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tv   FBN AM  FOX Business  February 14, 2018 5:00am-6:00am EST

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>> today the president is proud to donate his fourth-quarter salary, 2017 salary to the department of transportation to support programs to rebuild and modernize our crumbling infrastructure. lauren: president trump continues to push his one-point $5 trillion infrastructure plan anything but top lawmakers about it today. cheryl: market volatility remains. right now futures pointing to a higher open. gallup 118 in the free market. trade to a higher open taking a look at the markets they are paired with the london gaining eight points. other markets up half of 1%
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each. cheryl: japan's nikkei falling half a percentage china's shanghai composite up half a percent. lauren: is a list of u.s. companies giving tax reform bonuses continues to grow, but what if those bonuses for tax-free? "fbn:am" starts right now. cheryl: 5:01 a.m. in new york wednesday, february 18th, valentine's day and its ash wednesday. in cheryl casone. lauren: predicament for a lot of people. you may not go out to dinner to celebrate today. trade to today is the beginning of lent if you are giving up things. so much for valentine's day evenings. president trump trying to stay on track when it comes to his plans for 2018 and 19 meeting
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with congressional leaders from both sides of the aisle to discuss his infrastructure plan which is part of his 2019 budget proposal. white house budget director mick mulvaney on the hill discussing us. lauren: connell mcshane discussing those. reporter: the budget would boost spending for border security and military while cutting back on some domestic programs. when the omb director mick mulvaney was up here come he did hear from some of his own party about fiscal discipline. >> it doesn't feel that way to me that we are heading in a hopeful direction to solving our nation episodes. >> is a lot more fun to spend money than it is to reduce. it's a lot harder to reduce than it is to spend it incumbent on all of us to make difficult decisions, to decide together that the legislature administration, are these
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deficits we are willing to tolerate? reporter: mick mulvaney referring to cuts of programs that overtime with the twin reduction in the deficit although we should point out would not lead to a balanced budget in 10 years. the very cuts get under the skin of democrats in the hearing. >> a four-point $3 billion cut while giving 6 billion on mobile. which is more important to you? >> one of the things they mentioned during my opening. >> you can answer one way or the other. the public would like to know. >> i don't like to answer loaded questions. >> he does it all over again today as he appears before the house committee. cheryl, lauren, back to you guys. lauren: the president donated his fourth-quarter salary to infrastructure projects. transportation secretary elaine chao except in that check at the white house yesterday.
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lauren: stephen mnuchin expected to face tough questions about recent market volatility as u.s. regulators now looking into whether the volatility index or fear gauge has been manipulated to the financial industry regulated authority. now investigating whether traders placed on s&p 500 options to influence the price of dax futures. cheryl: well come a second federal judge blocked a decision to end the daca program as the senate tries again to debate immigration reform. a district judge ruled daca cannot and it matches the administration planned meeting undocumented immigrants brought the u.s. as children can renew their status. president trump at the white house yesterday discussed optimism for a bipartisan deal on the daca issue. >> i hope we can do daca.
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i think we have a chance to do daca very bipartisan. and also built to do that, senator. cheryl: sticking points for democrats are limiting legal immigration and funding for a border wall. our political panel on the next block. we'll talk about it. >> lawmakers think they just bought themselves more time after a federal judge. lauren: trump told members of congress is considering putting tariffs on imported aluminum in steel. tram said he wants to protect u.s. producers being hurt by unfair trade practices. the commerce department is investigating china and other countries for allegedly dumping cheap steel and aluminum products on our shores. true end to e.u. could soon be seeing tax-free bonus is thanks to that to be unveiled today. lauren: they are more than crimes i guess if that happens.
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tracey carrasco with more on that with the news this morning. the whole thousand dollars it could be. >> a republican lawmaker to unveil legislation that would make most bonuses given out tax-free and take a nancy pelosi with representative todd rokita from indiana has dubbed its bill that creating relief in useful middle class benefited dating or crimes act. pelosi famously refers to bonuses as crimes in criticizing the tax plan last month. it would make bonuses received by the worker is tax-free up to $2500. cheryl: is there support for this? >> i'm not sure, but with a name like that who knows. cheryl: i kind of like it. lauren: chipotle has major problems for their bottom line
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this year so they're making changes at the top. >> chipotle has named taco bell chief executive brian nichols has its next ceo hoping the veteran can revive the struggling burrito chain with a number of food safety problems. yes i'm taco bell for three years as the chain has been the most successful in the portfolio of young brands which include pizza hut and kfc. they will take over for chipotle founder steve l. they lost nearly 40% of their value in the past year. cheryl: there have been a hard time recovering from the e. coli outbreak. trader joe's getting into the valentine's day spirit. >> trader joe's is looking for love in its files with this contest. in the spirit of valentines, trader joe's wants you to play matchmaker to see which two products you think are the perfect pair. people are posting pictures of matches on social media like
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cauliflower pizza crust and guacamole. tomato soup crackers with spinach and killed to. the first-place winner will receive a gift card $222.2 runners-up will receive gift cards at $44. you have to use the hashtag match rated t. jason social media instagram with a picture to enter. a way to do it. lauren: cheese puffs and cream cheese. anything without cookies spread. thank you. coming outcome will head will head overseas. potential problems for prime minister benjamin netanyahu. how one of the allies could be losing his grip on power. plus, a video showing united airlines packed with passengers falling apart 30,000 feet in the air. you do not want to see that when you look at your planes window. we will be right back.
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tree in three good morning. let's get you caught up on what's happening now. the futures could afford it to games in a row. dow futures higher by 101-point and and a while ago they were up 200 points. continue to watch the market
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today. the cpi report could be the game changer. also watching the story is israeli netanyahu resigns amid corruption. accepting lavish gifts up to $280,000 in exchange for players untried and he denies the allegations. here at home an off-duty chicago police officer gunned down confronting a suspect in broad daylight to succeed throughout police commander bauer shot multiple times by a convicted felon running from other cops. hundreds of officers lining the streets to salute the fallen hero. he was a 31 year veteran of the force. it is behind a wife and a 13-year-old daughter. a united airlines plane packed with people landing safely in hawaii after, look at disk one of its engines failed as a fight over the pacific ocean. the terrifying video showing the plane falling 30,000 feet in the
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air. passengers fearing for their lives and they were told to put their heads down, prepare for an emergency landing and of course everybody breathing a sigh of relief when the plane did in fact land safely. we don't know why the engine failed at this point, be you can be sure the airlines and investigators are looking into that. cheryl: as a second judge ruled against the trump administration on the repeal of daca come in the senate will try again to come up with the a bipartisan plan for immigration reform. >> president trump challenged congress to do something about it, to pass a law. as you can see, five months passed and we haven't done that, but we have a chance this week to get it right. we have a chance to make this work. cheryl: republicans in the house got momentum on a conservative proposal. here it away. here to weigh in, political commentator and contributor to the hill and republican
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strategist, good morning. i have to start with the issue here of what is in the plan right now. it seems to me to be if it comes down to the funding for the border wall. democrats have no interest in giving one dime to president trump to build the wall. if that were falls apart? >> i don't think that's where falls apart because we saw democrats using the open floor process in which we will give a path to citizenship to the dreamers as well as potential for increased security funds. it is just about being bipartisan nature, making sure we come to a compromise because we have on the line 700,000 individuals who can basically lead this country once we decide we don't want them here anymore. march 5th israeli approaching in a few weeks. we need to make sure we are doing this and doing this effect to believe. cheryl: let's talk about the legal side of it.
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that is the second federal judge to block the trump administration's plan to and daca. it seems to me at this point it's going to the supreme court. this in the second ruling make this more likely the supreme court will take up the issue? >> first of all, judge process is wrong in his decision. in layman's terms, his decision to philly. more legal terms has decision is academic because his rationale for denying trump here is all about well, you know, the president's rationale was incorrect. however, he admitted he had disputed the absolute right to eliminate daca. circumventing congress here. now president trump can
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eliminate what president obama did. pretty simple. trade to the other issue is chain migration, family migration. democrats don't want to see that change as well. the two sides are very still, very far apart even on the march 5th deadline is right around the corner. >> absolutely. the two sides are very far apart. we are used in the lives these dreamers as a football which should not be done. chain migration has been dubbed is not something democrats are saying we want to remove from this bill appeared to touch upon the point of the merit of the argument, the judge said this was flawed because there is no evidence presented outside for an anti-latino sentiment and use the exact phrasing from the trump administration. it's a delicate dance we have to do to make sure we put forth that our country is safe but we are not doing it in a way to hurt a certain segment of the population.
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before it looked to me that we are to put forth the immigration bill could >> democrats have no intention of speed and daca pass. they want to utilize this as a mechanism for campaigns in the midterm elections. i was the first congress candidate in the country to endorse donald trump and i stand by him 100% on what he's doing with the daca individuals. i want them to be legalized, however, i don't think there should be any type to citizenship for them. we shouldn't reward them for being here illegally. they should have to pay a $5000 permanent residency feet, $1000 a year for the next five years and on top of a give 100 hours of community service every year for five years and they could help build the wall. >> and none is exactly why the judges continue to vote against this bill that sentiments like
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that. >> one judge. wait judge. wait till it goes to supreme court. >> you guys keep on moving. cheryl: you all can continue. we are going to take a short break. this is why the issue is so divisive. thank you very much. >> thank you get happy valentine's day. lauren: regina gap there. happy valentine's day. trying to win best in show at the westminster dog show. >> introducing the seven group leaders competing for best in show at the 142nd westminster dog show. transfer we will tell you who won. janice dean might know. she was at the dog show. she also might know what the weather is doing. a springlike forecast is in the cards for the northeast. we will tell you how the program is performing today. up half a percent and we are seeing half a percent increase for the nasdaq and the s&p 500
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lauren: well, he may not have been the biggest inside, the plan was crowned best in show. >> best in show at the 142nd annual westminster bubble david bichon frise day. [cheers and applause] 's cheryl: this fluffy white bichon frise day had no trouble winning over judges. the judge pointed out his beautiful expression, but also
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mentioned every time she looked at him, his tale by patent number one -ranked thai, a giant schnauzer to capture the first-ever best in show title. train through the second time ever for that breed. looks like a giant cloud. cheryl: i just want to type out for. transferring a big one in the east coast because spring arrived early. cheryl: weren't you at the dog show? reporter: i wasn't last night. i was the day before behind the scenes. i will tell you it takes hours to get that proof of their happening. hours. cheryl: we can all relate to that. reporter: congratulations to the bichon frise day. a little bit of warmth as they get into the weekend, maybe a snowstorm for the northeast. 36 in new york, 28 in chicago, 21 minneapolis. warm-up in the 50s for much of
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the northeast today. quick disturbance moving to new york right now. we do have ran across the mississippi river valley in a couple systems that will impact the west with rain in the mountains though. take a look at your future raider as we head into wednesday. a lot happening across the west and some unsettled weather across the ohio river valley and toward the mid-atlantic. as we head into friday and saturday, watching potential for storm system. perhaps some snow. don't get comfortable with valentine's day warm temperatures. >> a lot of people get sick this way. when the weather changes. we will enjoy a bottle asked. reporter: extra vitamin c for your valentine's day. cheryl: we've got a lot more coming out. apple shareholders meeting at the company's brand-new headquarters. they don't seem real worried about iphone's. >> when it comes down to it if
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the companies making a lot of money, the rest doesn't matter. cheryl: we will hear a lot more from apple shareholders and find out how the tax plan will affect big technology companies. hershey turning gold into chocolate. we've got that coming out. taking a look at features, we shall see. right now pointing to a much higher open on the markets. the dow up 132 in the premarket, s&p and nasdaq reportedly higher as well. ♪ at fidelity, trades are now just $4.95. we cut the price of trades to give investors even more value. and at $4.95, you can trade with a clear advantage. fidelity, where smarter investors will always be.
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♪(piano music) jessica! we need to leave. right now! i need to get something. (boy): dance recitals are so boring. ♪there's a me no one knows ♪waiting to be set free so, what's the empty suitcase for? the grand prize trophy duh ♪i was born to be somebody >> i think they're going to continue to innovate and make great products and people will continue to buy them. cheryl: breaking news this morning. apple investors optimistic after
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speaker and tim cook at the company's annual shareholder meeting in a dividend increase expect it. cheryl: volatility still making waves. the dow was up four days. up 138 points. inflation data closely watched survey for signs of an overheating economy. cheryl: taking a look at what's happening in europe jumped at the opening of taking a lead for the u.s. markets as well. the ftse, cacm dax and the green. lauren: sundowner is in japan, but the shanghai composite up half of 1%. trade to get ready, amazon about to disrupt another industry that may lower cost for patients everywhere. "fbn:am" continues right now. ♪ lauren: 5:30 in the morning on
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figure 14. happy valentine's day. i'm lauren simonetti. cheryl: happy ash wednesday. i'm cheryl casone. and ash wednesday. beginning went today, but also going out for valentine's day. tweet us and let us know what your plans are. lauren: apple hold its annual shareholders meeting that brand-new headquarters tim cook throwing cold water on whether the company would issue a special dividend. trade do more on that story from hillary bond. >> tim cook wooing investors at their annual shareholder meetings come in many telling they came just for an opportunity to check out the new campus but i'll ask ron cook as the company faces increased pressure after the company missed its wall street estimates and skipped out on the crucial holiday season. investors who talked to say they are phase. >> we've seen this before. there's trains that go up and down with phone sales, strong
5:31 am
competition from a lot of different places, especially asia. they will continue to innovate and make great products and people will buy them as long as they make them. >> when it comes down to if people make a lot of money, the rest doesn't matter. reporter: a larger move into the health care industry, telling investors that current model of the reimbursement encourages innovation saying the focus tends to be what can a designer create tickets reimbursed by medicare or medicaid. that's not always the best interest of the patient. how can we improve the health of the user without worrying if we can convince the federal government to give us the reimbursement or not. apple can make contributions to make health care industry user focused about the patient. some questions about tax reform in apple's decision to bring back a few hundred billion dollars in repatriated cash. cook telling shareholders who would not have supported something we thought was right for america. we would not have done it.
5:32 am
cook addressing whether or not apple would give out a special dividend. part of that due to the repatriated cash he said he is not a fan of that, but increasing annual dividend is something they are permitted to do. lauren and cheryl. lauren: we lost out to corporate tax cut and other big companies has any influence in how investors feel about this. an economics professor and president of halo investing. gentlemen, good morning. >> good morning. lauren: will start with you. it's about time the u.s. cut up with other companies in the tax world, so the special rates for the repatriation of the money in the big investing is what we should be doing? >> yeah, thanks, lauren. this is something we should have done a while ago and it's actually coming a little late in my view.
5:33 am
this is long over due and a step in the right direction. i think this is the right thing to do because every other developed country had a tax system, which allows their companies to innovate and compete fairly on the global seed and the u.s. did not have that good this is actually good for american companies in general and especially good for tech companies. lauren: lawrence, we're talking about an obscene amount of money coming $2 billion being repatriated back to the u.s. what you think apple will do with the money? ceo tim cook says it's not a fan of special dividends. what can we expect? >> i think it's a mixture of google invested in new products. they've got a strong tradition of developing new products that delight customers. they will i'm sure be giving
5:34 am
bonuses to a number of their employees. and over the longer run, it may well trickle and two larger dividends. for the moment, i think it is investing in the business and in their employees. both are terrifically important. i want to add one thing to wake just kind of sad about the tax cut. yes, it was over due, but we missed an important opportunity to simplify the tax code, to get rid of loopholes. there was precious little reform, way too much cut. we need to focus on reform as well as getting tax cuts more -- tax levels more harmonized. lauren: this is a whole different discussion so i'll ask you quickly as a follow-up like tax reform you are looking for as far as silicon valley is
5:35 am
concerned. >> you know, it is a more general issue of just getting rid of the special deals. you know, simplifying the tax code. we give greater efficiency when we have a more simplified tax code. it's really that straightforward. lauren: let's move onto the volatility we've been seeing, which quite frankly has derailed the market, particularly the last few weeks, biju. there is an investigation looking into whether trade plays on the vix index. it's very hard to prove someone was trying to manipulate the market. where do you think that ends up? >> so, really hard to say, but like you said it's very hard to prove their true manipulation actually occurred. i would say based on the way vix is calculated, it not especially
5:36 am
hard to manipulate an index like that. i think that is very possible. in the market, you know, this is actually alarming a lot of people, but at the same time, you know, volatility has been really low for many years, so it's not actually unusual this is coming here. >> wasting volatility again and that is more normal. biju, lawrence, thank you very much. >> thank you. >> thank you. cheryl: well, amazon getting serious about its push into health care. lauren: more tech companies to do good if you will. tracee carrasco joins us with more headlines. >> ask him what for them getting interested in the pharmacy business and eventually jpmorgan chase and berkshire hathaway. and now this. amazon looking to expand its
5:37 am
medical supplies business into a major supplier creating a marketplace for hospitals can shop and stock up on emergency room could operate in seats and outpatient facilities and compete with distributors for items like gods to hip implants. they really want to get into this. the big question will be will hospitals be looking to make this change because they are very strict about where they get their products from, when they get them. it will be a big shift for them. amazon recently tested this out with a facility in the midwest come a large hospital there. cheryl: i would like to know where they get $200 aspirin. have you heard that story? this is great for patients in hospitals. >> and there brings the cost down, absolutely. lauren: jcpenney cutting jobs. why are we not surprised? >> about 700 jobs will be lost there. they shut down distribution and
5:38 am
customer service operations and time this summer. they will be shifting out work they are to their out workfare to their other operations kansas and ohio. this comes as we've seen their footprints come in their stores really shrink so they don't need these distribution centers they have. lauren: with the amazon online effect. >> every time the u.s.a. wins a gold medal at the olympics, we also win. all you have to do is get a candy bar. their new hershey gold candy bar, the caramel ice cream, there it is on your screen. when the u.s.a. wins the gold medal, they will tweet or post a link on facebook. you just have to go and get a coupon for a candy bar. only 10,000 people each time they win a gold medal will be eligible to get it. you've got to act quickly when they win. so far the u.s.a. has won four
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gold medals. we've got four chances at this candy bar, up to 15 gold medals is how many they will give away. lauren: all of this is always happening in social media. >> that's the place to be. lauren: thank you very much. it is valentine's day and of course the retailers are celebrating stepping up their spending by just how much. plus, is jerry seinfeld ready for assigned a reboot? what he's saying about a potential revival. we will have that next. you owned your car for four years. you named it brad. you loved brad. and then you totaled him. you two had been through everything together. two boyfriends, three jobs...
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and rebuild lives. lauren: let's get you caught up on what's happening now. dow futures rallying over 100 points. u.s. intelligence agencies are warning that russia will try to interfere in the 2018 midterm elections. the director of national intelligence dan coats telling the committee plans to use social media to spread propaganda and misleading reports much as it did at the 2016 presidential campaign. democrats lifting a republican seat in the election in florida. barbara good winning in
5:43 am
sarasota's 72nd half, opening up after republican resigned citing family reasons turn into the national spotlight because of a string of high-profile endorsements including former vice president joe biden. jerry seinfeld is reportedly keeping a glimmer of hope alive for fan alive for fans eager for revival of his comedy hit, "seinfeld." jerry seinfeld has dismissed the idea in the past on the island a gender show he said it was possible. the show went off the air back in 1998. it's been a while. cheryl: a show about nothing on broadcast television. valentine's day has proven to be one of the most popular u.s. holidays with her to represent celebrating this year. you won't believe how much the country is spending. join us to talk about the spending and retail trend, barry gibbons. good morning. >> happy valentine's day,
5:44 am
cheryl. cheryl: i don't know if it's the economy, people are getting thousand dollars of essays, but we look at a big increase. >> $20 billion year on valentine's day coming nearly 20 billion up from $18 billion last year. the bulk of the spending on jewelry and that is followed by dinner out, cards, candy, things of that nature. there's a lot of reasons why general it's confident it when you're confident you spend. cheryl: is one of those holidays in the year when we look to what the consumer is doing and how they are feeling, looking at a true gauge. >> it's also if you don't picture a significant number something you'd run the risk of getting dumped completely. 50% of people say they would dump her boyfriend if they didn't have done something on valentine's day. you have to do something in that general involves spending. cheryl: guys, step it up out
5:45 am
there. you mentioned jewelry. that's about $4.7 million. >> but the biggest followed by a night out. what is interesting is a lot of people are spending a lot of money on their pets, specifically millennial. a bulk of spending there. a quarter of millennial's are buying items for their pets. retailers are really catering to this group in particular. pet mart has an entire valentine's day collection catering to the screw. amazon has dedicated 12 pages to valentine's day themed merchandise for your pet. we are seeing a lot of spending because millennial server marrying later, they don't have anyone to buy for. a lot of them stay single longer been buying things for themselves. they are showing themselves a little love on valentine's day. true to that thing, the pet side of this i was looking at the number of pet spending today
5:46 am
expected to jump 27% last year. $750 million is huge. >> that's huge. no one else no one else are the generation that primarily have the pets. a quarter of those under the age of 35 say that they will be buying something for their pets. i think that is sort of an interesting trend there. sending the same 30% is just phenomenal. cheryl: was surprised me about all the data you provided with the fact that candy and flowers as kind of the least spent on items right now. greg is to be kind of the thing. >> you can still get away with the cheapies, candies and cards, but you have to give your significant other something for valentines. it's the thought that counts. true to her though break up with you. warning two guys out there. thanks for coming on the show.
5:47 am
lauren: spectacular run in the men's half pipe, which snowboard superstar won the 100th gold medal in the winter olympics history? there he is. jared max is live next. what is powered in a strong open in europe today? you're in the u.s., taking a look at the features, for days of gains. dow futures higher by half of 1%. s&p and nasdaq moving up, too. you are watching transeven. ♪ and serve with confidence that it's safe. this is a diamond you can follow from mine to finger,
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that's moving companies forward fast. e-commerce. real time inventory. virtual changing rooms. that's why retailers rely on comcast business to deliver consistent network speed across multiple locations. every corporate office, warehouse and store near or far covered. leaving every competitor, threat and challenge outmaneuvered. comcast business outmaneuver.
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cheryl: a banner performance by u.s. legend shone wide as team u.s.a. at the medal totals. lauren: garrett maxes herewith the latest from the olympic games. >> hockey gets underway today. sean white keeps getting it done. the flying tomato. first american metal in three separate winter olympics. sean white needed his spectacular final round to win the golden pyeongchang. winning four times around. white won gold, japan took australia and james lebron. marks a milestone for team u.s.a. one hundredth gold medal all-time and two winter olympics.
5:52 am
let's take a look at the overall medal standings here right now through this part of the pyeongchang games. lisa will count, germany's second tied with another lens with 10 medals and kidman also has 10 medals total. the united states has seven in all with four gold medals, one silver and also to bronze. happy valentine's day. good luck to all today including a couple skittish in the united states. chris and alexa kinnear celebrate february 14th competing as the team in the pairs competition. "usa today" will have it on time stated no other couple on the ice will have. there's no other pair of competing at the games. hockey come anyone? team u.s.a. takes the morning. team u.s.a. on the ice against slovenia in a pyeongchang
5:53 am
opener. between itself and the 1980 miracle ice caused. a lot of names people don't know. ask nhl guys like 39-year-old brian 9-year-old brian jay on that. since the cleveland cavaliers traded thompson they look like contenders again. lebron james a 37 points for the cavaliers. that is four straight wins for the cavaliers since their big trade. remember the 1990s movie, house party? lebron james production company, springhill entertainment told the hollywood reporter this is definitely not a reboot. it's entirety -- entirely new look. he might even make a cameo appearance. cheryl: he can afford it if he wants. >> i'd remake other movies but not. cheryl: garrett, thank you very much. catch a sports reports on fox news headlines 24/7, some four.
5:54 am
lauren: coming up, stocks trading in europe. we just got some gdp data over there. and of course here at home and inflation report that could kill the bull market that we've seen. we'll be right back. ♪ [fbi agent] you're a brave man, mr. stevens. your testimony will save lives. mr. stevens? this is your new name. this is your new house. and a perfectly inconspicuous suv. you must become invisible.
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[hero] i'll take my chances.
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lauren: europe responded to a nice open but watching inflation reports coming out momentarily here in the u.s. the chief market analyst at ig joining us now. good morning. >> good morning. lauren: watching inflation numbers in the u.s. or the gdp report you just got for the eurozone? >> the inflation report is the big one expect to to rise to .3 from point to. we want to know if the wage inflation story heroes is being reflected in this number. cheryl: but also looking at the markets because three days of solid gains. still looking for a pullback and that's a buying opportunity. why?
5:58 am
>> well, longer-term the sharp dips headed out as well. i think what we've seen in previous instances is to have a short-term running in and makes a new low. what we see stocks quite attractive at the level relative to what there have to what there have been come you might get the chance by slightly steeper levels. i don't think the market is in much danger even if you do get the stronger inflation. in the global outlook is strong as well. lauren: thank you for joining us on "fbn:am." train to dataset for rest did we now send it over to maria bartiromo, "mornings with maria." maria: good morning, happy wednesday. it is wednesday, february 14th happy valentine's day. top stories right now. 6:00 a.m. on the east coast. future markets this morning that the big rally expecting gains at the start of 100 points. she inflation report in 2.5
5:59 am
hours through the cpi can the consumer price index looking for the january cpi to be up 1.9% year-over-year for the report could trigger action from the federal reserve as well as those in the market appears something nice oak about with house speaker paul ryan yesterday. >> or should be normalizing by the way. we look at this as the fed has been carrying all of the water and fiscal authorities are taking over the work of getting growth in the economy so monetary policies don't have to do this we can start normalizing interest rates. maria: stocks close in the green yesterday make it three straight sessions of gains. up almost 40 points, nonetheless into positive column, s&p up a quarter of a percent and nasdaq up almost one half of 1%. take a look at the action and the indices higher across the board. up 35 points, cac in paris that
6:00 am
two thirds of a percent as is the dax in germany. money moving into equities again. markets mostly higher. the big winner of two and a quarter% down a fraction. tragedy in oregon. one claim is dead this morning. two others had to be saved. more coming up this morning. tragic story there. if i bound for hawaii. after the cover comes off of the engine midflight. everybody was safe at the end of the day. chipotle taking big battleground. details on the new ceo and once again sean wyatt deliveryman has stirred performan i


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