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tv   The Intelligence Report With Trish Regan  FOX Business  February 1, 2018 2:00pm-3:00pm EST

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confirm, what home depot and couple dozen other major american companies have decided to do to share the wealth with workers. up close to four million now. sharing bounty from $1000 to $5,000. the meter is still running. now trish regan. trish: thank you, neil. the president is blasting democrats for refusing to work with republicans. that the left would rather see america fail than thrive. but he vows that he will not let democrats get in the way of moving forward with his america first agenda. we're in the green right now. up 43 points of. off the highs of the session. we had been .
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security risks in this memo becomes public. but, judge napolitano, he is not buying that one bit. he is here and he is going to explain why. we need to let the american public decide for themselves. that is happening in just a few minutes. bo to adam shapiro, he is in west virginia there where a short time ago the president delivered what i would call a powerful america first speech. hi, adam. reporter: he is always america first, trish and this was no different. he spoke to the republicans gathered here in west virginia, talking about tax reform, talking about immigration reform, talking about infrastructure. specifically his message to democrats saying that the administration and republicans
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will continue to attempt to pass bipartisan legislation but they have to be met in the middle and it doesn't appear according to the president that democrats want to do that he cited the fact he offered a path to citizenship for 1.8 million people who have come tonights illegally. he says the democrats he did this to see if the democrats were serious using immigration to solve the problem or using immigration as political point. here is what he specifically said about it. >> they talk a good came with daca but they don't produce. either they come on board, or we'll have to really work and get more people so we can get the kind of numbers that we need to pass in a much easier fashion legislation. reporter: now he also talked about the result of the successful tax reform and pointing out that it has put $2,000 on average back into the pockets of regular people not only here in west virginia but
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across the country. first $24,000 is not taxed. he went on the attack of nancy pelosi, minority leader of house. when she calls the bonuses, 1000-dollar bonus, she calls that crumbs, that she is missing the point. here is the president in his own words. >> nancy pelosi called crumbs. that was a bad -- that could be like deplorable? does that make sense, deplorable and crumbs? those two word seem to have a resemblance. reporter: so the president is now on his way back to washington. trish? trish: thank you very much, adam. joining me right now with reaction, white house senior advisor for strategic communications and assistant to the president, mercedes schlapp. good to see you. >> hi, trish. trish: he laid out an agenda in
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the state of the union last night and immigration reform is a big part of it. doesn't sound like the democrats are willing to give you guys an inch. how do you get past that? >> clearly the democrats want to make immigration reform clearly a political wedge issue -- trish: looks like we may have lost her said slap. mercedes schlapp, we'll try to get her back. this is increasing i political wedge issue. that is one of the problems here. as far as democrats go, i don't know how they will go out there and look at their constituents and look at their base and say, the president, he offered a deal for 1.8 million americans to have some form of legitimacy, in fact citizenship but we turned it down because you know what? we'll not have that wall and we'll not let him end chain migration, and we're not going to let him end the lottery
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program. how does that make any sense? they want to send all these people out of the country when the president is willing to give a deal? i mean politically-speaking it looks as though the republicans have upper side on this one. joining me with more context, republican strategist, ford o'connell and democratic strategist hamza khan. we'll try to get her said back with us. looks like the satellite feed went down. ford, just the politics here, there are members of the president's base don't like extending citizenship to all these people but he is putting forth a deal. if the democrats don't go along with it, they will deport all these individual? >> look what the president is proposing what many, 54 senate democrats agreed to in 2013, a border fence, ending diversity visa lottery program and putting curbs on chain migration.
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65% of americans in the latest harvard harris pole agree with the president's position. he is trying to make a deal. democrats will basically resist, be struck, sit on their hands. it is unfortunate situation. president trump is absolutely right. build on powerful state of the union, continue in the tax bill and deliver on immigration and infrastructure. trish: hamza, democrats will have tough time if economy is doing as well as it is doing. what do you think happens in '18? >> talk about the economy. the current tax bill put through congress quickly and put into law benefited 2% of the americans. only 1.94% of americans bottom bonus from their jobs from the tax cuts. trish: just happened. >> just happened. only 2%, so quickly. we've been talking all the time how great this tax is for the american people. it hasn't trickled down to anyone. trish: only been in place a few weeks. starring tomorrow, americans will be getting raises as a
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result of this. more money coming back to them in their paychecks. >> let's see if that comes out. we'll see if it gets beyond the margins starting tomorrow since you seem to think tomorrow we'll get pay cuts coming back -- trish: okay. hang on ford. i want to keep going, hamza. i want to hear rest while you say economy is not doing well now? >> a lot of reasons why the economy is not doing well. fox poll, said 71% of the americans concerned about the economy, with president trump being in office for whole year. on top of that, even though president trump seems to take credit for president obama's work on economy, we've seen that the job growth in the last 12 mon slow, rather than increase. so i'm not -- trish: can i stop you. ford, i will get you in here just a second. you think that the upside we're seeing in terms of gdp growth right now is a result of
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president obama? you think 26,000 on the dow right thousand is a as a result of president obama. >> president obama made sure the economy growing for wall street and main street. i can tell you for a fact that everything right now is due to barack hussein obama. trish: i can tell you for a fact he had nothing to do with growing the fundamentals in the economy. that janet yellen did. when you present that much money you see a bump up in the stock market. until you have meaningful policy reform nothing happens fundamentally with overall economic growth. it wasn't until we got word of the tax cuts that things really started to take off. and that rumor got built into the market. that optimism got pushed into gdp. >> if you want -- trish: hang on. ford get in. go ahead, ford. >> if you want to do what nancy pelosi is doing saying three million people getting raises is crumbs, let me tell you something, republicans will hold the house in 2018 and to trish's point, look,
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unemployment 17-year low. consumer confidence and small business confidence is through the roof. reason why that is because of optimism based on tax bill which had 20-point swing in last month, deregulation policies put in by the trump administration basically cut regulations on 22 to one clip. regulation was stifling the american economy. it is deregulation put us essentially near 3% in gdp hopefully with the tax bill it will put us near four. if you guys want to keep touting obama did all of this, i promise you will hold the. >> you can promise what you want, polls are showing democrats in the best position ever to take back the house. >> no, they're not. i will rebut you. >> you can rebut, let me get through my point, even within the republican party there is no clear step going forward how they will get immigration reform through the house right now and through the senate on top of that that is on front page of "politico." trish: send all these people home because you won't end chain migration. >> i'm not sure if its right for
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you to go off about chain migration. we have a lot of great americans came here from every part of the country. you called those 1.8 million people a few years ago americans. why are we negotiates right to be in their own country. trish: let's stop you there. because what you are saying because you're not going to allow him it end chain migration and you're not going to allow him to end the lottery program, instead of by the way, one would think you want to be strategic who comes here, but if you don't allow him to end those things, you're going to take 1.8 million people and send them away? hamza, how do you explain that one to your base. >> do you think it's a good optic for the republican party to be trying to send 1.8 million back to some other part of the world they have never actually been to. trish: so that is what it is. that is what it is. that is what it is. you want to make it look, this feeds your narrative. because if the economy is doing as well as it has been doing, if it is growing at 4% as ceo of
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jpmorgan suggests it will, a democrat by the way, well then, you will have nothing to wrong on except he is the bogeyman. >> there is no argument there. >> he is not the bogeyman, hams is a. >> he is bogeyman, going after people in our country because they don't have the right color passport. trish: i have to wrap it up good to talk to you both. i want to get to mercedes at the white house. thank you so much, hamza. spirited discussion. for the o'connell. mercedes, you heard what what h. they kind of like the optics the president is deporting people. somehow big, bad, donald trump will go knocking on everyone's door to send kids home to mexico or wherever else they may be from, that upsets people.
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people have an emotional reaction to that, therefore getting out vote for the base. >> democrat party's platform right now is that of obstruction. they don't want the president to succeed. they are bitter because of his success. it is very clear that the president is trying his best to work with both parties, to work with both the house and the senate. he is the one that has taken the lead on immigration reform. he is the one that is saying, i want permanent and compassionate solution to daca recipients. at the same time he wants to protect americans. that means securing our border. that means proposing a 25 billion-dollar trust fund that would insure we would have not only the physical barrier but personal and technology needed in order to make sure we're able to control what's happening on the border. we have to understand that through borders where we're seeing drugs coming through, individuals are coming to the united states, part of the ms-13 gang. and guess what?
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those ms-13 gang members they end up in communities primarily latino or african-american. so we have to insure that there is safety along our border. what the president he is doing, let's work together. i'm extending my hand over to the democrats. let's get to a good point where we find a permanent solution to daca as well as secure the border. that is where mainstream america is at. trish: that is where majority of democrats are at, mercedes. going through historical record, in 2006, then senator barack obama, you had chuck schumer, forgive me, hillary clinton, nancy pelosi, i believe, here we go here is the whole list. joe biden, all saying we needed a fence. they called it a fence as opposed to a wall back then in 2006. >> you know who else agreed ending chain migration? it was actually feinstein, it was schumer, all part of the "gang of six" or eight, you know, that couple out during the
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senate in 2013. there were plenty of democrats agreed there was need to end chain migration, end diversity visa lottery program. there is a lot more bipartisan room to grow there. i think president is saying let's get a solution done, for the sake of daca recipients, for the sake of americans, let's get to a point where we have a generous compromise and really get this done. the question will become, are democrats simply going to play politics. are they will to be come up with a true solution that would benefit daca recipients as well as insure we secure our border. trish: i think he might be able to get it done, really. tax reform went through. by the way you heard our democratic strategist say this growing economy, booming economy has nothing to do with the president. all barack obama. that is it what you're fighting. >> i don't know what planet he is living on. what we are seeing in terms of business confidence, consumer confidence, when you look at deregulation alone and impact it had on our economy, that it is
2:15 pm
having on small business growth, it is impactful. for the president, it is not just, we're seeing the paycheck increases and fact that average families, you're going to see raises in their income, close to $4,000 a year. that is impactful. for speaker pelosi to call that crumbs, that shows how elite and how out of touch she is where every day americans are. it is incredibly unfortunate because what president trump understands is pulse of the american people. he understands the need of these families and the fact that they are ones should have money in their pockets for their family. at the end of the day, america is open for business. that we can create jobs and keep our economy growing. trish: let's keep it up. 26,170. >> thank you very much. trish: sources telling fox need the president will declassify and release the memo to the public. we have all the intel for you
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trish: new developments surrounding the controversial memo around alleged abuses of surveillance in the justice department. president trump will release the
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memo despite pleas from the fbi to keep it under wraps. we go to our blake burman at the white house. reporter: hi, trish. the white house acknowledging that president trump had indeed read the four-page memo. the president did not mention it or his decision within the past hour or so as he addressed congressional republicans in west virginia. the president now on his way back here to the white house. according to sources the president is expected to declassify the memo. it would be sent back according to sources back up to the hill. at which point the house intelligence committee would get it. it is believed at this point likely timing could be released at some point by tomorrow morning. one of the top republicans on the house intelligence committee, peter king, he called this memo a little while ago, vital. >> i don't want to oversell it. i agree with trey gowdy. republicans sometimes oversell things. it is important in the body of evidence to be out there.
2:21 pm
reporter: democrats have been fighting this memo, some on the house intelligence committee on the democratic side trying to produce their memo. the lead democrat, adam schiff, said this memo is the republican as attempt to tar the department of justice and the fbi. >> i think the fbi is exactly right. this memo is really a spin on a, not just a set of particular documents but broader classified information than that. that because of serious and material omissions is inaccurate and gives a very misleading impression. reporter: schiff is also involved in another battle, trish, about this memo as he says there were material changes made to it by the republicans, led by devin nunez and his committee members, however a spokesperson for nunez saying
2:22 pm
that it is a bizarre distraction that schiff is now engaging in, that they were not material changes, and said rather grammatical fixes and changes that democrats and fbi wanted to see. trish: thank you very much, blake burman. joining me fox news legal analyst, judge an napolitano. you say this needs to be declassified asap. >> i absolutely do. i want to see this more classified. i want to see congressman schiff's version of the raw data. here is how it happens. the republican staff members, not members of the committee have top secret security clearances. they can see the raw intel, raw intel is, transcripts of telephone conversations, copies of text messages, copies of emails between and among justice department figures and fbi agents, the last year of president obama's administration and first year of president
2:23 pm
trump's administration. from that, the republican staff concluded that there was a serious abuse of fisa authorities. there was spying that should not have occurred. there was spying done for political purposes. congressman schiff and his team have looked at the same data and said there are no such abuses here. so not only do i want to see both memos, i want to see the raw data memos are based. trish: because that would be a security compromise. >> unless we whited out the names of sources and certain other information. we can certainly see the texts and emails and phone conversations without knowing from whom they came because the american public needs to know, who broke the law with the authority we gave them? who knew about the law being broken? who looked the other way? trish, these fisa abuses were known to the committee for the past eight months. they sat on it, until after fisa
2:24 pm
was extended by the congress and signed by the president. they released it the next day. congress should have had an opportunity to look at this stuff before it ignorantly voted to extend fisa. trish: i hear what you're saying the problem right now we're in polarized political environment. >> we are. trish: the republicans have one version of facts and the democrats another version of these facts or interpretation i should say, you want people to be able to tell for themselves. >> yes. trish: as a journalist i want to be able to see it. i want to make my own conclusions as well as many americans. >> as journalists we want to be the eyes and ears of the public. we want to be able to interpret them. but when the same raw material are subject to two interpretations 180 degrees from each other, i want to know which one of the politicians is spinning at the truth, looking at the data myself. >> i hear you. with all of this in mind, what could this memo possibly tell
2:25 pm
us? should we be taking it with a grain of salt because of the political environment? >> i hope that congressman king's fears do not come to pass. i hope this is not been oversold. we've been, we've been conditioned to expect something that is career-ending, kbg-like, over the top. now perhaps to those of us have been in law enforcement and today monitor it won't be that catastrophic but to the american public it might, i don't know. what i think we're going to see is the use of intelligence data for political purposes. if we see that, that is a very, very, grave threat to freedom in america. trish: it is. it is. and some careers will be ended. maybe this is the kind of thing, i don't know you go to jail for. >> could very well be. one of our competing networks reported a few minutes ago, fears in the white house that fbi director chris wray may resign if this is released.
2:26 pm
another headache the president doesn't need. trish: but but i was looking at this, the if fbi says we don't want this, is this a cya move. it may very well be. a person has been watching this stuff for 40 years and last time fbi criticized the white house and got away with it. that is what we saw last night trish: thank you, judge. >> thank you, trish. trish: we moved into negative territory. wall street awaiting tomorrow's jobs report. everyone will be watching this. what happens to the unemployment rate. what happens, i want to know to wages? have we started to see any of that filter into the wage data. we're on it for you next.
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trish: check out the markets. you can see move back in positive territory. s&p and nasdaq, are happening, day ahead of this jobs report coming tomorrow. we do have three big tech companies, big tech companies, you can see after the bell, they are due. apple trading up little bit. amazon however lower as well, which is the fancy name for google these days. joining me more with the markets, money press chief strategist, keith fitz-gerald. keith, it has gotten a little volatile lately. >> it has. trish: state of the union we were off 300 points but it is moving up. >> volatility is good thing, trish. we forgotten, this used to be normal a few years ago. you have to have buying and
2:32 pm
selling to move higher t takes two to tango. people are adjusting political rates and expectations and people taking money off the table which is absolutely normal. trish: people talk about interest rates, there is concern out there, keep in mind how much debt we have, how much sort of money printing that the fed had to go long on, there is concern about rising interest rates that are moving too quickly and, potentially an economy that is not keeping up. how much concern is that to you right now? >> i think that is very valid point, but here is the thing. the fed lows control a long time control take that out of the equation. what traders do in the 10-year treasury is the key. if it is rising quickly, that is problem for the markets. if it is moving in measured paces traders will naturally rein it in. unless we get a spike, we won't
2:33 pm
have a problem. trish: let me show you a chart, maybe year-to-date or one-year chart on the 10-year right now. we'll see if the team can get that together. we're still under 3% on the 30 year. keith there is part of me, that really wonders why don't we have more inflation on this economy or more of expectation of inflation. the idea three years from now, basically sort of right where you are, doesn't make any sense? >> no, it doesn't. i mean, you know, this is central banks at work. they're pumping so much money into the system. we have all kind of other things which would be topic of discussion. here is the key. we are moving, got to go somewhere, we are creating a magnet for it in the financial markets. markets are not about yield, but about risk. that is how global traders assess these rates, not as risk, as a return. trish: how many jobs are you looking forward to tomorrow? >> you know, i think it is going to be a good number.
2:34 pm
i want to see competition, wage wait increases. that is the key. trish: it might be early, might be early but we've seen a lot of companies handing out raises. i think you might get it more so in next month's report. we'll look for indications tomorrow. keith fitzgerald, thank you very much. vice president mike pence blasting nancy pelosi for her let them eat cake attitude about tax reform she repeatedly called the 1000-dollar bonuses crumbs. she is doubling down on this. remember the deplorables comment from hillary clinton, so tone deaf, not getting how the average american feels. i tell you, 1000 bucks is a lot of money to anyone in this country. we have intel for you on this next.
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when it might be time to buy or sell? with fidelity's real-time analytics, you'll get clear, actionable alerts about potential investment opportunities in real time. fidelity. open an account today. >> we were waiting for february, and then we got hit with these corporations giving tremendous bonuses to everybody. that nancy pelosi called crumbs. that was a bad, that could be
2:39 pm
like deplorable, does that make sense, deplorable and crumbs? those two words, they seem to have a resemblance. i hope it has the same meaning but she called it crumbs when people are getting 2000 and $3,000 and $1000. that is not crumbs. that is a lot of money. >> nancy pelosi predicted economic armageddon. remember that one? that wasn't the worst of it. just amazing to me that after this tax cut passes three million americans get another thousand dollars in their pockets in many cases. she actually described that as crumbs. if you say $1000 is crumbs, you live in a different world than i live in. trish: i am laughing because did you hear the president equate crumbs with the deplorable comment? it is funny, we have a conference call every morning, our whole team here as we put the show together for you, i weigh in editorially, my comment
2:40 pm
this morning was, nancy pelosi calling this thing crumbs, it is a lot like hillary clinton referring to deplorables. i mean it that's kind of moment. i never understand why she would possibly double down on this or the likes of chuck schumer or debbie wasserman schultz would want to pick up on this, because it is that bad. it is a deplorable kind of moment. as though the president was listening to our conference call there. anyway, i'm teasing, joining me right now, a member of the trump re-election advisory board, gina loudon. gina, i don't get it. it is so tone deaf to say that a thousand dollars is crumbs. much like hillary clinton calling trump supporters deplorables, i think this is going to come back to haunt them in a pretty massive way. they clearly don't have very good advisors around them, shall we say. >> well, let's say, trish, that
2:41 pm
maybe we could give nancy the benefit of the doubt and she was being honest in saying armageddon because it may truly be armageddon for the democrat party. their fund-raising is at record lows. while the rnc is doing great with fund-raisings especially after that killer state of the union address by the president. maybe, maybe nancy can say she is sorry. maybe she can repent. she could donate her crumbs to her church. or maybe donate them to the dnc since they're in such need. who knows. for nancy, this is her own little reality. this is not reality most of us happen to live in. trish: talk about the marie antoinette of the democratic party, not only once she echoed it but have her minions echoing at well. they don't really like seeing the dow at 26,000. they don't like the lack of
2:42 pm
regulation or that americans will get a raise beginning today, right? this is threatening to their existence, somehow gina, what it tells you is that the kind of conservative economic principles that this administration embraces, they actually work. >> right. and, it really puts them at odds, if you will with the entire american people. i mean the only way democrats actually win with a doubling down that you mentioned, by nancy pelosi and rest of the democrats, against the american economy is if somehow they can make the american economy go south and then celebrate that fact. that puts them in direct odds with the american people, which is where they happen to find themselves on a lot of issues like illegal immigration and other things. but, trish, this is a solid lack of vision for this party. it is like they don't recognize, they can't look 10 miles down the road and say, this might not go well for us, but this is become a pattern with the democrat party, to have a lack
2:43 pm
of vision, and i believe it is why we see this sorts of implosions like this, doubling down of the same implosions over and over again. trish: gina loudon, he stole their thunder, their economic thunder any way. it will be hard for them to fight what is rising tide here of economic optimism. thank you so much for joining us. i want to point out to the viewer that the president just landing, you can see him get in the helicopter, just landed at joint base andrews after being at the republican retreat at greenbrier resort in west virginia. lots going on with democrats blasting the president over immigration reform. even calling him, what they just love to call him, a racist. but democrats, tell you they were singing a very different tune, they were talking about this earlier with mercedes schlapp. just a few years ago you had the likes of barack obama, hillary clinton, chuck schumer, joe biden, all voting for a
2:44 pm
quote, fence. they wanted stronger borders. we have the tapes of even president clinton calling for it when he was in office. we're showing it to you next. whoooo. when it comes to travel, i sweat the details.
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2:48 pm
trump's immigration proposal. some even calling it racist. but, i just want you to hear what bill clinton said about immigration back in 1995, followed by what president trump said just the other night. it is important to watch these together. here we go. >> all-americans, not only in the states most heavily affected but in every place in this country are rightly disturbed by the large numbers of illegal aliens entering our country. that's why our administration has moved aggressively to secure our borders more, hiring record number of new border guard. deporting twice as many criminal aliens as ever before. >> for decades open borders allowed drugs and gangs to pour into our most vulnerable communities. tonight i'm calling on congress to finally close the deadly loopholes that have allowed ms
2:49 pm
13 and other criminal gangs to break into our country. we have proposed new legislation that will fix our immigration laws and support our i.c.e. and border patrol agents. trish: okay. just get this straight, right? it is somehow okay for bill clinton to call for more border security and the deportation of illegals, but not okay for president trump? joining me right now, former obama foreign policy advisor david kafor independent. david, i don't get it. because the party he represents? >> look, trish, i'm with you on this, first of all those two speeches are remarkably similar in those parts. you're right, there should be sort of a philosophical statement that we can accept and provide some compassion for people who are here already illegal i like the participants in daca, known as the "dreamers." in return we have to increase border security. that is what president clinton said in 1995. that is what president trump.
2:50 pm
president trump proposed a compromise on immigration i which think is a fair compromise. it means let es give again just acceptance for daca -- generous acceptance for daca resip cents with a pathway to citizenship. inconcludeed with border security for his wall. that is something democrats and republicans should get behind. the problem there are republicans in the house that will not support that, and there are democrats which high lighted that don't support it. trish: i would also point out that democrats historically have supported, quote, unquote wall although back then in 2006 it was called a fence, okay, so you had barack obama, hillary clinton, joe biden, charles schumer saying the fence act. it was the secure fence act of 2006. what frustrates me, and i appreciate you also are frustrated by this, david, what frustrates to me the hypocrisy here. you know it is okay if chuck schumer is proposing it but just
2:51 pm
not okay if donald trump is proposing it. >> look, nobody should be against securing our borders. if that requires $25 billion, which sound like a lot, but if that money will be spent well and not going to be wasted and used in a way effectively and efficiently secures our borders, we ought to support that. in return, the democrats should get some provisions that make it easier for people who are already here, who are contributing to our economy, who are employed, who are in school, to get on a pathway to citizenship. trish: he offered that. here is the problem. these are the other sticking points. by the way i point out interesting little fact everyone, david, the proposed wall in 2006 was $50 billion that the democrats come up with. the president's wall is 25 billion, so double the cost even though it was that many years ago. but david, it is not just having border, border issues at stake.
2:52 pm
it is also the matter of chain migration and lottery system, which hasn't benefit the our country. i don't understand the aversion some democrats have, okay, we need doctors, we need nurses, we need factory workers, we need domestic help, we need certain things, therefore we're going to seek those people that can fit those needs? >> trish, you're right. democrats, some democrats are also opposed to aspects of trump's compromise including the chain migration and including the lottery visas. the lottery visas trump's proposal is fair, do merit-based immigration, rather than the lottery visas. on chain migration, democrats can get behind limiting chain migration. they were willing to agree to chain migration for the daca dreamers participants. but the problem is, the proposal trump made limits it for all immigrants. say you're an engineer from
2:53 pm
india, come to the u.s., you can't bring your parents. trish: coming up against a break, david. i do appreciate it sound like there is a little more room than one would have thought, here you are, david, former member of the obama administration. thank you so much, good to see you. democrats putting out congressman joe kennedy iii to give the party's official response to president trump's state of the union address, is a kennedy really the best face of a party of rich white men with a very famous last name which harkens back to the past? is this all they got? historian doug wead is next. achoo! (snap) achoo! (snap) achoo! achoo! (snap) (snap) achoo! achoo! feel a cold coming on? zicam cold remedy nasal swabs
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earn 3% cash back on dining, 2% on groceries, and 1% on all other purchases. what's in your wallet? . trish: all right, well i'm sure you saw joe kennedy iii giving the democratic response to the state of the union. just ask him, do the democrats have to trot out a kennedy? that all they got? joining me presidential historian doug wead, author of the game of thorns. what do you make of this? no offense against him. thank goodness they had somebody younger than who they typically have. they need fresh blood, but -- but a kennedy? >> well, i thought it was great. they need to do something. i thought it was very ironic, trish, that joe kennedy iii was using the same arguments against trump's economic plan that jfk's enemies used against
2:58 pm
him. 56 years before. boy, how the world has changed. trish: doug, you make a good point, i always said economics doesn't need to be so political in that jfk cut taxes, he did exactly what the president managed to get done with tax reform, and here, the next generation is saying something very, very different. >> yes, when joe kennedy iii argued it's all for rich people, when they said that to jfk, you remember famously he used new england proverb passed to him by ted sorenson, rising tide raises all boats. kennedy defended himself and joe kennedy iii in congress used another argument against trump's tax reform. he said that this is going to drive up the national debt, and that's what republicans used as an argument against jfk. trish: right, and funny how
2:59 pm
times have changed. you don't know how many democrats i've said since when did you become a fiscal conservative? >> and the fact that he's catholic, i think, is something the democrats need. they lost the vote in wisconsin, pennsylvania, ohio and michigan, a lot of it was because they had trashed the catholic vote in those e-mails with podesta and bill clinton had begged hillary to reach out to the catholic vote, and they just absolutely wouldn't do it. so maybe the democrat party is coming around a little bit. 22% of those voters in 2016 were catholic. only 1% were muslim which. they spent so much time and money trying to reach out to. trish: doug, i grew up as irish catholic and father from a very big irish catholic family, and you were a democrat like you were irish like you were catholic. that was part of that generation. and i think that donald trump has really gotten in there and stolen that thunder, if you
3:00 pm
would, right out from under the democrats. so maybe they think a kennedy can bring them back. i would recommend he get the right economic policies. doug, good to see you. thank you so much. >> good to see you, too. thank you for having me. trish: liz claman, we're sending it your way. liz: i'll take it, fasten your seat belts, this market is not for the faint of heart. take a look at ten-year treasury yield blasting through 2.75%, now at 2.77%. why does this matter? on this first day of february, the bulls are rattled by those rates. as the dow endures a 300-point swing, up 39 points, a crucial final hour of trade, you need to stay with us. president trump just landed back in washington, d.c. after huddling around the campfire with republican lawmakers at the gop retreat in west virginia. this, ahead of his remarks at tonight's rnc winter meet wearing he will no doubt be touting the booming economy and benefits of tax cuts. speaking of


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