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tv   FBN AM  FOX Business  February 13, 2018 5:00am-6:00am EST

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york. >> the tram plan has the skin of an infrastructure plan, but it? the guys. >> we are trying to fix roads and bridges that are following data we have a hard time getting the money. it's crazy. cheryl: budget director mick mulvaney s. t. sele for $.4 trillion plan. the devastated nearly a trillion dollars. washington spending out of control. lauren: stocks rally for a second day yesterday getting another 410 points, but stock futures this morning giving back some of those gains. dow down 189.
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tree into those markets opening slightly lower currently in the ftse down seven. cac down as well. lauren: holiday yesterday come the japanese stocks opened open slightly higher finishing the session not two quarters of 1%. however, the great on the screen for the other major averages. china up 1%. cheryl: listen up chocolate fans. what if we told you you could get paid to do nothing but eat chocolate. "fbn:am" starts right now. lauren: 5:01 a.m. in the morning in new york. tuesday, february 13th. tuesday. ash wednesday is tomorrow. i am lauren simonetti. cheryl: i'm cheryl casone. lauren: a lot of people give up chocolate for lent.
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cheryl: i will not be one of those people. lauren: the white house budget director mick mulvaney headed to capitol hill today. he has to sell the president for $.4 trillion budget plan to congress. the plan would add a trillion dollars to the federal deficit next year. it would also increase spending for border security and infrastructure. cheryl: connell mcshane in washington has more. reporter: sherilyn moran, good morning to both of you guys. it is a big day for the budget and infrastructure plan committing to spending $200 billion on infrastructure. that is key because the idea is to take the seed money and incentivize local governments to have more than a trillion dollars to it so if all goes according to plan comes to $1.5 trillion or thereabouts. but the president did is invited a number of governors and mayors to the white house to talk about
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the plan because he will need them to pick up a lot of that. he said let's see how badly you want this. that's what he told the mayors and governors adding to military spending and tax cuts for higher prayer is for him and infrastructure. >> this is of great importance, but not nearly in that category because the state will have to do it themselves if we don't do it. i would like to states to be helped out. reporter: the states less than impressed at the holes untrammeled thing. nancy pelosi house as follows. the president has finally unveiled a puny infrastructure scam that fully fails to meet the needs of america's communities. the infrastructure plan a small part of an overall budget that comes out to more than $4 trillion. more spending on the military and border security and trained to fight the opioid epidemic as well. also send deficit reduction in
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the years ahead, but one thing not included in this is a balanced budget, something the president talked about in the campaign. he's not talking that way anymore. cheryl moran, but to new york. cheryl: the president set to meet with members of congress to discuss trade this morning. house speaker paul ryan will be on morning to maria 8:30 a.m. eastern time today. lauren: fbi director christopher ray in the hot seat today will appear before the intelligence committee for a routine hearing, but as you know the fbi faces intense scrutiny from the white house and republican lawmakers over alleged political bias amongst zero. you are looking at two of them. all this coming after the house intelligence committee released a gop memo alleging the fbi is used for surveillance power over the term presidential campaign.
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the white house said the memo back to the house committee so they could revise it and take out anything that would compromise national security. cheryl: well, walgreens looking to boost its profits and better compete with amazon. cheryl: tracee carrasco more on that another headlines. >> walgreens owns more, but according to "the wall street journal" to buy the remainder of the company. it could help boost profitability at walgreens and given that matches the competitive help your industry changes at the possibility of amazon entering the pharmacy business between cbs and i had not appeared shares surge more than 25% in after-hours trading. >> they brought in amazon and now they do something rare. >> a very rare move from one of the countries largest corporate
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employers with 300,000 employees come in amazon laid off workers at its corporate campuses. the position eliminated in the consumer retail business involved several hundred employees in its seattle offices along with hundreds of others elsewhere in amazon sent as part of the annual planning process is making headcount adjustments across the country -- across the company using small reductions in a few areas. they are still hiring in other areas. cheryl: it is rare to see any change like that for amazon. let's talk about chocolate. >> a freedom of our jobs that might apply for this one. a dream job for chocolate lovers you can now get paid to taste chocolate and cocoa drinks. the company behind oreo cookies and cadbury snack since hiring to apply. you need to have taste buds for
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detection and passion for confectionery is. i think we'll have that. it is in the u.k., the last year the company received 6000 applications from around the world just for this job including here in the u.s., australia. people willing to move for this. >> to bring out the salary is? lauren: $16 an hour. lauren: a gym member included with the? he might need that. trying to put your attention back to the futures market. the bit of a selloff now in the futures market after two days of solid gains. we thought we were in for a rebound but as you can see that output and lower 179. after the nasdaq lower as well. let's bring in commentary on the market team speed, good morning.
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>> how are you, cheryl? cheryl: good, good. we had two solid days, maybe had that bottoming out, nasdaq back in positive territory. what is going on this morning? >> it looks a lot more stable. we sell a high of 24,000 to just about in our the turmoil last week down to 32. in the market is staying right within that 22,024,000. everything else looks good. unemployment rate holding steady and of course the interest rate of this is true around the world. it is unsettling. it's been volatile, but hopefully expected to flatten out and not have the turbulence that occurred last week. cheryl: are you concerned because i'm sure you're getting phone calls from clients that we have seen in particular with the
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vi x, the fear gauge 70%. that is a pretty surprising job and interest rate concerns with the 10 year treasury. obviously that has investors nervous. inflation, consumer prices. are you seeing a crack in the foundation we are not? >> our clients are not and we also do not have that intimate of that. last week many clients contacting us wanting to deploy where cash into the market. they are custom with the dips. we haven't had a movement like that in over three years, so then he looked at it as an opportunity to deploy more to the market. cheryl: of clients are looking to buy yen, are there certain sectors you are recommending to them? are you being specific? >> no. you could argue technology still
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remains very hot, but there is a lot of industrial sector a lot of play their in the global marketplace. our clients are long-term investors. it arrives in anywhere from five to seven years, so they are not trying to capture any immediate upside and they do understand volatility market than they do understand the power of short-term much like you saw last week. two was made last week so much of a move is it really has not happened. cheryl: we need a little bit of a breather. i think your clients understand now that are looking to make somebody had. thank you for getting up with us. appreciate it. lauren: an unusual way to craft an immigration bill. free-for-all with an unlimited
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amendments. >> we have to consider transfer our political panel will tackle that next. you cannot burden to the list of things mitch mcconnell and chuck schumer don't see eye to eye on. cheryl: they don't see eye to eye on anything. lauren: investors need a shot of bourbon. dow futures down 185 after a two-day rally. down 31, maybe not after today. we'll be right back. ♪ [fbi agent] you're a brave man, mr. stevens.
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cheryl: welcome back. let's get you caught up on what's happening now. arrested for the markets right now futures pointing to substantial loss. down 171 at s&p 14, nasdaq down 25 after two straight sessions of solid gains. market something to watch. other news watch, president trumps family still outraged.
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the wife of don trump junior into the hospital but she's fine now that you're open an envelope with a nonhazardous white powder. meanwhile, president chen urging vladimir putin to do more to stop north korea's nuclear program. the two leaders spoke by phone yesterday with repeated the need for russia to take further steps to end the standoff with the north koreans. also we assume for the peace process between israel and palestinians. chuck schumer and mitch mcconnell don't agree on much in that now includes the issue. showing up in the home state of kentucky. kerry mcconnell a bottle of bourbon made in his native brooklyn saying it was among the best in the world. mcconnell defended his turf and said there's no such thing as brooklyn bourbon. and i think that might be correct. lauren: i have to say i've never heard of it.
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hopefully that let's you just saw between mcconnell and schumer will follow through to the senate floor today where they're about to have a rare free-for-all debate on immigration reform. >> i expect that virtually every issue under the sun will come up during this floor debate and not is fine. that is the way the senate oases to operate. that is a good way to legislate. >> is that the only way to get it done? patrice and luca and contributor john ellis join us now. good morning. is this a good way or the only way to get a deal done for the streamers? >> definitely not the only way that it's a good way. it's important to get proposals on the table and an opportunity for the white house to get a win on the same for republicans to say we put forward semester. now let's see if democratic
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partners will come alongside. our work even if they can't get the 60 votes they would be some sort of plan that i think we hear from senator jeff flake that will at least be the final stopgap. lauren: or find it hard to believe that they can put all these different ideas together and come out with something. chuck schumer has said they want the narrow bill, but the president has very clearly laid out his demands and they are not narrow. they include ending chain and diversity visa lottery. the border while sending. this is not a narrow bill. >> it's not. but they said that democrats are to approach the table saying we need 60 votes in president trump to sign this can be really willing to pursue opportunities in what has been called the greatest public liberation for them in the world and really come to the table and pursue the opportunity of seeing what do we want, what are we going to
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prioritize and being willing to compromise on the things to get to the 60 votes and if they want president trump to sign it, they have to be willing to compromise or to compromise and that is what the democrats need to focus on. >> house speaker paul ryan says he's not proving anything to the president. >> it's not surprising. even if by a miracle he is able to pass a bill, and the house is far more conservative when it comes to immigration reform. paul ryan is representing his entire legislative body when he says if i don't agree with that i'm not going to sign it. it will make it that much more difficult to see something done on the entire immigration reform. will we see something done on daca? that is possible. cheryl: maybe that is what senator schumer was getting hard. getting it to win through the house is even slimmer.
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>> yeah, it really is. we have president trump very wisely and constitutionally said this belongs in congress and at the democrats don't put something together that the republicans are willing to look at and say we can stand behind us, we are not going to get anywhere in the default is come march that the ins can rightly pursue rather a different action. that is constitutional in america first and president trump has rightly said we could go ahead and start looking that those things. if they seriously want to actually do something with daca and immigration, they have to compromise and i agree with patrice i don't see that happening, but the ball is in their court otherwise the default position is conserving the rule of law in america first. >> final question. you agree i'm kentucky bourbon or brooklyn bourbon? >> i am not a bourbon drinker.
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i like why more. >> i've heard good things about kentucky, but in the western colorado, we like all styles. lauren: all styles. she's very inclusive. cheryl: bipartisanship on the idea of bourbon. coming up today, today is tuesday. that means party time in new orleans. >> i love mardi gras. it's the best time of the year, best time for visitors to come and see our stay. cheryl: fox meteorologist janice dean hans the forecast coming out. the features again because unfortunately a bit of a selloff once again. pulling back a tiny bit comment s&p down by 13 and change, nasdaq, 25 to the premarket, don't blink. it could change in a moment.
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we'll be right back. ♪
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so all you pay for is data. choose by the gig or unlimited. and now, get a $200 prepaid card when you buy an iphone. it's a new kind of network designed to save you money. call, visit, or go to lauren: is so common today is mardi gras and yes you are looking pictures of bourbon street in new orleans so no matter what the weather is coming to come and join the party and they watched a parade float float and some other things. trade you for 24:00 in the morning and they are partying on the streets. lauren: looks wet from this vantage point. true to let's bring in the expert. i must choose an expert. meteorologist janice dean is
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here. reporter: a looks like -- it doesn't look exciting there. i think they are probably wrapping up the evening maybe. the good news is today is the day they might see a sprinkle or two. otherwise for the rest of the week in new orleans where the connected weather. nice weather in fact starting on wednesday appeared wednesday, thursday, friday looking almost 80 degrees on thursday. today they could see a sprinkle or two or thunderstorm. be careful if you are out there and enjoy. current temperatures at the warm-up on the way starting tomorrow for two thirds of the country. 42 in dallas, 51 in new orleans, 28 in new york will feel like springtime as we head into thursday for much of the country. we heard a wintry mix across the mid-atlantic certainly wintry weather across the midwest and great lakes and a couple systems moving into the west will bring rain and mountain snow.
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the temperature on thursday will be 62 degrees. transfer i've been thinking about that since yesterday. jinnah says new orleans -- all part of the sign. i think they're all correct. except if you're drinking a hurricane and it's probably like slurry in new orleans. lauren: coming up. she is the expert. luber has an idea to make sure your driver doesn't fall asleep at the wheel. a last-minute valentine gift like fried chicken. futures pointing down much of the morning. dow futures down 183 points. s&p and nasdaq down half a point. we will be right back. ♪ hold together.
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>> the plan has the skin of an infrastructure plan, but it? the guts. >> we are trying to build roads and bridges that are following town and have a hard time getting the money. it's crazy. lauren: the budget director heading to capitol hill to sell it for $.4 trillion budget to widen the deficit. the gop giving up on balancing the budget. lauren: after recovering yesterday commit future is giving of that back. down 184 points. cheryl: taking a look at what's happening in europe at the markets opening slightly lower. all of the markets slightly red. lauren: must agree except for the nikkei closed yesterday for holiday. shanghai composite gaining 1%.
5:31 am
>> and uber wants to make sure your driver doesn't fall asleep at the wheel. but at what cost? "fbn:am" starts right now. lauren: at his february 13th, 5:31 a.m. in the morning. cheryl: good morning. i'm cheryl casone. you still think all those folks are walking around on bourbon street? lauren: they are recharging. they'll get some breakfast and keep rolling. cheryl: things are still rolling in washington that's for sure. president trump including the $1.5 trillion infrastructure investment, the boldest in u.s. history. lauren: kelly wright with a closer look at exactly what he is proposing. good morning. >> good morning to you both good
5:32 am
you both could unveiling his budget proposal on monday, president trump announced his plan for revitalizing infrastructure. that is a trillion and a half dollar infrastructure plan designed to fix what the president calls crumbling roads and bridges urging congress to get bipartisan support to the manager. >> this is a common sense and bipartisan that every member of congress should support. i look forward to working with them and we look at the american people rose that are fixed in bridges that are fixed. reporter: here's the problem, some democrats are slamming the plan. chuck schumer stating the infrastructure proposal would do very little to make our ailing infrastructure better, but would put unsustainable burdens on our local government and lead to trump tolls all over the country. the budget proposal includes funding for nuclear modernization in military
5:33 am
spending. >> will have the strongest military we've ever had by far. we are increasing arsenals of virtually every weapon, modernizing and creating a brand-new nuclear force and frankly we have to do it because others are doing it. if they step, will start. but they are not stopping. reporter: democrats are not stopping criticism. mark warner, and democrat member argues citroen budget would put america deeper into debt. the president's budget proposal puts deficit reduction on all the wrong places by slashing funding for medicaid, college loans and food assistance for needy families in overall noninvestment assistance to overall levels not seen in modern times. the budget for 2019 as you stated at the top totals $4 trillion in new mention its tuesday. that's a budget. cheryl: well said.
5:34 am
kelly wright in the newsroom. lauren: president trump's budget proposal for next year would add trillions of dollars to the federal deficit and the impact this could have on interest rate, something we are watching closely. margaret are joining us now. reporter: good morning. how is tuesday? are you adding anything, giving up anything? >> i'm not giving up anything. i'll give up football. lauren: let's talk about the impact of the budget in deficit and all the spending. when are we going to see a 3% interest rate -- >> fiscal policy has gone into overdrive in the worry we might overstimulate.
5:35 am
i'm not worried about the deficits. the numbers are eye-popping, but we are talking about overtime. the deficit will be larger because of the tax cut. look, this is an immediate hit to revenue. but if we are going to get the economy growing at a faster if we estimate changes in lots of the tax reform does in the defense spending does. lauren: what are your thoughts? you're okay with this spending we sell in future generations to deal with? >> budgetary proposal. there's very little done with the budget. they're obligated to, but the budget but the habit passed a budget since george bush was president. that the last time we had a budget passed and enacted in july. we just came up with a two-year budget agreement that is closer to what we had and that will increase spending by
5:36 am
$300 billion. that is one of the things that's gotten the markets unnerved and we are at full employment and they are concerned the industry has fiscal overkill. i don't think that's a problem for 2018. lauren: why not? >> the labor force participation rate in the employment population ratio particularly for the prime working age adults are 1.5, to percentage rates below the low point of the prior recession. we still have slack in the labor force but the question mark is how much of those workers are ready to go to work tomorrow. lauren: good question i guess we'll see. mark ratner, thank you very much. cheryl: ford and mazda issuing warnings about toccata airbags.
5:37 am
lauren: tracee carrasco joins us with more on that. >> 40,000 pickup tax added to the do not drive list. this comes a month after ford added 3,002,006 ford rangers. this recall is that 33,000 that include ford rangers from 2006 as well as the mazda series pickup trucks. to put these back to the dealer. they do have the parts available right now. that has been a key issue with the recalls they haven't been able to get the parts that this continues to be the largest recall of 69 million in the u.s. the lauren: that is a huge issue. cooper is doing something to
5:38 am
prevent drivers from falling asleep at the wheel. what they are doing is after a driver drives for 12 hours straight, they will be digitally blacked out of the gap for six hours and then they will resume picking up passengers after that, hoping that they get arrested during that time. this is to prevent any accidents while driving. some cities are to have restrictions in place with new york city. this is going to be nationwide. >> that's why they want to regulate goober. real quick, valentine's day. >> a scratch and sniff card from kentucky fried chicken. >> you can get these from
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participating kfc. four cards there one on your screen with a little love note. i fell above the moment i swore you. images of colonel sanders in kfc food. these are available at participating restaurants. valentine's day tomorrow safina car for someone, here's an idea. >> it smells like chicken. true they have an issue because tomorrow is ash wednesday and a lot of people give up chocolate but it's also valentines. make an exception? cheryl: thank you very much. take the food. a look at what is happening with small prices. oil prices holding under 60 bucks a barrel. driving season around the corner.
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arizona may be the first state to allow residents to pay their taxes with bitcoin. we have been looking at pressure in the market. down 179. nasdaq down more by 36. update for the market that. we will be right back. ♪ when it might be time to buy or sell? with fidelity's real-time analytics, you'll get clear, actionable alerts about potential investment opportunities in real time. fidelity. open an account today. stay at la quinta. where we're changing with stylish make-overs. then at your next meeting, set your seat height to its maximum level. bravo, tall meeting man. start winning today. book now at
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lauren: good morning. let's get you caught up on what's happening now. futures yesterday in positive territory all day. this morning could be the opposite. the dow down 164 giving back the past two years. lawmakers now demanding national security adviser susan rice explained a suspicious amount of focus on the russia probe. senator grassley and senator graham want to know why she sent an e-mail to her supper they president trump was sworn into office that you not documented president obama's thoughts about how law enforcement should investigate russian interference in the 2016 presidential race. a new report alleges five drugmakers paid nearly $9 million to promote and suggest the payment may have played a significant role in
5:44 am
creating the opioid epidemic that we face now. yesterday the leading opioid manufacture purdue pharma announced it would stop promoting the drug to doctors. folks in arizona could soon be paying their taxes in bitcoin. the first state in the nation to accept the virtual currency. the legislation still needs house approval but that is an interesting way to pay your taxes. let's talk about oil prices. slightly higher this morning following the biggest one-week decline in two years. let's bring in joshua yong. we were pushing 60 about a lot of a lot of reasons oil may continue to stay lower.
5:45 am
>> s., thank you or dare to say what will happen over the next day, week or month. global oil supplies are disappointing. we will see oil prices rise considerably. cheryl: it's interesting you say that. for 2018 and global supply of me actually surpassed demand. that to me would say that his bearish problem. >> yeah, and they've been wrong about supply estimates for a number of years, so they put out their supply estimate and put them down over time repeatedly. they will reset their models and over the past few years shale production has actually surprised and has been declining a little bit.
5:46 am
you see shale production rising in disappointing and so it's hard to model, but with the world economy growing quite a bit in demand rising quite a bit, i would expect oil prices to rise considerably. cheryl: we are almost as 60 right now. where do you see the contracts going? >> i don't know about the near-term and my near-term crystal ball is broken along with everyone's. over the next six to 12 months there's a possibility for much higher oil prices. even possible to see it go over $100 a barrel. train to receive our drilling activity in the united states. a record number this year. let's talk about the economic story. if you see said gasoline is heading higher and you talk about a higher forecast for gasoline prices we've got summer driving coming out.
5:47 am
>> gasoline prices could be materially higher. fortunately employment is really good. we see almost this goldilocks scenario across the world movie see gdp growth off the charts frankly, something we haven't seen for more than a decade. we see major economies around the world. india, china, u.s., europe growing simultaneously and that is not factored into demand models. with drilling in the u.s., it only produces 10 million barrels a day relative to world supplies. but the rest of the world declining we are not seeing the u.s. growing enough. >> at all is that going back to inflation to your point earlier.
5:48 am
appreciated. >> thank you very much. transfer we are following the winter olympics for you in south korea. major rally for two days on wall street. will investors be allowed to keep the rally going in europe? let's take a look at what the investors in the u.s. none half of 1% the nasdaq or the dow was down two thirds of 1%. you are watching trends by then.
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lauren: and earlier than usual,
5:52 am
tweedy narrative structure plan has been put forward and received great reviews by everyone except democrats after many years with taking care of our military. now i have to fix our roads, bridges, tunnels, airports and more. the trunk of her structure plan has the skin of the numbers turks are planned, but? the guts. democrats are saying this doesn't help the world community. cheryl: budget director mick mulvaney on the hill today obviously the worry about the deficit. let's take a look at what has been happening. chloe came taking home the gold for u.s.a. in the women's half pipe with high expectations, she did not disappoint catching her first-ever gold medal with the gold already guaranteed. she used her but her lap back to
5:53 am
back any of these pictures the first woman to pull off the track. the final run by the way, 98.25. cheryl: look at her face. so proud of herself. two-time olympic gold medal shot white ones to make third time the charm put on an impressive during 98.50 landing back-to-back 1260. setting up a dramatic final four today with an 18-year-old from japan and a 23-year-old from australia. one of four americans make it to the final 12. a look at the medal count here so far in south korea. norway leading the way with nine medals. germany has four gold medals. the netherlands coming in with seven. canada also has seven.
5:54 am
team u.s.a. three gold u.s.a. three gold, six in total in france has earned five medals so far. cheryl: a lot more coming up. so far not looking so good for european market. we are going to go to london for a live report. not a straightahead on "fbn:am." straightahead on "fbn:am." [hero] i'll take my chances.
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cheryl: the president just reading again a few moments ago. here's what he's saying. he's up early this morning. negotiations on daca have begun. wouldn't it be great if we could finally after so many years saw the daca puzzle. this would be our last chance. there will never be another opportunity. march 5th. the president referring to the expiration of the dreamers come a deal for dreamers. he gave them six and it began coming down to the wire with mitch mcconnell. lauren: they will be trying at least in the senate today. let's take a look at how investments are doing. in the u.s.a. major rally for the last few days. stocks never saw a red. so many days that these thousand plus point swings and finally a day in the green was nice. features getting a lot of that back then for all three major
5:58 am
averages. cheryl: taking a lucky european markets. first the asian markets. the rally we had yesterday been following to asia except for the nikkei was closed for holiday monday. lauren: quickly how europe is treating this morning. stocks can taking a cue from wall street this morning with the ftse up in london but the dax in cac down about a quarter of 1% each. also, low volume on wall street yesterday impact european markets this morning. cheryl: also keeping an eye on the 10 year gilt bird year gilt worried about by borrowing and it's about the budget today. dataset for "fbn:am." raise the -- we say good morning to maria bartiromo. >> good morning everybody. happy tuesday to you. i am maria bartiromo. top stories right now 6:00 a.m. on the east coast.
5:59 am
wall street rebound yesterday reversing this morning. yesterday the dow jones industrial average closed up four points making it the second close. adding 700 points per the largest two-day point gain since august of 2015. volatility definitely back with a triple digit loss at the opening of trading. pullbacks from yesterdays news. dow industrials down two thirds%. 160 points lower. nasdaq down 32 points. us s&p down one half of 1%. a mixed story. if you would hundred up a fraction. 10 points higher in the ft that the cac in the dax and lower a quarter of a percentage. taking a cue from the big rally on wall street and you see the shanghai composite up 1%. hang seng in hong kong up a quarter%. president trump debuted its
6:00 am
massive for $.4 trillion budget proposal to focus on infrastructure the commander-in-chief remains committed to america's safety for increased spending on infrastructure. >> villa including -- the president goes on in the most important jobs he has is protecting this country, therefore the need that has been ignored for so long, infrastructure focusing on crisis and border wall. dream to breaking down the proposal. amazon employees hundreds in seattle campus and more on the rare cutbacks for amazon coming up this morning. our historic then make her remington chapter 11 how it helo


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