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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  February 16, 2018 4:00am-5:00am EST

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right here on fox business. >> i am greg jarrett in for lou dobbs, police in south florida vowing to make sure that justice is served after a gunman killed 17 people in the deadly east high school shooting in u.s. history, investigator digging deep into the suspect's troubled past. those who knew nikolas cruz describe him as a depressed loner. fixation on violence and weapons, we'll have a fill report from parkland, florida in moments, and tonight, president trump offering a message of unity and hope. after the shooting speaks directly to america's children. >> i want you to know that you are never alone and you never will be.
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you have people who care about you. who love you. and who will do anything at all to protect you. if you need help turn to a teacher, a family member, a local police officer, or a faith leader. answer hate with love answer cruelty with windness. kindness. >> and u.s. senate's afford to pass an immigration bill today ending in failure, senators rejecting all four bills that were put on the floor. we'll discuss where we go from here. best political analyze in the business ed rollins. top story, though, the search for answers after florida school shooting, we learn that suspect, 19-year-old nikolas cruz showed plenty of warning signs before
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yesterday's tragedy, he bragged about shooting animals, he got expelled from high school, and posted on youtube last year, quote, i'm going to be a professional school shooter. fbi knew about it. fox news correspondent phil keating at shooting scene in parkland, florida with more. >> are you nikolas cruz. >> yes yes, ma'am. reporter: 5-7, 131 pounds faced a florida magistrate this afternoon, 24 hours after allegedly shooting and killing 17 boys, girls and fac faculty t high school that expelled him last year, he is charged with 17 counts of premeditated murder and held in broward county custody. unlike other mass shooters who took their own lives, cruz tried to escape. putting down his assault rifle and blending in with fleeing
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studentses from the high school. inside of high school, heavily armed s.w.a.t. teamings, police, deputies cleared out each classroom, one by one, rescuing terrified students and teachers to who barricaded themselves and his in closets. >> today is not any easier than yesterday was. all was the victims families have been notified. reporter: thursdays morning' day, fbi confirming it was alerred to the suspect -- alerted to suspect 4 months ago from a youtube poster who claims someone with same name as suspect said, i'm going to be a professional school sthooter. shooter, i could not just ignore it i screen shotted it, i sent it to authority. >> fbi conducted reviews, checks, but unable to further identify the person who actually made that comment.
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reporter: worse high school shooting in u.s. history exiding -- columbine by two fatalities, the suspect arrived in an uber, he shot and killed three people outside. then went inside. pulled a fire alarm and while wearing a gas mask, and carrying multiple magazines as well as smoke grenades started shooting at students and teachers as they flooded into the howl way. -- howl way hallway, he then fla police officer spotted suspect in the neighborhood about a mile away. >> i pulled my could have over, and engaged suspect, he complied with my command. >> we offer these words oh, god. >> students and family gather outside of school grounds, tributes and mementos for victims, on fence outside of police line, now hang 17
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crosses. one cross for victim, placed thereby chaplain. >> they were worried about a pimple, someone comes in and starts shooting, they should not have to worry about being in a war zone. reporter: sheriff updated us this ranch, saying that 2000 people so far have been interviewed. and that investigators are still analyzing reames of school surveillances video trying to better picture a true timeline of tenor of the suspects. >> thank you phil. >> president trump playing role of comforter in chief for a nation in mourning. fox news correspondent kevin cork is at white house tonight with the latest. >> we mourn for all of those who lost their lives. we comfort the grieving and the
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wounded. reporter: a day after a gunman killed at least 17 people in a florida high school, trump pledged his administration wouldable. >> we're committed to working with state and local leaders, to help secure our schools, and tackle the difficult issue of mental health. reporter: president did not mention issue of gun control or new gun laws during his address to the nation. his remarks today, attorney general jeff sessions stayed on message saying that justice department would partner with other federal agency. >> student intersection of -- to study the intersection of mental health. reporter: address secretary steve mnuchin appeared to veer away, we said this. >> personally, i think that gun violence is a tragedy what we have seen yesterday, i urge
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congress to electric oot look a. reporter: his office clear fid the remarks. administration's focus on possible mental state of the shooter is not new, after a texas church shooting, the president said this is not a gun situation, and after las vegas shooter killed 58, the president called shooter demented. and a very sick individual, the park lanparkland shooting, latea sprinstring of deadly violent at schoolings. the emphasis on mental health drew a sharp rebuke from bloomenthal. claimed 26 including 20 children. >> talk about mental health are not enough.
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they must be followed by real action. president has to lead or get out of the way. >> i'd rather pass gun safety legislation than win the election. because people die from this. >> minority leader, calling for expanded gun violent research. to be conducted by and funded by the federal government. that is something that a great many republicans oppose. greg. >> thank you kevin. >> turning to capitol hill, where senators today were looking to reach a deal on embreak, voting on -- immigration, voting on a series of plans dealing with daca, immigration, border security, mike emanuel has been following the action on the hill, he has our report. >> this is it in a sense, only plan that can become law, because the president said he would sign it. reporter: judiciary chairman grassley lead the plan favored
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by white house, it meant the president's 4 pillars. limit family based migration to nuclear family and phase out feesa lottery system. >> visa lottery system. >> president made clear, i agree any legislation must treat root cause and reform legal immigration. and it must also include common sense to ensure safety of american people. reporter: president trump shared his thoughts to twit either morning, while republican and democrat in congress work hart too come up with a solution to daca, they should strongly be considering a system of merit based immigration. >> this senate democratic leader accused president of med illing. meddling. >> t daca, president trump. >> there was a bipartisan plan negotiated by 22 senators, that
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was attacked by white house, that included a veto threat, and president warning it would be a catastrophe, and department of homeland security warned it would be quote the end of immigration enforcement in america. >> it was over the top, and inflammatory, not factual, i don't think it will be take than seriously. we're senate of u.s., we're article one branch. reporter: one of affects of plan vented his frustration. >> mr. president, listen to the american people, and lead us in congress, and all will turn out well. if you turn this agenda to most extreme people, on this issue, you will fail like obama and bush. reporter: calling this week dedicated to solving the issue a missed opportunity. >> president has offered a pathway to citizenship for 1.8 daca recipients, this is disappointing but we're not giving up. deadline is still march 5.
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the clock is ticking. reporter: senate g.o.p. leader sound reluctance to burn more time on the issue, asking democratic colleaguing on look at what they consider core elements of necessary reform. >> mike emanuel thank you. >> we're coming right back with more, stay with us. >> this senate at an impasse in immigration debate with senators, failing to reach a deal on daca and border security, we take up where lawmakers go from here with seb sabestian gorka next. >> and president trump consoling the nation. >> no child, no teacher should ever be in danger in an american school. i am making plans to visit parkland to meet with factories and local officials and to continue coordinating the federal response.
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so all you pay for is data. choose by the gig or unlimited. and now, get a $200 prepaid card when you buy an iphone. it's a new kind of network designed to save you money. call, visit, or go to gregg: 4 senate immigration measures going down in blames fs
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today, president trump tweeted today, the bill would be a catastrophe, and dhs said it would be the end of immigration enforcement in america, creates a giant amnesty, including for dangerous criminals, does not build a wall, expanding chain migration, and keeps the visa lottery, votes for this amendment would be a vote again law enforce. , against law enforce. a vote for open borders. joining me now dr. sebastian going tgorka. always good to talk to you. before we get to immigration, i want to ask, about our top story florida, president today, in an
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emotional address to nation talking to the children there who have been so affected, traumatized by this. how did he do? >> i think he completely hit the nail on the head, as he has after all recep tragedies that t tragedies, if you take common criminals out of the equation, that will have access to guns, if you take terrorists out of the equation like al qaeda or isis who like wietio wise will s or trucks, last group of people wowe have to protect our childrn from and all american citizens are the mentally unstable. we have all of the laws on the books, no law is going to stop the mentally unqualified people from getting the guns, we need to implement the laws.
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a reform of mental health in america, after 72 hours people are let back on the streets this is the system that is broken in the health sector aspect, it has nothing to do with the guns. gregg: you have to be ajudicated with men cal mental health to su from getting a gun, that is expwn whanyone who has experient knows that is next to impossible. are democrats acting in bad faith. >> clearly, look at that last deal that president offered, it went further to daca specifically than democrats asked for, almost, the dems throw it back in the face of white house, g.o.p., they are not acting in good faithed, they want to sabotage as much as possible, and at the end of the day it is about one thing,
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access to new voters that they think come on to the democrat plantation. that is assault it is about -- that is all it is about. gregg: your thoughts to democrat version of intel memo, i have talked to someone who saw it. and while he would not reveal contents, he said it was basically long opinion and short on substance, it was sloppy. poorly written, and appeared to have deliberately contained classified information about sources and methods knowing that the president could not possibly sign it what do you make of this? >> look at what we know about the schiff memo, is was hurriedly thrown together, compare to the nunes memo who
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was months. to make sure it did not en danger anyone americans, built up over months and months of painstaking work. president did the right thing, it is sloppy it has sources and methods but he will get bad student to fix his own exam paper that is the democrat party adam schiff and people who knowingly put it together to embarrass the president, great call by commander in chief. gregg: good look getting adam schiff to do anything correctly, sebastian gorka good to see you. >> thank you gregg. gregg: do you believe that dems and rinos have proved they care about politics than protecting the safety of american citizens. >> follow lou on twitter at lou dobbs. o wall street stocks closed higher for fifth straight
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session, dow surging 307. and s&p up 33, and volume 3.7 billion shares, stocks rebounding from last week's sharp losses, dow on track, to actually have its best week since the 2016 presidential election. s&p and nasdaq on pace for biggest weakly gains in 5 and 6 years. and reminder to listen to lou's report three times a day coast-to-coast on the salem radio network. >> up next, president trump uniting a country reeling from first high school shoots in u.s. history. >> we must also work together to create a culture in our country that embraces the dignity of life that creates deep and meaningful human connects and that turns classmates and
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colleagues and friends and neighbors. >> we'll take up the president's leadership in time of crisis with ed rollins, he'll be right here. i want you to pick a new truck for your mom or dad, knowing that they could possibly pass it down to you one day. cool. but before you decide, you should know that chevy silverado's are the most dependable, longest lasting full-size pickups on the road. which means that ford f-150s are not. (laughs) which truck would you pick? the chevy. the chevy. the chevy. there you go. boom. that was obvious. plus it looks cooler. no doubt about it. now they know what to get me. (laughs)
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gregg: welcome back, mitt romney is expected to announce tomorrow he is running for u.s. senate for the state of utah, he was supposed to reveal his candidacy today, but postponed it after the florida shooting. the party chair today said he had to apologize to romney for tone of his remarks, and believes he qualified to run in
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utah. joining us now, ed rollins, great america pack chairman, former reagan political director fox news th business contributo, the president's speech today? >> a very important role for president to step in tell country, people that we care. we're trying to be helpful. he is not as touchy feely a reagan, but he makes the effort, it is important for him to go there, and i think ever since george w. bush didn't go to katrina, every president, during a time of crisis realizes, i have to be on the scene. gregg: form and substance go together. i don't know who advised him on that le-- who know who advised .
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>> oval office is always important place to do it. it done work as good as it could have worked. i think at end of the day, the problem is this, there is no short-term solution. i think that everyone is struggling with that. gregg: overra capitol hill, meanwhile, democrats were either dithering or obstructing or both, they would not go along with the president extending an olive branch, basically giving democrats everything they wanted, they would gottive in hi--not give him a single thing. >> president gave them a road map, they won't do that. i don't think what they think they can do without the president's support. i think he made it clear, if i don't get this border security or changes, the other parts of
4:29 am
immigration bill moment at signing -- i'm not signing it, i think he is right. gregg: have you heard anyone offer a legitimate, reasonable and understandable explanation for the lottery system in chain migration, i have not. >> no, i think he has come a long ways to try to be a leader to mike congress do the right -- to make congress do the right thing, i think he has every intention of standing tall, these are promises he made in the course of the campaign. and i think that they need to report that if they don't -- respect that, if they don't, tell him now, and quit screwing around with it. at the end of the day, unless they give him what he wants, he is not giving them. gregg: they don't want that power, turn to chiefs of staff john kelly. a lot of people talk about his
4:30 am
imminent demise, would that be a mistake. >> i think it would be a mistake right now. i don't think that killi kelly s quite politically attune as he should be. there are a lot of things that need to happen, and a big change at white house at-this-point would be a disaster, he needs to put a choke collar on some people that are bad mouthing him and straight than place out, he did it before for the president, he needs to do it for himself now. and i think if they make a change at-this-point it is chaotic. gregg: i give him great grades for getting rid of omarosa. >> it still, much disarray in that white house as without banner an he needs to say, these are rules, these are you have on abide by the rules.
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>> omarosa like a bad cold, you can't shake her. ed rollins. >> thank you. gregg: we're coming right back, stick around. >>-- politics from the dems. >> we're note going to make any revisions to it, only question is what redacted will be made. >> and more disgraceful behavior from top officials at the justice department, new evidence that bruce or, oh tried to cover-up his links that is much more coming up.
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gregg:rrp 19-year-old nikolas cruz was charged today with 17 counts of premeditated murder as law enforcement continues to investigate how he was able to open fire on people at his former high school. reporter: as the horror began playing out at stoneman douglas high school, the doctors issued
4:36 am
a code green. an all hands on deck disaster announcement they trained for six months ago. but nothing prepared them for this. >> we kept getting phone calls, are you ready to take this patient or that one and the answer was yes. reporter: for the remarkable work of the emergency personnel who stopped the bleeding on so many of the wounds. there was also the bravery of one of the first victims identified. aaron files' a coach who used his own body to prevent children from getting shot. >> we had a campus monitor who ask helped prevent this from
4:37 am
being a worse tragedy than it was today. reporter: a janitor realized when the shooter pulled the fire alarm, a large group of students were headed right at them. >> they saved all of our lives. about 40 of us. >> are you nicholas, jacob cruz? >> yes, ma'am. >> you are charged with 17 counts of premeditated murder. reporter: people in this shattered florida community tried to come together in this afternoon vigil. >> unfortunately she didn't make it. >> if there is a tiny glimmer of hope amid the tragedy, there are
4:38 am
a handful of people still in the hospital and only one of them is in critical condition. gregg::were warning signs. could it have been prevented? >> nikolas cruz sent a comment too a youtube group. he wanted to be a professional school shooter. the recipient of that comment contacted the fbi. they respond immediately, interviewed him, then there was some sort of investigative breakdown where it was never followed up on. i heard the fbi say they couldn't figure out hot sender of that message was. upon way they couldn't find out is because they didn't look.
4:39 am
that's the bottom line. they could have subpoenaed google and got i.p. address. check with the school, look at his facebook, they would have had number september or october. gregg: you can get this done by june. you compact a judge, a warrant is issued, and they have to turn over an ip address. it can be done like that. >> this is basic police work. remember back in the 70s we had berkowitz, the son of sam killer? they caught him on a park summons on a street in the area where the last victim was. this was standing out in broad
4:40 am
daylight and no one looked at it. gregg: unlike many school shootings cruz did not turn the gun on himself. and he reportedly already confessed he is the school shooter. so something can be learned about his motives. >> maybe we can use that in some way in the future. but most of importantly we can use it as a training tool for other schools in the future. the department of homeland security has a complete brochure for schools to look at for how they plan, prepare, mock drizzle, table top exercises. all this stuff they could be doing and should be doing living in a post 9/11 world. but still schools don't do it. gregg: schools need to train teachers and other personnel with firearms.
4:41 am
allow them to have firearms. but have it with an easy access to protect students and teachers and personnel. what do you make of that? >> i agree. but the day and age in which we live, the political correctness. i know children who were gone and going on school trips whose father's were cops and not allowed to go on the bus with them because they were armed. it's bizarre, ridiculous and stupid, and it's dangerous to have that mentality. i think it will be a long day before we have teachers armed with weapons. gregg: do we need to change the mental health standard more mental health standards so it's
4:42 am
not adjudicated by a court. >> somebody has a mental illness problem, they get flagged and they can't get access to a weapon, purchase, possess, carry. it shouldn't happen until they are cleared. in this case this guy had a background investigation. they should have known about the mental illness but they didn't. gregg: house intelligence committee dems playing politics. they are accused of intentionally revealing surveillance methods in their counter memo. we'll take itw up with judicial watc
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gregg: disturbing details emerging on the demoted department of justice official bruce ohr. he failed to disclose on ethics forms that his wife was being paid by fusion gps. and hillary and the democrats were paying gps. willfully falsifying government
4:47 am
ethics forms can carry a penalty of jail time. joining me, tom fitton of judicial watch. if you knowingly and willfully lie to the government, it's a year behind bars, isn't it? >> paul manafort is facing charges for doing something like that. for filing false foreign agent forms. you have to disclose information about spousal income so his supervisors can figure out if there are conflicts in his work. he failed to disclose that his spouse worked for a feution gps that compiled the trump dossier that bruce ohr was using and
4:48 am
laundering into the justice department. gregg: hillary clinton and the democrats are paying gps which is paying nelly ohr. so he receives a financial benefit. and he uses this clinton paid for dossier to damage trump by tipping off the fbi which launches a criminal investigation of trump and associates and spies on trump associates. do i have that about right? >> i think the dossier was being used widely in the justice department. but he didn't disclose on these forms his connection to fusion gps. but even after the fbi got cold feet about steele ohr continued to meet with him and launder the
4:49 am
information back into the justice department. so a major issue. taking a further step back. this is another piece of edshowing the super structure of the russia collusion investigation into donald trump has been really i are redeemably compromise and needs to be shut down. i don't know what other evidence you need on top of the number four official at the justice department. his wife working for the clinton gang. and lord knows what else. we think the dossier is being used for fisa. i'm convinced it was used to just fight unmasking of general flynn and donald trump himself from foreign intelligence intercepts. gregg: should flynn file a motion to set aside his plea? >> he's before judge sullivan
4:50 am
who excoriated the justice department over its mishandling on misconduct in the senator stevens case. he doesn't like government misconduct by prosecutors. this is a judge who would be willing to listen to arguments. especially since peter strzok, the fbi agent anti-trumper was involved in his under view, and we have report after report that the fbi after the flynn interview concluded he didn't lie. gregg: we now know on hindsight, information revealed after his guilty plea, the fbi had no business talking to him, because his conversation with kislyak was in no way a crime. so they were trying to entrap him by forcing him to have a conversation with them about something that's not criminal.
4:51 am
>> sally yates, andrew mccabe, maybe president obama, they all had it in for general flynn. even the fbi agents conclude he didn't lie during that under view. what changed between then and now? gregg: the appointment of mueller. another time, thank you very much. tom fitton of judicial watch. the national left-wing media gets schooled. students pushing back at brazen efforts to politicize their tragedy. we'll take it up with our . .
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ions. but this isn't helpful with the kind of politicizing people have gone to. the solution is not political at all. it's what that young man said. it's about mental health and drug usage. both prescription and illegal, dealing with issues much security. >> this is typical barack obama. all talk, no action. why didn't he get it done while he was there. the psychotropic drugs they put these kids on, it says on the side effects it could cause homicidal behavior. the drug companies are the biggest lobbyists. they will never go after it. the violence in hollywood. they are the biggest
4:58 am
contributors to the media. gregg: congress has plenary power to do something about this. tammy: this an endity, management of a monster that is only looking to maintain it sell. they care about the nature of having a population that serves it. it wants to grow and maintain its own power. they are not in the business of solving social issues. they are in the business of using social issues to make sure government will always need to be needed. this is why you don't solve problems. you need them to be able to raise money. gregg: and it's very transparent. what us confounding to the americans is here is the
4:59 am
president, it's a one-way treat for the dems. mark: they can weaponize it. it has to be an issue and election day. >> what no one planned on was a president who wants to solve problems. a president who cares about the american people just by his evident, the juxtaposition is clear about what donald trump wants versus what the swamp wants. and the president wants to solve these problems. mark: the voters aren't as dumb as we look. i think they are miscalculating. gregg: that will do it for us tonight. chris farrell of judicial watch is among our guests tomorrow. i'm gregg jarrett in for lou dobbs. thanks for being with us.
5:00 am
>> i want you to know that you are never alone and you never will be. >> don't tell me there's no such thing as gun violence. it happened in parkland. >> breaking news this morning. president trump consoling the country as the community of parkland holds candle light vigil of massacre. cheryl: senate failed to pass four bills. what's next for daca? lauren: we are watching the market claw back, major averages are on track for the best week since the presidential election, taking a look


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