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tv   Risk and Reward With Deidre Bolton  FOX Business  August 28, 2017 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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>> this is a landmark event, we've not seen an even like this, you cannot dream this forecast up. >> i don't know what to say. >> unlike catarina, which passed clear. we're still operating in midst of a tropical storm. >> you don't have to go very far to find people, rooftops from second story. >> people need help. >> and we're working to provide it. >> it terrifying. water coming up, whack in, and coming in. >> swift time frames that i have seen to approve disaster declaration. >> this is maybe a different
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recovery process than we've seen before. >> houston is a great city, we'll come out of this stronger than ever. liz: hurricane harvey, across southeast texas, one of the worst storms in texas state history, texans. as we see mother nature, we see human nature at its past. inspiring stories of human courage and kindness, tonight weighing in former fema director michael brown, and fox news anchor shepard smith, and catarina pearson, and youtube star, trump supporter sisters diamond and silk are here, i am elizabeth mcdo donald. >> welcome to "risk & reward," president trump weighing in moments ago.
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>> we're one american family, we hurt together, we struggle together. and believe me, we en dow together -- enduring it, to people of texas. and lui louisiana, we're 100% with you. i'll be visiting the impact zone tomorrow. liz: a category 4 hurricane harvey packing 130 mile an hour winds and a storm surge that local authorities said ran as high as 12 feet, it is now a tropical storm, packing rain. more than 450,000 people could seek disaster assistant. harvey is set to shatter texas state records. 25 inches of rain already. 50 inches total possibly by friday, here is the danger, harvey now could move back out over the gulf of mexico.
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restrinrestrengthen then turn and wallop southeast texas again. hundreds rescued, people airlifted off of rooftops, and rescued out of cars and flooded area highways. those floodwater continues to rise. we seeing roads turn into rivers, chest-deep high water in many neighborhoods, tens of thousands of buildings damage, u.s. oil sector, heart of refining industry here, pummeled, damage estimate in billions, some areas seeing a year's worth of rain in just two day's time. but we're also seeing inspiring stories of courage. and generosity. can-do state of texas and rest of america stepping up, help from nearby louisiana, also in will i've this pact, including cajun navy coming to rescue, a volunteer network of good samaritans driving more than 4
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hours from louisiana in middle of the storm, to join a rescue squad of boats to help people, it is being called texas' "dunkirk." president trump called for a state of emergency for louisiana as tropical storm packed with potential tornado is now spinning toward louisiana coastline. it is continuing to unfold, hillary, look at you, it looks like that rain continues. reporter: it is really coming down, and here is what i want to point out, right now the boats are loading up and leaving, because most of the rescue operations here in this neighborhood are coming to an end. there is a few reasons why. this sun is setting and there is not a lot of lights on these boats that would allow them to seiche 3 1/2 gate these rivers roads that turned into river, find people than out, clock is ticking for those people still in their
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homes looking for a way out, one pete is headed out, and a canoe coming in, you see people walking in waist-deep water. we were here a few hours ago, where i am standing, this was about probably 4 or 5 inches high water, now it is over passed by knees that gives you a sense of amount of rainfall that has come down in the past few hours, another reason why it is so dangerous, we talked with several people who needed to be rescued, they said overnight they realized they could not get out. there was no escape, and they would need someone to come, into their neighborhood by boat to rescue hem. so, a lot of people realizing, that they are have no options other than waiting for first responders or people who have come here, from other parts of texas with their boats to rescue people. you are seeing away lot of people who taken on role as
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first responders, help to get these people out of their homes into higher ground, we talked to group of two men from dallas, who said, they quit their -- well they left work, brought their boats here to did that, they had touching experiences, one woman asked them to carry her son's ashes out of the home, a lot of sentimental moments people are choosing what to leave and bring with them, it speaks to the interaction. the intimacy see as these rescuers neighbors, people from across the state, ordinary people, really taking on the role as first responders, and helping the people, these boats are being loaded up now, they are on their way. at-this-point the rain continues to pour down. harder. the sun is setting, people in this neighborhood in surrounding areas, now, have to stay where they are until someone come back when the
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sunrises to rescue them, liz. liz: all right. thank you, hillary, be safe, thank you. >> harvey may force 30,000 people into shelters, total of 50 inches of rain is expected by friday. houston's george r brown convention center taking in thousands of people. >> next obam -- objective, we are to remove them, got to get them into shelters, mission will be a very heavy left. we're anticipating 30,000 people paces in shelters temporarily. liz: michael brown is a former fema director who said harvey is probably worst disaster in texas history. do you think this worse than hurricane katrina.
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>> absolutely, have you fourth largest city in america, it has 25 largest gdp in world, it is equivalent to a country, in essence. you have here, you have a larger gro geograph call -- geographical area, you still have rain coming down. this diswasser i dissister is still unfolding. i think you will see hundreds of thousands without power if that is true that will take weeks, and weeks to get that power restored. and then you think -- i know people like to show photographs of water in houses up to cabinet 207 tops or something, imagine that water sitting there for five-days to dissipate and get back to gulf of mexico, that means that damage that initially occurs,
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just continues to get worse and worse, it is not just for homes but also for businesses us. i think that dollar cost not only to taxpayers, but private sector costs this disaster is going to be quite frankly, astronomical. liz: you know, michael, storm victims are taking sheller at houston convention center, arriving by foot, bus and truck, texas is a story of human nature at its very best. >> absolutely, i made a come earlier to a friend of mine, who has a radio program in texas, my response was, duh it texas, i would expect, that i have family and friends in houston, that is what texans do, it is what americans do. to your point about people beginning to flood -- no pun intended. the convention center, to
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mattress max furniture stores and other places, is that is sign to me that this disaster is not even nowhere near over it will continue for days and days, if this storm continues to dump water, a lot do not realize about water it takes a while to dissipate, it will take a while to get out of homes to sewer system, out of flood zones to gulf of mexico. liz: people now have to contend with all sorts of wildlife that have been flushed out of their habitats, alligators, water moccasin and fire ants what you are hearing. >> not what i'm hearing but what i know from experience. regardless how clean we think anything circumstance as, a business or a convent store that stuff that just kind of settled down on concrete will get washed into that those floodwaters, and it feeds into
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the floodwaters itself. so, it may not look dirty, but it may be toxic. i have not heard reports of that, i don't want to sound alarm bells, it is a natural thing that happens with you have run off from commercial area, industrial areas, and stuff that people have in their homes that gets into water, that creates toxic water. i think it will defuse to a certain degree, but you have to be aware of it. >> michael, republican texas governor gregg abbott and democrat mayor sylvester turner are split over whether houston needed evacuations ahead of time, mr. abbott said that people should consider evacuation, but mayor turner urged people to stay. >> try to put fo forth an evacuation in a couple of days, the logistics would have been crazy, you combine that
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with 6.5 million people. where are they going? decision we made was a smart one. it was in the best interest of hous houstonians. liz: such a tough call, i hear the problem hurricane rita, people stranded on the you know highways that turned into parking lot, then flooding came in, problem with people in their cars, what do you think of call made? >> well, they are in middle of responding, i don't want to second guess, i will tell you, look, liz, i will be honest, i think what should have been done a stronger communication message that look we have national hurricane center, national weather service, both using i think even euro meteorologistists using term catastrophic in terms of ai amount of rain full and flooding potential.
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i think it was a mistake to say, hurricane center is saying this is going to be ca catastrophic rain and flooding, here is our suggestion. it is thursday, it friday. take a long weekend. go see relatives in dallas or san antonio or austin, take a trip to dallas or oklahoma city. because, i think people would agree right now, who are stuck in their homes, they would rather be stuck in a hotel or a grandma's house in dallas, than in the convention center. i just think that messaging should have been look, every disasterrer over evacuation model that i have studied always ends up a disaster itself, but what you can do is you can encourage people to make the right choice, to leave. by explaining to them that look, we're a city of 2. some million people, there are 6 million in the area, if this is has ba bad as everyone
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says, you are not going to want to be here, if you understand where you live, if you live close to a flooding area, if you are here during tropical storm alison and you saw what happened, my advice would be take a long weekend, then decide to welcome da -- to come back. liz: oil markets, pricing out tropical storm harvey, refining industry hit hard. u.s. crude pricing drop 3%, settling about $46 a barrel, but gasoline prices surge to 2 year highs, harvey knocked out several refineries. checking airports, flights are halted at both houston airports, harvey cancellation above 5,000,ic techin etending too tomorrow, coming up a houston small business
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owner, watched his store get looted during hurricane halfy. >> and also reports of price gouging on necessity, such as water, milk and bread by texas merchants, we'll tell you how much they are charging. but first louisiana's cajun navy forged after hurricane katrina, headed to texas to help harvey rescues, coming up. rethink what's possible. rethink your allergy pills. flonase sensimist allergy relief helps block 6 key inflammatory substances with a gentle mist. most allergy pills only block one. and 6 is greater than one. flonase sensimist. ♪ is everything ok?adt, i could hear crackling in the walls, and my mind went totally blank.
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devoting major resourcing to texas. >> unlike catarina, we're operating in midst of a prop tropical storm. their are conditions where it is not safe to fly. liz: so mean volunteers to help, including cajun navy from louisiana. with me now, by phone, texas concongressman ted poe, how is rescuing coordination going for harvey? >> quite well. everyone is involved. now the national guard is involved as well. people are being rescued from their homes and high water. we have helicopters, when they can flying they are flying
5:20 pm
through out the area, taking peep of people off of roofs. all different agents working to get team in a safe place. liz: galveston county earlier, warned residents to take advantage of resources. if you are trapped in your home, can safely get to your roof do so, u.s. quot coast guard will be doing flyovers this morning. you need to make yourself visible. so much of success of search and rescue is in hands of the residences. >> right, people, people have to be seen. people have to be in a place where rescue individuals can find them. we have all kinds of boats going up and down streets, looking for people. as you said, the cajun navy, they are volunteers from louisiana, coming to texas
5:21 pm
with their old fashion bass boats, flat bottom boats looking for people in low lying areas. a lot of rescue teams are there people have to be visible. and they have to be -- if they for a house, they have to get on the roof, be where a boat going by can find them or a helicopter can see them. liz: we have hsc-7, dusty dogs. they are out of naval station in norfolk, virginia. they responded to texas. are you seeing similar action like that? >> we are. it is very encouraging, heart warming to me, as a residence here of houston, texas to see people from all over. we have even boston has sent resources down to houston to help in the rescue, recovery,
5:22 pm
l.a. county has done the same thing, sent their swift water rescue team to houston to help, we're seeing people from out of state. and different agencies helping to in the rescue effort, like i said this is heart warming. liz: texas congressman ted poe thank you so much for coming on the show. >> thank you. liz: flood damage in texas from hurricane harvey could match that of hurricane katrina in 2005. energy secretary rick perry tells fox that length of the reco recovery is unpredictable. >> anyone trying to say here is how long the recovery will last, they are just throwing jello at the wall, we don't know, this is maybe a different storm and a deficient recovery process than we've seen before. liz: hurricane katrina
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resulted in more than 15 billion dollar in flood insurance losses in the states of louisiana and mississippi, coming up, we have a houston business owner, he helplessly watches. we're showing a nursing home, of this is -- story is going viral, that image is going viral, dozens rescues from a texas nursing home underwater after this social media post. we have fox news shepard smith, reacting to details, he will deliver the latest after this. k them highest in investor satisfaction with full service brokerage firms... again. and online equity trades are only $4.95... i mean you can't have low cost and be full service. it's impossible. it's like having your cake and eating it too. ask your broker if they offer award-winning full service and low costs. how am i going to explain this? if you don't like their answer, ask again at schwab. schwab, a modern approach to wealth management.
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liz: historic flooding of up to 50 inches of rain possibly by friday, that is a total number there more hand tw feet already, and now a devastating sight, this photo of texas nursing home residents in waist-deep water, waits for rescue, here is the
5:27 pm
daughter of the owner of nursing home. >> we're having trouble getting in touch with anyone who would answer a phone call for rescue, we decided to tweet it. it is frightening, imagine your mom a few states away with all of these residents. the poor residents this is so heartbreaking to see them. liz: heartbreaking, joining me now fox news anchor shepard smith. you have seen so many stories like this that is hurricanes, now possibly 50 inches of rain like friday, have you seen anything like this. >> not this widespread, dayton, texas, northeast of houston, west of beaumont on highway 90, just hit 40 inches of rain, 32 plus in area, 75,000 is how many 911 calls
5:28 pm
people placed since harvey hit. it first made landfall on friday night. powerful cat 4. since then harvey been off of the story. this is dickinson, texas, southeast of the big city, mappeddemandatory evacuation underway, streets filled with rescue boats. the scene in town after town, rescuers having a tough time keeping up with walls, in houston police chief said that merge crews saved -- emergency crews saved around 2000 people, that is human, crews are rescuing pets that brand-new video out of houston, just over here, sadly everyone cannot be saved from flooding. this is a saddest news national weather service 5 people have died. there are reports that flooding today killed a family
5:29 pm
of 6 who could not escape the water, that swept away their minivan in khou, cbs 11, associateassociated press they are feared dead but they cannot confirm, woodlands texas. here you have been getting pounded up there? >> you can look at this, talk about beaumont with 40 inches of rain, an idea how fast the water is rising we left about 5 hours ago,nes these cars were high and dry, they are almost underwater, you reach here tony ter state in woodlands, i45, being shut down. if we go further north in conre, -- conroe, there are mandatory evacuations, they are worried about san jacinto river, coming down, over flowing the banks then
5:30 pm
conroe lake, they are lotting water of out of that record levels, you see water come down they have been telling us all day long we would catch a break, we have not seen it yet, they promise, it will lighten up but i tell you, i have not seen rain like this in a long tim time all this rain north of houston will want to go back to the gulf of mexico. that going to cause havoc down the line in next few days. reporter: trace gallagher in the woodlands, texas. man in the inner tube. he saved people in this truck after he helped that driver go the out. a photo with a selfie stick. on a rare dry portion, another tuber, a lot of people floating in tubes, that one next to a submerged car, one of thousands of rescues, this
5:31 pm
will forwar-- will martinez in a life preserver. and this one, fort ben county sheriff. they are lifting a child einto an air, boat, during evacuations in suge are land. -- sugar land. we have been getting so much -- lilia lil bringing it for us. >> a lot of ways to help, airbnb, people who wan reporteoffer their homes, they are waving fees, apple is making it easy to donate red cross. on home page, you can go to red cross, to donate $10, text half to 90999.
5:32 pm
local also getting involve, donating time, boats, houston police tweeted that officers towing an abandoned vehicle was almost hit by a falling tree, citizens came out with chainsaws to clear it ha is not helping is drone, stop flying the drones, it is interfering. reporter: the one you own, leave it down it gets in the way of authorities, so much more to come. you look at big map, storm is working its way out over the water, then it will head inland, it wil will be friday before they see dry. liz: wow thank you shepard. >> houston business owner watches his store get looted, we have detail, also reports of price gouging to necessities like water, milk and bread, store shelves running empty there, that is up next.
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liz: north korea launched a missile that has flown over japan according to multiple media reports, a sign that tensions have broken out. north korea had threatened to do this it guam, report are if missile landed in sea somewhere. sharply escalating tensions. we have an angry response from
5:37 pm
japan's prime minister abe. said he will take utmost effort to protect japanese public. pyongyang fired a missile over japan into the sea waters there, we'll stay on that story for you. >> we've had looting in houston in wake of hurricane harvey, one business owner helplessly watched surveillance video of his store getting robbed in real-time. samir posted this on facebook, these people are taking advantage of the weather, they have been robbing us blind since last night, we could not reach our store due to the floods. we bring in sergeant penny. what is your response to stories like this. >> well, first and foremost this is a personal nature to me i am from houston, my family is displaced. a lot of my friends,
5:38 pm
hpd officers, they or 12 hours shifts, they are dealing with this type of madness, people looting. i encourage looters to follow u instruction of the chief, they will pay the price, this is texas, not louisiana. most of homeowners there, most business owners carry weapons. you know, you could -- this could end up worse than it is, it could be more -- you could deal with homicides because of this type of behavior. liz: you are right to point out, potentially dangerous behavior. we have texas attorney general paxton saying there have been complaints of price gouging due to hurricane harvey. >> have you been arresting
5:39 pm
people or going after people who have been price gouging? >> yes, we have. we had -- i had my people in office all weekend long with over 500 complaints, whether related to overpriced of water of, fuel, hotels or even bread $15.99, we have problem, fortunately we're getting a word out, i don't think that people always know this is a violation of state law, severe penalty up to $20,000 per occur answer, if you price gouge on a senior that is $250,000 per occurrence, we're serious about this. liz: what can people do about that? >> biggest thing, is be aware, know it going on. my uncle call mea called me, telling me a guy had a lot of bottles of water he was selling on ride of road, because they could not get to store they bought it and it was you know overpriced.
5:40 pm
but that is one issue you will see when people are unable to get to a store, they are unable to get to resources they need, those people -- they will take advantage. however, if you can, take down any license plates information, or anything dealing with these type of culprits, then law enforcement come back follow-up later, at-this-point we want to be concerned with relief effort get people to safety, most personally get everyone back to their families. i am concerned. liz: i hear you. rewant to hear that your family is safe, and rest of the area as well. thank you sergeant penny. >> thank you. liz: well from extraordinary stories of american helping each other in texas. to a group of more than 100 black hooded rioters holding up signs, initially saying no hate, then they turned around
5:41 pm
and attacked, people in an anticommunism rally in berkeley, they were peacefully marchy they get attacked. we bring in pro trump sensations, diamond and silk, they will weigh in on that. >> i have been going to these for a year and a half, never both sides, one side, usually -- when we're attacking back they are in self-defense they went straight up bombs at us last time, i didn't hear anything in mainstream media. >> stay out of your city or campus this is not a fascist america, we're not tell tolerating white is up represent sifts either.
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5:44 pm
[bleep] liz: we turn from stories of rescue, kindness and courage in texas to this, over 100 black-clad antifa rioters
5:45 pm
carrying signs, no hate be the. they started beating up people in berkeley, california, they hid behind their black masks and hoodies, they attacked and kicked. and cops were assaulted too, 14 left wing rioters arrested on a range of charges. we bring in diamond and silk. >> thank you. liz: we go from story of rescue, and bravely in texas to these rioters, your thoughts. >> you know, it is sad that this radical group attends to go out and tends to go out and be people that want to harm other people, imagine if that same group had marched down to texas to help someone this the flood. we have millions of americans that have been displaced, not in homes, in shelters. >> that is right.
5:46 pm
>> that is what we need to focus on, not this group beating up other people for god knows what. i hope they are deemed a terrorist group, they are terrorists in our country, they do not have the right to go about policing free speech. >> that is right. liz: that is a good point, they attacked police too, they were wearing black masks, that is against the lo rules in berkeley, and they say they are there to defeat hatred. >> they are violent, any time you have to hide your face, you are doing something criminally and violent. they must be stopped. they must be stopped. it is time for the left to stop giving them the hip, hip hurray, time for someone to stoop deeming this group as okay for our country. this group is about
5:47 pm
destruction, we have to stop them, one way or another. or we won't know our country. >> you can't bring hate to hate to stop hate that never works. liz: the left is silent on this, they talk about free speech, but this group is clearly against free speech and tolerance, where is media outrage on this. >> that is how they do? they go out, they throw a dagger, then they run and hide, last week they were trading -- tradin praising this group, this group is full of hate, this group is the same as kkk and white supremacist, one wears white hoods and they wear black hoods. >> what should police do let violent rule. >> absolutely not, arrest these people, charge these people, and put stiff charges on them, we cannot have 99 t
5:48 pm
anyone to come out, manipulate to try to dominate. liz: do you think it will get worse. >> it will if they don't stop it, if they don't like what you say, i heard a prayer group of the there i heard some people in the prayer group got hurt. you mean to tell me, people can't go and pray any more with without this group, trying to stop that, they don't have the right to police nobody in this country. what the police should do is stand up and arrest them one by one. and stick some charges on them to stop this foolishness in our country. >> make an example out of them. liz: diamond and sil silk we love having you on. >> thank you. liz: president trump and first lady traveling to texas tomorrow, we'll bring that you story, when it happens tomorrow, all w all detail. wild get twe'll get to story of north korea firing a missile over japan that is
5:49 pm
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to help you keep rolling with confidence. go long™. ♪ liz: north korea shot a missile, flown over japan, ending in ocean water there, it broke to three pieces before falling into the sea, according to media. we have former air force assistant vice chief of staff, retired lieutenant general thomas mcnerney, what are your thoughts. >> i am disturbed. we don't have specific details, i heard from it flew over then broke up or it landed in waters nearby. we have not gotten confirmation. i think you are showing some good information.
5:53 pm
i think probably a b-roll not actual picture, we want to make sure that viewers understand that. it is worrisome. liz: japan, japanese authorities set off an emergency alert system. as missile headed toward the country, north korea firing a missile that flew over japan landed in the sea, what is this going to do with tensions frothere now? >> i think it will increase them, had pushing japan to some self-defense or deterrent cal capability, it should, they have to make a decision. are they going to build a response capability to any threat from north korea, that will drive toward it, it will not happen over night, because the japanese are careful at what they do. but i think you will see more pressure with japanese government to be forced to deploy weapon system they can
5:54 pm
use to respond. liz: general thank you so much, sir. we really appreciate it. >> thank you, liz. >> this is first natural disaster of the trump presidency, president is heading to corpus christie, texas tomorrow, with me, america first policy spokesperson katrina pearson. how important is this response? >> it is coul extremely important, add governor abbott said, they have been talking to the administration, 10 days leading up to the hurricane, i would like to say, as a texan, here in dallas, our hearts and prayers go out to our neighbors down south, tech texas is a strong, proud state, we have strong leadership, our first responders and volunteers are helping out.
5:55 pm
liz: we have former navy seal, the lone survivor, posting a message of encouragement, find a swim buddy, watch each other's backs, until this is over, have a plan, a back up plan could take care of yourself, your family, your neighbors, take care of your town. this is indicative of texas. >> it is absolutely, in houston we have every one is doing everything they can to help out those communities down south, with more rain to come, you see more and more people respond and head that way. the president will becoming to texas tomorrow. we'll exciting to have that, i know he is looking forward to it. he has a huge heart, he is looking to do everything he can already declaring several counties now for disaster assistant. and we're looking forward to having the president here in
5:56 pm
texas. but this is a state that is going to come together to help those in need. liz: people looking for signs of hope, is there a silver lining here, could this bring the country together? unite people? >> >> it is uniting people, you see critics of president, who have been you know very thankful and gracious for the early support he gave to the state of texas. and you see, you know even celebrities now that everyone liked to talk about, maybe come forward to help here in southern texas. and you know, you already see, the nation coming together. liz: katrina pearson thank you for your time. >> great to be here. liz: louisiana is in path of this tropical storm, we'll have more on that stor afterr this. e if you get punished for using it? for drivers with accident forgiveness, liberty mutual won't raise your rates due to your first accident. liberty mutual insurance.
5:57 pm
reporter: for the last segment today we wanted to focus on acts of kindness in can. what i have been struck by is the neighbor helping neighbor. community helping one another.
5:58 pm
5:59 pm
liz: we'll have continued coverage of tropical storm
6:00 pm
harvey tonight during the 7:00 p.m. eastern hour. be sure to tune in. thank you for having us in your homes. we have connell mcshane here now with "making money." conservative this is a developing story as our covering continues of tropical storm harvey. we have reports of north korea firing a missile. with that we welcome you to "making money." i'm connell mcshane in new york. with these pictures on the monitor, they are from the state of texas and they tell the story of what we have been covering throughout the day. the houston area has been pummeled by rain. emergency teams aided by volunteers who plunge into the water to help people devastated


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