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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  December 29, 2017 4:00am-5:00am EST

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lou dobbs is next. >> good evening, i am greg jarrett in for lou dobbs, top republicans taking aim the corruption of highest level of fbi and department of the justice, house intelligence chairman nunez saying that doj and fbi are withholding key documents to discredited company dossier, and demanding an end to the stonewalling, our guest two congressmen. president trump sending a
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warning. violating international sanction, can chinaing trusted to crackdown on kim jong-un's regime? and new reports that president could kill the iran nuclear deal next month. we'll discuss possible fallout with dr. waly wil walid phares,n with corruption and collusion at fbi, national left wing media has been aghast when florida congressman rooney called for a quote purge of politically biased official of nation's top law enforcement agency, but as kevin cork points out they are draining the swamp at the fbi. reporter: in a letter obtained by fox news, chairman of house permanent select committee on intelligence nunez excoriating fbi and doj for failing to produce documents related to subpoenas over 4 months ago
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concerning trump dossier, saying that rod rosenstein at-this-point seems that doj and fbi need to be investigating themselves. >> i would like to see the directors of agency purge it. reporter: rooney was clear. he wants to see fbi and justice department clean house. >> we have a lot of great agents and lawyers, those are people that i want american people to see and know their good works not these people that are a steep state. reporter: rooney, including suggesteds by some lawmakers each as acted as tools of so-called dean -- deep state, engaged in a coup d'etat, and in need of a purge. president trump made no secret of hid frustration of bureau's handling of the russia investigation, and suggesting that bureau had been taintd. >> a shame what happened with
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the fbi. we'll rebuild the fbi it will be bigger and better. reporter: change is taking place, fbi general counsel baker has been reassigned and mccake cabe to re-- mccabe to retire next year, and strzok has been removed from russia probe, after anti-trump text were discovered in correspondent with his alleged mistress, and fellow agent lisa paige. and bruce demoted at justice for concealing meeting with fusion gps, company behind the dossier. >> in swamp of washington d.c., biggest alligator is a politicized fbi and department of justice, we are fighting to have a fair, equal opportunity for all sides to be heard. reporter: they wonder if this is result of mounting political pressure from trump white house and law maker capitol hill, jim
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comey tweeting, we're at a point where anyone can be a attacked for partisan gain. credit to -- john roberts for that piece you saw at top. we heard from chairman nunez, doj and fbi have until january third to produce all relevant documents and other material related to original subpoena from back in august, that is january 3. a date we'll be keeping a very close eye on. gregg: kevin thank you so much. >> joining me now to talk about congressman ron desantos, a member of several key committees, foreign affair, judiciariry and oversight, and a member of freedom caucus. great to have you here thank you. >> good evening. gregg: people may under estimate the impact of the dossier, it appears to have been used to launch trump invest vague invesn spy on trump associate through a
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fisa wiretap. are you couldn't vicinity offed by the evidence you have seen or lack there of, that this dossier was fabricated in. >> well, look, i think that andrew mccabe, public respect rt that this testimony before congress was closed session he could not point to anything that had been verified by the fbi. but for the fact that one by carter paige traveled to russia, that not a big deal. and i think you are see that dossier when all said and done, it was basically a pile of garbage compiled by president's political opponent. here is what is concerning, nunezy is' letter lays it out, we've been asking for this mr. month, and if -- for months, if answers were that fbi did not rely on dossier they knew they
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did use it to, you could have cancereanswers that question in5 minutes, they fight, they fight, to me, i think that answers are not going to be comfortable for people in bureau and justice department you look at guys like bruce or -- this just stinks to high heaven. gregg: you refer to nunez letter as kevin corke did. this is clear from the letter, that rod rosenstein deputy attorney general overseeing mueller investigation has been stonewalling and defying lawful subpoenas from congress to turnover documents, as some point in time, do you think that the folks need to ub held in contempt of congress, referred
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to a federal judge for prosecution if necessary? >> i think that january 3 deadline should be the last straw, if they don't produce it congress needs to act, doing a contempt. i think that american people would support that. so, absolutely we need to get the answers to the questions. there have been enough deadlines and you have to act, we have an appropriation bill coming up third week of january, there is nothing preventing us from putting restriction on funding, defunding rod rosenstein's travel budget, stuff like that so we're bite back with the power of the purse. gregg: you are a harvard trained lawyer, a prosecutor, you know when people stonewall a lawful subpoena, they are covering up, they are hiding wrong doing in most cases? >> i think that is correct.
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but here is the thing, this is a test of congress. people can get away with stonewalling congress, now because congress does not eckert itself, in is say small band of us like n me and nunez and bigg, he want congress to flex its muscle. if you are soup anad by -- soup subpoenaed by congress you comply with it. we really have to start getting these answers. gregg: there is no evidence of trump and russia collusion but there sefdz of hillary clinton and russia collusion. under the federal elect campaign act. it is a violation of the law for a campaign to pay money to a foreign national to obtain information during the course of a political campaign. is that what happened here? and why isn't a criminal investigation being undertaken
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of hillary clinton's campaign, that dnc for paying off foreign nationals for dossier. and if appropriate criminal prosecution? >> well, it clear there was an efforts to disguise what happened, democrats and clinton, they did not pay fusion gps or krist techristopher steel they t through a lay firm. gregg: that is money laundering. >> you're not allowed to do, that you were reading hillary clinton campaign finance report you would have no idea they paid for a dossier that any money went to exrif christopher steel. gregg: why would you do that they filed fan false financial reports. >> i think they did. they tried to ca to camouflage y
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were paying steel to get these fake allegations against donald trump. gregg: are you convinced that there was an effort by senior officials at the fbi and maybe department of justice, to absolve hillary clinton in e-mail case for political reasons even in the face of incriminating evidence that you broke the law and then they took it a step further to try to target donald trump as an insurance policy? >> there is no doubt the way they handled hillary's case is inex plik inthat is not the way that justice department or fbi handles cases she did get special treatment. in terms of trump, they like to say, strzok was anti-trump, we know, that we know a lot of mueller guys are, the text message about we can't let trump win, you need an insurance policy, i don't know how you view that as any other than
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something that is very damning for how this investigation was undertaken. gregg: it appears that strzok had coconspirators. they can't be trusted, to investigate themselves. congressman ron desantos, thank you, hope you come back soon. >> thank you. gregg: we'll be back with more, stick around. >> president trump is confident that republican and democrats will work together on a sweeping infrastructure plan for 2018. >> infrastructure is by far easiest, people want it, democrats and republicans. gregg: white house to unveil $1 trillion proposal next month, we'll have a full report. >> and president trump condemning china after nation
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was caught red handed selling oil, illegally to north korea, whose side is china on? that story and much more coming next.
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gregg: president trump closing out year with major legislative win on taxes, but he is not resting to make a big push next month for his next agenda item. a $1 trillion infrastructure plan, fox news correspondent alison barber with our report.
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reporter: one of few issues where on surface it seems that republicans and democrats could find a sliver of an agreement, and make a deal. >> infrastructure ise easiest of all. >> we should have broadband. reporter: process for rolling out long aways infrastructure reform legislation to begin next month. president trump sits down with fellow g.o.p. leader in congress. >> president invited mitch mcconnell and ryan to camp david in january to be sure we're on same page for priorities for 2018. reporter: they are looking about 200 billion in direct federal spend pgspending. there is competing rhetoric went
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trump's own party about whether it will be a priority in an election year. >> we'll pick up why we left off, and get back to reforming. >> some fiscal conservatives are concerned about cost of transportation, to save taxpayer money they favor more funding partnership between private and public sector, that means things like poll roads, and for democrats there is infighting there as well. in their view being left out of the negotiations. some on lift, are calling trump out and at times taunting him for not moving fast or an elect campaign promise. >> no infrastructure bill, where is that famous bill? that would have been first thing out of gate. >> democrat laid out their own competing $1 trillion bill, money from direct federal funding. >> we're ready with strong infrastructure bill that would put on president's desk in
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january. we're still waiting. to get feedback on that, it would create 15 million jobs. >> perhaps not much of a surprise, money for a plan to rebuild roads and rails, is biggest hang up for now, offset proposal include increasing federal ga gasoline stacks and - tax and tax breaks. gregg. gregg: thank you. alabama certifying doug jones winner of state special senate elect, defeats roy moore by 22,000 votes, the first democrat to win in alabama senate seat in a quarter century. moore had refused to concede the race, and filed a last minute lawsuit alleging there were voting irregularities the judge rejected those claims. >> joining me to talk about this editor in chief of daily caller news foundation, and author of
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the art of the donald, christopher bedford, and fox business exrit or -- >krist or -- contributor tammy bruce. >> this is going to be interesting they want things like national broadband, that is meant to you know, they want that to really be run by the government, the larger it is, moreover site government has, bigger government is, and broadband or internet, that requires more government control. those are the things that the democrats are interested in. this seems like obama did this. this is a big obama push, we saw a lot of so. gregg: shovel ready jobs. >> signs everywhere. gregg: it was not shovel ready. >> we're a little burned there.
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we want to know how this will work. but president should have something that he really wants, that as negotiator, and businessman he gets something normal low that's would bal bal- balk it. >> deficit hawkse don't want to do this, you have democrats who have no i incentive to get along with donald trump, going to a midterm are they going to attack environmentalists and labor guys? that is the way they will view it. they will not take that view, so donald trump can put his signature on something, he is short on allies.
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>> roy moore, always pretended highe respects law, no surprisee tried to protest this. >> we're growing up in resistance movement. good news that you have dynamic the gap, in winning was significant. 21,000 votes, he had nowhere to stand, doug jones has a good reason to want to cooperate with trump, like scott brown found out, you take an interesting seat that would not have been yours, it is hard it hang on to that, doug jones could become a better vote for donald trump than susan collins. gregg: roy moore is so unpredict inin to many ways.
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>> topic three, and fake news is subject. here is donald trump tweet. we should have a contest as to which of networks, have most dishonest, corrupt and di -- political coverage of your favorite president, in your judgment winner? >> i think a hands down call for cnn. on the way here, i tried to write down a few of fake news stories. one they said donald trump jr. collaborating with wikileaks, they got it wrong. we had single source that donald trump would not con-- confront vladimir putin about. >> and a single sourcing said that scarscaramucci was under investigation, he was the not. they said comey would testify,
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and he never told trump he would not under investigation, false, they screwed up a fake news story from oxnard university, it had to walk that back, whole time, they started this fake news thing, complaining to obama white house, sensor merconservatives now they alike they are under attack, they win the award. gregg: chris bedford giving award to fake news to cnn. >> dis honor able mention brian ross attics. abc. >> thank you, both. >> thank you. gregg: vote in the poll, do have you any confidence in deputy attorney general rod rosenstein? to purge the clinton colluders and deep state never-trumpers from the fbi and doj? cast your vote on twitter at lurloudobbs.
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checking wall street stock closing higher in light holiday trading, dow gaining 63, finished record high for 71st time this year. volume on big board 2.1 billion shares, check your 401(k). aflac, latest company announcing it will give employees additional benefits and boost investment into country as a result of the big tax reform law. over 2 dozen companies have announced pay hikes, bonuses and national investment as a result of tax cuts. >> and listen to lou's reports 3 times a day, coast-to-coast on salem radio network. >> up next, president trump today calling out china for illegally selling oil to north korea. we'll take up the shocking violation of international sanctions next. stay with us.
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gregg: president trump expressing his frustration with china. he tweeted caught red-handed. very disappointed china is allowing oil to go to north korea. there will never be a friendly
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solution to the north korea problem if this continues to happen. reports that president trump may choose to kill the iran deal as early as next month. first he will decide whether to recertify the agreement. let's talk about all of this now. with fox news middle east and terrorism expert dr. walid phares. the president should not be surprised at china's behavior. they have long sought to undermine sanctions against north korea, right? >> absolutely. he should not be surprised. we should not be surprised he or the government are frustrated because of the chinese behavior. on the one hand china along with russia and other members of the security council voted sanctions against north korea. that's a change compared to the last 8 years.
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but china doesn't know exactly ways going to happen. so on the one hand they vote for sanctions but they keep sendinged the shipments to -- they keep sending the shipment to the north korea. will the next regime be close to china. continue to have business with china? gregg: let me switch to the iran deal. the president has a chance to kill the nuclear deal with iran. should he do so? >> he can do so. in principle he should change the entire u.s. policy towards iran. ways more dangerous right now is iran is building a fleet of missiles. and a large coalition he's putting together against the iran ran missiles has memberships of countries that would not support us against the
4:31 am
deal. many members of the european community would stop iran from shipping those missiles. so the president has many tools. but let me add one more thing related to things happening today. there are massive demonstrations in iran as we speak. yesterday and today. and that should influence what we can do over the next few weeks. gregg: we know how the people there feel. third subject is isis. the president has made great strides in destroying the caliphate. i have got a couple of maps i want to show you. isis controlled this territory in 2016 under president obama. fast forward to president trump and you see the difference. there is another graph we want our viewers to take a look at
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comparing the trump administration's success versus the obama administration's lack thereof. the total number of isis fighters dropped from 35,000 under obama's term to 1,000 isis fighters. your assessment? >> we have the same military from 2014, 2015. between '14 and the end of '16, isis all all over the place in syria and iraq. the last few months isis has become skinnier and about to leave the scene. what happened is the strategic decision made by this administration. the reason why the previous administration was not going fast was because of the iran deal. gregg: it all comes back to
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tehran. always great to see you. we are coming back with much more. stay with us. more lawmakers are calling for the end of robert mueller's biased and partisan russia witch hunt. >> this mueller investigation has spun out of control it's widespread and broad. this may be the scandal of our time. gregg: the probe is expected to continue into the new year. and frigid temperatures and ice can't seem to stop these wake boarders and their next ice adventure. we'll bring (siren wailing) (barry murrey) when you have a really traumatic injury, we have a short amount of time to get our patient to the hospital with good results. we call that the golden hour. evaluating patients remotely is where i think we have a potential to make a difference.
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gregg: i'm gregg jarrett in for lou dobbs. the chairman of the intelligence committee wants the doj to stop stonewalling the investigation at the doj and fbi both. sending a letter to rod rosenstein once again asking for testimony and documents related to the dossier. information he first sought four months ago. representative nunes writes their intransigence is part of a broader pattern of behavior that can no longer be tolerated.
4:38 am
my next guest wrote an op-ed calling on robert mueller to end the witch hunt. i am joined by congressman andy biggs. you remind readers james comey is the guy month purposely leaked government documents to trigger the special counsel. i will take it a step first and say there is evidence comey played a direct role in the appointment of robert mueller by rob rosenstein. all three are thick as thieves, have been working together for years. are you convinced because of them and their partisan bias that this is now an illegitimate investigation of president trump? >> yes, i am. we first called on mueller to step down six months ago in june
4:39 am
because we had indifficul had is happened. comey orchestrated this with rosenstein to get his mentor, robert mueller appointed as special counsel. mr. comey when he was director of the fbi gathered some evidence, wrote a memo, and then when he was going on his way out, he leaked it to a buddy in the media, and we have this ridiculous overly broad investigation going now that was supposed to be on whether the trump team when he was a candidate was conspiring with the russians to affect our elections. we know that isn't true. it didn't happen.
4:40 am
but now they are going beyond that and it becomes a witch hunt when you are abusing your power. and that's what this looks like. gregg: as i read the law, it's a crime to convert government property to your own use and leak it to somebody who is unauthorized. especially if the documents i'm allegedly took with him contain classified material. shouldn't there be a criminal investigation much james comey -- of james comey, and if he broke the law, he should be prosecuted? >> i don't disagree. but the people number two in command at the doj is rod rosenstein. he's pal with the these guise. andrew mccabe who will retire with full benefits web was a big player on the fbi side. you get this interlocking group
4:41 am
of senior officials top law enforcement in the country, and you wonder why people are saying there is something wrong there. as you pointed out in the tease, devin nunes is saying you have been stonewalling. gregg: do you smell cover-up? >> absolutely i do. gregg: rosenstein doesn't want to hand over evidence that might discredit himself and the entire investigation. >> i asked rosenstein for things and everybody else on the committee did. it was constantly, that's being investigated by the inpick tore general, et cetera. they are doing everything they can to stonewall congress and the american public on these investigation. the one thing that came out of that is both director ray and attorney general sessions.
4:42 am
they find anomalies in the hillary clinton cover-up in the fake exoneration. they both said they would reopen those investigations. gregg: do you think these people in the fbi, comey, mccabe, baker, peter strzok, lisa page, were all engaged in a plot to absolve hillary clinton for political reasons to clear her path to the presidency? >> it sure looks that way. i think that's why they are not giving us all the evidence we ask for. gregg: that's obstruction of justice, isn't it? tint force for a reason other and law and facts, but political reasons. that's obstruction. >> that's right. congress is trying to get that information and they are stonewalling us. who are we going to give it to? if we don't possible kite, it
4:43 am
should go to the department of justice. who is it going to go to? rod rosenstein. gregg: you can't rely on the fbi and the department of justice to investigate themselves. you need someone who is fair and to bring criminal charges when appropriate. >> you would need a better team than mr. mueller did. if you look at mr. mueller's team, you couldn't have accidentally gotten such a biased team. these people all have an unfair bias in favor of hillary clinton and against donald trump. gregg: why do you think he did that? because mueller decided boulevard he even assembled a team that he would do his level best, not with standing the evidence, to try to bring down donald trump? >> it sure looks that way.
4:44 am
we don't have the evidence all put together because they are stonewalling us. why else would you have strzok and page. why would you have half the team that's still there that needs to go. he needs to clean out. he's not going to clean out. so somebody has to clean it out. that's why i say they should pull the plug. this investigation is so tainted, whatever they get out of it is not going to be credible. gregg: last july when mueller first learned about peter strzok's anti-trump messages, he didn't go to congress and tell them about it. congress kept asking why did you dump peter strzok and mueller wouldn't say, and night would rosenstein. doesn't that affect vols they were trying to hide something they knew would discredit what they were doing? >> absolutely. questions were being asked about
4:45 am
june, what's going on. they didn't find out through their own internal vetting process. they found out through the inspector general. they found out through foia requests. people are saying they did the right thing. gregg: how much damage did peter strzok and lisa page do before they were booted from the case? appreciate your editorial, your op-ed. we encourage people the read it. be sure to vote in tonight's poll whether you have any confidence in vod rosenstein to purge clinton colluders and deep state? lookal these wake borders taking their high-flying skills to latvia. coming up next, a new report detailing how many immigrants
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are entering the country as president trump works to overhaul our immigration system. >> we'll very importantly be funding and closing the loopholes that under mine our enforcement and we'll get rid of chain migration and visa lottery program. gregg: we'll have a full report straight ahead. stay with cannot live without it.
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gregg: immigration reform and border security have been a top priority for the trump administration ever since day one. democratic obstruction has hampered the president's efforts to do more. but there is a new report that could help bolster his argument. will yamg lajeunesse has our report. >> for decades u.s. immigration rules have been based on an outdated system. reporter: a new report prepared by the conservative leaning center for immigration studies promises to help shape the debate. >> everyone wants to come to the united states, and the united states can be choosey about who it admits. reporter: the report shows 1.8
4:51 am
million legal and illegal immigrants settled in the u.s. 50% higher than five years ago. what should legal immigration look like? i'll make the prediction in five or six weeks we'll have to deal with that as you start to face the daca expiration. reporter: guest workers and foreign students, a surge in central american women and children, and for the first time, spouses much visa holders were allowed to work. encourages those still overseas to join those already here. >> 70% of all immigrants, we are seeinged the effects of it today. reporter: this graph shows where immigrants are coming from.
4:52 am
mexican immigration cut in half from 400,000 to 200,000. central americans up by 100,000. asian immigration almost downed and twice as many immigrants from africa there are and the middle east. from europe the immigration was flat. >> you have to understand what is the undocumented population and how we fix that problem. and reach over to those coming in legally and ask how do you maximize the benefit to your home country the united states. reporter: the u.s. is deporting fewer members cans. wednesday the mexican interior ministry said president removed 26% fewer mexicans in 2017 than president obama in 2016. gregg: is the united nations
4:53 am
rife with anti-semitism? one of president trump's spiritual advisors believes that's so. building a website in under an hour is easy with gocentral... ...from godaddy! in fact, 68% of people who have built their... using gocentral, did it in under an hour, and you can too. build a better website - in under an hour. with gocentral from godaddy.
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gregg: in our online poll we asked you if president obama's shadow presidency is an orchestrated effort to under
4:57 am
mine president trump. 79% of you say yes. ' guatemala's foreign minister said they faced to pressure top move their embassy from tel aviv to jerusalem. joining us is pastor robert jeffress. i hope you had a merry christmas. thanks for being with us. you penned an op-ed that says the united nations is anti-semitic, and i think history and facts are on your side. >> all you have to do is looking at the facts. according to u.n. watch from 2012 to 20115, the u.n. issued 96 condemn nations of nations and 86 were against israel
4:58 am
alone. it only voted against north korea, and russia and iran one time each. that is absurd. i think it explains why it is the united nations condemned israel naming jerusalem as its capital. they give every other nation the right to name their capital. why not israel? i applaud the president for having the courage to stand up against what has become a growing cesspool of racism and anti-semitism. gregg: pastor, well said. the united states has lightning regarded the united nations with scepticism. the archbishop of canterbury in the u.k. criticized evangelicals for supporting president trump.
4:59 am
how do you make sense of that? >> it makes no sense whatsoever. a couple weeks ago at two of the white house christmas parties. the president was kind enough to ask me to close the evening with a few remarks and pray. i said at the time, no wonder evangelicals voted for this president. he has becomes the most of pro judiciary and conservative president in our history. they think it's unchristian to security your borders and protect your nation. that's exactly what the bible says government's responsibility is. god is the one who created boundaries. it says government is to protect its citizens against evil-doers. you would think those bishops
5:00 am
living in britain would understand. gregg: how unusual that the church of england would be political. i m lauren: breaking news this morning, caught red-handed. president trump calling out china. >> demanding answers, congressman deafen nunes blasting doj to produce antitrump dossier documents. lauren: it is the final trading day of this record-breaking year on wall street. let's see how we end 2017 on a high note, dow futures up 35 points, and yes, 25,000 is in sight? >> oil trading above $60 a


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