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tv   After the Bell  FOX Business  August 24, 2017 4:00pm-5:00pm EDT

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that is public/private partnership. ashley: yeah. the dow as you can see down slightly down 23 points. one of those days we wait to see what they say in jackson hole i guess. the closing bell coming up. [closing bell rings] david asman, cheryl casone "after the bell." >> stocks sliding into the close today. the dow closing in the red for the second straight day. s&p, nasdaq following suit. hello, i'm cheryl casone. i'm in for melissa francis today. david: we had great hopes before the market began. it was up earlier but ended on a down note. i'm david asman. glad you could join us. this is "after the bell." more on the big market movers but here what else we're covering this hour for you. the white house firing back with the first press briefing in weeks, between president and senator mitch mcconnell and shut down and funding border wall, getting trump agenda on track all on the table today.
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we'll take you live to the white house for details. also hurricane harvey gaining strength and speed as it barrels down the gulf coast. we're tracking the storm from the weather center and we'll have the very latest when and where it is expected to make landfall. cheryl: get back what we're looking at with regards to the markets. losses accelerating into the close. we're down 29 points, 21,872 -- 782. gerri willis standing by on floor of the new york stock exchange looking at bigger movers, movers to the downside, gerri. >> not a pretty day today with a lot of red on the board. let me tell you about winners. cisco and merck doing well up marginally. united technologies big loser. big name losing today, walmart down. why? this is a fascinating story. amazon is going to cut prices on supermarket staples, everything from bananas to beef. once they buy whole foods they expect to drop those prices and
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let me tell you the entire sector, supermarket stocks down, kroger, costco, supervalu, target. take a look at numbers here, all red. on this news amazon is coming after them. could be a price war ultimately. what they're going to do is extend the prime membership for online. big name trading lower right now although started up, sears, had a loss less than expected. their second-quarter loss on fewer store visits, that is the big headline there. as you know, a lot of their revenues coming now from real estate instead of store sales as customers abandon those stores. that company desperate for improvement. interesting story on wall street, all retailers all the time. some simply doing well because their losses are not as bad as investors expected cheryl.
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the. >> effect congressry sector and retail sector. gerri, thank you very much. david: oil snapping a two-day winning streak, dropping 2%. to end at 43.47 a barrel despite a threat of major oil hurricane as oil companies evacuate personnel from the platforms in the path of the hurricane. the gulf of mexico is home to 17% of total crude production. analysts point out greater threat to refinery operations than offshore production. that idea is pushing gasoline futures up 2% today. so we can't get a break at the pump. we'll have a live update on the path of the storm coming up. cheryl: hurricane season kicking into full gear. with regards to the markets, dow falling away from further from record territory amid concerns about president trump's pro-growth agenda and debt ceiling debate. blich burman -- blake burman at
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white house with the latest blake. >> reporter: congressional republicans talk about they have shared goals in relation to the perceived acrimony from the white house up at capitol hill. but the president's ire once again as it relates to republican tactics, leadership results was on again display today, with the latest on debt ceiling with the president tweeting out earlier and the following, i request mitch m, an paul r tie it va legislation to the debt ceiling bill. now they are could have been so easy. now, a mess he writes. at the white house press briefing a little whale ago the white house press secretary sarah sanders said as it relates to the debt ceiling the onus is squarely on congress. >> look, it is our job to inform congress of the debt ceiling and their job to raise it and congress and the previous
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administration have obligated trillions in spending and we need to make sure we pay our debts. we're committed to making sure that gets raised. >> reporter: earlier this today house speaker paul ryan didn't say anything about the mess related to the debt ceiling when i spoke at a town hall at a boeing plant in the state of washington. >> this is about paying bills we racked up we pay our debts. we pay our debts in this country. we'll continue to do so. i'm not going to worry that will get done because it is going to get done. >> reporter: cheryl, sarah sanders gave a twofold defense as it relates to the border wall and funding. president said he would be okay with the government shut down if he doesn't get funding for that wall. two parts, one, sanders saying this is something he fought for, something he campaigned on, something he will push for and he still wants the funding. secondly when she was made aware
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everyone knows mexico says they are not going to pay for the wall, sanders also pointed out at this point, the president doesn't talk about that, she says he hasn't said yet they won't pay for it either. cheryl: they will pay for it eventually what we heard from the president in the past. blake, thank you very much. a lot going on here. investors watching a lot of this. let's bring in today's panel for reaction. kevin kelly, recon capital and heather zumarriaga. what we saw in sarah huckabee sanders a grenade being thrown at basically mitch mcconnell and paul ryan. you have got to get the debt ceiling figured out, you have got to get this done but can they, kevin? >> i think they will. it is important to note this hasn't been priced into the market at all. that is what spooked it over the past few days because investors think that the government will not be held hostage to debt ceiling. all of sudden president trump signaled that could be a notion.
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he comes out with a tweet where he could have tied it to the va. you will get a situation where democrats going to work with republicans getting a debt ceiling, talking about possibly some tax issues they want to get resolved. so i don't think it will impact the market. we're within 3% of all-time highs. cheryl: certainly though but if you look at sectors dependent on government operations, defense comes to mind, heather, the second tweet the president said could have been so easy, now a mess. when you have the leader of the free world saying that it's a mess that could create some -- >> yeah it could. we're seeing volatility increase in the markets. i'm keeping an eye on the 10-year as a gauge of what the markets will do. i think bond markets are better predictor of the future direction of the markets. the 10-year rose a little bit i believe to 2.19%. so it is not spiking. i'm sorry it is not pricing in and spiking if the debt ceiling
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rise, if we don't rise the debt ceiling, if that doesn't happen, you would see the bond markets, that yield, really sell off and we haven't seen that yet. david: new questions over the timeline for tax reform. the republican leaders of the senate and the house are on slightly different pages today. take a listen. >> i think we'll be able to produce a much better tax code that will make a huge difference for our country and it will be done during this congress. >> our goal is to get this done this year in 2017, calendar year 2017. in congress we worked on this all last year in 2016. hoping to be ready so if we had the opportunity politically to pass this bill, we wouldn't sit there in january on 2017, just starting to work. so we've been working on this for almost two years. david: kevin, it was mcconnell's phrase, during this congress, that speaking ad lot of us around here and spooked the markets. that may be one reason why the
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markets ended down, 28 points to the negative. that could mean after the next election. >> tax code is convoluted and complex and helds who stan by special interests. you're starting to see the house and senate on different pages whether it has to do with the border adjustment tax or about all the special interests deductions. the issue we had here, if they wanted to get it done they would have started with that as opposed to health care they would have kick-started on economy. all of them are on different pages of same book. whether they can get on the same page does not look likely. tax reform will not happen. the market is not pricing that in. tax cuts possibly. david: this could upturn entire again today the president or upturn the presidency if republicans end up winning the next election. if we don't have tax cuts this year, that means the economy might get stuck.
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it might mean that the democrats win the house, which could mean the impeachment of the president. mitch mcconnell doesn't seem to think these things through. >> markets definitely want to see tax reform. we have a little room for markets to run being corporate profits are up 11% last quarter. that is carrying us higher despite legislative gridlock down in d.c. so we'll see what happens and hopefully we get this done before the end of the year. david: let's hope and pray. kevin, heather, thank you very much. cheryl. melissa: markets are watching this. we're bracing for harvey, texas, louisiana, in path of major hurricane likes of which we haven't seen in 18 years. we're tracking the storm from the weather center. david: the aclu apologizing for tweeting out seemingly innocent picture of a child. look at that. what is wrong with this picture? the organization is under fire, first for posting it, then taking it down. melissa: cuteness overload probably. will the president and majority
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leader mitch mcconnell put their differences aside and work together to get the agenda passed? guy benson from will give us his take. here is how the white house is responding. >> we're disappointed obamacare they failed to get it repealed and replaced but at the same time president trump worked with leader mcconnell to reach out to other members and work on those shared goals. when heartburn hits fight back fast with tums chewy bites. fast relief in every bite. crunchy outside. chewy inside. tum tum tum tum tums chewy bites.
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4:15 pm
secretary sarah sanders defending president trump's relationship with republican leaders of. after the president took aim at senator mitch mcconnell on twitter. guy benson,, political editor and fox news contributor. she says the relationships are all fine. i wouldn't go that far, wouldn't go nearly that far. what do you think? >> they're putting out statements, we have shared goals and everything is hunky-dory. there might be personal acrimony at play. president is feuding with mcconnell, occasionally feuding with paul ryan, ultimately the reality, david, i mentioned on bret baier's show, they do need each other. they do have shared goals. they do want to replace -- repeal and replace obamacare. david: timing is something they don't share. we heard from mcconnell say he could wait until next year. after which he could wait until after the election before he get as tax cut.
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you know what that means? there will be no effect in the economy from a tax cut until after the election. republicans could lose that election as a result. >> paul ryan show has said on the other side of this he argued that just in the last couple days actually that it has to be this year. david: right. >> look, i think mcconnell, if you hate him he is savvy political operator. david: he wouldn't on health care. >> worked very hard. david: he didn't do it. only close in horseshoes. >> john mccain and lisa murkowski voted no. he can't force them to do anything. the point i was making, mcconnell recognizes for his own members up for re-election, if they have goose eggs when it comes to political, legislative accomplishments ahead of elections, that is not a good look. he knows that. david: right. >> on policy and politics it is in everyone's interests on the republican side to get taxes done. >> guy, why then, did we get this piece in the "new york times" yesterday?
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it is called, mcconnell doubts if trump can save presidency? obviously from the mcconnell camp, if not directly from mcconnell and it was a direct hit on the president. i will just quote a couple lines. mr. mcconnell, from "the new york times" piece, has mused whether mr. trump will be in a position to lead the republican in the next year's elections and beyond. next one is really a killer, mr. mcconnell signaled to business leaders that he was deeply uncomfortable with mr. trump's comments about charlottesville. now as we know, the business leaders pulled out of some economic councils in the white house. that was a significant hit in the president's agenda, at least pushing tax cuts with the business community. mcconnell's is kind of taking credit for it. >> i think you will have a bunch of republicans who are uncomfortable with senator, or what president trump said at times about charlottesville. but, are you surprised, david, to see "the new york times" pitting republicans against each other?
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david: not at all but you would think that mcconnell has been around long enough, he would know that is what they are trying to do. >> yeah, this is what they do. mcconnell is the establishment. he is conservative but establishment d.c. guy. he is one wing of this party. donald trump is very different wing of this party but ultimately without one another, they're going to accomplish nothing. they will self-deinstructed together. david: i understand. here is what worries me, guy, ryan is on board with getting tax cuts this year. i'm applauding that. i'm all for that. that is a great thing. ryan won the health care battle in the house. >> yeah. david: mitch mcconnell lost the health care battle in the senate. he is not for having tax cuts this year. so there seems to be -- >> no, he is. he is. david: he said this congress. he didn't say this year. i want to say him this year. >> this congress would mean, probably, definitely before the elections, right? david: no. it could be, by the way, it could mean after the next election. >> well, no. not with this congress.
4:19 pm
it could be in the lame-duck session but that doesn't make any sense t makes to sense campus into the elections, you and i agree on this, come into the elections with accomplishment waving it in front of voters look what we've done. david: accomplishment happens this year, otherwise it won't have effect on economy until next year. >> i agree. it should be done as soon as possible. i think there are differences between the house and senate in terms of rules, in terms of vote margins. mcconnell is playing with a two-vote majority with couple squishy moderates in there and couple hardcore righties. paul ryan has lot more votes to play in the house where majority rules. he has easier job wrangling votes than mcconnell does. if you don't like mcconnell way he is doing his job, ask any republican senator who they would rather have leaders, you get blank stares. they recognize from tactician standpoint. mcconnell is good at his job. david: like mayor of new york.
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not many republicans running against him. >> zero. cheryl: good analogy. well harvey is heading for texas. a life-threatening hurricane is gaining strength as it makes its way towards the gulf coast. fox news chief meteorologist rick reichmuth in the weather center with the latest. rick, this looks likely a really bad storm. >> frankly first major hurricane to make landfall on the coast anywhere. we thought it would probably go a little farther toward the south a number of days ago. now that it is back here in the western gulf, went through the bay of campeche, all conditions are ripe for continued strengthened. we just had a tropical storm yesterday. now we have a category one hurricane. the forecast calls for continued intensification of this. hurricane warnings where you seed red, tropical storm warnings where you see the yellow.
4:21 pm
comes on shore at 125 mile-an-hour category 3 storm, the wind doesn't end at the coast. we'll see hurricane force wind well inland. that is wind side. it will drive a lost storm surge along the coast here. we're talking about days and days of rain. storm will get blocked here, when you look at models it comes towards the texas coast, it gets stuck. it drift notice area for likely bert part of five days or so. maybe meanders back out here again across the water. impacts areas of louisiana. this will be a long duration event. because of that, our different computers models we look at are putting out very, very dramatically high water rainfall totals here. take a look at this, 39 inches in port lavaca. and 39-inches in victoria. other model we like a lot is the american model, you get kind of same idea. at least the same area getting very heavy rain, maybe a little
4:22 pm
farther inland toward hill country, austin, toward san antonio, maybe a little bit west of that. the point is if you're along the coast you need to evacuate, which you do, where do you go? because inland flooding will be extreme across a really wide swat. you will need to go hundreds of miles inland to get away from impacts the storm, likely stay there for days. water is very, very warm. no reason to think it won't continue to intensify. as it does move toward the coast, expect to see continued intensification of the storm. we have days and days of rain. guys. cheryl: rick, you said 12 years ago, that was katrina correct? >> we had rita after that, wilma the same years was the last one hit florida coast. major one. 47 years since a major hurricane hit this area. no one experienced anything like this. the population much higher than it was 4years ago.
4:23 pm
cheryl: the numbers on your map are astounding and frightening. rick, thank you very much. david: 12 years ago, al gore predicted we would have all the hurricanes. we didn't. first one in 12 years. 39-inches is a lot. the space race is still on. spacex, transportation company founded by tesla ceo elon musk launching its 12th rocket earlier today. the company successfully landing the falcon 9 rocket ten minutes after. spacex surpassing russia from most orbit tall launches. today's launch from vandenberg airbase in california was for taiwanese space organization. good for them. cheryl: pushing for peace in the middle east. jared kushner trying to achieve peace between israel an an palestine. did he make any progress? david: espn facing major backlash to avoid politics and failing. larry elder gives us his take after a break.
4:24 pm
>> everyone came out and said every reasonable person can see an asian guy who is alive today, and realize it is not a dead confederate general from 1870. this is the problem from espn and their leadership. ♪ al treat for you today. michael: awesome. potsch: i'm going to show you a next generation pickup. michael: let's do this. potsch: this new truck now has a cornerstep built right into the bumper. gary: super cool. potsch: the bed is made of high-strength steel, which is less susceptible to punctures than aluminum. jim: aluminum is great for a lot of things, but maybe not the bed of a truck. potsch: and best of all, this new truck is actually- gary: (all laughing) oh my... potsch: the current chevy silverado. gary: i'm speechless. gary: this puts my ford truck to shame. james: i'll tell you, i might be a chevy guy now. (laughing)
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. melissa: presidential adviser jared kushner in jerusalem earlier today, meeting with israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu and palestinian president mahmoud abbas, he is hoping for a push in peace talk between the two sides. john huddy in jerusalem with the latest. >> jared kushner met separately with israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu and palestinian authority president mahmoud abbas today in the latest effort to revive peace talks in a region where peace remains elusive, but violenceome a spark away. before his meeting with the prime minister, kushner said the president is committed to achieving a solution that will be able to, quote, bring
4:28 pm
prosperity and peace to all people in this area, and it's up to kushner to try to do that. kushner's middle east trip included stops in saudi arabia, egypt and jordan where he met with king abdullah who pushed for a two-state solution between israelis and palestinians, difficult undertaking that has failed so far. after his meeting with prime minister netanyahu it was to ramallah in the west bank where kushner and the u.s. led delegation was greeted by protesters. palestinian leaders increasingly frustrated in recent weeks accusing the trump administration of not having a clear vision for peace, and the president's domestic problems only complicating matters. president abbas said he was appreciative of president trump's efforts to reach as he said a historic peace deal but don't know if there is particular breakthrough today. prime minister's office said in a statement that the talk were,
4:29 pm
quote, constructive and substantive and that the prime minister looks forward to continuing those discussions in the weeks ahead. back to you. david: all right, john, thank you very much. you like jewelry, right? >> of course i do, hello! >> signature jewelers, because of my co-host getting a big pop, 16% after posting earnings beat and announcing acquisition of r 2 net. the jeweler also citing improved platform and strong mother's day sales, i don't know if you bought anything there recently, signet. >> the more sparkly the better in my book, i'm a cliche. david: diamonds. >> yeah. coming up, missing at sea. we've got new details on the navy search-and-rescue operation for the ten sailors lost in the u.s.s. mccain collision. david: plus, a looming showdown on capitol hill. lawmakers are gearing up for a budget battle over one of president trump's biggest campaign promises. coming next, republican
4:30 pm
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>> we are building a wall on the southern border. >> we will build the wall. [ cheers ] >> it will be built. >> but believe me, we have to close down our government, we're building that wall. cheryl: after vowing to build the wall throughout his entire campaign, the president says he's willing to shut down the government in order to get the necessary funding to make it happen. press secretary sarah huckabee sanders was asked about it earlier today. >> the president's committed to making sure this gets done. wean the wall and other security measures at the border work. we've seen that take place over the last decade and committed to making sure the american people are protected, and we're going to continue to push forward and make sure the wall gets built. cheryl: with me now, republican congressman dan donovan from new york. good to have you, sir? >> good to be with you, cheryl. cheryl: well, they want the wall built, how are they going to be with it? is the continuing question. mexico doesn't want to pay for it, the president says they will eventually pay for it.
4:35 pm
what do you think happens? >> i think we build the wall. cheryl: you want to see the wall built? >> i want to see it built. in what form comes up to security experts, we might need a physical places, some places use electrical fencing, some places we'll use drones to patrol the area, but in order to change our immigration policies in this country and they're broken, cheryl, the first thing we have to do is stop the flow of illegal immigrants. for those people who think the wall is such a terrible inhumane thing to do. couple weeks ago in the texas border as we spoke about earlier, nine people died in the back of a van, suffocated because the illegal trafficking of humans from mexico. if there was a stopgap america, a border patrol or barrier there, they might be alive. cheryl: critics of the wall are arguing and president trump is somewhat proud of this fact that the illegal immigration numbers have dropped just on the conversation about the wall. the threat of the wall, that
4:36 pm
we're seeing less illegal immigration across the border. >> that's a good thing. cheryl: it is a good thing, but you say we still need the wall if there's other ways that we could not spend so much money? >> and there's people coming across like the nine people who died. i think it's necessary. cheryl: okay. >> i think the president is committed to do this. i think he's frustrate. a lot of things he wanted to see haven't happened yet. he's eight months into the administration now, and saw with the changeover of the inner circle in the white house, the president is an impatient man, he wants results. he knows the four years of his term is a short period of time. when you talk about election cycle of two years when all of us are up for re-election. cheryl: midterms of coming, the threat of shutting the government down, making a debt ceiling fight about the wall, you're heading back to washington. what do you expect to see? how contentious is this going to be? >> it's going to calm down.
4:37 pm
flood insurance, we have eight more appropriation bills we have to pass, of course xerox to fund the government. we're going to raise the debt ceiling, we have to. america has to pay its scombilts president's treasury secretary steve mnuchined and this is one thing we have to do. cheryl: you have a short amount of working days when you get back to washington. this is congress. you can get through the major items, major point of the agenda that the president wants done, it's not just the debt ceiling, not funding the wall. we're talking about health care reform, in particular tax reform. we want to see that, investors want to see that. can it happen? >> i think we can do one thing at a time. everybody concentrated on health care, while doing health care, the house passed 279 bills, now 250 something are stuck in the season. but we did a lot of work beside working on the health care bill. so i think we could do more than one thing at a time. i would like to see tax cuts, like to see people who come
4:38 pm
home with $900 a week, $960, they're not going to save the 60, they're going to spend it. cheryl: you need democrats across the aisle. >> i don't think anybody can say they want people who they represent having more money in the pocket. cheryl: hoping there is bipartisanship certainly when it comes to our money. >> sure. cheryl: dan donovan. over to you, david. david: good ad campaign for a tax cut. some of the biggest central bankers in the world are meeting in jackson hole, wyoming right now and investors are listening very closely for anything they say about what they might do next. adam shapiro is covering all the action. adam, these guys hold it close to the vest, right? they don't say much. >> reporter: yes, these men and women know how to speak in ways people can interpret any way they choose to interpret. the key issues how to boost the global economy so more people can share in the gains that have taken place in the last five, six years since the federal reserve and other
4:39 pm
central banks took extraordinary measures to safety global economy. we spoke with the federal reserve bank of kansas city, president esther george, that bank sponsors the economic symposium and asked her the issue that is concern to members of the federal reserve system. wages are not rising at a stronger pace given the fact we have a tight labor market. here's what she told us. >> i'm less concerned about the level of wages right now because we're in a 2% growth economy, and wages are staying ahead of inflation right now, that gives the consumer more purchasing power, i think we're in a good place right now. what we can't do is keep trying to look for current information around inflation, so if it's not 2% today to delay, i think you have to rely on a forecast that looks like we're moving in that direction and continue on the path. >> reporter: and david, the big thing is janet yellen, the fed
4:40 pm
chair will speak tomorrow at 8:00 a.m. mountain/pacific time, 10:00 a.m. new york time. they've been talking about this for a while, when they begin unwinding the balance sheet. the fed or the fomc has prepared the country for the beginning of this. they used the language of relatively soon but soon could be september, it could be december. they don't define soon, they say relatively soon. back to you. david: happening all over the world, central banks all over the world are going to sell off assets. very interesting time. adam, thank you very much, lot out of esther george, appreciate it. cheryl? cheryl: well, the navy suspending its search. naval officials ending the search for nine missing sailors for the u.s.s. mccain. 80 hours after the search began, ten sailors went missing after the destroyer accident monday off the coast of singapore. all ten servicemen have been identified with one confirmed
4:41 pm
dead. cause of that collision was an oil tanker still unknown at this time. >> the debate over confederate monuments is heating up all over the country. it hasn't let down a bit. now another southern city bracing itself for potential trouble. the details coming next. plus 758 million reasons to happy. the winner of the powerball jackpot revealed, taking home the largest haul in north american history for single ticket. wait until you meet her! you owned your car for four years. you named it brad. you loved brad. and then you totaled him. you two had been through everything together. two boyfriends, three jobs... you're like nothing can replace brad. then liberty mutual calls... and you break into your happy dance. if you sign up for better car replacement™, we'll pay for a car that's a model year newer with 15,000 fewer miles than your old one. liberty stands with you™.
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the toothpaste that helps prevent bleeding gums. if you spit blood when you brush or floss you may have gum problems and could be on the journey to much worse. help stop the journey of gum disease. try parodontax toothpaste. ♪ . cheryl: the city of lexington, kentucky bracing for a potential conflict after the mayor announced he wants to remove two confederate statues downtown. matt fin is in lexington where there are reports that white nationalists may be headed there to protest. matt, what is the latest on all of this? >> reporter: you know, we were in charlottesville, virginia
4:45 pm
covering the deadly riots, as they were winding down, people started to say they were going to come to lexington next to protest the removal of the two confederate statues behind me. lexington herald newspaper says one of the leaders of the white nationalist group says they might hold unannounced flash rally in lexington. that is adding to the tengs here. the chief of police says any violent protesters will be arrested and in general people have very strong mixed opinions about moving the statues. >> leaving these confederate statues in public clauses has silently fueled hate, hate in this country, hate in this commonwealth, and hate this council is obligated to denounce. >> i just think that we have lived with them where they are for so long, and i don't think we can erase our history.
4:46 pm
i don't want to move them. >> reporter: county council voted unanimously in favor to move the statues. they gave themselves about 30 dies decide where the statue will go, and one week into the 30-day period. the mayor here has spearheaded this entire movement because the property behind me used to serve as the old county courthouse but remodelled to serve as the welcoming center for the city. so the mayor says it is the right time to move these statues. however, kentucky's republican governor matt bevin worries that moves like this will sanitize history and erase valuable lessons. back to you in new york. cheryl: keep track of this, certainly. matt finn, thank you, matt. david: and we have a winner! mavis wanczyk of massachusetts winning the $758.7 million powerball jackpot. the 53-year-old mother of two had been working at a medical center for 32 years.
4:47 pm
she told her employer she has no plans of returning to work. the first thing she wants to do is, quote, sit back and just relax. cheryl: she ended up with my money? how did that happen, david? [laughter] >> i don't know, you didn't like the fact she was chewing gum. i told you she was doing it because she was nervous. cheryl: that was a lot of smacking on national television. david: can you do anything you want from now on. cheryl: i'm not mad at all that i didn't win the powerball last night. david: all right. cheryl: a lot more coming up, feeling the heat on twitter. the aclu under fire for posting this photo after denounced the group for being racially insensitive. plus espn still in hot water, why the sports network defends their decision to reassign announcer rob lee. we'll talk to larry elder, nationally syndicated radio host about the controversial story. ♪
4:48 pm
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. david: a fallout continues. espn executive trying to dig out from the flap over replacing asian-american from announcing uva game because his name was robert lee. the executive saying they pulled mr. lee from the game not over his concern his name would offend people but they didn't want him to be subjected to memes and jokes and who knows what else. here is larry elder, syndicated radio talk show host. i'm laughing. there isson old expression, when you're in a hole, you stop digging, they're continuing to dig. >> it could have been worse, david, the announcer could have been a black guy named jefferson. how stupid we are? do thing robert e. lee came
4:52 pm
back from the grave, decided to pack it all in and be a sports announcer. this is the worst of espn's political correctness run amok, they fired a tennis analyst describing a tennis match he used the word guerrilla as in war, espn tells him to apologize, he said i didn't say anything wrong, he apologized anyway, they fire him, he loses a second job as a tennis analyst. he has a heart attack. full disclosure, he's a friend of mine. i have nothing to do with this. david: it's one thing to want to be proper and everything. we don't use foul language, we try to avoid it, but another thing to really ruin people's lives with the charge at their races. >> imagine being branded as international racist. he was doing australian open match, his name is doug adler,
4:53 pm
the tennis guy in the "new york times" ben roth lenberg, he realizes it, he might have made a mistake and says adler should have been more careful. my goodness. beam me up, david. david: another example of political correctness gone amok, the liberal aclu was attacked as being white supremacist after showing an ad of a blond child wearing an aclu t-shirt with the phrase this is the future the aclu wants. so larry, now you're a nazi even if you're just a one-year-old toddler! >> and by the way, over 60% of this country is, oh, i don't know, white! and where are the diversity people, for example, for the board of the "new york times"? or the board of the "washington post"? or the sociology department at uc berkeley. what kind of diversity do they want? they want skin diversity, they
4:54 pm
don't want ideological diversity. david: the kid has aclu t-shirt, waving the american flag, a tweet shows a baby dressed up as adolf hitler, they put a nazi uniform on the baby and pencilled in a mustache like hitler and said this is the future the aclu wants. i think that was insulting and ridiculous, but as a result of all, this guess what, the aclu came out with either tweet, kermit the frog saying that's a very good point. so they were so intimidated by the ridiculous comments that they pulled the ad. >> i recall a photograph of barack obama when he was president and most appeared to be white, and he got hammered for that. the first black president of the united states gets hammered for having lack of diversity on his own staff. david: extraordinary. is there any hope, larry elder of turning -- i was hoping because president trump when he was campaigning was against political correctness, that
4:55 pm
somehow there was going to be revolt against p.c. gone too far. i haven't seen it in the media yet. >> i haven't either, they've doubled down on it. this is good news for republicans. as long as they double down, characterize donald trump as racist, as a moron, in california, democrats want him to undergo a psychiatric examination. the bar is so low. they underestimated reagan, underestimated w., underestimating donald trump. david: when you think the bar is low enough, they find a way to get it lower. larry elder, great to see. >> you you, too, david. cheryl: great discussion. what has model kate upton turning in high heels for combat boots? we're going to tell you after the break.
4:56 pm
. . ♪
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jo from modeling to the marines? "sports illustrated" swimsuit model kim upton was with the marines training for marine week. david: she was tasked with running and doing aerobic exercises alongside american heroes. she struggled during the training. upton made it to the very end. i know so many marines are so sorry that they didn't make it there for that. by the way, we want to explain something about mavis, the lottery winner. cheryl: the lottery winner that stole the jackpot. david: 700 some million dollars. guess how much she got to keep? cheryl: she took the lump sum, right? david: took the lumpsum. after taxes that comes to less than 400 million. i would live $390 million. shows you how much of a tax cut
5:00 pm
these lottery winners got to pay into. it is just extraordinary how much the government, 758 million. you end up with less than -- cheryl: i love it the gas station where she bought the ticket. got 50 grand. gives it to charity. i hope she does the same and bet she does. david: risk and rewarded starts right now. liz: president trump saying mitch mcconnell and breaking promises to the american people. blaming them and democrats blocking the growth agenda which will hurt the country. d.c. firestorm over government spending is a week away. a new report shows the u.s. is growing slowly that are europe. then this, a tropical storm set to slam the texas gulf coast where the heart of the u.s. oil energy sector sits. home to half of the nation's refining operations.


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