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tv   Making Money With Charles Payne  FOX Business  October 9, 2017 6:00pm-7:00pm EDT

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disney's stock closing the day down. guess what? thank you so much for having us in your homes, really appreciate it thanks for watching look whose up next, charles payne, he is here now with making money. take it away. >> charles: thank you very much e-mac. fast moving developments tonight from the nfl to north korea but first, we start with washington d.c. president trump's feud with senator bob corker now spiraling out of control trump of course firing of a storm accusing cork er of lacking the guts to run for re-election he says he expects them to stand in the way of the great agenda. corker responded with a jab of his own tweeting "it's a shame the white house has become an adult care center someone obviously missed their shift this morning" and moments ago vice president pence chiming in president trump's achievements on the international stage stating that no amount of criticism at home can diminish those results joining me to discuss former senior advisor to senator bob corker former senior advisor to the senate foreign relations committee and current
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director of the national security institute, george mason , ford o connell the civic chairman and political analyst and washington examiner contributor and rnc spokeswoman caylee you didn't have enough titles there but you're still young. >> i'm sorry. >> charles: i'm going to you first because this is so intriguing to have a high profile very powerful senator taking on the president of the united states and his own party in such a public way. >> right well the president is doing his job and we encourage senators to do there's an that means standing behind the president's agenda. president trump won senator cork er's state by 26 percentage points i believe that's an overwhelming message from the people saying stand behind president trump, don't engage in these petty fights senator cork er because it's not helpful to the gop moving forward. >> charles: why exactly should corker be so vocal bob corker made some folks disparaging
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comments about the trump administration holding this thing together suggesting that if they weren't there the whole country will spiral out of control. >> well charles look, caylee's right the president's senators need to work together and it requires the president not to lighten up on members of his own administration, rex tillerson, jeff sessions, mitch mcconnell, bob corker, people need to work together and get the country's job done and that's the important thing and look they agree on agenda which is to say they agree. iran is a problem north korea is a problem but we need to work together bringing a nation together and do the country's business. >> charles: again, it's interesting, the president i don't know that should be taking his cues from a senator to caylee's point president trump overwhelmingly has to mandate and needs his party to help him carry it through. >> well you're absolutely right and senator corker's decision was highly irresponsible because it jeopardizes the business of the american people, particularly on tax reform and
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potentially jeopardizes the republican control of the senate in 2018 because remember what's going to happen tomorrow morning okay? the president will get in front of republican senators and say do you agree with corker or do you agree with trump and if you agree with corker you'll get primary and if you agree with trump the media, here is the bottom line charles. donald trump is the president of the united states, like it or not bob corker you got to find a way to get things done and while you think the next 15 months in the senate maybe your most important you got to make sure you're key into getting tax reform through. >> charles: caylee ford brings up the midterm election. some are calling it a wave election but different sort of way. a way that sees the establishment gop wiped out. they're calling for contenders against john baroso in wyoming of course this seat for bob cork er, yeah? okay hold on one second guys let's go to vegas for a live update we'll be right back here to the panel.
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>> for those of you may not know i'm sheriff lombardo, the las vegas met o poly tan police department. today i'll give you an update where we currently are with the investigation and then i'll give you some insight to where we're going with the investigation and then i'll be happy to answer a small number of questions. okay, so in the day since our last briefing, investigators from the lvmpd along with many agents from the fbi and and atf continued working around the clock on the 1 october shooting. today i'll provide you with some information but mostly i hope to clarify or provide more updated information on some of the details that have been reported in the media. a number of you have already reported that the brother of the suspect is in town and yes, he is. we have been contacted, we are in contact with him along with
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other family members. i will not discuss what came out of those interviews but every piece of information we get is one more piece of the puzzle in this case. last week, we talked about the single person whose action help ed pinpoint the location of the suspect and that was the mandalay bay security guard jesus compos. as you might imagine mr. compos was not only injured when he was fired upon as he did his room check about the door alarm down the hall from the suspect' room but he was also extremely shaken up by what happened to him. he was able to confirm for us exactly what he heard and saw in the moments before the he was shot. marilou danley, the suspect's live-in girlfriend we are still speaking with ms. danley about the suspects movements, gun purchases and anything else we need to know about him and how he planned his assault.
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we also and who he came in contact with during the planning phase. we have uncovered no evidence to show there was a second shooter. we have uncovered over 200 instances of the suspect's traveling throughout las vegas and he has never been seen with anyone else. we have no evidence or intelligence that the suspect was linked or had affiliation with any known terrorists groups or ideologies. in coordination with the fbi's behavioral analysis unit the comprehensive picture is being drawn as to the suspect's mental state and currently, we do not believe there is one particular event in the suspect's life for us to key on. we believe he decided to take the lives he did and he had a very purpose full plan that he carried out.
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so where are we at with the property retrieval? as of yesterday items that belonged to the victims are now being returned at the family assistance center located at the convention center. they have located items from lots a, b, c, and d. they have placed them in those categories and if you go to fbi. gov, and click on the banner associated with the 1 october shooting, it will define which lots are being available as we speak. as far as i know from visiting there earlier today, lots a and b are available and c and d are yet to be determined. first and most important is i want to say the fbi, the red cross, and city and county fire are doing an amazing job. this is not an easy task to undertake but their process is efficient and even though we
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have been talking about the numbers of people who attended the concert and the number of victims injured or killed, you really don't understand the magnitude until you see the rows and tables of personal belongings they left behind as the people fled the venue. so moving forward, we anticipate being at the route 91 site for at least another week, along with the room at the mandalay bay. as i've said from day 1, we want to figure out the why to this and we would like to know the motive. that is our most important goal, to prevent any further action associated with another individual whose contemplating this or what exactly went along in the suspect's mind to enable him to pull off such a complicated event. so moving forward, barring any critical information obtained during the week, the next press
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conference will be conducted at the end of the week friday, so at this point i'd be happy to answer any questions. >> [unable to hear question ] >> we have found some evidence of medicine, i'm not at liberty to discuss that. >> can you tell us about the note, whether that did cause damage? >> what note? >> the note in the suspect's room? >> there was not a note in the suspect's room. we recovered a document that had numbers associated to it and i'm not at liberty to make a guess on what that was for. it could be, we're figuring that out. >> sheriff also in the suspect's room according to accounts we heard last night there were drills. according to other accounts, the guard, jesus campos heard drill ing in the room. what drilling was done and what
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do you think it was to accomplish? >> so the question is what drill ing was donor what was the intent of the suspect? there was drilling done. it was to the doorway adjacent wall to the doorway and just the assumption would be to either place a camera or to place a rifle. >> can i follow that? >> but the drilling was not completed. >> did campos hear drilling? >> yes, he did. can i finish his question, sir? >> he's not because of the drill ing? >> no. i never, there's never been anything out in the public forum about knocking. he was investigating an open door. he became of the drilling sound. >> sheriff what time exactly did jesus campos sustain his injury? what's the timeline? >> bear with me while i get that
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for you. it's fairly simple for me to obtain. what was the question, ma'am? >> can i also ask in the days-- >> what was the original question. >> what time? >> 21:59. that would be 9:59. >> sheriff, [unable to hear ] >> no, i can't confirm that. >> sheriff are you saying the security guard was injured and campos was injured before the shots were fired and 10 p.m. into the crowd? >> no that's not what i'm saying i don't know where you're getting your numbers but you are correct he was injured prior to the mass shooting. >> to follow that, each shot at just about 10, the shot into the
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crowd began at 10:05 and went on for you said at one point 11 minutes but 10 minutes. >> 10 minutes. >> so can you give us what you think-- >> okay i appreciate what you're saying. >> was it obtained from the vale t? >> ma'am that's not how we conduct this okay? if i'm presented with a questio- >> the fbi-- >> that's not how icon duct press conferences. >> has the official timeline changed? >> please stop asking your question. i will finish mr. ritter's question. thank you, so if officer campos or security guard campos was shot just before 10 and the shots out the window, as you described and then there were-- >> let me help you with that ken because you picked up on it. yes the timeline associated with the original shot mr. campos changed through investigation as i have conveyed to you from the very beginning
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and your need for information and my zest to ensure the public safety and the calming of their minds that some things are going to change. they are minute changes, this all encompassing answer with the information that we presented before, in other words it's not completely inaccurate, but what we have learned is mr. campos was encountered by the suspect prior to his shooting to the outside world. yes, ma'am? >> sheriff, you referenced the comprehension. can you tell us what led your department to the shooter and how important that is to your investigation? >> i don't, i'm sorry i don't understand what you mean by thread? >> like what avenues did you start going down. >> well, as you can imagine anything that he, any mental health or mental or medical help he's had throughout his life, we're attempting attain any and
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all information associated with that. additionally the behavioral analysis unit from the fbi is on the ground locally we're attempting utilize their expertise and discerning those matters. what i will provide with you is behavioral analysis is in la also, los angeles and while interviews with danleyhad are being conducted. >> do you have any idea of why mr. campos was in that room when he got shots fired? >> yes, we had an alarm associated with an open door. it was not the suspect's open door. it was another. >> were there any other writings discovered in the room, either numbers or otherwise? >> i'm personally not aware of any. >> sheriff were there any bankruptcies or anything you could share he talked the medical thing with the investigation was there anything he was diagnose with or was taking?
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>> say that again i'm sorry. >> was he diagnosed with any conditions or was he taking anything? >> no, we don't have a complete comprehensive evaluation of his mental condition. we will provide that as we become aware of it. >> sir, so as mr. campos was shot, did security know if there was any delay? >> no, no immediately upon being injured, notified security of his situation and in close proximity of mr. campos being shot there was also a maintenance worker that presented himself on the 32nd floor and mr. campos prevented him from receiving any injuries. >> sheriff? do you think the suspect's engagement with mr. campos sped up the timeline of the shooter? >> i would not make that assumption. i'm not privy to that. >> can i ask you two questions? do you have any video before the
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shooting? >> we have a pretty comprehensive timeline prior to the shooting but more importantly, we are it's up in the public forum. he was gambling the night before and i do not want to disclose his actions up to the shooting because that's part of the investigation. >> so what caused him to stop shooting out the window? do we know? we do not know at this point. >> and then to follow, you had said earlier you believe he had an escape plan. do you still think that? >> yeah it's been a matter of discussion out there, whether what i said is accurate or not and what i am comfortable saying is what i believe. mr. campos, not mr. campos, i'm sorry the suspect, i don't want to say the suspect's name, i'll call him the suspect, we know that he attempted to shoot at the fuel tanks. we know that he had some personal protection equipment in the room. we know that the car that was
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down in the parking garage still contained binary explosives, so i would be comfortable in saying which i believe depending on the splash he made during the shooting, would it enable the first responders to be directing their attention to other locations which would enable mr. paddock to just leave the hotel and we do not know whether he had planned to cause additional harm outside of what occurred at mandalay bay. >> was there ever a trigger mechanism found that would have went? a trigger mechanism? >> you talked about finding electronics in the room. we talked about-- >> oh, you mean something that would-- no explosives were not setup to detonate with a trigger >> sheriff, is it your belief--
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>> yes, ma'am. >> when did the police know that the security guard was shot? before the gun shots at 10:05 or after? >> they weren't aware of him being shot until they met him in the hallway after exiting the elevator. >> sheriff, when did he check into the hotel? what date did he check in? >> to the best of my recollection we have information on the 25th. i had told you previously the 28th and we're trying to confirm his actions between the 25-28. i'm under the leaf that he was not occupying the room between those days. >> sheriff-- >> i already said that ma'am. i can't answer that question now >> could you just briefly talk about why that is? >> because i don't want to sensationalize his actions. i believe if he doesn't have a name nobody can relate to him. >> sheriff? >> yes, sir in the back.
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>> we read from your report about things found in the suspect's room. how many cell phones were found and was there any sort of indication he was communicating with anybody? >> do you have that information? >> no, we don't have that number i don't know the number personal ly. >> sheriff? [unable to hear ] can you talk about where they're going? >> no, i can't, i wish i could give you comprehensive timeline and his movements that would assist us in developing possible witnesses, but we're still running that down. it's still a really comprehensive evaluation of all of the electronics equipment associated with this individual that takes quite some time. what i am proud of is how far we've gotten to this point and yes, i'm frustrated. if you look in the public media perception that i am frustrated at the speed of this investigation, yes, i am.
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it isn't because nobody is not doing their job. it's because this individual purposely hid his actions leading up to this event and it is difficult for us to find the answers to those actions, and that's why it's important for you to give me some difference and the police department some d eference to the ability to run on these leads. now i have noticed in the public forum several assumptions, un confirmed statements and actions of this individual put out there and it makes it very difficult for us to follow the leads that we currently have when we're trying to chase our tail in other directions, and i have said this to you before. i appreciate all your help, you're a force multiplier for us because there's a lot of hidden pieces to this puzzle but there's also a happy medium associated with that and i will answer mr. ritter's question and
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that's the last question. >> we learned yesterday that the fbi went again to the mesquite house. did the fbi also go back to reno that house there? and the vehicles, are we perhaps you can tell us recombing evidence? >> yes, we are the question was is the fbi along with lvnpd re visiting the personal property of the suspect. yes, that is accurate. along with the behavioral analysis detectives they are also present and maybe we can discern some additional evidence as a result of that revisit. okay, thank you very much and like i said previously, we anticipate the next press conference to be friday, barring any key evidence that we've become aware of, we'll plan on friday. thank you very much.
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>> las vegas sheriff lombardo admitting that yes i am frustrated with the speed of the investigation but also pointing to the media and asking for defe rence, as they run down leads and to stop with the assumptions and other things they have done to hamper the investigation. during the course of the press conference, he talked about working around the clock, more details to come. the brother of the suspect is in town, mandalay bay also, jesus campos, he referred to him several times one of the heros one of the many heros, marilou danley, still speaking with her to get an assessment of the suspect's movements, contacts but no evidence of a second shooter and that's going over 200 instances where they saw him in and around las vegas, and currently, officially, no connections to any terror group at all, so we see the sheriff obviously visibly frustrated,
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certainly would like to give us more answers and i think he like the media to give him more room so they can do their job. want to turn now to another major crisis, this one in puerto rico. the white house today let that 10 day waiver of the jones act expire. that rule by the way prohibits foreign ships from delivering aid to the united states. of course the devastated island of puerto rico is part of that. governor ricardo joins us now on the phone. thanks for joining us. >> governor: thank you, thank you so much for the opportunity. >> charles: we've got breaking news you sent the letter to congress requesting $4.2 billion in a sorted aid, community development, disaster loans, social security block grants, emergency relief, $4.2 billion is a lot of money. explain to the audience why that amount. >> governor: well it's actually 4.6 and the reason is, you know, we've received a severe
6:24 pm
devastation and everybody recognizes that this has been one of the biggest disasters in the history of puerto rico and in order for us to in the short-term have enough resources to maintain government function and to sustain our economy we're going to need that immediate relief. otherwise, we're going to see a collapse. you're going to see a lot of people going to the states and that's going to be a good end. >> charles: i have a lot of relatives there including isabel le, where there's no water or electrics the. everyone plans on leaving as soon as possible. you warned about an acceleration of outmigration. how much of a concern is that and sir we only have 30 seconds for the answer. >> governor: very concerned that's why we immediate to take action. if we don't take action with congress, this is going to be accelerated and going to be millions of puerto ricans living on the island. if we do take action i think we can mitigate it and start rebuilding strong.
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>> charles: good luck and god bless. thanks for coming in. hopefully we get you back later on in the week for another update sir appreciate it. >> thank you so much. >> charles: we'll be right back it's easy to think that all money managers are pretty much the same. but while some push high commission investment products, fisher investments avoids them. some advisers have hidden and layered fees. fisher investments never does. and while some advisers are happy to earn commissions from you whether you do well or not, fisher investments fees are structured so we do better when you do better. maybe that's why most of our clients come from other money managers. fisher investments. clearly better money management.
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>> charles: espn is suspending anchor jamil hill for two weeks after she called for fans to boycott dallas cowboys advertisers. they issued a statement saying she's been suspended for two weeks for a second violation of our social media guidelines. she previously acknowledged letting her colleagues & company down with an impulsive tweet in the aftermath all employees were reminded of how individual tweet s may reflect negatively on espn and that such actions would have consequences, hence this decision. well this is the second time she's created couldn't o jersey with her tweets here to discuss wall street journal editorial page writer and back with me ford o connell let me start with you. of course, jamael hill was
6:29 pm
warned i guess after calling president trump a white supremacist a bigot and a whole bunch of a sorted names so now why is espn drawing the line? >> well because i don't think she understands how incredibly stupid her tweet is is and throughout this it shows me she doesn't quite get how business works or the nfl. espn hasselberg a 15 ball dollars contract with the nfl so essentially espn has a vested interest in the nfl survival and further for her to go out to jerry jones the dallas cowboy opener owner to say the nfl shares its tv deal with the teams so you can not just boycott jerry jones and not be boycotting the nfl. basically she said boycott my own company and she didn't realize it. charles: she does it when a time that espn is just bleeding viewers, and i think he's write not only espn anchors but a lot of the players saying if you don't like what i'm doing don't
6:30 pm
come to the same. some saying are you nuts? >> yeah this is a business debacle for sure. she's bit the hand that feeds her on this one but when we're talking about i think trump's playing of this he's the only one that benefits from it and he's got these players and these teams between a rock and a hard place. any choice that they make they're putting an x on their back for some group or another and i think that's part of how we've seen him pick up on social issues that resonate like this before. i think it's a distraction a bigger political issues but i wouldn't want to be an espn business manager for sure. >> charles: i think one other option though ford perhaps that's to stand during the national anthem. michael bennett one of the few people standing in the first week stood this week and he said out of respect for las vegas maybe i thought there would be a general epiphany it was the right thing to do. >> well yes, it's the right thing to do for two reasons one charles you shouldn't disrespect the flag and also do it on someone else's dime but a lot of the players don't understand
6:31 pm
their careers are only three to four years so biting the hand that feeds you is beyond incredibly stupid but what i don't get with the nfl is they have rules in their rulebook about how players should stand during the anthem and have to be out of the tunnel during the anthem and then up to roger good ell to decide. i don't know why with collective bargaining they haven't legislated this rule the way the nba has. >> charles: all right guys later on in the show we'll have super bowl champ burgess owens picking up on this topic meanwhile the white house dealing for dreamers with a wide ranging senate reforms on immigration policy we're going to debate it, next.
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>> charles: president trump pushing a massive plan to overhaul the nations immigration system and one he says must be linked to any deal on dreamers among the proposal building a wall and a merit-based immigration system back with me now caylee along with jenny beth martin the president and co- founder of tea party patriots and president of trip scott law firm and immigration advocate eduardo soto, director of the raven group. let me start with you, jenny beth because i don't think that there are any surprises in this particular proposal. it was zeroed in perhaps on framework in the past and yet democrats are saying it's dead on arrival. >> well democrats are saying it's dead on arrival but this is a proposal that puts america first, it puts american workers
6:36 pm
first and it puts american taxpayers first and that's the kind of proposal that voters would have expected when they voted for president trump last fall, so i don't think that we should be surprised to see a proposal that lays out just that from building the wall to enforcing current immigration laws that are already on the books, protecting the interior and addressing chain migration. >> charles: caylee there are some republicans who have issues with slowing immigration like legal immigration as well. again, negotiations starting point, so where does it go from here? >> well look i suggest they look at the latest polling which shows that 70% of the country wishes that an american would be hired before an immigrant certainly an illegal immigrant so the country stands firmly with the president and senator cotton on this and putting merit based immigration first. charles: eduardo on that note it seems the democrats are going to be boxed in on this because essentially what you're saying
6:37 pm
is that it's okay for you to get rid of almost a million people because of your opposition to a border wall which would only enhance the security of america. >> charles let's be real for a second. what this is is steven miller's exit memo. this is probably the very last few weeks that they have in the white house where he's trying to layout the most ambitious one memo on immigration even though it's dead on arrival because of republican opposition. you can't find enough republican s in congress to report this list of so-called principles to rub together so you're stuck with a white house that already failed to get congress to enact any of its agenda and then after striking a tentative deal with democrats is now coming under fire by republicans inside and outside the white house and congress, who are trying to shape the narrative and make it seem like they are the ones with the president's back when in reality the president knows dreamers are far more popular than any item
6:38 pm
on this memo. >> charles: the bottom line though is this dreamer act was put together without congress, president trump will send it back to congress and without any compromise there's a big chance that these people will be asked to return to their country's of origin. >> yeah, but you know look at the bigger picture charles. why aren't we debating whether the country has a right to secure its border, whether or not we should follow the law that is the law of the land and whether or not what circumstances should we allow immigrants from outside the country to come in? what are they and so this goes to the bigger debate and i applaud donald trump for laying out a comprehensive program, a comprehensive program is meat on this bone that no one has done in decades to try to address an overall immigration structure that puts america first. >> charles: real quick we had the breaking news but i want to ask you caylee news coming out from the daily mail steve bannon is going to back primary
6:39 pm
challenges against every incumbent gop senator except ted cruz. that is a shot across the bow where does the rnc stand on that >> well if the rnc doesn't take positions in primary we trust the american people to make decisions whoever wants to run by all means run. >> charles: jenny beth real quick is that draining the swamp >> it would be one way to drain the swamp for sure and we've got good candidates stepping up to run whether they're challenging incumbents or looking to challenge democrats and really excited about the candidates we're seeing next year. >> charles: folks thank you all very much meanwhile the major averages unable to hold on to early gains close slightly into the red but the big deal it's earning season kicks off and i'll set you up, next. fortunate enough to travel to many interesting places. i've always wanted to create those experiences for others.
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>> charles: wildfires in northern california are raging across multiple counties leaving one person dead and two others injured thousands are displaced and over 1500 structures
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>> charles: well the major indices slightly lower as investors are breaking for the next round of corporate earnings which begin with the wave of releases from big banks including citigroup, jpmorgan, bank of america. they all traded down today in part to a down grade that sent goldman sachs lower but also as anxiety builds ahead of the earnings news, there are three reasons why investors are worried this earning season. number one, the latest round of earnings were amazing 73% in second quarter beat earnings and yet the knee jerk reaction was to sell and in fact first time since 2011 that earnings beat were generally greeted with stocks moving lower. now i think stocks nose diving on good news is actually good news. you know, because it removes the notion of blind enthusiasm or irrational exuberance. the second concern going into earnings season are lowered expectations. now at the end of the second quarter we're talking june 30 the blended third quarter earnings model for the street was 7.5%. it came down to 5% about a month
6:44 pm
ago and now it's 2.8%. i'm confident earnings will come in significantly better-than-expected and more importantly though we're going to continue to see year-over-year improvement in revenue and earnings that is a key. in the third thing people are concerned about valuations right the popular price to earnings valuation metric. i'll tell you something it's probably caused more investors money than anything else. when the s & p, ford pe ratio gets in the mid 20s for me that's going to be a red flag here is the thing. as long as the fundamentals continue to improve i'm okay with the higher pe. now, i can see the rally needs strong results and more con dent guidance to justify where we are but anyone that missed the rally because of headlines over pe ratios guess what you've missed trillions of dollars of valuations added to our market. coming up we'll talk to a super bowl champion on the controversy swirling the nfl. we'll be right back.
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>> charles: back now to breaking news that espn suspended anchor jamael hill for two weeks for calling on nfl fans to boycott the dallas cowboy advertisers and hill tweeted in response to jerry jones saying yesterday that if his players disrespected the flag they simply will not play. here now super bowl champ burges s owens of how to turn good men into whiners, and wimps thanks for joining us. how we turned big nfl football players into whiners and wimps. >> i think we can say that's what's happened here but charles first of all good talk with you again. first of all i want to say this. i'm so thankful we have a president whose willing to draw a line so we can have this conversation because we're see
6:49 pm
ing now the true dark under belly of socialism that's been going on in our community for years. we see kids who have been taught this is not comfortable for them , you'll see this hill making it in this country and has no clue about free enterprise, no clue she's steal ing the hope of kids looking up to her and arrogant enough to think she can truly by herself damage the owner of the cowboys. if i can say one thing we need to be doing right now. the real conversation should be if i play with two great quarterbacks jim plunkettb and joe nameth, great quarterback and players but they both had to understand when they could not produce they retired. we are electing eliteists, the black caucus, all these guys, elijah cummings, john lewis guys who have not done a thing for their race for decades but vote in line with their white
6:50 pm
socialistic leaders, so we need to look at what we need to get done and start firing these guys , firing somebody in the primary our country needs to come up against them because they've done nothing for black race but give us less hope and misery. >> charles: i hear where you're coming from and i think some of the old thinking we have wasted a lot of time refighting the wars and battles of yesteryear, wars and battles we won 60 years ago instead of looking at what's happening within the community right now and with our children in the future because we're unprepared for that but having said that the feedback i always get on twitter is that somehow these nfl players have become the victims that they have a right to protest and that it's compounded the anxiety and frustration of people who believe in the cause in the first place. >> well, they do have a right to demonstrate but what happens is we have organizations that in order to protect their brand, they set parameters on what could be done and not done.
6:51 pm
i think hill is a good example. she's just been suspended. she's against this idea she should go out and demonstrate against her company, espn and find out what happens. companies do things to make sure their brand is protect protected and they can increase their profit line. if the nfl cared they would set parameters so these kids know there's a lot of programs they can be apart of that helps their community. it gives them hope of the generation coming behind them. >> charles: it's amazing to me because if it was thought out better they could have actually had the fans on their side rather than alienating so much of it almost on a daily basis compounding that but having said all of that, what about the idea of celebrating how far we've come? i think occasionally that wouldn't be a bad thing to do as well. >> boy you hit it on the head and this is where it comes down to. we understand our history. carl marks said something many years back in the 1800 the first battleground is the rewriting of
6:52 pm
history. we understand what we've done together and how well the black community did as it was coming out of slavery. we would all be so proud of what only what we did together but our future and what we do together in the future so we have to understand that's the fight is to understand our history so we can be proud of our president and have a great vision for the future. >> charles: those folks didn't have time to protest. they had to get at it and make a life for themselves. burgess owens thank you very much. >> thank you charles appreciate it. >> charles: next defense secretary james mattis is telling the army to be ready for military options for north korea just in case . we'll be right back.
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our recent online sales success seems a little... strange?nk na. ever since we switched to fedex ground business has been great. they're affordable and fast... maybe "too affordable and fast." what if... "people" aren't buying these books online, but "they" are buying them to protect their secrets?!?! hi bill. if that is your real name. it's william actually. hmph! affordable, fast fedex ground. >> charles. >> it is right now a diplomat beingly led, economic-sanctioned buttressed effort to try to turn north korea off this path. now what is the future hold?
6:56 pm
neither you nor i can say, so there's one thing the u.s. army can do and that is you have got to be ready to ensure that we have military options that our president can employ if needed. >> charles: that was defense secretary james mattis today urging military leaders to be ready with options should diplomacy fail we're hearing as britain is reportedly preparing for possible war to breakout with north korea's concerns arising another missile test could trigger a mill marry response by the united states. here is is with me now hugo ger dip, and rebecca grant former official of the office of the secretary of the air force and current president of iris independent research. rebecca i'll start with you. britain is preparing for war. general mattis is telling the u.s. military leaders that we should have several military options on the table. how close are we perhaps? >> well britain is our very
6:57 pm
closest allie and keep in mind their defense minister noted a few months ago that some of those long range missiles from north korea could target london at some point. that said i think we're at about the same place. they're ready to fight tonight. they they're taking this very seriously but note this. south korea has not seen imminent moves towards military confrontation by north korea. >> charles: but hugo, news coming out of north korea is kim jong-un promoted his sister to senior party post and praised the country's nuclear weapons program and all these things continue to sort of spark and alarm that his dynasty they want to preserve their dynasty and perhaps the only way to do that is to flex their new found nuclear muscle. >> yeah, the whole north korean tactic and strategy is to preserve the kim dynasty so promoting the sister and prais ing the nuclear weapons et cetera, that's part of it but at the same time, they are rational
6:58 pm
actors to the extent that if they really see the possibility of a nuclear strike or a military strike put it that way, and unsettling them, or unseating them, then they are going to take this seriously and what we have to realize is that the administration is playing good cop bad cop here. the president is clearly playing bad cop being threatening and obviously general mattis backed that up today but at the same time, rex tillerson is traveling around the world and closing on north korea and getting other states particularly allies to reduce their contacts with north korea, cutoff trade, et cetera et cetera. they don't want to suggest to north korea that war is inevitable because that would be bad diplomacy but they do want north korea to think war might be possible and there for they need to back down. >> charles: north korea is on twitter and paid attention to president trump to your point
6:59 pm
whether you want to say is playing backup or just being realistic about it all rebecca it does feel like perhaps war is inevitable and even as the economic news begins to tighten i'm an old reader what's their back door? what is their avenue of retreat to save face for north korea? >> rebecca: right and we have seen them take a couple steps back they threatened guam and didn't attack. they threatened a pacific nook air burst and didn't do it and they threatened the u.s. fighter s and bombers good luck with that and they didn't do it so there could be a time when they're going to say all right here is our arsenal now what do we do but charles you remember the real victor is the one who doesn't have to fight the war. so trump and mattis are tapping the accelerator putting down the resource to keep that military pressure on. i still expect this to end in talks. >> charles: hugo, i have 20 seconds. besides sending them good taylor s is there any other way to resolve this without military >> yeah, i think the chinese
7:00 pm
have to be persuaded trump is not bluffing. you've seen the chinese already do some things, they don't, they do not want the united states involved in this area, unsettl ing the area. so they continue to put pressure >> charles: thank you both very very much now here is lou dobbs. >> lou: good evening a number of breaking news stories in northern california governor jerry brown has declared a state of emergency in wine country, that's napa, sonoma counties as firefighters struggle to contain 15 major wildfires burning out of control. the fast moving fires have killed at least one person destroyed hundreds of homes and businesses and forced 20,000 people to evacuate. we'll have the latest details for you here tonight. also, sunday night football ratings continued to decline as players in salt our anthem, our flag, and our


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