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tv   FBN AM  FOX Business  September 15, 2017 5:00am-6:01am EDT

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congressman trent franks, steve forbes, gregg jarrett among our guests tomorrow night. we hope you will join us. we hope you will join us. cheryl: we have breaking news just in the last hour, reports of an explosion in london underground at parson's green station. this is south london, police, balances are on the scene right now. our sister station reporting there are injuries, possible burned victims, live report coming up. lauren: north korea fires a second missile over japan sparking condemnation by the u.s. and the united nations. cheryl: investors are taking new launch and stride so far after records yesterday, dow futures barely pointing down 1 right now. lauren: much of the same in europe, european investors mostly not reacting to the latest missile launch however
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because of what we saw in london in the underground station the ftse is down 50 points. cheryl: kospi index is up. lauren: president trump tours devastation in florida and talks tax cuts for the middle class. cheryl: unusual investigation after data breach in equifax, the company had a patch to stop the breach but they didn't install it. fbn:am starts right now. lauren: 5:01 a.m. on a very busy friday morning, september 15th, thank you for joining us. i'm lauren simonetti. cheryl: good morning, i'm cheryl casone, i want to get right to the breaking news for you.
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out of london, a chaotic scene that's unfolding right now in london. you're looking at the map, parsons substation, explosion inside a tube train during morning rush hour at parsons green, some passengers have been left with facial burnses, witnesses say that many people ran for the same door out of that carriage, some of them pushed over and trampled. there was a white bucket on fire inside of the train. lauren: let's listen to sister station sky news to see what they are reporting. >> after the london bombings, you were on when steven, reports were coming through what first was thought to be local explosions on the underground system. that underground network was closed down fairly quickly. the rest of the tube, most of it
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is running, it's just whar inteef the district line that's severely affected at the moment. but that does have knock-on effect. if there were concerns about other potential devices that might be out there we would be hearing about much wider network closures on the london underground, we are not hearing that at this stage which is something to be thankful for. you mentioned that t prime minister has been kept up to date regully with what has happen he. i would imagine that withinhe coming hours, we may well have a meeting of the crisis cabinet cobra where if not prime minister, senior officials or members of police and intelligence services will be there. it goes the way we think it may be heading now which is the very only news sign that is this may have been explosive device on
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that the trip carriage. >> unfolding incident in london as parsons green station in london following reports of explosion of underground train this morning. of course, at this stage on the line the tubes are, in fact, are aboveground which is why we are able to bring aerial pictures of the train involved. fist let's recap what we know. >> 20 past 8:00, height of the rush hour, you head down towards
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wimbledon, just as it was pulling in, the doors was about to open, there was the explosion in the carriage where people, eyewitnesses say there was a white flash, reports of some people that received factual burns. i haven't been able to confirm that. i can confirm that a number of people were injured in quite understandable panic after explosion where people were trying to get out of that cairnl and out of the tube station as quickly as possible, they were falling over each other getting out of tube doors and heading out the stairs. so quite a number of the injuries that the balance service have been responding to have been those kind of crush and bruce type injuries as a resulting from people falling over each other. in terms of ongoing investigation, police are concentrating on a bucket that
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was near door by the carriage. the images that we have seen are certainly quite only news in -- animus nature. i've been told detectives are at the scenes at parsons green. investigation led led by the police. all comes under jurisdiction. if it's confirmed that this is terrorist related, of course, it will switch immediately to counterterrorism command in conjunction with security services, but they are monitoring what is going on. detectives ahead of time are at the scene as well as the bomb tech -- technicians carry out a
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detailed examination of this bucket to determine what the contents of the bucket were, whether this was an explosive device that, perhaps didn't fully detonate or perhaps didn't have much of a charge anyway. if you remember, adam, back to the london bombings in 20205, there was what al-qaeda deemed as audiocassette assessful attack with four bombs exploding, two at tube trains and one on london bus, but one of those bombs didn't detonate for a while because one of the bombers couldn't get the detonator to spot off quickly.
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cheryl: explosion happening, a lot of panic, injuries, burns are being reported, obviously they are looking at possible terrorism in london. we will continue to monitor, of course, that breaking news for you. lauren: we have breaking news that happened overnight. japan in high alert after north korea conducted longest ever test flight of a ballistic missile over that country. lauren: telling residents to seek shelter, second missile launch. the missile traveled 2300 miles for 19 minutes before it landed in the pacific ocean, far enough to reach u.s. territory of guam, all of this coming less than two weeks after north korea conducted a nuclear test. cheryl: secretary of rex tillerson calling to take action against north.
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china supplies with most of ill, russia is the largest employer of north korean forced labor, china and russia must indicate their intolerance for the reckless missile launches by taking direct actions of their own, now, we should say the un security council holding emergency meeting, that's going to be today. the u.s. and japan asking for that meeting, lauren. lauren: yes, of course, we have more on this with secretary of defense larry, joining us larry, senior fellow at american progress, what a friday morning, thanks for coming on with us. let's talk north korea. we heard from secretary tillerson and mattis, what do you expect the president say to this? >> basically going to have to real put on very, very sanctions because remember the un resolution that was passed china and russia watered them down, secretary tillerson and the president said you have to cut
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all the oil. that's what i expect them to say. he addresses the un security council on monday of next week and ironically north korea will be sitting right in the front row because they rotate them over the years to have people sit in different seats. lauren: it's interesting since 2006 we've had nine sets of sanctions against north korea and they have proven to be largely in effective. i know the u.s. was pushing for oil embargo, i want to know if you think that's impossible or you continue to see china as well as russia impeding u.s. foreign policy. >> well, chinese, their main concerns is that the japanese will decide to rearm, one of the things that we can do let them know, if you don't do this and really put it an oil embargo or get north korea to stop this, we are going to allow the japanese to get a lot of weapon systems
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and chinese still haven't gotten over world war ii when it comes to japan. if you talk to them, they see japan as their main threat in the area and i think that's what you have to do. secretary tillerson has said, we need to sit down and talk about all of these issues. if you could get north korea to degree to freeze on nuclear testing and tests and on return for that sit-down and talk to them about a treaty to end the korean war, theoretically it's still not over, will let them know that we have no intention of overturning them. the north koreans are doing this because they want to prevent what they see the south korea, japan and the united states of, you know, taking over their -- over their country. lauren: before i let you go, larry, i wanted to ask you about the situation in london with the explosion on the subway there. the british transport police have still investigating this, what are you looking for in terms of things being done and
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terrorism. >> isis is losing on the ground in iraq and syria, they lowes mosul, about to lose raqqah, yesterday they had a big attack where they killed over 70 people in the southern part of iraq. again to try to show they are still relevant and this may be something to say, it's not over yet, you may win on the ground but you are not going beat us. lauren: larry korb thank you for your time this morning. cheryl: we were looking at live pictures coming out of london, we will keep you up to date on explosion that happened in london. first, ask question why did the president reach out to democrats on the issue of immigration? [inaudible]
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>> if you have to step into one direction -- [inaudible] cheryl: we will talk with our new bipartisanship panel coming up.
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lauren: welcome back let's get you caught up on what's happening. one soldier killed yesterday, seven injured all during training exercised at fort bragg in north carolina, incident
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comes after vehicle fire in camp in california that left 15 marines injured following a training exercise accident. facebook says advertisers will no longer be able to change headlines and descriptions of articles, users will not be able to modify the content but the change did not apply to paying advertisers. soon there's going to be a new color in the crayola iconic box of 24 crayons. new shade of blue. they did that on national crayon and asked people what do you want this color to be called and bluetiful won. cheryl: i like it. president trump's deal-making with democrats is raising eyebrows but he said the republicans are okay with him
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crossing party lines. >> if the republicans don't stick together, then i'm going to have to do more and more, by the way, the republican party agrees with me, the people out there definitely agree with me. if they are unable to stick together and i'm going to have to get a little help from the democrats, then i've got that. cheryl: audio coming from aboard air force one, but you get the gist. getting help from the democrats god strategy from the democrats, i will bring in democratic strategists amy, byron. >> good morning. cheryl: is this a good strategy, some called for him to be impeached, by the way. >> it's a little shaky, the dinner made nervous because he didn't have any republicans in the room.
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this is putting republicans, specially establishment that were not happy with him becoming president in the first place, it's time to move forward, it's time to support the president and if you're not going to do that, then, yes, i think that it's wise that he basically gives them the warning and go and reach across party aisles. i think it's a breath of fresh air that we have both sides willing to work together for the most part. cheryl: robin, is this a good idea for democrats in particularly with chuck schumer and nancy pelosi, what about #resist, is this a smart move to get on board with president trump who their base is probably not happy with? >> well, no, i will tell you this, #resist first of all has been dropped by the dnc although their website is still out of date and still does say resistance, but it also says summer, it's out of date period
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and donna brazile is still acting chair and barack obama is the president. cheryl: okay. >> we have updating to do. cheryl: point taken. >> but #resistance, they did officially drop that and we are working together, americans wan us to work together. that's how donald trump rose to the presidency to begin with because people were so frustrated with congress not getting anything done and so we can't now just become the party of resistance and not getting anything done. i know that some people within my party are still frustrated that the resistance being dropped, but we have got -- we owe it to americans. i agree with what sarah huckabee sanders said that if congress can't show up to do their job, maybe they need to find a new job because we've got to deliver and get this work done for the constituents. cheryl: i think the frustration goes across the aisle specially house and senate. at the same time, amy, you to
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wonder what this is going to mean for one of the pieces of legislation that the president needs to get passed, that is tax reform. does all of the deal-making, whether it's on daca, or the wall, does that help with the tax reform fight? >> i do believe that it does help and to get back to robin's point, yes, we are focused on americans, you know, the president talks about america first policy, he doesn't say republican policy, democrat policies, independent policies, it's america first. that's rra we need to focus. i think this is a great move on his part to basically do the warning shot to the members in the houston the republican side and say, hey, look, you've been there now for x amount of years, it's time to move forward, it's time to reach across party aisle and if you're not going to help me and we are in the majority, i'm going to go to the other side and do something about this. cheryl: i wish i had more time, we have to get back to breaking news out of london, amy and robin, thank you so much for
5:21 am
your time this morning. >> thank you. lauren: we have an update on the situation in london with the explosion on the train in southwest london, parsons green, treating explosion that left many passengers with burns, they are treating that as terrorist event. the london transport police are investigating and now they are investigating this as terror. we will be right back.
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delivers consistent network performance and speed across all your locations. hello, mr. deets. every branch running like headquarters. that's how you outmaneuver. cheryl: we are monitoring breaking news out of london. i want to show you live pictures right now. parsons green tube station southwest london. an explosion on a tube train happening morning of rush hour in london, just about 8:00 a.m. local time.
5:25 am
it's now 10:24 local time in london, reports of multiple injuries, several of those injuries reportedly are burns, british police officially saying they are investigating this incident on a london train as a terrorist incident. we are continuing to monitor the breaking news out of london for you. lauren: here at home, hurricane josé was downgraded to tropical storm, fox senior meteorologist janice dean has been tracking, she's here with the latest, are we in the clear or not yet, good friday morning. janice: no. get preparation this is weekend because we could be dealing hurricane offshore or perhaps impacting the northeast, new england area next week. here is josé. we are expecting it to restrengthen into a cat 1 hurricane and there's the forecast models coming closely. this is the center of the storm so the potential impacts all along the coastal areas from mid atlantic up towards new england need to be paying close
5:26 am
attention to josé's bad as we get into the weekend. european model coming very close to shore here. perhaps even making a landfall late next week, again, we are going to have to monitor it and folks along the northeast remember sandy, sandy was category 1 as well. that's not a good scenario either. you live across the northeast in mid atlantic, you time this weekend, get preparations in line. i also want to make mention, very busy, we have the next tropical depression right here off the coast off africa, watching this disturbance here, both of these are moving west ward and have potential to strengthen in the next couple of days. here is the heat index across florida. millions of folks still without power, that's going to be a concern as we heading into the weekend. we have the potential for showers and thunderstorms across the state of florida, so just keep that in mind. a lot of things to talk about. also, winter has arrived across the northern rockies, ladies,
5:27 am
where we are getting heavy snow advisories for higher elevation, potential for rain and thunderstorms and josé, jose needs to be monitored this weekend, know what your preparations are, get your emergency kit together, just in case scenario, back to you. cheryl: janice, thank you. janice: you're welcome. lauren: coming up we will have the latest on terrorist event in london. rush hour explosion, friday morning on the subway station there at parsons green. we will go live to that area for a report. also, how is the market responding to all of this, plus the north korean missile launch towards japan a very muted reaction this friday morning and a winning week for the stock market. dow is up 5 points, we will likely see another record high today. s&p and nasdaq futures are down a point each. so let me ask you this... how does diabetes affect your heart?
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it keeps your insights from prying eyes, so they're used by no one else but you. it is... the cloud. the ibm cloud. the cloud that's built for your business. designed for your data. secure to the core. the ibm cloud is the cloud for enterprise. yours. lauren: we have breaking news.
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in just the last hour explosion in underground and london police now calling this terrorism. it all happened in southwest london at parsons green tube station at 8:30. cheryl: we continue to follow tin kiddent out of london. also breaking this morning, we have north korea firing a second missile over japan in a month sparking condemnation by the united states and more importantly the united nations. lauren: investors are taking this under stride. another record close, the nasdaq is not even a point to the downside right now. cheryl: taking a look at what's happening with the ftse right now, european investors really have not been react to go all of the global news but right now the ftse is down and that selling has been escalated, down 65 points, almost a percent, cac
5:32 am
showing positive. lauren: you can see the nikkei in japan gaining a half of 1%, the kospi in south korea gaining a third of 1%. fbn:am starts right now. cheryl: 5:31 a.m. in new york. a lot of breaking news happening overnight. good morning, i'm cheryl casone. lauren: i'm lauren simonetti, tough friday morning, police declaring an explosion that happened this morning on subway train there a terrorist incident all of this after explosion happened inside the train during morning rush in southwest london. fire, balance, medics all of them on the scene responding.
5:33 am
witnesses say many people ran for the same door at the same time and some of them pushed over and trampled on. there was even a picture that we saw of a white bucket that was placed inside a plastic bag, that's what seem to have exploded. we will go live to amy kellogg. we have the live pictures out of london and we've also got breaking news out of north korea. japan right now in high alert after north korea conducted longest ever test flight of a ballistic missile over that country. [sirens] cheryl: you're hearing sirens, emergency alerts in japan, test messages, loud speakers telling residents in the area to seek shelter. this is the second missile launch over our key u.s. ally japan in just a month, the missile traveling 2300 miles for
5:34 am
19 minutes before it landed in the pacific ocean, that's far enough, we should say to reach guam. lauren: all of this coming less than two weeks after north korea conducted last nuclear test. secretary of state rex tillerson calling on all nations to take new measures. in a statement he says, china supplies north korea with oil, russia is the largest employer of north korean forced labor. they must show intolerance by taking direct actions of their own and we should add, the un security council is holding an emergency meeting on this this afternoon. cheryl: well, president trump returning to florida to tour the devastation there after hurricane irma. the president along with the first lady and vice president pence also handing out food at a mobile home park in naples that was torn up pretty severely by the storm. now the president telling local residents, quote, we are there for you 100%.
5:35 am
we also praised the work of first responders. lauren: meanwhile washington is turning its attention to tax cuts if for middle class, we go to adam shapiro with more on that. >> focus is tax reform and the week of september 25th, now the details or outline of what tax reform will look like, we won't get those on september 25th, what we are being told now the week of september 25th, grand outline with some of the details. but we do know this, the president says he is committed to a middle-class tax cut. >> the wealthy americans are not my priority, my priority are people in the middle class and that's who we are giving the biggest tax reduction to. >> said this about a tax break for everybody. >> our goal simplifying the tax code for everybody and getting rid of a lot of special
5:36 am
exclusions, deductions and provisions for some so we can lower the rates for everybody on all income level. >> every income level including top? >> in all levels. >> we won't have all details september 25th, it would be up to the committees, house ways and means committee and finance committee which will actually write and mark up their versions of the legislation. back to you. cheryl: adam, thank you. lauren: coming up with we will have the latest from london on what's now being called a terrorist explosion. north korea defied the world with another testing. we will ask david nelson coming up. you're watching fbn:am. rad. you loved brad.
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cheryl: welcome back to fbn:am. we will have live report from terrorist explosion. chelsea manning will not be a visiting fellow, spent seven years in jail for leaking classified government secrets, the school's dean was a mistake to offer to manning.
5:40 am
well, a statute of confederate general robert e. lee was removed from a park in dallas yesterday, the mayor said the monument was a similar of injustice and the city council vote today bring it down. today marks it end of the era of nasa says good-bye to aircraft. so-called death plunge, scientists hope to go get new images before the probe breaks apart. we continue to follow what's happening in london. police declaring the explosion on the train a tertist incident, amy kellogg with the very latest this morning. good morning. >> lauren and cheryl, there was an explosion in london train, police are calling it a terrorist incident after initially refusing to pass
5:41 am
comment or judgment until a little bit more investigation was carried out there in the parsons green area of london. the injuries to the best of our knowledge are some facial burns and some injuries resulting from pushing and shoving as people created the stampede to get out of the station. the train was on an overground portion of the journey when this occurred, people need today take stairs to get out of the station and on to the street. the entire area as you can imagine has been cornered off. one person saying she saw a bag, heard a bang and there was a flash. fire was ultimately the result of this explosion and a lot of the focus is on a white plastic sort of builders bucket that is
5:42 am
believed to be the genesis where explosion occurred. it had wiser coming out of it. london is no stranger to attacks, terrorist attacks but attacks on the transportation system back in 2005, three coordinated attacks on subway trains and then one on the bus, two weeks later a copycat attack which didn't work but the previously one did leave to 52 at that times in the last year a number of terrorist attacks in the united kingdom, several in london, often now as we see involving trucks and vehicles driving into crowds, this is something that we haven't seen in a while, explosion on a public transportation vehicle, a train and so obviously there is a lot of panic and will be some jittery people over the course
5:43 am
of the coming days and weeks as police carry out the investigation there. they are trying now assess the nature of the injuries and, of course, we are waiting to see hear numbers and exactly what happened to the people who were affected on this train car but as far as we know, there were no warnings of this, it was just a shock announcement as it broke on the news at 8:20 this morning that there had been an explosion at district line at the train, pulled into the station at parsons green, west of chelsea, not too far from wirvele -- wimbledon in london. lauren: any word if they are getting surveillance video from the station to see who would have carried the bucket with the bomb on to the train? >> well, in the pictures we are seeing the bag and there was -- there was a label little on the bag which is the chain store here. presumably it will be possible to -- to locate that moment or
5:44 am
the person who carried that bag on unless, of course, it was hidden inside something else but this city is famous for its proliferation of cc tv's cameras throughout the city and particularly in public transportation network and it's been common in the past that police have been able to track suspects from cc tv so i wouldn't want to speculate on whether or not that will happen in this case but certainly they would be working on that right now as we speak. earl cheryl amy kellogg live in london for us this morning. amy, thank you. >> yeah. lauren: well, the marks taking this lobbed open terror attack this morning and the north korean missile launch over japan in stride, futures believe it or not they are actually higher right now and we could see the fourth straight record close. david nelson, strategists at bell point joins us now. good morning, david. >> good morning. lauren: what message are investors getting from all of
5:45 am
this? >> investors have learned to take things in stride. it hasn't paid to sell the news and been profitable to buy the news and i think they understand that very often these, these geopolitical events don't translate and hit the economy, however, the issue with north korea is a little more serious because now we are talking about trade sanctions, that would make difference. lauren: that's not the situation today. i take it to asia, japan, up 102 points, south korea, higher, european stocks not completely selling off outside of london and gold prices aren't moving that much today, so it is very muted response. does that say to you that investors are confident or encouraged by what they are
5:46 am
seeing with bipartisanship in washington, d.c.? >> i think that's certainly part of it. if you go back to the beginning of the week, a big part of the rally the president's efforts to reach across the aisle and actually get something done, and he did get something done. he got the debt ceiling raised, he tied it to hurricane harvey aid and very encouraged that he has reached across the aisle to talk to nancy pelosi and chuck schumer recording important issues like tax reform but also daca and border security. as far as north korea and this missile launch goes, i think, it was less about japan, it was really a message to the united states that they could hit guam, probably the longest yet. lauren: except investors in the united states not getting the message or maybe not believing it. it seems to me that washington, d.c. is leading wall street at this point, do you dye and it's been promised that we get tax reform by tend of the year, what do you think happens with 401(k)
5:47 am
at the end of the year? >> i think the window is pretty tight between now and the end of the year. january is the unofficial start of the 2018 election cycle, so if we can incremental get there, that's great news. but i think investors need to focus on tax reform is not just about tack cuts. we have a complex code, 77,000 pages long and it actually encourages corporations to offshore things like manufacturing, their cash flow, so anything to simplify the code would be good news for investors. lauren: in the backdrop of all of this, supporting the markets is interest rates are so low and the fed hiking by the end of the year in december is 53%, that has gone up. what do you think the fed does at the end of the year? >> maybe one more hike at this point. they are looking at inflation and it just isn't there. oil prices which touch everything and remain low, so maybe one hike this year, but
5:48 am
i'm not investors where seems like a good trade to me. lauren: have a good weekend. >> you too. cheryl: we have a lot more coming up. of course, we continue to monitor the breaking news out of london, explosion on a subway train, this is the parsons green tube stop in southwest london. we are monitoring that. treating as terrorist investigation. we have big news happening at home and world of sports to tell you about, it was a big-time dazzling run by houston texans, quarterback who left victory over bengals and cleveland windians as they are called. jared max has more in sports. take a look at markets despite what we are seeing, the north korean missile launch, dow futures up 5 points, 3, that's just been happening over the last 45 minutes. s&p nasdaq slightly in the red.
5:49 am
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cheryl: we continue to follow the breaking news out of london. you are looking at live pictures. issuing a statement telling residents to remain calm. they're investigating that explosion at the parsons green tube station at terrorist incident. there are injuries and burns and so far no fatals have been reported. we continue to follow the breaking news in london tube train. we will keep you updated as we get new details. lauren: what did lebron james call them, the cleveland windinans, they keep winning. cheryl: this is pretty good. jared: pretty wild, major league baseball history, indians riding the second longest winning streak ever in the big leagues. only the second time in 22 games
5:53 am
the indians trailed the game after the sixth inning they were down 2-1 against the royals, look at that, francisco, drive ls one, the tieing run, scores, so extra innings, 2-2 in the tenth, here comes the indians jay bruise -- bruce. jared: second longest win streak but it's really the longest ever if you consider that in 1916, new york giants so-call win streak, 27-game unbeaten streak. there was a tied score and 22 game for the indians arguably the longest in baseball history. pretty cool. baseball rockies are going bonkers. 43 on the season, judge is 6 of
5:54 am
mcguire record. houston texans quarterback, watson got the celebrate 22nd birthday last night making first nfl start. 3-3 ball game. final minute, first half, former clemsen quarterback will show running skills. watch watson go. 49-yard touchdown. 67 yards in all. pass for a buck 25, no interceptions. bengals were down, final chance, andy of the bengals say let's do the old stanford kick return play, a whole bunch of laterals but in tend it would be the all-mighty j.j. watt who would put an end to cincinnati bengals attempt. j.j. watt, story continues, 13-9. watts fundraiser will close having raised $34 million. watt told nfl network last night
5:55 am
we are stopping the fundraising so we can figure exactly what we are going to do. we are trying to make sure the money stays in houston and goes directly to people and not to overhead costs. i love the houston cowing ars are going to play over fellow houston school, every name on the players jerseys, houston, everybody is houston, all sign of unity. lauren: that's awesome, they are coming together. cheryl: that's a great story, jared, thank you for the update. a lot going on in sports, we will get the update on monday. jared max, you can see him sports reports 24/7, you can hear him and see him now siriusxm 115. jared: hello. lauren: coming up, everybody, we will have the latest on the tragic news this morning, bombing on london tube that left many passengers injured.
5:56 am
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lauren: london police say an explosion on this subway has been declared a terrorist incident. counterterrorism officers leading this investigation at the parsons green station where we are told a number of people have been injured by a fire ball that exploded on that train. cheryl: yeah, we are hearing reports of several people that have burns in particular on their faces. we just got moments ago a statement from london's mayor saying, quote, our city utterly condemns the individuals who attempt to use terrorism to harm
5:59 am
us and destroy our way of life. lauren: prime minister theresa may says, my thoughts are with those injured at parsons green and emergency responders that arery responding bravely. they are calling it what it is. cheryl: we are looking at live pictures coming out of london. just to recap if you're joining us on fox business, again, this happened at 8:20 p.m. london time, morning commute, explosion happening on board aa london tube train. they call tube, the metro there, this is happening just as the train was pulling into the station, the explosion happening, several reports of injuries and scotland yard is calling this a terrorist incident as investigation is underway. lauren: what's unbelievable here is that the london stock market, the ftse is down by almost 1% today but the rest of the global markets are mostly higher despite this incident and, of course, the latest missile launch in north korea towards japan.
6:00 am
cheryl: a lot of breaking news happening. right now, that is it for us. we are going to send it over to our colleague maria bartiromo, mornings with maria starting right now, maria, good morning to you. maria: hey, there, ladies, thank you so much. good morning, everybody, thanks for joining us. i'm maria bartiromo and it is friday september 15th, top story right now at 6:00 a.m., we have breaking news. this morning terrorism in london, british police responding to explosion at subway station. at least 20 people are reportedly injured this morning. services have been cut to the area and we will bring you the very latest coming up this morning. an act of aggression, north korea fires yet another missile over japan for the second time this month. the incidcoming following the latest rounds of u.s. sanctions against the country. secretary of defense jim mattis called the move reckless and market this is morning look like this, checking markets, we are looking at at lower opening. fractional move lower, nasdaq, s&p 500 also in the red. in europe stock this is mixed as you see here, decidedly negative the ftse down


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