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tv   Mornings With Maria Bartiromo  FOX Business  February 16, 2018 6:00am-9:00am EST

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dreamers as well as billions for border security, that could not get the required votes. lawmakers on both sides of the aisle now say the president's opposition to the compromise was a major factor. >> the only way i see a solution is for the president to grab the the rings back and lead himself to get republicans and democrats in a room and get that done and move to comprehensive. maria: a lot on the new efforts to reach a deal coming up. new details of shooting, the suspect 19-year-old nicklaus appeared in cruz. the late e as thousands show up at vigil to honor the victims, the tragedy has sparked a now round of debate on gun control. meanwhile attorney general jeff sessions says he vows to confront the problem of mass shootings, i will speak with the attorney general this weekend on sunday morning futures, join me for my special interview with
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attorney general at 10:00 a.m. eastern this weekend on fox news channel. earn negotiation focus on wall street, among big names to report coca-cola and deere. and then there's this, the box office takes wakanda. >> what happened now determination what happens to the rest of the world. maria: we've got a preview of the highly-anticipated black panther movie as it looks to claw its way to the box office this weekend, we will bring you the review. dagen mcdowell, james freeman along with pollster and the president of maslansky + partners lee carter. great to see you. >> great to be here. happy friday. dagen: i cannot wait for your interview with the attorney general. >> yeah. nunes was last week. maria: nunes last sunday.
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lots to talk about. >> that's for sure. dagen:i can't wait. maria: that should be good. i know our viewers want answers. dagen: when i got the e-mail you were interviewing on sunday i literally was -- i was sitting in my apartment and i went -- he did -- maria: what do you think about what he said, james? >> we get back to same-old debate unfortunately. maria: yeah, that's where the debate has gone once again. >> i would hope people think about defending schools if they can agree on other issues, you would hope that the mental illness peace would be -- piece would be addressed but base-line level someone with the ability to defend the defenseless would be a place to start. maria: dmeants were troubling
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because they were signs and signals about this guy beforehand. and so that's what's so troubling. dagen: there were so many. they involve basically encroaching on someone's constitutional rights. there's no easy answers so i just instruct the politicians to not use these easy crutches and -- and this verbal that we hear from them. like the mentally ill, thing, i want to point out that the trump administration and the republicans in congress rolled back a rule that president obama put in place that would have people deemed mentally incapable of managing financial affairs through the social security administration would have been added to the national database used in gun checks, i know why they did it, there was no due process in that law.
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it was flawed but they didn't follow up with anything. there's blame on both sides. maria: very important point. a lot of people spoke about that on twitter and social media. we will talk about that coming up. we have a great show. white house deputy secretary is here. tom reed will join us as well. don't miss a moment of it. we kick it off right here with the market's rebound, stocks extending gains yesterday, the dow and s&p 500 rallied for the fifth consecutive session since falling into correction territory last week. indices have now notched large percentage increase. what do you make of the bounce, james freeman? >> i think it is correct that corporate america can withstand something other than rock bottom interest rates. this is not the end of the world if they pay something closer to interest rates.
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the washington story, the finances in washington are a mess but the economic news out on real economy is all good, we saw the philadelphia thread survey. capital expenditures, manufacturing, a lot of good news coming in. maria: we talk about backdrop in terms of earnings, 18 to 20% on the s&p 500. dagen: you sent me an article the other day that there was surge in revenue to treasury department in the month of january because of tax reform. that's why on the tax reform side, we doubt these estimates about how much that adds to the deficit because of the renew portion of it. you speed up the economy, it doesn't add to deficit north of a trillion dollars. however, on the other spending side, there is that concern which gary cohn dismissed yesterday in comments that he made. we are not worried about overheating in the economy, i know it's what people are talking about, it's what he
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said. maria: not worried about overheating yet we are focused on inflation and how things are getting better with the better economy comes higher wages. lee: that's right, the bottom line is a loot of american people are still confused about what to expect right now. they start to pull back and want to see what everybody is doing. so many guests have given so much good guidance about what to expect. corporations were going invest and things pop up. it's important that people understand that volatility might be coming ahead and if you're close to retirement, not able to withstand then you should probably not be all in on equities right now. maria: it will be a year of volatility, it feels. another bipartisan proposal that would have provided 10-year path to citizenship for dreamers. democrats as well as some
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republicans including south carolina senator lindsey graham said that the president's opposition help sink the bipartisan effort which graham called the best shot yet. >> mr. president, you're being led down a path where we won't get a result. reject this kind of engagement with the congress, tell us what you don't like in a constructive fashion, i will end with this, what's wrong with washington, you give dhs $25 billion of the money they asked for and they slam you. you give a pathway to citizenship for 1.8 million daca recipients and the left calls it the worst civil rights abuse in the last 100 years. there's some crazy people around here, just shut them out, this is the best shot you'll ever get. [laughter] >> because we love the wall street journal editorial board, they had negotiating advice to the president this morning in op-ed, we want to tell you what it says, president trump may need a refresher course in
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deal-making after the senate on thursday rejected his take it or leave it offer on immigration. he could start by recalling who is president and stop giving advice to steven miller a policy veto. referring there to top white house aide and immigration hard-liner steven miller, james, tell us about this. >> this is hard to figure because you look at the deal that was on the table and the president got a lot of money for the wall that he wants, he got priority on enforcement against criminals who were illegal aliens and he also could have gotten no more immigrants bringing their participants in which, i like immigration but that's a tough one to defend because you don't have the same economic arguments you had with young hungry people coming to help the economy. so it is kind of a mystery here and a little disturbing to suggest that the game really is to just reduce immigration and that's a big mistake. our population is barely
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growing, less than 1% a year since 2010. our working-age population just had a historic decline, so there is not a flood of people coming in. we actually need more of them but it's puzzling. i feel like the deal is there and he didn't take it. lee: a deal that he promised to take. he said that he was willing to make a compromise, if he could get funding that he would talk about the dreamers, he's been saying that, chuck schumer has been talking, conversations they've had about this, this is the promise. if he's not going to live up to that promise, then we have a bigger issue. dagen: what the journal editorial also points out and this is my own words that the president must have been in a meeting and stephen miller had his hands the wheel of a bus, stephen miller pushing an agenda, right-wing restrictionist to reduce legal immigration in the country and unless they get that, then -- then there's a no go on this.
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again, because they issued a -- made a comment about it yesterday mid-morning, what was the comment? the administration warning that the bipartisan agreement would drastically change our national immigration policy for the worst by weakening border security and undercutting existing immigration law despite the fact there's 25 billion over ten years for the border wall in that particular amendment. >> there was some question of whether enough money was there in year one but in year one you are not going to do much building anyway because you have to fight with people, a lot of lawsuits to actually get the project moving. so it's a little puzzling and kind of a concern that maybe that -- that cotton-perdue in the senate which is reducing legal immigration is to go -- maria: you speak to any manager of a big certainly business and they'll say we need more workers, we need more immigration. >> same thing small business. every month the nfib survey says
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that is their biggest problem is finding qualified workers and it's -- it's also it's going to be hard to hit economic growth target that the president wants to hit if we are closing ourselves to the world and turning away talent. dagen: and it's very hard to right size social security and medicare which have a hole in them, 60 trillion-dollar, 50 trillion in medicare, if you don't have more workers paying into the system. maria: that's true. dagen: this giant underfunded liability gets worse as the population ages. >> this is our great advantage in the united states. people want to come here. we get to pull the best talent from around the world. maria: but are we? the visa lottery doesn't pull best talents. >> that's where he can negotiate. we have pretty good people come in start company through chain migration, you want to be moved
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to merit-base migration that's a deal to be had. he wants lower immigration overall and i think that would be a shame. maria: sunday morning futures 10:00 a.m. eastern when i sit down with attorney general jeff sessions to talk immigration and a lot more this weekend over on the fox news channel. first, though, there's this, disturbing details about school shooting in parkland, florida, the accused gunman confesses, this is thousands gathered as those remembered killed. we will let you know all about it with the numbers as soon as they hit the tape right here. how do you win at business?
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sometimes, they just drop in. obvious. cme group can help you navigate risks and capture opportunities. we enable you to reach global markets and drive forward with broader possibilities. cme group - how the world advances. ♪ maria: welcome back, new details this morning in parkland, florida shooting, gunman confessed to killings and revealed details on timeline, rob schmitt with the latest now in parkland. rob, good morning to you. rob: maria, good morning to you, we are right outside the high school where this happened just about 40 hours ago, there was a vigil last night where thousands of people attended a very somber event there as you can imagine and we are getting more details about the 19-year-old man that
6:16 am
had obsession of killing animals, guns, violence. he had been expelled from the school a year ago and three days after expelled he bought the ar-15 legally that was used in this mass shooting. we also know that his adoptive money had recently died and that might are played a factor into why he lashed out in this way, in the horrible way. we can give you a timeline exactly how this went down on wednesday. in the afternoon about 2:06 he calls uber, taking uber to the school, at 2:21 he enters the east stairwell of one of the buildings here where all this happened and he gets ready in that stair weapon -- stairwell and begins shooting killing and injuring more than 30 people, 17 of them would end up dying, 14 in the hospital. and he goes up to the third floof after this. he drops the gun and he goes
6:17 am
back down the stairs an exits the school as everybody is running out in a panic because there was active duty and blends with crowd and gets away and heads to wal-mart that's not too far away and gets to wal-mart about 2:50 and buys soda and mcdonalds. he leaves and moving through a neighborhood at 3:41 in the afternoon and found by corral police and they are consoling him, coward, he looked so scared, almost like a deer in head lights and she did show compassion for him, let's listen to that. >> he's a broken human being. he's a broken child. the sadness of this community is feeling, i mean, my children, they go to school in this community, i feel horrible for these families and mr. cruz
6:18 am
feels that pain. rob: just a terrible crime, he's charged with 17 counts of premeditated murder. maria: rob schmitt in florida this morning, it's horrible to hear the stories of how he bought the gun a year ago, how as you said, dagen, omar mateen in last shooting had been watched with the fbi. how is it possible that people are undersurveillance and still missing it and they get to go and do their shooting spree? dagen: youtube video vloger, i'm going to be a professional shooter by nikalus cruz under correct spelling, the fbi said in other information was included in the comment. they conducted a cursory
6:19 am
database review, other checks, unable to further identify the person who posted the comment. he didn't have a criminal record but he certainly had a very sick file at the school that he had been attending in terms of threats, bringing a bag of bullets to school and fbi did not notify a local law enforcement about the potential -- that this individual had been, again, the message from the fbi when we talk about shootings, the parents of kids, you're on your own and i just think -- everybody will agree that is utterly unacceptable and it's time for that to end. now, law enforcement, can disrupt potential plots, we saw that happen, there was news over -- that broke late yesterday in washington, a granada mother who was aware to have journal in this kid's and she notified law enforcement and they arrested him because of a potential plot that he was putting together.
6:20 am
maria: well, all right, we will watch out this morning more coming up on that, we will take a break. jimmy kimmel lashing out last night at congress and the president about the latest school shooting, comedian's emotional plea, we will have it for you, another bug takes a bite out of apple, another issue that has been crashing apple phones and computers right here. [fbi agent] you're a brave man, mr. stevens. your testimony will save lives. mr. stevens? this is your new name. this is your new house. and a perfectly inconspicuous suv. you must become invisible. [hero] i'll take my chances.
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maria: welcome back, crumbs crack-down update. it is almost through, saudi arabia's government has seized more than a hundred billion dollars. two of the more than 100 detainees include billionaire
6:24 am
prince and whaleed, joining me right now the new spokesperson for the royal embassy in saudi arabia. good to see you, thank you so much for joining us. >> on behalf of embassy, thank you very much for having me. maria: we are thrilled you are here because we have covered a lot of what's going on in saudi arabia. i myself was in saudi back in october, you say the corruption crack-down is now coming to an end. >> yes. maria: tell us about that. >> i think for american audience it came out of left field but the reality is there was a systematic build-up and part of the broader reform that are taking place in the kingdom as you are well aware of and situations that took place in the last two years that led to evidence that was compiled to certain individuals that led to anticorruption crack-down but the implications of it are very constructive so it's really to better facilitate a level
6:25 am
playing field for the business environment and it's a signal that there's a zero tolerance policy for corruption in the kingdom and to boost invs.or -- investor confidence. at the end of january, the minister finance at the world economic forum highlighted that qualified foreign investments were at historical high in the kingdom and levels the playing field and makes it easier for businesses to navigate. maria: the crack-down appears to be political victory for crown prince which i spoke to in october and he explained some to have reasons in terms of why he's allowing women to drive, for example, encouraging foreign capital to come to saudi arabia, all things the country hasn't seen in so long. listen to what he told me back in october. >> we want to live a normal life, a life that translates our moderate religion, our good customs, we coexist and live with the world and contribute to development of the country and the world, this is something
6:26 am
that the steps that we have taken in the past that are clear. i believe that we will eradicate the rest of extremism very soon so i don't think this is a real challenge because we represent the moderate teachings and prip principles of islam. right is on our side. maria: future king told me basically this is a message to the saudis and to the world, corruption will not be tolerated. do you think that he achieved this in i know that he raised $100 billion, what has changed in. >> well, the reality is that the crown prince launched mission 2030 in april of 2016 which is a long-term diversification strategy and opened up the kingdom in many forms including with respect to inviting foreign investors to partner and private -public sector. in order to do that specific barriers that needed to be addressed, one of which was not necessarily being able to navigate the environment, there were intangible elements such as
6:27 am
corruption and kickbacks that were investors coming in and this directly addresses that and as you mention, there's already been a recovery of roughly $107 billion worth of stolen funds that is going to go back, channeled back to saudi society to the good of saudi people which is why it's been popular among saudi people. maria: big deal to be named in position as woman. do you feel like you've been given authority to make decisions? >> the reality is that vision 2030 level it is playing field. it's not pro any one group and facilitates everyone being able to contribute based on -- and it really is a testament to the leadership in royal highness.
6:28 am
saudi women have been doing amazing things for several decades and the environment is being facilitated for us to contribute. maria: contribute in what way, working, in way that is make women actually feel like they are being looked at equally, treated equally as a man? >> i will give you a specific example, one of the targets in vision 2030, transportation, it was costly and women weren't allowed to right to drive. what did the leadership do in order to facilitate achieving this target allowed women to drive. we have seen women enter across the board in several areas in in public fear, we have seen women's advancement in sports. we have seen women even prior to that were rocket scientists,
6:29 am
prosecution office are hiring women, passport control are hiring women. soccer stadiums are allowing women to come in. it's positive indication of overall trajectory. maria: they till need to be to be with them, you still have to have a man aiding you? >> you are referring to guardianship. when we talk about women's empower and the king has facilitated women's access and choice into the public space, the guardianship system as institutional policy is really different than what the organic application is. the organic application varies from family to family, that's not necessarily the government. for example, when i was living in the kingdom, i changed work twice, i had two bank accounts, i had several cell phone contracts, i never had a guardian authorize any of this. maria: okay.
6:30 am
>> but saudi woman next to me may have different experience, that's not the leadership, that's more of a family kind of culture. maria: you see real change in terms of treatment of women, you say that things changed. was that just an opportunity to get money or actually saying that you supported terrorists, you supported the muslim brotherhood and there's going to be a payment for that in. >> the anticorruption proceedings were for one very clear reason which was to facilitate a healthy business environment and level the playing field to boost investor confidence for foreign investors coming into the kingdom and also domestic investments as well. it really addresses one of the barriers to market -- i'm kind of defaulting to previous consulting background, being able to navigate the
6:31 am
environment. when vision 2030 was announced, investors look at two things, they layed out the opportunities, manufacturing, sport, housing, entertainment and also allowed for the institutional structure to support this so there's a new company's law, there's a new listing's law, bankruptcy law coming online but there was intangible element within the market that often needed to be addressed related to kind of kickbacks and certain pocket that is were soaring healthy business environment, when you talk about healthy business, healthy economy it's based on sme's, sme's couldn't afford the kickbacks so it was forwarding the sector. as you know right after the future investment forum, the kingdom announced largest budget expenditures which is why the deal becomes that much more important as well.
6:32 am
the business environment just needed to be cleaned up slightly and that's exactly what anticorruption precedents do. with that going ahead. twin brothers including former schoolteacher arrested in new york city on charges related to making a bomb. we will bring you that story of those two. back in a moment. three-quarters of what it takes to replace it. what are you supposed to do? drive three-quarters of a car? now if you had liberty mutual new car replacement™, you'd get your whole car back. i guess they don't want you driving around on three wheels.
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tell your doctor about all planned medical or dental procedures. i'm still going for my best. and for eliquis. ask your doctor about eliquis. welcome back a good friday morning everyone. it is friday february 62 top stories right now 6:30 a.m. on the east coast. reigniting the gun control debate. for action in the wake of that tragic school shooting in florida. president trump spoke about the issue yesterday. >> i will be meeting with the nations governor and attorney generals and we are making our schools and our children safer it will be our top priority. it is not enough to simply take actions that make us feel like we are making a difference we must actually make that difference.
6:36 am
the growing debate over how to prevent mass shootings coming up this morning. jimmy kimmel going directly after president trump last night. some said the kilowatts went too far. we will bring them to you. you decide. the rally rolls on. the markets are trading higher. up for a fifth day in a row. one and a quarter% higher. the momentum continues. take a look with the markets up. adding to the one and half% moves yesterday. nozick up a quarter of a%. earnings of course in focus once again. dear beating expectations with the earnings and revenue this morning. you are still waiting on coca-cola. we will bring in those numbers as soon as we hit the tape.
6:37 am
it's up to thirds of a%. in asia overnight they were closed before the lunar new year. crashing iphones in a single character. the bug that is plaguing the devices now and soon you can expect that coming up. the stunning amount so they are expected to bring in this weekend. disney is cashing in. all of that coming up this morning. the gun control debate reunited -- reignited on capitol hill. calling for action yesterday in the wake of the tragic mass shooting at a florida high
6:38 am
school that left 17 people dead. we have not done a very good job of making sure that people that had mental reasons for not being able to handle the gun get their name to the fbi files. we need to concentrate on that. people die from this. nancy pelosi said the victims are painted for lawmakers in action. your thoughts on all of this. >> i must praise the republican congress and their response to this issue. i appreciate president trump and his leadership and same we want to get the attorney general's altogether. at least on one accord to have this discussion. i think that's very important. the fact of the proposed
6:39 am
$6 billion to battle mental illness. what i must say especially being an individual who is from the city of chicago where we've seen the most comprehensive gun-control laws in the book. it has not stemmed the violence in chicago. i have to make sure that we have a very intellectually honest debate in not using a very terrible tragedy and an emotional situation. there is another thing. as an individual who worked for the social security and information there was a role that rule that the obama administration proposed maybe in 2016 anyone who was receiving disability benefits would be prohibited from owning the gun. the measure was that people
6:40 am
who have been deemed mentally incapable of managing their financial affairs who also received social security benefits they would have been covered by the policy which would have reported these individuals to the national instant criminal background system. chuck grassley we just heard from said if a specific individual is likely to be violent due to the nature of their mental illness the government should have to prove it. i agreed the rule from president obama and does violate due process but that the republicans are still talking about doing something about mental illness and keeping guns out of people's hands but they didn't do anything after they were sent of this rule. as an individual who formally
6:41 am
adjudicated these that does not provide the lack of capacity to own a firearm. that rule was issued back in 2016 i can understand where some people would be upset by that but that certainly would not have prevented a tragedy like this. i want people to take an emotional situation and something that's very tragic like this and try to stem something that is lawful. the republicans continue to reap use of this political trust. they talk but they don't walk. they're not walking the talk. and i just want to know when the time is. we are having constant shootings when is the time to
6:42 am
act. now it's just rhetoric. it's not now let's not do it in the middle of the crisis. when. i agree we need to make sure those concerns are strengthened. but when we talk about comprehensive gun-control we know it has not been effective. my fear was experienced tragedy this past summer. my brother thankfully lived but his best friend died in his arms. my brothers biggest regret was not having a gun to defend himself himself and his friends.
6:43 am
let's not try to pull at the emotional heartstrings of people. that is 100% what we need to do pack in terms of republican in action at the same time let's not try to take advantage of a tragedy and install something that something that's been ineffective. hollywood is weighing in on the gun control debate as well. jimmy kimmel slammed the president lastly on his show. listen to this. you like to say this is a mental his health issues. it was to actually roll back the regulations that were designed to keep firearms out of the hands of the mentally ill. you did that. your party voted to repeal the mandates on coverage. if you don't think we need to do something about it your obviously mentally ill.
6:44 am
he is mixing things up there. this is what were talking about. and to be fair and to tell both sides of the story this rule that the republicans repealed the american civil unities division didn't like it. advocates for people with disabilities did not want it in place because it felt like it violated their rights. this is a whole host of individuals who fought back against that rule. would've denied rights to a lot of people the gun-control answer and you have the mental illness part which will infringe on some people's liberty. what is about to happen is a lot of schools are going to spend a ton of money on elaborate doors and all kinds of measures to prevent parents from going into the school instead of just allowing someone at the school to shoot
6:45 am
back when an evil person shows up. thank you we will be right back. oh, that's lovely... so graceful. the corkscrew spin, flawless... ...his signature move, the flying dutchman. poetry in motion. and there it is, the "baby bird". breathtaking. a sumo wrestler figure skating? surprising. what's not surprising? how much money heather saved by switching to geico. fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more.
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ythen you turn 40 ande everything goes. tell me about it. you know, it's made me think, i'm closer to my retirement days than i am my college days. hm. i'm thinking... will i have enough? should i change something? well, you're asking the right questions. i just want to know, am i gonna be okay?
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i know people who specialize in "am i going to be okay." i like that. you may need glasses though. yeah. schedule a complimentary goal planning session today with td ameritrade. twin brothers arrested in new york for allegedly building bombs in their home. the details and the headlines now. police say that christian and tyler tauro were building explosive advices. they discovered a yellow backpack that contained an index card that wrote under the full moon the small ones will know in terror. they are accused of pain teenagers to help construct their makeshift weapons. you mentioned this a few moments ago. they reported a profit of a
6:49 am
dollar 31 profit per share. revenue came in $6.9 billion. that also be expectations of 6.42 billion. up more than one and a quarter% right now. and then coca-cola well also report fort -- fourth-quarter results today. $7.4billion in revenue. the shares of coca-cola are moving higher in the premarket ahead of the numbers. a major iphone bug has been discovered in ios 11. it lets people send a specific indian language and character character that can crash their iphone. apple is said that they plan to fix it with the new update before 11.3 is released sometimes this spring. they've have some issues
6:50 am
lately with the ios operating system. finally disney has come up with something pink and sparkly and yummy. they introduced churros covered in sparkly pink sugar crystals. no i did not bring in the end. the disney stock down a 5% for the year. i can bring in more sugar. yesterday was over the top. the new movie could be a game changer for the entire model franchise. we will take a look at next. hello. - hi. how's it going? - alright, how ya doing? -
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get ready that is a clip from the newest offering. the king of the fictional african nation has been moving industries and buzzing and having a hundred 65 million-dollar opening weekend. i'm back. you saw this though. it was rare when you go see a movie and they cheering before
6:55 am
the movie. they are cheering as this thing started. it is a fantastic movie it is going to break all sorts of sort of box office records this weekend. it's brought in about $23 million. it is outpacing every superhero movie today. the most presales of any non- star wars show. there is so much anticipation for this kind of movie and it's gonna break all sorts of conventional wisdom. the story is different everyone said a superhero movie led by women would itself.
6:56 am
and they said all black cast don't sell overseas. you think it will break a box office record this weekend. his own -- he's only 31 years old. a talented guy. and so direct. what about this kind of genre. people want the escapism of it. how does this compare to dramas and other things that are out there right now. and you can have put the world there. it was a fantastic movie all around. i have not heard this kind of review from you in a long time.
6:57 am
i feel like we've seen a lot of those that we've all seen before. thank you for that. michael to mira. have a great weekend. we had long deplments in iraq. i'm really grateful that usaa was able to take care of my family while i was overseas serving. it was my very first car accident. we were hit from behind. i called usaa and the first thing they asked was 'are you ok?' they always thank you for your service, which is nice because as a spouse you serve too. we're the hayles and we're usaa members for life. see how much you could save with usaa by bundling your auto and home insurance. get a quote today.
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>> maria: welcome back. good friday morning. thanks for joining us. i'm maria bartiromo. it's friday, february 16th. your top stories right now. honoring the victims, thousands show up for an honor vigil, those killed in the tragic school shooting in florida this week, the vigil as you can see taking place last night. president trump spoke about the tragedy at the white house yesterday. >> our entire nation, with one heavy heart, is praying for the victims and their families. to every parent, teacher and child who is hurting so badly, we are here for you, whatever you need, whatever we can do to ease your pain. >> maria: as authorities release a time line on the horrific events, the spue suspect appearn
7:01 am
court. we'll have the latest on the tragedy coming up. immigration standoff, senators fail to pass a compromise yesterday, even a bipartisan effort which would have provided a pathway to citizenship for dreamers could not get the necessary votes. lawmakers on both sides of the aisle said the president's opposition to the compromise was the major factor. i'll speak with the attorney general, jeff sessions, this weekend about the immigration debate on sunday morning futures, please join me for the special interview. bannon means mueller, the former white house chief strategist was interviewed by special counsel for 20 hours this week. we'll have details. stocks rallied yesterday, with the dow closing up better than 300 points, the fifth straight big rally. markets were higher across the board, up 1.25%. this morning, the momentum continues. we've got earnings on the docket, coca-cola out on the tape as you can see, beating expectations on earnings and revenue. the dow industrials are well off
7:02 am
of the highs of the morning. we're looking at a gain of 20 points on futures. nasdaq's up 17 points, a quarter of a percent higher. here we're off of the best levels. things have come in quite a bit. in europe, green across the board. the dax index is stronger, in the double digits. in asia overnight all the major markets were closed for the lunar new year, except for japan. shares of cok coca-cola earnings hitting the tape. revenue was better than expected. the stock right now up 2%. that's a dow component. that will lift boats in the dow. we'll watch coke. crypto conspiracy? the details as a popular trading platform is accused of over-charging customers using bitcoins. we will tell you about that, a scam under way. and then another wild day in south korea as some of the team usas biggest stars failed to reach the podium. the helmets take the internet by
7:03 am
storm. we'll tell you about the helmets. we've got all the highlights coming up this morning. joining me to take it down, dagen mcdowell, james freeman along with lee carter. great show, guys. >> dagen: great to be here. so much to talk about. really interesting stuff that's -- i can't wait for your interview sunday. >> maria: jeff sessions, that will be good, we'll talk about immigration and so much more which we'll get to with the attorney general. you made so many important points in terms of the gun story and now the conversation over gun control. do we know an answer as far as why the administration rolls back that obama-era law? >> there was a lot of pushback, not just from the nra, because, again, jimmy kimmel and people on the left, they gloss over what was really at work with this law. this would have required the social security administration to report the records of some mentally ill people who were getting benefits. those would be people deemed
7:04 am
mentally incapable of managing their financial efforts. it would have to be reported to the national criminal background check system. this was opposed by the nra as well as the american civil liberties union. >> maria: this is about civil liberties. >> dagen: also the american association of people with disability. the rule would have allowed beurrbeurrepeople to bar citizem exercising their constitutional rights, being he define defineda mental defective. it was badly written. it was worded before president obama left office. my issue is this is fine, but if the republicans are going to continue to use the crutch phrase of we need to keep the guns out of the hands of the mentally ill, then they have to propose something because, again, every solution from the far right all the way to the far left across the whole spectrum involves encroaching on
7:05 am
someone's civil liberties and your constitutionally granted rights. >> maria: nicholas cruz bought the assault rifle one year ago legally. joining us this morning is hogan gilley, tom reed weighing in as well. we have a lot to talk about from immigration to daca and beyond. let's get to it now. we want to turn to the latest on the russian election meddling investigation. fox news confirmed that special council robert mueller's team has interviewed steve bannon. the interview took 20 hours this week. they asked him for details on the firing of fbi director jim comey and michael flynn. meanwhile, adam schiff is looking into contempt proceedings against bannon who was uncooperative, he said, in a closed door interview with the house intelligence committee. watch. >> this morning steve bannon returned to our committee and we asked a whole host of questions about his time during the transition, during the administration, and after the
7:06 am
administration. he refused to answer almost all of the questions and asserted that he had been instructed by the white house to invoke executive privilege on behalf of the president. the breadth of that claim of executive privilege is breath-taking and insupportable. >> maria: joining us right now is the daily caller editor in chief, christopher bedford. what's going to be the outcome for steve bannon? what's your take on what you just heard from adam schiff. >> steve bannon is not in a good place right now. he's been pushed out of the white house, pushed out of his company, and now he's trying to cite executive privilege to try to protect himself. that's not uncommon monda in any administration. he it'it's going to be a tug ofr that will play out. a lot of this will fall under executive privilege.
7:07 am
it's not an enviable place to be. we've seen him putting distance here. we have reince priebus coming out with an upcoming book, saying he was very much against the comey firing. we'll see how it shakes out. >> i was going to ask you, james freeman with the journal, from what we've been told a lot of that time with special council mueller was focused on a potential theoretical obstruction case which would suggest that they're still looking for collusion evidence. is that how you read it? >> that's exactly what they're supposed to be doing. it's such a broad authority that the mueller team has been given. they're going through banking records. they're still looking for a collusion problem here. they've been at this for about a year and not a single thing has shown up that shows any collusion at all, especially involving russia. the he question will come down to is why comey was fired. was he fired because he was too hot on the daily of the white house or was it because he wasn't a sincere player that
7:08 am
could be counted on? >> maria: you reported, the daily caller reported, new findings on bruce orr who provided research on president trump to the fbi. i say research loosely. we know that there has obviously been collusion and corruption at the top of the fbi. they were protecting hillary clinton. they were all in the tank for hillary and they were creating lots of bo traps for the presid. orr's wife was being paid by fusion gps. this is the number three guy at the department of justice. his wife works for fusion gps the firm that wrote the unverified so-called dossier and she was paid by the democratic national committee. bruce orr provides no conflict of interest waivers. what can you tell us about the situation, christopher? obviously there was a lot of omissions, whether it be the fbi omitting information to the fisa
7:09 am
court that the democrats were paying for that dossier or bruce orr, number three guy at the department of justice, doesn't tell anybody that his wife is doing the dossier work for fusion gps. >> every single bit of this onion as you peel it back looks worse and worse. the founder of gps said he had no contact with anyone at the doj. it turns out it wasn't true. he had contact with bruce orr. he employed bruce's wife, nellie. he was paying her. if you look at the records which we pulled for 2014, 2015 and 2016, all of which should have listed this, it's not in there. there's no inclusion of fusion gps paying a salary which is by every lawyer we've spoken to would have been required. what's dangerous here too for bruce, who could be in a lot of table, he could face criminal penalties, he wasn't even assigned to the case when he would have had the chance to
7:10 am
recuse himself. from everything we understand, he took the dossier and put it in front of the fbi of his own volition. he didn't recuse himself. he didn't list the name of fusion gps like he should have. that's punishable, if he just didn't include the information, and that's all they can say, it's punishable by up to a year in prison. if he knowingly falsified the documents by not telling the fbi about a conflict that existed, that's up to five years in prison. >> maria: do you think we'll see accountability? that's what everybody wants to know. there was obviously wrong-doing here at the top of the fbi and in front of the fisa court and at the top of the department of justice, we're talking about mr. you say criminal charges could come? >> we don't know exactly why he he got demoted at the department of justice. but we do know it happened right after it came out that his wife had been being paid by outside sources, that brought a conflict of interest, he brought that conflict of interest into the fbi. that seems clear-cut and the fbi
7:11 am
is on to it. a head like his could definitely roll. i think he will face consequences. he's got republicans and the executive and the legislature and the public saying what's going on here many there's a lot of pressure. if it will go higher than that, that remains to be seen. >> maria: we'll get the michael horowitz, inspector general report, a new updated report in the next couple weeks. i think some of these people are beinreassigned and fired because their hands are dirty based on this report that we haven't seen. >> just based on what we've seen so far, in terms of how the hillary clinton e-mail investigation was handled, it would appear that this report is something to fear for a lot of the top staff at the fbi and justice department. i'm wondering if you have a sense of what we can expect when that report comes out. >> the report's originally looking at the handling of the clinton e-mail case and the things that happened leading up to the investigation. there's a lot of investigations going on at the fbi, how did
7:12 am
they handle the trump case, how did they handle the clinton case. people are worried at the fbi about what this report is going to same it' say. it's not looking like it will good for the fbi. we already know the i.g. found massive mistake was the fbi. ththe fbi didn't find the classified e mail e-mails that e marked "c" in the pile they had. >> dagen: what you hear from people online, every day folks, the left how talk about how president trump has damaged the reputation of law enforcement. people look at the handling of the hillary clinton investigation and this basically abuse by the fbi and the justice department -- >> maria: they ex o exonerated r before the interview. >> dagen: what was going on with
7:13 am
the christopher steele dossier and they look at the shooting in florida and the fact that somebody on youtube alerted the fbi that somebody by the exact name with the exact spelling was making threats online and the fbi didn't -- nothing came of it, quite frankly. they looked into it and said we couldn't identify the identity of the person. that's what makes people upset. you've got a mishandling of this giant national investigations and a mishandling of this that ultimately this guy killed -- walked into a school and shot a bunch of students and teachers. >> maria: 17 people dead. >> it's really interesting to see the democratic party attacking the republican party as often as they are for be besmrirching law enforcement. the republicans i think and a lot of normal americans, to your point, have a right to question the fbi here. they're the law enforcement agency. they work for the executive.
7:14 am
they should be held by the rule of law and with the trump administration and with the hillary clinton e-mails, maybe they didn't play fairly. they're drinking from a fire hose with threats and mental disturbances and all these kinds of things but figuring out why this case -- it's the perfect storm, someone who was identified as an ill person, someone who the school administration was afraid of and then turning out to be true and they knew about it, when they say please report mental illness, please report threats you have to wonder where the reports go. >> maria: there were obviously mistakes made before this guy committed the murder that he he did. there were signals there. but the other stuff, in terms of the fisa abuses and the fbi collusion at the top of the fbi, that wasn't an accident. that stuff was done because they wanted to do what they wanted in terms of their own ideology. there wasn't an accident. >> a absolutely.
7:15 am
>> maria: remember, watch sunday morning futures this eastern, live on sunday, 10:00 a.m. eastern. i'll be sitting down with attorney general jeff sessions. we're back in a minute. it's time for the 'ultimate sleep number event' on the only bed that adjusts on both sides to your ideal comfort your sleep number setting. and snoring? does your bed do that? right now during the ultimate sleep number event, save 50% on the ultimate limited edition bed with adjustable comfort on both sides. plus 24-month financing. ends monday. visit for a store near you.
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7:17 am
>> maria: welcome back. we want to give you a heads up. we've got a disturbing video coming up, showing inmates clapping for a man accused of killing a police commander. cheryl casone has the details. >> cheryl: an illinois jail released the video, showing several inmates clapping as a
7:18 am
suspect walks into his court hearing. this 44-year-old man is accused of killing chicago police commander, paul bower, earlier this week. the funeral service for commander bower is scheduled for 10:00 a.m. tomorrow at a church in chicago. this has really shaken up the city of chicago. another headline we're following, it is official, this year's flu vaccine less effective than health officials had hoped. the centers for disease control says the vaccine is only 25% effective against the worst strain of the flu. they still recommend getting the shot, saying adults who get it are 36% less likely to catch the disease. customers of coin base, the marketplace to buy and sell cryptocurrencies, are getting a refund. some customers complained about duplicate charges. some say they were charged up to 50 times for one transaction after making a purchase with credit cards.
7:19 am
coin base blames visa. visa denies it. they say its cards were not the problem here. bitcoin went above 10,000 overnight. it's now at 9,830. it's still a little volatile. the currency had a boost overnight. >> maria: we were talking about it reaching 10,000 yesterday. now it's below it. that video is so disturbing, seeing the inmates clap for the guy accused of killing a cop, dagen. what do you think this is about? is this just clapping for anybody who's another criminal? i don't -- it's terrible. >> dagen: i'll point out that those people cheering are behind bars and i sure as hell hope they stay there forever. that's exactly where you deserve to be. there you go. >> i can't even begin to understand how you could clap for somebody like that. >> maria: disturbing video. we want to make sure you saw
7:20 am
what was happening. coming up, a community in mourning this morning, thousands gather to honor those killed in the tragic shooting in florida. that's a shot of the vigil. back in a minute. hello. - hi. how's it going? - alright, how ya doing? - welcome! so, this is the all-new chevy traverse. what do ya think? this looks better than 99% of the suvs out there. it's very modern... sleek. maybe the most impressive part of the all-new traverse... is what's on the inside. surprise! what are you doing here? i've missed you guys. i haven't seen you guys in so long! what's happening? we flew her out. it's a family car, we had to put your family in it! yeah, it gets 7 thumbs up!
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7:23 am
>> maria: welcome back. new details in the parkland, florida school shooting. officials say the gunman confessed to the killing and revealed details of the time line. we have the latest now from pompano beach, florida. caroline, good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you, maria. we're learning more about the minute by minute actions of the accused shooter in this case. police say at 2:21 is when he he first pulled yo out his rifle ad fired his first shot. over the course of six minutes he was able to kill 17 people,
7:24 am
wound 15 more. minutes later he dropped the gun and the backpack and walked out with the crowd, among the other teenagers who were escaping from the school. from there he walked to a walmart. he bought a drink at a subway. then he walked to a mcdonald's when he was spotted by a police officer, two hours and 21 minutes after it happened. he had the description. he went over there, tackled the kid, put him into custody. from there, they brought him to a hospital where we are standing, broward health north, just as other victims were being brought to this hospital. two of them lost their lives here. others are still being treated this morning. then yesterday of course he was brought into court, charged with 17 counts of premeditated murder. here's what his public defender had to say. >> he's a broken human being. he's a broken child. this sadness that this community is feeling, i mean, my children are -- they go to school in this community. i feel horrible for these
7:25 am
families. and mr. cruz feels that pain. >> reporter: thousands of people gathered last night in a vigil, some of those family members and friends and students gathered to sing, to chant, to hold candles and just remember what horrible things have happened to their community over the last two days. ly ya, bacback to you. >> maria: the pictures are hard to take. senators rejected multiple bills on immigration reform yesterday, including one endorsed by president trump. hogan gib ley will join me coming up. did amazinthe amazing helmets wy olympic athletes, coming up. back in a minute.
7:26 am
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>> maria: welcome back. good friday morning, everybody. thanks for joining us. i'm maria bartiromo. it's friday, february 16th. your top stories right now. the immigration debate hitting a wall. senators failing to strike a deal yesterday, despite a bipartisan push to provide a pathway to citizenship for the dreamers and provide billions of dollars in border security. senator lindsey graham voicing
7:29 am
frustration with the administration over the outcome. >> after this crash and burn experience, we'll do one of two things. we'll reconfigure the process to be able to get us to a yes position for 70% of americans, or we'll do what happened the last 35 years, punt. >> maria: the very latest on the daca fight coming up. plus, i'll speak with attorney general jeff sessions about the immigration debate, sunday morning futures, 10:00 a.m. join me for the interview. could your amazon orders get more expensive? the growing support within the administration for an online sales tax. then there's this, the rally rolling on. markets closed in the green for a fifth day in a row yesterday as the dow tacked on better than 300 points, up 1.25% on all the indices. this morning the momentum continues. there's a gain at the start of trading of about 30 points. the s&p 500 is up a fraction and
7:30 am
the nasdaq is up a quarter of a percent right now. earnings driving the story once again. we had strong earnings releases that we've been bringing you throughout the morning. the dax index is up 2/3 of 1%. in asia, all the major markets were closed for the lieu than nelunar newyear, except japan. drama on the ice, some of team usa's brightest stars failed to shine in south korea yesterday while the louve helmets slide into the internet hall of fame. we'll have highlights coming up. lurks hoplus, how to cash in onr credit card's travel perks this president's day weekend. futures are indicating another rally at the start o of trading. we've been talking about inflation fears. it feels like investors aren't so worried about the big, bad inflation numbers we've been talking about.
7:31 am
>> dagen: they're cheering an economy that is now growing organically and is growing at a faster pace, kind of the pace that the american people deserve, a lot of that is tax reform and this is an economy as you said to start the show that can grow through inflation. the danger is what the wall street journal editorial page pointed out yesterday is if the fed lets inflation get to hot, it eats into people's wage gains. people's wages are growing. >> i'm not endorsing inflation. but i think we he hav have seene economy can do well with interest rates that are higher than they are today. i think there's some credibility here with donald trump where we're having this debate right now about whether the economy can grow at 3% as he projects and it should be noted that he called 2017 when he put out the forecast last year, 2.3% growth right on the money. >> maria: and he was alone in that prediction. people were like what, 3%, that's not going to happen.
7:32 am
>> dagen: he said 3, 4, 5%. >> maria: yes, that's true. that's true. but when you look at the earnings backdrop, when you look at the economic growth story, it's all good and that's what's driving the markets right now. meanwhile, there's the push for immigration hitting a wall in the senate. multiple proposals failed to cross the 60 vote threshold yesterday that would have paved the way for final votes including a bill backed by the white house. mike brown, jeff flake and chuck schumer weighed in. listen to this. >> the discussions that we had during this time were rather spirited, lots of different ideas were discussed and getting to the central point, trying to find a way to take care of the daca kids and also to do border security became the focus that we thought we could find common ground on. >> it's discouraging. it seems sometimes the only thing we can do on a bipartisan basis is spend a lot more money than we have. >> president trump, since he created the problem by
7:33 am
terminating daca last august, has stood in the way of every single proposal that has had a chance of becoming law. >> maria: joining me right now is the white house deputy press secretary, hogan gibley. how does the president feel about all of this? surely you saw the op ed in the journal today, president miller's immigration veto. >> it is so rich for democrats to try and blame president trump for causing this problem. let's not forget. when barack obama was in the white house as president of the united states, democrats had the house and a filibuster-proof senate and a promise from the president that they would fix daca within the first 100 days and they didn't touch it. this president comes into office and tries to fix something for the first time in 40 years that's been broken in the immigration system, he generously offers 1.8 million dreamers, three times that of what barack obama offered, a pathway to citizenship and on the backside of that, he he
7:34 am
wants border security with a wall, ending of the extended chain migration and also the ending of the visa lottery system. very simple fix. very bipartisan. let's get it done. and for whatever reason democrats refuse to come on-board with it. >> maria: i know. but i'm talking about this idea that the president's always talking about the art of the deal. wasn't there a deal to be made yesterday? if you read this op ed in the journal today it's calling on the president to negotiate more with congress. here's what the editorial reads in part. what ever happened to the art of the deal. if mr. trump isn't happy with everything in the bill, why not engage and negotiate. instead he let the white house issue veto threats that scared some republicans into voting and they voted no. but then it ended up producing failure. so what about that, hogan? >> if we want a deal, we've got to deal around what actually fixes the problem and what these bills do, and there have been several that have been proposed with quote, unquote, bipartisan support but those bills don't
7:35 am
address the real issue and will put us in the same position we're in now within five years, 10 years down the road. yes, they'll talk about border security with a wall, yes they'll talk about nickin fixin. no one is talking about giving the tools needed to the border patrol agents to get people out of the country who come in here illegally. it's the middle that's the problem because it doesn't actually address how we got here in the first place. that's why the president, who is a master negotiator, but we've got a deadline that's out there the beginning of march, but it's got to get done between now and then. this is up to congress. this is congress' mess. but the president has outlined a generous framework with both sides that should be able to get behind it. for whatever reason, democrats continue to stonewall the debate. i will say one more thing. it exposes democrats for what they are, people who use politics and put that over people.
7:36 am
because quite frankly, this is a fix for daca that they've been dying for for a long time and the president gave them three times what president obama offered them and for whatever reason they don't want it. >> maria: when do you expect we'll see a deal on daca. will you do it before the march 5th deadline? is it possible at this point? >> i sure hope sew. it seems like the democrats are firmlyen trenche entrenched in r positioposition. they are lookinthere are hundres of people who are here illegally and unlawfully. this is what put them on the wrong side of the people during the schumer shutdown and it seems like they're heading that way again. >> maria: the rounds bill amendment, it did do a lot that the president wanted, including the authorizing of $25 billion over 10 years. that's a big vic a victory for f
7:37 am
his major campaign promises, the wall funding, yet you still couldn't get there. >> that's because of the two other pillars. that's halfway there. that's a 50% move by the democrats. we graciously gave them three times what they wanted in the first place and they won't budge on things like ending chain my unitemigration where you can brn your fourth and fifth and sixth cousin. it's incredible the amount of stonewalling going on by democrats. they're putting donors over dreamers and for the first time, they're on record now voting against the pathway to citizenship for 1.8 million people. >> maria: let me switch gears. i want to talk about the comments from steven mintia. he shared president trump's views about an online sales tax yesterday. this is what he said at a hearing yesterday. >> i will change my comment from he's supportive, to he feels strongly. i have personally spoken to him
7:38 am
about this, without a comment on any specific bilker h bill, he l strongly that taxes should be collected. >> maria: online sales tax will make things more expensive. now you're talking about raising taxes. >> i just was made aware of the comments this morning. we've been dealing with the florida shooting and the plans to go down there and changing the president's schedule. i haven't seen that yet. i promise, have you me back on and i'll be happy to talk about it. >> maria: the idea of an online -- i recognize that you're trying to look for revenue anywhere you can get it, given the spending bill that we just talked about with paul ryan last week and given the president's budget. but a gasoline taxis now on then the table, an online sale taxis on thtax is on the table. is this basically reversing what you did in the tax plan? >> you mentioned the fact that democrats are attacking the president for being the master l
7:39 am
deadeal maker. this is part of the strategy of the president. let's put things on the table. how do we fix things? this president in a short amount of time has had record-setting accomplishments an in record-setting time. he's addressed and attacked issues that haven't been touched for the better part of 30 years. you know about the tax cuts, obviously. now he's talking about immigration that hasn't been touched since the '60s. we're talking about infrastructure which hasn't been touched in decades. this president is a problem solver. he will put things on the table because he wants to start the negotiation and let's get something accomplished for the american people. >> maria: that's why he's talking about infrastructure as well. where does that $200 billion come from in terms of infrastructure? >> a lot of that money comes from cost savings in other areas throughout the government. that's what's so great about it. >> maria: cost savings in the government? >> it sounds like an objectiony more ronoxymoron.he has worked d
7:40 am
waste in many levels. you've got to understand, the federal government basically is in 100% of the permitting process of infrastructure plans a across this country. but we only pay for about 14%. we're not suggesting we pay for more. the problem is we need to roll back some of the permitting so instead of taking 10 years to build a road and get the permitting, it should take two. we need to get americans back working. >> maria: i get that, the red tape has stopped progress. i understand that. but in terms of the $200 billion that he's talking about, people are still wondering where it comes from given the fact that we're talking about trillion dollar deficits for as long as you can see, 2 trillion-dollar deficits in 10 years and the $1.5 trillion tax plan is being talked about as one of the main reasons that the government will see lower revenue the next couple years. >> this president is proposing a $3.6 trillion deficit reduction over the course of the next 10
7:41 am
years. it's the second largest deficit reduction effort in history. the first was the president's first plan that never got voted on. this president knows there's fraud, waste and abuse. he's a businessman. he understands there's too much red tape and too much nonsense going on in the federal government. he wants to get rid of those things. that's what the plan does because, quite frankly, again, fixing a problem that's been in place for decades, he comes in, he wants to get his arms around it and fix it. he's had aggressive proposals to get the deficit down, to allow people to keep more of their own money, to rebuild the infrastructure. that's where he want to be. >> maria: i understand if you implement one thing it's going to hurt some people and everybody gets impacted by something. so you get a gas tax in there, you're going to hurt truckers. you're going to hurt some people who need to drive back and forth to work and they'll see costs go up. an online sales tax, you're going to impact a lot of people there. obviously online spending and online sales have really been the driver of business in terms
7:42 am
of retail. do you think that has a chance of going through, an online sales tax? >> again, i think it's a starting point for a negotiation. i'm not familiar with the comments, as i mentioned before, i've been working on other things, preparing for a florida trip. i understand the concern. this president wants solutions finally for thinks that have beendogging thbeen dogging the , 40 years. this president is a master negotiator. he will work with the other side to get things done. he wants to work with republicans and democrats in a bipartisan way to get it done. you've got to put everything on the table and show where we are as a country, have an honest discussion with the american people, to come up with an honest solution. >> maria: talking about your florida trip and what you're doing, why did the president and this administration rescind the obama era rule that precludes anybody with mental illness from obtaining a gun? >> first of all, let's talk about what that particular --
7:43 am
>> maria: yes, please. >> -- deal did. they were trying to take away rights from the american people because they were quote, unquote, mentally defective as deemed by the social security administration. the amount clu was on board with the president's action on this. this wasn't a conservative issue. it was one where people's rights were being taken away. and citizens of this country were actuall actually -- the sol security administration i should say was the judge, jury and executioner on these matters and they would take away rights from american citizens simply because by that particular piece of code, that you couldn't handle your own finances, thus you were deemed mentally defective. that's unfair for anybody. it wasn't the nra that was behind it. it was the aclu. >> maria: i understand what you're saying. but in retrospect, knowing that guns are getting in the hands of mentally unfit people and they are going on shooting sprees, do you regret it or was there
7:44 am
something different that should have been done? how are you going to address this? >> you never regret protecting the rights of the people. the president's heart is so heavy over this florida shooting. he shares the grief with the rest of the country. you see the videos, you see the testimonies from people, you see the heroic stories of people using themselves as human shields, it shows the spirit of the american people. but it also shows and illustrates that there's evil in this world, people who are committed to hurting others and killing other people and that's sad and it has to be addressed in some manner, in some form. >> maria: how do you 'dres addr? that's what i'm asking? what are you going to do about it, in terms the mentally ill using guns. >> part of this cannot be overlooked. this individual clearly was sick and there are ways we can work with the community to figure out
7:45 am
what efforts we can take to protect our citizens in a better way. >> maria: without impacting civil liberties. i get it. thank you so much. we'll be right back. stay with us. hold together. a little to the left. 1, 2, 3, push! easy! easy! easy! (horn honking) alright! alright! we've all got places to go! we've all got places to go! washington crossing the delaware turnpike? surprising. what's not surprising? how much money sean saved by switching to geico. big man with a horn. fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more.
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7:49 am
so you don't have to pay extra. >> maria: when you get roadside assistance too. >> if you call the number offered by your card, you don't have to struggle with who to call if you get a flat tire and you need a tow. oftentimes it's not free but it's a pre-negotiated rate. >> maria: what a nightmare that would be, you go out for a long weekend, you rent the car and get free insurance and then you get a flat tire. >> i've had that happen. it is not pretty. >> maria: that is not pretty. you just released a report that fine findfinds nearly one-thirdf americans plan to buy a new home. you have a list to help us. >> when you're five years out, it's time to plan ahead. think about how much house you can afford. then you can calculate the down payment you need and start saving for that. the best way to do that is to start early. automate your savings, put money into the savings account for the down payment fund every month and then you'll make steady
7:50 am
progress. >> dagen: improve your credit score is another thing. you can work to improve your credit score over a five-year period. >> maria: how do you do that? >> dagen: you can borrow it from your 401-k plan as well. most major companies will -- >> maria: no. >> dagen: if you need a down payment, rather than borrow it from a relative, you have to pay them back, you can borrow it from yourself and you pay back the loan to yourself just in regular installments. they get deducted from your paycheck. i know a lot of people have done that. >> credit score is so important to think about in ad vans. in a. you can improve your credit score by paying your bills on time. your interest rate plays such a big role in how much you pay. >> maria: there are some free checked bags available as well. >> sometimes with the airline
7:51 am
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>> maria: welcome back. so not the best day for team usa at the winter olympics. jared max, what happened? >> medals more attractive for
7:55 am
other countries, maria. team usa did not win a single medal yesterday. michaela shiffrin failed to become the first skier to successfully defend an olympic cold in slalom. she finished .800 of a second behind to win a medal. nathan chen, who was a favorite to win, missed on all of his jumps last night and finished the short program in 17th place, 10 spots behind the top american skater. remember lindsey jacob ellis, she hot-dogged before the finish line, wiped out and lost the medal. last night in the finals in the snowboard, she finished .300 of a second behind a medal, fourth place in all. so nothing for team usa yesterday. norway has four more medals than
7:56 am
the next best nation, 19 in all a for the winter games all-time leaders. the netherlands has 12 me meda. team usa has 8. hockey is known for players sporting decorative masks. check out these masks. the iron men of south korea, skeleton in italy and also began ghanna with the look. this is the first slider to win an olympic medal, my favorite of all the masks, i like the polar bear from the canadian slider, barrett martino. i love the goalie masks in hockey. we always see creative stuff. these are pretty neat. >> dagen: nothing better than racing helmets, though. a friend of mine, nick pastora,
7:57 am
paints most of the rad nascar helmets. >> maria: a big race this weekend. >> dagen: the biggest of the year. >> maria: daytona 500 on fox. >> dagen: who won the race last night? >> why is it the great american race? i think a lot of people think indianapolis 500. >> dagen: no, no, no, nascar, the birth place of nascar, they used to race on the beach in daytona. you can still drive your car, another reason to go to daytona for the race or any other weekend. >> maria: that's fox on sunday. don't miss it. catch jared's sports report. thank you for joining us. m and i can do it with what's already within me. because my body can still make its own insulin. and once-weekly trulicity activates my body to release it. trulicity is not insulin. it comes in a once-weekly, truly easy-to-use pen.
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all so they can manage their risks and move forward. it's simply a matter of following the signs. they all lead here. cme group - how the world advances. morning. thanks for joining us. i'm maria bartiromo. it is friday, february 16 top stories right now 8:00 a.m. on the east coast, bulls on run stocks rallied yesterday take a look at market up 306 points the close yesterday won and a quarter% has gained almost 6% in just the past five trading sessions, largest percentage again for the dow that time span since december 2011 check today, futures, indicating momentum continues this morning dow industrials up almost 50 points right now fractional move up s&p 500 expected to open up quarter of a percent higher as nasdaq up one quarter of a percent 17 points higher nasdaq green across the board in europe major indices money into
8:01 am
stocks two-thirds of a per cent higher on ft better than 13% higher on cac quarante two-thirds higher in dax in germany in asia overnight major indices markets closed for lunar new year except japan, japan up better than 1% on nikkei average. >> battle at border senators failed to pass a compromise even a bipartisan effort would have provided a pathway to citizenship for dreamers billions of dollars in border security could not get the votes, white house deputy press secretary spoke with me weighed in on lack of a deal. >> this is up to congress this is congress's medication the president outlined a generous framework with both sides that should be able to get behind it for whatever reason democrats continue to stonewall debate but i will say one more thing maria that is this, it exposes democrats for what they are, people who use politics and put that over people, because this is a fiction for daca they have
8:02 am
been typing for a long time. >> more this morning on new efforts to reach a deal coming up, i will speak with attorney general jeff sessions this weekend about the immigration debate and lot more this weekend "sunday morning futures" fox news channel join me 10:00 a.m. earn for special truthful. >>. >> fedex warns date breaching could have delivered information to wrong hands are we alone space lovers rejoicing nasa discoveries nearly 100 new planets beyond solar system cool stuff all those coming up joining me to break it down fox business network dagen mcdowell "the wall street journal" assistant editorial page editor james freeman. >> and stephen pomboy good to see you now thanks for having me. >> thanks for being here a lot to talk about in terms of the economy tax plan. >> lots going on markets are moving for sure. you know, we talked a lot in the past about what i view as this huge gap between the fundamentals and asset prices
8:03 am
it looks like we were starting to get that we solved a little bit, last week, and, of course, you know now rebounding i guess you know watching closely to see how things pan out. but feels to me like natural bounce where market gods troo to sucker everlast person in before final -- >> at the telling clients about attributing to fear of missing out had people coming right back to the stock market after 2000 point deadline. >> "the wall street journal"'s piece today, about at the correlation increase and, you know, put that together, with low volume, and it does make you feel like a lot of this is just a momentum sort of computer given bounce, more than you know fear interest in buying. >> i want to say stocks are cheap but s&p 500 trading, high teens multiple earnings.
8:04 am
>> cheap. >> -- fast growth, we have been talking about, you know, should not stock prices go up if earnings come in much better than expected. dagen: a earnings are not you are not willing to tolerate earnings rich mutpelz if you think rates are going up. >> don't underestimate big buyers from corporation, because now that we got out of the quiet period in terms of earnings, a lot of companies are in there, buying back stock. >> for sure. >> one reason gain 170 billion dollars stock buybacks about since president signed tax bill all that coming up joining the conference house ways and means member new york congressman tom read host of "varney & company" stuart varney will weigh in a lot to factual about this who you are stay with us, we are going to kick off right now, to the latest on wall street inflation concerns investors technology stocks driving the market, on a fist straight day of gains futures are indicated
8:05 am
to look at more gains this morning take a look, dow industrials expected to be up 30 points, s&p 500 up 4, and nasdaq up 14, at the close at the open this morning, so stephanie do you think people have put the inflation worries aside for now? >> you know, i think that again, it is really more of a momentum driven bounce to me, you know the fundamentals i have to say, on inflation side right now, while the cpi did pick up the -- real pressure on input side that is probably going to persist you still don't see households ability to absorb substantial higher inflation right now you've got cpi running basically a full percentage point below he the ppi on year-over-year basis a margin squeeze for corporations costs going up
8:06 am
faster than able to to pass them own i think we need to see where that flushes out but right now an input story so i think the market bond market may have overing reacted to inflation because of remains in the pipeline, really not as big a problem for the fed. this has been the issue so far is that we have seen these increases in pi.s inflation that have not been able to really translate through i don't see that dynamic changing. >> just wondering about if you see hope on productivity embyroing it has been terrible, more investment i think because of the tax cut, this is obviously a way that companies could pay people more without being inflationary, because people are producing more stuff. >> yeah, doesn't seem to me like you are getting much evidence of that i mean i think what we're seeing right now, again, is -- you got companies announcing that they are going to use this money for share apply bacbuybacks mor
8:07 am
increase, so i guess on productivity side so much gets into that whole larger debate about automation whether positive for employees or not, you know is another raging debate. so you know, i guess what i keep coming back to is what is going to drive this 3% growth forecast, capex is only going to increase if consumer spending is there to meet you know, increase the demand for the products the compensate -- >> even with extra money satisfied after tax plan. >> your poll asked what are they going to do with tax cuts 61% going to pay bills or save it, i think 8% said actually going to spend tax cuts your poll speaking wildly to the situation households are in don't have as much discretionary spending to throw around. >> i want to point out
8:08 am
headlined getting right now qualcomm rejecting broadcom's latest offer 82 dollars a share qualcomm broadcom talking about a keel is that one place you think companies spend money on deals, given the fact we are seeing savings. >> we have seen on the of deal activity i think you know when you you this can about broad inflation picture that is a that is really setting the can i beedling for major inflation problem down the road, because you are setting up oligopoly, amazon for for example can say we are going to raise at whole foods we own to whole market now so we can do that. to, i mean obviously that is not going to -- >> disinflationary, right? >> but i think what they're doing smart setting up basically these oligopolieoligo.
8:09 am
>> they control markets. >> you can't raise a market like that treats the customers so badly quite frankly needed massive overhaul you raised issue you don't think he consumer inflation is big of a problem as bond bomarket overreacted to fed proportionally raising short term interest rates faster however do you have federal reserve reducing balance sheet that it is that built in demand that the bond market had treasury market u.s. treasury had for bonds, and shorter term instruments for years is disappearing. >> right. >> that a pall sheet going to let 400 -- 400 billion dollars, 420 this year roll off doesn't that automatically send longer term interest rates higher. >> i think there are two sides of this store. one i think it is this is the story from my view we have been focused on fiscal policy tax cuts, to the exclusion of
8:10 am
monetary side 420 billion, you know, the multiplier on fed qe the access balance sheet 3.7 times so every dollar they compensated balance sheet credit increased $3.70 a huge ripple effect for the economy this economy thrives on credit fuel in pink so taking 420 billion out, i mean, probably incorrect to assume math works the same in reverse but wr talking about what would be 1/2 trillion dollars in reduced -- one and one half reduced credit growth consuming more credit to go each additional mile so that is a huge store that no one is really talking about the idea is we don't have to worry about it because it has been clearly telegraphed as about quantifiable on scheduled doesn't have impact i think that is totally wrong that the
8:11 am
-- the credit growth is going to be a huge heed wind for the economy that really offsets a lot of the stimulus from the tax cuts. dagen: does it result in deflation bursting of asset bubble it was monetary policy resulted in asset bubble never wound up in pockets of the people who we grew up with, any like real people in this country. does it hurt them or does it just hurt the inspect lateors. >> i think two prongs to this there is you qe qt part now and interest rate on quantitative tightening qe was designed to spree of credit and spur the appetite for risk by punishing people for seeking safety in cash. so why wouldn't qt do exactly the opposite? it would reward people for being less risk or more risk
8:12 am
averse let's say they would favor cash, versus applying junk bond at 6%, it would reduce the supply of credit, on consumer on the economy side, they have been feeling the impact of higher rates since the fed started tightening in 2015, but you know for all traffic on wall street we have been watching high yield bonds investment grade bonds, go down, in the face of fed tightening, treasurys basically going nowhere we view tightening has had no impact meanwhile, consumer debt service moved up sharply because mortgage rates credit cards auto loans all that has followed the tightening. >> i would say the supply-side stimulus tax cuts deregularlation kind of only hope to manage the recognition i know you are generally pessimistic but a little encouraged that maybe impact of the tax cuts on businesses a little better than you thought or that it might have been. >> unless the market sells
8:13 am
off. >> that is -- this is the problem, if we're in catch 22 let me just say this, i think it is a blessing that we go into this situation with the administration we have now that is so pro business that is out there slashing regulation, that is about enacted tax cut hopefully go back to the well try to do more let's see once we get at the immigration stuff you with a what not contain care of at least white house isn't operating in contra inventory shun from what we're trying to achieve like maria said the biggest risk to the my is stock market if we have a repeat of the 2008 sort of collapse in financial assets, that is going to go about to economy i hard. >> that will eliminate savings for tax plan you believe. >> 10% i stand decline in the stock market wealth effect from that eliminates a hundred
8:14 am
billion in spending the tax cut increase for the year right there. maria: we will talk more about that important stuff, stephanie pomboy we take a break disturbing details out of parkland, florida back in a minute. and this is laura's mobe dog grooming palace. laura can clean up a retriever that rolled in foxtails, but she's not much on "articles of organization." articles of what? so, she turned to legalzoom. they helped me out. she means we helped with her llc, trademark, and a lot of other legal stuff that's a part of running a business. so laura can get back to the dogs. would you sit still? this is laura's mobile dog grooming palace and this is where life meets legal.
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they appear out of nowhere. my secret visitors. hallucinations and delusions. the unknown parts of living with parkinson's. what plots they unfold, but only in my mind. over 50% of people with parkinson's will experience hallucinations or delusions during the course of their disease. if your loved one is experiencing these symptoms, talk to your parkinson's specialist. there are treatment options that can help. my visitors should be the ones i want to see. florida shooting officials say gunman confessed to killings revealed details on timeline fox news with the very latest on the ground in parkland right now good morning to you.
8:17 am
reporter: maria, good morning you can see behind they sun comes up this scene a lot of it kind of frozen in time from after when they happened 40 his or her ago the cars in parking lot scene being processed, here and what happened inside, and yeah, we are getting a look at a very disturbed young man very sick individual who said that demons in head told him to do this. and timeline of exactly how this went down made available to us police saying on wednesday valentine's day when this happened 2:06 in the afternoon 19-year-old took uber to the school by 2:21 in building started firing, on the first and second floor inside classrooms, then moved up to third floor where he dropped the gun, then blended in with students as they left the building in a panic to get out of the way of the bullets trying to escape, thousands of kids go to school something like 3,000 students in this school he escaped with them by 2:50 at nearby wal-mart bottle a soda at subway, then by about 2:about 3:01ed a
8:18 am
mcdonald's hung out there a bit by 3:41 arrested without incident by police officer just paying close attention new what he was looking for found young man in neighborhood not far away, had first court appearance yesterday afternoon, had a public defender standing next to him consoling him liked timid afraid, not what you would examine to see of somebody that committed such a heinous act for sure, and that public defender came out of that hearing, and showed a lot of the compassion for her client listen to that. >> he is a broken human being, he is a broken child. this sadness of this community, is feeling, my children, are -- are they go to school in this community i feel horrible for these families. and -- mr. cruz feels that pain. reporter: tremendous amount of sympathy compassion for
8:19 am
somebody that just did a horrible act. there were a lot of missed warning signs talking about all morning maria being analyzed exactly how this is was able to come together into a horrible event so many people say they saw something like this coming we will send it back to you. maria: incredible, rob thank you with the latest the we will take a break when we come back wear taking a look at data i delivering your data top security firm warning in secured fedex server could have exposed personal information. >> astnaros have now located nearly 100 new planets outside of the solarsystem! back in moment.
8:20 am
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maria: welcome back, a high school student has been arrested for allegedly plotting to attack a high school police thank his grandmother cheryl casone with details. cheryl: yeah, maria this is 18-year-old joshua alexander o'connor behind bars today, his grandmother called authorities after seeing an entry in journal reportedly detales plans to shoot students and use homemade he explosive devices at high school event in everest, 30 miles from seattle the grandmother discovered a rifle in a guitar case authorities-overed o'connor at school found carrying marijuana and knife. >> sec blocked sale of chicago stock exchange to group led by chinese investors over skirt concerns related to chinese government the chicago stock exchange claims chinese governmented not involved some
8:24 am
say a major stake would create a backdoor for government to influence american infrastructure, chicago stock exchange handles only.5% trades you have thes based equities. >> fedex latest big company hacked, company says unsecured server breacheds exposed thousands of customers information passport drivers' licenses security ids, fedex bought back in 2014, fedex says it has been secured for now fedex up 25% from last year. and, finally, this kind of fun nasa k mission has discovered 95 new plants beyond our solar system, the latest haul captured by spacecraft science studied, 95 found entirely
8:25 am
new, more exoplanets more opportunity to study different incendiaries if molecules similar to ones on earth, nice pictures. >> thank you so much to breaking news right now mitt romney has made it official he is just tweeting out right mow, i am running for u.s. senate, to serve the people of utah and bring utah's values to washington. mitt romney running for the senate, and that is, of course, the seat that orrin hatch occupied, and orrin hatch announced he is stepping down mitt romney is out there officially lounge for utah senate asset. >> should be interesting, interesting relationship with president. maria: he was a he "never trumper". >> before that remember mrs. romney thanking donald trump for his support in 2012 so there is some flexibility here. maria: i think that the president wanted orrin hatch to say, for that reason, everybody figured mitt romney
8:26 am
would take seat may be wouldn't be as agreeable to president trump that didn't happen orrin hatch announced stepping do i want mitt romney running for that asset. dagen: orrin hatch was a very great politician in terms of pushing things through worked with ted den dee in 1990's pass childrenos health insurance program a force getting tax reform done in senate pulling votes to yea last year. >> not very similar to the president in terms of personal style but i think really did appreciate, not just the legislative agenda but the judicial picks from president i think that really won over mr. hatch maybe that will cause mr. romney to be a little more amenable this time around. >> i am curious to see what president trump says about mitt romney this campaign, is he here to be friend or foe. >> exactly. >> love twitter 6:00 a.m.. >> we will see intellect that a break when with we come back
8:27 am
no detail after a week of debate senate rejects three immigration murders including a bipartisan proposal president trump vowed to veto for some republicans it is now or never. >> there is some crazy people around here, shut them out this is the best shot you will ever get. >> the fate of the so-called dreamers now in balance ahead of march 5 deadline, that is next. ♪ ♪ i can't get no satisfaction ♪ i can't get no satisfaction ♪ this looks better than 99% of the suvs out there. it's very modern... sleek. maybe the most impressive part of the all-new traverse... is what's on the inside. surprise! what are you doing here? i've missed you guys. i haven't seen you guys in so long! what's happening? we flew her out. it's a family car,
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maria: good friday morning thanks o so much for joining us. i'm maria bartiromo, friday bs february 16 top stories right now 8:30 a.m. on the east coast. the immigration debate hitting a wall, senators failed to strike a deal despite a bank push to provide a pathway to sin citizenship for dreamers security for border lawmakers voicing frustration after the votes fell through. >> we have waited a long time and we'rel worked very hard for the chance to vote on a bill to protect dreamers. i regret that the only you bipartisan effort of the group of moderate senators to come up with a bipartisan compromise couldn't get the necessary 60 votes. >> i just don't get it, it is not fair not american people, it is not fair to the -- the daca immigrants it is not fair to anybody, we just watched an
8:31 am
entire week. >> latest on daca fight, i will be talking about jeff sessions this weekend about the immigration debate and a lot more "sunday morning futures" joining us on fox news channel 10:00 a.m. earn sunday, mitt romney made it official this morning moments ago, mr. romney tweeted this, i am running for the u.s. senate, to serve the people of utah, and bring utah's values to washington. mitt romney running for orrin hatch's set a his bid could shake up congress. >> rally rolls on in terms of markets closed in green fist day in a row dow up 300 plus points 1 and a quarter% nasdaq up 1 awo-thirds percent housing starts hitting t tapet is better than expected markets up but well off the highs of the morning. dow industrials expected to be up 16 points we have been up a lot more earlier, better than 40 points, earnings the focus on wall street, of course, coca-cola is trading up after
8:32 am
beating expectations on earnings and revenue, stock up 1/2%, that is a dow component important for market opening this morning green across the board in europe indices we see money into stocks ft 100 up 350e points cac quarante 50 points, dax index higher by 65 one half of 1%, in asia overnight major markets closed for the plunar new year holiday japan up better than 1% on nikkei average, box office marvell king of. >> poised to rule theatres stunning amount black panthers expected to bring in just opening weekend, we have got that for i first this influence, half an hour immigration reform stalling senators failed to pass a compromise on any possible three bills that could have passed, with the president's proposal getting the least support blake burman at white house with the very latest blake. reporter: maria good morning to you one senator described this a crash and burn experience even that might be generous, because this was a failure for the united states senate but also this is a
8:33 am
failure for this white house as well, three different proposals that were taken up yesterday by senate, did not get the necessary 60 votes now white house is pointing the finger at democrats. >> it ask exposes democrats for what they are people who use politics and put that over people, because quite frankly this is a fix for daca they have been dying for, for a long time, and the president gave them three times what president obama offered them so for whatever reason they still don't want it. >> problem for white house the plan got least amount of support was the one, that was supported by the president, the president framework picking up just 39 votes in senate 21 short what have they needed and 15 votes shy of that bipartisan mush would have given money to wall protects for dreamers chuck schumer on senate floor. >> there is only one reason why senate will be in able to reach a bipartisan solution to
8:34 am
daca president trump. if there was ever a time for presidential leadership, this was it. . >> president trump has failed test of leadership inspect think a larly. >> bottom line there are a lot of questions now going forward, the senate in apparent stalemate the house will get to take this up also the measure promoted by conservatives voted down in senate then you've got march 5 dlooinl protections expire for dreamers then also the courts wade wade in weighed in on that. >> where this goes from here, anyone's guess. >> we are watching is, blake burman at white house this morning joining us right now, talk more new york congressman tom reid good to see you congressman thanks for joining us your reaction to what took place. >> well you know i have also a -- watched the senate like everyone else, the problem is that you got to get six more
8:35 am
votes, and incumbent upon senate to resolve this issue they came up short they should keep working at it in my himh humble opinion. >> should president eep eep keep working on it surelyly you have seen "the wall street journal" op-ed titled president miller's immigration veto editorial board blames president for being inabout flexible or infliction. >> whatever happened to art of the deal, if mr. trump isn't happy with everything in collins-rounds bill why not engage negotiate, congressman? >> i think, absolutely we have been doing this in problem solver for compromise xhl numerous conversations with white house coming up with bipartisan proposal home can see light of day in the highways we have to wait on senate to act i think the white house wants to do a deal they want to get to yes, but they came up six short on closest package going to work at this the bottom line is also tells me that maybe what is dpoog going on behind scenes don't want to solve it they want it live as campaign issue
8:36 am
this can it appeases base extreme plilths. >> that is the thing jamie james freeman with journal in terms of trying to figure out what the go to goal is or bottom line seems like he could have had the deal this week wall funding enforcement enterprise against criminals here illegally with some limits what he case will chain migration is he not satisfied until he reduces substantially even legal immigration? >> i don't believe so obviously you are the archibishoping on issues need to be addressed also going down path of comprehensive immigration reform that is not what we are talking about we are trying to physics the upon for dreamer mitigate it so it doesn't happen again in the future, and deal with our border security to make sure we keep american citizens safe i have think a deal there white house knows there is a deal senate not geting to 60 i put question to american people probably more about politics what do you think about it case i think they
8:37 am
could have solved it but don't want to leadership needs to step up take lead get this done not only for kid but keep our citizens careful securing border. he is president in terms of leadership doesn't he have so he will responsibility to try to get 60. >> you have seen him bringing folks down chuck schumer, nancy pelosi down to the white house, i think they are in communication but it also shows a tremendous amount of dysfunction in the u.s. senate i have been a long would think for removing that 0 vote barrier to 51 the fact they have to get to 60 votes that is where compromise in senate right now if they really wanted to get it down i am confident they would have, maybe what is going on here is a little bit more politicallies than substance. >> but in senate congressman, the amendment that had best chance of bipartisan support and passing was shot down by the administration, in a mid morning statement, even though it handed the trump administration a lot of wins on immigration, so the very amendment that had the best
8:38 am
shot of passing -- the trump administration and journal suggests that it is all steven miller with hands on the wheel. basically because it doesn't restrict legal immigration. >> point is maria, it still didn't get 60, i don't care 54 or one vote didn't get 60 problem on u.s. senate if they want to show lead solve problem for dreamer keep american citizens safe fixing border problems will get it taken care of i don't think that will is there more mr. about politics. >> is it his way or highway we know 60 votes the president is leader of the free world is he going to help to get to 60 votes giving something giving in on something? >> -- "the art of the deal". >> look where they have moved, look being the way recognized give citizenship positions for dreamer kids, you are seeing great movement there, that was he was offering more
8:39 am
opportunity to dreamers than president obama, a significant move, to get a deal done, and i think the opportunity is there, they have to keep working at it. >> switch gears g florida school shooting the gun control daib reignited on capitol hill, about nancy pelosi says the victims are paying for the advice. paying the priceless of lawmakers inaction, connecticut senator murphy said congress needs to get out its butt do something where do you stand on this. >> i am a firm believer in second amendment rights i think that you are going to attack this problem by limiting those rights containinging away freedom i don't think getting to a solution nor do i think it moves the needle on solving this problem first and foremost these are hooriffic tragedies not a human in congress doesn't want to solve this issue for kids including myself my hearts goes out to they families they folks we need to focus on a conversation you how do we teal with mental health in communities get individuals not only treatment how do we
8:40 am
get medical community to embrace as medical condition a cure for they mental illness we have to go the to maker resources there are so treatment occurs, move threats to us, citizens from our society, that is a very difficult proposal and that is why it hasn't happened, people don't want to take on hard issues they want to take on on a gun a knife a weapon taking on issue to address human healthy mental health component is significantly harder. >> we have been talking about that the fact this administration, resinlded important rule, a rescinded important rule a year ago, i know why rescind something where you know, precludes someone with mental health issues getting -- getting a gun? >> what what are you going that individual mental health condition that raises the issue to begin with, about what we have put money, in regards to national institute of health we have put resources in prioritized treating mental health we have to go to the next step talk about cures for mental health it is a medical condition just
8:41 am
like cancer in my humble opinion it is a disease, it is an illness that needs to find cure but meantime we need to make sure there is treatment there as you are going through the treatment, if there is a threat, for all american citizens especially our children we need to admit faith. >>. maria: i wouldn't there were threats the thing you said on youtube you said i want to be a school shooter -- he said, there were mistakes here, but look we want to did you want to say something dagen. dagen: to -- do you believe in a database, put together, of people, who are being treated by psychiatrics doctors have mental health issues should not own guns do you back that? >> i will go one step further i will go one step furtherman he we need a database to have some type of supervision of these individuals, so that we make sure we know where they are till they get treatment get illness cured so they can bean safe member of society. dagen: the republicans -- >> talk about that, the.
8:42 am
dagen: the republicans upset that gun control regulations at federal level basically, defy the second amendment rights of every american, however, that also violates somebody's civil liberties. maria: right. dagen: what are you going to sell a chip in an individualized diagnosed with disorder, track them around. >> now you are getting to heart of the debate. >> let me move on nots sure answers on this, topic here but treasury secretary mnuchin house ways and means, and he said that president feels strongly taxing online purchases where do you stand on online sales tax sir? >> i lost your audio there. maria: okay online sales tax what do you think about it. >> i think there is an opportunity for us to solve this, this to me a question of fairness, this is a question treating our brick-and-mortar folks on main street across america same as he online he retailers i this i this is almost solved a couple years ago some hard work we did we
8:43 am
are very supportive of trying to find a solution to make sure that tax being intoefd collected fairly across all retailers. >> congressman if you know giant trairlz like amazon are already collected most of the country, physical presence all over place with wear howses, something like 10,000 taxing jurisdictions in the united states, when you count cities states localities is every one of these 10,000 going to be able to reach out side borders tax and audited small people trying to operate web based business? >> what you are looking at is where the tax collected where is tax into evidence, you are going to have taxes across state lines in on tinternet destination issues to be involved what you don't get on one you pick up another interest, the fact is mechanisms need to be deployed technology deployed to account for where talking are get them in right hands of the
8:44 am
jurisdictions that do rely upon them need them also, rightfully entitled. >> quick stephanie pomboy is very high end economist here just made a comment i want to ask your thoughts on it do you agree that a 10% conceptual off in stock market basically wipes away benefits of the taxplan that is what you said right? >> i don't believe that is the case long term i am looking at temporarily long term not short term markets type of impact what i am concerned about with market sell-off this the day of reckoning is this the price starting to go off where investors recognize with interest rates going up, and no fiscal accountability in washington, d.c., now with tax reform uncontrolled spending add to it, is this that causing specialist in in marketplace. >> you said it i didn't out of control spending thanks for that congressman. >> that is why i voted against the bill last week. >> you know one of the few, thank you congressman we are
8:45 am
going to talk more about that next time you come back being we got to talk spending thank you for joining us congressman tom read tuna in sunday morning on fox news chaem i will be talking with jeff sessions on "sunday morning futures" fox news, first right here -- ere's one. manatees in novelty ts? surprising. what's "come at me bro?" it's something you say to a friend. what's not surprising? how much money matt saved by switching to geico. fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more.
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maria: welcome back, cocoa a shares climbing this morning-after company reported fourth quarter -- earnings above expectations pretty good rally start of trading nicole petallides on floor. >> good morning watching coca-cola upside a beat on top and bottom line the last 8 quarters beaten seven of he quarters 1 1/2% last knew 52 weeks up 8 and one half%, you think of diet cook it was the other areas that did well for coke, that would be vitamin water strength in north america offset losses in areas globally pretty much unchanged a beat on top and bottom line
8:49 am
helped coca-cola to upside this morning then we take a look at a big one wal-mart this is wal-mart in talks to buy more than 40% india flip cart the idea of amazon, this takes on amazon directly amazon said willing to commit 5 billion dollars, in india market would hel walmart to take on amazon in india flip cart has 40% online retail two huge fashion lines, in addition to many other products thinking about expanding go groceries walmart winner up 50% last year you can see this morning bid/ask upside looking into more shares this have having a deal with flip cart would be the biggest one of the biggest overseas detail valued at roughly over 12 billion dollars terms of the deal not disclosed. >> thank you so much we will watch this market at open certainly turning to tax policy out of washington, president trump at his
8:50 am
openness to online tax 25% increase in gasoline tax implementing online sales tax to weigh in on that stuart varney we got through tax cut plan now this you. >> intriguing isn't it i don't expect we are going to get a consumption gas taxing, far-fetched but under discussion is intriguing a shift now currently, we tax income an we tax businesses we tax profits. but now wr thinking about taxing consumption what we buy. again, i don't expect thising to through but this is a radical shift, in our tax policy. it is an indication, of where we are going in the future. look. you don't win popularity contests putting up pricing of gas charge online estate you don't win a popularity contest but bring in extra revenue for
8:51 am
the treasury you might not have to borrow so much from the china, and that probably looks good. again i don't expect it to happen but a shift. >> a shift because you are talking about out of control spending they have got to do something. >> that is when i like we all like funding cuts rearview mirror of social security rearview mirror of medicare but not on the table. >> you are talking about this nine minutes' time "varney & company" begins top of the hour after "mornings with maria" join stooufart to 9:009: a.m., black panther to break box office records this weekend did you know marvell almost gave up movie rights? back in a minute with that. we use our phones and computers the same way these days.
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>> biggest movie black panther hitting theatres day not only getting rave you reviews you heard earlier the most tweeted about movie of 2018, about lauren simonetti with details. >> hey. >> good morning lauren. >> presidents' day weekend what could be a 200 there are a-million-dollar opening one of the largest not only for headlined weekend but ever, black pen they're pretty good story a great backstory let me take you back 20 years ago, marvell abrupt at the tibankrup tries to sell to superheroes black panther iron man 25-million-dollar, but buyer sony only wanted spider-man got it for 10 million dollars but to think mistakes that you make in if hindsight fast forward 2010 disney scoops up marvell for four billion
8:56 am
dollars, but look, this is what they did with it, 17 blockbusters counting here are the biggest money makers avengers 2012 global box office 1 1/2 billion dollars iran man 3, about captain america spider-man marvell wound up producing for sony long story all in top five with worth about a billion dollars now talking about the black panther rooted in black culture mostly black cast, is about to become a global blockbuster. sony once said nobody cared about a b-list kaeshth like black panther ever won cares now most tweeted movie of the year, here is a character. killmonger villain by jordan, one says the most satisfying comic book adversary since the
8:57 am
joker. >> incredible acquisitions that disney made, really paying off animation convictions incredible. dagen: saved "star wars" franchise getting away from george ask lukas on of destroying it. maria: he was made comments he didn't like where it went it was a huge success, george lukas said comments where they were tablinging it. stephanie: marvell substantial the retail element. maria: disney way really is final thoughts next. , mr. stevens. your testimony will save lives. mr. stevens? this is your new name. this is your new house. and a perfectly inconspicuous suv. you must become invisible. [hero] i'll take my chances.
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maria: welcome back, final thoughts. >> i would be watching data for the next few weeks if the fever breaks. >> you think it's going to break? >> i do. have a great weekend, everybody, stuart. stuart: what a week it's been, a very week for your money so far. good friday morning, everybody. smile at least at the opening bell we will -- well, pretty flat to slightly lower the first thing this morning. now take a look at the future's board. across the board flat to slightly lower, maybe 3 on s&p and nasdaq. february we went straight down. this week we have gone back up again and we will start t


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