they have warheads all over the place, every one points to new york city and washington, is that when you want to do it, or do you want to do it now. reporter: today defense secretary james mattis magnified prevailing mood, writing the regime act will continucontinually be gross grossly over matched by ours. the president's 2018 budget hoped to increase the u.s. defense budget, additional 54 billion, that is about 10%. white house officials are clear they will tell you, that this is something that will help them modernize america nuclear arsenal and go a long way to maintaining that when we already have, we need. lou: kevin thank you. >> critical to point out north
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korea abilbility to construct miniaturize nuclear weapon is not new, that revelation dates back to obama administration, a defense intelligence agency report was leaked in april of 2013. in that report, it stated north korea had developed such technology. but president obama at the time denied the contents of the intelligence assessment. joining me to discuss president obama's failure to deal with, act and end the north korea crisis before particular begin. former u.s. ambassador to united nations, fox news contributor john bolton. ambassador good to have you with us. >> good to be with you. lou: no other reason he could have been denying, that north koreans developed miniaturized
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warheads for their icbm program. >> i think this is another piece of evidence of politicalization of intelligence during obama administration, his approach to north korea, mirroring that policy of bush and clinton administrations before he call strategic patience, that turns out to be a sinc a -- the same as doing nothing. president trump has inherited this because of president obama's inact that allows no north korea to get to this point. lou: this president is confronted by a north korea, as he predicted in that interview from 28 years ago, i mean, it is really -- did i say 28? 18 years, that suggesting that proliferation on part of north korea was at hand, and it
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would be far difficult for a president, hardly he could have imagined i suspect then he would be that president, who would have to deal with it. >> right, and you know this also is just a few years before the bush administration broke away from the disastrous clinton administration agreement with north korea. the agreed framework that north korea violated from the get go. promising to give up their nuclear weapon program, they just continued with more clandestine efforts. they were paving the way toward getting nuclear weapons, much as the obama iran nuclear deal paves their way. this satly has been -- sadly has been foreseeable, but successive administrations failed to deal with it, thinking they could trust north korea. lou: we know that north korea has a miniaturize warhead for
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placement on its icbm's and two that are capable of reach the continental united states one the interior of united states how in the hell did u.s. intelligence agencies and presidents of the united states, permit this to happen? >> i think this is a subject of director of national intelligence dan coats should get into, the failures that we've seen and danger we're in now, was replicated in iran, and god knows what other countries, they have seen with enough patience, you can defy u.s. and get nuclear weapons, we have to deal with north korea in the very short-term, we don't have a lot of time now, seen this failure for 25 years, trump has to deal with it in the next year at the outside maybe the next 6
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months, these failures will haunt us elsewhere as well. lou: i am listening to some of the most idiotic statements coming from leaders of democratic party, whose president they elected in 2008 who absolutely neglected national security, and created vulnerabilities in our national security with seemingly every intent to open ourselves up to north korea. to iran. this is a striking result of 8 years, i have listened to a number of former officials of that administration. blathering about the next decade, they have a plan. just -- asinine they keep taking this nonsense, and peddling it in meanwhile, trump has to deal with the threat.
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>> many people argued for years, that north korea is not a serious threat. we can persuade north korea. we could do the same thing with iran, they have been wrong. they are now people telling us, we
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lou: breaking news, get ready, defense officials telling fox news a russian spy plane. flew b at 4 thousand feet then climbed to 5,000 before flying
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into new york airspace. the russian jet was permitted to flying as part of the open skies treaty with russia. u.s. military officials were aboard the russian aircraft, now don't we feel better. trump fires back at mitch mcconnell. for criticizing his excessive work ethics and ambitions. president tweeting this afternoon, senator mitch mcconnell said i had excessive particulars, but i don't think so after 7 years of hearing repeal and replace, why not done? to find out whether it is time it ditch mitch and get to work ed rollins. the dean, and pulitzer prize winning columnist for "new york post," michael goodwin.
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both fox news contributors. look at you, they say ditch mitch. what do you make of this? >> all your rhetoric against him, if we get nominated we are not getting approved. >> the hell with those nominations. i am so sick of this man, i can't see straight, to say to a kentucky rotary club, that president of united states wants to do too much too quickly, he doesn't know how the game is played, he is bought and paid for by chamber of commerce, business round table, k-street he does not give a damn. >> challenge is, when he returns, i hope he has a calander for the rest of the year with his assignment on there, the things he has to get done, i don't think he does, they have an abbreviated schedule.
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gerri: look at that, john cornyn there next -- there mr. high expectations. >> critical thing, if he does not move quickly, we're not going to meet the deadlines,. lou: deadlines? he is one of those who set them, they are legislative deadlines, do you remember tax reform by august. moving healthcare through, those were not the president's -- >> i didn't say they were. lou: i am reminding everyone else. you couldn't be here if i had to remind you. >> how do i get off? i think that critical thing. >> you are here because i for get them. >> i think it is -- this president -- an insult. i thought about this, when howard baker was ronald reagan's majority leader, when bob dole ran goncz george w. bush he did everything he
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could to get bush's agenda through. mitch mcconnell has a wife in this administration, secretary of transportation, you would think every day he would push this president's agenda and not his. lou: you mean, elane chow, transportation secretary in charge of infrastructure, a trillion dollar program, i am sure she is in washington right now working on that program. don't you figure? >> yeah, look, i was struck by first thing that exchange that mitch mcconnell said, which is, that president is new to this line of work. and -- lou: what an ar gant thing to say. >> that was the point of donald trump's election. he was not from washington. he was from an outside. >> we want more people like mitch mcconnell complaining about high expectations on part of american people. >> right. lou: poor morning who want something done by people. >> and he -- >> and in washington. >> saying, don't send us any
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more rookies, they don't understand. that is the problem, that is the disconnect between washington and the country. that is. lou: absolutely unaware of the absurdity of what he said as well as you know basically political suicide. suicide. >> i don't know how you recover from this, ed's idea about a program is right, but i don't think he has one. lou: he has revealed himself. >> he has a few more years in this term, i suggest he work hard for people of kentucky. let someone else leaded senate. lou: this is horrible. the people of kentucky have to be fearous. >> i was shocked, i was waiting for audience react, it was quiet. lou: have you heard? >> where is g.o.p. senator? you know, sitting there clucking to themselves, say
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twiddle their thumbs, this is i republican party that the president has to deal with? my god! >> i promise you, any democrat, could produce last two votes on any bill. i have watched it. lou: yeah, well, we need to republicans who have enough energy and intelligence and a ambition and loyalty to president to get something done, it would be helpful if they gave a damn about the country, don't you think. >> yes. lou: is ther such a republican. >> not one leading majority right now. >> is it their agenda. not something new that came forward. >> that is right tax reform and obamacare repeal were there long before trump became president, so what is mcconnell talking about? lou: he wants to sell something. that just is not true.
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as he as done, for a long time. what is it 32 years in. >> ed rollins and michael goodwin, good to see you. >> thank you. lou: vote if our polishing question is, should g.o.p. senator be demanding mitch mcconnell's resignation straight away right new? cast your vote on twitter. follow me on twitter, like my on facebook. >> on wall street stocks close lower, but staying near record levels, dow fell 37, s&p lost a fraction, nasdaq down 18, volume above 3 billion on the big board. dow dragged lower by disney shares of company down 4%, disappointing earning, shares of 21st century fox, parent company of this network up in after-hours trading, and a reminder to listen to my respects 3 times a day. up
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lou: president trump fulfilling his promise to secure or borders. deportation are surging under this administration. reporter: a rally in denver protesting president trump. based on the latest federal data, they have reason to be. something immigration officials predicted months ago. >> when a federal judge makes a
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decision and orders them removed from the country, that decision means something. reporter: the deportation orders increased 31% and those allowed to stay in the u.s. declined 21%. >> they will declare donald trump the deporter-in-chief of the united states. in reality this is a return to the way immigration law was enforced for decades. last week president trump deported two high school student back to their home country of el salvador. >> this administration has shut the door on so many. they decided to detain them and deport them.
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>> people get due process. but once a decision has been made, we'll stand by the decision and execute the orders. reporter: until now president trump's rhetoric discouraged central americans from coming to the youth, but that's change. july arrests jumped to 18,000. reporter: human smugglers are challenging the enforcement strategy. and lack of bed space for women and children have effectively led to a return of catch and release. lou: much more straight ahead. stay with us. the trump white house confident it can overcome any threat from north korea. >> the pressure is starting to show. that's why the rhetoric is
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louder and more threatening out of pyongyang. lou: lieutenant colonel tony shaffer joins us next. we'll be right bacacacacac i am totally blind. and non-24 can make me show up too early... or too late. or make me feel like i'm not really "there." talk to your doctor, and call 844-234-2424.
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lou: paul manafort's attorney confirming the fbi raided his
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client's home late in july as part of ongoing russia investigation by special counsel robert mueller. new revelations concerning an attorney in the justice department who edited press statements about loretta lynch's and president clinton's tarmac meeting. now he is on the same committee deciding whether attorney general lynch tried to interfere with the investigation of hillary clinton's emails. whether it's outright corruption or simply the clinton foundation. tony shaffer, great to have you here. let's start with, what is going
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on here. the republicans, we now know mitch mcconnell is not only accused but lazy. he has no -- i'm as polite as i'm going to be when it comes to him. the republicans need to be investigating. this justice department needs to be investigating. and every single person in that department needs to be focused on what in the hell the clintons were doing for two years with attorney general loretta lynch, what they were doing within the administration and why the leaders of the fbi, so-called, didn't have the principle or the guts to investigate hillary clinton and recommend her prosecution either for the email scandal or the clinton foundation. >> i talked to several field agents about this, and they are appalled. there is two f.b.i.s. there is the f.b.i. which you
10:35 pm
and i know and respect who does the hard work of counter-intelligence, counter-terrorism. and you have these folks you just mentioned. any agent who did with comey did, leaked that memo to a friend, classified or not, the fbi would come down on the field operatives like a ton of bricks. this is where the republicans have the right and the requirement to see something changed law * aliases being used by the clinton and obama administration. >> there is no reason for her to do an alias account. lou: she wanted to avoid foia trails. >> that's another factor she should be prosecuted on the breaking of the law, the act that says you have to maintain documentation and the policy that goes against the fbi on use
10:36 pm
of this. simply put. congress enforces the laws they had implemented and the policies that exist within the f.b.i., these people would not only be gone, they would be in front of a grand jury and about to be indicted. lou: we are looking at the senate judiciary committee led by chuck grassley. he's about 82 or 83. dianne feinstein, the ranging member. we are going through here. we have got people who are not really pushing the interest of the nation, national security, and i don't know why. i don't know if it's age related or what the problem is. but i also know the senate intelligence committee is being run by the ranging member, mark warner instead richard burr who
10:37 pm
sees afraid of his own shadow. this an up justice to the american people. >> president trump deserves a senate committees which will do the right thing. the other thing you and i talked about is jeff sessions. he needs to be a lot more aggressive in terms of clearing things out. you talk about the paul manafort raid and what happened to him. i would like to see the probable cause document the judge signed off on. we cannot permit the use of the f.b.i. as someone's personal gues -- personalgerks personal -- gestapo. lou: can you manage giving
10:38 pm
subpoena power to the elected officials of the government? >> we are talking about a cooperating citizen who showed no indication he was not going to cooperate. lou: here is where i stand on this. he should be investigated by the f.b.i. and the intelligence services. that's what they do. get the legislature out of it and let them get to work and pass things like tax reform and repeal obamacare and do the nation's business. instead the clowns want to play at nonsense rather than doing the job they were elected to do. >> they lost their game of clue in a garage sale so they have to do something to make up for it. lou: be sure to vote in our poll tonight. should republican senators be
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demanding senator mitch mcconnell's resignation? please roll the video. a daredevil front flipping with style over -- did you think he was going to make it? i sure didn't. that's impressive. that's crazy, scary impressive. authorities told him to stop. nah. defying gravity and law. over and over and over. up next. president trump threatening north korea with fire and fury. pastor robert jeffress says the president has the authority to take out evil. it's time to rethink
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lou: president trump's spiritual advisors are asking for an audience with the pope after close advisors of the pope accused them of xenophobic. let's find out what's going on and how the talks with the pope. inner circle are going. joining us tonight the pastor at the first baptist church in dallas. good to have you with us. after what this pope said of this president about this country and the you are porters of this president, i commend you
10:45 pm
for your christian ways. i mean, he has gone way too far in my opinion. he has along with his advisors. lou: they are not doing anything he doesn't approve or believe. >> i agree with that, lou. but it's not just evangelicals they are criticizing, it's conservative catholics who are supportive of trump's policies. trump won the catholic vote by 54%. there was only one pro-life, pro-religious liberty candidate in 2016 and his name wasn't hillary clinton. they are disparaging catholics and trying to change catholic doctrine. it makes no sense they would be involved in these kind of
10:46 pm
criticism. but we'll see what we can do to put an end to it. and of course pro-life. lou: it was the pope himself who started with this president making the comments he did during the campaign. this an unusual pope, and i'll be generous to him calling him unusual. i wish you well and comengtd you for trying to be a peacemaker in that regard. let's turn to another area. this president frustrated by the administration that preceded his that permitted kim jong-un to build miniaturized warheads, to have an icbm program that's far more advanced than barack obama
10:47 pm
and now this president has to deal with this crisis. >> he does. i know the president wants a diplomatic solution. that's what he's working for. but i also know president trump is going to do whatever it takes to keep this nation secure. that's why i said yesterday to the "washington post," the bible has given president trump full authority to use whatever sources necessary to use assassination or war to tomorrow an evil doer like kim jong-un. we need to understand he has that right. i'm grateful we have a president who once he establishes that red line is not going to he rates, move it or walk away from it. that ought to encourage every american. lou: any american who does not understand the next generation of americans under the next
10:48 pm
president will be absolutely vulnerable as children against the power of north korea perhaps as well iran. this president -- if this president doesn't take action and lead us with strength rather than appeasement. >> absolutely. >> some of his enemies are so intent on destroying him, i think they would just as soon see a nuke land in the united states than give the president the authority to do what he needs to do. this is a time for all americans regardless of their political views to be encouraging and praying for their great president. lou: please check out my new thriller written with jim born called "putin's gambit." viewers are loving the novel.
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lou: in our online poll we asked you, do you believe senator mitch mcconnell has excessive expectations for his own future as senate majority leader? 83% said yes he does. joining us, mark simone, and the washington times opinion editor charlie hurt. let's start with ditch mitch, mark. i can't believe i have heard a senate majority leader commit political suicide so openly and succinctly as he did with his statement that the american people expect to much. >> he fights hard, he works hard for that swamp. if we can get a guy working for us. there is no bigger lobbying than the understand come any and hospitals. they own the congress lock,
10:54 pm
stack and barrel. lou: is it time to tell the children at home they should avert their eyes when they see a u.s. senator or congressman who is a swamp denizen. charlie: i was surprised the by your poll at only 83%. one of the most of mystifying poll questions you have had in a while. it was a great question. i mean, and an important one, too. but i have to say, it's pretty depressing baits suggests these guys have not learned a thing from the election. you know, i didn't realize nil
10:55 pm
read that story that that might be what's been wrong with her all along is she is a preacher. she is intolerable. and she is not even preaching the gospel. she is preaching come snift mum bow jump bow. lou: usual leaving a lot on the table there, charlie. can we get rid of mitch mcconnell? charlie: if he is doing such a bad job of taking the right lesson out of this past election, if he would say something like that, and certainly believe something like that, then i think he's in real danger personally back home and also as a leader. it's a real problem. lou: are you astonished republican senators haven't said this man is out of his minds and
10:56 pm
we have to get rid of him? mark: i don't trust any of them right now. lou: i had a friend who once said to me, a connecticut man wouldn't be very good if he wasn't real likeable. and i'm telling you, they all fifth the bill. mark: they are all alligator hospital like the swamp the way it is. they are also under estimating how smart donald trump is. i have seen him do this over the years with bad i councils and governments. he will figure it out. lou: north korea is a tough one. in the midst of this the president is deliberating and dealing with this crisis, and it's a major crisis. we have a russian plane overfly
10:57 pm
bed minister, new jersey with the president below them at 4,000 feet some damn idiot signed? charlie: all the political back and forth over stupid stuff. this stuff is terrifying. if we don't come together with a unified front to confront this like we have don't past 8 years and even before that obviously, we did not take them seriously enough and take the actions we should have taken to prevent this from coming to pass, we are in deep trouble. this is the time to be serious about stuff. lou: i raised the question with feinstein, the ranking democrat on the senate judiciary
10:58 pm
committee with chuck grass are you, grassley is 83, feinstein is 84 and we are asking these people to march at the same rate we would a younger man or woman. i don't think it's fair. i think they stands at emblements of what has become a status quo and entrenched establishment interests. mark: it's horrible. the show of force with manafort is a waste of everybody's time. lou: i don't know if it is or isn't. but i do know this. the fbi has a roll. do it. what in the hell are we doing giving seen a power to these people we wouldn't entrust with the keys to our cars most of of them. mark: mueller is the guy who
10:59 pm
went after steven miller in the anthrax investigation. he destroyed the guys life. justice department had to give him $10 million to make up for it. charlie: we live in a political era where a new president comes in and immediately subjected to a pointless, you know, investigation, fbi investigation that has no bounds, and no evidence for pursuing it? that's a terrifying time. i don't think any other politician we would be seeing this with. lou: no other politicians have the guts to take on the establishment, the status quo, the deep state, and they are fighting back. the problem is we have a republican party so rancidly
11:00 pm
corrupt that they won't stand up. no one should mistake that fact that that's the reason this president is having so much trouble. us. lou: good evening president trump today keeping pressure on north korea. warning rogue rejee regime that united states is well equipped to fight, tweeting our nuclear arsenal is stronger and more powerful than ever, president trump's tweet a day after he warned north korea it would be met with quote, fire and fury like the world has never seen. defense secretary mattis also adding his voice, in a statement in lockstep with president trump's saying, quote, the dprk should cease any


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