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tv   Mornings With Maria Bartiromo  FOX Business  September 29, 2017 6:00am-9:00am EDT

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overseas indices. cheryl: have a great weekend. >> you too. lauren: thank you so much for joining us on fbn:am, let's say happy friday to maria bartiromo. mornings with maria starts now. hey, maria. maria: thank you so much, good morning to you, happy friday, everybody, thanks for being with us. i'm maria bartiromo and it is friday september 29th, top stories right now 6:00 a.m. on the east coast. touting tax reform, president trump will push his plan to overhaul our country's tax code as he meets with members of the national association of manufacturers today in dc. vice president mike pence highlighted the administration's plans while speaking in detroit yesterday. >> just as you heard yesterday when president trump announced his plan for what will be the largest tax cut in american history and we are going to get it done. [cheers and applause] >> i'm happy to tell you that help is on the way right now because under the leadership of president donald trump, we are going to cut taxes across the board. maria: more on push for tax reform and prospect of getting
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it done by year-end. futures this morning looking like this. we have a market that's mixed, fractionally lower but nasdaq showing gain, up 5 points. in europe, similar story. we have a pretty good rally for the ftse, up two-thirds of 1% and dax in germany up a third of a percent. cac quarante in paris is flat. in asia markets mostly flat. best performer kospi in korea. trouble tom price for use of private jet. the massive amount of money that he's agree today pay back. e-mail questions at 1600 pennsylvania after. details as the white house is opening a probe into officials use of private e-mail accounts and devastation in puerto rico continuing this morning. acting homeland security elaine duke will travel to the island today as the federal government rushes to help those in need.
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the dire situation in puerto rico coming up. standing for the anthem nobody knelt last night green green bay packers and chicago bears. the impact as more protests are planned for the weekend. talk about a streaming success, roku shares surged yesterday nearly 70% on first day of trading. big ipo was big success there. all the stories coming up and joining me this friday morning fox business dagen mcdowell, blaze tv host lawrence jones and former economic adviser under president bush 43 todd. dagen: are you ready to talk taxes or what? >> i'm ready ta talk about -- i'm ready to talk about taxes. dagen: that's pushback from democrats but a lot of
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republicans in the state. maria: we know congressman peter king has said my constituents are not going to be served well by this because if we eliminate this deduction the deduction of income and local taxes, state income, that's a big deal because taxes are so high in new york. dagen: i'm holding my amo so to speak. maria: the potential fourth bracket. all the stories as we continue to die sect the tax plan. coming up this morning the director of management, mick mulvaney and ricardo rosello is here. pushing tax reform. the president will talk taxes with the manufacture association before heading to new jersey this as proposed plan is facing first hurdle one day after it was unveiled. gop lawmakers like california,
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new york, now expressing opposition to repealing the individual deduction for state and local taxes, but the president and creators of the bill say that this tax plan will spark the economic growth the country needs for everybody, watch. >> this is a tax plan for jobs and growth, growth for our country. it'll be the largest reduction in terms of dollars of any plan ever in the history of the country. >> there's not complicated deductions and complicated special interests. we have to simplified system to collect taxes in this country. >> we redesign the code so our companies can compete and win anywhere in the world specially here at home. those are big-bold changes. maria: joining us right now fox news contributor gianno calledwell, what's your take on all of this, according to tax policy center, repealing reduction would increase federal revenue $1.3 trillion over the next ten years, can the bill pass in the house despite opposition on both sides of the
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aisle? >> i think it can, let's keep in mind i all the misfires with obamacare repeal and replace, this is the first time we've really come sincerely close to accomplishing one of the president's main agenda items of this bill which there's republicans about 52 republicans districts that would be impacted in those states mentioned earlier, california, new jersey, new york and other places and we have a 24-seat majority. i don't think that we are going to allow this bill to potentially be derailed. i'm sure that there's something, alternative that's going to come to the light because if at this particular point in time american people have been suffering so long for a tax system that hasn't been fair for us all, i'm sure that republicans will come together and make the changes that are necessary so we can see this bill passed and we can give the president a win and more importantly the american people a win. maria: dagen, how do you square this circle? the house wanted a border adjustment tax that was going to
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raise 1 and a quarter trillion dollars, now this deduction is raising $1.3 trillion. yesterday a couple of governors were tweeting, governor cuomo tweeted, everybody in new york is going to get a tax increase as a result of this, because taxes in new york are so high. yeah, cut taxes, governor. dagen: there's a lot of debate and that is that people who live in say conservative states, for example, and states with low-tax burdens are subsidizing the high-taxed states, more than 90% of the filers with incomes over $200,000 claim deduction according to tax policy center. 38% of deductions value goes to california, new york and new jersey and just 21% of the u.s. households are in those states. i will push back, they are basically saying, hey, blue state governors, you need to reduce the tax burden in those
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areas, but it's not that easy and on the reverse, these red states, the republican representatives who don't like this state and local tax deduction, well, in terms of the income taxes paid into the federal government that we pay a lot more than we take. i say we, i'm in new york state. red states in the south, for example, they take a lot more in federal spending than they actually pay in income taxes. maria: good point. dagen: if you want to talk about who is sharing the burden, well, it goes both ways. >> i can see senator ted cruz pushing back on this specially in texas where we don't have a state tax and i think the senator will say, hey, this is beneficial for our state but i think it'll be pushed back to states like new york where they say, hey, we pay already too much in taxes, if we are not going to get deduction -- dagen: if i hear more person to tell me to move -- >> exactly. come onto texas.
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[laughter] dagen: the studio was here. we have to live in new york metro area. maria: we are not moving. >> you don't want to do this by skype on your home in pajamas? how does this happen politically. everybody knows that this is a controversial issue. the republicans have slim margin. president trump lives in new york and florida. is it a surprise that this was an enormous hurdle? i don't think it got proposed in this matter. maria: do you think it will stop them from moving forward on tax reform? >> i think this could pass the house, i'm worried about the senate and then you have senator like john mccain and other senators that are talk about regular order. there's an ideology difference than the democrats. dagen: the top nine states for the deduction measured as percentage of income represented
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by 33 house republicans, the republicans can only lose no more than 22gop votes. so there are more republicans from these high-taxed states than there are votes that they could potentially lose. >> they are not going to get it. real estate industry is going to be pounding on this. maria: the real estate lobbyists is the most powerful. >> the house freedom caucus supports this bill and one of the few that supported. when we talk about conservatives getting on board, likelihood of passing the house is great. certainly there has to be reconciliation what happens with other states, something has to happen there, but this is still a bill and i'm sure they'll be amendments added later. we have to look at that and know that will be the regular order. maria: by the way, we are talking about high taxes. in new york we are talking about a 10% income tax state, right,
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and another 3% city tax. in california i believe it's 13%. the state taxes in some of the higher -- they are significant. >> i live in california. there's virtually -- there's virtually no republican party left and if this were to pass, well, there wouldn't be no virtual republican party left. there would be zero republican party left. it simply is not going to happen, steve mnuchin has to go back up to trump tower and figure out something else to come up with the money. maria: they need to find another place to find 1 and a third trillion dollars? dagen: where is that place? maria: where is that place? dagen: ultimately they might cap deduction, there's a limit to how much that you the take but the top 5 states in terms of what the largest and largest deductions for state and local taxes as percentage of adjusted gross income are new york, new jersey, connecticut, california
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and, oh, maryland. >> that's where the media are based and will continue to get front page focus. maria: for sure. this is the hot potato of tax reform package. tom price says he's going to stop traveling on private jets and reimburse the federal government for $50,000 for his seat on this private flight, price released statement, today i will write a personal check to u.s. treasury for expenses of my travel on private charter planes, taxpayers won't pay a dime for my seat on those planes. price has taken at least 26 charter flights since may adding to more than $400,000 according to politico. the secretary say that is he will fully cooperate with the inspector general's investigation but the president is not pleased with his actions, watch. >> as he has said publicly, he wasn't happy and he expressed that to me very clearly. >> how so?
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>> just -- i won't divulge any personal conversations i've had with the president. maria: would this result in white house shake-up, are you going to fire tom price, he said, we will see what happens, and we know what happens when he says, we will see what happens. >> he wrote check back for his seat, that was the nicest thing ever. i worked for many elected officials at the state and local and federal levels and i can tell you specially when it comes to travel reimbursement and when you take advantage of the taxpayers, there's usually a large penalty and starts with inspector general and in sometimes, it ends with the fbi specially me being from illinois. i have seen many fbi trips by employees of government. i think that in this situation specially considering how much press it may get and then that he did it, it could be some other things that he did -- >> tom price sitting in the
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middle seat in southwest airlines. >> or being dragged off the next united flight. maria: yeah. dagen: defense with bret last night it was real wishy-washy, i don't think i'm overstepping by saying that. this was approved and then there was -- he took a flight from dulles to philadelphia. how about taking the train? maria: i love the train. dagen: take the train for a hundred bucks. maria: there you go. good to see you. gianno calledwell, we want to tell you about the crisis in puerto rico that continues this morning. aid is trickling in. thousands of people lining up to board crew ships. we are tracking oil prices this morning. how recent hurricanes and plant ipo are affecting the market. oil 51.55. back in a minute. right here [vo] quickbooks introduces jeanette
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maria: welcome back, the islamic state releasing recording of leader, he is apparently still alive. cheryl casone with the story on that, cheryl. can he recall cheryl officials looking -- listening to the tapes, 46-minute audio recording first time since last november
6:17 am
that supporters of the jihadist group have heard voice. fierce bat until mosul. white house opening an internal investigation into the use of private emails by administration staff. presidential adviser jared kushner at the center of probe along with his life ivanka. lawyer says emails were limited and not classified and forwarded to other accounts to be preserved. other former around current officials being investigated, steve bannon, reince priebus and gary con and steve miller. lane duke's visit comes after not responding enough to help the island. hurricane maria devastated puerto rico's infrastructure leaving residents 100% without power, water, a lot of the water
6:18 am
is now contaminated, we should say. the pentagon has named three-star general jeffrey buchanan in charge which are trickling into the island but thousands of people are trying to evacuate puerto rico and they jammed the dock in san juan yesterday, they were trying to get on a royal caribbean cruise ship. well, you know what, did you happen to see the game last night? ♪ ♪ cheryl: thursday night football, every player on both sides of the field stood during national anthem. players and coaches were linked arm in arm some with hands on their hearts as country singer sang and a few fans did it as well. solidarity after president trump criticized players who knelt
6:19 am
during national anthem. after the song was over the entire stadium erupted in tears, we will see wh the weekend brings for football, maria. maria: remember earlier this week, president trump tweeted that he spoke with jerry jones, they are going to stand and the ceo of the giants told cover of post, told the team, please stand, this is their, i guess, middle ground. locking arms but standing for national anthem. dagen: it does not benefit nfl owners, any lost viewer is ultimate lost revenue to the league. maria: absolutely. dagen: they are worried about it. maria: if advertisers start pushing out, the biggest most profitable part of television. >> it's important to know, maria, this protest had died before the president got involved with it. a lot of people didn't like colin kaepernick specially when he wore socks as cops depicted aspects. it was only 3 players that were kneeling and then when the
6:20 am
president made his comments, i think the protests turned from the original movement to antitrump protest. maria: they definitely did. but at this point, i feel like the president is winning on the issue. >> baseball and hot dogs apple pie and chevrolet. over the last 20 years, nfl pushed out baseball, but now the nfl maybe losing its spot. maria: by the way, i didn't realize the pittsburgh steelers stadium where this first began, you know what the name of that stadium is called, soldiers stadium. >> yeah. not a good look. maria: coming up. smarter, faster more intelligent who is winning the ai battle? plus rokus' rise show its muscle on first day of trading. we will be right back in a
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maria: welcome back, let's take a look at oil this morning, up a quarter of a percent. crude extending a gain right now, but it had lost some ground after briefly trading above $52 a barrel yesterday. highest level in more than five months. we want to bring analyst tom, thank you so much for being here. >> nice to be here. maria: surprise move above $52 in the last couple of weeks. >> yeah, actually there's two markets. offshore where we got to 58 and $59, product on the water in the gulf of mexico and then there's the wti market which is oklahoma
6:25 am
that's been depressed. you will see interesting things because of this. we exported 1 and a half million barrels last week, that's 1 and a half million more than we exported two years ago. that number is going to go up to 2, 2 and a half billion dollars a barrel, we will be throwing a lot of oil on the world market and depressing but raising the u.s. domestic price. >> i'm curious, there was a lot of talk when the trump administration came in specially when epa came in getting rid of regulations and my state has increase of fracking, what have we seen trump administration removing regulations, is it helping us? >> you know, it's controversial but most of what he has done with fracking and some other things haven't had an impact. i mean, our company has done a study that confirms about 70 billion-barrels of crude oil in the permian base and that's
6:26 am
enough to run u.s. refinery for 12 or 13 years. we have plenty of crude oil there. if you're franking in west texas, it doesn't make much difference. if you're fracking in new jersey, you have a problem. so he's got -- i mean, we are not going to be fracking in some of the suburban areas, if you're living in long island, you don't have to worry about it, new york can't do it. so i think it's probably much to do about nothing. >> tom, do you think the rally in oil is the result of fleeting perfect storm, for instance, hurricane harvey, you have the kurds and independence vote, you have the saudis want to float, hire oil price, is this really generated by real demand and supply or is it pretty much events and maybe the rally fades after it hits 60? >> i do think it fades and i'm not sure we hit 60. i don't think we average 60 for a month or a week for crude and
6:27 am
i think that on balance 2018 prices will be lower than 2017. >> i agree. >> a lot of investment money in crude. they like it, but a lot of oil shell coming on in west texas. it will go on to the world market and bring everything down. >> maria, don't forget this, the chinese just today are announcing the end of gasoline automobiles in china. now, they don't really mean it yet but between that and the change in taste for driving in the u.s. -- maria: all the supply coming out the u.s. how about the ipo of saudi ramco. the listing is actually reshaping the kingdom's policy toward opec that late last year the company was ready to leave the group altogether if opec members did not agree to production cut. saudi says it did not go through with that and everybody wants a part of the ramco.
6:28 am
>> the timing is critically. they would like to take it when prices are close to 50, they are reasonable too. they know that if crude oil prices were above 60, we would be bringing a couple more million barrels of shell. it's going to require, you know, some -- >> i'm sorry, maria. now the women in saudi arabia are going to be able to drive. that maybe the only thing they drive -- >> i don't know, but i know they are going to drive in black. >> tough to climb up to suv's if you're fully cover. maria: they are trying to open up the country, they say and that's part of this new move in saudi arabia. dagen: your giants stink. >> as long as the cowboys lose all is right in the world. [laughter] maria: chicago bears stadium, soldier field -- what were you
6:29 am
going to say. dagen: i like to kick him when he's down because they are 0-3 in our division. maria: sorry, tom. >> come back for the win. >> come back when you have one win. maria: another massive rock fall one day after british climber was killed. we have the shocking new pictures today. it is on our homes, phones, which technology giant is winning dominance when it comes to technology, a.i. is in right now.
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good friday morning everyone. i am maria bartiromo. it is friday, september 29. 6:30 a.m. on the east coast. futures are showing a mixed opening for the broader averages this morning as the markets digest that tax reform package. there up one with three quarters of a% right now. all wrapping up the artificial intelligence operates. and talk about his treatment success rope you shares surge yesterday.
6:33 am
what it means to the other technologies watching and waiting for wall street debut. another massive rock fall at yosemite. the latest after a climber was killed as the rock formation came apart. for the first time since the shooting at the congressional baseball practice. we have no you've no idea how great this feels to be at work in the people's house. what an emotional day that was yesterday. we have all of the highlights. artificial intelligence the new battleground for technology giants. amazon this week in billing and collection of new products. including a smarter echo. joining us right now here in the studio is the author and
6:34 am
professor of information management. good to see. where do these technology giants stand in artificial intelligence. on the technology google is probably ahead of the rest but in terms of integrating retail into the indus tree amazon has a head start because they have integrated response into these devices that are more widespread than google's home. they are able to order stuff by speaking to your device and is really the interface of the future. look forward ten years. would be speaking to the devices rather than pressing them. all of these services, healthcare, retail will be integrated tightly into this intelligence device. and so apple google and amazon are all trying to be the
6:35 am
device that you talk too. >> is there a downside to this. the concern i would have if i was an application provider that wasn't one of these platforms when you have this kind of type of integration. it gives a natural advantage to the platform. maybe i'm back in and stole my own retail app. i may not even choose the retailer that i go to. >> millenials well not note what to do with their phone once were using voice. at what point, apple is disappointing to me. will seery understand what i'm saying. i live in san diego. the other day i was looking for a restaurant near the san diego zoo.
6:36 am
they did not understand san diego zoo. >> i have two theories about that. one is that amazon and google our just ahead on the ai technology and the other is apple actually wanted you go somewhere else. on that note what about the privacy issue. the amazon echo is on all the time to pick up your voice. it's listening all the time to make sure when you say that. what danger lies in these devices. and essentially tracking your every move. he said by whole foods.
6:37 am
he is probably the only person who owns all of the data associated with speaking to his echo device. i think what will happen is consumers will segment into two groups. a group for whom the privacy concerns are just too high because once you had ten ai devices in your home it's really hard to turn them on and off they must just stay out of the whole switches of the interface. a lot of people are saying in the privacy battle is over. over think about how much google and apple know about you. it's more than any government has on about done about you in the past. we've handed over the authority to the platform. i think for the majority of the population this can be the reality of everyday living.
6:38 am
i have privacy concerns. i almost concert --dash mike prefer. i believe that they will protect the customers at the end of the day. i'm more concerned of them selling to the government and as long as they do that. anytime the government has tried to push back and get the information that they have they went to court about it. there is huge lawsuits about it. will amazon do the same thing because there is a big push for other companies to come together to help fight terrorism now. >> that's an interesting point you bring up. in many way we have de facto defective been delegated a whole bunch of things that we use to delegate to governments
6:39 am
amazon and apple control intellectual property. that sort of in there. regulating. i think the personality of the platform to your question on this is going to be a critical differentiating factor. i think it will stand up facebook and google seem to show that they had stand up the platforms will become so big. they had recognized that the platforms require the same kind of government relations that a country does. people freely hand over the most personal details about their lives to these technology companies in the air finding. make money off my children's photos but when the government needs a data to protect the
6:40 am
homeland. that's zero my god of the government has taken it. i think as a do with aligning intent with use of. if i'm clicking through the different things that i'm browsing i know what i'm doing i want them to send me that. granted that's true i think the way to manage this as make it clear up front that these are the uses that your data might be put to and as long as consumer expectations are aligned with the actual use for it. amazon provides better service. instead of the tsa if amazon have the contract to run security the security at
6:41 am
airports was private until 911. will leave that where that is. they know where everyone's doing. i would not mind speaking to a an amazon echo device at the airport. good to see. an emotional return and acura's welcome. he's back.
6:42 am
steve scalise returned to congress yesterday for the first time after being shot at the baseball field in june. details on the deal the furniture company to struck with task rabbit. products that suit my needs and i get back to business. ♪ ♪ can i kick it? ♪ yes you can ♪ can i kick it? ♪ yes you can ♪ can i kick it? ♪ yes you can ♪ well i'm gone
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>> welcome back. markets are flat this morning. we are watching the earnings and economic data out later today. the s&p down about half a point. we are looking at a couple names on the move though. roku a huge ipo during the first to have trading yesterday. it competes with the likes of apple and amazon.
6:46 am
we are also watching shares of apple. it has received over 13,000 national security related request from the government in the first half of the year. the request effect over 9,000 users. shares of apple and a hundred $53 in change. you leaders are holding a meeting today and could consider removing a key oversight label no longer deeming the insurance company systemically important. that certainly could move it if they take away that important heading. the latest fight. look at those pictures. this flight was tara thai. a huge piece of granite killed british hiker.
6:47 am
officials are closely watching and monitoring el capitan. steve scalise made a surprise and triumphant return. you have no idea how great this feels to be back here at work and the in the people's house. >> he was badly wounded in that mass shooting at a congressional baseball practice. in an interview with 60 minutes the lawmaker talks about his ordeal. my femur was shattered. where the bullet went through. and did some damage to areas that had to be shored up with steel plates they did a phenomenal job of rebuilding humpty dumpty.
6:48 am
it was a lot of damage inside that had to be fixed. he also praised the heroic actions of the capitol police officers who helped take down the shooter that day. congressional investigators probing the influence of the u.s. election now finding out that twitter shut down more than 200 russia linked accounts but lawmakers say that was not enough. they brought $234,000 worth of ads last year. the lawmakers are complaining that twitter was not cleared about how they attempted to spread misinformation or that violated the rules. you're here but that's not enough. next story will save marriages across the country. they brought -- bought task
6:49 am
rabbit. they help customers put together things like printer and do other things. a lot of details on how this is can work but it connects people to the online marketplace and obviously they will continue to operate independently. you get people to come over and do things that you don't want to do right. i didn't know rabbits spoke swedish. the ikea furniture is a real pain in the you know what. it comes with that little wrench. i went to a kid at home i hate putting that stuff together. now you know what you can give me for christmas. will take we will take a short break. american made tom cruise is a drug smuggler. will it soar to the top of the
6:50 am
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that was a clip from tom cruises latest bok blockbuster. michael good morning. will this when at the box office this weekend. it's gotten fantastic reviews
6:54 am
the star power was that mission impossible franchise. he struggled to open movies in the north american box office. that will probably come in around third place behind kinsman he plays very field. pour out that cosmo. with the extensive list of studio demands. very disappointed not surprised it's kind of a long history of the sort of alleged behavior with michael patrick king. studios have a card to play here. they should do a whole one.
6:55 am
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welcome back that friday morning everybody. thank you so much for joining us this friday morning. it is friday september 29. your top stories right now at 7:00 a.m. on the east coast. present trouble push his plan to overhaul the of the companies -- the country's tax code of the national association of manufacturers in washington. we break down the prospect of getting that done by year end. brexit tillerson is in china today the trip comes as beijing orders north korean businesses in the country to shut down. steven mnuchin laid in on the latest sanctions. >> we made it perfectly clear that people around the world that he should shut down economic activity with north korea until they are willing to d nuclear eyes of the peninsula. >> more on the rising tensions
7:01 am
with the north coming up. arkansas morning are mostly flat take a look down industrial is expected to be down about ten points. the european averages our rallying. take a look at europe right now with the esc 100 up three quarters of 1%. in markets in asia overnight closed and mixed. you see mostly to the upside. ice arrests almost 500 and it series of raids. for hiring illegals. a hundred million dollars. sinning from the anthem. nobody knelt last night as players and coaches locked arms before the big matchup. but will the show of unity lasted through the weekend. and as a presidential part three. forget gucci i am wearing granita. the new line from forever 21 that is helping fast food lovers to think outside the
7:02 am
bun. good morning. the cover story of the journal as you pointed out earlier the first hurdle for tax reform. and this is a state and local tax deduction that raises more than a trillion dollars. where is that revenue going to come from. you push back within the house even though you feel like the tax reform bill will pass. i think it's can have a lot of pushback but i think that paul ryan has enough of a buckle or talk and were talking about a house that has passed. i am waiting for my obamacare repeal.
7:03 am
the house has passed over 200 and some bills that have died in the senate. were talking about the senate. that is where the real fight is. they did not even pick up their bill on health care. we will start. is mitch mcconnell in the witness protection program on this. that's where the fight is. i think having these discussions in the house is a waste of time. if you get the senators on board. i do something it's can happen. here is the risk we are gonna see a headline in the next week or two if there's not progress on this that donald trump is having dinner with chuck schumer and nancy pelosi. that'll scare the hell out of the republicans. i'm telling you. careful.
7:04 am
mickey mulvaney is with us us morning. you talk about all of that. it's a priority right now. plus the governor of puerto rico is with us as well. devastation continues there. it will take you there life. to see with us. we kick it off with this top story. brexit tillerson making his second trip to china this weekend. he will meet with high-level chinese officials tomorrow to address that rising north korean nuclear threat. china has just order north korean companies in china to shut down by january. when i asked him about the current ministrations second economic sanctions. the existing behavior in north korea is unacceptable he signed an executive order that gave me and the strongest powers that the treasury department has ever had. we've made it perfectly clear that people around the world that they should shut down economic activity with north korea until they are willing
7:05 am
to d nuclear eyes of the peninsula and come to the table on those terms. north korean expert. thank you very much for weighing in. is this the path to do the denuclearization and what are the implications of the latest moves of the trump administration against the north. i think these moves are fantastic. there had been 70 different administrations. that have been willing to do absolutely nothing when it comes to north korea. everybody has just kicked the can down the road. they probably have the capability in a very crude way to hit the united states with a nuclear weapon. what we need to do is basically just regulate the north korean economy. it's a connie -- is a tiny economy better nuclear weapons the sanctions are the way to
7:06 am
do it. do you think this impacts of the u.s. with these sanctions against companies in china how does that impact the u.s. i think it's a good move and i think it makes us feel marginally more safe. but imagine we were in japan at this moment. here you've got a major economy and so close to being victims of a nuclear attack. this cannot stand. they need to continue to put pressure on the chinese and actually this is a very good sign. usually they don't like to fold under any outside pressure. i think this is a significant move in a good move. china's good to step up the plate and do what they need to do.
7:07 am
on that note in terms of the sanctions that would directly target the financial institutions in china that do business with north korea do we need to get other nations on board with us as we did with iran in the sanctions and a unified europe if you will. do we need more help to prevent china or these institutions from cheating quite frankly. i think we need an international coalition. this is a regime that has over a hundred thousand people and essentially what are death camps. every nation on the planet should be on board with increasing the sanctions and increasing the pressure and making sure for example that the north koreans are not exploiting their own citizens. to develop mines and this type of things. they can't stand.
7:08 am
the necessity to keep talking about these things. this is not a new issue. why do you think other countries are gonna get involved in this fight not when they have it at all. >> i think they have to. the optics of this is absolutely terrible. one of the things of the united states has not done if you go back we have not talked about that and north korea. in north korea. what these people are going through 40% of north koreans don't have enough food to eat. clearly the u.s. and other countries are not going to get involved for fear that as putin said the north korean people are eating grass. the important thing is that the leader of north korea has access to nuclear weapons. what does soul think we should do. unfortunately it's just a couple yards or feet from
7:09 am
north korea they've been more quiet than you expect. it's an important point. if there was any sort of conflict with north korea soul in south korea we get hammered. the 11,000 people. i think what a sole ones checking in with a different government officials i speak with regularly. they want a very stable status quo i think they're hoping for some sort of talks or dialogue. i think in the long term they might be holding up a sensor denuclearization. the provocation has push it
7:10 am
closer to the united states. for new missile defense system. there has been that response. we talk about the economic part of it but militarily that part of the world is bracing to take on north korea. >> don't you think we need at triad blockade of north korea. land, air sea. see. they get to travel nowhere they get to send and import goods from no other country in the get to flight nothing in the air until they are regulated and finally given. what you think about that. that may be where were headed. and let me tell you why. the next couple of days october 8 and october 10 are very important days for north
7:11 am
korea. what i think it can is can happen is working to wake up on october 8 here in dc to find the north koreans have tested and icbm. have a feeling we're going to go through a cycle of north korean test. is there a plan in terms of military response from the u.s. what's a redline. in north korea it's the land of lousy options. we could go in there and in the north korean regime. the challenge is how many people millions people are gonna die to enact something like that. 8million people actually die. we will be watching. the u.s. cut down cuts on undocumented workers.
7:12 am
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for digging projects big or small... ...make the call... 811. welcome back the trump administration cracking down on illegal immigrants. cheryl casone with that story now. the department of immigration set said it arrested in nearly 500 illegals living in century city spared the raid referred to as operation safe city took place over 40s. a tree trimming company near philadelphia has been hit with a record penalty for hiring illegal immigrants. a tree expert was slapped with a $95 million find the u.s. attorney office attorney office said they pled guilty to hiring thousands of employees who provided fake ids. the justice department is suing a colorado company crop production services discriminated against american
7:16 am
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7:18 am
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and you can get the same price on up to five. see how much you can save when you get unlimited on a new kind of network designed to save you money. call, visit, or go to liz: whole foods one of the most popular grocery chains now the latest victim of a cyber attack. we heard about a potential
7:22 am
hack there. the list of companies who been hacked. the credit card information has been stolen from cap rooms, and restaurants and other places within their store. if you had shopped for groceries there. are likely not affected. you could be part of this now. they are working with cyber security experts. they have not exactly disclosed the whole scope of this hack. amazon which owns whole foods. their systems had not been compromised. walmarts e-commerce site. they're trying to keep up. they are reportedly started to launch their own private label brands.
7:23 am
within the next few months or so. the label products are expected to launch exclusively on and then they will roll out to walmart's site. i'm all for walmart getting in the game and creating its own products. i think that's a good step. the other day janet yellen said she was still puzzled by the low inflation. we price wars. in many parts of the economy. we walmart going after amazon fidelity going after schwab. i think the level of competition is very fierce. can they do anything to protect themselves.
7:24 am
i think in all of the cases we have seen the main thing we really had to do is make sure the systems are up-to-date. they would miss something. which makes them an easy target. i think what is frustrating here as they always put this back on the consumer. be sure to monitor your credit cards it's really frustrating. all of those millenials people will find out who ordered the avocado test. are you just plain down all of the information is compromised. as we were discussing earlier. amazon and knowing everything that we order there is a real risk into that this high technology economy. we are willing to make that happen. if they were trying to get some type of information
7:25 am
before the transfer was completed. amazon wasn't hacked only whole foods was. the infrastructure that was pretty much the problem. we want to get to tax reform. we will talk with the omb director about clearing the hurdles for the administration's tax codes. and then be the belle of the ball. how forever 21 wants to help fast food lovers become the talk of the town. .
7:26 am
7:27 am
7:28 am
maria: goad friday morning. welcome back i am maria bartiromo, it is friday, september 29 your top stories right now 7:30 a.m. on the east coast, pushing ahead on tax reform president trump is set to speak before the national association of manufacturers later this morning, vice president mike appurtenance is outlining the administration's line to, to get the tax reform deal done. >> before we get to christmas of this year we are going to pass the largest tax cut in american history and we're going to get america growing again. >> investors keeping eye on tax overhaul this morning futures are mixed dow industrials down about 18
7:29 am
points, 71 subpoena weaker nasdaq is higher waiting on economic data u.s. personal income spending the chicago purchasing managers index. >> european indices ft 100 up two-thirds of a percent the dax up of a third of a percent firm tone in europe yairnt market closed mostly higher sai as you can see there. >> president trump tweeted this moments ago, puerto rico governor ricardo rosselló just stated the administration and the president every time we have spoken they have delivered, fact is that puerto rico has been destroyed by two hurricanes, big decisions will have to be made, as for the cost of its rebuilding, that is from the the president we will speak with the governor of puerto rico coming up, plus standing for anthem in show of solidarity green bay players fans linking on during national anthem nobody kneeled presidential trifecta can caddie taking a powerful selfie during configuration
7:30 am
round of the president's cup as you see all the former presidents last three of them were there, taco bell you can wear, and you are not talking about that drifts on shirt unveiling a clothing line the very latest on that as well first top story this half an hour, about president trump will pambitious plan to revamp the taxi code to national association of manufacturers today during a speech as lawmaker work to lay out framework to balance the budget ways and means chairman. >> we work with the president the senate and house together on this this is bo bobol bold transformational proposing almost a 40% tax cut for every local business no matter what your size or how you are structured we are proposing a simple fair postcard style system that really helps families keep more of that they earn.
7:31 am
>> joining me right mick mulvaney thanks for joining us. >> good morning as you disembark on this difficult but really critical step, of passing the budget, do you have the votes going into next week? >> well there is nothing to vote on yet keep in mind our running of this process, we are doing it, in my mind as former law enforcement myself the right way we have introduced, the framework basic set of principles white house worked on with leadership in the house, and the senate various folks in both chambers now ordinary course of business aring order through committee process folks are able to debate topics offer amendments voting on different changes that is the way legislation is supposed to get made, so the answer today no because there is nothing to vote on. maria: i am just really trying to understand where you feel you are in terms of this 1/2 trillion dollars tax cuts what you are hearing from both sides of the aisle you've got to line up votes going into
7:32 am
next week; right? >> yeah no, i think a portion the purpose of this is broad, it is right wing of the party center moderate folks no secretary mnuchin gary conn others in the white house have been working on this since almost the day after the election, so just because you are seeing doesn't mean a lot of groundwork has not been laid i think support is broad deep not ready to vote yet because not finalized. maria: all right even as you hope to clear the hurdles on the overall budget we have seen hurdles in congress as a result of the details laid out yesterday on this tax plan republican lawmakers, high tax tates new york new jersey pushing back voicing questionnaire for this plan to repeal individual deduction for state and local taxes, california for example, could face a big financial hit latest from tax foundation deduction allowed californians to reduce taxable income by 101 billion dollars in 2014, alone, secretary mnuchin
7:33 am
talked about this yesterday let's see what he has to say then to get your take on this, sir. >> i think we should get the federal government out of the business of subsidizing states, the federal government has no business subsidizing states, from a tax standpoint, this should be fair, and we treat all the states the same way, so that is our objective we will work with congress on that. >> so what is the story here unless you win democrat support you can't afford to lose more than 22 republican votes in the house how do you satisfy both sides. >> we have to convince them, by the way, i think second mnuchin is absolutely invite get federal government out of subsidizing this here is simply pitch, maria if you and i make the same amount of money live in exact same value house same kind of car kids go to same kind of schools should not we pay same federal government income income tax the answer is yes if i live in high tax state you live in low
7:34 am
tax state you pay more towards federal government than i do not fair not right, so i understand the politics of it but at the same time i think to some very politics good policy and getting rid of this subsidy to the high tax state is really good policy. maria: so you think you will be able to just have some of these governors as well as congressmen look at overall plan say okay maybe this moves needle on economic growth largerly for the country so we are going to put our concerns aside because their constituents are going to be angry that their taxes are going up, governor cuomo tweeted out last night, virtually everybody in new york getting a tax increase because of this. >> first of all, he is wrong about that, keep in mind you cannot look at tax package individual part by individual part if you do you will never get tax reform why we haven't had series tax reform in this country, in 30 years why it is so hard to get redaction
7:35 am
reductions governor is wrong folks in new york a lot of them getting a dramatic reduction towards small business taxes are going down, i think that is politics it is unfortunately, the governor new york took that position especially this early on in the process. keep in mind we don't know where brackets kick in i think folks say they know exactly what this plan is going to do to this individual family or that individual business simply jumping into political conclusions not going through series process looking at how we make laws, i look forward to that process i think the end we end up with excellent product. >> there is the process of understanding potentially fourth bracket where are you on this? people are wondering, yesterday you released 12, 25 and 35 percent in terms of tax rates highest earnings are going to see what 39%? are you working rightly now on a fourth bracket. >> actually couple different answers we released four brackets yesterday more congressionally zero, 12, 25, 35, that is in the framework i
7:36 am
think we have simply said this is what the white house reports, this what is the leadership and various groups we work with over the last 78 months support, if congress wants to do something else that is fine let's talk about that, framework is what it is there is four rates we like those four rates happy to look it is a anything else that helps cobble together enough votes on tax reform package that can pass. >> is it fair to say if you can't get through elimination of the deduction on state local income you definitely need a higher bracket you are leaving one and a airedl third trlz on table without elimination of a deduction. >> i don't look at it like that i look sat state and local deduction as good policy keep in mind what are priorities for the president the president wants the taxes to be lower they are he wants it to be simple, they are. and he wants it to be fair. three things that have driven us during this discussion, and that fairness does play into that state of local how would you do look at folks at low tax base like nebraska say, by
7:37 am
the way, you have to pay more tax same person in california not right not fair it is what so many people are object to about the tax code it is warped over time by special interests including high tax states to where it is not fair the playing field not level a big thing that we are trying to fix in this proposal. >> why don't we have the income levels yet director? i mean as look at timeline, some of the important pieces are still missing, on the program yesterday house ways and means chairman kevin brady told me individual brackets are not finalized yet here is what he said. >> one of the reason the brackets are not in framework we've got work to do to make sure, that reality you laid out so that we can lower those rates at every income level and i know, too, we are spending an awful lot of time on the low income and middle income families. maria: so i mean, some people feel that if you release the
7:38 am
actual numbers, you know, income levels, and what 25, 35 really mean going to get scored differently, is that why you are holding back on the actual income level ofs. >> no, there is nog to hold back keep in mind again we walked through the process what was number most important to the president, that is first bracket, the doubling of the standard deduction, zero percent rate that effectively governs the first covers first 24,000, that was the number important to the president that is the number that we is? on frame of folk on hill agreed to beyond that this is part of the negotiation this is part of the discussion, this is part of the lawmaking process as folks try and figure out where the different brackets get set in order to get support of the necessary number of people to support it not like a bunch of numbers in office back that we are hiding simply going to congress saying we want 24 you want 24 good one bracket let's talk about where other brackets get set the way law gets made. >> mow is this timeline -- what are you expecting in
7:39 am
terms of of talking through a all details how long will that take? stalk to us about what is going to be happening in the congress weeks in terms of getting to the bottom of this and releasing more details. >> do it backwards, everybody knows wants is aiming towards getting this done by the end of the year tremendous pressure i think on the house the senate to get it done this year, actually think if there is one silver lining sort of hard to find if there with the way that health care failed in the senate last week is that the pressure on the house and senate tax reform before the end of this year going to be intense, so i think nod for that to happen we have to see work on committee starting as early as next week i think you will see that. >> in terms of of who benefits from this plan yesterday gary cohn hints not every american will see their taxes go down, i thought it was a little tricky in terms of the way he was asked the he with in the interview we want to talk about it with you -- >> you could find me someone in the country that their taxes may not go down, we have
7:40 am
all different types of structures -- i guarantee you i guarantee you you could find someone in the country maybe one person taxes may not go down. . >> maybe one person? what does this mean director who is really benefiting from this plan? >> everybody. and i talked to gary about that the question was that. >> highest earns might be a tax increase. >> stalk about that are for a second the question to gary can you guarantee no won will see taxes up a loaded question ?iet is you are right. >> everybody is going to benefit, why? everybody. everybody, and every tax bracket benefits when we have healthy american economy 3% growth in fact seeing now might be able to do slightly better than that everybody benefits from that i don't care about where you are in the tax break the not driven by this family or that family it is driven by how do we help folks across the middle class that is critical to the economic growth, how do we help, companies have the incentive to invest in america how do we get that sustained
7:41 am
3% economic growth that you and i talked about many times, everybody benefits by that without exception. >> there is no, no question that everybody benefits from the tax reform plan that actually moves kneeled on economic growth i totally get you director mull vein. >> very rich see taxes go up if you come up with another bracket to up 39% okay and you are removing the state and local income tax deduction that is a tax degree of above 40% 44% or something highest earnings are going to isn't that true. >> i am laughing a little bit what i am hearing now that some folks like yourself who think it is absolutely guaranteed the richest taxes go up folks on other networks convinced taxes on rich going down maybe a sweet spot in the middle to your point, you made an assumption in that there is a fourth bracket it is not there yet. maria: okay. >> not even agreed to away too early to say this is the exact impact on this family or that
7:42 am
family i think that is what gary is genetic another going through same law making progress tax reform in 80s same process that tax reduckions did under bush to ask questions like were asked gary yesterday simply to be honest a little bit absurd. maria: i do agree sort of a set up in true then repeat it when he keeps defending the fact rich are not getting a tax cut i feel you are getting bullied by left we new what headlines were going to be once released a tax cut for the rich even if it is not once again you are having to defend well, let me ask you director mulvaney what is wrong with wealth creation what is wrong with coming to nothing making money? why are you constantly defending rich are not getting a tax cut? >> there is absolutely nothing wrong with wealth i remember a conversation with democrat friend of mine in the state legislature in south carolina want to raise taxes on
7:43 am
cigarettes i said why he said we want to smoke fury cigarettes. >> why do you want to raise nbt do you want less income in the country wealthy is wonderful 3% growth allows more to accumulate welt for their individual families we are not beings defensive we are trying to be honest very early in the process laid out the principles we have laid out the framework, and i think when you hear us talk about the -- the impact on those folks at high end, what you are hearing that is not a priority for the president. what is driving this for the president number one folks in middle class payless easier don't hire somebody else to do it number one number two corporate tax rate has to be as low as possible those are his priorities, if you want to use dramatic language those are red lines that is what is driving this, the effect on the higher being income tax bracket was not always driving this for the president i think that is what you are seeing the way we handle questions. maria: i understand good to see you -- >> no more kneeling apparently
7:44 am
packers bares stand for national anthem last night. >> fashion saved by bell howover from 21 is helping fast feed lovers wear their heart on their sleeves, literally, back. >> in a minute. the alerian mlp etf can diversify your equity portfolio and add potential income. bring amlp into the game. before investing, consider the fund's investment objectives, risks, charges, and expenses. read the prospectus carefully at
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american energy company cheryl casone. cheryl: maria of which ron tapped michael as new ceo company finding attractive due to background as engineer chevron trying to cut costs dealing with lower oil prices may be his mind will help them, takes over for watson, shares slightly lower for 2017. well the faa has a rule restricts drone operations, over some big national monuments, the rule includes statistic up of of liberty mount rushmore hoover dam, and the dam near arizona request
7:48 am
of u.s. national security and law enforcement, agencies, humans may be one step closer to walking on mars, lockheed martin unveiled a mars land erik would allow humans to explore from orbiting space cam as soon as 20340, shares up 24% taco bell teaming up for their own fashion line, this will feature items body foods, sweatshirts all have taco bell logo limited time collection if you are interested in stores online starting oeb 11 yum brands up in 2017 i will get you that taco bell sweatshirt. maria: wl funny combination cheryl, all right.
7:49 am
coming up. dagen: i wonder if it smells like molten cheese. [laughter]. maria: did you see the game standing for national anthem packers and bears linked armies in thursday night football taking a look at whether positive message of carry into weekend games, back in a minute. ♪ at fidelity, trades are now just $4.95. we cut the price of trades to give investors even more value. and at $4.95, you can trade with a clear advantage. fidelity, where smarter investors will always be. and afor tech advice. trade dell small business advisor. with one phone call, i get products that suit my needs and i get back to business. ♪
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maria: welcome back emotional beginning for nfl game last night green bay jared with the story. >> good morning, everybody. green bay packers invited fans
7:53 am
lament bow field to link arms during playing of the national an then few fans followed there was ubiquity on both shrines for the star-spangled banner. >> we watched were so gallantly streaming sthoet ♪ . >> every player on bears and packers stood for the national anthem last night, so get this packer quarterback rogers has been hiding free tickets around green bay like easter egg hunt last night levity three tickets to local police officers they watched packers quarterback throw two touchdown passes first quarter before mother nature on on the board thunder and lightning spend the game more than 45 minutes, fourth quarter packers blast bears 35-14. green bay 3 and 1 chicago one and three, most fans watched last night's broadcast on cbs it also marked first nfl stream for amazon prime
7:54 am
announced an twitter people in 149 countries were watching the game there was audio uk english spanish bras il brazilian. >> amazon, prime great reach anybody signed on to buy a book or if you thinket spinner saw nfl life streamed in corner of the screen nba making change to indicate tore fan base fans complained unfair to pay premium prices to see lebron james when he comes to down then lebron takes night off check out nba board of governors it would haved two major reforms, this is going to be benefit fans teams hiktsdz from resting players for any high patrol nationally televised game fined at least 100,000 dollars for doing so if you rest a healthy player they better be able to back with fans nba tilting odds to fend off teams from tanking for draft position so beginning 2019 teams with the worst records
7:55 am
have a 14% chance to lands a top pick, america against rest of the world in golf jersey city yesterday presidents clinton bush obama at liberty national golf course to kick off the event not only did three former presidents get to take this smiley selfie phil mickelson joined as well, with former presidents. at the presidents cup. >> i am going to -- >> i am putting you on spot of three men who has best team do you think i would guess obama, president obama is better golfer. >> done a lot of playing. >> happy as team mickelson looked three former presidents big smiles, right. >> that is great now that you can get on a plane and fly to puerto rico, and deliver some water and sandbags to people who are in desperate, make it serious about it -- >> no, no, it is o he -- >> we need in this country a
7:56 am
spiritual reawakening a reawakening of patriotism begins with singing enable anthem not just stand there go singing the song getting epresidents on the ground with current president to do good. >> those three presidents if on the ground in puerto rico before the current president was, then they would be wild criticized for that there is a time and place for somebody who just left office or left office on a -- for them to enter the fray -- to raise money i absolutely -- >> going next week on tuesday. dagen: yes, but the current president -- >> can't get a about reservation. >> people need to understand what that did in ireland a problem with security would take resources away from puerto rico. dagen: i agree. >> we are seeing a lot of athletes are making major contributions we saw the mark
7:57 am
cuban mavericks owner donating the plane to get supplies down there. >> lopez -- >> that is true. >> -- her show. >> elevate the show. >> thank you. >> thank you jared max catch fox news headlines 24-7 sirius radio xm 115 relocateing ahead for jet setters elon musk's wild new plan next hour mornings monkeys -- "mornings with maria" with maria right here. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ this is the new new york. we are building new airports all across the state. new roads and bridges. new mass transit. new business friendly environment. new lower taxes.
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maria: good friday morning thank for joining us welcome back. i'm maria bartiromo, friday, september 29 you are top stories right now 8:30h 8:00 a.m. on the east coast devastation in puerto rico acting homeland security secretary will travel to the island today as federal government rushes to help those in need. >> the relief effort is under control. it is proceeding very well. considering the devastation that took place, distribution from the island central ports to the end point like hospitals has been -- >> very latest on the recovery efforts pick up this morning, plus pushing tax reform president trump will out to his plan to overhaul the country tax code as he meets with members of the national associationch manufacturers in washington we break down
8:01 am
prospect getting it all done this year coming up futures indicating markets flat this morning in u.s., dow industrials down 12, nasdaq up 8, good really under way in europe to look another european indices this hour ft 100 up two-thirds of a percent the dax in germane up one-third of a percent markets in asia overnight mixed mostly higher best korea kospi up almost 1% travel trouble secretary of health human seniors tom price under fire for use of private jets massive amount of money he agreed to pay back for his seat. the new pickup truck that is killing a major tries tag a busy week officiate musks, a new subtle takeoff his more hitting the runway more on family's big ambitious coming up. >> dagen mcdowell, host lawrence jones former economic
8:02 am
advisory under bush 43 to do buchholtz here. >> i was happy to harry working on rocket can he get kim jong-un into that rocket first of rides wherever the hell he wants to go and send him. maria: we make light of this but serious issues about, and even more series talking in puerto rico this morning where we begin this hour, puerto rico is in cries, being a homeland secretary second on the island to assess damage after hurricane maria left i'll no power at all little water the president tweeted about puerto rico, and the recovery within last hour here is what he said puerto rico governor ricardo rosselló stated administration and president every time we spoke they delivered puerto rico has been stride by two hurricanes big decisions have to be made as to cost of the rebuilding joining me right now is puerto rico god ricardo rosselló
8:03 am
thanks for joining us. >> thank you, maria. >> how bad is it governor what about those conditions the president is talking about in terms of these decisions in terms of of the cost of rebuild? >> well, first of all, let me just say that the president the administration every time we have asked him to execute they have executed quickly, everything this is at a administrative level it is coming down, and puerto rico is an island the level of devastation that we suffered is unprecedented the resources come in we are going deploying them let me say about rebuilding we need to take this very seriously, right now we are in emergency mode but certainly, i call upon congress to enact a bill an aid bill for puerto rico, that is consistent with the damage that has been suffered, we are u.s. citizens proud u.s. citizens help others in aid, a
8:04 am
couple weeks ago about 4,000 u.s. citizens stranded food, water and back to home we need flexibility puerto rico under fiscal distress we need flexibility to aallow government to continue work the emergency lastly we need one hundred percent waiver, on the, this is a long rebuildings process you are saying you are looking to renegotiate the debt deal that you've got in place with some of the major banks? >> i am asking for this bill to also have access to finance with the fed and with the treasury. reasonable interest rates for puerto rico to handle this scenario, we know puerto rico is under fiscal turmoil we know we didn't have don't have access to the markets, under the current circumstances, we need to take action, i have to say that during the time of my administration we have been
8:05 am
being very aggressive in terms of the fiscal plan that we have for puerto rico we have slashed 1.4 billion dollars of the budget, we have taken aggressive economic growth initiative for puerto rico, but after two particularly maria this chaeks we need to recognize it we need to treat puerto rico equally as texas florida any other state i am c convinced is a hear comments from senators different congressmen they will act quickly, and stand up for puerto rico. >> governor, we are watching the pictures, obviously look like incredible devastation you are on the ground dwz rosselló tell us what you are seeing firsthand look so our viewers understand. >> well it is totally devastation it is category four, five hurricane passed right through puerto rico we are an island another locations part of the island
8:06 am
did not get affected, on this one all areas of the island got affected housing destroyed infrastructure, one hundred percent, essentially one hundred percent of energy grid is down telecom has been decimated it has been a massive destruction. what we're doing right now focusing on getting resources to the people of puerto rico, food, water, fuel, so in order for that to happen, more effectively, we need the personnel so that we can execute an energy level logistical mechanism and that is what is being o o deployed right now the president visiting on tuesday we will be watching any thoughts on what to expect giek fwz. >> -- quick governor. >> i expect president to see firsthand devastation, of course, to keep supporting people of puerto rico particularly this bill we need rebuild puerto rico i am confident as we get out of
8:07 am
this emergency we will would come back stronger than ever. >> governor gook to see you we are praying for recovery efforts, in puerto rico we will check soon ri ricardo rosselló toll reached 16 islands facing humanitarian crisis low on important supplies nearly 10,000 containers filled with goods sitting at the port of san juan waiting to be moved geraldo rivera is live with the story. reporter: maria i heard your intro with governor rosselló i like very much governor here one thing people watching have to understand this island has been devastated i spoke with a fema executive told me this is worst natural disaster he has seen 3.4 million people on island of puerto rico many --
8:08 am
not many but substantial contingent of family members been sleflt wrecked bites storm that took their about electrical power water supply internet cable, the telephones, there is no communication we don't know who is whourt needs what. it is impossible about to describe just how generalized this damage is. on the so you can't side of the island where i visited, just yesterday, i owned property there for many, many years i met people who worked with me worked for me, they have been absolutely cut off there is not a single street maria not a single street on south side that doesn't have power lines down, telephone poles still across the street they haven't seen any
8:09 am
government assistance yet. the -- the ports that as far as i can see are running less than half strength the airport there is no berlin airlift going on yet this storm happened over a week ago. and the aid is trickling down the lines at gas stations six, eight, 10, 11 hours to get fuel people running out of gas as they wait to fuel up something that is so absolutely universal he everybody suffering sometimes a storm cuts through and area you get 5,000 people even hurricane andrew devastating as it was talking 5,000, 10,000, 15,000, 20,000 people affected look at houston so many people, were hurt generally speaking the 9/10 of city fine not case in puerto rico in puerto rico everybody is suffering. >> it is incredible geraldo thank you very much we will watch your reporting this week
8:10 am
thank you, geraldo rivera on the ground in san juan, majority whip steve scalise makes return to congress yesterday the moments coming up, dropping 100,000 dollars on a pickup truck ford betts big on luxury market for truck lovers. >> eli musk's ambitious position on global travel. ♪ ♪ ♪ president trump will
8:11 am
8:12 am
8:13 am
travel to asia in november vitting japan south korea china vietnam philippines hawaii from november 3 to 14 first lady medical lania trump will join him on that trip. >> congressman steve fiscal ice a triumphant return to the floor of congress cheryl casone with details so emotional. cheryl: it was i know you were watching as i was emotions running high on at the house, as congress scalise a mud that return. >> you have no idea how great this feels to be back at work in the people's house.
8:14 am
[applause] cheryl: badly wounded in the june mass shooting congressional baseball practice in interview with cbs "60 minutes," lawmaker talk about gunshot wound. >> i found out later how much damage was done internally my the people avenue shattered pelvis had serious damage where the bullet went through, did some damage to areas that had to be shored up with steel plates, and they if i had a phenomenal job rebilleding humpty dumpty a lot of damage had to be fixed. >> -- praised those on the scene who helped take down shooter. >> ford out with super strong pickup truck sells for almost
8:15 am
95,000 dollars the 2018 super duty limited pickup truck. made at texas f450 can tow trailers weighing more than 30,000 pounds cameras to make parking backing up easier heated seats, steering wheel probably a margarita machine in there as well. >> elon musk making a promise says he wants to use a rocket, from his company for long distancing attractively on earth making trips under an hour on our planet check out possible routs new york city to shanghai 39 minutes bangkok to dubai 27 minutes london to cape town south africa 34 minutes, to auckland, 45 minutes the longest, by the way, right now 16 1/2 hours that last one, he laid out on
8:16 am
ar areaer a nautical conference his mother may making news cover girl's oldest model 69-year-old mother of three grandmother of 10 said beauty is truly for all women all ages modeling over 50 years on covers new york magazine, canada in ad campaigns for target, plus she was in beyoncé video. >> awesome. >> first time talking about it. >> yeah. >> who knew? >> you don't need to work your son is a billionaire. >> narrowly beat out katlyn engineer as oldest how old is katlyn jenner now? >> i don't know, i did research o who has best golf handicap george w. bush. >> 10 handicap, post presidency might be bill clinton and then president obama. >> obama will probably -- was
8:17 am
17 now -- >> surprised you know who has the best golf game of anybody? donald trump, president trump on the golf magazine golf digest number one above any current -- living or dead president. >> much more fun when gerald ford would drive into the stands and knock out people with a gulf ball much more -- >> president trump has sub3 handicap. >> come on. >> get down. >> wow. coming up predicting problems before they rife a new test can help patients detect chance for heart attack prevent it from happening. >> wall street bet on ipo paid off handsomely up again after 70% rally day one up 12% right now, back in a minute opinion.
8:18 am
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maria: quell back, now this, a new blood test for deducting a heart attack could speed up diagnosis prevent from it happening the details. >> that is right every 43 seconds someone in u.s. has a heart attack that according to the centers for disease control what if you could take a test to find out likelihood of having a heart attack in the next five years that is what the developers of the posttest say they have done using a blood test scours the body for pro teens to repair
8:22 am
damage injured artery walls, detect active undetected heart disease the doctor led the team. >> 50% of people who have heart disease first indication a heart attack or they die. and this test is targeted at finding those people, before that actually considers, so that preventative strategies can be taken. >> test uses nine protein bio, makers to test to unstable cardiac the source of 75% of heart attacks untriads can pop like a pimple take a look at this in major arteries shutting down blood flow to the heart in clinical risk factors given age gender history the only test of its kind. >> the majority of tests that are used to determine
8:23 am
heartbreaking risk look at lipids exclusively war call lifestyle riv factors like smoke, blood pressure the only test uses nine different proteins to assess the status of your cardiac health, and give you a guideline on what you need to fix to prevent a heart attack from occurring in the fewest. >> now, patients who take test get a score essentially changes of having a heart attack next five years compared to people in their age-group approved by centers for medicare medicaid reburstment 200 dollars. >> the cost of gene oen innovations has come down quite a bit but that is accessible. >> is this over the counter can i walk into -- >> now order it through primary care physician and administered by this dmaen the doctor represents. >> i can get egg mechanic
8:24 am
muffin. >> you forgo egg mcmuffin. >> is it in addition to other tests you would get for coronary health cardiac health. >> this is early warning system the way to think of this you can go and do all the other kinds of tests that you normally do, but you know there has been a mystery for doctors out there patient gets clean bill of health walking out front door drops dead from heart attack what happened, what i just described is what happened, so this is the test that would help you get in front of that. >> it is fascinating because the conventional wisdom on cholesterol he mentioned lipids changed a couple weeks ago a report out so-called good cholesterol isn't so good we used to swear off eating egg yokes last couple years doctors said no egg yokes are fine so to have a test that would be focused on something else, other than these lipids, i think makes a lot of sense, could save a lot of lives. >> a lot of things are happening that are incredibly innovative technology is
8:25 am
helping to really enable to us live longer get in front of disease then there is this, julia lu says one in 8 women o going to get breast cancer, close to your heart you have been out spoken about the cancer fight and a survivor. >> that is right i have to tell you i loved the way she said on twitter it was so direct revealing unashamed telling people what was going on what we need more of this, october breast cancer awareness month i have been through it you can survive she is evidence of this too going to come through just fine it really was emotional for me, to see that tweet, and her saying today i am the one because that realization is huge. >> i. dagen: i want to if my -- it is so important for people to
8:26 am
talk about, having cancer, and that sounds crazy i have never said on air my mother had stage four lung cancer battling it more than three years when other people share their stories even if -- parent fighting it even if a sibling fighting it does create the strength of community and support just to know what other people are going through, that you are not alone i want to thank you for sharing your story case it is hard. it is hard to reveal that part of yours most vulnerable but really does -- thank you. >> i feel for your mother i hope doing okay, it is a family, what i would say to a breast cancer folks people maybe getting due diligence maybe going for a mammogram don't be alone being alone is the worst thing. >> thanks for courage leadership. >> get a mammogram. >> a sonogram, if you can. >> coming up private e-mail
8:27 am
probe white house opens investigation into claims senior aid used personal e-mails for government business then secretary of health human service under fire for pricey private jets how promising to make it right taking private for -- back in a minute. ♪ ♪ think again. this is the new new york. we are building new airports all across the state. new roads and bridges. new mass transit. new business friendly environment. new lower taxes. and new university partnerships to grow the businesses of tomorrow today. learn more at
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maria: thank you for joining us. i'm maria bartiromo friday, september 29 top stories right now 8:30 a.m. on the east coast. pushing ahead on tax reform, president trump is set to speak before the national association of manufacturers this morning, last hour, omb director weighed o in on overhaul of tax. >> what to volume politics good policy and get rid of subsidy to high tax paid is good policy. >> he is referring everything to the elimination of the deduction of state and local income taxes and in market futures indicating a flat opening for the broader averages dow industrials down nine nasdaq up nine, in europe, a pretty good firmer tone under way right now -- higher, nt 100 up half a pers dax almost half a% cac quarante just into negative territory down fraction in asia overnight markets closed most higher, as you can see,
8:31 am
there several trump administration officials facing e-mail probe white house launching investigation into use of private e-mail by key advisories including jared kushner, ivanka trump. >> tom price facing fall out over use of private military travel reportedly costing tax payers more than a million dollars, sky-high debut for roku rewarding investors in ipo soared 70% yesterday now up another 10 1/2%, first top story this half hour fox news is confirming the white house is opening an internal investigation into the use of personal e-mail accounts reports of community of interest former officials used private accounts personal phones for administrative business leaders including son-in-law jared kushner daughter ivanka trump according to "new york times" despite instructions not to do so. >> the white house has been clear and instructs all staff
8:32 am
fully comply with presidential records act all staff has been briefed on need to preserve those records will continue to do so. >> joining us right now is the hill managing editor, bob good to see you thanks very much for joining us, we want to get your take on the complications of these -- these e-mail usage. >> have a problem for the white house smart for the xhoo white house to do investigation congress looking into it house oversight committee on bipartisan basis asking questions about this in the wake of hillary clinton private e-mail server a little bit as i have but similar to this they have got to get on top of this the white house had problems with leaks, and some people leak the phones, some e-mail some tech might find out who is doing the leaking. >> good pound. >> bob, what is the standard set already during hillary clinton investigation secretary of state these are advisers do you see
8:33 am
potentially anything legal action that could be brought against these advisers since hillary clinton got off? >> you know, i don't think so it depends on what they find everything, and i mean, this presidential record fact yes hillary clinton got into trouble but there was no indictment it was political embarrassing for our arguably cost the election but i think it is how far they went, of using private e-mails to get around this law it is a law, they have got to comply with it not enforced a lot remains to be seen. >> i want to point out you are right hillary clinton used privatem e-mail an private server entire server in home not apples to apples here. >> she was secretary of state every day dealing with sensitive issues, that could put americans at risk. >> you said you are not supposed to use personally -- >> you should not, i kind of wonder if you combine this
8:34 am
report about e-mails with tom price chatter jets steve mnuchin thinking about billing taxpayer for his honeymoon jet do you think this is starting to build in terms of american people wondering whether trump administration is more interested in private jets and charter jets private e-mails than public good. >> remember the president said going to clean up the swamp, as president said publicly not happy with price i think that was worst example of all these three, pricey tried to clean up yesterday with that -- i think. >> clean up taking greyhound buses from now on, would knee nice thing. >> that would be smart, whether he survivors this is when this phase of the story because as we know the the president likes to watch and read about the news, so i do think pryings did take first step apologizing cutting a check to the treasurer but it is bad it looks bad was clearly a major elapse in judgment by hhs secretary also
8:35 am
did not deliver on obamacare repeal so that is a double blow for pricey. >> bob i want to point out too with tom price he was a member of congress. >> right. dagen: like, you know, what the rules are, you know that you are not supposed to be on a private aircraft. if you if i am not making excuses, about but if you come from private sector and have not worked in the government before maybe there maybe you don't know how you are supposed to be traveling but this was really inexcusable. >> the optics are terrible when he was in the house, he railed against fraud abuse, and so it did look hypocritical that is why trump put him on notice i think he was unhappy we will see if he survivors i i think an open question of whether he survives he probably will smart what he did yesterday some people are saying what he is paying back the treasury is not complete cost, of the jets
8:36 am
he took that is true. but he had to do something oi i think was going to be gone without a doubt. >> bob should not we give interest administration some specifically president trump credit for actually being accountable it is not like this is outside investigation the president was upset with price as well as comes to e-mail scandal -- authorized an investigation internal investigation so there is so he will accountability there from the president when wouldn't saw. >> yeah i think it is smart to be aggressive, whether putting price on notice as he did publicly. and as well as objecting the investigation the president on campaign trail always said he didn't like when people would join campaign or administrations and then go and write books he has been cleefl frustrated with all the leaks, of course, went after hillary clinton a the lon on the e-mail issue smart for white house to say we are getting on top of this figure out what is going on before or these find out maybe the house
8:37 am
oversight committee finds out stuff before we do, that is smart. maria: yeah, i mean -- the president has been vocal about that he is not happy with this i think you make a good point by saying it is not just this but this is on top of the failure of the repeal and replace. dagen: um-hmm. >> yeah. >> you might think hillary rodham clinton got elected president we still have obamacare have private e-mails being sent, so you know, president trump needs to -- as just said not just show that he is in charge, but prove to the american people that he will not tolerate any of this. >> past administrations obama administration didn't do that so you know. maria: there were officials traveling charter flights -- >> what i mean about accountability they did not investigate their own it seems like tried to cover up things, so i have to credit the president for saying you know what if i am not taking a salary if i am sacrificing for the american people, then you
8:38 am
guys better have your affairs in order as well. >> if you are donald trump you have to ask what is tom price doing for me today? >> right. >> obamacare still there. >> he was supposed to bring -- >> of this. dagen: a lot of the -- part of the response to hurricanes false son health and human services as well so there are questions about hundreds of people on the ground in puerto rico now but he was busy with that, but i think it raises the issue of is the algae in the swamp human inmanature you take advantage handed on you only when you getting caught do you fall on sword apologize maybe pay money back. >> he needs to pay full cost of the planes for his seat. the only reason everybody is on that plane wants to be -- pay all the costs of the plane that is how you clear this up. maria: well that is -- good point people what do you think about that bob. >> yeah, it is a hefty check,
8:39 am
but yeah i think -- >> if he does have probably -- the money that would go i think a lot farther and then this story would definitely fade. maria: just paying 50,000 dollars for seat we are talking about million dollars, thank you thanks for weighing in, we will take a break when we come back recapping the quarter stuart varney tells us yes is impressed with market performance looking like ending the month on a quiet note but we are going to check with stuart about the quarter and then streamline success roku in the public debut investors are beg big on streaming video boxes. back in a moment. ♪ ♪ i count on my dell small business advisor for tech advice. with one phone call, i get products that suit my needs
8:40 am
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8:43 am
. maria: this is the end of the minimarkets wrapping up the month with solid gains although doing it in a quiet way this morning, market flat today dow industrials down 20 check with host of "varney & company" stuart varney checking in on month quarter stu not bad. >> maybe spending too much time on politics i wouldn't want anybody to say we have ignored one of the most astonishing stock market rallies i can remember i have been in business a lot longer than you have maria i go back 40 years, you don't. maria: no, i don't. >> i know you don't. maria: happy to say it stu. >> i know you are, jump on that one. maria: yeah. >> have you seen anything quite like this november 9 dow starting out 18100 now 22381, 38 records for the s&p 500 this year umpteen records for the russell 2000. now, it has done all of that despite countless setbacks
8:44 am
politically. whether something president said or the failure to get rid of obamacare, or north korea whatever it is, it has risen above all of that resting our laurels i suppose on higher profits progressivism brerth growth to koichl never seen anything like it. maria: what i really like about rally exactly what you said based on fundamentals go to 90s rally on doorstep of the dot com revolution, no profits no revenue hits web site up 50% annoying comparisons looking at ford motor gen rally motors dot com nothing no revenue, day this rally is based on 14% earnings growth first quarter 11% earnings growth second quarter economy showing 3% growth already. >> five big name technology
8:45 am
stocks really produnowhere else profits fact of growth not do the coms that is ridiculously you've got a rally to remember glad we are part of it really is something else. >> history in the making i know you have a lot more about it, top of the hour we see you on "varney & company" 15 minutes from now top of the hour after "mornings with maria" stuart will be there live whole lot of love for whole foods on amazon impressive massive store brand product on web site in the month since landmark acquisition back in a minute opinion. ♪ ♪
8:46 am
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8:49 am
. maria: weapon back well hot ipo days are back roku surging following a first day of trading yesterday closing up 67% yesterday, 10% gain today on roku nicole petallides on floor watching stocks good morning. >> good morning absolutely glovt it a tech ipo 22 thickened this year take off like it did yesterday, with 67% gain, 14 dollar ipo, went to 23 looking 25 plus today, so really taking off. the question is is this hype or real deal, some people who are touting this company really are thinking you a seam growth potential revenues coming in despite the fact company lost 24 million last six months revenues coming in coming in from ad sales
8:50 am
licensing, channel buttons, a furthering video streaming 40 bucks a potential if you think this is what you want, let's to look here at amazon amazon, this is all about the whole foods deal bringing in millions, 1.6 million thus far, the first week 500,000 dollars in online sales that they have whole foods 356, every day value brand, the second and third week, dwindled down to 00,000 running out of food and stock up on fourth week ideally looking good for amazon selling out scene of that accident frozen food turkey breast coconut water maria so far so good here with sales with amazon roku really, and it was 2 best roku the best jump biggest jump for ipo in 2017 no other ipo over 100 million jumped like roku did
8:51 am
yesterday and higher today amazing. >> thanks michael stock probably one of the heavily traded issues, stewarded made a good point rally incredibly strong based on real funnels what do you think. >> i think that if it is going to be gravey if we get a tax cut to make u.s. businesses more competitive on world sustainable it is about profits about an economy that showed great resiliency into this year. >> finally not just our economy, europe is no longer this terrible drag on the economy, japanese economy growing the real question is this can earnings grow can stocks grow, if interest rates rise more than 25, 50 basis points? or is it simply no other place to put money so people put money in equities that is the test for this market over next six months. >> might be an increase in december. >> i think real question is
8:52 am
when will american people start to feel what the stock market is showing i think that is the real question, i don't think people are feeling it yet i think potential maybe with tax reform, they will start to feel. >> it maybe the stock market in part is rising because americans are doing all right, because people do feel okay. and they are -- that is why the economy is growing maybe it is not people feeling better about the stock market may be it is a stock market reflecting. >> business loosening purse strings issue last 10 years sitting on cash your final thoughts from all-star panel when we come right back in case missed it check out the week we had right here on "mornings with maria." >> i think the principles that should govern tax reform are growth, fairness, and simplicity. >> the president has said he is focused on about income
8:53 am
taxes and wealthy not going down we have been working on that kl continue to work with congress on it, obviously, we have eliminated almost all deductions we think there will be two trillion dollars of growth so we think tax plan will cut down the deficits by a trillion dollars. >> this is transformational but he achievable proposal almost 40% tax cut for every local business. >> instead of of tax code focusing companies to invest in other countries going to invest back in america. >> can this plan garner bipartisan support. >> probably increase the deficit in united states anywhere from 2 1/2 trillion, to 5 trillion dollars. >> there is a probability at least from what we know right now there would be an increase in income equality as a result of this. >> part of it too the president was more popular would make it harder for senators to rebel against him. >> we need to put aside
8:54 am
differences start working together. >> the platform to create diagonally coming from philadelphia the home of independence of declaration of independence, what a great document to guide us. the nba has a rule you have to stand for the anthem i don't think others have that rule. >> the issue is that the fact that president of united states of america, got on national tv at rally in alabama of all places, and called these men fathers sons the community leaders sons of [bleep] on national tv that is the realch. >> collective bargain agreement givers more leeway that about baseball collective bargaining agreement basketball or hockey i don't think any could be fired for bending their knee or locking their arm there is a solution, for those people who have
8:55 am
trouble, they can play in the canadian football league we can have them go up to the cfl but i think it is disgusting. >> one thing that does matter is the flag, remember that freedom of speech maintenance that you have to support the right of those who you disagree with. but it also means, that although i disagree for example, with football players kneeling during the national anthem, i am not going to try to deny them their right to do that. >> new direct to consumer cookware company looks as good on instagram as it does not kitchen all made in america looks beautiful, and quality i can tell made in america. >> my family has been in cookware three generations, e-commerce, perfect team to come together tackle direct consumer -- >> my husband is going to think i am going to cook now, i love it "mornings with maria," thank you. >> i was as if naitdz to find
8:56 am
out you have been in play boll mansion to party there. >> i went to party there in 20's. >> -- my -- >> not a lot of people had throne out first pitch in a baseball game parties at playboy mansion. >> joey wrote a song about that. flt
8:57 am
. .
8:58 am
♪ ♪
8:59 am
♪ maria: all right, let's get final thoughtss on all-star panel. >> we need cuts and this weekend would be good if football players not just stood for national anthem but sing along. maria: they were singing along. you called read their lips. >> the president needs to sell the tax plan. the republicans have a messaging problem. i think he's their best messenger, put it out on the road. maria: there are hurdles. dagen: hurdle taking away deduction of state and local taxes which does hurt some big states and even republicans come from some of those states. i think that they will cap it in some way but then they've got to come with additional revenue from some place else. maria: $1.3 trillion. dagen: exactly. i do not believe that a wealthy will get tax cut.
9:00 am
at best -- maria: they are getting a tax increase. dagen: they very might well. >> wealthiest president ever to raise taxes on the wealthiest. maria: great to see you, i will see you on sunday on sunday morning futures. stuart varney. stuart: football fans, whoa, they left no doubt, they respect the flag. good morning, everyone. thursday night football, the packers played the bears in green bay, the players linking arms all stood. the crowd, different story. they being asked to link arms for social justice, very few did. instead they waved the stars and stars, frequent chants of usa. nfl chief roger goodel spent hours meeting players and owners. inconclusive. no statement on enforcing the stand for the anthem rule. rush limbaugh says the left has


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