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tv   FBN AM  FOX Business  September 7, 2017 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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program makes you unworthy. >> i wish those who served in >> i wish those who served in lauren: breaking news this morning. hurricane irma pounds puerto rico forcing evacuations as millions leave everything behind. we are tracking deadly storms. cheryl: president trump had a surprise do with democrats avoiding a government shut down instead and republicans. the president calling on congress to work together on tax reform. turning three and 54-point going out drinking shot back this morning. a future sum 41, nasdaq key. mario drunk he will be ecb cut back on the massive economics
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program. live in london. lauren: stocks rebounding two tenths of 1% and south korea jumping over 1% as tensions use with north korea for now. lauren: facebook has uncovered $100,000 in ad spending from fake accounts tied to russia. "fbn:am" starts right now. lauren: good morning everybody. and lauren simonetti. trade two good morning. i'm cheryl casone. the tiny island of barbados destroyed. lauren: wiped off the map, so sad. cheryl: is just that now the latest update from the hurricane center. the eye of the storm is passing to the north eastern side of the dominican republic right now. that is where irma is right now.
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much of the u.s. territory has maximum sustained winds 180 miles per hour. we want to show you a new image of the monster hurricane scene for the international space patient. take a look at the disruption after irma richter the caribbean island. great. it's incredible. lauren: to think more hurricanes are on the way. it's expected to sign the dominican republic and they continues to head towards florida. 25,000 people already evacuated from the florida keys. only one layout. >> concessions can be replaced. your family can not. this is serious and we cannot take chances. it is life-threatening. this is not a storm you can wade
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through. lauren: out this coming as the atlantic basin has to react to hurricanes for the first time in seven years. can't say enough threatening mexico as a category one storm expected to make landfall to marinate. hurricane josé has formed in the atlantic poses no threat to land right now but meteorologists warning that it have to absolutely change. cheryl: let's bring in miguel on the phone from emergency management director for broward county, florida. good morning. >> good morning. good to be with you. cheryl: mandatory evacuations now in place in broward county. a resident air heating the warning from officials? >> yeah, we absolutely have ordered our mandatory evacuation starting that new today when we will be opening up 14 of our shelters. the mandatory evacuation does not affect when people can start
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going to our shelters. >> however, yesterday, we initiated a voluntary evacuation of or low-lying areas and people in mobile homes to help ease the traffic flow if you will, a voluntary evacuation yesterday. today we do expect a lot more traffic on the road. we do work well done in southeast florida here comes so yesterday if you alluded to earlier that they are evacuation, miami dade county initiated some evacuations yesterday evening and then today broward county is going to be initiating mandatory evacuation of her. her islands, low-lying areas in
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the communities. that's a population of about 150,000 with a total population of 129 million. south florida or southeast florida is a total population of 6.7 million. so we worked together at their reach and to do an evacuation. cheryl: really quick before we let you go, we've seen a lot of the airlines trying to lower prices, get people out of florida. are people having a hard time getting out? we showed pictures of the one lane highway from the keys. those leaving from the airport, are they able to get out right now? what about supplies for those who do decide to stay. we've heard about price gouging already in florida.
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>> i believe some fights of our event canceled, but there are some still open and they may have to shut down operations by friday or saturday. right now the fuel situation seems to be some name really causing some issues because demand is not keeping up with supply. hopefully that situation will be corrected today. cheryl: miguel, emergency direct their broward county, florida if, florida. we'll be following what happens in this date. thank you, mr. chairman. lauren: what's going on in d.c.? washington yesterday's president trump sides with democrats on the debt ceiling in the harvey aid deal. cheryl: was a big shock.
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tracey carrasco lab in washington d.c. transfer president trump writes himself and his dealmaking skills but republicans are still scratching their heads over this one. they were stunned when the president overrode their pleas on a proposal to attach emergency aid for hurricane horrific times two measures to keep the government funded and it's borrowing limits suspended until september 15th. republicans asking for a longer extension on the debt ceiling. the president ultimately sided with house democratic leader nancy pelosi and senate democrat leader chuck schumer. policy and schumer said both sides have every intention of avoiding a default in december and look forward to working together on the many issues before us. one of those issues immigration in daca. house speaker paul ryan called the proposal ridiculous and unworkable and aboard air force
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one, the president honestly to north dakota to discuss tax reform. this is what he said to reporters about the deal. >> we had a very good meeting with nancy pelosi and chuck schumer. we have an extension which will go out to december 15th. that will include feelings, vcrs and it will include harvey. training for the president clears the decks to focus on tax policy which he urged during a speech in north dakota. he promised more details on this plan in the coming weeks. here is what he said. our tax code is a giant dead world. the administration working with congress to develop a plan that will deliver more jobs. he is calling for bipartisanship when it comes to the tax reform. cheryl, lauren. lauren: the president might need democratic support to get tax cuts through.
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more on this with treasury secretary stephen mnuchin coming on "mornings with maria" today at 730 eastern time. cheryl: south korea says they expect north korea to launch another inter-ballistic missile on saturday. potential threat as the u.s. will be in oil exports. cheryl: saturday's anniversary. at september 9th in north korea. north korea accusing south korea of using the economic forum for dirty politics and not in the u.s. are springing to beef up the nuclear weapons program. president trump commented on the possible use of military force against north korea. >> will see what happens. we'll see what happens. thank you very much. lauren: all options on the table. south korea has completed the installation of the missile
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system with four launchers. tree into so much happening between the hurricane in north korea. listen to this story. facebook has uncovered hundreds of fake accounts with respect to ties to russia. those account spending $100,000 on ads during the 2016 presidential election. the number of ads is really actually small combat the discovery sheds light on what investigators believe that targeted by russia. sources say facebook is passed along all of its finding to congressional investigators looking into russian interference in our election. facebook shares soaring this year. stock up 48% year-to-date. lauren: pretty nice chart. donald trump to republicans by reaching a deal with democrats. nancy pelosi and chuck schumer. how does this change the poetical landscape?
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i'm the first to his corruption trial, senator bob menendez sitting outside a federal court proclaimed his innocence. government prosecutors says menendez sold his office for a lifestyle he couldn't afford by accepting luxury trips and other favors from wealthy doctors seeking political influence. police armed employees at this cleveland taco bell shot and killed one of two would-be robbers yesterday. they say five taco bell employees were in the store. suspects came in wearing masks, ordered them to get on the ground. three employees opened fire getting the suspect to die later. the suspect -- third suspect fled the scene. obamacare coverage will offer upon the care plan than half of the counties in kentucky next year cover the whole state this year. batman humana have left most of the states are they sell obamacare plans. stocks to watch.
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lauren: thank you of a cheryl. everybody was happy as a president trump described his meeting after he struck a deal with democrats who allowed continued government spending for another three months. the deal left gop lawmakers shocked. some call an unsettling, bad and even a betrayal. this tree tapping in 2013 before he was president. trump treated the worst negotiators in history otherwise known as republicans have just offered to suspend the debt ceiling for four months. pathetic. now he agreed to a three lunch suspension. independent women's forum carrie luke s. good morning. >> of mourning. lauren: why did republicans side with democrats? >> it's a little bit of a mystery. he won to show progress and move forward on paid in taxes. very understandable. but it is a missed opportunity. it's interesting to have that
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who wins in washington conversation. but we should really worry about is how this affects the american people. we are back three months from now having the same conversation and at some point let's remember all that debt has to be dealt with. so it's too bad there is no consideration to measure control spending as well. lauren: a lot of people say the reason he sided with democrats is because he needs support for tax reform. i suppose my question to you is do you think this is the president showing unity and where bipartisanship so he can get democratic support for other parts of his agenda because he doesn't think republicans can get it done? >> it's quite possible and would be wonderful if democrats were able to get on board. tax reform should be something that is in a bipartisan issue. a lot of it is simplifying the tax code come to getting rid of deductions that are kind of
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washington at its worst, giving favors to feel but not helping people in our economy in general. it should be a bipartisan issue and wonderful effect the end result of this. at the end of the day it does what it needs to do. how we get there, that it's just a matter of politics. the principles have to stay the same. he can't get democratic support by giving up those principles of lowering taxes and simplifying the tax code. when you do make sure we get a good deal out of this one. lauren: am curious about three months exception because you put this on the calendar and we talk mid-december a year before the midterm elections dealing with many issues all over again. >> absolutely. congress has a very full plate. they need to get tax reform done. pushing this again so they have to try to accomplish this in 2017 is going to be a big, big way. the congress has already got
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concerns. cheryl: senate majority leader mitch o'connell understood the president's decision yesterday and wanted to show beautification of natural disaster. what he think the president's relationship is that the leadership at this point? >> obviously there are frustrations on both sides. the president doesn't have the congress is able to deliver a republicans for the president is undercutting them. we need to get over that. but politics have to be secondary to the principles the president republicans share. remember what they are trying to do is deliver things like tax reform to fix their health care system. that is what has to happen to drive this. lauren: good to see you. thank you. >> we continue to track the most powerful storms ever had. hurricane irma now likely to same southwestern florida. janice dean has the latest storm
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lauren: with hurricane irma
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bearing down on florida, they are doing their best to discourage price gathering. if they run out of essentials, residents are going online and reporting vastly inflated prices. amazon so in a 24 pack of ice not in britain spring water for $99.99 from a third-party seller. the same product at $9.99 at it does not engage in search pricing and denies prices for bottled water. if you go online social media company you can see us on $179 water if you include shipping. cheryl: amazon say it depends on supply and demand. that's kind of a rotten answer in my opinion but their massive hurricane coming. airlines are doing something good. they are actually helping people to leave florida. jeb blew between $99.159.
5:24 am
american airlines at $99. delta says they are not going to charge more than $399 for tickets on flights to and from southern florida and from the caribbean. lauren: that includes first-class seats. for the latest on the track of hurricane erma, we go to fox meteorologist janice dean. what is the latest? >> still a category five hurricane. good news right now, both horribly strong winds remains for the most part offshore from puerto rico. they certainly saw very heavy rainfall storm surge in at least a duration of six, 12, 24 hours. so there is irma right now. it is insane to spend category five for so long and still forecast to be a category five for the next 24 to 48 hours.
5:25 am
5:00 a.m. in very good agreement with computer models over the bahamas. turks and caicos very concerned for low-lying islands here and then making a sharp turn. once it makes the turn, that is when we are uncertain because there's so many things going on in the upper level of the atmosphere. it continues to push a westward good will this be caught up in our jetstream and move it northwards? the exact location of the sharp right-hand curve is still yet to be determined. the one thing i can tell you is florida, every part of florida needs to be on alert, especially east coast in the southeast coast because we are predicting potential of the landfall of hurricane across georgia or carolinas. good agreement as they head into sunday. bahamas, turks and caicos and then will it make an impact on the florida peninsula or will it remain off shore and make an impact was georgia the
5:26 am
carolinas. still yet to be determined. everywhere from florida to the southeast coast to be prepared. quickly want to make mention tropical storm josé out your forecast to be the hurricane. we will watch this one as well. kottke had is in the gulf of mexico, will not affect the u.s., but yes another one in the gulf. lauren: janice dean, thank you very much. cheryl: thanks, janice. or where warning. markets going up for too long he says. we are going to ask what david nelson says about that. football season almost here. new england patriots taking on the chiefs in the season kick off tonight. we'll talk about the numerals for players with the soft ratings. you are watching "fbn:am." liberty mutual stood with me
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at lendingtree, you know you're getting the best deal. so take the power back and come to, because at lendingtree when banks compete, you win. cheryl: breaking news this morning. hurricane irma pounding puerto rico, not targeting florida with bring evacuations. millions picking up, leaving everything behind. lauren: president trump had a surprise deal to avoid a government shut down. stunning republicans that the president calling on congress to work together to get tax reform done. cheryl: with the debt ceiling deal of what in the shut down after getting different points yesterday. lower by 24 points. lauren: allies on mario draghi. will cut back on its massive economic stimulus program? cheryl: stocks tenacious rebounding in japan. south korea kospi jumping one
5:31 am
put one for first-time. tensions easing for now between the u.s. and north korea. lauren: t-mobile is betting you want free netflix. a new promotion you might like. "fbn:am" starts right now. cheryl: 5:31 a.m. in new york. thursday, september 7. cheryl casone. lauren: i am lauren simonetti. i love netflix, but i'm too lazy to switch my character. breaking news this morning with hurricane irma. the eye of the storm passing just north of the coast at dominican republic. also pounding puerto rico, much of the u.s. territory has plus power. sustained winds of 180 miles an hour. new images of the monster hurricane with the international space station.
5:32 am
take a look at this massive destruction is irma ripped through the caribbean island of barbuda. reports say almost every building and car on that island has been destroyed. train to an island out. incredible. this term expected to send the dominican republic and haiti. right near the dominican republic right now and of course the storm is heading for florida. 25,000 people have been evacuated from the florida keys. >> possessions can be replaced. your family can not. this is serious and we cannot take chances. as life-threatening. this is not a storm you can sit and wait through. cheryl: the atlantic basin has three active hurricane for the first time in seven years. hurricane kottke had a to make landfall tomorrow night. hurricane josé has formed in the atlantic posing no threat to end
5:33 am
right now. janice dean just warning the path could easily change. >> the evacuation warning five days before it's predicted to make landfall which is your severity of the situation. cheryl: in on the heels of harvey. lauren: president trump site that the democrats on the debt ceiling and hardly a deal. cheryl: tracee carrasco lab at the latest. what a turn of events. tracee: good morning, ladies. president trump prides himself on his dealmaking the republicans still scratching their heads over this one. they were some of the president overrode their pleas and side with democrats on a proposal to attach the hurricane made to raising the debt ceiling three months to december 15th. republicans asking for a longer extension on the debt ceiling. as many as 18 months. the president ultimately decided without democratic leader nancy
5:34 am
pelosi and senate democratic leader chuck schumer. in a statement, pelosi and schumer said both sides had every intention of avoiding a default in december and look forward to working together on the many issues before us. one of those issues come immigration and daca. house speaker paul ryan called the proposal ridiculous and unworkable. the president's move now clears the deck for congress to focus on tax policy, which he again urged during his speech in north dakota. he promised more details on this late in the coming weeks, but here is what he said. >> our tax code is a giant self-inflicted economic wound. my administration is working with congress to develop a plan that will deliver more jobs, higher pay, lower taxes for businesses of all sizes, middle-class families all across the nation.
5:35 am
a major, major tax cut, the biggest since ronald reagan. lauren: many now wonder that the president will turn to democrats on other issues like immigration and tax reform. cheryl, lauren, back to you. lauren: from rms, catch secretary stephen mnuchin eastern time. cheryl: ready for some tax reform. >> everybody is. welcoming the deal between president trump and democrat. the increase tracie was talking about to release money for the victims of hurricane harvey. chief strategist of dull point, are you surprised by the deal and how well affect the trump agenda? >> i was surprised. the president wants to get something done in with the missteps we had earlier in the year, especially starting with health care, they decided to go and listen to at nancy pelosi and chuck schumer had to say. he decided to make a bipartisan deal and is probably smart step
5:36 am
for the president. but the republicans would try to do his to do a swing for the fences with an 18 month deal. they were likely to accept a six-month deal. i don't think a couple months makes that much of a difference. we can see more like this in the future. lauren: markets for love tax reform. many say it's not priced into tremendous gain since the election quite honestly. do you think he's reached out to the democrat and that proves his chances of getting tax reform or tax cut done? and improves the chances. i think they're trying to get tax reform, comprehensive tax reform done by january. that's tough because there's not a time so we are likely to do this incrementally. we will start off with a corporate rate cut but then we are coming up to the 2018 election cycle pretty tough. >> goldman sachs would plate
5:37 am
frame said something yesterday. he said investors have anxiety right now because it could be going on for too long. i was an interesting way to put it, but he has a point. everyone is waiting for the next shoe to drop. >> lloyd, like a lot of us, it has been a pretty long time. his funding to the long end of the treasury curve. ten-year yields right now are pushing towards 2% and that is usually ominous. but there's another dynamic going on. opec is a cartel like structure able to dictate energy prices has really put a lid on inflation because opec is gone and technology in the united states has increased dramatically and energy touches everything ms help reduce inflation not just here but around the world. lauren: oil prices up as they are 26 cents jump we've seen.
5:38 am
a lot of that is temporary because we have so much oil. refineries coming back online. this fits into what blake finally saying, that the market reaction right now is comfortably numb between potential nuclear war with north korea and the america first strategy of protectionism, it is amazing that there's really not much. the trains are affecting stock prices to the downside. >> i'm a little surprised myself. typically inventions have learned that it takes off and geopolitical events very often do not translate over to the economy, but this is different. economic sanctions with our largest trading partners could also affect the earnings of a company like apple who sells iphone to china. we'll have to see this plays out, but it's pretty low. treasure it has affected the
5:39 am
markets. thank you for your heirs. cheryl: all right, a lot more coming up. are you ready for some football? the nfl season getting underway tonight with the kansas city chiefs. we will speak about player protest, lower ratings in the high profile suspension. this amazing video. alarming slipping out of handcuffs is still in the police car she is an encoding for a joy ride. you are watching "fbn:am." there she goes. ♪ this is my fight song ♪ take back my life song ♪
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been trying to prepare for this day... and i'm still not ready. the reason i'm telling you this is that there will be moments in your life that... you'll never be ready for. your little girl getting married being one of them. ♪ ♪
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lauren: welcome back to get too caught up on what's happening now. an i.t. staffer works for house democrats has reached a deal with federal prosecutors will return from the u.s. to pakistan. her husband works for representative debbie wasserman schultz. he was arrested in july. the texas media over the weekend. this woman arrested for shoplifting. she escaped from her handcuffs in the back seat of a police suv. she then climbed over the sea, took off in the vehicle leading police on the heist pjs. it took 23 minutes to catch. after she crashed the suv. she crashed it. she smashed the vehicle bind us
5:43 am
together out and today she now faces a pretty long list of new charges in addition to shoplifting. unbelievable. t-mobile offering free access to netflix to fan the print subscribers are the incentives intended to give an edge over competitors, at&t and verizon. the netflix offer for existing prescribers if you have a t-mobile plan week at two lines for $20 a month. that's what's happening. cheryl: or you could describe the police car and take off. >> always a good solution. that's what we do in texas. arrest me? i don't think so. nfl season kicking off. kansas city chiefs taken on new england patriots in boston coming out one of the most romantic super bowls ever. citing the comeback over the falcons re-signed february. some troubling issues that could cause the season. joining us to talk about them is the ceo of gms forte.
5:44 am
good morning. >> good morning, cheryl. let's first start with we are seeing new protest creeping up in the preseason. how did the nfl needs or will to respond to players refusing to salute our u.s. flag? >> well, it is a challenge because the core customer of the nfl is middle america and it's a very patriotic fan base. and so, it is having some impact. the nfl is the largest and most popular sport in the country, but there's not one thing that's going to affect the ratings. it's a combination of things. but certainly when the core customer is a very patriotic person and they see this, i'm sure it has an impact in terms of turning them off. train to go ahead. >> yeah, go ahead. cheryl: you mentioned the ratings.
5:45 am
i wanted to ask you about that. we did see some softer ratings from last weekend and i wonder if that was part of the player protest or now we've got streaming of nfl games, twitter and facebook and other companies trying to get into that game. does that affect the tv side of it? >> yeah, absolutely. it's a combination of those things, but it used to be you had all of the games on a sunday and it was very special and then they created monday night football and not made that very special. now you've got teams on thursday nights. sometimes you've got games on saturdays and there's multiple ways to consume them. the fragmentation of, you know, consumption model is impact in ratings, tv ratings in a think a lot of it also is some of the change in the garb. you've got the older stars, the peyton manning, brett fires that
5:46 am
move on and some of the young stars haven't quite recovered national heroes yet. i think a lot of it is originality to some of the games. tonight is going to be a national audience and everybody will tune in because it's the first game and then you had the cowboys giants on sunday night. next thursday night as the texans playing at cincinnati and is that going to hold a major national tv audience. i think it is a combination of things impact in the ratings. again, if you are an advertiser or your brand, the best way from a sports standpoint to get to a large audience is through the nfl. cheryl: real quick, do quick, do you think quick, g t-tango see ezekiel would see ezekiel elliott would not appeal? >> well, i think the commissioner has the ultimate
5:47 am
authority to have, you know, instill the suspension. but i think they are looking at the process by which it came about. i think unfortunately there will be a suspension. it's just a matter of when it starts. cheryl: john tatum coming in on the cowboys ran. great to have you on the show. thanks for getting to us early. >> sure, thank you, cheryl. lauren: more sports at the u.s. open sunday all-american women's final. denying tennis fans of dave fetter and a doll semi final. meanwhile, investigators with new set of european central bank. draghi went down? not that completely unchanged looking at the future's board. this turnaround you can see another day of green arrows. you are watching "fbn:am."
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welcome back. it's going to be a star-spangled day at the u.s. open. lauren: jared max, we have seen all-american like this in a while. >> 1981, 36 years ago, the last time all four semifinalists were american. a group that included martina navratilova. 32 years as any country pays for out of four semifinals in the grand slam.
5:52 am
stephen sardi in the semifinals. cocoa binned away with the number one seed. in case you're wondering, yes, coq au vin delayed israeli to former nba player coach executive kiki mandalay, coco's uncle. call it a big win for binned away industries. meanwhile, 22-year-old madison keats advances to the u.s. open semifinals. prediction, public address system at arthur ashe stadium tonight will play tom petty's american girl several times. venus williams against loan stephen and coq au vin delayed against madison keats. this would be the first time in nine years a woman not named serena will win the u.s. open. ever before, roger federer play each other at the u.s. open.
5:53 am
the doll in the semifinals but they will not get to play the 30th match of their careers because roger federer was done. one win streak in baseball at one pine street. cleveland carlos santana said boyet como vav. santana indians go three nothing. and now i win streak of 14 games, longest in history. the dodgers arizona for 13 straight when they get it. they take the lead by adam rosales and they defeat the ones dodgers three to one, 13 straight. nfl news. disturbing story shared yesterday by seattle seahawks michael bennet as shown in this video acquired by tmc. bennett said valletta casino
5:54 am
nightclub in las vegas after the recent mayweather mcgregor fight to the running after hearing what sounded like gunshots at the scenic tmc videos, officers pointed the gun threatening to blow his head off. >> it's a traumatic experience for me, my family and it that the country that we live in now sometimes you get profiled for the color of your skin. >> michael bennet said he's considering filing a lawsuit. las vegas police have 126 pieces of video to watch in their internal investigation. roger caddell also weighed in on this matter as he says, michael bennet represent the best of the nfl, leader and his team in the community. our foremost concern is michael and his family. las vegas police department will address this later in the evening. the issues michael has been raising deserves serious attention from all of our leaders in every community. cheryl: a lot going on in
5:55 am
sports. u.s. open here we go. >> and the patriots chiefs. cheryl: my two favorite things are tennis and football and they're happening today. you think it's my first day but it's not. thanks, jared. lauren: sports reports on fox news headlines 24/7 of serious xm channel 115. cheryl: a lot more coming up the european central bank meeting today. speculation over what it will do. a live report from london. ♪ another day of work. another round of all of this. why do you do it? why do you put up with it? it's not just a paycheck.
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(group conversation) ♪wooooo oo waa ahhh ♪it's a beautiful mornin' thank you ♪ahhh, ah ahhh ♪each bird
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i'm val. the orange money retirement squirrel from voya. i represent the money you save for the future. who's he? he's the green money you can spend now. what's up? gonna pay some bills, maybe buy a new tennis racket. he's got a killer backhand. when it's time to get organized for retirement, it's time to get voya. cheryl: european central bank looking for investors today and what it can take four bond purchases. christopher whitaker join us this morning. good morning. what are we expecting to hear today from the ecb? >> good morning, cheryl. today i think anything on the tapering announcement itself is unlikely to come today. we are expecting the ecb to lay the groundwork for what's expected to be an announcement potentially at the next meeting and a cobra. mario draghi has made clear they will make a decision. they've been buying bonds for quite a long time since
5:59 am
march 2015, going about 60 billion euros every month in the eurozone economy getting a lot better this year. it's been one of the real success stories. unemployment coming down. the difficulty for the ecb president and board of governors is the fact inflation has remained stubbornly low. another headache is the euro is up about 14% against the dollar this year. that is potentially an issue because it creates a downward pressure on inflation when it makes imports less expensive when you have currency at home. he needs to look at that. people expecting some clues as to whether the currency has jumped ahead of it self. also expect and perhaps some hints as to whether the ecb is putting in place committee to look at on tapering as well. don't expecting them to get ahead of themselves here. the last thing the ecb wants to do is then monetary conditions to quickly choke off the
6:00 am
recovery. lauren: a lot of the same issues right here at home. thank you, chris for your time. at home, who's the next head of the federal reserve when janet yellen vice chair sam fisher. he says he's gone next month. lots of changes there, too. cheryl: great to have you all with us this morning. and now time for mourning said maria. a huge interview coming up on the show. >> hey there, girls a big show. happy thursday to you. i maria bartiromo and it is thursday september 2nd. top stories right now fixing them in the east coast. hurricane irma crashing the caribbean. category five storm responsible for 10 deaths causing widespread devastation. hurricane making its way towards florida. mandatory evacuations in place. cars jammed on highways, gasoline shortages at the palm. rick sco


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