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tv   FBN AM  FOX Business  February 15, 2018 5:00am-6:00am EST

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"strange inheritance," and remember, you can't take it with you. ♪ >> how could this ever happened in this country? how could it never happened in this state? that's absolutely pure evil. cheryl: a valentine's day massacre in as a gunman kills at least 17. learning more about his passion for guns in a shocking social media post. my report straight ahead. lauren: keeping a keen eye on futures this morning. two african three-point gain up for days in a row. take a look at potentially five straight days of gains. dow futures have 256.
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cheryl: investors shrugging off inflation concerns. stocks building on the recovery rally in the u.s. open and stronger. all i hear. lauren: asia celebrated the new year pic markets are closed in china as south korea and japan jumping 1.5%. cheryl: in washington, president trump in person at 25% gallon hike in the gas tax to pay for his infrastructure plan. it's not going to fly with voters? "fbn:am" starts right now. lauren: good morning. 5:01 a.m. in new york on thursday, february 15th. i'm lauren simonetti. cheryl: i'm cheryl casone. lauren: we are learning more about the suspect and the horrific school shooting. 25 miles northwest of fort
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lauderdale. trained investigators say 18-year-old nicholas cruise post on social media before the deadly rampage. his adoptive mother died on november 1st. he was staying in a mobile home with a friend and his parents. cruz was expelled for disciplinary reasons. police searching the mobile home last night. he had been staying there for about 90 days. lauren: let's go to phil keating and parkland, florida for more details. reporter: one of the worst school shootings in modern times. the worst absolutely in broward county history. >> 17 confirmed that dems, 12 it comes within the building. two victims outside the building, one on the street at the corner of pine island and to
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folks, people lost their lives at the hospital. reporter: the shooting started around 2:30 in the afternoon school was about to end. on the website of broward county northwest of fort lauderdale. students reported a fire alarm being pulled and then i suspect, a former student, not a current student identified as 19-year-old nicholas cruz started opening fire by students and teachers started fleeing. within an hour and 15 minutes, debt student, former student, nicholas cruz, was arrested nearby at a house where he was living. he was wearing the exact descriptive clothing identified by people inside the school. black cat, burgundy shirt and black pants that the suspect was treated, has been released and is in custody being processed. >> it didn't horrific situation.
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it's just a horrible day for us. reporter: the suspect would not specify how many students to register where there was a mixture of students and teachers, and the certainly many lives have been absolutely crushed on this valentine's day in broward county. phil keating, fox news. lauren: for oneness, joint terrorism task force t. rogers. good morning. past morning to talk about this. we are looking at, people say if you see something come and say something and if you look at those shooters social media i count them and there is lot to say something about. >> there's a lot of debate the next two days about the who, what, when, where, why this incident. legislation doesn't change and will never change what is in the heart and mind of a deranged person from which leads us to what you just articulated. as a common thread with all the
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shootings and that is that somebody knew something. there were hints and warnings on the social media platforms that these people have. what we need to do is get people condition so they will step up and say something. not only say something when they see something, when you feel some income to send something. as soon as we understand they're not going to get in trouble, not going to get sued or ostracized for stepping up and saying something, we would do a lot more in preventing incidents. >> it's true, this stuff is hard to stop. you can't stop a deranged person from plowing again into a crowd of people. but can you stop a former student from going into a school and shooting somebody? i know the school had undergone active shooter training and many others are because since 2003 we have had an average since 2003 an average of one school shooting a week. it's unbelievable.
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>> a few things can be done in school districts are concerned on how it looks to have armed police officers and they don't have to be in uniform. they should be more concerned common set of the cost of strengthening school security, more concerned about the cost of not strengthening school security. that's what you can do on the campuses. in addition to that, we need to educate parents to be a little bit more involved with their children come to find out they're talking to, chat rooms et cetera on the internet. you're right for not going to prevent all of to prevent all of that that we can minimize it. cheryl: what do we know about his wife about his wife's income in the air 15 currently in police custody. do we know how many shots were fired, how many magazines, what do we know? >> please are still investigating it hit the question they want to answer is where did they get the west end,
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was it someone else's come someone else's, did someone ask you do not weapon? once they get to the bottom of this and particularly the motive, we will learn a lot more about the shooter. >> steve rogers, thank you for your insight. lab report throughout this hour. cheryl. cheryl: the tragedy in florida has forced the army to delay the launch of a senate campaign. the massachusetts governor looking to replace orrin hatch of utah. here's a primate tweeted yesterday as the father and grandfather, my heart aches for the dems for today's tragic event. prayers go out to the families and loved ones affected by this senseless act of violence. out of respect for victims and families that will not make an announcement tomorrow about the senate race. there is no word yet on when romney will reschedule the announcement. >> the senate close to a deal on immigration reform but it may not have supported the white
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house. a group of senators agree to a plan that would offer citizenship to immigrants brought to the u.s. of children. president trump threatening a veto urging senators to vote for a bill by chuck grassley. that bill needs more the president's checklist including later than the time immigration. >> there's a lot of faith years around the minority leader say there's a few republicans to go along with democrats. they got a bill that they'll never get along. we've got some the president said he would sign. >> the reason time is running out because the president has a self-imposed deadline of friday to reach an agreement here. >> march 5th when daca would end. cheryl: other news from washington we follow for you this morning that the president has endorsed an increase in the federal gas tax to pay for his infrastructure plan.
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lauren: tracee carrasco joins us with more. >> president trump reportedly saying he would support a 25 cents per gallon increase in federal gas with diesel taxes for roads, bridges and other public work. the idea of facing some opposition from republican leaders that the federal gasoline tax hasn't been raised since 1993. in the same meeting he would also be willing to increase the amount of federal spending beyond the $200 billion over 10 years that the administration wants for his infrastructure program. cheryl: sysco repatriating a lot of money back to the u.s. how much exactly? >> cisco systems the latest to bring a huge sum of the u.s. because of the new tax law plans to repatriate $67 billion
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of foreign cash holdings to the u.s. this quarter in one of the largest repatriation plans they seen so far. cisco plans to spend much of the new repatriated cash on buybacks up 7% in after-hours trading. >> l.l. bean clothing company getting sued. >> this is an interesting lawsuit. an illinois man suing l.l. bean for breaking its promises after the company announced changes to its lifetime guarantee last week because customers were abusing the policy of returning heavily worn products. according to the suit, the man who described himself as a loyal customer who purchased this is the companies warranty has always been the basis of the bargain for most of his purchases. the warranty changes a violation of the law and l.l. bean must
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provide corrective notice to all customers about the change in its warranty, which they did send out a letter. the lawyer is a statement. let's be real about that. eggs, tracey. >> we are going to have more nerve breaking news. >> word than going up and down the hallway, shot on my door and there was dust everywhere. cheryl: checking in live, on the scene and we will have the latest on the situation for us. another headlines, the fbi trying to determine whether the suv carrying three people try to enter a top-secret intelligence site.
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lauren: good morning, good morning, welcome back. looking at the markets this morning. five days in gains of 1% this morning for the gal in the s&p and nasdaq up three quarters of 1% each. the fbi trying to determine why
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carrying three people tried to enter top-secret intelligence site at fort meade in maryland. the incident at the national security interest campus prompted shots to be fired. the driver hospitalized. two others taken into custody. officials don't believe this was terrorism related. doctors are releasing the first detailed medical report on u.s. diplomats in cuba. still there is no clear diagnosis of just what causes some serious ailments. the symptoms were similar to those concussions on the cube and 15 there were new attacks. you know those annoying pop-up ads to show up on your computer? say goodbye because starting today, google's chrome browser will block or in-line advertisements including video ads, the most annoying ones if you asked me. delorme of the most intrusive that it violates the better ad standards. that is what is happening now.
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cheryl: we continue to follow the horrific mass shooting at a high school in parkland, florida that have been yesterday afternoon just before school was about to be dismissed. scott cairo with the gunman. todd, good morning. what do we know? >> good morning to you. with each passing hour we learned three new information about the killer with all of the investigation unfolding including right here behind me and this rather peaceful community north of fort lauderdale. overnight another seen him play with sources say it is in connection with the shooting. a neighbor in the area said police told them it was some kind of explosive that one of the homes. the picture of the killer becomes clear. >> he was shy. he wouldn't talk a lot.
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was like the weird kid at school that you see walk around. [inaudible] >> yeah, like a loner. reporter: here's what we learned. his adoptive mother died this november and he was living with a friend's family. he was expelled for disciplinary reasons and at one point was banned from having a backpack at school for security concerns. one student said it was for fighting with his ex-girlfriend's new boyfriend in cruz had been abusive to the girl. social media pc with pictures of guns and knives bragging about shooting animals. calling the post very disturbing. many people describe him as obsessed with guns. words like a weird kind of sketchy, off come the strange, trampled and super stressed out all the time. police are called to his home multiple times and he was seen shooting a neighbor's chickens. once student told local media
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everyone predicted the shooting. >> if a person is predisposed to commit such an horrific event like going to a school to shoot people, and that the person is going to drive a truck in a crowded area, if a person is committed to committing greater carnage, there's not anybody you're not a lot we can do about it. the only thing we can do our train very hard. >> the fbi is asking the public for any videos or pictures they have for me there inside or outside the scene here at the school and if we knew all this information about this individual, how did this happen in the first place? cheryl: todd cairo in parkland, florida. thank you very much. lauren: coming up, more in the
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massacre in parkland, florida throughout the hour for you. also following this. a bipartisan group of senators reaching a deal on immigration reform that he could face a veto from president trump. plus, have you been to the mall lately? have higher prices kept a lid on your spending? our market pain away and i'm slowing retail sales and faster inflation. dow futures scoring 288 points. nasdaq growing by 51. now positive for 2018. keep it close.
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trading to make or break on daca. the senate finally come to a bipartisan agreement appeared bipartisan agreement. a vote could happen as soon as stable a bypass? the independent women's forum board of directors has man hayward and business politics editor at the lindsey graham. we just got a fox news poll in an ipaq to show you what the people think about where were at on daca right now. politician should look at this. 65% are now in favor of a path citizenship at the dreamer. 65%. at the same time the president is saying he wants 25 billion pennies not backing down. >> i agree with you that the polling supports the path to citizenship and include not only
5:24 am
the law that is part of it, but also measures to empower our border security agents and law enforcement and to make sure we extend the role of illegal drugs into this country and those are broadly supported a very important to an immigration plan. i know the senate is taking that seriously as they negotiate the use. cheryl: that seems to be the sticking point of the centrist group that put the bipartisan plan together some even calling themselves back, those in the middle here. the president will veto anything that doesn't have every single point of what he wants. he wants, by the way, the bipartisan plan does not do anything in regards to chain migration for the visa lottery system. he's not backing off on that. >> he said it very plainly he
5:25 am
wants his four pillars. he is not going to take two. the common sense coalition doesn't seem to be prevailing for both sides of the out to come together on capitol hill, only shows very low approval ratings for it. the common sense coalition is onto something here. zero in on those two tanks. beecher daca covered. i know it's bad optics for some it's got optics for sending scott again. move forward at lindsey graham said it 35 more years. it's a band-aid solution. the senate means that software bugs. they don't like to work on friday. they need to get this out. train to the president seems to know how to play this game very well. he knows that if they push it up to the very end which they are famous for doing, you were in congress. the president is going to come back and say it's on you.
5:26 am
you're the one that can't get an immigration bill done together in his hands are clean. >> you are right the polling mount on other prospects, but every pillar has broad public support with majorities including among democrats and independents in the other pillars are of course ending chain migration for broad extended families beyond the nuclear family is and also ending the diversity lottery. the proposal that they've been working on getting all the attention in the past 24 hours actually does touch on three of the pillars, but leaves the diversity lottery impacts, which is a little bit hard to imagine because public support is two and the random lottery and the president has public opinion on his side. if they can come in on not,
5:27 am
they've got daca in line with the president. they've got border security funding. cheryl: i hear yeah. i wish i had my time. breaking news out of florida, but we do appreciate you waking up on the story for us. lauren: more in the breaking florida. 17 people plus dead after the shooting. >> we got the call from our child, a whisper, there's been a shooting at the school and you hear that all over the news and you never suspect to get that call from a child. lauren: new details coming in. any information about a motive from a set back. also watching the markets today looking pretty good this morning. it's not how you open that how you close that matters today. dow futures searching 285 points. five straight days of gains. the volatility has fallen the past four days.
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we will be right back. [fbi agent] you're a brave man, mr. stevens. your testimony will save lives. mr. stevens? this is your new name. this is your new house. and a perfectly inconspicuous suv. you must become invisible. [hero] i'll take my chances.
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>> people on social media have followers. teachers, parents coming it got to monitor the staff. if you see it, take everything seriously. lauren: and 10 searching. a gunman storming his former high school killing 17 with a live report just ahead. >> keeping an eye after jumping 253 points yesterday. pointing to possibly a third straight day of gains. dow futures up by 288 points. in europe, stocks also shrugging off inflation right here in the
5:32 am
u.s. stocks there'll been stronger in the cac in paris in the dax in germany gaining 1% each. markets close in china and south korea closed for the lunar new year holiday. as far as japan, the nikkei jumped about 1.5% overnight. lauren: south african president stepping down, why even his ruling party is welcoming his resignation. "fbn:am" continues right now. 532 in new york february 15th goodbye lauren simonetti. >> good morning. i'm cheryl pisani. we are learning more about the suspect in a horrific school shooting in parkland, florida 25 miles northwest of fort lauderdale. lauren: caroline shively live in parkland, florida with the
5:33 am
latest. reporter: good morning to you, lauren and cheryl. 17 people were killed another 15 injured. the kids got in his 19-year-old nicholas clues. he had been a student at the school before he was kicked out. he returned yesterday with nar 15 pretty started shooting outside a school, pulled the fire alarm we were told by police as students begin to run he began to shoot. students should "-end-quotes have been under desks primus would not be their last day of protecting family members and friends. authorities are focused on two areas, his home for the last three months and a social media accounts. he'd been saying in the home with a friend, student at the high school here. they hired an attorney and he spoke to reporters last night. >> this had no predilection, so
5:34 am
nothing. the alleged shooter didn't tip anybody, colony buddy, tip anybody, warn anybody this is about to happen. turning social media is the second thing they are focusing on today. they told us they have found the very disturbing post commending us relating to shootings, guns, knives posted by this kind man, nikolas cruz in this case. they will be pouring through that. the fbi going through that today. his first the school year, it will be closed today and tomorrow. they are providing grief counselors. lauren: caroline, thank you very much. cheryl: president trump tweeting about the tragedy. prayers and condolences to the terms of the terrible florida shooting. the child, teacher i know and i'll should feel in american school. the director of global elite joins morning to talk about the story. mike baker covert operations
5:35 am
officer joins us over the phone. good morning. let's first talk about what we know so far. this was a troubled teenager. the signs were there on social media. he was a legal gun owner. kids at the school described him as a loner, kind of troubled, maybe taking medications. the signs were there. how did he miss her? >> it's very simple. when they are aware of some off-center behavior, and they seem to compartmentalize it is not necessarily disgusted with administrators and schools. there are other bigger issues here in one of it lends itself to how, children are being programmed both through the entertainment industry into video games to carry acts of this nature. we are already politicizing this. what i find interesting is as disconcerting as the episode is commerce equally disconcerting to know that none of our elected officials have put their brains
5:36 am
together to figure out how they will s.t.e.m. the flow of these incidents. >> that's a fair question. we've been through this before. in modern history this is the third deadly shooting behind sandy hook and behind virginia tech. here we are once again covering a mass shooting at a school. >> fray. i mean, the answer is to the frustration that yes, we all look at this and we think you would go again. another incident and we all know in the back of our mind that we are going to go through the same steps. the horror and the revolt should not react. there will be this stage of grief and the thoughts and prayer statement from other politicians. there will be the last, demanding how could we not take gun control measures. they will be the right guy for not and then we are going to
5:37 am
move on until the next incident. what we've got to do is find some point on the curve though both sides of this issue because it's always political. both sides can agree to and whether that is how do we deal with mental health issues and also hardly deals from an an operational perspective sharing information in that space with the issue of it is there some gun control matter here we can deal with that is not going to unseat the left and the right. cheryl: re: have a debate about gun control after everyone of these of these incidents we've seen. this time around they do we do something different. maybe we talk about dealing with this at the school level as mike just said dealing with mental health issues and maybe more monitoring of social media, better monitoring for can catch things as they happen.
5:38 am
>> and we speak to this intelligently, let's identify the fact the common denominator to every one of these mass killings as mental illness or emotional illness number one. number two, if we speak about gun control in a fully support the second amendment, we have to do that equally. what i find disturbing as those of us in law enforcement go through different screening process for vetting process as opposed to those who indiscriminately walk into stores throughout the united states and by the same weapons they carry military and law enforcement without any vetting except for the fact they been convicted of a felony. perhaps we need to entertain the idea we need to psychologically screen people before we allow them part of these weapons. i have no aversion to anyone wanting to protect their family and if you feel you so need this kr 15 or m4, i understand that. i understand the rationale and arguments on both sides.
5:39 am
we are issued minnesota rush upward association, psychologists and psychiatrists trained to social media training and social media screening is the new west end. authorities cannot use it to stop this. we are out of time. i wonder thank you for joining us on this breaking news. appreciate it. >> stephen minich in getting good on capitol hill. going to tell you exactly why. what exactly is going on with the economy prices going up, spending going down. that sounds like bad news hit the market doesn't seem to think so. at least not right now. future surgeon while over 200 xt points this morning. we will be right back. he talks to planes. he talks to planes. watch this. hey watson, what's avionics telling you?
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cheryl: welcome back. first look at the futures we may have the fifth straight day of gains for the major averages. right now, no doubt looking higher by 274 points. but they think about than a 10 year treasury. new south africa's president jacob zuma has resigned immediately today made the announcement yesterday after the ruling congress ordered them to step down as multiple corruption
5:43 am
allegations. from a white house adviser steve banning to appear before the house intelligence committee today but it's unknown whether he will show up to answer questions about the russian investigation good lawmakers have raised the possibility he will be held in contempt of congress if he doesn't appear. treasury secretary stephen mnuchin says sanctions against 2016 presidential election will be released in in hearing before the senate finance committee, mnuchin faces heated questions about why sanctions have not been imposed yet. >> the president has delegated the responsibility for sanctions. i represent the administration and clear there will be sanctions on russia. i don't think i can be more clear on that in the work is underway as a result of the report. cheryl: u.s. intelligence to appear in this year's midterms. that's what's happening. over to you.
5:44 am
lauren: stocks are looking for rallies others to sign that inflation is here. consumer prices are the next active last month about 2% for five months in a row raising pressure on the new federal reserve chief jerome powell to present a possible overheating of the economy. fox news contributor of spruce pine capital management to discuss. good morning. >> good morning. >> good morning. lauren: i were worried about inflation or not? stocks to meals in rates rising the same time. >> we are worried. i think we are concerned. ppg, ford, all this is higher commodity prices for new oil prices up 50% in the past year. there is inflation out there. this number was a bit skewed because of gas prices, but the biggest point ones last week we had a very volatile week has started because of the crazy
5:45 am
fund blew up, set off computer training fund managers, deleveraging risk and this is the first real data point sends a message to much weight is the put on it. it's a huge worry. i don't think so. lauren: of a couple of the data points with retail sales that have slowed down, you have an economy where you have higher prices and slower spending. how do you produce even with the tax stimulus, how do you produce economic growth in that stagflation come in that type of economy? >> it's a great question and we have to be mindful we are in an extended business cycle year. rates have been very low for a long time. a lot of financial engineering can accelerate corporate vivax, tax cut, investors need to be careful about what they are not this stage in the cycle and
5:46 am
realize facts are biased at every given pricing you have to know which your own inflated defensive when it comes to portfolios that selection. lauren: as for equities in treasuries, john, we saw almost 3% for the 10 year yield yesterday and that brings up the great rate debate. is it a level of the interest rate that we are worried about for the past come the speed at which you get there? >> it is the speed because this has been telegraphed very well by the fed. inflation is no surprise that the rates are coming. looks like three this year. we have a real problem in our government with the fiscal responsibility. these guys that they can balance the budget any better than what we are doing right now. we have a problem with interest rate up about 4%. this conceptual row normal rate. lauren: disney just raised their theme park prices at amazon
5:47 am
raise monthly prices. fox news out what the poll asked people, how do you feel about your personal economy? would you make of this news? they said they feel like they're getting ahead now. 52% said everything is steady. are we relatively optimistic? would you make of these numbers? >> we do have an inflation problem here. the stock market is overvalued. it's important for investors to have some exposures to stocks although there is caution warranted. i look at my own personal bills i'm receiving, health care cost up 20% from the maintenance cost for property of 27%. we generally are stagnant, arriving very modest in the cost of running a business as an entrepreneur for myself are rising. personally it's hard to stay ahead when costs are rising so much. lauren: thank you so much good is going to be like a spring day
5:48 am
here in new york so not jealous of your background this morning. thank you. >> thank you very much. cheryl: we continue to follow the tragic shooting of florida. several sports figures with deep ties like chicago cub anthony rizzo offering support for victims of the shooting. in the 18 month low overnight plane into the overall stock market's performance. we will go to london to connect the dots for you. you are watching and "fbn:am." set your seat height to its maximum level. bravo, tall meeting man. start winning today. book now at
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cheryl: welcome back. yesterday's tragic event from parkland head home for major figures in the sports world.
5:52 am
lauren: good morning to good morning to jerry divac's joining us now with the highlights. >> good morning lauren. good morning, cheryl. before he was drafted, anthony rizzo attended margery stoneman douglas high school. yesterday struck by the news as 17 people have been killed where he went to school and played baseball. he remains president tarquin khadija saw the sixth annual walk for cancer there and released a statement yesterday on twitter. parkland and coral springs, please stay strong. this is out of control in our country is in desperate need for change. i hope in the darkest of this brings everyone together and we can find love. you're all in my prayers. less than three months ago anthony rizzo's foundation donated $150,000 to install lights in the baseball softball fields. miami heat basketball coach spoke yesterday about the tragedy that hit home in south florida. >> everybody in parkland is
5:53 am
suffering from an incredibly tragic and absolutely senseless act. we are thinking about them. >> the nhl panthers to play their home games 20 minutes away from the school last night and 3500 miles from home. during vancouver, british colombia. add to that is at the moment of silence. florida won the game. chris and alexa kinnear and dedicated their performance last night free skate thing we wanted to skate for the 17 children who died in the florida shooting and today was much more than about us. olympic hockey u.s. versus canada come the u.s. took 23 or more shots on goal than canada did. our neighbors to the north outscored team u.s.a. won. they lost yesterday in hockey against romania. tree until we are are struggling a bit in the olympics this year. >> the overall medal count is
5:54 am
eight for the u.s., which is five off the lead behind norway and germany. have to think about sports as eric's pollster said, very insignificant. lauren: thank you could catch sports reports on fox news headlined serious xm channel 115. cheryl: coming up, a closer look at the dollar. in 18 month low overnight despite rising inflation and interest rate. what this means for markets is right ahead. that are developing powerful batteries that make everything from cell phones to rail cars more efficient. which helps improve every aspect of advanced rail technology. all with support from a highly-educated workforce and vocational job training. across new york state, we're building the new new york. to grow your business with us in new york state,
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cheryl: the u.s. dollar remains on the defensive after a 15 month low against the japanese yen overnight despite higher inflation it would usually push the dollar higher. let's bring in james foley, senior currency analyst. good morning. what is going on with the dollar? >> well, it seems particularly this week that the market is now focused on the outlook for the budget deficit in the u.s. and that is on the back of growth. you would call yesterday that matches have the cpi inflation data for retail sales and that was weaker. now, these concerns go back to the end of last year about how much the tax reform would cost the budget deficit going forward and if we don't have stronger growth than economists are
5:58 am
skeptical, the budget comes higher. this is a tremendous concerns brought into focus the dollar is down on the back of concerns that growth can still be relatively sluggish inflation of course could be higher. >> the atlanta fed first came out with the first-quarter gdp of 5% downgrade to 4% and now has a three handle. we are looking at that, too. jane, thank you. good to see you. james foley. cheryl: speaking of the markets. potentially a fifth day in a row for games. maybe we are seeing some stabilization that might be nice. lauren: out of the woods. maybe not yet. thank you for joining us on this test morning on "fbn:am." lauren: continue to follow the breaking news out of florida. "mornings with maria." >> good morning. i maria bartiromo. the information is thursday. thursday, february for teens.
5:59 am
-- 15. tragedy is school. 17 people dead this morning. a dozen others injured after a gunman opened fire at a school in parkland, florida. the suspected shooter is in custody this morning. he's been identified as night team-year-old nikolas cruz. a former student stormed at the end of the day wearing a gas mask, armed with an assault style rifle and carrying smoke grenades. >> you hear bullets coming closer and closer to us and then we hear kids screaming. >> the door stop couple people next to me peter sitting behind a cabinet and the bullet got a girl next to me. we heard gunshots going up and down the hallway. he shot in my door. >> the bomb squad searched in a mobile home park in connection to the shooting. the latest on this investigation coming up. sports world among the reaction
6:00 am
to the news. utah jazz guard donovan mitchell changed his sneakers to honor those killed while cubs first baseman anthony rizzo who went to that school expressed his heartbreak on twitter. mourn the tragic shooting ahead in all of their reactions. lawmakers are working towards immigration reform. a group of senators reached a bipartisan deal yesterday that would increase border security as well as grant legal status to dreamers but could face opposition from the white house. latest on the possible vote this morning. cisco the name to watch on wall street that second-quarter earnings topped expectations becoming the latest to embrace president trump historic tax overhaul. details on cisco's plan to bring a staggering $67 billion back to the united states feared stock is going up seven and a quarter% of the markets overall. features on cisco with the dow jones industrial average right


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