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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  October 20, 2017 11:00pm-12:00am EDT

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artistry. i'm jamie colby. thanks for watching "strange inheritance." much. here's lou. lou: new evidence tying former president clinton to the uranium one scandal. the former president, hillary clinton, the obama administration are now clearly in focus in what appears to be a quid pro quo deal that gave russia ownership a fifth of u.s. uranium. now those carping about russian collusion with the current administration, they are silent when collusion with the children tons has been staring everyone
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straight in the face for years. president trump spoke with maria bartiromo. >> there is no collusion. you have senate meetings and hearings and no one has asked us to do interviews anywhere. there is zero collusion and everybody knows it. the uranium situation with russia getting uranium, they better look into that. senator grassley wants to look into it and oathers do. to me that's a very, very serious charge. lou: emails reveal a bill clinton aide sought the state department's approval for bill clinton to meet with a keyboard director of the russian nuclear energy firm rosatom in may 2010. he wanted to take the meeting during a trip in june to moscow.
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during the trip clinton was paid half a million dollars for a speech organized by renaissance capital, a russian investment bank that was talking up uranium one shares. june is the same month rosatom struck its deal in uranium one. several investors in that rosatom deal funneled $145 million to the clinton foundation before, during and after the obama administration government had approved the deal. while bill clinton did not meet with the rosatom board member, he did meet with vladimir putin himself at his private home. all part of the so-called reset by the obama administration.
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secretary of state clinton explaining the reset's purpose saying quote our goal is to help strengthen russia, and strengthen russia they did. the clintons delivered on that promise. now the obama administration's justice department under loretta lynch drawing more scrutiny. in 2016 it was lynch's department of justice that blocked an fbi informant from testifying about the nuclear industry's efforts to win over bill and hillary clinton and to influence administration policies. the department of justice threatened him with a criminal case and quote the loss of freedom if he came ordinary under violation of that non-disclosure agreement. loretta lynch on capitol hill today met behind closed doors with house intelligence committee investigators, and she has plenty of troubling
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questions to answer. no adequate explanation of her june 2016 meeting with the former president during the fbi investigation and hillary clinton's private email server use and it was just days after that tarmac meeting that then fbi director james comey called hillary clinton's actions extremely careless, but did not seek criminal charges. comey says it was simply a quote matter instead of investigation. joining us tonight, the first person to focus on and raise questions about the uranium one deal and to detail the large sums of money that bill and hillary clinton received either directly or through their foundation from russian officials while hillary clinton was secretary of state, peter
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schweizer is president of the government accountability institute and executive producer of the "clinton cash" movie which is based on his best-selling book. you have to feel, i would think, somewhat in a sense of gratifying sense in watching this begin to become an investigation as we hear from the senate judiciary committee what they are focusing on. >> it's great to be back to you. it's an emotional ride. the book came out in 2015. the "new york times" confirmed the uranium story with a front page story. it did set off an fbi investigation. but basically the story has been dormant for two years as far as any official action. now you have this great
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reporting being done. this informant was awaiver all kinds of activities. it's been an interesting emotional ride. but grateful and thankful that this issue is finally going to get the airing it deserves on capitol hill. lou: i will tell you and our viewers. i thought the fbi would step in immediately based on what was put forward. then suddenly the focus was purely the seem scandal. which to me in the national security interest looked to be the ancillary story. your story about the clinton foundation. an obvious pay-for-play scandal. quid pro quos which you did establish and put into your book, your movie, the reporting of the "new york times" that which you worked. and the fbi just went absolutely
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radio silent. >> you are right, lou. the field offices were very engaged. i had multiple meetings over the course of 18 months. i know that they were investigating corruption at the clinton foundation pay-to-play. it became clear and some of this has been reported by the "wall street journal" that they were stopped by the department of justice prosecutors. they wanted with subpoenas and further investigatory powers. those were not grants by the obama justice department. when trump came in, jeff sessions as attorney general, that might change. but we have the same cast of characters in a lot of senior positions at the department of justice. and that has not changed. what i would say is my experience is the field offices in the fbi very aggressively wanted to purchase sue this. but they wanted to resist in
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washington, d.c. lou: you and i talked about the clinton scandal and the refusal of the fbi, the fired former director of the fbi director james comey and his absolute object city nance. even faced with overwhelming evidence and the field agents urging investigation and prosecution. as we looked at it it seemed there was almost no way the fbi would not investigate. now we are learning an informant was with criminal penalties. usually attached to a non-disclosure agreement. they used that to stifle him to suffocate this story. and i'm talking about with the clinton foundation and rosatom
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and uranium one for four years. it's extraordinary. >> here is the thing people have to understand. this process, this process where the federal government approves these types of deals that have national security implications and involve foreign governments, it's set up so federal authorities can determine whether they are involved in espionage or have a nefarious motive. this whistleblower. this fbi investigation was going on in 2010 yet apparently the evidence is nobody on 50th even heard about this investigation. they finally prosecuted the individual in 2013. so the entire process broke down, and there is only two possible explanations.
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rank incompetence at the highest levels of the fbi or the department of justice or something more nefarious was going on. i don't know which one. >> i either one of them is bad and we need to get to the bottom of it. we'll be talking with the attorney for this unnamed, unincludes closed interest formant on monday and learn more. but the committee for investment in the united states is comprised amongst others, the homeland security council, the national security council weren't secretary of state, the secretary of treasury and the secretary of homeland security. there is know imaginable way in which one of those entities or individuals would not be aware of that investigation. unless, unless something very
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crookeddage have much a cover-up was occurring. and do you have confidence we are going to see that reversed now? >> i don't know. i certainly hope so. to put this in a context people fully understand. ross tomorrow controls the uranium. part of the agreement was that they would not export the uranium. we don't want this to end up in bad hands in north korea. "new york times" confirmed they vie slated that agreement. yellow cake under the control of uranium one has been exported out of the united states and it's unclear where it has gone. this is not about a far-some of scandal, this is not just about the clintons. this has enormous national security implications for the
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united states. the only way it will happen is with senator grassley's committee and cap shill cracking heads saying we demands answers. if you don't give us answers, heads have to roll. lou: there is no clear statement why we would give up for any reason, at any price, 20% of our uranium in this country. that's a question that's left open still unanswered. and secondly, have you ever heard of anyone putting $145 million sat one moment into the hands of the clinton foundation? the answer is of course not. these questions most of basic and funds amountal were armed by the very committee made up of the very agencies, departments and individuals responsible for national security. this, this is the biggest sphwawm scandal. i think it may well turn out to
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be the biggest scandal in american political history. we thank you for continuing to watch this and investigate and hope you will be back soon to help guide us through it. >> thanks for having me, lou. lou: we are coming right back. and lot more to cover. stay with us. we'll be right back. the islamic state prospered under president obama. under president trump they are suffering defeat after defeat. >> we have made more progress against isis in the last nine months than in the last 8 years as you know. lou: we'll discuss the trump policy successes with fred -- wd fleitz.
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tillerson says the trump administration won't block european trade with iran, and he would like to see the president's views balanced by his own. we take up this unusual secretary of state and more here next. next. stay with ♪ can i kick it? ♪ yes you can ♪ can i kick it? ♪ yes you can ♪ can i kick it? ♪ yes you can ♪ well i'm gone
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lou: joining us fred fleitz, and john bolton. fred, great to have you with us. i think it's terrific that tonight, the might this 20th of october. nine months ago the president inaugurated, and toda raqqa is e hands of u.s.-backed forces. the successes as the president promised have been incredible particularly compared to the previous 7. >> president trump took the gloves off. there were so many restrictions on our operations in iraq and syria and it made a difference
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against isis. we won't hear this on other networks. i think we are seeing cautious signs much progress against north korea. he's twisting the arms of the chinese and russians to get them to enforce sanctions. we may have to go down the sanctions road and i'm encouraged. >> in the case of north korea, the secretary of state suggesting it may be months before north korea has the ability to deliver a nuclear war head on a ballistic missile. this has been a stunning ratcheting up of the estimated timetable for the nuclear threat posed by north korea. >> they could have the ability now. the intelligence communities says north korea has 60 nuclear
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weapons. whether they detonated a hydrogen bomb last month, we don't know. this is a serious threat and i think north korea's nuclear arsenal is an offensive arsenal, not a deterrent, and they will one day use it. lou: we hear from the secretary of state again, almost impossible to contemplate language. filler on saying he wants -- tillerson says he wants to balance his views with the views of the president. >> i'm angry with secretary tillerson who told the europeans today that they don't have to worry about their trade deals with iran that we are not going after them. i immediately tweeted he should be fired for this. he's trying to undermine what the president did. i think the europeans know president trump is serious about
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the iran deal and if it isn't figured, he will get out. lou: this is a difficult moment for people to understand. the president is tolerating such abuse from his own cabinet that i mean, i don't react well to it, i will tell you. i cannot imagine a person not deferring to the president of the united states, any american citizen. to have this air grabs and insubordination on the part of a secretary of state, it's infuriating. i have to give the president all the credit in the world. this is a man i don't think any of us would have expected to be this tolerant and generous. nor would i have expected rex tillerson to be such a small and silly person. >> i think we should think of this in light of the very
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inappropriate speech president bush gave yesterday. the bush circle helped staff trump's national security. that's why there is trouble on the iran deal and the paris climate accord. at the end of the year the president has to take account on who gave him good advice and bad advice on personnel and make some changes. lou: it looks to be the contest of purpose, direction and will between bush globalists and trump nationalists. and thank the lord the president seems to be winning nearly all of the battles. fred, thanks so much for being with us. we appreciate it. be sure to vote in tonight's poll. are you as tired of rex tillerson as secretary of state as we on this broadcast are? we are really tired.
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cast your vote on twitter @loudobbs. follow me on twit i are @loudobbs. and follow me on instagram @loudobbstonight. on wall street today another record-breaking session for stocks. as the presidentr president once said while campaigning, are you tired of winning yet? a rally again to a new record high. the s & p up 13 points, the nasdaq 24. vol on the big board picking up to 3.4 billion shares on a beautiful friday in america. for the week the dow gained 2%. a reminder to listen to my reports three times a day coast to coast on the salem radio network. it turns out obama and the clintons were the real colluders with russia. we talked about how.
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lou: joining us is ed rollins. hlept start with the prospect of a budget. the senate actually delivering to the president on his agenda. ed: they now can start the tax bill. now they have to get a tax bill and the president has to sell it. the house needs to buy in quickly on the senate bill. don't drag this thing out any further than it is. lou: we get the feeling the house is going to moves
11:29 pm
expeditiously. the chairman says they are moving ahead for what the president says are the largest tax cuts in american history. ed: it's a nice way to finish this first year, 9 months into it. lou: when we think about the prospects of a budget. for the u.s. congress and the senate to deliver a budget for the president's signature. am i dreaming here? ed: not totally. it's a very positive first step.
11:30 pm
it does give us a path to taxes. lou: the clinton corruption. investigation under way. the senate judiciary committee beginning that. ed: let's have no more closed doors. let's make this stuff open. the country needs to know why anybody would sell 25% of our uranium supplies to the russians. the russians who have been our enemies for a long time. the idea that we sell them 20% -- we wouldn't sell them 20% -- lou: i'll tell you why. the clinton foundation got $145 million from the russians and no one asked a question why are the russians giving the clintons $145 million when the obvious quid pro quo on cifius.
11:31 pm
ed: we need a full-scale investigation. lou: and we'll continue to cover it. we are coming right back. much more straight ahead here tonight. stay with us. the economy is booming, stocks are soaring, regulations slashed, all thanks to 9 whole months of the trump presidency. >> i cut more regulations in nine months than any president has cut during the entire term. lou: we take up what mightened up being the most of accomplished presidency in modern history with pastor robert jeffress. look at this lucky paddle boarder who got a visit on
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lou: joining us is the pastor of the first baptist church of dallas and author of a book called "a place called heaven." i want to start with
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congresswoman wilson. and she apparently does not comprehend what has happened to her because she focused on politics instead a snoavment general john kelly said should remain sacred and i think all of america agrees with him 100%. >> as a pastor i have a unique perspective on this. through the years i have had to counsel hundreds of grieving families. i can tell you what president trump said to this widow was absolutely appropriate. first all he highlighted sergeant johnson's service to our country and he acknowledged her we'll pain. it's the height of hypocrisy for this stricken stone cowboy
11:37 pm
congresswoman to exploit widow's pain for her own partisan gain. i'm so worked up by this, today this congresswoman had audacity to tea cues general kellive racism for criticizing her. general kelly was note criticizing the congress woman because she's black, he's criticizing her because she is a hypocrite. lou: the race card has become the instrument for scoundrels. whatever she chooses to do from here i think as she described herself as being a rock star because of the national media's coverage of her. i think her status is about to
11:38 pm
change significantly. certainly it will on this broadcast because i can't even begin to comprehend what would be going through her minds to take a moment as general kelly put it, so sacrosanct, so intimate, so private, it's deeply disturbing. it disturbs us all, i think. and she has had her moment of fame on this broadcast. i guarantee you. let me turn if i may to a president who suddenly has within his grasp tax reform about to pass the senate has moved the first condition spree secon -- firstcondition precedex
11:39 pm
reform. but for the nation, it's been two decades since this country had a prospect of a budget. >> this is what was going to say. what we just talked about is part of a big for narrative. that is the democrats are in an absolute full-flown panic because tide is turning toward president trump. the economy is booming. the stock market is at an all-time high. the tax deal is going to get done. the russian investigation has turned out to be nothing. and the president's approval ratings are back where they were on election day. i think you will see more these desperate attacks by the democrats because they realized they are losing the battle. the narrative is change. lou: not only is this economy booming. but the foundation is soon to be in place with the passage of these tax cuts the president
11:40 pm
insisted upon and it's within his grasp. we are looking at the prospect of an unprecedented periods of prosperity for all americans. and this has got to be deeply trouble together left base has challenged the very coalition that has 20s foundation of liberalism in this country which failed millions and millions of african-americans and hispanics in this country, and this president:means to go after them to bring them into the bigger tents of the republican party. >> we'll be welcoming president trump in dallas this coming wednesday. dallas is a very religious, very evangelical town. two reasons evangelicals supported him by the largest moore gin in history was because
11:41 pm
of his promise of religious liberty and to revive the economy, and he's delivering on both fronts. lou: pastor robert jeffress. as always, great to see you. please roll the video and watch as this baby humpback whale -- look at the size of that thing -- it gives a paddle boarder an up close hello. the whale swimming right under the paddler, nearly capsizing him. the close encounter taking place off australia's gold coast. but he should stay in the water and the paddler stay in the boat. up next, president trump working to deliver on his promise of a big, beautiful border wall with
11:42 pm
prototypes almost completed. we'll have the full report. look at those images. they are beautiful, just like the president said. and they are certainly big. we'll have a full report next. stay with us. we'll be right
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lou: construction crews in san diego putting the final finishing touches on the border walls proto types if the workers facing a deadline next week. imagine this, dead lines in government work. who now. thank goodness for president trump introduction that idea. they are completing the proat so types before the administration makes a decision on which design will be used to secure our border with mexico. will yamg flawj necessary with our reports. reporter: we are seeing 8 different proto types up to 30 feet tall, side by side.
11:47 pm
they want to know can someone scale the wall? how long does it take? can you dindle beneath. how -- -- can you dig underneath. do sensors alert agents someone is trying to breach the wall? border agents will tell you a fence or wall only buys time. you need agents and the roads necessary to get them along the border within a few minutes. >> we are near complete. we have 7 days left. we don't have a timeline for the evaluation period. reporter: what wall works best for the money. number two, location. what works in the desert will not work in the canyons where you have flash floods. as for the politics despite what critics say. the border patrol is not
11:48 pm
proposing a 2,000-mile wall from san diego to brownsville. under existing secure fence act lawmakers approved 700 miles of double fence. we don't have that. we have 350 miles of mostly single fence. many argue congress already agreed to another 300 miles of barrier. you will see steel mesh. and by comparison these are huge. i'm told once selected, a few files of concrete may replace old fencing with the border is porous. call it a concrete fence or barrier. but if you are in washington, d.c., be careful about calling it a wall. lou: if you look at miles and
11:49 pm
miles of what they call a border fence, it's no more than a few strands of barbed wire. much of it fallen to the desert and covered up by drifting sands. a lot better has to be done. this is first down payment on doing exactly that, thanks to president trump. thank you, william lajeunesse. up next the president says there is a good reason for his fights with those rinos in congress. >> i think sometimes it helps, sometimes it gets people to do what they are suppose to be doing. and that's the way it is. i just want what's right. and i think for the most of part they want what's right, too. lou: presidential. president trump being presidential and by the way, very successful. we'll take up the obstructionists in congress. tammy bruce and come giordano
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lou: in our poll we asked, do you believe the national left wing nut media should treat our troops and their family with greater respect? 99% said yes.
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joining me radio talk show host dom giordano and tammy bruce. let's start with the president and what he seems to be about to seize a tremendous and almost unthinkable success. just a few weeks ago, tax reform. this is a very big deal because it could mark a shift and a long-lasting shift in american politics. your thoughts. tammy: it's not just because of the nature of the issue itself. it's the fact that everyone except him and his team wanted him to fail, works for him to fail, the establishment, the media, that this was the fight. it's now been nine months. and the baby of the new america is he morning. the biggest i think
11:55 pm
accomplishment even with all the detils of what -- details of what he has done with cutting regulations and reversing the damage obama has done is the fact that he hasn't stopped. he faced it down and he won. lou: it's a big moment for the president. your thoughts, dom? >> absolutely. it will be hard for democrats to explain why they wouldn't get this. this is the economy booming and people like lou dobbs have talked about this for years. this i think is a good moment for president trump. he has lived inside this. he lived this stuff. he seems to be very engaged and detail oriented. as this rolls through, maybe the mckonls and rhines of the world are pushed back on other issues, also. lou: i think it's clear, the majority leader, mitch mcconnell
11:56 pm
has come on board with the president, working hard to deliver a success in the senate. and doing so side by side, if you will, shoulder to shoulder with the president. those images from the white house at the invitation of the president to the majority leader, the two men standing there was an image that possible prophecied this. two former presidented would come out and attack this president. two presidented who in my judgment represent frankly awful leadership and awful consequences and one a republican and one a democrat. tammy: it has been for me heartbreak. i like president george w. bush. he remained silent through the
11:57 pm
obama years with the argument -- the principle that you do as annex president. now that you have got remark turn around. the president who oversaw an economic crash condemning the president, this president. lou: the greatest economic collapse since the great depression. tammy: talking about casual cruelty. the casual cruelty is not being too obsessed about amnesty. casual cruelty is setting up a war you leave and do not finish and is the longest lasting war in american history. casual cruelty is unlockinged the door for obama to set up healthcare. president bush should say nothing about casual cruelty. he's not in a position to.
11:58 pm
>> i could not find one caller that would defend george w. bush. this is not just about president obama. what he's saying is this is deplorables, too. if you support trump and are pushing and continue to push, around nativist. one of the worst characterizations you can make. on the i am great lakes you jeb and george bush have so tarnished themselves. this president really disappointed yesterday. lou: the idea that these two men with all of their failing and president trump who worked for 8 years against the interests of the nation, who cull any night what was a disastrous presidency. history will regard him very poorly with a $150 billion check to the vaughnans. the largest state sponsors of
11:59 pm
terrorism in the world, and putting within their reach a nuclear weapon. it was madness, it is madness with which this president must contend, and both of those presidents deferring and confronting north korea and its nuclear ambitions, leaving that also to this president, a man who is by the way equal to the challenge. come giordano, thank youd dom giordano, thank you for being with us. tammy bruce. monday we'll be talking with the attorney of the fbi informant who has been blocked from testifying on the rugs bribery scandal involving the children tons, the clinton foundation and 20% of america's you-main yum.
12:00 am
please be with us. until then, have a great weekend. and good night from new york. >> announcer: from fox business headquarters in new york city, the new "wall street week." maria: welcome to "wall street week," the program that analyzes the week that was and positions you for the week ahead. coming up i'll talk with the ceo of oracle, mark hurd. but first i sat down for an exclusive interview with president trump. it was an incredible week in washington. the interview will air sunday morning. then we'll have more on monday on "mornings with maria." here is some of our in depth and extensive conversat


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