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tv   Kennedy  FOX Business  October 10, 2017 12:00am-1:00am EDT

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immigration reform. >> rachel, thank you for doing that. niger, thank you. we appreciate it. good to have you with us. thank you for joining us. good night fro new york. >> tonight, president trump now taking on the powerful republican senator bob. so why are they feuding so publicly? and who's going to have the last word? plus, dallas cowboys owner jerry jones drawing a line in the sand. will his team finally listen? and isis fighters surrounding all over the battlefield. but is the terror organization really on the ropes? lieutenant ralph peters has the story. get off the sofa. it is time to take a stand. a big fat creep. but job of the hot has been free to destroy lives and bugger starlets because he wins oscars and pins democratic candidates. we've seen our share of winning titans here at fox,
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the demise of bill o'reilly, all while admitting in disgusted hush tones that people like weinstein have been serially harassing women for decades. meryl streep who once described hurricane harvey as god had to electric of her religion saying in a statement i did not know about his financial settlements with actresses and colleagues. i did not know about his having meetings in his hotel room, his bathroom, or other inappropriate coercive acts. and if everybody knew, i don't think the entertainment and the hard news media would have neglected for decades to write about it. oh, put a suck in it, meryl streep. that's all anyone does there. everybody knew. but weinstein's relationship a list actors, the clintons, obamas, it all acted as a shield that protected them from embarrassing lawsuits from the very vulnerable, young women the left claim to champion. before his company fired him, harvey released his own statement saying "i brought on
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therapists, and i plan to take a leave of absence from my company. i so respect all women and regret -- what happened? oh, harvey, we all hate hillary's book. and she sure has been oddly silent. probably because she's so used to surrounding herself with people like bill clinton and anthony weiner. what's one more for the slime pile? hollywood suffers from gross subjectivism. something is bad if they don't like it. something is good if it directly benefits them. harvey weinstein provided so many benefits, it was easy to turn a blind eye to his objectively horrific actions. how inconvenient the left is now forced to eat itself. an act harvey would probably like to watch during one of his disgusting massages. let's start the show.
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. >> so is it actually possible nobody knew what was going on? or is this a major case of hollywood hypocrisy? let's bring in, a celebrated writer, along with a contributor at the hill. and a trump reelection advisory board member editor at large, matt h welch here to embrace freedom in all of its forms. so is it possible that people surrounding harvey weinstein didn't know about his serial harassment? >> it's not possible that the board of weinstein and company, which just fired him, was learning about this for the first time because he settled, like, what? eight of these things? they had to have known a lot of this. so they reacted to not them learning but to the rest of us learning and how uncomfortable that was. i'm sympathetic that not everybody knows all the things
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that happened at various places. that can indeed happen. kennedy: but his reputation preceded him. >> a temper anger bear who would push reporters downstairs. all of this was pretty well known here. i don't know how much of the actual, you know, potted plant business was known to everybody. but it's -- you know, relationship in media and in politics and in hollywood. all of these things are -- do you want the fame? the power, the glory, there's going to be this dynamic. kennedy: and it's interesting because he tried to blame it on the '60s and '70s. well, i grew up in the '60s and '70s, where if you were rich and powerful, you could do these things. >> well, it's just more proof of democrats do as i say, not as i do. there are more high profile democrats that we have discussed in just the last 12 months that have done the same gross things that have done.
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>> well, it's the republicanism. it's the inherit conservatism that creates this dichotomy that makes them sexual predators. but harvey weinstein was a celebrated liberal. i mean, he marched alongside women in these antitrump marches. >> yeah. but the idea -- >> yeah. he did. >> the idea of smaller government and less taxes marginalize women is actually ridiculous. but when you listen to mainstream liberal talking points, that's exactly the point that they've made for years. it's nice to see that it's exposed as false. kennedy: yeah, but they only expose it when they know they have enough ammunition to completely topple him. because people were so afraid of the repercussions. by her own admissions said i'll screw with you when i win an oscar, one of your movies. so that's kind of gross. >> it's all very, very gross and for him to say, oh, i so respect women. what does he think not respecting women looks like? i mean, this is pretty gross. only sorry because he got caught and people and potted
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plants everywhere are going to be happy that he's gone. they can never consent. >> the good news is that -- i mean, his totally absurd letter where he tried to say, well, yeah, i hate the nra. >> that was the weirdest part. >> it didn't seem to work. he thought that he could just play to the political kind of sense of hatred of his own team, and i don't see many people out there in hollywood going, you know, that's right. earlier does hate trump enough. >> yeah. we need someone who's going to enforce the retirement party. no. meanwhile, senator now claims the president is putting the u.s. on a quote path to world war iii. it comes after the two men sparred publicly for the better part of sunday. tennessee bob didn't have the guts to run for office again. last week said he would not be seeking reelection. fire back in a tweet saying quote it's a shame the white house has become an adult day care center. someone obviously missed their ship this morning. so fiery.
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the president then claimed that he begged for his endorsement and asked the president to be secretary of state. please let me be secretary of state. it's unclear if any of those things actually happened. and then told the new york times that the president is treating his presidency like a reality show. so who's going to come out on top here? cat, i understand the back and forth. i understand the counterpunch when corker feels like he's attacked. but he then needs to make a shift to serious adult time policy if he wants to be taken seriously in the remaining days of his -- >> adult day care center is an excellent insult. however, this whole thing is like an adult day care. they're constantly revealing their dirty laundry. and you think, meanwhile, they wouldn't be able to get anything done because they're so busy doing this. and, yeah, they aren't getting anything done. >> they aren't getting anything done, and corker is a
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in a very important and prominent position still. and the president is attacking members of the republican senate caucus who are are not going to be senators for much longer, when he maybe should be massaging those votes a little bit like a starlet in weinstein's hotel room. >> bob corker would not have won reelection. and it's because a lot of trump voters like me -- and i've talked to them all over the country. i don't think he would have won. there's an underswell to reclaim the republican party -- or remake it more in line of the vision of the president of the united states, not the image of the establishment republicans that have gotten us basically nothing but the iran deal, you know, higher taxes, obamacare, all of these things. and so corker's going to be on the way out. and corker is a warning sign to a lot of establishment republicans that won't deliver. they don't have to like trump. they just have to start getting something done. that's it. kennedy: there are a couple of things i want to touch on there. if we have time, we'll circle
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back to that. because this whole notion that somehow steve bannon is the savior of the republican party, like, when he wants to craft the party into is somehow republican. i think there's a debate to be had there. but first, i want to talk about this previously-hidden courage. and someone like bob corker finally coming out and saying something, it's a little bit disingenuous. >> he was out there in april and july of 2016, after which a lot of the character traits that he has now slamming and the president were very, very well-known to a lot of people, and he was trying to twist his colleagues' arm saying you've got to get on the train and stop being obstructionist. it's like former mexican president get out of office about legalizing marijuana to end the drug war. corker might be right on that trump we don't really know who's running foreign policy, and it's unsettling when that is the case. but when he says things like world war iii. >> hyperbolic. >> and this is true of a lot of people like john mccain and
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other never trump type of conservatives. those people have yet to fully acknowledge and take discredit for the amount of interventionism that have have injected into foreign policy. >> yeah. that's a good point. how many of these guys -- exactly right. and they want to bomb iran and china and everyone else. but back to your point about recrafting the republican party. there are also some dangerous elements there. first of all, you have a president who's unwilling to cut spending, but he wants to cut taxes. he wants to be protectionist when it comes to the economy trade and immigration. and those are all things that could totally thwart the economy. >> well, ultimately, this is -- the republican party is not going to be remade purely in the image of president donald trump. if other republicans come to the table and are willing to define what the future of the party looks like. but right now, it's just as influx as the democratic party. >> i don't think that's the establishment's fault or trump's fault. i think there's a gop identity crisis going on right now where they don't know who they are. was pretty liberal.
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it wasn't really a conservative bill. kennedy: tim collins and mike lee do not belong to the same party. they don't fit the same word republican. now, speaking of flesh, a little bit later on, first up, democratic senator dianne feinstein just weighed in on the las vegas shooting and our nation's current gun laws. and for a california liberal, her stance may surprise you. watch. >> could there have been any law passed that would have stopped him? >> no. he passed background checks registering for handguns and other weapons on multiple occasions. kennedy: well, then this morning, feinstein announced that she was running for reelection and quote ending gun violence as one of the reasons for doing so. but left solutions of whether gun violence works. and joining me now, fox news
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contributor, katie. so she admitted herself that there are no laws that could have been passed prior to this that would have stopped a psychotic, cold-blooded killer like steven paddock. >> which makes the left's argument surrounding this particular issue and issues in the past when we have these tragic mass shootings look very transparent. this isn't about addressing solutions for what happened. this is about the overall agenda. and i think it's important to point out that dianne feinstein when she has a majority in the senate 2013 under barack obama put a bill for sponsor that had everything that she wanted, everything that the pro gun control, antirights movement want, 159 rifles banned. magazine capacity limits. universal background checks. everything that they want all of the time that they throw out there when one of these things happens for political reasons, did not pass. and, in fact, national reciprocity still failed. but it got more votes and her gun control bill did. so this is a political play for her.
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just like it is for many on the left. and she's from california. and that's what they like to hear. kennedy: yeah, and people say things, like, why did he have so many guns? why was he allowed to have so many guns? and that's why people go and buy guns after mass shootings because they're scared that the reaction is going to be that the government is going to try to disarm the citizenry. >> well, and the left is constantly talking about how we need to have a conversation surrounding gun safety and gun control. but then you have people like nancy pelosi coming out and saying, well, yes, this is a slippery slope, and i hope it is. and you have hollywood actresses like nancy saying that all nra members should be shot, executed by firing squad, which then people who own firearms who may not be nra members go, you know, i don't think i'm going to give up my rights for people who want me dead. and so if they want to have a conversation, they can start by not calling for gun owners' deaths, first of all. and second of all, not even putting gun owners in the same category as someone like the guy who carried out las vegas
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or san bernardino or orlando. >> taking responsibility, the person responsibility away from him. and we stop looking for motives. because if we can figure out why this happened, maybe we can keep it from happening again. passing a bunch of laws isn't going to keep it from happening again. criminals, they're not going to purchase firearms where you get background checks. >> right. kennedy: they're going to have someone legally do that for them, ones who don't have a criminal history. and the problem is it takes this away from the ultimate goal. >> right. well, the personal responsibility aspect of this is very important. because time after time when we see these things happen, the left automatically goes to an object. the gun. we need gun control. rather than holding the person who carried it out solely responsible for their actions. and that's a distraction. it's a cop out, and it really makes it so that we're not focusing on the real issue at hand. we're coming up with tailored solutions to stop this from happening. and i think it's also important to point out that
12:15 am
the government can't prevent everything. unfortunately, that is the reality of the world that we live in. bad things happen. we do everything we possibly can to prevent it. but passing laws to prevent these things from happening just for the sake of it is an infringement on constitutional right. kennedy: absolutely. >> and it's not something we can do just because they're demanding and they admit we can't do anything. kennedy: and it accomplishes nothing. katie, thank you. >> great to see you. thanks. kennedy: coming up, what's going to happen first? the nfl protest going away? or the new york giants winning a game? we will debate who's right. who's wrong. it's time for our fall sale on the only bed
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12:20 am
to me. he knew that the players protest. he knew that we were probably going to do it again. a man of power comes to the game and leaves the game in an attempt to thwart our efforts. kennedy: you're all playing politics. that's what everybody's doing. meanwhile, dallas cowboys owner jerry jones is giving his players an ultimatum. respect the flag or don't bother suiting up for the game. responded with a statement reading quote i look forward to the day when everyone in management can unite and truly embrace and articulate what the flag really stands for. liberty and justice for all. amen. instead, some of them just talking about standing look forward to continuing our talks with them on this very issue. okay. so who's going to win in this battle of wills? let me bring in brian
12:21 am
kilmeade, the host of fox and friends. brian: don't forget the radio show. kennedy: and host of a radio show. and richard fouler here. so much talking and believing and handsomeness in a one-man panel. thank you for being here. >> thank you so much. kennedy: brian, i will start with you. vice president pence knew that people would kneel. they're from san francisco. they're a bunch of hippies, and they love any sort of discord there in the bay area. he knew he was going to kneel. >> he wants to go to peyton manning's game when he gets his number retired. that's why he booked it weeks ago. i'm sure he knew the 49ers would kneel or leave or sit down or stay in the tunnel like some of the dolphins did. and at which time, the president said, listen, i
12:22 am
think you should leave if they do this. and he said i'll do it. if you thought it was ahead of time, someone should have told mrs. pence because she wore a jersey. kennedy: now. he also said he tweeted an old picture. the stock pence photo. brian: richard could help me better. what does it mean a man of power? the people who have power are the football players. there are 70,000 people there to see the football players. the vice president's there to watch, and they -- he saw the players do something of power. they took a knee during the national anthem to send a message. because he left, he's trying to show power? i don't get it. he observed their demonstration and left. now he's showing a demonstration. you can't have it both ways. kennedy: all right. so, richard, can you have it both ways? was the vice president somehow misusing his vice presidential power? >> well, i think there's a question to nuance to this particular debate around players kneeling. i said once again before on
12:23 am
this show and many owe other shows. it's not about the flag, not about our vets, it's about racial injustice. so here's the question. and this is a question to brian or kennedy or to both of you. would you trade places with any of these players? would you trade places with a black person in america. kennedy: yes. it's a yes-or-no question. kennedy: i totally would. i would absolutely be a black man with that incredible talent and the ability to make millions of dollars to realize my dream and be adored by millions of people. are you kidding me? i would love that. i don't height any of this but, man, the tradeoff would be. kennedy: would you trade places with the average african-american man who lives in brooklyn, new york. kennedy: that's a dumb question. that hasn't nothing to do with
12:24 am
this. if i could be o'dell jr. before his anchor injury, his place in life is far beyond mine. >> if these players are protesting here is the nuance of the issue. an. kennedy: i know you feel like an intellectual by asking it. it's about a real argument. it's a true and real racial injustice in this country. and until people understand that, that is what the issue is. kennedy: there are two things here, and i'm going to let brian -- hold onto your pole. i'm going to let brian tackle this because there is great disparity in sentencing when it comes to drug sentencing in this country. there is also horrific miscarriage of justice and our criminal justice system is broken. those are two things that you can fix. those are two specific things that you can fix. the nebulous stuff that you talk about where you peer into people's hearts and somehow come up with the contents of them, that's a little bit too vague and can't be addressed or fixed with national anthem
12:25 am
protest. brian, go ahead. brian: richard, here you go. number one, your career, and i'm being totally candid. everybody who sees you on television and i'm sure listens to your radio show knows your knowledge and -- you've got a lot going for you. i think a lot of people like to switch gears with you, especially your future. number two, in terms of this demonstration, the major problem is it's the choice of where they did it. it's not up to the people to say i'm not disrespecting the flag. it's up to me to view that as it is disrespecting the flag. it's not brian kilmeade's opinion. that's a lot of people in this country that say wait a second. not just veterans. veterans is almost an easy out. of course, veterans with one leg, you're taking a knee, and they can barely stand, that's one thing. because americans can agree we're all for the flag. this was an accident. colin kaepernick pulled over by a reporter who said -- wait a second. why are you sitting down? yeah, i'm sitting down
12:26 am
because -- and now he's gone, and they're still doing it, and they don't know know why. >> no, they're doing it because of racial injustice. and if you talk to these players carefully, they would tell you that this has nothing to do with the flag and 89% of -- brian: he had a choice. >> there are plenty of people -- hold on a second, richard because i'm going to respond. there are plenty of people sitting in the middle of this country regardless of race who have a hard time feeding their children who can't get a business off the ground who can't find a job and they can't do what they love because of economic immobility, and they're asking you. would you trade places with me? the answer is if you're being honest, hell no. thank you very much for being here. richard and brian, i love to see both of you. you're delightful. brian: nice seeing you. i can't wait to meet you. kennedy: coming up, they use used to wave the black guy flag of isis. more than 1,000 isis thugs have waved the white flag of surrender in iraq. will more follow?
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12:31 am
now surrendered, despite vowing to fight to the death. so does this mean that the u.s. military strategy against isis is working? and if so, where do we go from here? let me ask fox news strategic analyst and author of the new book, lieutenant colonel ralph peters returns. why have so many of the isis forces surrendered, lieutenant colonel peters? >> because we've killed the toughest ones. they're very disorganized. a lot of the leaders have been killed. a lot of the people who forced them to fight. and these are the ones that are not as fully committed. the ones that are always shying away from the front lines, if they could get away with it. and our policy, which to be fair, the policy of putting the locals out front began under obama. but president trump by sweeping away politically-correct restrictions in our military, really supercharged it. so now we have a straight forward policy where we
12:32 am
will -- you want to fight terrorists. you want to save your country, we will give you logistics, equipment, training, intelligence, and air power, but you have to get out and give blood for your own country, and that's what's working right now, and it's a very successful model that i think we'll stick to for years. kennedy: so you're saying the u.s. has the best strategist in the world, but it shouldn't be our boots on the ground fighting these conflicts. is isis running out of money. is that the reason that some of these men are deserting their posts? >> well, certainly, they're running out of money. but, really, the key thing is they're running out of phonetics. we have 200 years of history in resurrections. and what you have to do is kill the hard-core believers. and those are the ones that did fight to the death.
12:33 am
kennedy: i like reeducating people, as it were. so why not take the ones who have surrendered -- hear me out because this is a creative solution that i think you will actually like. why don't you take the ones who have deserted, the ones who have surrendered and put them in a reeducation camp with either scientologists or cross fitters? >> well, actually, maybe we can just make them watch kennedy over and over and over. kennedy: that may be too much freedom for them, lieutenant colonel. >> well, it they certainly would be disoriented. but there's some fringe players personnel that you can reeducate. but hard-core religious fanatics who believe they're on a mission from god to kill you have no reverse gear, and you reeducate them with a bullet. and it's not that i think killing is the answer to every problem in the world. but i will tell you, for years and years, we heard "oh, we can't kill our way out of this problem," well, yeah, you can, and that's exactly what we did. look, i wish the world were different. i love the quaker.
12:34 am
the only reason there are living quakers is others fought to keep them alive. and when it comes down to fanatics, the world is better place if we give them a one-way ticket to visit allah. >> he double hockey sticks they call it from where i'm from. thank you, colonel, for your time. >> thank you. >> well, it looks like the white house may want to hire a new travel agent. the inspectors general have opened at least five investigations into private or military flights taken by some of's cabinet secretaries. and they're all the flights that cost millions in taxpayer dollars, as you recall health and human secretaries resigned last month. it was a short stay. and allegations of private jet trips across the country. now investigators are said to be looking into visitors by perry, and steve mnuchin. cabinet members are supposed to be flying commercial when they can.
12:35 am
but within the administration that's purportedly one of the wealthiest ever, is this the best way to drain the swamp? the power panel is back. cat, it is unsurprising that a bunch of entitled human beings are flying on private jets. i would much rather fly private. if someone else is paying the bill, that is a great way to fly. >> i guess. but not if it's going to ruin your career. kennedy: yeah, that's the downside. >> it's dope. but is it so dope that you want to ruin your whole career? i can fly coach, or i can fly a couple hundred more and fly first class. i always fly coach because a couple hundred isn't worth it. so certainly in that calculation, a career-ending move would not be worth it for me. i mean, is it that good? i could take this one flight that's super dope. it's not like people. kennedy: yeah, but there are a lot of people on -- in the president's cabinet who can afford to fly private. they probably have a fleet of their own jets. so why are they draining our
12:36 am
copper? >> well, i appreciate that the president forced price out. because the president did run on being more fiscally-conservative than his predecessor, and they need to set the tone now going forward that if anybody in the cabinet abuses their traveling privileges that they're on their way out. >> a lot of these bros are doing it. >> well, at the very least, they need to be asked to reimburse the government, i think. if they can afford it, absolutely. kennedy: it's our money. >> yeah. our money. >> first of all, the president did not run on being more fiscally-conservative than obama. kennedy: he wasn't going to cut any entitlements, he was not a cost cutter. >> and i will bet you right now on television, because that's legal, i will bet you money that trump's first budget will decrease the deficit more than -- >> count me in. >> and also he will spend more money. >> are you comparing 2009 verse 2016. >> he will spend more money and the deficit will be larger
12:37 am
than obama. >> just passed $700 billion -- kennedy: conservative cost-cutting? >> well, there isn't. he ran on i'm not going to touch your entitlements, although he doesn't necessarily know what the entitlements are, necessarily. we just raised the debt ceiling. no one cares anymore about this stuff. it's not just him. don't get me wrong. kennedy: i bet obama's sector were spending the same amount of money. >> obama at least had republicans who cared about-face fist cally conservatism. they went to we need new deficits. he actually said that. >> i think you're absolutely right. we need to see a different tone in washington. the way that they're frivolously throwing away money has got to end. and that starts with the personal travel. kennedy: thank you, all, so much. coming up, epa director scott pruitt announcing the trump administration is ready to dump the obama-era regulations
12:38 am
on coal fire. power plans says that the government should not be picking the winners and losers. but is it a win for capitalism? jonathan says the math, crunches the numbers, and does some crunches. great abs. next this is what it's all about, jamie -- helping small businesses. damage your vehicle? we got you covered. [ glass shatters ] property damage? that's what general liability's for. what?! -injured employee? -ow. workers' comp helps you pay for a replacement. what's happening? this is carla. how's it going? and if anything comes up, our experts are standing by. ♪ boo!
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kennedy: frustration growing with the obama administration's war on coal and donald trump on mining states in last year's like a. and today, the trump administration repay coal country support by taking the first step towards scrapping the obama-era program that curbed submissions from coal-fired power plants. epa director scott pruitt, who has oklahoma attorney general against the power plan in 2016 may be announcing today in the mecca of coal, kentucky. >> that was really about picking winners and losers. the past manager was unapology ethic. they were using the epa to pick winners and losers in this country. kennedy: kinky. environmental groups are losing their minds. they're expected to challenge the proposal for repeal, which could take months before being finalized. but is pruitt right? is it wrong for the government to bring in winners and losers inspect let me bring in
12:43 am
hemorrhage fund manager, also a fox news contributor. welcome back to the show. >> great to be with you, kennedy. thank you. kennedy: so what is the good news here, jonathan. >> well, the good news is that the government -- even on a small measure, is getting out of regulating energy. i mean, kennedy, the epa has only been around since the 1970s. it's not as if it's enshrined in our constitution. in fact, the government should have no role in energy, specifically as pruitt was talking about punishing one form of energy. and the last administration explicitly punished coal in solar, wind, all of these subsidies that -- towards energy that don't work. government should get out of the way and let the people, the individuals choose what type of energy works best for them and works best for the country. kennedy: the economy in this part of the country has, of course, been truly destroyed with the downturn of coal and the war on coal that has been waged by the left.
12:44 am
is coal actually making a come back? or should they be bracing for a different form of fuel delight in places like western pennsylvania and kentucky? >> well, that's what i worry about. honestly, the administration has talked now about specifically helping the coal industry, saving coal jobs. and that just is as worrisome as put the coal companies out of business. not to save jobs or favor any sort of industry. and it just might be that coal isn't the best use of energy, use of energy in that particular part of the country. we don't know. that's -- the market has to decide. and, again, why government simply needs to get out of the way. kennedy: and if we come up with new solutions and new ways of using energy and creating energy, fantastic. allow technology and the free market to be the arbiters of those decisions and not the arbitrary hand of government, which is really just giving
12:45 am
everyone a face full of dirt. >> the greens would say it's not arbitrary. keep in mind, every prediction the environmental movement has made, as every prediction has turned out to be wrong. the truth is, kennedy, that they're wrong about fossil fuels entirely. the more fossil fuels we burned in this world, the better man's life has become. environmentalistsaren't out to help the environment. they're really out to hurt mankind. that's their core philosophy. kennedy: and they think we've done a great disservice to the earth. last question. we only have about ten seconds left. how will the earth exact a revenge? >> the earth -- whatever the earth does, we will think and be able to conquer it. that's the story of mankind. taking the earth, remaking it into a form that benefits man, not the spotted owl. kennedy: wow. jonathan, thank you so much. owls be damned. coming up, daredevil tried to back flip a river on his
12:46 am
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kennedy: comic-con concluded last night in new york but not before the characters sent a powerful message to kids everywhere. and that message is you're
12:50 am
never too old to move back in with your parents, which is not true. the real message is you can be anything you want to be when you grow up, as long as they have a costume in your size. and this is the topical storm. topic number one. we don't usually cover serious topics in this segment. but tonight, we have no choice because a time traveler has been arrested for public intoxication in wyoming. told police he traveled here from the year 2048 to warn us of an invasion by aliens who filled up his body with alcohol. i hate it when they do that. yeah. of course, the cops knew he was nuts because nobody in their right mind think so the world is going to make it to 2048. i give it to 2019 tops at this rate. the police report says he was completely naked. johnson will be sent where all crazy people who make up stories.
12:51 am
to cnn. yeah. topic number two, and he'll get to stroke wolf blitzer's beard. let's head across the pond to london where daredevil travis pastrana has managed to do the impossible. no, he didn't get the queen to stop singing pour some sugar on me in karaoke because nobody can. pour some sugar on me. he did pull off -- watch this. on his motorcycle. woo. a back flip. between two barges over the river. oh, look at him go. the first fella who attempted this crashed and burned horribly. you can probably find it online. but whatever you do, please don't google crashed and burned. because all you'll get are stories about hillary's campaign. oh, travis, that was the name of my favorite chimp.
12:52 am
topic number three. a manhattan woman reportedly filed a class-action lawsuit after she purchased a box of junior minutes. she claims the box is only half full. yeah, according to the manufacturer intentionally deceased customers in unnecessarily large boxes delivering servings that are never as big as promised. there's a metaphor in there for online dating. but i'm not going to touch it. unlike my prom night. topic number four, fore. that's lindsey graham golfing. fore. apple is unveiling a new set of emojis this week. so now there's a whole new way to tell people you're a dimwit. i can't use my words, so i talk in pictures.
12:53 am
the new symbols are said to include a mermaid, a wizard, and even a chinese takeout carton. and one of my relatives. there's apple pie. broccoli. looks like an imp nada. for the moment, can i call you back? why? chinese takeout carton. oh. hang in there, pal. that has a way of repeating on you. there was a rumor that they even have an emoji for people who danced for quarters to pay their way through college. hey, wait a second. there must be some sort of mix-up. that's supposed to be the emoji for a person who was so awesome, the world can't even handle it. that wasn't nice. ben. topic number five. and finally, some bad news for us. fans of the 1990s, aol instant
12:54 am
messenger is going off to that big slap bracelet in the sky. the company will close the chat room doors for good on december 15th at which point all the weirdos who still use it, present company included, will be forced to switch over to my space full-time. but the news isn't all bad for instant messenger fans. the time traveler says it's going to make a huge come back in the year 2048. can you imagine getting so drunk you think you're a time traveler? that's like being a nine on a scale of one to nancy pelosi. where's the chardonnay for the aliens? coming up, good news out of liberalism in cook county, illinois. has a good chance of being at fidelity, trades are now just $4.95. we cut the price of trades to give investors even more value. and at $4.95, you can trade with a clear advantage.
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>> oh, mercy if you live in cook county, illinois, you've been probably dying from thirst from the soda attack that went into effect two months ago. but the bad news it was a columbus cash grab by bureaucrats who were trying to overcome a budget shortfall by punishing the poor. the good news, it's about to be repealed. arbitrary fines levied on booze, cigarettes, and lottery tickets. you know, the fun stuff. the idea is if you're engaging
12:59 am
on something pencil pushers deemed bad, then you have to pay extra. if you're slippering soda into your pie hole, chances are, the government is going to have to pay more for your health care. you're going to get lung cancer, therefore, you have to be punished, so you stop. the problem is the needle nose tankers are going to bully people for living forever. you think they're expensive when they only live until a50? and try to their beached characteristics until they're 100. let people make their own bad decisions. the conscious doesn't need further so i willing from big brother. and soda fans like this always fail. go put the toothpaste back in the tooth, cook county commissioners. if you want a dent, try reforming your own pensions. that's too practical. thank you so much for watching the show tonight. we are your diet coke. or coke zero. sugar. you can follow me on
1:00 am
instagram, facebook, e-mail me. tomorrow night on the show. kristen anderson returns along with can a meal foster who may be running for president and john stossel, who is the pope (male announcer) right now, it's all new. a paid presentation from meaningful beauty by cindy crawford. (female announcer) with special appearances from some of your tv favorites sharing their number one skin saving secrets. (male announcer) plus, a stunning before and after story from today's special guest, lori loughlin. (female announcer) at age 52, the star of full house and much more says her skin seems to be looking not older but younger thanks to friend and supermodel cindy crawford. (lori) i really do feel like my skin has been restored and i've traveled back in time. (male announcer) could it be the fountain of youth we've been waiting for? stay tuned to find out.


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