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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  October 22, 2017 4:00am-5:00am EDT

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every day 5:00 a.m. eastern time. ♪ >> lou: good evening, everybody. president trump addressing what may be the bigest scandal in american history. shocking implication with the obama administration and the clintons in a multimillion racketeering scheme that involved russian purchase of uranium one and gave moscow control of a fifth of american uranium. >> uranium is a big subject. if the mainstream media would cover the uranium scandal and that russia has 20 percent of
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the urannian for a lot of reason and people understand those reasons, that is your real russia story and not collusion and there was none. it was a hoax. >> lou: we learned that president obama's justice department blocked an fbi informant for testifying before congress about racketeering and denied access by the obama justice department is in itself illegal and unconstitutional. the unidentified american businessman turned informant has direct knowledge of how the nuclear energy sought to pay off bill and hillary clinton clinton and documents bribes and money laundering that secured u.s. government a provenal of uranium one by the russian firm.
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back in 2010. and today, chuck grassly demanded the trump justice department removed nondisclosure agreement that stopped the informant from testifying before congress and tell what he knows. grassly also demanding answers concerning ceph us the highly secretive foreign investment committee in the united states. that cleared the uranium deal. it included hillary clinton's state department and eric holder and timothy giteener. grassly wrote. the subsidaries under criminal investigation as a result of a u.s. intelligence operation around the time ceph us approved
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the deal. raises questions of whether that information factored in the cfius decision to approve the transation. it is part of the vladimar putin's focus to have uranium. russia owns 60 percent of the global market in nuclear power mranlts and the u.s. must import 90 percent of the nuclear fuel. how could such a deal been approved? joining us tonight. fox news legal analyst greg jarret. this is extraordinary the developments that we are witnessing here and reported on and there is no order from attorney general jeff sessions
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to lift the nondisclosure and get over that to the senate judary committee. >> it is a no brainer for sessions and should have said yes, i will tear up the nondisclosure agreement that is gagging the confidential agreement. sessions should resign because he is over his head and manipulated by a lot of people in the department much justice from hold overs from obama administration and never been at doj to begin with. rod rosenstein in particular. >> rod rosenstien. his name was revealed in the reporting on the deal itself. bribery and racketeering charges that the informant made possible. how is it that rosenstein and james comb ep and the list goes
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on are in a position and robert mueller as a special counsel, they are in conflict throughout? >> it appears muller, rosen stein and combem who were in the fbi probe and evidence that was gathered covered it up and hid it from congress. they had a legal duty to tell congress and if they told congress, they would have stopped the sale to the rub yaps. one name should be add to this, andrew wiseman signed off on it. guess where he is now? on robert mueller's special counsel town investigating trump/russia collusion when it appears that he and others were
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covering up hillary/russia collusion. >> and with all of this in front much congress now, there is 100 percent awareness with the congress and senate of what we are reporting and discussing now, how can there be hesitation and stop the nonsense and have the judiciary and intelligence committees turn to this issue and get it work. clinton corruption is not a figment of a political presidential campaign imagination. this is reality staring the entire country in the face corruption. >> it is clear that jeff sessions needs to get off his did you have and appoint a special counsel to investigate clinton and the use of foundation and fundling of
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russia and funneling money to the wallet of bill clinton. the key is the confidential informant. you can't hide it from congress so says the united states supreme court in a 1927 decision. congress has absolute unfettered right to interview anybody and oversea the department of justice. and so they can't hide the confidential informant. >> obviously rod rosen dle stien. and jeff sessions as a result are saying they are not going to lift it to this point. what can the president do and say to attorney general jeff sessions, i don't care if you are ill or reluctant or have been a ideological you know, mutation here, we want you to
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lift that nondisclosure and in the right of the public to know what is going on here, is obliterated. >> if i were the president, i would have my white house counsel contact attorney general jeff sessions. mr. mr. attorney general, this is the supreme court decision that said you can't block the confidential informant from talking to congress. and if jeff sessions can read and compreend si multianously. he will tear up the gag order. >> lou: we'll await the next development. surely there will be. the mainstream, the national left wing nut media to have taken a peek at the story. >> they are not reporting it. it is amazing. think much this historically f.
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you thought the cover up of nixon by watergate was a big deal, this is covering up russian taking over control illegally of u.s. uranium assets. >> think of what it means for cfius and the homeland security council and secretary of state and treasury and goes on. they approved a sale of assets to uranium one that has resulted in the united states importing 90 percent of its uranium for the 99 reactors that we have in this country on line. >> people in the obama administration who thought it was a good idea are deaf, dumb and blind. >> lou: or crooked. and i am voting crooked. greg, good to have you here.
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we obviously live in a society where judicial watch has to wait 15 months to force the department of justice to reveal it has documents on attorney general loretta lynch's secret meeting with bill clinton. and it will be a year and a half before judicial watch will have its documents in those possession and may be redakted when they do have them. it is a pattern and suffocating pattern at that. and subpregz of documents is all too corrosive to the idea of the great nation and a half century after the assassination of jfk. the national archives keeping secret documents that have been kept secret over the half century.
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president trump will decide before october 26th. a week from now whether the documents will stay secret and deny the public's right to know or reveal them piece by piece. if they remain hidden from the public, we'll be less american. the stakes are getting higher for all of us who want this great public not only to survive, but to prosper and that's one of the most important issues of our time, the public's right to know and we know far too little. we'll be back with much more, stay with us. >> a powerful moment in the white house press briefing today. the president's chief of staff stood up for the president in his sincere attempt to console the widow of a fallen soldier. >> there is no perfect way to make the phone call. it is not parents look forward
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to. >> lou: and congresswoman wilson's disgraceful intrusion between the united states president and the fallen warrior family. why would the only cabinet member in history to be held in contempt of congress think he has the right to lecture gold star families? as general kelly put liberty mutual stood with me when i was too busy with the kids to get a repair estimate. liberty did what? yeah, with liberty mutual all i needed to do to get an estimate was snap a photo of the damage and voila! voila! i wish my insurance company had that... wait! hold it... hold it boys... there's supposed to be three of you... where's your brother? where's your brother? hey, where's charlie? charlie?! you can leave worry behind when liberty stands with you.
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>> lou: a powerful statement today by president trump's chief of staff, general john kelly. kelly, a gold star father, attended the white house press briefing and he took it over this afternoon. and he put an end to the uproar over presidential phone calls to the families of fallen soldiers. >> when he died he was surrounded by the best men on the earth, his friends. that's what the president tried to say to four families the other day. i was stunned when i came to work yesterday morning and
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broken hearted at what i saw a member of congress doing. a member of congress who listened in on a phone call from the president of the united states to a young wife and in his way tried to express that opinion. he's a brave man, a fallen hero. he knew what he was getting himself in to. he epilisted. there was no reason for him to enlisted and he was where he wanted to be with exact looby the people he wanted to be with, when his life was taken. that was the message that was transmitted. it stuns me that a member of congress would have listened in on that conversation and absolutely stuns me and i thought at least that was sacred. the dignity of life is sacred. that's gone. religion, that seems to be gone as well. gold star families, that left in
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connengz over the summer. i just thought the selfless devotion that brings a man or woman in the battlefield, i just thought that might be sacred. i still hope as you write your stories and appeal to america, that let's not let the last thing that may be held sacred in our society, a young man or young woman going out and giving his or her life for our country. let's try to somehow keep that sacred, but it eroleded a great deal yesterday by the selfish behavior of a member of congress. lou how did the white house press corps to john kelly. his appeal and eloquent appeal for respect and dignity of the moment that a family learns they have lost a loved 1 and 1 of our
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warriors has fallen? did they treat him for respect he asked for? hardly. >> did the president authorize permission? joining us now a military analyst to president trump and chief strat yift for make american great again. sabastian, a remarkable moment in the white house press briefing and as you listened to the baying of the white house press corps it seems the lesson was not learned or taken the lightest. >> it was not taken by them or
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a clown of a congresswoman who doubled down with nonsensical statement that was trying to undermine the four star general gold star father. lou, i didn't have to write the piece, i didn't listen in on that call as the congresswoman woman did. i know what the president said because i heard him say it a dozen times. i heard him say it to 18 green berets that i brought in the oval office to meet the commander in chief and he said your commitment to the nation and your decision to put on the clothe of the republic is all the more amazing and to be recognized, because you do so willingly. and you made this choice. you are not a hero by act or circumstance. you signed up to be a soldier
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marine. i dearly hope that the general put to rest today, but knowing what the press has done to the president in the last eight months, i don't know, lou. >> lou: it was an eloquent and compelling statement about the dignity that should be reserved for our military and for their families. it is astonishing that it will be otherwise. hopefully he change would a few minds and hearts. turn to the russian cover up. it is a obama cover up and a scandal of immense porportions and in whichap fbi informant was gag would by the justice department for more than four years now and we have not seen attorney general jeff sessions
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and trump justice department to lift the gag order so the judary committee hears what he said. >> it is an amazing storyment it is clinton collusion. sarah carter can an amazing job. we have an informant who documents not only the amounts of the russian interest to bill clinton half million dollars. but also the clinton foundation and bribes and kick backs paid to companies involved in the uranium deal. this will make watergate look like a small one. >> lou: why has jeff sessions appointed by the president and why is president trump himself tell them top lift the gag order and let the senate and house and
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republican leadership and house intelligence. focused on getting the scandal absolutely investigated? >> i am not here to make executions for a g sessions or the president. after we took over the white house and trump campaign moved in. o one agency that stank and that was the department. justice. especially the civil rights division. it is most swamp like. ag sessions has a difficult hand to play. >> he has two presidents, expresidents to attack him. former president obama at a political rally attacking the
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president. and his administration. and president george w. bush, my gosh, coming out in new york and making, didn't name president trump certainly, but he made it clear who he was talking about. a president who presided over the biggest economic collapse in this country's history since the great depression is saying we need policies of economic growth. president bush didn't realize there was two consecutive quarters of two degrees growth. and i don't remember hearing president bush criticize president obama do, you? >> i don't. you are the economic's expert. my issue with his critique of the president of being aniesalationist and maybe if president bush had been little less of an interventionist, we
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would have less disastrous foreign policy as we did under his neoconservative. he is in a race to with senator mccain with who is most wrong about president trump. >> lou: it looks like the race between the two will be for sometime unfortunately. >> and the question is this. >> lou: you believe that the national media should join all americans in treating troops and their families with greater curiency and respect. follow me on twitter on>> lou: dob and facebook and follow me. attorney general gest sessions is not saying whether the department of justice is investigating the clinton
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collusion with the russian. why not? i will have a few thoughts. stay with us, much more ahead. we a a a a a jackie: i was point-five credits away from completing high school and i didn't do it. my support team never stopped pushing for me to be better because they knew who i could become as a person. group: surprise! jackie: i've been given an opportunity and i'm just thankful for it. narrator: find free adult education classes near you at
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>> lou: the senate judiciary committee grilled the attorney general for four and half-hours. this is jeff session's first appearance before the committee before the confirmation. grassly ordered the committee to investigate the uranium deal that transferred 20 percent to russia and resulted in 150 million in donations and perhaps bribes is the better and more accurate word to the clint foundation white hillary served as secretary of state and obama administration. involved in the administration's russian bribery were well known
4:31 am
names? >> then director robert mueller then special counsel and u.s. attorney rod rosen stein. the deputy attorney general who appointed mueller as special counsel and andrew mccaa who himself is under investigation as well. sessions defended rosen stein when asked if he is recuse himself in the investigation in the russian bribery scandal. >> it would be his decision and he's a man of integrity and if he has inability to perceive to investigate. it would be his responsibility to determine. >> that is amounting to the exxoneration of hillary clinton who was exonerated by fbi keepy. the justice department has not
4:32 am
taken action on comey or clinton or clintons or highly suspikz gps. they are stone walling the investigators on the trump doszier. and sessions combative and refusing to give account of the privlemminged white house investigation and frustrating the members of the committee who are on his side. whatever his reasons, it is well past time for sessions to demonstrate to the american people he will bring high energy to at this time investigation under eight sordid year of president obama and clintons. the quotation. evening. he who wishes to obeyed, must know how to command.
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mr. attorney general. we'll be right back. stone wall anything blocking the answers in the fake russian probe. where is the department of justice investigation. we take up the russian witch hunt against the president. and the daring dare devil living on the edge. and kelly echoing the president's call to gold star families. we'll be right back. my "business" was going nowhere... so i built this kickin' new website with godaddy.
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>> lou: it is it the 30th anniversary of black monday. it was not stewart varny, that's the fellow on your screen along with me. i am the good looking one. neil vavuto was in the racket as they say just like stewart and i were working that day. it was neil. you know, he looks quite young
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and what's the word, dapper, dapper. i look like i have gained a little weight. i don't know what that was. it couldn't have been me? joining us is ed rollins who served in the top levelful two white houses and fox business contractor and great to see you. two presidents. two former presidents come after president trump today. your reaction? >> president trump is doing something right. obama who made the first reappearance in the deep water of politics and doesn't need to be heard from again. and bush, who is down paintings down in the crawford and that's where he needs to go. historically presidents don't attack former presidents and they should say thank you very
4:39 am
much and go write memors. >> lou: president obama may be on depositions and tell of what transpired in his eergz. >> this is a very big deal and as some of your guest before this. sessions needs to be here and fbi director. and get this thing done. i want to know what it is and out there in the open and an obligation to the public to make it out in the open. >> lou: what about the conflicts was interest that we learn about and adding weisman to the name of rosenstein and mccab. and mueller himself. this is preposterous that no one in congress is dealing with this and finding out what is going on and perhaps removing mueller period. >> we gave 20 percent of our uranium to the russians, that's
4:40 am
enough to have outrainfall in the country in one end of the country to the other. >> lou: and the clinton foundation that is it a obvious pay for play architecture received $145 million for the privilege and someone thinks it is kosher? >> it is not kosher it is criminal. only thing the president slams thes if on the desk and say i want it done and i want it done now and if you can't to it get out. >> lou: tom fenton and his head investigator chris farrell on the broadcast. 30 pages that the justice department denied it possess would for about a year now. and suddenly they found them there at justice and all pertain remember that secret meeting between the former attorney
4:41 am
general loretta lynch and former president bill clinton and now they are given, the justice department, they have another 60 days in which to review those 30 pages to see if they turn it on over to judicial watch f. not for judicial watch, the public would not know half. >> the behavior is obstruction of justice and a bunch of people should be charged and the only thing is going to happen is the president has to make it happen. >> lou:. one of the other things is the paper, final papers of the national archives that be kept secret since the assassination of a president. he has until october 26th. a week from now. >> he needs to release them. and the fact that they are kept this long, is just beyond. >> lou: it is unamerican. >> we are an open society and we need to know what happened to
4:42 am
the assassinationful our presidents. >> lou: there is preconditioning on the part of the cian and fbi and suggestions that they may be concerned about the implications of the engine. too dam bad. that's the point of a free society. there is implications. >> if they are doing something that is not justified that is right. >> lou: great to see you. edrollins. president trump pulled his support for the alexander murray and call would it a bail out for health insurers. >> i will not do going to enrich the insurance companies. they are enrich happen by obamacare like nothing that anybody has seen before. >> lou: roll the video. the dare devil that is launching himself off of the yosemite national park and did so without
4:43 am
a shoot, but he had a lot of rope. he called it rope jumping and that is it leaping off a cliff. and planned it more than a year and after that one jump and the planning paid off and a successful jump. up next president trump is not giving up on health care. >> restore opportunity and freedom. we must repeal and replace the disaster known as obamacare. >> lou: charlie hurred is back with me and we'll take up the trump agenda and what is going to happen with the nfl/social change. we are talking football here, right? bee are still talking football. (dramatic music)
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>> lou: senator mccain keeping company with the left, the dems and taking a shot at trump brand much economic nationalism. >> to refuse the obligation of international leadership and our
4:48 am
duty to remain the last best hope on earth and the sake of half- baked spurruous nationalism cook would up by people who would rather find scapegoats than solve problems. is as unpatriotic as attachment of the tired dogma, of the past. >> that was pretty good as a liberal organization. did you ever hear him talk about president obama that way even once? the response on the part of the president, i thought was restrained in a radio interview. here he is. >> people have to be careful. at some pointin fight back. i am being very, very nice. and some point i fight back and it will not be pretty. >> joining us now. washington times opinion editor,
4:49 am
charlie hurd. charlie, the exploitation of senator mccain is extraordinary. that's what the left is doing here? >> it is truly extraordinary and i love the fact that he suggest that this is a guy who has been in congress for 400 years i think? at the founding possibly although he would have voted against the constitution if he was part of the founding. for him to claim that they are not sochling problem. what problems have you solved, john mccain? you haven't sochled anything. mccain fein gold. what was that about? the epitire bill was designed to do one thing. designed to erase his involve nment the keating fief. this guy is a disaster from the beginning. he is a failure. and a failed presidential candidate and i am sick and
4:50 am
tired of listening to him talk about anything let alone venting his spleen all over donald trump because donald trump accomplished things that john mccain could never have accomplished. >> lou: i think you said it correct. you left out one other fine piece of legislation he was moving forward and that was kennedy/mccain legislation on comprehensive immigration reform. you remember that one? >> yeah. i feel like assuming this is nearing the end of the guy's career it is kind of interesting that the end will be remembered for is the fact that he flew back in town to thwart not one but two key significant things that got donald trump eleced in the first place. he's condition that his entire life. when the press calls him froething and salivating all
4:51 am
over him and renegade. he's a democrat actually. and that's why they love him. he is a democrat and he loves to crap all over the republican and they rely on him to do that. you have the mess we are here as a result. >> lou: the maverick and his side kick lindsay graham. favorites on the republican party? on the sunday talk show still after all of this time. i wonder why they are so highly favored and prized by the sunday talk show hosts? we'll have to explore that further. >> they love them. >> lou: thank you for stick being with us. up next. roger goodell said the nfl will not punish players and he will not order them to stand up. and leslie marshal joins us
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>> lou: in our poll last night we asked if you believe the nfl should focus on the game than the political issues. 93 percent said yes, that is the way to do it. that was the good old days and joining us is radio talk show
4:56 am
host marshal. and mark simon. good to have you here. leslie start with roger goodell said they don't want to be in politics, does that make any sense at all. snrngs yes, it is football. it is a sport. one. great past times in america and i don't think they should be involved and that's why the nfl made the right decision to say we are not getting involved. you stand or kneel it is your first amendment right. we are here to play football. the nfl is the only sports league that has the american flag on their helmet and so it is interesting. they are playing with a flag on their helmet and we can get in the conversation whether they are patriotic or not. but i think the nfl made the right choice. >> i think they are insulting
4:57 am
the flag and national anthem and down theory and military and veteran and all americas. and they keep talking about they respect the country. that's great. we should all respect it and love this country and i want to hear somebody in the nfl to say we love america. >> roger goodell is the jeff sessions. nfl. lose control from the first second and so you never take charge. the owner's meeting and they are pushed around by a bunch much 25-year-old c- students and told what to do. >> i don't know if you are talking about the staff of the envelope inform. 25-year-olds are pushing billionaires around and tell what you we will do. >> it is it stunning and they will get pushed around by the fans who are a bandobbing this, leslie. they are abandoning the sport in an nfl league and they lost 30 points in approval and that
4:58 am
brand is crashing whether they want to acknowledge it as they make a decision not to do anything basically and they have lost 20 percent of the audience on television from 2015. this is seems leak sheer suicide in business terms? >> well, quite frankly if we look at numbers. nascar is in the toilet and all of the ratings are coming down. i have to say one of the things i noticed about americans and the quick thing for me, lou. i hate what is it you are saying and i never listen to you again and six weeks later they come back. i do think that the american public regardless will come back and people who love football and their teams are diehard fans. n>>lou: leslie this is the six week point.
4:59 am
we have the evidence they have not come back, leslie. and the slide condition and i see no sign of resiliency and people are hacked off. >> only up side of this. you couldn't get new york giant season ticket and now you can get them. what are you going to watch? maybe the only one there. >> lou: and the president, he is winning again. and teaching object lessons in culture and in respect. and patriotism and reminding people it does matter. you get the last word. >> i wouldn't disagree that the president won this one with the american public. but i don't think the american public feels this way because of the president. i feel that a lot of people out there like the onset of the conversation don't want politics in with their sport and then
5:00 am
those who feel you should stand for the national flag and american anthem. >> lou: one definition of leadership to a plea >> treasures stashed in the attic! >> they hadn't been touched for 40 years. that was like [gasps] shocking and exciting. [ camera shutter clicking ] >> history saved from the trash! >> she was a dumpster diver. >> she absolutely was. >> can these heirs cash in on their startling discovery? >> it's hard to believe that you had an ansel adams lining a drawer. >> and your reaction? >> "wow." [ chuckles ] [ camera shutter clicks ] >> but it's not so black and white. >> did you say to yourself, "uh-oh -- legally, maybe i can't do this?" >> i was concerned about that. >> will this photo finish... bring riches...or regrets? >> i was also feeling like, if i sold too many, then i would lose that part of my mother.


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