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tv   Varney Company  FOX Business  September 8, 2017 9:00am-12:00pm EDT

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maria: just enough time to say "varney & company" begins now thanks satirist to you -- >> yes, it does thank maria all right, this weekend, irma will hit every city in florida. right now starting to hit your wallet, a financial storm, too. good morning, everybody. as of now, the dow set to open 50, 0 points lower not major sell-off investors clearly nervous shock from unprecedented back-to-back natural disasters beginning to show cost of harvey astronomical and here comes irma the storm hits the keys south florida tomorrow, projected track now shows affecting almost entire state,
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whether forecasts warn of catastrophic damage throughout the day you will be seeing scenes like this a massive exodus 1.2 million people are under evacuation orders. schools colleges closed for the day and next monday. load up drive north hope you can find some gas. these are scenes from caribbean islands irma has hit truly devastating, we don't know full extent of the damage, the wind rain and the storm surge is coming to florida it is just hours away. now look at this, 8 earthquake off the south coast of mexico a tsunami warning extensive damage on land. here is something else that is setting nervous on edge north korea founder's day tomorrow, there are reports regime is preparing another missile launch, america's warned don't do it. what will we do if they launch? good question mood high
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anxiety "varney & company" is about to begin. >> letter get straight at it irma currently strong category four storm, slammed turks and caicos islands today waves as high as 0 feet there, 20 feet k communications down as storm hit island not clear how bad the damage is, officials in cuba evacuated tourists from beachside resorts in island of saint martin very badly damaged air force known to a lot of tourists on the beach reportedly it was completely destroyed. the british virgin islands direct hit many buildings destroyed you can see hurricane warnings issued for parts of southern florida long gas lines common people dry to drive out of the storm path traffic backed up on major
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highways drive north 9:00 eastern time jeff flock i-95 rate there what is happening? reporter: i have good news bad news for you stuart this morning, the bad news first, is we are at the point just south of daytona beach backed up in both directions you look here the good news is this is the first choke point between here and miami. back south where you see this alcoholic point clear sailing all the way if you want to get out you can get out, they have done a good job, with getting gasoline in on the other side of palm trees is southbound 95 allowed gas trucks down there so people are getting gas able to get out they have to stand in line wait on line a while but they are getting gas, so good news and bad news the other piece of bad news is because of the new track of this storm, even more people some from center of the state are now jumping on k
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expressways trying to get north a mess but controlled mess as we said yesterday, at this time. >>. >> we will be walk jeff flock right there in market action, this morning, stocks will open lower but, again, this is not a major sell-off down 50, 60 points, 21,000 index not a big deal however we will open lower let's see how we go through the day, oil no change, 49 bucks a barrel now price of gasoline, holding at 2.67 that is the national average, up a fraction of a cent from yesterday the spike clearly slowing down at least for now. as you saw there, the market opens stock market opens lower managing director is with us now, is this -- limited market sell-off, not calling it a sell-off links tirmda. >> doesn't help sentiment at all we have quite a situation we have the threat of a
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military conflict in korea earthquakes in mexico floods hurricanes where are locusts. >> if anything to do with politics or state of american economy or is this really north korea and irma. >> i this special event, exogenous factors i don't know many companies worried about adequacy of earnings forward i have not heard threat of massive lay-offs if we had a disaster in florida massive losses i don't know what is going to happen if we did would you then expect a market selo. >> it wouldn't be good for insurance companies. >> irma ever hit global market. >> i don't think so -- inject so much fare in u.s. economy consumer spending slows down remember 9/11 in dollar terms perhaps less experience with i
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remember 9/11 pits forth consolidate suppressed consumer spending worsened recession. >> florida's attorney -- attorney general i should say pam bondi criticizing of businesses for price-gouging singled out one company in particular, roll that tape. >> we noticed we had about 45 complaints against chevron gas station chevron if you are watching you need to call us tell us why your prices are inflated in south florida, because in tallahassee they are not, in contaminatep not in south florida they are high, and there is no excuse for that. >> join the debate on price-gouging right or wrong. >> you know, i don't think it is correct kufb current situation for a major corporation this is only going to tarnish representation. >> image, there is -- >> don't do it now. >> thank you very much.
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>> there is a major corporate indeed security story massive security breach at credit reporting agency equifax, 143 million people exposed, three senior executives reportedly sold shares wrth 1.8 million before the breach was made public. >> the optics are not great are they apparently they were made aware of intrusion july 29 question begs why we finding out in now there was a stock sale three executives a day or two right after the intrusion made public or was made known to the company, the executives in question as you can see on the screen, they sold at a very high point for equifax now a big hit on news they say they had no idea intuition when they sold those but, again, optics are not good, bottom line for consumer
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credit card numbers received 143 million people had social security numbers addresses, birth details name it date of birth not good. >> will open -- >> reflected, i got to ask this what on earth is going on here? jennifer launders suggests harvey and irma may be nature's wrath of president trump victory that is what she said founder of turning point usa -- what do you make of jefferson launde jennifer lawrence saying this meeting you could talk about weather can't do that everything he politicized are you kidding me acting like hurricane new of an, phenomena. >> they feel this way? >> that is key story, they
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feel they don't think they feel, left is rooted in emotion most leftists not all not logical theatreers when it comes to politics see hurricanes that must be mother nature's wrath, do you think a long cal thinker couldn't possibly come to that somehow mother nature says donald trump in white house must -- go states that voted for him only states that voted for him. >> immediately, serious subject here couple days ago, president trump tilted away from republican leadership was in that meeting in the white house he tilted towards democrats makes a deal on debt ceiling you like this don't you -- >> my in sync at first not favorable more i look at it policy pollwise don't like spending more not getting a deal if he worked with ryan mcconnell would it have been different it would have been 60 days more same so what i think he was doing from his
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perspective 90 days breathing room to get tax cuts through democrats can't possibly say you can't work with president you can't vote for tax cuts, so i don't love it ole policy scale but look ryan mcconnell take month off they expect a triumphant return to d.c.? give me a break they are in control but sure don't act like. >> it the republican party itself in deep trouble. >> you are correct, absolutely. >> looking at this, voting next year. >> that is other thing i think president says are you really majority act like it wants to unyou do that structure a little bit i appreciate it. >> thank you very much check futures 20 minutes away from opening of the market on friday morning, we will be down, not sharply down 60 points. we have bad news for comcast, they have lost 150,000 cable tv subscribers the last quarter the streaming effect people cutting cord getting tv
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online instead, comcast up on that news, and the chiefs peat patriots here is what everybody is talking about, the gentleman right there sitting during the national anthem a star to react to that nfl hall of famer fox sports host chris carter commenting on that coming up this hour. we are talking to mayor of fort lauderdale you know that city. all those beachfront high rises, anybody there? still? we will ask you know on top floor? look at that. >> hang on. # .
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stuart: another high anxiety signal yield 10 year treasury to 2.06% the lowest yield since last november that was yesterday. it is uncertainty about north
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korea, of course, will they launch a missile, irma hits florida this weekend high anxiety 2.06 on 10 year. >> mayor of fort lauderdale welcome to the program. myself. >> a lot of our viewers we know fort lauderdale very well. we know those high rises, all the way along the beach, does anybody still there like at any 30th floor? >> i tell you there's a few people still there most people have he'ded the warnings most people followed our advice, and you know we asked barrier islands to be evacuated we have seen incredible cooperation i was out there early this morning late last night it is the quitest fort lauderdale beach has been in years a different environment. what proportion of the city do you think has left? >> well i'll tell you, the county asked for mandatory evacuation east of u.s. 1 federal highway about 25% of
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our population 25 to 30% of our population so we probably are seeing about 15, 20% population i would say probably either moved west or out of town. a lot of people i talked to earlier in the week because of all the notice we had a lot of people went to north carolina georgia atlanta area things like that we have seen a lot of people move west in higher areas of browar county most fort lauderdale east side the barrier island low-lying areas very concerned about storm subject. >> what is the gas situation the moment. >> was problematic last couple days kind of seemed to have eased a bit portever glades surprised pet troll supplies petroleum generally gas never an issue as you pointed out it has been an issue the last couple days, but we feel it is there is enough gas out there now, hopefully, people are not
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driving today we are asking people now go where you need to be hunker down ride storm out we feel we are ready prepared, and government all levels has done a good job. >> i did want to ask about that when you get huge disasters strike a consolidate government of the state not on trial but a test, how do you think governor scott is doing i know a republican you are a republican, absent politics how is he doing? >> i think doing a good job, i think we're seeing cooperation, at all levels we are seeing the city the county the state, and the federal government, i even had white house reach out to me, couple days ago, asking what do we need so we are seeing cooperation all the way from local government on up, and look, you never want to see a storm politicized never turn into you a partisan political battle that is not going to happen here in florida we are going to focus on the safety and security of our neighbors,
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and safety and security of our visitors and make sure we are economy back as soon as this storm moves on. >> our thoughts with you we know fort lauderdale very well, and we hope you come through this in good shape thank you very much for joining us sir. >> thank you i hope to see you down here soon. >> we are waiting for governor rick scott going to make an announcement, shortly. update the path of the storm and preparations he is making you will see him when he starts to appear, okay? right now, this is the path of hurricane irma, shortly, fox news meteorologist janet dean will be with us says potential to be a truly catastrophic event her words, get out while you can, she says. her update after this. ♪
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janice, i have heard that every city in florida will take a hit, is that accurate. >> i mean this storm is about 400 miles wide, and forecast that cone to move up spine of florida so, yes, that whole state of florida is going to feel impacts from this storm, new advisory coming out 11:00 we will get new track, and see if it is on par to what we have seen last 24 hours, listen a jog to the east or west the difference between getting hurricane force winds maybe tropical storm force winds impacted severe especially for low-lying areas like keys south florida why we have evacuation so 150-mile-per-hour sustained winds going through structural changes, means trying to strengthen again, got a lot of warm water ahead of so it potential is there, for us to bump up winds again, in in next 12 to 24 hours a lot of warm water ahead not a lot of land for it to interact with we can see the strengthening
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storm as it makes landfall hurricane warnings in effect for keys south florida storm surge warnings we could see water level rise 5 to 10 feet above dry significant expecting landfall impact saturday. >> it into sunday morning look at this track over the florida peninsula, we have to watch georgia carolinas track moving across towards tennessee river valley mississippi also want to point out that warm water ahead of it i mean dealing with 90-degree temperatures here if it goes along the trajectory not land interaction the potential for storm to strengthen bottom line computer models in good agreement see what 11:00 a.m. advisory brings us state of florida needs to be on alert for potential of a hurricane. >> give me 20 seconds on next hurricane josé where is it.
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>> northern leeward islands destroyed by irma unfortunately, the good annuities for us is it is not going to impact u.s. >> got it already janice thanks very much indeed we will talk to you later thank you, all right going to open this market in a couple minutes' time on downside this is not a major sell-off, down 60, 217 level we will be back.
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stuart: we will get to the opening of the market in one minute and 10 seconds time, i want to update a couple of personal stories about irma. my daughter left her house in south florida at mid knight and made it up to tampa in good shape. pets, husband and all in -- and a boat in toe. where is your mom. ashley: mom is on the ocean in daytona, she's packing up and heading to orlando where the number two on the screen, but she will tough it out in a resort there. i'm sure she will be fine. there's no escape if you stay in florida, that's for sure. stuart: as janice said moments ago it goes up the spine of florida and virtually every city takes some kind of hit. ashley: yeah. stuart: bad or otherwise. that's the way it is. i tell you, anxiety-filled weekend if you tell me, irma, all kinds of other stuff going
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on. all right, we are going to open the market friday morning right as irma descends on florida, we have 10 seconds to go. at this moment, we are going to open lower but i'm told it doesn't have that much to do with irma. all right, let's see how we open. here we go. how did we open? we are down 20, we are down 21. i see a lot of red. we are down 19. that's a very limited loss in early going. not exactly people are dumping stocks, that's for sure. down 26, down 28, i'm still seeing a lot of red. down 30 maybe, that's it. down 30. loss of .13%, all right. s&p, we always say it, broader base, how is that index doing is down .18%, down but not that much, the nasdaq, we always say home to technology, here you go, down .13%. we can safely say we have opened fractionally lower across the board. as for the price of oil,
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fractionally lower. this is important, stay with that. stay with that. forget oil. look at that. 2.06%, the yield on the ten-year treasury. that's a, flight to safety, b, i suspect it's worries about the u.s. dollar which is still at 2 and a half year low. ashley: very low. stuart: let's get comment from other people. ashley: the more people bail in the more the price goes up. that tells you that a lot of people are diving into treasuries right now. stuart: that's part of the story. mike: you would expect the number to be a lot higher. in the face of the fed that's hiking, we are down 2.06. stuart: anxiety weekend. let's introduce, everybody, four people around the set. wait, wait. price of gas. now i have to introduce everybody. all out of whack, i'm very sorry. 2.67, virtually unchanged from
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yesterday. the spike in gas prices appears at this point to have come to an end. the dow industrials are down near 43 points. look at the insurers, they've been taking a big hit specially those that specialize in florida, they are taking a huge hit recently and down a lot more today. fed rated is down 7% on top of massive losses previously. property insurers are down not so badly. most of them are down. you got progressive up a tinny fraction. reinsurers, they take the hit when the initial insurer has to pay up. not much changed there. they have been down recently but that's not a huge loss as of this morning. now let me introduce everybody. who do we have? ashley webster, of course, jeff zeka and michael murphy also always here on friday morning. now, why isn't this market down
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some more given the risks, the damage that's likely from irma, murphy? mike: it's tragic, massive tragedy, loss of life. when you talk about portfolio, the effect on the market, best case scen -- scenario. >> a market driven by psychology. the market is anxious waiting for north korea, looking at this recent issue with tax cuts as being the number one things to consider. stuart: hold a second, ashley. you were nodding your head because he mentioned north korea. they have been talking about south koreans, the north koreans maybe launch another missile tomorrow because of the september 9th. ashley: icbm. south korea believes it's going to be a normal trajectory.
9:34 am
the other was way up high and doesn't go very far and splashes in the ocean. a normal trajectory, goes out further, maybe brings guam into play. there's strong belief that they would do something and firing a missile -- stuart: what happens if they shoot it down? mike: i think we are going to go in and us and japan and south korea, combined, and with the backing of the united nations going to go in and drop missiles upon, upon missiles and crush these guys. stuart: you think? extraordinary prediction. if they are aggressive again, they've been told, don't do this again. the missile will be shot down immediately. number two, president trump with the backing of allies and the united nations will take aggressive action in my opinion. stuart: that's a big concern on the market.
9:35 am
ashley: i think the un is nothing but talking mechanism. look, more sanctions, china still pushing for more dialogue. if that happens, that will be huge -- mike: i think that was a big mistake. japan is very concerned about their own well-being and they want our backing, of course. stuart: let's be clear, that speculation on your part. mike: sleet speculation. stuart: president trump moments ago tweeted this, put it up, please. republicans must start the tax reform, tax cut legislation asap. don't wait until the end of september, need it now more than ever. hurry. >> i don't understand, what is he saying? stuart: let's get the tax cut going. >> it is a good thing, keep in mind what happened yesterday with the debt ceiling, trump sided with the democrats, he sided with pelosi and schumer, that's a very bad thing for tax cuts -- stuart: no, it's not.
9:36 am
>> i believe it is. here is the problem, the republicans have to be in agreement with trump. he's sending a message right now that he's willing to work with the democrats, the democrats do not want tax cuts or they don't want these types of tax cuts, tax cuts we want as conservatives. stuart: a few democrats in the senate do accept this kind of middle-class tax cut. >> they do, but here is the problem that i have, there are a few democrats but the vast majority of democrats are in love with entitlement programs and they're not willing to give up a lot of those entitlement programs and without giving them up, they are going to make the argument that the tax cuts are unfair to certain classes of people and that's problematic. i'm still optimistic we are going to get it but this could slow down the process. stuart: i think you're totally wrong but let's move on. i think there will be sufficient democrats follow the senate to
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support a middle-class tax cut with the help of large number of republicans and i think we will get it. as a middle-class tax cut. not what we all want but that's what we are going to get. good stuff. three top executives at credit reporting agency equifax dumped nearly $1.8 million of the stock before the company revealed data breach. it may have affected 140 million people, equifax is down 16%. i'm not suggesting criminality here -- >> let's talk about the brand, equifax makes money in credit monitoring and identity protection services may allowed massive, catastrophic data breach to happen, what value does equifax have if they can't protect the identities of those people who are there. stuart: it happened in july and found about it.
9:38 am
mike: high-ranking officials selling stock three days after the company found this out who didn't know about it. again, i don't know the facts behind it. ashley: that's what they say. mike: shouldn't high-ranking officials known have done this immediately? ashley: known before now. stuart: total break down and trust of that company, that would have been my opinion. check the big board, we are coming back. we were down 50 points. we got as low as that, now we are down 27. maybe president trump's tweet about tax cuts, get on with it, zeka, works. grocery store rain kroger, down goes the stock, they had already taken a hit when amazon bought whole foods. smith&weson sliding today, american outdoor cut its profit
9:39 am
outlook, another gun company on the downside. check out the companies that have have a lot of locations in florida, advanced auto parts, gnc, big exposure in florida. apple, launch of new iphone next week. glitches could affect the rollout, murphy, how much -- you make much of this? mike: i really don't because i'm going to believe tim cook, you will see the phone come out but massive build-up demand for iphone 8. a good thing for apple is you can't keep up with demands for these phones, they are so great that everyone wants them. stuart: cities across the country, they are lining up to become the home of amazon's headquarters building.
9:40 am
you have land around amazon property, which cities are in the running here? >> this is going to sound very bias, amazon needs to be in the tri state area, in either new york or new jersey and i'm not just saying that, biggest consumer base here. if you look at what amazon corporate headquarters did in seattle, they added $50 billion to the economy, we need it here and the tri state area has to give amazon the tax incentives to be here. stuart: we need it. doesn't mean that we are going to get it. ashley: biggest economic stories in a decade, toronto, denver say they're already in and are going to throw application into the mix. stuart: how much are they going to give them? ashley: probably biggest tax incentive, they will do everything they can. stuart: with 50,000 jobs, i would do anything. mike: chicago, the state of illinois needs a lot of money.
9:41 am
i think amazon won't go outside of the u.s. but i think they may look -- stuart: amazon is not in the welfare business. mike: they are not stupid either. ashley: texas. mike: if they had good will behind them, good will doesn't hurt them in anyway. >> four-hour delivery and they want it in new york city. four-hour delivery, they have a west coast corporate headquarters, they need an east coast. stuart: you're grinding that ax. thank you very much, jeffrey, michael, great stuff. thank you very much for joining us. good friday morning. where are we? down 33 points. could have been worse. i was expecting worse. more trouble for martin shkreli. kansas city chiefs, quarterback, peters took a seat during national anthem at last night's
9:42 am
opening game. nfl hall of famer chris carter is coming up on this program next. is he going to defend marcus peters, we will ask him.
9:43 am
stuart: happening now, governor rick scott with update. >> to now henry and palm beach and glades county. the decision is made based on sole focus on life safety as irma approaches florida. you can find more information at right now the national hurricane center is reporting that hurricane irma remains dangerous and life-threatening category 4 storms of winds of 150 miles per hour. jupiter around the florida peninsula to florida keys. a storm surge watch is in effect for north jupiter, to venice. the storm surge is forecast to be 3 to 10 feet, think about
9:44 am
that, 3 to 10 feet in many areas this is life-threatening. a hurricane warning is in effect for jupiter inland southward to banita beach. the florida keys, lake okachobee, north of jupiter inland to ana mary island. isolated areas receiving up to 20-inches of rain. based on what we now know the majority of florida will have major hurricane impacts with deadly storm surge and life-threatening winds. we can expect this along the entire east coast and the entire west coast. florida keys should be prepared to start feeling the effects of the storm tomorrow morning. evacuations. i've offered school buss to aid in evacuations statewide. multiple counties have accepted the buses and encourage any counties with the need for buses
9:45 am
to evacuate residents request buses right now. we can -- we will quickly run out of good weather to evacuate. if you're told to evacuate, leave, get out quickly. the roads will fill up quickly, so you need to go. i'm a dad and i'm a grandfather, i can't imagine life without them. do not put yourself or your family's life at risk. if you have been ordered to evacuate and are still home, please go. today is the day to do right thing for your family and get inland to safety. today is the day to do the right thing for your family and get inland for safety. this storm is wider than our entire state and it's expect today cause major and life-threatening impacts from coast to coast. remember, hurricane andrew, worst storms in the history of florida. irma is more devastating on its
9:46 am
current path. irma has already caused multiple fatalities in the caribbean. the storm is powerful and deadly. we are being very aggressive in our preparation for the storm and every floridan should take this seriously and be aggressive to protect their family. possessions can be replaced, your family cannot be replaced. i know it's hard to evacuate, i know it's going to be uncomfortable, i think about my mom and how hard it would have been on her to be completely broke with kids to have to evacuate, but you've got to do it. you have to keep your family safe. to private business owners, please be compassion with your employees as they prepare for this storm and evacuate. i was a business owner when hurricane andrew devastated 20 years ago, the most important thing is safety of employees and their families. for remainder of the state waiting on evacuation orders,
9:47 am
listen to local firms. they will tell you if and when your area needs to be evacuated. we can expect additional evacuations as the storm continues to get closer to our state and move up the state. if you're in the panhandle, you will also -- stuart: we will break into this. governor scott there is basically saying if you're told to get out, get out. we will make facilities available. ashley, he's also talking about taking steps to stop overflow of lake okeechobee. ashley: try and reduce the flooding, dangerous storm surge on the entire east and west coast of florida. don't forget, the storm is 400 miles wide, it's absolutely huge. he made the point, do the right thing. stuart: yeah. ashley: if not for yourself, for your family. stuart: gulf coat and atlantic storm. 8 to 12-inches of rain. ashley: and more in some places. stuart: i thought the big
9:48 am
problem would be wind but 8 to 12-inches of rain is a big problem. governor scott updating the situation about irma right there. quickly to the market, we have the dow industrials virtually flat now. we are down just 7 points, that's it. we opened down about 50, now we are down 8, i honestly thought that worries about damage from irma would take the market much lower. it did not, we are down 10. ashley: the tweet on tax cuts by the president helped. you never know. [laughter] stuart: total change of subject, ladies and gentlemen, the nfl season kicked off last night. now, before the game the chief's player marcus peters sat on national anthem. joining us chris carter, new sports one show, first thing is first, his name is chris carter. chris, how are you? >> thanks for having me. stuart: are you going to support
9:49 am
peters and kaepernick. >> i believe the right to protest. i support a person's ability to build to express themselves. as someone who has been associated with the national football league, for the last 30 years, i would never take the national anthem and sit down on the national anthem but if my teammates came to me and told me they were thinking about doing something to bring overall awareness to a certain subject that i had passion, i would potentially join them in some capacity, but i'm not going to disrespect the flag. but i would take that opportunity to try to build and do in some form of fashion and i do believe in supporting teammates. stuart: i think taking a knee during anthem hurts the game and when i watch football, i love watching football. i want to see the game. i'm not interested in politics, i'm sorry.
9:50 am
i'm a very political guy but don't bring politics into the sport that i'm watching. >> right, most of the people that are protesting, they're not protesting what the flag means or being political, what they're saying, they are trying to bring attention to the injustices for certain group of people, so they don't have a problem with the military. stuart: is that the right place for it? there are dozens of young black men who are millionaires because of football. >> well, there's -- there is a greater group of billionaires because of these african americans and others, because of their ability to play football. which want you want to look at? the guys that made a few million or a bunch of guys who have made billions? >> if i was a player no way on god's green earth that i would bring down the support that would enrich me. >> okay. well, as american citizen -- stuart: i am an american accident. >> each one of those people have the ability to be able to do
9:51 am
that. i personally wouldn't use the national anthem. i played in the national football league for 16 years, i covered it the last 16 years as broadcaster i've never had a real job. the national football league, that's meant a lot to me. [laughter] >> my opinion is a very strong one based, man, these people paid me a lot of money but i have the right as citizen that supersedes me. stuart: i've worned them since i became a american citizen. if i chunk them in the trash, i would be fired and my employer has the right to do that. i think that the employers of these people who are taking the knee during national anthem have every right to say, get out of here, you will never play in my team again. >> they are taking politics into the job and they don't really have the right -- stuart: they are bringing down the team. they are lowering the revenues
9:52 am
that's coming into the team. they are crashing the sport. >> did you watch the game last night? okay, why didn't you watch it? >> because i'm in bed -- >> what people will do, i will make an excuse. i'm not going to watch the national football league. well, the game is the most popular game in america and continues to grow and will continue to grow even after the players stop protesting. stuart: ratings are down. >> the political season that we went through, the ratings haven't came in from last night because we are in a new season which is not a political season and you will see the ratings correct themselves and be right back to normal. stuart: do you enjoy your time on varney & company today? >> yes, absolutely. it's been a blast. i love to be able to talk -- stuart: if you're not careful -- [laughter] >> this one was for free, next one i'm going to charge. [laughter] stuart: you think you can get money out of me?
9:53 am
you can't get blood out of a stone. >> i know there's money in fox, i know it. [laughter] stuart: first thing first airs weekdays 6:30 a.m. on fox sports 1. >> myself and nick wright joined by jenna wolf, first week, finished up a successful week. roger gadele and we are off to a flying start part of fox family. stuart: go get them, son. >> i love your cufflings. stuart: i'm not taking them off, either. [laughter] stuart: 23 minutes into the show and we are down a mere 7 points with irma looming. i find that extraordinary. i really do. equifax, credit-reporting agency with massive data breach, that stock is way down, down 13% as we speak. i want to get back to irma, the florida keys expected to take the direct hit from the cat 4 storm, griff jenkins is in key largo. all right, griff, how are people
9:54 am
preparing -- it must be a ghost town by now. >> you know, that's right, stuart. it is a bit of a ghost town. only 5% of the residents on the keys remain. we are in key largo. you can see over my shoulder, this is the key largo marina, we were able about to interview general manager who is fast-tieing things up. he got pulled away. it's a sense of a ghost town but also those behind are in a bit of a state of emergency preparing for an unforeseen, they have never seen this sort of storm. here is the threat, stuart. it's not only the wind, category 4 upwards of 155 miles an hour that would be unprecedented in its destruction but the storm surge. as you look at the boats, the water -- this is high tide almost up to the top. that's before the storm even gets here. if they get upwards of 10 to 15 feet storm surge here in key largo which is what is predicted, again, coming here is not a matter of if, it's a matter of when.
9:55 am
that would put these beat into the streets, and ultimately not to be too animus most of key largo under water. the problem is how long is it trapped, how long those that remain behind, how long are they going to be without power and without water and officials unable to reach them. the administrator here was saying that, listen, if you choose to stay, realize that do not call 9-1-1 because no one will be coming for you. officials saying that you could be stranded here, stuart, for days if not weeks before someone gets to you. so while the devastation that came in 1992 with hurricane andrew, we saw north of the keys and key largo, the devastation of buildings, you certainly can have that but could have a
9:56 am
situation where key largo is utterly cut off from the mainland united states for a long time. that's a threat they face here as they scramble here, stuart. stuart: griff, thank you very much, indeed. talk about anxiety as the weekend approaches. there is concern that north korea will launch an intercontinental ballistic missile tomorrow. ashley: this comes from south korea. the concern of the anniversary of the regime, if you like celebrate bid the launch icbm. they have every feeling they believe that this could happen and they say it will be a normal trajectory, in other words, this is a missile that could go out far possibly towards guam or vicinity. that's what they are worried about because the previous launch was up high but then a short distance. stuart: will we shoot it down? ashley: that's the big question. stuart: just put financial impact of hurricane irma for a moment, irma is a story about people and real americans, including members of my family
9:57 am
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visit stay sharp people!
10:00 am
stuart: biblical flood in texas, catastrophic hurricane about to hit florida. this sun precedented. this is not some distant event. this is the whole state of florida, and perhaps georgia, and south carolina. millions on the move. ordered out. it is an exodus. think about the disruption. think about effect on real people. my daughter and her husband left house in south florida, at midnight, pets boat and all the trying to make it to nashville. no way they are back until the end of next week. 20 million floridians. must be 100 million americans who have family, friends, property down there. we are connected personally to
10:01 am
this impending disaster. television, that brings home the terror of a monster hurricane. these days there is video from the eye of the storm. there is video of thrashing palm trees, surges seas, as it happens. no wonder people look at it and decide to flee. supercomputers, now track the storm with extraordinary accuracy. janice dean was right when three days before the flood she predicted 25 inches of rain for houston. and now, those same computer models let us know where irma is headed, again with surprising accuracy. last night, when irma's track showed it plowing up the entire state, that is the moment my daughter decided to low. we're a financial program. we'll try to figure out the cost of all of this and who is going to pay for it but at this moment we're concentrating on people. the disruption of millions of lives and fear that has arrived for the entire state. i predict this. we will soon be bringing you stories about the american
10:02 am
spirit. it is alive and well in florida. the second day of -- the second hour of "varney & company" is about to begin. ♪ stuart: the market has turned. we were down 50. we are up 20. what happened? in my opinion such as it is, president trump tweeted, directing his tweet at republicans this morning. he said, ash, am i right, get on with it. ashley: asap, in capital letters. get on with it before end of december. tax cut. stuart: gives shot in the arm to tax cut momentum. that may be help the market. we're out on a limb but turning around. can't think of anything else. ashley: right. stuart: thank you. check big tech stocks. all are down even though the market turned around, all five on the downside. the price of oil is little-changed.
10:03 am
$48 a barrel as we speak. we have equifax. this is an important story. a massive cyber hack. 14 43 million customers have their information exposed. equifax is biggest loser on 500 stocks on the s&p 500. it is down 15%, $23 a down. that's a hit. irma expected to hit florida sometime saturday. highways are packed with people a great exodus heading north. our next guest represents the first congressional district in the northwest corner of the state. congressman matt gaetz joins us. they are passing through your district elsewhere out of florida. what is the gas situation like there? >> we still have gas and fuel available. we have prepared in advance, bringing in extra resources and assets but one of the things complicating this exodus of people from florida and the
10:04 am
impending storm in my part of the state we've been a staging ground for texas. a lot of forward positioned assets we wanted to help people in the texas, we may have some of those in place for florida. certainly along the gulf coast our thoughts and prayers with your family and all those fleeing the peninsula. stuart: you've been the good nice helping out texas and you might find yourself shorthanded as storm comes to you. i was listening to governor scott moments ago a storm surge on both coasts. we thought it was a storm surge on atlantic coast, because it will be a big storm, and come up here you, pensacola ha. you have to be worried about a storm surge now. >> well, storm surge is very serious. fortunately in florida we're resilient. we know how to prepare. sandbags are being put in place now. we improved a lot of building codes within florida to withstand surge and major
10:05 am
windstorms. i don't think you see the same level of devastation with lower level wind in my part of the state that perhaps you saw in the outskirts of hurricane sandy, but certainly a direct hit from a category 4, types of images after americans saw hurricane andrew, concrete buildings leveled are types of images we say see again. stuart: maybe you can't see this, congressman, our viewers are looking at highways with enormous exodus of people flowing out of florida. as you look at the district, are those people coming through your district near pensacola? is that what is happening? >> yes. some folks are headed west. that is a little bit west because that is complicated with so many folks from the state of texas heading east. so many hotel rooms full with those escaping hurricane harvey. a lot of folks getting on 95 headed north. heading toward atlanta and
10:06 am
nashville, popular spots as people get out of way. stuart: you have hotel rooms in your area, is that correct? >> still some not full. folks who are given an evacuation warning absolutely need to evacuate, find a hotel room and get out of the way. this storm will be a terrible killer. we should not be losing extra lives as a consequence of just abject stupidity and not responding to the warnings of state and local governments. stuart: you're inviting business to your congressional district. i don't blame you. you have hotel rooms. occupy them. >> hotel rooms and gasoline. stuart: what else do you want? bottled water? matt gaetz difficult day. appreciate you being here. we're joined by doug holtz-eakin, american action forum president. he is a budget guy. i want you to tell you who will pay all of this? is it taxpayer literally on the hook for literally hundreds of billions of dollars? >> we'll see tremendous devastation.
10:07 am
stuart, i really liked your commentary, the most important thing to worry about americans and families affected by this. in the aftermath, there are really go different kinds of economic impacts. economic impact number one is disruptions in production. might see a dip in industrial production. even katrina didn't cause recession or something like that but there is substantial property loss. there is wealth destruction literally. the question how big will the price tag be? unknown at this moment. the question who will be picking up the tab for that loss? a big chunk of taxpayers, disaster relief, small business loans. community block grants. we've seen some of that in harvey. some of taxpayer-backed flood insurance. we have programs there billions of dollars in the red and substantially more so after this event. there is a lot of taxpayer exposure. you will see impacts on those.
10:08 am
even those with reinsurance will not be able to dodge this. stuart: who will insure any property in florida or south texas against floods? i mean who is going to do that in the future? >> most of it has been done taxpayer subsidy flood insurance programs. we have problems there, stuart, bluntly, because those programs don't price insurance appropriately. we're essentially subsidizing people to put property at risk in flood zones. we see this movie again and you again. sorry? stuart: as you say those flood insurance programs are not funded, they're not costed out accurately. >> right. stuart: they don't take into account the real risk of floods in those areas. will we in the future, because we'll get bitten with that right now? >> you know, one would hope that this would be a wake-up call, that we would see the congress say okay, we have to price this stuff appropriately and stop telling people to build things in places where they're doomed to get destroyed. we've never seen those real
10:09 am
reforms stick. a couple years back there was a bill made fairly substantial changes to the national flood insurance program. it lasted one year. did a you turn. people didn't want to pay premiums appropriate for risks they're taking. we're back to a situation where we're subsidizing those risks. stuart: the bottom line, doug, massive wealth destruction in the short term but no recession because of it in the longer term, correct? >> i think that's correct. that is the right way to read it. stuart: thanks so much for being with us, doug, difficult day. important day nonetheless. doug holtz-eakin. >> thank you. stuart: now this. and now this, magnitude 8.1 earthquake off the south coast of mexico. ashley: hurricanes weren't enough we have earthquakes and tsunamis to talk about. this was 54 miles up the coast of mexico in the pacific, midnight low can time. 8.1 earthquake, latest i've seen, keeping up with this, bbc
10:10 am
says 33 dead, associated press says 15 dead. as you can see it toppled buildings. there were tsunami warnings up and down the coast. waves above three feet of tidal norms. they have evacuated people along the immediate coast. this was a very strong earthquake. the only bright spots, it was very deep, 43 miles deep. it was 8.1 magnitude perhaps the shaking was reduced because it was so deep. this is the first 8.0 earthquake this year around the world. stuart: it rattles your nerves. ashley: yeah. stuart: when you have harvey, irma, and then a very big earthquake off mexico. ashley: you start thinking of locusts. what's next? stuart: a plague. ashley: yes, well-done, for a non-biblical guy, there you go. ashley: have faith in me, stuart. stuart: yes we do. we have a lot more on irma. it is moving between the bahamas and northern coast of cuba.
10:11 am
that is now. winds over 150 miles an hour, janice dean, she has been accurate with her predictions all along. she will predict more after this. we have to cover it. actress jennifer lawrence irma's are nature's wrath for electing president trump. can you believe that? we have to report it. president trump on tax reform, challenging the republicans to get it done now. louie gohmert from the freedom caucus is next. ♪
10:12 am
10:13 am
10:14 am
stuart: modest gain, better than modest loss we started with, we're up 12. look at kroger, a stock down
10:15 am
today. another 6%. it has been falling a lot. a lot of competition from the supermarkets chains not the least from amazon and whole foods. let's get back to the big story of the day, irma. the storm's projected path shifted a little to the west. that means all of florida could take a direct hilt. janice dean, please, the latest. >> stuart, i'm here. my apologies. hi. can you hear me? can you see me? stuart: yes. we can't see you, there you go. what is the latest, janice. >> my apologies. i'm trying to go between you and channel, fox news channel. it is all magic. let's get serious here. hurricane irma, new advisory out of 11:00. for now 150 mile-an-hour sustained winds. that is category 4. people were thinking it is not a category 5, anymore. that means it is weakening. no, what is happening the storm is it trying to reorganize and strengthen. it is going through something we
10:16 am
call eyewall replacement cycle. it happens with major hurricanes. it is trying to restructure to strengthen in the next 12 to 48 hours. hurricane warnings in effect for south florida and keys. watch notice oranges. storm surge warnings all along in the south coast. five to 10-foot storm surge on top of the rain and the wind and that could be obviously devastating for these very low-lying areas. some cases below sea level. this is the latest track. new one at 11:00 a.m. it puts it over the keys and south florida, overnight on saturday, into sunday. crawling up the whole state of florida and then eventually into parts of the southeast, tennessee and kentucky. it will lose the characteristics as it moves acrossland but will be a rain event. that is out into tuesday and wednesday. sea surface temperatures, stuart if it doesn't go over land.
10:17 am
it would not lose any strengthen. it could strengthen as it moves through 90-degree water. that is the fuel this storm needs. here are the scenarios. i wish i could pinpoint exact location of landfall. there is the cone of uncertainty, if it ghosenter of the storm, worst of rain and win goes through keys and key largo. if it goes through the center of florida, the worst of the storm goes into miami, fort lauderdale. storm surge is worst part of the storm, number one killer when it comes to hurricanes. this would be a worst-case scenario for the miami area. if it goes into this region here, the east coast of florida, then west palm beach deals with storm surge and worst of the winds. i wish i could tell you exact location. but at this point in time we won't know until it is about to make landfall. that i can give you best estimation. south florida and keys need to be on alert for major hurricane.
10:18 am
models are in good agreement. we'll deal with the hurricane well into next week. back to you. stuart: i'm amazed how accurate the computer models are. >> they're coming into agreement. i heard someone, say they didn't know where it is going. we know where it is going. stuart: those supercomputers are pretty good, i have to say. >> they're doing good work. stuart: janice, thank you. get to politics. president trump turning to democrats to get things done. listen to what senator charles schumer said about his meeting with the president earlier this week. roll that tape. >> it was a really good moment of some bipartisanship an getting things done, no one standing in their corner. we democrats, some people don't help at all, particularly on debt ceiling, but we thought for the good of the country we should make the right offer, and we did. we're very glad the president accepted it. stuart: you heard it right there, congressman louie gohmert joins us now, republican from the great state of texas, and a
10:19 am
member of the house freedom caucus. louie, you heard it right there, the president dropped the republicans. he tilted and went with democrats to get something done. is he going to do the same thing with tax cuts? because the republican party can not deliver. >> well, actually, the house republicans in the house have delivered. stuart: i'm talking about the republican party, louie, i'm talking about the republican party which has failed. >> yeah. as far as the senate, i mean we still haven't gotten health care. stuart we are taking a vote now. it is ongoing. i ran in voted before i came here, on the deal he made with pelosi and schumer and -- stuart: did you vote yes or no on the harvey debt ceiling deal? >> maybe it is the worst vote of my time here but we have still got to do repeal and replace. stuart: did you vote, yes,
10:20 am
louie? >> to clear the decks so we have a chance an, paul is saying we'll keep pushing to try, before september 30th, to get the senate to act so we can help america on health care, we can't do that if we're still worrying about. and this may be the worst hurricane to ever hit florida. texas is, you know, we're doing okay. fema moved in quickly. but, i'm assured that fema really is out of money and there will be nothing to help florida if we don't pass this today. so i voted yes. i'm supporting the president for 90 days but we have got to get things in place to get our spending under control, and we have got to get to the health care repeal as the president promised. we can't let that go. the tax cut, we don't have to worry about the them making a deal with democrats on tax cuts. they're not for tax cuts. they have never been for tax
10:21 am
cuts, not since kennedy. david: the president can not get support he needs from the republican party. >> in the senate. stuart: he is going to support from three democrat senators, three in particular, who are facing re-election next year, come from trump oriented states. he wants their support. he has gone to them for their support. >> yeah. stuart: sir, this is extraordinary realignment. he turned his back on the republican party which has not delivered. he has gone to the democrats. >> president made clear to some of us in the house. he appreciates us, supporting him and helping him get his things done. let's be clear. this has been republicans in the senate. that is where the hold-up is on health care. it is where the hold-up will be on tax reform. and so republicans in the house, we're helping him with his agenda, let's be clear on that, stuart. let's be fair. stuart: congressman, i will be fair. i promise you. >> i know you always are. one thing i condition count on. stuart: i know you got to go,
10:22 am
you have another vote. >> thank you. stuart: thanks very much for being with us on busy day. appreciate it, sir. >> okay. stuart: let's get more on the mass exodus, that is what it is out of florida, irma gets ready to set foot in florida, itself. jeff flock in daytona beach. he is coming up after this. you can do endless move 201online research.t, or, you can take advantage of our best offer ever on an xt5. don't wait. our 2017 models will be moving fast. you can drive a car... or you can drive a cadillac. come in now before the end of our made to move 2017 clearance event and leave with the perfect cadillac xt5 for your next adventure.
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10:25 am
that's how you outmaneuver. stuart: jeff flock is on the beach in daytona. jeff, are you seeing any sign whatsoever that a hurricane is approaching? reporter: yes and no, stuart, it is interesting. this cloud system you see up here, this is not part of the storm but being influenced by the storm. this is moving east to west as we get rotation,
10:26 am
counterclockwise rotation as we get on the storms, it is being influenced by the big weather system out there. uncharacteristically you get west to east obviously. now we're getting east to west. already we're seeing effects of the storm. the other effects this is daytona beach, tremendous resort area. i see three people on the beach. pretty much anybody on these barrier islands, not just true of daytona, many of these, people are getting out. next hour i will come back, i will head to 95, the gas station there. latest on that. tell you next hour. stuart: jeff, thank you. pick you up later. i have this story for you. this is major corporate story. this is equifax, reported a massive data breach. three executives sold their stock after the breach occurred. they say they didn't know about it at the time. senior executives didn't know about a massive breach. back in a second.
10:27 am
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10:30 am
♪watch this don't get mad (bell mnemonic) get e*trade and get invested ♪ stuart: brown-eyed girl. van morrison. ashley: northern irish. stuart: there you go. we're up, look at the bilge board. we're up, better than down. american outdoor, that is the parent of smith & wesson, a gun stock sliding. profit outlook is not going well. other gun stocks like sturm ruger falling in sympathy. let's get back to irma. florida, the entire state is in the cross-hairs. mass exodus north. there are traffic jams slow-going.
10:31 am
they're making it north. there is a gas shortage but that is relieved. we have gus bilirakis, represents parts of the tampa area. i guess you're seeing a massive exodus flooding north through your congressional district. is that what is going on? >> yeah, that's correct, stuart. they are addressing the issue with the fuel as welcoming through the port of tampa. stuart: by the way, congressman, my daughter headed north from naples actually at midnight, made it to tampa and found gasoline in tampa. then moved on from there. thanks for all your efforts, congressman. we do appreciate that. >> we're doing everything we can, stuart. by the way, i'm a big fan of yours. you do an outstanding job but, stuart, the flood insurance issue is being taken care of today on the house floor. stuart: yep. >> expanding that, making sure that people are covered.
10:32 am
we'll have the appropriation as well today. about $15 billion. that will enconclude irma. stuart: break in for a second. when you get this kind of natural disaster, harvey in texas or irma in florida, the authorities from the governor on down, it's a test, how are you doing? are you coping with this catastrophe as best you can? >> yeah we really are. we really are. stuart: most people giving you good marks so far. >> yeah, we really are. i just got through the briefing with the emergency services here in pasco county. the locals, the state, level, the governor is doing an outstanding job an i'm here to represent the federal level. we're coordinating these things really well. again, this is a big storm. i want to make sure that our constituents follow directions. stuart: gus, we heard from rick
10:33 am
scott, governor scott about half hour ago, he was talking on a storm surge for the atlantic coast and your coast, the gulf coast, that will hurt you. tampa, you're there right on the ocean. >> we're right here on the coast. i represent pasco county and pinellas county as well. those counties are on the coast. we have mandatory evacuation on the west side of u.s. 19. so, this is scary storm, but, got to keep calm and follow directions, and, when the first-responders say evacuate, we've got to evacuate. again -- stuart: have people been told -- >> we will get through this together, we really well. stuart: have people in the tampa area been told to evacuate? >> parts of the tampa area, the tampa bay area. stuart: okay. >> the west coast, the coastal areas have been told to mandatory evacuate. of course we have voluntary evacuations as well. stuart: sure.
10:34 am
>> if you have a question, if our constituents have a question, you know, err on the side of safety. that is my message. stuart: you got everything you need? >> we have got everything you need. we're getting appropriations. i'm going to make sure it comes to the tampa bay area as well. we want to take care of the whole state. we're taking care of harvey as you know. stuart: i know, sir, you will leave us, going to help with first-responders directly. we won't hold you up. congressman, thanks for joining us sir. >> my pleasure, sir. my pleasure. thanks for having me on. take care. god bless. stuart: now this florida's attorney general cracking down on price-gouging. pam bondi called out chef ran for raising prices at several stations in florida. look at this too, united airlines blaming a computer glitch for prices going as high as 6700 bucks, getting out of florida ahead of the storm. andy puzder, former cke
10:35 am
restaurant ceo. what is at stake here, not so much the legality of price-gouging. it is whether you're gouging or not gouging. it is a brand image. you don't want this associated with you. >> no you don't. americans are headed to texas. they will soon head to florida to help out. they are reaching in their pockets to make sure people down there are taken care of. most of the american businesses are reacting the same. hardee's my former food company will have a food truck to feed people. we will not gouge them. you have to be on the right side of the issue. gouging people for airline tickets to get out of the state or water, it is morally wrong. in florida it is illegal. this is something you don't want to be on the wrong side of this issue. stuart: i don't think enough publicity given to private corporations like the one you mentioned you used to run. they're down there handing stuff out. they're helping. they have mobilized.
10:36 am
i don't think enough attention goes to that, frankly. >> enough attention does not go to that but really we're not doing it to get attention. american businesses want to help out like the american people want to help out, the people you saw from all over the country trying to help flood victims in texas. they're not doing that to get recognition for it. they're doing it as a country we come together during these kind of events. when you hear something like what happened with airlines or what happened with suppliers on amazon, i don't think it was amazon but people that utilize amazon to sell their goods. stuart: that's right. >> when you hear about those kind of incidents, it sets you back. it makes american businesses look bad which is unfair. but it really hurts the brands of these companies. they need to get on the right side of this, help out, and stop trying to make a big profit from other people's difficulties. stuart: the debt ceiling harvey relief bill. that did pass. do you have a vote count. ashley: 316-90, all 90 votes
10:37 am
were republican. all against. stuart: here we get to the branding subject. we have a branding crisis for equifax. they suffered a massive cyberattack, 143 million people had information exposed. three executives sold their stock after the company found out about it. that's right. the company found out about it in late july. ashley: july it 9th. stuart: those three guys, top executives sold stock -- ashley: talk 2nd. stuart: all 2nd, revealed to us -- ashley: september 7th. stuart: andy puzder that is disaster for the brand, isn't it? >> selling the stock look bad. it wasn't part of a 10-b-51 program which executives do when something goes along with the company. it wasn't part of that. that looks bad. the one of people involved is
10:38 am
company's ceo. you have to believe he didn't know what the company knew. that looks bad. the only thing that mitigates this in any way, they didn't cellaring portions of their interest in the company. they will have to come up with a explanation. it puts the company in a very difficult situation, apart will people trust equifax they exposed information on 143 million people. they have two serious problems, which is why i think you see their stock down so much this morning. stuart: that is a branding problem and a 1/2 if you ask me. >> yes it is. stuart: andy, thanks for joining us. thank you, sir. next case, amazon it has become a sweepstakes between major cities who want to bid to be the home for amazon's second headquarters. do you have a list of cities that are interested? ashley: toronto, chicago and denver all put their hand up, yep, we're in. we'll submit a proposal. it is likes winning the lottery with this deal. it is one of the biggest
10:39 am
economic developments certainly in the last decade. and 50,000 jobs, 5 billion-dollar investment. amazon says, look, we want a million people at least, a million people in the metro area. we want international airport within 45 minutes. we want a strong local university system, because they will be tapping into some software development type jobs all with whom pay well over 100,000. this is a huge get, if you like. we have toronto, chicago and denver. there will be a lot more. the big question, how much of a tax incentive package are cities and areas prepared to give in order to get amazon? i have a feeling it will be pretty attractive package, whoever wins. stuart: somebody will give them a billion over five years. ashley: wouldn't you to get amazon in? stuart: i most certainly would. ashley: interesting. we'll see. stuart: if it was my money, that would be different. here is what is coming up for you good people. president trump challenging republicans to get tax reform
10:40 am
done and now. lawrence jones next. he is happy about this and so are we all. ♪
10:41 am
10:42 am
♪ ashley: we spoke with mayor john siler of fort lauderdale about hurricane irma hitting his city. he says the storm will not turn into a partisan political battle and here's why. roll tape. >> we're seeing the city, county, state, federal government and white house reach out to me couple days ago, asking what we need? we're seeing cooperation all the way from local government on up. look, you never want to see a storm politicized. you never want to see a storm turn into a partisan political battle. that is not going to happen here in florida. we'll focus on the safety and security of our neighbors and safety and security of our visitors and to make sure we get our economy back as soon as this storm moves on. ♪
10:43 am
10:44 am
stuart: disney's stock down for a second day in a row. yesterday they said that this year's profits will be like last year's, in other words, not much of an increase. investors don't like that. stock is back at 96. hollywood actress, i believe she won an oscar, jennifer lawrence, she suggested that the hurricanes, harvey and irma were punishment from god because america elected president trump. how about that? i want to see reaction from conservative commentator
10:45 am
lawrence jones who joins us. don't smile, lawrence. i want a grim, angry look from you, please. what do you make. go at it. what do you make of this? >> here's the problem, this is the typical behavior from the left but we notice that in times of tragedy, traditionally we've been able to come together but these people on the coast, i talked to you about this last week, they just don't get it, they just don't get people being able to come. we have democrats in texas. we have democrats down here in the south, but we come together in moments of tan ditch. they don't get that. they always find something to use for their political leans. stuart: well-said. that is way some people really feel that is regrettable in the extreme if you ask me. you just mentioned how people come together. you were right there throughout it all. now the challenge goes off to florida now, doesn't it? they have to come together.
10:46 am
they have to have the flow of volunteers they have to have churches united to help people out. do you think they will do it? >> i think they will. they have a great governor down there. they are already prepared. what we're hearing this is supposed to be worse than harvey though. so they will have to really lean on each other, not only during the storm, but the real efforts come underway, when you have to rebuild florida, like we have to do right now in houston, texas. so, i would ask everyone to listen to the president as well as listen to the governor, and evacuate as they said. also be prepared that, it is going to be a lot of work to repair. this will be worse than harvey. be prepared for the process. stuart: a long process, that is a fact, lawrence. you say listen to the president. well, listen to this from the president this morning, he tweeted this: republicans must start lax reform, tax legislation asap. don't wait until the end of
10:47 am
december. need it now more than ever. hurry. this is another effort of president tilting away from republicans going to democrats for help need to get tax cuts done. do you approve of this? >> i don't approve of the entire message -- i get the president was trying to get something done. the problem that i have is, is that we keep increasing the debt but not dealing with the issues such as medicaid and all these big government spending programs. we have to get that fixed. on the secondhand, i want to see tax reform. i don't think i will get it. they can't get things right in congress. they don't know how to do their job. they prefer to fight back and forth with democrats. stuart: i think at the will get it. lawrence, i'm sorry to interrupt. >> i want them to. stuart: the kind of tax cut they're talking about is really a middle class tax cut. you give corporation as lower corporate tax rate, individual as lower tax rate but for upper
10:48 am
income enters, some of those deductions upper income earners use are clawed back, that makes it a middle class-oriented tax cut. i think at least three democrats in the senate will go along with it. there are enough republicans in the senate to go along with it as well. i think you get it. >> we're talking about the logical solution, my friend but, these people, brother, they don't care about logical solution. they care about special interests. they, they're concerned about their own political leans. they want to fight each other. that is how you win these elections these days is fight each other. not about the logical solution. stuart: wait a second. >> yeah. stuart: let me be logical, i'm going to try. >> right. stuart: heidi heitkamp in north dakota, claire mccaskill, missouri, mr. manchin in west begin, there are three democrats in the senate, they want -- >> up for re-election. stuart: up for re-election next year. it is logical for them to go
10:49 am
with mr. trump, because they're from trump-supporting states. there is logic there, and that is majority in the senate that will get the tax cut done. >> how do they battle, stuart, the logical argument of getting something done versus their party saying be a part of the resistance? and what we hear from the democrats right now, especially in the senate, is resist, resist, resist. don't do anything to make the president look good, even if it is best for america, you got to resist because we have to set up ourselves for the midterms. we need this message specifically to take back the house. so i would love for them to do it. i want to see tax reform done. but i just don't think it is going to happen. stuart: okay. we'll agree to disagree, brother, okay? when are you coming to new york? >> next week! next week i'm in studio with you. stuart: we'll do the bro hug, okay? ashley: oh, boy. >> the bro hug. stuart: teach me how to do it.
10:50 am
lawrence jones is about 6-foot 10. he is a tall guy. i'm only 5-foot 8. difficult to do a bro hug with a guy like me. we'll do it next week. >> i appreciate it, brother. stuart: yes, sir, thanks. coming up preparations underway in florida to protect from irma. our reporters are on the ground. you will see it first-hand next.
10:51 am
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10:54 am
ashley: now to irma. preparations underway as state of florida prepares for the hurricane. fox news reporter phil keating still in miami beach. phil, if you haven't left by now, i mean people, not you, the clock is ticking, is it not? reporter: oh the clock is ticking fast. i have been three days with you every morning, growing by the hour there is a sense of panic and fear and serious, serious anxiety. it is even worse this morning. this is probably the last sunday morning in miami beach for a while. this is world famous south beach. look how many people are heeding the warnings and evacuating? there is nobody typically what is a crowded beach this morning. look at waves, they're starting to churn up a little bit. the wind are picking up, we
10:55 am
expect today, possibly reaching tropical storm strength by this evening. rain is also anticipated, to start coming in with the outer bans of hurricane irma, later this afternoon. it's a serious situation. at the airport in miami, just crazy crowds. long, long lines of people at check-in countiers, cued up in mazes. that was the same situation yesterday in fort lauderdale's airport. last flight from miami? four hours from now, 3:00 p.m. no flights out after that. 7:45 p.m. tonight from fort lauderdale. many people not able to get a ticket on a plane. they're hitting roads. as for shelters, this starting to really jam up. people realizing by today, especially tomorrow, massive crowds are coming in. people really starting to fill up spaces. the problem is, the challenge is, you have to come in with all of your supplies two or three days. bottled water, bedding, sheet,
10:56 am
food, everything, will be totally dough pen dent upon you. gas station lines, continue to be long for those last-minute evacuees. that is according to gas buddy, 46% of gas stations of florida which actually still have fuel. many are all closed off. a lot of beaches vacant. ocean drive is empty right now. a real sense the clock is ticking as you said, stuart. ashley: phil, just a little loan any. very quickly, do you have somewhere to stay yourself? reporter: we're still working on that. we did have some rooms. we're trying to scramble here at last second. most of the hotels that are staying open, they're all on main land across biscayne bay. either sold out or -- ashley: you need something, phil. we wish you the very best. thank you for reporting the latest developments on irma. next hour, former press secretary ari fleischer. he is great. he will be here to tell us how
10:57 am
the response to disasters. don't go away. time's up, insufficient we're on prenatal and administrative paperwork... your days of drowning people are numbered. same goes for you, budget overruns. and rising costs, wipe that smile off your face. we're coming for you, too. for those who won't rest until the world is healthier, neither will we. optum. how well gets done.
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stuart: this is going to be one high anxiety weekend. nerves are on edge for several reasons, first, of course, irma, the hurricane hits the florida keys with wind and rain tomorrow and moves up the entire state. you could see it coming. you could watch what has happened in the places already hit. for those in its path, it's frightening and we don't know exactly what will happen. we will talk about that anxiety and then there is north korea. why worry about them when irma is knocking at the door? well, tomorrow is north korea's founders day when they of show military, they are preparing missile launch. we told them not to, what do we do if they launch? there's anxiety there too. there's also the unsettling news of major earthquake in southern coast of méxico, tsunami watch.
11:01 am
finally, monday, next monday it is september 11th, 16 years ago but you know homeland security is on high alert again. harvey, irma, lunatic with a nuke and earthquake. we are not panicked, we are not in despair, are we in the third hour of varney & company is about to begin. ♪ ♪ stuart: well, look at this. high of the day, irma approaches, high anxiety weekend but high of the day 43, 44 points, how about that? we have added all up, irma,
11:02 am
threat, irma is heading straight for florida as you can see on the left-hand side. jeff flock is on the ground. he's in daytona beach. jeff, what are you doing now, filling sandbags, i think? >> it is, area where folks have come in to fill sandbags to try to protect their homes. folks volunteering to do this, there's members of daytona police and massive community effort, people trying to help and save their homes because the less damage you get, the less water you get there and the less problem it is. right now, wouldn't you know it, this is not the storm but we are getting rain coming down already. the system that i showed you earlier now moving, as i said because of rotation of the storm from the east to the west and coming in off the water and so it starts, this is a little too early to get my clothes wet, but that's what we are getting at right here and this is just a tremendous community effort. you're doing your best.
11:03 am
>> yes, of course. jeff: you're trying to protect your own home and protecting others? >> my own home and my daughter's neighbor because she wasn't able to get out. jeff: you're not going to leave? >> no, i don't want to get stuck in 95 and have nowhere to go. jeff: you're going to stick it out? >> definitely. jeff: good luck to you. this is a huge effort in daytona beach, we are miles away, way miles away from where it's going to come in but this whole state is in a gun sites. >> lots of people helping themselves and helping others, volunteer and get out and do it. that's america, i don't want to get teary-eyed. two guys with british accents here saying how proud we are to be american when we see stuff like that.
11:04 am
jeff: i have a jersey accent and i'm happy to have you. stuart: we will see you again shortly, now we are joined by former white house secretary ira, welcome to the program, big day today. >> i'm proud to be hungarian. [laughter] stuart: whatever you say. we are not going anywhere that one. when you get this kind of catastrophe occur, harvey and irma, you naturally think how is the president handling, how is he doing because he's out there every day he has a marshal of forces and resources, what's your judgment to president trump's performance thus far? >> he's been doing it very well, i think, both in terms of substance and style. let me tell you a quick story. i live in westchester county new york, trump came to inspect, the guy who tran course was scared to death and trump said to him, what do you need, tell me what you need to make the best course in the nation and trump gave him
11:05 am
everything he needed. i think that's trump style frankly. he goes to the fema, first responders and he says, coordinates them, tell me what you need and makes sure those things are in place, that's what i have observed. stuart: what's it like when you're the white house spokesperson, you have to stand in front of the media and have to impart what could be negative news, what's it like? >> the most important thing to be frank and direct, people when they are vulnerable and scared, they want direct honest answers and that's why when i watched the head of fema talk about this is going to last another three to four days, there will be catastrophic results, people want straight talk and they will believe what you say and enhances your ability to get your job done. stuart: okay. now, as you know, i'm sure, the house just passed the harvey relief debt ceiling package. there were 90 no votes in the vote and all 90 of them were
11:06 am
republicans. what do you make of that? >> well, stuart, i think it shows that donald trump did the right thing in working with the democrats on this. short-term solution, fundamental legislation that's going to be the real task, but the fact of the matter is for a decade with president obama in office and republicans in the house for eight years, republicans and obama engaged in brink'smanship, shutdown debates, talk about default, to what purpose, it did no good. donald trump comes along and says i'm not playing that game, we are not going to go through that, we have a three-month punt, i would have preferred 18-month punt and he got what he could get and republicans were going to vote against debt limit, 90 did anyway. he had nowhere else to go but democrats. stuart: incentive to the republican party to get act together on tax cuts and the president tweeted about that this morning. get on with it, it is really your last chance otherwise next year in the election you are toast, do you agree with me in. >> absolutely. and they need the incentives
11:07 am
this fall to do this. this is their job. they've cleared the debt of this debate and could get on the serious work which is tax reform, i don't want the way it's shaping at all. stuart: okay, big day, thanks for joining us. we appreciate it. >> thank you, stuart. stuart: i want to get in terms of the markets for a second, stocks have turned around, we were down 40, 50 points in early going, now we are up 53 and rising. i thought there would be a lot of anxiety about irma and the damage, and apparently the market has dealt with that and we are now 53. scott is with us from tgm investments, scott, the market turned around from minus to positive right at the time when president trump tweeted about taxes and told the republican party, get on with it, i want it now.
11:08 am
do you think that's what turned the market around? >> if anything turns the market around, it would be that. just for the viewers to know that we have a situation going on which is very rare where we have bonds going up in price, that's a big caution flag, telling us there's things to worry about it, yes, it could be north korea but bonds rally and stocks rallying at the same time, doesn't happen very often and it can't happen forever. one of them has got to give. so it's interesting to see the two play out. i don't know which one is going to win or trip, but at the end of the day you've got bond investors that are equity investors are whistling by the barnyard. stuart: why are interest rates falling as they are? 206, historically allow-level and that yield has plunged in
11:09 am
the past week? why is that? >> the bond investors are looking at the real risks, look, the last job's number stunk, stuart. we've had rate of interest rates at or near zero and we still can't buy in inflation, what is the fed doing? we are going to continue on this path of we will worry about low inflation until it's not low because we are not seeing anything happening in the economy with 4.4% unemployment that's showing we are getting wage growth or price, something fundamentally wrong, that's what the bond investors are telling us. the stock investors, on the other hand, think there's a bunch of liquidity, we haven't had anything bad happen. we could get something done with congress and these things might have another leg higher, but they both can't happen together. something has to giver, baby. stuart: it'll give by monday monday.
11:10 am
scott, thank you very much, sir. thanks very much, scott, we will see you next week. thank you, as we follow the massive exodus out of florida, check this out. drone video showing a highway in key largo outbonned and inbound, boats anchored in the canal. empty highway. in washington president trump ditched republican leadership and got a deal done with democrats on the debt ceiling, we will have more on that in a moment. the market on its way back, thank you very much. we are up 50 points, 28,034. back in a second.
11:11 am
11:12 am
11:13 am
stuart: i want to go now to griff jenkins in what looks like a deserted key largo, most people have gotten out, right,
11:14 am
griff? >> it's an absolute ghost town except the things behind us, last-minute evacuation, stuart, literally barely 5% according to officials have remained in keys but that hasn't stopped the city of key west, very southern tip from sending out a tweet saying, if you have not evacuated yet, we encourage you to do so because we are facing a potential catastrophic hurricane. it's not safe to stay. i want talking to one of the boat captains in key largo, one of the boats behind me and they follow apps that predicts winds, that app shows 100 wind, that would be catastrophic in a harbor. look at this, stuart, this rope it's all that's holding the boat in to this dock. you put a 100-plus an hour winds in this marina, above the walls,
11:15 am
it's going according to folks here to absolutely rip it apart. that's what people are looking for right now to secure and get out, stuart. stuart: well said, get out, indeed. thank you very much. let's get to politics, please. bread and butter of this program as well as finance, of course. pat tommey. good to see. >> good to see you, stuart. stuart: the president tilted to the democrats, he needs the help where you can get it, you guys couldn't give him the help he needed, you lost. >> that's a huge setback, but that's not over, we will get tax reform done. i think that's important to the president. stuart: he's urging you to do it. you saw the tweet this morning. >> yes, i did. stuart: can we put that up in the screen? this is a real get it done from the president. he says, republicans must start
11:16 am
tax reform legislation asap, don't wait until the end of december, need it now more than ever, hurry. he's calling you out, he's calling out his own party. >> well, i think the president understands that getting the votes necessary to pass it is going to be a republican exercise and we are working every day including with this administration the treasury secretary steven mnuchin and gary cohn. stuart: what we heard from gary cohn, lower corporate tax rate, lower individual tax rate but clawing back some of the detections to upper-income people. are the republicans and votes to pass in without democratic help? >> as long as it's progrowth policy. my priority to maximize economy growth, create incentives where people will want to work, save, invest and have the economy
11:17 am
grow. this is the most important thing, stuart, we cannot put ourselves in a box of insisting that everywhere we have a reduction in taxes we will raise someone else's taxes. the way you create the offsetting revenue is through economic growth. stuart: the box that you don't want to be in is we don't have the votes to cut taxes and we are the republican party. >> absolutely right. absolutely right no. i -- youe absolutely right. we have to translate that to an actual bill. we have a lot of procedural hurdles we have to jump through. we will get that done and i'm still optimistic we will get something to the president's desk before the bill is over. stuart: the president is urging you on. you take the message from the president, get on with it? >> believe me, this is something that i wanted to get done for a long time. the president wants the same outcome that we want, that's maximized growth, we can do it.
11:18 am
stuart: senator toomey, i'm sorry to put it like the way i did. >> i love being on the show. stuart: thank you. all right, now we've got an update on that big earthquake off the coast of méxico, it happened southeast, just south in the pacific -- ashley: southern coast of méxico. stuart: buildings collapsing, i think. is that what we've got? buildings collapsing, more than a million out of power. the earthquake felt all the way to méxico city, 615 miles away. 15 deaths. ashley: that number is up to 32 death according to appreciated press. that number could climb. stuart: high an site coming after two natural disasters in the united states. ashley: absolutely. stuart: wild fires in the northwest. montana had active fires as of thursday. so far more than a million acres have been burned.
11:19 am
dramatic video from there as well. look at this, hurricane irma has destroyed princess juliana airport in st. marteen, visitors have watched planes fly overhead. ashley: amazing. stuart: that airport is virtually destroyed, i tell you. next janice dean will tell us, she will give us the latest on irma, how bad it would be for florida, irma goes straight up the spine of florida, damage everywhere. the markets up 37 points, nice turnaround after the president insisted on a tax cut this year, senator toomey. [laughter] >> got it. stuart: we will be back
11:20 am
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across all your locations. fast connections everywhere. that's how you outmaneuver. stuart: try to bring janice dean, janice, the last weather map i saw showed irma going down to category 1 by the time it gets to orlando. that looked like an improvement to me, is it? >> you will still see
11:24 am
hurricane-force winds. that's pretty impressive for a hurricane once it makes landfall. the thinking is still the same, the cone shifted more to the west but that puts people, different people in danger and i just want to make mings that we are probably going to continue to forecast the storm as it's making landfall because there are so many atmospheric conditions that are going to steer this storm and that's why it's been so difficult to give you a pinpoint of where the landfall is going to be. so where the landfall is going to be, how strong is storm is and where it potentially could go, is still up for deliberation over the next 24 to 48 hours. i can tell you this, the florida keys and south florida, you are still in the bulls eye for massive category 4 hurricane. winds at 150 miles per hour. we are starting to see the eye wantle a little -- wabble.
11:25 am
the storm is starting to reorganize and wants to strengthen even further. that's potentially going to affect more land mass as it makes landfall saturday night into sunday morning. category 4, the potential for it to strengthen over warm water across caribbean, across the florida straits and it will make toward peninsula. stuart: we've got it. we are watching out for that. now, we cover politics and money and increasing in natural disasters on this program. the dow is up 42 points, that's the money side of it, left-hand side of the screen -- that's the white house, of course. ashley: yes, it is. stuart: the president is going to deal with north korea and irma, how is he going to do? carl love after
11:26 am
11:27 am
11:28 am
11:29 am
>> my administration is working closely with our state and local partners to help save lives, protect families and assist those in need.
11:30 am
this is a storm of absolutely historic destructive potential. i ask everyone in the storm's path to be vigilant and heed all recommendations from government officials and law enforcement. nothing is more important than the safety and security of our people. stuart: president trump just releasing that video message warning people of hurricane irma's absolutely historic destructive potential. the big board as the dow industrials showing a gain of 41 points, despite irma baring down on florida. two stocks actually leading the dow higher and they are storm related, travelers and home depot, both of them in with very nice gains, both of them with dow stocks, that's helping the dow go to a 42-point gain. joining me on the phone republican from florida's eighth district, that's on the eastern sea board of florida, congressman, can you give me a status of your congressional
11:31 am
district, is everybody leaving at this point? >> actually a few are leaving but most people are pretty well prepared. they have ordered evacuation of barrier islands which is pretty normal but we've had regular briefings from civil defense and they are well prepared in every possible way. so the people in the barrier islands and beaches are leave, a few of them in the main are leaving but they are very much aware of the seriousness of this. what they saw happen in texas, it made them more worry than normal. people are more alert than normal and taking more precautions than normal. stuart: congressman, i'm afraid i have to leave you. i do apologize. i have a very bad connection. we have a nasty clicking sound. thank you for taking the time to try to get with us, we will try to get back to you, thank you very much, sir. i want to bring in fox news contributor karl rove and
11:32 am
national review john fund. gentlemen, to you first, karl, same question to john u what i see here is a realignment of politics, the president going with the democrats on the issue of the debt ceiling and maybe also on tax cutting. i see this as a realign meant, karl, am i going too far? >> i think maybe a little far. there's an agreement between the administration and senate and house democrats on trying to avoid, you know, having a debt ceiling vote as routine procedure and in the short run that means that they -- they have agreed to a three-month increase in the debt ceiling and continuing in resolution, we will see how durable and sustainable it is because you have house republican that is want to use the debt ceiling vote in order to get spending restraint and leaders in house
11:33 am
that don't want to revisit and they got us past 2018 election. how -- the president got what he wanted in the short run, let's see how this plays out in december when we get to the end of the year and try to pass tax cuts and so forth and having this -- having to revisit this issue again. stuart: karl let me bring john for a second. i'm stressing the three democrat senators that would be heidi kempf of north carolina and joe manchin, they would go with the president on middle-class tax cuts, that's a realignment to me? >> of course, you have the president who is more of an independent, he's a former democrat, democrats in congress, republicans in congress.
11:34 am
trump wants a deal. unfortunately i think with the debt limit he bought short-term gain with long-term gain. he wrote the art of the deal. chuck schumer has been in washington for 30 years. i think he can write the art of the steel. stuart: i don't think america really cares about the technicalities about getting a short-term gain and long-term gain? >> if there's very little time to do things and december is the crunch time, tax reform could be squeezed out by all of the other arguments. stuart: karl, i still say he got something done and -- >> he did. he did. stuart: a lot more done on tax reform. >> let's see. they're never going to be eight democrats to vote for a republican tax bill. you may be right that if republicans get 51 or 52 or 52 republican senators that vote for tax cut, the three democrats
11:35 am
you mentioned and i add joe of indiana who is also up for next year in a state that donald trump won by substantial margin, those four democrats might vote for it but not vote if it's 48-49. they are not the vote that gives the republicans tax bill. let's not kid ourselves. chuck schumer and nancy pelosi will never support republican tax cut bill. that's not going to happen. he got a movement. he broke the log jam. the bill got done. you're right, most americans are not paying deep attention. all they know that congress did something. but there are long-term prices to be paid for how this happened and -- and what happened. one of the things that we don't talk about is, look, you never want to surprise your legislative allies and sitting there in the meeting in the oval office, he -- he surprised his republican legislative allies. he hung them out and there's going to be a price to pay for that at some point, you know what, if he didn't care about us to literal i will say beforehand, this is the kind of
11:36 am
deal i may be open to, then -- then they may surprise at a later time. stuart: i want to -- i want to offer another opinion of mine. i think that the president is beginning an upswing, a political upswing in part because of the high marks that he's getting for his handling of harvey and now irma. john, what do you say, hi marks or political upswing? >> yes, for a few weeks, ultimately he's going to be judged on the accomplishments that you've mentioned. does he get tax reform, does anything happen on health care or is it just a cave in to the insurance companies bailing them out and the democrats, something has to be done in health care this fall. stuart: okay, karl, upswing, yes or no? >> yes, and for exactly the reason you pointed out. first harvey in texas and now on irma, the good news for him is most americans think the president is in charge of disaster like a harvey or irma, in reality, it's the governor
11:37 am
who is are in charge. he has done everything possible to say yes and to respond quickly to requests from texas and florida and they've got their act together, helps him look like he has his act together and together they all benefit from it. i think he will be in upswing but john is right, ultimately the gravitational forces are the biggers issues are the economy and foreign policy are going to determine whether that upstream keeps going up or stabilizes and falls. stuart: karl, john, stay there for a second, i have congressman posey, back with us now. congressman, we just passed this -- passed in the house the harvey relief and debt ceiling bill but there were 90 no votes and all 90 were republicans, you're a republican, what do you make of that? >> well, i wasn't there when they did it. i didn't see the final product. i came home to my district, as
11:38 am
you know, to assist for the hurricane preparations. i know there was some discussion about any amendments were going to be allowed. there had to be a rule of waive of time. i don't know if the numbers had adequate time to read it. you know, we have a three-day rule up there, legislation is supposed to be able to read three days before we vote on it when it's convenient sometimes it rolls over that, and i presume that might happen. i've not been briefed on what they did last night when i wasn't there or this morning when i wasn't there. stuart: congressman, i want to get back to karl rove for a second, karl, badly divided split republican party? >> yeah, absolutely. the congressman was being -- >> you're welcome. >> he did a good job. it was a short bill, you didn't need three days to read it, it took three minutes to read the bill. >> republican party relies on trust of members. when trump surprises republicans
11:39 am
with a last-minute deal done right in front of them without any advanced notice, it erodes trust. so a party is divided if neither side trusts each other. stuart: all right, john fond, karl rove, john posey, thank you very much for joining us. thank you, indeed. completely different subject but interesting. ratings in for last night's nfl open, big deal here. ashley: from nbc, 14.6 overnight rating for patriots and chiefs, how good is that? the lowest opening game reading in eight years going all the way back to 2009, titan-steeler season opener, part of the blame you could say spin being put on by nbc the coverage of irma and storm preps took away some viewers from the nfl open. stuart: nbc made a point, i believe, of showing the young man seated kneeling during the anthem which people don't like. ashley: we had chris carter
11:40 am
talking about, hall of famer, you wait and see, ratings will be great because we got away from election cycle last season. off to a very soft start. stuart: i think you're right there. thank you very much, ash. equifax, the image branding story of day, if you'd like. massive cyber breach, 143 million customers exposed having their information exposed and three executives sold stock after the -- the hack. ashley: the breach. stuart: the breach was known and before we knew about it. that's a story and a half. much more coming to you from florida, irma is heading there. we are live on the ground and also talking to the guy who running generac, generator makers, will he have enough to meet demand after these monster storms are through. dow industrials up 38, we will
11:41 am
be right back ♪ ♪i'm living that yacht life, life, life top speed fifty knots life on the caribbean seas it's a champagne and models potpourri on my yacht made of cuban mahogany, gany, gany, gany♪
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♪watch this don't get mad (bell mnemonic) get e*trade and get invested nicole: i'm nicole petallides with fox business brief, keen eye on the airline stock after harvey and hurricane irma moves through the caribbean and straight to florida.
11:43 am
southwest has stopped operations. will be suspended from friday night to sunday. also key west throughout parts of florida, cancellations and suspensions. just like many other airlines, the airlines overall has been adding extra flights, increasing the size of aircraft but hundreds of cancellations, you can take a look at the airlines today which have up arrow at the moment but since harvey, they are to the downside. southwest down 2%, jet blue which has huge florida exposure down 7%, spirit down 7%. the hurricane fallout, we will have to see what happens their experience is coveted. their leadership is instinctive. they're experts in things you haven't heard of - researchers of technologies that one day, you will. some call them the best of the best. some call them veterans.
11:44 am
we call them our team.
11:45 am
stuart: as you might expect, florida highways packed with people heading north. that gentleman is matt flynn and looks like you're moving to speed, matt? >> we are being safe. you could see 10 westbound which is the opposite lane is pretty backed up right now. very solid line of cars heading west on 10. we are told by the jacksonville sheriff that all schools are closed and all government offices are closed right now and all construction has been halted so any traffic you see on the road is likely related to the storm coming in and you could see 10 west pretty backed up right now. as far as the mass exodus, we have not been down towards miami
11:46 am
area and towards the areas in the south which are expected to be hit very hard, here in the northwest or the northeast, rather, we are seeing this steady stream of traffic and i would think by all accounts most people would not consider this normal on an afternoon like this without construction on an accident. we landed in tampa yesterday and drove from tampa through orlando up to jacksonville area and there were points or highways bumper to bumper but there was never the mass exodus where everything was halted. authorities tell us that they are urging people to get out now because the longer people wait, it's just going get worse. our producers and i were talking, people may be trying to soak up the last bit of work or organizing children and they might be waiting until tonight or tomorrow to leave and the sheriff outside of jacksonville says things are going to get much worse. people in florida, if you can get out now, it would be smart to do it because as you could
11:47 am
see although traffic is backed up, there's still movement, stuart. stuart: okay, matt. not terribly backed up, i have to say, i see movement there. that's not exactly a jam. well, well done, matt. >> no. stuart: i hope people can get out while they can. we are joined by aaron, generac ceo. i'm not going to pump up the brand here, i'm simply saying i'm happy with the generator that i've got. now, have you seen a huge jump in demand because of harvey and irma? >> stuart, thanks for having me on. obviously these are devastating events, the one-two punch of harvey and then irma. we have seen a surge in demand. obviously our thoughts and wishes are with all of our family members that live down in the florida area, in the path of irma and also all distribution partners and customers. we are doing everything we can to get product in the area and get help to the people you need
11:48 am
it. stuart: you don't have to be embarrass of making money out of a disaster. >> we make a lot of products in wisconsin and increasing production rate over last two weeks, when harvey came in maybe didn't cause outages but flooding event and irma on its heels, it's difficult to ramp up and get as much product into the area. what most people don't realize is a products are used in applications, we are backing up hospitals, fire stations, cell phone towers, waste-water treatments. stuart: would you make gigantic generators as well as things for home, you go all the way up to the very largest of generators, i think, our audience was seeing your stock price in the last couple of day it's had a very nice spike. you are a disaster stock. >> there's certainly a part of our business that will always be
11:49 am
associated with these kinds of events, you know, one of the things that gets lost in the discussion around a major event like irma and harvey is the fact that there's outages across the country. a lot of it due to equipment failure, the age of the grid, underinvestment in infrastructure in the country is leading to more power outages and having backup plan, backup generator is a critical part of how to survive when the incidents happen. stuart: thanks for joining us, we appreciate it. thank you very much. >> thank you. stuart: you have been hearing about harvey and irma, have you heard about harvey and irma the couple? this is harvey and irma from spokane, washington, harvey is 104, irma is 92. they have seen a lot in the year, two major hurricanes that share their names.
11:50 am
[laughter] stuart: they do now. back in a second
11:51 am
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stuart: mass evacuations underway in florida, that
11:54 am
gentleman bill is in miami beach, my question is there anybody left there, what do you say? >> stuart, there are a few but clearly the vast majority of the population in miami beach has evacuated. if you were coming down ocean drive or the ocean today, this is what you'd find, plywood, sandbags, possible storm surge of 5 to 10 feet and absolutely nobody here. ocean drive all to yourself. itis desolation zone. nobody here, life guards are rounding up people. virtually empty. people are heeding the warning without a doubt. so far i'm i'm not seeing cops
11:55 am
rounding off people, if you decide to stay and some people certainly are, well, there's not going to be first responders to come rescue you after the storm hits, you're pretty much on your own. the words of the governor and county leaders, get out. stuart: we heard it. phil keaton, thank you very much. webster, florida's tenth district, part of the area around orlando. congressman, what -- how are you preparing for irma because your inland, what's the preparation that is you're making? >> well, hurricane directly over orlando but they do in central florida and this one is. i experienced one 60 -- almost 60 years, i was 11 year's old. in the end, the eye came over, i remember my dad, in the middle of our house and he went out and went around in the eye and then as soon as he got back in the
11:56 am
door, it wasn't 24-hour coverage. we have come a long way and we know how to prepare. we have emergency operation centers in every county and they're all set. stuart: congressman, i would imagine that orlando with literally hundreds of hotels, you would be a center for all of the people heading north from the southern part of the state because presumably you've got some hotel rooms that can put people up. your city, orlando, must be jam-packed full at this point. >> well, people are already here too, you know, you to realize there are 59, 69 million visitor that is come to our city every year and region in central florida, they were already here. maybe they left and others came and took their place, but, yeah, it's definitely a place where
11:57 am
people guide off. they didn't necessarily leave, they came here. stuart: daniel webster, i'm out of time, we wish you well. hope things go well for you as irma approaches. we will see you again next week. >> thanks a lot. stuart: we will have more varney for you after this . . . . and i get back to business. ♪
11:58 am
11:59 am
stuart: here comes chairman. listen to this, florida power and plight ceo, 4.1 million customers, could, repeat, could lose power because of hurricane irma. based on the current storm track you see on your screens. high anxiety weekend. stuart: >> the storm we're watching and north korea. i hate to say that anniversary of their founders day. there is belief they could fire off another icbm missile. we have that hanging over our
12:00 pm
heads as well. stuart: i received a photo from my daughter traveling north to get away from the storm. she is pretty close to tallahassee. that is not bad. >> keep going. stuart: keep going. our time is up. neil, to you, sir. neil: i hope your daughter is safe and everyone in the entire sunshine state and southeast as it prepares for what could be one hummer of a storm. president trump is about to receive irma briefing, might include what is going on with jose. florida governor rick scott, all floridians prepare to evacuate. florida power and light, 4.1 million customers likely to lose power. more flights canceled today. all public schools officially closed through monday. that could drag on a while as well. meanwhile the dow is led higher by storm related


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