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tv   Risk and Reward With Deidre Bolton  FOX Business  October 25, 2017 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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goodness. >> melissa: i love they will do it on facebook too. it's so appropriate just the perfect forum. >> david: i'm so glad i was with you on election night watching the whole thing on fox studios it was fun. >> melissa: there you go. all right that does it for us here is risk & reward. >> look democrats are saying they did nothing wrong. we've known about this since january, it's almost november now. why are we just learning about the clinton camp the fact that the clinton campaign funded it why did they cover it up for almost a year? why did it take an investigative report by the washington post to come out with this and why did fusion gps officials take the fifth amendment when they were asked to testify about it? maybe the reason is that the clinton campaign didn't want the american people to know that they had hired a kremlin-linked opposition research firm to dig up dirt on donald trump hiring a foreign investigator to dig up the dirt on an american citizen running for president and then use that to spread dis
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information about donald trump stonewalling as hillary clinton in her campaign? this entire year they've known they paid for it. you've had clinton officials coming on this network other networks talking about trump advisor, russia. >> liz: the bomb shell washington post report revealing hillary clinton's campaign and the democrat national committee paid for that infamous and un proven russian docier loaded with accusations against then candidate trump. that fueled the russia russia russia claims that the media took off with that they ran with and about any journalistic fact checking treating it like government intelligence like a government document when it was not and the democrats and the clinton campaign both repeatedly denied having anything to do with it for about a year. we were skeptical about that file right from the get go. we bring you down the democrat money trail tonight and now this senator chuck grassley calling on the justice department to appoint a special council to investigate an obama
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administration deal that gave a russian company control of a fifth of u.s. atomic energy resources and the three congressional probes as well. all this could also interfere with clinton's pay to play influence pedaling scandal. this as the market is down triple digit on negative earnings forecast as republicans , yes republicans are still talking about changes to your 401 (k). tonight lou dobbs joins us to bring exclusive interview with president trump and the president's comments on the file that russia russia russia story. also tonight we have an all-star guest lineup, thor halvorson says fusion gp made a fake file about him too. we've got former fbi assistant director speaking out on the clinton connection to that anti- trump file and whether all of that could have fueled the nsa unmasking scandal involving the president and his team. we'll also ask him about the clintons and the uranium lung controversy and look who else is
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here, phil robertson is with us to talk about his new show that takes aim directly at political correctness. welcome to risk & reward i'm elizabeth macdonald. we have a jam packed show now to the bomb shell revelation it was the clinton campaign and the dnc that funded research into donald trump, by it's called fusion gps last year, including possible ties to russia. that research into president trump was saying candidate trump was first funded by an unknown republican during the primaries. fusion gps staffed by former wall street journal reporters being accused of doing political hit jobs and in this story a middleman law firm paid for the report doing the democrats bid ding all giving the hillary campaign and the dnc a level of plausible deny ability. fusion gps and higher former british intelligence officer christopher steel to write the now infamous docier. here is the law firm quote about it. in its involvement and that fusion reached out to it. now, president trump weighing in and exclusive interview with lou
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dobbs. >> president trump: hillary clinton totally denied this. she knew nothing and all of a sudden found out what i was amazed at it's almost $6 million they paid and it's totally discredited, i call it fake news it's disgraceful. >> liz: the full interview airs at 7:00 p.m. eastern time here on fox business and lou dobbs is here now to talk about it. good to see you lieu. terrific interview. >> lou: great to see you thank you so much. the president and i are in a mood i must say given all of the challenges he faces, all of the responsibilities. he's a happy man today. >> liz: the clintons have been denying all along about any involvement with the russia russia russia file and now, it's the clinton campaign and the dnc helping to fund it. what are your thoughts? >> lou: my thoughts is the justice, sometimes can be like that but ultimately it arrives
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when we get very lucky. the clinton campaign, the democratic party, the dnc have been guilty of so much so much in the way of just out right corruption over the course of the past two years that it's only fitting that finally, final ly, the truth is out there. this is something by the way that hillary clinton has denied the democratic national committee denied, her attorneys have denied, and they and their denials have been lying, lying, lying. >> liz: lou, you asked the president about the house intelligence and the oversight committees turning to the democrat party talking about investigating collusion with russia. what did the president say about these congressional probes? >> lou: the president is, he is being very cautious at this point. he's been telling everybody who would listen to him that he in no way nor anyone in his campaign were associated with the russians cold you'ding
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against the interest of the united states, on its face its absurd but it's what happens with the closed feedback loop as you know elizabeth. the idea that the national left wing news organizations just keep repeating the same nonsense and take only the left wing view of what is happening, the left wing view in this case created by a former operative who has the ability to attach some sort of remote possibility to a docie r filled with pure crap and pedal it and have a u.s. senator , john mccain, actually hand it over to the fbi the ignorance is amazing. >> liz: to your point fbi director james comey at that time was urged by james clapper, briefed the president on it and that was promptly leaked to the press who hit the send button without fact checking it. we questioned it from the get go , and now, this could possibly have led to who knows, nsa un
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masking of trump team members and the president himself, right >> lou: we know and in some cases are highly confident that that docier was actually used by the fbi, to get warrants, lying to judges is a crime, even for the fbi, and there have been many lies told and many lies fabricated by fusion gps and the democratic party and their candidate. there is a hell of an accounting waiting of those folks. >> liz: wow so a fake file that because used to bring up spying on an opposition candidate. this is a heck of a story and lo u, we can't wait for your interview tonight. final word, lou? >> lou: we find out the collusion established at this point with the russians in the election were between facebook and the russians, and between the democratic national committee, the fbi and the russians. >> liz: i want to move on to
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this other subject with you, lou senate judiciary chair chuck grassley calling for special council to investigate the clinton's involvement in the uranium one deal. now former obama campaign director telling fox news tucker carlson he thinks that he sees rather he thinks turning over 20 % to the u.s. uranium resources to russia is a positive thing. take a listen. >> in exchange, we gave up control of 20% of our strategic uranium reserves and i don't think anybody in retrospect thinks that's a wise idea. do you? >> honestly, tucker i'm actually i see this as a win because for so long, this was just thrown off as a dismissed the president told us this was fake news, but i'm glad to see that republicans are now beginning to take this seriously that russia is seeking to destabilize our democracy. i don't see this as a partisan issue. this is just whatever it takes. >> it turns out to be-- >> liz: he says that as a
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positive thing. let's talk about the money flow and you've been talking about this too. the clinton foundation has got an estimated 140 million to 145 million from people connected to uranium one, clinton billionaire, he sat on the clinton foundation, he's a major shareholder in uranium one , what's going on here? >> what's going on is the pay for play corruption machine that existed throughout feeding the pockets of the clintons and $145 million donated in support of turning over 20% of u.s. uranium to the russians. what idiot, what idiot at all would even consider turning over uranium to the russians? and why would you accept $145 million for it and not think, you know, somebody's going to think this is a crooked pay for play. the person who did think that is
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peter swi ser. he wrote a book "clinton cash" and he's the guy who turned this over for all of these committee chairman and for the fbi, all they had to do was to look down on the pages. everyone assumed after that book was published, elizabeth they thought the fbi would pounds. they did nothing and the fbi frankly because of its leadership, it's corrupt leadership politically corrupt and otherwise, they've become an institution where truth and true investigation goes to die it becomes a wall between the people and that truth and that knowledge. >> liz: just point of order, frank says he unloaded his stake in uranium one in 2007, three years before this russian outfit but other individuals connected to that russian nuclear energy firm gave money to the clinton foundation and charities and also they russian banks paid for speech by bill clinton half a million dollars
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and the bank was touting the shares in the uranium one, right >> lou: yes, touting and preparing a market for them and there's a close relationship, renaissance bank, and you know, the absurd part of this is that now, mueller and comey and the entire bunch who make up well not the entire bunch, half the bunch who are at the very top of the fbi or the special council's office are now the ones that congress wants to investigate for their role. >> liz: wow and let's move on to this subject because there's a report that president trump asked republican senators for a show of hands-on who should run the federal reserve. he asked you, lou dobbs, who your recommendation and your exclusive interview tonight. let's listen. >> president trump: do you have a preference out of curiosity? >> i do. >> president trump: tell me who your preference is? >> i think may icon strain myself? because ad hoc advisor to the president? >> president trump: no but i'd
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love to hear it. you can even cut it out. i would love to hear it. i only want that from people i respect. >> i personally believe janet yellen might be worth keeping. >> president trump: i'll tell you what. she was in my office three days ago. she's very impressive. i like her a lot. i mean, it's somebody that i am thinking about. i would certainly think about it >> liz: why didn't you name neil cavuto or you or stuart varney? i'm kidding. [laughter] >> lou: you want the answer to that? >> liz: no, but you really think janet yellen? what do you think? >> lou: i think janet yellen, it has been the fed chair through an enormous expansion in both the balance sheet of the federal reserve and the market cap of the equities markets. i think that she has done a good job. i think her ideas about raising interest rates have been really an effort to job bone the market rather than actually take monetary policy in a new direction. i hope so. she's been wrong on that once or
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twice but then who among us hasn't been over the course of a period of years? i think she would be very good. >> liz: that's a good idea i think. i calm steady voice in janet yellen. lou, we love you love having you on please come back soon and don't forget to see lou dobbs full interview with president trump tonight at 7:00 p.m. eastern time. coming up, look whose here, former duck dynasty star, he is phil robertson. he's got a new tv though that will he says reject all political correctness. but first, we've got a guest that says he too was smeared by that research firm behind the fake trump file, fusion gps, it's accused of conducting a dis information campaign against the support of mitt romney too we're bringing in human rights foundation ceo thor halvorson. he says fusion gps gets paid to destroy people and he claims they do so on be half of criminals as well after this. ♪ can i kick it?
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>> liz: the dow down triple digits, bad earnings forecasts and look at this insurance company afflack just reporting earnings after the bell revenue of $5.1 billion down almost 4% versus last year, closing down it is up half a percent, but almost 1% right now and after-hours trading. let's get back to the anti-trump file from the research firm, fusion gps. it's now being accused of conducting a number of disinformation campaigns against republican supporters on be half of democrats. we're bringing in human rights foundation ceo thor halvorssen. he says this firm also did a hit job on him and he's saying it's good to see you, you say they get paid to destroy people and they do so on be half of criminals, what do you mean? >> thor: well liz, they're calling them a research firm i
5:18 pm
think is a little bit of a stretch. these are smear artists. fusion gps earns the bulk of their money. their largest payments come from criminal entities that are under criminal investigation in the united states by prosecutors or law enforcement and what they've learned is if you want to kill an investigation and destroy law enforcement investigation, go after the witnesses, go after the whistleblowers. there's a company in venezuela of all places that stole more than $2 billion in a $3 billion contract and i was one of the people that was whistle blowing against them. it's a company by the name of du rwick associates. they're people, they have an apartment on fifth avenue, a jet all sorts of things, and he hired fusion gps so that fusion gps would go after all of us who were whistleblowing. what did fusion gps do? they created dociers. not just on me but three or four other people involved in this case and then took those and distributed them in the media.
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these contained totally false information, claiming in one case that i was a heroin addict, em bezeller, a pedophile and the wall street journal received a copy and did nothing but another journalist did. >> liz: thor, stay with me on this because it is staffed by former wall street journal reporters including glenn time son and they put out files that make them look like it's a real government intelligence document but isn't it the problem the media hits the send button without checking it? they put these bomb shell fake revelations out there doing smear jobs on people like you. by the way you're of venezuelan descent right? >> yes, yes. >> liz: why were you the subject of you say the smear job? why were you subject of it? >> thor: because i was talking about durwick associates and i was in touch with law enforcement in the united states telling them about this multi billion dollar theft and these people realized their lawyer adam cauffman in new york said hire fusion gps they will get
5:20 pm
rid of your problem and what did fusion do? they sent it to journalists and in one case they paid a journalist a washington d.c. journalist ken silverstein, who wrote up a blog post and started a social media campaign but make no mistake fusion gps isn't just sending research they're also paying journalists and also engaging in that when it comes to these sorts of things >> liz: how do you know that? >> because i have the evidence ken silverstein received funds from one of the partners of fusion gps from peter fritch. >> liz: he's a former journal reporter. >> what they've done is an outrage and they're taking these committees in the house for a ride. these subpoenas should be paid attention to. they should be unmasked. i know of many people they've victimized and they're out to destroy people. >> liz: thor, here is what else is happening. hillary clinton former spokesman is trying to defend the trump
5:21 pm
files saying i regret i did not know about christopher steel's hiring pre-election and if i had i'd volunteer to go to europe and try to help him. i have no idea what fusion or steel were paid but even a shred ends up helping robert mueller it will prove money well spent. now even if hillary clinton rent him in the dark about this file if hillary let's think this through. if hillary clinton had one brian fallon would have been the press secretary with this kind of thinking what are your thoughts? >> thor: i think sometimes when people have a political agenda they're willing to look past and they want to believe things, they wish they were true, and that's when certain journalists make mistakes and press the send button because well, it sounds like something we want to believe so let's go ahead and rather than verifying it fact checking it and because simpson and fritch and their colleagues are former journalists people said oh, but they're credible. they're not credible they are criminals and what they are after is making as much money as
5:22 pm
possible. >> liz: why do you say they're criminals? >> because when you are helping people obstruct justice and when you are covering up the crimes of foreign criminals, you are an accessory at that stage and especially given that they're journalists they knew what in the case of durwick associates they knew what they were up to and they went to venezuela. fusion gps went to venezuela, visited their offices looked into them and chose a seven figure retainer over doing the right thing and saying that we can't work for you because you're criminals. make no mistake fusion gps or smear artists claiming privilege and lawyer privilege. i really hope law enforcement goes after them. i hope the fbi goes after them. i certainly am currently considering filing a farrah complaint with them against the u.s. government for foreign agents and registration act and violations of that so i thank you for bringing attention to this. >> liz: thor halvorssen you are a human rights activist, ceo of a human rights foundation we want to have you back on great
5:23 pm
stuff. good to see you. >> thank you. >> liz: let's get back to the money. buffalo wild wings stock after the bell reporting it made way more than expected $18.7 million to be exact. making about 400 million more in profit from a year ago. the company skyrocketing 20% after-hours, even though closed down today. we'll check i think it's 400 million in sales. coming up we have former duck dynasty star phil robertson with a new show that will reject all political correctness. but first, oversight chair craig goudy in the house is wondering why former fbi director james comey briefed president trump about discredited file, this anti-trump file and that was leaked to the press. did this also lead to the nsa un masking trump and his team? we're bringing in former fbi assistant director who may have the answer just next. >> i want to know whether the nations premier law enforce. agency relied on the document
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>> liz: let's take a quick check of your money look at buffalo wild wings stock is popping 19% the sales came in at 18.7 million, excuse me sales came in at 496.7 million, the income net income was 18.7 million. now, look at ge, morgan stanley pulling ge from a portfolio of dividend stocks. it's now putting its blue chip status in jeopardy. ge is the worst performing stock on the dow this year, down more than 9% and it's on pace for its worst week in seven years. this talk on november 13 could announce they may cut that sweet dividend. let's get up to this story, congressman trey goudy planning to grill former fbi director james comey when the house oversight and government reform committee reviews its basically the investigation into hillary clinton's private e-mail server and much more. watch. >> i think the fbi is very interested preserving its reputation, and frankly, i am too. i want them to be well regarded,
5:28 pm
but they can make mistakes like everyone else and if they relied upon an unsourced unvetted document to launch a really important investigation and use it in court filings, then i think our country's big enough to handle that truth, but they need to share that truth and if they didn't rely upon it, then they need to tell us that. but so far they haven't said one way or the other. >> liz: joining me now former fbi assistant director james kallstrom. good to have you on, jim. >> jim: good to be with you. >> liz: so this trump file turns out the dnc hillary clinton campaign paid for this anti- trump file loaded with really big accusations against then candy candidate trump, what are your thoughts? >> jim: nothing no surprise there, but you know this whole story gets merkier, dirtyier. the swamp gets deeper and the animals in there are uglier. this is just unbelievable. you know, this whole thing
5:29 pm
democrats put together, the conspiracy in my view, there was conducted to basically stop the president, the president-elect for being effective in really taking over his office and implementing his programs, and at the very beginning apparently there was a pfizer order, i don't know anything more about that other than the fact that its been reported that there was and that was sort of the basis for the initials, initial information about general flynn and alabama these other thins. i've been through many many processes getting applications before this and i know what the affidavits look like. they're thick and they're full of information. they get such review at multiple levels that you just can't slap together a bunch of here say and put it in an affidavit and bring it before a judge so the question is what is in that affidavit?
5:30 pm
you know, if that affidavit is the basis is that crap that was put together by the gps firm and if that's the probable cause or the nuggets of probable cause, you know, that's something the intelligence committee has to get a look at in my view and look at that application and see what's in there. if that's what's in there, and the agents that sign those affidavits, you know, believe that information that's one thing. i would say their judgments are really bad but if they didn't, then you know, this is really really a scandal that's at the very heart of how we use our laws to go after the real bad guys in the world. >> liz: do you think, all right let's recap quickly for the view er, the dnc and hillary clinton campaign helping to fund and back an anti-trump file that was loaded with the accusations by christopher steel that then
5:31 pm
was promptly leaked to the press , do you think then that what you're saying is this could shred to the warrants for the fbi to do surveillance on trump tower and could it also have led to the nsa request to do unmask ing of trump and his teammates? >> jim: well i don't know i hope that's not the case. >> liz: but it could of. >> jim: i'm saying that needs to be looked at and it's not just the democratic people and hillary clinton. i mean you've got senator mccain causing a show, sending somewhat over to britain to get this document and hand it to the fbi. you've got the director of the cia talking about how he based his whole strategy on further investigations on this document. you've got congressman shief, i think his name is reading a bunch of this information at the congressional record day after day and you've got the fbi director going and supposedly
5:32 pm
briefing the director. i think this whole thing is part of a thing that is extremely embarrassing, extremely not in keeping with the united states of america. >> liz: is this a constitutional crisis that dnc, the democrats and hillary clinton gin up and pay for this fake docier and president trump and then his views to do surveillance and spying on an opposition candidate meaning president trump? >> jim: i think it is. we haven't even talked about the unmaskings. that's outrageous. the fact that general flynn's name was turned right over to the new york times. you know that was the first huge embarrassment of how this was violated but what's this ambassador of the united nations did 250 unmasksings and now she claims none were donor she had no knowledge of it? this is really a scandal and i hope people in the justice department have come in from the long winter's night, they seem to be on a long sabbatical there
5:33 pm
i hope it's not the case. >> liz: senator dianne feinstein saying there's no evidence as long of trump officials and russia collusion. former fbi assist on the director james kallstrom we love having you on please come back soon. >> okay, bye-bye. >> liz: amazon announcing a new service that ill will charge you for package delivererrers unlock your front door of course security cameras in your home supposed to do basically a check on these delivery guys and it involves smart locks and more. amazon stock let's take a check is closing in the green today. check out this story, the media isn't shy when it comes to speculating on this allegation of collusion between trump and russia. my next guest says do not expect them to do the same with hillary clinton. we're on that story after this don't go away. ♪ ♪ yes you can ♪ can i kick it? ♪ yes you can ♪ can i kick it? ♪ yes you can ♪ well i'm gone
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>> liz: look at this story we have for you the naacp saying african american travelers should exercise caution when flying on american airlines saying it has noticed a pattern of disturbing incidents where african american passengers were removed from flights. american airlines says it will meet with naacp reps to discuss what they're saying. now the liberal media is not shy when it comes to speculating on this allegations of collusion between president trump and russia. >> russian connection just keeps building and every time it builds and expands you have to wonder if trump himself isn't worried about what's swirling around under the covers. >> cnn learned new details of
5:38 pm
the fbi investigation into potential links between individuals associated with the trump campaign and the russian government. >> specifically i think what it means is that a federal judge found that people in trump's organization were colluding with the russians. >> was there somebody inside the trump campaign who was working with them and did the president know about that and were they successful? >> liz: now, can house service committee member is questioning just how far the media goes with this anti-trump file story. the dossier story watch. >> it's just bizarre. the media spent so much time on trump russia so-called collusion still many months later no evidence of that but if you look not only with the uranium one but then in this instance how the democrats have really worked with russian nationals for a variety of reasons and this is something that people affiliated with fusion gps denied repeatedly and it turns out they weren't telling the american people the truth. they were involved with this.
5:39 pm
>> liz: let's take a look at the media stocks 20% disney closing the day in the red while comcast and cvs ended the day higher let's bring in jeff dewitt. >> good to see you liz. >> liz: it looks like the media is reporting on this the dnc and hillary clinton campaign funding the anti-trump dossier file story. what do you think of the coverage right now? >> jeff: i think they're being forced to finally look into this i don't think they have a choice but how amazing and what a tangled web the democrats do wea ve where they come up with this fake dossier funded by the hillary clinton campaign and the dnc with russian sources to try to discredit president trump or then candidate trump and now it turns around that they're the ones colluding with russia, and the amazing thing as you pointed out earlier this dossier was used to get wire taps in trump tower. this was used to get a special prosecutor appointed.
5:40 pm
>> liz: that's speculation. we think that, that's what intelligence officials we've talked to believe, they speculate that. but you agree with that right? >> jeff: it seems by all the evidence out there that that was the case. you know there is evidence out there that the fbi actually paid some of the cost of this dossier which that's a severe misuse of taxpayer funds if that's the case. i know a state treasurer this thing now is coming to light if the russians were involved in any sort of activity in the campaign it was to help hillary clinton and this absolutely vindicates president trump and goes along with what he's been saying the entire time. again it's another incidence of president trump winning, but this now needs to be used to get a special prosecutor on the hillary clinton campaign to look at their ties with the russian government and the uranium one deal. there is a huge mountain of evidence out there about uranium one, where is the special prosecutor about that? that was done in broad daylight and that needs to be
5:41 pm
investigated. this is obviously turning around on the democrats very very hard and i love to see it. we had so many great men and women work so hard in that campaign. the president worked so hard in that campaign. there was no collusion with any foreign governments from our campaign and it's nice to see us all be vindicated right now and president trump won the election fair and square and he is the president and now we can hopefully move forward with getting his agenda. >> liz: jeff the uranium one story has national security implications with the russian- backed firms controlling a fifth of u.s. uranium. now they're saying it will stay here and won't be used for exports, but the fact remains that russia also helped iran build a nuclear reactor the same company that invested in uranium one and it's helped venezuela as well. what do you think, jeff? >> jeff: well, and it all goes back to what everyone says was a monumental contribution of $100 million or more to the clinton foundation when this all
5:42 pm
went down when she was secretary of state. where is the investigation on that so you're exactly right liz i'm glad to see the media on top of this in the right direction but this is going to get to be a bigger issue and this is going to be this very well could be the water gate of our time this right here. >> liz: jeff dewitt, come back soon. >> thanks, liz. >> liz: look at this story, elon tesla, a lot of firings at another cup called solar said the solar panel company workers across the u.s. saying they were blindsided by these pink slips they're getting. it began firing hundreds of employees after it announced basically problems at solar city and tesla is doing a recall of a number of model x suv's take a check of tesla stock it's dropping over 3% today. now, look whose coming up former duck dynasty star phil robertson has the new show and he says it's going to "reject all political correctness" and he's here to talk about it don't go
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>> i like jeff flake. i like bob could beer and i think they're good men but i don't find what they're saying persuasive or convincing. one other things about corker and flake, martha, is i never heard these guys talk about barack obama like this. i never when he was taking this country down the tubes, economic ally taking all of america, black america, white america down the tubes, i didn't hear this kind of criticism, so i think a lot of this is very personal and it does go back as you said you're right this is november 8 this is the election. people are still fighting this election. >> liz: former education secretary for robert reagan he is william bennett criticizing senator jeff flake and bob cork er for going after president trump and now president obama president trump taking to twitter on this saying "the reason jeff flake and bob corker dropped out of their senate races is very simple. they had zero chance of being
5:47 pm
elected. now they act hurt and wounded and jen a for jeff flake has a job approval rating of only 18% in his home state of arizona. let's bring in a conservative millennial good to see you alley >> good to see you liz. >> liz: president obama didn't personally criticize bob corker or jeff flake. that's why these guys are going after trump because trump goes after them and his tweets right? >> yeah, absolutely and you make a good point there; however, senator flake is absolutely living up to his name here. he is a guy who has said one thing and has done another. i mean, he ran under republican but served as a rhino. he betrayed his constituents when it came to immigration, when it came to healthcare and even gun regulation, and now he's playing this victim card, blaming his low approval numbers i guess in some way on trump when really the only person he has to look to is himself so if congress especially these
5:48 pm
establishment-type congress men like flake and like corker really want to point fingers i would love to see them take responsibility for their action and their inactions. >> liz: trump supporters say this is a swamp draining itself. corker and flake, you know they're upstanding men. they did try to serve their country. they got into a personal bidder fight with the president and it should be noted that senator jeff flake 90% of the time agreed with the trump agenda. i hear what you're saying this is a nasty fight breaking out before the tax cut packages coming down to the wire and now look at this. we have rand paul saying president trump's fight with these senators is "a people magazine saga." what about the are you worried this is derailing the focus on policy? the president is going full bore he's saying this is proof we have to drain the swamp we have to get the country again. your thoughts? >> well of course and i think that's absolutely been a concern since the beginning. in trump's tweeting and constant
5:49 pm
punching down it's what i like to call it when he's punching at senators especially someone on his side is going to distract him from pushing out his agenda and enacting the policy that we voted for him to enact and i think that's absolutely something that should be a concern not just for his base but for all of america in general and republicans have yet to prove they can effectively lead this country. we know they have a majority we have been waiting for them to have a majority for this long so they could pass things like healthcare and i think that now, the next task is going to be these tax cuts and of course, a distraction like this isn't ideal and it doesn't look good for the republican party. >> liz: you're always terrific please come back soon. good to see you. >> thank you. >> liz: former duck dynasty star phil robertson has a new tv show going to reject all political correctness. we are so excited he's here to talk about it in the woods with phil show after this. >> out here, we reject political
5:50 pm
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>> here is the deal, america. these are my woods. out here, i call the shots. out here, we reject political correctness or as i like to say pontificated crap, in favor of some good old fashion biblical correctness. >> liz: you know him best as the outspoken star of the hit tv show duck dynasty and now phil robertson returns uncensored in his new tv show in the woods with phil premiering october 30 on crtv, and look whose here, phil robertson. good to see you phil. >> phil: hi, liz how is it going? >> liz: so i saw you on the
5:54 pm
varney show you were terrific. what do you think about political correctness is it getting worse or being dialed back tell us about it? >> phil: all i know for sure is and i'm seeing same culture that you are and everyone else is see ing. i've just noticed, liz, that where there is no jesus, the crime rate is always high, the murder rate is high. where there is jesus, the crime rate and the murder rate is always low. no matter what anyone tells you, you look at that and you say i would just recommend because of that why don't we try jesus at america let's go back to god. we all need to repent, we're all full of sins, we repent, and we love god and we love each other. i just don't see the downside to that. >> liz: so you clearly speak your mind on various topics. do you say our culture and
5:55 pm
values are being overrun, and basically traditional values are being perged and you basically speak in terms of what you perceive happening in the d.c. and new york swamp and you're coming from a guy, you like to live out there, you know, in the frontier-land. how does that affect your mind set with what you see in d.c. and in new york? >> phil: tomorrow as jefferson had it right. i predict future happiness for americans as long as there's open lands to go to. i stayed in the woods and there's not any hatred, vitreal or anything else coming out of the woods so he said thom as jefferson 200 years ago as long as they can go to open lands they will be happy but if we get piled on top of one another like the major cities in europe will become asco. >>
5:56 pm
was he right? you tell me. inner cities, shootouts every night, the murder rate is off the roof, i mean, it's 200,000 had been murdered on our streets during the same timeframe that we were in afghanistan and iraq, 7,000 of our soldiers, i hated any of then got killed, but 200,000? on our streets during the same timeframe? sounds like to me we got a pretty good war going on. >> liz: all right, phil, we love having you on the show come back soon we wish you luck with your tv show in the woods with phil premiers october 30 on crtv. phil robertson thanks so much for coming on we have more after the break. don't go away. unlock: a realization that often reveals a better path forward.
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6:00 pm
trump dossier, china and more. charles payne is here now with making money. charles: i'm charles payne. countless questions surrounding the gop tax plan following the feud with bob corker and jeff flake. as far as wall street is concerned, the dow alone shedding over 100 points. what spooked this market to an almost 200-point decline. first we have to get to the main questions surrounding the gop tax plan. critics questioning president trump's attacks on jeff flake and bob corker. though president trump has any doubts about it. >> i don't think they will do that. i know they want tax


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