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tv   Making Money With Charles Payne  FOX Business  August 21, 2017 6:00pm-7:00pm EDT

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president trump will address the nation night outlining his new plan for afghanistan. thanks so much for having us in your homes. reporter: it's a busy night ahead of you. this is "making money" on the fox business network. we have three hours to go until the president unveils his afghanistan strategy. at stake, to cut troop levels or keep them the same. it's the longest-running war in u.s. history. are we learning anything about what the president has to say tonight?
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>> this is one of the better kept secrets from the white house, and no official word from military circles in washington either. we know the president met with his top military leaders at camp david. after that the final decision was made. but exactly what the president is going to announce we'll hear three hours from now when he takes to the microphone. on the groundn in afghanistan, 8,400u.s. troops. each one of those have very complicated and geopolitical factors with them. this is a decision the president weighed on for several months now. some have criticized him for even taking that long. but the defense secretary jim mattis said earlier today that this was a rigorous process.
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>> i'm very comfortable that the strategic process was sufficiently rigorous and did not go in with a preset condition in terms of what questions could be asked and what decisions could be made. >> we now are just hearing within the last few seconds foxconn firming that the president will announce 4,000 troops being sent into afghanistan. that was the recommendation that had been signed off by military leaders. there is currently 8,400. we believe when the president announces the 4,000 level. you are talking 40% to 50%. this was a president who was sceptical of the military presence in afghanistan saying
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at certain point the u.s. needed to withdraw from the u.s., a speedy withdrawal, saying we needed to get out of afghanistan but the latest information i believe fox is reporting at this minute is an increase of 4,000 troops which has bent conventional thinking going in. >> we'll take that confirmation to retired army lieutenant colonel ralph peters. colonel peters, good to see you. let me ask you about that number. 4,000 additional troops to afghanistan. is it the right one? >> let's do the math. we have 8,400 troops there. we will expect 12,000-plus troops to do what 140,000 u.s. and allies troops could not do
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at the peak of our involvement. we all want this to work. but this looks like a prescription for losing more slowly rather than for winning. i don't think afghanistan is on hard terms winnable. but there are two thing rumor up tell general says the president will say in his speech tonight. we'll crack down hard on pakistan. pakistan has been the taliban's biggest enabler. >> just to follow up on that point from jennifer griffin saying one of the big themes will be asking the region to do more. that's the way he's supposedly going to phrase it. what do you think that means? >> nothing. the region is not going to do more. he's supposedly going to take on tonight or in general afghan
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corruption which has been the biggest domestic enabler of the taliban. corruption poisoned everything. we poured into over a trillion doll doors into petty criminals and cabinet men sister thieves. the afghans don't want what we want them to want. the taliban are fanatical woman-haters. i have no sippathy for them. but they are the home team. general after general told me they can't fight, they are worthless. why are they still here after 15 years? the fund amountal issue is the young afghans will volunteer and fight with the taliban but they
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do not want to fight and die for the corrupt government. reporter: the president is always presented with a range of different options. we are told there were probably three different options presented to him. option one is the one he seem to be going with. option two would have been to pull out which he advocated for before he was president. option three, i'm told was to maybe privatize the war. and have them fight the war for us essentially. if you are presented with those options, what's the best one? >> first of all, her naries around. contractors made enough blood money off afghanistan. they don't need more. an alternative option would be to limit our troops to 3,000 or
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4,000 to fight international terrorists. but in the military there is a technique, the one you want, the one you don't want, and the one you can live with but don't want. back to the generals giving them options. i have great respect for our military. overall it's well-led. but a lot of our senior officers have a deep emotional attachment to afghanistan. they have seen their marines and navy corpsmen die on their watch. it's an anathema to them to think it's a waste. you don't make good stock by buying more bad stock. reporter: stay right where you are.
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i want to bring in frank gafney. what do you think is the best bet? we are told the president will announce 4,000 additional troops are going to afghanistan. >> if that's true i think that's a less bad option and the one he was being presented initially. i want to defend my friend the rather controversial figure steve bannon who challenged putting 50,000 more troops into afghanistan. i agree with what my friend the lieutenant colonel said. this is not a place where we want to expend more american live if we can help it. i was rather more keen on the third option ralph deprecated, having contract personnel who volunteer to be there for a
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period of time, a substantial period of time, professionals, both american and drawn from foreign legions, if you will, but with a view of trying to do two things. one is to maximize the hurt we can inflict upon the taliban and yes those international terrorists with whom they associate and have given safe haven to. and two keep the costs down and keep the american soldiers in the west *. reporter: that was another idea that was pushed we are told by steve bannon when he was there. from a military perspective, if that was something that was being seriously considered, having contractors and mercenaries fight this war, why doesn't it work? >> it's not just a practical
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issue, it's a moral issue. the youth should never use mercenaries. if you want to fight a war, use atroops who are under adult supervision. our soldiers may make mistakes, but they are overall well led and moral. reporter: it's un-american? >> absolutely. >> what is almost certainly true is more american lives spent in afghanistan is not going to improve the result here. if we can minimize the casualties and inflict the kind of harm on the taliban that will keep this place from reverting into a place from which attacks are generated against us, i think this is a moral and sensible policy to pursue. we are going to see something of
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a combination of these things. at the end of the day, 12,000 folks are not going to tush this war around. it may cause us to lose it more slowly, but it doesn't change the trajectory. but not by putting big army in there. >> the president himself as i said advocated for that's many times. colonel peters said pulling out of afghanistan was being considered. >> my view of it was that's not a good option. it's a less bad option than doubling down and simply squandering more lives. i think there was a third way that was preferable. we'll see how this works out. we may wind up with the one i'm advocating before too long. reporter: why not just get out?
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>> i would like to see a residual small counter-terrorism force just to kill bad guys. but i would rather get out entirely than see our troops keep bleeding. the tragic mistake of the past 10 years was president obama because of a campaign promise, he pulled out of iraq just as it was convalescing after much, much pain. he wanted to prove he was tough and macho. so afghanistan became the good war and afghanistan is strategically worthless. >> a special programming note on that big speech. neil cavuto will be here to cover it. neil is on the air 8-10:00 p.m. the headline of the hour, 4,000
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additional troops headed to afghanistan. the president is expected to ask the region to do more. up next, treasury secretary steve mnuchin and senate leader mitch mcconnell. can the president after we went through last week, can he still function on these big issues like taxes? that's coming up next. you owned your car for four years. you named it brad. you loved brad. and then you totaled him. you two had been through everything together. two boyfriends, three jobs... you're like nothing can replace brad. then liberty mutual calls... and you break into your happy dance. if you sign up for better car replacement™, we'll pay for a car that's a model year newer with 15,000 fewer miles than your old one.
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mitch mcconnell met with treasury secretary steve mnuchin and they promised tax reform. it's unfolding amid mounting pressure and questions over the future of the trump economic agenda. after charlottesville the president lost a good deal of support from the all-important business community. can president trump still operate effectively and get anything done? here with us, the club for growth vice president andy roth and andy rodriguez. on this essential question of getting things done. we'll hear about afghanistan tonight. some argued that's a change the sub-type speech after last night. but there was a lot of talk about tax reform.
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but this is not a president with a lot of friend in washington in terms of getting votes. how does he appreciate anything, essentially? >> he needs to be focused. it was good to see the senate majority leader with the treasury secretary today. both of them along with four of their colleagues issued that statement three weeks ago about how there is unity between congressional leaders in the white house. so all of that is good news. what needs to happen now is for the president to talk about tax reform every day and twice on sundays throughout september and october. reporter: not hold an event on infrastructure then change message like last week. pablo, here is what the treasury secretary said about tax reform. >> we are 100% committed to
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getting it done. >> if i would like to see there is bipartisan support. the issues we are focused on for tax reform are good for the american worker and the middle class. this is about making business competitive and that's about making jobs. reporter: i heard bipartisan there. chuck schumer said the democrats tax reform is clear. we believe not one penny go to the top 1%, and any tax reform must be deficit neutral. i don't know about bipartisanship. >> talk about a confusing set of circumstances. as we all know with steve bannon's firing friday, it has become more a conversation within the white house of globalists versus nationalists national agenda.
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what we have here chicago in the white house with the absence of bannon, the globalists agenda seems to be working out. it seems to be reported well that the disagreements that have gone on within the west wing about what tax reform should look like or how we could afford both. reporter: they are not going to work on any of these issues with this president. >> i think it would be difficult to get democrat support at this point. i agree with both of you that tax reform is important. but i think the red meat that was the charlotte response is something that will continue to linker for better or worse. reporter: that takes up time. that's a conversation people will be having. then you are not talking about tax reform. you used the word focus when we
6:21 pm
started this conversation it's another way where the president's focus could be drawn in another direction. what should he be focused on? tax cuts? a reform package? go small, go big? >> i promised my family i would incorporate an eclipse analogy. it's about as rare as tax reform. corporate tax reform, individual tax reform, all of those small businesses that have to pass through their individual code. that's important. one thing we are asking the president to do with just a signature is indexing capital guys inflation. that may not sounds like a big deal to people but that will ignite the economy overnight. and it would be a great down payment for this debate.
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it would be the white house saying we are ready to do this and here is the first step we are going to do right now. reporter: we talked about taxes and afghanistan. but there is more going on. we have the battle on the border over immigration. are the nationalists within the white house losing power? the texas attorney general is next on that. potsch: you each drive a ford pickup, right? (in unison) russ, leland, gary: yes. gary: i have a ford f-150. michael: i've always been a ford guy. potsch: then i have a real treat for you today. michael: awesome. potsch: i'm going to show you a next generation pickup. michael: let's do this. potsch: this new truck now has a cornerstep built right into the bumper. gary: super cool. potsch: the bed is made of high-strength steel, which is less susceptible to punctures than aluminum. jim: aluminum is great for a lot of things, but maybe not the bed of a truck. potsch: and best of all, this new truck is actually- gary: (all laughing) oh my... potsch: the current chevy silverado. gary: i'm speechless. gary: this puts my ford truck to shame. james: i'll tell you, i might be a chevy guy now. (laughing)
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reporter: we are just a few hours away from president trump's big speech on afghanistan. issues that matter to the so-called nationalists, a lot of people are asking what's next. with us the republican texas
6:26 pm
attorney general ken paxton. these are important issues to the people who subject descriebt america first that president trump is putting forward. now with steve bannon out at the white house there is talk somehow the issues may be on the out. what do you think? >> these are issues trump talked about in his campaign. i don't think they have vanished from the scene. he's been a president that focused on immigration in any we have seen in recent history. reporter: a president who talked about this america first theme. we haven't seen a border wall built it's been stalled and we are told there is some progress starting, but it's not where we thought it would be 7 months in.
6:27 pm
on trade we are not in the midst of a trade war with china as some feared. and even on foreign policy, we are talking about afghanistan where the president is expected to say he's going to add troops to afghanistan. a president who said for years we should get out of afghanistan. if you believe in those nationalist issues, are you winning with this president on policy? and is the policy different from what he talks about? >> i would say despite the fact the border wall has not been built. that's a congressional funding issue. but if you look at what attorney general sessions has done, and requiring the attorney general cooperate. i think he made clear he wants changes in nafta. he wants changes that impact our
6:28 pm
ability not to have a trade deficit. is it a relationship it up situation in your view when it comes to nafta? >> it's all about the negotiation. donald trump has a lot of experience negotiating business deals. i guess what i would say is you have got to be willing to walk away from a deal to get a good deal. my guess is he's willing to walk away from that deal if he doesn't get the deal he likes. reporter: breaking news is coming up this evening on afghanistan in the president's big speech. we are coming right back.
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6:33 pm
our biggest foreign-policy concern? frank gaffney was here earlier along with colonel ralph peters and we are joined as well by paul mata chilly director programs of the action institute and former policy adviser to president george w. bush. paul since you are joining us this evening for the first time let me start with you on that question because the president will talk about afghanistan tonight. we know part of what he will say that to you what's the biggest foreign-policy threat right now? >> north korea without a doubt. it is the single biggest threat because of the tensions we are in right now but also there's not a lot resolved about that situation. but backed down over guam is great that we have had a million of those we will have more of those the bats at the top and of course i ran is as well taking a lot of strength from what is happening in our relationship with north korea. afghanistan is not the largest problem by any stretch of the administration -- imagination.
6:34 pm
connell: that's the next question or my question frank is that as paul says the biggest threats to our nation are north korea and maybe i ran and all of those come before if you had to rank them afghanistan why is the address to the nation where afghanistan is put at a high level when the president makes a presidential address to the nation? why is that the enforcing function obviously as he is making a decision about putting in troops. the question as we were discussing earlier is is that in fact true most important use of our military personnel at this point? i don't disagree that north korea is a very serious problem more than iran is rapidly emerging as the direct legacy of the obama deal that was bequeathed to this president. i would add to the mix one other piece and it's not entirely a military problem. it's political, military
6:35 pm
strategic and that is what i think of as sharia supremacist him and that is animating the iranian mullahs to be sure but also the muslim brotherhood and the taliban in afghanistan boko haram on eastern front and on and on. these are the threads that i think this president will be per occupied with in our country will be for the foreseeable future especially if we don't understand it and countered effectively. connell: colonel peters what would you add to that? >> i would mix in the military strategic economic. in question with a the greatest threat is vladimir putin's russia. it's up-ending the order that has kept the peace in europe for the last seven decades. the second great thread in the long-term strategic sense is china and there can be no question about it. the shorter-term north korea but mine would be related to frank's
6:36 pm
the collapse of the civilizations of the middle east right of israel. other collapse and terrorists as we see that islamic terrorism is an excretion of that dyncorp's end of course rounding out the bottom would be iran which we stopped to watch. connell: it's interesting though, isn't a fair question to ask and in correct me if you don't think it is but isn't it a correct question none of these issues and everyone is brought up there on and i went say they are all valid whether it's attacks were reformed agenda none of those issues were the subject of a presidential address. >> i think we can forget politically what this means the president. up until 2013 he would say get out and after that when he became close to being a candidate and became a candidate he said we can't leave it will collapse. this is on him to make a better decision and when i listen to franken wrote earlier and i largely agreed with him one of the most important things to focus on is when i was in the
6:37 pm
bush of administration we were going to try to help afghanistan become a stable and prosperous democracy. not many people thought it could but at least we were going to try. that is a pipe dream now. that is not going to happen. what should happen and whether it's 4000 troops are 5000 or 3000 whether to include for contractors the point is to prop up the government that can help us kill our enemy. they should spend every day worrying we are about to kill them or the afghans are rather than worried about how to plot and plan against us. connell: that's an important point that i see frank knotting. we talked about that earlier specifically. what's the goal in afghanistan? that should be important to the piece of that. >> to the extent it's going to be defined i think it's precisely as paul said it's just trying to lay low. this particular batch of sharia so they can attack us here at home. connell: i've got to go now but thank you gentlemen and move
6:38 pm
onto a big topic certainly for us at "fox business" and that's how the markets react to all of this regala politics and politics and all the geopolitics and everything else. next on wall street especially if the trump economic agenda that we talked about early taxes and all that stalls. what happens to the market? that's up next. finally. hey ron! they're finally taking down that schwab billboard. oh, not so fast, carl. ♪ oh no. schwab, again? index investing for that low? that's three times less than fidelity... ...and four times less than vanguard. what's next, no minimums? minimums. schwab has lowered the cost of investing again. introducing the lowest cost index funds in the industry with no minimums. i bet they're calling about the schwab news. schwab. a modern approach to wealth management. and life's beautiful moments.ns get between you flonase outperforms the #1 non-drowsy allergy pill.
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connell: certainly the markets did feel some pressure last week from all the turmoil in and around the white house and the threats from north korea but today the dow a little bit
6:42 pm
higher at 29 and 5500 sneaking to the green is well today after that volatile action we saw last week. how much should investors be worried that any kind of trump rally is at risk? here to talk to us at the management steve strategist steve nelson. where are we in the big picture marker question mark with everything going on where are we? >> look we got radel last week. we got rocked pretty hard and it's been a tough month and the missteps from the administration and certainly what i would call it disastrous press conference last week that set off a 170 -- connell: by the way market people are wall street people are saying maybe we were due. >> that was part of it. it brings the bigger issue for investors right now what does it mean for the trump agenda and can we get anything done? what disturbed me coming out of the white house right now is some of the time seems rather
6:43 pm
aggressive talking about comprehensive tax reform by the end of this year. connell: i said this earlier that in the senate i don't think there's one public ally of this president right now so trying to get a big tax or form package through the congress i mean an uphill climb seems to be putting it mildly. >> that's probably what they will do. it will be tax reform like. they will try to get a corporate tax but that doesn't address some of the concerns of people like me who voted for him because we have a 77,000 page code that encourages corporations -- their cash flow in manufacturing and sometimes the entire company. connell: based on economics i'm guessing. >> for a lot of voters trump is maybe not the messenger but he was the last guy standing addressing some of the concerns that many people had. i certainly was one of those in that category and it's not the policies. policies are fine. it's what's coming out of the
6:44 pm
white house, the confusion and frankly completely dysfunctional washington. that's what's disturbing american markets as well. connell: good to see a day things are coming in. the treasury secretary steve mnuchin hitting back at some of his critics that last week demanded he resign and if leaving poses a greater risk to the nation then staying. that is what's coming up next. ♪ [vo] progress is seizing the moment. your summer moment awaits you now that the summer of audi sales event is here. audi will cover your first month's lease payment on select models during the summer of audi sales event.
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connell: so we have been getting latebreaking details in president trump's plan for american troops in afghanistan so let's go back to the white house and bring blake vermin in. >> a senior u.s. official confirming the president will
6:48 pm
announce alisa planned later tonight here from the washington d.c. area and additional 4000 troops to be sent into afghanistan. the current number right now is 8400 so this would the a significant number percentagewise and keeping the number of troops and that can't stand relative to the peak for in years past well below the margin of what it once was. this is a strategy that is being defined by the administration as a south asia strategy and not necessarily in afghanistan specific strategy meeting tonight we expect to hear from the president make remarks in terms of pakistan as well. in terms of india as well and others in the region can do to potentially bring the taliban to the negotiating table. as you know this was the president before he got here to the white house was awfully skeptical about the afghanistan war calling for a withdrawal and on the campaign trail he talked about trillions of dollars that
6:49 pm
have gone into that region that instead could have been used here at home. however now is the commander-in-chief president trump said tonight in the washington area according to a u.s. defense -- defense official he will be calling for 4000 additional troops to be headed into afghanistan. blake burman. neil cavuto has a two hour edition of coast-to-coast and if neil is on tonight it's a big night. from back to the treasury secretary steve mnuchin firing back at nearly 300 former yale classmate of his declaring no he will not resign in the wake of president trump's handling of charlottesville. our next guest is the rnc spokeswoman. good to see you again kelly. >> good to see u2. connell: mnuchin and will put
6:50 pm
gary cohn on this list where number of stories last week. they said these guys are going to resign and mnuchin said no, colin is still there. what do you think of that? >> we saw everything we need to see an everything we need to hear it in steve mnuchin's response to the yale classmates. he said to them i'm jewish and i would never stand of the president who didn't support my ideology and my faith rate this as a president who stands stands against hayden white supremacy which is antithetical to anyone who of the jewish faith would believe him. another president's daughter is jewish and his son-in-law's jewish and steve mnuchin is jewish. connell: the stories about him are basically saying things to the effect that he is better off with colin staying in the white house because he doesn't stay there quote unquote crazier things are going to happen. spinach i don't think anyone is combing the president down.
6:51 pm
it resonates very rational and very methodical. i think he gets a bad rap in the mainstream media who likes to demonize him and make -- mischaracterize him. these people are standing by him because they believe in his agenda and they understand consumer confidence is at a 16 year high. a lot of good is happening under this president they don't hear about the good because some corners of the mainstream media in order to be news it has to be negative. connell: tonight when he speaks about about afghanistan we are told he's going to talk about adding 4000 additional troops. it's a change subject type of speech. that's why he's speaking about this topic to get off these other topics. >> it's not changing the subject. this is putting american interests first. i understand some in the mainstream media want to talk about the words and safe -- most sensational topics that may make headlines. the presences for putting the american interests first all the way back to election he said if
6:52 pm
i find out i need to increase troop levels i will do so even though it's not what i want to do. connell: it's not what he wants to do. he's the guy saying for years we need to get out. >> in the presence heart of hearts he is america first which is in some ways isolationism only putting troops into harm's way if you need to do so. isolation is in some ways for that the think its america first a whale may put troops in harm's way if the facts necessitated which is why nova president is sending forth troops to afghanistan. the fact means we must do so. connell: kelly good to see you again. we will put politics on all sides in a few minutes and agree to agree on something. we all needed it today. we are back, after this. i go with anoro. ♪go your own way copd tries to say, "go this way."
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people today. you had some capitalists to made money, people rented out their homes, because hotels and campsites were filled up, there were a lot of victims, you know doughnuts and beer, it was a good day. connell: funny, i was thinking that, pablo, there was a a survey, they said we lost productivity. because nobody was working.
6:58 pm
i agree there were people who were taking advantage of it, those glasses. they cost 30 cents to make they were selling them for 7 bucks, a guy at the museum was selling them for 20. >> my home state, had a great day as far as the eclipse goes. another thing, was cool, was that state of kentucky along path of the totality, google traffic showed all cars were stopped on all of the highways, everyone took a moment to look up at stars that is hopeful, i have not seen this many people smiling in the beltway in a long time. i am in 100% in agreement today was a good day. connell: even outside of white house, west wing staff, and president and first lady,
6:59 pm
people getting on president, because he did not get his glasses on in time. >> he took them off. connell: i almost made that mistake too. don't look ! they even enjoyed it. tomorrow we'll be back to screaming at each other. >> we'll try to carry it over another day. connell: come on. >> how much are you selling your glasses for. connell: i thought they were the most useful things when i got them, a piece of cardboard, they look great. if you look out of those, i think i still have them in my pocket, you can't see a thing, i have no idea where the camera is. >> they are you. connell: lou dobbs, is getting angry,,, now they are just are what they are, thank you pablo. >> thank you. >> so we wrap up "making money" but we have a big night
7:00 pm
with neil coming up in an hour, president in two hours. and it is lou dobbs who is here next on fox business network. >> good evening i am greg jarrett in for lou dobbs, he is on vacation, we're two hours away from president trump unveiling his new strategy on the war in afghanistan. a presentation, 9:00 eastern time, arlington, virginia. the white house has been tight lipped, fox news confirming he is announcing, a additional 4,000 troops to afghanistan.


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