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tv   Cavuto Coast to Coast  FOX Business  February 16, 2018 12:00pm-2:00pm EST

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this event and the brits. >> no i got it wrong, the bread was close to winning a metal which is good for us. [laughter] in five seconds, neil cavuto will appear on the screen. i have a question. are the italians not very good at this? >> it depends on whether we are sober or not. what i love about it is anyone can do it. some of these are guys are significantly overweight and again glass allusions shouldn't throw ice, but i'm very encouraged by that. i think i could do that. >> move on neil. >> i will. if we got a lot going on. the dow is sprinting ahead. some possible indications we could have standing trade war going on.
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remember the president going after solar panels from china and watches from rio, this could expand to aluminum and steel products. wilbur ross will detail what he feels is proof that some of these products getting dumped on this country and our response might be tariffs. they're not spelling it out in so many words but they are threatening in lots of words. we will detail shortly. keep an eye on this. it does seem to indicate the administration is upping the trade war anti- if that is indeed the case. we will keep an eye on the. the dow is up 173 points. meanwhile a lot of second-guessing overshooting this week in what authorities knew about nikolas cruz and when they knew it and if the
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fbi could have stopped the sky there is information that they were aware that nikolas cruz threatened school shootings down to the unique spelling of his first name, he spelled it with ak. those injured are wondering what could've been done about this. there's so much we don't know. what we do know seems to hint that something fell through the crooks. >> certainly we would like to know more and it breaks these people's heart. they would love to stop these incidents. when we talk about what may have happened, is not independence, it's with empathy for those people. >> i understand that. but we do know a threat like this was brought to the attention of authorities and
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nothing was followed up and yet we knew the first and last name. i'm thinking this is the fbi. it's one thing if you gave me the first and last name of someone they would have difficulty tracking down. >> they did take it seriously, they interviewed the person who made this observation who wasn't even in florida. >> he was visited by two different teams. >> what does that say about medication. >> they were trying to sort this out. there are possibly two different squads and teams working on this. it doesn't mean they don't come together. >> what i'm saying is there's a lack of communication before 911 and isn't the same thing going on here. >> i don't have the details, i just know this took it seriously enough to deploy agents to look at it.
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they looked for information to see if they could come up with any true identity of this individual. when this was first posted, it was a name and 70s that i want to be the next school shooter. no indication of immediate threat or where it may take place. >> if you're given a first and last name, that's a lot to go on. >> as they go through this, i just suggest you as you go into something a bit more specific, they wouldn't move just on that? >> according to the guidelines they treated it, they triaged and tried to find as much as they could about it. >> to help you do not track down someone like that with the first and last name like that. >> it was a full field investigation, certainly they would find this individual.
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>> without be enough for you to say well. >> in the private sector yes because you're dealing with less of a number of cases. when you're dealing with the fbi getting thousands of calls coming after triage them. it's not a defense but i'm just explaining. >> i understand. it's easy to play. [inaudible] but when you have a threat like that it seems to me at that level you want to aggressively follow up on. i imagine it would be child's play for the fbi to track this guy down. >> once you get past that threshold and you put more resources behind it if they felt as though it met the threshold, they could push it forward but for some reason it was decided that what they had that info was immediate threat
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so they put it in as a reference. >> when you're dealing with thousands and thousands of calls and people, whether they think people are potential terrorists. >> every week we are getting more information. without elevators to curiosity. >> one would think but knowing how these operations go and how they have to be treated as i was dealt with in a way where they were waiting for additional information. as you go through the investigation, there are many others who have afforded. [inaudible] the fbi came across bomb making equipment out of school. there are many other cases were workplace or school place
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incidents have been reported. it's really the subject of the time and i would like to know more about it. >> i think you can find out anything about anyone in seconds. made out a reason to be looking at it. >> that would be enough right there, but i'm not the fbi you're a good man. all right bill daly, thank you very much but much has been made about nikolas cruz, not only his musing on the internet but his defense attorney detailing his mental state. let's take a look. >> he does have significant mental illness. we will explore the possibility of autism that we been hearing about, his brain development and all the trauma he has endured. we are trying to save this young man's life. >> has he indicated he was able to comprehend what he has done.
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>> all right, we are trying to save this young man's life. of course going back to this issue, his mental status that he had a number of issues with which he was dealing, members of the sheriff's office response team on all of this. doctor, what you think of how they are positioning this. >> i just want to say is a resident of broward county, i want to acknowledge the tremendous work that the sheriff's office is doing, all the men and women are heroes everyday and are doing a great job. to talk more about this individual, i read he was saying he was having voices in his head or command auditory hallucinations, that may be indicative of a psychosis or schizophrenia but that doesn't mean he didn't know the difference between right and wrong. >> so if you are going to
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pursue the death penalty and let's say this goes to the jury and has to get all jury members unanimously agreeing on it, it's a leap just to get there, what you have to prove to make a death penalty stick. if there's any case of mental illness or mental deficiencies or any of the other things that they are throwing up now that i've not heard before, that's it, you're not going to be executed, right? >> frankly neil, i don't there's anywhere else for them to go. i think the mental illness is the only card they have to play, but in a death penalty case, i'm not an attorney but you look at aggregators and litigators and very often that will convince a jury to choose life in prison rather than the death penalty. >> i think will be between those two issues. let me ask you, on these new revelations that he was telling authorities he was
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hearing voices in his head, all this other stuff, certainly there was questionable behavior cited by neighbors and classmates, police i came and visited when his mom was still alive, the police were there a few dozen times over 18 months. there's a lot to go on to show sporadic and erratic behavior. >> i think there is a lot of hindsight bias and monday morning quarterback and a lot of i told you so where we overestimate our ability to predict an event. certainly there were a lot of red flags and a roadmap that led to this event occurring but i treat kids like this in my office every day, kids who post negative things on social media and say outlandish things, kids who are depressed to have absent parental figures and it doesn't necessarily mean they are going to become mass shooters. i think this is still a relatively rare event and it's very difficult to predict very rare events. >> you worry what could happen
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with this kind of information, if someone has a social media threat or comment or series of comments that it's going to be sort of like scarlet letter on everyone who has had to deal with issues of depression. >> rate, well, some of the research has shown there's a contagion effect or copycat effect that shortly after these events very often there are copycats. we know that a lot of these mass school shooters have been inspired by columbine so i do worry about that in the media coverage, but it's certainly something we have to be vigilant about. >> all right, thank you for taking the time. we appreciate it. >> my pleasure. some of these latest allegations, the voices thing and all of that, these are add-ons to what we are ready new with cruz when he was picked up by police. we might hear a lot more of
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this but since he has already confessed to the crime, he says. this is all about deciding whether he spends the rest of his life in jail or is executed. it is a herculean task to get to that because of it does go to the jury, everyone on that jury has to agree to that, not just the guilty nature of the crime and 17 deaths involved but whether he was to the point of being able, mentally competent to deal with that and that he was of sound mind when he did these incredibly unsound acts. it's an uphill battle. we will have more after this. hi, i'm the internet! you know what's difficult?
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>> what's wrong with washington. you give dhs $25 billion and they slam you. you give a pathway to citizenship for 1.8 million daca recipients in the left calls it the worst idea in the past hundred years. they are some crazy people around here. just shut them out. this is the best shot you will ever get.
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america is with us, mr. president. >> bottom line the senate and house can't seem to agree on anything. right now the idea that they can get an immigration rework in any way shape or form, anytime soon, not looking good. >> not at all. the bottom line is there is no clear path forward on immigration. there are definitely some details we can and will get into but that is the story as we come here on a friday after what we saw yesterday with these four amendments feeling in the senate. the one the president supported get the fewest votes of all. there are short-term proposals being floated around and there's a more conservative bill floating around but because washington operates on deadlines and dates, let's start with the calendar. we look to next month, march 1 is the daca deadline when that
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program is supposed to expire, but to court ruling seem to have made that expiration less important so we go to march 23 which we circled as the next bending guideline, there's been some talk of trying to tie the next immigration effort to that. what will it be after the failure in the senate, the congressman does have a bill in the house so as we set him up to talk about it, keep in mind the bill is to the right of even the most conservative plan that failed yesterday in the senate. here he is. >> this addresses the president concerns both about daca and securing the country and ending extended family immigration in the visa lottery and it also has e-verify which is popular with the public. we are building support and we hope to bring it to this floor soon. >> building support and have the support yet. as for the white house they blasted that bipartisan proposal that was put together
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by the president, threatening a veto. today the president takes to twitter to say this, cannot believe how badly daca recipients have been treated by the democrats. totally abandoned. republicans are working hard. it's a get away since congress is on vacation next week. let's go to top california republican mark sanford on all of this. you blame the president for thi this? there's been some thought that he has done a 180 on some of these key positions on the immigration matter. others say he is just clarifying his tough stance, where are you on all of this? >> the house position is certainly to the right of where the president has right now. this may be a next and goes to china moment.
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he ultimately had the credibility and being a watchdog against communism so he could ultimately take it to china. i think the president has clear credentials as people trusting him on immigration issue so he may be the person that could bridge the gap with this 10 - 12 your path to citizenship if you will you that has been talked about with dreamers. >> it also seems the number of dreamers, the number of the illegals has grown anything he originally expressed that as concern about this may not be 800,000 or even 1.8 million envisioned, this stands potentially to include millions more illegals here and he didn't want any of that. do you know enough of a different measure that had somewhat bipartisan support in the senate? was this the fear that this would torpedo because this amnesty or whatever you call it grew to include many more than what was first envisioned. >> i think that's right. at some point you have to draw
12:21 pm
line in the sand. in fairness to those who supported him, for many folks this was the linchpin issue. people have said enough is enough, we don't want to have a porous border. part of national security is a secure border and in fact, we tried this in the 1980s where there was an amnesty for about 3 million folks with the promise of security later. the security never came so folks have said don't bring me twice. >> they've drawn a line in the sand. as the numbers continue to grow and you will see at least from the right, increasing less support. >> i'm wondering what happens now. the sense of urgency went away when this judge effectively removed to rescind what barack obama was doing on daca. that will likely be appealed so it could be a pressure moment again, but in a way, this judge kinda saved everybody.
12:22 pm
[inaudible] [inaudible] [inaudible] >> to think that this is going to have impacts, at least in the republican primary in the midterm congressional election. >> in other words the candidates would be primary and challenged. >> cracks. i still think it's a real issue, we may be able to defer in a congressional sense, but i don't think the deferral will fly with the electorate congressman, thank you. it's great seeing you. >> you sir. >> all right. i'm getting a few more details as we look at this threat on aluminum and steel. the administration claiming
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those come namely from asia, namely from china and they're not exactly dumping products here but very close. what they are leaving out is how they will punish the countries that are doing this because they've already acted on solar panels and watches from china and south korea and the latter. this seems to be their sense of expanding that. it comes a time where the canadian prime minister is concerned america will walk away from after. could this be a wider trade war or something that could undo these markets? if that is the fear, wall street has a funny way of showing their fear. we are up, a lot. more after this
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>> we are playing a little bit more about this move on the part of the trump administration, wilbur ross will spell out, i'm told where they are targeting steel and aluminum that they say has been dumped on this country, presumably by china, maybe by
12:28 pm
south korea, but they could be looking at, tariffs up to 24%. now, if you're saying this seems to ring a bell and seems to be expanding beyond what the ministration proposal more than two weeks ago on solar panels from china, washing machines from south korea, and then you had the canadian prime minister this week hearing that we are walking away from nafta so maybe he walks away first, it does have the making for something that could be worrisome. markets generally don't like trade wars and all that stuff, let's get the read from fortune 500 magazine. deidra, is this the stuff that worries you? >> yes it is worrisome because i think part of what's being discussed as a potential 24% tariff on steel products. when you and i were speaking about that january unemployment number, hello it
12:29 pm
was, 1 17 your love and all the jobs added to the economy, we kept saying this is great, manufacturing jobs are being added for the first time in a long time, construction jobs are being added, so these are really strong, underpinnings that made us all feel good. they made us feel so good that the market started. [inaudible] >> we never seem to think anything's really can happen. >> so far. it's interesting that two days ago i had a huge argument with trish, we are friends so. [inaudible] was over this very issue. there is a talking point here that is that nafta and all these trade deals that we did have destroyed the industrial midwest. i think it's absurd. i think there's so much evidence that nafta created much more jobs than detroit, for example which is going down the drain. >> this is trump.
12:30 pm
i think he does stuff for a fact spread the problem is he doesn't think a lot about the impact and the impact here could be, there was a congressman on when he was talking about some of his trade stuff the other day, there is a congressman from missouri who said listen, if you started doing that you start hurting our manufacturers because we import their stuff to build here, here. >> it never ends well. according to the journal, one of the recommendations is a global tariff of at least 24% on all steel imports from all countries another be a tariff of at least 53% on steel imports from a dozen countries including china, brazil, egypt, south korea, russia, south africa, thailand, turkey and vietnam.
12:31 pm
i don't like where this could be going, but whatever the justification for it. >> and you shouldn't. the hopeful thing is that this is a negotiating tactic and it's consistent with president trump's business background as you negotiate by putting on a very hard line and pull back and trying to get a little bit of a deal, but the business community and i mean auto manufacturers, washing machine manufacturers and all sorts of others are going to go berserk over this. they do not want prices for their raw materials breaking by 50% or more. and by the way, it will not take long for that translate to their employees and their customers. >> especially those who have u.s. operations. the new boomerang in on your own. >> the popular sentiment on trade is so fierce. >> i know for fact, how did trump come up with the spread he was never really a trade warrior in the past. >> he employed roger stone and they listen to hours and hours
12:32 pm
of talk radio and they said okay, what do people really mean about on the base. the base was really mad about lyrical correctness and immigration, and they were really mad about nafta. his base wants the so bad. >> but the history on this is never good. >> he wants to get reelected though. >> i do think to charlie's point, for present trump this is fulfilling a campaign promise. >> the market order, we are up 200 points. by the way, this is something i avoid doing to interpret trump to anyone thing and it's always the close that matters, but do you think that markets are prepared for the possibility of extended trade wars? it seems unlikely but other things have seemed unlikely in the past. >> this short answer is no.
12:33 pm
>> cooler heads always prevail. >> exactly because there's too many countervailing forces. >> alaska here's where they get worried when it starts showing up in gdp statistics, inflation statistics. >> it does seem right now is if equity and investors, stock investors are not reacting. >> they're not reacting to higher interest rate spread the ten year dips a little bit today but this was the week that 3%. i'm wondering, what does that mean? >> it depends on higher interest rates. if you get a massive, this is sort of normalization of interest rates if you asked me. by the way, the economy does better with a higher interest rate. >> only just a little higher. >> right. >> with gradually rising prices. those are good things. [inaudible]
12:34 pm
>> here's where the rubber meets the road for the trump tax plan, which i like, at least most of it does not put out the gdp growth that we need are the deficits widen out and then you get big bikes and interest rates. >> those are going to widen out regardless. >> more than planned. then the markets get freaked and then you do have. >> think about it. it was two weeks ago today all this started with a better-than-expected report. what is real? >> for the moment, if we close. >> by the way if you look at steel related stocks that are surging. >> if we were to close where we are now, this is the best week for the s&p 500 in something like five years but after that huge correction, i feel like this week for me was just this acid test. will investors adjust to this idea of gradually rates going higher and to me the answer this week is yes. >> it was a test of whether the market is starting to feel
12:35 pm
the trump tax plan, whether it provides. >> 's you think were out of this whole two weeks think. >> no, i don't. markets are still testing whether we will have much higher, we will either have better gdp and earnings are much higher deficits. >> i would say it's schizophrenic and has been all along. there are all these real concerns and at the same time the economy is for mentally strong. it's a push and pull thing. today we see it as fundamentally strong. >> we don't shake off a 10% correction in a week do we? >> no but it's attributable. >> i think volatility is here to say. you talk about the higher highs in the lower lows and everybody's executing at the same time. we're just going to see more peaks and valleys. >> when do investors start to worry about deficits is really what i'm thinking. >> they've ignored them now for years. >> it will take that long for the next presidential campaign. >> i've been calling capitol hill just saying you have constituents that wants tap
12:36 pm
into this infrastructure, what are you telling them? to the man a woman that i quote, they have no idea how this works. zero idea. they are telling their constituents they are unsure how to implement it. they said the fact that the plan has no details, they have no idea how the public-private partnership actually works. they don't even know. >> i think the white house does. >> i think there's a reason for that. >> that's what they're saying. >> it sounds good on paper. >> local and state are responsible. >> what, if they don't flesh this out this will be a colossal failure. they may spend 200 billion. >> even that's not a easy
12:37 pm
thing. >> that's a lot of money that could go down the drain. >> this possibility of a gas tax, people went crazy. >> the white house is open to that. >> i know. very open. even secretary elaine chao saying this is not ideal but the president is willing to consider all ideas. >> the freedom caucus will go nuts. >> i think everybody will go nuts. i see a lot of comments on twitter say i can't leave i just got a tax break and now i put it back into the gas tank. >> i do want to bring it in, we are getting a statement from the fbi regarding this posting of niclas crews last fall that ended up on youtube where he bragged about planning a school shooting. the fbi is acknowledging right now they might've slipped up. this is from christopher wray, the director, we are still investigating but i'm committed to getting to the bottom of what happened in this particular matter as well as reviewing our processes. we are responding to information we received from the public. it's up to all americans to be vigilant.
12:38 pm
we must act properly and quickly. we've spoken with victims of families and deeply regret the pain this causes all those affected by this horrific tragedy. the upside was they had this information from a niclas crews, the unusual spelling of that first name with a k, of course considered to be the same individual who perpetrated the attack on this floor to school earlier this week. the fbi had heads up and they could've conveyed that to them and let them know that. two different offices have contacted this individual, something happened, something fell through the crooks and now director ray is acknowledging that and they are still committed to getting to the bottom of it. we'll have more after this. [ phone rings ]
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>> you have the fbi today in an alarming acknowledgment, admitting they may have screwed up when an fbi person
12:43 pm
said a person contacted the agency some time ago, last fall with these youtube postings by a niclas crews, spelled the same way of the niclas crews behind the shooting in florida, about what was going to transpire. it failed to investigate. how big a deal is this going to be? how does this change moving forward? the deed is done. blake is at the white house with more. what we heard yesterday from one of the field officers who runs the office is that they had this information from somebody who saw something on youtube involving nikolas cruz. they contacted the fbi. agents were sent in and this was last year, last september. now you've got the fbi in a release that just came out moments ago saying there appears to have been a second alert on january 5, 2018.
12:44 pm
what is that, five, six, seven weeks ago where a person close to nikolas cruz contacted the access line to report a concern about him. they reported gun ownership, desire to kill people as well as the potential of him conducting a school shooting. what have we heard over the last couple days. >> if you see something, say something. alert someone, talk to someone, talk to the fbi. now it appears the fbi is saying that has happened in the fbi director, chris ray put out a statement essentially apologizing for this and saying they are going to look into it. january 5, 2018, 6 or 7 weeks ago. in the meantime, president trump is set to leave in a few hours. he will head down to the south florida area to his winter estate.
12:45 pm
the white house has not yet set exactly when the president will visit parkland though he said he will do that. he tweeted about it moments ago saying i will be leaving for florida today to meet with some of the bravest people on earth, peoples whose lives have been totally shattered. i'm also working with congress on many fronts pretty congressional representative, at democrat and this was his response and yes, i am ready to welcome you too parkland and work with you to stop this that the answer is not more guns. here the white house, officials are saying they want to focus on school safety and mental health issues, not necessarily the issue of guns. maria sat down with the attorney general a while ago for an interview that will in full on sunday morning and the attorney general saying they need to do a better job of identifying threats to schools.
12:46 pm
>> absolutely we've got to do better about that. we will review department of justice policies and we are not perfect and we will make sure we're getting to the highest possible levels of responding to appropriate notices of danger like probably was out there in this case. >> going back to the fbi, there is going to be a lot of questions with this release that just came out about ten minutes ago. now that the fbi says they were warned and the obvious question is what happened after that and why was this not prevented. >> maybe this goes well beyond that september youtube reporting and whether his threat was taken seriously. thank you blake. to blake's point, this is more recent, generally fifth 2018, a person had contacted the fbi on a tip line warning that
12:47 pm
there is information about his gun ownership, his desire to kill people, erratic behavior, disturbing social media post. we do not know who this individual was, whether as a relative or friend, colleague, we sadly don't know. under established protocol, information provided to the fbi, it should have been assessed as a potential threat to life. remember this is far more specific and going back to september which was just in different threat made on a youtube video. the information then should have been forwarded to the fbi of miami field office or appropriate investigation steps would've been taken bountifully they were not. the fbi went on to say these protocols were not followed but this is as recent as january 5. forget about something that was vague, threatening bag that might or might not have
12:48 pm
been concerning the nikolas cruz involved in the attack this week in florida, but this one was far more specific, called in with detailed information about gun ownership and a desire to kill people and erratic behavior on part of nikolas cruz that went unheeded and unaddressed. alright. this sort of thing, when you find out a loved one has been injured or killed in an attack invariably happens after an attack. for those family members involved, it can be very painful. let's go to craig scott. he survived the massacre at columbine but lost his sister rachel and that shooting. we're just getting a lot of this craig, obviously when you hear this sort of stuff, i know you did in your family did after columbine and what we knew about the shooters and how much warning others had gotten about the increasingly bizarre behavior, the mother protecting them, the use of guns, et cetera, what do you think of all this. >> i think it can be very hard
12:49 pm
to see who's going to do this. hindsight is 2020, even with serious warning signs. 99 out of 100 cases of these warning signs will amount to nothing or no one will do something violent. i do think it's appropriate to take action when they're doing something. the biggest thing i found speaking in schools, and i've run across students who plan to do violent things. seven students that i've run across over the years that had planned to do something violent and what i found as it takes the right person to pull that student that is struggling and having these dark issues in their heart, to sit them down find out what's going on with them and break through some of that stuff. it can be a process. it can be difficult. but if you have the right teacher or parent or friend that can do that, i really
12:50 pm
believe you can bring that person out and i've seen it happen. that's what we can do in schools, the police, getting an e-mail or getting in notification about someone they don't know, they might not be able to do a lot, but some one does know that student and they can probably do a lot more and do things that are just. [inaudible] >> i apologize. we lost our feed. we do not know, to greg's point, who he even sent this information and with warnings and concerns about nikolas cruz, but apparently was very specific, it did talk about guns, it did talk about violence and other erratic behavior. we don't have the details that was sent to miami field office and something fell through the crooks. it's very easy how you can play monday morning
12:51 pm
quarterback, would've, should've, could've but something was communicated and it was botched. bottom line, nikolas cruz was still able to deliver on his promise. we will have more after this. achoo! (snap) achoo! (snap) achoo! achoo! (snap) (snap) achoo! achoo! feel a cold coming on? zicam cold remedy nasal swabs shorten colds with a snap, and reduce symptom severity by 45%. shorten your cold with a snap, with zicam. my "business" was going nowhere... so i built this kickin' new website with godaddy. building a website in under an hour is easy! 68% of people... ...who have built their website using gocentral, did it in... ...under an hour, and you can too. type in your business or idea. pick your favourite design. personalize it with beautiful images.'re done! and now business is booming.
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>> i do want to clarify something i might have gotten wrong at the beginning when i got the fbi was acknowledging the statements. at first i thought it had to do with you too posting by nikolas cruz back in september which he said i'm going to be a professional school's shooter. they couldn't trace that down and didn't know what to do and you know the drill. this concerned new developments that as recently as january 5 of this year the fbi received a tip about a florida school shooting suspect, nikolas cruz that he had desire to kill people, but the information was never forwarded. it had a lot of details like use of guns, violent behavior, disturbing social media post, a lot more details than in that one quick comment on youtube last fall. something fell through. the fbi botched it. the fbi director acknowledging as much but we are still investigating the fact, i'm committin committed to getting to the bottom of what
12:56 pm
happened. something was missing indicated or not indicated at all but this development was brought to the fbi's attention about six weeks ago. detailing a number of bizarre behavior, postings, guns, a lot more detailed than traditionally thought to be the case and that the fbi knew about it and the field offices were not commuting with each other. you know what happened after that. more after this. [fbi agent] you're a brave man, mr. stevens.
12:57 pm
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1:00 pm
>> concerning indirectly here, robert mueller announced the indictment of 13 russian nationals, and accusing them of interfering in the us elections. there will be an update on the detailed release, charging 13 russians and three companies with hacking, assume they are talking the 2016 presidential election, something robert mueller has been aggressively pounding and investigating and linking russian nationals and russian entities or companies to this. when we get more details, we will keep you posted. all this on the same day with the fbi admitting on a
1:01 pm
january 5th tip concerning nikolas cruz, responsible for admitting to the attacks at a florida high school that killed 17 and wounded 20. the fbi acknowledging it had detailed information not only on his mental status but proclivity for guns, violent acts, it would be worrisome to put it mildly. former nypd lieutenant, former fbi agent, let me go to you first. a lot going on. bottom line is someone at the fbi dropped the ball. >> that is correct. when this information comes in it gets an initial scrub and then gets pushed to the field office who then can follow up with a more thorough investigation, the person who
1:02 pm
had the complaint, the subject of the investigation and a real investigation. stuart: in this case it would have gone to the miami office. is the case of miami office not talking to another office? >> sounded like miami never got the information so miami wasn't able to follow up on anything because they didn't receive the complaint from early january. neil: interagency or he said she said kind of thing. how is it handled, local security level? >> the pending how it comes in it is more compartmentalized, they focus on the unit tasked with investigating something like this. neil: i have information on this guy, we don't know who it is, whether it is a family member or friend, someone who knows him at work detailing all this. >> a tips line anyone can call
1:03 pm
into. the nypd has a composite story placed where the unit that would be specific, whatever this complaint would be. the intelligence unit would collaborate with school safety unit because this would have been predicated towards the schools. the information in those units will coalesce behind this if they were able to scrub it as best as possible and put fortifications deemed necessary. neil: i am calling the fbi hotline visit to miami or how does that work? >> the hotline to the dc office, determines this caller was in the miami area. and the miami area --
1:04 pm
neil: fort lauderdale. >> that is pushed to the appropriate -- neil: this guy looking -- i want to let you know about it. >> there are several ways. it could be a written complaint. sound like the public access line. somebody called one of our tip line than the person on the receiving end should have taken the identity of the person making the complaint, taking a substance of the complaint, after doing a quick scrub on that realized that information needs to go to miami, pushes to miami, brett assessment squad, threat assessments, giving it to the investigators the task
1:05 pm
force. neil: this is different from the youto, i am going to be a professional school shooter presumably by nikolas cruz, same spelling of the name, has got to be the same guy. this is different. >> whenever intelligence comes in for crime moving forward that information needs to move instantaneously. there can't be a bunch of blocks it goes through, it has to go to the unit concerned so they can interactive access and find out where the threat is. warner: the someone tabled it somewhere. >> the fbi needs to do a critical assessment because ultimately they are the premier law enforcement agency in the united states of america and we look to them and their leadership. neil: i want to bring in legal colleague judge andrew napolitano. what do you think this means
1:06 pm
for the fbi? the fbi director apologizing for this. how big a deal is it? judge napolitano: it is huge and comes at the worst possible time for the fbi which has suffered some serious black eyes in the last couple weeks over things that happened at the tail end of the obama administration with respect to candidate trump in the beginning of the trump administration with respect to donald trump. i was very surprised to see what happens. the fbi's reputation is not the type of thing they would ordinarily let slip through the cracks. the repercussions are professional repercussions, they are not crimes committed by the fbi even though human beings died. o in mississippi, the bail bondsman who saw this posting
1:07 pm
by nikolas cruz with the unique spelling, reported to the fbi, they interviewed the sky twice, interviewed him, not nikolas cruz. if they had dropped at in their database they would have learned in ten minutes that a person with the same name, age 19, had just bought an ar 15. that is enough to show up at the door. neil: two team came to visit this guy to find out more about it and to know about that, now with this january 5th the development, we don't know who made the call, but this person, he or she knew a great deal about nikolas cruz on the erratic behavior, but he must have been doing or saying things that were threatening enough to warrant a call in the first place and detailed a lot of that information. where would that normally go?
1:08 pm
judge napolitano: in the real world, someone from the fbi would have taken that information and gotten an arrest warrant or at least commenced an investigation by knocking on the door and asking to speak with and if he refused to speak with him, taking it to a judge. the question is, is there enough information to restrain him against his will? in my opinion libertarian that i am the answer to that is yes. neil: if you could hang on. this is where police comes into play, nikolas cruz, sheriff's deputies responded to his home with more than 35 visits in the last six years.
1:09 pm
going back to 2010, is that relayed to fbi folks? do fbi folks have notice of that? multiple visits, nikolas cruz, they put it all together? >> you have a different demographic in new york city, roughly 38, 39,000 cops, the equivalent to the fbi on a national level. we have a lot of resources on the ground in places like new york city as opposed to this. neil: would it be a separate database? this guy is on the list, constantly hurting animals, acting up with his mom, going after neighbors. >> you would have collaboration of precinct commanders and detectives in that precinct would make the assessment, they would reach out for further resources. this could be handled on a local level. one -- neil: when i heard from local
1:10 pm
law enforcement, deeply troubled young man. a child endured significant loss. and apparently his troubles were well telegraphed and repeated. how does that work? in boston there was failure for local police to hear what the local police gathered, what they were trying to kill a lot of people. tell me how that would get communicated. >> first reporting, there wasn't -- a name out of mississippi, the fbi other than they tried to run the handle of the youto handle.
1:11 pm
>> in what state? nikolas cruz didn't identify he was from florida. warner: you guys confirmed that anyway. >> it could be millions. the information, domestic disturbances at the local level, local police were aware that address was a problem and that individual was a problem. were there any arrests or charges coming out of that? possibly not. neil: this is a deal. who do you think that individual is? >> whose wife -- warner: the relaying -- >> definite actionable information, give a name, specific allegations. that is something the miami
1:12 pm
office, and working with local police, found out -- neil: that is a problem. >> there is a point we are leaving out here, he was expelled from the school, someone exhibited a propensity for violence as opposed to expelling him, what mechanism was in play to prevent him or assess if he comes back on the grounds. between law enforcement and educators, there does -- neil: you guys are the experts, and to his house, there is a lot there -- >> it would meet the threshold for surveillance and they wavered. >> you don't know when someone
1:13 pm
will plant a school shooting. >> let you know this was someone with a propensity for violence in the community and therefore should have been greater oversight on that individual. neil: we are waiting for rod rosenstein. at least 13 russian nationals, a number of russian entities, companies, in the 2016 election, what do you make of this? >> bob mueller is doing his job and those for political reasons denied russians attempted or succeeded in interfering, i don't think they changed the outcome but they did interfere with the election. those claims are defied by the evidence presented to the grand
1:14 pm
jury. the question still remains, the tantalizing question remains, did any americans help them? that is what bob mueller will move on to next. neil: how do you get an indictment on that? explained that process. >> it would be almost fruitless if they are not here or susceptible to processing, if they can't be extradited to the united states. bob mueller gathered documentary evidence and digital evidence from experts who examined internet websites and concluded the origin of this stuff, these 13 people who we are going to find out where independent contractors or active agents of the russian government. this is a very -- investigation. it is nowhere near the end.
1:15 pm
this is the first of many steps, one of the few steps that is public. neil: very different cases we are talking about here. the fbi investigation, questioned how up to snuff the fbi is and these revelations on nikolas cruz and how they fumbled that. not alone but in terms of others, communication wasn't done. what do you think? >> the bob mueller indictments? neil: what the president says about the fbi, the long question, doing the job, questioned whether bias -- something like this on a school killer and the same fbi, different entities screwed up.
1:16 pm
>> january 5th information that came in should have gone past and evidence, somebody in the fbi screwed up. to tie this in with the russian investigation, apples and oranges. neil: that will feed a narrative. >> looking for fault in the fbi, you are not going to feed them much. >> this memo republicans put out was politically motivated investigation. what do you think? judge napolitano: i don't agree with it. i agree with nunez's memo. neil: you think the idea this was all politically motivated from the start is wrong. >> yes. neil: this development we are getting with nikolas cruz sounds to me like classic lack of communication. >> what the fbi needs to do moving forward is put a matrix
1:17 pm
in play that can assume moving forward, the nypd was a victim of this several years ago with a terrorist attack and it goes back to you know what happens, now we are moving forward, we need to make the necessary corrections and continue providing safe and tranquil environment. neil: you have taken all the sales out of this market rally, we were up 200 points and are up 74. leave it to an fbi guy and screw this up. just to make the point markets are trying to digest this as well, very confused, more after this.
1:18 pm
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1:21 pm
neil: we are waiting for a press conference for rod rosenstein on the latest developments, 13 russian individuals and additional three entities, i assume companies involved in getting immersed in the presidential election. let's look at john rutherford, so many moving developments, i appreciate your patience with them.
1:22 pm
whatever revelations we get here, the other on the florida development, specifically to your state and the fbi might have dropped the ball on information that would have been very meaningful on nikolas cruz, the assailant as recently as january 5th. what do you make of this? >> there are several opportunities that need to be looked at, the opportunity we had in september, when evidence was brought forward to the fbi in january, they may have dropped the ball on handling that information, looking at listening to the stories coming out from other students, surely teachers must have known, having been in law enforcement if you hear about animal cruelty and killing animals and that sort of thing, that is a real indicator of a disturbed
1:23 pm
mind. neil: we don't know where the communication broke down. to relay these concerns about nikolas cruz, they were detailed enough to spell out all the stuff including cruelty to animals, erratic behavior, someone who knew him very well and got off their chest to share it with the fbi. >> two weeks before this on january 30th, i filed a bill, hr 4909, and cosponsors, first cosponsor on the bill with me was ted deutch from parkland. in it the stop violence in schools act.
1:24 pm
it deals with reactivating part of the omnibus crime control from 1968, reinstituting the school grants program in the omnibus bill. what it will do is provide in-depth assessment of physical facilities, using things like crime prevention through environmental design, looking at those things and also training students, teachers, police officers, what are the telltale signs of these individuals who commit mass murder, what can we look for? third is the setup, and anonymous tip line for students and teachers to bring that information to the knowledge of
1:25 pm
law enforcement. in my own mind as a sheriff, i served with sheriff israel in broward county. i was sheriff up in do fall. i wonder how much his agency provided information from these tips that the fbi were aware of. and the january 5th information. neil: apparently fell into vapor at the fbi, we are still waiting for this press conference that might or might not bob mueller the investigator. this indictment against 13 russian nationals and russian entities for their involvement in the 2016 election. what do you make of that?
1:26 pm
>> robert mueller is doing his job, special counsel looking at the issue of russian meddling with our election this. >> russians meddled in the election. >> it would appear so. >> you don't think, i want to be clear, changed the results. >> remains to be seen. i don't know the background information on the indictments yet as to what they did and whether they were successful. i am sure in time that will come out. >> the president steadfastly stuck to that this was a lot of nothing and nothing but there is nothing to indicate the
1:27 pm
russians -- >> the russians had a pardon that even though everyone else -- >> when the president says there's nothing there i have always taken that to mean collusion between his campaign and the russians and so that is what i think the president is referring to. neil: detailed russian involvement in the election, these russian entities ultimately will be fingered and detailed in this press conference shortly, it doesn't involve, unless they have other revelations concerning trump personnel, the russians were interested in mucking around but trump people were doing that. >> there is no proof of collusion. what we do know going back to the nunez memo, there were individuals at the highest
1:28 pm
levels of the fbi who had political leanings and they were letting those biases impact on their professional performance and that is something i am looking forward to director ray taking action on at the end of this investigation. we need to wait until all the evidence is in. i'm deeply concerned about not only impropriety but potential laws having been broken in the filing of the fbi essay documents on surveillance of mister page. we have to let this information come forward. i would most definitely like to see the colloquy between the
1:29 pm
fbi, doj and the f is a judge that issued not just the original warranty but also the three downstream renewals. what was the conversation in the courtroom for those three renewals? neil: this gives people pause, some people looking at what donald trump has been saying about the reputation of the fbi, it is apples and oranges to compare what they did in the case of florida. it makes you question -- >> i do not question -- i do not make that connection. i spent 41 years working with and beside the fbi. i know the integrity of the men and women who work for the fbi. this is a small number of
1:30 pm
people at the top of the organization. it has absolutely no impact on my perception of the professionalism of this organization. mistakes, are they made, certainly they can be made. neil: the investigation of trump personnel involved with the russians, might have been politically inspired, you think it is fair game to look >> absolutely. >> there people looking at that think you can question the fbi. i don't like there's anything wrong with that. >> you absolutely -- >> hold on. they are now speaking to reporters. >> indictment charges 13 russian nationals and three russian companies for committing federal crimes while seeking to interfere in the united states clinical
1:31 pm
system. including the 2016 presidential election. the defendants allegedly conducted what they called information warfare against the united states. with the stated goal of spreading distrust toward the candidates and the political system in general. according to the allegations, 12 of the individual defendants worked at various times for a company called internet research agency llc. a russian company based in st. petersburg. the other individual defendant, you have jenny who funded the conspiracy through companies nor as concorde management and consulting llc, concorde catering and many affiliates and subsidiaries. as part of a larger operation called project locked up. it concluded that chad
1:32 pm
included audiences in the russian federation and others targeting foreign audiences. the allegedly operated through shell companies. they employed hundreds of people in the online operations ranging from creators of the dishes personas to support personnel of an annual budget of millions of dollars. research agency with a structured organization with the management group and arranged into departments including graphics, search engine optimization, information technology and finance departments. in 2014 they focused a project on the united states. in july of 2016, more than 80 employees were assigned to the translator project. they travel to the u.s. to
1:33 pm
collect intelligence. in order to hide the russian origins, the defendants allegedly purchase based on computer servers. they use the infrastructure too post on facebook, instagram and twitter making it appear they were controlled by people in the united states. they are advocating for an advance particular candidates. they established social media pages and groups to communicate with unwitting americans. they also purchased.
1:34 pm
[inaudible] they recruited and paid real americans to engage in public activities, promote political campaigns and stage rallies. they pretended to be grassroots activists. according to the indictment americans did not know they were committed getting with russians. after the election the allegedly staged rallies while simultaneously staging rallies to protest his election. for example, the defendants organize one rally to support the president-elect and another to impose him both in new york on the same day. soon after the news media reported that the special counsel's office was investigating evidence that russian operatives had used information to interfere, they wrote we had a slight crisis at work, the fbi busted our
1:35 pm
activity. i cap preoccupied with covering tracks together with my colleagues. indictment includes a criminal counts. count one alleges a criminal conspiracy to defraud the united states by all of the defendants. the united states support of justice and the department of state. they are responsible for administering federal work garments for the disclosure for an environment in certain domestic activities. count to charges wire fraud and bank fraud. count three through eight charge aggravated identity theft by research agency and
1:36 pm
for individuals. there is no allegation in this indictment that any one was a knowing or dispense in this illegal activity. there's no allegation that the charge could alter the outcome of the 2016 election. i want to caution you that everyone charged with a crime is presumed innocent unless and until proven guilty in court. they must introduce credible evidence to prove each guilty be beyond any doubt to a jury. the investigation is ongoing prayer there will be no comments from the special counsel at this time. this indictment serves as a reminder that people are not always who they appear to be on the internet. they allege the russian conspirators want to promote discord in the united states and undermine public confidence. we must not allow them to
1:37 pm
succeed. i want to thank the prosecutors working on this case for their exceptional service and i'll be happy to take a few questions. >> there is no allegation in the indictment of the outcome of the election been affected. >> on page four. >> it talks about the trump campaign saying they can indicated with on winning individuals regarding the trump campaign. later campaign officials identified as officials two or
1:38 pm
three. were they cooperative or were they duped? >> the nature of the scheme was that the defendants took extraordinary steps. >> have you had any assurances from the russians that they will provide. >> there would have been no can occasions. >> there you go you have rob rosenstein. bob muller did not talk to the press today.
1:39 pm
many were involved in an attempt to markup the 2016 presidential election. no american names were named although, i was hearing this report, i've been reading this brief a little bit. they say it does not appear to have affected the outcome of the election. we should say the dow was up earlier in the day and reversing the gains but it's now gaining again. katie, your thoughts. >> if you read in the memo, it says can indicated with unwitting individuals associated with this trump
1:40 pm
campaign, that these russians went to huge lengths to make sure these people had no idea they were russian and they were just regular americans. on top of that, they were organizing rallies for and against him. they've been here working on this since 2014, long before trump ran for president. the key to take away is that these russians were involved in meddling with the elections but they do not believe it had any involvement in changing the election of the outcome which was donald trump became president. >> what's interesting here is that they were detailing how the russians with some confusion both ways, protest rally. obviously, to just confuse people, what you think about all that. >> i think that's exactly what people have been, the impression people have been coming to throughout this past
1:41 pm
year or year end a half, and that is that whichever way the russians wanted the election to go, and it seems they wanted president trump to win, it's also clear that they wanted to so distrust in the united states with its own electoral system. >> if you look at the way that this past year has unfolded, people trying to suggest that president trump is not a legitimate president, it clearly worked for the fact that there were two simultaneous rallies in new york city, one for and one against his election shows that the russians were completely cynical in undermining the american electoral system. they may have gotten the result they wanted but the biggest result they wanted was confusion and mistrust of the system. >> katie, how can you read from this where the muller investigation might be going. is it targeting russians and those who might have unwittingly worked with the russians although not targeted
1:42 pm
specifically for doing so. does that mean anything to you? is this now going to be the direction that they were undoubtedly involved in our 2016 election? do you doubt that they wanted to certainly mix it up a bit. they succeeded that. they didn't alter the outcome, but they certainly tried. they did certainly try and of course this transcends president donald trump, this transcends hillary clinton so it's russians desire to cause discord in american politics but i don't want to make any predictions on this but i think it is very telling, certain language that was used today like the word unwitting, stressing again that any americans associated with trump campaign or otherwise had no idea who these people
1:43 pm
were. it's fairly hard to collude with russia if you have no idea the russian. >> that's a good point. another thing i'm thinking of, it's easier said than done to get russian entities indicted to come here. >> given that this is a campaign that president putin and horses, the whole information war that he's been waging, not just against the united states but against many others, given that he's backing that and endorsing that and he's got buildings filled with lots of people making up news, the chances of him allowing the people to work for him to be indicted seems to be extremely fun. but, you know, one of the things we should think about from robert muller's point of view is, his investigation will work toward the center. he is now indicted 13 russian individuals and 13, and three russian organizations. he will see what he can get
1:44 pm
out of that to move to the next target. the washington examiner has been reporting today that they seem to have some problems with mike flynn and some unusual developments there with a new judge. i think robert muller actually needed to get some good news and some display of activity going on here because there's been some questions arising about how solid the cases against mike flynn. >> and forget about where they're going with all this, i'm wondering if this has changed this whole investigation because again, i see things often and they tanked on the first hint there was going to be this announcement. and then, you both keenly pointed out the fact that americans might've been unwittingly involved but not deliberately involved so this might just involve these
1:45 pm
russian entities and there's nothing sticking to the trump white house. my quick interpretation is that the markets turned around with 91 points, this is limited. this is not touching the white house or, am i jumping too much? >> i would say maybe we have to wait and see. there's a lot we don't know, there's things that have not come out and this of course is the first step, get those indictments on the russians, see what we can get from them and if russia cooperates. >> there's no way he will cooperate. >> yes, clearly not but we have to wait and see after this and see where this leads, but again the language being used in this is not conducive to russian narrative. >> even very good folks, i appreciate it, that robert muller didn't announce any of us that this was all. [inaudible] >> not to read into that except that robert muller is much less assessable than rob
1:46 pm
rosenstein, they want to keep him in the background, they don't have the questions after him. i think probably robert muller would want to stay in the background and the administration would want him to stay in the background. >> i lied when i said does my final question. that is something else. katie, i grant you apples and oranges, but given what appears to be a major screwup of knowledge by the fbi director himself in this for the case involving nikolas cruz, the shooter, that they had very workable, tangible exercisable information on a tip that came in again just six weeks ago about his violence, his crimina criminal, social media posting that had gotten increasingly worrisome, all conveyed by someone who knew him well
1:47 pm
enough to do so and outline all of this, what does that mean for the fbi? >> of course, it's a very bad, no good, awful day for the fbi but the problem is we hear over and over again in the subway and the airport, when you go out, if you see something say something. it doesn't work if when you say something no one does anything. my heart breaks for these families that are now playing the what if game because maybe if the fbi had followed protocol, things may have been different. >> think that's exactly right. after the fact, when you have all of the eyes of the media and all of the fbi and scary forces looking at what they did, to some extent willing to show they did the right thing, lots of new facts come out so the trouble is after anything like this there will be what-ifs. these look particularly egregious, there was a lot of signs that this guy should have been, more care should be taken with him and 17 people are dead.
1:48 pm
>> good point. thank you very much. the dow is up about 97 points. there is a clear connection here, just following this, like i always take my don't know but the market seemed to be relieved that this whole indictment against the 13 russians and other entities doesn't get away from the fact that the russians were clearly trying to interfere in our 26 election. it stops there, for now. does it? after this. ♪
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>> there is no allegation in this indictment that any american was annoying participant in this illegal activity. there is no allegation in the indictment that the charge altered the outcome of the 2016 election. >> those back-to-back comments turn what would have been a steep selloff to only are down about 35 or around there. robert muller's office is looking into possible russian connections in the 2016 elections. they are darn convinced the russians were involved. so far no american entities. charlie has the fallout from
1:53 pm
all of the. >> and think we should assume a lot about this that this investigation is over and there are lots of indications. >> evidence it was over. that was very mean of you to say. >> okay, sorry. but they jumped on this, we are a long way from done. sources tell the network that as soon as next week we understand a former aide will be called into present trump's office. the fact that this aid was called in is a good indication that this thing is not over yet. at the very least, they are dotting the i's and crossing the t's for something else and at the most maybe there's more
1:54 pm
indictment coming. we don't know. that's all thing. to assume that this thing is over based on some of the information i know is probably wrong. >> aaron, what do you think? >> i think you're right it's not over, 13 indictments. they just put out a statement saying we are putting the ultimate notice, the russians are coming for 2018 and 2020. he will have to get really serious really quick so we don't have any of this meddling in the midterms of the next election. >> marriage is trying to keep views us and so absolute pandemonium on both sides. it worked. even in the case of one rally on behalf of the russian entities that was pro- trump and another come the same city
1:55 pm
in new york that was pro- hillary. he gets into crazy town. >> you actually have to step back and say how much of this really matters to the end of the election. it was one based on surges and in certain purple states and it had very little to do with russian influence. it had to do with being honest in the present might not like this. steve bannon's trillions in figuring out the. [inaudible] that's what one is a election. it wasn't russians but the real question is this. this is where the rubber meets the road. some people cover-up stuff and they think their crimes are not crimes. martha stewart did that with insider trading and james, he put her in jail for that very reason. we might have a similar situation. >> and i say one thing, if the russians were out to sow discord and they did, how can
1:56 pm
we say that it didn't influence the outcome of the election? i know that's a radical thing to say, but maybe it did. >> how? how did it turn pennsylvania? >> pennsylvania and michigan, wisconsin had such thin margins. >> i wish we had more time. we won't know. as you both say, we are a long way from done. >> the dow for 21 and a half points. we will have more aftere this. knowing what's important to you... it's okay. this is what we've been planning for. thanks, bye. that's what's important to us. it's why 7 million investors work with edward jones.
1:57 pm
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>> in america we mourn with those who mourn and grief with those who grieve. neil: let's listen in. >> as president trump said yesterday, as he prepares to travel to florida this afternoon, we are as one nation praying for the victims and their families. the heartache in broward county is unimaginable. but it is a heart ache that
2:00 pm
texas knows all too well. the last time my wife and i were in san antonio we spent time with grieving families not far from here in sutherland springs. families of the fallen and injured in the wake of the worst shooting at a place of worship in american history. then, as now hearts were broken. then as now heros were forged. once again our nation grieves for the loss of life but once again our nation has been inspired by selfless acts of courage. today we remember elena petty. a vibrant and


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