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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  January 3, 2018 4:00am-5:00am EST

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>> i am david asman in for lou dobbs, president trump is putting iran on notice, warning that america is watching how antigovernment protest unfolded there iran supreme leaders accusing the enemies of inciting a week of protests leaving more than 20 dead. >> and rising tension between the u.s. and pakistan. trump administration tonight, threatening to withhold hundreds of millions of dollars in military aide to the country for supporting te terrorism. and newly released e-mail showing hill h hillary clinton e
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huma abedin. with classified e-mails to her yahoo! accounts. >> but first our top story, trump administration ramping up pressure on iran as the country is roiled by antigovernment protest, thousands have taken to streets over past 6 days to protest a dismal economy, rising inflation, and unemployment and allegations of widespread corruption. president trump is praising the protesters for finally acting against the what he calls a brutal and corrupt regime. >> it takes great bravery for iranian people to use the power of their voice against the government. reporter: from u.n. mission to state department. to the white house.
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unified front in support of iran ran people in throws of an uprising. >> years of mismanagement, corruption, have eroded the iran iranian people trust in their leader, they spend its people's wealth on spreading militancy and terror abroad rather than ensuring prosperity at home. reporter: white house is called. -- on-line and on air with president trump himself firing ad of tweets that noted uprising, his support of the iranian people, and accused dodgobama administration of stae stablizeddizing the iran regime, all money that president obama foolishly gave them went into terrorism and their pockets, people have little food, big inflation and no human rights,
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vice president pence added that united states of america will not repeat the shameful mistake of the past. that a reverend to a similar iran rairanian revolt in 2009, d president obama's wait an wait e attitude. >> my hope is that regime responds not with violence, but with recognition that the universal principles of peaceful expression and democracy are ones that should be affirmed. am i optimistic that will happen? i take a wait-and-see approach. >> an approach seen by current administration as grievously ineffective. >> the people of iran are crying out for freedom. all freedom-loves people must stand with their cause, international community made a mistake of failing to do that in 2009. we must not make that mistake again.
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reporter: strong words from administration, we learned that u.n. ambassador nikki haley says that usa will call for emergency session at u.n. to express support for iranian protests. that is a decision that is supported by trump white house. david. lou: kevin corke thank you. >> well congress returning to work this week with a long to do list, there is unfinished business on spending, immigration and infrastructure, unfortunately for republicans they have a smaller majority in senate to det it done, fox news chief congressional report mike emanuel with a report. >> congress starts 2018 looking at late night january 19 deadline to fund government or there could be a partial government shut down. i hope it is through the end of the fiscal year. we have a lot of national security requirements to be met, and we have not been keeping up with that. reporter: white house official tells fox business director mick
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mulvaney, we'll meet with big 4 leaders of congressional capitol tomorrow, with a two year budget cap to be a major topic. president trump is also pressing lawmakers to act on infrastructure, that could attract bipartisan support. bullpepresident tweeting about immigration. setting a march deadline to resolve it. -- daca activists and hispanics go hard against dems and start falling in love with republicans and their president, we're about results, a member of senate g.o.p. leadership laid out his vision. >> that is san issue that -- is an issue that has to be addressed, i'm hope we can move a free standing bill, but address the daca issue you have too address broader issue of illegal immigration. reporter: saying that congress must work on rebuildin rebuildih
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insurance private marketplace. >> it undoes a lot of stools of obamacare now we need to fix things that are broken and jacking up costs. reporter: after few signs of bipartisanship in 2017, a former aide to chuck schumer said there could be a window. >> he has opportunity to do something that is bipartisan, he has to give a little bit, a perfect place to start is with daca, he said on september 5 we'll solve this with heart and compassion. reporter: that windo is limited with entire house and one-third of senate up for reelection this year. president to not strategies next week at camp david. >> president trump calling for a look into hillary clinton e-mail scandal after reports one of her top aides may have let classified information fall in
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hands of russian hackers. >> and republicans pushing back. fox news chief intelligence correspondent catherine herridge has the story. reporter: david, newly released e-mail show hume ra huma abeding sensitive to her yahoo! account, a trump unloaded on abedin. he suggested she should be jailed. and criticized what he calls deep state justice department. imploring officials to act against abedin, comey and others. >>s facts of that case are disturbing. and i think that president wants to make clear he did you not feel anyone should be above the law. reporter: april 2016 fbi interview overseen by peter strzok who sent anti-trump text-messages abedin admitted she forwarded e-mail to her
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yahoo! account for printing. and in a separate development, australia media reports there is anger and frustration over leaks of u.s. official, that may have kick-started fbi russia case. according to sydney morning herald, he felt with claims. new york time first reported that campaign aide george pap p- >> said report is a dis-- funded by democrats. >> people are trying to say, don't worry about dossier. i am not sure that the papadopoulos explanation is any better. reporter: based on fox's reporting a mosaic of
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intelligence, not a single source prompted the fbi probe. >> thank you. >> we'll come right back with much more stay with us. >> president trump and white house, urging iran to report protests -- respect protests. >> i think that end game would be that citizen and people of iran are actually given basic human rights, and he would like to see them stop being a state sponsor of terror. >> we'll discuss the administration's response to unrest in iran with ed rollins. >> and senator orrin hatch, announced he is retiring after 40 years in senate, opening door for a possible run by mitt for a possible run by mitt romney, we'll take that up and
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david: utah senator orrin hatch announces he will not seek reelection, he is longing serving republican, said after 40 years in congress he is ready to move on. >> every good fighter knows when to hang up the gloves, for me, that time is soon approaching, that is why after much prayer and discussion with family and
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friends, i've decided to retire at the end of this term, i will miss serving you in senate, i look forward to spending more time with my family, my sweet wife elaine. david: that is nice. joining me now, ed rollins. is mitt romney going to replace hatch? >> i think there is no question he wants to. he will be a vinyl candidate. -- viable candidate, key leader will he be a opposition to donald trump or a supporter. >> what do you think? >> i don't know. hin has has always wanted to be president. he never supported trump in the past, i think that is the question is he going to be a opposition leader in the tent or a good trooper and move forward, orrin hatch is the best trooper we had there. david: he came to th the fore at
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the end of year on taxes, but president, has something now he didn't have a year ago, that is a sit of accomplishments that nobody can deny, i'm wondering if he comes to this with political capital that even trump hater like mitt romney would not be able to exercise that hatred? >> if people would step back with personality aside and differences and look at his record, he had a very significant first year. david: we putting in a list. -- together a list, divided domestic and foreign. tax reform biggest. but massive deregulation program, you had 22 regulations removed for every new one that is incredible, had to to with stoke market going up this year,
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judicial appointment. and dozens of justices, conservative pro market, new energy policies, and. and supporting local police, they have been decimated by all criticism, before we go to foreign, let's take foreign off for a second, back with that. >> extraordinary. no conservative since ronald reagan that would be able to accomplish. david: even first year, reagan did not have a list like this. >> absolutely, i give him great credit. the country has not, the people have to go out talk about it, and his party visit to take about it saying job well done it has been job well done. david: we were talking about tweets and media loves to focus on that, and will he tweet out in 2018. to a certain extent if he came out at beginning of january
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2017, said, i want to deregulate 22 regulations removed for every new one, and judicial reform, this and that and other, lobbyists would have come out of woodwork, but everyone was focus on tweets on something that was not as important as actual accomplish ams he was making is that by design or accident. >> i don't know, but it was brilliant and tat worked, tweets have been a distracted. it has revved up his enemies, but this is about promises made, and promises kept. he has not backed away from anything from his campaign. david: now let's move to the international stuff, this is -- nobody expected, beating back is isis 98% is gone, in iraq and
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syria,. syrian airstrikes h acted with it with tomahawk missile, putting u.n. on notice, saying they cannot get away with just taking our money, and spinning us. and getting in nato to pay mor, and i would add iran, supporting the iranian protesters, back to reagan administration. supporting solidarity in poland, and lead to end of cold war. >> this is very significant, he is advocating democracy. he wants the people toes that their own form of government. >> and he is actually working on, i mean one thing that the fake media is right about, he is promoting a kind of way of looking at world that we have not seen in 50 years.
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he is against doing what reagan did, turning upside on its head conventional wigs do wisdom abot what can and can not be done in world. >> doing this with news media, with excep exception of fox andw others who are opposed to him. he continues to do it. david: ed rollins thank you. >> vote in poll, do you believe time for a new and unbiased investigation of clinton team's reckless handling of classified state department e-mails? cast your vote on twitter @lou lobs, and follow lou on twitter, and like him on facebook. on wall street, stock starting 2018 in record territory. dow up 105, s&p gained 22, nasdaq up 103. volume on big board 3.4 billion
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shares. >> amazon shipped 5 billion items to prime customers, and mcdonald's testing how the a new fresh beef busher in oklahoma -- burger in oklahoma, rolling out fresh patties to most location by midyear. and reminder to listen to lou's reports three times a day, coast-to-coast on salem radio network. coming up next, new calls from president to investigate former hillary clinton aide huma abedin's handling of classified information, from her compromised personal e-mail. we take it up with judicial washington's chris fairly ahead
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david: to top ahead on hillary clinton, huma abedin sent e-mails to her yahoo! e-mail
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account. shows she routinely forwarded briefings, private correspondents and state passwords to her yahoo! address, in 2013, yahoo! was hit with a massive data breach, which affected every e-mail account. president trump tweeted about it, saying crooked hillary clinton top aide huma abedin has been accused of disregarding basic security protocol, putting classified password in hands of foreign agent. remember sailor picture on a submarine? jailed, deep state justice department must finally act. also on comby an comey and othe. congres-- chris, can justice det now ignore these discoveries and
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not do anything but prosecute this woman? >> no, they cannot. at-this-point, there is such overwhelming evidence that demands they fresh look at the entire criminal enterprise orchestrated by mrs. clinton. remember she set up that e-mail server overall this traffic went back and forth, a week before she became secretary of state, doing it willingly, waitingly with waitingly with full knowledge. and other senior professional state department staff, all communicated with her, knowing about this outlawserver. david: let me stop you. you saying not just an individual matter with -- >> no. david: with individuals like huma and others doing stuff putting our top-secret at risk,
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but it was a criminal enterprise, designed and organized by hillary clinton, your words? >> absolutely it was. 4 fore knowledge, and forethought. it is more fuel on the fire. also realize this judicial watch got huma abedin, cheryl mills and 5 others under oath on these same questions. and so, our litigation broke loose this story. frankly if we had not done the work we have done, no one would know about this. they would not know about huma abedin. david: i don't top blow smoke in your -- i don't want to blow smoke in your direct but i cannot emphasize enough, the work you do in unveiling stuff, that has put our national security at risk, let me ask you, say criminal inte enterpri.
4:28 am
would be there a statute to prosecute? >> there is a conspiracy. more than one person knowingly, engaging in criminal conduct, all these people have been briefed and indoctrinated on sensitive information and classified material handling, they know better. many of them are attorneys. they have an extra duty or obligation for extra care in this regard. all of these folks knew what was going on. what they were doing, there are senior state department people currently serving president trump who had knowledge. david: absolutely, and certain people right now in justice department deeply involved. and another issue, i have to get your opinion, trumps diddier, if you talk -- doosier, i dossier,f you talk about a criminal
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enterprise, bruce r, and annie mccabe. he was involved in pushing trump dossier, peter strzok. talked about it. he girlfriend lisa page. and others james baker, these were individuals who were working together to spread something that was a piece of political garbage, paid for to begin with by the hillary clinton campaign, millions of dollar, and they knew it fusion gps was a smear organization, they knew it. >> here is the hook. strzok did huma abedin's interview under oath. >> unbelievable. >> that closing the loop. it is a perfect circle on the
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conspiracy. david: it is, and again, a lot of it began with your freedom of informationag act, search, thank you. >> we'll see where we go from in. >> thank you. david: we're coming right back with much more, stay with us. >> president trump is back in the white house, ready to kickoff his ambitious agenda for the new year. >> welfare reform, and infrastructure, we need to rebuild our nation's roads and bridges and air traffic control system. david: biel discuss what is next for year two of trump presidency. >> this legendary biker kicks off new year with a ♪ (nadia white) the moment a fish is pulled out from the water, it's a race against time. and keeping it in the right conditions is the best way to get that fish to your plate safely.
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>> travelers entering the state of california were greeted by peculiar signs reading welcome to california, then the little sign underneath says official sanctuary state. felons, illegals and ms-13 welcome. democrats need the votes. the signs were put up as a hoax. the transit authority began taking them down.
4:35 am
you have got to think we'll get a presidential tweet on that sign. mollie: this is a well-done prank. it drives the idea home on whether you want an open immigration policy and match who's coming into the country with the needs of the population. well done to the pranksters. david: even in california you have people who recognize the absurdity and the danger of some of these sanctuary city moves. >> this is not a funny story. they are true. david: nobody points out the truth of these things better than our president.
4:36 am
>> the real signs up there cost $10,000 a sign. whoever did this got these signs. you for $10 a sign. talk about waste and fraud. david: one thing the president wants to do, everybody is talking about daca. i would rather talk about turning the klain migration system that we have in place into a meritocracy based system. mollie: people were worried when he first made that deal with nancy and chuck schumer. and the way he said he's open to a compromise on daca. but the latest tweets where the president explains of course if the republicans give what you want on dak you will have to respond by bringing forth good
4:37 am
policies to change our immigration system which is so random and not working well for us. it's not just about change it to a merit-based system where you make sure people you are bringing into the country have good skills and education and language abilities. david: they do in canada and australia. canada prides itself on being the nicest country in the world towards immigrants. if it works for them, why not for us. mollie: president trump says he's willing to compromise. time for democrats to do it as well. david: between those who favor infrastructure spending and entitlement reform to which i would say, you can do both. the president has done a lot of stuff without congress. we talked about deregulation earlier in the show. there is a lot of waste and
4:38 am
fraud in our entitlement program. medicare. waste and fraud is $57 billion every year. medicaid, $36.3 billion every year. if you start to expand the role of the inspector generals to hit that waste and fraud that goes on in medicare and medicaid, he could do a lot. >> we waste 90% of our infrastructure money on total waste. donors pay a fortune to our congressmen to make sure this happens. that's where the skim is. david: molly, he has such wonderful people working for him like mick mulvaney. he could then appoint people to do things internally at various
4:39 am
agencies and various entitlements where all this money is being wasted, couldn't he? malala yousafzai as big as those numbers are about waste, fraud and mismanagement, they are still not big enough to make a change. the president could institute work requirements, that's a popular proposal and he could get it done. david: $100 billion here, and $100 billion there, eventually it adds up to real money. be sure to vote in tonight's poll. do you think it's time for a new investigation of the clinton
4:40 am
emails? watch as they go flying off an overpass before riding down the side of a wall. this is impressive stuff. >> we must not be silent. the people of iran are crying out for freedom. david: we'll be talk about cliff may. could we be watching an islamist regime crumb my "business" was going nowhere... so i built this kickin' new website with godaddy. building a website in under an hour is easy! 68% of people... ...who have built their website using gocentral, did it in... ...under an hour, and you can too. type in your business or idea. pick your favourite design. personalize it with beautiful images.'re done! and now business is booming.
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david: the u.s. withholding $250 million in aid to pakistan for what the president says is a failure to sufficiently fight terrorism. president said not only pakistan that we pay billions of dollars to for nothing. and others. we pay the palestinians hundreds of millions of dollars a year and get no appreciation or respect. they don't even want to negotiate a long overdue peace
4:45 am
treaty with israel. with the palestinians in longer willing to talk peace, why should we make any of these massive payments to them. cliff, good to see you. palestinian -- let's talk about pakistan first. but it's part of the same problem. $34 billion we paid to pakistan since 9/11 presumably to get them on our side in terms of terrorism. but they have been harboring the taliban folks who run across the border, kill american service people, and we allowed them to get away with it. >> pakistan has been good at playing both ends against the middle. you should not be saying the kind of things president trump is staying in polite company.
4:46 am
but he sees the truth and says it. the islamic republic of pakistan. and you have people inside that government who support at least the taliban that attacks americans if not the taliban that attacks pakistan. so he's calling them out which has not happened in a long time. david: the palestinians are a bunch of crooks that run the palestinian authority. if you go there you can be taken around to where they live. they live ont in mansions on the hill. the people are living in hovels on the ground. i would think there would and popular revolt against the palestinian leadership. we shouldn't be funding the whole thing. >> and we should be insisting the palestinians negotiate, and two the negotiations should start, not end with the palestinians saying we accept the idea of a two-state solution
4:47 am
and we accept that means there will be a principle state and jewish state. up to now they haven't said that. they wanted to send palestinians into israel. over the past 8 years mahmoud abbas has refused to negotiate. david: the bottom line is we don't want to be spending our hard-earned money on something that's not working. in fact, having a negative effect. in terms of iran, president obama unleashed all that money along with the europeans. the iran deal is from my perspective a failed deal anyway. they have been working on
4:48 am
aspects of a nuclear policy program. the president tweeted out the people of iran, talking about the protests, are finally acting against a brutal and corrupt regime. all of the money president trump so foolishly gave them went into terrorism and into their pockets. the people have little food, big inflation and no human rights. it's murder and it's stealing money from the government coffers and their oil companies. could anybody think we are on the wrong side of this? >> obviously there are those who do. there are a lot of iran apoll jifts and a lot who do not want to criticize obama for the jcoa deal. david: are they going to ignore if the freedom fighters in the streets risking their lives?
4:49 am
are they really that callous? >> i think they are and they have hardly said anything in support of people in the streets. as you may know, i was in iran in '79 as a reporter. people did not think they were signing up to be ruled by a dictator to be the representative of god on earth -- that's what they call him -- for the rest their lives. they didn't get what they thought they would get. some freedom and some prosperity. but all this money including the money from the jcoa has gone to support terrorism and the missile program.
4:50 am
david: that 2009 protest that president obama wouldn't lift a finger to help support and they were crushed mercilessly by the iranian government. this is much more widespread than that was. it involves all kinds of people. the 2009 dem to was primarily students. this old people, young people, and they are saying things, we don't want an islamic republic. they are going at the heart of what the iranian dictatorship is. >> the early narrative in much of the major media is this is about the price of eggs. this is a fight between moderates and conservatives. it's not. the protests have expanded to two dozen cities. we are seeing something very different. can this become a ref solution in i don't think we know.
4:51 am
neither political scientists or analysts have a way of predicting such things. but people in iran are not satisfied with the way they have been living. david: the article in mcclean's it says, this is what revolution looks like. happy new year. coming up next. deep state dossier disinformation. and the bar room boasts from papadopoulos. we'll take up the latest revelations concerning the russia probe with sarah c
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david: in our online poll last week we asked you, do you believe 2018 will be an even bigger disaster for the democrats as the president continues to deliver on his promises to the american people. joining us, former war correspondent sarah carter. donald trump just came out with a tweet. i will read it to you probably the first time you hard it from going to ends. he says kim jong-un just stated the nuclear button is on his best can at all times. will someone from his depleted and food in starved regime
4:56 am
inform him i too have a nuclear button but it's much bigger and more powerful than his and my button works! >> i was not expecting that. i think what we have seen here, i'm not going to speak for donald trump and the why he tweets the way he does with kim jong-un. i have been speaking to intelligence sources. there is a deep concern within the intelligence community and the defense department about north korea and the potential for extreme harm. this is not something -- it's not just back and forth talk. there is intelligence that kim jong-un could utilize the potential for utilizing one of these missiles. but destroying satellite systems in space, so there is a lot of
4:57 am
the concern here. i also found out that in november -- and it hasn't been reported. early november, they stopped all the flights out of 132 east. all commercial flights flying east of north korea. commercial flights, also private flights. anything from the united states. now this is significant for two reasons. they may be preparing the air space for some type of military action and the united states is concerned about any commercial assets in those areas. that flight path area was open previously under a special rule under the faa, now it's closed down. i don't know why president trump -- i can guess he's preventing himself in a bigger message to kim jong-un, letting him know we are not going to take this and putting the ball back in kim jong-un's court saying we'll take decisive
4:58 am
action before you do anything. so i think that's the message. david: what happened for decades for dem kraicts and republican demonstrations, we had to turn the other cheek. no better they say and no tbheart they do, we have a tendency to dismiss it or deal with it with a kind of diplomacy and a little bit of a sanction here or there. but nothing decisive. what this president is doing is putting it on line saying you try anything and you will be bombed to kingdom come. >> you go back to the 90s. with the clinton administration, we look at how the sanctions did not work. it did not stop the north korean regime. now it's preventing a clear danger to the rest of the world. this isn't just a danger to the
4:59 am
united states. but its neighbors as well. this is why president trump worked so closely to china to see if they can make end roads. i think they know kim jong-un is willing and able to follow through with what he is saying because he is so pun predictable. i think that's the real danger here. >> we note administration had a scandal in south korea and the new person who came in is more soft stop north korea and willing to forgive them for things they probably shouldn't be forgiven for. will they come along with us? >> i think right now they are trying diplomacy and they need to try diplomacy to make things work. david: they have been through a lot the last century.
5:00 am
you hand that very well, we just threw that on your lap. thank you for joining us. louis back tomorrow. among his guests, congressman >> the united states is committed and most continue to put maximum pressure on north korea. we must not be silent. the people of iran are crying out for freedom. lauren: breaking news this morning. as interim prints up rhetoric against north korea and iran cracks down on pro-democracy protesters. cheryl: major media between democratic leaders in president trump top aides on the agenda of immigration at january by jill lives. lauren: the s&p 500 and the nasdaq was closed about 7000 for the first time ever yesterday futures this morning pointing up across the


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