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tv   The Intelligence Report With Trish Regan  FOX Business  February 16, 2018 2:00pm-3:00pm EST

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texas knows all too well. the last time my wife and i were in san antonio we spent time with grieving families not far from here in sutherland springs. families of the fallen and injured in the wake of the worst shooting at a place of worship in american history. then, as now hearts were broken. then as now heros were forged. once again our nation grieves for the loss of life but once again our nation has been inspired by selfless acts of courage. today we remember elena petty. a vibrant and determined
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14-year-old. she was a member rotc. active in her church. she volunteered to help neighbors in the aftermath of hurricane irma. we nicholas duarte, a 17-year-old senior, a star swimmer who was headed to the of the of indianapolis at all. there is the athletic director, chris hixon, knave reservist, iraq war veteran, whose widow debra said he loved being an american and he loved serving his country. and then there is coach aaron feis. who won student i heard this morning that coach feis heard the noise, someone said it was
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firecrackers. he said that's not firecrackers and he ran to the sound of the guns. witnesses report to us he was killed when he threw himself in front of students protecting them from oncoming bullets. at one colleague said, he died the same way he lived, he put himself second. he was a hero. in the days ahead these and other stories will be told. and which we will remember and as a nation we will mourn but as we mourn, as your vice president, let me assure you we will continue to bring the full resources of the federal government to bear in support of the broward county sheriff's office and in support of this investigation. when the president meets with our nation's governors in the
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days ahead he will make school safety a top priority of this administration. [applause] at present the fib has approximately 250 personnel working on this matter. atf dispatched 17 special agents. our justice department is working with other agents to study the intersection of mental health and criminality. as the president said yesterday no child, no teacher should ever be in danger in an american school. no parent should ever have to fear for their sons our daughters when they kiss them good-bye in the morning. now while voices in washington and in the media will run to their predictable debates i
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promise you this president and our entire administration are going to focus with renewed energy on getting to the bottom of the lessons to be learned in this investigation, making our schools safe and taking a fresh look at giving law enforcement and local authorities the tools they need to deal with those struggling with dangerous mental illness. [applause] as the president admonished yesterday it is not going to be enough to say we're taking action. we must actually make a difference and we will. we're passing through a trying time in the life of our nation. that much is certain. we think of the tragic events took place here in texas.
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this week in florida, and in nearby nevada, and elsewhere. now is the tile to grieve but let me say to my fellow americans gathered here and those within the sound of my voice, now is also the time for renewed vigilance. if you see suspicious activity, if you have a concern about any individual relative to public safety, that they might present a harm to themselves or others contact your local authorities. in a word, if you see something, my fellow americans, say something. finally in this challenginging time for all who bow the knee and appeal to heavy very much's grace, i urge you to avail
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yourself of that. it is a good time to pray for this country. pray for our neighbors in parkland, florida. pray for god's grace and comfort for all of the families impacted by this terrible attack especially through the difficult days that lie ahead. and also pray for, pray for god's wisdom. for all of us in positions of authority, that we might find a way to come together as a nation to confront and end this evil once and for all. [applause] so thank you, and let me thank
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again ron that rona mcdaniel bra group of texans together. trish: that is vice president mike pence talking at an event about the horrible florida tragedy. it is coming at a time that we learned the fbi, not once, but twice, failed to do what they needed to do when they were warned about this nutjob down in florida. they didn't didn't do what they needed to do, they didn't stop him. can you imagine that the parents found out that there was more than one warning? can you imagine that? we learned robert mueller is indicting 13 russians for the disinformation campaign they put together during the last election. it was so much disinformation, and it was coming from both sides. amazingly enough they actually orchestrated two rallies on one day. one that was pro-donald trump. one that was anti-donald trump
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right here in new york city on the very same day after he was elected. so you see what happened. you had russians out there trying to cause chaos. trying to divide us as a nation, and somehow our government was too dumb to see it. our fbi, the same fbi that didn't follow up on these tips about this kid in florida, this murderous, evil person, the same fbi, however, took whatever the russians were feeding them, via christopher steele and fusion gps, somehow as gospel enough to think that is what they needed to issue a fisa warrant. you see, instead of caring about the things that really matter, protecting our citizens at home, our fbi is too busy getting played by the russians. we have one big show to deliver
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to you today. i'm trish regan. welcome, everyone, to "the intelligence report." let's go to connell mcshape who is live on the capitol hill. on news that 13 russians deliberately meddled via social media accounts. it was coming in all directions. they sewed the seeds of chaos and we bought it, connell, hook, line and singer. reporter: in addition to the 13 russian nationalss three russian nationals facing indictment over the last hour or so here at the nation's capitol from the deputy attorney general. they are alleged, to your point, to try to interfere in the united states election. they are accused of creating fake personas online, spreading false information on social media and elsewhere with the goal basically being to confuse us, to sow discord as deputy ag rod rosenstein put it but at times they did take sides during the campaign, trying to help or hurt certain candidates. the indictment said these
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russians, alleged to intended to communicate der edward p. -- dey information about hillary clinton and ted cruz and we herd to rod rosenstein there was more to it than that. >> after the election the defendant's allegedly stayed rallies to support the president elect, while ultimately staging rallies to protest his election. for example, they organized one rally to support the president-elect and one rallyoppose him, both in new york on the same day. reporter: playing both sides. all this in indictment clearly soes that the russians were trying to interfere in the election there is no allegation that the outcome of the election was impacted by this and this part from rosenstein is also important, once again listen. >> there is it no allegation in this indictment that any
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american was a knowing participant in this illegal activity. there is no allegation in the indictment that the charged conduct altered the outcome of 2016 election. want to caution you everyone charged with a crime is presumed innocent unless and until proven guilty in court. reporter: all right. to that point about americans, the indictment alleges that these russians did communicate with people described as being quote, unwitting individuals associated with the trump campaign. so the allegation is they did speak to people associated with the campaign but those from the campaign didn't know who they were speaking with. trish, back to you. trish: connell, thank you very much. here with me on set is former new york city state homeland security director michael mike balboni. we knew something like this was coming. we know they were out there spreading all this dishonest information and i think they did it on both sides by the way. i don't think it is necessarily
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just targeted at one because as we saw, here they are in new york holding rallies the same day, different rallies, one for trump, ones against him. did they get the upper hand here because we fell for it all? our country that divided right now? >> you and i actually talked about this in the past. they utilized our technology against us. they utilized americans love of facebook and social media pages. they used it against us. we're technologically very advanced country yet we got played and played -- this is not a surprise to anybody in the intelligence community. they know that the russian intelligence service for very, very long time, has had in their playbook the disinformation campaign where they sow distrust of democracies. why? because if democracies are fighting amongst themselves, they're not promoting democracy across the world. they're not interfering with the
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russian playbook and the achievement of their strategic national goals. this is no news for anybody in the intelligence community. they do this in russia. they did this in asia. they do this in europe and now in the united states. trish: yeah, but you know when you think of it on a day like today, listening to mike pence there talk about how this is such a horrible tragedy in florida, my heart breaks for all of those families, you know, their lives will never be the same. >> right. trish: we know that the fbi knew that this guy was a threat. we learned today that they had yet again another warning and christopher wray now apologizing the fbi screwed up. they screwed up in florida but they also screwed up when it came to protecting the integrity of our election process. i'm not saying the russians went out and broke into diebold voting machines but they created this sense of division. why you have so much passion,
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right, on both sides. >> right. trish: it may have been because the russians beginned all -- ginned all the passion up. >> taking advantage of the political situation. erodes in the confidence in our government. it erodes the confident in democracy. that is it one of the challenges here. trish: but, so maybe -- let me back up for a second because i don't know it entirely has eroded the confidence in democracy but what it has done is pitted americans against each other, rightright you seen all the stories how difficult thanksgiving dinner was this year because families on different sides of the aisle. there used to be a day where you talk about politics and nobody's feelings would get hurt. increasingly in washington things are so political we can't get a darn thing done. here the president is offering, a path to citizenship for
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1.8 million people, something that the democrats you would think would absolutely welcome with open arms and it may not get done because there is so much hatred of both sides. and i think the russians have had a hand in that. >> when i say that it erodes a little bit of the confidence in government, what i'm talking about, there are many in the polls that talk about they don't believe that the election was legitimate. they don't believe this is a legitimate president sy. so that is talking about the erosion of that. going forward we we also must not lose sight we have elections coming up. there are reports about the fragility of our electoral system from hackers. we need to make the sure we don't make the mistake, to shore up the cyber systems. trish: to be clear, he won fair and square. it is her fault she didn't want to go to pennsylvania. >> we know their mission. there is outside people, but
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other folks as well. if we missed this, what else are we missing? trish: yeah, clearly we're missing a lot, i'll tell you there are 17 dead children in florida because the fbi missed that one. stay with me, michael. don't go anywhere. i want to get to the other story down in florida. this is a bombshell admission out of the fbi. the agency received a tip last month about the shooter but the fbi never acted on that tip. a person close to the gunman toiled the fbi that the shooter was acting erratic that the gunman was obsessed with guns, and that there was a chance he could pull off a school shooting. so what did the fbi do? nothing. absolutely nothing. yet we know they were very concerned about christopher steele's memo and you know, getting fisa warrants. i know the timing is not perfect, you see where i'm going with this. in other words, their energy is in the wrong place and there are dead children in florida as a a
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of it. blake burman live at the white house with us. and, blake, i don't know, will people calling for christopher wray to resign over this? reporter: well he did put out a statement. just what we know from the fbi, trish, that about this phone call, that it took place on january 5th, earlier this year, to the public access line. that person called the line and essentially said this nikolas cruz was a monster in waiting, and according to the fbi, this is what the caller said that they noticed of cruz. that one, his gun ownership. two, of his desire to kill people. three, his erratic behavior. three, his disturbing social media posts, the potential of him conducting a school shooting. the fbi admits that should have been assessed as potential life threat. they say that was not forwarded to the miami field office. nothing was done after that. for years, upon years, upon years, trish, you know the line from elected officials, from folks all across the country
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which we just heard from the vice president himself. if you see something, say something. here was the vice president just moments ago. >> if you see suspicious activity, if you have a concern about any individual relative to public safety, that they might present a harm to themselves or others, contact your local authorities. reporter: trish, that is exactly the fbi says, what someone did, and nothing happened from the fbi. they say, about it. now there is an apology from the fbi director chris wray to said in a statement today the following, quote, it is up to all americans to be vigilant and when members of the public contact us with concerns we must act properly and quickly. we have spoken with victims and families and deeplyily rethe additional pain this causes all those affected by this horrific tragedy. we of course need to point out, trish, this was a call made to the public access line. do not know how this is
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monitored, how many people monitored it. why this wasn't forwarded along. what we do know the fbi says this call was not taken further along in the process and now they are saying they're sorry. trish? trish: sorry doesn't quite make up the lives of those kids. blake burman, thank you very much. michael balboni with me. does christopher wray need to resign? >> i think that he needs to come forward and say, how did this happen, specifically? then he ought to explain himself. then let the folks in the agency and in congress decide whether need to resign himself. i think this is presidential decision. trish: fbi, this is over and over and over again. i don't care whether we're talking about hillary clinton email scandal, and everything we learned their biases regarding that, between lisa page and peter strzok. whether it was james comey leaking to the press as he did. it is like one thing after
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another and now we're learning that, you know they were issuing fisa warrants, getting a judge to sign off of that based on opposition party research. that by the way was likely fed by vladmir putin himself. so you know, fine, mueller's indicting these 13 russians. i'm just saying we need to look long and hard at our fbi and christopher wray is the guy in charge, michael. >> wednesday we hear the story about this video blogger who sends a name, cruz's name to the fbi. they kind of act on that but they can't find the guy they say. then we have this piece of information where there was another contact with the guy's same name. so the question becomes, so is the system not sensitive enough to match those two names? not like john smith. kind of a distinctive name. trish: he spelled it nikolas with a k which is unique. >> you don't have a way to match
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that? reminiscent of pre9/11. people are in the silos. they're not sharing information. we missed that system. this kid by the way in the community, here is the real irony has been flashing red. this kid has been a troubled kid for a long time. people knew about it. police had been to his house. a phone call from the field agent in miami, to the local police, when is the last time you talked to this guy? who did you speak to? that kind of due diligence possibly could have interfered with his plan. trish: incompetence, total utter incompetency all around at every level. we have real work to do with our fbi, serious work. you're leading from the top there. christopher wray can't get it done they may need to rethink the position. michael balboni, thank you very much. we'll have more on stunning failure by the fbi as well as
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at every level where the fbi was warned twice that this kid was about to do something really horrific but the fbi didn't follow up at all on the second tip? meanwhile we have news today, bombshell news, stunning indictment by robert mueller of 13 russian nationals for election meddling. joining me right now, republican strategist boyd matheson. democratic strategist alphonse sea wright. good to see you both. forgive me, antwan. we had phonetic spelling prompter that i took too seriously. what disturbs me enough, we have one thing after another. as i was saying to michael balboni, the fbi was not doing its job because they allowed poor kids in florida get slaughtered by this animal,
2:27 pm
simultaneously failing to recognize that russia wanted to create unrest, that russia wanted to divide our nation. how can that be? does something need to change? >> well i think you're right. there is enough blame to go around for both florida and for russian hacking into our elections, starting with leaders who seem to now put their full confidence and trust in russia, but there are couple things about the russia hacking incident. one we would have not gotten here if it wasn't for the work of the special prosecutor. number two, for the same rhetoric that the russians were pushing via social media, we had candidates including president of the united states pushing the same type of rhetoric they were pushing to divide the american people. but trish, one more thing -- trish: no, no. division, the division, you know, i'm not, russians were doing that. sure i hear you, in other words, neither side and hillary clinton was included in that. she is the one out there calling
2:28 pm
everybody who likes donald trump a deplorable. she didn't do herself any favors either. but nonetheless they were using this, boyd, they were using this in an exploitive way. we should have known that, right? i mean they have been trying this for decades. yet, i think our fbi is too darn asleep at the switch to figure anything out and actually deal with the challenges of the modern era right now. boyd? >> that's right. i think you really hit on a couple of core issues hire. it really comes down to an issue of trust and it comes down this issue of cone tempt in -- come tempt in our country. russians have been doing this for elections for generation now. but you also have lack of trust who is asleep at the in terms of the fbi on school shootings. you add to that the divisive rhetoric of both political parties. >> come on, man. come on. >> that undermines the trust of the american people. here is more important part,
2:29 pm
trish, that concept of contempt. contempt is belief in utter worthlessness of the other person t allows people to say things on twitter and facebook they wouldn't say normally. that leads to the deplorable behavior we saw in florida. we don't believe in the value of human beings, this is where we end up. everybody is responsible for this. yes the fbi needs to be held accountable. politicians on both ends of the speck thumb are responsible but we the people have to begin in our communities and in our homes. >> keep in mind -- trish: i think that society has gotten to a pretty bad point and society should be more aggressive about finding who these people are. i mean in florida, antwan, we got so many red flags on this guy, right? including the fbi, and yet somehow it never escalated to a level that could have prevented this. maybe we need to rethink allowing people that are not mentally stable to walk freely
2:30 pm
and be threats to all of us and themselves? >> well, trish, keep in mind i lived through my mentor being shot in a charleston, pastor clemente, know hateful, evil and white supremacist out there. that is not the fbi. that is in some people's spirit and nature. what i tell you about florida there is enough blame to go around. fbi had a role. lawmakers had a role in that, there is no way a 19-year-old who can't rent a car or buy wine or beer should have a a ak 4, assault rifle used in military type environment to kill many, many people at the same time. i think there is enough blame to go around, but i want to make sure we lay the blame. just like dylann roof in charleston should have never had a gun considering all the things, this man in florida should never have his hands on a gun.
2:31 pm
>> that's right. >> i don't think someone who is crazy have the ability to have a gun, let alone a gun like that. >> trish -- >> trish, trish. trish: once more to the boyd. i have to wrap it up. we have to pay some bills. >> trish this is where we have to get comfortable having uncomfortable conversations. i agree we have to have a difficult conversation about guns and guns safety. we have to have a difficult conversation about depression and suicide and all of those things but what we also have to recognize washington is not going to be answer to this. it is going to start in the local community. local law makers. >> they can be part of the solution. >> they can but they will not drive it. communities lead. politicians follow. starts in the community. trish: let's do it. this is time. this can't happen anymore. >> let's do comprehensive gun reform. trish: i'm talking about gun reform. i'm talking mental illness issues. an i'm talking about some kind of a system where we can protect children at schools, a whole lot more security than anything we
2:32 pm
see now. no child should face that nightmare. >> let's have that conversation, absolutely. >> let's do it. >> more on this total fbi failure coming up. but before you decide, you should know that chevy silverado's are the most dependable, longest lasting full-size pickups on the road. which means that ford f-150s are not. (laughs) which truck would you pick? the chevy. the chevy. the chevy. there you go. boom. that was obvious. plus it looks cooler. no doubt about it. now they know what to get me. (laughs)
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trish: let's take a look at the market. you can see we're up right now. there was a huge selloff as soon as investors heard from special counsel robert mueller and there were 13 indictments of russians. i'm joined on the set by john lonski. what are you thinking about this? is this knee-jerk reaction from some investors? >> at best a knee-jerk reaction. no sense. i don't think these charges by themselves are a reason for the selloff, limited selloff on the equity side. trish: i agree with you, but, fundamentally, let's talk about what is going on. the economy improving. wages are growing. people worried suddenly about inflation. you told me you're not that
2:37 pm
concerned about inflation. not the 1970s all over again. >> it wail not be the 1970s, my goodness. we face a lot more global competition. in 1970s i was young man entered workforce i was shielded from competition kid face from people in china and india. even russia didn't exist. trish: context of inflation. >> right, right. trish: the thinking being, wages will go way up. cost of everything will go way up. you say is can't, there is too much competition. >> it much competition. we have aging economy. we're much older than we were back in the 1970s. frankly companies could hike prices to high heaven. in all likelihood the consumer isn't as strong. the middle class isn't as strong as it was in the 70s '80s. what do consumers do? they cut back on consumer spending. january retail sales, down .3 of
2:38 pm
a percent. inflation up .5 of a percent. that practically guaranties reduction by consumer spending in january. so much talk for faster than 5% gdp growth. trish: what does it mean for rate hikes? >> if i was an investor a prudent investor looking for no more than 3 rate hikes 2018. finish the year, fed funds at 2.25%. and i will go step further that 10-year treasury yield by years end will be no higher than 2.75%. somewhat lower than it is right now. trish: all right. john license kirks thank you very much. >> my flesh -- pleasure. trish: i do like the sound of a little inflation. >> it will not go through the roof. it will not be the inflate of the disco inflation of '70s. pull back the donna summer. trish: we'll have more on the bombshell, this failure by the fbi to stop the florida
2:39 pm
massacre. and the failure of the fbi to stop the russians from interfering in our election. that's next.
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trish: we have seen an epic failure by the fbi on some fronts, especially what we saw in florida. 17 children dying because the february by failed to follow up on multiple tips. breaking, attorney general jeff sessions ordering a review of fbi in the wake of the florida shooting. he issued a statement moments ago. i will share that with you. it is now clear that the warning signs were there and tips to the fbi were missed. this is imperative and we must do better. they missed those tips. they missed that 13 russians were setting up fake accounts to
2:44 pm
try to divide america. yet somehow they had enough time to take seriously christopher steele's piece of garbage that had been funded by democrats and hillary clinton and that likely was a piece of fiction created by the russians. so you see, they have got all of this effort being placed in the wrong places. does christopher wray and others there need to go? i'm joined by steve rogers, former member of the fbi's joint terrorism task force. what do you think? >> trish, my entire life, 38 years in law enforcement, i always revered the fbi. right now, epic failure and epic failure. i am asking fbi agents tear down the blew wall. tear down the blue wall. come forward. don't worry about the blue wall. tater it down because our country needs you. i am concerned that a lot of
2:45 pm
agents knew what was going on. they were more concerned about being political correct. i revere the fbi, revered agency. can't defend them anymore. can't just do it. trish: christopher wray needs to go? >> not just one person. entire leadership of the fbi needs to be cleared out and bring new blood in. we need to do that for the this nation. trish: while we were being played innocent lives were at risk. >> trish, when i saw the breaking news about the, what was on the video that this kid put on there, he would be a professional shooter, when i saw the fbi agent try to talk his way out of well, you know, we had to stop the investigation at that point because we didn't have anymore leads, you make leads. you go out and you find leads. what amazed me, there was no attempt at least, from what i understand to even put this guy's real name, they had his name, on a facebook search engine and so what if you had a few thousand nikolas cruz's
2:46 pm
names come up, there are your leads. it ended up that was the guy. that was the guy. so you know, we need to, jeff sessions good for him. president trump, good for him. clean that agency out. but there are things that parents can do that congress and they won't do. one day we'll talk about that. trish: unfortunately we want to go. i know i want to hear that you encourage to talk to their children, find out what is going on. who are the threats at your school. parents, even get together to come up up a community way to deal with. >> they need to go to the local cops if there are issues. trish: steve, thank you very. you're right, big failure. americans deserve better. we'll be right back. it was such an overwhelming response to help others. no one thought that they were going to do this before it happened and everyone just did it. i think that's the way that human nature should be looked at. ♪ i'll stand by you.
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trish: it has been a very busy news day and none of this is good, because what we have learned is our intel community is not doing its job. 13 russian nationals have been indicted for meddling with our election, trying to divide our country. of course we get the news that the fbi received a tip, actually several tips about the florida shooter but you know what? the agency didn't do a darn thing with their tips. at least that final tip they got, absolutely nothing? we have also learned that the shooter had very disturbing social media footprint.
2:51 pm
social media companies didn't do anything either. joining me now presidential historian doug wead. let's start with the fbi, sir. seems to me all these things are linked. they're linked, because instead of doing what they needed to do at the fbi, instead of working to protect us, from the division that russia was trying to bring on by creating hate on both sides, or from actually protecting the lives of our young students there in florida, they're too busy, you know, working on that christopher steele memo so they can get a fisa warrant to spy on people. it seems that the priorities have completely gotten lost. your take, doug? >> yeah. you know, i love the fbi trish, and i have worked with them. and i have risked my life and put my family and my children's life at risk working with the fbi and i have to tell you it has become very politicized. fbi agents themselves will tell
2:52 pm
you that. when i wrote the book, "game of thorns," i had whistle-blowers come out of the woodwork, especially concerned about collusion with china. i went to the fbi with very credible information. they weren't interested. they have a certain narrative, they know their promotions and future track depend on that narrative. there needs to be some changes, no question about it. trish: there needs to be some accountability. i very strongly believe they need a change of guard at the fbi. it starts at the top. we have just learned that governor rick scott of florida is calling for christopher wray to step down. is that a needed move right now in your view, doug? >> i think so. you know, trish, there are good people on the democrat side and the republican side. we need to depoliticize the fbi. imagine if hillary clinton had been elected president where the fbi would have ended up? it is a blessing that that didn't happen so some of this could be exposed. we need to fix it now when we
2:53 pm
have a president who is not as politically, not as partisan as other presidents have been. this is a chance for democrats to step up and republicans to step up. people who have good integrity. let's clean up these departments while we have a chance. trish: let's do it. why waste another day. doug, thank you very much. good to see you. >> thanks, trish. good to see you too. yes i do. true or false... type 2 diabetes more than doubles your chance of dying from a cardiovascular event, like a heart attack or a stroke. that can't be true, can it? actually, it is true. and with heart disease, your risk is even higher. in fact, cardiovascular disease is the #1 cause of death for adults with type 2 diabetes and heart disease. but there is good news. jardiance is the only type 2 diabetes pill with a lifesaving cardiovascular benefit. jardiance is proven to both significantly reduce the chance of dying from a cardiovascular event
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>> it's been a rough flu season. according to a brand-new study, if you had the flu or similar illness, you are six times more likely to die of a heart attack seven days after a diagnosis that is doctor mark siegel. the bad flu season. >> yes. we actually knew this idea about heart disease before. it's not new. particularly in a bad flu season, and this flu season we protect 5000 50000 deaths will occur. this is a strain that's particularly bad which we don't have a lot of immunity too. this kind of flu, we always knew there was an association with heart disease.
2:58 pm
when you're elderly, especially over 65, if you have high blood pressure, high cholesterol or diabetes you don't have the immune resistance you need and the flu battles your immune system. if you have underlying heart disease, you can get hit with a heart attack. this six times figure is unsurprising but i don't want people who are 30 years old and get the flu thinking they're going to have a heart attack. they will not. >> but if you are older, your risk. is it true we don't have quite the ability in the vaccine system to fight this? i get my flu shot every year, but apparently it's not as good this year. >> it's not, but the cdc just came out this past week with hhs and said it's better than we thought and it's preventing the flu about 36% of the time and preventing it in young people and children almost 60% of the time.
2:59 pm
that doesn't add in decreasing severity. you get milder cases with the vaccine. it's not an ideal vaccine but not only does it protect people but it protects people around you because you shed less of the virus. you don't get the blue flu and the person next to you who is chronically ill or elderly or a pregnant woman doesn't get the flu. >> kind of a civic thing to do. >> i think people should get the flu. world still looking at another month or two of the flu and the strains coming out now are the ones that the flu shot covers the best. >> thank you so much. thank you everybody for watching. you know i'm very upset, i'm very angry with the fbi. i agree with governor rick scott, christopher wray needs to resign. there needs to be changed at the top because those poor
3:00 pm
kids in florida we no longer have them. their poor families will never be the same and our fbi finds time to go take christopher steele's dossier that was fed to him by the russians as some kind of gospel to get a fisa warrant on the trump campaign, something is very wrong. i'm in for lou tonight. make sure to tune in at 7:00 p.m. eastern. >> thank you very much. we will continue on this theme. major development in multiple stories as wall street heads higher for the six straight day. the muller investigation outlining a conspiracy to interfere in the 2016 election. deputy attorney general rod rosenstein announcing the indictment of 13 russian nationals, charging them with conspiracy to defraud the united states, wire fraud, bank fraud, but also accuses people trying to help present trump campaign and harm the campaign of hilli


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