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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  August 16, 2017 10:00pm-11:00pm EDT

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and remember -- you jolly well can't take it with you. us. >> i am david asman in for lou dobbs, who is on vacation, but he will join us on the phone in moments to discuss unrelenting attacks against president trump from the democrats, establishment, left wing media, deep state and now the ceos of big corporations. bullpepresident today announcins i did bandin disbanding two of s advisory councils after 9 ceos turned against the him. saying rather than putting pressure on business people, i am ending both. thank you all. not just business leaders who
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turn on the president, members of his own party, including seae majority leader mitch mcconnell, john kasich, lindsey graham, john mccain and former positives george w. bush and george h.w. bush have gone on the attack over president's remarks that both sides were to blame for saturday a's violenc. >> you had a group on one side that was bad, you had a group on the other side that was also very violent, nobody wants to say that, i'll say it right now, you had a group on other side that came charges in without a permit, in a were very violent. >> where is outrage over police sponsor perhaps lack of. to the attacks? wineses say that virginia state police troopers and charlottesville police stood by and did virtually nothing. as -- antifa and white
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supremacist attacked each other. the result kill be one person, and 19 others injured. for more on relentless attacks again president, charlottesville police sti san decision to stann and a lot more, author of putin putin's gambit, lou is calling in. from his vacation, we were watching this unfold, media is all there all networks are there, were are police. lou: why isn't the national left wing media rolling video of antifa attacking and white supremacist attacking who is creating this language? white nationalists, we're talking about white supremacists, we're talking about neo-nazis, talking about
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antifa, and left wing anarchists meeting in streets of charlottesville, people ar acting as though they are make less. mayor of this town, refusing to enforce the law, officers told to stand down. they were -- i mean david, when we look add this truth, there is one truth teller right now in washington, d.c. in the white house, and that is president trump. >> right. lou: he said this was a calamity, a collision 2 between2 violent forces, he is right, then they try to make that something with which they can bludgeon him, and they have done so for two days. >> this is extra order tha extru hear comments from people like governor mcauliffe, saying no, there were not 2 sides battling just the nazis, just the white
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supremacist, yet police chief in a press conference, specifically said there were two sides mutually engaged in violence, the police chief to was there said it, why doesn't the governor? lou: mcauliffe is a political activist, he is not just an offers holder, and neither is mayor of charlottesville, who is behaving like a community organizer than activist than an responsible elected official, these people bear great responsibility for injuries and death of this young woman in charlottesville. that president, right now is being attacked by ceos who are withdrawing from two councils he created so they could have greater up put with the white house -- greater input with the white house, this is a remarkable moment, because every one of those ceos, mark my words circumstancs is a coward,t is right, a grandstander in the service of the left.
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and don't -- and no one should make a mistake this say coordinated orchestrated attack against this president. >> lou, what surprised me is that jamie dimon within along with crowd, saying that while i am disappointed in the president because he did not point out that there was racism at work in charlottesville. of course, he did. and he condemned racism as he condemned violence. >> you are surprised that jamie dimon, pretended to take a high moral ground when his institution, is responsible for tens of billions of dollars in finding and settlements for violating law and breaking banking regulation, this is a man claiming moral high ground? people should be in pri prison t now for what they carried out
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under au auspices of morgan stay dean witte.>> jpmorgan chase. >> let me -- lou: they should be held accountable. >> is it a good thing they are no longer in way white house? lou: i think it is delightful. no one should make the mistake that is rest of problem with national left wing media, meanwhile chamber of commerce and business round table have kstreet locked up, most of h street and will have all of dominant presence they have enjoyed for 40 years in the swamp still in tact. make no mistake about it. president trump is now engaged against the enemy he campaigned
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against. that is the establishment, that is corporate america, and ceos who are running u.s. multinationals without a commitment to one home economy and considerably divided loyalties of all kind. >> we heard from steve bannon today we continue to hear -- lou: i wish steve bannon would give it a rest, w don't need too hear from steve ban a bannon to. >> he said as you said, it is a good thing that the ceos are out, donald trump can now speak to the people who are against the swamp, not part of it. lou: i think that is true, but make no mistake, you know, having your senior strategist ballyhooing every incremental advance he sees in interest of the president is not a healthy idea, steve bannon right now needs to be advise oa adviser to
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president, his support and council to president needs to remain between him and the president, i am sick and tired of this white house, some of its staff making known every little whispered thought they share with the president of the united states it is time for people too understand. this is a president of the united states he is to be treated with respect. and absolutely with absolute fidelity. to that end look at the press conference, and the way that president was treated by national left wing. >> where was john kelly, should she havhe have said something? lou: hell yes! he is chief of staff he is senior person, other than vice president, in white house, it was his responsibility, instead we see him looking at the tops of his views. the thing circumstanc is maybe t
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president has too much faith in generals, maybe me needs faith in gunnery sarg sergeants, thaty language was awful, you have those pack of hyenas, which is what national left wing press was doing in this press conference. interrupting the president of the united states? tell them to go to hell, there will be basic decorum. there will be respect for president of united states, and this was on the, and i office at starts now, if john kelly does not have sensibility, he has guts, why in the hell does he not have the will to do right thing for our president and office of the president, this is awful what we're watching happen, and president acquits himself because he loves a good
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fight. but that is a fight he should not have to fight. >> what happens now? lou: this white house will gain control of itself, they will have to take control of this media because, they are -- it is a oppositional force. and it is behaving to say the least badly. that was one of the -- no, that was the ugliest display i have ever seen in part of white house press corps and the way they treat the president, i have seen rough moments that is the worst ever, it has to stop. and president, i might add, needs to bring in heads of all media companies, say you ignorant sons of birches you street he with respect or you will not be in room when i speak or you will not be welcome in any quarter of that white house for purpose of what you call, laughably journalist.
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>> that would be quite a meet could, lou dobbs thank you so much always a policure, thank you for letting me loan this chair for a couple days,. lou: thank you for filling it so abley and have fun. >> we're coming right back, lou thank you. >> we'll be back with a lot more stay with us. >> mourners in charlottesville, honoring the woman killed at saturday's rally. >> i would rather have myself m, by golly but if i have to give her up, we are going to make it count. >> can white house chief of staff john kelly under fire for standing by at left wing media attacked president trump. we'll have latest from white house, and much more state ahead, we'e'e'e'e' we are sikhs sikh americans we believe in equality tolerance and respect for all.
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the latest reviews. the lowest prices. david: more than a thousand people attended today's memorial service for heather heyer, the woman who was run over and killed while protesting a rally in charlottesville. her mother said that her daughter's death will continue to a national dialogue about
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race. >> they tried to kill my child to shut her up, guess what, you just magnified her. david: joining me charlie hurt, and michael goodwin, fox news contributors. we should remember that woman we heard from was gracious in her comments to president trump the day that he made that second statement about what happened in charlottesville. she said, i am repeating her note, thank you president trump for those words of comfort, and for denouncing those who promote violence and hatred. >> she really was, and to watch her today at that memorial service, it was truly humbling to imagine that is a woman who jawfjust lost her daughter, she spoke so e eloquently and brave, in such contrast to miscreants
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who came from far and away, armed and armored to incite violence at this rally, between contrast between these thugs and this woman was truly amazing. it is heartbreaking it was her daughter who paid the ultimate price for bema bemay behavior oe people. david: michael that brings me back to what lou dobbs was saying about police, and what they were not doing, it might have been pill politicians telling them what to do not to do. >> there is a pattern across country with a rise of political violent, very unusual here. often usually involving left attacking the you know college campus and that thing to drive away conservative speakers. and it is being accepted now as normal. other part of this, is way that police have been held back.
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starting really with ferguson, missouri riots, you have seen that spread to campus as in in charlotte, where were the police? they you any it was coming, they knew both sides were going to be there. a fox news reporter said a police officer told him they were pulling back because it was too dangerous. you saw a melee involving armed people on both sides with sticks, and one guy 'an aerosol can using as a blow torch, and where were the police. david: right, we have that statement by ceos, and again, to lou, lou was not surprised from jamie dimon's statement, i was, to say that there was essentially one side to this debate. when clearly while -- actually governor mcauliffe said the same thing, there were not both sides, but you have police chief
10:19 pm
al thomas saying that crowd side became increasingly violent with mutually increasing -- that both sides. >> this is infin you get it among business leaders too, who are -- have for years been shaken down by people like al sharsharpton, threatened they rollover every time, it is becomes a one-note debate that never resolves anything. michael is right. also about you know pattern that we're starting to see, there no doubt in my mind that the governor of virginia, the authorities, in charlottesville they knew they had something serious coming along. why they didn't do more?
10:20 pm
why they didn't prepare. david: a great question, and the media is not asking, because they are just obsessed with getting donald trump. one thing that donald trump did say that concerned a lot of people, he said there were fine people on both sides, i understand, certainly the girl who was killed was a fine person, there are people who want to maintain traditions at least this some of statues, particularly jo george washingt, some people talking about taking down his statue, they are fine. but the people who marched with nazis with t torches night befoe are not fine, i don't believe that is who president of the talking about. >> president welcome over this topic several times, said it differently each time. the one i think is more clear, he said, there are people there who are there protesting removal of the statue, they are go the
10:21 pm
peoplgoodpeople, they are not pf what phrase he used at that point, that is what he meant. there were fine people on both sides, he said there was violence to both sides, he was trying to i think segment what was going on. david: but it was so ad hoc and he was being peppered by media. >> he is not terribly precise with his language often this time, it got him in trouble. of course, media will interpret it in worse possible way every time because they hate him. david: he is not a professional politician, michael, charlie great stuff thank you both. >> thank you. david: vote in tonight's poll, show police and public firm offs in virginia be held responsible for not doing more to stop the chaos in charlottesville? follow lou on twitter @lou dobbs, like the show on facebook and instagram, on wall street
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stocks closed higher, dow up 26, s&p up 4, nasdaq up 12, volume 2.9 billion shares, housing starts falling last month as construction of multifamily housing tumble to tep month low. >> apple reportedly setting aside budget to create and produce original contend over next year to compete with netflix and streaming sites. >> listen to lous reports 3 times a day coast to coasto the salem radio network. >> up next, attorney general jeff sessions slamming the state of lawlessness in chicago. >> rather than acknowledge the heartbreaking stories told by victims family, the city of chicago has chosen to sue the federal government. david: we take up that and more with chicago attorney brunell ♪ we asked people to write down
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david: attorney general jeff sessions praising miami-dade for discontinuing their sanctuary city status. >> this city and county will be an example on the good that comes from following the law. x have already seen that. the same independence day weekend when chicago suffered more than 100 shootings and 15 homicides. miami-dade also has a historic number of shooting deaths. zero. david: here to discuss whether chips readers are petting politics ahead of public safety, brunell, before i get to that
10:28 pm
issue of what's happening with the sanctuary cities. i want to ask more about charlottesville. the continued attacks on donald trump, now from the business community. i want to read you what jamie dimon said. he said i strongly disagree with president trump's reaction to the events that took place in charlottesville. racism, intolerance and violence are always wrong. that last line is exactly what donald trump said. >> god bless you and god bless erika first. that is exactly what the president said. he condemned hate and bigotry on any way, shape or form period. that's what he condemned. a lot of these businesses are being pressured to speak out against the president by people who are hateful of the president. and i think that what they need to do is just understand that
10:29 pm
our president has a desire to see the entire nation wealthy and prosperous, and there are going to be ups and downs and storms and situations that will come. we have to stands behind our president. i'm hoping those leaders, even though this company did leave the table. i'm hoping the companies will engage with the president again to think about the nation as a whole and not themselves personally. david: the narrative is stretching beyond blaming trump as a racist. the narrative now is anybody who supports trump or even republicans is a racist as well. >> this was a very heated election and there are so many people still stressed and upset and bothered and jealous and hating on the president and hating on those of us who got sick of the politicians, got sick of the lying and sceemg on the backs of the -- scheming on
10:30 pm
the backs of the people and we put our president donald trump in office. there is a lot of resentment. you have a lot of people in these selected offices for decades who did nothing and they are watching president trump first try gets in the presidency. there is hate on both sides of the aisle. i'm hoping and praying they will get out of their personal feeling and think about the nation. the nation needs to heal. our president needs the support to get the infrastructure. immigration. nafta deals, school choice. all the things we put them in office for. david: pointing to chicago, the city you are in with being a sanctuary city, this narrative that he's a racist and everything he does, whether it's regarding race relations specifically or he even -- the sanctuary city rules, that that
10:31 pm
is tainted by his racist perspective. >> absolutely not. our president is not a racist. he has a great heart. he didn't become this big old racist until he ran for office again. the elite of the democratic and gop party. all of a sudden he's a racist. but when he was donating to your campaigns, he wasn't a racist then? so a lot of that is hating and jealousy going on. the monies being given for these illegal aliens can be given here in chicago for our inner city youth that need jobs and investment in communities and vocational program and better schools. over 50 schools closed. then imagine the filing of that document against the president, imagine on that same day our leader of our city, $55 million was taken from a poor
10:32 pm
neighborhood in the south side of chicago and sent to an afliewrnt part of the city. -- an affluent part of the city. that was a big cover-up. david: this is a president who wants to give choice back to the impoverished and inner cities and take it away from the elites. we have a lot of breaking news. >> god bless you and god bless america fan god bless donald j. trump our president. david: north korean tensions ease after president trump's strong and decisive leadership. >> he does something in guam it will be the likes of which no one has seen before what will happen in north korea. david: the president backing down from the regime's threat to attack guam. this group of water skiers in
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david: president trump is praising north korea's leader for back off threats to attack guam. he said kim jong-un made a
10:37 pm
well-reasoned decision. the alternative would have been both catastrophic and unacceptable. what is next. let's move this forward. do we just have to sit back and watch as the north koreans get more and more capability? another next date on the crisis calendar is monday. the north koreans are upset every year as are the chinese. the north koreans said you start those exercises it's going to be the second north korean war. ed the missiles they didn't fire at guam, they can fire them next week. david: if they fire them next week, we are there in full power. >> there is a lot of things we can do right now. so, for instance, the sanctions we have on north korea aren't
10:38 pm
that severe. more important we need to put sanctions on china for supporting north korea's missile program. david: we saw the president sign the sanctions deal against china because of the intellectual property rights. but it was clearly, even though we have interviews with intellectual properties. chinese called north korea. they pulled their ambassadors from north korea *, and russia and the united nations and then we had this announcement they weren't going to attack guam. >> we saw the mattis and tillerson op-ed in the wall street journal. david: that op-ed bothers john bolton a lot because it said we are not for regime change in
10:39 pm
north korea. >> you don't have to say you are against regime change. what you can do is put pressure on the north korean and the chinese. it will result in regime change. the elites around kim jong-un in pyongyang already upset with him could back away from him. david: this is a man that kills his own family. he would think nothing of slitting the throats of his own family. >> there have been 160 senior officials executed since kim jong-un came into power. the death toll is maybe between 450 to 600 people all together. there is a lot of discontent. when you kill people, you create a dynamic and instability.
10:40 pm
we saw all of those signs of turbulence at the top of pyongyang. including the minister of state security. the elder half brother,. david: despite the comments from tillerson that they are not for regime change, that's what i'm going to be praying for. >> we heard that from the cia director mike pompeo in aspen. david: please roll the video. these water skiers are better when they are together. they are being pulled by the same boat, launching themselves off a ramp and synchronizing a back flip and landing on their
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skis. >> the economy is doing so well with respect to employment and unemployment, i believe wages will start to go up. that will have a tremendously positive impact on race relations. potsch: you each drive a ford pickup, right? (in unison) russ, leland, gary: yes. gary: i have a ford f-150. michael: i've always been a ford guy. potsch: then i have a real treat for you today. michael: awesome. potsch: i'm going to show you a next generation pickup. michael: let's do this. potsch: this new truck now has a cornerstep built right into the bumper. gary: super cool. potsch: the bed is made of high-strength steel, which is less susceptible to punctures than aluminum. jim: aluminum is great for a lot of things, but maybe not the bed of a truck. potsch: and best of all, this new truck is actually- gary: (all laughing) oh my... potsch: the current chevy silverado. gary: i'm speechless. gary: this puts my ford truck to shame. james: i'll tell you, i might be a chevy guy now. (laughing) ♪ i'm... i'm so in love with you. ♪
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david: president trump's economic agenda getting little attention during the contentious news conference. he is claiming it will help heal the racial divide. >> they have been frayed for a long time and you can ask
10:46 pm
president obama about that. i believe the fact that i brought in -- it will be soon millions of jobs where companies are moving back into our country. it will have a tremendous positive impact on race relations. david: joining me now, nige rinnes. a lot of the old policies this president pledged to push away have taken away power and choice from people in the inner city. where jobs and more control or the way you raise your children empowers people. >> no question about it. it empowers the entrepreneurial spirit that exists in every get oh and burial. the deregulations the president
10:47 pm
has done through executive orders are going to unleash capital investment and small business development that has the boot of regulations and high taxes on their flek. and -- on their neck. and in this so-called controversial press conference. i saw it for the first time in its even tiesht. he spent a few minutes talking about his infrastructure man and tax reforms that will have an impact on inner city and the fact that he has big plans for the inner cities. i get the feeling many within the mainstream media, they don't want this president to succeed and have his plan of economic reform come to fruition because there will be economic uplift for blacks and browns and people across the country. david: i think you are on to
10:48 pm
something. there is one group that specifically does not benefit from president trump's plans, and those are the vested interests, the people that have a vested interest on maintaining control of poor people hot president want to give control to. i'm talking about people like al sharpton who had a revolving door in the white house and the obama administration. i lost count of how many times he's there. al sharp on it looks like is writing the copy for the major news anchors all over america. >> they are reading the script very well. what they want to do is they want to focus minority on chasing the bright shiny object and not paying attention to what is most of fundamental across racial lines which is a good job and good wages.
10:49 pm
the fact is that there has been a renaissance in the manufacturing industry. i think half a million jobs. and this started even at the tail end of the obama years. but it's continuing under trump and it will be accelerated if he can get his economic program through congress. he's got to get it through and put some pressure on some republicans that unfortunately are turning out to be never trumpers. david: final question, do you really think there is a way if in fact these changes get in that minority communities are going to recognize they have a freedom and opportunity like they have never had before because there are real constraint to the system offering nothing more than welfare and choices that are decided by the people inside the beltway rather than individual
10:50 pm
in the community. >> the president bought over 13% of the plaque male vote in the last male election cycles. there are black males, white males, and women who are look for good jobs and good wages. once that comes there will be a bell of liberation that rings in ghettos and barrios across this country. that's what the liberals are afraid of. for all these armchair activists, i'm the only one who debated david duke in studio and kicked his butt. and i'm the son of a father who knocked a skin head on his butt
10:51 pm
on national tv. david: fans of the show are moving "putin's gambit," the new spy thriller written by lou and james born. whoever writes a comment that is read on the show will receive an autographs copy of lou's book. coming up next, vicious attacks from the left-wing national media attempting to twist president trump's words. we'll assess how mr. trump is with thing the storm over charlottesville. stay with us. parodontax, the toothpaste that helps prevent bleeding gums. if you spit blood when you brush or floss you may have gum problems and could be on the journey to much worse. help stop the journey
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[♪] david: in our online poll we asked you, is the left-wing media exploiting the charlottesville * tragedy in an effort to derail president trump's ambitious agenda. 80% said yes. joining me is mollie hemingway and mark simone. we are beginning to see an attempt to pin the charge racism on anybody who is pro trump or republican. i think the media feels like
10:56 pm
they got the attention of people because that's about all you see on the news. mollie: i wouldn't say we are beginning to see this, i would say it's what we have seen from the media going back decade, and it explains trump's reaction to the attempts to paint all republicans racists. but when you call everyone a nazi or hitler it starts to lose its punch. going back to reagan and george w. bush and enmity romney it was disappointing to see myth romney play into this when he claimed there were only problems with kkk and white nationalists and people fighting them are pure of heart. that was the type of game democrat typically play. david: tens of millions of
10:57 pm
people who say this is the base of donald trump. it's racist and i didn't know the nazi party was 30 million to 40 million strong. the implications are so ridiculous, you can't take it serious. >> racist is what a liberal calls you when they are losing the argument. last year i think it was november, white supremacist convention in washington, for three days they did this stuff. the proof that it doesn't work is nobody remembers it happened last year. nobody who watched that press conference thought he said some of them were good people. he said there were bad guys and normal fine citizens. everybody knew what he meant. twisting it around doesn't work. david: one question i have, when
10:58 pm
heard from two bush presidents. but nothing from obama. when do you think we'll in this regard? mollie: in general i think it's a good idea for recently out of office presidents to let the current president handle it without speaking up. in general i think it's good and should be encouraged just how george w. bush tried to lay low during the barack obama presidency. it's a good idea for barack obama to do the same. david: i should amended that a little bit. i'm told there was a tweet from president obama. but he hasn't come out personally in public. what is he waiting for? is he waiting for this momentum to build? will it build? is this going to be contained within the mediasphere of the
10:59 pm
anti-trumpers. >> it was a tweet from nelson mandela. this one is bigger obviously than last year. we'll see. this could fizzle out or it could have legs. lou made a great point. the networks should be spoken to. you can't have this heckling and yelling at these press conferences. it's just not right. david: have you heard anything about general kelly why he didn't intercede when he saw things are careening out of control? mollie: i don't think that would be his job. what he would have done during that press conference, i'm in the entirely sure. people who work for trump understand he will go off script and speak to the press. the press reaction is what is so
11:00 pm
unhinged. david: mollie, mark, great to see you. thank you for joining us. lieutenant colonel tony shaffer and chris farrell are us. >> i am david asman in for lou dobbs, who is on vacation, but he will join us on the phone in moments to discuss unrelenting attacks against president trump from the democrats, establishment, left wing media, deep state and now the ceos of big corporations. bullpepresident today announcins i did bandin disbanding two of s advisory councils after 9 ceos turned against the him. saying rather than putting pressure on business people, i am ending both. thank y


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