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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  August 10, 2017 10:00pm-11:00pm EDT

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thanks so much for watching. and remember -- you can't take it with you. is next. see you tomorrow. lou: good evening president trump has been unable to confront the nation's enemies without being attacked simultaneously by the national left wing media, deep state, and the dems. now, even some members of his own white house are under cutting it president today triple down on his threat to unleash fire and fury against north korea, saying perhaps that he had not gone far enough with his rhetoric for which he has been criticized in some quarters, he said, kim jong-un would regret any action if it takes action against guam. >> people that were questioning that statement,
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was it too tough? maybe it wasn't tough enough. they have been doing this to our country for many year it is about time that someone stuck up for the people of this country and people of other countries, it anyone, maybe that staivment wa statement of the not testif tough enough. >> if he does something in guam it will be an event the likes of which nobody has seen before, what' hal in north korea. he is not going around threatening guam. and not threatening the united states. and he is not threatening japan, and not threatening south korea. no, that is not a dare, as you say, that is a statement of fact. lou: members of president's cabinet, offer something what differing views on the crisis, defense secretary mattis said, clearly, north korean actions would be quote, grossly over matched by united states and
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regime would lose any conflict that it initiates. secretary of state rex tillerson returning from a trip to asia that the is united states does not seek to be a threat to north korea. forcing president to deny his administration is sending mixed messages. >> there are no mixed messages. to be honest, general mattis may have taken it a stip beyond what i said, there are no mixed messages, and rex was stating the view, here is the view. i said it yesterday, i don't have to say it again, i will tell you this, it may be tougher than i said it, not less. it may be tougher than i said it. lou: even the man tacked with bringing unity to the white house suggesting there is daylight 29 himself and president -- between himself and president, white house chief of staff, john kelly
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respectlreportedly told white house staffer their priority should be quote, country, president, self. why would there be any difference between commander in chief, and country? joining us now to discuss this, and import or lack there of, president trump's battles to rein in his cabinet and speak with one voice on north korea, our first guest former u.s. ambassador to united nations, fox news contributor john bolton. i would like to start with general kelly. this is man in charge of white house, for him to possibility there is any kind of daylight between country and the president of the united states to me, is a thuddery i would
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not tolerate for a second. >> with all due respect to general kelly, i would not have put it that way, i think he is trying too rally white house staff, bring unity to stop the fraction that we've seen. but i would have put it to white house staff is to say, look, it is an honor for you to serve your country here in the white house. and have you a duty of loyalty to the president. he listens to our advice, and he makes the decisions, your job is to carry out what haze decisions are. -- what his decisions are, not leak to press, not seek to obstruct them, if you come to day when you cannot do that, the honor able thing to do is resign, undercutting president's decisions while still in white house, is dishonorable that is how i would have put it. lou: i think you would have put it perfectly. i am stunned at patronizingen
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to, take confident patronizing tone taking in under cutting this president. people supporting him, are not. thing is that nikki haley, u.n. ambassador, asked how they rounded up a vote in security council. immediately showered herself with glory. and did not mention president of the united states not once. >> watch discretion of a former u.n. ambassador. fact since 2006, when first sanction resolution against north korea were put in place. all of them were 15-0. not any different from sanction resolution in past, these votes are not obtained by genius of u.n. ambassador,
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there have been a lot, this a combined effort by white house, state department and others, there is a lot of heavy lifting involved. lou: much of that heavy lifted initiated by the president, in discussions and meetings and meals with president xi jinping of china. personally. >> i remember when george h.w. bush was president, people at state department were just irritated he kept calling other heads of government, and negotiating u.n. resolutions with them, they called him the mad dialer, that is what it takes. lou: and it does. it takes a leader, we have a leader, and what we have are a bunch of mead accurateties who are -- mode -- mod >> that now recoils is trying to subvert his administration. >> i would say, any president is entitled to a management
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decision making structure that suit preferences, but this is certainly the case. when you tab the views that donald trump does, which are so different from many in foreign policy establishment in the bureaucracy, you have to have a structure that maximized your reach and your ability to change what bureaucracy national inclination is, that requires more from the white house. the personality involved were strong, jim baker, dick cheney, they were not shrinking violets but they worked with scowcroft, there was none of this business we hear from pundits who think they understand what happens in government, saying they are playing a good cop, bad cop, under bush front there was one message to iraq and fall of soviet union, i think that
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donald trump needs to enforce that kind of discipline, not just in white house, but across the government. lou: i could not agree more. that discipline he -- i have to com commend president taking to mitch mcconnell. mitch mcconnell talking about the president has too high of expectations. u.s. senate, we can agree, and just about everyone watching and listening will agree, has never been a body that to anyone seem to epit -- be the epitome of excellence this thought. it is all but impossible to overcome their natures and refusal to look reality in the face and understand this president won an election
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seeking to change the status quo. >> i'll say, for my conversation in country, raising money for my pak and super pac. republicans are very disappointed with performance they have seen in first 7 months from congress. it is undifferentiated, i think everyone has to figure out, is benjamin garag franklynn said, we must all hang together or we will all hang separately. there are too many pr premadonnas in congress. lou: and north korea 4 miff missiles surrounding guam, how should this government respond? >> taking first possibility of an actual north korean attack is sovereign american territory, people born on guam
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are born american citizens, attack on guam is the same as attack on california. north korea will not exist in form we see it now if they do that but longer term question, that i think that president is trying to grapple with, is whether we will accept a north korea with deliver able nuclear weapon which obama's national ad adviser susan rice said she was perfectly prepared to. and the same people who said they could negotiate north korea out of nuclear weapons are saying, you now have to live with it, i do not believe we should live with that threat, i do not believe that future generations of americans should have to live with that, that could mean very hard decisions and that military option has to be examined very closely, as long as north korea has that capability, we are in jeopardy, i don't think we should accept that.
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lou: it is without question. legacy of barack obama's two terms as president. and the list only gets longer, and more threatening to u.s. interests. ambassador thank you for being with us. >> thank you. lou: we're coming right back there is a lot more to cover. stay with us. >> federal judge orders state department to search e-mails of hillary clinton's aides as president trump demands the fbi probe the dems. >> why isn't the fbi looking at the dnc server? you have a server that they refuse -- the democrats refuse to give to the fbi. lou: we take up clinton collusion with chris farrell of judicial watch next. >> and president trump demanding majority leader mcconnell deliver on repealing obamacare.
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of committing a quote, gross abuse of the judicial process, for the sake of quote shock value. said that tactic used against president's former campaign manager resemble those seen in russia not america. manafort has also obtained newing wel legal reputation, and in process of retaining miller to represent him in office of special counsel investigation. that raid did not go over too well with mr. manafort, and federal judge ordered state department to search for more e-mails from hillary clinton's aides. about benghazi. the freedom of information request was file by watch dog group judicial watch, arguing that government did not go far enough, did not work hard enough in previous responses too find those records.
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the obama appointed judge agreed saying that state. gov e-mail server needs to be searched. you are thinking why would you not look first in state department server? for more now on this important legal victory in search of truth about benghazi, we're joined by christopher farrell, this is an important win for you and american people and congratulations. >> thank you. lou: i have to start with are we t to infer that obama administration did not go through state department servers, for the e-mail? >> you are correct. they conducted a less than adequate search, that is why the judge ordered them to do to the right way, leaving out
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cheryl mills and uma abedin, is mindless, a deliberate act on part of state department leadership to thwart the foyallow and prevent, facts truth of benghazi coming out, benghazi is not going away, i don't care who says it is old news. it is not going away. and we will continue to drill down and get all records and facts. lou: chris, i have to ask you this, i mean it is stunning to me, is there not a penalty for state department officials to purposely resist a foya request to commit fraud, obstruct in performance of delivering that information? i agree with you, people should be jailed for this. it is really contempt of court, right. lou: absolutely. >> a dishonest operation, we have government attorneys
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going in and lying to federal judges, at some point there has to be a pain threshold that for people pay for deliberately misleading the court and american public. lou: where do we go from here? how soon will that be produced? do you think it will be reduced? that is the e-mails of the aides on state. gov. >> they will be produced. court has made that order for them to go back and conduct the search the way it should have been done year ago. we'll get those records as soon as we get them, we will make them public. lou: i don't doubt you for a moment, but i don't think we should underestimate a government within a government, the strength, the culture, and the absolute arrogance and abuse of power, i am talking about the state department. they have hid u hidden witnesses, and hidden these e-mails and god knows how many more, and fbi has hidden any
10:20 pm
kind of consequences for hillary clinton, despite on the face of it, destroying evidence and erasing e-mails. >> yeah. can you imagine a manafort style raid on hillary clinton a home or office. office. lou: yeah i cannot, i don't think that and other american could. >> that is what should have happened. lou: absolutely. so, jeff sessions, attorney general, he appeared, he has disappeared. where is he? and why is he not driving this investigation? >> you know -- i would like to believe that grand jury has been impaneled, because they operate in secret, that he is pursuing it but not taking an aggressive press strategy. they all selectively leak, for
10:21 pm
whatever reason he is not. so i want to believe he is doing the right thing, and i want to believe that grand juries are impaneled and pursuing all of these open issues. but like you said he appeared and now submerged again. lou: chris farrell, thank you for winning, we appreciate it, judicial watch. >> thank you. lou: vote in our poll, question, are you shocked a judge appointed by barack obama processes integrity to insist that clinton aides need to be held accountable? you can vote. on wall street today, stocks closed at session low, dow plunged 205, s&p tow touch 36, nasdaq ne fell 135, volume picking up to 3.5 billion shares, defense stocks hitting record levels amid
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lou: president trump today ramping up his criticism of senator mitch mcconnell. raising possibility he may ditch mitch after majority leader blamed president's lack of experience and excessive expectations for congress' failure to pass agenda. >> president trump suggested if white house legislative agenda remains stalled mitch mcconnell could step down from his post. >> if he did you not get repeal and replace done and taxes done. meaning cuts and reform, and a very easy one to get done
10:27 pm
infrastructure, he does not get those done, then you can ask that question. reporter: following what sources describe a tense phone call between the two men wednesday morning, mr. trump was said to have conveyed hid anger over criticism that mcconnell aired. >> i said, get to work, let's get it done, they should have had this last one done. they lost by one vote. for a thing like that to happen is a disgrace. and frankly it should not have. reporter: comments that irked president same fro came from leader's lips monday. >> our new president had not been in this line of work before, and i think had excessive particulars about how quickly things happen in the democratic process. reporter: president's on camera remarks follow a pair of tweets that ask, can believe that mitch mcconnell who has screamed repeal and
10:28 pm
replace for 7 years could not get it done. >> he is part of the leadership team, he is mott not an -- observer in the stands he is on the field. reporter: >> working with congress is difficult even when you work with a majority that your majority of your party that holds both chambers, they think no matter what they pass they will later criticize it. reporter: senator mcconnell declined to come but congressional sources see that president softening his comes, and say they like the prospects for a meaningful congressional action this fall on tax reform and infrastructure. >> james thank you. >> series of optimists you ran into. james rosen thank you. >> president trump slamming special counsel aggressive
10:29 pm
approach to the russia witch-hunt. >> i have always thought manafort to be a decent man, i thought that is tough stuff. lou: we take up muellery abuse with fox's greg jarrett next. and this compliment. >> there is one of them, there is the other. love to terrifying heights we'll have the video of their love their daring their sense of ad adventure. stay wititititit copd makes it hard to breathe. so to breathe better, i go with anoro. ♪go your own way copd tries to say, "go this way." i say, "i'll go my own way" with anoro. ♪go your own way once-daily anoro contains two medicines called bronchodilators, that work together to significantly improve
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lou: president trump today responding to questions about fbi redawn raid of former campaign manager paul manafort's home last month, called that move, talk about constraint, surprising. >> was it appropriate for fbi to raid home of paul manafort predawn. >> i was it was very, very strong, signal or whatever, i thought it was a very you know, they do that, very seldom, i was surprised to see it. lou: joining us too discuss russia witch-hunt, latest on hillary clinton e-mail, fox
10:34 pm
contributor greg jarrett. >> good to be here. lou: president being careful with his words, really sort of a tin horn two bit move on part of special counsel. >> it was that, to try to instill fear and intimidate paul manafort. i would not be surprised if his defense attorneys went after the fbi and special counsel for this raid. they allegedly seized some documents that are privileged and protected, attorney-client privilege and work product communication. so, you know the fbi and special counsel could get spanked over this. but federal judge signed off on it. i really wonder why, he was cooperating in providing them with information. lou: senate judiciary committee pushing it, even though he appears and produces but that was considered by
10:35 pm
them. >> i think that the president's point today was that this is a guy who, yes, i have nope for years, he worked briefly on the campaign, very narrow focus getting me delicates, this raid hey have nothing to to with president trump and russian alleged collusions. it may have to do with questionable business practices that paul manafort had for years, not a prosecutable crime. >> highly questionable conduct. a sophisticated washingtonian card-carrying member of the swamp, and he does not know about registering as a foreign agent. >> i dare say, a majority of people who are foreign agents do not properly register, which is why it is. lou: we should change that. >> i agree.
10:36 pm
the government's fault for not strictly enforcing it, they let it go and lapse. lou: let's talk about collusion, because i still have not see seen second counsel produced to investigate the first counsel. or to investigate the collusion between comey and mueller. we're not seeing -- there is an interesting development today, but in a minute. first that klug. >cluding. >> there should be a special second counsel. looking to pay-to-play, and what clearly seems to be violation of espionage act and handling of documents. they need to investigate comey, he took home 7 governmental documents that is theft of property.
10:37 pm
he thinks he is justified they need to investigate him, and loretta lynch who according to comey asked him to lie about the investigation. did she also promise as has been reported -- >> he ac -- act we a. >> why would you say a took her power away, because i was suspicious of her but i lied for her. lou: he is complicated. >> intellectually twisted. lou: not enough intellect there too. >> if you look at his decision on the clinton e-mails. it makes no legal sense. he was a u.s. attorney for goodness sake. lou: i did not hear anybody in justice department and under president obama say, no, no. mr. director you are wrong. that is wrong. this is not how the system works.
10:38 pm
>> makes you wonder if the fix was in. lou: not really. >> you know the fix was in. lou: i know and so does everyone watching this broadcast and listening. let's turn to this dch duopol -- development today. a judicial judge, to get e-mails, at state department for all of the aides of hillary clinton. i have never seen the likes of it, you could have knocked my over with a feather. >> there is no lack of stupid tie among government officials in the of the government, and in obama state deputy, where hillary clinton of the presiding. the judge scolded state department saying, you are kidding? you looked at outside sources and never looked at your own government server? that is the first thing you look at. lou: you have to -- he probably, he was probably stunned and then decided maybe
10:39 pm
they thought everyone associated with did what she did with their own private e-mails and why look at state department. >> she set the standard, let's do things off record so no one can catch us, we'll play hide-and-seek and make everyone file lawsuits maybe they will give up. lou: if you are in obama administration we'll protect you come hell or high water, that is what they did. >> mm-hmm. >> you bet, greg jarrett thank you. >> good to see you. >> roll video now. europe's talles tal tallest chimney, no match for this man and his date. his date. taking his climbing skills t v slovenia, circling top. juggling. his date is clinging to the
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side of the chimney. they seem so happy. >> they are so in love. lou: that is truly love. a mad kind of love but love. up next, president trump hitting his predecessor for failing to stop nuclear threat of north korea. >> you look at what happened with bush, what happened with obama, obama? he didn't even walk to talk about it. about time someone has to do it. lou: fret flights takes up our strategy -- north korea following years of obama appeasement next, stay with us, we're coming right back. liberty mutual stood with me
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plan. lou: a u.s. navy destroyer carrying out a freedom of navigation operation in
10:45 pm
disputed south china sea, the uss john mccain coming within 12 nauti nautical miles of a chinese artificial island, challenging china' claims in the area since trump took office. >> susan rice wants president trump to put an end to what she calls reckless rhetoric. think about this. the woman who lied to americans about benghazi. this -- anyway. rice's solution is to accept north korea as a nuclear power, which she said as a member of obama administration was not happening. history shows that we can if we must tolerate nuclear weapons in north korea, the same way we tolerated far greater threat of thousands of soviet nuclear weapons during the cold war. we didn't tolerate it, we
10:46 pm
didn't have a choice. our next guest points out obama administration received intelligence that north korea was capable of miniaturizing nuclear weapons 4 years ago. but then president obama downplayed and tried to discredit the assessment. joining me tonight, former cia analyst, fred flights, and good on you, great work 4 years ago. this president, could not have imagined he would be president, relying on a legacy of a man who apieced, and -- appeased who threw away every opportunity to contain north korea that was his duty to fulfill, this is stunning. >> i think that is right, there is a lot of dishonesty going on. monday washington post ran a bombshell story that defense intelligence agency determined
10:47 pm
that north korea now arm missiles with miniaturize nuclear weapons, it did not mention that in 2013 congressman doug land born it determined it. lou: but we did. the washington post i know raises your hackles and mine as well. and many who take time to glance at it. but washington post is just a source of afor ma a-- affirmation, a jeff bezos blog, nothing much more like "new york times" and carlos slim blog. >> this was so irresponsible, it was well-known in 2013. lou: they were responsible, they are an organization, a political activist organization with a specific agenda they carry out. no one should mistake these two blogs for being anything
10:48 pm
other than machines of disinformation. >> i think that is right, let me tell you after this came out in 2013, obama administration tried to discredit the report, saying this is an outlier, other intelligence agents don't agree, even president obama said he did not believe it, why was that? because obama administration had a policy of strategic patience. which really was a policy to do nothing and kick this crisis down the road to next president. now we have a president who wants to get this information out there. not just to inform american people to put as much pressure on china as he can before military action might be necessary. lou: fred, i have to tell you, i am also a great skeptic of almost everything i read, see in media. the fact, i in 6 weeks have learned we have better intelligence about north korea in which we now know.
10:49 pm
that north korea has icbm's of varying capabilities but one of which will carry their icbm's and warriors head to our -- warhead to our shores, as deep as our midwest, then find out it is possible that north korea have a developed hydrogen bomb, went 6 to 18 months, that seems to be to be extraordinary margins of error. some triple the amount of time in margin. and then we 11 they have miniaturize warheads ready to come at aus us, it has been quite a campaign, i am not sure who is campaigning. >> i don't go along with all those, but north korea program has progressed so fast, we do have to electric at wors look at worse case, this not a defensive program, this is an offensive program.
10:50 pm
lou: hell i assume the worst, you don't have to convince me. we have 17 intelligence agents, a president fighting leaks for most of those agent its seems, and those agencies have been distracted by this president trying to preserve the republic and instead of doing their job, which is finding out what the hell is going on in north korea and china. and russia. and it is really getting very disturbing of what we're witnessing happening and one wonders, in each instance is this the deep state, is it north korea, is it china, agents of russia? what the hell is going on, fred? >> i think there is a big distruction, and a large number of intelligence officers that support a position on the questions, it is inconsistent with what president wants, we should have a team a, team b exercise, we bring in outsiders to look at questions
10:51 pm
on iran and north korea, this is what president ford did concerning soviet threat, we have to have an outside group of people to look at intelligence assessment and try to determine which have been littl politicized. lou: at bedrock of this is a highly questionable intelligence community, it is very unclear their purpose, their mission, and capabilities truly are. and where their interest lie, that is team a, team b, take it as deep as you want, that needs to be accessed straight away. >> we have a great cia director in mike pompeo. lou: i could not agree with you more, but that leaves a lot of room we need to find out what the hell is going on. >> fred thank you. >> good to be here. lou: a good book to add to your summer reading list, my
10:52 pm
book, "putin's gambit." love your book, keep up the good work. thank you, every viewer whose comment is read here receives an autographed copy. >> up next president trump taking aim at majority leader mcconnell, we take up the ditch mitch movement. a quick programming note, i join sean hannity tonight, talking about the senate leader's fate, 10 p.m. eastern on fox news channel, a lot on fox news channel, a lot more a a a a a i am totally blind. and non-24 can throw my days and nights out of sync, keeping me from the things i love to do. talk to your doctor, and call 844-214-2424.
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prevagen. the name to remember. lou: joining me now, mollie hemingway and charlie hurt. let's begin with ditch mitch, mollie. mollie: the reason the trump candidacy took off last year was because republican voters were fed up to republican leadership. the fact that donald trump continues to rail against mitch mcconnell. fewer than 4 in 10 republican voters are happy with their leadership. lou: mitch mcconnell saying the president's expectations are too high.
10:57 pm
why not do the hon year yoobl thing -- honorable thing and move on. you have been there for 30-some years. charlie: you campaigned on it for 7 years. lou: mitch mcconnell and john cornyn are walk up at a crawl on camera. they can barely move, for god's sake. charlie: is this an excessive expectation of voters or the president to have of congress, then why did necessity campaign on it. they should have said we'll never repeal obamacare, but we'll do some little thing around the edges. lou: mitch mcconnell put forth the agenda of the dates of
10:58 pm
deliverance it was their deliver anls, not the president's. general john kelly talking to the staff of the white house saying here are your priorities. country, president, self. and if there is daylight between the president and the united states, that was a god all of thing he did. mollie: i think people should put god before country. lou: the marine corps does, god, country and corps. mollie: serving the president well means you are serving the president well. i would hope that's what he meant. >> but the ignore rans of what is happening there, he has a bunch of people who are not president trump's intellectual peers.
10:59 pm
he is the commander-in-chief. they have the affront are you to under cut him with nonsense like this and counsel him and advise him. shut the hell up and run the damn white house. charlie: it highlights for a number of them there is a lot of daylight between country and president. i think all is a reflection. lou: for who? charlie: we don't know who they are. lou: if they are in the white house they should have the integrity and decency to get the hell out. >> they believe they are under cover agents. >> i don't give a damn what the little snowflakes think about anything anymore. this is a dangerous trends in this country. i think we need to overcome it. charlie hurt, mollie hemingway.
11:00 pm
thank you for being here. thanks for being with us. west virginia governor jim justice and jack keane among our guests next. see you tomorrow. lou: good evening president trump has been unable to confront the nation's enemies without being attacked simultaneously by the national left wing media, deep state, and the dems. now, even some members of his own white house are under cutting it president today triple down on his threat to unleash fire and fury against north korea, saying perhaps that he had not gone far enough with his rhetoric for which he has been criticized in some quarters, he said, kim jong-un would regret any action if it takes action against guam.


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