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tv   Cavuto Coast to Coast  FOX Business  November 7, 2017 8:00pm-10:00pm EST

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emily, and gregg jarrett, thank you for being with us tonight. chris farrell will join us tomorrow. good night. [♪] neil: polls just closing in new jersey, also in virginia. here is what we can show you right now. the contest in the garden state between bill murray with no political experience but plenty investment community experience. he earned millions of dollars at goldman sachs. he has a hefty lead over the lieutenant governor kim
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gaudagno. she has had to deal with the baggage of the christie administration. in virginia, simply too close to call right now. that's the one where republicans think they have the best shot of a pickup. these are the only gubernatorial contests on the map. after the democrats' nail failure to capture close congressional raise. but these are the charms in possible pickups where they can control both legislatures in key states as well as the governorship. they could go from 6 to 8 tonight. adam shapiro is here at the ed gillespie headquarters. reporter: 45% of precincts
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reporting. northam is leading by 3%. the people here are incredibly optimuopt d optimistic. listen to what ed gillespie said as was going into the polling place this morning. >> people are pumped up out there. i felt it the past couple days on the trail. i have been feeling it for some time now and i feel we are going to win this race. reporter: then you have ralph northam who is the democrat who was leading by double digits but last his lead the last couple weeks. here is what he said after voting. >> most of importantly to a lot of millennials, they want to know that we live in an inclusive virginia. that's something i stands for. reporter: we have less than 46% of the precincts reporting it's
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too close to call it's within the margin of error. we are here all night. neil: the mid-terms are a year from now. people try to telegraph great i am for the on nights like -- great import into nights like this. karl rove, the former bush 43 chief of staff. karl *, what do you think of that? we saw examples of that in 2009. do you buy that? karcarl>> sometimes it runs cou. but there is one disturbing
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trend which is if you take a look at the county by county results. it looks like more democrats who voted in the presidential election stayed snuck this election and came out. loudon county,' virginia beach, which is nominally republican. northam who is a veteran and hails from the region is in a nip and tuck battle for a part of the state that ought to be ed gillespie's. it's close. but i'm worried about how. i was look at the county results. only 48 out of 244 precincts in fairfax county, the biggest county in the state, more votes and any other, northern virginia, northam is winning it with 66% of the vote. arlington right next door to it. a lot of federal government employees. only 18 out of 55 precincts.
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northam has a lot more votes out there to still come in where gillespie has more areas voting for him but those votes are already in. particularly in fairfax. neil: in new jersey chris christie is more of a factor and is more of a problem for the lieutenant governor. but highlight what you think is going on there. >> i think you are right. the same in virginia. terry mcauliffe is thought to be a popular governor. and the democrats follow nateed somebody who voted for -- -- nominated somebody who voted for george w. bush twice. they nominated a more moderate democrat and it's helping them in new jersey.
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christie is hurting his lieutenant governor. no way for her to run away from the guy she was the number two for. neil: we have a situation where democrats could pick up two additional states where they have the so-called trifecta control of both houses, and the state government as well as the give's -- as well as the governor's mansion. what do you make of that? >> i think there is no chance the democrats will take the state senate and general assembly in virginia. there will be split control there. in new jersey they will control potentially the governor's office tonight and they already control the legislature. but in virginia the house of delegates is overwhelmingly republican. while democrats may make gains there tonight. if they win the governor ship they will be facing a split
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legislature. neil: the president had an interesting role. he has never been at a formal event for mr. gillespie. he tweeted on his behalf. picked up the tweeting today. but obviously that was by design. i'm sure the gillespie wanted not a hand-off relationship with the controversial president. but what do you make of that sort of delicate balance? >> well, sometimes you want the president to be there and sometimes you don't. in 2006 and 2008 a lot of republican cats said, mr. president, we love, appreciate your help on fundraising. appreciate if you sign a mail tore republicans. but please don't campaign for me. this year in virginia. you want to reduce the
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variables. you want as great a control of your message as possible. sometimes having the president do a big event for you can cut both ways. vice president pence traveled in southwestern virginia with the president and his administration are quite popular. he came in for ed earlier this fall. but in a race like this, in a state where donald trump lost by 5 point and he was more popular on election day last fall than is in the commonwealth of virginia today, i think it was better discretion on the part of the gillespie campaign and the white house to say let's take a pass on a big public appearance on this one. neil: as we await more results coming in. fairfax county seems to be one of the last to report. so if we are look at gap, we are looking at it.
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it could widen these numbers quite a bit. >> they could. there are a lot of yours discs in virginia. i haven't been able to look at a lot of counties. the ones with the biggest numbers of votes is fairfax. republicans build their vote by a couple big jurisdictions. but it's a lot of smaller down state and outstate counties. so those counties right next to richmond, all 13 precincts are in. ed gillespie is getting more than 0% of the vote. but in the city he's getting less than a third of the vote there. and i say that as a huge fan of ed gillespie. i gave him the biggest campaign contribution i have ever given anybody because he's like a brother to me. i hope he pulls it out tonight,
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but fairfax county is large in the outcome. neil: there was some movement behind the scenes that could set the stage for the mid-terms. reports of a senate republican thanks bill could be looking to delay the corporate thanks cut at a time the house is divided over where to go with some of these upgrades and attention to changing the plan to make it more passable. kennedy, on that idea that they might want to delay it or stagger it, it's all about getting the numbers. what do you think? kennedy: they all have to be on board if they are going to pass this and create something the president can actually sign. the president has given them a tight deadline of having this
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done and on his desk by christmas so he can give a christmas present that is thanks reform. there are so many issues. assumption has been you will have tax reform and lower the individual rates for all but the top earners. and you will have a wonderfully low corporate thanks rate. there is still a lot of outstanding issues with 401ks and some of the salt deductions. but the senate is saying they will piecemeal them. it puts them on a course with the 2018 mid-terms. because they won't have enough time to pass something substantial enough to impact the economy in a critical way. neil: you have got support even at this stage. we always assume the house is
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easy, but it could turn out it will be tough. trish: new jersey, new york, california, you have a big ability to write off. the state has the ability to use that funding the way they want. and that's important obviously to taxpayers. but in terms of actual fairness, i made the point should texas, florida, new hampshire, states with no income tax pay a bigger price because all their money goes to the federal government while we have the opportunity to deduct what we are paying in new york state or new york city. we are more prosperous than some of these other places like new hampshire. but the biggy here. if they delay corporate taxes, they think it will save them $100 bill. you have to spend money to make
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money. neil: it's already watered down. trish: you know what they haven't touched in the private equity carried interest loopholes. they haven't gone after that. that's something the president told them to do. that it's not fair private equity folks are paying capital gains instead of income tax. neil: what's going on in virginia and new jersey, but you have had a chance getting a look at what's on people's minds. republicans are hoping they pass the thanks cut. but you also pointed out the later this is impacted, the less of an impact it will have. right? kennedy: if they do something this year. neil: based on the numbers and our own projections.
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ralph northam has picked up virginia. he will beat ed gillespie. he put up a good fight here. that is even before some of the strong democratic precinct. that is a change to this state that has gone democrat the last three presidential elections and has elected its second consecutive democrat. ralph northam, the army veteran with heavy support from a broad range of constituencies will be the next governor of virginia. but i rudely interrupted you. kennedy: the fact that the economy isn't the number one issue facing virginians, that was a little bit morer more a bellwether for ralph northam. you are also look at thanksgiving sales. the day after thanksgiving and some of the consumer response to tax cuts.
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if they bundle this it will affect businesses. neil: what is it that gave northam such an early w call. kennedy: that's been on the real clear politics and of all polls. what ed gillespie did was chained the issues directly to the president's agenda. but he kept the president personally at arm's length. he did not retweet the president when the president reached out to him digitally on twitter. neil trish: immigration was the big wedge issue here. he was able to play that to his
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base, to his strength and play up the whole idea that donald trump was olympicing these opportunities for these people. but their comok is degree great. they are living high off the hog off government. they are all about government spending. more the better. neil: what about the pickup truck chasing down immigrants. kennedy: fox news polled people on land lines. people in virginia felt ed gillespie had more unfair attacks against ralph northam. they felt the last ad was unfair. but that gill less i by and harming throughout the course of the campaign by 60% said he had
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unfairly attacked his opponent even more. trish: donald trump came out for him quite late. neil: i wonder whether that would have helped. he didn't win in virginia and new jersey. the two states we are focusing on tonight. can you make the jump here that he hurts these campaigns, the run cans' campaigns? trish: it is a gamble. virginia has a very large blue presence. he thank you he was up against that. this is a state hillary clinton took. he wasn't most of valuable player in virginia. so he may have decided and gillespie's team may have decided it's not in higgs favor to have him out -- not in his fave to have hip out in front --
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not in his favor to have him out front. kennedy: gillespie is also seen as an establishment republican. this is not the time for those sort of races. and virginia is not like west virginia or alabama where the president can come in and have a raucous rally. neil: fox can officially say one of the gubernatorial contests is out of the way. a lot of people thought it would be new jersey. but it turns out to be virginia where it was suppose to be a long night, a late battle. virginia goes to the democrat. the garden state could complete that. it wasn't that long ago, 1993, the first woman elected in the garden state. she was down 16 point in the polls and all of a sudden came back to win.
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neil: democrat phil murphy will easily win the governor's mansion. he self-financed virtually his entire run for the democratic nomination. spent $20 mill to do that. an additional few million buttressed by the an ipathy towards his opponent, governor chris christie of new jersey. that is a quick end to a night that was supposed to go on a little bit longer. phil murphy, the goldman sachs executive made his fortune on wall street. democrats will control both houses of government and the governor's mansion. connell mcshane at his headquarters. this is all developing quicker
8:24 pm
than most of thought, even in new jersey. >> this was the expected result even if it came a little bit earlier than we anticipated. here at the murphy headquarters we had a confident bunch. the former goldman sachs executive. you could tell he was co -- confident. the victory is spreading. they are doing a good job of concealing it. the crowd is just starting to trickle in here. we haven't been told when we'll see the candidate. i know he was in the building earlier doing a dry run. but you and i talked by the on fox business earlier today. the biggest factor in this race
8:25 pm
when you talk to the analysts and the insiders in the campaign was the man who was not on the ballot. chris christie is so unpopular in this state that his lack of popularity hurt his lieutenant governor in kim gaudagno. she tried to make it about her own ideas, lower property taxes. as the campaign went on she went negative and went after murphy for comments he made on immigration and want to go turn new jersey into a sanctuary state. it wasn't able to get her out of the shadow of christie and those unpopular poll numbers. that combined to some extent with president trump's unpopularity in new jersey. that put ambassador murphy over
8:26 pm
the top. but so far all is calm. plenty of good seats available and we'll wait for the candidate to come out. neil: he was barack obama ambassador to germany and he will be the next governor of new jersey. we have former knowledge governor christie todd whitman. you mentioned something in those appearances i had forgotten when you were running in 1993, that you were down double digits, 16 points. but you weren't down that just a couple days before the election. >> the sad thing was you don't know how quickly. the momentum was in kim's favor. if this election were based just on the issues i any she would be home free it's odd to campaign on a basis that you are going to raise taxes in the state, and
8:27 pm
that was phil murphy's number. that was just the starter for the state. kneel require was governor christie. donald trump lost the state by 16 points. most of presidential candidates do. but it was really governor christie. >> kim had a hard time separating herself from christie. it's the first time we have had a female lieutenant governor in a long time. people just assumed since she was linked with chris christie that she was reflective all his policies. the governor of new jersey is extremely powerful. neil: and controversial. neil: i want to show you something that happened today. governor christie and i live in the same town and vote at the same firehouse. this was an altercation involving the governor earlier today with a voter outside.
8:28 pm
take a look. >> it's easier to complain. easier to sit here and complain. but you know what? that's the joy of public service. it's serve folks like you it's such a unique joy. you are fabulous. neil: that so reminded me of you, governor. what happens. where does he go now? >> i think he goes to a law firm and makes a lot of money. but i don't know what else he does. kennedy: i don't live in new jersey. i have known for chris christie is for some time. a lot of my democratic friends from new jersey talked about that he was a great hope tore president. he was a straight talker and didn't take any lip from anyone.
8:29 pm
and they were proud of him. but his entire career implode. what was it in the economy? bridge gate? >> he started to think he was going to be president and that's where his focus went instead of the state. and we had bridge gate and nobody believed when he said he didn't know about it. i can't prove it one way pore the other. but nobody believed him because he was so in control and such a strong presence. and the governor ship is so strong that people didn't either believe it -- neil: could he have a realistic shot when he ran for president? >> he could have. that was the big stone for him. trish: he was the donald trump before donald trump was donald trump. you harken ban to 2012 your democratic friends were saying
8:30 pm
this guy is fresh, is's interesting within he tells it like it is. then another guy comes along and really tells it like it is. kennedy: from the same part of the country. trish: then the beach episode. i don't know what his political future is. neil: what's telling is kennedy didn't even say she has driven through new jersey. kennedy: we go right around it. a paddle boat. beautiful state. neil: we are expecting to hear from the president. he's in seoul, south korea. he's going to make an address to the general assembly and talk about north korea. and outline a plan.
8:31 pm
boy, with the rocket man comments. some say it's conciliatory for him to say there is room to make a deal. we heard the verdict from virginia and new jersey. fortunate enough to travel to many interesting places. i've always wanted to create those experiences for others. with my advisor's help along the way, it's finally my turn to be the host. when you have the right financial advisor, life can be brilliant. ameriprise
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prevagen. the name to remember. neil: about a half-hour away from the president of the united states speaking from seoul * south korea. in virginia ralph northam won the state's highest office. he does not have control over the legislature. new jersey just went democrat after 8 years of rich can
8:36 pm
control with chris christie. former virginia governor george allen. what do you make in your state? what happened to ed gillespie? >> the percentages are about the same as they were in the presidential race with the lower turnout. i want to congratulate ralph northam. being governor of virginia is the highest honor that can be bestowed on anybody by the people of virginia. one of the things that gets lost in campaigns are some of the good ideas. ed gillespie had great plans to make virginia more competitive for investment and jobs from tax, regulations, energy, agriculture. neil: what do you think hurt him? >> i think northern virginia is very strong for the democrats and they came out in force.
8:37 pm
and what i'm hopeful for is that the members of the general assembly that will be controlled by republicans ought to look at some of the plans ed put forward. i think governor than can look at them as -- governor tha govem can as well. i've jump not one to kick somebody when they are down. ed worked hard and tried to get his message out as bestr best he could. virginia is a tough state when people are trying to nationalize it rather than issues that matter to virginia. i'm hoping the virginia general assembly will be able to make sure virginia becomes more competitive, especially with the states to our south.
8:38 pm
neil: the two big pickups tonight, how do you think republicans should respond? >> actually, new jersey isn't a big surprise. and virginians voting apparently in the same percentages as they did in the presidential race last year. hillary clinton did win by 5% to 6% of the vote over president obama. people are motivated by positive constructive ideas that will improve mayor lives. to the extent you can get campaigns focused on that, that might motivate more people to the polls in supporting a candidate. virginia, though, is a state that is somewhat of a microcosm of the country, if you look at the different demographics, the rural areas, coal fields, the urban areas in the north, ports.
8:39 pm
neil: do you think it's gone over the last decade or so actually more if you think about it. from read to purple, now it seems to be safely blue, the last three presidential elections voted for the democrat. >> youer in wants to give -- you never want to give up. larry hogan who won in maryland. don't give up. if larry hogan who is doing a great job as a republican governor of maryland which is a much more democratic voting state shows you can win, the right candidate in the right times. ralph northam had good ads where he was at vmi, he's a doctor, he was lieutenant governor, he comes from the hasm o d he comes
8:40 pm
from the hampton roads area. he had a lot of good attributes. the ads they ran were despicable at the end of the campaign and i think that made the race even closer because i think there was a backlash against those. neil: ralph northam the democrat has secured another four years for democrats in that state in the governor's mansion. phil murphy will be running the garden state. but in the garden state he has both houses of the legislature, the assembly and the governor's mansion. we'll have more with the president coming to us from seoul, south korea.
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neil: the president just tweeted out on the ed gillespie loss. said he worked hard but did not embrace me or way stand for. the republicans won four out of four house seats. with the economy growing we'll continue to win even more than the four. trish: it's a good message for him to send. i think ed gillespie tried to appeal to more moderates. he didn't fully embrace it whole trump message it's tough when you are walking this middle ground. you are either all in on the trump side or you are not. >> the house seats they won in the special elections, i think i
8:46 pm
said four to five. but maybe times are changing. kennedy: trish said something really important. which is the political system is so agitated and buy for kaitd. you are on our side or you are on the other. the way they see establishment politicians. you have been playing both sides against the middle. they are not accepting that anymore. and ed gillespie, if that's one fault you can pin on him you can say he was too establishment and he didn't pick sides authentically. he was trying to have a huge latino outreach and came up anti-immigration. neil: joining us congresswoman from the beautiful state of new york. let me get your take on the tax
8:47 pm
thing. i think you have the highest concentration of millionaire constituents who pay those high state and local taxes and would be adversely impacted if this tax cut plan goes into effect. how do you feel about that? are you worried if that goes through your constituents will feel it big time? >> the way it's proposed it will hurt everybody in new york state. the effort to repeal the deduction for state and local taxes. new york is a big time donor state meaning that we send far more to the federal government than what comes back to help the state. depending on which report you see it's from 48 billion to 35 bill more is going into the federal government from new york state that does not come back to the people. on top of that, 75 bill is
8:48 pm
deducted in 8 and local taxes. so that aspect alone is a huge attack on new york. that will hurt everybody in new york state. and i was actually prized today when senator ted cruz came out against this provision that hurts new york state and california. in effect it will double tax the people in 8 that make an evident to help their people and take initiatives to help team shouldn't be penalized. this is a very destructive idea for new york state. neil: it looks like in new york city deblasio will chalk up another four-year term. many looked at that as a sign that the far left of the party is alive and well. what do you think of that? >> he won the democratic primary
8:49 pm
handily. and projections are that he will win the general election. so the people of new york city have spoken. he's going to be our mayor. neil: you don't sound thrilled about that. >> new york city is not an easy place. he's trying very hard. but i'm happy for the voters in the great state of virginia and new jersey. they both elected very good governors. neil: thank you very much for taking the time here. we are going to be hearing from the president of the united states. he is speaking in south korea tonight. the chairs will be filled up with human beings and we'll get a better idea. but this is a live shot we are getting from there right now. some are protesting the
8:50 pm
president's visit. but by and large they come in the last few minutes. then the president of the united states. then a sense of where he's coming from when it comes to north korea. they have a couple protesters there. some members who are not pleads to see the president of the united states. it's easy to think that all money managers are pretty much the same. but while some push high commission investment products, fisher investments avoids them. some advisers have hidden and layered fees. fisher investments never does. and while some advisers are happy to earn commissions from you whether you do well or not, fisher investments fees are structured so we do better when you do better. maybe that's why most of our clients come from other money managers. fisher investments. clearly better money management.
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neal * it's not just ra and new jersey. washington state waiting to see if they take control of that state, all branches of government, completing a trifecta they already achieved in new jersey. but in main progressives are trying to get an extension of medicaid coverage. deirdre bolton has more on that. reporter: the governor brought this five times and the legislature vetoed it. even if you get this yes vote be it's possible he blacks it again
8:55 pm
or slows it down. it's 70,000 people caught in the middle of what people are calling the aca gap. and then to qualify you need to be sort of poor or very close to the lines of poverty. so for an individual that's making $16 a year for a family of four, $34,000 a year. but the trick for a lot of people. that's why this just keeps coming up. neil: the voters are saying we are fed up with you, you are not dealing with this so we'll put this up for a vote. >> it's one of four topics and there are other states watching to see how this works.
8:56 pm
eyed who is one, utah is another. neil: if it passed what's the governor going to do? >> at the very least say we are not sure about the federal funding. let's send this back. let's have it for a budget review and hope it moves slowly enough to never see the light of day. neil: in seoul, south korea, it's starting to fill up. a lot of south koreans are concerned about the bellicose talk from donald trump, the rocket man comment. he will spell out what he wants to do moments from now. when he speaks, we are there. you'll get clear, actionable alerts about potential investment opportunities in real time. fidelity. open an account today.
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>> neil: the president is expected to make a major on north korea in just a few moment s as soon as he does he will be going there. mean tile ed gillespie is now speaking to supporters in virginia. he did loss that race and now he loses on the chance to become the next governor. let's listen in. >> i have to tell you that running with two long time friends as runningmates like joe vogel and john adams was a joy and i am proud to stand on this stage with you both this evening , and proud to say you're
9:01 pm
there. >> [applause] >> i just called the lt. governor ralph northam to congratulate him on becoming governor-elect and to wish him and pam and their familial of our best from kathy and me. as i said throughout the course of this campaign, governor-elect northam is a good man and i appreciate his service to our country and our commonwealth and i wish him nothing but the best success as our 73rd governor and told him that if i could be helpful to him in making our commonwealth better that i would be happy to do anything i could in that regard. i also here congratulate right now the lt. governor-elect just in fairfax on his election and attorney general mark herrin g on his re-election and
9:02 pm
wish them the best for our commonwealth also. in addition to thanking pete for being our chairman i want to thank nancy dye for being our finance chair. i also, nancy, thank you. >> [applause] >> and as you all know, we had a very policy-focused campaign. >> neil: continue to monitor ed gillespie of course and comes close a lot of times, very influential figure, he was deemed the establishment but that was the fine line he was walking between being an established republican and being a renegade and trying to satisfy maybe that trump crowd, whatever you want to make of it, reaction from the center for politics director, professor, he had an up hill battle here but again, a lot of events just didn't break his way in the end. what do you think happened?
9:03 pm
>> neil we actually thought he was getting a lot closer. some of the private polls showed and even the new york types poll had northam up only three. well once again the polls were wrong except in the other direction. it's going to be a big margin. they haven't gotten to the heavily democratic parts of some northern virginia precincts including the big absentee precinct in fairfax. it's going to be big. it's so big that northam incredibly is actually bringing in so many democrats into the legislature that they're going to come close to taking over the house of delegates. this is a party that was at 34 seats out of a hundred. i don't think they will be able to get it although i could be wrong, but they're coming close. they're coming close and it's a shocker to everybody. >> neil: i know the republicans have so-called trifecta where they control overhead to the government and some 26 states with a potential pickup in
9:04 pm
washington state, similar to that. democrats could be looking at eight such states, but that gives you a lot of influence doesn't it? >> well, it does when you have it. it won't happen in virginia because the republicans still control by a vote the state senate. >> neil: i was talking about new jersey and what could happen in washington state. i'm sorry but go ahead. >> neil you have to be more precise. in new jersey, look new jersey is deeply blue. i don't think anybody is surprised by that result. it was inevitable not just because of trump i think it was more because of christy. >> neil: it really was. >> virginia there was trump. it was a backlash, neil. this was the only southern state he lost by 5.5 points an he's gotten more unpopular. >> neil: he tweeted out that ed
9:05 pm
gillespie worked hard but what i stand for don't forget republicans went four to four house seats and can with the economy doing record numbers we will continue to win even bigger than before so what he seems to be saying in that tweet is if you'd only used me. >> well, he could make that point because it's true that gillespie kept him at arms length, but he adopted his key issues. that's where i think the president's tweet was misleading because gillespie did campaign on trump issues. he's correct in saying gillespie never had him into campaign. i'm sure that probably was a sore spot with him, but neil i have to tell you if he had come into campaign it's possible gillespie would have lost by more. >> neil: so what happens to donald trump from here? how much of course what would papers and all the broadcasters will say it's an indictment of donald trump and it went scripted as planned but what do you think is the read on this? >> oh, you know, look, everybody overanalyzes everything particularly when you've only
9:06 pm
got two governorships to analyze given the fact that new jersey is deeply blue and virginia i'll change it i've been calling it purple, it's a blue state. it's not a dark blue state it's a light blue state. always votes almost democratic. well he didn't carry it in the first campaign, so he doesn't need it in 2020 and the democrat s already have both of the senate seats, so i don't think it says that much necessarily about 2018 and it's a year away, a hundred things can and will happen between now and then. fortunately for you and me, so we'll have something to talk about. >> neil: by the way we've already started our special 365 day countdown to that. >> [laughter] >> neil: we're working on another special. all right professor so good to see you again my friend i appreciate it. thank you, neil. take care. >> neil: we are waiting to hear from the president. i think this next fellow might be with the so-called blue analogy, dave brat, remember he
9:07 pm
started that revolution when he took down a very very prominent republican. house freed am caucus member dave brat with us right now. sir, what do you make of what happened in your state tonight? they're saying it went from purple to at least a tinge of blue. three elections in a row, presidential elections that have gone democrat re-election for democrats in terms of control of the state house it's a one-term limit i know but the trend is their friend not your friend. >> yeah, no, i think the good professor from uva has it wrong on this one. we failed and as a national party we failed to contrast ourselves on the basic issues of the day. 65% outgoing voters think virginia is doing well economic ally. last year, in 2016, virginia grew at 0.6%. virginia always outpace u.s. gdp growth, always in the past i taught economics, i worked for the virginia senate for a while helping out and we always out paced the nation. now we don't. we've gone down in all the metrics of being business- friendly et cetera and
9:08 pm
we did not make the case. the democrats at the national level last few weeks ago put in a tax plan to raise taxes $10 trillion, we're cutting taxes and northern virginia is heavily reliant on government and government jobs, business and professional services is the number one business sector that we have in virginia and guess what happens to that sector if revenues are not coming in to the federal government coffers. they're going to lose so we need to make the case on be half of all virginia workers that if you don't have u.s. gdp growth, government jobs will fade and they're fading so 65% of people who do have jobs may be satisfied but people are losing jobs. people are leaving the labor force. >> neil: well then your party with the exception of you isn't making that case then at least in your state right? >> well and that's right. we have to nationalize this race i was in usa today. i told the reporters last week, nationalize this race. there's all sorts of issues.
9:09 pm
you saw the horrific ads run by the democrats with a pick up truck and all that kind of thing and then we don't control the mainstream media and so statutes come into play and they say you know what that means. no, i don't know what that means tomorrow as jefferson has a shro wd over his head at uva, it's an embarrassment to the country and two-thirds of voters side with us on the issue so you have to stand up very loud. >> neil: but do you think the president should take any blame for this congressman? he's not at least in his latest tweet is an indication but do you think he should? >> no, i think these results largely mirror the presidential outcome from last time. it's about a mirror image, right and so our candidates all the way through have to message on pro economic growth. we did not repeal obamacare. people in virginia right now are getting hit with 50% in the individual markets premium increases right? that reflects on us a little bit but it's obamacare that's still
9:10 pm
in place and we don't make that case. we failed to repeal obamacare. that's a failure on our part and so it is nationalized. you could make policy at the virginia level and in fact the virginia economy a little bit but it pales in comparison to what we do at the federal level. >> neil: so when you defeated house majority leader, that was a seismic shift and that was when a sense of a new party revolutionary sort of in your face kind of a republican party was evolving, which is the case now? i mean what's the message now? are you in the bannon group, the renegade group or the so-called establishment group? i don't even know what the differences are. >> i'm in the common sense group i ran on the virginia republican creed free market, strong constitution, strong national defense. what's president trump doing? he's making up for 30 years of kicking the can down the road in asia right? iran has nukes, north korea has
9:11 pm
nukes, how did that happen? that's not our fault. he's doing the heavy lifting and he's trying to fix the problem he's inherited. he also inherited president obama never had 3% gdp growth in eight years, right? right now we have 3%, two- quarters ago 3% now. the atlanta fad has us growing at 4.6% growth right now. the markets are up, you follow it every day. gdp growth the real economy is growing we're going to do corporate rate reductions, s- corp. rate reductions, give the average virginiaan $1200 back in their pocket making 60,000 that's just a fact right? it's not politics. our plan gives $1200 back. the democrats are going to raise taxes 10 trillion. if you can't win on that one, all you have to do is beat the runner right behind you. we're hitting that runner if only we could get the message out. our side unfortunately doesn't fight too hard. the democrats run blistering ads and our side, you don't need to run, i'm a positive guy.
9:12 pm
i went to seminary i did a phd in economics, i follow adam smith and you laid that case out before the american people, that's what made the country great, right? the judeo-christian tradition, the rule of law and free markets and you win because that's what made us great. >> neil: we shall see congressman thank you very much for taking the time. >> thanks, neil. >> neil: rejoined by my friends, as you wait to hear from the president, he is not going to take any blame for tonight and neither are you as congressman brat argued and he shouldn't but that's how it's played out in the media tomorrow. how does the president address that, handle that? >> as your guest just said he was borrowing a lot of the language, if you like the rating he was speaking to some of trump 's sticking points but i actually would take a little bit of issue with some of the tax plan. there has been some concern that middle americans will pay more and a lot of people said look, this has put the gop on the
9:13 pm
defensive, at least in the minds of some voters. >> neil: that was your point too they were almost too defensive right? and so cautious that the senate could water this down. what do you think? >> they're being defensive to democrats and-- >> neil: as if they get any democratic support. >> cut taxes for everyone. cut taxes for the top rate and the top earners as well. don't listen to nancy pelosi. don't let the other side dictate your terms, when you finally have the opportunity to rewrite this code simplify everything, simplify the brackets and actually cut taxes, they're not doing that, just shifting the burden from one stream of revenue to the other and claiming they don't have enough streams. there are way too many streams. they have to cut spending and that's one of the reasons dave brat was voted into the house of representatives was because he is a fiscal conservative, a cost cutter and a constitutionalist, and now republicans have to get serious about that again and it's interesting because with this fox news voter analysis we've been looking at all night
9:14 pm
in new jersey, voters there say the economy is either not so good or poor. 62% of them, it's flipped in virginia, 63% say the economy is excellent or good. you have both of those scenarios republicans can't win on either, dave brat is absolutely right. republicans have to get much better at messaging if they are going to win in the midterms and that means they have to put that talk into action with tax cuts. >> neil: by the way we are getting details on the president what he will say about north korea in south korea speaking to the general assembly and deirdre just to give you a couple he's saying. today i hope to speak not only for our countries but all civilized nations when i say to the north do not underestimate us, do not try us we will defend our common security, our shared prosperity, and our sacred liberty. going on to say it's our responsibility and duty to confront this danger together because the longer we wait the greater the danger grows on the fewer the absence become so he's going to lay it out to see his chief of staff general kelly and
9:15 pm
others gather to hear what is the president's first real direct line of attack, not literal but regarding north korea and south korea. >> deirdre: and what i have read and heard from the south koreans is that some people are so happy he's there, some south koreans and they think okay this is a great strong leader whose finally going to stand up for us and we have america's support and then you have another group of people which i guess have been protesting somewhat quietly i guess not like we would do here, but saying okay, this is the last person that we need here right now, so there does seem to be a very split opinion. >> neil: the president will talk about the korean miracle that extends exactly as far as the army's free nation advance in 1953, 24 miles to our north. in other words echoing what we kind of know that everything is very close here. >> he's also not talking
9:16 pm
directly to the north koreans. what he's saying he's saying all this telegraphing it to china. he's saying we will defend our liberty. we will defend these sacred god- given rights that we enjoy on this earth and if he were talking to north koreans he would say and we'll defend yours as well. why don't you participate in this natural law, what is naturally yours, but he's not doing that. he's also saying that it's interesting because i think there is a shift in rhetoric compared to what he was saying in japan because what he's saying in south korea to your point is they want a peaceful and diplomatic solution and the president is kind of acknowledging that here but also saying if you in any way threaten that, we have no choice but to defend-- >> neil: that is exactly what he's saying. we will not allow american cities to be threatened with destruction, we will not be intimidated and not let the worst atrocities on history be repeated on this ground, obviously referring to our role in the korean war.
9:17 pm
now some very nervous there that that's going to further agitate things, beyond essentially see ing japan rearm, and the asian community on high alert here. >> the asian community on high alert and i like what you said about speaking to china because this has always been the conduit is that we pressure china and then china keeps its sort of little cousin in place and under raps but obviously that has frayed very much. >> neil: but what if they can't control them? that's the biggest question. they share a border and that's why china is trying to shift the burden to the united states, because if the united states-- >> neil: china supposedly frozen all banking relationships. >> they have they're saying that's why h. r. mcmaster is looking for more sanctions by making north korea as a designated state sponsor or terror then there's more pressure and even less room for china and china wants the u.s. to be the aggressor so they're not because they share a border and now, at this point,
9:18 pm
if north korea is going to start logging nukes at the united states and san francisco, seattle, los angeles, hawaii, guam, seoul and tokyo why wouldn't they do the same thing? >> neil: by the way we are understanding that the president did intend to go to the zone today but weather stopped that trip from being made, but how would that have gone down, the president of the united states? all of the presidents have gone there. >> right. >> neil: afterworld war two and the korean war itself but that could have-- >> i would say security would have been and of course i'm sure for every single u.s. president the security is not exactly lax. there's no one relaxed and smoking cigarettes but i think for president trump maybe it's the best it was a little cloudy or rainy. >> neil: the global community is still trying to figure out president trump. he's not very, doesn't use-- >> not predictable. >> neil: diplomatic language, tells it like it is and a lot of people have a problem with that.
9:19 pm
some in south korea and remember they're hosting the winter olympics so they don't want anything to get in the way of that either, but did the expectations of this president they're very very high aren't they? the people really want to make sure he kind of talks this down from the state it's in right now but it just seems to snowgal of its own accord. >> it does, and he's not helped by some of the unforced errors and then when the press compounds that, having said that i think a lot of the results are still outstanding and there are a lot of-- >> neil: by the way we're in the predicament we're in because presidents of the both parties of the past-- >> have done nothing and they've tried the diplomatic route which obviously hasn't worked but no one wants more on the korean peninsula. you can't be certain of that with north korea. that's what's so terrifying but what matters in the end are the results and i think that's why a lot of people from the global community and a lot of voters who were still undecided and
9:20 pm
independent are waiting to see what happens with the economy and what happens. can this president bring lasting peace? it's just crazy enough to work. >> neil: we are waiting to hear from the president for those just joining us here also letting you know about two of the election developments tonight of course this is one of those off-year elections where the principally the big developments are gubinatorial elections in virginia and new jersey and sometimes that can telegraph how the midterms go, sometimes not but in virginia, it's a pickup not a pickup, but a continuation of what had been a democrat in charge of the governor's mansion there and in new jersey, a democrat in charge as well there. two pick ups for the democrats actually wins the democrats tonight but again expected. the president arriving with his wife melania in south korea, the assembly right now this is their elected official their chance to hear from the president of the united states as to what his plan will be regarding north korea. the enormous pressure for this
9:21 pm
president to find a right balance on the south koreans have been looking forward to this and they chose this venue rather than another location for the president to make his case to the south korean people. i don't know if there will be an english interpretation of this? >> official u.s. delegates, distinguished guests from home and abroad including diplomatic core and korean members of the national assembly. as speaker of the national assembly and on be half of the korean people, i extend my heartfelt welcome to the visit by president donald trump and first lady to the national assembly. mr. president and mrs. trump you are the first u.s. president in 25 years to make a safe visit to korea representing the united states of america as a great country and korean a's enduring and longstanding allies, and your speech to the national assembly today marks the first speech to the korean parliament
9:22 pm
by the u.s. president in 24 years. it is an incredibly great honor and privilege to welcome you at the national assembly on your first asia tour in the first year of your administration. i believe that the presence of mr. trump and mrs. trump here at this gathering here reaffirms the great significance of our alliance. mr. president, and mrs. trump distinguished guest members of the national assembly. korea's remarkable transformation from an aid recipient to a donor country was achieved on the basis of blood shed by our two peoples who fought side by side during the korean war and the rock solid korea-u.s. alliance. starting from security alliance, our alliance has been evolving into a comprehensive alliance that has global implications, expanding beyond economic
9:23 pm
alliance. the u.s. alliance recognized as having made a significant contribution to peace on the korean peninsula and in northeast asia is now confront ing grave nuclear and missile threats from north korea our two countries have worked closely together to deter the growing nuclear threat from north korea and to achieve the peaceful denuclearization of the korean peninsula. as articulated by your inaugural address where you said now arrives the hour of action, mr. president is acting with great determination and commitment to make the north korean nuclear issue a top priority like no other u.s. president in the history. allow me to take this opportunity to expand our deepest appreciation and respect to mr. president for your role as great and peaceful mediator under your excellent leadership and great negotiating ability.
9:24 pm
i sincerely hope that your visit to korea can serve as a new folk rum for our deep friendship and our shared prosperity going forward and setting a historic milestone in brings peace to the korean peninsula and northeast asia. before we invite president trump to de live a speech let me introduce you to first lady mrs. melania trump with beauty beautiful and wise. mrs. trump? may i ask you to briefly rise from the seat to accept our warm welcome, thank you. >> [applause] >> now, let me introduce you to the leader of the world, the president of the united states of america, donald trump. >> [applause]
9:25 pm
>> president trump: assembly speaker chung, distinguished members of this assembly, ladies and gentlemen, thank you for the extraordinary privilege to speak in this great chamber and to address your people on be half of the people of the united states of america. in our short time in your country, melania and i have been awed by its ancient modern wonders and we are deeply moved by the warmth of your welcome. last night, president and mrs. moon showed us incredible hospitality in a beautiful reception at the blue house. we had productive discussions on increasing military cooperation and improving the trade relationship between our nations
9:26 pm
on the principal of fairness and reciprocity. through this entire visit it has been both our pleasure and our honor to create and celebrate a long friendship between the united states and the republic of korea. this alliance between our nations was forged in the crucib le of war and strengthened by the trials of history. from the landings to pork chop hill, american and south korean soldiers have fought together, sacrificed together, and triumph ed together. almost 67 years ago, in the spring of 1951, they recaptured what remained of this city where we are gathered so proudly today it was the second time in a year
9:27 pm
that our combined forces took on steep casualties to retake this capital from the communists. over the next weeks and months, the men soldier,ed through steep mountains and bloody bloody battles. driven back at times, they will their way north to form the line that today divides the oppressed and the free, and there, american and south korean troops have remained together holding that line for nearly seven decades. >> [applause] >> president trump: by the time the armacist was signed in 1953 more than 36,000 americans had died in the korean war with more
9:28 pm
than 100,000 others very badly wounded. they are heros and we honor them we also honor and remember the terrible price that the people of your country paid for their freedom. you lost hundreds of thousands of brave soldiers and countless innocent civilians in that gruesome war. much of this great city of seoul was reduced to rubble, large portions of the country were scarred, severely severely hurt by this horrible war. the economy of this nation was demolished but as the entire world knows, over the next two generations, something miraculous happened on the southern half of this peninsula. family by family, city by city,
9:29 pm
the people of south korea built this country into what is today one of the great nations of the world and i congratulate you. [applause] in less than one lifetime, south korea climbed from total devastation to among the wealthiest nations on earth. today, your economy is more than 350 times larger in 1960. trade has increased 1900 times. life expectancy has risen from 53 years to 82 years years today.
9:30 pm
like korea, exactly one year ago today, i celebrate with you. [applause] the united states is going through something of a miracle itself. our stock market is at an all-time high. unemployment is at a 17 year low. we are defeating isis, we are strengthening our judiciary, including a brilliant supreme court justice, and on and on and on. currently stationed in the visit as vicinity of this is three largest aircraft carriers in the world, loaded to the maximum with f35 and
9:31 pm
f-18 fighter jets. in addition, we have nuclear submarines appropriately positioned. the united states, under my administration is completely rebuilding its military and is spending hundreds of billions of dollars to the newest and finest military equipment anywhere in the world, being built right now. i want peace through strength. [applause] we are helping the republic of korea far beyond what any other country has ever done. in the end, we will work things out far better than anybody understands or can even appreciate. i know that the republic of
9:32 pm
korea, which has become a tremendously successful nation will be a faithful ally of the united states, very long into the future. [applause] you have built and -- what you have built is truly an inspiration. the proud, sovereign and independent people of your nation demanded the right to govern themselves. you secured free parliamentary elections in 1988, the same year you hosted your first olympics. soon after, you elected your first civilian president in more than three decades. and, when the republic, you one, faced financial crisis, you lined up by the millions to give your most prized possessions.
9:33 pm
your wedding rings, heirlooms, and gold lik lock keys to restore the promise of a better future for your children. [applause] your wealth is measured in more than money. it's measured in achievements of the mind and achievements of spirit. over the past several decades, your scientist have engineered so many magnificent things. you have pushed the boundaries of technology. you have pioneered miraculous medical treatments and emerged as leaders in unlocking the mysteries of our universe. korean authors penned roughly 40000 books this year. korean musicians fill concert halls all around the world.
9:34 pm
young korean students graduate from college at the highest rates of any country and korean golfers are some of the best on earth. [applause] in fact, and you know what i'm going to say, the women's u.s. open was held this year at trump national golf club in bedminster new jersey and, it just happened to be one by a great korean golfer, and eight of the top ten players were from korea. the top four golfers, one, two, three, four were from
9:35 pm
korea. congratulations. [applause] that is really something. here in seoul korea, architectural wonders like the 63 building in the world tower, very beautiful, graced the sky and house the workers of many growing industries. your citizens now help to feed the hungry, fight terrorism and solve problems all over the world and in a few months, you will host the world and you will do a magnificent job at the 23rd olympic winter games. good luck.
9:36 pm
the korean miracle extends exactly as far as the armies of free nations advance in 1953. 25 miles to the north. there, it stops. it all comes to an end. it's a dead stop. the flourishing ends and the prisons stay. workers in north korean labor, grueling hours in unbearable conditions are almost no pay. recently the entire working population was ordered to work for 70 days straight or else pay for a day of rest. families live in homes without plumbing and fewer than half have electricity. parents bribed teachers in hopes of saving their sons and daughters from forced laborers. more than a million north koreans died of famine in the
9:37 pm
1990s and more continue to die of hunger today. among children, under the age of five, nearly 30% of afflicted and are afflicted by stunted growth due to malnutrition and yet, in 2012 and in 2013, the regime spent an estimated $200 million or almost half the money that it allocated to improve living standards for its people to instead build even more monuments, towers and statues to glorify its dictators. what remains of the meager of the north korean economy is distributed according to perceived loyalty to a twisted regime. far from valuing its people as
9:38 pm
equal citizens, this cruel dictatorship measures them, scores them, and ranks them based on the most arbitrary indications of their allegiance to the state. those who score the highest in loyalty may live in the capital city. those who score the lowest starve. a small infraction by one citizen, such as accidentally staining a picture printed in a newspaper can ruin the social rank of his entire family for many decades. an estimated 100,000 north koreans suffer and toil in forced labor and endure torture, starvation, rape and murder on a constant basis.
9:39 pm
in one known instance, a 9-year-old boy was in prison for ten years because his grandfather was accused of treason. in another, a student was beaten in school for forgetting a single detail about the life of kim jong-un. soldiers have kidnapped foreigners and force them to work as language tutors for north korean spies. in the part of korea that was a stronghold for christianity before the war, christians and other people of faith who are found praying or holding a religious book of any kind are now detained, tortured, and in many cases even executed. north korean women are forced to abort babies that are considered ethnically inferior
9:40 pm
, and if these babies are born, the newborns are murdered. one woman's baby, born to a chinese father was taken away in a bucket. the guard said it did not deserve to live because it was impure. why would china feel an obligation to help north korea? the horror of life in north korea is so complete that citizens pay bribes to government officials to have themselves exported aboard as slaves. they would rather be slaves them live in north korea. to attempt to flee is a crime punishable by death. one person who escaped remarked, when i think about it now, i was not a human being.
9:41 pm
i was more like an animal, only after leaving north korea did i realize what life was supposed to be. and so, on this peninsula, we have watched the results of a tragic experiment in a laboratory of history. it is a tale of one people, but two koreas. one korea in which the people took to entering took control of their lives in their country and chose the future of freedom and justice, of civilization and incredible achievement. another korea in which leaders imprison their people under the banner of tierney, fascism, and depression. the result of this experiment are in and they are totally conclusive. when the korean war began in
9:42 pm
1950, the two careers were approximately equal in gdp. capita. by the 1990s, south korea's wealth had surpassed north korea's by more than ten times. today, the south's economy is over 40 times larger. you started the same short while ago and now you are 40 times larger. you are doing something right. considering the misery brought by the north korean dictatorship, it is no surprise that it has been forced to take increasingly desperate measures to prevent its people from understanding this brutal contrast. because the regime fears the truth above all else, it forbids virtually all contact with the outside world.
9:43 pm
not just my speech today, but even the most common placed facts of south korean life are forbidden knowledge to the north korean people. western and south korean music is bad. possession of foreign media is a crime. it's punishable by death. citizens spy on fellow citizens. their homes are subject to search at any time. their every action is subject to surveillance. in place of a vibrant society, the people of north korea are bombarded by state propaganda, practically every waking hour of the day. north korea is a country ruled as a colts. at the center of this military colts is a deranged belief in the leaders destiny to rule as
9:44 pm
parent protector over a concord korean peninsula and in enslaved korean people. the more successful south korea becomes, the more decisively you discredit the dark fantasy at the heart of the kim jong-un regime. in this way, the very existence of a thriving south korean republic threatens the very survival of the north korean dictatorship. the city, and this assembly are living proof that a free and independent korea, not only can, but does stand strong, sovereign and proud among the nations of the world.
9:45 pm
here the strength of a nation does not come from the false glory of a tyrant. it comes from the true and powerful glory of a strong and great people. the people of the republic of korea. a korean people who are free to live, to flourish, to worship, to love, and to grow their own destiny. in this republic, the people have done what no dictator ever could. they took responsibility for yourselves and ownership of your future. you had a dream, a korean dream and you build that dream into a great reality we see it
9:46 pm
all around us from the stunning skyline to the peaks of this beautiful landscape. you have done it freely. you have done it happily, and you have done it in your own very beautiful way. this reality, this wonderful place, your success is the greatest cause of anxiety, alarm, and even panic to the north korean regime. that is why the kim regime seeks conflict abroad to distract from total failure that they suffer at home. since the so-called armistice, there have been hundreds of north korean attacks on americans and south koreans. these attacks have included the capture and torture of the brave american soldiers,
9:47 pm
repeated assaults on american helicopters and the 1969 drowning of a u.s. surveillance plane that killed 31 american serviceman. the regime has made numerous lethal invasions in south korea, assassinated senior leaders, attacked south korean ships and tortured auto worn beer, ultimately leading to his death. all the while, the regime has perfec pursued nuclear weapons with the deluded hope that they could blackmail their way to their ultimate objective, and that objective we will not let it have. all of korea is under that
9:48 pm
spell, divided in half. south korea will never allow will never allow what's going on in north korea to continue to happen. the north korean regime has pursued its program in defiance of every assurance, agreement and commitment to the united states and its allies. broken all of those commitments. after promising to freeze its plutonium program in 1994, it repeated the benefits of the deal, and then immediately continued its illicit nuclear activities. in 2005 the dictatorship agreed to ultimately abandon its nuclear programs and returned to the treaty on
9:49 pm
nonproliferation, but it never did. it tested the very weapons and said it was going to give up. the united states gave negotiations yet another chance and offered north korea the open hand of engagement. the regime responded by thinkinthinking a south korean navy ship, killing 46 korean sailors. to this day it launches missiles over the sovereign territory of japan and all other neighbors, test nuclear devices and develop icbms to threaten the united states itself. the regime has interpreted america's past restraint as weakness. this would be a fatal
9:50 pm
miscalculation. this is a very different administration than the united states has had in the past. today i hope i speak not only for our countries, but for all civilized nations when i say to the north, do not underestimate us. do not try us. we will defend our common security, our shared prosperity and our sacred liberty. we did not choose to draw here on this planet and floor -- on this peninsula. [applause] this magnificent peninsula, the thin line of civilization that runs around the world and down through time, but here it
9:51 pm
was drawn and here it remains to this day. it is the line between peace and war, between decency and depravity, between law and tierney, between hope and total despair. it is a line that has been drawn many times in many places throughout history. to hold that line is a choice free nations have always had to make. we have learned together the high cost of weakness and the high stakes of its defense. america's men and women in uniform have given their lives in the fight against nazism, imperialism, communism and terrorism. america does not seek conflict or confrontation, but we will never run from it. history is fille filled with
9:52 pm
discarded regimes that have foolishly tested america's resolve. anyone who doubts the strength and determination of the united states should look to our past, and you will doubt it no longer. we will not permit america or our allies to be blackmailed or attacked. we will not allow american cities to be threatened with destruction. we will not be intimidated, and we will not let the worst atrocities in history be repeated here on this ground we fought and died so hard to secure. [applause] that is why i come here, to the heart of a free and flourishing korea with a
9:53 pm
message for the peaceloving nations of the worl world. the time for excuses is over. now is the time for strength. if you want peace you must stand strong at all times. the world -- [applause] the world cannot tolerate the menace of a rogue regime that threatens with nuclear devastation. all responsible nations must join forces to isolate the brutal regime of north korea, to deny it and any form of it. you cannot support, you cannot supply, you cannot accept. we call on every nation, including china and russia to fully implement un security
9:54 pm
council resolutions, downgrade diplomatic relations with the regime and sever all ties of trade and technology. it is our responsibility, and our duty to confront this danger together because the longer we wait, the greater the danger grows and the fewer the options become. [applause] for those nations that choose to ignore this threat, or worse still, to enable it, the weight of this crisis is on your conscience. i also have come here to this peninsula to deliver a message directly to the leader of the north korean dictatorship. the weapons you are acquiring are not making you safer. they are putting your regime in grave danger.
9:55 pm
every step you take down this dark path increases the peril you face. north korea is not the paradise your grandfather envisioned. it is a hell but no person deserves, yet despite every crime you have committed against god and man, you are ready to offer, and we will do that, we will offer a path to a much better future. it begins with in and to the aggression of your regime, a stop to your development of ballistic missiles, and complete verifiable and total denuclearization. [applause]
9:56 pm
it shows a nation of dazzling light in the south and the mass of impenetrable darkness in the north. we seek a future of light, prosperity and peace, but we are only prepared to discuss this brighter path for north korea if it's leaders cease their threats and dismantle their nuclear program. the sinister regime of north korea is right about only one thing, the korean people do have a glorious destiny, but they could not be more wrong about what that destiny looks like. the destiny of the korean people is not to suffer in the bondage of oppression but to thrive in the glory of freedom. [applause] what south koreans have
9:57 pm
achieved on this peninsula is more than a victory for your nation. it is a victory for every nation that believes in the human spirit, and it is our hope that someday soon all of your brothers and sisters of the north will be able to enjoy the fullest of life intended by god. your republic shows us all of what is possible. in just a few decades, with only the hard work, courage and talents of your people, you turned this war-torn land into a nation blessed with wealth, rich in culture and deep in spirit. you built a home where all families can flourish and were all children can shine and be happy. this korea stands strong and tall among the great community
9:58 pm
of independence, confidence, and peaceloving nations. we are nations that respect our citizens, cherish, treasure our sovereignty and control our own destiny. we affirm the dignity of every person, and embrace the full potential of every soul. we are always prepared to defend the vital interest of our people against the cruel ambition of tyrants. together we dream of a career that is free, a peninsula that is safe, and families that are reunited once again. we dream of highways connecting north and south, of cousins and embracing cousins, and this nuclear nightmare replaced with the beautiful promise of peace. until that day comes, we stand strong and alert.
9:59 pm
our eyes are fixed to the north and our hearts are praying for the day when all koreans can live in freedom. thank you. god bless you. god bless the korean people. thank you very much. [applause] >> do not underestimate us, do not try us. the president making it clear in the south korean general assembly that he stands ready to take on the north koreans. the time for talk is over. the time for the united states deciding that we have had enough is on. north korea must now appeal to the better wisdom of a world that is simply had enough. on the night voters have handed republicans twin defeats in the state of virginia and new jersey, by and large, as expected. ~ bobbio in new york city reelected to continue to run the city.
10:00 pm
there will be a lot of soul-searching and back and forth on the significance of what happened tonight, but it did, in the end, go down as expected tonight. the president of the united states, half a world away, largely ignoring it and focusing on the greater threat. >> his creation? good night. when it came to dinosaurs. >> can it survive without him? >> a lot of attractions that were the vision of a single person, all of a sudden they're gone, demolished. >> depends on his daughter... >> when you have an absolute passion, you think that other people feel the same way you do. >> his granddaughter... >> are you living on the edge, kiki, to make this all happen? >> a little bit. >> and his great-granddaughter. >> has your mom ever said, "we need to talk about the future of the park"? >> never. [ door creaks ] [ wind howls ]


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