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tv   Making Money With Charles Payne  FOX Business  February 15, 2018 6:00pm-7:00pm EST

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liz: after yesterday's mass shooting in parkland, florida, the community gathering to remember the victims. charles payne is here with "making money." charles: good evening. i'm charles payne. stocks, the market doing well for fifth straight session. belying the notion that inflation is too high. as was pointed out, we are looking at the footage of a memorial for the victims of the school shooting. nikolas cruz making his first court appearance on 17 counts of premeditated murder. police say he was dropped off by an uber car and entered his former high school with a rifle
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and a soft case. president trump: today we missouri for all o -- wemourn ft their lives. we comfort the grieving and the wound. and we hurt for the entire communities of parkland, florida that is in shock and pain and searching for answers. to law enforcement, first responders and teachers who respond so bravely in the face of danger, we thank you for your courage. charles: the president is planning to visit the place of the shooting and will work to coordinate with law enforcement. ned, another tragedy. we talked about this last night
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and all day today. but where do you see this going from here. can this be some sort of inflection point where the nation comes together and finds some solutions? >> i would hope so. i have got four young kids ages 6-12. every morning when i put them on a bus i expect them to be safe. when you see some of the debates taking place, i fundamentally disagree that banning guns will somehow solve this position. i think we have turned our schools into soft targets with the begun-free school act. i think we need to look at that. congressman massie of kentucky last year put up the safe student act that would repeal every last bit of the gun-free
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zone school act. i trust the teachers in my kids' school. and i want them to have the ability if they so choose to be trained as security guards and have concealed carry. i think we should start thinking about arming teachers. charles: we put a lot of trust in you are teachers to safeguard our kids anyway. you know, mark, i want to point out, the market was in free-fall mode early this morning and it looks like we would have one of those days when we fall apart. but we actually rallied after president trump's address. it was very somber and i think it hit the right tone. for somebody who understands the pressure on the president to deliver this kind of message
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todaying and the days ahead. what do you think? >> it's dire to have to be the consoler-in-chief. he talked about the horror that took place. he expressed his sympathies to the families and victims and honored the first responders and doctors to secure the situation and take care of those people who were wound and need to be evacuated into safety. it was the right moment for him to speak and bring our country hopefully together. charles: to ned's point. i have children and grandchildren. we want to make sure they are safe. if there is ever an issue that ask unify the nation, it would be the safety of our children. >> that goes without saying. that should be first and
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foremost on anyone's mind. unfortunately we are seeing more from the left talking about gun control. charles: this happened yesterday, but there have been a few hundred of these had happened, and it's becoming routine. and hundreds of thousands of kids have had to duck under their tables as bullets fly over their heads. >> this comes down to see something, say something. his classmates knew there was something wrong. the young man was clearly unstable. and what he was able to do and get away with, it is under investigation. it's just absolutely outrageous. what did the school know about this kid? did the school know he was so unstable that he was capable of such violence? did they notify the local authorities?
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that's a question i have. charles: it's a saying we all know, see something, say something. but it has no teeth. i grew up in a neighborhood where you weren't going to squeal on anyone. the old saying, snitches get stitches. this kid was a menace. his classmates were intimidated by him. how do we figure out a process where we can see something, say something and know concrete action will be taken without retaliation to those saying something. ned: we have to put something in place but i don't know the exact solutions. this young man thanked comments on youtube, his social media presence. his fellow students. there was a pattern of behavior that built up in which somebody could have said we see a pattern of behavior. we need to address this head-on.
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i don't know how you address that. we are dealing with sensitive issues of privacy and civil liberties. if you are picking on somebody and it can't be substantiated, we have done an assault weapon and before between 1994 and 2004. during those 10 years during which we band assault weapons, mass shootings actually went up. i go back to the point that we have removed guns from our schools. if we allowed legal law-abiding citizens to not have concealed carry, we are inviting madmen to come into our schools. this isn't going away. i will say this to those on the left. if you think banning guns or gun
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confiscation will solve the problem we have statistics to show that's not true. charles: prohibition back fires and it's the bad people who usually gain strength. the pressure intensifies the next self days. but we have seen this tragic movie over and over again. it feels like a week from now, a wayward tweet could change the entire conversation. >> i hope we follow. and the president is starting to talk about that. one of the issues we are address and need to are on the mental health side. we obviously know about problems with other mass shooting events in the past where there is usually some sort of indicator. the see something, say something process. it does work. there was a story on fox about
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grand mother in washington state who called police because of what she found in her grandson's journal. police took the appropriate steps and stopped a school shooting. we do need not just when it comes to the major events. we need every friend and team mate or someone in the congress grocongo --congregation. -- congregations. charles: parkland was called the safest city in florida last year. the tragedy in florida turning political. where do we attack this. we'll talk about the latter when we come back. how to assess mental illness. and how could we rate with the respect to gun ownership. we'll be right back after a quick break.
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president trump: we are committed to working with state and local leaders to help secure our schools and tackle the difficult issue of mental health. charles: president trump calling for action on mental health after yesterday's shooting in parkland, florida that killed at least 17 people. the tragedy reigniting the debate over mental illness. joining me is gina loudoun, and michelle, you live in florida and you are not far from where
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this incident went down. >> that's right. i was there yesterday and i will be there after i get done here talking to the students. the one thing i'm not hearing out of media that i am hearing when i'm talking to the students and talking to my own children after they got home from school. they want this particular incident to make a difference. they don't want it to be a flash in the an -- in the pan where we talk about it for two minutes in media. they want meaningful change. charles: what is meaningful change with respect to health issues. >> we have to grow up and shed our partisanship. take it gun issue off the table. let's talk about what we agree on. most of us think it would be great to put veterans in school
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who are tactically trained to be there so killers like yesterday don't know they can walk into a school and identify a security guard and casually identify him. this killer wanted to live. that's why he chose this school in a gun-free zone. charles: heather, what are your thoughts? >> i couldn't agree more. almost all of these mass shootings have happened in areas where the shooters know there won't be anybody there to take them out. charles: gun-free zones. >> on the issue of -- just to further that point, there is an obligation on the part of the schools. we don't know how much the school knew.
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but particularly if the school knew this guy made the threats being talked him having made on his facebook page it was i couple bent upon him to say don't come back to school with a backpack. the other thing you have got is a false dichotomy between too many guns or we don't have enough tough rules about mental health issues. we ought to be going where is there correlation. if it turns out that somebody has said publicly that they want to go be engaged in school shootings or peers and teachers think they are likely to do mass murders, or animal torturers that indicates low level empathy. we ought to have the capacity to free our police to do more than just issue a restraining order.
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charles: violent temper, a bully, brings weapons to school, been expelled from school, lacks family supervision. nikolas cruz checks off almost all of these buttons. mental health as a test for gun ownership. >> pretty darn scary. 70% of our population could be currently diagnosed at mentally off kilter. which government agency are we going to trust after the things we have seen out of our government agencies in recent weeks, do we want to turn our second amendment rights over to a government agency? i think we ought to think long
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and hard. >> ladies, thank you both have much. coming up. it's time to uncuff law enforcement and find ways for them to intervene and stop these mass shootings before they happen. next. gas, bloating, constipation and diarrhea can start in the colon and may be signs of an imbalance of good bacteria. only phillips' colon health has this unique combination of probiotics. it provides four-in-one symptom defense. it's your daily probiotic.
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>> if he legally owned a gun we couldn't do anything about arresting him for owning a gun. whether he legally owns a gun or not. if we think a red flag goes up and there is something not right, and we think this person has a propensity to do such a horrific act, people across this nation need to be able to take this person and delay him to a medical facility where he could
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be examined. charles: that was broward county's sheriff. charles: he legally purchased an ar-15. steve rogers, and current donald j. trump for president advisory board member. troy, we all obviously note constitutional and other legal ramifications and perhaps hurdles. when you hear sheriff israel put it out there. you have to believe if somebody is exhibiting these signs, why not find a place for the police to go and disarm these people? >> we can't have the police no
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matter how good intentioned they are, violating people's constitutional rights. the police like the sheriff suggested, can absolutely pay a visit to anyone they want, just like the girl scouts, they can knock on someone's door, and the person wants to talk to them, they can. but the person has a constitutional right not to open the door. if a person appears like they are a danger to themselves or others, the police can do ways normally called a 51-50 hold. they are taken involuntarily for a 48-hour examination. if mental health professionals feel the person is such a danger, then they can petition the court for a longer hold, ban
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longer examination. if that person is adjudged mentally ill then the law kicks in. > charles: the fbi coming under a lot of pressure. there was a social media post with the name nikolas cruz. but certainly there were visible signs. the headlines are starting to come out. the fbi dropped the ball again. do you think law enforcement veterans, there should be more leeway for them to protect americans. >> i personally believe they dropped the ball. i can tell you i would have direct my officers to get on the internet and get on the internet. put the name nikolas cruz in. what we see now that he posted, i would have sent my officers right to the house. you can't go in and arrest
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people, but you can begin an inquiry. ask to go in the house. sit in the kitchen, you might see a gun. you might see evidence that will give you enough to get a search warrant. police need the authority, charles, and we see it all the time, cops know their neighborhood. they know their towns. you know who the trouble makers are and have mental issues. we know enough if a person is in a state where they will hurt themselves or hurt someone else we should be able to take them in. charles: what would the checks and balances be? >> we have to weigh what is the end of this. what are the means to the end. i trust law enforcement. i trust officers who are out there. they know their communities in the area of solutions, the
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president nailed it when he said god, faith and church. he mentioned those things and family. we have to as a nation have to look towards bringing clergy into this conversation to help the police and everyone else. charles: now it's back to square one on immigration after congress failed to pass four different bills, including one passed by the president. the daca clock keeps ticking. we'll be right back. building a website in under an hour is easy with gocentral... ...from godaddy! in fact, 68% of people who have built their... using gocentral, did it in under an hour, and you can too. build a better website - in under an hour. with gocentral from godaddy. (daniel jacob) for every hour that you're idling in your car, you're sending about half a gallon
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charles: immigration showdown continues to heat up on the hill, senate has blocked 4 immigration bills today, it looks like congress is heading back to the drawing board. do they have enough time and political will to get it done? buy peyton, and gayle trotter. katy, i start with you, i am not sure we thought any of those bills would make it through, but president trump laid out his four pillars it is clear. i am baffled when the republicans, they keep joining with democrats and bringing bills they know that president
6:31 pm
does not want. >> you are right, look at it like this, three bills, four today, if that in and of itself was an indication that nothing was getting passed, i don't know what is. when everyone plays in their own individual sandbox, no one come together to build a sandcastle, they are in a corner, saying, wow none of the pills passed today? how curious. and sources close to house leadership, told me they did not expect the senate to get anything done today. that turned out to be true. charles: bree. s house has been angry. at their county parts in -- counterparts in senate they happen over and or again. the clock is ticking on this. >> yeah, i think that most of the blame is on the democrats, the president, as katy said, president has made it clear what
6:32 pm
he will sign and won't sign. and democrats are unwilling to compromise on any of those portions or not willing to talk about them, shows they are not serious about immigration refo reform. luis gu gutierrez said it best, when he said, interest of hispanic democrats, the answerra always manana. our interests are pushed off the back burner until tomorrow, i think they are using these dreamers in this case, to exploit a point, this is obvious they are using them as pawns in the larger game of identity politics. >> i agree, this is a dangerous game, i was shocked at offer that president trump put out for them, there is no way in the world they expected it to be that generous, they should be repaired to make compromise. >> right, president trump has
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moved to the reasonable middle on this immigration issue. and anyone w.h.o. watch -- who watched his statement during presidential campaign would be surprised we are where we are. yet we have democrats in senate who will not take yes for an answer, they want to continue to have this be a partisan issue going forward, instead of a bipartisan approach, where we can move forward with an immigration policy supportive of national security, concerned about the economy, and make sure our border is secure. charles: katy, they put together a -- i don't know what happened if we get to and past that march 5 deadline, how did you see a daca solution comes about? >> there has to be compromise, even though republicans have majorities, they are not going to be able to too this on their ronnie, they cannot wrangle
6:34 pm
enough republicans on their own side, president trump has already offered compromise, the 1.8 million people that is more than originally intended. four of 3eu pillars it has to ba give and take but if the democrats just sit back and cross their arms, saying we'll not agree ever, nothing will get done. charles: we're seeing some crackings in leadership part. nancy pelosi losing her grip, perhaps because of issues like this, right? >> yeah, i think that democratic party is family undergoing -- fundamentally under going a identity crisis, nancy pelosi took up 8 hours to try to stop a spinning bill, she said it did not provide protection for dreamers, after the bill passed despite that long speech, she said "new york times" she intended for bill to pass, she
6:35 pm
was never serious about the dreamers that is confusing for hispanic-americans and for dreamers who are looking at this say, i thought we were a priority to you, why you are flipping back and forth? it indicates her own position went the party -- within the party is tenuous, and i think that democrats are trying to decide who do we represent? are we emphasizing the dreamers, play identity politics or are we the party that gets things done and keeps government running and here ihere to republican legal americans. >> quick, gail, if nothing is done, who does this hurt the most? will be a lot of finger-pointing? >> right, it hurts americans the most, you have the opposing views of open borders, or restrictive immigration, we need to come to a compromise, and make sure that we put americans
6:36 pm
first. and we resolve this issue. charles: ladies thank you very much. >> great responses. >> thank you. charles: coming up, major averages have attendeed -- etecheextended their gains, thew rallies, i'll tell you what is more important than the inflation scare, next. is is is is
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charles: a u.s. federal judge, orders a trial for el chapo. with its high-tech cameras and radar, contemporary cockpit, 360 degree network of driver-assist technologies,
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fridays ago that wall street lost its collective mind. the smartest guys in the room placed the blame on individual investors, and a strong economy, in process revealing their own animosity about sharing platform of wealth creation. inflation, they warned will reek havoc. what is inplaying it is something we some fear? we should fear run away inflation, but we love when our paychecks inplate, and values of the home inflate. we love to hear that our comic book collection is worth more. there are two schools of thought, keynesian school saying too much money chasing too few goods, we ain't there yet. velocity of money has been a
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perpetual freefall. we're at month -- monetarist the view of the economy. and ballooning from 900 billion in 2008 to 4.4 trillion today, they saved the banks, you don't get a t-shirt, talk about 4 looking aspects, the mark e ed market is forward locking, matching to what we continue to hear, that near-term future looks amazing, we saw homebuilder confidence for next 6 months rocket, to highest level since 2005. maybe the would be buyers know they are on verge of making more money this week, they report on small be optimism, is a good time to expand climbed to highest point ever.
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technical hurdles for the market. i said big upside test for dow is 25200 that is where we closed. it is a big hurdle, i continue to say you should be overweight in industrial, material, and consumer dis -- discretionary names. after the close, beats from shake shack, cvs, they are having mixed react in after market. it is a wild ride, i hope you are making money, i hope you have not sold. get my daily commentary. coming up. we visit the notion that perhaps the fbi lost the ball. many saying why wasn't he
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charles: more questions emerging about possible warning signs that the suspect gunman left on social media, acknowledging that bureau of warned in a on-line comment left on youtube video, stating, i'm going to become a professional school shooter, after investigation into database, they claim they were unable to locate that user. use are name linked to comment, back in september, shared same name at nikolas cruz, 19-year-old suspect the killer. we will revisit notion what could fbi have done, did they
6:47 pm
perhaps drop the ball, with us bill gavin, former fbi director new york, and gary mar goa goal. -- bill you are on show last night, developments were being unpacked. we've had a little more time, can you assess what fbi did and what they might have been able to do to maybe alleviate this. >> i think i heard other guests say, that what they would have done, turned manpower out. they are not sure that fbi really didn't do that i heard this special agent in charge of fbi in miami, saying they can't to office in jackson, mississippi, and interviewed that individual. the social media took that posting down immediately. they also said they did the natural checks they do, and other investigation which had no ties at all to south florida.
6:48 pm
i need to be defensive, but it might be a little bit early in the game to brand incompetence with any group or any individual at-this-point. charles: in particular law enforcement, we always give them the benefit of the doubt, but the questions are being raised. gary, have you experience on both sides, law enforcement personnel and also private sector dealing with social networks, i think people saying, if you get that name nikolas cruz do a general social media search, maybe someone of the disturbs photographs and other things might have popped up. >> certainly, as a parent of two teens, and 20 year law enforcement veteran my heart is breaking right now, my hearts and prayers go to victims, families, first respond ires. social media is preferred channel of communication our students and youth share their deepest fears and greatest hopes. this one we appear too have a
6:49 pm
young man posting homicidal idealizations, they scanned social media and looked for those indicators. charles: let me ask you, jump in, if there was a someone that posted those comments on the internet, somewhere, they want to be a school shooter, what would you have done? what would social sent nal have done? >> if pus it triggered an alerte would have sent an alert to customer, indicating they are potential for harm, this person may need closer scrutiny, then it is up to the school officials to do their own follow-up to understand through their own behalf why are threa why are --l threat. charles: bill, i know that we expect a lot from the fbi, i
6:50 pm
googled fbi drops ball, i got a litany of things going back to pearl harbor. now that we're looking ahead, we want to find solutions, what are some thoughts have you, initially, this is not first time we talked about this, to perhaps make it better or have tweaked best practices and procedures. >> i wish i had a magic response. but i don't. bottom line, we need to be more in tune in our schools, i think that educators, teachers and students, need to go through a terrific training program that will give them the ability to do what the kids already knew, they knew who this kid was. it would give them the ability to talk to maybe, have someone act on it quicker than the
6:51 pm
tragedy. those are something. we have to do something about some legislation that will get to the basis of this problem with reducemental capacity. some people have reducemental capacity, but some people are just evil, we have to take a stand somewhere and decide, it might be uncomfortable, and civil libertarians might not be in tune with it we might have to sit down and take a stand, and argue that thing out, get the right thing done for the american people. charles: thank you both very much, appreciate it. the renew calls for act in washington following yesterday's school shooting in florida, we'll talk about the political blame game that again instantly, we'll be right back. today we're out here to test people's knowledge about
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>> so many of these have happened, people are angry, they want to know, why is nothing happening. the challenge is not to just do something but do something that would work, none of the laws that have been presented in the past would have prevented any of the attacks, including one yesterday, but that does not mean there isn't expwg to do. a. >> to those who don't want to talk about gun violence, that is said over and over, i would ask, when to ths the time? >> think about that, florida two senators, opposite sides of political aisle, they are questioning, what could have been done to prevent another tragedy like the 1 that hit their home state yesterday, demanding change in quake of
6:56 pm
deadliest shooting in brow cardd county, perhaps the whole state of florida. with me now, author of crisis and responsibility. back with us, deneen ber borely. david, i read your book. it is going to have a chance to royal it. how did we get to solutions if knee-jerktion reaction is the blame game. >> we don't, we have to stop knee-jerk reaction from being the blame game, whethe when we t with this, 24 minutes later, they are going straight into this issue of all blame third parties, and other issues, that make no sense. this is see cultural problem, we have to start with moral agency, i don't understand where we lost clarity about right and wrong,
6:57 pm
this is incredible to me. charles: people can have a shared assessment of what is wrong. and two different opinions how to make it right. >> that is in any situation, look at most marriages for example, not to belittle the concern vision, this is serious. but, have you will have two different individuals and perspectives on one issue. but this is about figuring out what the count lionides to do -- country needs to do as a whole, not finger pointing, and with individual there comes down to his mental capacity. and too many people saw the red flags, they did mention it to the individual, the authorities, and nothing was done. charles: do you think that is something where this time, we'll probably see some changes, some tweaks, if you will, with respect to mental evaluation process toward gun ownership? >> i think that there is rum for
6:58 pm
improve -- room for improving, i am not convinced that is the issue here, we're finding out this was a very astute young man it was highly premeditated with a lot of time. charles: it was also highly telegraphed. he was expelled from a bully, you know, you have a check list, i saw a check list of 10 things to look out for, he was at least 9. >> right, they were telegraph able sense in his moral short comings, questions of his character. in hindsight, you said like you said, 9 out of 10, but. whideaa policy tweak legislativy could have prevented it, just is not true. charles: but also, pendulum with swing too far, i look at gunnings as inanimate objects, and it the people behind the
6:59 pm
gun, like a cheeseburger does not make you fat unless you eat it. you don't want to simplify it but idea of taking guns away particularly from rightful gun owners go to far. this is a difference. >> i am a licensed gun owner, you go through proper training and screening, you have to be a responsible individual, just like you said, it is inanimate object, this is the individual that does the shooting not the gun. charles: having said that, will anything change you know with this or this be another one of those periods there there is pinger pointing, and animosity, but will anything change with finding common ground. >> no, not hit politically. what has to change is a
7:00 pm
remoralization of the culture, we need to get back to right and wrong. charles: i would bring god back in to the school and pledge of allegiance. >> amen. charles: thank you very much. >> pee here is lou dobbs, keep t right here on fox business. >> i am greg jarrett in for lou dobbs, police in south florida vowing to make sure that justice is served after a gunman killed 17 people in the deadly east high school shooting in u.s. history, investigator digging deep into the suspect's troubled past. those who knew nikolas cruz describe him as a depressed loner. fixation on violence and weapons, we'll have a fill report from parkland, florida in moments, and tonight, president trump offering a message of unity and hope. after the shooting speaks directly to america's children. >> i want you to know that you are never alone and you


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