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tv   Cavuto Coast to Coast  FOX Business  September 8, 2017 12:00pm-2:00pm EDT

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heads as well. stuart: i received a photo from my daughter traveling north to get away from the storm. she is pretty close to tallahassee. that is not bad. >> keep going. stuart: keep going. our time is up. neil, to you, sir. neil: i hope your daughter is safe and everyone in the entire sunshine state and southeast as it prepares for what could be one hummer of a storm. president trump is about to receive irma briefing, might include what is going on with jose. florida governor rick scott, all floridians prepare to evacuate. florida power and light, 4.1 million customers likely to lose power. more flights canceled today. all public schools officially closed through monday. that could drag on a while as well. meanwhile the dow is led higher by storm related stocks.
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this is to mom nan we get used. travelers with specialized insurance area, not necessarily subject to what is going on in this state. dan leonard, senior meteorologist looking at what we're looking at. dan, the briefing, everything coming up, the president is alerted how prepared the state and states affected will be. a lot depend how long irma sticks around, right? >> obviously and exactly where the landfall is. we don't talk about the specific landfall point. we don't focus too much on that. in irma's case that is important, i'll tell you why. if landfall is key largo or so, that drives a big storm surge up biscayne bay into the greater miami area. miami is normally protected by the barrier island, miami beach, right?
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when symptoms come in the east like they typically do, you get a breakwater effect and cuts down on storm surge. with the storm coming from the south, you don't have that. it could be much worse situation in miami with a storm of this magnitude had it come into the east. that is why landfall point is so important for the greater miami area. it is about the storm surge. looks like landfall is west of miami, which puts miami on the strongest, most eastern part of the storm, neil. neil: there could be variations of official predictions. i'm so glad you emphasize that, i often get that wrong, but these predictions have swings of 80 miles or no more. that is average. that in the case of florida makes a big difference, doesn't it? >> yeah of the absolutely. 80 miles talking difference between miami landfall and key west landfall. that makes all difference for greater miami. i will say this. there is late-breaking data coming in. the american gps model just came
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in. it looks like it did jog a little bit to the west. looks like landfall west of key largo as opposed to key largo. good news for the miami area, bad news for the keys and west. west coast we have to pay attention to naples mortgage miers area. they're closer to the storm track based on very latest data. neil: than, thank you very much for the update. irma could impact we're told every major city in the state of florida. adam putnam, florida commissioner of agriculture. >> thank you. neil: even as category two up near orlando, you're talking something that area has not seen. i can understand the effect here. so for those trying to leave harm's way, how far north do they drive?
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>> well that's the question unfortunately continues to evolve. at this point, georgia, alabama, care lines are being threatened. this is the worst possible path of state of florida. it doesn't matter if it wobbles to the left or wobbles to the right, palm beach, tampa, naples, st. pete, fort myers, central florida, all the heartland will be impacted. at this point we're looking at path like hurricane charley and hundreding up and churning up entire state. entire state, 16 million people are in the path of the storm. jogging a little to the left or right over the next 48 hours doesn't change the fact that people need to evacuate, if their home can not handle significant hurricane force wind. and if possible, relocate close
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to home. go to a shelter. our roads are congested, as more people move north there, is limit what we can add to the load. we're asking people to take reasonable precautions, make sure that you're prepared to ride out the percent two or three days without, make sure you have the water on hand. make sure you have the food on hand, the baby supplies, the pet supplies. don't let the pet be reason why you don't evacuate. we have pet friendly shelters in florida. in aftermath, all the government, state, local federal is positioned to put florida back together, to rebuild communities as quickly as possible. neil: commissioner, thank you very, very much we appreciate you taking the time. >> thank you, neil. neil: former democratic governor and congressman charlie crist. good to have you. >> thank you, neil.
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neil: how is it looking there? >> i'm in st. petersburg. it is like the calm before the storm, to be honest with you. it is beautiful day. sun is out. we know what is coming. we have to be prepared and vigilant. neil: congressman, how do you play this though? if every city, you know, is potential target and every city is, stands to get even an indirect hit, i'm thinking all of those hundreds of thousands of evacuees, maybe into the millions by tomorrow at this time, where do they go? do they go into georgia? do they keep going north? how far north? >> all depends obviously. the closer the storm gets to us, neil, more precise the prediction comes as you know. it looks like it will have a good possibility of coming right up the spine of florida, right in the middle of the peninsula, perhaps. although, you know. i remember back in 2004 with hurricane charley, it was coming up the gulf of mexico and
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predicted at that time to go directly into tampa bay. then at last minute it takes a hard right-hand turn and went into port charlotte, one miles south of tampa bay. you negative really know of these things. that is why it is so important to continue to watch, listen to local officials. heed their warnings, stay in touch. neil: governor, how did you handle it in governor days? i talked to a lot of folks, with not exclusively elderly but more elderly residents who live in high-rises, for example, many on the ocean and they don't want to go through the hassle of evacuation with medication and everything else, unsure how far to go, so they risk it? a lot feel being in a high-rise, the chance of a high-rise getting destroyed is slim, saying we'll stay exactly where you are. i'm sure that happens when you were governor. i don't know how officials deal
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with that or convince them not to do that but what do you do? >> that is a very good question. you make a very good point. i was with the sheriff at pinellas county at the emergency operations center and that came up. they issued an evacuation order for the lowest lying ground in st. petersburg-clearwater area. his point, the sheriff's point, this was a mandatory evacuation order. that was going out on local television, trying to make the point, to seniors and all others that this is not a joke. we have to take it seriously. we have to be, you know, smart in how we handle this and heed the warnings of local officials because safety is the most important thing. it is all about safety first and you know, whenever the warnings go out they're only being made to keep people safe. neil: how do you prepare, there
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will be some destruction, we don't know how much, the straight made great inroads after andrew 25 years ago, in 1992. >> yeah. neil: there is nothing assure as you know hurricane-proof construction but more hurricane resistant. as governor, you were championing that cause. others have as well since. >> yes. neil: i'm wondering, if there is a great deal of destruction, an even buildings and homes and businesses, that were reinforced with the tougher construction an they fail, then what. >> well, you know, do the best you can to rebuild, obviously. but again, andrew taught us awful lot here in the sunshine state. after that occurred. >> you're absolutely right, we significantly upgraded requirement for building codes so that our buildings, our structures, could with stand much more in terms of wind that a more power storm might pack,
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and so we are in much better shape today than we were back in the early 90s. -- storm, i don't know if we ever seen one of this magnitude last this long. neil: yeah. >> so you just don't know, but you know, we're resilient people in florida. americans are resilient. we'll be back and be back strong, regardless what happens. we'll just take it day by day. neil: yeah, you're right. you are resilient people. very fiesty at that. governor, congressman, thank you for taking the time? thank you, neil. always good to be with you, sir. neil: same here. we'll monitor all the developments. tomorrow morning of course that is when at least first brushes of this storm could hit the florida coast. no way to know for sure. this much we know for sure. fox will be with you every step of the way. we're live on fox news, 10 a.m. eastern time through noon. as will entire network. we got you covered on this. the real human angle which is
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the most important at all, safety angle. an economic impact. what happens in that state, if it were stand alone country would be 8th most productive economic power on the planet as a stand-alone country. that is what is at stake economically. we'll have more after this. ♪ you know how painful heartburn can be. for fast-acting, long-lasting relief, try doctor recommended gaviscon. it quickly neutralizes stomach acid and helps keep acid down for hours. relieve heartburn with fast- acting, long-lasting gaviscon.
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neil: fascinated by this. hurricane hasn't heard about that but half the gas stations are out of fuel. there isn't a shortage of fuel there? maybe panic attack going on? we saw this play out in texas, but, what's going on here? can it really be that many just don't have fuel? that people come in droves, cap their tanks and left? >> i think the difference here probably not a panic. i think what we're looking at is evacuations. people trying to get out of the way in the storm. in texas it was more of a panic. here is there is so much advance notice, that motorists moving north. interesting to look at the data but south florida was eppy center, stations running out of fuel is moving north. seeing gainesville, jacksonville with, elevated outages. neil: i look at futures market
12:16 pm
for this stuff as i'm sure you do far better than i, i point out pat, aaa, let's go even before harvey and on average depending on the contract you're up even with a dip today from 25 to 30 cents more a gallon than we were dealing with even before harvey. how long does that stick? how honk does that kind of thing normally say? >> at wholesale level like you said we're seeing a scale-back, and we're within 24 hours to 48 hours seeing the national average peak. good news irma will not affect gas prices in the way harvey did. florida motorists thankfully, not seeing any change in prices. just small incremental increases. thanks to wholesale prices going back down. because refineries getting back on line after harvey. which by the way the situation has improved. we used to a few days ago be concerned about refineries down for at least several weeks. now looks like we may talk about
12:17 pm
days or a week or so, instead of those longer projections. neil: right. you know getting this to the mile is tough but this is taking a westward lean, that will be more to the west side of florida, the naples area, rather than palm beach area on the eastern side. if that, is far cry from going so far westward that you're back in the gulf again or is it? i'm thinking with you and expertise with refineries and gas, that could be another whole bailiwick of troubles right? >> looks like all models have nowhere near the mississippi river being affected. it would have to go considerably west that looks with model run after model run, sure there is progression west. by the way, now we're starting to see the western part of states rise in terms of disruptions as well. according to our gas tracker. so you know really looks at this point impossible to go far
12:18 pm
enough west where we're talking any impact to gas price is knock on wood, whatever. patrick, thank you for taking the time. >> my pleasure. neil: you're following stocks a little bit. stuart is giving you an update. we're up 37 points. this is most incredible thing. we're looking at 10-year yield. price goes up, the yield goes down. it has been back and forth today. but that is back to where we were in the election last fall. in other words, we're back to levels of november 2016. i say that because, separately getting indications on those betting another rate hike, little more than a month ago the betting was 75% rates would go up at least another quarter point before the end of the year, presumably at the december meeting of the federal reserve open market committee. a to% expectation it will -- 30 pecs expectation. what changed? could the hurricanes and slow down have any effect on that?
12:19 pm
does mother nature wreak potential havoc on markets as a result? to gary b. smith watching this, doesn't necessarily mean it last as while, but gary that this doesn't give any reason for the federal reserve to certainly consider tightening because if anything we could be seeing things slowing, do you agree with that? >> i do. i think you know during the obama years we used the word malaise a lot for the economy. then trump got elected and there was a lot of excitement about the potential. since then we've seen very little action. health care failed, in my opinion, i don't think tax reform is going to get done. neil: wow. >> add two hurricanes or more since we're -- neil: stop you there, sorry, buddy. >> yeah. neil: you say tax reform will not get done. so obviously the impetus and lift you would get from it, if it were done is out of equation
12:20 pm
for gary b. smith? >> exactly. i think, for me the writings was on the wall, neil, i saw health care, which should have been a slam-dunk, they should have had all the ducks lined up, that went nowhere. in fact it was a mess. tax reform is exponentially harder. so to think that is going to get done, especially since trump doesn't seem to really have any allegiance to the republican party as witnessed by his past actions. i think there is going to be a heck of a lot of fighting, even if he was aligned with ryan and company, i just don't think that's going to get done and you're right, that removes a big carrot in front of the stock market. neil: you know you could flip it around the other way, gary, and say, well, we don't get tax cuts let's say this year. we have slow and steady growth, not great growth but i guess it beats no growth is the argument. the market will do okay with continuing earnings though maybe
12:21 pm
disney is telegraphing something that could be worrisome but what do you think of that? >> that's a good argument. the flip side of it, i suppose, is that, i have always argued, say worst case possible, trump gets nothing done, and sadly he is on that path, but he does no harm, okay? we'll make that assumption. then we have slightly better conditions during the eight years of the obama administration, and then the market was up, i think, 125%. so if that's the case, well, maybe you're right. maybe it's not too bad. we just don't have the jet fuel for a dow 25,000, if you will. neil: how are you holding up in vero beach? that is where you are right now. >> exactly. i don't think i have ever thought i know as much about spaghetti models and cones and website of the national hurricane center.
12:22 pm
i'm monitoring that thing, i guess it gets updated every four hours or so. for us, of course being on the east coast with the track moving slightly west, that's good. of course florida is not that wide. we're only maybe, if it goes where it is now, 100 miles from the center, so, yeah, i'm worried. neil: be well. hope your family is well. >> thank you. neil: hang in there my friend, gary b. smith. gary was touching on it here, the president is staying and working with democrats to keep the government lights on another couple months. they approved that in the house. it's a done deal. he worked with democrats to get there and there is a great deal among frustration who republicans whether he sold husband soul to do it, and maybe sold the party down the river while he was at it. the fury on the right, after this. ♪
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>> i don't get it. i used to be a member of the
12:27 pm
house freedom caucus and i remember arguing many, many times for shorter term debt ceiling increases. so, in many ways i'm surprised the right-wing of the has not been more receptive to this concept. gives more time to make their case gives them time to have the debate in december. neil: that was budget director mick mulvaney, what treasury secretary steve mnuchin told maria bartiromo, yeah, we might have been a little shell-shocked the president had with nancy pelosi and chuck schumer, to avoid a government crisis, keep the lights on through december an also provide harvey relief but it clears the debs for big things we want to do like tax cuts. others say it will have the opposite effect. conservatives are going nuts, attached to a debt ceiling measure, which is about overspending, they attach more spending. we can get into the weeds. get a big picture, get an eye what is going on with our own
12:28 pm
charlie gasparino. what do you think? >> i hate to taught our competition, paul bell ga la of cnn, helped elect bill clinton twice, why this is a bad deal for republicans. he gloated a lot but there were nuggets of information. think about it, three months, 90 days time, the republicans have to vote on the debt ceiling or congress has to vote on debt ceiling. in order to get the ceiling passed in three months, okay, you need democratic votes because you're going to get republicans that will not agree to a debt ceiling increase without massive cuts. so you need republicans. think about what paul ryan has to do. he has -- you need democrats. he has to convince democrats to vote for a debt ceiling, as, as trying to pass tax cuts. it ain't happening. neil: that is what we've been hearing from the conservative members who are saying, he is actually complicated our job. >> maybe so much so. think about if they got a
12:29 pm
nine-month delay or a year delay? because that what they were shooting for by attaching with sandy aid. democrats will not say no to increase in debt ceiling with holding sandy aid. so they gave up the chance, for getting a cleaner vote in three months. that is what it comes down to for tax cuts. this makes, when you get through all the legislative mum we jumbo, this makes cutting taxes that much more difficult any which way you look at it. neil: when you come down used that phrase, brilliantly, cutting taxes not reforming the tax system. i would love to be wrong but looking more and more. >> that is harder lift. reagan took '86. neil: remember he cut taxes first. five years later does the big thing. herculean effort. >> i don't blame that. just getting a tax cut which i think the economy needs, i'll tell you we have low inflation, we have headline numbers look
12:30 pm
pretty good on unemployment, if you kind of peel back it is not that great. we have lower unemployment. neil: political side for the president, he obviously liked are the fact he was not pilloried by the mainstream media, thought it was a brilliant stroke, good move. was it well-planned or spur of the moment? >> donald trump is vindictive guy. i know him, and i know him -- neil: anyone knows vindictive guys. >> takes one to know one, right? he is extremely vindictive guy, what he was looking at, so annoyed by mcconnell and ryan not doing better on health care, not getting a health care thing passed -- neil: does he think he will have better friend in these guys? >> i think it was all vengance. i don't think he gave it that much thought. i really think that he is so emotional and he is so intemperate at times. look, who tweets out the stuff,
12:31 pm
unless you're that intemperate you wouldn't throw out tweets all the time he says. i didn't think he thought much beyond his anger. there is no rational reason. people on this network twisting themselves to rationalize it. i listened to it. this is actually funny. this is not a rational move if you want to play -- neil: you're not criticizing your colleagues, right? making observation. >> i heard people on this network twist themselves into illogic. there is no logical reason to do what he did, if you want to get tax cuts. neil: i do hear the logic on that. i just don't buy it. >> what is the logic? i think it is illogic. neil: that you will get more democratic votes for tax reform package? >> what democrat will vote for it? neil: if it is watered down as i think it nice then it won't be a tax cut. i this donald trump just acted way out of anger, impetuous. that is him. that is his modus operandi. listen, he hasn't been a
12:32 pm
republican all that long. he has never been a conservative. neil: my cynical days when the president had such power i could say you're all but begging for a tax audit. just expressing your views, right? >> you're saying, i love the irs. every irs agent out there, i think it is like a noble calling. i said this a lot. neil: absolutely. >> i've been on the record saying the irs is a noble calling. instead of priesthood, work at the irs. neil: there we go. thatthat is a good call. charlie gasparino, love, love him. we already know there is going to be, really all said and done, i suspect hundreds of billions of dollars of hurricane aid going out to texas, to florida. because remember we have jose up the gulf almost exact same area harvey was n we have another one behind that, katia. it is a busy hurricane season. how did you dispurse the aid
12:33 pm
when it comes? the guy who is the master at it is next. ♪
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neil: the latest numbers close to a million have been told to evacuate the southern florida area, the miami area more to the point. 650,000 there alone. if you're in the keys, pretty much everybody. everybody that is except this next fellow. on the phone in key west is florida resident phil penny, who will ride out the storm in his 50-foot boat. he joins us on the phone right now. phil, where are you calling from now? the boat or on the dock, where are you? >> no, right now i'm at key west historic seaport. just got through helping some friend tiep their sailboat. we'll go back to our boat. we'll slowly watch the storm. we have a couple different plans in place, in case it gets too rough on the boat. we have a concrete building in
12:38 pm
the marina, we can hide out wait out the storm. i feel the comfortable with the boat set up. took all the bimini, glass and that could blow away. triple ropes. neil: you're not going out to sea? >> i'm crazy but not that crazy. neil: i'm sure a lot of local officials there have told you, you know, at the dock or no you're crazy and you shouldn't do this. what do you say? >> well, i'm not only person. a lot of locals here, they have been through hurricanes. this will be a one that nobody ever seen supposedly. but, the way we used to look at it, we run, that thing will follow us. we might as well stand and hold our ground. just ride it through. and have a plan in place. and, have our lifejackets ready, all of our personal belongs we want to have, passport, cash, ready to go in case we have to abort off the boat. in the marina, five or six other
12:39 pm
people are staying aboard also. not like everybody -- neil: they're expecting, 10, 15 feet storm surges which would put you in that boat and your friends in theirs on streets. what do you -- >> not necessarily. the marina we're at as floating docks. we can float up 16-foot before they float past the poll. we have our advantage, is the tide. before the storm surge comes. it will come back in and tide will drag it back out. that is advantage to people further inland. that water goes and it stays. at least we'll have fluctuation here. neil: what would you make you say, i have to go in the stone structure, assuming the stone structure is still sound? >> if another boat crashes into ours and our boat taking on water. or my wife gets totally too scared and we have to leave. neil: we'll think of this plan, fellows, she on board with it? >> at first, she was leery.
12:40 pm
you know how wives are. they're looking at worst-case scenario. neil: generally most people, phil, like to live. i mean that is kind of a bottom line. >> you have got to realize if we're floating, protected from the wind, the wind will not blow us away. we'll not drown. we have life jackets. we can hold on to something. all the people that drown get trapped somewhere. you know what i mean? there are a lot of different ways -- neil: have you given her license, she felt, honey, i love you to death, but i want to to in a place something safer, would you let her go, let her to in the stone structure, you deal with this noah's ark thing? >> we would go together. it is about 150-yard walk along the dock. we would have to do that before wind got up 100 miles an hour. i don't know what wind would blow me away but we have to get there before the win -- neil: i love you, sea says i'm not going to do it? >> i would talk her out of it.
12:41 pm
i would do it as long as i have to but we'll stay together. we have a little dog also. he will ride it out. he has a lifejacket too. we have a safety plan in place. we're water people. i'm a master captain. i've seen a lot of stuff. i've seen a lot of hurricanes but never rode one out on my boat. i always went to land. this one year, i don't have a place on land. we came from texas in our boat and we just only been here couple months. so, all we have now is the scooter for our transportation. neil: where did you move from, phil? >> houston, texas, believe it or not. where the other hurricane. neil: i was going to say. >> we came all the way in our boat from there. we retired. we decided want to come here, eventually go to the bahamas and rest of the caribbean. we're stopped in key west now because of the hurricane. got in a marina. it is well-known as a hurricane hold. we've been planning this all along. just a matter of time. neil: do you have television, phil? >> we have television.
12:42 pm
we have wi-fi. i'm a high-tech redneck. radar. neil: fox news and fox business. >> yes we do. neil: good for you, phil, tomorrow 10:00 a.m. eastern time our live coverage will be kicking off on fox news. i hope, especially if you're not really going anywhere, we can catch it and monitor you. >> we'll be watching on our smartphone. i have a radar system on my boat. we have weather knows what the wind is doing. we're ready for it, man. we're going to hunker down. when you get into someplace, don't get trapped. you have more than one plan. neil: your wife must love you. rolling the diets. you sound like well worth rolling the dice for. phil, wish you and your buddies around there be safe. don't be foolish. >> i appreciate it, man. you take it easy. neil: thank you too, very, very
12:43 pm
much. >> all right. neil: he could be a captive audience for us tomorrow. now there is the issue of the cost and destruction, an phil and his wife and all his friends stay safe, there will be costs to be borne out here, how do you parcel that out? he has done it under multiple crises in this history, republicans and democrats, praised for his expertise and the like, praised arbiter of these matters ken feinberg. ken, what do you think of that guy? what is your advice for people do that kind of thing? >> takes all kinds. neil: i hope he does well, i suspect he knows what he doing. i hope he does. there may be a lot of destruction to the very pier he is at and docks. checks come in from government and state officials, how do you decide who gets what? i know that is a sweeping general question, but you do have to make the calls, going back to 9/11 and everything
12:44 pm
else. how do you make these calls? >> if you take the fema money, that is billions of dollars. there are guidelines and procedures. fema basically has a pretty sound program to compensate communities and damage to houses, et cetera. then you've got the insurance industry. well they're the experts. after katrina you will recall, because i was on your show, katrina, the insurance industry set up very creative ways insureds to process claims, property damage, rain damage, wind damage, and we set up a mediation program and we processed most of those claims. the real challenge are these private funds where the american people send in money, money is collected by j.j. watt and other funds, well, there is no
12:45 pm
infrastructure. there are no rules. who is going to count that money? who is going to distribute it? who is eligible? what's the award going to look like? what proof requirements will there be in order to file a claim? it is the unregulated private money that i think poses the most challenge in terms of getting -- neil: 9/11 compensation fund, you charted new waters, no mixed pun here given what's going on, but idea, it wasn't going to be equally dispersed. there is a difference between an investment banker dying in a crash or an event versus a fireman, as cruel as that might be to a lot of people, his or her earning potential wiped out is very different from the fireman's earning potential and you crafted a package that took that into consideration and i'm wondering how you play something like that for those type of fund
12:46 pm
here? >> that, don't forget the 9/11 fund, the rules, were right in the statute passed by congress. congress said when ken feinberg distributes that money, he gets a release. i will not sue from the family of the dead or the physically injured. neil: but wasn't that your -- i'm not arguing. i thought it was very common sense the approach you took but you came up with the formula, right? >> that's correct but remember, in 9/11 in order to get any of that money the family of the victim or the injured individual, you know this, neil, had to waive the right to litigate against the world trade center or the airlines. neil: right, right. >> this money in harvey, in houston, the money i'm talking about is a gift. it is donated by the american
12:47 pm
people to the fund, the j.j. watt fund, whatever and how is that money to be distributed? who is eligible? there are 30 dead. there were some physically injured, but what are you going to do with $10 million? you don't want to replicate federal fema money. so that will be a real challenge figuring out who is eligible and how much you provide. neil: well-put. i'm not volunteering you for that task. >> no. neil: i'm sure people will as time goes on. ken feinberg. >> that will be the challenge i think. neil: thank you my friend, good catching up with you. >> good to see you. neil: ken feinberg. by now you might have been heard about your credit report might have been breached. half of americans were with this equifax thing. the thing that struck me, that happened months ago. how many times did this happen? target we find out a month later. what are bad guys, suspicious guys, unscrupulous guys, what are they doing with that as we
12:48 pm
speak? after this. rethink what's possible. rethink your allergy pills. flonase sensimist allergy relief helps block 6 key inflammatory substances with a gentle mist. most allergy pills only block one. and 6 is greater than one. flonase sensimist. ♪
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12:52 pm
agency. the hack occurred from mid-may through july 2017, and primarily involved the theft of names, social security numbers, birthdates, addresses, in some cases driver license numbers. additionally hackers gained access to credit card numbers for 209,000 consumers. equifax first detected cyber breach on july 29th? guess what? that is more than a month ago. three top executives, look at these guys, including the chief financial officer sold 1.8 million in stocks after the company first learned of the breach. filings with securities & exchange commission showed. executive, john gamble who sold shares with market value of $946,000. and corporate presidents joseph loughran and rudolpho ploder. the executives deny they knew of the breach before selling. the executives sold a small percentage of theirs on tuesday,
12:53 pm
august 1st and wednesday, august 2nd had no knowledge that intrusion had occurred at time they sold shares. equifax is down 12.5% on the news. neil, as i send it back to you, the company is that people eprole in trusted i.d. credit monitoring. this is equifax product. if you enroll, you are agreeing to their terms of service, which means you can not, you can not sue this company. also, there are questions about this, there are questions about this website security. equifax security, watch out. it is a lulu. neil: if you thought you were burnt before, whether want to go back whether company blamed or not, to the same company? whatever. gerri, thank you. gerri willis. with us on the security breach host. one thing stuck out in my mind, paul, this happened months ago,
12:54 pm
back in july. we find out about it now. i know that happened in the case of target, federated, we had that back. why is it we find out so late afterward? they were getting just sense of magnitude of the problem or they just what? i don't understand. >> well, actually, neil, what they were trying to do from a corporate perspective validate the depth of the breach which from a corporate perspective you can see that. neil: what does that mean? >> frankly shameful they waited so long to tell consumers, 143 million consumers, the most vital piece of their private life have been come poe mizeed. neil: you don't sign up unless you get credit services or monitoring update services, you don't sign up to get a member of equifax. they sign up, get stuff on you, car dealers, mortgage-holders, potential banks want to make awe customer, they hope, they get
12:55 pm
this from them. you have no really play or say in this. equifax is many could back, saying, well, we'll double up the protection, have a safeguard system that we run, that will protect this from happening to but it already happened to us from equifax. so why should i go to their rescue? >> why would you go back to the same garage? think about it this way, this is open source intelligence, atomic bomb. date of birth, social security number, drivers licenses, the amount from a business perspective, the amount of brokering, this information will be sold over and over again is ridiculous, when you think about it. the scary part about this for me, as i think about this, not just from personal perspective, but from a counter terror perspective, there are, there is a list of terrorists, terrorist
12:56 pm
groups that can purchase this information to create duplicate passports to allow them to travel in and out of country as lot easier, pretending to be one of these 143 million. neil: wow, i didn't think of that. that is what makes you an expert in what you do. paul, thank you very, very much. >> thanks, neil. neil: be safe with the storm, my friend. he is in orlando. in the meantime we're waiting for an update from the white house on all of this. half hour late. they pushed it back a little bit. we might get a sense what the president is planning to do, and meeting with top safety team and other officials. the president will be at camp david this weekend. a lot as well on democrat deal. ♪
12:57 pm
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♪watch this don't get mad (bell mnemonic) get e*trade and get invested >> that briefing half an hour away at the white house. we will take you there when we see miss sanders takes a chair. florida governor rick scott giving another update, 100,000 in the state may need shelter, 6 million in the way of the storm, now 1 million have already left their homes in southern florida. there is a bit of a traffic jam building here not on the roads, hurricanes josé and irma could all hit land
1:01 pm
, some land somewhere, islands or in the case of irma the florida coast and all this when the dow isn't doing much, storm-related stocks are. and a lot of people putting their money in the safety of treasury bonds and growing expectations things will be slow and steady and the economy won't get much pickup fan in the us treasury. that is where folks are parking their cash at rates we have not seen since donald trump was elected president. jeff flock, everyone going north, jeff is heading south of daytona and not too surprised he is not running into traffic, joins us now. what are you doing? jeff: we are going south and that is great news. southbound lanes haven't had to go to contraflow which is turning southbound lanes north.
1:02 pm
the reason is to the left, the northbound lanes are open. we are not having any problems at all all the way from miami, 95 all the way through daytona to jacksonville, no problems. the southbound lanes can stay open not so much for us but trucks like that one. it enables folks to reposition and deliver food and, more important, gasoline to the south of florida to keep the flow out. we told you yesterday if you run out of gas you have a major problem. southbound lane staying open as deliveries continue into the south, that means not only do you get gas but supplies and other things that needs to get in. the only reason they go to contraflow is northbound lanes are backed up, people are getting stuck but at this point,
1:03 pm
maybe you can see that is the northbound 95, you can get through that, that is wonderful. good news on that. people who want to get folks and those that need to get supplies and gas in south florida. for truck coming in in the southbound lanes. neil: you and your crew be safe. we are hours away from landfall the pending on computer models. some shelters in miami-dade, broward county areas out of capacity, broward county commissioner with us on the phone, thanks for taking the time. how are things looking? >> we have 14 shelters open right now. the county is opening more shelters as we speak, we are disseminating that information, we have pet friendly shelters that -- more pet friendly shelters, people keeping warnings and starting to shelter in appropriate facility set up by broward county and another
1:04 pm
group of people fleeing the area heading north and running into major traffic throughout the state of florida as they head north from monroe county, miami-dade through broward and presenting an issue on the roads. neil: how safe are the shelters? they are in harm's way themselves. what do you think? >> these shelters are hardened facilities staffed by red cross volunteers, supplied as appropriately for a storm of this magnitude and a place of last resort, to link people if they get out of these areas with friends or family, out of harm's way, that is preferable but the shelter offers a respite and sheltered -- special needs shelters and pet friendly shelters have the ability to take people and their pets in and keep them out of harm's way.
1:05 pm
neil: do the shelters have generated? the governor was saying people will be without power, could be a while but no way to know for sure. what do you do? >> the shelters have backup power supplies. we are using schools throughout the county which is one of the reasons the schools needs to be so early, to start those evacuations. we have a lot of people we want to get out of low-lying areas into these shelters. at some point, the county has the ability to open up 43 shelters and to shelters 33,000 residents if need be. the first batch was 12,000 in capacity, probably a little more than halfway for all the shelters they have. some are for individual shelters and sending them to different facilities but county will step up and make sure these shelters
1:06 pm
are available for for any of our residents that need them for whatever the reason may be. this storm is so big in magnitude, the size of the storm which if you look on your map on the screen covers the entire peninsula or has the potential to do that so this is going to be unprecedented but broward county and emergency operation people, we are ready for this, we trained for this and we are doing what we can to make sure our goal, and the life loss, property can be fixed and repaired. neil: you are right about that and it is a massive storm if you put it over florida it would cover florida, much of georgia and south carolina. it is that big. thank you very much. >> the issue you are seeing with
1:07 pm
the traffic, most people to the north of us have to come down the peninsula and wait for the entire storm system to pass before it is safe for them to go to south florida. we are resilient in broward county and will get through it. neil: bsafe your self. we are seeing how big this is and how long it could last, how long it sticks around, could it take a while to leave the area? so much we don't know. this what we do, if the market is worried about it, a funny way of showing it. some of the issues you would expect to do well during a storm hardly our. not too surprising. others are the ones you think would. nicole pedallides following all of that. nicole: we have had a lot of volatility throughout the storm, different sectors we are following after harvey as we await irma, looking at these names, the retailers that have
1:08 pm
florida exposure, they have larger -- advance auto parts up 12%, cvs, gnc, walmart to the downside and looking at restaurants as well with their florida exposure thanks to add data. 10% exposure down south, we saw with wendy's and yum brands, pizza hut and taco bell, restaurants we have got news from blackbox intelligence looking at restaurants for the entire month of august, hurricane harvey, mcgregor fight affect same-store sales slowing, you can see these names to the downside, wendy's down 31/2%, starbucks down to present and watching the trade and interestingly enough we are seeing travelers and home depot leading the dow but watching a 10 year bond, the yield moves to the lowest in ten months of 2.016%, it has since you can see
1:09 pm
gained slightly from that level at 2.07. neil: the new york stock exchange, up 15 points and the market, north korea and a war a test tomorrow and the big anniversary of the birth of this communist country, of all that, stocks higher than they were before harvey it is amazing. mcdonald's going in and out despite the exposure to florida but if you are moving fast and exiting the area and want a quick bite it could be benefiting from the same sort of phenomena and a lot of people would prompt a lot of selling. still thinking of that dude with his wife, whether he will be safe. whether he is, maybe he orders out from mcdonald's, whatever. we are on it.
1:10 pm
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1:14 pm
>> the hard part it is moving parallel, through the center but parallel across florida. sometimes you have a storm that comes barreling straight and like andrew 25 years ago so you have the bad part of the storm cutting a stripe across florida, this one is moving up so everyone is going to get in on this. satellite imagery the last few hours we saw this stuff appearing right there, going through and i will replacement cycle, that happens with the large strong storms. that can have big impacts. we don't know where it will be when it gets to the coast but the water is warm but it will go over and it looks in the last couple inches here that it is getting its act back together which is good news. one thing that might happen is it might have a little bit of interaction with the cuba coastline on its left side. of that happens that would disrupt it a little bit which would be good news for florida, bad news for cuba.
1:15 pm
still category 4 storm, we have been talking about these models forever. by this time when we are this close in making landfall of the storm we would like to see all the models lining up into a really thin area where they are on top of each other. we still don't have that agreement and not until saturday that we will see this turn and have a much better idea but you will notice they are all going across the peninsula of florida. we are confident we will have major impacts from this category 4, maybe category 5 storm at landfall in florida. something right there with graphic, go towards sunday midday all of south florida experiencing major hurricane force winds, hurricane force winds going through the entire peninsula as the storm cuts up the center towards monday morning, still hurricane force winds towards jacksonville,
1:16 pm
potentially savanna as well. a lot of people getting in on this, that is monday morning, friday midday the rain showing up in the bahamas 100 miles away moving toward shore. it will move over the warmest water. if it goes to the south that will be helpful but this water is juicy for it, strongest fuel it would have it any point. we don't see windshear or anything else, we are confident we will have a major hurricane in south florida. the last time we saw that was 12 years ago. a lot of people didn't live in florida at that time. the population has exploded since then. it will be a lot of people never dealt with anything like this. in our country we are used to hurricanes, category one, category 2, we are not used to category 4 and category 5, people are comparing it to something they might recognize as a hurricane, this is a completely different ball game. >> something people have
1:17 pm
forgotten. talking about the cajun navy and how it was performing incredible rescues after harvey in houston, now this woman behind again the cajun relief will sit there back with us on the phone, good to have you, what are you planning? >> right now we are in meetings with officials on the ground in florida to teach them how we go about setting up our citizen led dispatch. we are working really hard to communicate with all the different organizations on the ground, different factions, volunteer groups bringing in boats and setting up staging areas and different groups working together to put together a dispatching system to get those boats to people in need. neil: this is different because that was the one you would be --
1:18 pm
the boats of all different types, sort of a dunkirk like rescue that you lead, this will be a more powerful storm than harvey, might not stick around as long and the flooding might not be as big an issue but the sheer damage, how do you tip it to that operation? >> we are not sure what the needs are going to be because it is a different part of the country, the flooding, this part of the country doesn't flood like louisiana does and that part of texas hit by hurricane harvey. it is just the wind is going to be huge damage, a lot more trees to deal with. we don't know until it hits and exactly how it hits what we are looking at but we have a lot of people in different staging areas ready to go and ready for all kinds of situations, might
1:19 pm
be called to assess, clearing and it is just a watch and learn but the important thing is it is all citizen led. all these citizens have jumped into place, ready for action, working together and we have a good command structure in place to get people help. neil: that includes you. it has got to be a bit of hurricane fatigue not only for harvey, gone and this one coming and her potentially rose and cardia and whatever is behind that. >> we learned a lot since last year's flooding in louisiana. it allowed us to work on this platform called crowd relief that is still in development, still developing it. it allows nonprofits and citizens to come together to collaborate during rescue, not only rescue, during the recovery efforts after, the rebuild and when an unprecedented disaster
1:20 pm
happens an equal unprecedented volunteer effort has to erupt afterward. this platform we are developing, everything we learned, every facet to make it easier for everyone to see what they need to see and the information they need to have in order to get relief to the people who need it most as quick as possible and allow neighbors to serve neighbors and not only in time for the disaster but in everyday life to be able to reach out and help those in need. we are excited this platform is working, we are learning a lot through each of these disasters and at this time we need to have technology in our disaster relief efforts. we need to step it up. we need to make it easier, make the information for everyone so that we can help each other because when you have an unprecedented disaster like this, all the normal rescue
1:21 pm
systems will be overwhelmed. we have to step up as citizens. neil: i am sure people in that area are indebted to you, to continue to pursue it no matter how tiring it can be. thanks very much. i want to go to amtrak suspending train service in florida, a number of other major airline stopped flights and by tonight. not all flights but following the routine exercised in the greater houston area and southeast texas that extended into louisiana, rolling up in the same fashion, they hope given the speed of the storm even with its relative size it would not have to be for too long cut, no way of knowing, might get an update on that and what they expect from this storm and the others in the neighborhood in ten minutes.
1:22 pm
1:23 pm
1:24 pm
1:25 pm
1:26 pm
neil: minutes from a white house briefing, detailing everything going on, the latest on the storm, this deal that would sign a $15 billion rescue package, the first time for harvey victims in texas, more to come, the president led largely democrats, chuck schumer and nancy pelosi to extend the debt ceiling debate to december 8th. that question is for the president, will it bite him or was this a shrewd move? director, last but not least charlie gasparino. i know your doubts still exist, you don't think it was going to be wise for the president to do what he did. charles: i can't wait to hear somebody contort themselves and say why this was a smart move
1:27 pm
because this -- there was nothing in the art of the deal that says do something stupid like this, this is what they have to do in december, vote on a debt ceiling increase and probably take tax cuts. in order to get the debt ceiling increased in the democratic vote was what democrat will vote for a real tax-cut? neil: it will be -- won't be as big and by that definition maybe leaving out rich guys like charlie. it would be more palatable to democrats and they will vote for it. what do you think? >> i said time and again that i think democrats need to come to the table to govern, talk about individual tax cuts. neil: they can't be the party of no. >> we have to stand for something, be part of the
1:28 pm
governing coalition and this was good for democrats. i think donald trump is looking at this, basically have a shot across the bow to his republican colleagues saying i don't need you guys for everything. we move this, only a 3-month fix that has not scratched the surface. neil: i am wondering, the backdrop of these storms actually fueling this talk of cooperation even though might be more appearance than anything else and camaraderie to charlie's point, or what? has it changed, maybe polling will cool this further the president or congress. what do you think? >> if it is an intent to get ratings of the won't go far enough. major legislative accomplishment like tax reform, especially with the storm, if you dealing with hurricane will help out, if you look at last week, donald trump
1:29 pm
could have been pulling wall donald ladies have the media would have said look at melania's shoes and twisted to how he is handling things, it will take more, storm coverage or a compromise like this with democrats. charles: i wonder if this was really a compromise or just him lashing out. because spur of the moment anger. there is nothing logical about this. i'm waiting for someone to give me the logic how republicans -- neil: nowhere fast with you guys, what have i got to lose? charles: that means what? a real tax-cut? >> it is about sending a message. charles: send messages all you want, lashing out at them, when nancy pelosi and chuck schumer
1:30 pm
bring votes to the table for real corporate tax cut, not phony baloney will they bring votes to the table? >> here is what i think they will try to do, to utilize this as an opportunity to push the agenda saying we will give you this, these votes if you do xyz in a tax package. they are going to try to utilize it as a negotiating tactic to get a little bit out of a potential package. the chances a difficult but the freedom caucus. charles: if they don't deliver something they will look phony and -- >> agreed. it is about what will they vote for?
1:31 pm
to be implemented. >> what do you think of that. and it is clear donald trump still has the euro because he could have gone to this and show up like ryan and say will do the opposite of what you want me to do and make this deal, not beholden to establishment interests but when you look at the dreamers and all those things, that does not represent
1:32 pm
the majority of the republican party, a fringe side. >> if i am hearing correctly that part of the party doesn't like the establishment part of the party and won't get any better, it ties in with what we were saying earlier, the battle the president faces with democrats. >> within his own party. not the establishment, there is a battle between the establishment and the freedom caucus and there are challenges. it is going to be difficult for them to move forward and at the end of the day donald trump has to make deals with whoever he can to move his agenda forward. >> nancy pelosi and chuck schumer won't agree to the wall, tax cuts, it is a joke. >> the popular stuff. neil: how does this look?
1:33 pm
>> i like steve bannon a lot but some of his apocalyptic drama queen stuff comes out in these interviews. i call them apocalyptic drama queen. here is what steve is missing, paul ryan and mitch mcconnell have bent over backwards for donald trump putting this garbage he did the other day with nancy pelosi and schumer, a good face on it. they need 90% of his tweets, they have ignored his insanity and tried to work with guy. what is steve bannon talking about? i like steve bannon. i like him -- i can't wait for this interview. he is an apocalyptic drama
1:34 pm
queen. paul ryan and mitch mcconnell have bent over backwards for donald trump on every stupid thing he has done. neil: that is your way of seeing it but i wonder if there is some momentum the president has and he is tweeting away, serving that momentum, to charlie's point, he might be getting his political sea legs back, handling these storms, democrats have been saying he is doing a good job. i noticed cnn and msnbc how to interpret the cooperation of democrats, because they are bemoaning he has to cooperate with democrats and he does and they do these screaming lower thirds on the screens at say what about republicans? i know how this goes. do you think the president stabilizes here and dealing with these crises is helping him make his case. >> hard to see how this helps
1:35 pm
get votes in 2018. you got some democrats saying he is doing a good job. the people on the far right angry about the situation he made with the democrats so he's not doing enough to get democrats to vote for him and plenty to alienate republicans. >> there has apparently been discussions between donald trump and chuck schumer in particular about eliminating the debt ceiling. >> mitch mcconnell and paul ryan -- >> the supposed gentlemen's agreement to get the debt ceiling eliminated, doesn't really matter. >> what if chuck schumer takes him to the cleaners? >> i can't speak for that but what is important about the debt ceiling conversation is the fact
1:36 pm
if we may recall our climate rating was reduced from aaa in 2011 when all these concerns surrounding whether we were able to keep the lights on. neil: your too young to remember that but you remember that, the downgrading was prompted not by the fact there was no deal, ultimately there was a deal but the parade of keystone cop sort of deals that led to that deal. >> that is nerve-racking. >> bond prices went up, the s&p rating doesn't mean much. >> it means a lot for the municipal bond market. when i was minor leader, dealing with municipal bonds. neil: why do we go through the rigmarole with the debt ceiling every 14 or 15 months, there has to be a better way of doing it. you are right. it was interesting two guys cooking up a solution to that
1:37 pm
were the president and schumer. >> bond yields at low time lows. put it out after the us got downgraded. neil: we are waiting for the white house briefing. when charlie is here, big words. >> pretty good line. neil: making friends left and right. charlie on the pope. charles: i have been there before. ♪ you know how painful heartburn can be. for fast-acting, long-lasting relief, try doctor recommended gaviscon. it quickly neutralizes stomach acid and helps keep acid down for hours. relieve heartburn with fast- acting, long-lasting gaviscon.
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1:41 pm
neil: what they do in florida, they don't mope around on this, they are very direct from the governor on down telling people get out of harm's way, don't be a fool, if you stick around when i tell you not to stick around and something happens don't look to us for help. they have had it with people who don't listen and learned in the past if you don't listen and don't heed the safety warnings you will be in a world of hurt.
1:42 pm
and so will they, trying to rescue you. official telling resident plant in volusia county prepare for the worst, 33 shelters open for evacuation, emergency coordinator tom cisco on the phone with us, thanks for taking the time. are you filling these things up fast? >> our shelters, we are expecting many people to be in. neil: you could have had many at capacity? >> if all were filled approaching 10,000. neil: how safe are they? a lot of people are leaving their homes, leaving a danger place they hope for a more secure place, tell me about them. >> we use public schools. all the public schools have to be built to a standard of red
1:43 pm
cross 4496 to a standard of structure stability. neil: is it going to be a requirement that they got to get out? got to go to shelters? could some of them wait to get the latest on the storm and is voluntary? >> we are voluntary right now but we are having a press conference, county manager and officials having a press conference and going to make an announcement at 9:00 am tomorrow morning, then it will be mandatory. that does not mean people are willing. neil: people go kicking and screaming but only so much you can do, schools are closed, reopened next monday. those shelters will stay open. >> just as we did in matthew. once matthew went through we had shelters closed and schools could reopen, we move people that couldn't get back to their homes to nonschool shelters where we could house them and feed them.
1:44 pm
stuart: how much did harvey change things in your neck of the woods, normally it has been a while since there has been a severe hurricane and anything of this magnitude and a quarter of a century in florida, people are getting cavalier about it. did harvey bring reality back? >> it was a combination of two things, last year in september, almost a year ago we had hurricane matthew and that did -- we had 3,000,000 yd. of debris from that storm and a lot of damage. that woke people up and then you see harvey with all the flooding, another wake-up call for people and a combination of both of those, people are taking this more seriously and we have category one storm winds in volusia county, this is going to be category 3 to 4. neil: then you have to deal with the flooding that comes with that, maybe not as bad as harvey in texas and louisiana but could
1:45 pm
be significant. >> we have had the last fled anywhere 152 inches of rain from this and rivers will come up. we expect flooding out of those. neil: what is your expectation for buildings, homes, businesses, reinforced and made stronger after andrew a quarter century ago? what is your sense how well they hold up? >> most of them are going to hold up for us because latest forecast we got was by the time the storm comes through florida it has moved to the west, it will go through land. if it stays on that path it will be downgraded to probably a category 2 by the time it gets to us. neil: florida isn't very wide, you know better than i, bigger than the state of florida, south
1:46 pm
carolina and georgia combined, still going to be significant but your hope, a little to the west, the real damage might be mitigated. >> i think the south course are going to get the brunt of this and as it passes over land we hope it will lose energy and strength as it goes further north. stuart: the prior guest, the fatigue factor on. some of these begin to look like planes on a runway with josé, cardia, it is getting crowded in your neck of the woods. >> september 10th is the peak of hurricane season. all the stores flying around out there we expect what is next. neil: you seem like a very calm guy. you are the guy i want to be next to in a crisis. >> that is what they say about me now just because i am calm. neil: i would be barney fife. that is what i call a good
1:47 pm
attitude. a stable level. more after this. rethink what's possible. rethink your allergy pills. flonase sensimist allergy relief helps block 6 key
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inflammatory substances with a gentle mist. most allergy pills only block one. and 6 is greater than one. flonase sensimist. ♪ neil: a little late but it is on. >> the president is monitoring hurricane irma and the federal government working closely with state and local partners to ensure the safety of coastal communities. in his weekly address to the nation the president noted this is a storm of historic district of potential and asking every everyone in the storm's path remain vigilant and heed all recommendations from government officials and law enforcement. our message to the american people is with gratitude to first responders and prayers for those in the storm's path we are behind you 100%. with that i bring up homeland
1:49 pm
security adviser tom bother to discuss specifics on the ongoing preparedness and response efforts and i will take care of other questions. >> thanks to each of you for being here. can't add much to that. let me jump in a little bit, my thinking as i said before i like to categorize my thoughts into inspiring if i can. in terms of informing, the federal government under donald trump's leadership and the leadership of his cabinet is fully engaged in support of the governor's. those governors at this point are engaged in different forms in what we consider incident management. as i walk through irma i would be remiss if i didn't and talk about texas and harvey. governor abbott and i have been in contact and haven't stopped that contact, people in texas and louisiana under governor edwards are involved in the early stages of a long recovery
1:50 pm
effort. people in the us virgin islands, puerto rico and other caribbean islands affected by harvey, in the middle of life staining response -- life-sustaining response operations and the final stages of preparation for the beginning of a response operation. we are seeing all three play out at the same time, it requires us to juggle our but doesn't require us to juggle our resources. the response operations have ceased life-saving and life-sustaining and harvey and had an opportunity to move forces out and reposition them for harvey and right now employing them to save lives and we will maintain a good footprint to do the same in florida, south carolina and georgia as the storm progresses. we will talk about the forecast in a moment. i would like to see if i can reinforce that by suggesting you
1:51 pm
take this seriously, not only a dangerous storm but we see lots of life, the storm has taken lives and will take more unfortunately if we are not prepared, please take it seriously. i suggest in terms of influencing, people stop watching carefully this track and think more seriously about getting themselves to a safe place and out of danger. i don't want them to take that is a call for shadow evacuations, listen to your local authorities on evacuation orders. they are looking out for your best interest and carefully coordinating, people need to evacuate south to north, that is a staggered thought through process but what i am suggesting is this point is a large storm, whether travel left or right you need at this point to think for your own personal accountability so please make sure, oxygen mask theory, take care of yourself first so you can take care of others, take care of your loved ones and if you are able to come
1:52 pm
and take care of strangers and others in need, something we have seen in texas, the people of florida and south carolina show the same american spirit and value. there has been a lot of coverage of florida but no coverage of the us virgin islands, a brief update on where we stand, we are as i just talked to the department of state, debarment of defense officials engaging in this life-saving life-sustaining operation in the following way, the governor is experiencing loss of power, loss of water, loss of communications and shelter needs, what we are doing is sending in their operations to evacuate citizens. we are doing that in saint maarten, the dutch, french island, american citizens there, we are currently in the final stages of operational planning to evacuate those citizens, ranging 350 to 6000.
1:53 pm
that was our planning. those american citizens will be removed by surface and air means, we were planning on adjusting for surf conditions, wind, for hurricane josé as we look forward to that missing the united states. is still causing some havoc in the islands and our response operations, that is where we stand on that and begin executing those plans, if not already at some point soon today and american citizens and others evacuate is necessary to include anyone with critical or acute medical needs. that is where i will stop with the update. >> one of the big problems with the florida evacuation is so many gas stations are running out of gasoline. what can the federal government do to get more fuel to people? >> i should stop and mention
1:54 pm
governor scott, tremendous leadership, tremendous confidence, he and the president have spoken, he and i have spoken, i have every confidence in the governor and emergency management, they are seeing leadership and the quality of effort we saw in texas a week ago but what we are seeing in florida are fuel shortages, the same fuel shortages in texas because people appropriately gas up their generators, cars and boats. what we will see if we need to pull in additional fuel, run up against the onset of tropical storm force winds. what are we doing? bringing as much supply as possible and waved a particular statute that allows vessels to help in that effort. we saw the jones act you reported on. what happened was the secretary of homeland security waved that until it is waived or the us investments can move fuel from point to point domestically and
1:55 pm
freed up the prohibition. as many ships as possible being brought to bear on the effort to bring as much fuel as possible and help floridians prepare and that is the best we can do. they are planning intermodal points, to get those tanker ship locations into the gas station so that is what we are doing. >> how much can you getting? >> conditions will dictate that. not much more than we can get them. they have to stop those operations. that is my message rate of love message, a message of clarity and honesty. at some point people will be on their own for period during which the flooding, the raining and wind their down on them and need to be prepared if they are in the path and haven't taken action to get themselves in a less dangerous position and get ready for a 72 hour period to have enough food, water and shelter before the government
1:56 pm
can get in. we can't get the final point of care so conditions permit. >> one house speaking question. for fema to have resources, signing legislation passed this point, any indication when that will happen? >> i would like to start by thanking congress, that is what you are into, fema has the money they need, no break in operations to clarify on your question, there will be a break in their operations if they run out of money, supplemental legislation was so necessary, thanks to the house and senate leadership for passing that so quickly and responsibly. we anticipate a real-time event, this might be on its way up here right now requiring signature by the speaker, the senate leadership, the vice president and the president of the united states so i think that will happen today but as soon as we
1:57 pm
get the president will take that. >> what is the application of the storm track? it looks like it is going to cover the peninsula. south to north. how does that complicate emergency management response as it moves up the state and to floridians who are veterans of hurricanes, there's a tendency to say i can ride the storm out, i have seen bad storms. >> some people call it hurricane amnesia. there is no hurricane amnesia but there are some people, 20% of the population that might not remember or gone through the last big hurricane in florida, it was 2004, four major hurricanes in 2004, wilma in 2005 which was forgotten because of katrina. if you haven't experienced it, take it seriously and ask those who have. if you have experienced it recall what i just described took place, you are without power, without water, sewer
1:58 pm
treatment for period afterward, planned for that. in terms of the track, there are three considerations. the upper right, northeast quadrant packs the most punch, second consideration is the i wall gets overlaid it loses steam faster so overwater it keep strength longer. as this move left and right it can affect our operations because it can affect a different part of the state in a different way. what we will see the next 24 hours will tell us what we will face, we curls around the to the other side of the state, my belief people are not planning for that. i'm not suggesting that will happen. seems to be within the cone of uncertainty. this storm is doing everything from tampa to jacksonville and direct on miami. don't necessarily evacuate based on those eventualities as local
1:59 pm
officials track it and be prepared to be in the storm's path just in case. lastly in response to your question, major, we're placing commodities might be affected by the location of the storm. fema logistics team thought through placing supplies elsewhere, delaware, new york, elsewhere, so they continue barge operations to support the island and next storm doesn't affect the storm before. if that answers your question. >> reporter: after the chemical fire in texas and taxed with a second storm, any extra precautions to assure this type of thing doesn't happen here and how fast is the system -- taxed is the system for jose and this coming in. >> the system can be taxed several different ways. i mentioned life-saving teams
2:00 pm
and they're rerested and refit ready to come back into the fight. same with coast guard, united states military, national guard and title 10 forces. we're preparing for environmental losses as we should. i can't speak to each and over company's restoration efforts. standing down to the nuclear power facility. they take a warm water shut down depending on the track. we monitor those things. i was comfortable with the position of most of them. we're looking at okeechobee because that is a flooding and overflow risk. >> anything that is not a overriding concern? >> we're worried about fuel shortages. we're worried whatever worries the governor at this point. no, to be honest with you i'm setting expectations appropriately nobody is ever happy or completely safe but i am extremely


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