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tv   Varney Company  FOX Business  August 31, 2017 9:00am-12:00pm EDT

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dagen: might be a spin across to everyone in houston in the area. >> in the canal congress will fund its relief efforts will be something to watch heading into the weekend and next week. dagen: i know mr. varney will be watching that. take it away. stuart: i'll take it. take you back indeed. hard to believe the extent of the flooding. you are going to see it. a vast stretch of texas is underwater. good morning, everyone. a fire at a chemical plant near houston. residents nearby evacuated. police say no explosion, the company, arkema says there was plant managers scrambling with the dangerous chemical. look at this. the port arthur and bovine. looking down from if not caught helicopter. you see water everywhere. thousands and hundreds of businesses flooded out.
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26 inches of rain in 24 hours. it is every bit as bad as it. the volunteer navy back in action. they just showed up when word got out that the texas louisiana state line was in deep trouble in deepwater. the flood came suddenly and those suddenly and though sukarno could take very little with them. this is a new wave of evacuees. another spike in gas prices. you are paying more at the pump right now as we go into the labor day weekend. for since more than yesterday but the wholesale price of gas, rising sharply you'll be paying even more next week. it was just one week ago today when word of this disastrous storm for surface. meteorologist janice dean shot everyone went on this program she forecast 25 inches of rain to south texas. many places eventually got double that. what a week it has been. jam pack show for you. the stock market continues to
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rise in the north korean throttle rocket and threaten to bomb again. "varney & company" is about to begin. ♪ train to now come in about half an hour we look in an update on the chemical plant in crosby, texas. there's some question about whether it was an explosion or not the smoke can be seen. earlier, i know for an earlier the plant manager said an explosion is the inevitable. they did say that he trained for that is right. 2:00 a.m. central time, explosion started. and arkema set itself to explosion. one for his missing one explosion. these chemicals are supposed to be kept at a certain refrigeration model. if not, they will explode. it's under six feet of water.
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about 20 miles northeast of houston, they started early in the morning so there is basically a concern like a gasoline fire that it would be difficult to put out. the chemical product stored in multiple locations inside the plant so local law enforcement and fire authorities worry about more explosions coming. stuart: and spewing out. >> already evacuations they worried about 125-mile radius and a bigger radius as well. this time on enforcement officials under evacuation of the hospital. >> you are watching there for a moment a live-action rescue. there's no rescuing people from their homes in houston. it's not port arthur. it's not zero my. that is houston, texas still getting people out by boat and anything else they've got available happening right now. look at this. emergency officials in tyler county, east texas issued a stark warning of imminent and
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dangerous lightning. the last line of the post on facebook says the loss of life and property is certain. let's go to jeff flock near the addicks reservoir in them. more flooding there on top of what we've heard you sing? >> you know, yesterday we had port arthur in beaumont is still going on in houston you reach a i weighed out. he walked out and here come people with those. this is the only way in or out of the area near the reservoirs that have been continuing to release water because they are flooding. people have been stating in there and taking boats in and out to and from work. i don't know where this guy is going or coming from, but i think this is the only way to get in or out this morning. this is all we can do. you headed back to your own place, there is there? you're helping some guys?
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over here, this is the staging area for the occasion may be, by the way. this is all their gas and other supplies. they showed up in force yesterday but all the boats -- this is all full of gas, ready to go for the next round. this thing just keeps coming. stuart: and you are right at the center. you've done a terrific job. stay right there. i know you haven't had much sleep and certainly much to me. we are proud of you. you are all right, fella. you are really all right. stay right there. we'll be back to you shortly. everything going on whether it's harvey, north korea, legislative logjam in washington, the markets have not sold off in any significant way. it looks like the dow will go up some more. the opening bell at 60, maybe 70 points. the big movement on the markets this week have been in gasoline. now averaging 244 nationwide up for .5 cents overnight. that is a spike.
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wholesale gas another big pop. as that goes up, so we'll let you pay at the palm. the last price i got in wholesale gas was $1.96. that is up about 5 cents from yesterday. prices are going up, believe me. brian brenberg at the new york city kings college is that this year there will be a gigantic request for money for congress. maybe $125 billion. where is that going to come from and when is it going to arrive? >> it depends if congress wants to tie this to other bills. he talked about the logjam in september. if they need to tie it to the debt ceiling or something else it could be longer-term. the recovery in houston fundamentally does not depend on that money. recovering his independence on a small economy in houston. this is a different story than new orleans, different than
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katrina with the much more diversified economy. houston will come back because it not primarily because of the relief money. stuart: i just think of how big a request is going to congress in the very near future. i don't care whether it's a separate bill are part of the budget. that's really relevant. just the sheer amount of money are talking about. >> republicans with sandia post defending. it's a different incentive. politics are different. i don't think you'll see them oppose. stuart: the funding for sandy was like a christmas tree, loaded up with goodies all over the country. not just new jersey, new york. rama. >> pork storm. stuart: you can dismiss that, but are we going to see the same thing with this? tommy white's going to be different. stuart: with the way the system works. >> they need desperately to show they can cover and this is a way to show that.
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stuart: as you watch another live-action rescue in houston, the boat is taking another evacuee operate there. you see it live in houston this morning going on now. as you look at that, consider the president's speech on taxes and misery that night. he wants a lower corporate tax rate. he also wants a middle-class tax cut and he doesn't want congress to disappoint him. rollback tape. >> ideally, and they say this for secretary of the treasury, we would like to bring our business tax rate down to 15%. so this is her once in a generation opportunity to deliver real tax reform for everyday hard-working americans and i am fully committed to working with congress to get this job done and they don't want to be disappointed by congress. do you understand me? stuart: back to that message there. it seems to me, ash, lives,
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brian, he's running directly against a do-nothing congress that kerry truman and way back when. train for republican leadership on this. when reagan had it, he had bipartisan leadership with tip o'neill and bob dole and bob packwood. now we see disarray. they should've been done in january. can he get it done? he's appealing to his base, middle-class tax cuts. stuart: that worries me. ashley: that's what got him elected. meaning with major legislative leaders next week. he's going to get the same rhetoric or a tax break for the rich. this isn't going to fly in congress and nothing gets done. liz: not going to shut down the government. i will give it the border while funding. stuart: is anti-poser with us? welcome to the show. good to see you. glad you could make it here. some people are a little worried about the president's speech
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yesterday on cutting taxes. that will be stimulative. i got that. but he is talking a middle-class tax cut and it doesn't seem to me like we look at going entire economy. doesn't look stimulative enough. >> we are at like 39%. he wants to take it to 15%. he wants into a middle-class and working-class tax cut which can involve increasing the standard reduction. he also wants to bring back money being kept overseas that $2.6 trillion. stuart: is he listening to senator schumer says yeah, cut taxes, but not for the 1%. that's where the stimulus comes in. it's president trump playing politics can imagine up toward senator schumer to get something attacks deal that deal but does not include money for the 1%?
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>> i sure hope not. i think he was scared in the public was scared. i was scared by what happened with health care reform. you may have to work with democrats to get something done if republicans don't get on the team. i understand that. i wish we could do what reagan did rack and 86, what art laffer and reagan did. i know the president wants to do that. we'll have to see whether we could congress on board. stuart: it does a lot to me like you get a stimulus tax cut through. >> we said that last week. congress is listening to chuck schumer saying we don't want to run against accusations that work for the rich. ashley: he did say yesterday in the beach, let's take away all of those loopholes. he said i don't like it because i'm one of the rich and the rich another peeve of the audience. he was trying desperately to say this is not a tax break for the rich. he never got into what loopholes. stuart: i will throw this out. you don't stimulate the economy unless you get a tax cut to the
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rich. trading for that is what jamie dimon says in a new op-ed. that message, what you just said in the middle east, latin america, asia, progrowth tax cuts. why isn't the u.s. doing that? either way, companies are getting acquired by foreign competitors. stuart: this is a good debate we've got to go through with it. a couple other items before we move on. i want to update jj what efforts for harvey relief. he has now raised a $.5 million. he's got a new poll, 10 million. star player at the houston texans. a few days ago he was hoping for 200,000. he got it. ms, a federal boy set up a lemonade stand. he's wearing a texans hat. his family originally from houston and lives in the philadelphia area now. all the money he raises will go to the red cross. well done, young man. still ahead, wonderful volunteers, people who brought
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both to the rescue. the great american story. we will bring you the cajun navy. ♪ ♪ i'm... i'm so in love with you. ♪ ♪ whatever you want to do... ♪ alright with me. ♪ ooo baby let's... ♪ ...let's stay together...
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stuart: you are looking for in the air the extent of the flooding. you are looking harris county, tech news which i believe is just outside of houston. this is the area where the chemical plant is located. jay showing you this to show you the extent of the flooding. mile upon mile of homes and businesses flat out underwater. we will keep showing you that throughout the program. come on in, please. janice dean. we want to know about the next two storms you've been telling us about.
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tell us the threat. >> right, we are monitoring something that could form as early as sunday around the gulf of mexico. you son of a reliable forecast that could potentially be a tropical depression, the tropical storm is tuesday wednesday, showing whatever this is moving towards the eastern gulf of mexico as opposed to towards taxes. this is still a week out and we have to monitor it. the other reliable forecast model is also alluding to something farming in the gulf of mexico as early as monday. i do mind if you live along the gulf coast coming in to pay attention to your local forecasters, local officials as well because the potential for heavy rain including taxes. our next storm system will be a hurricane this afternoon. this is our map. we have some time to track her mouth, which is good, time to prepare. this potentially make your
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preparations can have your emergency kit, no which are evacuation route is. certainly at any time we could have a tropical system formed. here the computer models. if the curse this way, this would be a good case scenario appeared are mutable have to watch it, but some reliable forecast models have it moving through the caribbean, past the dominican republic at, maybe past few bed. adam minas pay attention coming to your planned along the east coast of the gulf of mexico, florida because it's still tropical season. hitting peak season in the last couple of weeks. stuart: thank you very much indeed. breaking news for you from wells fargo. the bank says there could be hundreds of thousands more unauthorized customer accounts than previously disclosed. train for 3.5 million fake accounts on top of the 2.1 million they found. they refunded 5 million to customers. now they turned to .8 million refunds back to our customers.
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stuart: got it. thanks, liz. the u.s. has tested its missile defense system successfully by the way. president trump says all options are on the table with north korea following the country's latest missile launch that flew over japan last week here at ralph peters is the best. fox news military analyst. the slightest mistake on a knife edge, and going to war. is that right? >> absolutely right. the greatest trouble i think on the korean side is kim jong someone thinks he can get away with anything because for decades there has been no response from us. we keep doing flyovers and military drills. not genetic forces the boy who cried wolf scenario. stuart: he thinks we are afraid. >> yes. this missile launch over japan was a huge step forward or backward as the case may be. that verges on a mac to work.
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we start talking about missiles towards guam. if they hit on by accident, we must respond militarily. the bottom line is simple, stuart. we deluded ourselves for decades by believing china will arrive at the rescue. only military ally. china sees us as the long-term enemy. strategic hegemony and we think they're going to help us? good luck. stuart: we don't know what's going to happen next, but we do know we are in an ice age. that's where we are. >> the only other thing we know is we cannot allow kim jong someone to have a nuclear capability to strike the united states. trade to the grown-ups know that. a lot of people don't and don't want to worry about it and go anywhere near it. i've got to talk to you about what we have been seeing all week long. frankly it is america at its best pay the people of texas coming together like this at the
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cajun navy. i'm proud to be an american today. >> party andrew jackson, they are just terrific people. there are so many other people helping. these are the people that clinton called the deplorable is. tree until you bring up a sore point with me when i heard that comment. >> icon form the dishonorable is. stuart: i am probably -- i'm not a deplorable. >> many times in your life women have accused you of being deplorable. but that's a secret. the charming british accent. stuart: i was going to promote your book which i copied to read from cover to cover type of judgment appomattox. >> stuart, i love you because you read books and i really love you because you read my book. stuart: this is the fifth in the series about the civil war.
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>> it is the fifth in a cycle from gettysburg to appomattox. right now, if people don't want to buy a come and get the library and read it. when i listen to this nonsensical screaming match between left-wing activist of the extreme right, it is clear to me that neither side knows that they are talking about. they haven't occurred. these are rich complex characters for a variety of motives and at least learned before we start turning down statutes. stuart: well said ted crapo, by the way. left side of your screen you see a podium kind of been established there. the press conference, which was going to give details about chemical plants and crosby, texas being delayed for an hour. to set it up, we got to get more details. this is a developing story. the next case, bass pro shops donating those for the harvey
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rescue. joining us now by phone, steve dooley, general manager in katy, texas. i think i've got to pronounce you should write. >> yes, that's correct. stuart: how many boats had he put in the water for bass pro shops? >> good morning, stuart. insert that are outperforming rescue missions and was spearheaded through conversation governor had with her owner and ceo johnny morris and his daughter, megyn. he gave me a call on sunday night and said we've got to help. it's time to save lives than what not. we talk and we came up with some different ideas. part of my conversation to him was how are we logistically handling this as far as a donation?
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is it coming in to buy it or whatnot? he's dead now we don't have the time to worry about the profits into sales. it's a matter of saving lives. stuart: you are doing a fine thing in your journey and a lot of other corporations donating, flat out getting stuff in the aid process. you've got dede boats in the water, eat donated already. anymore coming, by the way? >> yes, sir. more posts coming. we have another shipment of those arriving today were early first thing tomorrow morning. the national guard working with jerry strick lynde, with the federal affairs, coordinating with the national guard to be on-site to pick them up and put them to use. the national guard goes to the crew and everything they are doing the store finally got
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opened yesterday in the customer response was overwhelming, thanking the national guard and the looks and things on the people's faces. just seeing the devastation. it puts in perspective over going through. stuart: i've got to interrupt you. i've got to tell everybody you're a great guy. your effort with bass pro shops is right on effort. the viewers are seeing a shot from the air obviously looking down on crosby, texas. that is just outside of houston. it is where the chemical plant is. the chemical plant located in that town. that is a gigantic structure. this is stretching for miles all over the place. >> one of the biggest industrial in the country. >> definitely been one explosion, possibly to because the product stored in different
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locations. stuart: people within a mile and a half come in the area you are looking at are being evacuated. we're showing you this not for the chemical plant, but the extent. just one small postage stamp area. it goes on for hundreds of miles. i certainly have it. i've been in 40 years. it's a biblical flood. now, in a moment we will open the stock market. i've got to keep the video. now you're looking at green grass and forest. that is a river which is clearly overflowing. at that ballot tells you, that is what we are dealing with. nonetheless, look at the bottom left-hand corner of your screen. dow futures will open up 70, 75, of 280-point higher. all of this going on.
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a gigantic bill on it, pressed as 160 billion, maybe needs 125 billion from congress. >> we closed every day at 21,892. roughly 220-point of the all-time record high. we are going to go up somewhere. have a got pictures of this? that is a pet being taken out of his home on a boat by the looks of it. look at that. we are going to keep bringing it -- that is houston. we will keep bringing you this video. these people are volunteers out there doing what they do best. it's a wonderful story. we can say it's a catastrophe in human terms. great misery, great suffering. get in all of that, leigh cheney now. >> this is part of the reason the stock market serenade.
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they look at what houston has become an can bounce back in the future looks good, even though the president is very dark. >> mother nature at her worst, the human nature at her finest and best. stuart: their rescue. you've got to love it. i go back to just block the day before yesterday, where he was on a boat. the boat was being pushed by a local pastor in the lady got on the boat with her kids. she was great. gratitude in this day and age. how many times have you seen people on air, on television moaning, whining, complaining. how many times have you seen that? this lady was in tears and thankful to the people who rescued her. that is what makes this not just a tragedy story, but a brilliant story. moments of my. i'm getting carried away.
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i am reaching. preaching? >> it is. what you are seeing is inspiring. it is. and it's a week old. can you imagine that? this is worth remembering. at 11:30 eastern time one week ago last thursday, janice dean appeared on our air and said watch out, 25 inches of rain is possible in texas same. we didn't laugh. you don't laugh at that kind of thing, but you are shocked. you stand back and say goodness me, impossible. trade for a minute been. when people they say they love the world. stuart: i like the spiritual element to surface in this. i can see how the humanness and that is you, ash.
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>> of a big believer in good and evil. stuart: all right, everybody. we now have 10 seconds to go before this market opens. it is going to open higher in part because of the beautiful stuff you see on the screen. not the flooding, the rescue. it is thursday morning and we are already up 27 points, 43 points, 48 points, 45 points, a sea of green on the left side means those doctorow. two losers at the moment. one of them unfortunately as microsoft which i happen to own a little of. the dallas at .17, .19. how about the s&p? in percentage terms, the s&p is up just five points from a fraction of a point. that's a pretty much the same. the price of gold this morning is further lower. he came to edge down as the
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tension with north korea eased up a little bit. it is something about. but the 13.15. big day on the market. who's with me? ashley webster, it was a big mcdonald, brian brenberg and scott martin. i want a top resilience. if i ever saw was billions, seeing it right now with all this going on the dallas open up 47 points and we are at an all-time high. first of all coming to you, scott martin, explain please the resilience of the market. >> difficult market situation here that we've seen a sense of the trump election which has been any fraud or any idea of a selloff was quickly meant buying from investors. superman, i need brenberg is right. the fact we see positivity with relief efforts inc. houston. with respect to maybe finally getting something through congress this fall and the fact
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that the economy, a jobs report tomorrow, the fact the economy will post its best quarters of growth that we've seen since the trump election. a lot of optimism out there that people are starting to come around on the promises trump gave us a year ago. stuart: andy puzder, a brilliant market, why? spin at the devastation has been terrible on a personal basis and some of them will never recover from. on a business basis, we will recover in houston and the economic news coming out, the 3% gdp unemployment, they expected 187, they got 287,000 jobs. the personal income numbers came up four tenths of a percent as opposed to three tenths because wages and salaries are at. the economic news is good. what is happening in houston is temporary. although the personal impact will be long-term. the economy will come back. houston will come back.
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economic news. i'm a little worried about third-party gdp. whatever would've been without without houston is going to be lower. even with that being factored in, people see this as an opportunity in a time when the economies are improving. stuart: we've got a pretty strong economy underlining it all and it is a strength for the economy both here and all the way around the world that profits are strong despite north korea, despite harvey. >> the market does knee-jerk react down. we have yet to see the 5% drop. stuart: that is right. it has been a buying opportunity. liz: he's right. the last time was brexit last year. d.c. needs to get over its own swamp and get those tax cuts done. when nancy pelosi and charles schumer's italic president trump next week for me and know what,
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they've got to knock it off. jamie dimon the same the way to get growth back in this economy and help people with jobs to those tax cuts. stuart: on the left-hand side of the screen, for wagging tails. a heartwarming story. but to see rescued in dire circumstances. those young pets they are. >> how many dogs are a madhouse? you've got the stock market rallied on the left-hand side of your screen. good stuff in adversity. we've got it right they are. we've got to tell you about the price of gasoline. you could say this is a negative if you like, but the gas prices going up. overnight we had gas go up another 4 cents per the national average is now $2.44 for the futures market of gasoline, the wholesale price has gone up another 4 cents.
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it doesn't matter about the level. you've got more gas prices still to come. sixteen cents up, the future price. look at that. >> the colonial pipeline to shut down. stuart: this is done this is not the negative for the stock market or for the economy. >> it watches for the stock market. you'll see it through september. trade to one financial impact on all of us. >> what is fascinating as a fascinating is result will yield the floor yesterday. they can produce a fine right now. where do you you can't refine it? that's why oil prices have gone down. stuart: we have a report that news conference around the chemical plant in harris county, texas, that may occur fairly soon when we get it, you'll hear it because that's a serious situation developing as we speak. dow jones industrial average of 71 points.
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21,962 is where we are. the price of gold pretty flat above 1300 bucks an ounce. gas prices on your screen are spiking as we speak. we've got some individual companies and corporations. what if we got here? apple. what is the story on apple? that's the story. you've got september the 12th is when they are going to come out with a new iphone. as that date approaches, the stock of apple just keeps on going. >> and will it be a market cat. let me press my button here. 800 -- apple current market value of $846 billion. >> the stock is $30 billion a share to hit that mark.
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stuart: that is jeff flock shot. he's not in the shot, looking at yet another rescue. this is houston. the storm has moved on from houston, but they are still rising. so you've still got this need for the cajun navy. who will be appearing on this program later. you still got rescue boats riding down the street. look at that. stuart: how long will it take for flood waters to recede? >> very good point. the news conference is about to begin. we might be taking now. >> -- plastic materials. as a result we can expect in chemicals to eventually catch fire. this is why we help coordinate an evacuation of all residents within a 1.5-mile radius. that happened around midnight. our deputies complained of respiratory irritation.
9:38 am
one was taken to a nearby hospital by ambulance and 14 drugged themselves to the hospitals to be evaluated. at last check, 13 of the 15 deputies have been released by the hospital and the other two still being checked out. company officials and the harris county fire marshal's office has told us smoke from his organic peroxide is similar to standing over burning campfire. based on the information, we believe the smoke is a non-toxic irritant. the fire marshall's office plan for the beginning was to allow the fire to burn itself out. firefighters take a defensive posture to prevent it from spreading. next we'll hear from assistant chief from the harris county fire marshal's office and not do that will provide in here as well. >> thank you, sheriff. my name is bob royal, assistant chief of emergency operations in the fire marshal's office. the harris county vacant.
9:39 am
earlier this week at approximately 2:00 a.m. the county plc which was in full operation at level one received a call for a water rescue at the arkema plant. across the plant. the crosby fire department initiated that rescue. the next morning for later that morning, somewhere after daylight around 7:00 a.m. or 8:00 a.m., the number is down to where working at a they asked for a complete evaluation. >> when the ark among people of the plant in texas, the chemical plant. when they get on to make their stay bankable will go back to the press conference because i want to hear what they are going to stay.
9:40 am
we'll keep it on the screen when they come on because they had bad an explosion is inevitable. we've got to get that is. left-hand side of the screen, the rescue operation continues. you'll be seeing that throughout our program. it is not over just because the sun is shining in houston. they are rising and people are still in need of inner being rescued. the dow industrial average despite all this is up 78, 79 points. 21,972. only 150 points away from an all-time record high of the dow industrials. why is that? we've had some pretty strong economic news. 3% growth on an annualized basis. this morning we found 237,000. >> the job market looks like it continues to be strong coming back. good news for the markets. stuart: personal income was up, i hate to say this, more than
9:41 am
expect it. a solid game. >> is the first time they've ever said that. >> i hate this nonsense. it's rigged if you ask me. income is going up very nicely. thank you indeed. the market likes it up 70 points. joining us by phone from the tony wade, the occasion search and rescue team. is that you, sir? >> yes, it is. thanks for having us. thanks for all you do for america. how many votes as he got in the water? >> right now we have nine boats in the water. stuart: did you come over from louisiana? are you the cajun navy? >> we are keeping search and rescue. we work alongside the cajun navy, but we are a separate group. >> i'm losing track. did you just mentioned occasion are made? >> yeah, there's multiple groups.
9:42 am
kaisha navy, cajun army, different individual groups have sprung up on us. stuart: you did a great job. i've got to tell you. where are your people operating at this moment? >> we have some team members in beaumont right now. we are headed to rockport with a canine team as we speak. stuart: i want you to tell us about the situation in beaumont. you just said you've got the boat there. we are just discovering the extent of the damage there. that looks like the entire area is under water. can you confirm that? >> the entire area around beaumont is under water. interstate 10, all the areas flooded out. stuart: good lord. interstate 10, i remember that as the major east-west highway. i think we had a video of that yesterday where there were a white caps on flooded
9:43 am
completely. you confirm that one, please, tony? in that case, still underwater at this point. i would say four to five feet of water on the interstate. stuart: fortified feet on the interstate. is it still rising in beaumont? >> s. actually my report this morning said they had a four-foot rise in water overnight. >> what are you going to do next? >> we are actually i pulled my team out of rescue, search and rescue. we are headed to another location. they want us to start clearing buildings and see if anyone is trapped in the rubble. it's just going to be a long road. >> we think you are doing a great job. america thanks you. the cajun coach search and rescue teams. thank you for being with us and thanks for all you do. we appreciate it. we really do. let's go to jeff flock. he's in houston near the addicks
9:44 am
reservoir. he's on the boat on the left-hand side. but if you got for us now? >> just getting ready to launch. this is the staging area from august the. they are people from all over. i want to interrupt him if i can. this fellow is from austin, texas. folks here from san antonio. they were in beaumont yesterday pulling folks out of there. i just got to ask. i don't want to interrupt this. i've been very careful to ask you for interrupting you. why? why are you here? >> we are here to save the people and do the best you can to help everyone out. that's what we do. you think it's important not to do it. that's what everyone else is here. reporter: this fella appears from austin. i don't want to interrupt.
9:45 am
i want to be very careful. we are not taking those they serve everybody because this is a big pontoon boat. you can yesterday were in beaumont? >> s. come in beaumont on a port arthur. reporter: you have people from an apartment building? >> close to 98 people at that complex. >> and then >> and then he came back appear to do more. >> that's what we are here for. we will try to get as many people out. if you've been evacuated, get out, don't wait for the mandatory evacuation because it will keep coming with these levees breaking. >> people don't have a vote. off to the right here, people don't have a boat. besides scott -- it looks like he might have a 12 pack of corona on his shoulder. i don't know what he's thinking. i'll tell you, this neighborhood is full of people. this is in close proximity to reservoirs that continue to let
9:46 am
water out and ask why the floodwater will stay up. the guy from the flood control told us yesterday they think the water will be up until october. you're from san antonio, also. you just met up with this team here and decided i'm going to do it. >> yes, sir. >> why? >> help people. it's what it was designed to do. reporter: couldn't put it any better than that. we are now moving. author about you. maybe you can come back. stuart: jeff flock, good stuff indeed. every single one of those people with saying we are here to help. ashley: i'm just design. that's what they do. >> they are born into it. they are created. they are born into it. >> it's wonderful and devastation like this, those guys can put a smile on our faces. the rescued pets, rescue people
9:47 am
in dire circumstances. that's america at its best. i don't know where you are. are you in chicago? america at its best. >> i'll tell you, we have sent help down from chicago earlier this week and it's been a great response. this is one of these moments where you get the re-instilled faith in the united states people in general. we have seen so many on the news and media where everybody seems so divided. there seems to be so much anger over political views and socioeconomic situations. see the reaction from everybody around the country in their contribution to the recovery here has been really be instilling the faith that we have in humanity. the factory can come together going forward under the term presidency, get the economy going and move forward in the future is a need to do as americans. stuart: what strikes me as not so much the money being devoted.
9:48 am
i'm sorry, andy puzder had to leave right there. what strikes me is that the money being donated. the point is those are people who've gone there and helped. i love that. >> there seems to be so much scope for voluntary action here. you think about bureaucracy moving into a situation. something about how they are managing that is leaving a lot of room world that they know how to help. >> as we continued talking, when you see guys like this and women stepping up, wet, cold, dangerous, they are getting on the stick and doing it. does not say get the money out the door? >> is that it back we write. quit fighting. quit swimming in the d.c. small. >> what is this one's contribution to this rescue effort in houston? >> they are probably holding a committee meeting about it. stuart: one thing that troubled
9:49 am
me from this report from jeff flock is that water stayed around until october. it is now august 31st. all the way until october. what is that due to property? >> this is really going to hurt small business owners are bigger companies diversify the risk, but small businesses are not insured. you are going to see high percentages of small businesses never open their doors again. >> is intended an argument in favor of tax cuts, in favor of the growth plan because you really, really need it now with dire circumstances. liz: jamie dimon studded just now. other countries around the world are doing it. >> lori rothman on the floor of the new york stock exchange. what you have for me? >> i wanted to bring your attention to ual, ticker symbol for united airlines. houston is the second-largest
9:50 am
hub talking about the cost third-quarter ual will sustain. hundreds of millions of dollars. here's the thing, it's transitory. it would not go on forever. it struck to the energy industry. the airports themselves were not damaged. this is an horrific event. people have been displaced and worse. however, for some of the other airlines, they are pretty optimistic despite the significant second-quarter head, the analyst accounted $265 million airwaves will be okay eventually. >> eventually. that is extraordinary. the stock goes up when they have hundreds of billions of dollars of added cost that they will get over it eventually. ashley: they got over the passenger being dropped off. stuart: let's not go back to that. do not run that video again.
9:51 am
also with us this morning, john allison, former cato president. welcome to the program. you used to run very much a free-market organization. what do you say to the cost of this extraordinary event in south texas put a $160 billion. how are we going to pay for that? >> well, obviously the real damage, not just economically but from a human is. unfortunately, a lot of people call this kind of money stimulus, but that is a false idea what the old broken window fallacy that she spend money fixing the window but money that would've been spent on something else. we have a huge economy and i do think this has been a little bit inspiring in the sense you are talking about the volunteers are better committing themselves to really try and help people.
9:52 am
by the way, this is not certain, but a lot of those volunteers are the people that take personal responsibility, the people that have been aligned by liberals. stuart: that is that cato is all about. one real fast one. it's in this disaster of texas are to the right on the wall. you've got to have tax cuts for the stimulus for new growth plan. >> no question about it. psychologically the market is a significant tax cut for business in particular, the failure to deliver. stuart: i've got to go back to the press conference by the people of the chemical plant in south texas listening. >> this is a chemical facility. we do produce obviously organic peroxide and to do that we have other chemicals stored as raw materials for the production of the finished product we make. the issue is not those materials.
9:53 am
those products are safely stored and there's no way she would does as long as their broader area is not involved. what the concern is if the cold temperature products, your gena peroxides. materials have to be maintained cold. if they start to warm up, they become unstable and they will be composed. when they generate heat commanders possibility of the fire. we do have nine containers in these box containers like ec over the road storage containers. one of those containers has been involved and has started that happened early this morning. we fully expect to get very containers will do the same thing. water is still in our facility
9:54 am
or maintain us from accessing the facility and we believe at this point the safest thing to do is allow the other eight containers product in us to degrade and burn. excuse me, just a few more remarks and then i'd be happy to take some questions. certainly on behalf of all of the employees at arkema, i want to apologize for the impact this is having on the local community. we certainly appreciate all of the work the responders are doing to help protect the safety of those in the area and that is our primary objective and we will continue to do that. with that, i'm happy to take some questions. maybe one at a time. our understanding is the material was stored in containers and there are pressure release there are pressure release files on these
9:55 am
containers. when pressure builds up in the container to a certain point it exceeds the pressure of the valve. duval really says and makes a popping sound. our understanding is that is the sound we heard. certainly, these things can burn very quickly and very violently and it would not be unusual for them to explode. what we believe we've heard, understand we are a mile and a half away from the facility. we don't have anybody on the side watching what is happening. we believe it just hasn't been a massive explosion said the vapor release valve popped. [inaudible] is >> we certainly anticipate. it's hard to predict if there will be an explosion. certainly, these things were when they degrade and there is the possibility the explosion could have been. >> why do you rely on cooling as
9:56 am
a way to mitigate this potential problem? >> well, the churros are required to be kept cold. as far as i know, i don't know that there's any chemical way of keeping that from happening. >> over texas a&m cossette standard operating procedure that facilities like this have a compound to neutralize chemicals. why did arkema not have that? >> i can't comment on that. i don't know the chemistry you're describing. [inaudible] >> yes, we did. >> please describe this extraordinary measure. >> i understand. so, on friday, before the storm hit, we started taking measures to shut down or planned. the plant was safely shut down and we put in place multiple layers of protection to try to
9:57 am
provide refrigeration for the materials that need to be kept in storage. [inaudible] >> absolutely. our primary of layer of protection when the storm hit we lost our primary power. we brought in emergency generators to provide backup power, to provide refrigeration to those products. as the floodwaters rose, those generators for compromise and we lost use of the generators because the floodwaters. we actually had a third system in place, which was liquid nitrogen. we have a liquid nature gin system on-site to provide refrigeration to the storage containers. because of the floodwaters, some of the equipment necessary to operate the system was also compromised and then our fourth layer of protection would be refrigerated storage containers. we brought these refrigerated storage containers, moved all the product into these
9:58 am
containers, which is where they are now. >> yes, we are anticipating the remaining eight containers that have not yet started to have products in them, not to start happening. [inaudible] is that accurate? >> my understanding is that we lost refrigeration capability and three of the nine -- >> aid of the nine? >> yes. >> i'm not sure that distance, but containers themselves or in a remote area so we don't anticipate any other buildings or equipment on the side. [inaudible] >> i think that is something.
9:59 am
is [inaudible] >> we felt that the best place to keep this material based on the nature of the product was then the player. we have experts and people who know this chemistry know-how to handle the products. based on what we would've anticipated happening in the storm. we certainly didn't want to bring this containers on the roads of hundreds of thousand of people being evacuated and having a trailer stuck on the highway somewhere with numerous people around. we felt like the safest place to keep containers and protect citizens in the area was to keep the product website. stuart: you are looking at management of the arkema plant in south texas. there are nine chemical containers on that site.
10:00 am
one has popped. it sounded like an explosion and then caught fire. eight more containers in a planned to just let them pop and burn. there is a danger of an explosion, but they will just lead a popping burn for now. ashley: nontoxic irritants with regard to what's been released. every layer of containment has been breached. why don't you have some materials that i've read material is reached. the chemicals that beat you third time board on the spot. right there in crosby, texas dear reporter: stuart, we are a few miles away from the plan. the press we've been listening to going on behind me. a lot of questions about the health effects of the fire burning, the smoke that residents could inhale and 15
10:01 am
deputies did inhale and send them to the hospital. the fire chief says he doesn't want to call this an explosion. he wants to call it a chemical reaction. it's comparable to standing over a campfire and inhaling the smoke there. a lot of questions about what is in the smoke people are breathing in. it sits about 25 miles outside of houston and one of the largest concentrations in the country, refineries, pipelines, chemical plant in residence close to the plant were forced to evacuate at one point as mile radius surrounded. officials say that the small a spokesperson for the plant says the plant's power was knocked out and as temperature inside the containers rose the organic compound become more volatile and they explode from
10:02 am
there. there could be several chain reactions. the small explosions are not over. the smoke will continue to dissipate in the area. prevent this, the refrigeration, climate control systems, backup generators were wiped out in the flooding. it is standing by letting the explosions continue until the compound have blown up. stuart: what a situation. reporter: all they can do is get people out of the way. stuart: hillary vaughn, thank you for getting in the middle of these things, reporting from crosby, in texas, right next to a chemical plant where fires will continue. there is the possibility of an explosion. depot all the dow jones industrial average is up 70 points. we have the north koreans with their rockets. we have got a chemical problem in south texas. we have lingering effects,
10:03 am
enormous effects of harvey and the dow industrials are up 71 points as we speak. all right. now, we're just organizing ourselves here because there is a lot going on and we've been showing you the rescue right there in texas. that is on going. i've got this, i have an editorial for you. listen up. here is what i think. they just can't help themselves. they are so contemptuous of christians, conservatives, republicans and the president that they spew out their venom and think it is funny or poignant or cutting-edge. i'm referring to the secular human its who dominate the media and coastal elites. case in point, "politico." it is a political website. it published a cartoon mocking christians and texans. it shows a backward texan and confederate flag. i don't think it is funny.
10:04 am
a lot of people find it offensive. using mockery at a time like this is plain stupid. itñr reveals so much. there is cultural divide in america on full display, the left, media, executive suite are on same side, one side. big government, legalistic, secular. i don't think they have much enthusiasm for america. they dominate our culture, they have for years. on the other side, the people in flyover country, people who religion matters. people who love america and revel in their traditions. for generations they have been played a minor role in the country and locked down. they are mocked, laughed at sometimes beaten in the street. along comes texas, ordinary people volunteering to help their fellow americans in the worst natural disaster our country has seen. i don't want the cartoon withdrawn. we can't to give it maximum
10:05 am
publicity. we need it know who hold us in contempt. the second hauer of varney and can is about to begin. ♪ -- "varney & company" is about to begin. stuart: happening right now, the flooding continues. officials have just given an update on the situation at the arkema refinery in crosby, texas. you're looking at parts of houston where the floodwaters are actually still rising. the sun is shining brightly but the floodwaters are rising. all day long we've been giving you pictures of the his tore rec rescue operation unfolding. we're giving a small part of it, postagized stamp of flooding in texas. this goes on for hundreds of miles, hundreds of miles. senator bill cassidy with us, republican from louisiana, i
10:06 am
don't think, senator, we have gotten the grip of scope of this. >> we have not. it will take, also the scope of the recovery that needs to take place. , that will take frankly as much as a year. there will be damagings to sewer system because of weight of water -- [inaudible] the recovery will take time. stuart: mr. senator, we're hearing about total cost, rough estimate of $160 billion. and maybe a request to congress for $125 billion worth of relief, fairly soon. can congress, or will congress authorize that kind of money quickly? >> the 125 billion i doubt would be a lump sum up front because you just don't know how much is -- as i mentioned it may be the weight of water destroys subterranean sewer systems but you don't know that for some
10:07 am
time. so, i think if you compared to katrina, which was obviously a an incredible disaster, it will take a while. tranches of dollars go out, meeting the need as we progress. the american people are generous. we'll help folks recover. whether or not is all up front, probably not so much. stuart: mr. senator, you're breaking up a little bit. i want your comment on the state of america when we see this kind of volunteer effort, all hands on deck. i'm personally proud to be an american. i'm sure you are too, sir, last word to you. >> totally. the piece before about those mocking others. we know from scripture we are to do undo others as they would do unto us. in this sense the people are doing unto others this is incredible example of ethic that benefits our country which neighbor helps neighbor. stuart: mr. senator, thanks for joining us. very important time for all. thanks for taking time to be with us.
10:08 am
mr. senator bill cassidy. thank you, sir. left side of the screen is the boat which our own jeff flock is mounted. this is rescue operation. the boat is on the way to a neighboring house where they pick up somebody who is stranded obviously for some time. they will pick him up. you will see the pick-up. on the right-hand side of screen, on going rescuing of pets. there are happy faces, wagging tails we brought you in the past. look who is with us right here in new york city studio, we have katrina pierson. welcome back. >> great to be here. thank you for having me. stuart: what do you say, top of the hour i was a little strong on the cultural divide in america. i'm angry looking down on, you are too, i know it. >> you are an american and most americans are extremely upset with "politico," we have a time
10:09 am
in our country everyone is coming together. politics doesn't matter, race and religion doesn't matter. everyone is coming together. leave it to the media to hedge the divide and cause separation of issues that might separate america. stuart: it is outrageous to mockeries shuns, republicans, conservatives, texans, at a time like this you mock those people? i want maximum publicity. the country won't agree with that. >> the people need to see, i will call it stupidity, the counties they are mocking are counties that voted for hillary clinton, in some cases double digits. is "politico" saying hillary clinton support remembers racist and extremist. this is absurd. goes to show you they always overreach. this is why no one trusts media anymore, they see the fake news. they see these fake, outrage, really manufactured by the media causing division among people.
10:10 am
so when things like this disaster, this horrible, horrible, disaster happening in my home state of texas, people coming together, they can't have that. stuart: i didn't know that. you're from texas? >> born and raised. stuart: didn't know that. which part of texas. >> out of dallas. stuart: not directly affected by flooding is it? >> just raining. stuart: a lot of people from dallas -- >> highways are backed up people are trying to get there. people loaded up cars with clothes. even furniture, just to try to help the neighbors down south. during the campaign, in november 2015, donald trump had a rally in beaumont. so seeing the pictures of i-10 under water, you can't even imagine it happening. to see the photos it is just surreal. stuart: for the benefit of our viewers who may not have traveled on i-10, i have i went across the country to california, all the way across. >> you have seen it.
10:11 am
stuart: i-10 as i recall six-lane highway, three this way and three lanes that way, and under four feet of water. >> you can't even recognize it. stuart: you're mark shalling resources to help people? >> absolutely. texas is very patriotic state. they make fun of it. they love being americans and love being texans and love their neighbors. but i can tell you in texas the highways are backed up if all 30 million people in the state could be in houston, they would be. stuart: president trump has the texas vote, hasn't he? >> absolutely. again and again. stuart: congratulations you made it up to new york. >> we have to get the message out. tell the people where they can help, whether financial donations to american red cross or locals, texas baptist men, they are on the ground and know where the resources need to to. stuart: katrina, thanks for joining us. the dow is up more, we're up 87
10:12 am
points on the dow industrials. lizzie, you do the math, we're about 140 points from an all-time high? liz: we're just 40 points away from 22,000 again. the dow is driven higher, i think the president barnstorming for tax cuts. i think part of the reason and corporate profits still coming in solid. stuart: i want technical expertise on these floodwaters. we brought in dr. robert holmes with the us-fs on the phone. floodwaters still require rescues all throughout texas. dr. holmes, when will we see the floodwaters come around a little bit? we heard they stick around to october, is that accurate? >> i don't know about october. depend where you are at. some larger systems, they will be peaking into next week and last several days, a week or two. smaller basins and tributary streams hopefully going down this weekend.
10:13 am
it's a tragedy down there. our hearts, our own staff in the houston office, we have a couple people flooded out there. it's a massive human tragedy there. a lost flood. stuart: doctor, in some places, some parts of texas, this water will stay until october? is that when you're saying? i know not everywhere, some parts have this another six weeks? >> i, no, i don't necessarily expect that i mean there are areas. it is locos stall plain. there are areas that pond water but you see the tributary streeps, they will be emptying out. major rivers are cresting this week but it will be a long slow recession. i'm not sure we'll see it all the way into october unless we get additional rains. there are additional rains expected in the gulf next five to seven days. stuart: when you say some rivers are cresting this week, does that mean we've not seen the peak of the floodwaters from some of those rivers? >> some larger streams are going
10:14 am
to be cresting, brazos, the trinity, san jacinto, is cresting through the day and the weekend. we could see higher flows in some of those areas. plus you will have deepwater of some of the large reservoirs. stuart: that is extraordinary, doctor holmes, thanks very much for joining us. we appreciate it. >> you bet. stuart: liz, what do you have for me? liz: as the storm was heading east, tyler county in east texas, officials issuing stark warning to residents to get out. essentially saying, if you don't leave, take sharpie marker and name and social security number on your arm. this was posted to the tyler county facebook page. they are saying you are in danger. you will perish, if you do not life. tyler county, texas with stark warnings for residents there. stuart: the market has been open
10:15 am
for 45 minutes and it has gone straight up. the dow industrials up 90 points. brian benberg, king as college in new york city, stay with us. we do appreciate that. i have to believe this market going up despite harvey, despite north korea, and it is going up because we have good economic news. spell it out. >> we have good economic news, gdp 3%. good jobs numbers from adp. we've been talking about a couple weeks and president, mcconnell, ryan not getting the same page. ashley: right. >> people are looking at this event, maybe for the first time in very long time republicans will say let's work together to get something done on taxes. i think a little bit of optimism there. stuart: chris, on that note that is perfect, brian, david bossie with us, leading republican. david, i think this is perfect timing because it would seem to me that the president's speech last night urging congress to do something, and devastation in south texas is surely requires some kind of stimulus for the
10:16 am
economy, this is the perfect time to push hard for tax cuts, is it not? >> it absolutely is and our hearts go out to everyone in texas obviously. it is a, you know, once in a 500-year storm. no one could have seen this level of devastation. so i think, you know, congress is going to have to come back and deal with these go separate issues and i hope that they're able to deal with, with the issues that are going on in texas and what monies they will have to expend and do it very quickly as soon as they get back next week. stuart: david, seems to me the president is running right at, right against congress. last night in the speech he singled them out, don't disappoint me, pointing his finger. that is a smart political move, isn't it? if congress does nothing, the president can say you're a bunch of losers and you're at fault.
10:17 am
if he gets something he takes credit. >> talk about congress for a moment. for the last six or seven months they have not exactly been burning the candle at both ends from the american people's vantage point. the american people are frustrated that congress doesn't have the same forward-leaning attitude president trump does. he came in here and said, i'm a change agent and i want to do things differently for the american people, for all americans than has been going on for the last many, many years. we're going to change it and congress has slowed him down. that is where you gotten no the back and forth. look, congress, leadership in congress, must take on tax reform, must take it on this year. we need tax relief, the american people need tax relief. the american people need tax simplification and corporations need to know, if you think the economy is going now, stuart, wait until they push the button
10:18 am
on the ignition when it gets to tax cuts for corporations as well. they will hire new people. this economy will rise for all. stuart: here is my opinion, for what it's worth, david, i think what we'll end up with a cut, a sharp cut in the corporate tax rate and not much else. that is the area where you can get broad agreement, doesn't cost any money. some democrats will get on board with it, it will be stimulative to the economy because a lot of money from overseas could come back over here. that is what i think we'll end up, that is the easiest, simplest, direct form of stimulus. what say you? >> i will be completely disappointed if we only get a tax rate cut. stuart, there needs to be simplification. there can be things that can be done that don't take six months to a year. we need individuals, we need individual tax payers to get tax relief as well. we need to get the rates under
10:19 am
control and we need to simplify the code. i think if we only take that small bite at the apple, we'll miss a huge opportunity. congressional leaders, mitch mcconnell an and paul ryan, have been saying for year and rank-and-file republicans and democrats, we need tax cuts for every american. that will spark the economy even more. we're right on the cusp of a generational opportunity here and we can't miss it. stuart: you're dead right, this is a generational opportunity, do this right, cut taxes, stimulate the economy, you will get 4% growth. i have just don't think we'll get there. i think it is, sorry, david, we'll have to agree to disagree. i'm sorry, i'm terribly sorry, david. if i'm wrong, i would be really, really happy, okay? come back and just, you know -- >> i will rub it in. stuart: thank you, david bossie,
10:20 am
we do appreciate it. okay. let's see what we got now. 75 point gain for the dow jones industrial average. with us now, griff jenkins, he is the man who has been rescuing pets. tell us all about it, griff? reporter: stuart here in fort bend county, just south of the barker reservoir, we talked a lot about that, good news from the officials they probably crested, the spillovers but flooding will probably exist next several weeks. there are mandatory evacuations in fort bend county, canyon gate neighborhood. we're with sheriff troy nails. sheriff, moments ago you rescued a cat. owner is behind us, awfully happy man. tell us what you do and what happened with the cat? >> in the community residents have been evacuated. what we're discovering some of residents have animals left behind. we're reaching out, residents
10:21 am
reached out like to recover our family pets and we're doing everything we can to save some of these family pets. reporter: you're also looking for any folks that held out. the conditions we can see, this is four feet of water or more in some places, taking the entire house over. working for people. tell us about the whole mission here? >> we have several boats in here maneuvering around. this boat is so loud, someone still remaining in this neighborhood they should hear us come down through their streets and stuff to ask us for help. right now the rescue efforts for humans, people are down to very little. now we're working on rescuing animals. reporter: i want to talk to mo in just a second but i want to ask you one more time, there is a little bit of a sigh of relief, owners are happy to get their pets. is it your sense we're reaching better point than we were two, three days ago? >> the emotions are running very
10:22 am
high. you can understand that. the residents are looking at their homes. they know their home is completely destroyed and i guess the saving grace in all this they are able to recover their pets. once they have the pet and family members are safe i think they may look at things a little differently. people are really concerned about their family pets. reporter: let's talk to one of those owners. mo you have gotten crowley back. tell me how you felt moments ago when the sheriff got crowley out of your garage, what it means to you? >> definitely a sign of relief. i'm very happy i have my cat, crowley, has been with me, with the family for the past 15 years since i was singled, married, my wife passed away, remarried and beautiful three kid with the family. he has been with us 15 years. i am happy about that. reporter: mo, when you had to leave, what happened, when you were rescued and how difficult
10:23 am
was it to leave crowley behind. >> it was very difficult. and i wife and lee other kids, one on life-support. so you know, when the water level went up it five feet, that is when the national guard came and rescue us. so, you know, leaving crowley behind is really devastating and i'm happy we got him today and he is alive and we love him so much. reporter: thank you, mo. stuart, there you go. that is what is playing out we're not in any way much past the devastation here. of course the news of that chemical plant situation about 25 miles northeast of here. problems are here but at least it is not raining. law enforcement and first-responders able to do more of their work and homeowners
10:24 am
being reunited with their pets. a bright spot, perhaps moving in the right direction. stuart: griff, nothing brings smiles to our faces like rescued pets and pet owners and griff jenkins, you're all right. good stuff. i bring you news from the markets, and this is the dramatic. the price of gas, wholesale price of gas is spiking. look at that, that is a 12% gain in the price of wholesale gas. that translates to 23 cents a gallon. you're not paying that now but will be paying very soon. ashley: yes. stuart: the pump price, that's what you're paying right now is average around the nation of $2.44. what you're looking at on the screen is future price, not 2.11, but up 23 cents. what else have we got? liz: the president tapped emergency oil reserve, half a million of barrels of oil headed to a refinery in lake charles, louisiana.
10:25 am
this is an effort to keep gas prices from spiking. the president as he said, he wants to react quickly to stop any problems coming out to help houston as well and louisiana. now he is moving to keep gas prices down. half a million barrels of oil being shipped to a refinery to keep gas prices down. he could tap even further. stuart: okay. ashley: nowhere to take the oil production is fine. nowhere to refine it. stuart: so they take it to a refinery that can refine it. liz: that is operating in lake charles, louisiana. so here is the other thing. we haven't seen this in five years. first time we've seen the move in five years. stuart: that is very smart. the refineries can't get oil shipped to them so what you do? bring oil in from the strategic petroleum reserve? liz: that's correct. rick perry, energy secretary announced move. it will be shipped to via pipeline to a refinery in louisiana. stuart: brian benburg, when i
10:26 am
look at price spiking, reminds me of katrina. >> you're seeing different refineries coming on line, different ways to get fuel. the government acting getting the strategic petroleum reserve. epa reduce the requirements on gasoline. maybe burn gas a little bit worse for the environment but gets people fuel they need. there are things going on here. ashley: reaction to every obstacle is quick and effective at this point. liz: the other thing the president was criticized, wasn't empathetic in his speech with the media. watch this. 12,400 federal workers moving into the houston to help. pentagon, hhs, dozen federal agencies moving to help. we haven't seen pentagon, they have to get acceptance tans local authorities when have you
10:27 am
seen the marines help. president saying get it done. ashley: quick reaction. stuart: let me wrap up what we've seen this morning. pets with wagging tails rescued from homes. you will see a report. we had a press conference by management at the arkema chemical plant in crosby, texas. they say there will be more fires and more smoke. that is dangerous in and of itself. they're not ruling out an explosion. we're keeping an eye on that for you. the dow jones industrial average is up 75 points, just a little shy of 22,000 as of right now and as we just reported we have a spike in the wholesale price of gasoline. that means you are going to pay a lot more for gas, very soon, probably over this labor day weekend. congressman sean duffy is with us now. congressman, welcome back.
10:28 am
good to see you again. i want to get back to my point of view that i expressed at top of this hour. that is, there is a cultural divide in america at this moment. we may be coming together over harvey to some degree, but the elites are mocking texas, mocking christians. i don't like it. and i think it's a symptom of a cultural divide which is really dividing our country, which i don't like. you say what? >> i don't like it either, stuart. here you have good people out there reaching out from every different aspect of government. you have private industry. churches and faithful. now as you just mentioned the military. the government across all spectrums is doing all they can to save victims in texas. this is a great american moment, but foes to the point that the left-wing media, they're out of touch. they don't get it, stuart. as the country unifies and rallies the left-wing media is sitting in a bubble on the outside throwing little stones
10:29 am
at us. ridiculous. stuart: you're in congress and president trump is challenging congress, and says, don't disappoint me. he was referring to tax cuts. i think he could also be referring to help from harvey but are you going to come through? is congress going to come through at this time? i know we said countless times we ought to, we must, we should but are you going to do it? >> you know the old adage you can bring a horse to water but can't make it drink. donald trump can bring congress to tax reform and shove their heads in the water and say, now drink! letting americans keep more of their money what is more bipartisan than that the president has the biggest bully pulpit. he is the best messenger. he can't do one rally every two weeks. he does great on the stump. he has to be out there twice a week, rallying tax reform why tax reform is for american wages and families and going.
10:30 am
one. problem we have, stuart, democrats and never trump, impeach trump movement don't want to give him a win. even though tax reform is a win for american families. they see win for donald trump. 3% growth, 4% growth that is a win for donald trump and america. they hate that. so they will resist this effort but i think when you go to missouri like where claire mccaskill is from and other nine states where donald trump won and democrat senators are up for re-election. that is how you pressure them and motivate them to do common sense tax reform. this makes sense. most americans agree with it. if he does his job, continues to message this, congress i think will do this job an deliver for him. stuart: do you think he can deliver quickly? look, you have a 12-day period, starts next tuesday when the house an senate are in session together. you have to have a continuing resolution to spend more none any. you have to have a debt ceiling deal so you can borrow more
10:31 am
money. you have all got to do that we understand that, but can you pack in tax cuts and or harvey relief all into that same 12-day period? you really can't do that, can you? >> stuart, take a step back. congress moves at frustratingly slow pace. you say that all the time on your show and i join you in the criticism. however when there are big things to get done, congress can move relatively quickly when there is bipartisan support and energy from american people to cop accomplish these goals. there is plenty of time to do a debt limit and fund the government and texas and aid package and also do tax reform. not like you have a congress sitting there with a blank sheet of paper. this has been worked on through the house and senate tax-writing committees. they will be ready to go. are the american people ready to go? can we get senators from the democrat party to join us? can we get that kind of unification?
10:32 am
if we do we move very quickly and i think we can get it done. stuart: i think that is what president trump was aiming at yesterday, when he went after claire mccaskill, democrat from missouri, she is moderate democrat from a trump state. she is a prime example of a democrat who could cross over. there are others. thinking senator manchin, west virginia, he could too cross over. you could get this thing done. >> heitkamp, north dakota. stuart: heitkamp from north dakota. you have a shot here getting some democrats to get on board with real tax cuts. now what do you make of senator john mccain, who reportedly is coming back to the senate next week? >> listen, i can't read tea leaves on john mccain. sometimes i think he is so angry at the president he wants to be opposition at whatever moment he can because he is less concerned about where the american country is going but more about opposition to trump. he is frustrate what happened in the campaign. that aside, stuart, you throw
10:33 am
stones at the congress, i think we duly deserve them but the president has a role. he has to be far more engaged. he can lead the country. he was doing four and five rallies a day during the campaign. he can do two rally as week. barack obama did it. george bush, did it. when they wanted to rally the country behind legislation, go to the people and go over the congress to talk to our constituents. that is what donald trump has do. i am great supporter of president. i support the agenda. he has to do his job selling why tax reform is so important for american competitiveness. why tax reform isn't for big business. why tax reform is for middle income american who need as lift up. needs economy to grow. this 2%, 1% growth is crap. let's get back to three. if we get back to 4% growth that will be outstanding for america. he has to make the sales pitch. if he does, this will happen. he can't sit back and go this is congress's job. let's see what he can do.
10:34 am
he has to lead. stuart: sean, you sound a little critical of his speech yesterday in missouri. >> no, i loved it. i loved it. stuart: it was fairly sort speech. i don't think he sold it as aggressively as you want him to? >> i want more of that. what happened in missouri, i want that two or three times a week. i want that in every potential democrat senator's state rallying people. not just donald trump wanting tax reform but moderate voters and even democrat voters, this is too important for our country. work with republicans and donald trump. they will put your fingerprints on tax reform. they will let you do that. can't be obstructionist. work for the country to give us growth and make us competitive again. i think he can do that if he engages. one speech every two weeks won't do it. this is criticism of the pulpit and because he has bully pulpit like no one else. he can message like no one else.
10:35 am
stuart: maybe oval office address. >> yes! stuart: ronald reagan did that by the way. he pushed hard and won on that one. sean duffy, i know where you're coming from. you expressed yourself loud and clear. we like that. sean duffy, republican from which is. you will be back. thank you very much. let me wrap what is going on. despite a lot of negatives we have the dow industrials up 50 points, 56 points to be precise. we're 150 points away from a all-time record high. i find that absolutely amazing to be honest with you. backdrop to the market a lot of fairly good economic news. a lot of new private sector jobs created, 237,000 in the previous month. adp private survey. that is pretty good number, 237,000. personal income, going a little bit more than expected. i hate that. liz: 30-year mortgage rate hit
10:36 am
another fresh 2017 low, coming in 3.82%. that is the freddie mac 30-year rate. down from 3.86. the trend is down for mortgage rates right now. stuart: on the line with us now, is richard moody. he is the chief economist at region as financial. -- regions financial. good to see you. >> good to see you, stuart. stuart: we've been talking with a view the devastation of harvey and money that will have to be spent to restore south texas, is stimulative to the economy. it's a plus for the economy. i think you have the exact opposite point of view. spell it out please, richard. >> not necessarily, stuart. my point you can't go straight to the rebuilding and skip all the destruction that has taken place and the most common measure we use to gauge the economy is gdp growth and to your point gdp growth will capture the rebuilding that
10:37 am
takes place whether it is residential, commercial, infrastructure but what gdp can't capture destruction. it doesn't capture the loss of wealth. it doesn't count the lost jobs, lost wages, lost productivity while we're waiting for the economy to be back online. stuart: so, not quite sure where we're going with this but look, there is a lot of money going to be spent in south texas, a lot of money. and it will be spent very, very quickly. is that not a short-term stimulus at least for the south texas economy? >> well, correct, it will be a short-term lift. you will see that in some of the data but the point i'm making the data don't capture losses of wealth. for instance, people that will not be made whole on insurance because the damage from floods, rather than wind in this case. so there are a number of places where destruction of wealth will
10:38 am
not be captured. at the end of the day we'll just restore the capital stock to where it was the day before the storm. the point i was making, we invariably see stories, anytime there is event or disaster from this magnitude, focus on rebuilding, focusing on positive impact and economic numbers, and my point simply you can't take that into account without forgetting about all destruction taking place as well. stuart: good point, richard moody. thanks for bringing that to our attention before we get carried away with wild growth rate. richard moody, regions financial. thanks for joining us. on the screen, that is the chemical plant in crosby texas, and it is on fire. the backstory there are nine large chemical containers. the one you see there is one on fire. eight more to go, i think, ash, if i'm not mistaken, management said they will let them burn.
10:39 am
ashley: they have no choice. they are organic peroxides used in plastic. they are non-toxic when breathed in. 15 people went to the hospital this morning including police officers. we understand they are okay but there were many layers of containment blown away by harvey. flooding, everything else, means there is not a whole lot they can do, frankly. they evacuated mile 1/2 area around this plant and because there is no refrigeration, and once these gases, these chemicals are not fridge rated, they explode. so that is what is growing to happen. just to let them burn themselves out essentially. how long that will take, they're not sure. stuart: they won't rule out an explosion. ashley: not at all. stuart: they think it will be nasty fire and smoke. ashley: they can't say for sure. stuart: that's right. meanwhile residents in 1 1/2 mile radius are out. ashley: they literally went door-to-door. stuart: the journalists are being kept 1 1/2 to two miles away. i don't know how we got eyes on
10:40 am
with that camera but we got it and there you have it. this will be an irritant, isn't it? right in the middle of this flooding chaos, this flooding catastrophe you have a fire burning in a chemical plant and you get this out. liz: hazard does chemicals released from refineries damaged in the flood as well. stuart: of all things happening in the middle after flooding disaster like this and the arkema people that run the plant in crosby, texas, they don't have people on the ground to fix that thing. they're not in there. ashley: no. stuart: whether because of safety concerns they can't reach it. ashley: they put out a call they're flooded, needing to be rescued. first part was them rescued from the plant. after that the fire break out the because refrigeration was out because of floods and because every precaution you took got wiped out.
10:41 am
liz: there was a press conference with the chemical company as executives, the pointed executive was asked, why did you not have chemical compounds on site to take care any of these chemicals exploding. he said he really couldn't answer the question. tough question. stuart: that is problem for management. they have got that problem. at least they came out and faced it. liz: yeah. stuart: scott shellady is with us, i believe joining us from london, is that right, scott? yes, i can see big ben in the background. what we just reported moments ago is a spike in the wholesale price of gasoline. we got a 12% gain. that's pretty extreme to me. what say you? >> yeah, it is going to be extreme in the short term. national average gas price per gallon, we'll top out closer to 2.55 a gallon. i think we're 2.44. another 10 or 12 cents we'll add on. it will be short term. couple, maybe four weeks before we slowly but surely start to
10:42 am
get back to normal. stuart, the impact is this, from corpus christie, along the coastline to louisiana, that area, not just the refineries, just mentioned another chemical plant, that accounts for about 3% of the u.s. economy. doesn't seem like a big deal. that a large portion of the economy. that will probably upset things for a little while. total gdp will be nominal. initial jobless claims go up. there will be problems with businesses going out of business like your last guest said. what we take away from all this, we shouldn't be shocked to see government actually working and doing its job. we were talking about the great response. isn't that what they're supposed to do? we've gone a little while, maybe eight years, not having common sense responses to these things and it is good to see government do what they're supposed to be doing. stuart: you're right.
10:43 am
we've taken a skeptical view of government action. obamacare was classic example. that was government cair, we're skeptical whether it would work and how much it will cost. now comes along the catastrophe, is seeing government doing right thing. i credit not just the federal government but the authorities in texas. they seem to be on the ball doing the right thing. you're right, scott, we shouldn't be surprised this is what the government is supposed to be like. at its best it is okay. >> these are common sense responses right? we lost common steps. we're getting back to common sense. another statistic came out i wanted to jump in on the previous conversations about these tax cuts we keep talking about but the bureau of labor statistics brought out we spend more on tax on person per average per year than food and clothing combined. why are we having such a hard time getting taxes through? poor donald trump, if he came up
10:44 am
with a cure for cancer trying to get it through congress it would get voted out. stuart: talking about a common-sense approach to the problem, we just heard this morning that the president is going to release some oil from the strategic petroleum reserve and get it to some of the refineries that are still open so you can brew up more gasoline to make up for the short fall. i guess that is common sense, isn't it scott? >> that is exactly right. we used to beg some of them to release, when we had gasoline prices sky-high. it really never happened. we have some sort of calamity. right away it's happening because we're all shocked it's a common sense response. we're just not used to common sense responses that government doing what it is supposed to do. >> can you act for me as reporter, you're in london, you've been in london for some time, i want to know how the brits and europeans view this catastrophe and president trump's response to it?
10:45 am
>> well they view the response as fantastic and obviously the economic damage we're still going to be waiting to hear what comes out of that but i'll tell you, stuart, i'm going to say it, a lot of folks here just with the "brexit" vote, they like to see the great action we're taking in such a quick manner in the states and if this continues i heard at is a dinner party last saturday night here in london, some brits talking about donald trump being a two-term president already which i found amazing. so there is, there is a groundswell of folks that like to see how quickly things are getting done. shame on all those congressman that say this is the way things are done in washington, d.c.? that sounds like a business needs disrupting. can you imagine if guys run google or uber say this is the way we run tax season, the way we do computers? they will disrupt that, left, right, center, because that is the way we do it down mean that is the way we got to do it.
10:46 am
the brits say they like the way its happening quickly and getting things to the ground fast. stuart: that is interesting. i did not expect that answer, i really didn't. i thought the brits were full of venom for our president. apparently not all the time. scott, thanks for joining us, sir. always obliged to you very much indeed. i want to go to hillary vaughn i want to know latest on developing story of the chemical plant in crosby and you're very close to it. hillary, what do you have? reporter: stuart, well we heard from the arkema plant spokesperson would not confirm that the smoke from the chemical reaction is non-toxic but the plant is still six feet underwater. one much nine containers burn and eight more could potentially rupture. they don't know when the next rupture could occur. not only -- stuart: i'm sorry. we just lost the audio and video there from hillary vaughn. she is close to the crosby
10:47 am
arkema chemical plant. you see one of the chemical containers on fire there. ashley: exactly. she was saying there were nine containers. one has erupted and burned out. there are still eight containers can do the same and expected to catch fire or erupt at some point. stuart: did we just get hillary vaughn back? sorry, keep going, hillary. oh, we lost her again, live tv being what it is. moments ago we had scott shellady on the line, we were seeing him there, he was talking about oil and talking about america's response to president trump's response to south texas. he was saying that some brits are, they like the response. they say it was a good and efficient response. ashley: surprising. stuart: very surprising. i just opened up today's financial times. oh, edward luce, one of the principle correspondents for
10:48 am
"the financial times," says winter is coming in trump's washington. ashley: oh, god. stuart: nobody, least of all the president can hold the disintegration what we still call his administration. ashley: oh, good grief. liz: doesn't know what he is talking about. citizens are risking their lives in texas to save others. people are dying in texas and message from congress and to the trump white house, if you don't act, you're going to pay for it dearly in the midterm elections. you have got to act now. tough get stuff done. ashley: want to pick up on something else scott shellady said, we wouldn't r shouldn't be surprised the government is doing what it is supposed to do. at times it is getting out of the way. don't let bureaucracy from the "cajun navy" getting in there to take action quickly. that is a big part of it, knowing when to get out of the way. stuart: well-said young man, well-said. for the past week we've been delivering news after catastrophe, more of the same today, but today we've had smiling faces because we had
10:49 am
pets rescued, the ongoing "cajun navy" rescue operation. the dow jones industrial average has gone straight up. i will bring you more smiling faces right now. we have with us, ladies and gentlemen, jeremiah johnson and his wife audrey. this is the couple with five, there they are. you're the star of this program, ladies and gentlemen. you have five children including those wonderful triplets. we got in touch with you when you evacuated. we got in touch with you when you were in a hotel. where are you now and how are you doing? >> well, stuart, thank you so much for your encouragement. we're doing well all things considered. tragedy, when all of us face tragedy it really reveals our character. it is how we respond to the tragedy and adversity that i think reveals what's inside of us and audrey and i, stuart, it made the decision doesn't matter what we lose. we have our family. we have our faith and we will persevere through this i want to tell you real superstar is my
10:50 am
wife, aka, super mom sitting next to me, keeping our family, especially the triplets together. stuart: jeremiah, i wanted to ask audrey directly, how do it? i have six children and nine grandchildren. i do not have triplets. i have twin granddaughters, that is another story entirely. audrey how do you do it, how do you do it this. >> the current of our faith runs deeper than the current of these floodwaters. a mom of five and three of those being triplets i thought i was prepared for a lot. we spent two months in the nicu with our boys, but nothing could have prepared us these moments we've had the last few days with our children, from telling them to grab a grocery bag, put whatever you want in it before we jumped in the car to watching my 8-year-old daughter, lily faith hold two bottles her baby
10:51 am
brothers, just looking tearfied and looking up at me, mommy, i'm sick, i don't feel good. having to calm her down as we're driving the opposite way on the highway, just trying to drive to safety away from the floodwaters. it has been really difficult as a mom to try to keep your composure around your kids and encourage them while trying to get your family to safety at the same time. stuart: audrey, you are an inspiration to us all and that's facts. my grandchildren are watching. they are in awe of you. but i do have to make this comment. i covered a lost disasters and catastrophes in my time in america, 40 years, i have never seen such an outpouring of spiritual recognition and faith. i have heard god mentioned, faith mentioned, more often as we covered this disaster than at any previous time. >> right. stuart: yet, i have to tell you,
10:52 am
jeremiah, you're being mocked. christians, texans, republicans, conservatives, whatever, you're being mocked for your faith. i don't like it. how do you respond? >> well, unfortunately this is just part of the post-christian world that we now find ourselves. and stuart, i'm president of christian thinkers society and being a christian thinker is not on a oxymoron. our vision to inspire christians to become thinkers and thinkers to become christians. that is why i love your program so much. you teach us to have cognition, be critical to how to respond to this anti-god, anti-faith rhetoric we're tired of. here is the bottom line when i think of this ridiculous "politico" cartoon. i believe the book of james says, remember james said 1:17, every good and perfect gift comes from above. if we were saved or rescued by the sheriff don't told us that way, the waters will take you,
10:53 am
go this way, god put that sheriff there. we choose to see the positives. that is only way we can respond to this. unfortunately we have to know that this anti-christian spirit is around and we have to speak to it. we cannot be silent. stuart: could you respond to something which we've heard a lot about how could god, a loving god allow this kind of catastrophe to happen? what kind of a god is that? that is asked of me many times, would you answer the question? >> absolutely. this is number one reason people walk away from the faith. i think of steve jobs, 13 years of age, walked into lutheran church and asked his passage about suffering children in africa. his pastor couldn't answer the question. jobs left the church and left christian faith. this is brilliant question you're asking, as believers, we resort to romans 8:28.
10:54 am
god will cause all things, not just some things, all things to work together for good. unfortunately, stuart, we live in a fallen world. because of the great catastrophe, because of sin evil reins in our world. this is why we need a savior. i want to encourage people watching, listening to audrey and me right now, and stuart, there is hope. there is faith. this is why jesus came to the world to give us hope. hope that we can't find on our own on through our own performance. the beauty of the christian faith is unlike any other religion in the world, by the way, stuart. christianity attempts to answer the question of theocit. why, the problem of evil. i thank god jesus is been with us. the book of hue brees, says jesus will never, in the greek, it is never, never, never, leave us or for sake us. even without a home, in a hotel room we sense his presence, stuart, thank you.
10:55 am
stuart: have i got it right. >> right. stuart: we can get in touch with you at thank you for being with us and those wonderful five children. god bless. >> thank you. stuart: jeff flock, i think he is on a boat. i think he noun somebody else to rescue. what have you got, jeff? reporter: oh, boy, stuart, what a story we've been having, as mandatory evacuation kicked n you're watching live pictures this group came together from various places in texas, didn't even know each other, got the boat and have been combing this neighborhood, beeping horn there -- [horn beeping] just trying to make sure people are all out. people, there are people that have stayed in this. it is amazing. this hasn't been easy. >> no it hasn't. been a rough ride. we'll continue to do it throughout the night. reporter: how are you able to do this? what inspired you to come?
10:56 am
>> everybody coming together. like you said -- we have people here from dripping springs, laverne yaw, floorsville, they come together. they meet up here. this is motivation. you seeing people to help. that is -- reporter: just amazed almost by all of the people that have come together from some places. you can see the houses some people. few houses that have a second floor to them. some people went up in the second floor. what? [inaudible] navigating through this. it has been a real challenge as well, obviously, debris everywhere. vehicles everywhere. i'll tell you, guy from austin, fire rescue, how many years? >> 13 years. reporter: you were in beaumont yesterday, pulling people out of apartment buildings. >> yes, sir. reporter: you're still going? >> we're still going.
10:57 am
going to be here through tomorrow. we'll do what we can. we all come together to situations like this. what it takes to get everybody out. reporter: this nation has been lately. hate to say a hurricane bringing people together. >> stand for the rhett, wide blue, people. this is what the nation is all about. not to be against one another. reporter: i was going to say you got texans helping texans. african-american folks, hispanic folks you pulled all sorts of folks out. you have those folks pulling texans out. >> we do. range from oklahoma, louisiana, arkansas. i ran people coming as far as from california getting here to help. reporter: wow, that sy amazing. this entire neighborhood is inundated. they were under evacuation order.
10:58 am
it became evacuation order. >> slow down. reporter: we want tome emphasize, we're not intruding on the the boat. if folks need to -- i have waders on, if we need to jump in the water to let people out we'll be the first out. but, these guys say they will jump out too if need be. multiple people have been pulled out of here. seems to me, power, you're an expert, looks like power is still on which is a shock to me. >> it is. i think all the power should be off. this is dangerous. reporter: power lines overhead we had to cross under. >> having to the get in water. hopefully one of these things don't short out in the water and gets us. power is on. lights are on. red and green lights on at traffic lights. everything is still on. reporter: you hear in the background, there is a horn they have been blowing to get
10:59 am
attention of anyone. i thought that was too. in that window, did you see somebody? it is awful. we pulled somebody out of the second floor. you didn't know that did they want to stay or what. finally the lady, about 70 years old, came wading out in her clothes, up to her, well, above her chest, and said i think i want to leave now. >> go into neutral so we can stop. we're in neutral. reporter: are you guys going in? >> yeah. reporter: there he goes. and because they do have power, that makes me think, i'm out of your way. because they do have power, it's possible some of these people decided to stay. they can get up into an attic.
11:00 am
so here we go. we may try, hang on with us here while we do this. i don't want to cause any problem here. so i'm going to stay out of the way. >> there is somebody in the house. reporter: double-check this to make sure. hang on. yep, go right ahead. this is what they have been doing. jumping out of the boat, wading in. we'll go, i don't want to bring a camera along, because that probably might be problems. we'll go up here just to see. i'll tell you, this has just been an extraordinary experience. because of the enormity of it, and, let's make sure. something down there. [knocking on door]
11:01 am
>> search-and-rescue, if you're in come out. reporter: going on all over houston, and beyond. stuart, this has been something. and, as you were saying earlier, folks you were just interviewing, you know, they're coming together of this. whether you're a christian or whatever, just been rashable. stuart: it has. jeff flock, absolutely right. you caught this brilliance on camera, a rescue operation in progress. you're in the middle of it. that is dynamic television. smile on so many faces tell you that right now. you sir, are all right. we'll stay with you. we'll come back to you very, very shortly as your rescue operation proceeds. this is "varney & company," it is heaven:01 eastern time. -- 11:01 eastern time.
11:02 am
weather forcast named harvey might dump 25 inches of rain on texas. that got our attention. the rain started friday. became a monsoon, saturday and sunday. monday brought a forecast of 50 inches of rain. a storm would linger over houston for several more days. those of us delivering the news ran out of superlatives, monster storm, incredible rainfall. terrifying wind. biblical flooding. all of those words were legit. harvey is stunning and still us. this thursday morning we don't know the full extent of catastrophe, catastrophe it is. that is not hyperbole and
11:03 am
ex-exaggeration. texas and louisiana helping victims to safety and a bunch of volunteers. emergency officials in tyler county east texas issued a stark warning of imminent and
11:04 am
dangerous flooding, the last line of this post on facebook says the loss of life and property is certain. at the chemical plant in crosby, texas, plant managers are scrambling to prevent a discharge of dangerous chemicals. an update please. >> reporter: the latest update, we saw a shopper land and take off, that could be part of the air monitoring they announced earlier to see where the smoke from this plant is going. oppressor moments before our spokesperson would not confirm smoke generated from chemical reactions is non-toxic. a lot of unanswered question for residents forced to evacuate from the area. one of nine containers have burned and eight more could rupture but they don't know when that rupture will occur. not only did they evacuate but the plants doesn't have anyone on site monitoring the situation
11:05 am
because they don't think it is safe, they are bringing in air monitors, choppers to see where the smoke is going and what is happening to the other containers. we heard events happening on site described in many ways, initially the ceo described what was going to happen as an explosion but last night he called a chemical reaction and this morning the plant spokesman says it is not a chemical release, just a fire. a lot of mixed messages about what is happening on the plant site but many are wondering if this is just a fire why do they need to evacuate for a smoke hazard? they have no idea when people will be allowed back into their homes, frequent updates from the sheriff, county officials and plant spokesperson as well. we will update you when we get more information but one of those containers is burned and
11:06 am
they don't know when the next one could happen. stuart: thank you very much, who need this in the middle of a catastrophe like harvey? we have got it and have to deal with it, thank you very much, no impact on the stock market that i can see, dow jones industrial average 50 odd points tire, 21,00940. despite the negatives you throw it this market we are up 47, 21939. here is where there has been significant movement on the market, the wholesale price of gas. this is the latest number, $.24, that is a 12% increase. what you are seeing is the future, up $.24, that means in the very near future the price of gasoline in different areas up $.24, up again, $2.44, the price at the pump as we speak, that is up for and a half cents
11:07 am
overnight. >> the strategic petroleum reserve, had to be refined, at an operating refinery louisiana. stuart: you can expect the price of gas averaging $2.44 to go up a lot more this labor day weekend. perfect timing. a real estate guy, actually an oil guy, allie energy. you know what you are talking about. we heard a report from hillary on the site of the chemical plant, what can you tell us about the smoke, chemicals being used. >> i'm not hearing that on the news before coming on here.
11:08 am
and plastics etc. other chemicals, those chemicals have to detect and refrigerate temperature, much like a nuclear plant with heavy water, when those cooling units go down and combustibility. with eight feet of water in this plant, and unless we get cooling situations, all eight, for toxicity, always err on the side of safety. stuart: it is worrying. >> we haven't been here. >> who needs this in the middle of this extraordinary situation. stuart: the wholesale price of gasoline is spiking $.24 a
11:09 am
gallon. the enormity of the impact on the refinery belt. we are down 20% refining capacity. >> this is fudgeable. the news i get most, and they would be down. having said that we were a little bit down starting the week before harvey hit, starving to eat into our stores in terms of inventories, just starting just generally, so operating at 96% just prior to harvey. refinery capability seems to get up quickly, the problem is getting products, the last big hurricane was drilling, we were in the golf.
11:10 am
it is very problematic when a hurricane comes in deepwater drilling. most drilling is in the eagle, the basins, those basins are not expected, here is the complicating factor. a lot of those workers are in this area. how quickly can we get the roads open and people into new oilfields? we have the storage, we have accrued and the capability. stuart: the workers. >> we don't know how many come from that area. it is a moving target. he has 2100 briggs operating in that area, 9 million barrels a day. today as of this morning, 946 rigs producing the same, less
11:11 am
than half, the same amount of oil accrued that was produced. technology. stuart: you get more out of each. that is what you do. >> and bigger horse power, drill down quicker and it takes you 14 days, $70 a day to drill, it is everybody. you are not 4 days off of that, you go from 16 to 12 days, that is a lot of money you saved. the quicker we get down there and start hitting the horizontal drilling the quicker we make a return. building an apartment building how quickly do you get it up and rented?
11:12 am
stuart: i once your comment on coastal elites versus the good people of texas. i see you smiling. weight until i get at you. on the newsline we have congressman roger williams, republican from texas. i would like to ask you about this. i am talking about a cultural divide in america. the coastal elites have no respect for the good folks of texas, a cartoon in politico where texans were marked, christians were marked, the people who were evacuated were marked. i want to know what you think of that. >> it is a sad state of affairs, they don't know texas. texas sticks close together and this is not a time to be politicizing anything, that is what we are doing a lot. just the time to join together. if there is no republican votes, no democratic votes, everybody
11:13 am
helping one another right now in the idea of marking texas is just a joke, disgrace. stuart: you have this dreadful situation, this dire need, isn't that a shot in the arm to push tax cuts through to push the growth agenda through, health for self texas through, this is the catalyst that may get things done in congress. >> i hope so. i have been promoting tax reform since day one. it is a down payment on this storm, to get some money going to begin to rebuild and not tie up the debt ceiling, make it clean, not politicize it, use these people as ponds but let's get a bill out there that will get a down payment to get going. and create more jobs and opportunities. stuart: i appreciate that.
11:14 am
we get $120 billion worth of help, you want a down payment, small amount of that to get going and that is likely to pass easily. is that correct? >> i don't see any reason it would not pass. it will be a long time before we know the numbers. we can begin to rebuild. stuart: thanks for joining us, important day and we appreciate it. you are seeing dramatic video from the houston area, an enormous amount of money spilling through that breach, that a lot of water flooding into parts of texas. let's go to jeff flock in houston, rescues underway, tell me about your latest rescue, jeff flock. jeff: these folks, just one bag coming out. what amazes me about this is it is such a cooperation.
11:15 am
if you look at the other one there is a first responder up there, volunteers here, they are all just cooperating. what is that? going to come in here. somebody -- i thought that was a national guard truck, that is a private citizen, this is what they call a 21/2 ton truck, army issue, they sell them to folks. that is my daughter, she is waving. my daughter works for the pbs news hour. how about that? i knew she was here. isn't that something? shucks. stuart: driving by. >> you have a lot of daughters
11:16 am
and a photographer. didn't expect that. i am off-topic. stuart: no worries. if anyone was ever in the right place at the right time it is you on multiple occasions. your daughter float by, that is really something. >> she is in a good spot apparently. stuart: you continue with that and we will keep you on screen and see what you are up to. i am going to break away, i have a question about being proud to be an american is what kind of america we are. you are on the spot. i am really unhappy with the coastal elites and their nasty snarky comments about the good people of texas. you live in new york. where are you in this, where do you stand? >> i would like to think it was not the elites, a small minority
11:17 am
like every fringe group. i would like to think i heard that gentleman talking about how texans come together in tragedy, i would like to think americans come together in tragedy, there are lots of folks in texas from other states, we know louisiana has opened up its emergency teams, i would be there quite candidly right now but the airports are closed, i was a volunteer 9/11 for a week. >> went right down there. >> i own two restaurants, there were a lot of people that died in the that catastrophe. stuart: right after it happened. >> that is why i qualify. texans are fantastic, it is not taking anything from texans but adding to the texans. it is americans the jump in and help. do we have rangers, elites that we have? yes, but that is humanity unfortunately.
11:18 am
stuart: they have a loud voice, a very dominant voice. i do believe they dominate our culture and i resented. >> i resented too if that is the case. stuart: what do you mean if that is the case? >> i would like to think they don't dominate our culture. stuart: they do. >> donald trump got elected. >> silence, you got me. >> first time in many years. stuart: you will never be back on this program. >> i took that risk. stuart: get out of here, thank you very much. one last question. we have a spike in gas prices. i don't think it will go away that soon. >> it depends how quickly we get these refineries back up. it is always the sky is falling, so many unknowns. our three biggest oil importers are canada, venezuela and
11:19 am
mexico. that is not disturbed in any way, shape or form. that continues. i started to say we are producing 9.6 million barrels, we import 10 million barrels a day for usage. that is what our import is, 9.6 domestic production and 10 million imported. that gets complicated because there are different types of oil. crude comes in heavy oil. we need different oils for different uses. stuart: thanks for being with us. on your screens you are getting some understanding of the scope of this catastrophe. that is a camera high mounted from the air just scanning the scene around houston. this goes on for hundreds of miles, hundreds of miles, that is not an exaggeration. houston, the flooded areas the size of new jersey. the flooded area is the size of
11:20 am
lake michigan and goes all the way east texas all the way to louisiana state line. that is an extraordinary development. >> that is the equivalent from new york to boston. if you can think about us from new york all the way to boston, all these interstate highways underwater. i did speak to houston for coming here, a number of these rivers and lakes have not yet crested. stuart: more to come. joining us now, bret baer, special report host. the scope of this catastrophe, the cost of the fix, and donald trump, who yesterday appeared to be running against congress, telling congress to get it done again. do you think this catastrophe will add some weight to the
11:21 am
president's demand to get something done? >> i do. first of all the harvey relief effort, billions that will be needed in congress are not going to be a problem to get that votes through. the question is whether lawmakers, leadership and house and senate tie things like the debt ceiling or the budget vote to the harvey relief and how that plays out. we will see that in coming days, congress is back on tuesday but this pitch for tax reform is coming at a time when after this there will be pressure on ten senate democrats who are up for reelection in states that were won by donald trump. stuart: the focus has been on harvey. >> this tax reform push is going to take front burner status come
11:22 am
tuesday. stuart: the president went right after claire mccaskill from missouri, speaking to missouri and said get on board or leave office. pretty stark stuff and pointed the to congresspeople in the audience, don't disappoint me, get this done. really seems he is running against congress. not a bad political pitch because if congress does nothing the president can say it is your fault. if they do do something he can take credit for pushing them into doing it. >> latest fox news poll last night his approval rating is around 40%, congress's approval rating at 15%. that is not a bad bet to run against congress. there is a sense that republicans need a w, they need a win. house, senate control the white house and it will hinge on the next two months what they can get done.
11:23 am
the harvey relief effort is going to take priority as is raising the debt ceiling. the national flood insurance program is in the whole $23 billion. that check is due in the middle of this month, september, when the debt ceiling is raised. stuart: this is extraordinary stuff. i want to ask about your grading of the authorities in texas and the president himself when it comes to handling harvey. i have not heard that much direct criticism. i have heard a lot of praise. >> it is across the board. people looking at this from my assessment, katrina and local and state officials that had problems in louisiana, the grief president bush took, the fema director back then, this is much smoother in part because of the coordination that started at the beginning, the pre-positioned a
11:24 am
lot of stuff before the storm and coordination with the governor of texas has been exemplary, we have a long way to go. this will last month and years for houston and that area to recover. stuart: every day this week i expected this story to retreat into the background, on to the back burner but every single day there are more rescues, more flooding. up until yesterday there was more rain and we have a developing situation at the chemical plant not to mention the port arthur and beaumont subversions. it is not going away anytime soon. >> it will consume washington too. you see some political sniping back and forth from the new jersey new york folks about super storm sandy and the funding texas didn't vote for but once you get around the complexity and massive nature of this disaster people will come to you.
11:25 am
stuart: thank you very much for joining us on an extraordinary day, another extraordinary day, see you tonight. get this. a new storm forming in the atlantic and it is intensifying. meteorologist janice dean back with us with the latest. >> a lot to cover. here the remnants of harvey. we have potential for tornadoes in central mississippi right there. that is from the remnants of harvey and we can see four to eight inches of heavy rainfall in the mississippi ohio river valley. houston, four days of clear weather and the potential of showers and thunderstorms, we are watching two reliable forecast models with that show something, depression, tropical storm that comes close to the gulf of mexico. yesterday computer models were showing southeast texas, now towards louisiana, mississippi, alabama, florida panhandle, this is a reliable forecast model showing the same thing.
11:26 am
the rule is listen to your local forecast. we will give you updates into the weekend. anymore rainfall is not a good situation for the gulf coast especially texas. watching houston, lake charles and mississippi, alabama, florida panhandle. hurricane irma rapidly intensified to a category 2. it will be a 3 probably in the next 24 hours. there is potential for this to be a category 5. we don't go higher than that when it comes to hurricanes, two reliable forecast models are kind of split in what they do. one thing i can tell you is they are both strong hurricanes. watching gfs and the euro. the euro is dangerous because it goes over a lot of real estate, n talese, dunnigan republic, puerto rico, cuba and perhaps the possibility of going into the gulf of mexico and florida.
11:27 am
gf s, still a strong hurricane, potential for this to curve northeastward. bottom line if you live anywhere along the east coast, florida, gulf coast, you need to pay close attention was the disturbance in the gulf this weekend, irma affecting the us, the caribbean as well. be prepared, listen to your local forecast. stuart: we are listening especially after last week at 11:30 when you got it dead right. back to you later. back to jeff flock, rescues continuing. jeff: i am on shore. we got off the boat and look at this line of people, these people are trying to get someone to take them in, many have medication they need to take. the emergency got out, that is fine but now some of them have medication they need to get out, this lady with her phone is attempting to get in, to get
11:28 am
medication for your husband so you are waiting on a boat. good luck. >> thank you. stuart: jeff: other people with animals. there she is. you have how many? >> eight cats. it jeff: your husband is in there. >> ever since this started. he has been dealing with it. jeff: he finally said what? >> i am done, get me out. here we are with the cat rescue. jeff: you won't a eight cats. >> we will stuff 5 and when it he had a carrier and we have a carrier so we will do what we can. jeff: these folks with boats, you hope to snag a ride. >> the police boat came through and took my information. they will take the carriers to my husband. jeff: the coordination of this, i have never seen the kind of coordination between first responders, public folks and
11:29 am
volunteers. >> amazing, this is amazing. jeff: coordination has almost been seamless. >> we were rescued two days ago was jeff: who got you out? >> volunteers, go figure, they tell me they rescued people saturday or sunday and came back, drove back for the night and came back, near austin. stuart: you are right in the middle, you brought us stunning television images and you have been in the middle of it and a line of people in dire distress, that is something. you have shown us the ground-floor of what it is like and what is happening. splendid stuff, jeff flock. we believe you for a moment. your daughter was on that truck, was she not?
11:30 am
>> she is on a truck. that is elizabeth, her photographer in the black and that is my daughter right there. elizabeth flock. look her up on the internet. a good journalist unlike her dad who is just a hack. she is a writer. none of this crazy tv stuff, she wants to be serious. stuart: the next television i have seen in a long time, that is the fact. if we were offering prizes you would win on. we are not offering prizes. >> the prize is you got to stay. stuart: where do you sleep? >> unlike most hurricanes where power goes out to everything, plenty of places are dry,
11:31 am
numerous people in there, you can almost not sleep because a lot of kids and animals let people take their animals in, watch your self, and the hotel is packed but we have rooms, and other rooms you can get if you come to houston, you can find a hotel room and it has power, water and everything. there hasn't been a lot of sleeping but there is a place to sleep. stuart: that sounds like good news to me. we will let you get on with your family reunion and the rescue operation. jeff: she is gone until the next story. stuart: we will be back shortly, thank you very much. you are about to see a grocery store in rockport, texas, one of three stores destroyed by harvey. we have scott mcclellan on the
11:32 am
phone, you have lost three stores. are you going to rebuild? >> we have had hurricanes, floods before, none like this, this is an entirely different level. we are inside stores today where we lost power, cleaning the product out, the process begins of rebuilding. stuart: i believe despite your distress you are helping other people, handing out stuff. is that correct? >> we have two mobile kitchens and they are self-contained and can feed 2000 people per hour and when there is a calamity or disaster we drive in the middle of it, set up shop and feed people who are hungry, whether it is a hurricane or tornado or fire or anything, that is one of
11:33 am
the things h eb is 4, when times are trouble, h eb will be there. since hurricane touchdown we had 25,000 people, i was at the red cross disaster recovery center, 2500 people this morning, hot meal so they don't have to eat yeast and that is what we do. stuart: we think it is a wonderful thing. forgive me for asking this question, you lost three stores or have three stores flooded out. do you have insurance? >> it covers the first couple million but after that we are self-insured. it will be expensive to rebuild but that is part of the cost of doing business and when you have 50 inches of water and 340 stores in your chain, the fact we only lost three. here is what is amazing. yesterday i was at one of the red cross recovery centers which was overrun with people wanting to help. your previous interview the woman talked about people coming
11:34 am
from sydney. the turnout of people wanting to help was amazing and there were too many volunteers at the red cross center and one said to me i can't be of use here, can i go to one of your stores and help you stock product? really amazing what people are willing to do. i said no, we can get this done on our own. we have 2000 of our employees from san antonio and austin in the rio grande valley, they will spend a week sleeping at homes of other people helping us restock and getting open because you will find recovery won't be measured in days but in weeks and even months. stuart: i got to run but i think you are doing a wonderful thing. what is going on in america and texas, that volunteer spirit is stunning and we respect it and
11:35 am
admire it. scott mcclellan, thanks for joining us. pete sessions, republican from texas joining us on the phone. you just heard that interview, all these volunteers all over texas, makes us proud to be an american, i am sure you will echo that sentiment. >> texans are texans but we are americans and we appreciate and respect not only people coming, 2 people's aid, there is a lot of work to do and it will require a lot of focus and intuitive thinking to get through this. we will deal with tens of thousands of homes flooded today that will turn into eldo tomorrow and black mold in the near future. it will turn into intuitive
11:36 am
thinking about recognizing a floodplain. while this is a once in 1000 year effort, we need to think honestly and carefully about rebuilding. there is also going to have to be a bit of policy orientation to this matter for people's lives, disrupting people's lives is hard, dealing with the forces of mother nature is something we need to understand. stuart: a catastrophic event which will have significant and far-reaching consequences, that is for sure. may i turn your attention to what is now being called a down payment. that would be a limited amount of aid past by congress directed at texas, not the full $150 billion but a smaller amount tightly connected to restoration. would that go quickly through congress if it were presented as
11:37 am
such? >> it should. the majority leader has not set a time for that. we held a conference call yesterday with members of the texas delegation. i believe as you do, we could easily see we need to fill the coffers and be prepared immediately. congress act on emergencies sometimes but not always sanely. i would like to see us as quickly as possible fill the coffers of what we see for at least 30 days but we are back starting next tuesday and will have the availability to do that but i'm for doing it immediately. we do have to work with others who see the same problem.
11:38 am
we need -- one thing you can put in perspective that a lot of people fail to see, they think the federal government will pay for this. in fact as you said it may be $60 billion, $80 billion, it is a $1 trillion impact. remember, 1000-billions is 1 trillion, the government may pay $80 billion, we have $920 billion that will paid by people out of insurance, business, to put this back together. it is a massive undertaking. stuart: we are just beginning to understand how massive it is, thank you for joining us. >> thank you for caring about us. it does matter and we are proud to be americans and texans and thank you very much. stuart: fox news contributor and democrat doug showing joining us from arizona. that is arizona, there you are.
11:39 am
i want to bring to your attention if you have not seen it already a cartoon that appeared in politico. essentially the cartoon marks texans, christians, middle americans, it marks the whole recovery effort, pokes fun, marks them. i was incensed at this. i don't think it does anybody any good but does point out the cultural divide in america. the secular humanists who run our culture, the coastal elites versus the rest of the country. what do you say to this? >> i say what pete sessions said as being an american first and pulling together is something i say as a democrat from the east coast. i would echo and emphasize the political cartoon is aberrant. it reflects everything that is wrong. i would like to think it is an
11:40 am
isolated incident and doesn't reflect people of goodwill and indeed democrats. hopefully we can all pull together. stuart: i agree with you 100% but i think it is damaging for the left to be associated with snarky comments at a time like this, just damaging. i put it to you again, i said this to you countless times, your party has walked away from you. you haven't walked away from the party, they left you. that is what happens. >> i don't disagree with that but on a day like today, at a time like this when we all have to make as congressman sessions said, very articulately, a national commitment, each one of us, i identify as an american with a commitment, not as a democrat with a partisan agenda. stuart: well said to. i relate to that entirely. i think you are all right.
11:41 am
>> you are just fine and i appreciate the time. stuart: you are looking at dramatic video near the reservoir in texas that had overflowed its banks, that looks like a roadway, certainly not operative. i see a couple cars on it. as you scan to the west of the skyline, you can see there are indeed some activity on the highway, not like it shut down completely. as you look at the distance you see sunshine, some cars moving but this is not by any means a recovery in that part of texas, things are beginning to move. i have news on the colonial pipeline, the big one that takes gasoline from the houston area to the mid-atlantic states in new york. >> it will return to service sunday morning. that is what their news is. they shut down lines one into due to reduced supply and problems with flooding.
11:42 am
line 1 gasoline, line 2 is diesel and jet fuel. colonial is saying they will reboot that up and it could be up and running they estimate sunday. stuart: i will try to get a quote on wholesale gasoline. earlier this morning, half an hour, 45 minutes ago we had the wholesale price of gas up $.24 a gallon, 12% gain. right now it is up $.25, 13% gain, this is the amount of increase in gas price you will be paying fairly soon. i'm surprised it is still going up. of the colonial pipeline is going to be restored. >> intermittent supply problems. >> it may come back down on that news. >> we have a 40 point game for the dow industrials and on the left hand side of the screen live pictures of the extent of
11:43 am
the flooding, biblical, we use that word and it is legit. as far as the eye can see, all over the place water, water everywhere. doug siegel is with me, doctor siegel spoke with tom price, health and human services secretary. i want to know what tom price, what are the fed's doing on the medical front through doctor price? >> he basically said health and human services knows who needs what. on the ground they know who the electricity dependence, who needs oxygen, who needs medication and they rehearse for major disasters, they work with local agencies, state agencies, many agencies under hhs including cdc, fema, they work
11:44 am
with fema and emergency responders, they figure out what they need and who needs what and communicate. stuart: on a medical front talk siegel is saying well-organized, solid effort, no problems -- obviously there are problems smoothing so far. >> people stuck in their homes, very concerned about the human toll here and what is most interesting, it appeared more as an orthopedist, a congressman and secretary, i saw the triage in his eyes, saw him say if you save one patient this is how you save thousands of patients, how do you prioritize, figure out who needs what. stuart: i want to go to griffin jenkins, canyon gate, texas,
11:45 am
rescues underway. >> reporter: we are here in fort payne county, with a homeowner, you are anxious, just came up to your house, incredible to see this. who are we rescuing? >> this house right here. stuart: what is your name? >> randy. stuart: who are you going for? >> my wife's kid. stuart: when did you leave under what circumstances? >> just started rolling in the house. >> if you want to do what you got to do to find this, one of the challenges that you see playing out is obviously the water but with an animal that has been here in this case at least three days in the house, given to try to find high ground, the sheriff has been out
11:46 am
here since before dawn, doing it with these homeowners as we saw in the last hour. the sheriff -- the suburb in the northern part, very small part, he has much bigger problems as was mentioned, the sun is out here and that is a sigh of relief and the water is theoretically going to begin to fall because reservoirs of crested and this is directly south of the reservoir, both overflowing with an undue amount of water into the rivers and bayous heading south out of the city, but the brazos river people talked about for the last couple days is reaching and overwhelmingly record level and that will create a problem in richmond, texas in southern parts, we just watch here, bring
11:47 am
you more as it plays out and as we look for beloved pets hoping for a bright spot. stuart: we are going to keep the shot up to see if the sheriff emerges with the cat. we need more good news. we want some more and we will keep the shot up hoping to see the cat emerge at some point. i think we have chad with us, senior producer in washington knows about the politics of recovery and the politics of a down payment. we are hearing what congress people want is a sizable chunk of money allocated to the recovery effort in south texas blues not 100 million, 150 billion, small amount of money as a down payment of what is to
11:48 am
come later. is that what you are hearing? that would pass quickly i would suspect. >> one would think so. people talked about the legislative lift they have to execute on capitol hill, funding the government dealing with the hurricane, lifting the debt ceiling by the end of the month. in some ways this makes it easier. we heard from donald trump a couple weeks ago threatening to shut down the government over the border wall, that has been put to rest or punted to december because members of congress realize how serious harvey is and don't know what the price tag will be. it could very well exceed what was paid out for super storm sandy in the northeast in 2012, 2013, that was in the neighborhood of $60 billion, this could go to $150 billion but if they could infuse the coffers with some money now, after they get 3 or 4 weeks down the road, the additional money so they know what is there. here's the other problem they are going to have, september is going to be debttembr.
11:49 am
they have to address the federal flood insurance program, $30 billion in the hole, it was scheduled already to have to be renewed by september so that will be a chunk of change. republicans in congress control the house and senate, they talk about cutting federal spending and all it is going to be as non-offset spending in washington dc, much of it necessary but got to raise the debt ceiling to $21 trillion. this is going to be a lot of extra money tacked on in the next 30 days. stuart: sorry, there is the cat. i am breaking away, more important things, there is the cat, emerged from the house where it has been stuck, repatriated to the boat and its owner, griffin jenkins taking charge on that boat.
11:50 am
the cat has been rescued. i know you are still there and sorry to break away for a cat but i have to do this. it is good tv. extremely crowded legislative schedule. i don't see how you can get it all done. continuing resolution, debt ceiling, down payment on harvey, tax cuts, maybe something to do with healthcare, maybe infrastructure, you cannot do all of that. >> tax-cut and infrastructure, where some republicans i spoke to the past few days thought maybe paul ryan, house speaker was putting the emphasis on the wrong syllable, running around talking about tax reform that is the birthday cake they want to get to later, to eat their vegetables and deal with raising the debt ceiling and funding the government. he has to keep people, maintain that excitement. they won't get to that until later this fall but in some respects the storm might make it
11:51 am
easy because it clampdown the shutdown talk and chris christie talked about maybe not attaching emergency funding to lifting the debt ceiling, one of the toughest votes a member of congress can take, we are doing something for the good people of texas, makes it easier to swallow the pill to raise the debt limit. stuart: thank you for joining us, very important subject, we appreciate that. matt finn joins us from crosby, texas near the chemical plant where a fire is burning. the latest please. >> reporter: we are getting conflicting information. local authorities say this was not an explosion but a chemical reaction but more important at this hour we are determining how dangerous these chemicals might be and if they are in the air, the sheriff says these chemical compounds would be similar to breathing in smoke from a campfire but the chemical
11:52 am
company executive says it might be worse and that. >> not able to say any of this is non-toxic? >> organic peroxides as the sheriff said, they are chemical materials used to initiate chemical productions for the purpose of making plastics. toxicity -- >> you can't say it come you won't say they are not toxic. are you going to say they are not toxic? yes or no? it is a pretty important -- >> toxicity is a relative thing. >> chemical manufacturers, a wide variety of materials, close their plant in anticipation of hurricane harvey, brought in
11:53 am
backup generators but those were flooded, they brought in liquid nitrogen, right now the organic compounds on the property do not have refrigeration and are combusting. we have road closures behind us to the left, 1.5 mile evacuation radius. police went door-to-door asking to leave and they said these compounds and chemicals are extremely flammable so there is potential for a large fire. we are monitoring the situation and we will keep you updated. stuart: i want to clarify we got a report from the epa, environmental protection agency, they have no concentration of concern for toxic materials. i'm not sure what that means, no concentration -- ashley: it is an irritant but not toxic. stuart: the stuff that spewed out from the fire is not toxic but an irritant. some easing up from the epa.
11:54 am
>> two issues here, what is a flammable issue. is it going to explode. if it doesn't explode the next question you call something an irritant that i need to know medically what the long-term health consequences are. you could be exposed to something and not know it and does it increase your risk of xyz? i want to know what chemicals and long-term exposure would lead to especially if they are not refrigerated. there is no refrigeration so they are becoming more active in the heat. stuart: we have a catastrophic flood spread over hundreds of miles, a rescue operation still ongoing and in the middle of that there is this on your screen, one of the chemical containers still burning, live picture earlier today, no reason to believe that fire and smoke is gone, every reason to believe
11:55 am
another eight large chemical containers could and probably will catch fire. >> that is one of the things you realize, chemical toxicity, you worry about banging into things, injuries, after this period passes over we worry about black mold and congressman sessions said before one thing i would change is it is going to be years before the healthcare infrastructure can be rebuilt, years before infrastructure can be rebuilt. damaged telling you can't just cleanup when the water is receded. there will be health risks. stuart: tell me about this black mold. i have been hearing about this for years. is a serious? >> it lives in the walls of buildings, provokes allergies for people who already have that problem but many people have allergies and many people have
11:56 am
asthma. sometimes you have to destroy the wall, sometimes take the buildings down and rebuild them, they will be doing that and a lot of effort is being done right now to limit what is actually done. stuart: is mold automatic? if you suffer a flood in a hot zone, temperatures high in south texas do you automatically get mold? >> you bet you do and bacterial contamination so those points are true too. you will get injuries because things are below the surface and people panic, don't take proper precautions and bang into things. this is what we are hearing about in days to come. everyone should get a tetanus shot. stuart: everyone in the region. >> there is tetanus in those waters was there is e. coli but i'm worried about tetanus. stuart: i lost my memory of what that is. >> tetanus is a bacteria.
11:57 am
it is -- we haven't seen a case in new york in 50 years but it is still in the united states and occurs in times like this but i worry about people getting dehydrated, the heat is coming back and getting bacterial diseases. stuart: getting dehydrated is a passing problem. >> they have drinking water. it will last many months. >> a dire consequences. stuart: talking about creeping black mold i'm looking at pictures of pets being rescued, what a contradiction. chemical fire, flood of biblical proportions, creeping black mold and the dog is --
11:58 am
>> coordination of health agencies and state and local agencies save thousands of lives, we talk about lives lost, thousands of lives have been saved because of coordination of services, because of isolated, who is in need and who isn't. there is a great deal of cooperation and texans, stuart: that is news. whether that is a pet turtle i don't know. stuart: i'm in the news business, momentarily i am speechless. it is not good. okay. i do want -- >> animals are a big problem. animals are big problem. let me wrap up, keep that onscreen, keep that up.
11:59 am
let me just wrap what we want on the financial front, no impact on stock market whatsoever, it is up 40 points, shy of 22,000. that is the stock market. more important action in the price of gasoline, the wholesale price of gasoline has gone straight up. last time we checked a couple minutes ago we were up $.25 per gallon even though you brought news the colonial pipeline which varies guest to the northeast may reopen. liz: you saw futures at $2.11. we have seen that steadily rise since we have been reporting on this story. if it comes back online, maybe gas will start to go down. this is a pipeline that delivered not just gasoline budget fuel and diesel fuel as well up the east coast. stuart: i don't want to be crass because we are in the midst of a disaster, you don't say the price of gasoline is up, no affect on the stock market, that is truly crass but when the price of gas goes up as it is
12:00 pm
going up now we will all feel that. it is a direct result not of what you are seeing on screens, that is the rescue of animals, what you see -- i can't quite tell. >> a beautiful bunny rabbit. >> a guinea pig. stuart: it is yours. charles: the all good. there you go. that is fine. that is fine. stuart: give me the guinea pig back. neil: just wonderful. we have a couple updates on the chemical plant and the possibility of a couple more explosions later on, not many encouraging words on what could be in danger. a lot of stuff that generally would be deemed dangerous enough for the epa to say you have to keep registering with us and let us know your risk management level because some items incl


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