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tv   Making Money With Charles Payne  FOX Business  August 29, 2017 6:00pm-7:00pm EDT

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liz: tomorrow president trump barn storing in missouri. that does it for us. thank you for having us in your home. connell mcshane here with "making money." connell: welcome to "making money." we get straight to the news breaking this evening. it's rain like we have never ever seen anywhere before in the continental u.s. but we are seeing it in the state of texas from tropical storm harvey and president trump saw it for the first type. the president visited the state and says he wants it to be the model for future natural disasters. just before flying to texas the president said all options are on the table for north korea.
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that sent wall street into a tailspin. but the dow came roaring back. the other thing we have been watching is the price of oil. the largest one in the nation had it production cut. now that area is in the line of fire as harvey moves to the east. switching now to pictures of wingwood, texas. the houston mayor called kingwood a focal point of the rescue operation. we'll bring you there in just a minute. in brazoria county a levee breached. some of the people, just normal people in the neighborhood built a makeshift levee of their own in that county. the floodwaters, they went over
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the top of a 108-foot spillway. something that never happened before. jeff flock was there as it happened. and sent us these pictures you are seeing as the water started flowing into the nearby neighborhoods. a number those neighborhood were already flooded. jeff and his crew moved into those neighborhoods where people are losing just about everything they have. >> this is the first time we'll get a look inside one of these flooded homes. brandon has not been in since this happened. i want to up there. go ahead. i want to give you that look.
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oh, my lord. oh, my god. i don't know if you can see it because it is dark in here. oh, my lord. you tried to get things up. it's obvious. >> i didn't think the water would get this high back here. but you can see. it's going to get higher and higher. you can see a fish still floating in there. if i had to leave something it would be the fish. but we have cats, and ferrets, they are out. reporter: you never thought this was going to happen like this. >> think is the kitchen. we actually just cooked a meal
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saturday night and were in the process of getting out. reporter: this is what people's homes look like all over houston. >> i put what i could on the countertops thinking it would be high enough. the water is still rising so i wouldn't be surprised if it gets higher. connell: we'll switch to hillary vaughn and her crew in kingwood, texas. what's the update, hillary? reporter: a remarkable effort by the volunteers. every person i talked to who was rescued said they were rescued by a volunteer, someone with their own boat who came out to help.
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this looks like i'm standing in a river but i'm not. this is the main road that is currently under 7 feet of water. hundreds of people have been rescued from apartment come electrics. the water on the main road was 9 feet high. conservative look like we are having a little bit of a problem with hillary vaughn's transmission. we'll try to get her back as the hour continues. kingwood, texas, just outside of can has been identified as a key point for evacuations. the death toll from harvey officially stand at 15. we were told today that number includes a police officer. we are learning about a chemical plant that has been we are told
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evacuated, and a 2-mile radius around it has been evacuated. the congressman from that district, what can you tell us about that chemical plant? >> it's an ammonia chemical plant. it has taken in water on the facilities. they evacuated the plant and a 2-mile radius around the plant. the chemical plant is being monitored electronically from a different location. the water gets into the fringe racial unit it -- the refrigeration unit, it could cause a problem and cause a fire. that's what happens when floodwaters get into a chemical facility. there is all kind of dangers involved with that. connell: what is the biggest worry? >> the refrigeration unit cannot keep the chemicals cool and that
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will cause a fire. they are trying to shut it down. you can't just turn a switch and shut down a chemical plant. that is the danger, they consider it serious but not imminent that there could be a fire because the floodwater has gotten into the refrigeration unit. you mentioned a two-mile radius. >> crosby, texas, east of houston 25-30 miles. all the area, a 2-mile radius has been evacuated. connell: hillary was reporting from kingwood. your district is in the thick of things. what else have you noticed today?
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>> we are south of the san jacinto river, so the district is very widespread throughout the area. a lot of flooding of course. the rain is coming and as you reported, there are two levees, barker reservoir, which holds water from upstream. that water comes through. the area has to go to the gulf of mexico and even further up in conroe, texas. there is a like that is letting water out so that area is not flooded and that water is coming through the san jacinto river. all of that water has to get to the gulf of mexico. houston is flat, the area is flat. we rely on the rivers and bayous to get the water out of the area.
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they are full and backing up. that's part of the problem why the floodwaters continue to rise. connell: the dams in and around those rivers are holding and expected to hold? >> they are holding and they are expected to hold. that's why they are letting the water out of those reservoirs. they are at the top. they can't keep the water in forever because they will breach. connell: the president's trip to texas today in corpus christi and later the state capitol in austin. your thoughts on the president coming so soon? >> i'm glad he did. i think the president -- i wasn't in austin or corpus to hear him personally. but this word were encouraging and i think -- but his words
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were encouraging. i grew up in houston. and carla in '61. this is an unbelievable event. his words i think were encouraging. the federal government will do what it can. everybody is work on this. the federal government was stationed, the state and federal authorities were ready to move in and help. first responders. the national guard, the army, the coast guard, everybody is working together, and the people of the houston area are helping each other. that's what's encouraging. all these volunteers coming in. then we have people from louisiana, dallas and other states, boston and los angeles. they are sending help and rescue crews and all of that is encouraging to me.
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i appreciate the president coming to texas. we are glad he did. connell: more on the president's trip. harvey is front and center for this president. but it's by no means his only crisis. can the white house handle north korea and everything else being thrown its way.od we are back in a moment. yeah, my dad says our insurance doesn't have that. what?! you can leave worry behind when liberty stands with you™. liberty mutual insurance. hey ron! they're finally taking down that schwab billboard. oh, not so fast, carl.
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>> a ted rall government does need staff. we see sit acutely in need of staff in a situation like this. this isn't the only crisis we are facing. this is massive humanitarian. and we are facing a huge crisis
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with north korea. they have a lot on their hands. but we have to have people in place. if there is a plan to not staff and cause the ultimate shrinkage of the government, let's hear about that as well. connell very laura ingraham earlier today saying the government needs more staff. the president said we are not looking to fill all of those positions. don't need many of them. we deuce the size of government. ned ryun is with us, american majority ceo, former presidential writer for george w. bush. go first on whether the administration is ready for everything being thrown its way. ned: there are certain positions
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that need to be filled. but i'm perplexed by laura's comments. the goal is to reduce the skype skype -- reduce the scope and size of the government. putting power back in the hands of the american people, it's saying we want efficient government and not below thed government. -- familiar not bloated government. and i would argue we have bloated government. connell, i would like to see him get aggressive on this. he has two major crises he's dealing with. but i would like to see him shut down the department of energy. connell: isn't that a tough argument in the middle of a hurricane and coming back out of it.
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ned: once you get past this. shut count department of energy, and implode the building and build a liberty park. he has to show the american people he's serious. we'll not tolerate bloated government anymore. connell: what's your take? >> governor abbott spoke earlier today and one of the words he used to describe president and his cabinet's response to this was effective. they are in constant contact asking what do you need, how can we help. it's very important to have efficient government. we look at fema in charge of the national flood insurance program during katrina and superstorm sandy. over 2,200 cases ended up in
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federal court because families were under paid or not paid at all. it's unacceptable. connell: rebuilding will be such a massive operation after this. >> i don't think the federal government is the only people to rebuild. that's when we feet non-profits and the amazing sense of communities working together to get things done. ned: governor abbott gave the trump administration an a plus on its preparation and handling of this crisis. the thing i would add as we move past this, donald trump is going to have to deal with the issue when congress comes back into session in regards to the harvey relief bill. he's going to require that they
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bring a clean harvey relief bill in front of him. the fact of the other is, donald trump -- the fact of the matter is, donald trump needs to call out the gop assistant and say you are not going to put your pet projects in front of the people of houston. connell: that's a good discussion. we'll come back to it and talk about north korea. we'll be right back. inflammatory substances with a gentle mist. most allergy pills only block one. and 6 is greater than one. flonase sensimist. ♪
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connell: north korean tensions to deal with tonight. south korea media reported that the north korean leader kim jong-un was present for the most of recent missile launch over japan. this news break after president trump condemned north korea's
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missile launch saying all options are on the table. the markets today were spooked by this but then recovered with the thinking on wall street that apparently everything a little calmer than we thought with north korea. but when we talk about all options are on the table, what do you think is our best one? >> i think wall street probably has it right. after a lot of tough talk in july, nikki haley saying the time for talk is over. comprehensive diplomatic sanctions were placed on north korea. i think the same thing is likely now. harsh words coming out of the trump administration are part of his bargaining tactic.
6:24 pm
i expect a concentrated push for more sanctions against the companies that continue to invest in north korea, particularly the chinese ones. connell: the odds of a preventive strike, do they go up? >> i think they are increasing. the missile was launched from near pyongyang airport. why was it fired over japan instead of southward? i think the reason was the north koreans were worried if it was fired southward we would shoot it down thinking it was aimed at guam. connell: do you think we should think about shooting a missile down that flies over its sovereign territory? >> it didn't happen because
6:25 pm
japan didn't expect this. north korea had a history of firing these missiles straight up in the air or northward. i think we have to be ready to start shooting them down. connell: do you agree with that, andrew? >> i do. i think japan was chosen for a variety of reasons. aggressive action by japan lifts the coalition. it brings back ghosts of from world war ii. by trying to provoke japan to do something like shooting count missile, north korea hopes to isolate the u.s. from its friends in asia. connell: the shooting down a missile you don't think would escalate this into a place we don't want to go?
6:26 pm
>> no, absolutely. it's an important next step to make sure the japanese are ready to do something like this. connell: thank you tonight for more analysis on what we were reporting last night. andrew, fred, thank you. i want to get back to tropical storm harvey. trace gallagher is in the houston area. what do you have for us, trace? reporter: it's still raining here at lake houston. we were doing live shots there so the water is clearly still coming up. if you see where the truck is, the lights on, that's where they started this rescue mission. one neighborhood over. every single house has water up to the second story. so far today the rescue number is above 400.
6:27 pm
there are still boats going out but they are getting fewer and far between. some are saying they don't want to leave their house. they are betting the water won't get any higher. but the authorities are telling them, if you see a boat that comes by your house you need to get on it because there might not be another one. we spent the majority of the day watching people walk through the water with their suitcases above their heads. they put all their best belongings, their valuables on the higher floors, and then they grabbed their pets and whatever they could and they got out. we talked for a long time about this crew trying to get a dozen horses out. they got them to this bend around there. you can see a sign that's almost under water. they got a dozen courses down to the bent. they were using jet skis to herd
6:28 pm
the horses. after a while it spooked the horses. so they put them back on to dry land which is where they are tonight. they are hoping water doesn't get any higher and they will have to couple a plan b. you look at all these house and as heartbreaking as it is. only 20% of the people in houston actually have flood understand. of the hundreds and hundreds of thousands of homes under water. only a minority of them are covered by flood understand. the rebuilding process will be more horrifying than we previously thought. connell: people think of houston as a city that floods. but many of these people are in areas of the city that don't normally flood, and not like this. reporter: never like this.
6:29 pm
we just talked to a womb in the other neighborhood. but this neighborhood does flood on occasion. in 1953. it's doubled in silt. so it only hold 3/4 of the water it held in 1953. over memorial day they had a flood on the other side. one of the homes under water just finished refurbishing after that memorial day flood. houston is flat. and it has to drain off. conservative all this massive flooding displaced thousands of people in texas. when you talk about economic impact, this damage is tough to put a number on it. we'll talk more about that and the housing story in and around houston and check back with
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6:34 pm
rescued, they are walking with their dogs, some belonging, this whole area looks like a river, a lake, this is a main road in to a main neighborhood in win kingwood, a lot is underwater, we hear current. through that neighborhood is getting so strong, that some of the rescue crews are needing to be rescued. i talked with sheriff deputy, his boat hit a light pole, capsized. he thought current was going to take him away, he was able to be rescued by a boat nearby. a lot of better capsizing, their are hazard -- there are hazards under the water, and cars that boats can run into the water is so high you can't see below. it is causing a lot of problem for the rescue crews. and another problem a lot of
6:35 pm
people don't top leave, they are at apartment complexes, the floors go up high, people on third and floor think they are safe, they are trying coconvince them to leave the buildings that are not structurally sound. there are hundreds people in the neighborhoods, more water is coming, that will cause water to rise further. those people could be trapped because, as trace mentioned, if you gene ge you don't get on a boat, if you see one, another may not come back. there are choppers that are monitoring looking for people. people are hanging sheets outside of their houses. notifying the crews they need to be rescued, a lot of people say, they have been rees rescued by volunteers. that is a coalition of neighbors helping neighbors, people who live in the area, who come from all over texas
6:36 pm
to help out and get these people out with their own boats, seeing boats with holes in this, holes that did not make it out there are a lot of hazards in water. we're getting close tonight fall, the boats don't have lights on them, search and rescue time wind so closing. -- time window is closing fast. connell: that area you are in, what is that? normally look like. where are you? reporter: this is main road behind me, main road to a neighborhood, this looks like a lake this drive able, there is a sign for park and ride, this is a jiffy lube sign. about half way filled with water. then if you film out further, this is all a road back to the neighborhoods, where there are apartment complexes.
6:37 pm
you can see a bank of america sign there too. behind us, this is all commercial, a jiffy lube, bank of america, a bus stop, this is where you would drive to run errands, this is normal residential commercial area, where people would live their lives and conduct their business, right now it looks like a huge lake. this is where boats are going in and out to try to get the trapped people, th town center, i was total one point water was 9 feet high on the road, that is how high waters are rising. it is not 9 feet where i am. as you get closer to river, current gets stronger. and we have conroe dam to the north, which is having a ripple effect into the neighborhoods, a lot of people leaving with just things they have, they can hole hole, their pets, one they can hold,
6:38 pm
their pets be one man could not take all of his cats, rescue crews had to tell people, you can't take that because we need more room in this boat for people, i asked one of the crews that went out on the boats, they called them crrc, id is how man asked how many people does it fit? that's said, we say there is always room for another. that is the mentality, packing as many people in and getting them out, and you have people who think they do they -- don't need help, it may be too late when they realize it. that is the concern, they are going out, spreading water these people need to get out while they can, there is no guarantee that boats can get in and out, the ha hazards beneath the water or more and more numerous, and currents are getting stronger and
6:39 pm
stronger, and night is coming. >> we saw this in spring, texas, these are suburbs to north of houston. mandatory, vacs there and now king wood, there is new analysis put out, estimates that we build from harvey -- rebuild from harvey could be $50 billion plus, who knows at-this-point. our next guest knows something about taking it on former head of fha, and helped with rebuild after katrina, trace gallagher telling us many of these people deep the have flood insurance. >> according to latest statistics aboutics00,000 texans -- -- about 600,000 texans have flood insurance,
6:40 pm
you will see some announcement out of hud, similar to after katrina. federal housing administration will b be able to provide assistant. connell: how long does this take? how long does it take. >> well you have to establish long-term temporary shelter, a baseline assessment, people's needs, medical conditions and et cetera. then you can see some family return to their neighborhoods. they are calling their insurance companies on are coming out en masse. at that time it i is an assessment, how bad is the property, can it be repaired. does it have to be torn down,
6:41 pm
what type of flood insurance, that will take moneys. connell: brian montgomery thank you. we'll be right back with more coverage of harvey on fox business network. don't go away.
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. connell: let's get latest on this we'll talk about refining capacity of united states and how it sim packed -- i is is packed. what is the very latest. >> continuing to pound the gulf coast. heavy rain from houston to new orleans to florida coast.
6:45 pm
a couple tornadoes spinning up along i10, they should be short lived but thunderstorms continue to roll on with the path. good news in houston, this is slowly going to be clearing, moving up to portions of north louisiana, that is shreveport area to little rock to the north in memphis, this is direction that general direct heading, -- taking you to thursday, maybe coast is drying off clearing off a little bit at this point. here is a little bit better look at tropical forecast, seeing timing it out, this takes you on wednesday. thursday, friday we're running to portions of midwest, that this rain, these storms will be exiting that area. leaving gulf of mexico. clear a little bit, you see this here in our extended forecast houston. it has been so long since folks have seen days like this, thursday, friday, folks on gulf coast will be drying
6:46 pm
off. connell: boy. reporter: they need it. connell: imagine how they look forward to it. >> going to crude oil, a 5 week low where the price is, harvey shuttered more refineries, we're getting word about that. issue and we'll have more oil than we already have, a larger supply since not as much can be refined to gasoline. looking at refineries, ones that are closed on the gulf, this is a list we've added throughout the day. many in around houston had been closed, moving to east, we get to beaumont, port art -- arthur area, more are closing. that is the impact it having. we have option, james with us it is good to
6:47 pm
see you, in b beaumont and fort arthur what do you make of this? >> it is going to be interesting, over next week or two to see what type of utilization levels we reach. to think we'll be refining 30 or 40% less oil over the next two or three weeks is understandable. what that is going to do to gas prices here is interesting. as we get ready for labor day driving. connell: that is the thing. you know to get refineries off line is one thing, getting them back on another, it takes a week or so. what type of increase would you sudden pace i -- anticipate in prices at pump. >> we have no shortage of oil, like you mentioned, oil prices have been trickling down getty reading for what may be an oil glut later. gasoline prices are going to
6:48 pm
be 20 to 30 centss in next day or two, and labor day weekend 30 to 40% increase had gasoline prices without a duty. doubt. >> wow, only good news, as quick as they go up they come back down, i guess a temporary situation. still a good increase. >> we think that increase will be temporary, i would imagine, i would say probably middle of on september, as october rolls around, we'll see the increase in gasoline prices probably give up, and probably, october and november gasoline $1.99 again. >> james thank you. >> we have coming up great work, a terrible situation, the j.j. watt story, his fundraiser is bringing a lot of money, that houston
6:49 pm
football player, i think it will is up to 3 million now, ceo of that fundraising site, you caring will join us to talk about that next, good story. inflammatory substances with a gentle mist. most allergy pills only block one. and 6 is greater than one. flonase sensimist. ♪
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connell: one of houston's athleteses doing all he can to help out, texan defensive end, j.j. watt a fundraiser, ucaring, he set a geel, he top raise $500,000, that sounded like a lot. he raised over 3 million, started by giving a hundred grand of his own money, we're joined by the ceo of the company, thank you for joining us. >> thank you. it is remarkable. we have been doing this at
6:53 pm
ucaring since 2011, to raise over 800 million, we've never seen anything of this magnitude, he started this sunday afternoon with a goal of $200,000, and he raised over a million in first day and continues to raise about a million a day, it is picking up more and more. connell: he is a celebrity able to get word out on his own, how do you help out, raising money in this case, harvey on your side. >> it is driven by sharing as people give and donate we prompt them to tell them, spread the word, share on facebook, twitter and e-mail, they take on a life of their own, and jj, he is a celebrity his own right, he has done a remarkable job of promoting this. every day, americans are using ucaring, this driven by ordinary folks coming to give, what is amazing about i
6:54 pm
believe cleared 3.5 million now, is there are few large donations from people like chris paul, of the rockets and jmost are 20, 50 on 100 from hordenar ordinary americans people all over the world, i believe 30,000 people have been given, they are coming together. connell: a great story, that is how it works, people think you need to give a million, you don't, 10, 20, 15, whatever it is, that adds up, dan thank you. >> thank you. connell: we'll get more from houston area on relief effort and state of texas. when we come back, stay tuned. the things they love to do most on these balloons. travel with my daughter. roller derby. ♪ now give up half of 'em. do i have to? this is a tough financial choice we could face when we retire.
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connell: we're back, tracking harvey, we get to trish regan feeling in for lou in a few.
6:58 pm
we go to hillary in kingwood, texas, we talked about your movement from spring to kingwood, you will be on move again, what has been like. getting around and tomorrow's plan? reporter: well, when we started in spring, texas, in a neighborhood there between a creek then south of conroe dam, when we got there the waters was a few inches, over hours it raised up to our waist. that is the situation we have seen here and that people who needed to be rescueded to us said water starts in their homes about 4:00 a.m. when they woke up and by time they left, it was already several feet high. that is part of the problem, the water is rising fast, this is not uber for boats, you can just call a boat, you have to wait for one to come to you.
6:59 pm
that part of the problem. that why more of houston said, if you see a boat, get on it. there is no guarantee there is another boat on the way, these teams are having trouble convincing people, they need to get out of their homes. and to higher ground. you can see there is more rescueys coming in on boats, these are crrc's, some of them are from coast guard, some are part of a military task force. earthier it was busier, to, tons of people, fewer are trickling in, they are tapering down, volunteers with bigger boats have lift for the day, there are just a few remaining there are people with pets, we can walk over, she them getting -- see them getting off the boat. the rescue efforts have been underway for days.
7:00 pm
connell: i have to wrap you, because, i apologize, coming on top of hour, hillary reports has been terrific. it will be tomorrow. have a great night, trish is on now for lou dobbs,. trish: good evening everyone. i am trish regan in for lou dobbs who is on vacation. two dams near houston are over flowing. the unprecedented, ca catastrophic flooding has kill 15, and lead to 3500 water rescues. louisiana residents keeling an eye on the storm as harvey moves east, 12 years after hurricane katrina.


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