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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  December 10, 2017 7:00pm-8:00pm EST

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keep it here on fox business. lou: >> lou: good evening, everybody. breaking tonight new evidence that special counsel robert mueller's legal team is little more than a political hack on a mission to takedown president trump and his administration. another top investigators for the mueller team has been exposed over her ties to the democratic party. she represented former obama top aide ben rhoddes and the clinton foundation. we'll have more on that. the leadership of the fbi and department much justice is
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simply now obvious. fox news learned that a top justice official was demoted as a result of his contacts with fusion gps contacts that he hid from the justice department. the doj and fbi's political corruption and cracks in the house committee hearing featuring director christopher ray. tonight we'll talk to two law makers that are demanding the interests from the fbi to the anti- troph dossier and what they did. and embattled senator al franken resigning but not apologizing. the minnesota democrat will not step down for weeks despite calls from senate colleagues to do so immediately. effectively telling the democratic party to go to hell.
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wildfires raging through southern california for a fourth day. no end in sight and wildfires are battling four major fires that burned hundred thousand acre in los angeles and ventura counties and none of those fires even close to being contained. we'll have the full report for you tonight. our top story, new evidence of political corruption surfacing today in the special counsel's office and at the department. justice. we learned that one of robert mueller's top attorneys jeanie re previously represented ben rhed ones in the obama scald an. and a former congressman interviewed a retired fbi super visor said mccabe said not to call the benghazi attack an act
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of terrorism x. brous moore demoted after meeting with glenn simpson co-founder of the smear version who authored the discredited trump dossier. he worked just four-doors down from deputy general rob rosenstein. it could not be clearer under leaders like robert mueller and james comey, the fbi operated as an arm. democratic party with almost unchecked power. tonight mueller and comey's successor christopher ray denying allegations of bis in his tell before the house judiciary committee and specifically on the clinton e-mail investigation he is waiting for the review by the inspector general. >> the inspector general is
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looking at whether or not improper political decisions factored in the decision making. if he concluded that happened we have to assess what else might need to be done to unring that bell if you will. >> lou: my first guest who grilled the fbi director this morning, republican congressman jim jordan of ohio. he's on the over sight committee and toe founder of the freedom caucus. you gave fbi director ray quite a grilling today, are you satisfied with the answers that you elisted. >> i will be satisfied when they release the application from the court. i believe peter took it to the court where the court grant that application based on the dossier with all of the garbage in it.
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so they can prove i am wrong by releasing the application and in hope they do that. >> lou: stunningly as a result of the house committee information and not from the fbi itself that bruce orr, a top member of the management team with the fbi had contact it is with fusion gps and christopher steel, the former british spy who was involved in the dedestruction of discredited fbi. >> he would not answer the question. and did they look at the dossier and go through and it is disproven as a bunch much national enquirer garbage and "fake news" in this thing.
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did they check it out before they took it to the fiza court. this could be cleared up. he said he couldn't do that. they are allowed to do that. that cheerped up a lot of thing. i think they will not do it because they did use the dossier as a basis to spy on americans with the trump campaign. >> lou: your allegation is that the fbi is corrupt and acted unlawful to achieve a political purpose. >> think about peter strob. he headed the clinton investigation and interviewed aberdeen and cheryl mills and changed grossly negligent to extreme carelessly.
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he intrieped flynn and they kick him off for text message because they are anti- trump. there has to be more to the story and i am convinced the dossier is this. he's part of the team that had the dossier that was paid by the democratic national committee and put the false stuff together. he was the one to put it together and take it to at this time court and that's what we need to know. loupe lou where do we go from here? what is required is evidence of that and christopher ray, the director in the fbi not answering your question used oig as many of the pals in dc, the dems do. and he couldn't ask that because it is under investigation by the office of the inspector general just as answers can't be given you because the fbi is
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investigating. at every level it is because everyone is investigating. >> exactly. you can't hide behind another investigation. you can't say because he is doing that we can't give you information that we are rightly entitle would to and answer the information for the whole affair. yeah, you can't hide behind that. and horrowitz, the inspector general can't prosecute. the only one who can hold people truly accountable is the justice america and that's why we need a special second counsel. and every time we learn more, it reenforces the idea of a special counsel. >> lou: i am sympathetic with your view on a special counsel. if we end up with twice what mueller created, the republic
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will be in serious threat if it is not already. look at what we have got here as you pointed out today. we have a president whose entire administration is threatened by a corrupt special counsel and leadership of the fbi. >> all because of a dossier. it was the fbi working with the democratic national committee and campaign to go after the other party's nominee and campaign. and that is not supposed to happen in this country and if that took place and woulded in the united states of america, that is wrong and people need to be held to account and who are involved in making that happen. >> lou: congressman jordan, thank you for being with us. we'll be back with more on the deep state and swamp and
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draining that thing. stay with us. democratic senator al franken is leaving the senate but taking his time to do so. >> today, i am announcing in the coming weeks i will be resigning as a member of the united states senate. >> lou: whyhyhyhyhy building a website in under an hour is easy with gocentral... ...from godaddy! in fact, 68% of people who have built their... using gocentral, did it in under an hour, and you can too. build a better website - in under an hour. with gocentral from godaddy.
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republican leadership, some republican leadership things are going on and we make sure you are up-to-date on. the senate tax bill allows illegal immigrants to use the tax credit. and the taxpayer under that legislation in the senate doesn't need a social security with which to claim the tax credit as long as their child as one. the house version is stricter and does important things, but none theless it is it a tax credit, requiring the taxpayer to provide their own social security number to be able to claim the refundable portion of the credit. breaking news tonight, another resignation on capitol hill and
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this will take affect immediately. republican congressman trent franks of arizona announcing he's resigning, franks is stepping down after the house ethic's committee opened an investigation into his discussion with surrogacy with female staffers. due to my familiarity and experience with the process of surroegacy i was insensitive of how the subject of a personal topic might affect recollects. the house ethics committee is investigating whether franks investigated in conduct that constitutes sexual harassment. alfranken talked about stepping down. despite photographic evidence before your eye and others, the
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minnesota democrat's speech was devoid of remorse or apology. and i always think it gave people the false impression that i was admitting to doing things that in fact i haven't done. some of the allegations against me are simply not true. others i remember very differently. loupe lou joining us ed rollins chairman of the greater american pack and fox contributor. great to have you here. >> thank you. >> lou: start with the picture of al franken. >> why is he resigning if he didn't do that? he's blown his career up. obviously 7 or 8 women came forth and the original picture was the trigger, but the reality is a hot more came forth and the women senators in his own party
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demanded his resignation and he is resigning. the trent franks is stupid. >> lou: before we get to franks, it is weeks before he resigns tis not a highlight reel, why is he stretching it out. >> i would think he would try to get out as soon as possible. i don't know what is going on in this dpie's head. get out of there. >> lou: trent franks announced he is resigning and your thoughts? >> my thoughts on that, he basically asked two of his women staffers if they would be surigate for his chimed. that is two of the women made the complaint. i don't know what and going with
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with thesifies? it is a beginning of a process and midterm election and get rid of half of these guys and that's not a bad thing. >> lou: gn going to be rid of a few of them before the election. it is astonishing to me and what we are watching on capitol hill and first time, i truly feel like the house of representative has found its tempo, its direction and doing terrific work. today, watching congressman jim jordan and others grill christopher ray,ment director of the fbi, it was compelling first of all and very clear that the fbi, the department of justice and robert mueller are all so politically corrupt and compromised it is it breathtaking. >> there is no reason why jeff sessions can't clear it up.
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>> lou: he hasn't don a thing. nthen he ought to go to alabama and let someone else do it. it is absurdity of having 35000 employees and you pick the agent who can't stand the president is absurd and you ought to be fired for that. >> lou: still the upper echlons of the fbi and justice department, what are the political everyone tells us that the president simply can't fire robert mueller. why can't the speaker of the house and senate majority leader and the president of the united states fire robert mueller? >> the attorney general can fire him? >> lou: it should be demanded. we went through the period of
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jedgar hoover committed crimes and they decided to clean it up. it is not working. it is it a partisan operation and the american publicmentes the law enforcement to create criminals and not create crimes. everyone seems to say president trump is being attacked on partisan grounds and they are political hack and operatives who are lying and creating apparently with the gps and fusion gps smear machine dossier attacking the republican nominee last year, and using it then, that same dossier apparent leap and as congressman jordan points out is a foundation to create both a special counsel, and to
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discredit people in the trump campaign. >> that is outrageous and to a certain extent, we need a special prosecutor to go look at it and the attorney general to act like an attorney general and fully investigate this. this is his agency and under his jurisdiction. >> lou: i know that is your thought. but we have 16 intelligence agencies. not one of them apparently knew enough or had resources sufficient to forestall the intervention of the russians in our elections as they are sometiming it now. why wouldn't those intelligence agencies already investigated this, these claim and why wouldn't they have said something or evidence? the reality is, with 16
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intelligence agencies, they said nothing. second, the congressional investigation has gone no where. the fbi investigation for a year went no where and yet we have a special counsel and it persist and produces nothing. >> my experience in the past, the agencies protect their own information. they don't want to share the information and don't want to throw the hand grenade. it is it a crisis for the government and point in time and somebody needs to step up. >> lou: who is that to be? if not the president? why wouldn't the speaker of the house and majority leader join and say ladies and gentlemen, by the way, if there is any integrity with pelosi and schumer they should be by their side. >> the system is not working and lies before the tell and congress, and in the end. day it is time to clean house and coming to a new year time to get
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the thing started. >> lou: thank you, ed. >> thank you, sir. >> lou: be sure to vote in our poll do you believe the department of justice. and fbi. and top officials should resign. cast your vote on twitter or lou dobbs. please roll the video and meet jumpy. now that is pretty cool. na is one clever dog. it is a border collie mix who proves there is it not anything a dog can't do as long as he is named jumpy. look at this. i never have seen a dog do that and i have been to a few circus. he rides the skateboard and lopes from the top of the fence
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>> lou: a few thoughts on the special sxoun the lead investigator who was an anti- trumper, robert mueller and peter strok, thought they were under no compunction or decent. and mueller thought he could remove him from the investigation and make no answer.
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congress made it clear he has to answer. it is far more than one. why was the devout anti- trumper chosen to lead the investigation. he was central on whether to prosecute hillary clinton, and strzok was ask to write comey's draft statement exonerating clinton. he was changed the language from grossly negligent, and had that expression been used and instead strzok cake up with extremely careless. two weeks after the clinton investigation. strzok was assigned by the fbi to look at russian and the dnc hack. which by the way the fbi was not
7:30 pm
able to investigate and str, where ok agreed to take someone's word that russians was involved in servers in the dnc. the influence reached the discredited dossier and strzok was one of the fbi officials that referred the dossier and assigned over the interview of michael flynn. are you seeing an extreme of coincidences and massive contamination of the entire process by an anti- trump fbi official? the inspector general's office is thinking so. they are investigating strzok's role. he's hardly the only one. 19 of the 17 attorneys that served on the mueller team and special counsel contributed to democrat and five of those donated individually to hillary
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clinton, all of which means that the call for firing of robert mueller no longer truly satisfies any call for accountability. strzok and comey and mueller should be the subject of criminal investigation and held accountable for crimes against a sitting president and voters who supported him. just one man's opinion. this quotation from martin luther king. he who passively accepts evil is involve would in it as he who perpetrates it. he who accepts evil without protesting against it is really cooperating with it. and so far we are cooperating. up next, predictable mideast protest as israel prepares president trump's recognition of jerusalem as israel's capital
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to the men and women who served in pearl harbor on the 76th anniversary of the attack that drew the united states in to world war ii. president trump declared december 7th national pearl harbor remembrance day. one of the vets honored the commander in chief with a song. >> remember pearl harbor? ♪ remember parlharbor as we go to meet the foes remember pearl harbor as the alamo. it is for liberty. just remember pearl harbor and go on to victory. [applause] >> lou: joining us now fox news military analyst jack king.
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>> that was quite a moment. >> lou: let's turn to what we are facing here. pearl harbor, we are sitting here on remembrance day and so little discussion of it. as time makes the events fade a bit in the minds of particularly the young. what are your thoughts on these days in which we remember extraordinary moments in this country's history like pearl harbor day? >> the most significant time in men's history is world war ii. hundred million people and unbelievable catastrophic event and most of those civilian and war started by brutal dictators and the united states was the key indespenceable nation in the atlantic and pacific to turn it around and the generosity of the
7:38 pm
american people and values that did that. it is it a remarkable story. >> lou: and a remarkable history for a remarkable country if i may say. we'll turn to the period in which we are living under considerable threat from iran and people don't like to recognize it that way with russia and china and north korea. rex tillerson saying today with russia improving relations we can get over just about everything and accommodate everything, but not ucane. i was sort of surprised to hear him say that? >> he's right about the seriousness of the ukraine situation. it is a bonified invasion and trampling over the rights of the uranian people and obama did not push back on it. i hope the administration puts their shoulder to this and does
7:39 pm
something about it. but the situation in syria is a human catastrophe since world war ii and obama did nothing to deal with that. >> lou: part of what i was surprised about, we can deal with syria, we can deal with crimea and so much and by the way, the relationship with north korea, but to focus on ukraine and not diminish what ukraine is, but the other issues are large and difficult. >> yeah, russia made serious positions to take the vacum president obama engaged in the middle east they are trying to replace the united states the most influence nation outside of the region and they married up
7:40 pm
with the iranians and stepping over our ally and trying to influence countries that want to have bases. and we can't walk away from what the russians have continue in ukraine. yeah, i am encouraged by the fact he believes ukraine is a big deal and it is it an invasion. but you can't walk away from what the russians are doing in the middle east. >> lou: the president exhorting a brave and historic decision to recognize jerusalem as capital of israel. protest as expected by the arab street, but a profound moment i would think? >> i think so. 1995, the congress enacted a piece of legislation that identified jerusalem as the capital of israel and every president kicked the can down
7:41 pm
the road thinking by now announcing that, somehow it would accelerate the peace process. 22 years later, what do we have to show for it, lou? nothing to show for it. president trump, i am not inside of his head. he said we made no progress, why don't we stop the phony pretense and announce this thing for what it truly is and see if it possibly can be a catalyst as opposed to what it has been. >> lou: we have 30 seconds here, the europeans, there is a lot of criticism of the president for doing that. the united nations having a little bit of a fit. it tells us something about the national or the international community on the issue of israel? >> there has been an anti-
7:42 pm
israel undercurrent running through europe and not only the middle east. israel has the best relationship with the sunni arabs than they have. that is because of iran. >> lou: general king keane, we'll conclude with that. much more, it was a busy day. more clear conflict of interest in robert mueller's witch hunt. why are not republican leaders in the senate and house calling for the special counsel to be shut down. why arept they holding mueller in to account. we take that up with officials and they have a brand new book and they have a brand new book with a great
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7:47 pm
behaving in a haufl manner. the latest accuser said he was i guess inappropriately touching here during church. the republican national committee is backing roy moore in the alabama september race. these are complicated. so far even though they returned to the support of judge moore it is modest when you add up the money. the rnc is only giving judge moore 50,000 and providing no additional staff according to the talking points memo and senator jech flake, choosing to back the democrat. you have to admire him that independent. he cut him 100 check. he put had hadn'ted bucks and
7:48 pm
thought country over party. >> and joining me is former former trump manager corey lewandowski and co-author of the book let trump be trump and inside account of the trump campaign released today and you should know better than anyone. congratulations on the book which we recommend to you highly i must say. and let's start with what is going on today. this narrative of collusion seems to be giving away in the left wing national committee to obstruction of justice? it is hard to stay up with their program. >> where is the accountability for the fbi officer who didn't take hillary clinton's statement under oath and changed the writing of what the narrative should be if she should be prosecuted and interviewed uhan
7:49 pm
abedin and had to be moved in recredit. >> by the special counsel who is investigating the secret things. this is ridiculous. mueller is running a keystone special counsel investigation, don't you think? it is a sad terrible joke on the american people. we are paying 7000005 months in. >> it is 7 million. that doesn't include the congressional committees. that is it additional 7 million and close to 15 million much taxpayer a year and a half the investigation is going on. not one iota of evidence that there is it any collusion or cooperation between the trump campaign and russians. >> lou: there is a spirited debate and the love the fact that the attorneys can't decide if collusion is a problem if
7:50 pm
there was collusion which there is it not. watching my faf rid've rit person is senator richard byrd of north carolina. they called the press. heap and the ranking democrat mark warner and said they had a big announcement and ended up they are going to expand the investigation after finding nothing. and would like to share with you preliminary findings of the six month long investigation but they didn't find anything and so they couldn't. it gets worse and worse. and how in the campaign, did you ever expect that you would see this kind much formal assault on the president of the united states from the dems, from the gop establishment and the deep state, and the intelligence community, one and the same? >> it is amazing to me. the president launched a campaign and they said it was
7:51 pm
not real. diane feinstein, the ranking democrat has said. there is no evidence what so ever that she's seen that there is cooperation. and the democrats say don't worry we'll keep going forward. the ranking member. committee found no evidence of any collusion or cooperation because it doesn't exist. i was there, lou, it doesn't exist. >> lou: your book is terrific and i love the messaging and even i can pick up on it. let trump be trump. and the fact is, a lot of people keeping trump from being trump and waum would him often a little bit there. but they are having good success. >> the president got elected by being true to himself and who he is. he led a movement to defeat the corrupt hillary clinton
7:52 pm
campaign. they had 900 people over in brooklyn and we had a very small. >> lou: band of renigates. >> we were and the president understood and had his finger on the pulse of the american people and he understood what he needed to do and that's what he is doing. in the deep state, those career politicians in washington on both sides of the aisle don't like him because he is a change agent. >> lou: and having great success. i have to ask you this. daca. the president obviously changed his mind. ryan and mcconnell are pushing through. and want it by president's side. >> before or after he had the check? >> and i love the fact he put country up to party. he was a man used to making that choice and not in favor of this
7:53 pm
country. but this is a issue. daca is still alive and the wall is not built. >> this is it a president who said he will get the wall done and he's getting that work finally started. >> lou: hold that thought. we'll extend our conversation with mr. bossi, and mr. lewandowski. and the president and the dems and the deep state. more with corey lewandowski and bossi. i have more on copd makes it hard to breathe. so to breathe better, i go with anoro. ♪go your own way copd tries to say, "go this way." i say, "i'll go my own way" with anoro. ♪go your own way once-daily anoro contains two medicines called bronchodilators, that work together to significantly improve
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and you can too. build a better website - in under an hour. with gocentral from godaddy. >> lou: back with me now. corey lewandowski and david bossi, the book is let trump be trump. we'll talk about where this president is headed. he has a special counsel chewing at his ankles every minute. and none theless, trying to subvert his presidency. and there is no two ways about it and the dems doing the same thing. where the hell are his attorneys and the junkyard dogs that can plant their teeth in the folks who don't have proper respect for a sitting president? >> the tax reform package that was passed by the senate is a good first step, lou and that could be the straw that breaks the camel's back.
7:58 pm
>> lou: that is one problem and problem stofled i agree. but what about the junkyard dogs? >> he can empower people to get hear done. victory beghats more victories. he needed one big win and hasn't had it yet. and i want him to have it before christmas. >> lou: i don't think it was essential to him at all. it was essential to the salvation of mitch mcconnell and paul ryan, but this president has an economy growing at over three percent and you go through the statistics and a country that is it glad to wake up in the morning instead of hanging their head as we did for eight years from a previous president that told us we were flawed. >> the mainstream media will not knife him credit. and unemployment rate is lowest. and homeownership highest it has been. and no credit for that.
7:59 pm
>> lou: ripping his regulatory instruct uch. >> it is saving taxpayers billions and the economy growing like gang busters. you need killers down there and i mean that in the best sense in the world. you need guys fighting for the core values because you have to remember, washington d.c. is it a swamp, they want nothing to get done. this president all hementes to do is bring change to washington and he needs to make sure the people are bringing that change with him. >> he has two junkyard dogs helping him on the outside as we. delivering the good news of what he's done and accomplished every minute. day. and this book let trump be trump and reminding people exactly the successes that he and the movement that he led that got us here. >> lou: what is the name. >> let trump be trump. >> looks like that is it working for you guys, too.
8:00 pm
i know it is working well for the country. we'll be right back. the book is let trump be trump. and on sale and on line book stores everywhere. thanks for being with us tonight. good night from new york. that's it for me. james rosen. julie: we will be back, 4:00. >> today i'm announcing that in the coming weeks, i will be resigning as a member of the united states senate. i of all people am aware that there is some irony in the fact that i am leaving while a man who has bragged on tape about his history of sexual assault sits in the oval office, and the man who has repeatedly preyed on young girls campaigns for the senate with a full support of his party. >> welcome to the journal


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