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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  February 10, 2018 1:00am-2:01am EST

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there's more information on our website, we'll see you next week. [ woman vocalizing ] arles: thany much. now here's lou. good evening, happy friday. i'm david asman in for lou dobbs. republicans are ramping up efforts to expose corruption at the fbi and justice department. devin nunez requesting transcript bs about what the obama era said to the fisa court to spy on the trump campaign. among our gusts tonight, congressman andy biggs who say that the fbi and justice department willfully abused their power. also tonight, we're awaiting the release of the democratic memo rebutting allegations that the obama justice department and the fbi abused their
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surveillance powers. president trump today indicating he's inclined to release it. >> it's going to be released soon dv. david: right now alan dershowitz says that the americans deserve transparency. the white house refusing reports that chief john kelly is willing to resign. we take it up with mr. ed rollins and our top story. the effort to expose corruption in the obama era fbi and justice department. devin nunez is seeking transcript to find out what the fbi said in order to get a surveillance warrant to spy on former trump aide carter page. the house intel mem ro released last friday showed that the discredited trump dossier was used to sur cure the
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surveillance warrant for page and the government omitted key information about its political funding by the dnc and clinton campaign. tonight we're waiting for the democratic release of the memo rebutting the allegations. if white house releasing a statement saying that the president trump met with the fbi director as well as the white house counsel's office to get their input on the democratic memo, adding, the president is weighing his options and will respond soon. the next guest say the evidence is in. obama leaders of the fbi and doj willfully abused their power in order to spy on political opponents. joining me now, congressman andy biggs. congressman biggs, one of the key components of that fisa warrant clearly was the trump dossier. the trump dossier came from
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mr. steele, who may have just been passing information from the dnc and then passing that on to the fisa court. but why was it that senate warn warner was so anxious to meet secretly with mr. steele in february of 2017? >> well we don't really know because he hasn't really said. i can tell you what it looks like. it looks like he was trying to get some juicy gossip, di tidbis or something. let's not create a paper trail, let's meet out of the country, let's make sure nobody else knows what's going on. it was inartfully done because we do have the e-mail trail and apparently the senate knew about it several months ago. but we didn't. and it's just now coming out. so it looks funny. it looks odd and it looks -- you know, you could deduce a level of intention there if you look at it.
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david: well you mentioned that some of his republican senate colleagues didn't know about his attempts. but as far as i can tell, it seemed to be months later or at least a month later while he was saying that -- talking by the way interestingly to a lawyer working for a russian ol la backer whilolalla backer. during that initial exchange of e-mails, i don't believe he was alerting his republican colleagues to the senate. was he in. >> no. that's true. it doesn't look like he was letting anybody in on it. and not -- quite frankly not until maybe some people got suspicious. this looks like a cold war spy who came in from the cold type of thing. you're looking for was there drop locations for secret materials. it's just so bizarre, quite frankly, what we see going on.
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and it looks really bad, at least looks really bad. i think we're all trying to figure out does it tie into the use of the dossier for the fisa warrants and does it, you know, tie into the dnc, does it tie into hillary clinton's campaign. this is just -- you know, david, i think you can appreciate that. it seems like every couple of days some big shoe drops. david: yeah, i know. >> and it's somehow connected to something else. david: we don't see many shoes coming from the mueller investigation. but from this investigation, there are quite a few shoes dropping. and for those of us old enough to remember the cold war era, i'm reminded that we're disinformation. that's information that the russians used to put out to cry try to discredit people -- to
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various agencies including by the way, the fbi. >> absolutely. it's outrageous but that's how badly they wanted to keep power. and this is what is so bad about this, is that we are constitutional republic. we're built on representation. we should have transparency and openness. we're not talking dirty tricks, watergate, that was a petty burglary to find out some records. we're talking here trying to scuttle an entire political campaign and election -- david: by using one of the most say credit courts in the land. the fisa court is the one court that allows our spying agencies, whether it's domestic spy or international spy to spy on
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americans. if that is abused, it goes to the core of what keeps us safe from the government turning tail on the people. >> exactly. it turns into a star chamber where they're conducting investigations based on little or no evidence. it allows the perception of manipulation for political reasons to spy on political opponents. that's what it looks like happened here and that's what all of the evidence is pointing to. i don't dispute that. i think that's what happened exactly. david: i got to ask one more question even though they're giving me a wrap here, we know -- we're beginning to find out the frightening detames of how this was used, the fisa court was used for political purposes. i'm wondering if you've suspected if this was kind of a matter of course. if this had been done before -- i think of all of the unmasking that was done by the obama administration right before the change of power, some of it happened after the election but
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before donald trump took over as president. all of that unmasking, is it just coins dental that it happenecoincidental that ithappe election? >> i don't think it is coincidental. get as much as you can unmasked. get as much as you can right now. people think it's data and phone numbers. it's far more than data and phone numbers. there's a lot of information that goes with unmasking. i think it's an abusive pattern. we see in the obama administration. i would like to know how far back it goes, how deep it goes, and the american people want to know that as well. david: i want to know that as well. good to see you, sir. we're coming right back with much more. please stay with us exposing the deep state. republicans in the house intel committee demanding answers from the fisa court about the
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unverified anti-trump dossier. >> we never want to live in a country where cash at a political party is co convertibe into a government sponsored warrant to spy on your political enemies. we'll take that up with ed rollins. president trump urging american to expend their majorities. those details and more when we return. blank blan this is frank. sup! this is frank's favorite record. this is frank's dog. and this is frank's record shop. frank knowns northern soul, but how to set up a limited liability company... what's that mean? not so much. so he turned to his friends at legalzoom. yup! they hooked me up. we helped with his llc, contracts, and some other stuff
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david: more changes inside the swamp. the number three official at the justice department is stepping down after nine months on the jab. rachel brand was next in line but she is now taking a job as a walmart executive. growing questions tonight about john kelly's future as white house chief of staff following reports about when he first learned of the rob porter allegations. reporting that the president has privately floated three potential replacements for kelly, omb director mick mulvaney and businessman tom
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barrett. the white house denies that kelly has offered his resignation. kevin cork has our report. >> he did a very good job when he was in the white house and we hope he has a wonderful career and hopefully he'll have a great career ahead of him. >> the president's comments about rob porter didn't quell the controversy. if anything, he may have ignited a new one. >> as you probably know, he says he's innocent and i think you have to remember that. he said very strongly yesterday that he's innocent. so you'll have to talk to him about that. >> despite porter's repeated red denials and questions about when the white house learned about the scope of the allegations, saying the retired marine general was quote enabler of domestic violence. white house counsel knew about the allegations involving porter
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for months. the washington post said mcgann first learned of the allegations in january. in june the fbi warned the white house about them. in september the news finally reached kelly but porter stayed on the job until photos of the alleged abuse surfaced this week. >> no question they could have handled it better. checks and balances which should have been in place have failed. the public reports say that multiple people in the building were made aware of this. >> kelly wrote an e-mail to staff that read in part, i want you to know that we all take matters of domestic violence seriously. domestic violence is abhor rent and has no place in our society. it's not the first time kelly has found himself at the center of a white house controversy. during an interview with brett baier, he suggested that the president was evading on the wall. he said that some undocumented immigrants were too lazy to sign up for daca and wrongfully
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accused of florida congress month of grand standing at a building dedication in 2015. >> i don't think i'm being fired today and am not so frustrated in this job that i'm thinking of leaving. >> that was kelly back in october and while he didn't step down then, new questions about his handling of the abuse allegations could cost him his job now. david: kevin cork reporting there. joining me now is ed rol rollin, fox business political analyst. your insphingses, ed. is general kelly going to resign? >> my instincts is that general kelly didn't show good political judgment. i think he's done a superb job of straightening the white house out. but this is something they knew months ago. you don't beat wives. i served in three administrations, two white houses. i was responsible for the political clearances.
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the moment i heard something like this on anybody, they would be gone. david: you mentioned he streamlined the white house. >> and more efficient. david: it's more efficient. but is it something that a new chief of staff could pick up on and carry on in a way similar to what he has done? >> well it depends on the president. what he's been able to do is a be a strong enough figure to keep all of the crop from going in to see the president. which is also what the staff secretary, a very important job because they control the paper flow. a new chief of staff obviously should pick it up and not have the distension that you had in previous days. there's no guarantee that it happens. what does the president want? the reality is the moment this came on the radar screen with all of the controversy about women and everything that's going on, 200,000 women marching in the streets, concerned about the stuff that weinstein and everybody else did. the moment that was on the radar screen, someone should have said we've got a serious problem here. we've got a guy who can't get
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cleared because he battered two wives. david: if indeed he resigns and his resignation is acceptedded, the next person is going t to he to have better political radar. i look at the lineup of the potential nominees and one of them is mick mulvaney. he's got great political skills but he's very much needed by the president as director of omb. >> he's got a big job right now. and barrett is the guy who recommended paul manafort. his judgment is not good. mccarthy plays number two guy in the white house. we need him there. you need to stay with what you have and make sure that general kelly is a little more politically sensitive. david: ed on this friday before i let you go, i want to talk to you about this fisa information. the fisa courts were set up in light of the nixon era right after watergate to prevent
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spying on american citizens to add extra layer to prevent any kind of spying on american citizens but it looks like it's become a tool, a political tool. >> unfortunately they did that. the fisa judges appointed by the chief justice of the supreme court are important judges and they take the fbi and these people at their word. there's a strict code you have to present to get the wiretapping and obviously it's been violated. if i were sitting on that court today i would be awfully suspect of anything at the justice department. david: and could this have been a pattern of behavior for the previous administration, using fisa warrant to spy on people? >> the last administration did not play by a lot of preuls. and at the end of the day they all thought that mrs. clinton was going to be the next president of the states and what ever it took to get her there they were going to do. you have to abide by the rules
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and they didn't do that. david: be sure to vote in tonight's poll. do you believe the dems have any idea how phony their russian collusion witch hunt has been discredited in the eyes of the american people? cast your vote. follow lou on twitter, like him on facebook and follow him on instagram. on wall street stocks closing higher in another wild trading session. the dow gaining 330 points the s&p up 39 and the nasdaq up 37. volume on the big board heavy again at 5.6 billion shares, double the normal. the dow trading at a range of more than 1 thou points before finishing the session higher. that's the 4 thou point swing for the dow this week. stocks posting their worst week in two years with the dow and s&p plunging more than 5% each. a reminder, listen to lou's reports three times a day cost to coast on the salem radio
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david: well president trump signed the congressional budget deal into law bright and early this morning. ending a brief overnight shutdown. that's all it amounted to. his signature came with twitter commentary. the president wrote, without more republicans in congress we were forced to increase spending on things we do not like or want in order to finally, after many years of depletion, take care of our military. sadly we needed some democratic votes for passage. must elect more republicans in 2018 election. joining me now is matt slap, chairman of the american conservative union. matt, the story of the hour, the minute is the future of general kelly. what are you hearing? >> you know, obviously there's a
1:26 am
lot of rumors swirling. it was a rough week. this whole question about the staff secretary, rob porter and the kornlings against him. clearly a lot of people feel like the statements that came out of the white house, including one from general kelly, you know, weren't sensitive enough to the fact that if the charges are true, at least the topic -- even if the charges are untrue, the topic itself is one that is serious and sober. and i know the general takes quite seriously. i think that was -- a lot of legislative accomplishments along the way. but for the white house staff it was a tough one. david: although some people would say that the budget deal is less than an accomplishment. it's growing government more. even the president said that. let me move if i can. >> i would say the same thing, in all candor. david: i'm sure you would. senator mark warner is in his own little hornet's nest now. the question of why it was that he wanted this secret meeting with chris steele, the guy behind the trump dossier, the guy that was pub l publicizing e
1:27 am
trump dossier. that's the latest on that? some republicans have come to his defense saying he did share information with them about his trying to arrange a meeting. but it was a month or so after the initial contacts, the one where he specifically said i don't want a paper trail. i want this to be a secret meeting. >> some code words, i want to meet with your english friend. david: even the technology involved. apparently the screen save on those text exchanges had to be saved quickly because apparently this stuff would burn up quickly in they hadn't saved the screen. >> look, the hill works with a whole different set of rules, including on document retention, than the executive branch does. and the hill obviously is able to have all kinds of conversations, including people from russia, even people involved in the investigation of donald trump and his administration can have a much greater degree of latitude.
1:28 am
poor mike flynn can't even go on a vacation with his wife without the federal government spying on his phone calls. and i do think there's a little bit of a separation of powers problem here. which is what's good for the goose is good for the gander. i would like to have a lot of scrutiny on mark war warner andt his conversations were. why he needed to get this information. were the democrats playing politics with vladimir putin in russia to come up with this dossier. i think we're so far away from the story. but i do know one thing, there was no collusion between team trump and the russian government. david: the interesting thing about the warner thing, first of all, he contacted a lawyer who was a confident of a russian olah backer. buoligarch. but it may have been that chris steele was more important than the dnc.
1:29 am
there was a third party feeding information to mr. steele. mr. steele was just sort of the hollywood extra. he looks like james bond, he has a history but he hadn't been spying for seven years. he was sitting at home in london making phone calls. with just the phone calls he comes up with this extraordinary story that was missed by all of the intelligence agencies of the world, including the cia and the fbi maybe it was -- and as we see these democratic operatives working with him, he was the conduit for the dnc's dirt on donald trump. >> let's get to the hart of heaf this, david. you outlined it well. was this about the fact that the democrats believed that donald trump was such a hideous person, a trader, crooked and dirty that they just needed to give the fbi the ability to start spying on people around donald trump and they would uncover this monster. and what ended up happening is
1:30 am
that there is serious allegations about how this dossier, this phony dossier was put together and they used it to be able to spy on americans. and we're chasing the wrong story. the right story is the quloferup and it's the coverup of the democrats who were certain that hillary clinton was going to be elected president. and when it didn't happen, they took steps to cover up what they did. including a lot of unmasking by the obama administration. and david, the one challenge i put out there, i want to know what barack obama knew about all of this and when he knew it. when the republicans are in office, the standards are high about how they're supposed to handle the powers of government. i would like the obama administration to be held to the same level of scrutiny. david: we're going to do that. we're going to continue to keep the fire burning under the feet of those people as well. we're coming right back with much more. please stay with us. the smear campaign against
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david: i'm david asman in for lou dobbs. and we have breaking news. the "the new york times" just
1:35 am
reporting that american spies paid out $100,000 to a russian man who promised to give them stolen national security agency cyber weapons and compromising material on president trump. the payout was delivered in a van. there's a lot of other information in this. we'll continue to bring it to you as it comes in. eang hear to untangle the entire web of what's going on right now is renowned harvard law school profes were alan dershowitz. boy, professor, this is exactly what this is. this is the politicalization and the weaponization of agencies of the united state government, really say credi agencies like t would not be used on bias. >> this is one of th the leks wh
1:36 am
counter accusations. day one i said this can't be trusted to a pecial counsel, can't be trusted to democrat, republican committees in congress. it should be an int nonpartisan commission to look into every aspect of this election, russian influence, democratic misconduct, republican misconduct. we need neutral objective assess pmenassessment. we're not going to do it through republican truth and democrat truth. we need american truth. david: professor, if there was a completely independent proctor, and it would be hard to find right now, but if there was one, don't you think with all of this information coming out about the phony fisa warrants and the trump dossier and all of the
1:37 am
connections. now we have a connection between a democratic senator and a lawyer working for a russian oligarch that such an independent prosecutor would probably open up an investigation into democratic connections or possible democratic collusion with rush russia? >> well the problem is none of this is criminal. it's all political sins. none of it is criminal. david: let me argue one point, professor. forgive me. but the one thing that does appear to be criminal is if somebody misrepresented evidence, material evidence to a fisa court. would that not be criminal? i don't think so. that could be contempt of court conceivably. could be unethical. but i don't know any statute -- remember, you always have to start the inquiry by finding the statute. what statute is violated. and tragically what happened with fisa, it's not the first time this happened. fisa gets to hear one side from the justice department.
1:38 am
the justice department has an obligation to present it fairly, making sure that the fisa court sees all of the evidence and all of the evidence that undercuts the evidence. you know, one thing i'm thrilled about, i've been fighting this fight as a liberal democrat for 50 years and thank you republicans anconservatives fors coming on board and looking critically at the fbi and the fisa court. i think that's a good thing for america. david: the fisa court is not the only one on the spot here. the fbi has a duty to trace down sources. and christopher steele, who was supposedly the main source of the trump dossier, turns out now that he may have just been a pass through and he was passing through a lot of information that was coming directly from the clinton campaign and there was no attempt by the fbi to track down where this information was coming from. >> and there should be now.
1:39 am
it's not too late. there should be a deep inquiry into everything that went into the fisa warrant. we're all waiting to see the democratic memo. it should come out. the republican memo came out. ultimately we should see the fisa application, redacted to be sure to protect. but let the american people decide what the facts are. rather than being told, give us the ability and the media -- the media is the most important check and balance today of the excesses of the fbi, the justice department, the media has never been in a more important place. >> as you'll know, alan durts dershowitz, it's the media you're talking about right now that has passion about the fact that the americans were spied on without cause. the rest of the media doesn't give it much attention at all. >> and the problem is some of the media focus is much more
1:40 am
attention on the questionable activities of one party of the media focuses on the questionable activities of the other party. we as the american people can sort that out, flip the channels and get all different perspectives. but when it comes to an investigation, nonpartisan, nonbias investigators are the keep to keeping our law enforcement legitimate and we're not there. david: no. >> and this episode just demonstrates how far we have in objectivity and neutrality. david: i think of the statue of the lady with the blinder over her eyes and that blinder has been ripped off. >> they're peaking. david: people are peaking a peee very least. thank you for being here. be sure to vote in tonight's poll, do you believe the dems have any idea how phony their russian collusion witch hunt has been discredited in the eye eyef the american people?
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were duped, that the fisa judge was duped by a campaign that appears, not even by mr. steele, the salacious stuff he was bringing in from russia, but most of the information from the trump yos yay appears to have come from the dnc, three dnc folks, including sid blumenthal were involved in creating this stuff and bringing it to mr. steele. >> it's good to be here. i want to say for the record i have never seen a fisa request even with a member of this committee. they're very tightly held. i think congressman nunes is on the right track.
1:47 am
let's see the contract of the fisa hearing to get a warrant to spy on carter page. the democrats are saying that the steele memo did not play a role in this request. the court was told of the political angle of the steele memo, that is they weren't told that the democratic national committee and clinton campaign helped finance it but they understood it. there's something else i would like to see happen. there was another fisa request turned down against multiple trump officials and mentioned the president in mid-2016. and as you mentioned, david, it's unusual to see a fisa request turned down. why was it turned down and what did the justice department do differently? what did they omit to get a fisa warrant. david: we're getting word breaking right now that president trump will not approve a release of this democratic memo. >> wow. david: a lot of people suggested that he would let the time expire and it would release automatically. but now we're being told --
1:48 am
again it has not been confirmed by fox news or fox business but other news agencies are reporting that he will not allow it to be released. what do you think? >> well, look, i've spoken -- david: by the way, excuse me for interrupting you. fox now has confirmed it's true. >> i spoke to a source on the committee who told me that the memo was a mess, it has major security problems and it's full of attacks on congressman gowdy and nunes and it was slapped together at the last minute. and when there was a vote on the republican memo, before that vote the low pressure members had not seen the democratic memo. i would like to see it carefully evaluated to make sure that there are not sours and methods concerned. david: i'm getting word from the producer that right now the president is saying he's inclined to release the memo but he cannot do so apparently because there's enough sensitive information in there. now the person who put this
1:49 am
together, at least oversaw this being put together is adam schiff, a democrat involved with the intel committee long enough to know what would be sensitive and what would not be sensitive. now, people talk of the trump trap, that is to say that he puts stuff in there knowing it could not be released just so he could say that there's a coverup going on because it's not being released. >> the republican memo was written very carefully. so it could be released. it was written over a long period of time. this isn't true of the schiff memo. i think it is a trap. congressman schiff knew there were things that could not be released. the president should do the right thing. if it's going to damage national security, excise the information, take the hit from the news media. it's national security. he shouldn't let the mainstream media and democrats bully him into doing something that would hurt our security. david: we've talked to people who have read it or talked to 350e78 whpeople who have read i.
1:50 am
it comes to the defense of the steele dossier or the trump dossier. to come to the defense of something that has been so thoroughly, in my mind, discredited and now we see all of the traces of the dnc directly involved in feeding information to the folks who put the trump dossier together, to come to the defense of that thing seems to me to be preposterous. >> they had no choice. we're coming to the conclusion that the whole russian investigation is based on this false steele dossier. that's the whole democratic party right now. everything they're doing is destroying the president based on this false russia collusion story. they have no choice but to stick with the dossier even as it becomes more and more discredited. david: you and i would like to see the applications. you mentioned the one that we haven't talked a lot about, the one from 2016. at least the fisa application for the quarter-page warrant
1:51 am
what was approved three times, it was then reaffirmed. so if we don't see the democratic memo, i'm inclined to believe that the president cares enough about national security so he wouldn't release these applications. what do you think? >> i think it's up to the court whether they do this. there's another issue here. and that is, there's something wrong with this process to get the warrants from the fie so court. david: absolutely. >> there's no opposing attorney to question the application by the government. it looks like the judges are just trusting the government. i used to think this was a good process but i'm reconsidering it. david: a lot of people are. good to see you, my friend. thank you very much coming up next, a member of the left wing national media admitting he prefers covering president trump over president obama. we'll tell you why after the break. more of the breaking news that trump will not release the democratic memo. stay with us. i've gotta say, i love the new place.
1:52 am
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i don't have time to eat right or exercise. i'm a busy mom! oh, you're a busy mom? yeah. this is great news! busy moms never get prediabetes. wait, what? let me just...yeah! this is all the people at risk for prediabetes, and way over here-- busy moms. no? whew. david: in our online poll last night we asked, do you believe robert mueller should shift his folk touts uranium one deal if he wants to shift the focus of his investigation? 93% said yes. joe, we are getting word the president himself in the form of
1:56 am
a letter informed the house intel committee that he will not release the democratic memo because it's apparently chock full of things that can harm national security? how do you think it press will react to that? >> they will say he's trying to hide something and keep the truth from the american people. the "new york times" says he won't release the memo but it's not coming out tonight, but it eventually will. its sources and methods are compromised, it can't go out. but i have a feeling on the sunday shows it won't be spun that way. david: who watches those sunday shows? there are so many inside the
1:57 am
beltway people. they are preach together choir, are they not? >> this is where the white house communication office comes into play. the committee when seeing a report that big, when there was earlier discussions this might be a trap with so many dynamics involves, the committee should have taken action ahead of time to question the nature of what was appropriate before they approved it unanimously to go out. instead of just the president saying no, giving the detail of how many pages, the nature of the information. maybe someone from the doj making those calls. the fact that this is not over. let's get a memo we can release. this is not one of those memos. david: tammy and i were talking
1:58 am
before we came on air, maybe this is the time for the fbi to step forward. it could use a little bolstering from the white house after all it's goon through to show what is in that democratic memo should not come out, at least the parts of it that are likely going to be redacted. >> why come out with it when they can just leak it like they usually do. but jim comey is gone, so what am i saying? the republic scan memo -- we were told right beforehand by the adam schiffs of the world that security, sources and methods would be compromised. this would endanger people on the ground, overseas, and that wasn't the case. i was amazed when schiff was on all these shows afterwards, no one pressed him, why did you lie. he read that memo. it turned out to be a nothing
1:59 am
burger as well. dave require's true fox news and fox business. david: it's true fox news and fox business have done extensive reporting on this. do you think the people are getting tired of the media covering up the information? tammy: that's part of the story. historically people will look back and who covered what, by virtue of the nature of choosing to cover it and others choosing not to. the previous gatekeeper are trying hard to keep things away from individuals. in this case they should be curious about what the white house is doing and how they are defending themselves. david: nobody wanted to believe the "washington post" on watergate. it too months and months if not years.
2:00 am
joe concha, tammy bruce, have a wonderful weekend. charlie hurt and gregg jarrett are among our guests monday. join >> a rock 'n' roll legend. >> the crazy thing about roy orbison is, from 1959 to 1964, he had 21 top 40 hits. >> he dies too soon, with three young sons. >> he had secretly always wanted us to be musicians, but he wasn't gonna push. >> does he send them on a musical mission from beyond the grave? >> and then i kind of rubbed my eyes, and then looked at this. >> he said, "i've got this cassette of this song that nobody has heard before." >> will this strange inheritance bring roy and his boys together again? >> had you always dreamt of playing with your dad? >> always, yes. >> [ chuckles ] mercy! [ door creaks ] [ wind howls ] [ thunder rumbles ] [ bird caws ]


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