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tv   The Intelligence Report With Trish Regan  FOX Business  August 14, 2017 2:00pm-3:00pm EDT

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we'll follow the latest on all this "after the bell," 4:00 p.m. eastern time with me co-host, i couldn't do anything without melissa francis, if you have seen her you know why. but if you have seen trish regan you know why you have to stay for her. she gives all the news and all the analysis you need through the next hour. trish, it is all yours. trish: david, i will watch you and melissa. david: thank you. trish: strong words from president trump, the president condeming violent crimes over the weekend in charlottesville, specifically calling out the groups for the heinous attack. president trump says there is no place for bigotry or hatred in america. anyone who acted criminally will be held fully accountable. markets up second day in a row as investors shake off north korea tensions as well as charlottesville. i'm trish regan. welcome to "the intelligence report." president trump calling all americans to unite together following events that unfolded in virginia over the weekend. the president calling out the
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kkk and white supremacy by name. he says it is time for all of us to come together to end this hate, bigotry and violence. watch. >> racism is evil, and those who cause violence in its name are criminals and thugs, including kkk, neo-nazis, white supremacists and other hate groups repugnant to everything we hold dear as americans. america has always shown its true character, responding to hate with love, division with unity, and violence with an unwavering resolve for justice. we will defend and protect the say credit rights of all americans and we will work together so that every citizen in this blessed land is free to follow their dreams in their hearts and to express the love and joy in their souls.
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trish: joining with reaction to that, conservative political commentator gina loudon and democratic strategist, michael star hopkins. good to see you both. criticism he did not say this over the weekend and some say basically it is too little to too late. why did it take him so long to actually specifically condemn these groups? >> there is nothing this president can ever do trish, that is going to please his haters. they, the deep state does not like that this president is in place and that nothing he can do will change that. had he come out right away, trish, i would maintain that if he had come out said exactly the things he now said everyone demanded they say, oh he is elevating these groups. he can't win with them. trish: is that true, michael, he is damned if he does and damned if he doesn't? >> no it doesn't. took him two minutes to attack ceo of merck when he resigned
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from the president's committee. this is lay-up for the president. nazis are bad. racism is bad. we support all members of this country. he couldn't say it. trish: of course he believes that. if he, it is republicans who always maintained that stand historically so of course he believes that. that is why he is republican. >> what makes say of course. he spent an entire election winking and nodding at the worst parts of republican party. >> i say that because he chose republican. he chose to be republican. trish: so, michael you think that he is somehow still telegraphing something in your view this is something he has done all along? >> yeah. this is president who has done a wink and a nod at the alt-right. we have steve bannon, as member of the white house, who started "breitbart," a company that says they are the party of the alt-right. they are the new source of the alt-right. trish: is that right, gina? >> you know, that is label that i don't think anyone actually even knows what it means, myself included.
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i will say that the republicans have historically and always defended equal rights. it is the democrats that started the kk. let's remember. >> that is so disingenuous. you and i both know that. >> that is absolutely, abraham lincoln was republican. >> abraham lincoln would not be republican under this party. >> republicans are historically the party of freedom and civil rights. trish: he did come out over the weekend say this was horrible and this violence was horrible, but sticking point he basically didn't label the actual groups. >> he did false equivalencies which sun helpful. trish: forgive me, what did you say, michael? >> he drew false equivalencies this event was comparative to "black lives matter" and some other organization. it is not. there weren't black groups attacking white groups. nazis and neo-nazis, alt-right, attacking clergy standing up for rights of black and brown people and there is no equivalency for
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that. trish: gina. >> this whole last couple days should have been about the victims. it should not have been about a political agenda it try to undermine this administration. i am very sad for these families and for the victims. frayingly, for our citizenry, that they decided to politicize this instead of talking about the real issue. trish: i agree with you on that. all of this becomes so politicized. the problem we have in this country, we are facing these division thanks to identity politics which frankly right out of left's playbook for years. you think about the districting and redistricting that has happened in so many counties in this country and that is real problem, a problem by the way i will point out clarence thomas, justice clarence thomas cited in 1994 in one decision, holder, he said as a practical political matter our drive to segregate by political districts can only serve to deepen racial divisions
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by destroying any need for voters or candidates to build bridges between racial groups or to form voting coalitions. between in how much as identity politics and redistricting of america played a role in what we now see? >> it is 100%. it has put us where we are trish. it is devastating. because we really do want unity. the unity that this president, that our vice president talked about over the weekend. that is what most americans are fighting for. that is why they elected a president, presidential candidate that wasn't being divisive. all hillary clinton talked about, what lost for her was identity politics, breaking people up into little groups so -- trish: you think more of the same now. >> democrat politics, 101. >> let's reaffirm the voting rights act. perfect softball way to end the conversation. voting rights and everyone's ability to vote -- trish: michael, what i'm talking
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about rye stricting that happened and segregating populations, there is political appeal gets driven into these messages. both sides. it is just wrong. we are now in a state where instead of coming together as a nation, we're increasing coming apart. i blame politics for that. >> i agree with you. we need to combat how the lines were drawn. the supreme court actually has gone back and struck down restricting in texas, florida, making more balanced districts. that is absolutely something i support. trish: good. gina, michael, see you guys in a little bit. don't go anywhere. another big story we're following, president trump will come out momentarily to make a major announcement on it, trade with china. he will come out in less than an hour. we'll have him soon as he comes to the podium. for the latest, blake burman at the white house with the latest. hey, blake. reporter: trish, about an hour from now the president will sign a memorandum and what this does
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instruct the u.s. trade representative to look into china's trade policies specifically according to the senior administration officials at the white house this involves intellectual property theft, something folks at the white house see as a major problem. down the line potentially this could lead the administration to eventually using a provision in the 1974 trade act that could, end up leading to negotiations or possibly even down the line tariffs but to hit a pause button for a second on that, all of this, or at least that portion of it potentially is at least a year down the road. so what today essentially starts is the policy, the review, that could potentially get to that point in time. the president on this day continued to trash international trade deals as he sees them. he took to twitter just a little while ago earlier this morning, wrote the following. i quote. obstructionist democrats given us or not fixed some of the worst trade deals in world history. i am changing that fast."
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he made remarks a little while ago at the white house. they were a bit more melancholy as remarks that topped off his charlottesville comments. >> i'm in washington today to meet with my economic team about trade policy and major tax cuts and reform. we are renegotiating trade deals and making them good for the american worker and it is about time. reporter: so, trish, this event here at the white house about an hour from now and the chinese are certainly taking notice. look here at an article in china daily state media published ahead of this, i quote here. david: instead of advancing united states interests politicizing trade will exacerbate the country's economic woes and poison the overall china-u.s. relationship." that is their take ahead of this event, trish. trish: thank you very much, blake. joining me for more analysis
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former ambassador of the u.n., fox news contributor john bolton. good to see you. i've been saying for weeks and months we need to step up sanctions on china. forget north korea at this point. china may be the one to hold the key. do you think that is the direction right now the white house is going? they already sanctioned one chinese bank. might there be more? >> i think certainly be more on the north korea front but i think the kind of steps they're talking about today and others that may follow really stem more from the president's view, correct in my estimation, that china is pursuing mercantilist policies inside of the wto. what should be a free trade regime, china's abusing its membership in the wto to pursue a policy that it is his feeling he will strike back. trish: give me examples, give me examples where they are basically abusing our good will which they are exploiting free trade for their benefit?
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>> i think there are a lot. for example, in the focus for today intellectual property, i think if you speak to american or european companies that invest in or trade or do business with china the threat to not just high-tech intellectual property but even things like copyrights and trademarks, china counterfeiting goods that are brought into the country are very, very real. people think there is discrimination -- trish: can i ask a question there? why do business in china? if the typical marketplace is at work, wouldn't you say that is too big of a risk? why do i want to bring my intellectual property into china for fear they might steal it, ambassador? >> that is very good question. i once asked the senior official of microsoft some years back how they put up with it, their rather blythe answer, by the time they get around our software and manufacturing it, we're a couple generations down the road. so they're not really steal anything from us.
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we've got economic value of our investment. what microsoft and others missed, ultimately the chinese counterfeited x generations of intellectual property jump over their competitors and use all that to their advantage. so i think it's a very serious problem. i think intellectual property is something that is so intimately involved with the future of economic success, when china steals from us, on a whole range of things, including jetfighter technology it is something to take very seriously and that doesn't even count the preferences that china gives to their own investors and domestic markets especially state-owned enterprises. trish: we've let it go, ambassador. we let it all two. >> that is exactly right. that is a problem with the american diplomacy whether in the trade area. i used to see it in the arms control area. somehow our career bureaucracy find it difficult to say country x is violating its commitments. i used to call it the "v" word. they just can't get themselves
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to say it. i don't think president trump will have any trouble saying it. trish: that is important because as we talk about north korea and the importance of china cracking down on north korea because they may in fact hold the key to be able to tame this guy, china doesn't necessarily need to do it because we haven't exerted enough pressure on china. now this is one way we could. frankly, one way we should have been for years! >> yeah, i don't think we will exert enough pressure on china to hurt china economically because of north korea. pinprick sanctions, so-called targeted sanctions going after this bank or that individual are not going to do it. if you sanction abc bank, amazing the next day the xyz bank springs up does what you were concerned about before. i think it takes really massive economic sanctions and that won't happen because we would bear pain too. i just don't see the business community accepting it. trish: that is discouraging, ambassador.
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if you're telling me we can't put these sanctions in place the way we need to how do we combat the intellectual property theft and how do we combat craziness in north korea? >> because i think there is a difference using sanctions and retaliation for unfair trade practices in the economic sphere than trying to leverage economic power into the political sphere. i think it's a lot harder in the political sphere. i think calling china out on its violations of its wto obligations and others really is a way of shaming them. i think that does affect china. trish: okay. >> i think certainly something the president is going to try as you said before correctly. other presidents have not tried it. obviously not working for us. let's see what happens. trish: we're looking forward to it. he is coming out any minute from now. we'll watch exactly what president trump has to say about china and how they have used some of this to their advantage quite unfairly. thank you very much, ambassador.
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>> glad to be with you. trish: we await the president as he basically levels claims against china, that is what is anticipated here. china is stealing from us, we can not allow it anymore. that is what the president will convey we think. president trump's national security advisorism. we're asking congressman peter king about that next. parodontax, the toothpaste that helps prevent bleeding gums. if you spit blood when you brush or floss you may have gum problems and could be on the journey to much worse. help stop the journey of gum disease. try parodontax toothpaste. ♪
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more to stream to every screen. trish: moments ago president trump announcing department of justice will open a civil rights investigation into the deadly car attack in charlottesville, virginia, over the weekend. this after national security advisor h.r. mcmaster and attorney general jeff sessions both stated the attack meets the legal definition of domestic terrorism. watch.
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>> it does meet the definition of domestic terrorism in our statute. we're pursuing it when the department of justice in every way that we can make it, make a case. >> what terrorism is use of violence to incite terrorism and fear. of course it was terrorism. >> you do classify it as terrorism? >> from a legal sense there will be full investigation trish: se. when something like that happens. joining me new york congressman peter king. kind of strange to me, peter, it become as big deal anyway. do you classify it as terrorism? of course it is terrorism? general made it clear that it does. so certainly both in the spirit of the law and letter of the law, this is terrorism. we have to realize that's what it is. you have violence being used for political purpose. that is terrorism. trish: congressman, why, why is this happening now?
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i was citing earlier what clarence thomas said back in 1994. he basically talking about the politics of division and how identity politics, even back then was increasingly playing a role in our society, in part, because of all of this redistricting, where, various municipalities and counties are rye districted in such a way that you have one race in one place and one race in another and doesn't that actually contribute to basically what some of these politicians are trying to do, which is use these races against each other? >> yeah. listen i think that is definitely a, part of the reason for it. i mean if you take congress the way, lines are drawn in number of states, african-american politicians really don't have to deal with large number of white voters and quite frankly white politicians don't have to deal with significant number of african-americans. so basically you have people
2:21 pm
living in congress, voting in congress from two parallel universes. only very small number of districts in the country that do have any kind of mix if you will voting between african-americans and whites. so i think this whole idea of redistricting by race is dangerous. obviously want to avoid discrimination. but to actually be creating districts by race, either white or black, frankly, as shown over the years, many cases it is white politicians who are getting benefit of this. so to me we should go back, come a long way in the civil rights movement. i think we should try to go as quickly as we can to where race is neutral topic. trish: then you see, congressman. >> that is insane. trish: it really makes you think, we're backtracking in some ways, instead of moving forward. >> i'm saying we come a long way as far as voting restrictions.
2:22 pm
trish: gotcha. >> to me, unless you can show there is actual voting discrimination, whether being used for racial purposes i think when it comes to drawing districts. trish: congressman, while we're here, i hear you, i agree on that, let me ask you about a new report, that is that these terror groups, al qaeda specifically, is calling on its followers to attack american trains, american railways. the terrorist group putting out some publication where they were urging their followers to carry out these these attacks, targeting means of transportation. if i haven your position obviously here in new york, what can you tell us about this, and what is being done to protect these soft targets like traipse? >> without commenting on the specific, of this report which i'm not aware of, we have been concerned for a number of years regarding transportation security, particularly with trains because they are much
2:23 pm
more vulnerable. many ways airports are very easy to secure in comparison to train stations. in new york city alone millions of people are getting on and off the subways. they can't be checked out. we have over 1000 train stations. commuter lines from westchester co doing everything we can be done. various monitoring and security measures this is not a surprise with anyone in the homeland security or countier terrorism business. we know these are prime targets. we have for number of years, almost going back to 2001, doing all we can to safeguard them against these threats but they're very real threats. we talk about actual attacks on train themselves or obstructions on the tracks or tunnels. that type of thing.
2:24 pm
only real answer, we could have all the safety precautions in place as possible, anti-terror precautions. openly real way to stop it through intelligence, finding out about it before they can begin to plan or to carry it out. if they arrive at a station with explosive or if they're able to get access to the tracks or the tunnel, odds are with them. that is why it is important to have intelligence to stop them before they get there and that requires active surveillance. trish: congressman, thank you very much. good to see you. >> as always, trish, thank you. trish: market up 150, triple-digit gains, despite, despite all the concerns about north korea and tension there. seems as toes some of those tensions we saw last week have eased. as this market powers through 22,000 on the dow. stay with me. back in two. we're on to you, diabetes. time's up, insufficient prenatal care.
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trish: stocks trading higher today, investors concerns about tensions with north korea easing. dow, nasdaq, s&p, all of them higher. dow and s&p on pace for the biggest gain since month of june. we have our very own lori rothman. also robert goodman. both to see you. robert, good to see you. unstoppable, at 22,000. we're looking at new highs seemingly constantly, despite the little bit of tension we saw last week. what is driving this? >> yeah, trish, it is quite amazing how resilient this bull market's been. investors were looking for every reason to sell it off and they did a couple percentage points. 30% of nasdaq stocks are in correction territory. when you get weekend like this, no rhetoric coming out of north korea, great numbers out of japan. this rally for last year, is more than domestic rally.
2:29 pm
this is global rally. global growth numbers out of japan. no rhetoric out of north korea. continuation of what we've been seeing last couple years. trish: lori, what are you hearing down there? >> north korea ease of tensions are blast headlines but everyone is buzzing about the financials today. financials are really driving this market, leading sector so far this year. slowly rising interest rates and improving economy and of course the trump agenda to ease banking regulations. it's a big article in the "wall street journal" of course outlying how they're planning to ease the volcker rule, part of dodd-frank, which regulates how probation trade one another. there is also a part of that article talks about how restrictions on wall street bonuses are likely to be scaled back. so that is good news if you work around here, right? so if you look at financials as really have to own, look at the other side of the coin to look at biotechs and pharmaceuticals, right? you had president tweeting at
2:30 pm
merck ceo for dropping off the committee. listen, worry about those sky-high drug prices, rip-off drug prices. so you don't want to own biotech pharmaceuticals the way you want to own in this market financials. trish: you know, when you think about financials, one of the things they benefit from, robert luna, is higher interest rate environment. by most accounts expectation we will at some point be in higher interest rate environment. the fed indicated it wants to move. but increasingly people are doubting that. explain how, how the fed and interest rates are going to affect the financial sector and market as a whole in your view. >> ultimately that is how banks traditionally make money, often net interest margin. in order for them to have sustainable growth, eventually, trish, you have to see the rates rise. people have been calling for that recently. quite honestly that has been a call for couple of years. i think the components that have been missing again is international growth. so you see global growth
2:31 pm
starting to come about. eventually when you start to see that continue on, fed will have no choice but to raise rates. i think that eventually happens. in the meantime, look at financial sector, the cheapest valuations out there in the s&p 500. we just talked about some of the deregulation. again another thing this weekend, department of labor regulation that would be coming in place. industries like mine. getting pushed out another year. absent higher interest rates, deregulation is enough to fuel financials. trish: we'll take it looks good, right now anyway. thank you so much. lori, robert. thank you. we're still waiting on the president. he is going to be talking about china and talking about trade and how unfair china is with trade. this is shortly after of course he made those other comments regarding that bigotry there, horrible situation, that unfolded in charlottesville. meanwhile senator elizabeth warren is out there blasting the moderates in the democratic party saying lefties like her, are quote, the soul of the party.
2:32 pm
is she planning on a run? we're going to talk about elizabeth warren. we'll talk about the president. i will see you right here after this. get between you and life's beautiful moments. flonase outperforms the #1 non-drowsy allergy pill. it helps block 6 key inflammatory substances that cause symptoms. pills block one and 6 is greater than 1. flonase changes everything. wheyou wantve somto protect it.e, at legalzoom, our network of attorneys can help you every step of the way. with an estate plan
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trish: welcome back, every one. we're waiting on president trump speaking in a few minutes. talking about china and the concern that china is stealing $600 billion from us in intellectual property every single year and nobody is doing anything about it. no one has done anything about
2:36 pm
it. maybe things are about to start getting very different. so watch carefully. the president will come out and level a few charges against china momentarily. meanwhile over on the left you have massachusetts senator elizabeth warren continuing to fight over control of the democratic party. warren blasting moderate democrats in a campaign-style speech in atlanta claiming she and other liberals have taken charge of this party. what kind of stage is she setting here? watch. >> we are not the gate crashers of today's democratic party. we are not a wing of today's democratic party. we are the heart and soul of the democratic party. trish: so much for that unity message, right? instead, she want to see some kind of war within the democratic party? she wants these factions and she wants to have her faction win? gina laud don't, michael star hopkins, are back with me.
2:37 pm
how is this going to help you guys? >> i would recommend to any democrat running we don't need to eat our own. we have a place for everyone because the democrats are a big tent party. the message we're going against donald trump, the message of division, a message isn't centered around actually creating new jobs and new opportunities but continuing to divide our country. i think democrats need to be sure that they're allowing all voices to be heard. trish: she is not doing that? >> no, she is not. i think she can be but that message isn't one that promotes it. trish: kind of a populist, right, gina? she thinks this version of her populist utopia sort of sells right now, which is socialism. >> yeah. she is a socialist and she is, if it's a big tent then, elizabeth warren has a big tent with a lost little tribal rooms in it because remember this is the person who lied about being a native-american, so she is definitely not going to depart
2:38 pm
from the identity politics that has destroyed the democrat party, that lost more than 1000 races under obama, that has lost every special election since this president was elected, and may their fund-raising at record lows. republicans -- republicans are praying that she runs. trish: i'm looking at picture of her and bernie sanders together, this is fitting. this is what she thinks she should tap into. she needs enthusiasm. there is huge enthusiasm gap as the pros like to call it. the reason she hasn't been able to ignite excitement amongst the base. the base, many of whom, actually switched sides and voted for donald trump. so gene that, is this all part of an appeal? we'll going to tax those that work and redistribute it to those that don't? >> you can't put lipstick on a pig and get a princess, trish. that is what she is trying to do. she is socialism and socialism by any other name is socialism.
2:39 pm
and america is not at its heart okay with that. we don't like socialism. americans love freedom. she stands for everything that isn't that. trish: this is i think the going to be her problem, frankly, it's, it is going to continue to be this way unless someone comes along, michael, and really actually stands up for those people that donald trump was able to recruit. what i'm talking about the rust belt. i'm talking about union workers. i'm talking about people that were long-time democrats that felt no one was there for them because it is increasingly become the let them eat cake party. isn't that effectively what the nancy pelosis, chuck assumers, represent? then you have got elizabeth warren who is off there in left field as populist socialist? >> let me say this, the democrats who voted for donald trump are coming home back to the democratic party in 2018. when we look at polls, the polls show those democrats intending to vote for democrats.
2:40 pm
elizabeth warren is actually a populist. donald trump is selling snake oil when it comes to his populist views. he flips one side to the other. at one point he is against nafta. trish: tell me being a populist is good? are you saying you like us elizabeth warren's populism? >> a strain of populism is absolutely a food thing for this country. we need to to back to rebuilding middle and poor class of this country because of tax cuts that have been given -- trish: this is fundamental economic, i don't care what side of the aisle you're on, this why i don't think many way party even matters anymore. our economy matters. people's ability to work. middle class is the foundation of this country but elizabeth warren would destroy that middle class, michael. >> i disagree with you on that. i think elizabeth warren would do more to protect workers rights. to make sure people are getting a fair wage than donald trump will ever do. there is difference between saying you're going it do
2:41 pm
something and doing it. donald trump has said -- trish: dow above 22,000 and unemployment rate around 4%. >> come on. >> look at any inner city democrats run for a decade, trish, show you an entire under class kept under class because democrats want them for their votes. look at the massive growth in the city of detroit right now under this president and then you tell me what the democrats have ever done for poor people. >> as black person grew up inner-city the policies have done that. trish: tell you one thing, those policies are not working especially places like chicago. take a look. reports today that senator marco rubio may be target of an assassination plot by a venezuelan lawmaker, who rubio has been accusing of being a drug trafficker. we'll have the latest next.
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trish: one ever venezuela's powerful lawmakers may have ordered the assassination of florida senator marco rubio. the hit believed to come from a ruling socialist party leader who rubio has publicly feuded with. the senator, an outspoken critic of the venezuelan government, called him the pablo escobar of venezuela. he responded calling the senator, narc corubio. federal authorities are working to confirm a possible threat, senator marco rubio is having a lot more security detail. buck sexton, radio talk show host, former cia officer is with me now. tell us who this guy is marco rubio is in this fight with, and may have ordered a hit on him? >> he is one of the most powerful people in the venezuelan regime. cabeo has ties to active armed forces in venezuela. he is at the heart of the
2:46 pm
socialist bolivar revolution that nicolas maduro inherited from chavez. he is tied in the narcotrafficking aspect of venezuela which gets very little attention. right now the vice president of venezuela is on u.s. treasury sanctions list for direct involvement in massive international drug transactions including the cartels in mexico and getting drugs into the united states. that is why people look at this and, this could be rumor. we don't know what the exact source of the information is. we know possibility of a threat. it is being taken seriously trish. the moment you have a powerful anti-u.s. law i canner with connections like this into the mexican drug cartels, you're talking about somebody who also therefore has access to a vast network of hit men. so that is why they take it seriously. trish: this all started essentially with a twitter fight? i mean marco rubio and cabeo of venezuela were going back at it on twitter. it escalated that authorities
2:47 pm
are concerned enough they step up security for marco rubio? >> precautions make sense. most likely it is bluster but when you look at background of individuals involved, i mentioned the vice president he is on the treasury sanctions list, he is a narc crow trafficker. cabeo is a narc crow trafficker. trish: you don't think of that. when you think of venezuela and you think of oil. >> that's right. trish: messed up oil market and can't use technology there to their advantage. you don't think drugs like you would think of in mexico. >> drug kingpins are running the country, want it to be the perception of oil and revolution and all this other stuff. they don't want people focusing how they have become billionaires, incredibly wealthy men with international connections and stashing cash all over the world including in america. someone like marco rubio raising alarm about this, letting everybody know by the way, that people running venezuela are
2:48 pm
narcotraffickers, he could going after their cash which they could respond in dangerous fashion. trish: not just socialism but disturbs me in venezuela what disturbs me in venezuela you have the threat to the united states in that this is country harboring all kinds of bad folks and bad people right now, welcoming them essentially. they're our next door neighbor. >> there is not nearly enough attention on venezuela's ties with cuba. ties with maduro, the vice president with raul castro, with iran, with syria, cartels in mexico. you name a bad actor in the world right now, the venezuelan government is friendly with them and trying to work actively to undermined u.s. security. trish: president trump will speak in a few minutes. he will talk about china. he will talk about trade. he will talk about unfair trade that china puts on the u.s. and how much money they steal from us in intellectual property to the tune of $600 billion a year.
2:49 pm
historian doug wead joins me next on how what the president ought to be saying. we're back in two. whether it's connecting one of the world's most innovative campuses. or bringing wifi to 65,000 fans. businesses count on communication, and communication counts on centurylink.
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does your bed do that? oh. i don't actually talk. though i'm smart enough to. i'm the new sleep number 360 smart bed. let's meet at a sleep number store. trish: we're waiting on the president who will speak momentarily. he has a big announcement on trade with china. we expect the president may make comments on ongoing situation there in north korea. joining me on his thoughts with what the president should be saying, presidential historian doug wead. doug, good to see you. first of all, north korea, if he says anything today on north korea, he has been very vocal last several days making it clear that the u.s. will not deal with any of these threats from north korea and if they continue, that they will be met with quite a bit of force.
2:53 pm
should he say anything more at this point? do you expect him to? >> i expect him to probably repeat the line even though he has been criticized for it. he understand communism and historically communism is like a wild animal, it senses weakness. weakness provokes it. it backs down from noise and bluster but it attacks weakness and that was true with kennedy and brought us to the brink of nuclear war with cuban missile crisis. reagan stood tough and he scared everybody but stood enough and communists backed down. trish: let me talk about china. china may hold the key. china could do a whole lot more and china hasn't done much to influence north korea. if we make it clear to china we're not going to look the other way when they keep stealing our intellectual property, which is exactly what they do, or imprisoning our executives, so many executives
2:54 pm
have wound up in prison in china on drummed up charges, they counterfeit goods to the tune of hundreds of billions of dollars a year, yeah, this isn't going to fly anymore, will that in part influence them in a way that they will go after north korea and tell him to go, you can't do this. >> you understand this china dynamic better than many in public life. we've seen the largest transfer of wealth in world history outside of the middle east. that is the wealth of america going to china. it happened under three presidents and it happened principally under the clintons and the bushes. so when donald trump -- trish: talking about u.s. treasurys, the fact they hold so much of our debt? >> and the wto, getting china on the fast track to wto, a nation that any other criteria would be an outlaw nation and yet fast-tracked by the clintons, signed by the bushes into the
2:55 pm
wto. so, when donald trump speaks today, he is not only taking on china, he is taking on a tiny percentage of very powerful people in the united states who benefit from that relationship with china, and they're some corporations and public figures who have been pushing us into conflict with russia. we can't take on russia and china at the same time. we can't do it. trish: back up. these are many so of the same people, i'm not sure i'm following you doug? >> all of this trade with china, yes, some of our executives have been thrown into jail and some of them have been thrown out of the country but others, american corporations, have made a fortune off of this trade imbalance with china. those with special interests here in america and who were outraged when they started hearing donald trump in the campaign trail, this isn't fair they won't take it on. trish: we're worried about some kind of trade war, but he made
2:56 pm
sense all along. look i believe in fair trade. this is not fair trade. we have seen anything but fair trade from china, doug. >> it is corrupt. you know, trish, if china has no utility now, in helping us with the threat of a nuclear war from north korea, what utility does she have? so this is kind of the moment where donald trump is saying, you know what i ran for, when i ran for president. you know how unfair you have been to us. i'm going to take that on. you will either help us with north korea, this is your chance. he will be speaking to north korea of the he will be speaking to china. he will be speaking to a very elite corporate people here in america that benefits from it. trish: doug, always good to hear from you. we're back with the president after this.
2:57 pm
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>> we are waiting on the president. he will be talking about china and the unfair trade we had been witnessing with china.
3:00 pm
i want two-point this out as well. over on your world. i hope that you will join me there. follow me on twitter. tell me what you thought of today show. i guess the markets are saying risk on right now. it's really strong here. wall street is rallying. squarely in the mid- middle middle of major political and economic development at this hour. we are waiting president from. he will do that life specifically the set of intellectual property. it will bring that life as soon as it begins.


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