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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  December 7, 2017 7:00pm-8:00pm EST

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and everybody else, including corrupt and non-corrupt good people. so they need to work with them. charles: here is lou dobbs. keep it here on fox business. lou: good evening. breaking tonight, new evidence that special counsel robert mueller's legal team is little more than political hacks on a mission to take down president trump and his administration. another top investigator has been exposed over her ties to the democratic party. she represented former obama top aide ben rhodes and the clinton foundation. the krichtion of the -- the
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corruption of the leadership of the fbi and department of justice is now obvious. the doj and the fbi's political corruption the source of a hearing today. we'll talk about that agency's tie to the trump dossier and what they did with it. also tonight, embattled senator al franken is resigning but not apologizing. the minnesota democrat says he won't step down for weeks, despite calls from his senate colleagues to do so immediately, effectively telling the democratic party to go to hell.
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wildfires raging through southern california for a fourth day. no end in sight. firefighters are battling four major fires that have burned 100,000 acres in ventura and los angeles county, and none of those fires even close to being contained. new evidence of political corruption surfacing today in the special counsel's office and the department of justice. we learned one of robert mueller's top attorneys, jeanie reid previously represented ben rhodes in the beenr -- in the benghazi scandal. a retired supervisor said mccabe said not to call the benghazi attack an act of terrorism. and bruce orr demoted after
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meeting last year with glenn simpson, the co-founder of the smear merchant fusion gps who offered the discredited trump dossier. he worked four doors down from deputy attorney general rod rosenstein who of course appointed the special counsel. it could not be clearer that under leaders like robert mueller and james comey, the fbi operate as an arm of the democratic party with almost unchecked power. but mule per and comey's successor christopher wray, specifically on the clinton email investigation, he says he's wait are for an internal review by the inspector gin in order to determine the next check. >> the inspector general is looking at the important
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question of whether improper political considerations factors into the decision-making. if he were to conclude that happened, then we have to assess what else might need to be done to unring that bell, if you will. lou: my first guest among the members of the house judiciary committee who glild the director of the fbi this morning, jim jordan. congressman, you gave fbi director wray quite a grilling today. are you satisfied with the answers that you elicited? >> i will be satisfied when i see the application that was take to the fisa court. i think peter strzok took the application to the fisa court with all the dossier garbage in
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it and that was used to spy on the donald trump's campaign. they can prove i'm wrong by releasing the application and i hope they do that. lou: stunningly we find out, not from the fbi itself, that bruce orr, a top member of the management team there at the fbi, he had contacts with fusion gps, including contacts with christopher steele, the former british spy who is involved in the construction of that discredited trump dossier. >> did the fbi pay christopher steele? i asked jeff sessions an wouldn't answer the question. did they look at this dossier? it's been disproven it's a bunch of:national enquirer early and fake news garbage.
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did they check it out before they took it to the fisa court? all this can be cleared up if they release the application that they took to the court. they can give it to the judiciary committee, the committee with oversight over the justice community. i think they did use that dossier as a basis sport warrant to spy on president trump's campaign. lou: your charges put it straightforwardly that the fbi leadership nactd a corrupt and unlawful manner -- enacted in a corrupt and unplawfl manner. >> peter strzok interest viewed abedin, interviewed hillary clinton. he took the exoneration statement and changed.
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and they kicked him off for a few text messages because they are anti-trump? there has to be more to this story. i'm convinced he's part of the team that took the dossier to the fisa court. the dossier that was paid for by the democratic national committee. he's the one i think that was working with others to put this together and take it to the court. lou: what's required now is evidence of that. and i found it interesting that christopher wray in not answering your questions, uses the o.i.g. as many of the dems do. he couldn't answer that question because it's under investigation by the office of the inspector general just as many of the answers you want he can't give you because the fbi is
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investigating. at every level it's because somebody is investigating it's fewer nonsense. >> you can't hide behind fact that there is another investigation going on. you can't say because he's doing that, we can't give you the information we are rightfully entitled to. you can't hide behind that. remember, the inspector general, they can't prosecute anyone, they are just getting information. the only ones who can thoamed anybody accountable is the justice department. that's why we need a second special counsel that we called for months ago. we need that he second special counsel. lou: i'm entirely sympathetic with your view on the special counsel. but if we end up with twice what
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mueller created, the republic will be in serious threat if it's not already. we have a president whose entire administration is being threatened by a politically corrupt special counsel and politically corrupt leadership of the fbi. >> remember what the dossier is about. it's about the fbi working with the democrat national committee and their campaign to go after the other party's nominee and other party's campaign. that's why we need these answers. if that happened in the united states of america. that is as wrong as it can be and people need to be held to account. lou: congressman jim jordan. thanks for being with us. we are coming back with much, much more on the deep state, the swamp. where are we in draining that
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thing? stay with us. democratic senator sphal franken is -- al franken is leaving the senate, but he's going to take his time in doing so. >> today i'm announcing in the coming weeks i'll be resigning as a member of the:u.s. senate. lou: ed rollins joins us here next. wildfires raging across southern california, brutal santa ana winds strengthening with warnings gusts could reach 80 miles an hour. we'll have the full report on the record wildfires in california. stay with us. zar: one of our investors was in his late 50s right in the heart of the financial crisis, and saw his portfolio drop by double digits. it really scared him out of the markets.
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lou: another resignation on capitol hill, this one to take effect immediately. republican congressman rent franks of arizona announcing he's reef signing. he's stepping down after the house ethics committee opened an investigation into him after a discussion of surrogacy with his female staffers. he said i clearly become
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insensitive of how such an intensely personal topic might affect others. the ethics committee is investigating whether his conduct was sexual harassment. pall franken announced his plans to step down from the senate. despite the allegations by 8 different women and the photograph before your very eyes. his resignation speech was devoid of remorse or apology. >> i also think it gave some people the false impression i was admitting to doing things i haven't done. some of the allegations against me are simply not true. others i remember very differently. lou: joining us now, ed rollins,
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head of the great america pac. let's start with al franken arguing with a picture of his conduct. ed: if he didn't do the things they said, why did he resign. at the end of the day he blew his career up. 7, 8 women have come forward. the original picture was the trigger. the women senators especially of his own party have demanded his resignation. lou: he says he's going to take weeks to resign. it's not a high slight freel fos not a highlight reel for him. ed: i don't know what's going on
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in this guy's head. lou: apparently trent franks just announced he's resigning. ed: my thoughts on that the wait was flortd "politico," he asked two of his women staffers if they would be surrogates for his child. that's the allegation. so two of the women obviously have made that complaint. i don't know what's going on with these guys. if this is the beginning of the process it will be like a mid-term election, we'll get rid of a lot of these guys. lou: it's astonishing to me. for the first time i truly feel like the house of representatives has found its tempo, its direction and is
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doing some terrific work. today watching congressman jim jordan and others grill the director of the fbi. it was compelling, and it's very clear the fbi, the department of justice and robert mueller are also politically correct it's breathtaking. he apparently they haven't done a thing? >> then he ought to go back to alabama and let the president put somebody in there who can do it. the place got very political under obama. the absurdity of having 35,000 employees and 17,000 agents is absurd. lou: obviously the upper
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echelons of the fbi and the justice department. what are the political -- everyone tells us that the president simply cannot fire robert mueller. why can't the speaker of the house, the santa ana majority leader and the president of the united states fire robert mueller? ed: we went through a period where j. edgar hoover ran the fbi for too long and committed all sorts of crimes. they cleaned it up and it was a working organization. but the american public wants law enforcement that's above the fray and does not create crimes. lou: what's to happen here? everyone is throwing up their
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hands saying president trump is obviously being attacked on partisan grounds. these political hacks and operatives. dossiers attacking the republican nominee last year and using it then, that same dossier apparently and as congressman jordan points out, is a foundation to create a special counsel and to discredit people in the trump campaign. >> which is outrageous. i think to a certain extent we need a special possible youth -l prosecutor. we need an attorney general to investigate his agency. it's under his jurisdiction. lou: ed, what do you think of this? we have 16 intelligence
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agencies. not one of them apparently knew enough or had resources sufficient to forestall the intervention of the rugs in our elections as they are styling it now. why wouldn't those intelligence agencies already have investigated all of this, these claims. why would they not have said something. why isn't there some evidence? the reality is with 16 intelligence agencies they have said nothing. second, the congressional investigation has gone nowhere. the fbi investigation for a year went nowhere. yet we have a special counsel, it persists and produces nothing. >> these agencies protect their own information. they don't want to share the information. they don't want to be the ones throwing the hand grenades.
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this is a crisis for this government and this country and somebody needs to step up. lou: who is it to be? if not the president, why wouldn't the speaker of the house and the majority leader join with this president and say, by the way, if there were any integrity with pelosi and schumer necessity would be by their side. ed: the system is not working. and at the end of the day it's time to clean house and get this thing started. lou: do you believe the political corruption of the special counsel and the department of justice leadership is so pervasive that robert mueller and top officials at the justice department and the fbi should resign? follow me on twitter @loudobbs and like me on facebook.
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stocks moved higher, the dow up 71 points. the nasdaq up. jobless claims fell for a third straight week. jobless claims have held under 300,000 for nearly three years. that's the longest streak since 1970. bitcoin surging 40% this week. the digital currency valued at less than $1,000 at the start of this year. growing problems for the justice department with a senior official demoted because he had connections and contacts with the firm behind the discredited trump dossier. be with us tomorrow night for
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our special coverage of president trump's rally in pensacola, florida. we are coming right back. stay with us.
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lou: new details almost daily on the deep state funding of opposition research and fusion. a career justice department turn met during the election campaign
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with the fusion gps writer of the discredited unverified trump dossier. james rosen has our report. james: bruce orr had an office four doors down from deputy a.g. rod rosenstein until he was stripped of his title and ousted from his office. this came just before fox news was going to report his meetings with the authors of the trump dossier. christopher steele and glenn simpson, founder of fusion gps. they were paid by the democratic national committee to compile the dossier. devin nunes whose office uncovered the connection
7:30 pm
demanded access to orr's documents and orr himself. >> i have got a real problem with strzok being on the case because of the conflicts of interest. peter strzok was removed from the staff of the special counsel robert mueller in july. and who d.o.j. belatedly cleared for questioning by the nunes panel. >> they need to produce the information. if they don't, i don't want to go contempt. i don't want the dram of a floor fight. but if we have a floor fight it will be because the department picked one, not us. james: former fbi director james comey has described it as a
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compendium of salacious and unverified material. investigators seek to determine whether the discredited.dier was used in a fisa warrant on carter page. >> does that mean the dossier is not being followed up. >> it's bob mueller's responsibility so i don't know. james: the justice department couldn't tell us why he was demoted. they said it's because he was wearing two ha hats. then we were told it was because he withheld from his superiors his meetings with fusion gps. >> there is a pattern there, isn't there. we are coming right back.
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lou: there will be no government shutdown for two weeks. they will keep the government open while lawmakers work on an agreement. the house approved the bill and it would not have passed without democratic support. an hour later the senate passed the continuing resolution on an 81-14 vote. one of the house republicans who voted no on the continuing resolution, matt gates. good to have you with us. it's good news that you all are going to keep the government going. how likely are the possible sects you will be able to move to a budget? >> we need to get to the
7:37 pm
business of cutting spending. the reason i voted against this rest lights's more of the same. more funding of planned parenthood, more funding of obamacare expansion. and medicaid expansion. i'm proud of the budget the house passed that cut $200 billion by saying people on welfare need to have a work requirement if they are able body adults. lou: what would you say if i said all that pales in significance to the corrupt justice department leadership and that of the fbi and the special counsel who are attacking this president daily relentlessly and with great force. >> i would agree with you
7:38 pm
entirely. that's one of the reasons i filed legislation calling for the firing of robert mueller. every day we are finding more evidence that robert mueller was recruiting people who had an express and known by as against the president of the united states. i asked christopher wray, did robert mueller only hire people who hate the president? every day we are firing more and more people who expressed their dislike of the president. but hillary clinton never faced a serious investigation it seems as though hillaries folks were the ones making the decisions about her outcomes. and it's still hillaries folks persecuting the president. lou: i think the american people are awaken together reality about the claims against robert
7:39 pm
mueller. not a single republican on the team anywhere at least that we could find. >> it's not like there is not enough prosecutors in our system. we have a bevy of highly qualified people. they just don't happen to be the people investigating our president. mueller was praising people who were actively defying the president of the united states. this is ludicrous. the american people cannot accept a rigged system where you have got people biased against the president. the fact that today christopher wray wouldn't tell us whether the fbi paid for the dossier against the president with taxpayer money. he wouldn't tell us whether hillary clinton got special treatment. all he said was there is an
7:40 pm
inspector general looking into all of these things. if you walk outside and it's raining you don't need the inspector general to tell you to get an umbrella. lou: what course is congress going to take? and let me ask you. why would not the republican party unite around a president under assault by a corrupt political operationing called the department of justice and politically corrupt special counsel. why would speaker ryan and mitch mcconnell not stand with the president and demand that mueller resign? >> i have. that's why i filed legislation. and i call on all of my republican colleagues to co-sponsor that legislation. we need to have our president's back. he's the duly elected president of the united states. a bunch of people in washington
7:41 pm
who want to keep things the same want to get rid of him, and they are not playing fair. we need to step up and defend the president. and we have more evidence to do so. every day another fern associated with robert mueller and the fbi out to get the president. hillary clinton never faced this. it's why 2/3 of the american people support a second special counsel so we can do a real thoarl oh investigation of hillary clinton. lou: be sure to vote in our poll tonight. .you believe the -- do you believe the corruption with the special counsel and the doj leadership should resign. that sphms one clever dog.
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a border collie mix who proves there is nothing a dog can't do as long as he's named jumpy. look at this. i have never seen any dog do this, and i have been to a few circuses. he performs handstands and back flips alongside a professional parkour athlete. wildfires threatening lives and property across southern california. 200,000 people told to evacuate their homes. containment all but unthinkable because of the fierce santa ana winds. gusts running to 80-mile-per-hour today. we'll have a full report on those fires and what's being done next. we'll be right back.
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lou: wildfires devastating much of southern california. high winds driving the blazes. fire officials with warning critical weather conditions could worsen and last through the weekends. adam housley is in california tonight with our report. reporter: relentless winds led to the another intense firefight overnight. besides the wind and the low humidity, the air quality rye mains very poor. we are at the front of the thomas fire. the largest in southern california. we are roughly 30 miles from where it started as it threatens the town of carpenteria. the skirball fire in los angeles, and west to santa
7:48 pm
cla righta and the thomas fire. flames closed a busy stretch of the u.s.101 free way. 50,000 people have been forced to flee while 15,000 homes are in the danger zone. >> we are going to wait. and if the fire crosses the road we'll wet down the roof. we'll turn the sprinklessers off and get out. >> everything is here. reporter: now the painful part for others like darlene jordan who came back to a pile of rubble and ash. helicopters and a half gate the winds as they try to contain the
7:49 pm
fire or l.a.'s ritzy bell pair neighborhood. while the smoke closed 250 schools in the los angeles area, the fire threat and the winds are expected until saturday. the red flag alert continues through saturday. but the forecast winds did not come today. but the thomas fire could burn for a couple more weeks. lou: up next, predictable middle east protests after president trump's historic decision to recognize jerusalem as the capital i of israel. we'll take it up with general jack keane after the break. stay with us. we'll be right back. zar: one of our investors was in his late 50s
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lou: in our online poll we asked you do you believe president trump's historic decision to move israel's capital to jerusalem will mean real change in the middle east? 85% said yes.
7:54 pm
the are signed a declaration declaring december 7 national pearl harbor day. one of the vets honored the president with a song. president trump: remember pearl harbor. if you heard that a few times? ♪ remember pearl harbor as we do the alamo ♪ ♪ we shall always remember we will die for liberty ♪ ♪ remember pearl harbor and go on to victory ♪ lou: joining us now retired four-star general jack keane. >> that's quite a moment.
7:55 pm
beautiful. lou: pearl harbor and remembrance day, and so little discussion of it. it's time that makes these events fade in the minds of particularly the young. what are your thoughts on these days which we remember extraordinary moments in this country's history like pearl harbor day? >> i think the most of significant event in the mist of man was world war ii. the war in the atlantic and the pacific, an unbelievable catastrophic event. and the war started by brutal dictators, and the united states was the key indispensable mission in the atlantic and make to turn all of that around it was the generosity of the american people and our values that did all that. it's a remarkable story.
7:56 pm
lou: let's turn to the period in which we are living. with russia, with china and north korea. rex tillerson saying with russia, improving relations, we can get over just about everything, accommodate everything. but not ukraine. i'm surprised to hear him say that. >> he's right about the seriously of the ukraine situation. it is a bona fide invasion and trampling on the rights of the ukrainian people. to date obama did nothing to assist them and push back on it. i'm hoping this administration puts their shoulder into the and does something by the. but the situation in syria is a human catastrophe of great
7:57 pm
proportion. greatest since world war ii and obama did nothing to deal with that. lou: i was surprised suggesting we can deal with syria, we can deal with crimea, it's a fat fae fait acconpli. >> russia made serious geopolitical decisions to take advantage of the vacuum obama created when they disengaged. in the middle east they are trying to replace the united states as the most of influential nation outside the region and they are stepping all over our allies doing that. they are marrying up with the iranians. they clearly have designs on starting to control and influence countries in the
7:58 pm
region. we cannot walk away from what the russians have done. i am encouraged that he thinks ukraine is a big deal because it is. but you can't walk away from what the rugs are doing in the middle east. >> the president exerted a brave and historic decision to recognize jerusalem as the capital of israel. protests as you would expect by the arab street. a profound moment, i think. >> i think so. 1995 congress enacted a piece of legislation that identified jerusalem as the capital of israel. every president kicked the can down the road thinking by not announcing that, somehow that would accelerate the peace process. here we are 22 years later, and
7:59 pm
what do we have to show for it? we have absolutely nothing to show for it. i'm not inside the *'s head. he looks at that and says we made no progress. why don't we stop the phoney pretense and let's announce this thing for what it truly is and see if it can possibly be a catalyst as opposed to what it has been. lou: let's turn quickly, the europeans, there was a lot of criticism of the president for doing that. the united nations having a little bit of a fit. it tells us about the nations of the international community on the issue of israel. >> there has been an anti-israel under current running through europe as well as the middle east. but israel has the best relation with the sunni arabs they have
8:00 pm
ever had, and the reason for that is iran. lou: we'll conclude with that optimistic share. join us tomorrow for the president's rally in pensacola. kennedy: senator al franken announces his resignation but he never apologized. potentially big new developments in the mueller investigation. and bitcoin now worth more than $16,000. why is it is mowing -- why is it exploding in value? brian brenberg is here. al fringen announced his resignation and delivered a creep insurance policy to his


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