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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  August 19, 2017 4:00am-5:00am EDT

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i'll see you next week. [ woman vocalizing ] business. [♪] david: good evening, i'm david asman in for lou dobbs who is on vacation. a major shakeup at the white house. president trump ousting his chief strategist steve bannon. john kelly and steve bannon mutually agreed today would be steve's last day. reporter: he did not have the public profile of sean spicer or the prestigious title of reince priebus, but steve bannon is arguably the most of powerful
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figure to leave the white house. steve bannon appeared untouchable who shared a virtual minds meld on pop latests. today the release from the white house. white house chief of staff john kelly and steve bannon mutually agreed today will be steve's last day. the writing had been on the wall for weeks. president trump is said to have grown frustrated about the reputation bannon had as being the real power in the white house that pulled the president's strings. but while president obama had growing reservations about bannon it was john kelly's
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arrival as chief of staff who accelerated the timeline. bannon's departure was supposed to be announced earlier this week, but was pushed because of the aftermath of charlottesville. at the press conference this week it was clear something was up. >> i like mr. bannon. he's a friend of mine. i went through 17 senators, governors, and i won all the primaries. he's a good person. he gets an unfair press in that regard. reporter: the next day bannon gave a stunning interview in which he attacked his colleagues and contradicted president trump's north korea policy. >> they are corporatists globalists media that are adamantly opposed to an economic
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nationalist agenda like donald trump has. the environmental group sierra club wrote, good riddance to steve bannon. republican congressman lee zeldon lauded his smarts. >> he understands world history like to few others do in this country, so he brought a lot of skills. reporter: nancy pelosi welcomed bannon's departure saying personnel changes are worthless as long as president trump continues to advance policies that disgrace our cherished american values. reporter: according to some
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reports he's going to quote go to war in congress against his opponents in the media, congress and the media. david: president trump spend the day in camp david talking about a new strategy for afghanistan, the united states' longest war. >> the question is this. will there be a precipitous u.s. troop pullout from afghanistan? will there be a modest increase tore gradual reduction? the president is mulling over these issues at camp david. you can tell this was a serious meeting by some of the big names that were there. vice president mike pence, the secretaries of defense and state.
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the attorney general, the u.n. ambassador and the national security advisor all in maryland or connecting by security link. how do we end america's longest war. the war is now 15 years on at a cost of over $714 billion. 10u.s. troops have been killed in afghanistan this year alone. >> city want to make a determination in a short period of time as to afghanistan. i have been looking at it. it's our longest war in history. 17 years. that's unacceptable. we'll be making decisions and are looking at that closely. >> we'll meet with the president, secretary tillerson and i and several others on the national security team. we'll move this toward a
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decision as i said yesterday publicly, we are coming close to a decision, and i anticipate it in the very near future. reporter: administration sources tell us today's meeting also included what he described as a brass tacks. how will troop levels affect security, and what does a suitable personnel level look like? and how do you maintain the gains they made in all the years there? and what about money? we spent trillions in the region, what do we have to show for it, as the president has said on the campaign trail. he will announce that decision to the american people at an appropriate time. in the meantime he continues to mull over all of his options. david: authorities all over
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europe engaged in a massive manhunt for suspects following the deadliest terrorist strike in spain in more than a decade. investigators believe 9 people from an islamic state terror cell plotted the horrific attacks. benjamin hall is live from barcelona with the report. >> wounded but refusing to surrender. this terrorist is wearing what appears to be a suicide vest. the police shoot him down, but the confrontation continues. >> he fell down and within two seconds he stood back up. he charged the police again and the police then gave some more shots and he fell down again. reporter: this was dramatic scene in cambrils a beach
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resort. the cambrils attack came five hours after a white van mowed down pedestrians on las ramblas in barcelona leaving 13 dead, including a young boy. the prime minister said his country is mourning in solidarity with the city. >> spain has received a lot in solidarity that we have shared with other cities and countries. reporter: police believe the driver of the van remains at large. today police searched his family's apartment. police believe the attacks are the work of a single terror
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cell. police have so far arrested four people. but said today they were still trying to identify the others. >> the investigation at the moment is focused on the identification of the people at the alcanar address. the people shot dead in cambrils, we have identified three. reporter: but despite the tragedy today las ramblas was clean and open again. anna clear sign this city will not bow to the terrorists. >> the driver of that white van is now dead. he was shot in the attack in cambrils. jared tucker was here in barcelona celebrating his first wedding anniversary.
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david: president trump removing chief strategist steve bannon. >> i went through 17 senators, governors, and i won all the primaries. >> we'll take up the shakeup and what it means for the president's agenda. david: congresswoman debbie liberty mutual stood with me when this guy got a flat tire in the middle of the night, so he got home safe. yeah, my dad says our insurance doesn't have that. what?! you can leave worry behind when liberty stands with you™. liberty mutual insurance. ♪music ♪yea, you can be the greatest
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david: the democratic national committee release an outrageous statement in response to steve bannon's out offer. it reads, and i quote, "there is one less white supremacist in the white house, but that doesn't change the man sitting behind the resolute desk." tammy bruce and charlie hurt. tammy, the democrats have been crowing about bannon's ouster. not only was he a racist, but as i just reported, president trump is a racist. virtually anyone who supports donald trump is a racist. i harken back to the 1950s.
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there was a moment when mccarthy went too far where he essentially said everybody is a communist. that's when people started to say, have you no shame? i wonder if we reached that point where nancy pelosi and the democratic national committee is saying everybody is a racist. tammy: they don't know where to stop. we saw this last year. this is not a new attack. it culminated last year with hillary saying donald trump voters are deplorable and homophobic and exenophobic -- and xenophobe i can and sexist. two days ago when the piling on began. it is bad enough to accuse the president of something that's not the case. but then they started saying these were his supporters.
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his poll numbers began to go up. he's up in the rasmussen poll. 24/with these attacks. but i think when people see this and hear this, americans tend to generally be quiet if they are not on the far left or extreme right. but we do in the what's going on and we reject it and they find out in elections. the president should know americans reject the nature of this argument. and americans being called racist by pelosi and others know that it reinforces this is pretty much a lie. david: beyond the shameless mccarthyism, there is the absurdity. you have maxine waters suggesting dr. ben carson, an african-american is a white supremacist. come on. this has reached a point of
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absurdity. charlie: that's why i don't take any of it that seriously. average voter looks at this and they think they are watching a carnival unfold in the u.s. capitol. it's insane. tammy hit the nail on the head when she talked about the fact these people are not talking about steve bannon or donald trump. they are talking about the people who support them. they are calling those people racist. i can't think of anything more despicable or disgusting than looking into somebody else's heart and declaring you know they are a racist when there is no evidence to to suggest anything like that. nancy pelosi just discovered 15 years after she became speaker of the house that there are confederate statues in the
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capitol and she want them taken out. david: you have mitt romney essentially saying everybody from the other side, beside the racist and kkk protesting, they were all peaceful. there was nothing wrong with them. when in fact the police chief of charlottesville said they were mutual combatants. it was both side. tammy: it's a shame with someone like mitt romney who i grew to appreciate and admire to fall so far because of being defeated by somebody they couldn't handle being defeated by. this is why he lost. the disconnection with the reality of what's going on on the ground. the people defending and cozying up with this antifa group without knowing the details will bemoan this because of the level of violence. david: it may also backfire because there is journalist stick evidence to back up what
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the press is saying. the atlantic monthly not known as a right-wing rag. their cover story this month was the following. the rise of the violent left. they pulled that as their cover story right after charlottesville, i believe three days later. but this article. bbc had a piece. "antifa, left-wing militants on the rise." there is a lot of journalististic evidence that what the president said is true. charlie: you can see that president is right and talking to the people directly and going around the left-wing media. but he's up against a party, it's republicans, too. but a party that's built an entire political establishment around -- that's based on color coding voters.
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martin luther king would say is the definition of racism. they built their entire party around that. it's the only way they hold on to power. i do think that if that's what donald trump is up against in reelection he will win easily. david: good to see you both. have a good weekend. be sure to vote in tonight's poll. do you believe the embrace of european-style open borders is more a threat than before. follow lou on facebook. @lou dobbs. volume on the big board, 3.3 vol shares for the week. consumer sentiment soaring. hitting the highest level since
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david: president trump saying the department of homeland security is on alert after
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terror attacks in spain. obstructionist democrats he says make security for our country very difficult. they use the courts and associated delay at all times must stop. joining me to discuss the islamic state threat in europe and the travel ban and exit, former u.n. ambassador john bolton. let's start with bannon. i think what had more to do with leaving are this comment on north korea. he took the president, the commander-in-chief and the secretary of defense and state to task saying there was no military solution to north korea. downkorea. john: i don't think there is
4:27 am
anybody at the white house who is proposing the right policy for north korea. i think people are misunderstanding a lost what has been said about american retaliation if we are attacked. that's not a tough position, that's basic. of course, we are going to retaliate if we are attacked. david: i would assume then that you were vehemently opposed the military action be taken off the table no matter what happened. >> they give the north benefits from wasting more time on futile negotiations. the only diplomatic play is to persuade china it's in their national interest to see the two
4:28 am
koreas unified. other than that, you have to say to yourself, you content to leave north korea with a capability to hit targets in the united states with nuclear weapons or to sell those weapons to iran or terrorists or others. if that means the use of military force, you have to look at it. >> don't you think they believe -- we have strong generals in there all over the place in this administration. plus you have a hard-nosed president on defense matters. don't you believe they would not wait until they shoot a missile before making sure they don't have a nuclear missile capability? >> if you look at the op-ed written by general mattice -- dave were we talked about it. the way i read it when they said we are in the for regime change in north korea, wing, wink, nod, nod. >> i don't think so.
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i think that's what they want. when you say to the north koreans we don't want regime change, we do have concern about your nuclear capability. it's only a matter of time before the north koreans answer of course, sweetie, when do you want to talk. david: the president bringing up the issue of border security, is that fair? >> i don't think the democratic party as a whole and elements of the republican party understand that the only way to deal as a strategic matter with the terrorist threat is to treat it for what it is. treating it as a law enforcement matter i think is doomed to failure. that's the problem europe is encountering now. >> the difference, and i would dare say as terrible as the
4:30 am
terror strikes here have been, they are nothing compared to the number and severity of the terrorist attacks abroad. i have to think that's partly because of the lack of border security with overseas. you know, now that they are in europe they obviously pose a threat to europe. but it's one air plane ride away from come together united states. david: you talk to law enforcement officials, one of the difficulties in track these people is they travel from country to country with no concern whatsoever. >> part of problem is they trite as a law enforcement matter. that means you are playing defense all the time. and, you know, if you do that, we are going to be shocked and surprised by another attack in spain and a knifing in finland.
4:31 am
it will go on as far as the eye can see. david: i wish you a good weekend. appreciate it. we are coming back with a lot more. please stay with us. vice president mike pence saying the u.s. stands with spain as it's rocked by terror. >> whatever inspired today's terror attack, the united states stands with spain to find and punish those responsible. david: north korea warning of an impending catastrophe if the u.s. goes ahead with war games on monday.
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david: the white house announced the cyber command will be put on equal footing with griewps overseaing military operations in the middle east, europe and the pacific. for more on cyber war and other global threats we are joined by retired lieutenant colonel tony shaffer. let, start with barcelona.
4:36 am
why do you think they hit barcelona? they had been hit in the past. then 14 years ago they had a horrendous bunch of islamist attacks. why spain? why now? >> spain left the war on terror after the madrid train bombing. it affected the elections for the spanish. isis wants to retake the land that was held by the muslims about the first century a.d. 700 years. that's right. so that's one of their aspirations. it's a soft target. as much as tonight nations we have been looking at. terrorists tend to hit soft targets and tend to go to places
4:37 am
they are not expecting. the spanish got a warning from mike pompeo. it's indicative of the fact we do know the network is existing. and it was spain's turn. until all of europe gets their act together you will continue to see this. david: what does that tell you, this particular place was a soft target. but clearly if they act on that warning, it didn't work. >> it sounds like they had some forces postured which is good but not great. mike pompeo is trying to push them into doing their job, spying. the second fact over this is cyberspace. how do we figure out how to get
4:38 am
ahead of these jihadis when so much of their capabilities are compromised bid snowden and others who leaked to the media. david: i would assume they are addressing that by allocating this to a separate command. >> this is something that concerns me. you must always use sieber in conjunction with something else it's not a stand alone thing. you have to tie it to intelligence collection. elevating it is not going to fix the failures. david: the other thing hurting it is what happened this week when these companies pulled out of any relationship with the white house because of their posturing over charlottesville. without the silicon valley helping the united states government, it will be a tough
4:39 am
pull to reactivate our cyber-security. >> i met with these ceos and you are spot on. this is something we cannot afford to not have. i disagree with the reasons these guys quit. if you disagree with president trump you should confront him and have a discussion. not simply walk away. david: particularly when national security is at risk. >> it's good you are looking at fixing cyber. i have met with senior members of the pentagon and had a discussion about how do we fix cyber and get access to social media. we haven't broken that code, but i think they are willing to have the conversation to fix it. david: thank you for joining us. be sure to vote in tonight's poll. do you believe the european style open borders is a greater
4:40 am
threat than ever before. coming up next, president trump battling criticism from the left, the establishment and the media following his response to violence in charlottesville. pastor robert jeffress says those groups are painting a false narrative of his comments. got you outnumbered.
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david: a new poll finds president trump continues to maintain support among white evangelicals. they have a favorable view of the president. pastor, good to see you. this really is -- this is what we have been talking about for days. a defining moment in american history.
4:45 am
this when people who believe this country is deeply fraud and has been deeply fraud from the grinning setting the agenda for a large part if not practically all of the press, at least one political party and parts of the republican party as well. do you think they will succeed? >> no, i don't think they will succeed. and the poll numbers are encourage. quinnipiac had a poll that showed the president's approval rating had gone from 33% to 39% after charlottesville. so i think that's an encouraging sign. let's be clear about this. white supremacy and knee so nazism are repulsive ideologies that ought to be denounced. david: we fought a war, tens of thousands of american service people sacrificed their lives to
4:46 am
fight nazism. we have a long record of being on the right side of that one. >> i believe satan inspired hitler to exterminate the jews. we ought to renounce that. but we need to recognize those ideologies are two manifestations of the bigger problems of racism. racism comes in all shapes and sizes. if we are going to denounce some of it, we have to denounce all of it. david: the extent to which the reaction has gone and absorbed by mitt romney and john mccain saying the violence was just limited to the nazis. no, it was alternate left people as well as alternate right people getting in the mix.
4:47 am
president obama was famous for giving speeches, that's not who we are. by saying that, he was eliminating a whole group of americans, what he was doing was putting aside the traditionalists who believe and revere this nation and its history. i think it's those people president trump is trying to stand up for. >> i think it is, too. there is an axis of evil that has formed against this president that consists of democrats, the media, the republican establishment and even the religious establishment that wants to take this president down for various reasons and we cannot allow that to happen. david: it's not only this president, it's american history. we are not just talking about the confederacy. we are talking about george washington and thomas jefferson. we had al sharpton saying the
4:48 am
jefferson memorial should be torn down. >> it's that and the judeo-christian foundation of this nation that many of them are after. no president in history has done more to stand up for religious liberty than president trump. i think it's all of these things they are attacking and that's why we can't allow it to happen. david: we talked earlier about whether we reached that point where the american people say it's absurd. when you accuse ben carson of being a white supremacist, when you accuse anybody who supports donald trump as being a racist. haven't you reached that point that mccarthy reached in the late 50s when people said enough? >> i would think so. remember, nothing motivates like [inaudible] don't apologize for his handling of charlottesville. he did just fine.
4:49 am
and start concentrating on the things that got him elected. one of the reasons evangelicals turned out for president trump is not just this comments stont judiciary, but also a thriving economy, and i think he will have the support he needs. david: pastor jeffress, thank you very much. fans of the show are loving "putin's gambit," the spy thriller written by lou dobbs and james born. every viewer whose comment is read on the show will receive an autographed copy. coming up next debbie wasserman-schultz's former i.t. worker and his wife indicted in a bank fraud scheme. katie from tes
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david: in our online poll we asked should officials and police in charlottesville be held responsible pore not doing more to stop the violence and 94% said yes. a former i.t. ad for debbie wasserman-schultz has been indicted.
4:54 am
imran awan has been connected to a bank fraud scheme. he was arrested at dulles international airport where he was trying to flee to pakistan. former white house chief strategist steve bannon giving an interview to "the weekly standard" rocking the world by saying the trump presidency that we fought for and won is over. we still have a huge moment and we'll make something of this trump presidency, but that presidency is over. i think they are going to try to moderate him. joining me is editor of the "daily caller," katie frates and nick adams. what do you make of these late statements by steve bannon.
4:55 am
>> darn i guess that the presidency is over from what it was when they won. it hasn't been going well. people are getting fired left and right. i don't think it's a bad thing that bannon is gone. you have john kelly in the white house doing this job and moderating things. >> i'm convinced this is going to be a very successful presidency. perhaps the best ever. maybe it' the eternal optimist in me. a lot of things have been happening and there seems to be a perpetual shakeup going on. but i think we are seeing promising signs. the best things of this trump presidency aren't being reported on and as a result we are talking about things that really don't need to have that much air. david: the obvious democratic response that everybody affiliated with donald trump is
4:56 am
a racist and that's the way things are. but sometimes when they smell blood in the water and that's the way they perceive the bannon firing, they double up. will they go so far they will become the laughingstock of american politics? >> i think they are well on their way. the democratic party has a lot of problems going on behind the scenes. they still haven't acknowledged or figured out why they lost the election. and they are covering all of that up by focusing on trump and focusing on republicans and making blanket statement that aren't correct. and that will come back to haunt them. david: their true colors -- i don't think they know what color they are anymore. we'll hear from bernie sanders advocate full-blown socialist medical care. then elizabeth warren will have
4:57 am
to accept that or something similar to it. they are going to such an extreme i don't think they can bring a majority of the american public with them. >> the democrats have more problems than a math book. when it comes to mainstream america and what they hold dear. what elizabeth warren says are the heart and soul of the party. it should be individualism, not collectivism. good, not government. faith, not secularism. life, not death. they are the things america has been about and the democratic party has every single one of those values upside down, topsy-turvy and that's why i don't think they will be successful. david: we got an example in the
4:58 am
case of imran awan. the i.t. guy was work for nancy pelosi and literally dozens of democratic names this person worked for. not only him, but his wife and brother. and they were using the congressional credit union as their own private savings account. they came out with these absurd stories about they got a home equity loan of $160,000 from the credit union by putting a rental property up as collateral. the credit union is an example of what the swamp is. >> i don't know that debbie wasserman-schultz is taking her tips from hillary clinton, but she might want to stop. an tag ming the police, and
4:59 am
refusing to cooperate with an investigation. keeping this man on a payroll. i'm not sure what game she is trying to play. but if this could be a national security risk, she needs to cooperate and put her country ahead. david: the other thing is the credit union sent money to some shady operation in pakistan so apparently they have an in with the congressional federal credit union. >> it's so disheartening. it's disturbing and worrying that debbie wasserman-schultz would have conducted herself in this way. but i get the feeling things will catch up to her before too long. david: i think they already have. we wish you both a great weekend. we thank you for being here. that does it for us tonight. thank you so much for joining us. hope you have a great weekend. ed rollins and congressman rent
5:00 am
franks are among our guests monday. join melissa francis and my on "after the bell" on fox business >> i am hoop. >> i'm baird jones. >> two eccentrics from new york's disco days. >> if you were on baird's list, your social life was assured. >> two oddball art collections. >> all right. >> mel brooks, david bowie, art carney, muhammad ali. >> but the weirdest thing about this story... >> and it's really solid. nothing's going to fall off. >> how the square from the burbs ends up with both. >> i can only imagine this driving around the streets of new york. >> will this two-for-one strange inheritance -- >> i've got $150, can get a $175? once, twice. first piece sold. >> ...ultimately add up? [ door creaks ] [ wind howls ] [ thunder rumbles ]


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