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tv   Cavuto Coast to Coast  FOX Business  January 19, 2018 12:00pm-2:00pm EST

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two teens saved by technology. don't you love it? that's what you need on a friday. that's how you give it to neil. it's yours. >> got unforgettable italian. thank you very much. thank you. in the meantime, we are close to shut down my friends, it is going to happen. the only issue seems to be on which party can blame the other brother. >> they are preparing for what we are calling a shutdown. they don't oppose anything in the bill, but they are opposing the bill that senate democrats are entrenched enforcing a shutdown. i laugh when i say we control the house and the senate, why can't you get this done. you know as well as anyone it takes 60 votes in the senate. >> rbc the white house going with the schumer shutdown.
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one thing that looks likely one way or another, it will happen for the first time in about five years but the government will shut down. the only question seems to be for how long. let's go to fox news capitol hill producer. what's the latest. >> right now we are waiting for the senate to make a decision on when they will have this procedural vote which we are told will happen where they need 60 votes to break the filibuster. it's clear they don't have that, at a maximum there are 47 votes. some say why would you even go ahead with the procedural vote to try to end debate on the house which would fund the government through the middle of february. so that will happen sometime today, maybe late tonight, house majority leader kevin mccarthy has told his members to be flexible for procedural votes today but he has not necessarily given them any guidance whether or not they will be here this weekend. kristen nielsen who is the home and secure the secretary
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is here in the capital right now, she is meeting with a group of big for democratic and republican leaders in the house and senate, dick durbin and john cornyn from the senate and also right now there's a meeting with house democratic caucus around 1230 we expect to hear from house majority leader nancy closely. mitch mcconnell, the majority leader was on the floor earlier. it was interesting that the minority leader, chuck schumer has been talking about doing a five-day cr, an interim spending bill to keep the lights on a mcconnell said wait a minute, you're changing your position, you been saying you have to have daca attached, why are you going for that now. i asked kevin mccarthy, majority leader the house just a few minutes ago if they would try to move that through the house of representatives and he said no, that would be problematic. we are less than 12 hours right now and they are putting contingencies in operation to
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shut down the government. that said, if they are able to magically come up with an interim deal which sometimes happened, we been right on the press before and they pull something out, it is the weekend and so long as congress doesn't send a message to the budget director and say wait a minute were shutting down and you have a little more leeway with that on the weekend things could remain open over the weekend. if it gets really dark, i've been told by some senate leadership that they are expecting a minimum a shutdown of at least two or three days. >> the last one, in 2013, that was a couple weeks. what can we, what does your gut tell you on this? >> this is a little harder to read because you don't see quite what could pass the house of representatives nor the senate republicans. they are insistent that they are not going to attach dr. to any piece of legislation. you have conservative defense hawks who want an increase in defense spending, mark meadows, the chair of the conservative said they've got
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an agreement which would bolster defense spending but that's why this is so hard to read. here's the other thing. when you talk to conservatives and you really get them on the corner and say wait a minute, if the government shuts down, what reopens the government, they have conceded to me that probably some sort of daca fixes what it would take. that's where it's risky for republicans to shut down the government and that's why there's this meeting with the homeland security secretary mccarthy and hoyer and durbin and cornyn on the first floor the capital because they need to get some sort of a plan in place that can deal with this. if you talk to the administration they will stick to the march 5 deadline but it could be a long shutdown if they don't have agreement on daca. again, you can't change the math. you can't change that or get to 60 votes on the senate to
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keep the government open unless there is daca in there. something in the house of representatives, getting a majority. you have these differences between the house and the senate and until you get the map to work and get that in alignment it's very challenging. we are told these things are not infrequent in recent history, but they are unprecedented when one party has the run of the table. i find those events unusual here and what's required to make sure you avoid a shutdown because you need the other party. so what made it different when one party was in power that we avoided this. >> if you look back at the 2013 shutdown over obamacare, that was driven by ted cruz, the republican senator from texas and they got to all the house republicans on board. the republicans were in control the house of representatives and they went for 616. that's why republicans seem defensive and trying to cast this on to democrat thing wait a minute this is the schumer
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shutdown, they been talking about this, i asked nancy pelosi, how can you defend against this prospect saying your site is responsible for shutdown and she said i think the american people know which party controls the white house. there's been a shift in rhetoric from the republicans. we keep talking about dreamers and daca. he kept saying they're trying to shut down the government over illegal immigration. if you say to someone if you are you for illegal immigration are helping daca or dreamers, you'll probably get two different answers. by shifting that rhetoric, that my calf is on to the democrat. >> i noticed mick mulvaney was doing a version of that by saying they are going to flip everything upside down to look
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after the interest of those who are illegal, whether that resonates a registers, i don't know. >> has probably been a poll tested term. >> thank you my friend. all right for the read on all of this with alexander smith, radio show host ben. who takes the heat for this? i think average americans say republicans, you're in charge, you run the show, we know the logistics and what's involved but i think a lot of people seem to think those republican. >> if you're one of the ten democratic senators that come from a state that president trump won in the election of five of those dates he won by double digits, you are thinking quite differently and your constituents are thinking differently. the bottom line is in the senate you need 60 votes in the fact that chuck schumer is not allowing any of his members to cross party lines to get this done is very telling.
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>> i think this is something where the president is personally making the calls, a lot of the hangups with the republican senators revolve around defense spending, that something that was fixed last night with the freedom caucus in the house so there's a potential for comfort mice but i think once the president has committed himself to this in the same way he did tax reform, we can expect to keep our base together. look at doug jones in the senate. this is the guy who is the first democratic senator in 30 years. for schumer to be holding him back on a leash on this issue is just unbelievable. i think because of the high threshold you need in the senate to pass this bill or at least to stop debate on it, you need, schumer needs to let some of these senators or some of these senators.
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>> i think it's beyond that. >> on the channel every single american when i say both parties are to blame. they're both complicit in the shutdown. the political discourse in this country is on par with characters from south park, but unlike the television show, real children's lives are on the line. i channel bipartisan rage, it's pathetic that human beings are the bargaining chip and if democrats and republicans can't come together and figure this out, congress will continue to be at a 10% approval rating in the entire country will be at a standstill and the american people will be left at. >> this could drag on a while. >> both sides really think they have a political point to make. they both legitimately think that the other side will take the blame for right now. now, a week from now that could be completely different and it could be developing in a different way and one side might say we've got to get this thing solved. he made a key point, and talking about how this will end up, he basically said that
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there's no way to get this solved without a daca fix. the republicans might regret not cutting that deal that looks like it was coming together last week. >> that's on the president. whether you agree or disagree, he did say 48 hours earlier whatever you come up with i will accept. two days later for whatever reason we don't have the details next it. what's the fallout on the president. >> he's advocating for stronger border security, paired with the daca fix. those are two things. >> that was not in the fix they came up with. >> those are winners with the american people, the pair of them. particularly with border security, that's not something the left likes to acknowledge but protecting the daca recipients and the border wall are popular with americans but to see how they were developing some of the lines of questioning that were just
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along those lines of hey, look like you were getting close to a deal and in the whole thing blew up as a couple reporters put it because of the president's comments. that's how this could all develop next week. you are asking about the blame game. that's how the narrative starts to develop. >> when you people like lindsey graham and others saying. [inaudible] i'm not blaming the president, i'm saying that reversal, whether was justified or not did surprise some folks. the question for you, democrats then have to defend this notion that you are looking after the interests of these 800,000 illegal children or sons and daughters of illegals, that you're doing this at the expense of the government and legal taxpayers. >> and we have chip on the line as well which is extremely significant. we have 9 million killed kids. were talking health insurance. you look at daca, the numbers are in favor, roughly 70%. >> if you ask americans,
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everything they know is being stopped to help these illegals for whatever reason. >> i think the term illegals. >> but that's how it's going to be. [inaudible] >> so republicans are going to side with republicans, democrats will side with democrats, the 15%. that's how these things are settled, who looks better or worse. >> who looks horrible, congress. >> at least the trump white house knows that. there seems to be a theory here that the president sometimes skates about this or is in a different swimming pool from everyone else and takes a different part of the blame were congress it. [inaudible] then you look at what happened to bill clinton during the shutdown, he kind of walked free with it. they didn't blame him. >> he ended up doing something string that shutdown.
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>> i think the republican party, don't jump rather will be able to skate. this is why he gets away with all the name-calling because everyone hates politician -- >> i do remember they said. [inaudible] you could make the argument that this is happening early enough that this will not have political fallout on republicans. now, where it comes out i don't know but i think it could be a moot point. >> don't forget, the obama administration weaponize the shutdown against republicans. i remember. >> what does he mean by that. >> closing the parks, i was walking around d.c., there are barricades. you're not gonna see world war ii veterans denied from axing
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thing the world war ii memorial. they'd rather have people like us talking about the economy. that something to keep in mind. >> that's exactly what they prefer. in the meantime we have some good news. vladimir putin jumped shirtless into a freezing lake. a lot of people think it's his way of celebrating the orthodox epiphany. actually, he is getting ready for a ritual we call caboodle live. caboodle live. the president will not be going to florida as a result of what's happening with the government shutdown. truth be told, he wanted to see me. okay maybe that's not true. >> way, you're not going to do that, are you? >> yes, i am i want to leave you thinking america, will i or one-time. why is the crew looking nauseous right now.
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we usso why do we pay to havers a phone connectede days. when we're already paying for internet? shouldn't it all just be one thing? that's why xfinity mobile comes with your internet. you can get 5 lines of talk and text included at no extra cost. so all you pay for is data. choose by the gig or unlimited. and ask how to get a $150 prepaid card when you buy a new lg x charge. it's a new kind of network designed to save you money. call, visit, or go to >> president trump is said to be the first u.s. president to address the rally live, and a moment. other presidents have taped it
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or done a radio address but this is the first time or they talk to the protesters gathered outside the supreme court. blake has all the details. >> temperatures are starting to warm up. they are holding this event outside in the rose garden. moments from now we will hear from president trump at the white house is holding this up as a commitment they say president trump has shown toward pro-life issues as he will address the 45th annual march for life which will take place in d.c. on the national mall. he will do so by video. past republican presidents have done so by phone and hear the white house they are saying this shows the presidents commitment over the last year to this issue. >> i think this administration has continued to defend life from the very beginning. the vice president last year was the first vice president to speak to the march for
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life, the president is hosting people here to protect life. it's an important issue for this administration. >> that was ahead of legislative affairs at the white house, during the briefing, just about half hour ago so well the president will get a brief respite during this march for life video message that he will address to the people who have descended upon washington d.c., it will be a brief respite as the focus that the white house still remains on trying to avoid thomas somehow, this government shutdown. >> on that front, the president will not go to florida if there is a shutdown. >> the plan is for him to stay as long as they are trying to hash out these negotiations. he was set to go down to south florida but right now there appears to be an ocean away of a deal so he is staying here in washington d.c. >> the independent form senior.
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[inaudible] reverend, do you first, on the president addressing these right to life marchers, it is an unprecedented opportunity for the republican president to do this in the way he is doing it. what you think? >> it is. i say, without hesitation, president trump has become the most pro-life president in u.s. history. not only because he's addressing this group today, but what he's done this last year, he's appointed a pro-life justice to the supreme court, he has packed the federal court with pro-life justices, he is writing to defund planned parenthood and his hhs released a new guideline that offers protectio protection for doctors and nurses who don't want to engage in abortions for religious reasons. this is unprecedented and one more reason even jellico christians love this president. >> but that very same move
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alienates others, particularly a lot of the women who will be marching in the women's march tomorrow. they recognize. [inaudible] >> i think it's a dual of two different marches. you have the pro-life movement and the women's marches which have actually been hostile to women's issues paymaster they did not allow any sort of pro-life groups to participate but i think this year there doesn't seem to be any sort of reaching across the aisle to do so. it may seemed like he's coming out in support of pro-life issues, but at the same time there are lots of issues that women care about. pro-life is one of them, but it's a show, assigned to say yes, women care about pro-life issues and i support that is the president but there are other issues women care about as well. >> all of this permit the backdrop of a possible government shutdown and the
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fact that we come to this in number of times, people are not blasé but they're not stunned by it. is it the hot potato used to be? >> are you talking about abortion. >> no i'm talking about a possible shutdown. >> i think people are getting blasé about the idea of a shutdown. the president has offered to fix the daca problem. i've been in meetings with him where he has expressed great concern about the fate of the dreamers, but he is equally concerned about border security and securing our nation safety if the democrats are really serious about protecting our nation and taking care of the dreamers, they would pass on this bill. i believe the democrats really don't care about the dreamers. they are trying to be sure this president does not get any kind of win for purely partisan reasons. i think that's a shame and i think most people will come to that realization very
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quickly. >> it is a back-and-forth on the blame game. i notice the president and the white house is getting very literate in this calling it the schumer shutdown. i would be curious as to whether this actually boomerangs on both parties. your thoughts? >> i think americans are saying if i can figure how to pay my bills and ensure everything runs smoothly, why can't washington do the same. i think republicans will have to think about the 2018 election cycle. democrats also have to figure out how they can defend standing in the way of ensuring that military families and our servicemen get paid and checks go out as they should. we don't just needed daca deal, we need immigration reform. both sides will suffer as well as the white house.
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>> this would be a first since roe v wade on these demonstrations, rallies, what everyone call this, you'll be the first time a sitting u.s. president has addressed them in this manner. that's coming up, more after this.
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>> going to the white house right now what the vice president preparing to introduce the president of the united states who will talk to those gathering outside the supreme court. it's just a few blocks away from where they are. right to life looking at the 45h anniversary of roe v wade and telling those pro-lifers i hear you, i sympathize with you, i support you.
12:29 pm
>> love save lives. no as you march for life, your compassion, your persistence, your activism and your prayers are saving lives. this pro-life generation should never doubt, we are with you. this president stands with you. and he who said before i formed you in the women i knew you is with you as well. i believe with all my heart, with your continued dedication and compassion, with pro-life majorities in congress, with president donald trump in this white house, and with god's help, we will restore the sanctity of life to the center of american law. [applause] and so, with a grateful heart, on this 45th annual march for life, it is now my high
12:30 pm
honor and distinct privilege to introduce to you, the 45th president of the united states of america, president donald trump. [applause] [applause] >> thank you everybody. think you. >> thank you very much. please. we have tens of thousands of people watching us right down the road. i congratulate you and at least we picked a beautiful day. you can't get a more pitiful day. i want to thank our vice president, mike pence for that wonderful introduction. i also want to thank you and karen for bringing true champions for life. thank you and thank karen. today i am honored, and really
12:31 pm
proud to be the first president to stand with you here at the white house to address the 45th march for life. that is very, very special. forty-fifth march for life and this is a truly remarkable group. today, tens of thousands of families, students and patrons and great citizens gather here in our nation's capital. you come from many backgrounds, many places, but you all come for one beautiful cause, to build a society where life is celebrated, protected and cherished. the march for life is a movement born out of love. you love your families, you love your neighbors, you love our nation and you love every child born and unborn because you believe every life is
12:32 pm
sacred, every child is a precious gift from god. [applause] we know life is the greatest miracle of all. we see it in the eyes of every new mother who cradles that wonderful, innocent, glorious newborn child. i want to thank every person here today and those across the country who work with such big hearts and tireless devotion to make sure parents have the care and support they need to choose life. because of you, tens of thousands of americans have been born and reach their full god-given potential. you are living witnesses of this year's march for life theme, and that theme is love
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saves lives. [applause] as you all know, roe versus wade has resulted in some of the most permissive abortion laws anywhere in the world. for example, in the united states it is one of only seven countries to allow elective, late-term abortions along with china, north korea and others. right now in a number of states, the laws allow a baby to be born from his or hers mother's womb in the ninth month. it is wrong, it has to change. americans are more and more pro-life. you see that all the time. in fact, only 12% of americans support abortion on demand at any time. under my administration, we will always defend the very
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first right in the declaration of independence and that is, the right to life. [applause] tomorrow will mark exactly one year since i took the oath of office. i will say our country is doing really well. our economy is perhaps the best it's ever been. you look at the job numbers, you look at the companies pouring back into our country, you look at the stock market at an all-time high, unemployment 17 year low, unemployment for african-american workers at the lowest mark in the history of our country. on unemployment for hispanics at a record low. unemployment for women at an 18 year low.
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we're really proud of what we are doing, and during my first week in office, i reinstated the policy first put in place by president ronald reagan, the mexico city policy. [applause] i strongly supported the house of representatives bill that would and painful late-term abortions nationwide. i called on the senate to pass this important law and send it to my desk for signing. [applause] on the national day of prayer, i signed an executive order to protect religious liberty.
12:36 pm
today i am announcing that we have just issued a new proposal to protect rights and religious freedoms of doctors, nurses and other medical professionals. i've just reversed the previous of ministration policy that restricted states efforts to direct medicaid funding away from abortion facilities that violate the law. [applause] we are protecting the sanctity of life and the family as the foundation of our society. this movement can only succeed with the heart and soul and prayer of the people. here with us today is marianna from greensboro north carolina. where is mary. come on appear.
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it's nice to see you. [applause] she was 17 when she found out she was pregnant. at first she felt like she had no place to turn, but when she told her parents they responded with total of, total affection, total support. great parents. mariana bravely chose life and soon gave birth to her son. she named him benedict which means blessing. she was so grateful for her parents love and support that she felt called to serve those who are not as fortunate as her. she joined with others in a community starting maternity home to care for homeless women who were pregnant. they named it room at the end.
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today mari anna and her husband are the parents of six beautiful children and her eldest son benedict and her daughter maria join us here today. where are they? come on over. [applause] over the past 15 years, room at the end has provided housing, childcare, counseling, education and job training to more than 400 women. even more importantly, it has given them hope. it has shown each woman that she is not forgotten, that she is not alone and she really now has a whole family of people who will help her succeed. that hope is the true gift of this incredible movement that brings us together today. it is the gift of friendship.
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the gift of mentorship, and the gift of encouragement, love and support. those are beautiful words and those are beautiful gifts. most importantly of all, it is the gift of life itself. that is why we march, that is why we pray, and that is why we declare that america's future will be filled with goodness, peace, joy, dignity and life for every child of god. thank you to the march for life special people and we are with you all the way, may god bless you and make up bless america. think you. >> you been watching a presidential first, first time a sitting u.s. president has
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addressed right to life marchers who are gathering after roe v wade was legalized in this country. telling him time and commitment and decency will be in there favor. we are getting word that the president had phoned chuck schumer, inviting him to the white house to try to reach a deal to avoid a government shutdown and that senator schumer has accepted. we don't know when the senator will be arriving but on the part of the present maybe they will bring something together that can avoid a shutdown which would be the first in about five years. the wall street journal assistant editor james freeman, a couple things to talk about, the significance of that phone call and the significance of this president just now in his address to
12:41 pm
write to lifers. what to make of them. >> i think we saw dignified president welcoming to the rose garden a family with a beautiful story. we think a lot and hear a lot about his less than dignified tweets and comments that maybe we wish you wouldn't say, but i think in that moment you saw president who can be very appealing and perhaps not as divisive as some would say. >> it's funny because i watched the other networks as were all on and they immediately see the present talking about the improving economy and markets and addressing right to lifers, what did you make of the moment using this moment to do that. >> i think this is why he does have such a strong, or why people who like limited government, like constitutional government have such a strong affinity for him and are willing to overlook moments that are undignified
12:42 pm
and they would rather not have them engage in. i think he is someone who you have a generally low approval ratings, but a very solid base of people who look at this last year end say this has been a great year for liberty, both economic and religious, this has been a great year if you like limited government and economic growth, if you like more opportunity in the private economy. >> do you think the shutdown will boomerang on him in any way, or do you think because were getting used to them is. [inaudible] >> i don't think it's a big deal long-term. i think it's likely that he catches some blame, certainly the press and democrats are generally going to work to pin it on him, but i think we've learned with the shutdown that they tend to end up being nonevents and workers and up
12:43 pm
getting paid and even if your small government person who hopes they might save a few bucks during the short dramas, those really don't end up having either. long-term, not a big event. >> thank you very much. good seeing you. >> in the meantime, we are following up on this. chuck schumer has accepted an invite, a last-minute attempt to avoid a government shutdown, inviting chuck schumer to come to white house , maybe to hash out something that can avoid that from happening around midnight tonight. chuck schumer has accepted. we don't know how soon he will be there. who else might be coming, we don't know but we do know he took this initiative himself. you two had been through everything together. two boyfriends, three jobs... you're like nothing can replace brad. then liberty mutual calls... and you break into your happy dance. if you sign up for better car replacement™,
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while the president phones, chuck schumer responds in a sit down to avoid a shutdown is on. maybe we don't get a shutdown, maybe we do, but this is a last-minute move on the part of the president to avoid one. what's interesting is if you look at the market, they haven't really moved much on this news. i don't know whether that means were not confident that anything will happen or they don't care. what do you think? >> it seems like they are holding steady, exactly to
12:48 pm
your point, the dow just kind of stayed under that line, down point to percent and the nasdaq up slightly higher. the worst drop on record goes all the way back to the carter administration. the worst drop on record that coordinates of the government shutdown within that year end the s&p 500 dropped. i'm not saying that's nothing, but were not talking but a ten or 12% drop. most that i've been speaking with say the key that even if a shutdown lasts two weeks, that's pretty short-lived as the year goes. you don't tend to see these big drop-offs. in fact, on average, counting back from the 70s to present time, the average drop during a shutdown is .6%. last shutdown 2013, the s&p 500 went up 3%. i think most investors see these activities and events is short-term and we all move on. another thing, other things
12:49 pm
become more important. low unemployment, very healthy earnings season, especially so far from what we've been seeing in the past few weeks. the idea that tax reform is very supportive to corporate america, sort of all of those larger weights, if you'd like, they even out any near-term scare. >> i think the biggest scare would be if we see our rating, our credit rating dinged. ironically, last time that happened it had nothing to do with the government shutdown. the threat of one when our aaa rating was dinged, but it didn't happen in the middle of the shutdown. what do you think? a shutdown doesn't have the same stigma it used to? >> this is the same fear game we've lived through. the markets don't care. this is a nonevent. the market is actually hoping for some dip. it will be bought up immediately so it won't even
12:50 pm
occur. if there is a shutdown i don't even expect there to be much of a correction. in 2013 we had the shutdown and the market from beginning to end of the shutdown rose 2.3%. i don't think this is going to be in event at all, and in fact, i don't expect any rating downgrade. i think as i mention this is a fear game and we've seen it and lived through it through the default in 2011 we had the commendation of the partial shutdown and a potential default. the market moved fairly and came roaring back. >> what i noticed catherine, to finish that point, the construct of things often happen after the shutdown where, even with the example on dealing with president clinton where they get welfare to work and some substantial structural changes in entitlement programs, and that did change things for the better in the eyes of those who wanted a more cost-efficient government
12:51 pm
that's watching its bottom line. >> that's why it's put a maneuvering at the end of the day. chuck schumer said in 2013, why hold millions of people hostage, even though you care so much about one issue. you can't do that. i'm happy that he's going to meet with the president. i think he is hopefully reverting back to his own ideology from the 2013 debacle, but certainly, that's why politicians look for something like this. at the end of the day, that's why the markets don't care at all. >> i think you're right about that. history certainly. [inaudible] we're getting word that schumer is almost at the white house of this meeting is certainly eminent. i'm just wondering how that goes. obviously schumer is sticking to his position that it's daca or bust, as part of the deal or it isn't. the president is arguing can we make a separate deal as he was originally espousing, but the democrats are saying you mr. president have abandoned us on this.
12:52 pm
does the market, or with the market assign any blame to either? >> i don't think so, but i do hear your point and i one 100% agree that this is what the issue is about. we will see if they can find some common ground, i don't think so. call me a cynic, i do think if we have a selloff, no matter what happens after this meeting, i think i would just point to a larger contextual picture which is we are in a ninth year bull market and if you take a look at some of the rallies that we've had, just in the past 12 months alone, tao is up 31%. if there is a selloff, i might be inclined to say okay listen, we've come up quite a long time, quite consistently so it's natural that a small event might encourage some investors to take some money out. >> ladies, thank you very much. so many fast breaking news developments. they'rthe dow is down about 36 points. one that was positioned by the
12:53 pm
president of the united states right before he addressed those right to lifers on the south lawn in the rose garden that he wanted to extend an olive branch to the democrats, maybe chuck schumer to come to the white house and cobbled together some deal to avoid a shutdown. blake is that the white house did what can you tell us? >> chuck schumer is expected to sit down with the president at the white house in the near future. the reality with all this is that this is now in the senate's hands. republicans only have 50 members on the hill but a few of them have said they will be voting against this short-term crna or needs to be a new deal or democratic help. you saw that they are trying to label this as the schumer shutdown. they say they've put on the table things that democrats wan want, until delay of obamacare taxes, an extension of the children's health insurance program and they don't understand why democrats would go along with this
12:54 pm
resolution to fund the government through february 16. they are trying to say this is in his hands. democrats get this along and across the finish line. now the white house we are led to believe the president and chuck schumer are set to sit down shortly to try to hash this out. >> maybe you can help me with the policy, the tri intrigued that republicans believe that even though they get the rap for being responsible for all the shutdowns, that this time they think it will be very different even though they have the full run of the table and control all the levers of power government that they are framing it as we are ready to go, you need these extra democratic votes in the senate to avoid this and they're saying that it's democrats in support of illegals and their making it difficult for you as a result. they're very convinced that argument is a winning one.
12:55 pm
>> and here's the difference. up on capitol hill, whether you have control or not there are always cameras for you to go before and make your argument. whether democrats or republicans control the house or the senate there's always time for the house majority leader or the minority leader, et cetera to make the case. what's different this time around is republicans now have the pulpit of the building behind me. the white house feels, and you saw today that they can try to make this case that you're talking about that even though they control the white house and the house and the senate, the reality is there's only 51 republicans in the senate and they need nine democrats to come with him. they are trying to make the argument that it is the democrats who now control this and on this even though they only need a small portion of democrats, the biggest democrat is sitting down with the present trying to hash this all out. >> we shall see what happens. thank you very much. moments away, chuck schumer
12:56 pm
meeting with the president of the united states. donald trump initiated this now can he score a deal to avoid all this? : ng on? zicam cold remedy nasal swabs shorten colds with a snap, and reduce symptom severity by 45%. shorten your cold with a snap, with zicam.
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12:59 pm
. >> we do not want a shutdown, but if mr. schumer insists on this, he's in a position to enforce this on the american people. it is frustrating to all of us in this position, but what's unclear is what is it the democrats are asking in order to get out of a shutdown. seems they are hell-bent into
1:00 pm
getting out of a shutdown. >> this is an attempt by the democrats, led by mr. schumer, that's why we call it the schumer shutdown that the president gets blamed for it. neil: as soon as chuck schumer got to the you twos talk about the president about avoiding a shutdown, he wants that to stop the schumer shutdown thing. defended by no doubt, the blame is cast by him when he says republicans back and forth we go. adam shapiro with the shapiro shutdown, i guess we can call it that. what's going on. reporter: in efforts to avert the shutdown, which mick mulvaney, the director of omb was referring to 50-50 chance of a shutdown. schumer, the republicans here on the hill on wednesday started referring to the schumer shutdown and putting pressure on the
1:01 pm
democrat minority leader in the senate to come to agreement in. the web page they play a clip from senator schumer which you heard from mitch mcconnell, different people talking about from 2013, pure chaos to shut the government down demanding for immigration reform. that's one of the things with senator schumer. there is his partner in the senate, mitch mcconnell who put it like this. >> this vote should be a no-brainer, and it would be, except the democratic leader convinced his members to filibuster any funding bill that doesn't include legislation. they are demanding for people who came into the united states illegally. >> of course, senator schumer would usually respond to the leader in the senate, mitch mcconnell, but it was dick durbin who leads the negotiations for the democrats on immigration issues who took to the floor right after mitch mcconnell. here's what durbin said. >> if we are going to change this mentality of never
1:02 pm
producing a budget, never producing appropriation bills, kind of stumbling into the fiscal year for month after weary month. if that is the new norm around here, shame on us, and shame on the majority party, the republicans, for saying that's the best they can do. reporter: here on capitol hill, what's going on, you heard chad talk about, our producer on the house side talking about the meeting between the big four in mccarthy's office, the republican leader, trying to work out a deal to avert the shutdown. have you chuck schumer with the president, the white house trying to avert a shutdown and lindsey graham who put out a statement saying nobody, absolutely nobody wins if the government shuts down. back to you, neil. neil: adam, you know, you mentioned this meeting going on in the white house here, and i'm wondering were mitch mcconnell and other republican leaders apprised of it? last time the president was sort of surprising them with
1:03 pm
this separate deal, remember, last go-around when all of a sudden seeing the president cobble something together without them being aware or at least surprised? >> that's a great question because the simple answer is we don't know if the white house informed leader mcconnell about that. i can tell you this, we've been having discussions not with the top tier democrat senators but the mid tier, just asking him. where stand on this? are you going to pull a rabbit out of the hat? there are efforts to avert the shutdown, this is coming from the democrat side. but there are democrats who want this fight because they feel they have put up with too much for too long, neil? neil: adam, thank you very much. adam shapiro on capitol hill. arizona republican congressman paul gosar with it, he voted no on the continuing resolution to keep the government funded last night. congressman, very good to have you. why did you vote no on that? >> first of all, i wanted to
1:04 pm
make sure that our play was i wanted to fund our military for the full year. that's what i wanted. i wanted to create the roadblock in the senate where we have the minority controlling the floor time and the discussions in the senate. people back home want this thing to go away, and this is the best time to have that. this is the best time to have that fight right now, neil, the closer you take the budget to the daca nonrenewal in march, you give more power to the democrats. and making big mistakes along the way. neil: are you worried the president might do something like that, meeting with chuck schumer right now? >> i've got to trust my president. he's been very forward and stable in regards to what he's wanted. he's wanted border security. he's wanted, you know, to end chain migration, the diversity lottery. he's been very, very firm on that application. i did hear some of your discussions earlier, but that's
1:05 pm
the jargon that comes with politically suffice talk. neil: you are probably right. you know, congressman, bias is in the eyes of the beholder, i guess, and, of course, you have democrats and dick durbin and others saying the appropriation mess and not having the budget and not doing any of that. that was legion when barack obama was president and democrats had the run of the table in his first couple of years. it is not unusual but a sad commentary that this is how our system operates. is there any way to change it, do you think? >> absolutely, that's why i wanted to have this fight and have this fight now. i wanted to take names and call them out to show the american people that it's arcane rules within the senate that are causing this problem. how about we go back to the way that the filibuster, holding up confirmation processes, bring out the cots, the iv's and the
1:06 pm
doctors, make the old buzzards sit there 24-7 until they give up. we need to have the fight now to show where the problems are in this arcane, so to speak, hierarchy in the upper chamber. neil: congressman, thank you very much. we'll get word on what's happening at the meeting with the president, chuck schumer. a possibility that others are involved in the meeting. it does not look that way. i want to pause here. there is the briefest of thoughts here that maybe chuck schumer and others are there, or others have asked to be there. to our understanding, it's just the president and the senate democratic leader. all right, dianne feinstein warning that the shutdown will result in people dying. jonathan hoenig says the shutdown is a good thing in the hyperbole is a bad thing. he joins us right now. we always hear this talk, jonathan, and hearing it again, what do you think? >> neil, for one thing i have to say thank you for having me. it's an honor to be with you during one of the 90 hours a week you are on live tv.
1:07 pm
thank you. neil: you are quite welcome. >> we always hear the hyperbole. the atm's are going to stop working, the sky's going to fall. that's the justification, the fear that's been used to pass every big government program, the stimulus. i welcome the shutdown. all the protesters, blm, shut it down, shut the government down, neil. it was designed for gridlock. our system designed this, designed to move slowly and focused on ideas. these are very important issues. congress has the power of the purse, if we need to shut it down, the world is not going to end. neil: we have to remember that the money coming into washington doesn't stop it. no one does a freeze in our paychecks and the taxes that we pay. none of it is an issue of prioritizing the $3 trillion that does come in. we spend a lot more than that obviously. that is up to the white house how it sorts up the bills that have to be paid and not paid. how do you think that's going
1:08 pm
to go? >> sounds scary, right? shutdown, shutdown, and i think people use that as a linguistic package deal. the truth as you alluded to, the military functions, the police function, the courts function, the mail functions, what doesn't function is their own admission, the nonessential workers get sent home which begs the question, if they're nonessential, why don't they stay home? if the gop is looking to cut government, this is great opportunity to do so. it oftentimes seems between the two major parties and the taxpayers, like ben franklin said, two wolves and a sheep deciding what's going to be for dinner and the taxpayer is what's for dinner. neil: you know, to your point, wall street doesn't seem that all worked up about this. maybe that would change, i guess, if it's dragged on. maybe not to your point, post shutdown, if it comes to, that markets end up doing well, constructive things happen, after the fact.
1:09 pm
you don't wish that upon people, per se, but if the markets are flummoxed about it, they have a weird way of showing it. what do you make of that? >> interesting, you mentioned the last hour, the biggest reaction the market had came during the carter era. i know you weren't born back then, came during the carter era. the government was strictly democrat. neil: that's right, very good point. >> the democrats ran the table. neil, it didn't have effect under obama in 2013, the bond market has been extraordinarily weak lately. interest rates are rising and rising at the highest level they have this year. so this time, in fact, it might be different and you might see shots. in '87 it was comments about jim baker on the weak dollar that set off that correction. i'm not a cassandra but this time it's different. given the stimulus and the political implications, a shutdown might portend more havoc in the market. neil: you are right, a 10-year
1:10 pm
note is back over 2.6%, as it moves toward 3%. others say it would be a subtle development. when that happens, earmarks in the stocks because the return is so low elsewhere. does that worry you? it would still be low but inexorably be ticking higher? >> keep in mind, before the president was crowing about the stock market and its all-time highs, he and others are calling it quantitative fuel program. it hasn't changed to ultimately raise interest rates. just like under obama, we are under fiscally chartered territories. as you said, we've gone years without a 3 or 5% correction in the market. i just think now is the time for prudence overall and getting the three to six months worth of living expenses. if you have that at night, neil, doesn't matter if the
1:11 pm
government shuts down. the market goes down, 300, 500, 1,000 points. you have the basic needs to take care of. if only the government had the same claim. neil: you have ten years of reserve funds set away, don't you? >> if that. if that, yeah. neil: a brilliant investor but you are also quite cheap. you hang onto your dough which i deeply admire. the united states government should follow that lead. >> jeff bezos rode in the same honda after he became a billionaire. a dollar saved is truly a dollar earned. neil: i understand that, but you're jeff bezos, get out of the hunt. what are you doing? good afternoon, my friend, jonathan hoenig. we could see a shutdown which is perfect timing for cavuto live, tomorrow. you never know what can happen. 10:00 a.m. to noon, this is something we're doing every week because we live in fast times, my friends.
1:12 pm
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. neil: all right, we're told the meeting is on and the markets unmoved. chuck schumer meeting with the
1:16 pm
president of the united states, maybe they can cobble together something to avoid a government shutdown. hours from now. anyone's guess, the markets aren't fixated on it. i'm putting that out there as among the factors that could be moving markets as the day goes on. we shall see. the super bowl, by the way is set after this weekend. they play two weeks later. i guess. this is the longest two weeks in anyone's sports life as they go through the drill every day like what are the players doing now? stop it for god's sake. anyway, charlie gasparino has news what advertisers are talking about and indeed worrying about and involve potentially the president of the united states. hey, charlie, what's going on? >> you know, as you know, the super bowl is a big game, i'm a huge football fan but a big business event. millions, tens of millions, maybe billions, i don't know the exact number, of ad dollars are spent during the super bowl, some of the best ads you see are during the super bowl itself, leading up to it, major sponsors gear up to spend more
1:17 pm
money to get their name out there. one of the major sponsors obviously is pepsi, pepsi does a lot of advertising, they're bringing back a cindy crawford commercial during the super bowl. they're gearing up on this thing because there's a lot of eyeballs. even though the viewership of nfl football has gone down, one of the most viewed event on tv. there is big bucks associated in this. there is something that pepsi and many of the sponsors and advertisers of the nfl and the super bowl are worried about, what i'm hearing from sources inside the companies, it's none other than donald trump. what are they worried about? the one-knee controversy was a huge thing for advertisers. pepsi, for example, got inundated with complaints, because they're a major sponsor of the nfl over the one-knee controversy, maintaining sponsorship with the nfl as donald trump went out there and started using this says a political weapon. he called the players bums and
1:18 pm
s.o.b.'s and should be fired if they don't stand for the national anthem. when they did that, a lot of fans went after pepsi and calling in and demanded that they break off their relationship with the nfl. since then, it has subsided but now as the super bowl is gearing up, what pepsi and many other advertisers are worrying about is just as this thing gets started, as the fan, negative reaction subsided, trump dives into this thing and screws them when they're spending gazillions of dollars on ads. i'm hearing this from senior people at the sponsorships, they are worried about donald trump hurting their business prospects and advertising during the super bowl if he tweets a day before, during the game and says something like the players should stand or something along those lines that puts -- that reignites this controversy. this will be a big story going forward over the next couple of weeks. neil: thank you very much, charlie gasparino, see you in a
1:19 pm
little bit. president's approval rate is low. the lowest for any president one year after the fact. that could change with the reverberations of a market rally sticking with him eventually and the benefits of the tax cuts which the president was reminding and continues to remind folks about here, he says the media does not. daily caller news foundation chief 2020 advisory board. robin let me get your take on how crucial the deal going on right now or trying to make a deal between the president and chuck schumer. the president we're told made the call to schumer, we don't know whether he gave a heads-up to mitch mcconnell or anyone else, but those two are working on something, what do you make of it? >> this is vital, neil, for both parties, neither one of us can afford this politically, the americans certainly can't
1:20 pm
and neither can our armed forces. this is most important. trump rejected our first deal but i expected that, and now i think we're going to be -- i think we're going to see a deal today. it's vitally important to both parties heading into the midterms, i think we'll both get blamed, neil, in all honesty. neil: only in the moment, if anything they're forgotten, even the dustup in 2013 when republicans made hay in the two week outage of the president's affordable care act. i don't know if it has any impact beyond the moment. i guess it depends how long it goes on, but your thoughts? >> i remember the 2013 shutdown, the government tried to make it as painful as possible. fenced off the turtle play in my neighborhood. closed the message box, took the handles off of faucets.
1:21 pm
we got a lot of clicks out of it, catalog be the craziness, the only people that were affected by it are people in washington, d.c., the people in northern virginia who carried a grudge. the military got to pay checks, government got to pay checks after a vacation for the nonessential workers and didn't end up affecting the political outcome of anything here. what republicans and conservatives should be worried about is donald trump in rush to make a deal with the democrats will surrender leverage on future immigration reform, if he makes a deal based on daca and you guys can have this. the republicans seem to have the more cards. they've got the democrat dream, which is the snap program for children and chip, and the ability to make this deal, give the democrats this and the armed forces. it's looking good for a deal that republicans will be worried that trump gives too much away. neil: you can argue that, and people blame the president for this because he was the one who reversed himself on this so-called daca deal, that if
1:22 pm
they cobble together something, he would sign and accept it. we don't know all the details of that, presented to him, thinking it would be just that. i wasn't in the meeting, i don't know what was agreed to. i know there is no deal, there is no daca, there is no likely accord as things stand now. it will stick? it could stick to the president? >> you know, it's not over until it's over and the president's interest is making sure he gets the best deal for the american people. he's an amazing negotiator, deal maker, he's proven himself in the private sector and working as president of the united states for us. he's not going to sign something because he said he would sign something until he's sure it's what he wants to sign. he wants to focus on better security and benefit people of all backgrounds and all races and all socioeconomic statuses across this nation. neil: put yourself in chuck schumer's position, robin. he now has been shutdown schumer, i'm sure he doesn't
1:23 pm
appreciate that. but equally convinced, that republicans having the rule in washington would get the blame for this. i'm not so sure he's right about that. but having said that, that it's in his interest, not to have this pinned on him, especially if it looks, just looks that he is more interested in defending the rights of illegals than he is in avoiding a shutdown that could effect legals. what do you think? >> nancy pelosi had the big thing yesterday where she brought out a whole bunch of dreamers. that was a big live stream event. thousands and thousands of views. that was important, impactful. but like i said before, this would not benefit either party for the government to shut down. i have every faith they'll be able to come together on something. i just know that they are very adamant that the lives of these dreamers are not a playing chip to be played with here. we're not going to budge on that. i just know that. i can promise you that, neil. neil: i will say this.
1:24 pm
this is in the same party of the lone republicans playing the game attaching something this big to a spending measure, i know parties do what parties do, given position of the time and of the moment. chris, if you're a foreigner looking at what we're doing and potential shutdown whether it's warranted or not, big deal or not. we do look like a joke to the world, don't we? >> not looking like a functional government. fortunately, most people are too busy to care and especially abroad people have day to day things, their own expenses to worry about. it is sad to see republicans and democrats kicking this political football back and both over a government shutdown. worth remembering for republicans, the dreamers are a very important thing for the democratic base, and the republicans made a promise they're going to change immigration, get rid of chain migration or build a wall on the southern border. the only way you discuss this on an immigration bill separate
1:25 pm
from the spending chaos, if both sides have reason to come to the table to get over the 60 threshold. it hurts the chances for immigration reform that helps both parties. >> just to let you know, the president and chuck schumer are meeting as we speak. the president cancelled mar-a-lago trip to florida because of this, you know, showdown, shutdown, shutdown, showdown, whatever you want to call it. he is not intending to go anywhere. that could change if they strike a deal. there is no deal despite the talks continuing. looks likely. we'll have more after this.
1:26 pm
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1:29 pm
. neil: all right, welcome back, everybody. i'm neil cavuto and you're
1:30 pm
watching "coast-to-coast." the president and chuck schumer are still talking presumably in the oval office hashing out details and maybe an agreement they can score to avoid a shutdown of the united states federal government. later tonight, that would happen around midnight, and the last time we've seen that happen was in 2013 when republicans forced the issue, we are told at the time, and would cost them politically and dearly and big time. they picked up in the elections and obviously looking at this and saying if history repeats itself, it comes to that. that is if you're of the opinion it's on them. former ubs america ceo, very, very powerful democratic insider, golfing partner of barack obama, fox news contributor robert wolf. good to see you. >> happy new year. neil: happy new year to you, too. do you think we're going to have a government shutdown? >> better than 50-50, the only
1:31 pm
thing we may not have the shutdown, three days, see if they can work over the next three days and see if they can get something down. neil: sounds stupid. >> it is stupid. a shutdown is stupid, it's not good for anyone. neil: the magic would come up in three days they haven't been doing in three months? >> listen, you and i have talked, there's a lot of things if that would have done things bipartisan an up and down vote could have immediately been a plus. you could have gotten chip done, daca and border security done. neil: how does it get attached? >> they continually kick the can. neil: with republicans too? >> absolutely. you can't have it be about the debt ceiling, we have to pay our debts. continuing resolution is the one time you can put your foot in it. neil: this is about moneys that have already been appropriated and spent. >> so the debt ceiling is spent, the continuing
1:32 pm
resolution is a budget which we never balanced the budget, it's like silly time. listen, i agree with lindsey graham, we need more military spending. with the democrats, we need hurricane relief. the children's insurance program. we should be able to fix daca alongside border security. those things would be voted on. so i don't know if you are attach them or not attach them, but should be able to rectify the important bipartisan issues, and so the only hammer either sides have now is the continuing resolution to shut the government. i think it's an illogical approach. neil: i don't mean to say -- yeah, i'm a hypocrite, going wall to wall with this. our credit last time got downgraded not in the middle of a shutdown but the theatrics ahead of one. what matters to you, forget party affiliation, as a money guy looking at this. i look at it from abroad and
1:33 pm
the views of other money guys who say, man, in the united states, they've got serious issues. >> yeah, i would say from a dollars and cents perspective, this is almost irrelevant, because those who aren't going to be paid for a short period will be paid. they get their pay back. we don't freeze money out of our paychecks, the money is coming in. who decides? the treasury decides the pecking order, you want to make good on the interest payments on the debt. >> there's two different things, the debt ceiling which is not an issue. the continuing resolution is how much money we have in discretionary/nondiscretionary to keep our country doing the things we need to do. neil: do you avoid the fault, the biggest way is not making good on the government debt. >> correct, this is not -- neil: that's not going to happen. >> that's why you use this as the hammer. if we shut down the government,
1:34 pm
we're going to reopen it. people are paid back. what this forces everyone to do is realize there are big issues that need to be resolved. there is a better way to resolve it, but -- neil: both parties have become trapped to their extremes, right? >> i was surprised, the "washington post"-abc came out with a poll. 49% blame it on trump and the republicans. neil: big news, big news. >> and x percent, 28 democrats and 18 both. at the end of the day, people are fed up in things not being accomplished. we should not -- i look at children's health program, the insurance program chip, that has to be done. military spending, has to be done. neil: none of the money would stop going to that? >> literally, they would shut down. these shut down these programs. >> when you hear dianne feinstein and nancy pelosi and people die and all that stuff, do you think that's a tad bit
1:35 pm
of hyperbole? >> i don't. i think on some of the things like the children health insurance program, there are not alternatives to government help. i mean, listen, i'm not saying i'm for government spending, i'm for balanced budget. okay? but at the end of the day, there are those that we need to help in need. neil: the republicans offered that, right? republicans offered chip funding for six years. >> they did offer the chip funding. do you think daca should be attached? >> we should be able to resolve daca with border security easily. something 90% of our country want both. neil: the way it's framed by republicans is the interest of looking at illegals, they're going to screw it up for all of you legal americans. that's how they are framing. >> it's just inaccurate. this is politics. we're talking about children who know nothing but the united states. they would not know what mexico or el salvador. neil: the shutdown argument.
1:36 pm
>> and you i have been together a decade. populist rhetoric resonates on both sides. >> how do you think the president is handling all this? >> i don't think he's been that effective because he's flip-flopped on daca, flip-flopped on chip. neil: we don't know why he flip-flopped on this. the impression was after the tuesday meeting he was going to sign anything they offered. they offered something, the scuttlebutt was and lindsey graham and annoyed by it, he got some conservatives in his ear who told him this is a bad deal and he changed his mind. i don't know the details, that's the rap he got. he torpedoed? >> yeah, he made a comment, maybe a shutdown would be good. a shutdown is not good for anyone. just not good. when he puts those little things out and people say, well, maybe he'll veto what we bring to him. at the end of the day, i would let congress do what they think they need to get done and i hope the president signs it. >> the markets right now, when
1:37 pm
you advise clients, you're one of the best, would you tell them to get nervous or tell them keep diving in. >> there's no question corporate tax reform with a big boost, global gdp feels good. but getting a bit lofty. and tell you why i'm getting nervous. when you see treasury rates start backing up. neil: 2.64. >> all of a sudden, people say i have to look at risk reward, and it's feeling a little lost. neil: you're not one of the candidates saying that's going to propel buying, people see that as a sign of good times to come. >> where i disagree is there is not spend because you have more money. corporations are loaded with cash. if they thought it was a good organic investment. they would do it. they don't hire because they have more money. they hire because they see real growth. it feels better, confidence is better but yet to really see 3%+ in this continuous basis. so i'm hopeful, but i haven't
1:38 pm
seen the signs to tell me that we're there to stay. neil: robert, thank you very much. robert wolf. as he and i were speaking, showing the west wing of the white house outside the oval office where the president and chuck schumer holed up in a meeting. whether they strike a deal, whether the president is telling the type of deal he would like to strike with chuck schumer, i'm sure they are just as curious as we are. more after this. ooooooh snap!! every truck guy has their own way of conveying powerful. yeeaaahhh boy. kind of looks like a monster coming to eat ya. holy smokes. that is awesome. strong. you got the basic, and you got the beefy. i just think it looks mean. incredible. no way. start your year off strong a new chevy truck.
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...and before starting xarelto®-about any conditions, such as kidney, liver, or bleeding problems. it's important to learn all you can... help protect yourself from a stroke. talk to your doctor about xarelto®. there's more to know™. . neil: my favorite segment of this show, you know, the boomers, ticked off at the world. they're coming up. markets are not ticked off at anything, even the shutdown we're looking at the dow, regardless of what happens today en route for third positive week. a fast start to this new year. we are getting word that as this meeting continues in the oval office between the president and chuck schumer, that mitch mcconnell has been
1:43 pm
apprised of this, and is being briefed on this. whether that means his ideas are being forwarded to chuck schumer, i have no idea, but that this isn't happening in a vacuum. anyway, the bitter boomers are here, charlie gasparino, steve leeb, elizabeth macdonald and charlie brady. is this a deal if the government shuts down? >> the markets are betting it doesn't happen, and even if it does, there's a feeling that a limited shutdown, what's driving the markets right now, strong economic growth here, strong growth in europe, tax cuts, all pushing stocks higher and have impact that's going to continue to be filled throughout the year and in the future, and those are what's driving the market. unlimited shutdown won't have impact and perceived as buying opportunity. neil: leading every single segment for the last hour. >> yeah, we're here to set you straight. neil: all right. >> the boomers are here. one market that people should
1:44 pm
be paying attention to, in my opinion, i think you're absolutely right, charlie. what you're saying about the u.s. tax cuts, i don't think people have figured out exactly how important the tax cuts are to profits. major, major deal. but one chart they look at and don't make fun of me, okay. >> china. >> the chinese yuan. >> the chinese yuan is off the starts. neil: what are you saying? >> people are betting on china bigtime and not the dollar. the dollar is hitting a three year low. >> that's true, absolutely true. >> now the flip side of that is that global economies are getting stronger as we're getting stronger. >> right. >> and china, obviously, can dominate the global economy. >> totally, china dominates the developing world, and right now the developing world is bigger than the developed world. that is a very big deal. neil: they're ignoring this?
1:45 pm
>> basically they were ignoring this. neil: what are do you think? >> i think the markets are looking and it's a buying opportunity. you were asking at the break the last time we had same party rule was carter, and i quickly looked it up, and it was the carter didn't like wasteful government spending, a nuclear-powered aircraft carrier, he didn't like the spending on water works. now we're throwing money at the problem and the government is still not shutting down. neil: his own party ran the show here and they never forgave him. >> they didn't, neil. >> it was a real existential problem, bond yields would be spiking. neil: they're a little higher. 2.6. >> it should go higher, our economy is growing. >> yeah, exactly. >> they're not rising on this. neil: would you say that if
1:46 pm
they got over 3%. the 10-year is 2.64. >> depending how earnings season plays out. you might get 13% from a year ago. >> the bigger issue is not this annual or every three year nonsense, if it lasts three or six months. neil: it always happens. but with the last three to six months it could be a problem. >> state of the union address, right? >> that could be a political thing. neil: what if it is downgraded. >> the dollar is down, china up. >> they downgraded our credit the last time, bond prices went up. neil: by the way, we weren't in the shutdown mode. it was the kabuki theater around it. >> i will say this. the u.s. economy is growing, we don't know how much. we don't know if the personal side of the income tax cut can depress economic growth but markets saying the business side is working, global economies are growing. >> much faster. >> much faster than us, but it's good for us. >> very good for us.
1:47 pm
the headline, macroeconomic numbers are very good. this is not that bad a deal. >> and voters on both sides of the aisle are going to do this again. neil: if you are chuck schumer, you think this sticks to you? >> nervous about the schumer shutdown and the branding of nancy pelosi. i think he should be nervous. trump and schumer have known each other for years. i'd love to be a fly on the wall at the white house meeting. >> i bet he's not that nervous, here's why. >> who? >> schumer. >> the president's approval rating is so bad, despite the great economy that he helped create. >> but congress isn't on fire, democrat or republican. >> the president's approval rating. if the president started beating up on chuck schumer tomorrow, i don't think he'd care that much. neil: steve, what do you think? >> i think the president could surprise in 2018. i know his approval rating is down to 30%.
1:48 pm
almost like you can't say you like the guy or else you are thrown out of the room. >> here's the thing, we knew about approval rate, the polls on trump, and trump surprised everybody. people going to the voter booth in the midterm are saying i know you agree with me. people steps on his own agenda, it's problematic and loads himself up with tweets, that's a big problem, that's unfortunate because the trump agenda is working. >> here's the problem you have. trump lost the popular vote by a big margin and approval rating was better by then. >> he lost by 3 million votes. neil: the election was not about the popular vote. it was about a very different campaign. >> new york and california, period. that's it! >> did you see how close texas was? neil: we don't want to rehash the election, but it is what it is. >> it would be a big surprise in 2018. i really do. neil: that's good to know. [ laughter ] >> in the meantime, i think
1:49 pm
they all readily agree what's going on in the oval office is crucial, crucial, crucial and matters more than you know to the future of america avoiding a government shutdown. i think i got the gist of their views right. we'll have more after this.
1:50 pm
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1:53 pm
can chuck schumer and donald trump get a deal without driving each other crazy? i just had to say that, opposites might attract. le's go to house deputy whip. congressman, thank you for taking the time. >> thank you. neil: what do you think happens? >> i think we'll get to a deal, but it's been incredibly irresponsible by democrats. basically last night house democrats and leader pelosi tried to shut down the government. we had the ability to stop them in the house. the senate we don't, quite frankly. senator schumer and fellow democrats decide they want to shut down the government. if that happens, they're going to be responsible. neil: there are three republican senators, rand paul among them, who shared that view, they don't like what you cooked up in the house, what do you say? >> i don't know what's not to like. the overwhelming majority of republicans will support what we've got. all we did is say here, let's keep the government going for 30 days, you keep negotiating.
1:54 pm
reauthorize the popular children's health insurance program for six years, longer than you asked for, and finally give the pentagon money to protect us against north korea. there is nothing objectionable particularly when you are negotiating at that time. if they want to come back with something different, we will continue to work with them. if we have a government shutdown because democrats didn't know how to take yes, for an answer and thought they had a partisan political advantage by shutting down the government you. >> will be surprised to hear, congressman, that the same democrats are blaming you, specifically republicans. we did see a contingent group, i don't know if it included chuck schumer leaving the west wing outside the oval office heading towards the parking lot between the west wing and the old executive office building or the eisenhower executive office building so they might
1:55 pm
askew the cameras and just talk later about this, but if a deal cannot be struck, congressman, is it your sense that this could drag on a while, that a shutdown or whatever you want to call it wouldn't be one of the short lived events, it could be a while? >> i don't think that will happen, i'm hoping that more sensible heads on the democratic side will prevail, i think honestly the longer it goes on, the more obvious it is who did it. look, this is not a question whether the republicans or administration wants to shut down the government. they said over and over they don't. this is an opportunity without changing a thing, letting spending continue at the current rate, didn't put anything new in there that was objectionable and continue to negotiate. frankly, they're trying shut down the government for both political and policy reasons, they want to blackmail people into a daca fix they like as opposed to negotiate a settlement that both sides agree with, and think the politics worked for them. i think a lot of people on my
1:56 pm
side thought the politics worked well for them in 2013, turned out they were wrong. i think the democrats will be dreadfully wrong if they think shutting down the government will work to their advantage. neil: way too early to tell. congressman, very, very good seeing. >> you thank you. neil: weer a live cavuto tomorrow right across the street from the white house as a matter of fact. the big deal could be no government operating. we'll see. more after this. . . . .
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neil: all right. the meeting still going on. a down day on the markets here but what is looking like a very up week. in fact the fastest starts to a year we've seen. the dow up 5% in that interim. here is trish regan. trish: you really know how to time it, man. you can predict what is going to happen. you will be live tomorrow morning. neil: you can't beat it there. nothing will be open in that event but we'll be there. trish: you will be there. looking forward to seeing it. thanks, neil. chuck schumer meeting with president trump to work with democrats to avoid a government shutdown, they have 10 hours to reach a deal, to avoid the first shutdown in over four years. can the president get this done? we're on it right now as the big meeting happens. i'm trish regan. welcome to the intelligence report. the schumer shutdown, as the white house is calling it, as shutdown looms


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