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tv   The Intelligence Report With Trish Regan  FOX Business  January 22, 2018 2:00pm-3:00pm EST

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follow-up measure lead the way to get a measure to the house. assuming that passes. away we to, for the 37th time in our history we get back to business. trish regan to take us through the next crazy hour. trish: thank you, neil. senate will vote on short term spend bill to reopen the government in a short while as congress reaches an agreement to end the shutdown. we'll take you live to the senate floor as soon as the vote begins. we'll hear from the white house on the government shutdown, and whether the president will sign any daca deal that doesn't include funding for a while. i'm trish regan. well -- welcome to "the intelligence report." we bo to adam shapiro on when the shut down to officially end. we vote on the coining it
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resolution where it takes to us the february 8th. it then goes to the house. kevin mccarthy said it could pass, three week extension sent by mitch mcconnell. it can be taking place by four or 5:00 p.m. it can be sent later to the president for his signature. here is what mitch mcconnell what the shutdown teaches all of us. >> i think if we learned anything during this process is that a strategy to shut down the government over government over issue of illegal immigration. something the american people did not understand and would not have understood in the future. reporter: trish, there were democrats, as well as a few republicans, a few democrats voted against ending the
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filibuster. they wanted greater guarranties from mitch mcconnell on a vote about immigration reform, but about daca, those students, roughly 800,000 brought here illegally, those illegal aliens who need protection. here is what dick durbin said about the deal that was struck with mitch mcconnell. >> we're going to change this mentality of never producing a budget, never producing a appropriation bills, kind of stumbling into the fiscal year for month after weary month, if that is the new norm around here, shame on us and shame on the majority party, the republicans for saying that is the best they can do. reporter: so assuming they stay on schedule during "risk and reward" on the fox business network you might hear elizabeth macdonald might say that the house passed what the senate passed today and then it would be sent off to the president for his signature and government
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would reopen. trish: thank you, adam. we have deroy murdoch and antwan sea wright. deroy, couldn't we have done this on friday? >> i'm sorry? trish: couldn't we have done this on friday? did we go through all the drama, over the weekend into today, we're still not officially reopened, we still have a couple more votes. they reached a deal to keep us open for. >> would have given me one less article to write. people could have bonn to the beach or ski slopes. chuck schumer stood down really quickly. i thought this would go on longer. chuck schumer caved and people in his base will not be very happy. mcconnell and trump and republicans stood up and got the talking points unified i think they won this one.
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trish: all we got three weeks. we'll be right back where we started, right? nothing actually has been solved here. antwan, are you frustrated at will with chuck schumer. do you think he should have held out? >> i'm not frustrated at all. i'm happy that our government is open. i'm happy that our parks are open. i'm happy our military employees would get paid, 1.3 million of them. trish: technically, not yet. not yet. but you're happy about -- >> i'm happy that we're on the path. i'm happy we're on the path. you have to crawl before you walk. this is the first step in crawling. what i am more disappointed we got to the point. we could have avoided this long time ago as republican-controlled congress deal with what 90% of american people want to do, deal with immigration bill. 70% of the people want to make sure championship has long-term funding. truth of the matter is, i think we need to make sure every
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single year we have a government funding bill that fund our government. trish: i don't know if we have the sound, but if we do we'll play it for you. mitch mcconnell was on the floor and he said something pretty inciteful. antwan, he saying a lot of americans are saying why the heck did our government get shut down, our military members threatened not to get their pay all because you have the left fighting for people who are here illegally? while yes, i know polling all suggests, all shows that everyone wants to find a solution for the "dreamers," reality is, you just shout down the government for the benefit of people who are here illegally. that may not play so well peoria, as they say, antwan. >> trish, keep in mind a bill was introduced on the floor, friday night, maybe even yesterday by two democratic senators to make sure that our
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military members were paid during the shutdown period. that was objected to by the majority leader. that is number one. number two, keep in mind, numbers do not lie, men and women do. the numbers tell us by way of votes earlier this year, if the republican-controlled congress, house and senate wanted to pass a bill they could have by way of simple numbers. the truth of the matter is -- trish: correct you on that with deroy. is he right? in other words they have the house, they have the senate, therefore they should be able to get stuff done. >> that is not true on this particular measure you need to get 60 votes. which mean 51 republicans, now only 50 because john mccain is in arizona ill. they have to pick up 10 democrats. they lost a number of republicans. 97% of house democrats voted to shut down the government and 92% of senate democrats voted to
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shut down the. >> you there were republicans that voted down this measure. it wasn't, handful, whether half republicans you all have the numbers to keep the government, could have kept the government open if you wanted. >> does not have the 60 votes it would require to get this measure passed. you have to some democrats go along. not enough of them did. trish: that is the reality. we're looking at this big blame game. fortunately we'll push through this, by the way we'll be right back here another two weeks. nonetheless who -- >> we'll limp to the finish line. trish: who takes the blame here? the "schumer shutdown" moniker was pretty good. chuck schumer is calling it the "trump shutdown quote. deroy, people don't like shutdowns. people see them as needless. you're there to do the job. >> it would have be a trump shutdown if he vetoed spending
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bill and thrown us into the shutdown measure. 97% of house democrats and 92% of the senate democrats voted to shut down the government. snoop roy, roy -- >> if senate democrats joined senate republicans we wouldn't have a shutdown. i lay this at the feet of -- trish: they will do vice versa. thank you so much, guys. we have a market still rallying the shutdown talk. good to see you both, antwan and deroy. stocks are shrugging this off. almost near the highs of the session. they don't care about the dysfunction in washington. dow, shop, nasdaq hitting record highs. congress finally reach as deal to end the government shutdown. those votes happen momentarily. i should point out we're waiting on the white house we'll hear the administration's viewpoint on all of this. midst of it all, i'm joined by "bullseye brief" author and publisher adam johnson with barron's reporter marry childs.
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you recently went to "barron's." congratulations, mary. the market is up despite all the news of the shutdown. how are they able to shrug it off, mary? >> traders are good at compartmentalizing, if it does not show up in the near term, rubber meeting road, if it is abstract, maybe this will shave 0.1 percentage points off gdp, barclays estimated maybe we'll worry about that when the time comes. today i can't quantify it. i keep going. trish: make sense. >> it is about washington taking a back seat as wall street actually takes the high road. thank goodness. we can drive through the whole mess and mishigas. they play the blame game back and forth, trump already said i will take the heat on "dreamers"
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thing, just get it done. it is disingenuous for our senator here in new york city, mr. schumer saying what he is saying. i'm glad they finally figured it out. they were moving forward. that is why they were up last week, trish. trish: markets fortunately cut through a lot of that noise. mary, the noise will keep happening, right? we'll be back here right where we started in another few weeks. >> exactly. things get a bit more serious too. the minute you start having conversations about the debt ceiling, we max out our credit cards and can't continue to fund ourselves, that becomes much more serious especially in the bond market. you have seen this a couple times in 2011. it got really dire, geopolitical things happen outside the u.s. freak people out. internally, if you run the risk of u.s. government defaulting on their bonds, the bond market really has to take that serious. >> i do you think anybody is taking that seriously right now? >> not yet. trish: i know that is worst-case scenario. >> may i answer that question?
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trish: donald trump ace man who is very comfortable with debt. very comfortable apparently with not always paying that debt. >> true. trish: so, but you know, talking about the united states and its ability to pay its debt and donald trump -- >> we have never defaulted. we never will default. even in great numbers by the way, mary, going back to 2011, under president obama, remember that was do-nothing congress. they shut down president obama because the republicans were so angry. they admittedly stepped too far. i am a registered republican. i was not happy with my fellow republicans what they did back then. i'm glad to see they figured it out this time. it is okay sometimes to cross the aisle to work with the dems. they have to look out for daca kids in some capacity. they will figure it out together. trish: they are trying to figure it out. you bring up a very important point. what you're effectively saying whether or not we default on this stuff, hopefully not, you're pointing out this is not sustainable.
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in other words, $20 trillion in debt and still growing is not sustainable. so at what point do people get actually serious? do they ever? do we kick the can down the road so far that you know, our kids wake up and are suddenly dealing with the potential of real default on the debt no that is what it kind of looks like, right? the bond market having a bit of a existential moment where it is trying to figure out if the 35-year rally will actually end. it is evenly divided. people think rates will increase this year. one of the things people have been saying for years. trish: yields on 10-year and 30-year. we have those for you. 30-year is 2.92% right now. 10-year is somewhere around 2.6. higher than we've seen previously. >> they're going higher, trish. trish: below two. >> i've been saying we'll see a 3% 10-year certainly by mid-year. we'll see 4% gdp.
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that is a function of what we've been talking about a long time, trish, the two es of earnings and employment. add to that, 200 billion stimulus from tax reform. 100 billion from fiscal stimulus, they will get a budget done, 10 billion for stuck struck. it will create inflation. i think that will get us to 3% on the 10-year. trish: that is good for us, right? >> i am bullish. trish: i had is -- it is crazy to think you can borrow under 3%. if we feel good about the economy moving forward, it should mean some inflation somewhere down the road. >> absolutely. people are thinking this is the year. something people have been talking about since the financial crisis saying this is coming. for sure this year we'll get inflation. it feels a little bit different this time. trish: really. >> it is. it feels better. it does. i know i'm a bull but. trish: great example.
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for years how can you have a federal reserve printing money, qe1, qe2, qe. 23 -- qe3 and no inflation to seek off. i want to point out sarah huckabee sanders is joining reporters at white house. >> pending conclusion of the "schumer shutdown" is leading media coverage today. i will get with that shortly. i will start with a couple other national security issues first. on for the west syria we call on all parties to remain focused on the goal of defeating isis, de-escalates and resolving the syrian conflict and protecting innocent civilians. we hear and take seriously turkey's legitimate security concerns and are committed to working with turkey as a nato ally. increased violence disrupts a relatively stable area of syria. it distracts from international efforts to insure the lasting defeat of isis t could be exploited by isis and al qaeda
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for resupply and safe haven t risks exacerbating the humanitarian crisis. we urge turkey to exercise restraint in it is military actions and rhetoric, limit its on operation in scope and duration, insure humanitarian aid continues and avoid civilian casualties. we want to assure assad's brutal regime can not return and work diplomatically to end the syrian civil war. in afghanistan where terrorists attack ad hotel in kabul such attacks on civilians only strengthen our resolve to support our afghan partners. we commend the swift and response of afghan security forces. of afghan forces will seek to pursue those that seek to export terror around the world. we call for afghan to immediately expel the taliban leaders and prevent the group from using pakistani territory
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to support its operations. lastly, in regards to the government shutdown we were pleased to see senator schumer accept a deal that president trump put on the table from the very beginning was to responsibly fund the government and debate immigration as a separate issue. the statement here from the president of the united states that i will read. quote, i am pleased that democrats in congress have come to their senses and are now willing to fund our great military, border patrol, first-responders and insurance for have perrable children. as i always said once the government is funded my administration will work toward solving the problem of very unfair illegal immigration. we will make a long-term deal on immigration if and only if it is good for our country end quote. with that i will take your questions. jonathan. reporter: sarah, how will the dem president work with the democrats running a campaign ad calling them accomplice knit murder? how will show leadership?
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>> president's number one focus is on national security. he has been very strong on discussing the need for border security and tieing that directly to national security. that is a big focus of both the president's campaign at the time and also since he has become president. in terms of specifics of any ad running those aren't being done about it white house. i can't get into any details but his position in terms of the need for border security and how that impacts national security is something we've talked about and been very clear on. reporter: bringing democrats down here, bringing republicans here, hashing this out, how will this be any different? we didn't see him over the weekend. he was only talking to republicans. if there is deal by february 8, it will need be to done with democrats? >> we've been very clear about what we want to see in any legislation and i don't think there is a whole lot of daylight between where we are and where the democrats are. we certainly want them to negotiate and get to place. we're hopeful we can do that
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over the next couple weeks. john. reporter: senator schumer on the floor claimed the deal he had on the table for mitch mcconnell was much different than the one he had last week. how did the ball move forward if it did at all between friday night and this morning? >> i think democrats realized that the position that they had taken frankly was indefensible and that they had to focus on first funding our military, protecting border patrol agents, funding vulnerable children through the chip program. these were things that they didn't disagree with. they agreed with everything that was in the cr. the president stayed firm. republicans stayed firm and democrats realized they had to move past that piece of legislation and so that they could focus on a conversation desperate to have. reporter: is it your contention that the deal that chuck schumer accepted and lauded today is really no different than the deal he had on the table friday? >> i don't see it to be
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drastically different, no. reporter: just so we understand, is there in interaction, was there no interaction between the president and the campaign committee in the creation of that ad? did he approve it? >> that something i wouldn't be part of that process. i can't directly speak to that. reporter: it is important question. >> again the president has liberties that i don't. that would be something i would have to check him. i refer you to the campaign. they are only ones -- reporter: is that accurate representation of his belief what democrats and what their position was during the shutdown, that they are complicit, would be complicit in any future murders because of the shutdown? >> i think if people are unwilling to secure our borders that they're unwilling to end chain migration, unwilling to end the visa lottery system, unwilling to fix all of the problems that we have in our immigration system, and aren't willing to negotiate and actually do things that fix that system, that we know to be problematic, then yes, that
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would be a problem and certainly allow for future incidents to take place. john? reporter: real quick. does two-year requirement required for the president defense spending going forward, is that one of his top goals for the budget negotiations going forward, not just this fiscal year, but two years on defense? >> look, i'm not going to negotiate with you here. we made clear that, we made clear that is certainly our preference. john? reporter: thank you, sarah. the president several months ago called on congress to provide a legislative fix for those 700,000 or so daca recipients. is, in his position that he would sign such a bill, a clean bill, or would he insist upon funding for the border wall with mexico? >> certainly we want to make sure that the president and administration have laid out what we would like to see those priorities haven't changed. solution on daca, end to chain migration, end to visa lottery
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system and funding for border security, that would certainly include the wall. >> on another issue tomorrow i believe is the beginning of the final round of negotiations concerning nafta, the north american free-trade agreement. how are those negotiations going right now? what we're hearing right now is that they're to the going well. they haven't been going well, for the first five round. is the president prepare to pull the of nafta? >> we feel like things are moving forward. we'll continue in those negotiations but as the president said many times before. he will make sure he gets the best deal for america and american workers. that is still the focus and that will still be topic of discussion as we move in niece negotiations. dave? reporter: after this shutdown episode does the president feel like he can deal with democrats anymore? for example, senator coons over the weekend, he implied that the president didn't know the difference between authorization, appropriation. there has been other leaks about
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conversations behind closed doors. what is the president's level of trust with the senate democrats going forward? >> i wouldn't say highest level of trust but i think we're certainly hopeful that we can reach an agreement on responsible immigration reform. we have laid out what we want and we hope that democrats, we know they agree on most of those components and we hope that they will come to the table ready to actually make a deal, less focused on playing political games. reporter: beyond immigration you have the budget and infrastructure, other big things you want to get done. will that be possible after this fight? >> we hope so. we hope democrats again will not play politics and they will focus and put needs of the country ahead of the political gamesmanship that they have been playing over last couple months. we hope we can move the ball down the field on number of issues, but starting with the budget and moving into immigration. peter? >> will the president support a pathway to citizenship for "dreamers"? >> we have said that we would support a permanent solution for
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those in the daca program, and i think that would address that on that front. >> be very clear on that. you must have some position on this the president clearly has conviction on this issue. does he support this divisive issue, pathway to citizenship for these individuals? >> on specific, the number of people already in that program we do hope to find a permanent solution that would address that. reporter: be clear, legal status, versus pathway to citizenship? or does it not matter to the president? >> that is part of the negotiation process. right now we want a permanent solution for that program but we also want to keep a big priority for the administration is making sure we don't find ourselves having the same battle in two, three, four, five years down the road. so we have to have responsible immigration reform that address as number of issues. not just the daca program. reporter: follow up on that question. you said you would be open to legal, permanent legal solution for the 690,000 people in the daca program. what about beyond that? there is a lot -- axios had a
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story had a story internal white house memo estimated what the democrats want would potentially legalize 3 million "dreamers." where did you get that number, and what is the limit the president has on how big this population of "dreamers" really is? i think d.r.e.a.m. act would be predicted to legalize 1.7 million. where do you draw the line? >> i will not negotiate with you as as i said with major. we'll look for the best solution for our country as long as don't forget the big priority for this administration making sure we address this program in its entirety not just that one piece of it. reporter: said this program. there are certain people who had the daca protection. other "dreamers" decided not to apply for various reasons. is the white house open to addressing a deal in this go-round for population that is larger than just those in the daca? >> we're open to having a debate on a level playing field on this
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issue and negotiating that with congress and making sure that we get the deal that meets the criteria that we clearly laid out blake? reporter: one clarification, the president is planning to go to davos? >> as of right now if all things go as expected this afternoon, with the reopening of the government which we expect that they will, the president's delegation will leave tomorrow and president will continue on his trip later in the week. reporter: my question, the priorities of a daca fix, where does exactly that rank? when you talk about what needs to happen for a deal, diversity visa lottery program, the wall, ending chain migration, daca, some other components up on the hill may need to be worked in as well, the actual daca, solution, how big of a priority is that, that one component for the president? >> we look at all of those as equal parts in this process. that is why we laid out what we called our four priorities, and
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listed that as one of them. reporter: daca fix is on same level playing field as the wall? >> that is part of this negotiation. that is something the president committed to do but we don't want to do that without the other three components. it is like having a toll with two legs, it doesn't work very well. we want to make sure we address this more fully in responsible way so we're not just kicking the can down the road but dealing with the issue long term. reporter: last couple days -- [inaudible]. what is he doing behind the scenes as the drama unfolded? >> look, we put out a number about readouts. he had several different calls both with members on the hill. he has met with a number of his cabinet to manage the shutdown, that was a big priority for the president was making sure this was well-managed and that it wasn't as director mulvaney called it weaponized in 2013. making sure we make the impact of the shutdown have as little
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effect on americans as possible. that has been a big priority for the president. i think certainly went much smoother than it has in the past but also the president was putting pressure and standing firm on exactly what he was willing to do and what he wasn't and very clearly worked. we're back where we basically started on friday and the democrats have now allowed this to move forward, hopefully the house will move this through quickly and it will be at the white house for the president to sign. and then we can start immediately on discussions on immigration reform. reporter: when will we see him? >> we'll keep you posted. certainly make sure you twice are aware when that time comes. reporter: sign the thing? >> certainly possible. we'll let you know as, the timing of that still isn't finalized. we have to wait on the house piece. there is also omb and legal reviews that have to take place before it actually finally hits the president's desk. so a little bit of that is
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timing and formality issue. david? reporter: will we see him today regardless what the house does or does not do? >> we'll let you know. keep you posted. reporter: nafta discussions does the president have faith in wilbur ross. there was a report suggesting otherwise? >> absolutely. i spoke with the president directly this morning. he has 100% confidence in secretary ross. he loves wilbur. he is a strong advocate for administration and been a great leader when it comes to the trade discussion on steel, aluminum and certainly his involvement in trade across the board with the administration. reporter: president was very clear back in september when he said that "dreamers" have nothing to worry about. is that the still the case? >> i think we've been pretty clear that we want to find a solution on the daca program and we're going to hope that democrats are willing to work with us to make sure we actually resolve this issue.
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john? reporter: a lot of "dreamers" in this country living on pins and needles not knowing what their fate is, has in store for them. what is the white house message to the population? >> storm capitol, protest there, that is the place that held up this discussion. democrats are the ones that shut this discussion down by forcing a government shutdown, by being unwilling to fund the government. we lost four days over this process of the conversation that should have been focused on immigration reform, fighting over the cr. if they had been part of the solution instead of part of the problem i think we would already been further down the road stopping our -- in negotiations over that package. hopefully we won't have problems in the future. john. reporter: thank you, sarah. two questions. first, obvious there, congressman, tom cole, a member of republican leadership said over the weekend to a member republicans in the house were committed to the three
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priorities the president laid out in the process of reopening the government. is the president in cement on those three in the negotiations that are going to follow, ending chain migration, ending of the lottery and appropriations for the wall. >> yeah. we've been clear those are our priorities when it comes to immigration. reporter: non-negotiable. >> these are priorities we want to see in the package. we'll negotiate that with congress but we've been pretty up front. i think i said it 30 times already today. those are the priorities and principles that we've out lined we want to see in any legislative package that the president signs. reporter: my second question, sarah, on completely different subject, monsanto and bayer, two giants in the seed industry are prepared to merge their ceo's
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have met with the president. many fear this is going to lead to a monopoly for them. and raising prices which will hurt the farm community. is the president in favor of the merger of monsanto and bayer. >> i haven't spoken with him about that, john. i will have to get back to you. reporter: i understand that you nice have laid out your criteria for what you want in deal. is president saying on march fifth, he doesn't get what he wants from the democrats in other areas he will begin to deport the "dreamers"? >> we haven't determined that, we are hopeful we don't have to do that that we don't have to get there. we would like democrats getting serious about actually solving problems. they say they want to have this conversation. they say they want to negotiate, so much so they were willing to shut down the government. if they're that willing to go that far, surely they will come to the table to talk about real
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solutions to get something done. reporter: deportation for the "dreamers"? >> the president enforces the law, yes, that is his job as commander-in-chief. he did that absolutely. reporter: one other question -- >> that is clear because of congress's failure to actually address the issue. they are the ones that actually pass and make those laws. the president gave a six months time frame in order for them to do that now i think all of america is counting on them to show up and make sure that happens. reporter: just one more. president's son eric said this is good thing for us, meaning the president's party e does the president agree with that? >> i haven't spoken to him about those comments. reporter: what is timeline government would reopen and soon workers would be back at work and national parks and father states were closed would be opened? >> most of those parks they tried to maintain those and keep them open unlike in past shutdowns. they tried to minimize the
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impact on the american people. in terms of turn around time for full reopen, we are as i said earlier we're waiting on the house to vote and clear. then it will go through the omb budget process and review and a legal review and hit the president's desk we expect sometime late afternoon, early evening would make most government offices already closed would start back in full capacity tomorrow morning f that changes we'll let you guys know. that is what we tentatively expect. steve. reporter: chance to respond to the criticism senator schumer lobbed over weekend. in addition to the president, negotiating with him is like negotiating with jell-o. the president said the great deal-maker sat on the sidelines of the was it concerted effort on the president's part not to reach out to him this weekend. was that out of his strategy? >> what the president did clearly worked.
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the vote came in 81-18. those numbers are more in the president's favor than senator schumer's favor. i'm not sure what he gained other than nancy pelosi taking republican members out to din to celebrate their shutdown. i'm not sure what other positive things. reporter: democrat members. >> sorry, democrat members. reporter: in addition to chuck schumer saying that the president negotiates like jell-o, he wasn't sure where the president is on immigration priorities s the president shifting his policy positions behind the scenes under pressure from the conservative base? >> not at all. the president as well as the administration, we laid out clearly in three-page memo what our priorities are, what our principles are for this process and we have been very consistent on that front. reporter: veto power over any immigration deal? >> jason miller doesn't work in
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the administration. the only person i'm aware of veto power in this country is the president. thanks, guys. reporter: events? jerusalem? trish: sarah huckabee sanders answering reporters questions about the shutdown. go back to fox news contributor deroy murdoch and democratic strategist antwan seawright who are back with me. let me throw this out there. what do you do if donald trump is the one who actually gets immigration reform through and is the one provide some kind of pathway, i don't know to citizenship, pathway to legitimacy for all these "dreamers"? what is that going to mean for the democratic party? >> well, what it is going to mean that democrats have pushed the president to do what 80 to 90% of the american people want to do. that is fix a very broken immigration system. trish: do you think he can take credit for it? >> absolutely. democrats, the democrats can take credit for it.
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let me tell you why. we have branches of government in this country. the legislative branch is responsible for passing laws in it country. so the president signs off yea or nay on the bill that is passed by the congress. so i think the democrats can take credit for making sure that "dreamers" are protected in this country and fixing a broken immigration system in this country and not -- trish: what about money for that wall though? >> first of all, we are having this wall discussion because remember the president said mexico was going to pay for the wall. now he is asking congress for billions of dollars to pay for it, campaign promise he promised his base sometime during the campaign. that is the wall discussion. trish: you do see that a lot of democrats actually voted for the exact same thing? unfortunately perhaps of the messenger in this particular case and particular divisive environment we live in you guys are singing a different tune. finish your thought. i want to get to deroy. >> that is because this environment is created by read-meat right-wing rhetoric
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fort white house. look at statement that zare areh huckabee just said. when you talk about bipartisan negotiations, you can't throw rocks at democrats the same group of people you to bargain with to get something done. that is nonstarter when you do that the president needs a little growing june i will throw the same question to you, deroy. i said this in the beginning because i know donald trump's history on immigration and his positions on immigration. he was one time in favor of h1b visas. we need people that can work here as engineers in the tech sector. if they have proper qualifications he wanted businesses to bring some of these people in. so i guess i always looked at this with a little bit of skepticism in terms of hard-line on "dreamers" and immigration. i thought, my gosh, wouldn't it be interesting if he's the guy he's the guy, the one they paint
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as a racist and red meat, flinging kind of president -- >> he is, trish. trish: his language and he is the guy who makes it possible for people to come here more easily and for "dreamers" to stay. >> this is the classic situation. only richard nixon could open up china. maybe only donald trump is the guy who can get this done. i think very interesting from political standpoint from democrats, you mentioned racism, they love to throw the word racism around all the time if daca thing is fixed up and these people have some path to permanent safety in these country -- >> these people. >> these people the daca people. >> call them "dreamers." don't call them these people. >> let me answer the question i was asked, okay. the folks in daca status now some permanent legal status it will be very difficult for the democrats to yell racism and bigot. on and on. that he will lose the talking point. one of the things they they use
2:39 pm
to gin up their base. trish: that is only thing you have got going into 2008. that is explosive thing. i don't appreciate what you guys are doing with it. that is the worst thing you can say about someone. nonetheless they're throwing that language around over and over again. donald trump is a racist. it is okay to hate on the president in a way that i can't ever remember this country being. and i suppose it is politically expedient for you. >> well, trish, now if you saying you can't remember a time in which we've seen this kind of environment, just rewind the clock just a little bit and look how president obama was treated. but i don't even want to go there. >> because i think he was treated president obama really, really well. the media adored him. they loved him. >> oh, my goodness if you thought president obama was treated well, i'm going to say a prayer for you tonight, trish. trish: obama -- coming out of the "time" magazine cover. he didn't have a meltdown or people calling him his hair on
2:40 pm
fire. >> -- >> calling the president's wife saying she looks like a gorilla. trish: no. no contest in terms of how the media is treating president trump versus how they treated -- >> there is difference between the media and how president obama was treated but that is not the issue. you want to say what is not fair. what is not fair these crimers crimers -- dreamers, how many other weeks will wake up in cold sweat not knowing their status or change their life -- trish: when you are here illegally, yeah, you're probably sweating bullets right? because you're here illegally. >> they are not here illegally, trish. trish: next three weeks they will be in the same position they were in, they are still here illegally. >> they are not here illegally. trish: shutting down the government and -- excuse me, can
2:41 pm
i finish? >> yes. trish: not paying your military because the "dreamers" and their outcome is so important while i think a lot of americans are questioning priorities right now. and that is where they're left. sure, it is important to find some solution for them but is it important enough that you shut down the government and you don't pay your military? that's where they're going to be stumped. deroy, antwan, thanks to you both. i have to leave it there. we're coming up on a break. the senate, everyone is about to vote on the bill to officially reopen the government. it will happen any minute from now. it is expected to pass and fund the government for, for next three years, another 21 days. you get to spend. we find ourselves in the same situation then, probably, representative diane black is here. she has got more on it next. after a day like this,
2:42 pm
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trish: news breaking right now, he have one. rupert murdoch, executive chairman of news corp which owns fox business is calling for radical change between facebook and publishers.
2:46 pm
mr. murdoch says, facebook should pay publishers a carriage fee just as cable operators pay for television programing. owe says since these content generators are enhancing value and enhancing integrity of facebook through their news and content, they should be compensated for their works. facebook has not commented. we'll stay on it. house speaker paul ryan says the house will follow the senate to approve a temporary spending bill to reopen the government through february 8th. many blaming the democrats for causing this in the first place, including my next guest, congresswoman diane black. she tweeted, it is day three of the schumer shut down, they are putting our country in jeopardy and playing political games with our national security, military and health care for low income children. congresswoman, you can breathe a sigh of relief we have the government open for next three weeks but looks like we might be
2:47 pm
back where we started in just a short amount of time? >> i sure hope not, trish. i hope this is going to mean we'll get together and get our work done but this was such a ridiculous thing to have to go through for our troops to get funded and we wouldn't be able to fund the children's health insurance programs as well as other things that go on as well. disrupting the flow of government to the people. so i'm glad where we are today. it was very unnecessary measure. what we'll vote for today is the same exact measure that has been out there with one less week. so it is going to shorten the period of time we get a daca program ready and ready for a vote. trish: congresswoman, you make this point but i just don't get why this didn't happen like last thursday or friday and why we had to go through all the drama and the stress. >> thank you. trish: to your point, the people that rely on these paychecks because they have got bills to pay, they don't know if they can pay their bills because they
2:48 pm
don't know whether they will get paid this week. it puts everyone in a very bad position there that would be affected by this shutdown. let me move on to what's next. i agree, i hope we're not back in this spot three weeks from now. what do you think really can and will get accomplished here? >> well, i hope that again those that were at the table several weeks ago when they went to the white house on both democrats and republicans and also the media was in the room, that the talks that began there will continue. and i'm not sure that we'll have a complete resolution but maybe it will be enough to make mr. schumer say we are moving forward. we are serious about it. we realize that daca does need to be fixed. we realize that what president obama did was not the way things should be done. the courts found that. it is our congressional duty. along with that we have to make sure we're not in situation five years down the road trying to fix daca. this is bigger than just one little piece of it. there are other pieces that
2:49 pm
surround this to make sure -- trish: what we're talking about is a real fix here. congresswoman, i just question, you might have heard me in the last segment, talking with antwan, i question whether democrats will go along with this. because if president trump and the republicans are the ones that provide some kind of path to legitimacy for these "dreamers," is there a political risk in that many members of the immigrant community are going to feel a sense of gratitude, dare i say towards the president and republicans and i'm sure chuck schumer would not like that? >> well, i think that this is very political for chuck schumer and i think that this is a political error he is making. his calculations have not panned out maybe he thought they would. you see by the polls that people in this country do not believe this was a reason to shut down the government. he has to be very careful about his next step. especially when there is
2:50 pm
goodwill doing what we know we need to do. that we do have a deadline. we have a march deadline. let's not set deadlines that are not achievable. that are irresponsible. let's get our work done. i hope we'll do. and i hope mr. schumer comes to the table. i doubt it. because he is a partisan person who i understand that for those who work with him, and i have not he is really not trustworthy. i hope that he will change that style, become trustworthy, sit at the table, to make sure we get our work done. trish: congresswoman, i don't know how you do it. it will be a pretty frustrating experience for a lot of folks in d.c., if you can power through it would mean a lot of things for a lot of people. congresswoman black, thank you. >> thank you for having me. trish: the senate about to vote on a bill to officially reopen the government any minute from now. stay with us. we'll have the vote live on the senate floor next.
2:51 pm
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the white house seen the short time ago that the president will work with congress on the best solution. it looks like the president and still on track to go his team will leave tomorrow. in terms of daca.
2:55 pm
the white house has been the deal is struck forth. between republicans and democrats. the four pillars that this president and white house have talked about. that is a dr. fix on the one hand ins exchange for border security. but also reforms to the chain migration system and trying to and that. i asked sarah sanders does a little while ago how big of a priority is indeed that fix for the president. we look at all of those as equal parts in this process. that's why we laid out what we called our four for priorities and listed as one of them. we know that that will be part of the negotiation and that something the president has committed to do.
2:56 pm
we don't want to do that without the other three components. it's like having a stool with two legs it doesn't work very well. in responsible way so that were not just kicking the can down the road. they painted at the president as one who was disengaged from this process asking where was the great negotiator in all of this. they feel like it is a scoreboard moment. what president trump ted worked. they feel like there is no a big difference from the deal that is worked out today than what the president had offered on friday. will take a quick break and we will be right back. you know what they say about the early bird...
2:57 pm
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the government is going to reopen in the market is up. liz had seen through the close. why is the government still close right now. the deal is not really done yet. any known -- moment they are expected to kick out that. if that passes it gets kicked to the house. february 8 is the new cyst supposedly non- negotiable deadline. end and the so-called dreamers. the moment that preliminary senate vote passed but of course as one great individual said it's not over till it's


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