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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  February 17, 2018 6:00am-7:00am EST

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numbered couch tomorrow. stay safe and have a beautiful night. you very much. and we want to say a prayer for those in florida. >> i am trish regan in for lou dobbs, trump visiting broward he'lhealth north. the hospital treating the victims of this week's school shooting in parkland florida, christopher wray faces calls to resign afters agency admitted it failed to act on a tip that potentially predicted this high school massacre 6 weeks ago. a person close to nikolas cruz contacted fbi in january. with concerns he was planning a school shooting and wanted to kill people. jeff sessions with how that information could have been ignored. we'll take all of that up right
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here tonight, and another story we're following robert mueller charging 13 russian nationals and three russian entities for trying to interfere in our election. conducting information warfare against u.s., but doj made it clear no american was a knowing parts pa tant in this -- participant in this illegal visit. president trump tweeting it is clear his campaign did nothing wrong. we're going to discuss special council probe and stunning lack of collusion evidence with chris ferrel of judicial watch and ed rollins, also with us, legal scholar jonathan turley, coming tonight. more now on our breaking news. president trump and first lady at south flood's broward county
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health hospital. the president had been expected to visit parkland today, he tweeted, he would meet with people quote whose lives have been totally shattered, they have. but we did not know about the specifics of the trip, that is new. the president's visit comes as fbi admit its mishandled, to say the least, the credible, specific tip about alleged shooter kruze kuaea cruise nikoa caller had warned about the potential school shooting about a month and a half before. fox news correspondent phil keating is reporting for us tonight. reporter: two days, a mass actor that fbi warned could happen, they admit they failed to properly handle on a january 5
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tip from a person close to nikolas cruz, about his gun ownership and desire to kill people, specifically a school shooting, it should have been forwarded up to miami field offers, it was not. 5 weeks later, 17 students, and teachers are dead. >> on behalf of myself and over 1,000 employees of miami field office, we regret any national l pain it caused. reporter: in a rare slap from attorney general to fbi jeff sessions released a highly critical admonition, it is clear that warning signs were there and tips to fbi were missed. we see the tragic consequences of those fai failures, florida governor rick scott taking outrage further. >> the fbi's failure to take act against this killer is unacceptable. 17 innocent people are dead, and acknowledging a mistake is not
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going to cut it. the fbi director needs to resign. also in september, the fbi was unable to trace a source of a internet post by someone with a same name at the suspect, writing, i'm going to be a professional school shooter, broward county sheriff now clarifying. >> the killer never was in possession of a gas mask, or any type of smoke grenade. reporter: former student who was expelled last year, 19-year-old nikolas cruz remains held without bond. >> remorseful. he is fully aware of what is going on. and he is a broken human being. reporter: emotions and politics continue to dominate the a affluent community, across the country schools and police deal
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with copycat threats. most have been social media hoaxes, and devastation caused by this shooting for community, lead several thousand people to gathering it thursday night -- together thursday night at parkland amphitheater for an emehgan -- emotional candlelight vigil this student lost a close friend. the broward own county sheriff d his office received 20 calls for service specifically regarding nikolas cruz's behavior and actions, and quoting public defender for cruz, that the accused killer, will agree to plead guilty to 17 counts of premeditated first degree murder in exchange for avoiding death
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penalty. >> thank you phil keating. >> a new indictment from mueller in the capitol, more than a dozen russians accused in a plot to meddle in our election. this is bolstering president trump's insistance that the russia collusion is a sham. >> what they called, information warfare, against the united states. >> with oversight of russia special count probe, rod rosenstein said 13 russian nationals and three russian organizations were charged with conspiracy to defraud of united states, and illegally using social media to divide americans and disrupt the presidential election. >> to promote discord in u.s., and undermine public confidence in democracy. reporter: as early as 2015, dime
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alleges that russia defendants, began planning the operation from their base in st. petersburg, indictment saying that by early to mid 2016, the operation included supporting presidential campaign of then candidate donald trump and disparaging hillary clinton. they spot server space in u.s. to create a virtual private network. >> use stolen or fictitious american identities, fraudulent bank accounts and false identification documents opposed as politically and socially active americans, advocating for and against particular candidates. reporter: indictment alleges that russian po operative made contact with volunteers and supporters of the trump campaign. >> there is no willcasio allegan in this indictment that any american was a knowing
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participant in this illegal activity, there is no allegation in the indictment that it altered the outcome of the election. reporter: including ted cruz and marco rubio and allegedly aimed to bolster bernie sanders, after the election they found that russian operatives played both sides. >> organize one rally to support president elect, and another rally to impose -- oppose him, both in new york on the same day. reporter: asked by fox news whether russian government would cooperate in future prosecution? >> no communication with the russians about this will follow ordinary process of seeking cooperation. and extradition. >> today a california man plead guilty to selling bank account members to nationals outside of
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united states, a spokesman said they had no evidence that man was a knowing or willing participate in the russian plot. >> thank you catherine herridge. >> joining me now, george washington university law professor, jonathan turley, good to see you, your thoughts. >> this has to be good news for the trump team, actually comes to a single adjective, they say that there were no -- that the conversations that trump officials had with a few of the russian was unwitting, they did not know they were russians, it was amplified by deputy attorney general saying that no american knowingly had any interact with this, that sounds a lot like no collusion, many of us have been saying we don't see a basis for a criminal investigation to whatever collusion might mean, there is no crime of collusion on the criminal code. but what is really interesting
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is that this is an investigation for a year with multiple 3 agreements -- plea agreements, benefit of speaking with people like flynn, they say, we have no evidence basically of collusion. that includes an absence of any reference to trump tower meeting, there they knew they were dealing with russian but the investigators did not include that as some type of a evidence of collusion. so, this has to be good news for the trump team it is bad news for us in a sense. >> and the fbi perhaps. >> right, because russians did interfere with our election, but also struck me by the way about this indictment, is really how low grade a lot was, how gra true -- a bunch of clowns holding opposes protests, i kept reading this what are they achieving? there was a gap as to any hope
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of really achieving anything after the election of holding protests and counter protests. >> we know they wanted to divide us, if you have a you know group celebrating, presidency of donald trump, then another group that is lamenting it and protesting it, then they are trying to garner support on both sides so they can increasingly force us to divide. -- >> right, but. >> but the thing i don't understand, they have 12 russians, is that going to make a difference? we're divided there are millions of people on either side, we're not getting along, why putin thought adding 12 russians in outfit would make a different i- difference i don't get. >> i don't think that putin cared who won this elect but i think he mostly cared how he could disrupt our process, ands
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fact that he and i believe russians were feeding a bunch of mannonsense to christopher steel who was being funded by the democrats and hillary clinton, then that material made its way to fbi thie that then caused fbe the fisa warrants, this shows us that vladimir putin did when he wanted to do, he undermined our system in a way to cause us to say, what the heck is going on. >> i think that -- i think that there a very important point there in, that i think most serious thing that russians did was that hacking. that was getting into the systems. and selectively releasing e-mails, there is also evidence they may have tried to do something more, actually interfering with voting. the indictment is good news in one sense, it shows that fbi was able to do an amazing job. in taking this cyber trail, and
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finding these people. >> really? i don't think they did such an amazing job. i look at fbi, said you fell for the dossier. >> but, you have to give them credit, this is no easy investigation, you are up against one of the largest intelligence organizations in world, they were able to identify the sources. and people are i think are underestimating the impact of getting tagged by the fbi. yes, they are not like like to be extradited, but they are on the radar screen, they will stay there. >> well. look we've always known that russia wants to interfere with us, it has been going on since the days of soviet union, and perhaps long before. we have to be smarter, and anticipate their next move, i am not giving the fbi a pass on this one. >> thank you. >> all right, we're coming right back with a whole lot more, don't go anywhere. >> special counsel mueller
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charges 13 russians -- three russians and 13 entities for interfering with our elections. >> they call it information warfare in the united states, with goal of spreading distrust toward candidates and political system in general. >> we take up new charges with ed rollins and chris fairly of judicial watch, and growing outrage after fbi admitted it failed to act to a tip that florida suspect wanted to kill people should, the fbi director resign? much more on that, whether me much more on that, whether me come back -- when
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trish: breaking news. president trump speaking about response to tragic school shooting in florida. president is at the hospital visiting with pled medical professionals. >> done an incredible job, we saw people in incredible recovery. first responders, everyone the job they have done is incredible. >> did you see the victims? >> yes, i did. i did, indeed.
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it is very sad, something like this could happen, but the job that doctors did, nurses, the hospital, first responders, law enforcement. really incredible. the speed they got the victims to the hospital is record -- one case 20 minutes in one case 19 minutes from time they were shot. it is incrediblible thing, thank you very much. trish: joining me now, ed rollins, great america pak chairman. you know. tough thing for a president to have happen on liz watch. >> it is, it is important what he is doing, he is going down there on behalf of all of us, saying thank you for every effort you made. i'm going to try to bring people together and resources and understand that we care deeply, we feel your loss, and your
6:20 am
suffering. >> a message that gets put out every time one of these things happens. yet nothing is done. but this is say different kind of president. i don't think he is a guy that believes in not seeing some action. what might he do? >> i think what he can do, is you are not going to change gun laws easily. but as a president you can create a commission, bring people together, argue this is -- how do we stop this, how do we make sure security, local government, educational people, make sure that fbi is functioning properly. and i think, he is only one that can do, that catalyst for a real change, we have done it with other issues in the past, we did it with 9/11, we have to it now bring people tovent their
6:21 am
frustration and find the common solutions. trish: frustration, those poor parents, knowing that the fbi was warned, twice. some second time they didn't follow up, they did not do a darn thing, what does that tell you about our fbi right now? >> i think that fbi is under it has been under scrutiny, it has not been functioning effectively. s first question, you would ask, who paid for it, how did this information come here with that dossier, if you asked who paid you would have found out it was dnc and hil hillary and moved o. same, you say that person in charge of that office, what happened? you fire or discipline them, you don't do that governor of florida demand that to b fbi be fired, you demand that he couldd be account in. trish: seems that folks at fbi do not know how to do their job,
6:22 am
they failed in florida, they failed on this russia thing, do dossier, they are so busy believing the garbage they are being fed, they are not paying attention to real things that matt every, these kids lives. >> fbi is a huge agency, i would argue that 99% do a fantastic job, but there are politics at the top, beginning with obama administration. trish: is christopher wray the guy to do that, we were talking tuesday, he gave his testimony, he was asked, are there basis at fbi -- biases at feb feb he said no. >> there are great law enforce am, i am not afraid to go outside and restructure. >> it needs that. >> it does.
6:23 am
what you are part of that system it is hard to make those choices. >> there is a lot that can be done. >> and needs to be done. we owe it to those kids and parents. trish: vote in tonight's pole, do you believe fbi director wray should step down over the bureau's failure to follow-up on a tip that could have prevented florida school shooting? cast your vote. >> coming up, follow lou on twitter @loudobbs, like him on facebook, and follow him on instagram, on wall street, stocks closed mixed. volume on the big board 3.6 billion shares, and for the week, dow, s&p up more than 4%, and nasdaq up more fa more than. consumer sentiment rebounding in february, to a near 14 year high, houses starts surging 10%
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trish: attorney general jeff sessions addressing whether daca will be settled by march 5th. the deadline. and he's making these premarks what he said in an interview, watch. >> i don't know. the people who say they want to fix that, president trump has offered them that. he's been very generous in his legislation. i think that's a very generous policy, goes beyond actually what president obama had in his
6:29 am
daca policy. goes beyond what even some people who favored the daca expected. so that's been very generous. so we're in -- he's already made compromises -- prettcompromises. trish: maria's interview is going to air 10:00 a.m. eastern. joining me now were charlie hurt, fox business contribute enand rachel campos-duffy. >> he's offering a path to citizenship for 1.8 million people that's huge, massive. i don't know if his base is going to like it b but i would think that the democrats would and they're not going to budge on things like the lottery system? i mean, does that not illustrate the breakdown or what. trish: listen, the president wants a deal. the president cares about the dreamers. the attorney general sessions
6:30 am
makes a great point. this is three times what obama offered. and obama only offered a temporary status which was probably going to be overturned in the supreme court. president trump is offering citizenship in exchange to what the america people like him to do, which is secure the border. if you don't secure the corder, if you don't get rid of the chain migration and the visa lottery system, you're going to have a whole other wave of daca. let's solve the problem and let's be so compassion nate with those kids who came here through no fault of their own. trish: i don't know how the democrats argue about this one. and if they're not willing to do this deal, i don't know how they justify that to their base. >> look, here's the key. they don't want to solve it because they want perpetual legal immigration. we have to attack the motives of the democratic party. they don't want to have border security or have a system that only legal immigrants are allowed in this country because
6:31 am
they need a continual identity politics group to keep the democratic narrative going. the republicans are about individual empowerment, making this the land of opportunity. the democrats have to try to always have these oppressed victim groups and unfortunately that's why they want another 20 million ill liam immigrants to come in so they can have permanent political power. it's so disappointing. the president has moved so much on this issue, manufacture than i'm comfortable with at times but to get a deal i think it's worthwhile. it's so disappointing to see a major political party side with noncitizens just for political power. trish: think of how pathetic that is really. this is why no one can stand washington. i want to turn to another big tori obviously. the fbi and the incompetency shall we say at the fbi which has just been illustrated over and over and over again rachel. whether we're talking act the clinton e-mail story, bias at the fbi, you know they're so
6:32 am
busy texting each other about how much they hate donald trump, whether it's the willingness of them to be spoon fed a bunch of junk by the russians via that dossier that caused them to then go out and get a fisa warrant and now of course we're learning they weren't doing their job. >> right. trish: they weren't doing their job, which means protecting our children. they had been warned about this killer in florida and they didn't do anything about it, rachel. >> listen. they got a very credible solid tip. two. one was the one from the youtube blogger in september and then they got another one from somebody who actually knew nicolas druz and inikolas cruz,d they didn't follow up on it. never know who you run into in the fox's green room. i just ran into carter page in
6:33 am
the green room. he showed me a letter he wrote to former fbi director comey. it was from two years ago and he said, listen, you're wasting valuable resources going after me. and look at what just happened. we see that they weren't following up on things that they should have. the main role of the fbi is to prevent what we just saw this week. trish: but instead they couldn't prevent it because they were duped by the russians. >> and the top leadership was politicized. >> totally politicized. i realize this was comey's fbi but charlie, let's not gore fete. christopher wray was asked this week, do you think there's bias at the fbi. he was asked this at his hearing on capitol hill to which he said no, there's no bias at the fbi. for goodness sakes the text messages between lisa page and
6:34 am
peter -- the one. >> where they could smell trump supporters in walmart? yeah, that one. trish: if that's not bias i don't know what is. >> and the fbi has been politicized for many many years. it's not even republican versus democrat. it's stayists very was patriots. people arpatriotsit's really scn of it. and as you've seen right now the fbi is more concerned with preventing the new president from getting reelected than actually doing their job when they have credible threats. i think the new director wray should resign. it's ridiculous this was allowed to happen and whatever protocol was not followed. the blood is on their hands. they didn't even visit the guy, didn't do a background or anything. it's ridiculous. trish: do you agree, should he resign, rachel? >> yes. imu lotbut lots of signs were m,
6:35 am
signs in the community and the family. trish: maybe he should resign and they should just clean house and get rid of all of the politicized burr cat bureaucrat. thank you coming back with more. stay with us. 260 americans recklessly unmasked by obama's ambassador to the united nations. now demanding to know why. we'll take it up with chris farrell next. the dems alice is living with metastatic breast cancer, which is breast cancer that has spread to other parts of her body. she's also taking prescription ibrance with an aromatase inhibitor, which is for postmenopausal women with hormone receptor-positive her2- metastatic breast cancer as the first hormonal based therapy.
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clearly better money management. trish: an epic failure on behalf of the fbi. they plisessed, absolutely missed that tip that they were given about the killer in florida. they had the opportunity to prevent the massacre that happened and they failed to do their job. so what does it mean for the fbi? and should christopher wray continue to lead it? joining me right now, chris farrell, director of investigations and research for judicial watch. i look at this and i say, okay, our fbi has failed on many levels, whether it be the clinton e-mail situation, whether it be getting duped by the russians with that phony dossier and then it caused them to be issuing fisa warrants on the opponent's campaign, whether just constantly wanting to take down our current president.
6:40 am
but yet they missed the most important thing that they're supposed to do. and that's protect our citizens. they didn't even bother to follow up on a tip. so knowing all of this, knowing how politicized this organization has become and the realities that they're not even doing the jobs that they are there to do, do some people need to go? do we need a reorganization? what are your thoughts? >> people do need to go. you can start with the director wray. frankly, i would go back 200 years to the u.s. marshal service, create a new division for investigations and in about six to eight months i would shut the fbi down and agents would be allowed to apply for or laterally transfer to a new investigative arm of the u.s. marshal service and the fbi would cease to exist. trish: you're not just calling
6:41 am
on chris me christopher wray to. this is controversial. you don't want to see the fbi in existence in its current form? >> if there's a systemic institution nal problems. we can walk it back to the whitey bulger, existing corruption in el paso, texas. there's all sorts of problems. and at this point you've got a 200-some-odd year of the u.s. marshal service performing honorable work. let's create a branch within the u.s. marshal office. let the fine officials at the rank and file, let them apply for, be screened and admitted into this new investigative division. and then let's take what's left over of obviously a deeply flawed organization, certainly
6:42 am
the headquarters and shake it out and let's start over. we don't want to lose good people and we don't have to. we can simply put them in a new investigative arm of the u.s. marshal service, an option that's served honorably for more than 200 years. trish: you want to start over for real. look. i think the reality is, you know, i don't know that we'll get to that, chris, but there should be some accountability. i don't know if christopher wray is the right back. in fact i don't think he is because he doesn't even admit that there's bias to begin with. >> i agree with you. has but here's the problem. if nothing changes, nothing changes. there's got to be a radical very penetrating severe examination and it's -- you have to turn over some furniture here. we have to really reset the thinking. it's an institutional cultural question. it's -- the entity itself has become poisoned.
6:43 am
trish: yeah. all right. chris farrell, thank you very much. good to see you tonight. coming up next, growing calls asy eve been hearing throughout the night for fbi director christopher wray to resign after the agency failed to react to a tip about the alleged high school shooter. a former agent will take that up when we return. do not yea, so, mom's got this cold #stuffynose #nosleep i got it... #mouthbreather yep, we've got a mouth breather. well just put on a breathe right strip and... pow! it instantly opens your nose up to 38% more than cold medicine alone
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trish: florida governor rick scott today calling on fbi director christopher wray to resign after the bureau admitted it failed to follow up on the tip about the alleged gunman in the park lan high school massacre. it has been a very bad week for wray. on tuesday he used his testimony before the house intelligence committee to make the outlandish claim he saw no anti-trump sentiment at the fbi. >> i encouraging our folks not to get too hung up on what i consider to be the noise on tv and in social media. >> so you haven't seen any evidence of some sort of inherent political bias in the agency? >> no. trish: he doesn't see any wise s and his fbi doesn't bother to follow up on a tip that could have saved so many lives. should he be running that organization right now? joining me, retired fbi special
6:48 am
agent bobby tacom. bobby, you worked at the fbi. what's the difference between when you were there and how it is now? >> well, i'll tell you, trish, i spent 27 years as an fbi agent in the street. in 27 years i spent a total of two days inside fbi headquarters. i'm not an headquarters' guy. i'm not here to justify the behavior of a group that rose to the hea head and had those polil biases. that group of people that kind of subjugated the top positions of fbi headquarters are on their way out. trish: yeah, some of them. >> some of them. trish: christopher wray doesn't even see any bias. here you're saying there's bias. beall saw the bias. you saw the text between lisa
6:49 am
and peter. >> it's undeniable. trish: and christopher wray is saying no, none of that. haven't seen it. he doesn't recognize that. i question whether he can actually do the job. >> i wasn't in favor of him when he was nominated. but right now i think we need a little consistent leadership at the top and i don't agree that he should step down for the governor of florida getting his political pound of flesh. you know i prefer -- trish: i mean, bobby, for goodness sakes, they didn't do thaib job. you could have entered nikolas cruz into a facebook search and tried to figure out who he was. >> right. but director wray didn't do th that. trish: or maybe this is perhaps blame that should still be put on comey and this was comey's fbi. i just look at it and say look, they're so busy focusing on the russian dossier and they're not
6:50 am
doing what they need to do, bobby. >> well in this specific situation i think that they need to find out who made the huge mistake of not dealing with that information that they got. and that person needs to be disciplined. and -- trish: disciplined? try fired. fired. >> yeah, it could be. and that might be, that might be the case and that might happen. but i think right now -- trish: follow up on that term. okay. >> and nobody at the school level who knew this kid was a danger and the local sheriff who was at the kid's house 39 times in recent years didn't talk to the school who knew he was much of a danger and kicked him off of campus and knew he was a danger and told the faculty don't let him back on campus with a backpack. so you had people at the local level who knew this kid was a danger and nothing was done at that level either. so there's a lot of blame to go around. i'm not excusing what happened at the fbi at all.
6:51 am
but for years this kids was a problem. for years those students and friends and neighbors knew this kid was a problem. the police were at his house 39 times. they knew he was a problem. he was introducing himself -- trish: you need to start thinking long and hard about whether or not we allow these cry disi people to be free to walk the streets and harm us the way this guy did. i think we need to think long and hard about this society that we live in that's so trusting and so forgiving and you know, bobby, you know, somebody, somebody should have alerted a whole lot of people along the way. because he belonged in a mental health institution, not the ability to go shoot up a school. >> the people clambering for new laws and regulations should be clambering for new laws to take these people off of the street before they commit a crime. get them the treatment they need
6:52 am
before they carry out these crimes. those are the laws that we need. those are the new regulations that we need. trish: i'm with you, bobby. but i still think the fbi needs to do a much better job at its job. >> and i agree with you. absolutely agree. trish: coming up next, the russia witch hunt once again turns up no collusion and no wrongdoing by president trump. we're going to talk about the latest indictments from robert mueller with our panel a today we're out here to test people's knowledge about type 2 diabetes. so you have type 2 diabetes? yes i do. true or false... type 2 diabetes more than doubles your chance of dying from a cardiovascular event, like a heart attack or a stroke. that can't be true, can it? actually, it is true. and with heart disease, your risk is even higher. in fact, cardiovascular disease is the #1 cause of death for adults with type 2 diabetes and heart disease. but there is good news. jardiance is the only type 2 diabetes pill with a lifesaving cardiovascular benefit. jardiance is proven to both significantly reduce the chance of dying from a cardiovascular event
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tub * in our online poll we asked you, do you believe the dimms and the rinos in the senate have proven they care more about politics than protecting our border and the safety of american citizens? 96% you say yes. joining me, radio talk show host dom giordano and tammy bruce. this up a frustrating day. it's been such a down day, as yesterday, a sad day. now we learned the fbi could have prevented it. or at heat done some research and they didn't. tammy: this is helpful. the world thisday chaos, there
6:57 am
is nothing we can do. in fact we learned the citizenry did their job. everybody did their thing who was a citizen, whether it's the blogger on youtube, the neighbors, kids have learned how to recognize the issues, they reported it. police going out to the house. when all the normals did their job, we get it to the federal level and they shrug. that is now the shocking dynamic. when we talk about school security, firearms, we'll have those debates. but will any of that matter if when you get it to the federal level they either don't care, they shrug or i don't know why when you have got one job and you have it handed to you on a silver platter and you do not act, it's a seen it entire system is degrade and deinvolved
6:58 am
internally. it will take more than christopher ray resigning. -- christopher wray resigning. these arguably could be looked at as criminal actions because the nature of what they did not do. trish: my next guest said there should be some disciplinary action. you bring up criminal. this is criminal to think you had this information and you didn't do anything about it. now these kids in florida are dead as a result. but -- om, what can we expect? they are so busy looking into the dossier and trying to figure out how donald trump somehow excluded with the russians to win the election. it seems to me they don't understand priorities. >> what's shocking to me, i hope we slow down and have a
6:59 am
national" and debate. i have been talking about the upper-level distinguished from the field work of the fbi. but there has been a trail of this that calls into question the basic competency or basic caring about this. this throwing up your hand approach of chaos, we can't do anything is false. if they need more agents and need for mere budget to do their work, they ought to say it tonight or otherwise we believe the worst about the fbi. trish: they encourage you to say something. and you take a risk because someone might call you an islamaphobe. and you are paranoid. tammy: we have to know that we have done what we can do and we need to know we get what we deserve at the federal level.
7:00 am
trish: thank you for watching. and thank you to lou for having me me in for him. i will see you at 2:00 p.m.en the >> was he a lifelong hoarder or a shrewd collector? the answer lies inside this salvage yard filled with rusty old cars. >> did you know how many cars grandpa had? >> the locals say it's a worthless eyesore. >> whoo-hoo! >> his grandson calls it an "iron gold mine." [ auctioneer calling ] which is the truth? we're about to find out. >> sold it! [ door creaks ] [ wind howls ] [ thunder rumbles ] [ bird caws ] >> i'm jamie colby, and i'm just driving in to enid, oklahoma, which is about 90 miles north of


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