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tv   Making Money With Charles Payne  FOX Business  February 16, 2018 6:00pm-7:00pm EST

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speaker of the house, paul ryan. we hope you have a good weekend, and thank you for watching. charles payne is here with making money. charles: i'm charles payne and you are watching "making money." the dow and s & p rallied. major developments in the florida school massacre. fbi released a statement admitting they failed to release a tip on january 5 from someone close to the suspected shooter. the tip provided information about his gun ownership, erratic behavior and social media posts. the tip also included his
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potential to conduct a mass shooting. the florida governor is calling for kricht for wray to resign saying the fbi utterly failed the victims of this shooting. i have got to start with you, captain america steve. you said on this show last night while others were dithering around with it. you said the fbi dropped the ball. >> yes, they sure did. the signal came to me when the fbi agent stood up and said they gone the to the end of the trail where the statement was said by the killer he wanted to be a professional school shooter. i thought he's putting a spin on this. to the point of governor scott of florida. every single person in
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leadership positions in the fbi should be fired or resign. charles: with police officers, a blue wall goes up. >> i urge every agent to tear down that blue wall and start speak up for the good of this country. charles: less than a year ago i gave a speech at their headquarters in new york. here we are talking about the top of the food chain. one of the things that was interesting. they said under their established protocols, the caller should have been assessed as a potential threat to life. it's troublesome and it dates back to my time with the nypd in connection with 9/11.
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vicarious liability doinls play with chris wray. this should be a seamless transmission of information. it should have gone to the miami office and agents on the ground. it's too complicated a system for the information exchange. you need to simplify it so you can effectively eradicate the threat. if the officers had just knocked on his door, it would have taken the wind out of his sails. charles: a statement from governor rick scott read in part. we consistently promote see something, say something, a courageous person did just that and the fbi failed to act. see something, say something is an incredibly important tool and
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the american people must have confidence in the follow the-through. should christopher wray resign? >> the top echelon of that agency has to go. charles, the question i want answered is, all the information the school had and kids had. my gut is telling me they did report it to local police. and they contacted the fbi and the fbi did a little digging. they could have connected the dots. charles: there is a likelihood we'll find out there were more attempts. nikolas cruz was a known menace to society. he was expelled from the school. people were intimidated by them. the fbi dropping the ball on the youtube thing seems like a no-brainer. this goes beyond being a no
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brainer to the kind of negligence you cannot fathom with intelligence agencies that are to protect americans. >> he beat up his mother. numerous disputes occurred at that residence. it was clear that he was an os extra sized individual. he was somewhat socially inept and everyone knew it. when you hear the student speak to him being the person who committed this horrific act, they say i'm not surprised. law enforcement should have had this on the polls. excluding the fbi, they should have been able to come in, stop this individual, had a sit-down with him, it would have possibly taken the wind out of his sails
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and this might not have happened. charles: the big question everyone is asking is how. we were asking how the fbi could have botched that youtube video where they brought in the person who flagged it. infair gaited him and never went to nikolas cruz's house. but now early january someone close to cruz notified the fbi and nothing was done. what are your thoughts? >> my thoughts are somebody's head needs to roll if not several people in the fbi. lives have been lost because of that error. we can clearly say this would not have happened if this kid had been taken off the street and looked at by a medical professional. if he had guns and other weapons that he could use to be a threat which he had. all of these things happened because no one followed that
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lead. i don't know why it happened. it could have been a duty agent who took that call and didn't put it in the proper place so it would go down to the field office. the local police have some bit of blame here, because 20 or 30 or 40 times going to somebody's house and realizing they are a threat and not doing anything about it. charles: if the inability to relay this message up the chain offed command was started at the very beginning. can we glean from that the entire organization is broken down, there is something wrong with respect to be accountability, esprit de corps, the things would you have to do to make an organization function if it's crumbling in its organization. >> it's made up of human beings.
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human beings are flawed. every human being has their flaws and the individual who let this fall through the cracks had this flaw that affected other people's lives. there are many great agents doing incredible work. there are also individuals doing things -- charles: before you came on, i was talking about my friend who are agents. what i'm talking about and i'll ask steve this, when any organization can be filled with great people, but a certain beacon has to come from the top to send a message, this is the way we are going to operate. i'm not talking now with christopher wray, but is that missing? >> this is about the top echelon, the leadership. the fbi has become too
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political. this is not the fbi of the old days. it seems like it's more involved with politics now. therein lies the problem. >> people who generally handle the information, they are lower-level agents or civilians. and they didn't have the experience to move this forward accordingly. charles: someone says i know a kid who may shoot up a school. to me you put your hair and fire and start running up and count hallway. >> it sounds like they took the mess paneling and they were looking to make the exit from the phone call. charles: the russian probe has led to an indictment of 13 russian nationals for election interference. and you didn't hear the "c" word, collusion. what does this mean for the trump administration next.
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>> there is no allegation in this indictment that any american was a knowing participant in this illegal activity. there is no allegation dmiement that the charged conduct altered the outcome of the 2016 election. the indictment alleges the conspirators wanted to undermine public confidence in democracy. we must not allow them to succeed. charles: that was deputy general rod rosenstein announcing 13 russian nationals were operating
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a troll farm. and no americans were participating in this. russia started their anti-us campaign in 2014, long before i announced i would run for president. charles: when rumblings of the news came out, the stock market gave up 200 points. i think everyone knows russia interfered in our elect. but so far no evidence there was collusion between the trump campaign and russian operatives. >> this mueller investigation is far from over. i will say as a student of
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foreign policy, i'm not shook the the russianed went to this degree. but what i'm heartened by is bob mueller is looking at russian interference instead of going down some rabbit hole to get donald trump politically. charles: this is like kick an and hill -- an ant hill. it's to disrupt our election process and belittle our system. >> this shows how far reaching russia went to undermine our electoral process. they were also pushing for bernie sanders, according to the indictment. but at the same time what the president said when he tweeted was correct. he didn't launch his campaign and few thought he would even run until june of 2015.
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a multiple indictment day from mueller's office and it's good news for the president. charles: the white house issued a statement saying president donald j. trump has been fully briefed on this matter. there was no collusion between the trump campaign and russia and that the outcome of the election was not changed or affected. it means a lot to president trump. everybody one final word for our viewers knows he -- everyone knows he won the election pretty much fair and square. >> president trump want to show the american people he won this election fair and square.
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it undermines the narrative of the media and the democratic party that if it weren't for the russians donald trump wouldn't be president. we have been blind to how much russia was involved. remember president obama's glib remarks about russia and the 1980s. charles: it's a dangerous path the media and dnc play by playing i too this russia narrative. if you are suggesting it is tilted, you are suggesting our process is broken. >> over 60 of them in the house voted for impeachment. you have to let these investigations play out. we don't know what mueller has next. his investigation is ongoing.
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charles: calls are coming from both sides of the aisle for washington to take action from the florida school massacre. roy -- deroy murdock and ron meyer. it's a part that comes with all these -- it's almost instant, the finger pointing. but it feels like every time we are getting closer to some sort
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of definitive action that may cut across both sides of the political aisle. >> the last couple hours made a big impact on the politics. there was hah large part that was a failure of the fbi. and the fbi's processes in reporting this. someone reported this guy before this happened. so why wants it sent to the miami office? if you look at broader picture there is something that has bipartisan support. adding more days when someone gets flagged. using more data. there is more data to be used. what republicans need to do is be solution oriented. actually take a proactive approach to it and say there are things we can do to cut across both aisles that includes school security and background checks
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that do make common sense and solutions that could stop this in the future. >> the thing is like a fortress. it's unfortunate has to be that way. but it has been effective. i don't know in he school in a wealthy area like parkland, florida wants that to be a reality. >> this is an affluent neighborhood, columbine was an affluent neighbor tood'dhood -- neighborhood, sandy hook was an affluent neighborhood. as we heard the last couple hours, the fbi dropped the ball and people need to be sent back to the private sector, the ones responsible who blew it.
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charles: isn't there some sort of mental health lit muscle test? we don't want the government decide hog is mentally fit or not. there should be some obvious cases where there can be action taken. >> i agree with you. i think people on the left get nervous when there is talk about adding manhattan at health. the question ways mentally ill? if you have something approaching criminal insanity or paranoid schizophrenia, that needs to be noted somewhere. >> the way we collect this data for the background systems need to include a mental health element. how do you gather data and report these sorts of things. but when something is reported,
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what happens after that? how is that chikd into? those are not easy policy decisions, but they are discussions we need to have. we have in an affluent area and we added school security. someone has to be able to visually identify that there aring things. community can respond. there is a national policy change that needs to be made that are bipartisan. charles: see something, say something, having law enforcement take action. we have to make sure we protect people. retaliation is a known deterrent for particularly young kids. the blame game full force in washington after four immigration bills fell in the senate. how much political pain are they
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charles: after four immigration bills failed to pass the senate, president blamed the democrats. lindsey graham is warning the
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president that he'll be at fault if immigration fails. >> if you continue this attack on everything and everybody, and make it a political exercise, we are doomed to fail. it's president trump's presidency that will be the biggest loser. charles: at the end of the day if congress failed to pass legislation, who is to blame. adriana, to me it seems that this an area of compromise. i think presiden the president p offered an amazing deal for democrats. are we looking for a potential blame game? >> there is no doubt about it that president trump did offer a great deal.
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he offered an opportunity for over a million dreamers to stay in this country in exchange for border security. i can't believe the democrats will not support this. so many democrats in that a gang of 8 bill supported border security and the extending the border fencing. they supported e verify. so they already support the things president trump wants. but because it's him, they don't want to give him the win. it's all political and they are throwing the dreamers understood the bus because of it. >>th what are you telling potential voters? >> this continues to be the robe why washington is broken. this illegal immigration issue is symbolic of how they failed to act, regardless of how
6:32 pm
reasonable the compromises are that are put in front of them. we are unable to act object all the other issues -- act on all the other issues facing americans. our veterans have not been able to receive the services they need. we have people to will work hard with e verify and end chain migration. and building the border also we can move forward and combat things like the opioid crisis? ohio. >> immigration, a big topic. the left likes to merge legal immigration with illegal immigration. we are talking about a path to citizenship that would have been the ultimate sweetener. >> the 700,000 daca recipients,
6:33 pm
and the response was it was trying to make america white again and was a racist proposal. i like what john thune is proposing. you extend daca for three lines and give three years of funding for the wall. charles: should we write this process off or is it part of the negotiating process? we have one deadline. we have courts getting involved. maybe it doesn't come to an end in two weeks. >> the march date is moot because of these two judges that filed injunction. they are temporarily blocking the trump administration from ending daca. that will buy dreamers time until june.
6:34 pm
it's possible the supreme court cannot take this up until september. in which case they get even that much more time. but it's possible the supreme court could find daca unconstitutional. in which case they overturn the 9th circuit court of appeals. i think they would be parter to get on board and try to carb of something out that they want instead of taking the risk that the supreme court find it unconstitutional and they then have no leg to and on. charles: deroy mentioned every time this comes up, there are calls of racism. how do you combat that? >> the president has proposed similar solutions similar to those proposed several decades ago under democratic
6:35 pm
administrations. i think recognizing that terrorists have come in through the dangerous visa lottery system should be a common sense solution and initiative to understand we need to do basic reforms that have been talked about by both sides of the aisle. we need congressmen and women who need to act. and have a positive immigration system based off of merit and improving our economic status in the united states. charles: we'll say it sounds like common sense solutions, but i guess in d.c.h c., nothing is -- but i guess in d.c., nothing is simple.
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♪ charles: president trump and first lady melania have arrived at the broward health north hospital to show their support for the victims and the doctors to cared for them. a better than expected report on housing starts, the word came out about possible indictments
6:40 pm
from robert mueller's investigation. but once it was clear there was no connection to any americans, it began to climb. but this is the friday before a three-day weekend and all the buyers had fled. this was an amazing week. a huge success for the market. one saw hysteria fade and the focus come back to fundamentals. puvment s. steel and aluminum companies sowing potentially a 53% tariff on aluminum. the news sent the shares of
6:41 pm
these stocks soaring. century aluminum up 8%. there is a whole lot of opposition. the president and ceo of the nationality association of manufacturers. congratulations. everybody time i see a great news announcement from washington and the white house, i see a familiar face. >> i'm trying to make sure our manufacturing workers get those. that's how it's for. charles: we are seeing money coming back. we are seeing announcements come. it seems like manufacturing has the wind in its sails that we
6:42 pm
haven't seen inning a long time. >> we are going to 8 states, 35 events, and spreading the message that manufacturers are confident. the reason we are confident is tax cuts, regulatory relief, a focus on investment in infrastructure. there is a 95% optimistic outlook it's a 20-year record for the 20-year history of the survey. of course, there are always a few challenges. one of the things we are talking about on this tour is the fact that we need workers. we have 364,000 jobs and that number will grow to 2 million. >> we saw siebs. i know in the so-called great recession like the carpenters and welders and the oldered folks who didn't have these
6:43 pm
jobs, they barely had a job themselves. so there is a gulf there. but it seems bigger than that. it seems like vocational schools, these are great-paying jobs. i know the elites tried to make people feel bad for having. but these are bread and butter jobs. you used to be able to send your kids to college with these jobs. >> my grandfather went into manufacturing and came out of the agricultural sector because he wanted to make sure his family could succeed. but you are right, business, education, state, local, federal government, all need to work together to make sure folks have the skills necessary for telling and robotics and artificial intelligence and augmented reality. you have to have skills in those areas.
6:44 pm
>> they are new collar jobs. charles: i started this segment with potential tariffs. i noticed a mixed reaction to that. >> here is the bottom line. manufactures want to make sure we are able to compete and succeed. this report points out there are i am balances in trade around the world. another problem we are facing is we are fighting against trial lawyers and politicians who want to take down manufactures. mayor deblasio is suing energy companies right now. charles: environment and a whole lot of things ahead of jobs. politics always. jay, thanks a lot and congratulations. unvestors seeing a great week after the market arounded one of its worst weeks in a while.
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charles: major averages posted higher because consumer confidence and the economic outlook continue to rebound. we were at one of the lowest unemployment rates very. most of of the optimism around the new tax regime. and now people feel better about that than they do about the volatility in the stock market. i brought in two of my best friends to talk about this.
6:49 pm
chris, what should we expect now? we have the three-day weekend. we had a big down week and a nice rebound. where do we go from here. >> if you trace back what kicked off the tumul tumultuous beginnf the month, it doesn't appear inflation is heating up. what's going to set the tone for next week? we get the flash pmi and people will be digging inside of that for confirmation on the inflation numbers. if we see that, i think the market continues to move higher among a sea of earnings. it felt like there was some inflation in the import-export
6:50 pm
numbers and inflation in p.p.i. so we continue to see the inflation gains, but it didn't seem to hurt the market. has wall street come to grips that we are due for a little bit of inflation? >> a little bit of inflation is good, but we have data on real wages in january that showed 80% of the workforce that showed wages contract. a friend we saw fear the last four or five months. that took wind out of the inflation argument. 1.5%, 1.8% is good. but it's not where it need to be at 2% for three or four rate hikes this year. >> we are not talking about the service sector where we are seeing a fair amount of inflation. but this week i think investors looked at the landscape and said we can live with a little bit of
6:51 pm
that. the under pinnings of these companies are just as strong. we had a dramatic recovery. >> the feds' goal was to generate some inflation. we certainly want people to make more money in this country. it feels like it's a major disconnect between main street and wall street. whatever you do, the folks who pulled the strings, don't derail us as we are moving the fed out of the station. >> they may want to slow down, but they have to reload. eventually some day we'll have an economic turndown and they will need ammo in there. the fundamentals of these companies are just that strong. charles: can we return up to new highs from here?
6:52 pm
>> i think we can. if we can just hover around the 100-day i could live with that. charles: can the market find its equilibrium? and can it get back to new highs this year? >> i think it has found its equilibrium. we have more earnings, we are still yet to see the full benefits of tax reform. we'll see more jobs and more people with better paying jobs come out of this. we haven't even seen the benefits of infrastructure spending yet. earnings can move higher and the market can move higher as a result, even if the multiple is flat. charles: the see something-say something model has proved woefully inefficient in preventing a lot of things including the deadly shooting in florida. but it's not citizens, it's the
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charles: breaking news u.s. geological survey report a 7.5 earthquake struck southwest mexico, 400 miles south of mexico city, we'll keep you updated. in meanwhile, new information emerging on fbi. failing to follow-up on its own protocol. he had violence 10 tenseys and he may' to shoot up a school, in this case, see something, say something did not work with, me now, morgan wright, back with us, ford o'connel, morgan. a lot made about this youtube situation where someone reported that.
6:57 pm
and you know it felt like the fbi kind of brushed it off yesterday in the pressures. could they have found a way with a sophisticated tool to do a better investigative process. >> it is easier than that, i helped build one of the largest information sharing departments. i know how this information is shared and got. they were looking at it from mississippi, they knew that identity came out of florida, transferring that to florida would have find a nikolas cruz who had 39 contact with law enforcement and posted on instagram. i hate to say they brushed it off, if that is the case, they did have the chance to avert one of the largest tragedies of a long time, very similar to 9/11, with so many red flags and blinking lights, how did we miss
6:58 pm
this, it was so big, we missed that elephant in the living room. charles: this was internal. people seeing things within the operations, it does not find its way up the food chain it falls through a crack. >> left-hand does not talk to right hand, this is challenge with 9/11 and other terrorism cases where the cia and fbi could not share information, but in in case, the information was there. it could have been found if someone had thrown it over the wall, to florida, what do you know about the guy, very unique spells, nik -- and look it up. >> morgan is right, law enforcement does a terrible job sharing information, with other law enforcement branches. charles: but what about wents agency. >> i wassinwithins agency. >> i was going there, they drop the ball based on what we know,
6:59 pm
went their own agency, local authorities were called to cruz's home over 30 times, if that is true that is astounding, before this point as well with a january 5 call, yes fbi dropped ball threthere but there is a wp call we're not shares information this occurs because of a request for funding. >> we saw, not just fbi but certain protocols, charlton, texas shooting, you could go on. you help build this system, we have 25 seconds left, but, it is a matter of using it better or deploying it better? >> one of the big findings out of 9/11 commission of failure of imagining a, these system have been never addressed social media, we have to figure out a way, protocol should be check
7:00 pm
the social media, that would have aleve yeted this whole -- alleviated this whole fbi jurisdiction thing. charles: thank you very much. and we want to say a prayer for those in florida. >> i am trish regan in for lou dobbs, trump visiting broward he'lhealth north. the hospital treating the victims of this week's school shooting in parkland florida, christopher wray faces calls to resign afters agency admitted it failed to act on a tip that potentially predicted this high school massacre 6 weeks ago. a person close to nikolas cruz contacted fbi in january. with concerns he was planning a school shooting and wanted to kill people. jeff sessions with how that info


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