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tv   Risk and Reward With Deidre Bolton  FOX Business  August 22, 2017 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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table, flush toilets, outdoor showers, and best view of manhattan is staten island, and free ferry ride into manhattan. melissa: you are doing it. david: i would love to, my wife wouldn't. melissa: "risk & reward" starts right now. >> we're not nation building again. we are killing terrorists. victory will have a clear definition. attacking our enemies, be on lit yates isis, crushing al qaeda, preventing taliban from taking over afghanistan, stopping master or as thats against america, our commitment is not unlimited, support not a blank check. our troops will fight to win. we will fight to win. >> president trump delivering his speech last night, trying
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to turn page on charlottesville, he just touched down in phoenix. federal border officials about to take president on a tour to showcase measures they are deploying to tighten border security. we're tracking a growing number of protests, about a half dozen. anti-trump protests now underway, marchers gathering at phoenix convention center, where the president will speak. thousands are expected to take to streets, we'll bring you the latest, web to ris "risk & reward" dow surging 196. best day since april, amid new signs of progress on tax cuts and reform, president trump just arriving in phoenix for his rally, after the president's first formal address the to nation as commander and chief, where he stayed to script for his plan
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for afghanistan. trump has attacked both arizona senators flake and mccain. also phoenix democrat mayor greg stanton asked the president to postpone his rally, he is worried about street riots. now they there is no joe arpaio pardon today. joining us today, andy big. you will be attending the rally. >> thank you. liz: what do you expect from president tonight. >> i think he will try to reach out and be as unifying as he come talk about the successes we had so far. whether repeal of dodd-frank, regulatory reform. i think he will talk about the initiatives on tax reform. i think he will encourage congress to finish the job on
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repealing obamacare. i think he will talk about those types of mol policy issues that is what i think it going to be, i think there will be at least inside the hall a lot of people supporting president trump and outside the hall not so much. liz: i hear ya. we're tracking the protesters. republican senator mccain, flake and mayor of phoenix stanton are not attending, your thoughts? >> well, i don't know what their motivations are. i know mine is. we have a president stated a clear cut agenda that i believe in. i am going to be there in respect to this president and support that agenda. i don't know -- i will say, i need feel to mention about mayor stanton, i think he is trying to position himself to
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run for another office, he is almost termed out as mayor. have you no kind of dynamics which -- you have those kind of dynamics which makes it interesting. liz: white house said that president trump will not pardon joe arpaio today, what are your thoughts there? civil liberty watch dog have criticized joe arpaio, what are your thoughts here? >> well, i think that it is probably wise not to issue a pardon today. you have a very volatile situation in some ways. i think that president trump's going to consider whether he should pardon joe arpaio. i support that. but, i don't think that today would be the wisest day for that. we need to at some point allow some of these tensions to cool down before the president were to make such a move, were he to make a move. liz: this rally become as a
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litmus test for where trump voter feels, they don't like congress, they don't like obstructionism going on. you heard that sir. what do you hear from voters out there? >> well, my voters my district and i recognize, i am blessed to have this kind of district, they support president trump, they support his agenda, but you are right. they are upset with the perceive doing the roadblocks in the way of president trump's agenda. i am frustrated by that i can tell you my constituent see is very frustrated. liz: how -- what are they saying? what are they going to do? are they going to vote? how are they going to react. you are now on edge of a potential volatile situation with protestors showing up. are you seeing that right now from where you stand? >> well, we know there are protesters, my district is far left, i have people part of that resist movement, they are in very small minority, most
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people i have support president trump, they support conservative agenda that i have run on. they understand that i am trying to push back against the entrenched establishment that is preventing that they are supporting of that and this president. by the same token we all understand we're a very divided country today. that is why we're seeing people gather outside of phoenix convention center. liz: tell us more about border security, what are you seeing in terms of now versus under president obama. >> well, for one thing, there is internal enforcement, because of that we've seen a record drop in number of illegal border crossings, we've seen a commitment to maybe transfer people to i.c.e. for prosecution. and we're hopefully going to see that the drug cartels will not control the borders, the way they have in arizona.
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my people say, we a fence, we want a wall, where there is success. you hear there success between el paso and juarez, guess what? they have a fins fence? there is success between san diego and tijuana, they have a fence there. so, we need to problem finish that wall, and we'll see greater success in curbing some of the illegal crossing. >> thank you so much. >> thank you. liz: president meeting with members of military before heading to his rally tonight in phoenix. yuma, arizona has been in chaos for years with a cease less flood of illegal immigrants, and criminals pouring over the border. they arrested 800 illegals a day in yuma. thousands of trucks crossed over, filled with drugs and more illegal immigrants. it has since turned.
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we take it to former arizona sheriff paul babeu, good to see you. >> thank you. liz: what do you think that president is hearing in his meeting with border officials today. >> that enforcing the law does work. that we have used yuma, one of 9 border patrol sector from california through texas, they have been model of enforcement. they use what is called operation stream line. meaning any illegals which came through, nobody received catch and release. they were prosecuted. we had consequences. yet failure in certainly under obama, they had catch and release, was alive and well. so, president trump has seen, hearing that and he brought co complete 180 degree change not only with his words but by telling border patrol we'll
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enforce you, expen forc and enforce the law, and ending catch and release, and elevating priority of criminal prosecutions against the illegals. they have had a tremendous impact, we've seen 70% reduk reduction across the entire border, this is good news for us. liz: they were for tough borders, they didn't like criminal illegals coming in. what do you see with crime rates in your neck of the woods? >> well, crime, has gone down traumatically -- dramatically, in a lot of areas in united states but what we've seen and outcry from american citizens is, criminal illegals, that smaller% think of the illegal pop like tha popocatepetl laying they have -- population they have gone without
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enforcement and commit many dream crimecrimes, from rape, and murder, and secondial assault, and violent crimes they would just get released back. we have seen that from kate steinle to situation here in arizona, it is mirrored across the united states, thousands of these cases that were close to home to people, now the president has prioritized these criminals, they will be arrested, prosecuteed and deported for good, it could not be soon enough. liz: i need to correct myself it was senator barack obama and hillary clinton, that were tough on the border. >> yes. liz: you have argued that president should not argue joe arpaio, what were your thoughts there? >> i served with joe arpaio, and neighbors counties. i have always supported him he has done a good job, he has a long career in law enforcement. yet this is a misdemeanor, we
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have to keep in mind, that it say contempt of court, of the federal courts, and it has not been concluded, the judge has not issued a sentence, likely because of his age, 85 years old, and he has had a unglax unblemished record, likely this will result in a financial fine, until that happens, the president, my respectful advice, should note enter into that process until he knows what he is dealing with, if it is a fine, the sheriff is pay it or there is an appeals process. but president should not use his political capital for something as relatively minor than this sheriff was doing his job, working as we in local county state law enforcement in the past before obama always worked with feds for immigration. and so now those days have returned. but this is the very thing he is held to,a count for by this
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federal judge. liz: thank you sheriff good to see you come back soon. >> you bet. liz: president just landing in arizona, getting ready for his big rally in phoenix, we're monitoring protests as well, with more let's bring in jeff flock he is live in phoenix. reporter: thousands are expected on both sides of the aisle. i guess that is fair to say, this side trump supporters, these folks are standing in line awaiting president, some have come from california, number of people from california by the way who say, i don't think h he is coming there, we want to see him, so we're coming here. if this is a test of his base, i would say, maybe he passed the test there are a lot of folks, a lot of people in support of opponent of senator flake, red sign over there for dr. kelli ward, she is challenging jeff flake for
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republican senate nomination, a lot of supporters for her as -- as well as joe arpaio, in terms of protest, we believe 10 different organizations coming together to protest against the president in particular after the evens in charlottesville. the police have said, we're going to keep these folks separate. and maybe you see already, a fairly strong police present here. we have been to a lot of these rallies there has never been a problem at a trump rally, thoirother than an occasional skirmish here and there. mayor said that president has doused racial tensions with gasoline, i fear he may be looking to light the match tonight. i think that news there is no pardon on joe arpaio takes from pressure of on that, we hope that is the way it goes, we'll be here to watch it however it goes. liz: thank you, jeff, appreciate it. good to see you.
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>> to your money, big gains in market today following trump's speech last night. dow ended up 196. look at that. 100 shy of 22,000 mark again. nasdaq and s&p also with big gains, oil rising. settling at abouts there are french $47 a barrel. >> president trump peach las speech last night, outlining how he plans to deal with afghanistan. we're going to ask a former navy seal, if it could work. >> and president's tax cutting team reportedly making big strides and figuring out how to get congress onboard, does trump have a tougher time than ronald reagan did? we'll bring in former reagan advise viewer art lapre, he is here, don't go away.
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liz: welcome back, trump's economic time looks like they are making big strides to tax reform, this appears common ground on individual and corporate tax cuts have been reached, the so-called big 6 group, they include paul ryan and mitch mcconnell. option include capping mortgage interest deduct for certain homeowners, eliminating state and local tax reduction. getting full expensing for small businesses. let them immediately deduct new equipment. will congress sign on? joining me now, art lapre. >> good to see you. liz: so they get a deal, at this big 6 level that say step forward. >> it is. liz: you remember ronald
5:19 pm
reagan said, i often wonder what 10 comman commandment would look like if moses ran them through congress. >> right. liz: do you think congress will sign in to any of this, state and local deduction thing i don't know. >> you know, they should be deducted. they shouldn't be. getting rid other are okay, they are fine. i would love to see limitation on contribution, 5013 cand a billion dollar so maybe people like warren buffet don't get deductions, we need to allow it to be down to 15% on corporate tax, if you do that, you create enough growth it will pay for itself 3 times over. liz: you bring up nonprofits, that is a 3 trillion sector, people don't realize that. >> it is huge. liz: you know, let's get back to reagan and trump. how they stack up.
5:20 pm
vis-a-vis tax reform. you know this, you listened to john f. kennedy give a speech i think when you are at yale. >> i did, i did, how did you know that. >> i am dating you. >> figuratively. >> oh, you are great. liz: back then, you had reagan -- a different crowd today away more bipartisanship back then versus today. right? >> '86, yes, we already cleaned house in '84 elect, we won 49 states, all democrats were trying to be republican. you go to '81 you have president's popularity rising after hinkley shot him but then tumbled into '82, and '82 we lost seats in house and
5:21 pm
senate, and he dropped to 35% favorable, we need to do have one clear picture, one goal, one mission, one worl worldwide vision, with that, i think we could get the democrats on board. if we did a carbon tax, just imagine, that paid for 20 to 15 on the corporate tax rate reduction. i would go for that all of day every day every week. liz: do you think al gore would go for it? >> i do believe. liz: i was kidding. >> but i do think he would, and sheldon whitehouse would and a lot of democrats on house. all they want is a token toward global warming, i don't know whether there global warming or not, that is not my field, but i know a carbon tax does a lot less damage than income tax. >> some people think it would hit poor at gas pump.
5:22 pm
>> lack of jobs hits the poor, that is what we need with corporate tax cut. liz: we have a local professor, richard wolf, he calls himself the country favorite marxist, he said we need to get to eisenhower level high tax rates, he didn't get it, i think -- were there not recessions then. >> yes everyone knows that highest marginal income tax rate is a killer for economic growth and a huge killer for tax revenues, any time we do that revenue from top 1% of incomers go up, as a share of gdp, we get economic growth and their tax revenues go up faster, it has been true since 1914. no 1913, it is true. we raised tax rates on rich from 0 to 7%, revenues went up, but other than that, they have never done that.
5:23 pm
liz: and all right, you know, final point, according to cbo, 60% of u.s. how households take in more of way of government benefits than pay into the system in taxes. >> they do, they do. and cbo, i wish they would be a supply side group, they don't consider supplies, they don't take into, account tax shelters, choice of corporate form, move am of companies normally. state and lowal revenues, if you include those corporate tax rate deduct would pay for itself 3 times over, and these guys say this is a deficit, how bad -- >> why wouldn't any girl you said quad --nary. >> good to see you. >> do you know how many automatic payments you make every month out of your checking account.
5:24 pm
if not, you are not alone according to a new survey from a swrard we credit card web site, a third make automatic payments for gym services or other services. they done even realize it they forget to cancel the payments, check the accounts. >> president trump in arizona for a campaign rally. city of phoenix, some are ready to protest. >> and president's speech last night on afghanistan, has gotten solid reviews, will it work when two other presidents could not succeed with essentially the same plan. we speak with a former navy seal, he will join us next to talk about it. >> one way ear anothe or another these problems will be solved, i am a problem solver, in the end we will win.
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liz: president trump gave a
5:28 pm
solid speech last night, outlining his strategy for afghanistan, even some republicans who have been critical of the president, have supported his plan, including lindsey graham praising him after the speech. >> i am proud, i am relieved, i am proud of fact that president trump made a national security decision, not a political decision, and he listened to generals and he stands up on radical islam. i am relieved he did not take advice to withdraw, i can assure you a lot of people in congress will be behind president. liz: senator mccain, saying, i commend president trump for taking a big step in right direct with a new strategy for afghanistan, i believe that president is now moving us beyond prior administration's failed strategy of merely postpone and defeat, joining me now, former navy sal navy
5:29 pm
seal david sears. >> thank you. liz: so president trump's plan work, it is what obama and bush tried. >> it is what they tried or close. i see this as more of a shift in tact ticks than a shift in strategy. liz: tens of thousands dead, why do we think 8400 troops will work, we had more in the past, when do you tell military moms and dads they hear their own children could go to fight. >> right, what do you tell them? you have not defined orkin vicinitied me of end -- or you have not convinced me of the end game. hopeful we can bring the taliban to the table, that not something that convinces me we need more troops there. liz: taliban has been really
5:30 pm
murderous operation in afghanistan for years. is president strategy basically to have a base there to check on terrorists in the region as well as pakistan? >> a good question, is that it? he needs to answer that. question also is, do we these to have a base there to counter or eliminate that as a safe haven. why do we have to have bases everywhere. >> do you think it is worsening, this is good or bad to have u.s. military bases in this part of the world. >> we think we need commitment of the bases there, i would question what are they doing in these areas,. there are a lot of troops, a lot of people who sit there and support the people that are going to go out in field, can we accomplish this? we accomplish initial afghanistan piece in less than 3 months with no bases. liz: president trump put
5:31 pm
pakistan on notice. >> we have been paying pakistan billions and billions of dollars at the same time they are housing the very terrorists that we're fighting. but that will have to change. and that will change immediately. liz: how does this change? >> well, i think if you put more economic pressure on them that could help but they have been cozying up closes to china, they have been a little bit repaired for this moment, they also have supply quarter running through pakistan that help supply our troops, they can hole that over us. i think combined pressure of india on pakistan as well-being help to shift it. i do like that direction, there is a lot of goodness in what he wants to do. >> david sears thank you. >> thank you. liz: look at defense stocks, lockheed-martin, raytheon and l3 ending in green.
5:32 pm
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5:36 pm
revealing arresting of illegal immigrant gone up 43% this year versus last, and a dramatic fall off in the number of people trying to cross border, a 46% decrease in u.s. border patrol apprehension in first half of this year. 17 year low. but despite this, homeland security officials say that there are about a half million illegal criminals still out there. i.c.e. cannot get them or find them or arrest them. why? partly because of sanctuary city protecttion. we bring in paxton. >> good afternoon from texas. liz: you heard the stats, president trump's crackdown on illegal immigration, sounds like it working, your thoughts. >> i agree. for a long time years and years we have asked for help from federal government, it is their job to deal with immigration. finally a president that stood up and did it, we're great up
5:37 pm
if in texas to see some of those numbers come down. i have talked to border agents they are grateful for an opportunity to do their job, they did not feel they could do before. liz: big numbers here according to homeland security 500 thousand criminal illegals protect by u.s. sanctuary cities does that sound right? >> this would not surprise me that a problem we're addressing in texas. we're trying to deal with that, we know in texas we have kept statistic over last 6 year we had over 600,000 crimes committed in last 6 years, including murders, 1200 murders, thousands of thefts, and assaults and so. those are the issues we're trying to address here. sanctuary cities are not helping they are ark lowin allowing criminal aliens to stay in the state. liz: where does the fight against sanctuary cities stan now. >> we're in court right now in
5:38 pm
san antonio, at district court level. we're waiting for a ruling that that court, likely. you see us go to fifth circuit, and i would not be surprised to see it in front of u.s. supreme court. not that far in future. liz: how do you compare trump administration crackdown compared to previous? >> i have not seen anything like this we have struggled with this issue for years, put our own money, millions of dollars from our state, we were putting money in. we were limited by the law in when we can do, for president this really focus on issue by not only his talk but also, talking about you know strategy. i think it is made a tremendous difference as you have shown with numbers, it is making a big difference, and we're feeling it. liz: bill clinton supporting crackdowns and. senator barack obama, wanted
5:39 pm
it. so did senator hillary clinton. but president trump is being painted at racist hire here, why? >> it does not make sense to me, all he is doing is seeking to enforce the laws in book, if congress would change those laws that would effect it. we had a president who actually has looked at the law in place, and enforcing it. it is ridiculous to call enforcing the law, anything but following the law. liz: attorney general rally paxton you to. thank you. >> thank you. liz: according to news respect chevron ceo john watson will step down next month and vice chairman mike worth is expected to replace watson. doing a check. next up president trump pushed for unity in his speech last
5:40 pm
night, will he stay on that message tonight, we bring in the political power panel, they are going to weigh in, that is coming up. don't go away.
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stay sharp people! liz: seeing a live shot, president is there in arizona, he is shaking hands with his supporters. we see military officials there we're staying to the president's arriva in arizona. we will have a rally with his backers. >> president trump calling for unity and healing in his speech last night, after a week of gets blasts for his comments on charlottesville. paul ryan saying that president messed up with moral ambutionty. here is had the last night. >> wound inflicted upon a single machin member of our community is a won inflicted on us all.
5:44 pm
when one part of america hurts, we all hurt. and when one citizen suffers an injustice, we all suffer together. when we open our hearts to patriotism, there is no room for prejudice, no place for bigotry, no tolerance for hate. >> joining me now, wendy, republican strategist ford o'connel, that was scripted teleprompter trump. tonight he could go off script. is he going to stay on message of unity. >> i bet we'll hear a call for unity, not the majority of what he will talk about, when is his agenda with immigration. let me say, president trump screw ud up in charlottesville there is no question, he's to
5:45 pm
make amends there is no one primetime speech or one rally that's will allow him to put it in rearview mirror, he will have to do this incrementally. >> all right, wendy, call to unity, critics blast president trump for not mentions charlottesville by name last night. is that fair? not -- >> it is not fair, but i understand, they want to hear charlottesville. some respects, it is getting kind of odd he continues to relitigate the whole charlottesville incident. ford is spot on, this is something a drop of the ball. not going to be one statement, one come or one event that will wipe it away. i hope he knows. he has to move forward with some policy or legislation that shows these are beyond words. >> ford, there will be a lot of protests, we're monitoring
5:46 pm
that, we are tracking about a half dozen protesters, expecting thousands to descend on convention center there in phoenix. what are your thoughts about protests? >> well hopefully it goes off without a hitch, and everyone is civil. we know what is driving protestor is trump derangement send drop will, there is nothing -- syndrome, there nothing that this man can say or do that will pacify them. he is wrestling with how does he get his agenda through congress while still being a president for all america that all president trump should be focused on from now until the end of his term. liz: he is in his wheelhouse when it comes to border security, there are talks that president should be barn storming country with his economic agenda. your thoughts? >> i think we need to hear what is the president's
5:47 pm
legislative agenda and what the direction in which we're going. i want to touch on something you said, he is in his well house, he will talk about immigration, the minute he says build that wall, if that is rhetoric he goes with, this will pau fall to pieces, he has to be very careful hire, he is walking a tight rope, whether you are going to say you about unity or speaking to you know your base. base. liz: president trump has backed off pardoning joe arpaio, what are your thoughts. >> that is the right move, situation with sheriff joe arpaio is complicated. he needs to come up with a buying story so everyone would understand, a lot of people don't know who sheriff joe arpaio is, they just know he is a lightning rod, i do believe that happened to him
5:48 pm
was a miscarriage of justice. >> now president trump making a point last night, to spotlight military as a role model for unity. >> men and women of our military operate as one team, they transcended every line of race,ethnes ethnicity, creed and color to work together, they are all part of the sal same family it called the american family. liz: military, has a lot to deal with with essca colgatin -- escalating tension in north korea. race relation and law fakeers from both side, a lot of problem, how important that message right now? >> our country needs unity, to be one, come together. we need to stop looking at race, we need to look at partnership, we need to heal,
5:49 pm
i think that message is important. but important for president to know this is a top down approach, we cannot use those words tomorrow use twitter to blast a u.s. senatorrary blast or to blast a judge. >> ford. >> to your point, flag and patriotism have been known to heal a lot of wounds in america. difference now, we're not in a cold war, we don't have a patriotic moment to come together, put aside our differences, i do love messaging but i don't think that nation understands what is going on abroad. liz: thank you so for coming. >> thank you. liz: u.s. putting foot down with new sanctions on 10 chinese and russian businesses accused of trading with north korea, north korea is going full bore on its nuclear program, we'll have details on that next.
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liz: welcome back, president trump shaking hands with marines at the airport in yuma, arizona, before going to rally in phoenix. >> today new sanction on 10 chinese and russian businesses accused of aiding north korea with imports and exports, let's bring in fiscal times columnist liz peek. this is more horrible. we were talking to analyst, they said look at it from chinese perspective. north korea without nukes mean that regime theoretically falls, open way to reunification of korean pen see korean peninsula.
5:54 pm
>> that is why china has too get involved. these sanctions that were announced today, could have gone into effect before u.n. sanctions that were accomplished that last month, but they were held off to continue to put pressure on china and russia now. which is interesting to help here, china has done nothing to help roll back the effort in north korea to produce nuclear weapon. they need to. they have a lot at stake, so do we. what is interesting in shadow of last night's address, that was trump doctrine, this is trump doctrine number two. which is use our financial might addition to our military might on accomplish our di diplomatic ends in the world,
5:55 pm
we control dollars, that is what is being pressed here. liz: you have seen north korea do the waiting game since 19. 1t until next administration comes in. >> but they can at least come to table and negotiate a stand still on their progression toward nuclear capability to that attack united states they can stand down on their multiple threats. it is worth notes other country like singapore and egypt, they are also doing business with north korea, you have to stop it, we'll stop our aid to you. to your point, we started this
5:56 pm
sanction program in 2006, i think they first tested a nuclear device or ballistic missile. it has not accomplished much. instead they are one of world's great smuggling nations, these sanctions today, are sort of derivative, they are subsidiaries of chinese companies, and russian companies, this so complicated, and kudos to our treasury department for tracking down flow of money and trying to put brakes on it. liz: do you think that tough talk is working. >> i think it has actually. >> they backed off guam. >> they backed off very aggressive threats began a military installations. and yeah, i think it was very impactful. let's hope that this gives further. liz: liz peek thank you come back soon. >> thank you. liz: president trump getting ready for a campaign-style rally in phoenix, arizona, we'll be right back, don't go away.
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liz: fox business has special covering of president trump's rally in phoenix tonight. up next "making money" with connell mcshane. connell: good to be with you. with another big night ahead us, we have the president on the ground in yuma, arizona. he has been on the ground with marines at marine corps air station in yuma. he's just about to get back on to the plane, and he will be heading to phoenix for the rally that's taking place this evening, a campaign-style


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