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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  January 9, 2018 11:00pm-12:00am EST

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i believe the president knows that and he will fulfill his campaign promise. lou: thanks for being with us. . we're talk about that, suicide and homeles homelessness. lou: good evening, the president has created some consternation in washington, d.c. he decided to put the critical issues of border security and immigration, at least partly, in the hands of rhino republicans and left wing democrats. how did daca, illegal immigrants and amnesty all get to the front of the line and the forgotten man and get push into the shadows of the swamp. we'll take up the fallout of embracing amnesty with conservative commentator, best selling author and fire brand
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ann coulter tonight, house republicans are investigating whether deep state bad actors helped leak to the media. i can tell them right you, yes they did new texas messages between anti-trump fbi agent peter struck and attorney involved wi, suggests they were leaking stories to media outlets. how many and how important, we take up here tonight. and the top democrat on the judiciary committee, senator dianne feinstein is under fire tonight. she single handedly unilaterally released the transcript of the classified closed door interview with smear merchant gps cofounder glen simpson. neither chuck grassley nor his committee staff has any idea what to do about it. they don't like it but they
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don't know obviously what to do about it. we take that up with christophes ferral tonight. president trump risking his base to pursue amnesty with democrats, not one of which has ever voted piece of legislation, all of whom support his detractors and his tormenters or mock the president and his agenda. president trump today held a bipartisan, bicameral meeting in the white house to discuss immigration reform and broaden the white house press corps to video the historic openness of this white house. one of the more stunning moments in that meeting, when the president expressed interest in striking a deal on daca. obama era amnesty that shielded roughly 800,000 illegal
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immigrants from deportation. president trump said he would be willing to take the heat for the approach which many of his supporters considered to be outright amnesty. fox news chief white house correspondent john roberts has our report. >> my positions are going to be what the people in this room come up with. >> with the clock running on a march 5th deadline to find a legislative solution on the dreamers, president trump brought republicans and democrats together at the white house with the cameras rolling. >> i feel having the democrats in with us is absolutely vital because it should be a bipartisan bill, a bill of love. truly should be a bill of love and we can do that. >> it starpted with public statements tailored for tv coverage. but over time the lenses appeared to fade into the background as lay milwaukeeers got do to position setting and negotiation. bid for another stb at comprehensive immigration reform. >> i'm not going to support a
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bill if you don't support it. i the hear the drum beat coming. right wing radio and tv talk show hosts are going to beat the crap out of us. if we do this properly, daca, you're not so far away from comprehensive immigration reform. anif you want to take it further, i'll take the heat. i don't care. i'll take all of the heat you want to give me. i'll take the heat off of the democrats and the republicans. my whole life has been heat. i like heat in a certain way. >> with all due respect mike, bob and lindsey, there are some things you're proposing that are going to be controversial and will be an impediment to an agreement. >> you're going the say listen, we can't agree here. you're going to negotiate that. >> mr. president comprehensive means comprehensive. >> the president went into the meeting demanding security restrictions, in return for a daca fix. at one point senator dianne
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feinstein said the process needs to be split up, leave border security for later. >> what about a clean daca bill now with a commitment that we go into a comprehensive immigration reform procedure. >> the president seemed to entertain the idea. >> i have no problem. >> but house majority leader kevin mccarthy jumped in to say hold on a moment. >> we later. you have to have security. >> white house officials say after the cameras left the president reached agreement with the two sides to do immigration in two phases, the first daca including border security and an end to chain migration and the visa lottery and then second comprehensive immigration reform. democrats indicated they'll give it a shot. >> i think the president wants to strike a deal. now whether that deal is strikable is another question but i think it's possible. >> letting the cameras stay for most of the meeting appeared to serve two purposes. after charges in the new book
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"fire and fury" that he was mentally incapable of being president, the exercise showed president trump in command of a meeting with 22 lawmakers and it was a rare glimpse behind the curtain was made. >> the number of individuals in the room felt it was a good thing to let you see the cooperation and the conversation between both sides and see how we're working and leading to move the ball down the field and come up with real solutions. >> just how much cooperation there will be in the upcoming negotiations seems to be an open question. after he left the meeting, the house minority said there was unanimity in the room about the need to address the issue about the dreamers but wouldn't go beyond that lou: thank from the white house on what was certainly a singular day at the swamp more evidence of corruption at the highest levels of the fbi tonight.
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a justice department inspector general has uncovered new texas messages between anti-trump fbi officials, peter truck and lisa paige. those messages prompted house and senate committee members to try to establish whether leaders of the russia counter intelligence investigation leaked classified information to the news media. struck and paige will be two of eight witnesses to be brought before the house intelligence committee over the next few weeks to get some answers. it is all about fusion gps and alleged wrongdoing among fbi and justice department top officials. another key witness with ties to fusion gps is obama justice department hold jofer bruce orr who was stripped of another title yesterday, his second demotion or is no longer head of the organized crime drug enforcement task force but he still is getting paid by the
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justice department. corrupt but nonetheless on the payroll my first guest tonight says peter struck's misconduct amounts to a criminal act. joining us organization that successfully filed a freedom of activation act to release the documents. great to have you here and great continued work on all of this. it is stunning. just how incriminating do you believe these texts to be and how in the world did we every get ahold of them in. >> you got ahold of the texts really because of judicial watch litigation. because we pursued all of these matters in u.s. district court in d.c. with respect to e-mails and texts. we have any number outstanding. but that's really a byproduct of that effort. they knew the heat was on, it doesn't going to go away, wasn't going to stop.
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this is a case of them, i think, trying to get out ahead of the problem. obviously struck has already -- struck and his girlfriend are already in bad shape. but the text messages today show that they were synchronizing -- they were first of all leaking and synchronizing their story to both "the wall street journal" and "the new york times" and perhaps others. and that is a level of investigative misconduct and abuse of process that is off the charts. >> and it is a crime. >> it is. lou: and do we expect there to be a prosecution? >> one would certainly hope so. attorney general sessions -- lou: i've been hoping for a lot of years. >> this is a case where when you have federal agents at this level and one of whom is an attorney and has an extra duty above and beyond what an odder anywhere citizen would have, they know what they're doing. they're teasing, flirting back and forth talking about it's "the wall street journal"
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article is behind the pay wall. should we play dumb about it. lou: what's funny about that, they're behind the pay wall. they couldn't be energetic enough with their coin to get a subscription? for crying out loud. i mean, it's stunning. struck and paige also were part of the mueller special counsel team discussed in the fbi deputy director mccabe. there are so many numbers floating around here. coming up with the insurance plan, apparently in mccabe's office to thwart president trump's election as president. >> right. and that's a case really -- at least my interpretation of it, all of the nervous i'v informate seen, that's enough to take the fusion gps file and use that as leverage to obtain fisa warrant to spy on trump officials. lou: including general flynn presumably. >> correct. so they needed any excuse they
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could use and that's what they used. lou: i think it's interesting. glen simpson, one of the cofounders of fusion gps, the smear merchant, it's a lot more than that and it's touched the lives of a lot of politicos in n today did it. >> she obliged him. she did. part of me is almost relieved. you know, my opinion is get all of the stuff out public because the cockroaches hate sunlight. so this guy is going to play a double game where he does one thing in front of the committee and goes to the "the new york times" running an op ed saying i want my story released. the most telling thing out of the transcript -- people latched on to the claim that someone was killed as a result of the dossier. realize that was not testimony. that was simpson's attorney, a smart guy by the name of josh
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what levy -- lou: do you say sharp in lieu of a man of high principle and great integrity? >> i say he's a very good lawyer. i'll let you interpret that. but you can see the difference between an experienced litigator and the counsel staff who in many cases are palsy analysts who went to law school. there's a hell of a difference between those two animals. lou: at this point, all of the noise, all of the electric momentmoments that are being prd here, no one has gone to jail. no one is facing charges. and we have a special counsel that continues to dog president trump and his administration and there isn't enough integrity on capitol hill to come to his aid and join with him in saying cut the nonsense. awe he said, this is embarrassing to the nation.
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this is banana republic right now with this nonsen going on. >> you've got mueller going on investigating a circumstance ole in search of a crime. no one can predict the intent. if you dig around enough, you're going to find something. a parking ticket. there's going to be spg there. but the disparity in treatment is -- lou: between clinton and trump. >> the disparity of treatment with respect to clinton officials -- excuse me, obama officials who wildly abused the system, and clinton officials for that matter and the level of scrutiny with respect to the mueller investigation. it's completely out of whack. lou: and this seems to be a very strong alliance between the leadership of the democratic party and that of the republican party. oddest thing. >> well sitting around that cabinet table today it was a love fest literally and bill of
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love. lou: what the president called the legislation he is looking for that will inspire daca. chris, as always great to have you here. the swamp is not getting -- well it's neither getting smaller or drier. we just wanted to get that bulletin out to you. we're coming right back with much much more. stay with us. it's worth your patience. we guarantee it. we'll be right back president trump apparently willing to negotiate with the despicable dems and all those rhinos on the subject of amnesty. >> i really do believe democrat and republican, the people sitting around this table want to get something done. >> the swamp deeper and broader than ever and we take that up with ed rollins and ann coulter here next. weeks after the california, the state faces a new threat,
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does your bed do that? it's the lowest prices of the season on the queen c4 mattress with adjustable comfort on both sides. now only $1199, save $400. ends soon. visit for a store near you. lou: joining me now, ed rollins were former white house political director, fox business contributor pepper ed, great to see you. ed: thank you. lou: this is a peculiar day.
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the president with lindsey graham, jeff flake, i mean all sorts of people, bob menendez were crying out loud. all part of the gang -- not all of them. menendez and durbin part of the mess in 2006. what is going on? ed: hard for me to say because the most sacred vow the president made was i'm going to build a wall and if i do immigration it's going to be properly done in a way that guarantees it to work. this today was a performance, i hope. and certainly the details weren't there. but the impression he gave is that he's going to do a deal with the democrats. and if he does that, he'll basically lose his base and it won't work. anytime democrats are happy, my experience in 50 years of working in washington, d.c. around it is when they're happy and joyous, it's usually not to the advantage of republicans. certainly not do the advantage of this president.
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and the fact that democrats on both sides of him and he's nodding his head talking about this being a bill of love. a bill of love is not something we need in immigration. immigration is a matter of toughness, making sure that the country's borders are protected. he's talked about that every single trip he's made. lou: he campaigned against amnesty, he campaigned for the wall, he campaigned against the status quo and hereby's the establishment, for crying out loud, lindsey graham, jeb bush, chiming in today to compliment, to congratulate the president. these two people who were running against him -- ed: and lost. lou: lost badly. i don't even -- i can't put a matrix together that makes any sense of their sudden participation in public life. ed: you can't open the borders. you can't basically say the people who are here without any other steps being taken get to stay here. you get to say we're going to make sure it doesn't prepete
11:21 pm
itself, the mistake of the '86 bill, we let 2.5 million people come in. lou: the lesson is simple. ed: very simple. lou: build the wall and then begin to take up immigration reform. for a decade and a half i have said this, straightforward. you cannot meaning fully reform immigration law at any time if you can't control immigration. hean you can't control immigration unless you have the wall. the borders and ports of entry protected. it's that straightforward. and did you hear sweet senator feinstein cooing so nicely and calmly about we'll take up border security later, mr. president. i mean good lord all mighty. ed: president obama wanted immigration reform, couldn't get it done. george w. bush has majorities in both the house and senate, couldn't get it done.
11:22 pm
president trump is not going to get it done unless he stands by his pins. s and his principles are the security side. you have the debate. lou: i enjoyed watching the maestro as he conducted that orchestra of 22 lawmakers. they were just sitting there hang ping on his ever word waitg for their opportunity to be fed whatever their favorite delicacy is. my gosh. the president handled them, what i'm afraid of is that lindsey graham and a few overs will be taken seriously, which i think would start writing the bill it won't be seriously. no magic formula. you can't basedly say that the other million people can go free. lou: thank you very much. i appreciate it and your poll question is do
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you believe any deal on the border and immigration must require building the wall and ending chain migration and lottery visas before there can be any change to daca or any discussion of any kind to amnesty? cast your vote. cast your vote. we're coming right ooooooh snap!! every truck guy has their own way of conveying powerful. yeeaaahhh boy. kind of looks like a monster coming to eat ya. holy smokes. that is awesome. strong. you got the basic, and you got the beefy. i just think it looks mean. incredible. no way. start your year off strong a new chevy truck. get a total value of over $9,600 on this silverado all star when you finance with gm financial. find new roads at your local chevy dealer.
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i want to see.
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lou: a few thought to the night on what our president may be doing on illegal immigration and border security. and let's be really very clear. i believe president trump sincerely wants to do the right thing on both issues. i believe he wants to trade daca for the end of chain migration and lottery visas and he wants the wall built. but for all of the world, today he surrounded himself in the white house with many of the very people who placed their party above the interest of the nation and they've done so since the legislation that was called mccain-kennedy, comprehensive
11:28 pm
immigration reform. they fought for a decade for open borders and they've demanded amnesty for all illegal immigrants, demanded, i say, not requested or discussed the pathway. they have demanded it. senators perdue and cotton are among those who have long and b. but their views were in a tiny minority today at that table. there is nothing rational about the propoaltses that menendez, durbin and hoyer have championed since 2006. but alarmingly border crossings of illegal immigrants have already returned to the same levels as in the presidency of barack obama. and the cost of illegal immigration continue to rise. more than $100 billion more than the value of their contributions each illegal immigrant is
11:29 pm
estimated to cost taxpayers $75,000. but the real issue now is, how did the democrats issue a daca crowd all of the way to the head of the line while the interests of the president's base have been pushed into the shadows of the swamp. what happened to the president's america first doctrine? what happened to hire americans, buy american. and then suddenly our president is headed to schweize switzerla. how did the president end up on the tortured agenda of the global elitists who meet every year in the swiss mountains where they seem to hide out and chum around a at least a time. but the chamber of commerce and the business round table, two principle business lobbyists in this country, tonight they have to be kind of proud of themselves.
11:30 pm
but then they've spent a billion and a half dollars lobbying in the swamp to get the result they wanted on just two issues, and you guessed it. open borders and of course amnesty. those are just code words for cheap labor and democratic voters. and you should mr. president, that president tom don hugh, the head of the chamber of commerce today talked about your tax reform, your tap call repatriation, your driving the economy to 4% growth and 4% unemployment and record high markets and do you know what, mr. president? dodonahue didn't mention your ne just once. isn't that interesting? just in case you think any of these people are your friends or that they'll do business straight up and on the square, whether it's the left or the gop, the establishment will
11:31 pm
continue to beat you around the ears if you give them the opportunity. and i hope you will never ever do that a reminder, mr. president, you ran against the status quo, the establishment and you assured us your vision and leadership would make america great again. and by golly, you've had a year unlike any other president of doing exactly that. no better a reminder of the importance of draining that damn swamp, your good friend governor jeb bush today and of course senator lindsey graham, so quick to please, congratulated you on your daca decision. low energy, mr. establishment, a guy you reduced to tears on the campaign trail and john mccain's, well, his side kick. they love your new direction. i hope it isn't your new
11:32 pm
direction quotation of the evening, this one from andrew jackson, and yes there's a reason i'm quoting andrew jackson. "every good citizen makes his country's honor his own and cherishes it, not only as precious but as sacred. he is willing to risk his life in its defense and is conscious that he gains god speed, mr. president. we're coming right back president trump promised to be the law and order president. he promised to stop amnesty and he promised to build a wall. >> in this race for the white house, i am the law and order candidate. i am the law and order candida candidate. >> what is the president up and women who have been forgotten
11:33 pm
for so long and for whom he campaigned? conservative commentator and best selling author ann coulter joins me next. and not everyone is hating the bitter cold temperatures. berkeley the bear is braving the arctic outbreak and loving every minute of it. we'll show you how in the video here next. we're coming right
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lou: joining us tonight, political com commentator,
11:37 pm
conservative come men tater, best selling author ann coulter. her most recent book is called "in trump we trust." great to have you with us. you watched something of a lovefest in the cabinet room with the president today with again the most unheralded senators serving in either party. what ann: when kevin mccarthy is the hardliner on immigration in the room, i think we can call this the lowest day in the trump presidency. i mean, he was clearly trying to overcome the bad press of this michael wolff book showing he's in command. in fact what he did was fulfill every description of him in the michael wolff book. he didn't listen. he agrees with the last person. lou: we don't need to go through the whole damn book by michael wolff.
11:38 pm
it's a bunch of trash anyway. ann: no it isn't. lou: yes it is. ann: he was doing exactly literally 30 seconds -- fine sign wants a stand alone dreamer bill. kevin mccarthy has to step in and say no, sir, i think we need border security first. he agrees with that. pe he's agreeing with people with a 60-second lag and the democrats are taking the position no, we won't take anything but the dreamers. lou: well he says without question, he says that he's going to have the wall. the problem i have, frankly, is that there was no discussion of the sequence in which these events would occur. and we know that if the wall is not, and i mean constructed, built, before there's any discussion of quote unquote immigration reform, we know what's not going to happen. that wall is not going to be built, is it? ann: no, of course not. and any amnesty is a 100%
11:39 pm
amnesty because it goes to the courts. and the courts will say, oh, you may have limited this to left-handed red heads who came here at age zero through no fault of their own. but gosh we're going to open it up to everyone. and through chain migration they get to bring all of their relatives. and i can't say you're wrong. you can say anything about that press conference today called by trump himself. he thought this was everything. he agreed, yes, to a stand alone dreamer bill. we'll get to the comprehensive immigration stuff later. it was the lowest day of his presidency. lou: i couldn't agree with you more about the difficulty of the day, let me put it that way. look, i am absolute committed supporter of this president. i am also absolutely without question and unreservedly a
11:40 pm
champion of his wall and making serve that we secure the borders before there's any talk -- this was an asemiblej of some of the worst likes of the kennedy-mccain effort to create comprehensive immigration reform. a reminder to everyone in washington, what you do when you don't have a solution is you expand the problem. they made it comprehensive. vast. and by the way still no progress on it. ann: it seems -- yes. but it seems as if trump thinks he's going to get all of this great press by giving the left everything they want. i promise you, he's not going to get good press from this. they're still going to say he has dementia. if anything, they have more arguments now with him jumping around abandoning his base. his only hope is to be pedal to the mettle, fulfill his promises, end chain migration and deport the dreamers who, i said last week, they ought to go
11:41 pm
before ms13. they are the worst of the illegals. lou: and you don't like the way they create so much trouble. by the way, the average age of the so-called dreamers -- the president himself refers to them as kids. they are far from it. ann: he corrected himself on that. that was the high moment of the press conference. every once in a while i could give you 30 seconds where he was great. but then the next is i'll take the heat. it will be comprehensive immigration reform. lou: well, he did say that. ann: it's not disputing the michael wolff book. lou: the reason i don't like the michael wolff book is because it's filled with trash and fraud and fiction. and you know better than to use it as some sort of compass on the -- ann: some of it is. if you exclude the bad stuff, it's not that bad. it's good on the press, it's good on the russian
11:42 pm
investigation. lou: to sit here and boost a bad book like that. ann: i'm sure those people told him that and they're the ones hired into the white house by trump. if he doesn't want people bad-mouthing him, he ought to hire people who supported him. lou: our fine people of integrity, which i think he has now discovered is ady sided a dd advantage. thank you so much. be sure to vote in tonight's poll, do you believe any deal on the border and immigration must require building the wall and bend ending chain migration and lottery visas before there can be any change to daca? cast your vote on twitter. we'd like to hear from you. please roll the video. meet berkeley. a kodiak bear. you want to talk about the difference some day between the kodiak, a brown bear and grizzly, it's a fascinating discussion. we don't have time.
11:43 pm
berkeley is having a lot of fun and we don't want to miss a moment of it. turning a frozen river in alberta canada into his personal slip and slide having a ball. up next, north korea and south korea sitting down on a rare meeting on easing tensions between the two countries. president trump hopes the talks will succeed. >> as you know with president moon of south korea, he thanked me very much for my tough stance. i hope it works out. i very much want to see it work out between the two countries. >> will it work out, we'll take it up with ambassador john bolton here next.
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lou: joining us tonight, john bolton former u.s. ambassador to the united nations, now fox business contributor. ambassador, let's start with this -- it looks like peace in our tile on the korean peninsula. aren't you pleased? john: well i think this is a complete waste of oxygen. i think it's a propaganda stunt by the north koreans basically. and i think the reason for it is the south korean government is open to this kind of manipulation by north korea. so we'll have scenes of the two
11:48 pm
koreas parading on television together at the olympic opening ceremony. but as far as the north korea nuclear threat is concerned, it won't change a thing. lou: so what are we to do here? the president has been clear as he could be that he will not tolerate a nuclear north korea. what is he to do, because this looks like another gamut on the part of kim jong-un which is to both save off consequences for his choice to per sue nuclear weapons and ballistic missiles. where are we? john: there's ever reason to believe this is more proof that the north is close to having this capability to hit targets in the united states. i don't think they're there yet. i think we have a limited amount of time. i think the president gave china every opportunity to use its
11:49 pm
unique capability to affect the north koreans. there's no evidence that the chinese have done anything meaningful. so i think we've got to come down to look at this very unattractive but perhaps necessary choice of using military force to deny north korea the capability to threaten innocent american civilians or actually attack them. now we're all concerned about south korea. nobody blinks at the danger they're in. but remember, the president's job is to protect american citizens. and the more north korea and china understand that the threat is real, if there's any chafns of chanceof a diplomatic outcomt increases that, doesn't diminish it. lou: the unilateral lism of the south korean president is perhaps a terrific point of departure, that is where we could begin withdrawing our troops from the dmz, from that position just below north korea.
11:50 pm
and at least move those troops out of harm's way because they're not really doing much. certainly the existence of seoul itself should be an impediment to kim jong-un doing anything unto ward. untoward. what do you think? john: south korea is split politically. the leader of the opposition just a few weeks back called for the redeployment of american tactile deployment weapons so show how much they're concerned about north korea. lou: it's their country. the opposition leader doesn't run it. my point is what are we doing when the president of south korea thinks he should be basically giving away the store to kim jong-un and peace at any price is his doctrine. it seems to be. john: look. it's dangerous for south korea, there's no doubt about it. lou: but it shouldn't be dangerous for our troops who have stationed there to prevent
11:51 pm
precisely what we all fear. john: look. that's why i think ultimately if we proceeded earlier we could have had a deal with china on reunifying the peninsula, essentially under south korean control. because we could move american troops back. we don't want to be on the dmz. we don't want to be on the river either. lou: we don't want to be on fore future. but the main threat remains the north korea nuclear program and there's nothing that's going to stop it at this point -- lou: ambassador, we're way over. john: -- other than the use of force. lou: john boll o bolton, good au with us. heavy rain rains triggering deadly mudslides in california, 13 people have been killed in santa barbara country. those hills were ravaged by last month eats wildfires stripping them and of course no way to
11:52 pm
stop the deluge of rain and the mudslides that result up next, they're out of viable presidential candidates so they're looking to oprah to save their party in 2020. there's an interesting idea. but as they say, be careful what you wish for. we take that up with charlie kirk straight ahead. kirk straight ahead. stay with the great emperor penguin migration. trekking a hundred miles inland to their breeding grounds. except for these two fellows. this time next year, we're gonna be sitting on an egg. i think we're getting close! make a u-turn... u-turn? recalculating... man, we are never gonna breed. just give it a second. you will arrive in 92 days. nah, nuh-uh. nope, nope, nope. you know who i'm gonna follow? my instincts. as long as gps can still get you lost, you can count on geico saving folks money. i'm breeding, man. fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more on car insurance. let your inner light loose with one a day women's. ♪
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lou: in our online poll we asked you do you think that bruce ohr should be fired outright? 98% of you responded yes. fake news and the media is going crazy over oprah's potential presidential bid. president trump isn't the least bit concerned. president trump: i like oprah. but i don't think she's going to run. lou: already people are beginning to sort through her past and ignoring her controversial past in some of her past comments like this in a 2013 interview with bbc. she said as long as people can be junked by the color of their skin, problems not solved.
11:57 pm
there are generations of people who were born and bred and marinated in prejudice and racism and they just have to die. joining me, charlie hurt. great to see you. what do you make of the oprah candidacy? it looks like it might be a problem? >> it smells a little bit like desperation. she is probably more of a formidable candidate than some of the other candidates being floated like pocahontas. but be careful what you wish for democrats. she is someone i don't think has been through the political backlash. and honestly when you look at some of those comments she said, can you imagine if a republican had said something like that, they would have been barred from
11:58 pm
running. this is a president that is wing and succeeding. democrats are trying to find anyone that might be popular and have a little bit of money to excite their base. it seems like desperation. lou: what did you make of it watching the president today in the cabinet room with 22 lawmakers, democrats and republicans, even some members of the leadership there holding court and taking up daca and amnesty and wanting to do apparently a deal on comprehensive so-called immigration reform? >> i have so much respect for ann coulter but i have a contrarian view on this. i saw nothing wrong with the meeting. i thought it demonstrated leadership. he also remained true to his campaign promise rescinding this temporary citizenship to el
11:59 pm
salvadorans. he didn't hard commit to anything. he turned to steny hoyer from maryland and said you are going to work this out, right? he remains committed to build the wall. you and i spent time with him. i don't think he will capitulate on that. lou: when he fails to talk about the sequence before he can move on daca, the business about the silly dead lines that durbin and the folks keep pushing. that border security has to be in place, unless it is, there can be no such thing as meaningful immigration reform because we wouldn't still have control over our borders. it's that straightforward. >> you are exactly right. the super dreamers we are going to call them next. the wall is imperative.
12:00 am
i believe the president knows that and he will fulfill his campaign promise. lou: thanks for being with us. good night from new york. kennedy: a big meeting at the white house as lawmakers and the president try to reach a deal on the budget. gop congressman thomas massie is here to kick off the show. north korea making a deal to send athletes to the olympics. does that mean armageddon is postponed? take off your sweater, it's about to get hot. there are dueling walls holding up the congressional spending deal. the president wants a physical barrier to symbolize his campaign promises.


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