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tv   Mornings With Maria Bartiromo  FOX Business  October 16, 2017 6:00am-9:00am EDT

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lauren: the catalonia deadline was for a pop this morning. thank you for joining us this monday morning. we are going to say good morning to maria bartiromo. maria: hey there, ladies. happy monday to you. thanks for joining us this monday morning. i maria bartiromo and it's monday, october 16th. 6:00 a.m. on the east coast. 10 stocks at the white house. senate majority leader mitch mcconnell meeting for the first time face-to-face and the failure of the health care vote. one of the key items on the agenda of course tax reform. treasury secretary stephen mnuchin told me yesterday about getting the vote. >> i think the senate understands the importance of this. and i would also just comment i hope we get a lot of democrats on board as well. cutting taxes for the middle class in making business taxes competitive for jobs i think is something that democrats understand as well. maria: what to expect ahead of
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the meeting this morning. breaking news overnight. oil rig explodes in louisiana rep genome for. the latest as crews search for the missing. meanwhile, wi-fi everest or the wireless security vulnerable to hacking in your internet browsing could be tracked. the company or a stroke when this model three protections, laying off hundreds of others. merger monday starts on wall street. aramark announcing it deals valued at nearly $2.5 billion. a broader look at the m&a activity this morning. global market this morning we do is viking. the dow industrials, s&p and nasdaq also in the column. in europe this morning, stocks surging higher as well. dax up, cacm fractionally. asia overnight markets mostly higher with the exception of china down a third of a percent. a wild win for the dodgers to
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los angeles late in the cubs to-nothing in the mlc s. good all the highlights coming up your journey to to talk about it, rasmussen amy holmes here. kevin kelly and his lambskin partners president lee carter. great to see you. >> great to be here. been a great weekend, too. what is interesting as i found out jeff cohen likes mother had been brought into the world according to dave. so that was pretty interesting. >> and 86-year-old mother in big coin. >> fascinating seeing how the tides of change when it comes to the financial markets and 2009 another regulation that's happened in the banking sector is a maker ants coming up tomorrow. jpmorgan, morgan stanley. interest in result. goldman sachs is what it meant. what a fascinating today's netflix, the big start are coming out. we will talk about that.
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maria: and of course the iran bill, which the president did not certify. he said i cannot certify the deal. reaction from the israeli prime minister this morning, mr. benjamin at yahoo!. we will hear more this morning. reagan economic adviser art laffer weighing in. we will talk about tax reform and senior judicial analyst judge andrew napolitano. we'll talk with the ceo of movie pass, cofounder mitch low here as well to join us. big show coming up this morning. top story, president trump omit the senate majority leader mitch mcconnell today to talk about the full agenda. it is important to focus on the budget and tax reform according to the white house. i spoke with treasury secretary stephen mnuchin yesterday. he hopes to pass a bipartisan tax plan before year-end. >> we have a consensus with the leadership in the house and senate.
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we've been working on these issues all year. these are difficult issues. tax reform hasn't been done in 31 years. if this are simple, it would've been done before. president trump is committed and i am committed to getting this done this year. i hope we get a lot of democrats on board as well. cutting taxes for the middle class and making business taxes competitive for jobs is something democrats understand as well. trade you this ahead of the senate vote on the budget resolution as to whether or not republicans can pass the tax package above report. republicans will this do to-48 majority and can hold no more than two seats to pass a budget. lee carter, the administration has been messaging. is it enough to get the bipartisan support? >> what i find interesting if i've been testing to see how people respond to the message out there. voters are responding well. even dems are responding to the idea simplification in a very
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meaningful way. what we see inside washington has a lot of politics here people wonder do they have the vote? we hear now the rand paul is on board, so it looks like we could get something done and i think that it's really encouraging. we see that play out in the markets and hopefully they will meet their deadline. maria: the big vote for the senate. they were on vacation last week he wants that opens the door to reconciliation, you would expect us to move quickly. >> attack to some sources on capitol hill about how the senate will be tackling the budget. the budget is the framework to then move forward on tax reform. the senate has to answer three questions for the first one being focusing on the middle class. as you say it looks like they have to get senator rand paul on board with that. secondly, they need to satisfy the deficit hawks be led by senator bob corker. thirdly, other issues do a play which may surprise some viewers
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looking at defense spending. we need john mccain on board with that. even in wire. she wants to see that is dealt with in you still have ted cruz who wants to see obamacare repeal and replace. they will be grappling with those things this week to get republicans on board. if they do, they don't need to reach out to the other side. >> are budgeting $1.5 trillion in this tax plan, and this budget this week or they may not have to reach out that they are counting on bob corker and rand paul. >> to vote that they can lose on this. maria: in terms of the dems, they are counting on heidi heitkamp and also donnelly. we will see what happens. >> it goes back to the point, aiming, whether reformer cuts is a bipartisan issue, especially when you see each party come out with their plan. the reason being is that is so critical to the 2018 elections if the republicans don't get
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something done on the tax side, they are going to have a dismal showing next year and they have egg on their face because they are over three and major legislative agenda and they ran on that. the repeal and replace is a big pivotal part in they started with that. they can even get simple tax cuts done. they written for deep trouble. >> i think so, too. dems have to be careful going into 18 because their biggest talking point is this is the tax cut for the wealthy which simply is not true. american people are saying we get that. we want money back. we want our money in their paychecks. we want money for ourselves if democrats keep laying out the talking point is not going to work. >> the worst thing to happen for republicans passed a similar see the economy picking up, more money in people's rockets in democrats playing the role of
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obstructionist. >> when you look at the american people, they think this is going to move the needle in economic growth. the president pushing health care reform and the senators capitol hill today. this coming after president trump announced it had cut off payments to insurers paid the money goes to companies for lower out-of-pocket costs for copayments and deductibles without the subsidies the congressional budget office is saying that premiums on mid-level obamacare plans will rise by 20% greater deficit of increase of $194 billion over the next decade. can republicans get the support they need to pass this given that the divisiveness that is obviously still there in health care? >> i think it's a tough sell again. democrats main strategies being obstructionist. the status quo was networking. we are seeing obamacare is circling the drain. premiums are going up. i think it would behoove the press, particularly in the senate in a 10 state donald
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trump one handle it the blue state and the democrats will be under a lot of pressure. turn to the president last week said we are taking a different road, but maybe this is actually going to be as good if not more than maybe this'll be better. >> the president has use executive fiat to get anything done. using republicans not work with him, democrats not work within that he's just going to go it alone. one of the things when you look at this executive order, it allows choice for the american consumer. the middle-class consumers have been strangled by obamacare. they are the ones complaining about the data to both going up as well as premiums going up. now they are offering choice. they can pull together and get cheaper plans, whether its 90 day plans are one year plans. turn into if you like this past week was a very successful week for the gop because they came
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together in some ways here they are talking about getting all of these new vote like rand paul, susan collins, obviously possibly bob corker. and they also got through the executive order with health care. it looks like the budget vote happens this week to reconciliation opens the door for tax reform and we move forward. >> i totally agree. this is a very important way to follow up on last week. the president has continued to stay focused on these issues do not get distracted and let's get this done. that's at the american people want to see. >> the american people in the republican white house could work for the american people can make obamacare benefit the middle class. maria: lindsey graham and rand paul over the week in a shared the conversation. quite interesting on the golf course. when we come back with breaking news this morning, seven people are hurt after an oil rig explosion in louisiana. the search is now 147 people
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powerful oil rig explosion in louisiana. cheryl casone with the headlines. >> good morning, maria. at least seven people injured. one person still missing this morning. a train just northwest of new orleans, officials say drinking water in the area will remain safe because it is pulled and the nearby mississippi river. wi-fi router at home could be vulnerable to hackers. a government security group says the protocol used to protect wi-fi connections has been broken in the ones that hackers within physical range of any protected router can monitor basically everything you're doing. experts say you may want to have your home router preprogrammed. test firing 100 employees and production of its model employees for the firings included engineers, salespeople, even factory workers. elon musk has said it will be
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making 5000 model three cars by the end of the year. a few weeks ago there were bottlenecks in production. the stock up 65% so far this year but it is down in the premarket almost half of a percent. a dramatic ending in los angeles last night. ♪ [cheers and applause] dodgers are up two games to none. >> yeah they were. justin turner is a hero for los angeles in the national league championships. game three tomorrow night in chicago the american league series between the astros and the yankees right here in new york city. maria: thanks, cheryl. tesla's stock has had an incredible year.
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does this impact the stock further? >> i don't think so because the markets of forward-looking indicator prints so far ahead of the curve in terms of competition. you see everyone else trying to come in and go through by 2020. they are also trying to procure the lithium in order to make the batteries. tesla added that building their $5 billion into nevada. investor concerns using shrugged it off every single time. >> have a question about that which is that tesla so dependent on lobbying the federal government to make their cars look attractive compared to oil powered cars, does that affect? >> no, it hasn't. using subsidies whether it the solar industry, wind turbine industry, they are so dependent on these. it is ingrained. >> i think it's really fascinating they've done such a good job of messaging nature of messaging that you have an expectation they are not going
6:17 am
to turn a profit right now. they change themselves or an auto company to an energy company. that makes you look forward with them and how they're doing right now. >> award for amazon. >> they are fixing for them the next wave over they are going to electric vehicles. >> with god the beginning weeks, how it is earnings season shaking out this year. the expectation is for 4% profit growth. >> we are out of their earnings recession that we've seen. i think the earnings season, a lot of expectations have been checked especially because of the hurricanes that have happened. maria: we'll talk more about that in the next segment. stay with us on that. first, the foremost terrorist state of our time. israeli prime minister benjamin at yahoo! and supporting behind president trump's bold action on
6:18 am
the decertification of the obama area nuclear deal. aramark requires two companies in the largest deal going public. we will tell you about those. back in a moment right here. ♪
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maria: welcome back when the momentum continues. according to gain once again. dow industrials opening up 20 points. kicking off a busy week. earnings season ramps up this week. janet yellen speaking on the comedy yesterday at the imf meetings. she signaled the central bank could raise interest rates again this year probably december. joining us now, russell investment chief market strategist thomas stephen would. are you still trending back? >> from a global perspective you want to put money in the market. our view is that fundamentals are probably going to get a little bit better week going into the end of the year. abu bleak when the fallback. fundamentals look okay. valuations of the u.s. equity market will lead us to think that a global rebalancing, so
6:23 am
for u.s. dollar american investor has done very well. on this fundamentals, they are working harder and harder to justify valuations. probably a good opportunity to turn the u.s. rally. emerging market with a broad multi-asset and be very disciplined in plentiful and how you do it. >> at that is interesting, this week on wall street said to me, catherine, look, the dollar deserves a little bump up, but long-term the dollar is down. i thought that was interesting because you got a guy in the white house, president trump was basically saying all about american nationalism that she would think the dollar strata. what do you think? >> i think this is an interesting point because we see emerging markets rotating in. they have benefited from weaker dollar from weaker dollars of occurrences have been stronger as well as commodities supporting their economies have done very well. when you are picking and choosing where to play, it is a
6:24 am
fascinating story because it's been down 12% this year or appointed spent about 80% now. when you look to allocate across the globe, even looking internally into the u.s., a stronger dollar for thousands out you want to go to wrestle 2000. maria: is that what you're doing? >> within the u.s. the issue is not so much sectors. the broad valuation concerns that we have. as you know we've been saying for sometime now you want more global. europe has been one of our favorite destinations. the dollar has been trending weaker. i don't know that it tremendous upside. the dollar euro could be similar tactical considerations. ultimately for long-term disciplined investors better. we look at the broader effect. the dollar right now is probably going to chop in this range. i think if the euro was 128, 121 from a 120, mario draghi will
6:25 am
get very busy and reassess. so that could end the europe cycle, little bump in the year of funding. i think right now looking at europe, given this rally may be something america wants to consider. maria: are you buying a ds in europe? >> we've been investing directly through the strategy we've got. >> you say you are looking at expecting tax cuts in 2018. capitol hill is turning out to this week and then hopefully a framework for tax reform. what if that doesn't happen? how does that change your outlook? we might bear pricing in some movement. there could be some bipartisanship or even on corporate taxation. but i think the markets in the u.s. is clearly priced in. we think the effects of the positive peer we are modest and how positive we think they will be. right now the valuation argument we think of that's progress not only in texas, but individual. >> usb or the administration a
6:26 am
break and get bipartisan agreement on middle-class tax cuts. is that enough when you look at the market? >> it could be on the individual side. the big bang for the corporate side. repatriation also pretty big. on the personal side a bit more political. people of more emotional attachments to middle-class, upper class. my understanding of the proposal right now is in high tax states like new york or california this could be something of a tax increase in order to find a middle-class tax cut. we just need to look at this and what kind of longer-term macroeconomic stimulus that has what should be measurable, but i don't think it will double the rate of growth. >> e. pushback from his stephen mnuchin was on the program yesterday. he pushed back tax increases for the highest earners but they are coming up with a plan to buy some kind of a cap on the state and local tax deductions. if you make more than a million dollars mobile today.. i don't know the actual numbers.
6:27 am
they are trying to come up with some game where you won't see a middle-class tax increase for those people who won't be able to deduct that anymore. >> simplifications, 35, 25, 12 and zero. the removal of deductions is a subtle point may be subtle point maybe but it a big, big point. how they treat deductions is going to be significant. maria: do think the market is up? 5 million now because there's some anticipation or is this going to be gravy? >> the anticipation that it does get done. something you are talking about earlier is a turnaround of chinese growth, something under reported. the chinese economy is growing six by 5%. for the couple years before this, the chinese government said it was growing at six and it was sent. looking at emerging markets, commodity prices affect in the
6:28 am
dollar. the expansion and broadening of global growth allowing europe to participate, emerging market, asia. getting some improvement in the global economy and in those markets by and large valuations are attractive relative to us. >> the technology sector has outperformed our technologies that are here soever once talked about how tech is not doing so well. talking about apple, facebook. technology sector at alibaba, all of those have outperformed ours. maria: interesting. great to see you. thank you so much. david wood joining us. we'll take a break. when we come back from historic bold. while benjamin at yahoo! says the obama era nuclear deal is the right decision for the world. my interview with the prime minister next. costume fail. anne frank halloween costume pulled after sparking social media outrage. we'll be back in a minute.
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common side effects of harvoni include tiredness, headache and weakness. ready to let go of hep c? ask your hep c specialist about harvoni. maria: welcome back, happy monday. october 16th, top stories right now, 630 east in the east coast. threatens to end entirely if congress fails to take action to improve. america's key ally in the region applauding the decision. >> iran is the terrorist of our time, to have a rogue regime like that acquire an arsenal of nuclear weapons in ten year's time which is what the iran
6:32 am
agreement now provides iran to do is a terrible. so i commend the president for taking bold decision -- maria: more this morning from my interview with benjamin netanyahu and why president trump made the right move. oil jumping on fears of new sanctions against iran. oil is up quarter percent this morning. global markets are pointing to a gain. dow industrials set to up 20 points. in europe stocks are edging higher, take a look at the european indices, dax indicate ells all higher but afraction. in asia markets close mostly higher with best performer in hong kong. over in california combating of the california wild fires continues. crews have gained ground on the flames apparently in what's the deadliest wild fire in state's
6:33 am
history. cutting ties amazon studios severs republican with weinstein company. drastic measures to distance themselves from the company. controversy over world war ii anne frank outfit. why the trio of houses for employees. we will take you there. top story revamping the iran nuclear deal, on friday president trump announced that he will not recertify the 2015 agreement and threatened to end it altogether if congress does not strengthen, nikki haley explained the administration's decision. >> the goal at tend to have day is to hold iran accountable, is to get them to be good community leaders, to get them to stop all of these violations that they
6:34 am
are doing. what we are trying to say is, look, the agreement was an incentive, the agreement was for you to stop doing certain things. you haven't stopped doing certain things oh so what do we make to make iran more accountable for what they do? maria: america's key ally commanded the move. i spoke with israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu about the deal. he said he doesn't care if they keep it or leave it, but the deal has to be changed. he told me the decision to decertify is very important. >> iran is a terrorist state of our time, hangs gays, forments terrorism throughout the world and to have a regime like this whose economy is 30 times the size of north korea, to have a rogue regime like that acquire an arsenal of nuclear weapons in ten year's time which is what the iran agreement now provides iran to do is a terrible folly.
6:35 am
i commend the president for taking bold decision. he could have said it's not going to happen on my watch so i will let it go. he gave an opportunity for all of us in the middle east and beyond to fix this deal, fix it or nix it because it could be very dangerous if it just went through. maria: i'm glad you mentioned north korea, but the idea that he said fix it or nix really surprised some people that he left the door open to, look f congress can't come up with something, we will walk away. watch this, mr. prime minister, i want to get your reaction as we examine the flaws in the deal. >> i am directing my administration to work closely with congress and our allies to address the deals many serious flaws so that the iranian regime can never threaten the world with nuclear weapons. in the event we are not able to
6:36 am
reach a solution working with congress and our allies, then the agreement will be terminated. maria: mr. prime minister, you would rather see the deal terminate order do you they they can amend the serious flaw that is the president refers to? >> i'm focused on the goal. the goal is to prevent iran from ever acquiring -- ever acquiring nuclear weapons and you could achieve it either by fixing this bad deal or by nixing it. there are several key things that you want to make sure, one that you don't remove restrictions on iran nuclear program by changing the calendar. you want to see a real change in iran's behavior. that's eliminating the so-called automatic sunset clause on restrictions. the second thing is prevent iran from developing intercontinental ballistic missiles that are only useful for nuclear weapons and you do that. the third thing, equally to see
6:37 am
that you have real inspections. right now, iran doesn't allow you to inspect military sites, it lets you inspect everywhere else, where do you think they are going to hide these things? the key changes that have to go through. you get it -- if you get it, fine, if you don't, cancel the deal. maria: tom cotton to look at the flaws to a way to come up with a bill and it is the sunset clauses, insufficient enforcement and silence on iran's missile program. do you they that they'll be able to come up with an amendment that iran will follow? do you really believe that we will be able to start viewing their facilities? >> i think that what you have a immense leverage. people don't recognize that. you have immense leverage not only because israel and the key arab states in the region support what the president has done, you said israel supports
6:38 am
the president, so does saudi arabia and emirates, when israel and the arab states agree on something, this is a historic moment. the leverage you have is based upon the fact that the united states is a great super power. it's the world's greatest power. its economy is nearly $20 trillion, the iranian economy is 2% of that. so when various countries including your allies have to choose between crippling sanctions on iran or cutting themselves out of the american market, well, it's a no-brainer what they'll choose. that's part of the leverage that you'll have and the president is right to put that forward now and to say, i'm not going to authorize the continuation of a very bad deal that will give a rogue criminal state the power to threaten the united states mainland, we have seen what happens when that goes through. i'm going to act now, again, fix it or nix it, exactly the right thing to do. maria: but that's not what we
6:39 am
are hearing from some of our partners on this deal, right? i mean, what are you going to do -- what should the president be doing to work with the other five countries who are basically saying, look, we are fine just keeping the deal as is, i'm talking about europe and china so if the u.s. snaps back sanctions back in place, what does it really mean if the other countries involved in this deal are not agreeable? >> well, look, i think the reason they say they want to keep the deal is because they think that changing it would mean canceling it but the president said something very astute, unless you change it, i'm going to cancel it. so if you want to save the deal, start fixing it. that's exactly the right -- so it takes time until governments actually understand the significance of what the president put forward, but he has said, i, the president of the united states, will not allow the bad deal to go through. the only way you guys can save the deal is by helping amend it.
6:40 am
fixing it. and that's -- that's something that i think will have great leverage down the line. maria: so do you -- >> maybe right now. maria: for example, will join in on perhaps potentially snapping back those sanctions against iran then? >> well, i think if the u.s. decides to do that on its own it can do so by its own because it has such immense economic leverage and the europeans once they think about it will see that the president is giving them an opportunity to avoid something that is very bad for them today. you know, you don't want -- none of us as leaders should, you know, sacrifice the long-term or even the middle-term for the short-term, in a few years, iran will be this humongous power, death to america, death to israel, you know, you're the
6:41 am
great satan, you're the little satan, europe will be the middle satan, i hope they're not offended. it's to fire to threaten europe and to threaten the united states. i think when people come around and think about it and say, we really don't want this bad deal to go through, we really should act now to correct it. maria: my thanks once again to prime minister benjamin netanyahu for joining me. harvey weinstein battling back, the ousted challenging the company he founded. the office space has wi-fi and gas fireplace and oh, yeah, it's 12 feet off of the ground in a tree house whether he recollects show you microsoft's new digs k back in a minute. "volatile markets."
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maria: welcome back, markets looking good this monday morning, futures indicate august gain at the opening of trading, dow industrials up 17 points right now. according to bloomberg, the company wants to hire people with national security clearances to prevent foreign powers from using the social network to meddle in elections, candidates reportedly include former government and intelligent officials, facebook shares up in the premarket. apple considering plans to overhaul iphone security measures according to 9:00 to 5:00 mac report, the company could abandon touch id after the iphone 8 instead apple would use facial recognition technology featured on the iphone 10 which is more reliable than fingerprint scanner. clashes between two u.s. allies in northern iraq. cheryl casone with all the details and today's headlines,
6:46 am
cheryl. cheryl: moving to recapture oil fields in the city, iraqi forces fled the area back in 2014 as isis advanced. tensions have been rising since kurds voted for independence last month. referendum was rejected as unconstitutional by baghdad. conflict driving up oil prices this morning. crude up 67 cents right now. more than a 1% gain. back here at home the winds aren't dying down in northern california. that's helping firefighters gain ground, fire officials say they have, quote, turned and allowed people to go back in areas in longer in harm's way. >> we have a long road ahead of us but the day that we had hoped would come, one week later, we are here. cheryl: officials still warn the fight is far from over. blazes
6:47 am
are blamed for 40 deaths. another one of the what were they thinking stories to tell you about this morning, halloween costume company has pulled away anne frank costume, offered this costume featuring a long sleeve blue button up dress, brown shoulder bag, people on social media hated this. one twitter user said, quote, totally speechless. just been shown this ad for anne frank, you might want to have a word. and then finally this, this is interesting, if you work for microsoft and tired of going into the office, you have alternative, a tree house. yeah. last week the company unveiled a network of tree houses, part of effort to boost employee creativity and happiness, the tree houses sit 12 feet off the ground, skylights and wi-fi, of
6:48 am
course, the tree house offer a place to chill inside or out. stocks up nearly 25% this year. maria: microsoft is doing something right, stock is doing really well recently. >> that's for sure. maria: i like the tree house. [laughter] kevin: does it come with the hippy hats and you get free hugs and cuddles and coffee and chill out. [laughter] maria: 24-hour phone service. kevin: engineers up in the tree house trying to code, just my perspective. maria: we will take a break and then there's this, everybody saw this cover, woody allen, don't go all witch-hunt over harvey on me. harvey weinstein fights for his job, weinstein reportedly plans to challenge his firing with company he founded. apologizing to staff after ahead of production arm is accused of
6:49 am
sexual harassment. plus how weinstein scandal will affect amazon projects next.
6:50 am
6:51 am
6:52 am
maria: welcome back, harvey weinstein will challenge firing by wine seen company according to tmz, tracee carrasco with the details, good morning. tracee: this is him essentially saying that he shouldn't have been fired. weinstein in sex rehab in arizona will be present at the meeting by phone tomorrow and plans to challenge his firing by the weinstein company, the company he founded. this after membership in the academy of motion picture arts and sciences was revoked over the weekend and the clinton foundation told the daily mail it will not return as much as $250,000 in donations from harvey weinstein saying on sunday the money had already been spent on the organization's
6:53 am
programs and used for charitable purposes, meanwhile amazon is now apologizing after studio head roy price was placed on leave following allegations of sexual harassment by amazon producer, in memo to employees, amazon executive jeff blackburn said in part the news coming out of hollywood over the past weekend has been shocking and disturbing and unfortunately we are part of it. amazon does not tolerate harassment or abuse of employees or business partners. if a concern is brought to your attention, we investigate it quickly and thoroughly. maria: part of the issue is they had the clause in the contract that basically said if you get charged with sexual harassment it's fine you have to pay back the company. >> pay to play. maria: that's why he's saying, it's not right that i was fired because it was all there. >> some speculation that this actually puts the company in more legal jeopardy because it
6:54 am
indicates that, yes, in fact, they did know that mr. weinstein had predatory behavior. i'm curious about the amazon thing that they say they investigate, producer had complained about this person's behavior toward her and he was still, you know -- maria: how much investigating? kevin: the hard part when you're talking about the sexual harassment clause in the contract is it's a recognition of sexual harassment but the issue is the rain allegations that have come out. >> criminal. kevin: big distinct between sexual harassment and a criminal rape allegation, right? so there's no protection for him under that and i think that's why you saw the academy really expel him because there is some legitimacy to those claims. maria: and those rape claims are within the last five years or is it beyond the statute of limitations? >> well, there is the sexual
6:55 am
assault allegation from 2015 of the italian model that he groped her and got him on tape admitting it. getting back to difference for criminal complaint and civil complaint, the criminal putting harvey weinstein in jail, when it comes to the weinstein company, if this contract seems to indicate that they knew about sexual harassment, there's clause you don't get to wiggle out because you fine him, there's an employment law issue. maria: what about this cover, woody allen, don't go witch hunt over harvey. he said multiple times it's very sad, it's very sad for the women involved as we all understand and we all agree but to say don't go all witch-hunt over harvey from a fellow pervert himself, accused molester -- kevin: confirmation of the type of person that weinstein -- if you have woody allen coming to your defense and he's the only
6:56 am
one, there's probably some validity to a lot of the accusations that are out there. >> how about self-protection in you might as well be drawing attention to your own actions in saying something like that? tracee: he had to come out and clarify what he had said. maria: look who is still in the motion picture, roman polaski. >> these are just the people we know and let alone all the bugs under that rug. maria: incredible turn of events, harvey weinstein, we will keep tracking that. we have a preview of quarterly earnings for netflix next hour. mornings with maria back in a minute. stay with us.
6:57 am
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and pioneered the atm, for cash, anytime. for over two centuries we've supported dreams like these. and the people and companies behind them. so why should that matter to you? because, today, we are still helping progress makers turn their ideas into reality. and the next great idea could be yours. maria: welcome back that monday morning everyone. happy monday to you. i am maria bartiromo. your top stories right now 7:00 a.m. on the east coast. tents talk on the white house. for bruce that has happened since a failed healthcare vote. the former white house chief strategist has a warning.
7:00 am
especially when it comes to policy goals. watch. this is not my war. this is our war. and y'all didn't start it the establishment started it. and i will tell you one thing you all are going to finish it. global markets this morning are higher. seventeen points higher on the tao. in europe this morning stocks are also edging higher. in asia over night. overnight. the markets are there. a massive oil rig explosion. at least seven people have been injured. one person still missing this morning. we have the have the very latest on the search. he is alleging that league owners are colluding against him preventing him from getting that officer.
7:01 am
the international space station set to receive a cargo delivery filled with fuel and other supplies. netflix geared up. we look at how the rising cost of content well rise on the bottom line. all the stories coming up this morning and joining me to talk about it. amy holmes is here. great to see you. happy monday. one of the big things that present trumpet may do this week as he may nominate to the next fed chair. it's a huge story. especially for markets. three weeks ago. we will put it up.
7:02 am
there are three candidates that the market is focused on. the two looked to be there. gary cohn he is out. that is a big week for the market. it is the vote for the senate. the senate will send the budget bill to the floor and that opens a door for reconciliation and tax reform. i think to see legislation get past that is what the american people want. if they can get this done. if they can't move these forward on this basic. i'm optimistic. i think we are seeing some compromises happening. it's time for them to come together. before all of that they will
7:03 am
hold some tense talks this morning at the white house the meeting is expected to focus on moving forward. this is the first time these two will come face-to-face since the senate republicans failure. they warned the weren't the top republicans act fast. here is what steven mnuchin told me yesterday about this budget vote. it does establish the reconciliation for tax reform. i've have the opportunity to speak with many senators about this. we are looking forward to them passing it this week. it will be a huge step towards tax reform. we promise to repeal and replace obamacare. if we are successful we are
7:04 am
all in trouble. we lose our majority. i think present trouble not get reelected. joining us to talk more about that. he is also the editor in chief of the daily caller. thank you so much for joining us this morning. you just heard lindsey graham you agree with that. are you expecting them to mend fences. i do think that they have taken a little bit more blame than they should have. if you look at that video of mitch mcconnell when john mccain votes it down. he is dealing with republicans who are elected to repeal and absolutely had not. one of the things that we are dealing with here. since present trumpet is coming to the white house.
7:05 am
there are a lot of people who are still from previous administrations. they had been spinning these rumors. it's very good at the rumor step. the conversations that he had been reported have not been taking place. none of this is as bad as it seemed as far as that relationship with him. the former white house chief strategist declaring war. that means mitch mcconnell. he said that at the voters speech. here is what he said. no one can run and hide on this one. these folks are coming for you.
7:06 am
he's in a win window with 400 electoral votes in 2020. bennett has been a warning of the dc swap that it's got to be drained. it will be judgment day unless they severely change course. see. cebit is another product of the gossip mill. reporters looked for all of these different dark forces. how could they be so upset they didn't like hillary clinton. i think all of these things are vastly overstated. registrable them down pulling down on identity politics. i think the senate gop and especially the house really in for a shellacking next election if they don't pass
7:07 am
anything. >> one of my big questions is right now. i think the establishment on the right are the left has been so baffled by the support that the president has the habit wanted to align themselves too much with the president. the certain tax reforms is an indication that they are starting to get it. do you think they're starting to understand the key to getting reelected in 2018 is to get trumps agenda done. you see rand paul saying he's willing to go log. at the same time you see bob corker attack them. if you attack donald trump he's can hit you back. the senate has to realize that
7:08 am
every single one of them will be beaten. he's used it dealing with people that are rational actors. you have to change any had to had to come to the bargaining table. they have none of the things that extra hold them back. they can just continue on with their agenda until they lose their jobs. looking more at the short term this week they are working to pass that budget which is the framework. what are you. in terms of the likelihood that the budget step one gets done. step one is to center over to rome and pass this budget. the white house has eased up on some of its demands. more important than anything to do with this budget.
7:09 am
from the white house or from the gop is getting the tax reform. everybody seems eager to do that. we have a really big week. the gop locked in the vote of bob corker obviously lindsey graham was golfing with the president yesterday. they have a very successful week. did something happen this week that was a turning point. they won the first culture war in 30 years. people are starting to perk up to that. to work with donald trump is actually kind of doable use have to say the right things if did not attack them publicly this is step one.
7:10 am
the russian narrative has slowly gone away. they were using that as a quarter --dash mecca cover do you see anything heating up coming into the year end on that case. you guys had done such a good job. with the russian narrative there is nothing there. it appears to be criminal behavior. many members of the democratic party. what appears to be the biggest roadblock and we have more stories. they've asked them to keep quiet. they have a hearing last week that was practically secret.
7:11 am
the gop leadership has tried to leave that out. when this first bubbled up. due to the exclusive reporting. and you reported on the case. what we were saying on the set was maybe it's not bank fraud. maybe has to do with terrorism and ties to terrorism. >> we haven't seen any actual ties to terrorism yet. this family and these brothers have a lot of business interest including criminal complaint -- the former business partners who are in prison in the united states. it looks like bank fraud is just what the fbi is holding them on. and it's not letting them leave the country.
7:12 am
this can be a lot bigger. christopher, good to see. an oil rig explosion in louisiana injuring at least 11 people. why quarter neck -- the quarterback is filing a collusion complaint. it's all straight ahead.
7:13 am
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maria: welcome back a powerful oil rig explosion. share with the details there. opening -- hoping happening overnight. it happened in lake upon to train it just west of new orleans. we were just sitting in my house. the whole entire thing shook. it sounded like a bomb dropping. the whole house lit up. we realize it was out here.
7:16 am
they owned the oil rig as to any threat to local residents. the drinking water is there. astronauts above the international space station are station are getting a delivery at this hour. a cargo ship carrying food in supplies is about to dock. one of them american astronauts have an emotional moment over the weekend. it floated over the island which of course is still recovering from hurricane maria. his thoughts are with the victims of the disaster. and then check this out. i fidget spinner in space. here's what it looks like in zero gravity. they take turns playing with the spinner and make some fancy body rolls along with it.
7:17 am
and then i also had this for you. thomas the tank engine tv show they are adding two female trains one of them african. in the most unlikely change of all topics. with episodes that support the sustainable that sustainable development goals. mattel owns the rights and well collaborate with the un on the storyline. thank you cheryl. even mattel is getting political now. the american girl dolls line has come in all ethnicities. we break it down with investor reactions coming up next. the answer may surprise you. i can minute. ♪ (music plays throughout) ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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welcome back were having way too much fun on the set right now. a new study shows which of the three major generations will retire the wealthiest and the results may surprise you. saving more than baby boomers on average. the best-selling offer chris haugen is here with us today. good to see you. were you surprised by these results. and as you really start to look at it you understand they may have a better start but the key is are they doing
7:22 am
enough. it's not enough to just be better they need to make sure that they are plugging in and they are intentional. however they can to save also and live and have money for that. i think the big thing is to understand that you have to get yourself out of debt. that is job number one. and then you will earn the right. i think millenials are getting the point that it's more important for them to save because by 2034 social security is gone. they get the first paycheck and they see their social security come out and they think where is this where is this going. and i can get this. it's a big amount for them. i think they are starting to understand that we should start saving money. i think there is really a shift because they also had
7:23 am
apps that save state do you think this is one of the reason why it's leading them there. it's one of those things hopefully the awareness for them they are starting to see and understand how money works. they've also lived through their parents dealing with things in the financial situation in 2006. hopefully the lesson is sticking. a lot of parents are prioritizing if you look at this. they are saving for their kids college over their own retirement. that scares me. there is a 59% chance that the kid will go to college and graduate there's 100% chance that you would want to retire. they have the best intentions the problem as they are not working the best plan. they are being much more
7:24 am
conservative with how they spend. isn't that surprising that this generation is saving more for retirement. i don't think i'm really that surprised with it. are they doing enough. a lot of them are looking back now saying i wish i would've known more sooner. are they really intentional and do they know what they're doing. what can we do to start now for those retirement fares. were not just waiting to get to some magic age. but really looking at this in understanding what do i want to do. what is my dream and then what can you control right now. those are the daily financial decisions. back in your budget. * to utilize and say i need to know the difference between a want and need. a lot of people confuse those two.
7:25 am
and really be intentional and start to utilize the 4o1k. i want the prime rib steak but i can have a piece of chicken. it makes you not had as much guilt if you're working a plan and you know if i'm putting on my on a 4o1k and i know what i'm doing in my ira. now you can pay with cash and not had gilts. looking at unexpected retirement. up to 50% of retirees have points over the last 20 years have said that they were tired too early. you should never retire too early for your own longevity. what are the main causes of retirement. and most people i've spoken with they are not necessarily retiring to the hammock.
7:26 am
if you put away enough money now you can do the things you want to do. when people start to pull the trigger too fast. they get frustrated on their job. they feel like they've been trapped for 25 to 30 years. they are looking for a change. it could be some health status in there as well. if you do that. you need to make sure you have enough money put away that you can put on -- you can live on. the important thing that is very underreported is the looming pension crisis they are unfunded liabilities. they are completely ended for -- underfunding. they were talking about raising taxes to help the shortfalls. to focus on what you can actually live on. and they can't necessarily get rid of it but they can scale back your pension. he is really one of those
7:27 am
things where you ultimately want to stay in control of your own financial future. you cannot put it on to someone else. great to see you. thank you for joining us. a manhunt is underway for two prisoners in missouri. how the dangerous convicts were able to escape. with a story after this short break. colin kapnick takes any and filed a grievance with the nfl. back in a minute. and administrative paperwork, your days of drowning people are numbered. same goes for you, budget overruns. and rising costs, wipe that smile off your face. we're coming for you too. at optum, we're partnering across the health system to tackle its biggest challenges.
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welcome back. good monday morning everyone. it is monday october 16. your top stories right now. 7:30 a.m. on the east coast. the former 40 niners files a former grievance complaint. accusing teens of working together we are taking a look at whether the claim has a legal leg to stand on. they escaped near the missouri tennessee border and how they managed to slip at it jail under the cover of darkness yesterday. over a million explores the need to go into the shop. the danger for drivers coming up. and making plans with the delivery guy. they are sure to like. how you can order food on that social media network. while the rising cost of
7:31 am
content go there today. a lot of anticipation there. and then scaring up a box office win. happy death day. it kills it on opening weekend. markets this morning look like this. this is well off of the highs of the morning now. it is exactly were close on friday they are up just fractionally. we are off of the highs right now. stocks are mixed as well. it is down three quarters of a point. they are very close to flatline but higher. our top story this happen hour. accusing the owners of colluding to keep him out of
7:32 am
there. his lawyer tweeted out a statement which reads in part as the nfl if the nfl is to remain. the principles and peaceful political protest which the owners themselves made great theater should not be punished. athletes should not be delighted -- denied employment by the executive branch or the government. i watched colin kaepernick and i thought it was terrible. and then it got bigger and bigger and started mushrooming. they should've suspended him for one game and he would've never done it again. you would've never have a problem. but i will tell you you cannot disrespect our country our flag are in them.
7:33 am
you cannot do that. our senior judicial emptiness -- analyst. see he has a legal basis for this. does he have a have a factual basis. if he could show that there was an agreement either expressed or unexpressed among owners to keep him off them off of the field because of the political views than the law is very much on his side. the law also imposes on his lawyer. he have a lot of high profile cases and has been on fox many times. the law imposes on the lawyer the duty to have the facts in hand before filing the complaint. you can not go on a fishing
7:34 am
expedition. knowing that he sort of a celebrity lawyer. the courts will come after him if he filed the sink thing just because he wanted file. i have to assume that there is something there. what it is i don't know. an e-mail, and overheard conversation. any kind of agreement that punishes him because of his political views it would violate the principles set down by the labor relations board. he is in a very powerful union. and for better or worse they favor the union. i feel like initially the owners stood by him. think back to when they first started. until the president got involved. and they got involved this year. is at that a different distinction. if the owners can show that
7:35 am
their income was reduced that their work product which is cash making money by winning football games if they can show that that occurred because of taking the knee that even though taking the knee is free speech they can punish them because of the content on kneeling but because of its effect in the workplace. the key point is that colin kapnick -- and kaepernick. he opted out of his contract and because he is not on the team it's because of him. he wasn't forced to do that. that reason he filed the complaint is because marcus marietta got injured in the tennessee titans did not even talk to him. one of the issues and one of the reasons why he is unemployed is because he's not been. and he wasn't good. even after that.
7:36 am
he played very well. and then colin kaepernick played even worse. his skills are a lacked -- a lack there of. was he not hired by anybody because he took the knee or was he not hired because of the reasons you articulate. he is not worthy of that. getting back to the content of the speech versus the impact that it might have on the team. would it be considered illegal collusion if the team owner said hey look, he's causing problems in the locker room when it comes to team morale. we had fans that don't like this. it's putting a bad name on us. they may agree with might agree with it. but as a business proposition it's not worth it. it would be perfectly acceptable for individual
7:37 am
owners to articulate. it would not be acceptable for them to do it on a combination they can't say that this makes the nfl looks bad. this makes the 40 niners look bad. the giants certainly don't need that. the owners of the teams got together and said that. that has a case. that is essentially what he is accusing them of doing. if you know when employers get called about verification. is there anything about this that is saying if we know that a bunch of people were talking negatively about him. about being a team player. is there anything we can learn from that. if you're asking me if someone called them and said we want a referral on colin kaepernick
7:38 am
was he a team player. no he was outlier. the ability to get along is the as important as the ability to play. i don't know that's the case with him. or if an owner believes that the case they can certainly make that inquiry and certainly give that opinion. it's a protected opinion. here's the question. they have some facts that allow the lawsuit to move forward can they then go on a fishing expedition and say we want to see all of the e-mails between the team owners. the concept of discovery extracting information before the actual hearing takes place. you can get to anything that will lead to anything that is relevant.
7:39 am
they're talking about cap next lawyers. to see if there was any communication with the 40 niners. it could be very explosive. in off-season before the season started. there were some discussions with teams. he is not been on the field. i'm just saying he opted out of the contract. and then he was a free agent. teams were talking to him and considering adding him on before the season started. do you think the packers are talking to him this morning. i went to a packers game in lambeau field and i do not think the fans would one bit like him being there. the fans are a major part of this. i wonder if that's can be the legal in for the nfl. the fans have turned against me. they don't want to see him kneeling. have to show a reduction in
7:40 am
their income. it has to be a manifestation of the fans. coming up a friend request with a side of pizza. the details on facebook's new feature. were taking a look at the block -- box office winners.
7:41 am
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welcome back to escaped inmates considered armed and dangerous on the list in missouri. one of the escapees is acing first-degree murder charges. officials say that they broke
7:44 am
out other jail through an air duct. they are not to far from the prison right now and search teams with dogs are scary that area. ford offering repairs. for the explorer at the -- suvs. the other exhaust gases could not get into their vehicles. there has been more than 2700 complaints for exhaust odors. luckily it has not found them and they see what they're exposed to each day. we are following them. you can do pretty much anything on facebook. including out ordering fast food. a new feature in the app that allows users to order food from local restaurants. they are partnering with the well known delivery services.
7:45 am
facebook stock up. 51% so far this year. and a new horror film. killing it over the weekend. you have an unlimited amount of lives. symes was to keep dying until i figure out who my killer is. happy death day. it exceeded expectations. if the out blade runner. 2049 which brought in 15 million. jackie chan the foreigner debuted and it is still hanging on there. fourth place. rounding out the top five. those are your headlines. >> i just want two-point out some the things happening in this week it is the big week in terms of earnings. you also had a chinese
7:46 am
national congress taking place in a whole host of the data coming out of china. and then of course in the u.s. in terms of economic data. and then there is ge can we talk about that for a second. they are speculating that they will cut the dividends. the journal is basically saying they should get all of the bad news out now. we were report earnings on friday of this week. you've been going through a turnaround plan for the better part of eight years. they made a bad bet on oil. unfortunately at the peak. there is still a lot to comment on. investors are very nervous. uncertainty is the nervousness. and that is going forward. they look at the stock chart. it's not pretty.
7:47 am
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7:51 am
i'll write that was a clip from netflix hit. the original series stranger things. a gears up to report quarterly stocks after the bell tonight. up about 1% and expect netflix to post earnings. on roughly revenue of $3 billion. we want to bring in the former cofounder. the former red box president. mitch, great to see. and as one correction the differences i didn't own 10% of the company when we started. what are your expectations for netflix.
7:52 am
they are definitely going to report on the higher end of the scale as far as new subscribers. they've have this acceleration where people just love their netflix. and they want more of it. you see that with raising the prices for the older customers. and people just head to have more of it. the company did not lose any customers even though it raised subscription prices. they want their streaming on netflix. this is all about getting the right content for consumers and netflix does a better job than almost anyone else. the original series and netflix it probably is incredibly important but the data you said is scientific. the stack stock is 50% higher. so far this year is it possible that helps growth. it allows them to pick the
7:53 am
right movie for the right subscriber. and you said that your company planning to make a profit basically the bottom line is you say you're not selling data but you're using it to inform. people want to go to the movies more often but they don't want to take the risk of a bad movie. what we do is we help them make a better decision. in far as far as enjoying the movie. you may have drinks. you might use uber or left. with the hollywood restaurant. they well. as we drive more and more of our subscribers to their businesses we will take a
7:54 am
share of the incremental profits. today with your phone in your pocket they can track pretty much where you are. we automate your movie subscription by what theater you are close to. that is obviously valuable data. and it is that what they do with netflix. they don't sell the data and the same way they use the data to make smarter decisions over what content to acquire. they are more sure that they are going to get an roi on that content. how do they know how much to invest in the next season when were not clear about ratings.
7:55 am
it's the data. so much of hollywood is guesswork. today understanding what people want to see and what are going to enjoy. much more nuance. that allows you to make smarter decisions and then to invest more. netflix will spend two to three times more on con tent they can do that because they know what people want. it keeps unfolding. now they are expected to challenge the firing. they are going to do this tomorrow at the board of directors meeting. what is your reaction to this growing scandal. i've always believed that if you have more diversity at the top and the senior level of these companies these kinds of things that won't happen. and if they do they will get stopped right away. i think that is the problem with the entire ecosystem
7:56 am
there is not enough women and diversity at the senior leadership level. now were talking about the potential bankruptcy that don't have a lot of options. after what we have read and understood. do you think it is a real possibility given that people are shutting their doors. that they could go bankrupt. he has always been known for taking small titles and making them big hits. people will be reluctant to work with someone who is damaged. who probably the probably can't succeed in that. thank you so much for coming in today. we will bring in the netflix numbers as soon as we hit the tape. you will hear his perspective on president trump's decision to do so despite the iranian deal.
7:57 am
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maria: weapon back good monday morning thanks so much for joining us a happy monday to you i am maria bartiromo it is monday, october 16, your top stories 8:00 a.m. on the east coast, tense talks with white house today president trump and senate majority
8:00 am
leader mitch mcconnell meeting first face-to-face meeting since failure of the health care vote key items passing the budget, and the implications for tax reform, treasurer second stephen mnuchin joined me to discuss the meeting and goals. >> i think the market is anticipating we will get this done, and companies are already beginning to invest. this is about making a competitive business tax system. maria: told me he is expecting tax reform package done by year-end what to expect ahead of the meeting with mitch mcconnell coming up, a massive oil rig he exploration in louisiana fireball over the sky at least seven people injured one person still missing, the very latest on the search your wi-fi at risk a report says wireless security is vulnerable to hacking, and the internet browser could be tracked halloween on horizon the costume this one the wall sparking controversy online, will you wear that for a
8:01 am
halloween. >> check markets this morning, we are expecting a higher opening for the broader averages dow industrials set up 20 points nasdaq s&p 500,also firmen tone in europe stocks are edging higher across the board, even if fractionally ft 100 off one point, dax up 22 points, in asia overnight, markets mostly higher at the close exception of china, this week big week in china a lot of economic data, as the chinese national congress begins on wednesday, also retail sales gdp industrial production out of china this week, well a late night win for the l.a. dodgers highlights from the game dramatic ending this morning, all those stories coming up this morning joining me to talk about it rasmussen reports political until after kech kevin, lee carter great to see you -- >> great to see you. >> a can he, i want an answer to do you -- senator lg is go -- senator lindsey graham and rand paul let the president
8:02 am
win this weekend? >> -- he needs their vote. >> better. >> you wonder how that does play out this -- are they. maria: i think the president is competitive -- competitive. >> we do know that senator rand paul is willing to let his deficit worries go to the way side in order to get tax plan take effect so he was going to put his you know, deficit worry aside interesting. >> we have been saying i think they got a why vote from rand paul a "yes" vote from bob corker seem talking about success this past week, we will see with these that senate budget resolution happens later in the week on thursday the senate will vote on the budget, opening up the doors to reconciliation and tax reform all that this morning coming up joining the conversation reagan economic advisory art laffer more from benjamin netanyahu don't miss a moment. stay with us as we watch markets as well we get latest
8:03 am
in washington a few hours, president trump, and senate majority pleader mcconnell sit down for lunch to discuss the fall agenda the first face-to-face meeting since the failed health care vote, blake burman live at the white house this morning with more blake, good morning to you. reporter: two major meetings before you a fund-raiser in south carolina few hours from now 11 kwlk hour president will meet with full cabinet after that it will be lunch with the senate majority leader mitch mcconnell, taxes, of course, will be on the top of the agenda, and listen here to this ominous warning over the weekend, from lindsey graham, as it rates to his long time senate colleague. >> don't cut taxes, we don't eventual repeal repeal obamacare, then we're going to loss across the board in mows in 2018 all of my coalescing running in 2018 are probably getting beat the end of mitch mcconnell as we know it. >>. reporter: mcconnell at the white house a few hours from now have treasury secretary
8:04 am
steve mnuchin told you on your program yesterday not necessarily as relates to tax reform, a must do fo republicans at least a solo republican they feel they can get democrats onboard as well. >> i hope we get a lot of democrats onboard as well, because, cutting tags for the middle class and making bus taxes competitive for jobs, i think that is something that democrats understand as well. >> over the weekend maria administration quite literally doubling down on new claim that if corporate repatriation happens it would amount to 4,000 dollar tax cut for the average american family president council economic advisors saying that 4,000 dollar numbers is conservative could be up in cases up to 9,000 dollars. big number there. maria: wow! sure is a big number blake burman at the white house, now reporting a big week for the president and his top priorities since taking office joining us right now reagan
8:05 am
economic adviser art laffer thank you so much for joining us, what do you think will be going down, this morning, or this afternoon when president has lunch with senate majority leader mitch mcconnell first talk about that then your take on senate vote opening up tax reform and whether or not, all these plans get executed. >> i am going to say your interview with netanyahu was spectacular brings me to the tax cuts, back in 81, the key argument underlying tax cuts pro-growth agenda was to build a stronger country, to be able to have a stronger defense. and you know you can't have a strong defense strong military with a week economy to me one of the key empties of getting tax reform when i look at north korea when i look at what is happening with iran, when i look at what bibi netanyahu said with you it is very important for the future of american security, to be able to get that tax rate reduction i think a lot of democrats republicans even
8:06 am
john mccain should clearly support this bill, the battle we have in 1981 was exactly a lot of republicans after me back then, saying that i was taking all the money out of the budget with a tax cut, and thereby leaving israel stark naked leaving defenses of america weak but that is not true the growth in the economy really was a key, to winning the third world war without losing any u.s. troops. maria: yeah, well thank you for that art, i mean i think this is a really important connection that you make, the senate has to bring the vote to the floor this week, you are expecting that and you are expecting reconciliation do you think democrats are going to vote here or a republican tax plan. >> you know the i am hoping the k democrats vote with it should vote with it they believe in it want it what they have to do is to let this partisanship go to that extreme that they vote against america, it is to me shocking i can't imagine a lot not voting in favor of the president i just can't imagine it we will have to see, it is
8:07 am
coming soon. maria: how longs do budget blueprint take with these they spring the vote to the interior how long does that take before we see reconciliation process take place you have been here before. >> i have been here before depending upon how many votes they get for the budgets resolution, how strong the support appears, it could be very quick, or it could be laborious one vote here one vote there i don't think that is the process i think going to pass fairly easily i hope i hope to goodness we have a two-party system finally in america democrats join with us get the tax cuts are democrat based this is what kennedy did, final in tax cuts creating a very strong america and that is key right now, just it is not republican or democrat. everyone knows you can't tax economy bioprosperity it is silly maria -- it is got to be done bipartisan. >> last week we are talking to former economic advisers in
8:08 am
obama administration, and all of a sudden democrats joining deficit hawks -- >> in the last few years, you know now this is top priority, but the question we had over and over, and i want to know your answer to this, is does cutting taxes actually increase government revenue? because we are hearing a lot from democratic side any tax cuts have to be revenue neutral but thoses who look say when you cut tags you get more money in government coffrs kennedy tax cut raised revenues over long pierced clearly did if we do tax cuts correctly so far very well designed for that over the coming decade should raise net 1.3 million dollars, if done pro-growth agenda that does not include deductions exemptions creditors corporate
8:09 am
tax rate reduction what we do with personal income tax rates we could raise tons of money from this make sure america is not only sound but strong and has the defense necessary to keep nuclear he wps out of hands offir rainians take them out of hands of north koreans. >> art kevin kelly near hi kevin how are you. >> great, loving the tax talk we definitely need to similar replify the system i think headed the right direction one of the things that worries me most that is we are comparing this to 1981, our debt to gdp ratio was in 30s back then, right now we are having structural reform aging population 55 trillion unfunded liabilities starting to hit balance sheet people start to retire medicare medicaid social security one of the biggest issues i have, to get to 4% gdp, 5% gdp growth we need more than tax cuts and tax reform, how do we structurally change use the
8:10 am
president tax agenda to get there? >> you are completely correct we are going to need a lot more, than just tax reform, but just to reassure we need tax reform first, without tax reform all the rest misses the boat it clearly does, we have the most uncompetitive business tax structure in the oecd by far we have been getting worse and worse as the years have gone on, now is the time to really reform the business tax code dramatically then we go to next one the aca, then other programs as well, but you've got to start first things first that is tax reform growth, and then the economy you can do the all the rest, remember, what the 81 tax bill did for us, with your 30% national debt to gdp which is correct it led us to '86 tax act about where we really did the massive reform creating prosperity for america for generations we got all the three of the democrats in the senate to vote for it
8:11 am
in 1986, because they all realized the right thing to do, they realize it today as well i just don't know how a democrat can honestly vote against this bill and hold his face up high to electorate do you know whether or not make sense. >> in 1918 there was some way you all were able to reach across the i'll agreements compromise, do you see any way that can happen now, and do you have any advice for congress and the president now, on have you to get things done the way that you did back then? >> yeah let me just say that there was a circumstance occurred 1981 gave the president a great deal of favorable when -- the president was shot didn't kill about favorables went up voted for 1982 tax act. by 82 that partisanship had
8:12 am
come back to extreme form we lost in 1928 but the tax cuts took effect with economic growth occurred then all back on the same team pro-growth agenda democrat and republican. >> how are they going to deal he will with state and local income tax deduction what is plan in terms of ensuring middle class higher earnenz don't get a huge tax increase because they are no longer able to deduct state and local and property taxes and we o the don't know if a fourth bracket although i think that is quieting down at this point. >> it is i think you are right in fourth bracket let me must say the pay for problem i think is not serious at all this bill will pay for itself in coming years many times over it really will. the problem with state and local tax deduction should be gotten rid of no tax state s subsubdivided they are getting
8:13 am
rid of amt, a lot of people use state and local tax deductions not preferred item if you don't get rid of at least some state and local tax deduction are giving bigger deductions to state and local people subsidizing them even more, about a 4 to 1 ratio, for amt picks back up statement and local tax deduction one quarter of my but a very important point is sooner sooner or later should begotten rid of it is wrong. >> wondering if putting a cap on it. >> if they -- >> you can do half of it, half of it would be perfectly fine if you got rid of half of it got rid of amt would be a net win for deductions you can't get the amt not do some state and local tax deductions otherwise you are increasing o lod. >> understood too sooned thank
8:14 am
you for joining us wi-fi at risk hackers cracking open a major security law in in early every wi-fi routeer what steps you can take to protect your advice. >> a woman casts a pet friendly policy at kentucky motel hilarious -- coming up next, back in a minute. ♪
8:15 am
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introducing theravent anti-snore strips, clinically shown to reduce snoring with the power of your own breathing. nice try! there are always things that are hard to let go of. now snoring isn't one of them. theravent. the answer is right under your nose. maria: we'll back, a massive oil rig explosion of in louisiana cheryl casone with details now cheryl. cheryl: are you aware maria at least seven people injured,
8:17 am
after that powerful explosion overnight one person is still missing. this morning this happened lake pontchartrain northwest of new orleans, cloverly oil owns the rig drinking water will remain safe because of the mississippi river nearby. >> routeer could be vulnerable hackers say protocol to protect wi-fi connections has been broken they warn that hackers within physical range of any wpa can maintain online activity reach it calling it crack, experts say you may want your home rourt updated as precaution, then, check this out strong reaction on social media, over city's wall howling costume bricks with words wall on front one biodiversity user saying cultural appropriation if
8:18 am
isn't for you directly racialist costume from party city, on twitter from pink floyd, you no the -- all right, this i love the story a kentucky hotel really had pet he friendly policy tested, lindsey was in lexington for horse competition rides at the super 8 asked staff if they rad room for her horse they said yes ponying up -- 10 dollar pet fee. walked into the suite told them she was joking and she got really great pictures put them on facebook before this. we love it. >> i love it you are right, that is cute thank you, cheryl amazon gets -- may take on being athletic companies with line of sportswear we have to check nike shares under armour with rising cost of
8:19 am
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maria: breaking news president just tweeted this out, on the heels of our interview with art laffer says art laffer said he doesn't know how a democrat could vote against the big tax tax cut reform bill and live with themselves! he says fox news i know he meant at fox -- >> "mornings with maria." >> art laffer joined us on fox business network but art laffer is right if a democrat does not vote for this tax
8:23 am
plan and blows it off the way it blew off health care there will be repercussion in those 2018, agreed? >> there is no question there is no question what the american people are saying is they are tired of partisanship tired of obstructionism why president of united states in office they need to get with the practice many. >> most important thing in best interests of the country we are s starting to see that the tax code is more of a crony capitalistic code, 75,000 pages context american people want simplicity fair system the president and republicans are trying to do is establish that. >> they also -- postcard -- >> they want the democrats to participate in governing excuse me and how about participating in governing democrats instead of all this collusion talk, russia, take us down all these roads that mean nothing to american people. >> american people want action, as you are saying, they don't want obstruction seems president of the united states understands that, too
8:24 am
as going to those blue states went heavily for the president trying to get in tham democrats borrowed let them know this is what voters want. >> in research i have been doing democrats the voters, are supporting tax reform, they are he supporting this and actually saying we are all-in on tax simplification that goes across the i'll across the board and representatives of -- representatives of the people, that is what they want. >> you can't tell me, that the stock market being up 5 trillion dollars market value since november 8 doesn't have something to about a optimism over the president's economic policy give me a break, this just didn't happen in thin air 5 trillion dollars in market value. also because the fundamentals are better. >> why because ceo's -- >> they are expecting tax reform. >> action. >> you can see that just came out in the earnings reports for a let the record further reflect major banks, they are
8:25 am
not on defense anymore they are offense hoping to lend out more to see earnings go up because the economy is getting better deregulation has at an hold they are starting to spread anticipation not waiting for the president in congress to take action anticipating it is going to happen so they started spending the money. >> president following up on that, initial tweet with the democrats, he says the in thats only want to increase taxes and obstruct that is all they are good at, wow -- conversation, continues today when he has lunch with mitch mcconnell. >> that will be interesting. >> republican side of things as well as the democrat, we have earnings in focus on wall street going to be big charles schwab to report shortly all eyes, of course, on netflix and banks big week for the banks nicole petallides on floor of new york stock exchange earnings driving the story. >> no doubt good morning, maria. watch goldman sachs morgan stanley tomorrow, netflix after first of all, over the last 8 quarters we've seen
8:26 am
moves on that about 9% up or down expect volatility, the stock looking up 1% today, about revenue anticipating a jump of about 30% and also subscriber growth key wall street has slightly higher number than what some are saying, netflix expecting to add a total of 4.4 million screaming subscribers more optimistic looking at 4.5 million watch for that also how have they done last 8 quarters parent of "house of cards" trying to grow over last 8 quarters, they have topped earnings six times topped revenue forecasts three times, so a winner, hit all-time high last week, looking higher again, and up about 0% this year watch for -- 60% watch for this after the bell expect volatility. >> thank you so much. >> one quick point, investors going to want to know what they say about the disney pulling their content is it going to start its screaming
8:27 am
system disney one of the biggest content providers to netflix people scribe to full coverage of earnings after the bell we are going to waft the cost as well how much are they spending on content, we will have all of that today, first strengthening the deal america key ally in middle east applauding president trump's decision to decertify the iran nuclear agreement we will hear from benjamin netanyahu coming up a scare in the air over canada, raising new concerns over endangering danger of drones stay with us. ♪ ♪
8:28 am
8:29 am
8:30 am
. hooep monday thanks so much for joining us i am maria bartiromo, it is monday, october 16 your top stories right now 8:30 a.m. on the east coast. we vamping the deal president trump decertifies the iran nuclear agreement then these to end it entirely if congress fails to take action, to make it better, america key ally in the region israel applaud it had decision. >> the goal is to prevent iran from ever acquiring ever acquiring nuclear weapons and when you could achieve it by fixing this bad deal or nixing it. >> this is a historic moment the leverage you have is based on the fact that the united
8:31 am
states is a great superpower the world's greatest power. maria: more from my interview with israeli prime minister benjamin yet moou why he says president trump made the right move markets pointing to absolute gain at opening of trading dow industrials up 24 points that is high of the morning right here, s&p 500, and nasdaq also higher, a big week for earnings, general electric reporting friday, we will see if they cut dividends in europe stocks edging higher take a look fractional moves across the board in asia overnight markets closed mostly higher exception of china big week for national congress wednesday host of data out of china. >> how police caught an international airport worker stealing from somebody's luggage red-handed. >> wow! quarterback collusion from 49ers star colin kaepernick files grievance complaint against envelope teams working
8:32 am
together to keep him out of league over the previous to when he has a legal leg to stand on jooirnts buck broncos one of the surprises of the season did not come without controversy the comments comparing team to harvey weinstein landed announcer al about michaels in hot water he has to apologize making the competition sweat why amazon may be gearing up to take on athletic companies with its line of sportswear. we will take a look at that first our top story this half an hour, revamping iran nuclear deal on friday the president announced that he will not recertify the 2015 ingredient he threatened to end it altogether if congress does not strengthen it, u.n. could ambassador nikki haley explained the decision yesterday. >> the goal at the end of the day is to hold iran accountable, is to get them to be good community leaders get them to stop all violations that they are doing, when a we're trying to say is look, the agreement was an incentive the agreement was for you to stop doing certain things, you
8:33 am
haven't stopped doing certain things what do we do to make iran more accountable so they do. >> america key ally in the region and neighbor commended the move i spoke with with israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu yesterday about iran on "sunday morning futures" he told me why the decision to did he certify was so critical. >> -- iran is foremost terrorist state of our time it -- hangs gays jails zbts subjugates women fom ents terrorism throat the world wild aggression in the middle east to have a regime like this economy 30 times size of north korea to have o rogue regime like that acquire arsenal of nuclear weapons, in 10 years' time what the iran agreement now provides iran to do, is a terrible folly so i commend the president. for taking historic bold decision, to attracts veteran this danger in time we could have kicked the can down the road could have said not going to happen on my watch i will let it go but he didn't!
8:34 am
and he faced up to this danger i think gave an opportunity for all of us, in the middle east and beyond, to fix this feel fix it or knicks nix it coe very, very dangerous if it went through you. >> the idea he should fix it or nix it surprised some he left the door openly to look if congress can't come up with something we walk away watch this mr. prime minister i want to get your reaction to this as we xa flaws in the deal. >> i am directing my administration to work closely with congress, and our allies, to address the deals many serious flaws, so that the iranian regime can never threaten the world, with nuclear weapons. in the event we are not able to reach a solution working with congress and our allies, then the agreement will be terminated. maria: mr. prime minister would you rather see this deal
8:35 am
terminated or do you think they actually can amend series laws in the rex tillerson -- flaws the president refers to the goal to prevent iran from ever acquiring nuke weapons you could achieve by fixing this bad deal, or by nixing it i don't care when one but the result we want to have there are several key things that you want to make sure, one, is that you don't remove restrictions on iran's nuclear program, just by changing the calendar we want to see real change in iran's behavior, that is eliminating the so-called automatic clause on restrictions, the second thing is preventative iran from developing any kient of antiballistic missiles only usefully for nuke weapons the third thing to see that you have real inspections right now iran -- iran doesn't allow you to inspect military sites, it ought to inspect everywhere else where do you think they
8:36 am
are going to hide these things, they are key changes have to go through if you get it fine if you don't get it cans teledeal. >> tom cotton of arkansas looking at some of these flaws as way to come up with a bill to actually change this it is sunset clauses insufficient enforcement on the silence on iran's missile program do you think that they will actually be able to come up with an amendment that iran will follow? do you really believe that we will be able to start viewing their facilities? >> i think what you have is immense leverage people don't recognize that you have immense leverage and not only because israel and key arab states in the region support what the president has done you said israel supports the president absolutely so does saudi arabia do so do emirates when israel united states agree on something should pay attention i think this is a historic moment the leverage you have is based on the fact
8:37 am
the united states is a great superpower, it is a world's greatest power, it is economy nearly 20 trillion dollars, iranian economy is 2% of that, so when various countries including allies have to choose between crippling sanctions on iran cutting themselves out of american market, well it is no-brainer what they will choose that is part of the leverage you have the president is right, to put that forward now to say i am not going to author the continuation of a very bad deal that will give a rogue criminal state the powers to then united states' mainland we have seen what happens when that goes through i am going to act now, again, fix it or nix it exactly right thing to do. >> that is not what we are hearing from some of our partners on this deal, right? i mean, what are you going to do what should president be doing to work with the other five countries, who basically are saying look, we're fine just keeping this deal as is i
8:38 am
am talking about europe i am talking about china, so if u.s. even puts snapback sanctions back in place what does it really mean if other countries involved in this deal are not agreeable? >> well, look, i think the reason they say they want to keep the deal is because they think that changing it would mean canceling it the president said something very astute said well, unless you change it i am going to cancel if you can't to save the deal, about start fixing it that is exactly the right -- so time until governments actually understand, the significance of what the president put forward. but he has said i the president of the united states, will not attracts allow this bad deal to go through the only way you guys can save the deal is by helping amended it fixing it that is something that i think will have great leverage down the line. >> so you do believe. >> maybe right now. >> for example will join in on
8:39 am
perhaps, potentially snapping back thoseing about sanctions against iran then in. >> well i think if u.s. decides to do that on its own it can do so by its own it has immense economic leverage i europeans will will see the president is giving them an at any time to avoid something that is very bad for them today, you know, you don't want -- none of us should you know sacrifice the long-term or even the middle term for the short term the short term comfortable they have -- business ties with iran so on, that are developing, but in a very few years, iran will be the -- humongous power with declared you know this is iran that says death to america death to israel you are the great satan we are little satan i suppose europe in is between middle side satan i hope they are not offended we are under the gunther developing ballistic missile not to fire against us they already have that it is to
8:40 am
fire are to threaten europe threaten united states i think when people come around think about it say we really don't want this bad deal to go through, we really should act now, to correct it. maria: and one more point from the prime minister, that he told me yesterday was that he was surprised and welcomed the support from france, because when i asked him, about the other countries he said look we are actually getting support, in particular france i thought worth underling there you heard him say that prime minister benjamin netanyahu thanks to prime minister for joining us a twist in the bowe bergdahl why army sergeant -- held captive by taliban five years reportedly now planning to plead guilty to charges. >> titan getting into fitness fashion what it would mean check nike under armour shares neck up, back in a minute.
8:41 am
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maria: welcome back, army sgt. bowe bergdahl expected to plead guilty in case today cheryl casone with details. cheryl: year maria guilty pleas would bring highly politicized saga closer to end it began 8 years ago bergdahl's disappearance from afghanistan set off search missions to find him, president obama, was criticized for bringing bergdahl home about negotiating a prisnor swap with taliban in 2014 -- reporting that bergdahl is expected to plead guilty to he charges of determination misbehavior before enemy carries a penalty of life if prison unclear if there is a
8:45 am
detail. >> a drone hitting a commercial plane in canadian the plane was struck by drone approaching airport in québec city drone out of legal limits, 8 people at any the plane aircraft sustained minor damage able to a land safely no injuries. -- this gets better, even worse looking at baggage handler going through passengers suitcases stealing stuff, the 27-year-old worker caught on tape in airport in thailand arrested they are investigating the incident -- and well -- why not amazon seems everywhere into everything now want to start their own sports airline amazon ready to take on nike, lululemon, under armer working with companies that make clothes for those brands far
8:46 am
from amazon's first move into clothing into fashion they have got several labels already but looking into making their merchandise whenever they want -- in inventory there is stock over 33% so far this year. some of the he dresses are cute i bought one wore it on your show. maria: awesome. >> most beautiful dresses, actually, so what about about athletic companies nike under armour lululemon. >> i think a critical turning point for a lot of companies one of the things we are seeing is that having a direct to consumer route the way they have go you saw nike already capitulate they said they are going to be working in having on amazon, interesting. >> nike up this morning. >> nike up. >> check under armour lululemon. >> so companies, are now having to figure out basically no more brick and mortar no
8:47 am
more omni channel what are best venues for distribution amazon one of them plays into amazon being biggest threat against facebook and google now they have data what you shop for what you bought in the past listen to watch, then companies like nike will pay for that data to place to you target demographics this is playing into the hands of not only the advertising model they have but, also, for -- >> under armour down this morning. >> just last week we were talking about how companies are getting out of vertical gravitati integration with a do they know about -- designing -- >> what do they know about grocery. >> delivery business, design a pea of tennis shoes, but --
8:48 am
>> dresses are fantastic they don't get into businesses unable to deliver on at some point a tipping point on companies i don't think we have seen that tipping point with amazon just yet. >> yeah. >> a good point though i think you make an important point you are right it acquired grocery, now it is selling clothing, but under what design name what brand. >> how do they know. >> -- >> kanye west trying to -- >> a cheaper cost by same manufacture just like outside the label stuff going to be the same quality, but just not going to have a swoosh on it. >> we break when we come back dodgers dominations l.a. scores walk-off win over the cups a high lighter after this break. ♪ ♪
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the rest is up to you. call now, request your free decision guide and start gathering the information you need to help you keep rolling with confidence. go long™. ♪ . maria: welcome back this breaking news from president president trump tweeting this, democratic senator schumer hated iran deal made by president obama, but now that i am involved he is okay with it. want tell that to israel, chuck. >> [laughter] >> it is true. he said, you know he did say, that he was did not-like the deal schumer but at the end of the day didn't get anybody else to say "no" didn't do enough so the jewish community wasn't sure with opposition to the deal what an ending dodgers-cubs game memorials from 29 years ago, jared max. cheryl: 29 years to the day
8:53 am
since kirk gibson hit most famous home run dodgers history l.a. fans a new memory bottom of 9th 1-1 against cubs turner at-bat. >> -- as well, and this is -- it is good! it is a walk-off home run for justin turner! [cheers and applause] >> dodgers up two games to none and they are going crazy! >> dodgers win 4-1, series now shifts to wrigley field tomorrow. after the game justin turner told mlb network one of the earlier memories as 4-year-old watching that game in 88 seeing gibby hit homer i thought about do the fist pump around bases but wait till world series for that hopefully. >> 2-0 score american league championship yankees home against astros, fox sports 1, fox sports go at. >>. >> al michels friday night's
8:54 am
live broadcast of the giants broncos game compared 0 and 5 new york giants to here is what he said -- >> -- let's face it giants coming off worse week than harvey weinstein. and they are up by 14 points. >> michaels do you believe in apologies yes within minutes delivered this on air. >> -- i made reference earlier maybe a little phillip about this somebody obviously very much in the news all over the country, was not meant in that manner. so -- my apologies. >> winless no more giants upset broncos last night, 117 yards, new york winning 20-10, nfl owners meet tomorrow to have vast discussion of going on with player protests to national anthem man began trend over one year ago colin kaepernick filed a he grievance alleging collusion league team on% have a
8:55 am
grievance to deprive him from o employment. >> a legal basis the question does he have a factual basis, so if he could show that there was an agreement, either expressed or unexpressed amongst owners, to keep him off the field because of this is political views then the law is very much on his side but i don't know how he could show that. >> i agented judge napolitano in morning how tough would it be he said between 8 and 9 judge napolitano told me that about circumstantial evidence will weigh in this particular case, it is anning mr. one no precedent for it colin kaepernick against nfl. >> when the judge joined us a while ago i said look initially the league owners had supported colin kaepernick, then started seeing rating drop money dropping, and people turning against the league -- >> something in filing i have
8:56 am
been reading the filing that i think, helps colin kaepernick in this case something a lot of people know, as they say nfl teams exhibit unusual behavior regarding his perspective employment, that he was brought in by teams almost kind of put through a dog and pony show wound up with no job there is also -- a filing pumps up kaepernick as hall of fame quarterback which he is not. >> we will see what league owners say at this meeting thank you so much, catch jashed sports reports 24-7 or siriusxm 115 breaking news president is tweeting again, here is what he said since election day on november 8 stock market up more than 25% unemployment at 17-year low companies coming back to the u.s. and it is true, we members earlier -- >> interesting point all in thats missed out on this said abysmal market going to crash do terrible all we've done is -- have a great market.
8:57 am
>> for sure we will take a break, thanks so much jared he we you later fine thoughts from all-star panel right after this break back in a minute ♪ just like me when i saw, o♪ i'd go ram. i would put it on ford. let's find out. noooooooo. chevy. that's right, it's chevy. they look amazing. wow. chevy's killin it. yeah, definitely. trade up to this light duty silverado all star and get a total value of over eleven thousand two hundred dollars. or during truck month, get 0% financing for 72 months on our most popular chevy trucks. find new roads at your local chevy dealer.
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maria: welcome back. this breaking news right now, president trump just tweeted again, the u.s. has gained more than $5.2 trillion in stock market value since election day, also record business enthusiasm. yes, it is true, and that is
9:00 am
what we are looking at this morning. the momentum continues. great to have you guys with us. >> great to be here. maria: great show, thank you. that'll do it for us, ashley webster is in for stuart varney. ashley: thank you very much, i am ashley webster. stuart is back tomorrow, but here is the big story. the dow, oh, yeah, closing in on another milestone, 23,000. a big week of corporate profits are ahead of us, and any positive news could maybe push it to that new level. the market will open slightly higher, and we could see those fresh records when it does, right now pointing to a jump of about 20 points when we open in about half an hour. there are always, of course, big happenings at the white house. president trump meeting with mitch mcconnell, could be a little frosty, and you can bet he's going to tell him to the get tax reform done, that's for sure. 50 votes is all you need, right? stev


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