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tv   Kennedy  FOX Business  October 3, 2017 8:00pm-9:00pm EDT

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to run a business and not insult the nation. nick adams, thank you, sir. we appreciate it. thanks for being with us. pat buchanan among our guests. [♪] kennedy: the president tries to tackle the two biggest crises of his presidency. but what can he do to succeed. the supreme court is set to hear some of the biggest ask cases in years. judge napolitano is on the case. is everybody in the white house on the same page on north korea? no one ever said being president was going to be easy. but as president trump eases into this week he's confronted by twin crises that could define the first part of his term. the president is being tested by a series of storms. but how do you solve a problem
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like maria. the infrastructure in puerto rico has been devastated. here he is earlier today on hurricane maria, visiting puerto rico. >> i hate to tell you, puerto rico, but you are throwing our budget a little out of whack. we spent a lot of money in puerto rico, but that's fine we saved a lot of lives. kennedy: the president is also faced with a screeching gun debate which never focuses on the actual causes of mental illness. using logic in an emotional argument is a no-win and don't expect gun control nuts to employ reason and facts anytime
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soon. the people of puerto rico will rebuild their homes and island in time at great costs. what remains to be scene is how this president navigates the tragedy in las vegas and figure out what caused an untable power to snap and kill so easily. i'm kennedy. how can the president balance and solve these two major crises currently on his plate. these are the two biggest ones. who better to ask than ari fleischer who was at the podium in the days after 9/11 and iraq. let's talk about this. put yourself back in the oval
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office. how do you tack many these two things which appear to be no-win situations. >> the same way in both. listen. you need to go to puerto rico and listen to the people who are suffering. then when he gets to las vegas, listen to the stories of those who lost their loved ones. they want to describe what their husband or son was like. presidents need to sometimes just be a good ear. kennedy: how does he do in those situations? >> i think its many mixed. he's such an organizer, that's his skill. the part about if you were look for a president who is going to hug and kiss and be warm. that's not his style. george w. bush was much more like that. bill clinton was more like that. barack obama not so much either. presidents have their own style. the most of important question is are you getting the aid to
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the people who need it. this one is a different series of challenges. and i don't blame the president or anyone else for it. kennedy: we have seen the aid containers sitting in the ports. the roads are washed out. it's hard to get the critical supplies to those who need them. but they will need everything rebuilt from the bottom up. they need a foundation and infrastructure. and that's going to take a lot of money. >> the mayor's job is to be an organizer it is to coordinate and plan. it's not to be a first respond search out on the street. kennedy: how did she do? >> she said she doesn't have time for planning meetings. the mayor's joins to be in planning meetings. this is how fema delivers help
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to people. the job of a mayor is to be a coordinator. kennedy: they have the resources and the systems for bert pore worse. that's how the government is spending their money. so if that's what you have need and you want to get into the people in your city. and she claims they are dying and drinking out of creeks. >> your job is plan, coordinate, organize. this is a municipal leader's job. if she wants to be a first responder, be a first responder. especially on a hurricane-prone island. preparedness is part of a mayor's portfolio. kennedy: have you seened effect and impact of john kelly in the oval office? >> absolutely. it's a much more smoothly
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functioning white house. kennedy: how does the president cut up his day. when you have north korea and critical briefings and a snriewd situation and a tyrant with nuclear weapons. you still have hurricane disaster fallout in texas and florida. how do you break up the day. >> it's not hard as all and the chief of staff organizes it. a 12-hour day you can have a lot of meetings. north korean supreme nothing to do with las vegas. so organize those meetings, and for the president to hear it from the experts who quickly from twownt next to the next to the next. welcome to the white house, that's how it works. kennedy: given some of the challenges he created and faced. >> if it passes in the house. then i think you can include
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yes, given other successes the president has had. we are doing some of the things with the military we always should have been doing. another factor nobody gives him credit for is the gdp stays at 3%. we continue with an economy that's going strong and wages rise, that will carry him to success. kennedy: if he gets one more quarter of 3% growth, that tax plan is easier to sell. please come back. we have tons to talk about. gun control was the first political issue to pop up in the hours far las vegas. but senate minority leader chuck schumer jumped on the bandwagon.
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>> maybe wee he can have a bit of a reef awakening because of the horror that happens as he goes to las vegas tomorrow. so president trump today i'm calling on the president to come out against the absurd law about silencers, threat and veto if he must and put an ends to that bill. kennedy: silencers or suppressers have nothing to do with what happened sunday night. so do these knee-jerk reactions help at all? guy benson and mollie hemingway. they are all fox news contributors. and they are all from d.c. so katie when something like this happens, the immediate
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response is for the left to reach into that grab bag of talking points to before we flow all the facts or the why, the how, the intent. >> accusing fellow americans of being directly responsible for the same actions this murderer took against insentence people. that automatically turns off the conversation. there are a lots of people of on the right who are willing to have a conversation about gun control. before it always starts out initially with them putting the whole bath tub in. and they want every single thing. they want suppressors to be band. they want automatic weapons banned. and we can't start from a place of a relevant topic. kennedy: i understand people's frustration. you look at something like this and say how did this map?
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we have to make sure it never happens again. therefore more gun laws which don't apply to the situation sadly. if there were a quick fix people would want to employ it. but they say the nra is a terrorist organization and the nra has blood on its hands. >> before we know virtually anything at all. last night was not watching our new secular pope jimmy kimmel. but i did watch stephen colbert. and one of the things he said, and this is a refrain we hear over and over again. he begged congress to do quote anything but nothing. which i get impulse which is you see horrible anguish and suffering and bloodshed and wants to do something about it. but to say literally do
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anything, that's not responsible at all. we should ask will the solution fix the problem, is it constitutional. that's a conversation i'm willing to have. kennedy: does it apply to the crime. right now molly, i want to talk to you. it seems like the ultimate goal, people are so worked out, is to boon all guns. mollie: you have some people saying that. you had the "new york times" say they wanted to seize guns after the san bernardino shooting. the new republic was saying we need to seize guns. if people want to do that, they cannot do that as long as we have the declaration of independence and the second amendment. they are serious about that, they know what to do, repeal the second amendment.
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kennedy: and a reaction from a majority of country. you need 2/3 of all states to ratify a constitutional amendment. and that's not going to happen. guy: the republicans would like nothing more than for the democrats to try to repeal the second american. that would marriage p guarantee republican victories until kingdom come. kennedy: these are people hop operate with their cosmopolitan bias. the president flew to puerto rico to meet with residents recovering from hurricane maria. 90% still have no cell phone bridges, roads and bridges are a mess, and thousands of homes are no longer habitable. how has the president handled
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the aftermath of hurricane maria. katie? >> i think he's done as well as he can. he came later because the devastation was worse. there are things he said on twitter that was a bit of a distraction. the white house put out a timeline that shows they had prepared for this. they had 7,000 federal people on the ground right after the hurricane heat. there is a narrative from the media that he dropped the ball and that's not fair either. kennedy: they are trying to tar him with this hurricane katrina funk. his political opponents
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especially on the island of puerto rico want to bring him down. is that fair? guy: of course it was not fair. he huffed and he puffed and he blew the island down. overall to see back to back to back tough hurricanes in quick succession the way they made landfall in houston, florida then puerto rico. this is a tough challenge for the federal government. and by and large the president and the administration have handled it well. sometimes the president is his own worst enemy getting dragged into feuds and spats he doesn't need to. kennedy: his political eve -- enemies know what to do to reel him in.
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>> it seems like it's groundhog day sometimes with this president. there was a coordinated effort to turn this into katrina. he through his own special way punching at the san juan mayor was saying i'm not going to be katrina, and luckily for him, the facts are on his side. guy: luckily for him. kennedy: they do love to capitalize on every misstep. maybe there is something they could have done to make it seem like they were doing more. but any misstep they want to capitalize on could be failure. >> this could have been so much worse. kennedy: considering the devastation. and look at the condition the homes are in there. you have homes that are shattered and splintered. thank god these trees weren't
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kennedy: most of people tune into late-night comedy shows to escape. >> tell your congress people to do something. it's not enough to send your love and prayers. >> are there no steps we can take as a nation to prevent gun violence. >> if you want to make america great again. do something the last two presidents haven't done. pass any kind of common sense gun control legislation. kennedy: they are all saying the same thing. how convenient. why do comedians continue to get on their soap boxes for the left. let's talk about this. hillary clinton was sending out
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disrespectful tweets while the las vegas metropolitan police department and first responders were still trying to account for victims and the fatality count and the number of victims in hospitals kept rising while they were sending this out. now the late-night shows are parroting the talking points. >> i got beat up online by saying hillary clinton and some of her fellow democrats might have just waited a day. the late-night comedians are not just comedians now. with the exception of jimmy fallon, they are all liberal and pro gun control. kennedy: it's poignant for a smart comic to come out and add
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comfort to the situation. but if you are a political commentator, know what you are talking about and admit you are wearing a new hat. what i resent is the people who hide behind their comedic clown nose and say what do i know? >> i thought jipy kimmel was a little out of his depth when he inserted himself into the healthcare debate. on something like this they are speak their minds. i didn't have that much problem with it until they got preachy with kimmel saying republicans should pray to god to forgive them for their position on gun control. kennedy: it was a horrible thing and i realize this hit home to
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him because this is his hometown. i understand that. but inserting religion so flippantly and insultingly is unnecessary. and it doesn't do anything to give us perspective on how something like this could have happened. it happened because of really bad person chose to use them in a certain context to take as many lives as he could. i want to thank you for being here. thank you very much. the supreme court is back in session. this is the first time we will have all nine justices in place.
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maybe that's why most of our clients come from other money managers. fisher investments. clearly better money management. but prevagen helps your brain with an ingredient originally discovered... in jellyfish. in clinical trials, prevagen has been shown to improve short-term memory. prevagen. the name to remember. kennedy: october is here, and that means the supreme court is back in session. they have important case on the docket. the latest addition to the team, kneel gorsuch may play a big role in some of these cases. he's a conservative and the court could swing further in that direction. joining me judge andrew napolitano here to break it down.
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welcome back. the core such court is going to have to take on big cases including the gay wedding cake case. masterpiece cake shop versus colorado civil rights commission. >> the reason the colorado civil rights commission is the defendant is because this is an agency of the colorado state government which punished a baker who says he's a fundamentalist christian whose religion prohibits him in participating in a same-sex wedding. his argument is i should be able to choose my customers and bake a case for whomever i want. there is a broader issue which is the ability of the government to tell people what to do on their private property. the government already intrude on private property because we
8:29 pm
as society agreed it was an acceptable intrusion for racial reasons. can he use the religious belief as a basis for excluding the same-sex couple? kennedy: is that the same type of discrimination? judge napolitano: these are novel questions not yet ruled upon by the court. kennedy: we don't know where associate justice gorsuch will come down. >> justice kennedy has almost always ruled whenever he can in favor of gay rights. i don't want to make it sound that it's not important by calling it gay rights. he always ruled the constitution's equal protection
8:30 pm
clause prohibits government from discriminating against people on the basis of their sexual orientation. he is probably going to be against the barrack and justice gorsuch was a champion of the religious clause. kennedy: he's also from colorado. judge napolitano: he ruled in similar situation in favor of religious defense. kennedy: we got that from his confirmation hearings. carpenter versus the u.s. this has to do with the warrantless seizure of cell phone records. judge napolitano: a lot of people don't realize by carrying it with you, you are telling the telephone company where it is all the time and where you are. if the telephone company's
8:31 pm
records were seized by the government then the government knows where you are and where you have been. can the government seize these records? without a search warrant? the government could get them with a search warrant. can it do so without a search warrant? the lower courts have split them. if the supreme court says yes on this our privacy is virtually destroyed. the government's argument is you have told your telephone providers where you are therefore you waived your trite secrecy. the defendant's opposite is i told the telephone company but not the government. kennedy: since the government can prosecute you and put you in jail for an extended period of time. the phone company can't do that. judge napolitano: if the government can get this information without a warrant, they can engage in fishing
8:32 pm
expeditions. the requirement of the warrant is a safeguard. the requirement is the government has to show some wrongness on your part before it can ask the judge for a search warrant. kennedy: colby versus hogan. a gun rights case. does it have anything to do with the shooting in las vegas? is there any impact from this case that would have prevented the crime see you a? >> none whatsoever. the crime used in las vegas was against the law it was a semiautomatic turned into an automatic. the legislature of maryland just like it did in my home state of knowledge and new york. arbitrarily taken 10 guns and 10 magazines and said you can't have them. there is no rational basis for
8:33 pm
it but the politicians were afraid of the way these things looked. kennedy: that's one of the possible cases. we'll check in frequently with you and all matters of cull fewer constitutional questions and the law. speaking of the supreme court. a year and a half after the death of antonin scalia, his son christopher gathered his father's best speeches. justice scalia was a conservative giant whose speeches often mesmerized the nation. christopher scalia joins me now. christopher, it's so nice to have you here. i just spoke with judge napolitano who has been a great admirer of your father's for
8:34 pm
some time. how wonderful to have this collection. those like judge napolitano and you and your family who knew your father best. i feel like we get the kinds of glimpse with this book like you had for so many years. >> i have to say also i learned a lot about my father reading through his speeches. there are experiences he had that were new to me and stories he shared that i hadn't heard before. kennedy: what stands out when you were editing and reading this for the first time. >> my coed tore, ed wit whalen i were surprised. he spoke to a lot of lawyers and legal organizations. but he spoke to a lot of other groups. he spoke at my high school
8:35 pm
graduation and the graduations my siblings. he spoke at college graduations, religious organizations. he spoke to an irish-american group, italian-american group, a couple of jewish events. he spoke at juilliard, the arts school in new york and at a turkey hunting convention in nashville. kennedy: in these speeches he was so boisterous and so funny. it's the humor. one of the constant in addition to his grammatical:perfection. before it was the humor throughout. >> he was a funny person. he was a great joke teller and storyteller. his off-hand equips shines through. a lot of the humor is self-deprecating. and the speeches gave him a chance to perform in a way legal
8:36 pm
opinions didn't. in his speeches he's able to hail up a little bit. he was a theatrical person. he played macbeth in high school. 237. kennedy: they seem to be polar opposites in terms of their interpretation of the constitution. but ruth bader ginsburg and your father were very close friends. and she wrote the foreword of the book. that seems to be one of the most of curious friendships anyone could imagine. but they were great friends. >> they were great friends. my mom was great friends with justice ginsburg and her husband marty. they loved spending time with each other. justice ginsburg wrote a beautiful foreword. we are grateful she took the
8:37 pm
time out of her busy schedule to do that. there is a roast my father delivered on justice ginsburg. he misses the days of working with her. this is before he had any idea he would be on the court. kennedy: christopher, thank you so much for sharing your father's work and stories. it's a great book. anybody who wants a closer glimpse into that brilliant mind, "scalia speaks." what is the secretary of state to do about north korea? alerts -- wouldn't you like one from the market
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kennedy: there will be no gore yairgt with north korea. that from sarah huckabee-sanders. >> we have been clear now is not the time to talk. the only conversations that have taken place would be on bringing back americans who have been detained. beyond that there will be no discussions with north korea. kennedy: rex tillerson said he had a direct line of communications with the north. and trump stepped? tweeting that tillerson was wasting his time. the white house insists he has full confidence in sexy rexy. the party panel is back. is there a rift here and how
8:43 pm
serious is it? >> i think it's wrong to view them as being at odds with each other. this is a cabinet secretary who speaks more with donald trump than any other cabinet secretary. they are two people using their different strengths. it is rex tillerson's job to use the back channels and it's up to the president to apply his skills which is mostly tweeting. getting china to apply pressure to north korea. kennedy: how does saying we have a back channel. no, talking is done. it may be true they have back channels. but if the president is applying pressure, letting north korea know through china they need to step up and provide some indication they are taking these things seriously. they each have their own way of
8:44 pm
doing it. kennedy: is rex tillerson a good diplomat? guy: the results will have to speak for themselves. kennedy: do we have time for results? guy: i don't think north korea is going to nuke the united states tomorrow. if we thought that was a serious threat we would have to wipe them out. this is about the obsessive press reading way more into something that's a waste of time. i think it's good cop-bad cop. i think it's clumsy but there has been progress made with china in the last few weeks. kennedy: north korea has stood down from that hard threat to bomb guam. katie: if you look at all the noise and the good cop-bad cop, thinking there is a rift?
8:45 pm
general when you look at the high-profile nature of the conversations with the chinese. they are focused on the seriousness of what they have to enforce and what the results of that will be. we get a little snippet of what's going on. i don't think rex tillerson or the president is worried about what it looks like on the surface. in terms of rex tillerson saying there was a direct channel. they walked that back and tried to explain a direct channel, but not really a direct channel. talking to the north koreans for us. we get distracted with the noise because that's what we can see. behind the scenes the chinese are meeting with the state department and talking about what they have to do. kennedy: hopefully that talk leads to some positive results.
8:46 pm
regardless of what we see, if peace prevails, hallelujah, we have won. guy: thank you. kennedy: a romanian daredevil is trying to take a unicycle across one of the highest bridges in his country. you totanobody's hurt, new car. but there will still be pain. it comes when your insurance company says they'll only pay three-quarters of what it takes to replace it. what are you supposed to do? drive three-quarters of a car? now if you had liberty mutual new car replacement™, you'd get your whole car back. i guess they don't want you driving around on three wheels. smart. with liberty mutual new car replacement™, we'll replace the full value of your car. liberty stands with you™.
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kennedy: mayor principle manson canceled his tour after a stage prop fell on him. it was his first hit in 10 years. that was a bad joke. now it's time for the top today storm. starting this payday, everyone will receive two cases. all i ask is you don't get so drunk you don't climb on and bridge and ride a unicycle. he apparently went through a bad breakup. how else could you explain this behavior.
8:51 pm
don't fall. i already fell for june and now she won't return my calls anymore. you may be going through a rough patch, but like the old romanian seeing goes -- shame on your nose. topic number two. let's head over to beautiful taiwan where they held their soap box derby. but i should warn you. this is a serious sporting event. this years races, we are shake our wieners. it was sponsored by red bull energy drinks. contestants drove like they were mixing red bull with vodka. and if you are wondering, the gold medal went to a team called
8:52 pm
zombie sick bed. thanks for nothing, sponge bob. hope somebody burns down your pineapple. who lives in a smoking mississippi valley ashes under the sea. meanwhile back in america, it seems like more and more people are getting on their soap box. especially this girl scout troop in boulder, colorado. the bodies legal, they have more cookie money than they know what to do with. first place in this race, a team called zombie sick bed.
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divorce. topic number 5. finally, bloomington, indiana. it's near the home of john mellencamp. but neither jack nor diane can get a bus driving job because the city is experimenting with deliver rest buses. -- to driverless buses. they shuttle people to bloomington's hottest night spots. you may wonder why the town is in such a rush to replace their human drivers. but that will change after you watch the footage of their recent exploits. that's not good. maybe bring on the robots. they can't do any worse. o.j. simpson is out of prison.
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kennedy: acquitted double murderer o.j. simpson is a free man. now he's look for a payday to spill the beans about life behind bars. the juice is loose and looking
8:59 pm
to pad his retirement fund. during the botched armed robbery one of the participants alluded to some of those offshore accounts he set up to hide simpson's mad money. now that simpson is out, ron goldman's family is hell bent on finding them. o.j. profited to the tune of millions during this murder trial and still gets a handsome pension to this day that can't be touched. if some news division pays him that untouchable ransom, they have blood on their hand unless they immediately fork it over to the goldmans. he deserves to rot in holy hell. thanks for watching the show
9:00 pm
tonight. email tomorrow night judge andrew napolitano will guest host. he will have john bolton and dave smith. do conan, it's gonna be done my way." >> curvy vixens... >> when i look at the female characters that dad did, mom was okay with that? >> the da vinci of fantasy art. >> this entire visual genre traces back to this one artist. >> how much did it sell for? >> about $1.1 million. >> but when he's gone, a real battle takes shape. >> how bad did it get? >> i'm not close to my brother anymore. even today we don't talk. >> can the next generation save the family and its fortune? >> i think i was like their last hope. >> my grandfather deserves to live on, and what better place than comic-con? [ door creaks ] [ wind howls ] [ thunder rumbles ]


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