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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  August 25, 2017 4:00am-5:00am EDT

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night. >> i am gregg jarrett in for lou dobbs, president trump today escalating feud with republican leadership residence taking to twitter -- to accuse senate majority leader mitch mcconnell and house speaker paul ryan of creating a mess over the debt ceiling, that is latest salvo in their political cold war. trump has reportedly been furious with senate republicans for failing to repeal obam obamacare and not doing more to stop obama witch-hunt, kellyanneon conway will be on later in broadcast.
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>> john roberts has our report. >> gregg, the tweets that president blasted out today were tame in comparison with some of what he sent out before. but it was clear this morning that president still has a lot to get off his chest. >> i put out a tweet or a couple of tweets, he? a twitter storm again, i don't do twitter storms. reporter: president trump insisting he does not engage in tweet storms. storm cloud gather over white house this morning as president let loose on a number of topics beginning with mitch mcconnell, tweeting only problem i have with mitch mcconnell after hearing repeal and replace for 7 years he failed, that should never have happened. sources say he will likely present tor fo -- press the senator for another repeal of
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obamacare. >> making sure that america has good healthcare and health care they deserve. >> given what happened before august recess, have they had a chance. >> we're committed to continuing to make sure we have the best health wear w carhealth care we can. reporter: health care may be least of president's worries, in a speech this morning mcconnell indicated that a time table for tax reform could extent to next year. >> a better tax code will make a huge difference for our country it will be done during this congress. reporter: his tweet on obamacare aside, president trump did have other problem with mitch mcconnell and paul ryan, wanting to attach a debt ceiling increase to popular v.a. bill, president saying, could have been so easy, now a mess. >> it is a real, real honor to
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be here. reporter: at a town hall in seattle, house speaker said he has a plan to raise debt ceiling and plans to get tax reform done this year. when asked how he could influence president, ryan went back to aftermath of charlottesville. >> i think needs to be said over and over about repulsive bigotry and racism, how we could never get norma with this. reporter: president went off a half hour, he lashed out again today at ha h what he called fake news complaining about his different types of back-to-back speeches, his half -- harshest criticism safe for james clapper. >> how much longer does the country have borrow a phrase, endure this nightmare. >> president trump today returning fire, tweeting james
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clapper who famously got caught lying to congress is now an authority to donald trump. will he show you his beautiful letter to me? president will soon make a decision on status of the national monuments that were up for review. zeeky is not recommending that any of the monumenting under review be rescinded buttery propose revision to a handful of them. >> john thank you, john roberts. >> joining me to discuss president trump's feud with republican leadership, what it means for fall legislative battles, ed rollins, who served in three presidential administrations. always gate to have you. >> thank you. >> i spend hours today trying to figure out, a list of all accomplishments of mitch mcconnell. my list is here -- you notice
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iit is blank, has he ever accomplished anything meaningful? >> he has been a leader for a long time. >> other than elevating himself to leadership. >> i think he was in a position he stopped a lot of stiff when president obama was there he now has to push it forward, he certainly was very instrumental in getting gorsuch on the court, that was major. >> but he said, there will be no hearing, no vote, i just did that, what did that take 56s. > 5seconds. >> it was a long heard bottle. >> a good obstructionist. >> now on offense. what is unusual about these fights, i behind closed-doors. you don't do it publicly or with tweets.
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it is not going to benefit the president's short-term and not intimidate. >> you can't blame president, when mcconnell says, oh, the president has excessive expectations. my goodness, that is the last refuge of the incompetent. >> this stuff should be done in private. they have loud mega-phones, they are only damaging our party, we're not a parliamentary system be we need -- president still need them to make stuff work. >> you saw what clapper said on cnn about president, not fit for office, i wrote about it, on fox because clapper lied to congress, that say felony, and clapper avoid prosecution by hiding behind president obama. when clapper decries the complete moral void of president trump, the irony is lost on no one.
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>> he should not have made that. and vast majority of country does not know who he is, they won't know who he is. but, to take a shot like that on the president, when he was under obama administration is a very part so partisan attack. >> tuesday night after the fantastic speech, liberal -- phoenix speech, liberal media was raring their beliefs on their sleeves, pompous media never understood why much of america is not embrace their lirr liberal values, most members of press are tooins lar and dogmatic.
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>> president gets to set the agenda. mainstream don't like it. >> is it good for president to rip into media. >> it does not hurt him, at end of the day, not all people in media are bad. we're are part of that nee media, he is convincing a lot of people there is false stuff going on. his supporters are happy with him, does it do him long-term benefit? i don't know. >> media has forever, they have been liberal for -- visi vast majority, recent survey found 7% of media is registered republican. traditionally over the years thigh from tried to be objective, that is all gone. >> it is gone, they recent public who elected this man, they recent this man being ha president, he does not meet their standards. they never will give him the benefit of the doubt.
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i think he has done extraordinary things, and he will do more, he is a different kind of president, i teach a course american presidents, other 44 men before him are different. my sense is that it will be a long hard battle, he will be measured with his accomplish am. >> media still cannot get elected. it shave shades everything they say and do. >> hillary was incandescen inevitable nominee, and president. >> you are right. ed rollins. >> thank you. >> stay with us, we'll talk with count lorler to president, kellyanne conway. >> white house restarting middle east peace talks.
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>> we really thank prime minister netanyahu. >> we'll take up prospects for peace with former u.n. ambassador john bolton there hurricane harvey gaining strength as it roars order to texaxaxaxaxa potsch: you each drive a ford pickup, right? (in unison) russ, leland, gary: yes. gary: i have a ford f-150. michael: i've always been a ford guy. potsch: then i have a real treat for you today. michael: awesome. potsch: i'm going to show you a next generation pickup. michael: let's do this. potsch: this new truck now has a cornerstep built right into the bumper. gary: super cool. potsch: the bed is made of high-strength steel, which is less susceptible to punctures than aluminum. jim: aluminum is great for a lot of things, but maybe not the bed of a truck. potsch: and best of all, this new truck is actually- gary: (all laughing) oh my... potsch: the current chevy silverado. gary: i'm speechless. gary: this puts my ford truck to shame. james: i'll tell you, i might be a chevy guy now. (laughing)
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gregg: jared kushner resuming his effort to forge peace in middle east. meeting with netanyahu today, kushner said that white house is very committed to achieving a deal. palestinians have already begun complaining about lack of progress. we're joined by former u.s. ambassador to united nations, john bolton. so i spend time as a correspondent in middle east years ago, i came back thinking this is an intactable problem, it is never going to happen in my life is, there
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any better lucknow. >> no, peace between israel and the palestinians has to rest on some foundation in reality, that dud not exist now, given a variety of factors, overall turmoil in region, absence of a legitimate pa palistinean government. and i think just impossibility of circumstances to allow raise to accept on its -- allow israel on accept on his border more terrorist states with no recourse other than self-defense when they are attacked. gregg: when president was over there, he met twice with abbas, and with netanyahu, and according to reports. neither on inch.
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president of the specific about avoiding talking about a two-state solution. i don't see any grounds for a breakthrough. >> i don't think there are any, and two state solution this concept, has failed. fact is that even if you could draw the boundaries of palestinian state, gaza and some piece of west bank it would not be vile, an viable. i think only way ahead, for palestinians who have been the tip of the spear for radical in the region for a long time is having gaza strip go back to egypt. and have some piece of west bank retro seede ceded to jordan. gregg: would egypt or jordan even go along with that.
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>> they would not be happy about it. that is part of the problem, i think it is easier to imagine some form of jordanian sovereignty on west bank than deal with gaza, problem is that hamasa affiliated with the muslim brotherhood. >> hamas does have a political arm, but mostly they are just terrorists. and they don't agree with abbas who seat of power is in west banky and he i, and he is unpopular at home, and netanyahu, involved in a corruption investigation, the player are not even players. >> on palestinian side, i think that netanyahu his his prevail. one political development in israel that is not well understood in united states is public opinion across political spectrum, has moved
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against idea of peace with palestinians just to say may would make peace. they understand the nature of terrorist threat, and they are resigned to deal with it as best they can, but not by giving palestinians their own state. gregg: all right, sometime peace is unattainable. ambassador john bolton thank you. >> thank you gregg. gregg: vote in tonight's poll, do you believe ryan and mitch mcconnell's de9 defiance of president trump will hurt republicans in the elections. >> follow lou on twitter @lou dobb, like show on facebook and instagram. gregg: right now texas braces for first major hurricane to hit united states in 12 year, hurricane harvey to become a category 3 before making
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landfall tomorrow night or early saturday morning. there you see it along central coast, forecaster say that storm packing winds 80 miles an hour could bring upwards of 20 inches of rain in a very short period of time to state. >> looking at wall street, stocks moving lower do youu dow down 29. and volume on big board 2.8 billion shares. sears closing 28 more kmart stores bringing total to 208 this year as sales continue to decline. amazon announcing they will reduce prices as many whole food goods beginning on monday sending competing grocery stocks tumbling a little bit. listen to lou's reports three time a day coast-to-coast on salem network. >> coming up next, public may soon have access to transcript from this week's closed-door
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gregg: closed-door testimony. fusion gps cofounder could soon if public. filled with unverified allegations about donald trump, judiciaryy committee chairman chuck grassley said he will hole a vote to release the transcript. join me to talk about it. chris fai farrell. director of investigation and
4:25 am
research group judicial watch. this guy simpson hands over worseless records to the judiciary committee, including paper clippings and 7500 pages of blank paper, what is up with that. >> the real big question, was simpson in this firm waiting -- witting or unwitting accomplisher to a russia campaign of he a dupe or a trader or mercenary. it will be interesting to understand what his relationship and knowledgeability and role was. gregg: who paid for it. >> right. gregg: word is that democrat paid for anti-trump dossier. >> right. gregg: any evidence. >> he had clients are those clients also part of this?
4:26 am
are they sort of useful idiots like lennon called them. or was this a deliberate part of a plan to smear someone. or actually more than just someone, part of a larger plan to smear a campaign. this is not just a scandal sheet finger-pointing second this is a grave counter intelligence matter, it talks about look the russians have been trying to influenceu elections since 1917, literally a hundred years. >> it might have been democrats. >> talk about collusion, let's peal back -- back the layers -- that one, who was playing, who was paying? who was really behind this. gregg: and ask you about james comey. you filed that lawsuit, asking how did james comey walkout of
4:27 am
the fbi had he was fired with presidential memos that is government property under federal record act. also a felony. whoever steals or knowingly converts to his use or conveys any record of u.s. ea or any department or agents there will be be fined or imprisoned, is that not what james comey did? >> james comey leaker comey, b absconded with government records in same way that hillary clinton did, he took things that were not his to take. my opinion that is a crime. we're looking for copies of his nondisclosure agreement, debriefing records be we want to know what his current access is.
4:28 am
he is floating -- there is a book deal, he has a prepublication review process, he has to have access to classified material. gregg: fbi could see hum, my question, how -- bob mueller, he is not going after comey. >> that is why mueller should be disqualify snooqualified. gregg: right, but someone el should go after comey, department of justice maybe a special counsel. >> correct that is a case well established upheld by supreme court. which had to do with a former cia officer write his mem your and publishing them without prepublication review. >> comey, should get himself out fitted for an orange jumpsuit. >> chris thank you.
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>> coming up much more stay with us. >> paul ryan and mitch mcconnell do not appear to be on the same page when it comes to deadline for tax reform in our goal is to get it done this year. >> it will be done during this congress. >> is republican leadership up to the task of moving president trump's agenda forward? we'll take it up with counselor to the president kellyanne conway next. >> and these two thrillseekers head to the top of world's tallest building for their record-breaking stunt, you don't want to miss thehehehehe
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gregg: i'm gregg jarrett in for lou dobbs. mitch mcconnell is joking about the difficulty of being the senate majority leader. >> the best answer i have been able to think of it's like being a grounds keeper at a cemetery. everybody is under you, but nobody is listening. gregg: mcconnell's remark coming on the same day the president hit the republican leadership for the debt ceiling mess. we are happy to have with us kellyanne conway, who is
4:34 am
counselor to president trump. maybe nobody is listening to mitch mcconnell because he's a feckless leader and republicans no longer have confidence in him. the question is, does the president have confidence in hip or dose want mcconnell to step down? kellyanne: the president would like to work with mccobble on his agenda. build the wall, rye peel obamacare, cut taxes, reduce illegal immigration. make america great again. incentivize employers to maintain and attract american workers. gregg: we are into september now and mcconnell isn't moving on the main issues of the trump agenda, especially as the president point out today, after hearing repeal and replace for 7
4:35 am
years, he failed, according to mcconnell. at what point does the president say it's time to ditch mitch. kellyanne: these republicans went home over the breaks and they got earfuls from their constituent. they be running on this and running ads on repealing and replacing obamacare. they have been talking about it for 7 years and the president has been here for 7 months. the president has his pen in hand. in the meantime, tax reform, this should not be so difficult. this should be democratic senators joining with the republican senators to say i think the middle class families and the farmers and small business employers in my state are overtaxed and overburdens. we spend $7 bia year complying
4:36 am
with the tax code. gregg: the president wanted obamacare repeal and replace before tax reform. is that what the president still wants? kellyanne: that would be an ideal situation. that's what he fought for. but the fact is the president wants to make good on his promises and he wants to execute on what we call moral imperatives. these aren't just campaign promises. this is how to make a country safe and prosperous. the president made clear to people back in march or so he suggested tying the debt kreel together va choice bill. it allows our veterans to access care to the private system. and to tie the debt ceiling to that. that was rejected.
4:37 am
going rrg he's warning that he's going to shut down government unless the border wall is tied into the debt ceiling. will he shut down government if he doesn't get the border wall funding? kellyanne: no one wants a shutdown. but he made it clear he's going to build that wall. he ran on it. there are many different ways this can go. you can have a temporary cr and battle out the expanding bill. i won't get ahead of the government and the congress on that. the fact that people are shocked and surprised that donald trump wants to build a wall and have it paid for and get congressional fund. you see the polling numbers improve once people are told you
4:38 am
have a wall and increased agents at the border. you would have other technologies in place. and we would even improve on the astonishing heartening numbers in the downturn in the illegal border crossing. including children brought over the border. gregg: the former -- ni james clapper questioned president trump's quote fitness to be in office which is pretty daring for a guy who lied to congress, which the last time i checked and you are a lawyer, too, is criminal perjury. what's the reaction from the president? kellyanne: let's remind the viewers, too, it was mr. clapper under his official capacity under oath denying that the federal government was surveilling citizens, and it turned out that was not true.
4:39 am
here he is, i think the credibility and the veracity of some of these folks and the lack of qualifications, it's shocking. gregg: would you agree general clapper is the post he child for -- the poster child for moral decay and a hypocrite? kellyanne: he's definitely a hypocrite it's a missed opportunity for mr. clap tore verify with his intelligence team is telling the president, cyber-security and deep leaks happening in our intelligence community is dangerous to all of us regardless of party. gregg: the five-year statute of limitations on that hasn't run out yet.
4:40 am
kellyanne: we have a lot of time store psychiatrists on the news these days. gregg: one of them is hillary clinton who called the president a creep who made her skin crawl. it seems to be another attempt to blame everybody but herself for her presidential loss. what's the president's reaction to that? kellyanne: he has very little reaction to hillary clinton. i don't hear her name mentioned at all. more to the point when people say those of us who work in the trump administration are still talking about hillary clinton, it's because she won't go away. if she wanted a strong, solid voice moving forward, why isn't she running a charitable organization? gregg: the president said he wanted the attorney general to appoint a special counsel to
4:41 am
investigate hillary clinton. does he still want that? kellyanne: i have heard members of congress talk about that. gregg: what about the president? kellyanne: during the transition he said probably not. gregg: nobody is above the law. you are a lawyer, you know that. why does she get a free pass because she ran for president. if i get to rob a bank tomorrow and run for president i get a get out of jail free card? kellyanne: if the department of justice wants to levy those charges and investigate they are welcome to. i would argue there is much more to go on than you see from this nonsense russia concoction. we don't want to pay much mind. we don't talk about her here at all. she just keeps on coming back again and again. it's always somebody else's fault except hers.
4:42 am
this anecdote about a woman seeking the highest office in the land if not the world saying she was intimidated by a man because of where he was standing in a debate? how are you going to stand up to the rest of the world leaders. she has always had a hard time admitting culpability for her losses. you see the other book coming out. it's everybody's fault. we are almost at the one-year anniversary to hillary clinton referring to half of the country as deplorablen irredeemable. i don't know that it's gone the any better for her. and i don't know her putting out book with newly created fiction will help either. kellyanne: the president is not
4:43 am
impeding the special counsel investigation of his own campaign. so that's allle i will say. we don't talk about that. he's a busy guy as commander-in-chief. gregg: we suspect he is and so are you. we'll let you get back to it. please roll the video. you have got to see this base jumping off the 2,000 foot burg khalifa. jim mattis accusing russia of menacing europe. >> despite their denials we know they are looking to redraw borders by force undermining the
4:44 am
sovereign nations of europopopop
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gregg: russia flexing its military muscle flying bomber
4:48 am
jets around korea. russia also denounced the military drizzle saying they do not help reduce tension on the korean peninsula. joining me, tony shaffer. what's your reaction to the russian bombers? >> i go back to general dunford's confirmation hearings where he talked about russia being our largest global competitor. the russians are up to no good. they are trying to reestablish the old soviet empire in its form and shape and in its evil. president reagan called them the evil empire. the flights around the korean
4:49 am
peninsula is another example of that. president trump stated he's trying to minimize the effects of russia keeping hostage to the gas problem an energy. gregg: there are new photographs that show a rocket design far more powerful than what we have seen before. if they continue to launch these ballistic missiles, is it time at some point that we fully deploy and use our two anti-missile defense systems, the thaad system and aegis systems? >> that's been a carolina. the pentagon decide at least for now that they are not going to shoot at any icbms fired by the north koreans as long as it looks like it will hit an open
4:50 am
piece of water. but if you fire at an ally like guam there will be a military response. a space-based system. something that no administration looked at during the ray gain white house. gregg: would they fire their arsenal of artillery into seoul? they wouldn't be that stupid, would they? >> after working this issue since the 90s, i don't think so. the moment you do that, you turn seoul into hell on earth. spoal is buffered along the haan river. people panic, pack up the streets. you have people literally dying in droves based on the crush of the crowd.
4:51 am
there would be a massive military response, one the north koreans wouldn't want to see. gregg: lieutenant colonel tony shaffer. thank you very much. please pick up a copy of putin's cam by thputin's -- gambit *. every viewer whose comments is read on the show will get an autographed copy. a young child holding an american flag. what could you possibly find wrong with this picture? we'll tell you why the aclu is potsch: you each drive a ford pickup, right? (in unison) russ, leland, gary: yes. gary: i have a ford f-150. michael: i've always been a ford guy. potsch: then i have a real treat for you today. michael: awesome. potsch: i'm going to show you a next generation pickup.
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michael: let's do this. potsch: this new truck now has a cornerstep built right into the bumper. gary: super cool. potsch: the bed is made of high-strength steel, which is less susceptible to punctures than aluminum. jim: aluminum is great for a lot of things, but maybe not the bed of a truck. potsch: and best of all, this new truck is actually- gary: (all laughing) oh my... potsch: the current chevy silverado. gary: i'm speechless. gary: this puts my ford truck to shame. james: i'll tell you, i might be a chevy guy now. (laughing)
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gregg: in our online poll we asked you do you support president trump's threat to shut down the government if congress does not funds the border wall? 90% said yes, you do. the aclu tweeted a photo of a white baby holding an american flag. the tweet saying this is if the future aclu want.
4:56 am
some called it racial lip insensitive. others called it pro nazi. the pastor of first baptist church in dallas. pastor robert jeffress. thank you for being with us. what's your take on the aclu. >> this has to be a delicious case of just desserts for the aclu. but i think it illustrates the dilemma the left is in when it comes to the issue of race. do they want one that is color blinds or color conscious? if you want a blor blind world and we all do, then there shouldn't be a problem with the color of this baby in the picture. the left when it comes to the issue of race is schizophrenic
4:57 am
at best and hypocritical at worse. worse. . . . aclu represented in court the white supremacists. >> i have bent target of aclu attacks before. aclu is nothing but a group of hypocrites. the only rights they are interested in protecting are the rights of people they agree with whether it's sheriff joe or this poor coach who was fired for praying at a football game. they ought to be at the forefront of defending their rights instead of attack their rights. gregg: espn has yanked a sports caster from covering a game because his name is robert lee.
4:58 am
like city would never occur to me if i'm watching or listening to that game and the sports caster's name is robert lee and oh, gee, is he somehow an endorsement of the confederacy. >> this is a case of political correctness run amok. it illustrates the concern people have that perhaps we are moving too fast or too far when it comes to this issue of political correctness or sensitivity. in dallas we are having a debate over confederate monuments. i don't care about confederate monuments one way or another. but how far do you go? we have a high school named after thomas jefferson. he not tomorrow was a slaich owner by had sex with sally hemmings for 30 years and some
4:59 am
would call that sex slavery today. greg: i want to get your reaction to trump versus the media. i wrote a column entitled. i will quote. journalists never imagined trump would be elected president. they will persist in predicting trump's imminent demise and assert their own intellectual and moral superiority. >> you are right on target on that. on this show last week i said i hope the president does not backtrack on charlottesville. he hand that perfectly. when you listen to those comments, the only people who would have a problem with the balances way the president handled charlottesville would be those who are racist, weak or i will logical on the issue. you are right on gregg.
5:00 am
gregg: that will do it tonight. thanks for joining us. cheryl: breaking news this morning. hurricane harvey has strengthened overnight. expected to be a cat 3 storm and expected to hit texas and louisiana, could be the strongest hurricane to hit the u.s. lauren: oil refineries shutting down. gas prices expected to spike. crude oil 47.81, up almost 1%. cheryl: we are watching the storm at the nation's capitol, showdown over government shutdown. latest war of words. lauren: investors watching


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