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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  August 13, 2017 7:00pm-8:00pm EDT

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the news cycle for a few days and hopefully we can heal. >> if republicans can't work with donald trump and get thing done, it can be a >> lou: good evening, everybody. president trump keeping the pressure on north korea, warning the rogue regime that the united states is well equipped to fight. the president tweeting that the nuclear arsenle is stronger and more powerful and comes a day after he warned north korea that it would be met with fire and fury like the world has never seen. defense secretary mattis adding his voice in lock step with president trump, saying the dprk should cease actions that lead
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to the end of his regime and destruction of people. others struck a more diplomatic stone. >> the united states has the capability to fuely defend itself from any attack and we will do so. and so the american people should sleep well at night. >> lou: kevin has the report on the administration's efforts to defuse the crisis. >> reporter: mr. trump said it was his 50 order as president to renovate and modderize the nuclear arsenal. and coming on january 27th. that his defense secretary shall initiate a new nuclear posture review to make sure the united states is modern andro best and resilient and appropriately
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tailored to deter 21st century threats and reassure our allies. it is second only to russia. and north korea has 10-20 war heads. and the u.s. arsenal and more than a dozen nuclear subs and b-two bombers is aging and the problem that the pentagon plans to shore up with a invest over the next five year and a fix announced by the obama administration last september. >> there is a modernization plan for the next decade to upgrade the american nuclear arsenal. we make extreme statements about all kinds of things. it is more concerning when you talk nuclear weapons. >> every one of them pointing at
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new york city or the white house. you want to to something now? >> reporter: the interview with tim russert mirrors the urgency in which they think of the nuclear threat. the dprk actions are dproszly overmatched by ours and lose any arm's race or conflict it nashts. frank leap the u.s. defense budget, we are talking about additional $54 billion. that is about ten percent. it may not sound like a big deal. white house officials will tell you this will not only help them modernize american nuclearars nel but maintaining what we already have. manage we need, my friend. >> lou: thank you very much.
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north korea'sability to constrict miniaturized nuclear weapons turns out to not be new. that revelation in fact dates back to the obama administration. a defense intelligence report was leaked in april 20th. and president obama denied the content of the intelligence assessment. and joining me to discuss president obama's failure to end the crisis before it could begin fox news contributor ambassador john bolton. >> thank you. >> lou: no any other reason to deny what was in american intelligence that the north koreans had miniature war heads
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for the nuclear program. >> this is the evidence of politicalizing evidence in the obama administration. his approach to north korea mirrored the policy of bush and clinton. he call would strategic patience which was doing nothing. and the one reason that donald trump inherited the situation with few options to him because of obama's inaction and acts of comission including omission to allow north korea to get to this point. >> lou: this president as he predicted in the interview from 28 years ago, did i say 28, it was 18 years ago, that suggesting that proliferation on the part of north korea was at hand and far difficult for
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a president, hardly he could have imagined i suspect then, he would be the president to have to deal with it. >> exactly. this is just a few years before the bush administration broke away from the disastrous agreement with north korea that the north koreans violated and they promised to give up nuclear weapon. they just continued it through clannestin efforts and reaping financial gains with the prospect of more from united states and japanese. much as the obama iran deal is foreseeable to them. people saw it was coming, but successive administrations thought they could trust north korea. >> lou: we upon that north korea has a miniature ietzed war head
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for the replacement on the icbm's and they have at least two that are capable of reaching the continental united states, one much them, the interior of the united states. how in the hell did u.s. intelligence and presidents of the united states permit this to happen? >> this is something that dan coats ought to get into. the failures and dangers that we are in here now is replicated in iran and god knows what other countries have dpn through the 67orio. we have to deal with north korea. we don't have a lot of time now. trumps got to deal with it in the next year or six months. and the failures are going to
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haunt us elsewhere. >> lou: i am listening to idiotic statements. the democratic party, whose party whom they elected in 2008 and neglected national security and created extraordinary vulnerabilities in our national security was seemingly every inat the present time to open ourselves up to north korea, and to iran. this is a striking result of eight years. i've listened to a number of former officials of that administration, blattingering about the next decade and they have a plan for it. it is it just asinine and yet they keep taking the nonsense and pedalling in the national upswing community. and president trump has to deal
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with the threat. >> many argued that north korea is not a threat and we can persuade north korea to stop nuclear. and by the way we can do the same thing with iran. and they are wrong. they are the people who tell us we have to get used to the fact much a nuclearized north korea. and if the president looks at the action of eliminating the threat. it would cause damage in south korea and japan and how about the damage in the united states from north korea. >> lou: ben rhoeds and chuck schumer is trying to undercut the president's policy as he contends with it. it is abhorrent. >> we are in a crisis and people
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need to understand that. >> lou: ambassador, thank you for being with us. we'll be right back. stay with us. the trump administration challenging congress to get back to work and deliver health care legislation. >> it is incombent on congress to get back and mutual. >> lou: we take up the inepiitude of the congressional leader. and michael goodwin with us now. and time to ditch mitch. president trump firing back with the lazy senator for complaining about american's expectations of the elected officials. rethink what's possible. rethink your allergy pills. flonase sensimist allergy relief helps block 6 key inflammatory substances with a gentle mist. most allergy pills
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>> lou: breaking news now. get ready. defense officials tell fox news that russian spy plane flow over where the president is staying. the russian plane flew near golf's golf club at 4000 and
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then 5000 and then flying in new york air space. it was allowed to fly as part of the open sky treaty with russia. u.s. officials were on board of the russian aircraft. don't we all feel better? president trump fired back at mitch mcconnell. the president tweeted. senator mitch mcconnell said i had xelszive expectations. i don't show after seven years of hearing repeal and replace, why not done? to find out whether it is time to ditch mitch and go to work is edron land. and michael goodwin, fox news reporter and you look terrific
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with mitch over your left shoulder. and look at you; too. ditch mitch, they both say that. what do you make of it? >> all of the rhetoric, if we get nominated for senate nomination will not get appro d approved. it is not in my future. >> lou: i am so sick of that man and say to a kentucky rottary club that the president of the united states wants to do too much and do it too quickly and doesn't know how he is paid as he is bought and paid for by chamber of commerce and business roundtable and he doesn't give a damn about the president. >> i hope he has the assignments and things to get done and i don't believe he does. they have a a brefiated schedule again and a lot to do.
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>> lou: talk about high energy. and john cornyn sitting next to mr. energy himself. mr. high expectations and majority leader mcconnell. >> if he doesn't move quickly, they will not meet the deadlines and the president. >> lou: these are legislative deadlines and tax reform and moving health care through. those were the not the president's head lines. you wouldn't be here if i had to remind you. [laughter] >> how do i get. >> lou: you are here because i forget them. you have to remind me. >> and i thought about this the other night. when howard baker was ronald reagan's majority. and he did everything he could to get reagan's program through.
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bob doyle. he did everything to get bush's agenda. mitch mcconnell has a wife secretary of transportation. and you would think he would push the president's agenda. >> lou: transportation secretary. and i am sure she is in washington working on that program, don't you figure, michael? >> i was struck by the first thing in the exchange that mcconnell said that want president is new to this line of work. what an arrogant thing to say. that was the point of donald trump's election. he was not from washington. >> lou: we want more people like mitch mcconnell complaining of high expectation. the americans want something deputy. >> and he's saying to those
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people don't send us rookies like this because they don't understand what it is like here. that is the problem. that is the disconnect and why. >> lou: he is unaware of the absuredity of what he said and political suicide. >> i don't know how he recoveries from this. i don't think he. >> lou: he revealed himself to what is obviously the man himself for a very long time. >> he needs to resign and work hard for the people of kentucky and let someone else lead the senate. >> lou: this is horrible and the people of kentucky have to be fewerous. >>in was waiting for the audience reaction on the video clip and it was deadly quiet. and where is the gop senators and thum and corn authority yn
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are clubbing to themselves and twiddleingly their thumbs. this is the republican party? >> the democrats and minority leader could use the last two votes on the bill. >> lou: we need republicans that have loyalty to the president to get something done and gave a damn about the country, wouldn't it, don't you think? >> absolutely. >> dan: is there such a republican in the senate? >> not one leading the majorility. it is their agenda. what they need to pass. >> lou: tax reform and obamacare repeal was there before trump became president so what exactly is mcconnell talking about.
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>> he obviously wants to sell something that ain't true atz he's done for a long time. 32 years in the senate now? edronlands and michael good win. thank you. should gop senators demand mitch mcconnell 'resignation right now. cast your vote on loudobbs. and president trump vows to win the fight on the nation's deadly opioid crisis in which he campaigned alone in all of the republican and democrat candidates last year. we'll have the report on the trump's efforts to end the
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president trump holding
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a braving in bed mippister new jersey where the president pledged to fight the deadly worsening national epidemic. kevin cork has the report. >> let it go by and we are not letting it go by. strong law enforcement is absolutely vital to having a drug- free society. >> reporter: president trump's working vacation continued with a major briefing on the dangers of opiod dangers of the u.s. the briefing comes as the president's commission to study the matter is asking him to declare the opioid fight a national emergency and waive the federal rule for the number of people who can seek treatment under medicaid. the problem is metacicizing and the statement said the amount of opioids quad rupled in 1999.
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and the amount of pain hasn't changed and this is devastating american live and family and communities and indeed new mexico had the worse rates and by 2015. and west virginia had 9 and 10 caused by opioid abuse and saw from massachusetts and utah tormented for the deadly epidemic and 60000 americans died from overdoses and the largest annual jump ever recorded. >> if we win, we'll stop that crap from coming in our country. going to stop it. >> reporter: president trump talked about the opioid battle in 2015- 16. it would increase money from
7:28 pm
drug treatment programs and slow the growth of medicaid and a strategy that will not please everyone but help a lot of people who need it. >> you have the capacity of yankee stadium and dodger dying every single year in the nation, that is it a crisis that has to be given incredible attention and the president is giving that attention. interesting side note, it comes on the same day that the state of new hampshire is shoeing a company that painings oxycontin. that drug maker engaged in deceptive marketing practice and that has led to addiction outbreak in that state. that is a story line to keep an eye on for you, low? >> lou: kevin, thank you very
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much. stay with us. the trump white house confident to overcome any threat from north korea. >> the pressure is starting to show and the pyongyang is louder and more threatening. >> lou: what it takes to end the north korea threat. lieutenant general tony scha ffer joins next. and a dangerous stunt coming up and a dangerous stunt coming up in a video. today, we're out here with some big news about type 2 diabetes. you have type 2 diabetes, right? yes. so let me ask you this... how does diabetes affect your heart? it doesn't, does it? actually, it does. type 2 diabetes can make you twice as likely to die from a cardiovascular event, like a heart attack or stroke. and with heart disease, your risk is even higher. you didn't know that. no. yeah. but, wait, there's good news for adults who have type 2 diabetes and heart disease.
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>> lou: attorney general jeff session blasting the mayor of chicago over a filed lawsuit on with holding funding. acceptions saying no amount much federal taxpayer dollars will help a city that refuses to help its own resident. and paul manafort's home was raided as part of the russian investigation by special counsel robert mueller. and new statements on former bill clinton and loretta lynch's tarmac meeting. that attorney is now serving as deputy general counsel for democrats on the senate
7:34 pm
scombrudiary committee, the same committee is investigations whether attorney general lynch tried to influence the fbi investigation of hillary clinton's e-mail. cozy, don't you think? joining me to discuss the clinton collusion and the need for further investigation. clintons whether it is emails or out right corruption or simply the clinton foundation, lieutenant cornell tony schafer. great to have you here. let's start with what is going on here? there is the republicans. we now know that mitch mcconnell is not only obtuse and lazy. >> you are being polite. >> lou: i am. and the republicans need to be investigating this justice needs to be investigating and every
7:35 pm
single person in that department needs to be focused on what in the hell clintons did two years and what they did and were doing with loretta lynch and doing in the obama administration and why the leaders of the fbi, so called, didn't have the principle or the guts to investigate hillary clinton and recommend her prosecution either for the e-mail scandal or clinton foundation. >> to your point, i have talked toop field agents and they are appalled. there is two fbi's, the fbi who you and i do the counter intelligence and counter terrorism. and these folks you just mentioned and any agent that did what comey did and leaked, the fbi would be down on the field operators like a ton of bricks and this is the republicans have
7:36 pm
the right and requirement to see something changed. another guy. >> lou: aliases used by the obama administration. unless loretta lynch was using a alias, there was no reason to do an alias account. she wanted to avoid the paper trial. >> she should be prosecuted on the breaking of the law, and the act that said you have to maintain documentation and the policy that goes against the fbi on the use of this. again, simply put, congress simply enforces the laws they have had implemented and the policys in the fbi, these people would not only be gone, but in front of the grand jury and about to be indicted. why are we not moving in that direction? >> we are looking at the senate judiciary committee that is led
7:37 pm
by what is. chuck grassly. i think 82 or 83. i think he's in that narnd. diane feinstein, the rank think member. we are going through here and we have got people who are not really pushing the interest of the nation national security and i don't know why. i don't know if it is age- related or what the problem is. but the senate intelligence committee is run by the ranking member mike warner than the chairman who is richard burr, who seems like he is afraid of his own shadow. this is a disservice of extraordinary magnitude. >> president trump deserves a senate that will do the right thing. and the other thing you and i talked about jeff sessions. jeff sessions needs to be more aggressive. and of course, you talked about
7:38 pm
the paul manafort raid and the issues happening to him. in would like to sea the probabally cause statement that the judge signed off on. we can't continued the abuse by the fbi as a personal gestapo. >> lou: that was the senate judiciary's call. >> we have to step away from allowing people to use the fbi as a gestapo. > lou: can you imagine giving subpeona power to the september in i don't know what scares the hell of the american people. i don't know what would. >> a cooperative citizen who showed no indication he would not cooperate. >> lou: he is be investigated by the fbi, he is be investigated by the intelligence services. that's what they do. >> that's what they do.
7:39 pm
>> lou: get the legislature out of it and let them get to work passing tax reform and repeal obamacare and do the nation's business. instead these clowns want to play at other nonsense rather than doing the job. >> they lost the game of clue in a garage sale and so now they are making up for it. >> lou: lieutenant, thank you. vote in our poll tonight. should republican senators demand mitch mcconnell's resignation. i can't think of a reason he is be there. a dare devil. front flipping with style and look at this. woah did you think he would make it? i didn't. that is impressive and scary
7:40 pm
impressive. look at this and style in an iconic arts building and authorities told him to stop. defying depravity over and over again. >> and up next president trump threatening north korea. pastor jeffers said the president has the authto stop evil and take out kim jong-un. pastor jeffers joins us next. we'll be right back.
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>> lou: president trump's spiritual advisors are asking for an audience with pope
7:45 pm
francis after the pontiff accused religious supporter of xenophobic. and pastor jeffers signed on to the letter to make peace with the vatican. joining us tonight is the pastor of first baptist church in dallas, pastor robert jeffers. great to have you with us. after what this pope has said of this president and country and the supporters of this president, i commend you for your christian ways, because i mean, he has gone way too far in my opinion. >> he has and he has advisors. >> lou: pastor, they are not doing anything he doesn't approve or believe. >> i agree with that lou.
7:46 pm
it is not only evangelicals but conservative catholics. trump won the catholic by 54 percent and only one pro-life, pro religious liberty candidate in 2016 and the name was not hillary clinton. it was the clinton campaign that was disparageing catholic and change the catholic doctrine and makes no sense the catholic hierarchy would be victim offed and we'll see what we do to put an end and talk about the freedom from religious persecution and pro-life. and hopefully something will come of that. >> lou: it was the pope himself started with the president and making the comments that he did. >> absolutely.
7:47 pm
>> lou: i mean during the campaign. and this is an unusual pope and i am being genous to him and i wish you well and commend you for trying to be a piece maker. in another area, this president. frustrated so obviously by the administration that preceded his that permitted kim jong-un to build miniaturized war heads and icbm program that is far more advapsed than the public had inkling of in the entire administration of bark bookkeeper obama and now the president has to deal with the crisis. >> he does. and i know the president wants a diplomatic solution and working for. and i know that president trump will do whatever it takes to keep this nation secure and that's why i said yesterday in the washington post, the bible has given president trump full
7:48 pm
moral authority to use whatever forces necessary including assassination or war in order to topple an evil doer like kim jong-un. and i think we need to understand, he has to right and lou, a president with a redline will not erase it or move it or walk away from it. that ought to encourage every american. >> lou: any american who is it not understand that the next generation of americans under the next president will be absolutely vulnerable as children against the power of north korea, perhaps as well iran, if this president doesn't take action and lead us with strength rather than appeasement. >> absolutely.
7:49 pm
and some of his enemies are so intent on destroying them, they would just as see a nuke land in the united states than give the president what his authority is to do. this is time for americans be encouraging and pray for our great president. >> lou: i couldn't agree more. check out my new thriller called putin's gambit. viewers are loving the novel. lou it is it the best book, love it. keep up the great work. one stunt man taking a hair-raising flight in the majestic mountains of norway. spectacular. absolutely. and watch a water fall and he went blowing right through it.
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speeds topping 200 miles per hour and he barely got wet. what a trip. senate majority leader mitch mcconnell failing to take responsibility and he blames the president. the president had high expectations, too high. and we'll take it up with doug weed. this ditch mitch movement. i sense it is gaining strength. we'll be right back. stay with us. i am totally blind. and non-24 can throw my days and nights out of sync, keeping me from the things i love to do. talk to your doctor, and call 844-214-2424. ltry align probiotic.n your digestive system? for a non-stop, sweet treat goodness, hold on to your tiara kind of day. get 24/7 digestive support, with align.
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joining me is charlie hurred host on the radio show on and mike, gallinger. great to have you here. starting with mitch mcconnell and high expectation. this is the president's fault. he expects the congress and senate to do something and to do it efficiently and productively and some respect for the taxpayer and the citizen and time itself? >> yeah, lou, last something something extraordinary happened in the united states senate and that was a bill, a bipartisan bill to block president trump to stop the bob mueller investigation. and what we have more bipartisan
7:55 pm
support with the republicans authoring it for investigating donald trump than we have for keeping a promise to repeal and replace obamacare. that is an extraordinary moment and extraordinary thing to step back and realize that they have not learned anything from donald trump and they are exactly where they were before he entered the scene and they will pay a price for it. >> lou: tom tillis himself comes out as a sponsors of the legislation that republicans sponsor and the man has to be, i am going to be kind as i can. he's not particularly bright here. >> i spend a great deal of time in north carolina and i hear from north carolina residents are so livid at him. the words rage. they can't believe it and feel betrayed and his voters and
7:56 pm
constituents north carolina wrans are saying it is outrageous to be part of the this legislation and he said this is around for a long time. it is absolutely directed at president trump. and the voters are not going to forget this. voters will have long memoriless. >> lou: to me tillis is shocking and a sellout and obviously not being bright here. i just can't imagine how dumb the republican party leadership is until i looking at the the rank and file like lil ils. what in the world? >> and whatever, maybe there is a good principle here in some sort of you know, principled stance here, i don't know. but the idea that this is how they are going to priorityize their efforts is stunning to me
7:57 pm
when they can't do a simple thing like fulfill a promise to remove obamacare. >> and it really makes you worry about a time like this. we have a crazed dictator and a nuke headed in our direction. how are these guys going to lead and show leadership in a time and today, the president putting the world on notice and north korea on notice. this is when americans ought to be united rather than all. back and forth. this is the time we ought to be together as american and realize we face a real threat. >> lou: and i love the ditch mitch slogan. it sort of of sums up my thought for his career conjectory. but the very dead that mcconnell blames the president of the united states for lofty expectation. ask not what your country can do
7:58 pm
for you? this was not an aspirational speech given to the rottary club by any stretch of imagination. charlie, what do we make of a justice department who am not take on people in official office using aliases like loretta lynch and eric holder and instead appears what is a free pass to an attorney general who's obstructed justice and resorted to unlawful and using an alias to avoid it for him. >> there is enough evidence to open an investigation in that and other thing and including unmasking of trump officials in the campaign. that was the president of the united states allege wouldly, but actually have real smoking gun evidence that suggest that the president was using powerful intelligence to spy on his political opponents in the
7:59 pm
united states of america and unmask those people and leaked that information to damage and hurt those people and punish their enemies. and i think there should be an investigation in both of those thing and they should go absolutely as far as it goes to the very top and prosecute them. >> not to disagree. i am of the mind set so much on the america's plate and so much to struggle and grapple with. you are right. but we are facing something that is perilous and we need strong leadership and clarity and we need consistency and it is it a good time to have the muscullar presidency that many say trump is gotted at. >> lou: he's great at it. but he's got a great big old government that can is incapable of doing 1 or 2 things at
8:00 pm
a time, including draining the swamp. thank you for being on the show and great to be on the show with you. >> north korea best not make any more threats to the united states. they will be met with fire and fury like the world has never seen. >> welcome to the journal editorial report, i'm paul gigot, strong warning to north korea by president trump amid reports that regime of kim jong un has developed nuclear device small enough to fit on a missile that could reach the united states and a tweet friday the president said, quote, military solutions are now fully in place, locked and loaded should north korea act unwisely. hopefully


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