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tv   Mornings With Maria Bartiromo  FOX Business  October 18, 2017 6:00am-9:00am EDT

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>> thanks for having me. cheryl: willacy all of you bright and early tomorrow. right now we are seeing is up and awake i'm sure. good morning, maria bartiromo. maria: good morning to you. happy wednesday. thank you for joining us. i maria bartiromo. when they come october 18th. 6:00 a.m. on the east coast. struggling new allegations against the wind in company to report that harvey weinstein resigns. his brother bob weinstein facing accusations of his own. the fallout continues throughout tinseltown, even hitting amazon were an executive has resigned saying he harassed a producer working on one of the shows that the latest in hollywood. pushing the agenda forward, the president slamming obamacare. the commander-in-chief laying out his vision for the latest tax reform our countries history. stephen mnuchin says it's mnuchin says is confident mnuchin says it's confident it ministrations ability to get the bill done by the holidays. >> if we get tax reform done this year, it would be extraordinary in that the object
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is. our objective is to get it on the president's desk by december to get him to sign it this year. we'll work on this as fast as we can but there's no artificial deadline. as i said all along, this is a pass fail exercise and we've got to get it done to create economic growth and create a competitive business system. maria: the optimism hitting 23,000 yesterday for the first time. indicating another rally at the start of trading this morning. the market will not quit. update quarter of a percent of the market. take a look at the indices look like this bird once again come to europe a cue from the u.s. caci pass a percent. dax in germany up two thirds of a percent. asia overnight markets mostly higher as well. china the country kicking off its 19th national congress of the communist party. a major impact on everything from u.s. policy to china's approach to north korea as it shapes the leadership for at
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least the next five years. ibm does by reporting its 22nd order of declining revenue. investors after the company topped earnings expectations. stock up for by 5%. more on the outlook for the rest of the year. the dow component double left a lot of votes. players and fans left stunned after gordon hayward goes down but they gruesome leg injury into his boston celtics career. the nba season coming up this morning. conversation continues at the nfl. by the league is refusing to close the door and players kneeling during the national anthem. stories coming up in turning to talk about it, see fra investment strategist lindsay doll. global ambassador on fox news contributor, john lakefield is at best. chrysler ceo, home depot ceo bob nardelli. >> great to be with you. a lot of news. maria: a lot to talk about this morning. >> great to be here.
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maria: writer >> dab in the middle of earnings season. is it looking better than expected? the estimate was for% profit growth. >> now we're at 322% which is better than we thought, so moving and the right direction. 70% of companies on the bottom line in 80% have been on the top line could usually 50% usually only be on the top line. maria: a better environment. >> it's amazing. we were talking earlier about how long this continues. looks like it still does. maria: the market will not quit. top story right now. new allegations with another weinstein brother, bob weinstein, cofounder of the weinstein company now been accused of sexual harassment by an executive producer of the sci-fi series commenced. amanda siegal claiming weinstein made numerous unwanted advances including invitations to dinner, to a sound into a hotel room
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during the show's production. weinstein has denied those claims. jeffrey katzenberg to read walt disney's movie studio wallet on the weinstein brothers of miramax studio recalled his experience with weinstein during a recent "wall street journal" event. watch this. >> interestingly enough, my greatest issues were with his brother. bob weinstein was genuinely abusive with people in my company and a very directly said to bob, if you actually ever talk to somebody who works in this company again, you're finished. and he said to me come are you threatening me? i said no, i'm telling you if you do this again, you are done. maria: the news comes the same day that his brother, harvey weinstein resigned from his board of directors after numerous women accused him of her rosman and assault. gory price resigned as the head
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of amazon studios working on one of the shows. extraordinary. bob nardelli, what do you make of all of this? >> it is a desperately disappointing that if this has been going on as long as they say, that it's taken this much time to bring it to the forefront, i think katzenberg said it right. corporations can assert that they grew up under jack welch, this would not have been tolerated. it is an acceptable within corporate america. almost like two standards here, maria. maria: it is not just the entertainment industry. obviously the weinstein cases broad reaching, but fidelity, "the wall street journal" reporter one of their fund managers is accused of sexual harassment by a junior female. it seems that this is just the media industry or entertainment general. something corporate boards across america need to address. maria: if you've got power. >> yet.
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maria: twitter says is taking steps to help online. among them twitter is taking a tougher stance on nonconsensual. images shared about the public's permission and to report unwanted sexual advances. social media companies now been forced to respond. social media also trying to protect it self i guess. >> there's a lot of discussion they are just reporting and they don't have the responsibility of the journalist reporter and they are just allowing the material to get out there. it'll be interesting to see if their self-imposed regulation are we get administrative control of the distribution of things he just talked about. maria: that's a good point. technology companies to broaden the subject from technology companies have not seen the regulatory environment financials house. today technology companies are more powerful than anybody. they've got everybody's data. will we see a higher regulatory hand on tax like google and
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amazon? >> certainly facebook has a lot of criticism about not self policing even though thousands of people will hope straightness. they are still under a lot of scrutiny. it will be interesting to see if far better to challenge yourself and be imposed upon. >> yesterday we saw in the journal one of the tops tories looking to acquire the assets of the weinstein company. with these kinds of allegations, can the company even consider staying afloat? said vince got to get here. >> great assets over the years. tremendous recognition and accolades for the productions they've had. i would think if you could get the asset, you might have an opportunity here. >> you've got to change their name. assets are assets no matter what. something will be worth something. you've got to change the name. >> what goes around that name is something you don't want any part of in the world today. maria: until now bob weinstein was saying we don't want to
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sell. i don't think he has a choice. >> is going to have to go to. maria: because of these new allegations. >> the nfl player who hits the women they shouldn't play the sport anymore. there's a zero tolerance. when it's the social media come easy when you have hate crimes in easy when you deal with death threats. but it is harder when you're dealing with free speech. this is not free speech. this is an executive taking advantage of a situation, harassing someone actually. that has to be stopped. maria: there's something in various industries you would look to it that makes it easier than other industries? you think it's pretty broad-based, not just entertainment business. >> what bob has to say, this is something that company board need to look at getting more women on the senior management positions. to allow that the dems to come out and voice what is happening
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to them. >> the entertainment industry may have lent itself a little bit more to this than some of the stodgy industrial companies that maybe have an a little more button-down to the environments of the cultures they created. this would be another addition to corporate governance going forward. maria: we have a lot coming up on that. raking us this morning. a fire at his chevron refinery near los angeles. we'll take a break. ibm's stock up almost 5% after third-quarter earnings expectations. as a turnaround on track here? stay with us. we will take a look. ♪
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>> obamacare is virtually dead. as best you can say in its final lakes, premiums going through the roof. deductibles are so high people don't get to use it. obamacare is a disgrace to our nation and we are solving the problem of obamacare. maria: the market showing that did the chief investment officer of u.s. bank wealth management eric friedman. thanks for joining us. >> thanks for having me, maria. trained to look at this market that will not quit. 26% higher since the election. you've got 23,000 on the dow jones industrial average. are you getting worried? do you think this is warranted? >> we are so bullish. we think there is an upside case to be made. we have been in this camp as being more progrowth the last 12, 13 month it's really helped our clients. without question, as they get higher, we do have concerns about complacency.
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in general we are positive and optimistic about the future. maria: will tell you, if anything indicates what is going on in the place, it is the stock market. that is basically telling us what tops the name in the economy. it goes like small businesses helpful, tax refund done by next year at the end of this year. senators voted to begin discussions on the 2018 budgets allow americans to avoid a filibuster when they pass their tax plan for the president and treasury secretary signaled yesterday the white house tax agenda is moving forward. listen to the spirit of what your reaction in terms of how much of this is due to this anticipation. >> let's give our country the best christmas present of all. massive tax relief. this is our opportunity to unleash a new middle class america. >> this isn't just about tax reform. this is jobs and creating
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economic growth. that's were focused on. we get tax reform done this year it will be extraordinary and that's our objective. >> the environment feels better. how much of the game is due to the anticipation of tax reform? >> we think it's a big part of the game. leading up to this week, we find only a 20%, 30% from the market thinking about tax reform being done for this year. if we are surprised to the upside, there's probably going to be higher equities here. again, as you mentioned earlier in your comments, small businesses are the backbone of this country and so the fact that you are seeing corporations still holding back, little bit of capital spending in clarity and tax reform should not have been good the next tire for equities here. >> had he played the end of this year going into 2018? is there value out there? who's going to the higher from
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here? >> we are so bullish on technology. certainly something you have covered very well this morning. it is a sector that continues to innovate and represents $50 out of the $130 estimate for this year. it really is pulling a lot of the way for the market. still a space we think really at the lover with what we think are favorable expectations with 10% earning expectations for this year for attack. we also think parts of health care or interesting. at some junctures this year the utmost that are because of concerns about what will happen legislatively. we think there's still some good value in the health care space and consumer discretionary areas there. that is to undertake domestically. we also think there's opportunities internationally as well. we remain bullish, but certainly watching data closely year-end. >> rob nardelli here. tell us what are some of the
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signs you would share with us that we should be concerned about. for example, we did get a head fake on the affordable care act with the senate agreed to talk about it and then voted it down. maria todd about the budget had obviously if it doesn't pass, we've got even higher -- at the budget doesn't pass, is that await sign that says maybe we ought to be a little more conservative as individual investors? >> that is good insight. our take is markets have not overly react to two negative legislative standoffs if you will. really the best tape that we think is if you see some back-and-forth that actually results in market selling off, which we haven't seen to a great extent domestically, that would be our first take that perhaps the market is a little concerned about the legislative gridlock. until we actually have reaction coming through another's filthy data positive trending, that
6:18 am
tells us again remaining to progrowth is the right decision in for a clients. >> is a method that blake minus the great pumpkin. these guys have promised it all year long. are you betting meson percentage or tax cuts they can probably get by with repatriation of money. >> i like that analogy. to throw another one in the mix is really called a policy clock, which is the market basically saying we've got these great company earnings coming through. i'm going to economic growth momentum so we actually don't need to see coming in no come a tremendous amount of progress near term. 12, 13 month renowned talking about midterm elections. as we draw closer to that time frame, the analogy is really true. again, certainly some time to go back to my analogy it's really not gone off yet.
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again, there were probably be some continued back-and-forth as long as we have corporate earnings growth, as long as we have good solid synchronized economic data which is why we have globally right now that there's probably a bit of pause in terms of investors being concerned about the legislative issues rightly so. >> is the market cared what the market carried reaction from the president at the next fed. president trip meeting with janet yellen on thursday this week. we may hear this week or next week for the president would like to see as the next chairman. what will the markets do? >> we think it's a big catalyst that important point for viewers. there's really two camps of potential fed chairs. does everything a more asset price focused, a little more market friendly, highly communicative and focused on what the market's interpretation of the interest rate policy decisions might be in the second cap, which is a little less market focused.
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i think depending on who we see that will certainly be a market reaction. i do think there still is a disparity between what the market thinks for future rate increases and still at the current fed says. if yellen remains, i do think that would be reviewed as widely bullish for risk asset. again, she has been more asset price focused and asset price friendly. other people may be a little less focused on s&p 500 reactions to their policies set. again, i do think -- maria: who is good for the market? >> i think all of the above. not to be standing up the question. the more asset friendly i think that yellen would be widely perceived to be a continuation of ongoing policies. she would be a favorable as well. i think i'll forward be great
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maria: welcome back now. firefighters battling a massive blaze at a chevron oil refinery in the los angeles area. cheryl casone with the details and headlines. >> good morning maria to you. the fire rocking in the los angeles area earlier this morning. the 1000 refinery, largest on the west coast. police advising residents close their window. chevron was fined nearly a million dollars back in 2012 by the state of california for a
6:25 am
major fire at a refinery in the san francisco bay area. watching this developing story coming out of the window, california. we will keep you posted on that. an american who was rescued with his family last week has been rushed to the hospital. his wife care plan was admitted to the hospital on monday. it is not clear why. five years after being abducted in afghanistan by the taliban linked group. the security guard shot is not missing after rob. mgm resort says he just wanted his privacy, but not that much privacy. kerry was on the ellen degeneres show, treating he will appear on the show later today to break his silence. >> i felt a burning sensation. i went to go lyft to wake up and i saw the blood.
6:26 am
that's when i called again on the radio that shots had been fired. >> steven shook as the mandalay bay meet as worker who credits campus is saving his life also appeared on the show. wall street is cheering for ibm. following the reported earnings. investors overlooking the 22nd quarter revenue decline. stocks moving in the free market up more than 4.5% right now. take a look at that. ge will pay $20 million by taking employees off its corporate network. more than 600 offices are going to be moved. the high cost of telecom lines are replaced with cheaper internet focus from local cable and television untrue telephone providers richard to ge in the premarket up almost half a percent. >> thank you so much. 23 and change. the stock has been cut in half, bob nardelli. longtime ge executive. what happened?
6:27 am
>> they lost 400 billion in market cash. i applaud these minor cost out initiatives, but the key here, you talked about it earlier, they had to get the businesses that are left to get some growth. they've got to get topline growth, product dvd, innovation. the key over the last 16 years as we've seen that goes out is a lot more that goes than, relative to section enough pieces to ge capital. they just sold industrial control. they got rid of appliances. tree into a totally different company. >> at a shrine to the point were under jack we had a large portfolio and we could help each other out on earnings-per-share. as you reduce the flexibility, you have a lot less. >> as an investor, to think
6:28 am
across the dividend? >> that would be a big deal. >> it's a top priority but he needs to come out in a weave biller we won't on friday. and if they do cut it, small investors like us, particularly those in the twilight with their 401(k)s, they are in there, not getting values are living on dividend. >> you've got about 36 billion in cash overseas. does that affect the dividend of the repatriation happens? >> what has to happen if we get repatriation overall, there has to be some controls because you don't want all user stock buyback because the perception will be that topping the fact that increase and improve return on their option. so i think we have to really put that back into job creation, infrastructure and let a portion of it be redistributed. maria: general electric reports
6:29 am
earnings is friday and we'll see we have announced another dividend. the future of china, the country's leadership making major moves. everything from trade to north korea policy. how it all could impact the united states for the next decade and beyond coming up next. amazon's new deal to keep your packages safe and sound until you get home is doing a deal with the owner said the apartment building. we will tell you about it next. or make me feel like i'm not really "there." talk to your doctor, and call 844-234-2424.
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welcome back. good wednesday morning everyone. happy wednesday to you. it is wednesday october 18. your top stories right now 6:30 a.m. on the east coast. present trumpet just tweeting this. while fbi confirms reports that james comey drafted a letter exonerated crooked hillary clinton long before the investigation was complete. many people not interviewed that he did not do this where is the justice department. we are going into this this morning. come on with that. the 19th national congress. this is an important week in china how it could re- shape the policy and impact everything will from north korea to hollywood for years to come. investors were watching the
6:33 am
congress closely. the other major averages as you see moving overnight. the ft 100 is up a third of a%. as is the dax index in germany. the optimism of course started here in america. the dow jones industrial average lost the 23,000 mark. they continue that momentum today. fifty points higher. we see a strong opening this morning. california and flames. new fires are flaring up in northern california. forcing a fresh round of evacuations. with the latest on this wild fire battle coming up. johnson and johnson winning the reversal.
6:34 am
and then the shocking start to the nba season last night. gordon hayward suffering a brutal injury. just minutes into his career. >> hayward has broken his leg. what the injury could mean for the celtics season coming up. the nfl loners -- owners are taking sides. amazon wants to move into your apartment complex now. developing and delivering on the promise to protect the packages. the 19th national congress of the communist party just got underway.
6:35 am
get opening remarks and it is time to transform the nation into a mighty force that could lead the world the weeklong event will shape the leadership for the next half decade and beyond. joining me right now is author of the coming collapse of china. gordon is always a pleasure to talk to you. first explain the importance of this 19th congress and my this is so important. the congress meets once every five years. the rule of china wants to consolidate his power. he wants to do it in a way that could cause problems in the future because over the last couple decades they have developed rules and institutional norms. he needs to break some of those. infighting in the future as can be unrestrained by these rules. therefore there is a real
6:36 am
concern about the nature of the communist party going forward but at least in the interim juergen have him completely dominating the landscape in china. what is he trying to do: a mighty force. saying that the country is going to be transformed into this mighty force what does that mean. this is going back to his signature phrase. the idea is that china is going to take back the place it had three or 400 years ago so this is gonna be an issue for us. they have goals which are inconsistent with the way the world works right now. they're tried to grab territory to south korea in the north. that destabilizes the international system. and that puts them into conflict with the united states. let me ask about that. does the u.s. have a strategy a policy with regard to china or is our policy just around
6:37 am
what china does regarding north korea. he has a north korea policy. that's is his number one goal. in his relations our subordinate to that. he will be good to china if he believes china is cooperating with us and he will be harsh on them if you believe that they are not. and we have seen this in the early months. he went back on every campaign promise on china. when china was looking to help us a north korea and then when it looked like a chain it was really stalling and we saw this at the last week of june. those were a bunch of a rash of actions. should we be doing more to have more of a policy with china regardless of what happens in north korea or do you think the plan is a right action. north korea is obviously the urgent threat and indeed what we have done in the past is elevated china way too important in our foreign relations. and we've done at the wrists expense of our ties.
6:38 am
i think this is generally a good thing. it would be nice to have good china policies throughout. we've an urgent issue right now with regard to north korea. i think the president approach is the right one. the former ceo who has have relationships in china for a long time. when the first businessman to ever do so. he just got back from china. after the 19th congress that they will get really serious about north korea. do you believe that. they might be in the wrong way in the sense that he has been fueling a north korea and transferring very important weapons and equipment and technology to the north koreans especially their ballistic missiles. those ones that were launched on july 4. their first inter- continental ballistic missiles those road to the launch sites they make
6:39 am
north korea a real threat. china's most advanced missiles. the one that attested this year look to be variance of the submarine launch missile and that is indeed something that the trust administration trumpet administration needs to talk to the chinese about. you're saying that they are what financing north korea at the time we are worried that they are developing the nuclear program what is the u.s. had to say about this. the fact that they are what financing north korea. and what he has been doing. he's been having private conversations. what we set with the executive order where he basically said to the world you do business with north korea or you do business with us but not both at the same time. that was directed per china.
6:40 am
especially if the president in force and it set. you better help us at north korea. or we will impose costs on you. i want to bring you that tweet. before we go. what does all of this impact on the u.s. i think they're gonna go back and on reform their economy. it will cause friction regardless of what we think about north korea. they must only vote for tax increases. they will vote for the largest tax cuts in u.s. history.
6:41 am
we will see about that. the president is just tweeting that they will only vote for tax increases. first though coming up next new fires and new misery. they are erupting in northern california as firefighters are struggling to contain the blaze at of that has been burning for nearly two weeks and then no change. they make no moves on protest during the national anthem. [fbi agent] you're a brave man, mr. stevens. your testimony will save lives. mr. stevens? this is your new name. this is your new house. and a perfectly inconspicuous suv. you must become invisible. [hero] i'll take my chances.
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markets are on fire. take a look. they are now at the highs of the morning. i gain of 60 points on top of an all-time high reach yesterday reached yesterday of 23,000. a couple of names we are focused on this morning. they will be input.
6:45 am
belts for the ground up. the technology giant said that the chip will enhance deep learning. the technique learned to help computers recognize voices and analyze computers. alphabet paired with google wants to build a better city. in the parent company sidewalk labs division will spend $50 million creating a 12-acre smart neighborhood in chicago. a home for driverless cars. alphabet shares have a good ear up a 25 percent in the last year. another setback for the travel ban meanwhile. with the details and headlines now. a federal judge in hawaii has blocked the new travel ban. district judge issuing a temporary restraining order that prohibits the
6:46 am
administration from enforcing it. they say the district court order is undercut. and enforce minimum security standards for entry into the united states. firefighters continue to make progress in north account of for you. but new fires are the latest. they are forcing a fresh evacuation's. at least five firefighters were injured in the mountain. homeowners filed a lawsuit against pacific gas and electric scene that the company failed to protect its power lines. it is investigating power lines as a possible clause --dash make cause of this deadly wildfire.
6:47 am
a legal victory kind of for johnson and johnson. they want a reversal of a $72 million verdict in favor of the family of a woman his death they claimed from use of the products. the court of appeals said that because of a recent supreme court decision limiting where lawsuits could be filed the case of the alabama resident should not had been tried in st. louis. they face lawsuits from 5,000 people making similar claims over baby powder. the stock is up over 22% so far this year. and finally this. if you live in an apartment you may be able to get your amazon packages delivered faster and safety. the big landlords to take over the package room. with some of the biggest apartment operators. in some others. the there can us install locker systems before the holiday shopping season it
6:48 am
will help them control how goods make it. from the warehouse to the customer's front door. the stock is up over 34% this year. if you think about it you're kind of cutting into ups. your delivery system is not good enough. amazon just goes and puts it all in a locker. coming up with new ways to get more and more efficient. i think what jeff thinks about. is how do we help our customers. how do we provide a service or solution to your point. he is continually providing solutions to problems to his consumers.
6:49 am
you want to compete against someone other than amazon. that pie is getting smaller and smaller. you want to compete with amazon and that sector is getting smaller and smaller. and then it acquire whole foods. every industry they go in. the percentage of retail is so small. online is about 11%. they are not even close to a monopoly yet. as an amazon economy. lebron james lending his voice and in seat to the protest movement. his entire team statement during the national anthem. no penalty after all. details on the decision about protest starring with nfl games. [vo] quickbooks introduces jeanette
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maria: 2016 was the year of the chicago cubs jeered max with sports. they went hundred eight years. cubs nation should be okay for a while. it would take a historic come back for them to get back to the fall classic. losing at wrigley six-one. the dodgers six cubs one. the greatest comeback when
6:54 am
last night they homered for the second time. they smashed number one. this makes this work four-four. they bring in two. that is the final score. it's now a not the best of the three series. another early one today. the nba season opened last night. did not have the luck of the irish in his boston debut. hayward came down so strong. that's how quickly a season can change. he have to be fitted for an air cast on the court. he was carted off he fractured
6:55 am
his tibia. the cavaliers one. lebron james might have been the winner in the locker room but his jersey wasn't. lebron suffered a large tail. equality with the nike kicks. linked arms for the plane of the national anthem. eleven nfl owners and 13 players took part in a discussion yesterday. about how to progress talks in is set to be the misuse -- the issues. we did not ask for that. we spend today talking about the issues that our players had been trying to bring attention to about issues in our community the meetings
6:56 am
were positive. he was invited to attend. just like on election day. he was a no-show. i've spent a lot of christmases in iraq and afghanistan. i also feel strongly about what they're protesting. i believe there is forget the merit behind it. it's obviously not a very good business decision take what he just said and play that on a loop.
6:57 am
it's down 10% much more so for republicans than democrats. the interest is up in college football it's nfl is losing americans as pro football plan -- fans. there is a huge jump between what republicans and democrats you see a lot of deceits. you have a lot of options to nfl football. jared thank you. we will take a break. and at $4.95, you can trade with a clear advantage. fidelity, where smarter investors will always be.
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to create even more opportunities. all across new york state, we're building the new new york. to grow your business with us in new york state, visit welcome back. and good wednesday morning everyone. i'm maria bartiromo. your top stories right now. 7:00 a.m. on the east coast. breaking news this morning. the president just tweeting this on the fbi. the director seen as it has turned out they totally protected hillary clinton. the best thing that ever happened to her. the white house pushes the agenda forward. just tweeting this. on that subject. they will only vote for tax increases. the news coming as that commander-in-chief takes aim
7:01 am
at obama care. i got here and i thought maybe when i sit down at that desk the first day january 20 i will have something to sign. not as easy as we not. but will get it done. you will see things happen like have never happened before the optimism from the administration driving markets to record high. it looks like it's can open up 70 points yesterday. cross 23,000 for the first time ever. record setting momentum continues. a similar story. they took a cue from the u.s. markets last night.
7:02 am
and the european markets are up across the board. ibm a big story there. it has that stock leading. markets closed mostly higher in china. the event well have a big impact on everything from u.s. policy to china's approach on north korea as it chases the leadership for at least the next five years. the warning that hackers could crash the sock -- the stock market. the officers that dragged that dr. off that united airlines flight. we all watched in disbelief. george soros making a multi- billion-dollar rule.
7:03 am
in honoring his heroes why nearly 100 police officers came out to support one young boy's lemonade stand. all of the stories coming up this morning. beyond the sport. john layfield is with us this morning. good to see you. good to be here. good morning everybody. it is very interesting. i think the market right now is moving on corporate earnings which i think is a great thing to see. when president trump first got elected the first two months the corporate earnings have taken off. it was a huge plus for this market. we a great year in terms of profitability. when the market is up greater than 5%. we usually end the market and positive territory for the year. when you've a 5% move in
7:04 am
august and september typically the market and positive for the year. it's great to see revenue is up. as a good sign as opposed to financial engineering. and revenue as showing a strong firm back drop for the fundamental economy. i will note that foreign currency has been a benefit change. the dollar has have a tough year we know that. we will talk all about that this morning and we kick it up this morning with our top story. president trump will meet with members of the senate finance committee today. the passing of this budget is critical to moving text techs are from forward but not all republicans are on board. considering i know a vote on the budget resolution. much. the budget vote to me as a symbol in a guidepost as to what we are as a party and
7:05 am
what we see in four. and the people like mccain and graham hooper's campaign as conservatives. they need to be called out. lindsey graham hitting back. more bad info. don't screw up taxa from now. lindsey graham getting tough. the democrats will only vote for tax increases hopefully all senate republicans will vote for the largest tax cuts in u.s. history. senator, it's good to have you on the program. we have a good vote yesterday. every republican senator who was there voted to move forward. this pays the way for tax reform.
7:06 am
they want congress to stop bickering and to start acting. we have to get this passed. the single most important piece of legislation that we can pass with this congress. when you look back in 2000. the american economy has lost 5 million jobs that they have gone overseas. this brings jobs back to america. we should call this america jobs act. it is a tax cut for the american worker. it's a tax decrease in a the pay raise for the american worker. and third, a gross of the economy. look at what is going on with the dow right now. what is happening this morning. with $5 trillion of wealth to america. in anticipation the optimism right now of tax reform i think that is built in right now with the numbers. we must if we want to remain the economic superpower of the world this is critical for us to pass before the end of the year. we know the pushback that happens in the senate around healthcare what is the
7:07 am
pushback now within the senate. i understand the senate has an issue with eliminating the estate tax for example. i things like that could hold up the tax bill. there will be some differences. at the end of the day you have to step back and say you must pass this bill. this is the american jobs act. this is exactly what the economy needs right now to keep growing and keep moving forward. president trump since he trumpet since he took office. we are seen 3% of gdp growth. significant shift in the right direction. if we have some minor differences that is part of what we do and we have to set those aside and look at the big picture this is a big chance to step up to the plate. and deliver what the american people need right now. a tax cut in a pay raise. it sounds like you are willing to vote for the tax plan.
7:08 am
are you open to agree to that. i think it's a good idea. for the states to really be a laboratory. let them compete. i think that is a movement in the right direction. it simplifies the code and exposes some of the states that have very high tax rate. i'm optimistic. i'm really him. every republican senator we had two that we are missing. every senator who was there on the republican side voted to move forward with yesterday's vote. i think we must get this done. if we don't get it done frankly send us all home. that is true. the american people do want this done.
7:09 am
it feels like the senate is the place that bills died. are there senators that really don't care at this president succeeds or not. i think there are senators that have very sincere differences on some of the policy issues. but i tell you what. we to step back and put on that united states jersey here for a moment. doing what is right for your state in your country. this is a moment in american history that we must act upon. we have to set aside the minor differences and step back and look at the big picture of what this means right now for the american worker for american jobs and global competitiveness. it's time to give the american worker a pay increase. we can do that by delivering a tax increase. isn't that what is happening here.
7:10 am
where is that conversation. does a senate the senate want a higher bracket. we need to reduce the tax burden right now. i led businesses to 28 years. before coming to congress i always said the main thing is to keep the main thing the main thing. i tell you right now removing the tax burden and the regulatory burden on american businesses is one that we will create american jobs. tell you what what is most important here is reducing is reducing that tax burden for american businesses.
7:11 am
what about the highest earners. they pay all of the tax. i don't like the idea of raising taxes. i would be opposed to the idea here. it doesn't make any sense. do you believe as steve mnuchin has said 100 percent. i had spent a lot of time over the last couple of weeks taking a look at if we had one and half trillion dollar reduction in rates. but we bump it up to to a half to 3%. that more than pays for itself. we and revenues. this comes back to fundamentally putting more dollars back into this economy and remove the dollars going back. i think it will be spent more wisely.
7:12 am
they're saying the same thing. increase tax revenue. we will actually see a reduction in deficit. you think you will get a bill by year end and this will be we will be watching. thank you so much for joining us this morning. breaking news of the president has just tweeted this morning again. this time on the nfl. he writes this. they had decided that it will not force players to to stand for the plane of the national anthem. the president is real upset about this national in them protest. income protest. we will keep talking about it. the jaw-dropping number been moved next. the heartwarming response after a boy set up a lemonade stand for members of law enforcement.
7:13 am
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we now instantly compare prices... ...from over 200 booking sites... find you the lowest price... ...on the hotel you want. go on, try something fresh. tripadvisor. the latest reviews. the lowest prices. two officers had been fired for dragging an officer off of
7:16 am
an airline flight. the viral video caused great breakfast. they drag him down the aisle of the plane. investigation has concluded that they handled the situation and use excessive force. they had teamed up to mark anthony her ex-husband also helping out. to the philanthropic foundation.
7:17 am
and this heartwarming story out of kansas city kansas. police officers are his here. the world needs more peace in it. i'm sure they love the donuts also. they showed up to set up to meet the little boy. i think you'll make a great police officer someday. and i know at the video the video went viral. as nice as the a story like that.
7:18 am
the shocking new evidence released by the fbi last night. and cut hackers close this talk market. [vo] the grille is distinctive. but it's usually seen from the rear. the 2018 audi q5 is here.
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7:21 am
near or far covered. leaving every competitor, threat and challenge outmaneuvered. comcast business outmaneuver. >> warning over the security of the stock market. they could include dis- cabling payroll systems.
7:22 am
as numerous companies he is america's advice chairman. this is something that businesses are paying a lot more attention to spending a lot more money on. what about this. the potential economic impact. what are the worst threats. i can cost billions of dollars. executives are very focused on this. the number of events that happened in the last year. it has really got the attention of executives. everybody is very focused on it. the environment is really much riskier today. these cyber criminals are way more six sophisticated today than they have ever been. were not talking about weekend hackers were talking about software engineers that are sophisticated engineers.
7:23 am
nationstates and they are ceiling intellectual property. your nc sweets all the time. you have a perspective on this where everybody is probably going to be hacked. what kind of advice are you giving them getting access and you have a philosophy that is more about people in the technology. could you elaborate on that for us. make sure you have multiple lines defense. everybody talks about technology or process. it is first and foremost a people problem. when people like us click on
7:24 am
the file or download a link that brings a malware into the system. you have to make sure you are educating your people and they are getting the right training around the cyber risk. and if you are hacked having a playbook versus trying to orchestrate it. it is around protection and detection. what we need to do more of his rapid response plan. if you have a playbook and had to know when you do get breached how to get the right procedures and policies. >> your survey there is a stunning stat in your survey. 86% they reported a just last
7:25 am
week. their cfo and said that they are spending the money that they need to to get ahead of these type of attacks. they are very focused on this. we talk with the education and training. they are spending a lot of money making sure you have very rigorous and disciplined procedures to protect your environment. what is the biggest vulnerability in the united states for hacking. or is it something else it will bring down the system. the number one issue as our employees. is our employees. someone will get social engineered that weakness and operating system. with the connect to the economy.
7:26 am
and as a priority for business. what are the other priorities that you've seen change over the last five or ten years in terms of corporate. looking at growth. across the world. you talk about nationalization and it's obviously the trend but you look at 95 percent of consumers outside the u.s. and companies are still focused on how i tap into that. how do we tap into that and seize sees the opportunity but also recognize there is a text of dealing across that. that is another area of focus. how do i navigate in order to tap into opportunities globally.
7:27 am
great to have you on the program today. the president is just tweeting this. democrat congresswoman totally fabricated what i said to the wife of a soldier that died in action. obviously one of the stories of the morning. we will take a break. she claims someone else made the request in her name. and then the oil minister doubling down with a plan to go public. the effort could be abandoned. we will breakdown the timeline and why the deal is important to the world. we are back in a minute. ancial n and see what we can do. ok, so we've got... we'll listen. we'll talk. we'll plan. baird. when you're close to the people you love, does psoriasis ever get in the way of a touching moment? if you have moderate to severe psoriasis,
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liberty stands with you™ liberty mutual insurance. maria: welcome back. good wednesday morning. i maria bartiromo. happy wednesday to you. wednesday, october 18th. top story 730 among east coast via jim call me back in the crosshairs within the last hour president trump has treated this. wow, fbi confirms reports that james comey drafted a letter exonerating perfect hillary clinton long before the investigation was complete. many people were not interviewed including clinton herself. he stated under oath he did not do this obviously affects. where's the justice department? as it turned out, james comey lied. he was the best thing that ever happened to her. not from the president this morning. president tweet storm after trey gowdy considers hauling call me
7:31 am
me -- comey back to the hill. >> the right to be at least a couple. we need to talk to them again. maria: we will go into whether fox news judicial analyst judge napolitano agrees. optimism over tax reform drove to new heights for the dow jones industrial average causing the 23,000 mark for the first time ever. futures indicated the momentum continued this morning. dow industrial to open up 70 points. the height of the morning. nasdaq s&p 500 also appeared european trading looks like this be momentum there as well. 5100 at the third of a percent. cac a copy% and in asia overnight markets mostly higher. enchant the country kicked off the 19th national congress of the communist party. having a major impact from u.s. policy to china's approach on north korea as you change the leadership for at least the next five years. if the ipo running out of gas?
7:32 am
bill minister will weigh in amid new reports that what would be the largest of all time may not happen. we will talk about it. over sharon at the office pit millennial thinking outside the cubicle when it comes to workplace taboos. by the generation is taking salary like never before. the next spectator support come of age racing. netflix which of its serious viewers for the fastest. following, no monkey business for one man in salt lake city. on this front month for the holiday. we'll bring you all the stories coming out. top story right now and not a samantha power's unmasking controversy. house oversight committee trey gowdy speaking out after hearing testimony from obama's foreign u.n. ambassador about the alleged 260 request she made identifying and foreign intelligence reporting. here is that congressman gowdy said with brett air last night. >> if she were on your show, she was a post request u.n. mass may be attributed to her, but they
7:33 am
greatly exceeded by an exponential factor at the request she actually made. so that is her testimony when she was pretty emphatic and it appeared the surveillance community, the intelligence community has assigned the number of requests to her. her death, her testimony as they may be under by name, but i did not make those requests. we've got to get to the bottom of that. maria: fox news judicial analyst judge andrew napolitano. judge, napolitano. judge coming to think with samantha power is claiming as possible, that her name was there but it wasn't are making the request? >> first i agree with the comment you made from the break. what is the purpose of having secret system by her fun of the members of the committee is going to go on national television and reveal some of it? we should've heard all of it from the beginning. the short answer is yes, it is possible because the obama administration totally and
7:34 am
inexorably controlled the intelligence community and cop what it wanted from it. the fact that some human being, not samantha power is her testimony under oath is to be believed, was able to request the most highly classified data that the intelligence community possesses in samantha power's name without her knowledge or consent does not surprise me, but it's reprehensible because the violation of federal law. look him in many people in the intelligence community who believe the concept of unmasking, so here let's say this is a transcript of the telephone conversation between an american and a foreign agent. i don't know what the foreign agent is because their names are written here. i work on the west wing i'm concerned about the content. telling me who was talking on his unmasking. many people in the intelligence community think the concept of unmasking -- in fact, when the
7:35 am
nsa handed us over to the white house, it has everything in here already. the short answer is i don't know she's telling the truth. if she is, it's even worse than we thought because the white house is permitting someone who doesn't have the authority to request an unmasking to use the name of somebody who didn't get the information. tree into its too much back-and-forth. the bottom line is where does the buck stop? it starts with samantha power. >> the buck should stop with jeff sessions. traitor he recused himself. >> bennett should stop with rod rosenstein, number two in the justice department who can prosecute people for this because, hear me out, the use of classified data for political purposes is a profound and grave threat to democracy. we trust the intelligence community to gather information for one purpose, to keep it safe from our enemies. traitor now people don't trust
7:36 am
the intelligence community. >> information being used their political bosses in the west wing or it was the new to harm trump and political interests adverse to hillary clinton and barack obama. >> how could it be? not like a signature stamp somebody used to make the request to unmask these people. it's not like somebody's older credit card and used it. so there has to be culpability in knowledge here. >> one would think that there would be an airtight and highly protected procedure to do this. apparently there isn't. quite frankly i don't know if valerie jarrett can call up ahead of the nsa and say we need this come of this in the senate shows up in a renal two minutes later. worked as a series of steps she has to go through, prove that she is valerie jarrett. i'm not picking on her, but she's one of the people that could do the unmasking. how it could happen is samantha power's name was then used without her knowledge or consent i don't know. it's beyond me. trade to it is because it's not
7:37 am
true. let's talk about the fbi releasing the document this week, confirming former fbi director jim comey started drafting a letter to hillary clinton's e-mail server before he even interviewed her. president trump treated this morning. he said while, fbi confirms reports that jim comey drafted a letter exonerating cricket bill clinton before investigation was complete. many people not interviewed here stating under oath that he did not do this. where's the justice department? as it turns out, jim comey lied and leaked and protected hillary clinton. he was the best thing that ever happened to her. maria: i agree with the president that is the best thing that ever happened her at least with respect to the campaign. i was harshly critical of director comey. in a piece i wrote for you profoundly influenced the outcome of the election by exonerating her in january and then stepping back in in october. but in this instance, i am not critical of jim comey.
7:38 am
it is not unusual. it is not against protocol for prosecutors to decide very early on in an investigation who they are going to indict and not indict him and look for evidence to support their preconceived notions. the fact that he drafted this exoneration before he interviewed her tells me the guest guy told me what to say in the interview because they had interviewed her. maria: you're comfortable with him comfortable with and drafting letter about interviewing her. >> i disagree profoundly with the outcome. she should've been indicted in a still do. she still can be indicted by the justice department. not only am i comfortable with being drafted, the early preparation of the letter is standard operating procedure among first name. >> isn't the bigger issue the fact they did not uncover these e-mails that are now out there? it gives a sense of a shabby process. maria: anthony weiner is also part of the story.
7:39 am
the fbi found 2800 government documents on the former congressman's computer that related to his estranged wife according to the conservative group judicial watch. so this work related was essentially sent to andy andrew's computer. >> on this i think you're 100% correct. this is where the fbi seriously dropped the ball. i don't think jim comey wanted hillary clinton to win her donald trump to lose. i think he was walking such a tight rope, he felt he was. abbas, we recommend she couldn't trust. maria: she told him to call it a matter. and that's exactly what he did. >> he tried to make decisions to keep the fbi neutral and he ended up putting his thumb on the scale. how these e-mails got into this laptop is pretty easily understandable. she and her husband is the same laptop.
7:40 am
for gaming her crazy husband have access as well. safeguard with his nuttiness he didn't reveal anything. maria: who knows who told what. >> that type of material should not he kept to which another one has access and the fbi should have been aggressive in the justice department should have been aggressive on the misuse of e-mails. instead they gave hillary a pass and the people around hillary a pass. >> americans the white noise. they must all be corrupt. there's never a signed culpability for this. why is that so hard to do? >> you hit the nail on the head. there's a culture and government which goes like this. i was in government myself though is in the judicial branch. we don't want to antagonize or prosecute our predecessors because we don't want successors to do the same name. that is reprehensible.
7:41 am
the swamp is donald trump calls it an american cynicism about government. >> is a rhetoric for self-serving reasons. >> only a guy from texas could say that. maria: the hill is reporting this morning the fbi found evidence of a russian bribery plot before the obama administration gave control of a large amount of the american uranium back in 2010. hillary clinton foundation to $120 million right after she approved 25% of the stock pile of uranium controlled by the kremlin. maria: so who was bribed? mrs. clinton and her husband had a foundation. there is $148 million bundled by one guy, canadian businessman, a friend of the former president clinton. bill clinton starts getting $50,750,000 speaking fees for
7:42 am
his in moscow. mrs. clinton, eric holder, secretary of the treasury, to other people in the government have the authority to make this decision. what decision did they make? they permitted a corporation wholly owned by the kremlin controlled by vladimir putin to own 25% of an american uranium in utah, unheard-of and didn't happen because these people put $140 million in the clinton foundation. why did the fbi investigate back? because the statute of limitations is enough. >> the president just read about and he says where is the justice department? people are scratching their heads to find out why it is all of these things come out of the president's own justice department is not actually backing any of this and investigating any of this. where these investigations?
7:43 am
>> the president prefers to communicate through twitter. he could pick up the phone and they investigate this and go where the evidence takes you into it now. >> the biggest pollution allegedly is between the clinton initiative as secretary of state. maria: that if they had scratcher. >> an absolute head scratcher and most politicians want to protect themselves by not prosecuting themselves convey they are dirty. >> all something to talk about the payment. maria: had a jeff sessions recuse himself? what is he doing anyway? >> that's a major problem the president keeps scratching his head. recuse himself from all things involving russia. maria: what is this wretched issue? >> he fears that he might be a witness in some of them since he was intimately involved in the campaign and there are allegations that the campaign colluded with russians. this is a circular argument.
7:44 am
maria: there's no collusion with the campaign, but we do have evidence that the uranium. >> i think he should not have recused himself. wish the one person in the justice department. the president wants these people investigated. do your job. maria: final word. judge andrew napolitano. we will be right back. think again. it's time to shake up your lineup. the alerian mlp etf can diversify your equity portfolio and add potential income. bring amlp into the game. before investing, consider the fund's investment objectives, risks, charges, and expenses. read the prospectus carefully at
7:45 am
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7:47 am
maria: welcome back to saudi arabia downplaying reports that the band in ipo for the oil company. cheryl casone with the story now. >> berea, doubts about the ipo have grown in recent days. the reports circulated that the kingdom may not go forward with the plan. the saudi oil minister say plans remain in place. officials estimate the company's value at between 2,000,000,000,003,000,000,000,00 0. the valuation holds comic is set to over $100 billion by far the largest ever. reports next week maria of my friend saudi arabia.
7:48 am
"mornings with maria" live in saudi arabia. parents who buy their kids gps watches to keep track of them may actually be putting kids in harms way. they are susceptible to being hyped from allowing strangers to track the kids can meet and communicate with them prompting consumer groups to one parents, basically don't buy those devices. plus, >> this is my time to be ruthless. >> interferences vagabond existence. >> shoes back on the road again, past the peyote but the bathroom of use to throw up in. >> delicious. >> explain to me again. >> netflix has about 8.4 million binge racers. they consume an entire series within 24 hours. netflix has the gillmor gears, a year in the life, has frequently benched show and also the defenders pictures of the company at 60% so far this year.
7:49 am
of course, some biblical little crazy for halloween, like this guy. a utah man created a gigantic king kong display in his yard for halloween. that is 39 display to attract thousands of trick-or-treaters picked up about 100 hours. by doing the pasties had a pirate ship, skeleton train and even a giant track complete with a viking ship. he loves halloween, maria. that to you. maria: we all do. thank you so much. millennial spilling the beans on their salary. the surprising new survey on millennial snacks. [vo] quickbooks introduces rodney.
7:50 am
he has a new business teaching lessons. rodney wanted to know how his business was doing... he got quickbooks. it organizes all his accounts, so he can see his bottom line. ahhh...that's a profit. know where you stand instantly. visit quickbooks-dot-com.
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7:53 am
maria: sharing your salary. militants have been the most likely age groups tell others how much they make it 63% share their salary with immediate family. 40% other friends and 30% build the beans to their colleagues. according to a new survey from the catch first on fox business, founder, sarah berger. good to see you. it used to be taboo to talk about how much you made previously millennial still care. they want to talk about it. >> we see a lot of transparency talking about money. we feel when they go out on dates and talking about money more than i did in life. there is an increased trend errancy and maybe social media at night play a role in that. we are also trying to close the gender gap so i think there is a push to talk about money more in the office.
7:54 am
>> so they share this information with coworkers that i'm interested to know the wage gap. her women sharing the information with men is first up are women sharing in ensuring that early? >> we didn't see much difference between the number of women and men in the work place, which is interesting, pretty much equal levels. i think when you are sharing in the work case you should definitely treads lightly. it could cause some friction. you also have to remember that your salary is likely determined more by more than just your job title. often determined by your work performance and experience. when you're asking a colleague that you think should be making the same as you, you might not really know exactly what their performances like so it's hard to judge. >> what is the repercussion of that? we corrupt and that was pretty private. my starting salary of $9700 estate of me. i said no, that was for the year. there's got to be some
7:55 am
negativity. either rented that you find out who's going to end up supporting you and break up or what happens in the work place. >> i think it can be tricky. definitely be strategic about who you share salary with. a geisha telegram everyone at work how much you make. you really need to think about who you share the information with and how it could affect her relationship with that person. are you feeling competitive with that person, resentful? you need to weigh the pros and cons and treated relationship differently. >> i don't want to pick on millennial spirit it's too easy. i agree completely closing the wage gap. they should be no discriminatory practices as far as wages. i'm a very strong advocate of that. but it seems like there's just discontent. there's a reason why a backlight makes less inerrant judge piercings this discontent among millennial survey. maria: does this lead to raise this by sharing your salary with coworkers or friends? >> it can be informative. if you ask a peer, it can shed
7:56 am
some light on how much you should be making. definitely resources you can turn to for help determine how much you should be making. pay scales a great one, these will generate for a salary reports for you dependency if you're on par with the rest of your peers and if you realize you are severely underpaid, ask further raised and make sure you get the money you deserve. maria: the study found 19% of gen x and baby boomers tell their colleagues how much they make. what do you think is behind this, the generation gap? why are millennial so transparent? >> i do think social media plays a role in this. we are super used to sharing almost everything. look at one of the most popular money acts among millennial spirit is a peer-to-peer payment act in the social media component baked into it. a pretty good testament as to how comfortable millennial star with v. and transparent about their finances.
7:57 am
>> tmi. >> sometimes it is, but at the end of the day, i think the more comfortable you are talking about money, the more you learn that could be beneficial in the right way. trade we will leave it there. thanks for joining us. sarah berger. han solo comes back from a galaxy far, far away. the spinoff of the next hour. "mornings with maria" next hour. whoooo. i enjoy the fresher things in life. fresh towels. fresh soaps. and of course,
7:58 am
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8:00 am
battle of the budget republicans pushing ahead with vote on 2018 fiscal year budget this week key for to get tax reform passed by year-end something president touted last night with these again. >> let's give our country the best christmas present of all. massive tax relief. this is our opportunity to unleash a new middle class america. >> looks like markets are believing it optimism driving stocks to record highs take a look at this expecting big he opening this morning dow
8:01 am
industrials yesterday hit 23,000 for the first time ever, futures indicating 80 point rally at opening of trading this now is the high of the morning things have been moving up all morning now we are expecting 80 point rally at the start of trading today in europe markets are higher taking a queue from u.s. ft 100 up a third of a percent the cac quarante dax up one half of of a percent, in asia overnight a big week markets mostly higher you see there dependings of korea, in china, the country kicked off 19th national congress of the communist party mainly impact from u.s. policy to china approach on north korea as it shakes the country's leadership for at least the next five years this happens twice a decade startling angs against weinstein company harvey weinstein resigns, his brother bob weinstein now is facing accusation of his own news coming as fallout continues throughout tinseltown hitting amazon executive resigned claimed he
8:02 am
swally harassed a producer. >> outrage at nfl. >> the players owners came to agreement that they see around the really issues that are player issues or owner issues or community issues they affect the all of us in our communities our xhipt to that they wanted to work together, to try to address he these issues. >> league is now refusing to close the door on players kneeling during the national anthem, and scruffy looking disney solo next "star wars" film the reaction as director ron howard unveils the name of the highly anticipated hans solo original movie, we bring it to you all those coming up and joining me to talk about it all -- investment strategist, fox news contributor jan with us this morning form compriseler ceo
8:03 am
home depot ceo bob nardelli here. >> a busy morning. >> very once. >> speeding by. >> when you have a president active on twister you always have news to talk about in the morning. maria: president has tweeted quite a bit this morning, we have been bringing it to you, all morning president trump is pressing for tax reform as senate launches into gop budget debate, blake burman live from white house with more good morning. reporter: speaking to he conservative institution in washington, d.c., last night heritage foundation, president trump, he is pounced the ideals of one ronald reagan to continue his sale pitch on need for comprehensive tax reform. >> ronald reagan cut taxes to at least the economic miracle, of the 1980s, you understand that lower taxes means bigger paychecks, more jobs, and stronger growth. >> before that can happen the senate needs to pass a budget and reconcile with house the timing going forward, that
8:04 am
voting process will begin later today with, the final vote at some point either late thursday night, or early friday morning, into the wee hours of friday senate republicans got a pretty big boost twofold,corcoran dealing with hotel issues returned to washington, d.c., and jon john mccain announced he would vote yes on this budget plan however rand paul, who is one to watch in this large tax battle said that as it concurrently stands right now he is a "no," on the budget vote. >> -- republicans say we are for budget caps, if we say what we and do what we say we are for, i will vote for budget if we're not going to be conservative i can't vote for it white house hopefully eventually it can get paul's vote on this matter maria, even if this budget passes at some point thursday night or friday morning, folks within administration starting to concede that this is possibly tax reform being a 2018
8:05 am
inventory the latest mulvaney saying yesterday there is still a chance it gets done this year more likely goes into next year. maria: blake burman, wow we are here, because -- you listen to some portions of government, they feel they are getting this done that they have got the votes required, then what blake is saying mulvaney said could be 18. >> you are not a buyer. >> absolutely not. >> i have listened to them all near long promised by jooum 4, august recess by the end of the year now factualing next year i don't know why anybody would believe these guys on anything they say. >> i think you get he tax cuts done repatriation money but as far as tax reform took a president with big man daylight 1986 done tax cuts 81 years to get done i don't think they can get it done. >> corporate america looking for this since he took office getting pushed and pushed and pushed, i think john is right
8:06 am
in that, you know, it is probable not going to happen, a profound impact on corporate america thought they were able to compete globally with lower tax -- >> that is when markets move finally see in numbers corporate america is continuing on this peace higher without tax reforms or tax cuts, maybe both. >> each paying -- big ones have political impact they can get lower tax rate. >> the ones paying, 30% tax -- >> small business has been facing the burden, of health care. and the cost of health care, let's turn to health care now, senators announced bipartisan deal to stabilize markets, a chillily reception how do you stabilize obamacare or a face consequences should it fail two-year plan by lamar alexander patty murray would fund payments to insurers that help cover low income compliance subsidies president trump canceled last week in exchange, states would be
8:07 am
given greater leeway to experiment, with alternative standards for their life insurance for insurance plans, president trump commended the everett suggested a different fix was needed. >> well i commend the bipartisan work done by senators alexander and murray, i do commend it, i continue to believe congress must find a solution to the obamacare mess instead of providing bail outs for insurance companies. >> joining us right now to weigh in former policy director from mitt romney former senior advisory to mark o rubio, about good to see you thanks for joining the conversation. >> hey good to be with you. >> what is your take on all of this do you see this latest efforts going anywhere? >> well, the challenge maria has always been where is the fundamental reform and i think if you look at this particular package, there are things for conservatives and liberals to like there issue things for obamacare supporters and detractors to like but ultimately to get over the hurdle of the votes needed in
8:08 am
the house and senate the question is going to be where is the fundamental reform, i don't think we see it in this ab package why i think discrepancyism from republicans, in the house and senate you are seeing the president trump have a very difficulty time trying to message through, exactly what he wants to do that is the challenge in front of us. >> was the executive order, the president made last week, in terms of canceling subsidies was that the right move. >> look, it was unconstitutional frankly what a previous administration had been i think the president was doing the right thing saying look if this if these are going to be paid there needs to be a congressional appropriation, there needs to be authorization is from the congress, to pay these subsidies by cutting off flow of subsidies putted the ball back in congress's court now up to congress to act. >> you know, we've got to figure out how to handle this, you know, i know two young men 30, 31 years old california, they don't want doing into network because they want
8:09 am
freedom of choice, they are they have 6,000 dollar deductible 400 dollars a month now you've got two young men no preexisting condition, 12, 13,000 dollars a year out-of-pocket it is in konsble a lot of providers have pulled out of these states. >> right, bob that is stall the problem, you've got plans people don't want you've got a declining measure of competition in many states, driving up premiums, that is always been the fundamental problem, with obamacare, the issue with this particular deal, is that it doesn't do very much to get at that yes maybe expands, access to catastrophic plans a good thing we want to have more choice of plan, but fundamentally what is going to convince that 20 something-year-old that 30-year-old, who could probably get away with paying the individual mandate penalty safe money what is going to convince that person to buy a plan right now absolutely nothing. >> so what happens if a deal doesn't get done correct me if i'm wrong sounds like you think a deal isn't going to get done near-term, open
8:10 am
enrollment starts november 1, what happens 2018? >> you know what? the books are cooked if you will for 2018, everything is done. so, insurers that are participating, are participating, the plans that are in are in the for 2018, that is really not a we expectant affect the what happens in 2018 the big question what happens in 2019 beyond even if they do a short term deal, i think the soonest you see potentially more plans coming in is going to be 2019, i do think eventually something is going to have to be done on obamacare whether this deal or some other deal, because the pressure will be enormous there is going to be tremendous premium increases on middle income tax payers in obamacare marketplaces lawmakers have to do something president trump has put the ball in their court. >> i agree something has to be done with obamacare simply not working however there doesn't seem a replacement you've got to replace with something repeal effort gaining ground
8:11 am
not a row praise meant a vieshl alternative out there. >> i agree one hundred percent the challenge was coalition for repeal different from replay rand paul was okay with formulations susan collins susan -- lisa murkowski excuse me moderate members weren't okay with it fundamentally different i tend to think that the -- the framework put in place by graham and cassidy greater flexibility and freedom that is going to be why republicans go, as the chafee if you will to replace can they get the two coalitions together to agree on repealing enough obamacare replacing it to move forward. >> how aggressive will insurance companies be about selling across state lines giving individuals more opportunity more optionality than to shop better plans. >> as you raul president trump issuing an executive order last week on obamacare, the
8:12 am
idea was let's try and figure out how to open up the marketplace a little bit, he expanded what are known as association health plans great for small businesses small business can band together if in the same industry across country same regional don't have to be in same zree the idea maybe if they band together can of our insurance more affordable offers benefits people want instead of buying things they don't need it is still open question how many small businesses are going to take advantage of that how many insurers in the marketplace we are not going to know, until we get into 2018, later in 2018, toward 2019, whether that executive order is going to have -- >> just a derelicts of responsibility to pass to states case you don't have idea how to fix it yourself? >> have i don't necessarily think that is the case it is the case the congress needs to give states guidelines, but i tend to a think that states are the ones innovating, nothing is getting down in washington we all know that, the place where things are getting done at state level
8:13 am
great governors state legislators working together to get things done. i tend to thip that allowing different states to pursue different health care solution that is the way that we're going to get to real health reform not top-down one-size-fits-all obamacare style reform. maria: good point, states are different mentality one state is not the the same as another, so perhaps, they should have more autonomy thanks for insights good to see you. >> thank you. >> thanks so much, coming up the other] in crosshairs bob weinstein facing accusation of his own the latest aengs against his brother pile up in scandal that has rocked hollywood, and going solo in galaxy our way director ron howard unveils the name of the upcoming "star wars" hans solo spin-off his message to fans, coming up. ♪ [vo] the grille is distinctive.
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intelligent technology can help protect it. ( ♪ ) the 2018 audi q5 is here. cheryl: now accusations aimed at harvey weinstein's brother, according to the "the wall street journal" people who worked with bob weinstein say he was an abusive boss, former employees associates claim he be liteled bullied employees
8:17 am
and pressured them to date him, harvey weinstein has resigned from the board of the weinstein company, the board standing by its decision to fire weinstein as chief executive of the company back on october 8. and amazon ceos stepping down yesterday,fy days after being suspended over allegations sexual harassment -- pour of the man in high castle -- she says price repeatedly propositioned her in 2015, raul of mercedes-benz modern a mill cars recalled because of potential air bag issue the fix from issue takes out -- an hour to perform will will contact customers whose cars are directly affected. >> chinese president xi jinping giving a speech for new era of china opens a critical communist party
8:18 am
congress he says time to tranquilize form into a mighty force. >> this is going back to his signature phrase of the rejuvenate nation of the chinese nation for dream china going to take back place 300, 400 years ago at center of the world, and so this is going to be an issue for us, because nef goals initiaticonsistent wi way the world works now. >> wide range address say president no plans for political reform at this time. >> last but have not alleviate director ron howard revealing name of the new hans solo movie. >> fans i hope you enjoyed the pictures, that i have been sharing pictures that i have taken from set of -- can we even say the name of the movie? >> i will see you next year,
8:19 am
[laughter]. cheryl: howard the long-awaited news via twitter the solo name of the spin-off "star wars" film coming out next may howard kept fans on toes behind scenes photos like these on twitter account production officially over now all left to do is wait until next may, may the force be with you? of course, maria this is the early story of hans solo a young hans solo how he became so amazing. maria: i think a good idea ron howard with petitions out getting everybody hyped up. >> it really is. >> see if we keep momentum through may. >> more pierson ron howard. >> standing up or kneeling they decide the sideline over the national anthem controversy, why nike new nba jerseys might have a serious flaw back in a minute.
8:20 am
♪ ♪ "volatile markets." something we all think about as we head into retirement. it's why brighthouse financial is committed to help protect what you've earned and ensure it lasts. introducing shield annuities, a line of products that allow you to take advantage of growth opportunities. while maintaining a level of protection in down markets. so you can head into retirement with confidence. talk with your advisor about shield annuities from brighthouse financial established by metlife.
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8:23 am
maria: day kwoon in the books nfl league talks continue for day two the burning question still remains, can at the find a solution to the kneeling controversy, tracee carrasco live outside conrad hotel in new york city tracee good morning. >> good afternooning, maria now yes, that is the burning question, owners here from the 4ers stealers giants eagles and nfl commissioner here at conrad hotel for day two of meetings yesterday goodall
8:24 am
said meetings were productive, he gave a brief update after the meeting, where he the issue of players kneeling during national anthem that was expected to be the focal point when he was asked if the nfl would make the players stand for the national anthem this is what he said. >> we did not ask for that. no, we spent we spent today, talking about the issues that our players have tried -- have been trying to bring attention to. about -- issues in our community to make our communities better, that was the entire focus today. reporter: league promised to support causes targeted by protesting players as it stands right now nfl will continue to let players kneel during the national anthem. now, president trump already weighing in on this, he tweeted earlier this morning, the nfl decided that it will
8:25 am
not force players to stand for the playing of the national anthem total disrespect for our country, some fans agreeing with this feeling alienated ratings down last year nfl said because of the presidential election this year could be because protest nationally broadcast games down 8% compared to 2016 as far as week five numbers not much better down about 7.2%, and looking at week 6 down about 7.5%, the meetings are expected to continue here today we will see if there is any sort of compromise that will make poetic players, and the fans happy, we are expected to get update this afternoon. maria: all right, we are talking about this as well tracee all day thank you. we come back to you as news develops, john you played college football, you signed
8:26 am
with raiders what do you think. >> mixed bag to me i have been to iraq, afghanistan many times in support of soldiers i have very strong feeling about flag about our country, i also have a very strong feeling about what players are protesting nobody likes police brutality, we talked in break, there is injustice as far as incarceration rates toward minorities the question is it right to previous to during the national anthem, smithed by it 68 olympians two months later dr. king killed in a race riot history proved they were right i don't know what history will say in the future could be right, they said right about rosa parks, protesters he supposed to be uncomfortable, however, the business decision nfl is proven this is a very bad decision you can see in rates going down nfl also see it in attendance going down nfl, just can't have that controversy on a team. you know you are going into that locker room come to field. >> i agree. >> i agree. >> playing for the --
8:27 am
>> he protesting i wish find a different way to protest, priest as team all team would protest if they find a different way to do it. >> exactly. >> a break when we come back speeding ahead on hyperloop talk to cofounder executive chairman of the future for transportation ambitious new project, and a quarter-pounder a ghaert pounder mcdonald's plan to make sure you have a happy meal locking up smartphones, back in a minute. whoooo. i enjoy the fresher things in life. fresh towels. fresh soaps. and of course, tripadvisor's freshest, lowest... ...prices. so if you're anything like me...'ll want to check tripadvisor.
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8:30 am
. maria: welcome back. good wednesday morning thanks so much for joining us this morning. i'm maria bartiromo, it is wednesday, issue october 18, your top stories right now 8:30 a.m. on the east coast. tackle tax reform president trump laying groundwork for cuts to businesses and individuals. >> we will get that largest tax cut in the history of our country, and you will see things happen like have never happened before. >> optimism driving markets to record highs to look at this market rising all morning we are at new highs for the morning, looks like dow opened up 100 points today, yesterday, the dow hit 23,000 for the first time, in momentum continues this morning, futures indicating a rally at start of trading this morning, has to do with earnings ibm up 5% after better-than-expected numbers last night,in europe the similar story ft 100 up a half
8:31 am
percent cac quarante. dax up two-thirds of 1 first responders data hitting the tape housing starts lower nonetheless we are looking at market has momentum in asia overnight market closed mostly higher a take a look in china the country's kicked off its 19th national congress of the communist party event will have a mainly impact originally from u.s. policy to china approach on north korea, as its shares, shakes the country leadership, for the next five years, big blue is back apparently the stock is higher 80 right now 6%, after beating street expectations quarterly numbers what that means for the future of the technology, titan, just rip it debut for nike new nba jersey we tell you about lebron's debut in one of them coming up serving a presidential power off to the head chef one of the restaurateurs in the trump international hotel d.c. about the current state of small business today. and making sure it is a happy meal mcdonald's is insuring quality family time at some
8:32 am
restaurants all that coming up this morning, first, this, fast forward with hyperloop one to revolution travel shipping richard branson virgin group investing in hyperloop dream up by elon musk rebranded version of hyper law school one raised 85 million dollars, in funding to take on the world joining us cofounder coexecutive chairman virgin hyperloop one managing director, pishevar, good to see you you have been investing a successful capitalist put your own your money into interesting stories why was the hyperloop so important to you? >> it today, when i landed was stuck in traffic for a very long time i looked around i saw most of the cars 09% cars -- 90% had one person in it transportation solutions infrastructure under a lot of
8:33 am
stress pollution created in the world so virgin hyperloop one richard branson joining knew investment round enable from r and d phase we approved technology works video you saw kitty hawk moment josh and i, cofounders, we had this dream that we would build a trans port people things at 700 miles per hour it is happening it is real now we are going to the commercialization phase and having richard branson as a partner, and having virgin hyperloop one out there begin to get contracts to beggibegin building this to happen area one another a hundred of commercialization of hyperloop. >> how do you commercialize around the world they said this is a viable solution insurable got bob good for you. >> all positive signals, now with governments around the
8:34 am
world, the actual studies with them, the first contracts to build the first hyperloop virgin hyperloop one start to happen this coming year, so we will be able to break ground, and somes of those projects most likely in middle east and asia, but we are hopeful types of infrastructure that exist in america we can basically begin to build virgin hyperloop one in u.s. as well the dream will be to connect new york to d.c. and 35 minute travel, citi center basically turnsez? into metro stops unlocked the ability to life and work wherever you want creates a lot of economic activity in growth. >> it is always changes communities where you can life where you can work i am a big fan what hyperloop is potentially capable of doing i
8:35 am
think will do political problem between vegas and los angeles, just seems impossible, about are you having much success with political right-of-way issues? >> the u.s. regulatory said more complexities because of federal, state and local structure, which is you know that is what makes america great comes with a cost of some regulatory taxes, slowing things down a little bit. that is why focusing on the international side makes a lot of sense, being able to look at you know areas like -- one road being able to look out the middle east, europe, and other areas, and most likely those projects will go first, but you know as american i you know would love to have this here in our own nation and create lots of jobs, but also there is a multidecade project so we are patient. >> i agree with john i this i the political thing will be a
8:36 am
bigger challenge to get the right-of-way than the technology but tell us about the technology, is this magnetic lab what is the mechanism by which you move 700 miles an hour. >> right we are already moving we did almost 200 miles per hour you saw video full scale in 500 meters in stops safely, now, as you extend that we hit 70 miles per hour, we are already there we have proven that works, it will feel to the consumer feel like a -- taking off on airplane. so the comfortable kind of acceleration from there. and then the cargo side is another really important aspect to that business model really is based on the cargo shipping logistic side we also unlock the ports of all the world so if you look at ports in the waterfronts cities around the world this is why one of our board members, the
8:37 am
founder of bt world one of of our investors own 70 ports around the world you move ports inland unlock real estate on water fronts of all cities that is trillions of dollars real estate value you unlock the passenger side is subdivided by that side. >> a huge project transportation one of the areas that you have invested in, also help angel investor modern 60 start-ups couple, rabbit dollar shape club tell us where you see growth how you allocate how do you decide. >> well, i take on the capital with my cofounder scot stanford we have investment companies uber, airbnb many others we look for a signal early than most try to come up where we think the world is going to go find companies
8:38 am
founder building it with pharmacy space going to be disrupted we found -- amazing t.j. sartd pill back now they have groeven exponentially 18 months we vested 50 states people all over country ordering prescription from pill pack. >> -- five minutes at home on a device. >> is there a doctor -- how is it prescribing. >> first it tells you what disease you have johnson & johnson has partnered with them we are in africa, saves millions of peoples lives improved health care around the world connected to doctor via video hostile in future will connect to pharmacy as well, pill pack. >> we talked about this a lot
8:39 am
you have been an investor in this wholly idea health care marries technology where growth is i totally agree. >> what size investment trying to make in interesting companies that you are finding. >> -- capital investment a billion dollars in first four years, and we are investing anywhere from 5 million up to 25 million into early stage mid stage companies, and so that is around the range. >> you saw uber before so many people we talked about this you were adviser to uber what about softbank vision fund reported request for discounted rates on that 10-billion-dollar investment do you think softbank is going to invest 10 billion in uber at a discount? >> hm. >> what do you have to say about you that i wouldn't be much businessman if i commented on that what i will say i did see uber 7,000
8:40 am
customers 1.8 million revenue turned into juggernaut that it is, uber -- two greats softbank, as you mentioned is investor, and some news i guess talking about some interest there. and i think softbank and vision fund, are some of the greatest sources in the world quite smart. >> we're going to be -- next week in saudi arabia, because obviously. >> i will be there. >> i will see you there in riyadh, how is new ceo uber doing give a sense of the changes at company you've got a start-up challenges in terms of culture they have had fair share. >> the fellow -- i know him, he is a perfect choice, and providing incredible leadership, and as you mentioned going to project -- to become public 18 to 36
8:41 am
months, and if you look at 12 year track record expedia, what they are doing stunning what he accomplished 12x the size of the business the company, and beloved by everyone. >> a new chairman? >> new directors on the board? of uber? >> yes. we do. >> incredible. maria: that is right. >> a lot of credit goes to the board of directors, as they are expanding with that quality, and also a lot of credit to travis for helping recruit, global leaders. >> you have had great insights we see appreciate you joining us today thank you so much, coming up stuart varney called it dow climbs to 23,000 first time ever we talk to him about new milestone after this break not quite slam-dunk nike was hoping for, for sure what went wrong with the new nba jersey debut? stay with us.
8:42 am
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>> welcome back ibm story of the morning, as surging in premarket this morning after earnings beet up 6%, within dow and market in general nicole petallides on floor of the new york stocks exchange. >> ibm tax on roughly 50 points to dow jones industrial average this morning up 6 1/2% this morning big passenger gain six years wibeat good sales forward a boos. >> nike has been struggling in this year as we know, big picture with weak sales look what happened, to lebron james they are now the outfiter of the have nba big contract 8 billion -- for 8 years one
8:46 am
billion dollars this is contract to do jerseys, now nike, look at right between the two two and three nobody will notice, i mean this is could happen to anybody it happened to the king, king james, so that is big deal no comment from either the nba or nike, working on it scompluf with way -- didn't have a good start last night's game, last but not least mcdonald's trying out to something in singapore this is thank you check out lockers 100 you put your phone in, and you are supposed for fun everybody using phone according to survey 72% children, 69% parents using their phones we so youhis goes over the ide to have like fun at about mcdonald's noture about ts one. >> burgers, i don't know. micha 23,000
8:47 am
yesterday for the first time ever momentum high this bhorng will it close at another record high is that in cards host of "varney & company" stuart varney you called it. >> i got lucky, you know, a kind of easy call frs it when i went on with you about 10 minutes to 9:00, futures were up 23 points you only go up 40 hit 23k easy forecast to say yes going to get to 23k we did, of course, okay, you are om as good as last forecast what are they saying now i think we go up more another very easy forecast, when futures up nearly 90 points, before the get-go, i've got three reasons, why this today we're going up more, number one, looks like the republicans are onboard to pass a budget, and that is good news for tax cuts later down the road number two, earnings reports are pretty good, especially ibm as they look to the future, number
8:48 am
three, president trump is beginning ho all-in on tax cuts made a big speech last night i am sure more to come i think this helps the tax cut program that helps growth agenda i think market goes up more today maybe 23100, maybe. >> wow, well listen the tax story one of the boosts, you have been saying we have been saying the fundamental backdrop pretty strong earnings picture looking good. >> looking good economic data has been solid, i know housing starts to this morning wasn't so great what is it 25,000 by end of the year? >> no, no, no, don't -- like that, i want to add, i have a sense of excitement not just me but world of money that you and i inhabit there is a real sense of excitement here and i think that is very important, towards the feelings about money in the market. i think we are on the road to prosperity i think we are on the road to growth and that is
8:49 am
an exciting prospect, come join us. >> it is true, different than 90s because the 90s was new moment in time -- you know, digital age year 2000 that was really betting on clicks to web site, or eyeballs this is betting on fundamentals this is betting on profit and revenue growth. >> profits are good great is coming market goes up, that is it. >> see you 10 minutes thanks so much beginnings after "mornings with maria" 9:00 a.m. eastern join stuart for more. >> presidential power i talk to chef from the restaurant of trump international hotel next find out what else is on the menu in his life, stay with
8:50 am
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. maria: welcome back, small business in america chef burke teaming up with ease scare hospitality behind 62 in new york city east 62nd street b l.t. prime washington, d.c., trump international hotel, tavern 62 celebrating one-year anniversary a feast this is great you have been in restaurant business a long time, and we want to get your expertise before we go through table how would you characterize the restaurant business. >> restaurant business is hard rewarding now work harder for money, you got to work smart,
8:54 am
you know minimum wage going up, up new york city very high rent. >> good quality i think you put a quality product out has value to it, it is a tough business hard business you got to work at it every day. >> customers changed likes changes? looking for something different all the years that you have seen. >> i think people want to a little bit more casual don't want to eat 3 or 4 hour meals like 10, 15, 20 years ago, they want quality they know quality they are well traveled especially -- in d.c. upper east side wine list they can pull up anything on app now, the customers educated, they want quality product overall the right price doesn't matter the price so long as matching, the quality. >> -- how this resonates with
8:55 am
people more people eat meat? what is the lamb shank. >> pork shank. >> some items my style cooking to give people something they can remember, and i have about endoing that seasons my days at river café competing with view the -- >> a huge success story. >> now that was instagram, before instagram now dishes like bacon octopus cheesecake puffs disturbs dumplings. >> lobster, dishes that not only delicious, they are they are memorable, and instagramble we don't design food to be insurmountable it is a style we cook should be entertaining and fun when you eat out seriously in taste and quality. >> i am glad you mentioned instagram i am about to tweet out a shot of this steak, go ahead i'm sorry. >> we try to make some make it look good. we make it taste good value
8:56 am
story, nowadays you got to keeptive until superprime location keep your brand alive brand have gone important in the restaurant business, as a "celebrity chef" or chef doing a long time we work very hard at the notification stayi-- innovation ahead of it curve. >> do you support pet goals for tax reform are you expecting tax plan is going to move the needle for your business? >> a any time i think that i can save some money as a small business owner, i like that, it allows me to hire more people create more jobs i can also offer you know i can expand a little bit, offer, allows me to go out and eat as well or spend money on other things for me i am all for saving some money. >> you think it will move the needle then. >> i hope so. >> yes. >> tell me about the restaurant in washington or obviously washington changed blt by david burke.
8:57 am
>> blt by david burke doing very well beautiful hotel restaurant doing very well reviews have been very good, you know i happen to love the city there is the a lot of great restaurants in d.c. i had opened a submitting and wollensky 20 years ago. >> have yeah. >> been there quite a bit, so he comes in, and a family comes in, and a lot of international people come in as well as locals foodies, might see see you in white house some day there is a rumor that went out last year i have never been approached to be the chef of the white house, although i think the -- that position should be more of a cullnanyone culinary teaching position.
8:58 am
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we cut the price of trades to give investors even more value. and at $4.95, you can trade with a clear advantage. fidelity, where smarter investors will always be. maria: welcome back. my thanks to this awesome panel. have a great day, everybody. go seize the day. "varney & company." stuart over to you. stuart: it is mine. what is this? wall street's version of the energizer bunny? the stock market rally keeps going and going and going. good morning everyone. look at this, the half hour from now the market is set up to go up some more, maybe 90 points. the dow only took 22 sessions to go from 22 to 23,000. first, politics, senate republicans have the votes to pass the budget, that makes tax


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