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tv   Kennedy  FOX Business  November 2, 2017 12:00am-1:00am EDT

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been in the wars he's been in. lou: michael thank you very much. thanks for being with good night from new york. kennedy: tonight, terror in new york city. we have the latest on the investigation and the suspect. plus calls to treat him as an enemy combatant. taxes. how does it all affect you? and new developments in the robert mueller russia investigation. is paul manafort a flight risk? grab a gavel it's time to rise. another suggestable sociopathic jihadist has murdered:more citizens. let's consider the root, the
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cult of radical islam. while killing terrorists is satisfying and quenches the thirst for justice, it doesn't make a dent in the real problem. young yo susceptible men. if you kill them with drone strikes it just makes more of them. you have to wage war on the ideology which we have not effectively done with all our wars and drones and trillions of dollars that have failed to move the needle. when some random sicko sneaks in through a random lottery. we should let good hard working smart people in who want to study and thrive and
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participate. instead of spying on americans who speak to foreigners. we should focus on the murderers who wants to kill us and take away our freedom. sealing ourselves in silos might make us feel protected. but it's no way to live. we do have to accept that government cannot keep us safe from everything. and certainly not by spying on us. i'm glad he's still alive and in pain. if one of the survivors was my relative i would find a way to put draino in his i.v. welcome to the show. i'm kennedy.
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police in new york city say the suspect followed the isis play book to a t. he's currently under arrest in the hospital. investigators say he killed 8 people and wounds a dozen more. we are told he rent a truck, swerved on to a bike path and mowed down his victims. the fbi raided his apartment and he's being described as a lone wolf who had been plotting the attack for some time. >> based on the investigation overnight it appears he had bern planning this for a number of weeks. he did this in the name of isis. and along with the other items recovered at the scene were some notes that further indicate
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that. kennedy: what happens next? let me ask buck sexton. welcome back. where does the investigation go from here and who gets custody of this guy? he's an individual from what we see wasn't connected to any jihadist group of abroad and didn't have any co-conspirators here. and people around him who were encouraging the attack. he does seem like the prototypical self-radicalized jihadist. they will continue to chase down all the possible leads we have online. we know about 90% of what we are going to know that is of value in the investigation. we might find more detail about the kinds of sites. but we already know. none of this is a surprise.
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this is a prototypical example from a to z how terrorists act. to the point that was made by the nypd in the press conference, this was written about in 2016, meaning how to conduct an attack in this way by the online magazine. and they wrote about a pickup truck attack in 2010. a lot of times when these attacks fail, there are trip wire mistakes terrorists make. especially like trying to build an exclusive device. if he had gotten into a vehicle
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and gone through times square he would have killed dozens of people. the jihadists understand any idiot can get into a car and mow down civilians. it's a much greater likelihood of fatalities. and also force contact with people that might be the instincts when you have a civilian who says something is wrong here. kennedy: his mosque was under surveillance since 2005. that doesn't necessarily work. there has to be a way of targeting these people. it's not like he had never broken a law. there are arrests in his past. but he basically would have flown through any backgrounds check. we obviously have to have a completely different way of looking at these things. is government so slow and
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lumbering it's incapable of evolving with the threat that we see? >> i have quite a bit of familiarity with the snowflakes of mosque surveillance. there are court cases and there has been and lot of scrutiny applied. what we take away from all this is you have this constant balance between the security needs of the general population and the civil rights concerns of the muslim population. kennedy: and civil rights -- civil liberties of americans that can be compromised if we make blanket laws that are meant to address safety and terror. >> once you get into the realm of law enforcement, people say things that are clearly heinous and these are not individuals who are well adjusted and to be
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trusted and could pose a threat from the future. just because someone is walking in the back of the mosque saying america is an imperialist tyrant and i would like to see america drown in a river of its own blood in the middle east. when people talk about establishing trip wires to pick out radicalization before they go to the jihadization phase, just because somebody says crazy stuff that makes you think they might be an adherent to an ideology. that's where a lot of people have discomfort with what's in our tool kit. kennedy: we still have to have freedom of speech and freedom of association. >> there is such a sense of cliche' with the analysis after incidents like this. just because you know somebody has a hateful ideology does not
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mean you can lock them out and throw away the key. kennedy: there are ways of countering the ideology where we have only scratched the surface. >> we have been trying and failing miserably. kennedy: i don't think we should give up hope. >> no, but it hasn't been going very well. kennedy: terrorists have been using vehicles in attacks on civilians. isis has called for such attacks because they are so hard to prevent. now that this style of attack has surfaced in the united states, how do we balance it with security. bre peyton is here, matt welch and ben kissel. ben, i want to start with you. i have been reading, a woman who
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escaped somalia, she was in parliament in holland, and shy has written extensively on having a war on ideology and not having a war on terror, and separating islam into two parts weren't religious part she says we should keep, and the political part that gives rise to jihadism. but i don't think we addressed the war on the ideology sufficiently. >> especially abroad. we can handle ourselves in terms of we have been traditionally a great assimilation machine. so those ideologies don't ultimately take root in the united states. we militarize everything. i don't necessarily mean that in a complete hippie way. but our military is so efficient we try to make a military solution to a lot of our foreign
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policy things. so because of that we have a spear. we use the spear instead of using creative and subtle ways to get that message across. it's a hard thing to do, and there isn't an immediate tangible reward. >> it's tough. and whenever there is an action, there is a reaction. and a counter reaction. to this war on terror. we have been de -- defeating isis in syria and iraq. it doesn't mean we are safer from these attacks. you say they are going analog, they are hitting ghost digital and -- that they are going digital. >> we are going to see more of these low tech attacks. one of the things i want to express, we have humanity in this country.
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that's a great export. the fact that this individual who injured 12 and killed 8 people is at the same bellevue hospital as the 12 people he hurt is a testament to this country and a testament to how we treat people in this country. when we send the message to isis, what do you think they would do. he wouldn't be given treatment in a hospital. he would be torn apart in times square and be mutilated. the fact that he's at bellevue hospital being treated with respect is a testament to this country. kennedy: what is law enforcement doing right? we talk so much about the failures of government and intelligence services when one of these guys is let go or engages in a deadly attack like this. but what are they doing right? >> it's important to underscore the fact that we can't regulate
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this. there is nothing that can stop someone from renting a truck and deciding to mow down people literally for 20 blocks. civic education is on a decline in the youth. a lot of people have forgotten who we are, what we stand for and what's important to us. and i think the only common values that are binding us together as we push out religion and pushed out caring for one another and being neighborly toward one another, the only ones holding us together are political correctness which is flimsy. there are people who are flailing. and they are look for a cause to fight for. we have seen a rash of young men
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who decided to pick up and fight for radical causes like isis. kennedy: there has to be something to replace that. buck talks about going from a curiosity to jihadism. i don't think it necessarily comes from the government. but it has to come from somewhere, and it's not happening yet. the panel returns a little bit later. should the suspect be treated as an enemy combatant. the big thanks reveal has been delayed until tomorrow. delayed until tomorrow. will that give them time t t t t
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kennedy: today was supposed to be tax rollout day. president trump: sometime tomorrow we'll be announcing massive thanks cuts and reform. thanks cuts to me is the most of important. by the will be thanks cuts and reform. there are still sticking points for many republicans. including state and local taxes. the president said he want the bill on his desk by turkey day.
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but what will it take to get more republicans on board. kentucky congressman thomas massie. >> i didn't vote for the budget. it's spending way too much money. it doesn't balance and it spend $5.5 trillion. it adds $5.5 trillion to our debt. moving on from that, there is thanks reform and i plan to vote for this. kennedy: what do you like by the? >> one of the things i like by the is one of the things people don't like by the. our tax code has been used for social engineering for many years. the government thinks you should own your house, not rent it. the government makes it easier
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for states to raise your local taxes. a lot of that stuff is either going to be taken out or the standard deduction will be so high you won't care about all that social engineering in the thanks code. i think that's a good thing. i think it will be flatter and fairer. but anybody who benefited from an unfair tax code will be complaining. kennedy: people who live in states that aren't new jersey, california and new york saying why do we care about your standard deduction? it does incentivize local lawmakers to keep jacking up tax rates and spending more money. is there some sort of compromise that has been reached for those high tax blue states? >> my compromise would to be cut the rates so much that everybody's taxes go down. we can't make everybody's taxes go count same amount.
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folks in new york and california should see a thanks cut, too. it may not be as great. but why should somebody making $100,000 in california pay less for national defense than somebody in ohio making $100,000. kennedy: what will the tax cuts do for the economy? >> they will make us more competitive. they will stimulate the economy. these are thanks cuts for the rich. but frankly when people go home with more in their paycheck. i don't think those talking points are going to get home. they will ring hollow. and it will be a good thing. again we haven't seen it as everybody says, the devil is in the details. i earn couraged our leadership to put out an app on the app store that lets you down light
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on your phone. it would be the most of downloaded app and you can put your own numbers in and it will tell you what your taxes would be. whether you will save $50 or $5,000 on your taxes, the next thing that should pop up is the phone number for your congressman. call here to redeem your tax savings. if we would do that, do something smart like that's you would have democrats calling democrat congressmen asking them to vote for this bill. kennedy: we we lie so much on government and the cbo to score things that it would be much nicer if we would be able to do it ourselves. and it's a lovely thought that there are people in power who are embracing technology. so many of your colleagues are terrified of it. >> this shows you how far behind government. we are talking about doing your taxes on a post card?
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you have should be doing your taxes in an app on your phone. kennedy: you didn't get my postcard? >> i got your christmas card, but not your post card. kennedy: the driver in yesterday's attack is from uzbekistan where there isn't much opportunity for young men. mike baker explains why that makes that part of the world less than perfect but a perfect recruiting grounds for isis. that's next. my experience with usaa has been excellent. they always refer to me as master sergeant. they really appreciate the military family, and it really shows. we've got auto insurance, homeowners insurance. had an accident with a vehicle, i actually called usaa before we called the police. usaa was there hands-on very quick very prompt. i feel like we're being handled as people that actually have a genuine need.
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kennedy: more on the investigation into yesterday's deadly terror attacks. we are told cops found terrorist ferls irng side the truck. >> the last thing i want this guy to hear tonight is you have a right to the lawyer. last thing he should hear is his miranda rights. there is enough evidence to believe he qualifies as an enemy combatant. kennedy: joining me former cia officer, mike baker. let's talk about the part of the world where this terrorist is
12:28 am
from. central asia happens to be a massive recruiting ground for isis. not only recruiting them to fight in places like syria, but to go to other countries and i infiltrate and commit attacks like that. what makes it such a fertile grounds. >> over the years we have seen and taken off a lot of uzbek fight officers around the world where we have been facing the war on terror. uzbeks have a reputation as being some of the toughest out there. so they are prized as being a real strength in the whole foreign fighter battle. but why? what you have need to recruit these individuals? you need instability or a perceived oppression. you need disaffected unemployed or under employed young males.
12:29 am
you have got that. you have got a fertile breeding grounds for radicals. kennedy: part of the problem in western europe has been capitalism, the american dream, pop culture, it doesn't make a dent in the way you would like it to in getting people to reach for and embrace freedom. but would that work in some of these post soviet countries where it is so bleak and it is so corrupt? >> there is what could work in theory. and what is practical in the friel world. kennedy: from your point of view and you can think as non-traditionally as you would like. what can happen and what will work. >> we talk about keeping americans safe. and trying minimize the operations that take place on our own soil or with our allies.
12:30 am
we can do the operational things. we can track count leader sthim whether it's isis or al qaeda elements or boko haram. we can work through communications intercepts to gather intelligence and minimize or disrupt or prevent an attack. the problem we are having is the more theoretical at the 30,000 foot level. what do we do about the ideology? kennedy: i think it's appropriate to keep bringing up that question. how do we wage war on the ideology? >> what we need to do is think pragmatically. people talk about we are going to reach an ultimate victory in this effort. a lot of people probably disagree with me. i don't think we'll. we have to deal with it on the operational side. take out as many as possible.
12:31 am
prevent them from having turf with the caliphate and isis. but on the theoretical level and the ideology, what can we do in the reality is, it's not very satisfactory. we can do things we are already doing. we do the community outreach. we try to develop communication with the muslim-american communities. at the end of the day, the way to stop this guy from yesterday was to have his mother or somebody pick up a phone, an associate or a friend say you have got a problem. that's a huge lift. kennedy: we'll see if that trust can be created in the future. the president wasted little time in calling for tougher immigration laws. he tweeted the terrorist came into our country through a diversity visa lottery program,
12:32 am
a chuck schumer beauty. i want merit based. who is right here? the party panel is back. it happens on the right, it happens on the left it drives me crazy when we have mass cass out events. people always reach for some big government solution, whether it's gun control or extreme vetting and beefing up our immigration laws. >> what happened yesterday was evil. and evil is hard to wrap our minds around. in our brains we want to find a narrative, why did this happen? politicians are more than happy to supply us with their policy agenda. they are trying to exploit our fears to assert more power over us. we've should be wary and call
12:33 am
out individuals on both sides who like to exploit us. i think donald trump does have a point. but certainly this isn't the time to have the conversation right now. kennedy: i want to see positive immigration. i want to see people who are hard working, people who are skilled and good students because thee they want to participate in the goodness america has to offer. >> if you are rich and started from a good point. view, it discriminates against low-skilled immigration. kennedy: that's why i say hard working. there are people with loaf skills who are the hardest working who wants to make a better life for themselves. >> the diversity program was installed to help italian and irish people. but the problem and trump is right within it says that we are going to take people from countries that don't have a lot
12:34 am
of immigration currently in the united states. they don't have those associational networks. >> this a lot of immigrants that do amazing things. it's up to them to assimilate. i feel bad for them this situation because they get a bad wrap. kennedy: president trump may be unhappy with the latest developments in the mueller investigation. the white house lawyers are here's to the heroes -- america's small business owners. and here's to the heroes behind the heroes, who use their expertise to keep those businesses covered. and here's to the heroes behind the heroes behind the heroes, who brought us delicious gyros. actually, the gyro hero owns vero's gyros, so he should have been with those first heroes. ha ha! that's better. so, to recap -- small business owners are heroes, and our heroes help heroes be heroes when they're not eating gyros delivered by --
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kennedy: the president has reportedly been frustrated with developments in the russia investigation. his lawyers are apparently urging him to resist attacking robert mule per and let him do his job. while former strategist steve bannon is urging him to be more combative and urging him to shut down the investigation by defunding it. the former trump campaign manager who pled guilty last monday is wealthy, has a lot of connection and three passports. how is this going to play out? welcome back to the show. dying to talk to you about this.
12:39 am
let's start with paul manafort and whether he's a flight risk. >> i was surprised to see that. it tells me there will be another application before the same judge that required a $10 million bond. that's an understand policy. extremely high for a non-violent crime. we are not talking about a drug dealer. he's always been treated like he's a drug dealer by the 5:00 a.m. raid on his house. i know he has self passports. he's not unlawful. there are other countries that issue them to americans. it's an example of bob mueller's hardball. at every turn with paul manafort and i suspect with everybody else in this case, he's going to play hardball because he wants to squeeze them.
12:40 am
kennedy: that's what he's doing by putting this pressure on man for the and george papadopoulos. what do you think mueller hopes to gain by this squeeze? >> evidence against his principal target, the president of the united states. so they indict manafort and his business partner. they will squeeze the business partner to produce evidence against manafort. then they will squeeze manafort to produce evidence against x, y and z. there is jared kushner, donald trump, jr. i doubt he's negotiating with jared kushner or donald trump, jr. this is standard operating
12:41 am
procedure. the government will charge witnesses with crimes that have nothing to do with the ultimate crime they think the target committed. then they will pressure those witnesses. you are charged with a crime that can produce 20 years in prison. and they will reduce it to 5. what's the danger? a person under torture will say what they think the torturer wants to hear to stop the torture and it may be unrelated to the truth. is this any way to conduct a prosecution? can they do this to the president of the united states? i have argued for years that when the government uses this kind of the pressure, threats, and bribery, tell us what we want to hear, you get a lower sentence. don't tell us what you want to hear, we charge you with more.
12:42 am
the same type of threat and bribery and extortion they prosecute people for. kennedy: that's the issue with the uranium one deal. rugs operative who was extorting and paying whoever he could. >> the supreme court says when the government does it, it's legal. can they prosecute donald j. trump by threatening and bribing witnesses to testify against him? in a word, yes. it's immoral and in my view unconstitutional. the president should be very wary. he should not take lightly what happened earlier this week with manafort, gates and papadopoulos. kennedy: we'll see how he interacts with the press on
12:43 am
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kennedy: a terrorist attack is no laughing matter. but it doesn't mean new yorkers are ready to stop laughing and partying. note to terrorists. if a 1-6 team won't stop us, nothing can. this is the "topical storm." topic number one. it didn't take long for new yorkers to showcase their incredible world class resilience. more than 2 mill people showed up at last night's halloween parade that took place a few short blocks from the attack. it's hard to tell the difference between the costumes and the stuff new yorkers wear every day. that giant skeleton guy, he's on the subway all the time. he's the conductor.
12:48 am
security was beefed up substantially for the parade. but there were 50 captain americas on hand and 10 incredible hulks. topic number two. let's head out to beautiful troy, michigan where a local radio station dropped a 1,500 pound pumpkin off a crane and watching it explode. sounds like somebody has been getting high and watching gallagher vhs tapes again. they liked him so much they hired a detroit company to lift him 100 feet in the arab drop it like a lion's wide receiver. there is a joke in there somewhere. when it comes to quitting smashing pumpkin puns, today is the greatest day i have ever
12:49 am
known. you are welcome. topic number three. nasa got in on the halloween spirit by tweeting an image of a jack-0'-lantern sun. they say when the active regions of the sun are burning all at once, they combine to look like a jack-0'-lantern face. it was originally taken in 2003. but they rereleased it. love the sun. topic number four. perhaps nothing pulls new yorkers together leak our mutual disdain of things such as crosswalks, slow-moving tourists, and the boston red sox. but we have a new scourge to unite around called strawberry pizza.
12:50 am
these are actual strawberries on top of an actual pizza. somebody thought it was a good idea. i like true berries and pizza. why not combine them. the strawberries look like a bunch of boobies. just because you like things doesn't mean you should combine them. i like red bull and fair ball whiskey a lot. but i never combine them i have a clause in my contract that forbids me from ever doing that again. he consented. topic number 5. now that halloween is over, the christmas season is here. a new survey revealed the top selling holiday gifts in each state. this way when black friday comes
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you know what people will with tram belling for. we have the running of the flat screens. in alabama, it's gorilla deducte -- ducttape. virginia's number one gift is the movie "hidden figures." it's something about the president's tack returns. new york's number one gift is a garbage can so you can throw out that strawberry pizza. that's not true, it's the ninja professional blunder. the average new yorker is expected to by one for all six of their roommates. new yorkers are getting pushed and we push back like a hockey goon. who bert to talk about the city toughness? hi. i'm the one clocking in...
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and now business is booming. harriet, it's a double stitch not a cross stitch! build a better website - in under an hour. free to try. no credit card required. gocentral from godaddy. kennedy: we are back. we are definitely in the new york groove. my next guest is a former nhl bad boy who liked to play by his own set of rules.
12:56 am
sean avery has written a book about it. he joins me now. >> you are feisty. kennedy: you have a hockey rule written about you. the avery rule. that's fantastic. explain what that is. >> so the hockey world is very steep on traditions. and i came in and rewrote a rule for them. basically you screen the goalie, but you screen him with your back, the traditional sense. i turn around and i put my hand in the goalie's face and every time he returns right, i turn left. and i was mining somewhat. i went to bed that night and i went to bed and they invented a rule, changed the rule.
12:57 am
marty. his friend called marty. kennedy: how long did you two claim? >> it was a slow and steady climb. he said why don't you move in above the garage. i was the eddie haskell of the fonzes. i talk about it in the book that i almost killed him. kennedy: was that the night you ran out of booze at 4:00 in the morning? >> it was a stanley cup giants campaign bottle signed. i felt i was doing him a favor for transporting it when he retired. kennedy: it's the avery party rule. you empty the bought so it's
12:58 am
easy to transport. >> the problem was i didn't fill it up to the to. kennedy: when you hear about the terrorist attacks, do you ever have dreams of pulling a terrorist's shirt over his head and punching him? >> it's kinds of amazing that you ask me that. i'm fearful for the day that i am in the vicinity. i'm not normal. i think i'm bulletproof. you know i would have went straight for him. and then the problem is when i get on top of him, it's dangerous, and i hope everybody is okay. i live downtown. business is downtown. it's a scary thing. but i fear for the guy that does that when i'm in the neighborhood. kennedy: i knew we were going to talk today and that's the first thing i thought.
12:59 am
someone who has had that sort of hand-to-hand. >> the reality is that i would go directly for him. and we just have this mentality as athletes that we are untouchable. i think it's a dangerous mindset at times. and you have always have to be checking yourself. kennedy: who was your favorite '94 ranger? >> mike richter. i have a picture of him. he wore double breasted suits that were just so bad but so good. so okay. mass. the moose is loose. kennedy: adam grace is the correct answer. sean avery. ice today paid, it sounds like a girly tour on the ice. but it's a great hockey memoir for perhaps the greatest game of on earth. thank you for watching the show.
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