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tv   Mornings With Maria Bartiromo  FOX Business  February 19, 2018 6:00am-9:00am EST

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funerals are held for those killed in last week's school shooting in florida. the latest that jetblue is offering free flights to family members. moving onto the stock market, the rally rolling on last week in the green, but the dow and s&p closing higher for the six straight trading day. the best week for the dow since november 2016. markets are closed today in honor of presidents' day the features will be trading until 1:00 p.m. eastern and you do see some optimism here on the dow futures. stock searching for direction in asia overnight. the nikkei closing up nearly 2%. shanghai composite index then closed for the lunar new year. bay area accidents, why more tech workers could follow the lead and leave silicon valley behind. the condo winning big splash in the competition for a record
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rocks off his tall. that's lebron james squares off at the nba all-star game, it was a similar -- fergie stole the show. ♪ star-spangled dinner yet waves ♪ dagen: that is like me trying to imitate barbra streisand alone in the privacy of my home. the latest in twitter reps following her interesting rendition of the national anthem. all of that coming up this morning and so much more, fox news contributor jessica turner love, nature shell, former fbi joint terror task force member, steve rogers. welcome wanda noll. thank you for working.
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>> we are here. >> in honor of the president and all the presidents before him. dagen: i don't want anyone to tweet me. i say it all the time of quiet just because i'm a business show. because she is a phd from the london school of economics. >> you say it every time that it makes a difference. dagen: you can debate us on the merits but don't tell us things that are wrong and pick up which are laid down. coming up this morning, attorney general jeff sessions sat down with maria bartiromo for an extensive interview. one of our favorite people on planet earth on planet earth summit ed rollins, former reagan chief, white house political adviser. just give up soon,, we all do. tired secret service agent and former cia counterterrorism officer did not. you do want to miss any of those fine gentleman. trump firing back taking the twitter this weekend after the
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special counsel released an indictment on friday charging 13 russian nationals with interfering in the 2016 presidential election. the president writing, with the goal of russia to find discord than with all of the committee hearings. investigations and party hatred has succeeded beyond their wildest dreams. they're laughing that expletive off in moscow. get smart americana. independent counsel ken starr to cause russia to the real enemy in the investigation. >> we should stop pointing fingers at one another in this country and realize who the real enemy is. these are spies. they came into our country. they spent millions of dollars. they didn't need to collude with anyone. they had a massive operation in st. petersburg, russia, not florida and we now know the people financing is according to the indictment were people extremely close to vladimir
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putin. the real target here is the russian government, which is seeking to do what? they are seeking to sow discord. dagen: white house reporter for the "washtington examiner" sarah westwood. what you make of the president's comments on twitter to these indictments? >> president trump has appointed. to undermine the trust in their institutions do not seems to be served by the fact that partisans particularly on the left have put so much focus on the russian investigation. over the weekend we saw a bit of a conflation of the issues of pollution and interference with a lot of folks with a victory lap that president trump has described as a hoax and now i know it's anything but. president trump never called interference a hoax about what he referred to as a witchhunt was the allegation of collusion in so far as to weaken the
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collusion. >> president trump did to eat over the weekend that he said he didn't meddle in the election, but he did say and i remember it was during one of the debate than he treated over the weekend that could've been china, russia or some 400-pound guy in bed with this computer. that comment back in the day didn't seem to dismiss what we now know through the indictment were brush ends meddling in our election process. >> absolutely. he definitely downplayed significant of the interference. he dismissed the fact he could even be russians are they speculated earlier in the process. he eventually came around to supporting the intelligence colonel versions that even confronting putin about it, but he hasn't done enough in the eyes of his critics to prepare
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for future reference in the future elections and the fact that he is minimized says the administration may not compare for 2018 and beyond. >> i watched all sorts of shows yesterday morning and people sort of want to spin it the way they want to spend it and bounce around the go chamber. the question is, when does this end? does it take some definitive ruling by mueller's investigation or does this continue into the term elections throughout trump's first term? >> well, we don't know when mueller will wind down, but we do know a lot of serious unanswered questions still hanging over the hacking of the dnc, hacking at john podesta's impact, the way they were weapon master in the election. those are some key questions and
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always the most significant tangible thing russia did in the election. keep in mind facebook executives testified borefe congresshat ultimately the amount of ads t russians bght for the w six figureut oy as drop in the bucket. but with sirius was the information campaign based on stolen e-mails that we haven't heard anything about that. once we get there we will see the probe wind down. >> steve rogers here. the president all along was right about pollution in the mainstream media have become the judge, jury and executioner. and now we have a report that mentions nothing about collusion. the point is this. can we now conclude and admit the president was right all along? >> this was evidence that this claim that the third narrative. the indictment makes clear that so far the special counsel is found no evidence of collusion
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that the offers were not just aimed at hurting hillary clinton. the goal was to create a sense of chaos more broadly, but for republicans as does have a bit of a wake-up call that the russian efforts to advance. there were widespread and many efforts did go in the direction of hoping trump hurting hillary clinton. both sides had their narrative scrambled a little bit by the indictment. dagen: i will bring this up to you. rush limbaugh said on "fox news sunday" i would be careful if i were potus or the recent indictments are one level of the investigation. the danger would be for them to totally embrace it and validate the investigation. it's all about setting up donald trump. dallas from rush limbaugh. >> the president would be wise to take a little time off. it's been all 72 hours since indictments came down in d.c. at to put the sanctions on, which
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only two people voted against them, one is bernie sanders. bernie sanders and joel steinberg was helped by russian efforts. >> just to point something out that defendant should that they are working on implementing the russia sanctions. >> i anxiously await out. not the president himself is seems to have a tough time overtly condemning russia and a very easy time condemning everyone ask him even blaming the fbi project that was was the most important tool. dagen: let me ask about that. that was the one tweet that got the most attention. i was outnumbered on friday. clearly every american has the right to be upset about the fbi failures when it comes to cracking down on terrorists and find the criminals in this country and we point to the shooter in the parkland.
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president trump essentially in one tweet exploits that it makes it about where this russia? where was fbi visited the russian investigation. how does this help them? >> is not clear because obviously the two are unrelated. they would've handled that kind of tape would've virtually no contact with the team here in washington working on the russia investigation. there's a little bit rhetoric than reality that play, but no question they've been going through a bit of a pr nightmare lately. a bad time to be hit with this kind of scrutiny. again, that to totally disconnect it. it's not clear. dagen: this is a very big difference between an average city standards and some talking head like myself on tv being upset about the fbi's handling
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and how they've handled the fisa court and that's fine, but for the president to come out and say that, it does look like he's trying to exploit and horrific tragedy in american history. >> i don't think so. i've got to tell you it's the leadership at the fbi, not the field offices to drop the ball on this. they set the priorities and in the law enforcement for 38 years am i view the fbi should have been more focused on this particular incident than anything else in the video came out with the language and other pathogens. he was actually focusing on and probably could articulate a little better at the fact that the matter is he was talking about the priorities being sent by fbi leadership. >> there are 35,000 fbi agents.
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they had all the components of that and 35,000 sounds like enough people. >> i've been there. i work there. >> i know that in appreciating thank you for service. this witchhunt which i take so personally when you have one of the deadliest mass shootings in america and their 17 dead teenagers. dagen: he could've ended his tweet, very sad the fbi missed the many signal sent out by the florida school shooter. this is not acceptable. end of tweet. it was the second part talking about spending too much time with the trump campaign. that is what it said. >> i understand. i believe his intent was to say the fbi's leadership could've done a lot better. >> you missed reading about oprah winfrey as well. the interview she conducted for 60 minutes reading just watching a very insecure oprah winfrey at one point i knew very well
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interview a panel of people on 60 minutes. the questions were biased and slanted. hope she runs so she can be exposed and defeated like all the others. part of oprah winfrey's interview with the pro-and anti-trump voters said they were asked about the president's alleged comments about immigrants from haiti, all saw the door in african countries. >> i think he made the comment. i think all presidents have made it, behind closed doors. >> he did not look at this as people. he did not see the haitian people. he said those countries. >> if you are talking about the country, you're talking about the people in the country. when he's talking about norway for the region, he's talking about the region. >> oprah gets political there.
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>> president trump should be careful when he goes after oprah because he's elevating her to his level is a tax or by an equal by ignoring her, treating her as an entertainment sideshow. he keeps her political role minimized if he goes after her is an equal adversary, the risk is validating the very into politics he's making. >> she's already made that getting president barack obama elected in 2008. more sway than any celebrity ever in the history of politics in hollywood. thank you, sarah westwood, joining us. futures will be trading until 1:00 p.m. gains across the board. oh, that's lovely... so graceful. the corkscrew spin, flawless... ...his signature move, the flying dutchman.
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dagen: greece and a call for action on parkland, florida's funerals got underway for the end of a mass shooting. cheryl casone has more. >> that's right. a distraught community attending multiple funerals.
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haskell students dressed in black as they say goodbye to their fellow classmates and teachers. the white house saying president trump will host a listening session with students and teachers from marchers government douglas high school this wednesday. students from the school have called on the president to do more and can control and organized a march for our lives rally in washing 10 for march march 24th. it is going to offer free flights to fort lauderdale for the family members who lost loved ones in the valentine day shooting. the airline has volunteers available at this family assistance center to help family members took their flights. an emotional photo released by the broward county sheriff's office shows israel visiting 15 road anthony borges in the hospital. it was shot five times. in other headlines we follow for you this morning, ge looking at selling its industrial gas engine business.
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the unit could be worth up to 2 billion. john flannery suggesting last month that he might break up the company 45% last year. he declined to comment on the report in ge shares have plunged 50% over the past year. and it was a record smashing weekend at the box office to the tune of $192 million. >> what happens now? what happens to the rest of the world. >> a marvelous black panther blew past expectations for the fifth highest grossing debut effort. this follows only "star wars" to only "star wars" the force awakens. "star wars" the last jedi, jurassic world and the avengers. peter rather with $17.3 million. dropping into third place to find the movie and 50 shades
6:20 am
from it dog a rounding out the top five jumanji welcome to the jungle at may 1517 to paris. i really wanted to see black panther over the weekend. i couldn't get in. the theater near my house was just packed. >> i went with my parents last night. it was really awesome. if you're into these movies, there's no way you're not going to like it. so many tears to the storytelling. the acting was fantastic and what was so amazing not only in terms of this story for african-americans, but also women's empowerment. fabulous. dagen: i watched the darkest hour. if you want to talk about a force of nature. >> only two weeks. unbelievable. dagen: i loved it. did peter taylor fact why some
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workers are following in the venture capitalists was god's family in silicon valley. plus a different gps with the way to track the tesla roadster and outer space. if you've been diagnosed with cancer,
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dagen: can we see a conservative access in silicon valley. peter taylor announced plans to ditch san francisco for los angeles because of the political culture. it isn't just moving to a new home. he is also taking businesses within. could it be the start of a new wider trend? or would it weaken "the wall street journal" reported in several other tech workers are not for north have left the bay area for the same reason. to you first. this is what you do for living. have you heard this from other
6:25 am
people? i have friends who work in the valley in the tech industry and a lot of them are left-leaning. a lot of them are card-carrying democrats, card-carrying liberals, but some aren't. >> i'll push the politics aside for a second. dagen: stick with me though. >> housing prices are a big part of it. the cost of living and i'll come back to politics. housing prices in the bay area, save at cisco, san jose, and 250,000. the cost of living has a lot to do with it. however, what i hear often is you go to a meeting in the joking around at the beginning of the meeting tends to be very left-leaning and that's not the way you think, there's just an assumption in that neck of the
6:26 am
woods. i have heard from colleagues in northern california that feel uncomfortable. they are in line although i'm not entirely certain if he moved to l.a. you want to move to orange county okay. if you want to move to los angeles i'm not sure. dagen: what about moving to austin, texas. part of it is talent and the talent in the valley. >> it's a huge issue. a place that's affordable to do business with a lot of young people to detroit. dagen: it's in the eastern time zone, a short flight from new york city. >> philadelphia, baltimore, a lot of cities to young people want to live in because they're very affordable. >> the amazon list is telling the story. dagen: is a problem in certain
6:27 am
industries. certainly industries in new york city's is perfectly acceptable to talk about politics at work if you talk about politics from -- if you express yourself, many people are afraid their jobs would be jeopardized if someone found out they voted for donald trump. >> the diversity of thought, not the traditional way we hear about diversity lawsuit. i work in an envonment with a large amount oconservative that i'm bter off for it. can see into the other side a lot better, a lot clearer why things are working and why they're not for democrats by doing not. >> i can begin to tell you how many people would put their heads down and really for trump when i can't say too much at my place of work. dagen: i got that even before the election. i had people asking me about do i think hillary clinton was going to win? i'm likewise. and they would tell me -- they
6:28 am
would tell me, i'm a business owner and i'm really concerned about what our economic policies would be. but in silicon valley, it's part of the work place. not part of the private lives issue. as you go to break, the markets are closer president day, the futures will be trading until 1:00 p.m. eastern. a shakeup for the nba all-star. have a new format made players more competitive. up ahead. ♪ (female vo) breaking news from washington as lawmakers; (male vo) raging wildfires continue to scorch parts; (male vo) allegations of misconduct; ♪ oh, why you look so sad, .. ..
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indicates elevator 3 will malfunction in 2 days. there you go. you still need a pass. good morning i'm dagen mcdowell in for maria bartiromo. your top stories at 6:30 a.m. eastern. president president trump meeting with house speaker paul ryan. legislative priorities include immigration on the agenda. jeff sessions wayne and on that debate. with maria. see mac i think that is a very generous policy. it goes beyond what president obama had and what some people who favored it expected. the has been very generous.
6:32 am
he has already made it compromises. the question really is when we pass this bill will we once worked for the american people. the markets are closed today in honor of presidents' day. sixty-nine a point gain on the dow futures. the stock is searching for direction this morning. in asia overnight. they closed up nearly 2%. a carnival cruise so wrong. look at this melee. a brawl breaking out. and nearly two dozen passengers were kicked off. it was a large family traveling together. we will give you more details on that in more video. you can see the path of this out of the world route --dash roadster ahead.
6:33 am
look at that flyover. by the thunderbirds. you see the number three car. he drove that car to victory and remember who used to drive that. dale earnhardt. twenty years to the day has only daytona 500. it doesn't get much better than that. fergie's national anthem. her rendition sparking some interesting reaction. from nba all-stars. bulls on the run. they are finishing higher on friday. they are closing in the green for the sixth trading day in a row. joining us now is invest market advisor. he said there's no reason to expect that it will be substantially better than last.
6:34 am
the economy wasn't that bad when president trump took over and it just seemed to get better a little bit more of a pro- business administration. and obviously you have some landmark legislation in the tax reform. what doesn't really get a lot of talk about is the deregulation. it sounds like a talking point. maria was bringing that up before the night that president trump one. when president trump took over there was something like a 90,000 pages in the federal registry. as a largest deregulatory event in history of the united states. in the tax or from that passed just before christmas. there is a lag for those things. it takes time for companies to do their investments. and how they're gonna make investments. the progress that we've seen is more just the economy picking up steam based on a
6:35 am
perceived better climate. and the actual better climate. if you look at the s&p 500 going out this year. were looking at 17 or 18% year-over-year. some people expect 20% or even higher. it is by no means stressed. i just don't see why 200019 would it be better. so 2018 you still get what kind of games on the s&p based on that. i understand how we could end up with double-digit earnings growth. when you go for a while. multiples will get stretched. i think of another two to three legs in this. it may be even more. the return of volatility
6:36 am
notwithstanding the stronger needs. already see that being a for the rest of the year. if they want to get back in when and they show the volatility that they tend to back up a little bit. i talked about this six months ago. that will be driven by interest rates. slowly and surely creeping higher. we just got that. i don't think that's gonna stop. and it really pay attention to the mix. and something everybody talks about but all it does is measure correlation. can we just caution people to stop betting on volatility. you will get your hat he heated to you. they had been they've been shuttered hundreds of times. why would you think it would work out any other different way for you. that's important to realize. i think this volatility is here to stay.
6:37 am
when stocks sell off four or 5% in a couple of days when we look at that. kings are moving what happened yesterday will happen tomorrow. we've been in a seven or eight. i don't think that's gonna stop. i think you will have other opportunities to get in. what is really gonna drive the volatility is the ten year treasury. if that happens over a short. of time we have the yield across all of the treasury categories. the stocks were still able to do well. but i look at the coming supply. this week the treasury is going to auction the total of
6:38 am
two or $58 billion beginning with a hundred $51 billion of short-term bills. it will have to observe it for weeks and months and years to come. given the reckless spending that you see. it sends a trillion dollar deficit this morning. the way that i look at it is they are around trillions of dollars in the treasury market. if they think it's 4% or 5% that's words can go. they matter if you are doing treasuries on day-to-day basis. overtime is the growth of the u.s. the difference between that shore and in the long and had to sometime equal growth plus inflation in the united states.
6:39 am
i do think it will be a very bumpy road in treasuries and that will cause volatility in other asset classes. you may be missed it. do you think there is a bear market in bonds. >> and i know don't know how the treasury market will shake out. i would not be going along 30 year treasuries. i think looking out 12 or 24 months. you have positive returns. if the tenure gets up to three and half are for do we see a rotation away from stocks into fixed income because there are some investors that we into stocks. as doesn't take funds out of
6:40 am
equities. the money that moves markets. they don't view them as binary. when we decide on the last couple of weeks. the bonds started to sell off and people just took their money off the table and reevaluated. you've a large contingent a of very small people. the run up as a quantitative driven. i don't believe that. i think the whole narrative kind of fell apart that last few weeks. i believe as they take higher. it goes from 2.8% but only for a week or two. if the tenure of treasury goes from 290 to 340. if your member as these rates take higher.
6:41 am
the spread that they can make is much greater. they can make more money on loans. and it will also had some more money. which skin to stimulate the economy. i think it is wildly positive. higher interest rates are increasing indebted consumer. revolving credit some types of car loans. people are paying for. that's what they are paying for. she's very concerned about the state of the consumer and how that impacts the stock market. with 70% of our economy and where about two thirds of gdp is consumer debt. and i have any concerns on consumer date -- debt. i would make the argument that consumers that are in debt are not the ones driving the economy.
6:42 am
the 26-year-old that has a hundred thousand dollars in student loan debt is not has extra dollars that are driving the economy. these are nowhere near the types of debt levels that we saw in the housing crisis. there is also another effect there that the largest asset loss that value. the people trying to draw comparisons i'm not saying that were going to another epic financial crisis understated the highest -- higher interest rates do matter. the revolving debt in this country consumer debt is at a record. we just passed our 2007 hi. it took us ten years to get back up to that. the savings rate did tickle
6:43 am
down -- trickle down with a couple of huge spikes in there. at this moment the consumers are in the best shape it has ever been. in the consumer was doing pretty will for the election interest rates pick up from these ultra low levels. normalization is somewhere where gdp is. we will start to maybe have an impact. until then any of these blips from rate hikes we covered a lot of ground. happy presidents' day. a cool new way to track the tesla roadster through outer space.
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a cruise ship descent into madness. cheryl casone has the details on that story. it is a great story and part of it might be a little bit funny. a dream vacation aboard a carnival cruise ship carnival cruise ship turns into a nightmare. here's the video you see people screaming and yelling and throwing punches. members of an extended family started trouble with other passengers. the brawl began when someone stepped on another passengers flip-flop. twenty-three people were moved after the flights broke out. no word if alcohol was involved in any of this. he continues to run its course
6:48 am
out in space somewhere. you can now track down exactly where the roadster is. this is not the official tracker but where is roadster.c. it may look close to earth. it's now more than 2.3 million miles away from earth it's on the green trajectory. a speed of 6,700 miles per hour. the shares up more than 20% over the last year. and then finally this. trump supporters now had their own dating website. there is also some controversy brewing with the site. it's drawn attention because they were deporting liberals from their love life. maybe people are being a little oversensitive there. that is a story.
6:49 am
it's so boring being around people who agree with you all the time. circling back to the carnival cruise ship brawl. do you know where there were from. it doesn't help the cruise industry. you get this coupled with the chronic neural virus outbreaks. distress a double thumbs-up. apparently it's only for straight people you can choose
6:50 am
straight manner straight woman. you can also choose happily married. just add that little flavor. i can it's no fun if you are surrounded by people. fergie slammed on social media for her rendition of the national anthem. [music]
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the nba all-star game everyone is talking about what happened before the game even started. nobody kneeled for the anthem but many did not know how to respond to the popstar [music] josé does that star-spangled banner yet wave charles barkley said it was so sexy he needed a cigarette.
6:55 am
a different look to the nba all-star game. lebron james they picked russell westbrook. a big dunk. 148-145. the nbp of the all-star game for the third time. killed with an accident on the final lap. number three found his way to victory lane. it helped him pass eric amaretto. it ended early she finished in . she will still race in the
6:56 am
indy 500. for the first -- for the third straight winter olympics the women will play for gold metal. gigi marvin at the americans on the board. one nothing. they make it three nothing. team usa goes on a shut out. five nothing advances to the gold medal game. we looked at the latest metal athenians. norway continues to hold a large advantage with more than 26 metals the mets ate more than germany. team usa still sitting at ten metals. check out the back pages of today's new york tabloids. they make the team. i think they will play in the major leagues.
6:57 am
after a year and a half. a modest expectation they will speed things up for tim tivo. i want two-point out the number three winning in that and that cart was even more significant dale earnhardt won his only daytona 520 years ago. his grandfather worked alongside dale earnhardt junior. i wanted to point that out. serious xm 115 we will be right back. ♪
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it's time for the 'ultimate sleep number event' on the only bed that adjusts on both sides to your ideal comfort your sleep number setting. and snoring?
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does your bed do that? right now during the ultimate sleep number event, save 50% on the ultimate limited edition bed with adjustable comfort on both sides. plus 24-month financing. ends monday. visit for a store near you. >> dagen: good morning. i'men mcdowell in for maria bartiromo. it is monday, february 19th. your top stories at 7:00 a.m. eastern. war of words, president trump slamming the russia investigation, going on a tweet storm after special council robert mueller charged 13 russian nationals with election interference. former independent council ken starr weighed in on the charges. >> i think we should stop pointing fingers at one another in this country and realize who the real enemy is and i say enemy. these are spies. they came into our country. they spent millions of dollars. they didn't need to collude with anyone. >> dagen: more on the indictments ahead. facebook looking to do its part
7:01 am
to battle election fraud. why the company is turning to the post office to verify ad buyers. former vice president joe biden reportedly mulls a possible oval office run. the rally rolling on, stocks finishing last week in the green, the dow and s&p closing higher for the sixth straight trading day. it was the best week for the dow since november of 2016. the markets are closed today in honor of president's day but futures are trading until 1:00 p.m. eastern. we he have gains across the board. in europe, stocks have been searching for some direction. right now, we have losses across the board, although modest. in asia overnight the nikkei gaining nearly 2%. the hang seng is closed for the lunar new year. how companies like amazon are giving workers prime office space, their own living room.
7:02 am
and apple's new $5 billion campus has one big flaw. the details as employees reportedly keep injuring themselves by running into glass walls at the company's headquarters. i've done that more than once. more than 10 times, in fact. plus, the building blocks of virtual reality, lego embracing the trend. we have a new look at the new legoland virtual reality ride. that's ahead. here to break is down, fox news contributor jessica tarloff. mitch rochell, former fbi joint terror task force member, steve rogers. welcome one and all. >> happy president's day. >> dagen: thank you very much. i'm going to st to stifel. one of my favorite people is here. president trump takes to twitter after special council robert
7:03 am
mueller released an indictment friday, charging more than a dozen russian nationals and three organizations for allegedly interfering in the 2016 u.s. presidential election. if it was the goal of russia to create chaos within the u.s., then with all of the committee hearings and investigations and party hatred, they succeeded beyond their wildest dreams. they're of laughing their butts off in moscow. get smart, america. maria sat down with ken tar whor who echoed the president's sentiments on the doj indictment. >> i think we should stop pointing fingers at one another in this country and realize who the enemy is. these are spies. they came into our country. they spent millions of dollars. they didn't need to collude with anyone. they had a massive operation, based in sain st. petersburg, r. people that were financing this
7:04 am
were people that were extremely close to vladimir you putin. the target here is the russian government. they were seeking to soe discord. >> dagen: joining me is former senior sa advisor to ronald rea, ed rollin. >> good morning. >> dagen: you're one of my favorite people. >> i'm here on a monday morning on a holiday. >> dagen: i fully acknowledge that. there were many tweets yesterday from president trump. it seemed that his -- i don't mean to read his mind, but seems that his anger was growing as the weekend wore on. just the impact, the fallout of what the president was saying and the mueller indictment. >> i think the mueller indictment was very, very important. i think he did a superb job. he's taken a lot of criticism. he paid no attention to it. he he did what he was supposed to do and i think to a certain extent he deserves credit for that. the president want toded to be
7:05 am
vindicated. the president i think will be vindicated over time. that was not the purpose of friday's program. the president said for a year he there was all this knit picking and what have you. i think this is an extent i've operation. i think important that mueller and his team found lease people. this ithese people.this has beey sophisticated campaign. there's not a single person who voted for hill ru hillary clintt won't think the russians tipped the balance. we talked about russians for a year. they probably didn't have a big impact in the race. >> dagen: on the mueller indictments, this campaign by the russians started in 2014. >> right. >> dagen: no evidence of collusion in the indictments between russia and the trump campaign and no evidence that meddling changed the election results. nevertheless, president trump
7:06 am
still seemed upset by the suggestion from his foes on the left that some how the electoral results weren't legitimate. that seems to be the root of, reading between the lines. >> that is the root of it. the president, again, democrats are never going to basically concede that he won the election fairly and squarely, which he did and equally as important, he's never going to be satisfied until they do. the bottom line, let's go on and do the work of the people and quit arguing about this stuff. there's a lot of hearings going on. i don't think there was collusion. i think they're the kind of campaign that could collude. >> dagen: i was left reading the indictment over the weekend. whewhere were google, twitter ad facebook in all of this and where were president obama's intelligence directors. >> i think the real story came out yesterday, they have 27 investigations going on of
7:07 am
felonies of leaking and leaking was where all of this -- a lot of this stuff has been done and obviously that's against the law. it's a violation of federal law. the quicker they come to some conclusions and some indictment, i think it will be very important. >> there was a shift yesterday in the sunday shows. you saw adam schiff putting some blamblame on president obama. >> dagen: president obama's level of pushing back on russia was him shaking his finger at vladimir putin and say cut it out, in september of the election year. >> the.>> mitch mcconnell pushed back. this weekend should have been about getting on with the work of the people, and those victims and the families from parkland. it should have had nothing to do with rush sla russia for the pr.
7:08 am
>> dagen: some republican lawmakers seem to be under pressure to back some gun safety initiatives, call them gun control if you want. according to the wall street journal, many republicans on capitol hill say they could support some gun safety bills, regulation. sarah huckabee sanders released a statement on supporting bipartisan legislation. look at this. the president spoke to senator john kornin on friday about a bipartisan bill to improve federal compliance with federal background check legislation. discussions are ongoing and revisions are being considered. the president is supportive of efforts to improve the federal background check system. this was proposed after that texas church shooting because the shooter in that instance should never have gotten a gun. ed, do you think this moves at all on the federal level? >> i don't think it does in the sense of -- for 50 years i
7:09 am
watched the nra get stronger, not weaker. i think at the end of the day, democrats are always very quick to say republicans need to do something. i think the more important issue is not taking guns away or limiting guns, as much as it is allowing the federal people to go and do as much as they can and that means you're going to basically have to give some privacy. this was a kid who should have been under scrutiny. i don't blame the fbi. this person came into contact with local law enforcement. obviously the fbi missed a tip. at the end of the day, you've got to some how go after these people and profile them. if your kids a troublemaker, can you put them on a list and see if they're buying guns. >> dagen: this gets to steve, i'm curious where you taken on n this. some states have adopted gun violence restraining orders that gives a parent or law
7:10 am
enforcement the ability to put a court order in place to get a weapon away from somebody, not just who would be a threat to other people, but who might be a suicide risk. you have these in, yes, liberal states, california and washington state to name a couple. is this something, having been in law enforcement for years, that you think is a good idea? >> it's a good idea. reasonable people are going to support reasonable regulation toss prevent violence. here's my concern. ed, maybe we can hear from you on this. it seems to me there's so much emphasis on guns. that's not the end all to these problems. we have a societyal problem that has to be addressed. i'm concerned that everyone's placing emphasis on guns, guns, guns, but what about parenting in the homes? what about our educational system? what about the deluge of violence for generations through the media? these are things we he have to talk about as we move forward as a society. >> i think that conversation is happening. i would encourage everyone to listen to anna gonzales who is a senior at montgomery douglas who
7:11 am
spoke yesterday and was on the sunday show as well. she made it very clear that they don't think it's not a mental health problem, they don't think it's not a school safety problem but there is a specific weapon that these people are using to carry out these attacks. we were discussing it on friday. the difference is the number of people who are dying from these attacks. and she said we wouldn't have had 17 dead if he was using a knife. and that's the baseline. >> dagen: ed, there's one thing on the left -- i look at this and i had many arguments about it in the last several days. we aren't enforcing the law as they exist now, that we are failing on background checks. we are failing. the law enforcement is failing to use the powers they already have in their hands to stop these violent acts. and the left seems to think that gun ownership is a privilege. it's not. it's in the constitution. it's in our actual bill of rights. it's not like even a driver's
7:12 am
license, having a driver's license is a privilege. but owning a gun is a fundamental rights. and they don't believe in taking away that right for everyone, like even a type of weapon. but then again, like bumpstocks, the bumpstocks, republicans never did anything about those after the las vegas shooting. >> i would argue at this point in time, i think at this point in time a presidential commission, which will bring all elements of law enforcement, local education, and talk about the problem and is there anything we can do about it. it's a society problem. it's not just guns, crazy kids that are deluded with crap on television and games and all this stuff. fire was a very big problem in the '70s. the bronx was burning, people being killed. the presidential commission created a national fire academy. they did architectural change.
7:13 am
they put fire safety in. they taught attorneys how to do arson. they made fire much less of a problem because of the commission. if you could bring experts together and talk about this and have some action items out of it, psychologists, law enforcement, local law enforcement, and i think at least you would take a step forward, make people feel better about it. >> dagen: you were in the white house when president reagan was shot. the gun regulation that's came out of that, because of james brady, are named after him. what would reagan say today? can you tell us? >> i think reagan would obviously be a strong second amendment person. i think to a certain extent the brady bill had a long, hard battle that came out of that at that particular time. what occurred after that was our security had been so lax. the assassin could get within 1. now there's extraordinary security. the difference between that period of time and washington,
7:14 am
d.c., and everywhere, everything is locked down. those are the kinds of changes that took place. it wasn't about guns, per se. it was about security. >> dagen: that's where a lot of parents stand in terms of school stuart at this point. ed, you covered a lot for us. >> thank you, my pleasure. >> dagen: if you want to stay the rest of the hour and 45 minutes -- >> i think i'll go home and read my newspaper. >> dagen: and hang out with your doggie. ed rollins. coming up, will gibson guitars get strung out to dry? what lies ahead for the iconic brand behind the les paul. it grapit grapples with bankrup. amazon is recruiting telecommuters, the new sign that working from home is the way of the future.
7:15 am
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>> dagen: 66 people presumed dead in a plane crash in mountains in iran. cheryl casone has the details. >> cheryl: search and rescue teams have been deployed to the site but heavy wind and snow
7:18 am
have slowed their progress. the flight took off from tehran and disappeared from radar about an hour later. state radio says five helicopters and five drones are active in the search operation. accidents have occurred more regularly in recent years because international sanctions prevent iran from updating its fleet of aircraft. well, the j.m.smucker recalling certain brands of dog food. they include gravy train and skippy. the fda says only low levels of a drug were found and it's unlikely to pose a health risk to pets. the company said, quote, we will continue to work closely with our suppliers and veterinarians to ensure the ingredients used in our products meet or exceed safety and quality standards. shares are down about 10% from a year ago. well, time is running out for gibson guitars. the legendary company which has
7:19 am
been making guitars for more than 1 liste 100 years now faces bankruptcy. they have fallen on hard times recently. the company's cfo recently left after six months on the job. the company is heavily in debt. every year the website flexjobs compiles the list of 100 companies that are hiring companies to do their work from home. this year's list includes some big names. industries from education to health care have work from home positions. people really seek these. amazon is looking to fill nearly 200 positions. willan sonoma and united health group are also on the list. sales force wants to add more than 250 people. taking a look at shares of amazon, the stock is up about 70% over the past year. of course, everybody wants to work from home. they love the idea, work in your pajamas. you have to watch out for scams. you have to make sure it's a real job an and they're not askg
7:20 am
you for money for the jobs. just throw that out there. >> dagen: people don't get stuff done working from home. mitch. >> are you speaking to me personally? >> >> dagen: i worked from home once when i lived in san francisco and i hated it. >> later today i'm working from home. >> dagen: sure you are. at least you're working, though. like we are. >> this is productive. this is not home, though. >> this is like a 20 hour nap. >> considering i'm doing this on two hours sleep. >> dagen: we're working. we're live even though the markets are closed while our exeatcompetitor, who we're beat, is in tape. i love it. facebook, meantime, mailing it in this election season. how the tech titan is turning to the post office to prevent ad fraud in the wake of the russia meddling scandal and those indictments on friday. and a low tech problem at apple's high tech headquarters. were workers keep walking into glass doors at the new campus. make something for dinner.
7:21 am
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>> dagen: facebook will soon start using post cards to verify identities and location of people who want to purple ex related ads on its site. lauren simonetti has details on this. >> lauren: are you laughing because it sounds so old fashioned? >> dagen: i was laughing because i could barely pro pe pronouncer name. >> lauren: this might be an old fashioned way may be the best thing we have in terms of trying to combat meddling in the election. this is what facebook is doing. this is for ads that mention the
7:25 am
candidates, not for issues, so only if you mention a specific candidate. they'll send a post card to the mailing address. when you get the post card, there's a special code on it. you use that code to authenticate yourself. and facebook says they want this in place by the mid-term elections which are in november. it's not going to be 100% fool proof. but in this climate, it's something in the right direction. what we learned on friday with that indictment told us several things. just to focus on two of them right now, that, yes, russians adopted false online identities and number two, that those did not influence the results of the election. now, that was underlined by the v.p. of ad sales at facebook, rob goldman. he sent a series of tweets over the past couple days. some of these went viral because they were picked up by president trump. one one of them reads this. most of the coverage of russian meddling involves their attempt to affect the outcome of the
7:26 am
2016 u.s. election. i have seen all of the russian ads and i can say very definitively that swaying the election was not the main goal. then he gives us the numbers. 10 million people in the u.s. saw the ads. 56% of them, so the majority of them were after the election. and that's something that you don't always hear by the mainstream media. what do we do about all this? you can educate citizens or you can send post cards. but it's real that foreign people, foreign entities are trying to influence our politics. >> dagen: what about fining facebook? >> lauren: that is a good question. there was a poll. the author of the poll was an ex-facebooker. they asked should social media companies be fined for spreading this information? 28% of people say yeah, fine took. 15% say no. the other question is twitter
7:27 am
and google are also responsible here but facebook even more so, because they're more popular for this sort of thing. do you think they should be fined? >> information warfare has been going on for years. it's facebook versus former kgb, one of the most sophisticated intelligence organizations on the start of the earth. it's a start. but i don't know how successful that will be. we need our intelligence agencies stepping up and you a dressin-- and youa addressing the problem. >> dagen: facebook tends to rush into the fray and worry about the consequences after. it's kind of the nature of silicon valley. but they are all worried about greater government regulation and intervention. so i would guess that they're going to do everything that they can, even before the mid-terms, to take care of this. because they're worried about regulation. >> lauren: their reputation and
7:28 am
being regulated going forward. >> if you think about the mission of facebook and what mark zuckerberg wanted to accomplish, this is far from it. i'm not sure happy facebook is that adam goldman sent out the tweeting this weekend. 44% of the ads came before it. we know about person eave theren questions. >> dagen: lauren, good to sea seseeyou. still ahead, jeff sessions speaking out. maria sat down with him for a wide-ranging interview on everything from immigration to leaks at the department of justice. virtual reality headsets are coming to legoland. we get a new look at the v.r. experience. ♪ i just want someone to send me. ♪ i'll always be there when you wake. alerts -- wouldn't you like one from the market
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>> dagen: welcome back. i'm dagen mcdowell, in for maria bartiromo. it's monday, february 19th. we're working because we know you are working. here's to all of us truckers out there. your top stories at 7:30 a.m. eastern. president trump meeting with house speaker paul ryan at march royesterday, legislative priorities including immigration
7:32 am
on the agenda. attorney general jeff sessions weighing in on the next steps after several senate bills failed last week. >> this is an opportunity for the american people, maybe our last real opportunity, to create an immigration system that's lawful, that ends the lawlessness. president trump's plans call for ending the illegality, having real enforcement with a border wall. it calls for merit based system. it calls for ending the visa lottery which is a ridiculous policy and always has been. >> dagen: ththe market's closed today in honor of president's day but futures will be trading until 1:00 p.m. this afternoon. we he have gains across the board in u.s. futures. in europe, stocks searching for direction. we have losses across the board. selling is picking up a bit of steam. the nikkei over in asia overnight up nearly 2%. shanghai composite and hang seng closed for the lunar new year. a second earthquake striking
7:33 am
mexico in three days. we have the latest from there. andland richard branson planning global expansion for the hyper loop. where he is bringing the technology, that's next. apple facing an unexpected problem at its new headquarters. employees getting hurt walking into glass doors. and legoland going beyond bricks, how the company is looking to make the theme parks high tech, that's later this hour. our top story this half hour, how america is dealing with key justice issues. maria sat down with attorney general jeff sessions getting his take on alleged anti-trump bias within the fbi and the agency's mishandling of information ahead of the florida school shooting. first, she asked him what comes next after the senate failed to pass a series of immigration bills last week with the daca deadline looming. >> maria: what does come next? obviously you had a tough thursday. you had competing bills there.
7:34 am
you joined the chorus to stop the so-called schumer, rounds, collins bid. tell us about it. >> look, this is an opportunity for the american people, maybe our last real opportunity to create an immigration system that's lawful, that ends the lawlessness, the illegality and serves the national interest. president trump's plan is strong. the grassley bill included that pretty effectively. it's the kind of legislation i think could could work, that i supported and it didn't pass. but i got to say, we have got to talk about this as a nation. we need -- president trump's plans call for ending the illegality, having real enforcement with a border wall. it calls for a merit based system, instead of the chain migration. it calls for ending the visa lottery, which is a ridiculous
7:35 am
policy and always has been. why we can't get that done baffles me. we cannot stop. we've got to get this done. >> maria: is there anything that the administration is willing to give on? surely you saw the op ed in the journal on friday which was titled president miller's immigration veto. they talk about the fact that this last bill included ought authorizing $25 billion on the wall with the u.s., mexico border. it's $2.5 billion in the first year, probably more than the democrats wanted. so where is the opportunity to come halfway? >> well, we don't have to go halfway beyond the fundamentals. president trump's fundamentals are good. who can oppose ending the visa lottery? who wants to continue the lawlessness? who wants to allow -- create a situation in which you get amnesty, a legality for young
7:36 am
people that are here and not end up with a legal system that will be enforc enforceable in the fu? there's nothing mean-spirited about it. we admit 1 million people a year lawfully into america, hundreds of thousands of workers are here in addition to that every year taking jobs. >> maria: do you expect to get a deal done on daca before the march 5t fifth deadline, sir? >> i don't know. the people who say they want to fix that, president trump has offered them that. he's been very generous in his legislation. i think that's a very generous policy, goes beyond actually what president obama had in his daca policy, goes beyond what even some people who favored the daca expected. so that's been very generous. so we're in -- he's already made compromises. so the question really is when we pass this bill, will we once more fool the american people? will we once more just give legality, legal status to people
7:37 am
who enter the country illegally and never follow through in an evidenceffective way the promiss have been made to them politically. i've got to tell you, on the enforcement side, there's some big loopholes in this legislation. you cannot lead the department of homeland security and the department of justice unable to actually deport people who entered the country illegally. >> maria: you mentioned lawlessness. there appears to have been a lot of lawlessness going on in government over the last eight or 10 years. i want to ask about the abuses of the fisa court. because any way you look at it, it you a pierce that the fbi and department of justice were abusing their power over the election because they didn't like donald trump. we know that and a numb -- on a number of issues. people want you to start handing down justice. newt gingrich joined me on this program. listen to what he had to say about this. >> he is not in any way recused
7:38 am
on this information. he should be appointing an independent council. he should be demanding we get to the bottom of this. i'm totally mystified. he's a great guy. he's a solid conservative. he's certainly been a fighter. this behavior is unlike anything i knew about jeff sessions before the last six or eight months. >> maria: are you, sir, investigating the fact that the fbi used the dossier to get a wiretap against donald trump associates and they did not tell the fisa court that the democrats and hillary clinton paid for the dossier? >> let me tell you, every fisa warrant based on facts submitted to that court have to be accurate. that will be investigated and looked at and we are not going to participate at the department of justice in providing anything less than the proper disclosure to the court before they issue a fisa warrant. other than that, i'm not going
7:39 am
to talk about the details of it, but i tell you, we're not going to allow that to happen. >> maria: do we need another special council in place to look at what the fbi and the department of justice abused its power, how they abused their power? >> the inspector general has been working very hard on that. he's been relentless and tough. i've seen or heard some of his work that's been produced already. much of what we know about this has been produced by his work and the department of justice. the text messages that have all been made pu public were disclod by the department of justice. we've given congress records and documents beyond anything ever been produced, really, probably in history, a and we're going to continue to be open with them and be responsive. we he have have a responsible e the integrity of the process. i'm going to use my authority as
7:40 am
the attorney general to ensure that. but the management of this case, from which i'm recused, is in the hands of mr. mueller and supervised by the acting attorney general for this investigation, rod rosenstein. >> maria: there are felonies apparently that have already taken place. we had on this program last week the chairman of the intel committee, devin nunes. he said there are felonies that are going by over and over. listen to what he told me just last sunday. >> the big felony in all of this that nobody talks about from the very beginning was the league of highly classified information when they leaked the phone call of the russian a ambassador talking to general mike flynn right before the inauguration. that was a felony. nothing's ever been done about it. >> maria: is your office investigating this, sir? >> that is a violation of the law to leak classified documents
7:41 am
and it is being investigated. i will say this. there are -- last two years, before i became attorney general, there were -- each year there were three open investigations of classified leaks. now we have 27. we're going after this aggressively. i have directed it personally. some of the matters involve this matter and some of it is matters that i'm not recused on and we're pursuing aggressively. >> maria: so you feel that there are matters that you can get into. for example, there's a lot of feeling out there that the hillary clinton e-mail investigation was a sham. loretta lynch told jim comey to call it a matter. that's what he did. in fact, it was a criminal investigation. we know he wrote an exxo an en raisexoneration letter. will there be charges? will there be accountability
7:42 am
here, sir? >> maria, we're going to do our job in this department properly and correctly. i'm not going to be led into the discussion of all the details of matters that you might be interested in. we can't do that in the media. >> maria: let me switch gears to the florida shooting being called obviously a horrific situation. you have said there were signs and signals that we could have seen ahead of this in terms of stopping this individual who was clearly mentally ill from killing 17 americans. >> yes, there clearly were. and even the school refused to let the person come in or bring a backpack because they were concerned about it. i met with a group of sheriffs yesterday. they all believe that we need to do a better job of receiving these signs and acting on them and following up on them better. that is probably the most valuable thing we can do to stop these kind of cases. we see the recent incidents,
7:43 am
maria, of the grandmother who was concerned about a grandchild and that appears to have been a dangerous situation that her going to the police and them acting on it may have prevented. so absolutely we've got to do better about that. we're going to review department of justice policies and we're not perfect either and we're going to make sure we're getting to the highest possible level of responding to appropriate notices of danger like probably was out there in this case. >> maria: it's really terrible. can you explain why the administration reversed an obama era policy last year that would have forced social security officials to report records of some mentally ill people getting benefits, people are saying, look, there was a plan in place that you would have known if a mentally ill person acquired a gun. >> i don't know how that would work, exactly the background on that. but i would just say to you, we
7:44 am
have got to be more effective in it. if a person is hearing voices and he's making threats to shoot and kill innocent people, that person is subject to being taken to a legal official and being declared subject to be having mental health treatment. i think that probably existed in this case. i can't say for certain. but we'll see as facts go by. but i have to say, you are correct. >> dagen: that was attorney general jeff sessions. we'll be right back. you tell your insurance company they made a mistake. the check they sent isn't enough to replace your totaled new car. the guy says they didn't make the mistake. you made the mistake. i beg your pardon? he says, you should have chosen full-car replacement. excuse me? let me be frank, he says: you picked the wrong insurance plan. 'no. i picked the wrong insurance company.' with liberty mutual new car replacement™,
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>> dagen: you know what? most people are working today in one way, shape or form. we have news to bring you. another earthquake strikes mexico this morning, the second in three days. cheryl casone has the details. >> cheryl: the tremor sent frightened residents out into the street. the quake was strong enough to trigger alarms in mexico city, no damage has been reported. a stronger 7.2 magnitude quake rattled the area on friday. a helicopter carrying officials to the scene crashed on the way, killing 14 people. richard branson signed a preliminary agreement with india for a virgin hyper loop one framework. the super fast transportation system would connect mumbai with another city in just 25 minutes. it will save like three hours.
7:49 am
the two cities are 100 miles apart. they say it could have the same impact on india in the 21st century as trains did in the 20th century in that country. this is interesting. apple's been criticized in the past for design problems with their iphones but now the glass walls at their new campus in california are drawing attention. according to published reports, workers are walking into the glass walls. market watch has uncovered two incidents into which men walked into the glass and were actually cut. apple hasn't responded to this yet. the company's shares are up 25% from a year ago. i don't know, dagen, i walked into a glass wall when i was 12 years old. if you don't see it, you don't see it. >> dagen: i've done this a lot in my life. and maybe broken one or two. they have to put like the apple logo on all the glass walls, but
7:50 am
still, i've broken a couple of glass doors in my time. >> i've done it in my own home. >> dagen: really? >> i walked into our sliding glass door. >> dagen: are you all right? >> i lived. >> dagen: you look okay. >> he had to make it to president's day. >> i had to make it to president's day. >> dagen: we are going to get a firsthand look at legoland's high tech new ride, that's next. ♪ slow ride. ♪ take it easy. ♪ slow ride. ♪ take it easy. rking innovation. you see it in the southern tier with companies that are developing powerful batteries that make everything from cell phones to rail cars more efficient. which helps improve every aspect of advanced rail technology. all with support from a highly-educated workforce and vocational job training.
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across new york state, we're building the new new york. to grow your business with us in new york state, visit to grow your business with us in new york state, each day our planet awakens but with opportunity comes risk. and to manage this risk, the world turns to cme group. we help farmers lock in future prices, banks manage interest rate changes and airlines hedge fuel costs. all so they can manage their risks and move forward. it's simply a matter of following the signs. they all lead here. cme group - how the world advances.
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♪ everything is awesome. ♪ living on a dream.
7:54 am
♪ everything is better when we stick together. >> dagen: thank you for implanting that song in my head for the rest of the week. everything is awesome at legoland and it's like you've never seen before. legoland florida resort is set to unveil the great lego race march 23rd. the latest theme park attraction pairs a roller coaster ride with virtual reality headsets. joining us is the public relations manager for legoland florida resorts, britney williams. tell us how you integrated virtual reality into the ride. >> there will be a movie coming out later this year that's based on virtual reality. it was a way to bring to life the way kids play and the thinks that only existed in their imagination and create a completely i'completely immerse. it mimics the way children play.
7:55 am
>> dagen: do you wear a v.r. headset when you're on the roller coaster. >> you do. >> dagen: why not separate it and just have the roller coaster and then just have the virtual reality experience? why put those together. >> total immersion. >> it's w we don't have enough o bricks to create this experience without virtual reality. it's just a way to take it to the next level. if you are just a more traditional roller coaster person, you can continue to ride our wild mouse style roller coaster without the headset. the headsets flip up. if you want to go back into reality during the ride, can you do that. >> dagen: the roller coaster sit evidenceitself is that new, dide roller coaster already exist 1234. >?>> it did exist. it was really a smart move for our parent company, merlin entertainment. >> so are you incorporated v.r.
7:56 am
into other aspects of the park and is it going to be a v.r. experience, taking it to the next dimension? >> not yet. we don't have any announcements on the next virtual reality experience. we're going to monitor this one, see how it goes. we're seeing early excitement on this one. we're going to see how it goes. i wouldn't say we're not open to it, though. we're built for kids. we're going to follow their lead. if it's something they love, i'm sure we'll implement it more. >> are children building, using legos at legoland? >> of course. >> i've got to tell you. all the things we've been talking about, you have part of the solution to a lot of the issues we've been talking about regarding young people. you take them off their ipads, their iphones and computers and you make them use their skills. i think that's great. >> it really transcends the generations, lego does. it brings parents together. we say we're a park that's built to put smiles on the faces of children but at the same time you see parents smiling because it'it's something they grew up
7:57 am
with. >> dagen: did you test this for motion sickness? >> it is perfectly safe and so it's going to feel very natural and what's great about this is we may not have been first to the v.r. game, but the technology gets better and better. if you feel ill, you can take them off. >> dagen: some of the early v.r. -- not lego v.r., it's been great. still aa head ahead, the recordg haul "black panther" brought in over the weekend. that's next hour, "mornings with maria."do because my body can still make its own insulin. and i take trulicity once a week to activate my body to release it, like it's supposed to. trulicity is not insulin. it comes in a once-weekly, truly easy-to-use pen. the pen where you don't have to see or handle a needle.
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. dagen: good morning, everyone. everybody i am dagen mcdowell for maria bartiromo. it is monday, february 19, top stories at 8:00 a.m. eastern. the commander in chief fires back president trump slamming the russian investigation, going on a tweet storm, after special counsel robert mueller charged 13 russian nationals with election interference, radio talk ho host rush eliminate boou warni-- >> warning be careful. >> danger for president would be very i think, seductive to embrace this, totally embrace a see, see i have been vindicated worst thing he could do in his world, is to i validate this whole investigation. by claiming victory here because what if down the road
8:01 am
there is another indictment or series of 2k50i78indictments do trump or russians trump can i colluding that is what this is about. dagen: rush saying it is about time to containing trump down, more indictments more on those indictments ahead, protecting the football, a secret service agent in white house chief john kelly reportedly involved in a scuffle with chinese security officials over the case that holds our nuclear code. the shocking report, ahead. rally rolling on, stocks finishing last week in the freen, the dow subpoena higher 6th straight trading day only friday best weaning for dow since election november 2016, remember whashths took off when president trump won? the markets closed in honor of presidents' day, but futures trading until 1 pm eastern acquiesce slight gains across
8:02 am
the board in europe, the stocks there, are trading lower at the moment, all down a 1/5 of one quarter of a percent in asia overnight nikkei gaining nearly 2% shanghai hong kong, hang seng closed for the lunar new year. >> tens tense moments on california highway a small plane forced to manage emergency landing near san jose. and the king of the box office, "black panther" clawing to a record weekend haul. then nba all-star game lebron james seth curry squared off, singer fergie kind of got all the attention. ♪ ♪ ♪ dagen: latest as twitter
8:03 am
erupts following unusual rendition. break it down, sr., director research fox news contributor, mich rochelle former fbi joint terror traffic member steve rogers i get a kick out of that. >> because i can't sing and so when somebody who has made a living singing, sounds about like i do when i am alone i felt bad for her. >> didn't know it was happening i was on twitter i thought oh he turn the television on you -- >> stay love twitter drives tv viewing. >> days of frank sinatra dean martin. >> that is what so is awful a wonderful singer. >> somebody works here shall rename nameless when pink sang national anthem super bowl my second favorite to whitney houston i had to point out her national anthem was recorded
8:04 am
she was lip-synching, blake burman at white house blake to tell us everything that president trump did over the weekend. case he was on twitter all weekend long for the most part after the special counsel released indictment friday charging 13 russian nationals blake? . reporter: going to say everything lot of twitter at least this weekend from president trump sent out a string of tweets in south florida area a string of tweets hearing to feel vined he kaitsdz from the indictment by bob mueller special counsel friday against specialrun three russian entities writing the following, if it was a goal of russia to bring discord disruption chaos within u.s. then with all the committee hearings, investigations, party hatred they have succeed beyond their wildest dreams they are laughing their asses off in moscow writes a commander in chief get smartly arc, the president national security
8:05 am
advisory mcmasterer saying the intelligence community knows zl where to point the finger. >> as you can see with the fbi indictment, the evidence is now really incontravert about veteranble in domain. >> if he liked in a comment much, because right after that, the president did a little bit of cleanup at least in his mind saying quote, general mcmasster forgot to say results of 2016 election not impacted or changed by russians, and that the only collusion between russia and crooked h, dems and dnc o dirtiest dossiers uranium speeches positive defendanth podesta academy the top chromatoschiff says this indictment does not vindicate the trump campaign from potential collusion. >>, of course, not, but this is a president who claims vindication any time summonl
8:06 am
some won sneezes president went after schiff calling him one point a leaking monster of no control. dagen. dagen: thank you so much. blake, what i was trying to point out, about rush when we played that sound from rush limbaugh, trying to say the investigation is all about setting up donald trump. he is the target. that is what rush was warning the president about, joining us now retired secret service agent former cia counterterrorism author of most recent "i am a secret service agent" reaction and president's reaction over the weekend? >> good to see mueller investigation final 3rud preside other than speculation indicted 13 russians good luck getting them extra dooitdz here vladimir putin not going to send people here to stand trial any more in an donald
8:07 am
trump would send 13 of our over there to stand trial, somewhat symbolic i have to agree with rush, and that the president needs to watch himself because the investigation is not over. and it is not over until it is over. as with any other investigation. dagen: to point out what was in that indictment, no evidence collusion in the indictment. between russia and the trump campaign, this is an effort by russia started in 2014 in is no evidence that the meddling by russia changed the electoral results that is all worth pointing out. >> absolutely. the deputy attorney general pointed that out friday said no americans with itingly engaged in any collusion with russians and with them in any way. so that is certainly good news, for the president. hopefully this will be over soon, i know has been a huge distraction to the president and administration. trying to get the country going, but meanwhile you have all of this noise in the
8:08 am
background. about the investigation, with the russians. dagen: but you would agree, though, that if russia meddled in our elections which this indictment certainly shows, we need to get to the bottom of it whether you know, these individuals will be extradited or not we need to clean up the election process, make sure it is fair, and that bad actors you know the controlled by puppet masster vladimir putin prevented from manipulating united states. >> we can do our best, the intelligence community i think does do its best counterintelligence portion this has been going on for dioxide nothing new i am no the saying we do it but i am saying that what the russians have done, is pretty much par for the course with intelligence communities around the world. dagen: i want to move on to this story i think we found this utterly shocking, the story reported by axios that a
8:09 am
secret service agent you served in secret service, and white house chief of staff john kelly involved in scuffle over nuclear final supposed to say close to president all times happened in november during the president trip to beijing u.s. military aide carrying the football was denied entry to beijing's grat hall john kelly rushed over urging officials to keep walking when there was a commotion, and secret service agent grabbed chinese security official had to being at ael him to the ground as a former secret service agent what is your reaction to this episode and does it speak to -- well china's manipulation or attempted manipulation of us? >> yeah, during my time on presidential detail i participated in numerous foreign advances, friction with foreign security is common all these things are supposed to be worked out in
8:10 am
preadvance that is before the advance team goes out, thank you entourage who is to enter cannot enter worked out ahead of time what you find with foreign security people like the chinese, and some places in middle east, they will agree to lots of things. but then game time comes and they decide to change their minds in effort to essentially embarrass united states prove they are in charge what have goes on in their country, and not the united states. it is really quite common. >> steve rogers here one thing we can agree on chinese learned not to challenge u.s. marine not at all. and that is number one, number two. >> kind of answer it had question there is a protocol you mentioned the word embarrassment the chinese tried to embarrass us, built i think it kind of backfired they embarrassed themselves? >> i think ultimately they did. you know. it is -- trying to separate the president, from the
8:11 am
football, everyone has to know that that is not going to be that is not going to stand. when he is in the white house, he is perfectly capable starting a thermal nuclear war on road has to have that football close by, so i think it did embarrass the chinese, they -- the chinese are very sensitive to embarrassment and i think this incident probably did just that. dagen: is it wrong that i would secretly love to see or hear about chief of staff kelly punching somebody in the face? wrong? >> you are talking about a three star mean corps infantry officer general officer you don't have surprise me in the lease the. dagen: i do want to move on to serious topic. >>. >> a okay. dagen: president trump face of calls to take action on comuns in wake with which latet mass smooting at parkland, florida left 17 people dead the white house now says the president will participate in a pair of listening sessions on school safety this week, but unclear
8:12 am
whether he will take up the issue of being a access to guns, there was a statement put out by the white house yesterday, that seems to suggest that the president white house are open if this john cornyn bill has bipartisan support about trying to improve the background check process. what is your take on this? >> well i think, about hang the background check a good start, however, you have to understand, that in the world of ar-15 rifle, there are currently estimated estimated between 5 and 10 million in if united states a lot of refusals folks to act to try to controls no almost impossible a lot of rituals changed hands, two, three, four, five times a lot without any paperwork whatsoever, in other words one individual simply selling to another individual, and not going through a gun dealer not doing to having do atf background no matter what they do in terms
8:13 am
of background investigations it is also a going to be possible for someone who is not supposed to have one of these weapons to objectain them. >>. dagen: about there have been i kind of detailed some of the failings of the fbi in terms of background checks dillon, the shooter at mother imanuel church in charleston should never have gotten gun foul up by investigator doing 3-day background check omar investigated twice wound up killing many at pulse nightclub tsarnaev brothers in boston shooter in fort hood cruise, the shooter in parkland failure by fbi. rick scott governor of florida calling or director of fbi to resign after fbi admitted that, this is not just video but the tip sent to fbi in january does somebody need to move on in fbi dan?
8:14 am
>> yes, they do. and in a word yes. beginning with the director, and every one between him, and the person that took the phone call at the hotline. this director has only been there five months however as you may recall, less than a month ago he threatened to resign. if deputy director mccabe was dismissed from fbi, you have someone that four months on job threatened to quit. i think that he should probably go ahead and see that through at this point. like it or not, he is in charge. he is the he is the final say-so in organization that through its in competence lost 17 people. or dad, knowing that they could possibly pass it down to you one day. cool. but before you decide, you should know that chevy silverado's are the most dependable, longest lasting full-size pickups on the road. which means that ford f-150s are not.
8:15 am
(laughs) which truck would you pick? the chevy. the chevy. the chevy. there you go. boom. that was obvious. plus it looks cooler. no doubt about it. now they know what to get me. (laughs)
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8:17 am
maria: comreef call for action in florida you funerals under way for victims of as mr. shooting cheryl casone was cancels. cheryl: that is right dagen, the community attending multiple funerals saying good-bye to fellow classmates teachers. the white house saying president trump will host a listening session with students and teachers from stone and douglas high school on wednesday they have called for president to do more on gun control organized a march for our lives rally in washington march 24, jetblue will offer free flights to
8:18 am
fort lauderdale to family members who lost hospitalized ones in the shootings is as volunteers are available to help book flights. >> emotional photo released by broward county sheriffsos, sheriff scott is visiting 15-year-old anthony in hospital teen according to photo posted twitter shot five times boy is recovering a long road ahead many surgeries in his future. well another headlined following this morning, take a look at this video that is a small plane, that was forced to land on highway in northern california pilot had reported engine trouble, only person onboard he was he jot injured nobody on the ground hurt this happened yesterday, believe it or not, no damage to the plane, justly a safe landing in middle of a california freeway. and then there is this. tesla smart power grid
8:19 am
ambition, nova scotia, tax battery -- excuse me -- power plants deliver extra electricity to local homes with outage or existing turbine system falls smart tesla up more than 20% over the last year, finally, this a record smashing weekend at box office, the tune of 192 million dollars, ♪ what happens now? >> what happens? >> the rest of the -- cheryl: marvel "black panther" expectations to become fifth highest grossing debut ever following "star wars," last jedi "jurassic world" peter rabbit 17.3
8:20 am
million in third place final movie in 50 shades sago, top five. >> you jumanji "black panther" did not disappoint. dagen: i watched darkest hour in privacy of my home i am glad i did i was -- a crying mess ugly cry as i call it all my cries are ugly cries, ice as well nose brightly red, let's hope wins academy award won last night. >> silicon valley cashing in on rising home prices not blasting off just yet, spacex forced to delay the hotly anticipated launch of its global internet satellite. ♪ on these things, ♪
8:21 am
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retail. under pressure like never before. and its connected technology that's moving companies forward fast. e-commerce. real time inventory. virtual changing rooms. that's why retailers rely on comcast business to deliver consistent network speed across multiple locations. every corporate office, warehouse and store near or far covered. leaving every competitor, threat and challenge outmaneuvered. comcast business outmaneuver.
8:24 am
. dagen: the hottest investment in k silicon valley, could be your home, as real estate prices rise in area some companies are offering shared equitable contracts, that let them take ownership position with the homeowner, it is aimed at new buyers, who may need money for a down payment what is your take on this. >> let's go with numbers, median home prize in silicon valley over four times u.s. median home price the problem. dagen: 250,000. >> 250 u.s. a million almost a million -- 1,180, the problem with shared upper good going in not so good going out, so
8:25 am
if anybody has been through a relationship with where they had to split up asset at the end, it is very complicated and just talking during break communal living a rental easier once you have property that needs to be divided complicated like divorce court. >> it is. >> have the relationship, really didn't pan out. >> that becomes a challenge, hard assets are not easily divisible, that makes it complicated. >> millennial lens -- it does have initial appeal helping younger people get on property ladder silicon valley 1.2 million out of new york city, exorbitantly expensive as well a job two jobs very far off by from being able to afford an
8:26 am
apartment i could go to grad school forever, anyway i think that it does there is a hook to it that i understand for younger people, who could have a lot of student debt three trillion student debt in country i agree i wouldn't reason i in into something like this but a smart conversation to be having. >> are companies having trouble luring talent because the property is so expensive not just to apply but to rent. >> rental prices there are considerably higher than national average as well, and those companies look at the amazon move, you know, potentially to east coast, really about chase your talent, in fact one of the things i like to say with -- 3, have 00 companies giving these i don't like to say one time bonuses to employees it is all about talent retaining talent, i think living in the pacific northwest down through los angeles has gotten incredibly expensive, and those companies are finding it
8:27 am
hard to get talent to go there. dagen: go to talking about -- north carolina. >> a winner. >> raleigh getting more expensive but -- >> the prices in raleigh charlotte go up they don't go up exponentially. >> i was in san francisco a year as first dot com bubble collapsed. >> not in an automaker not very nice everything so encapsule leave it at that russia election meddling probe heating up, with what is next for the investigation special counsel robert mueller hit 1 russians with indictments friday not so glamorous fergie feeling the show at nba all-star game for all the wrong reasons. horrendous national anthem which was -- painful. ♪
8:28 am
♪ ♪ everybody wants ♪ make something for dinner.
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but some of us make something much more. with blue apron, any night is a chance to see what cooking can do. dagen: welcome back i am dagen mcdowell for maria bartiromo monday, february 19,
8:31 am
some places might be closed today, but not us because we know you are working we are working too, kwour top stories 8:30 eastern, first indictments are in, robert mueller charging 1 return nationals with election interference a concern alleged bias within ranks of the fbi, attorney general jeff sessions weighed in on that on "sunday morning futures" with maria. >> the inspector general has been working very hard on that has been relentless tough i have seen heard so many of his work that has been produced already. much of what we know about this has been produced by his work, and the department of justice with congress records documents beyond anything ever been produced really. probably in history. and we are going to continue to be open with them, and be responsive. dagen: president trump on tweet storm in wake of
8:32 am
indictments fallout straight ahead the markets closed in honor of presidents' day, but futures will be trading until 1 1 pm eastern dow futures up 10 points great for stocks dow having best week since election week back in 2016. in europe, stocks are lower across the board, and england france, germany losses are slight, in asia overnight, nikkei gaining nearly 2% shanghai composite and hang seng closed for the lunar new year. spacex forced to delay rocket launch when falcon nine is now set to head into the skies. and emotional win for dillon drove you in three cars to victory 20 years after dale earnhardt used to drive that car won his only daytona 500, fergie national anthem waves her rendition sparking some
8:33 am
unique reaction from nba all stars, top story this half hour raising the stakes in the russian investigation president trump taking to twitter to weigh in, after special counsel robert mueller indicted more than a dozen you russian nationals 1 to be exact bee organizations for allegedly interfering in 2016 presidential election about the goal of russia to create discord disruption and chaos within u.s., then with all the committee hearings investigations, and party hatred, they succeed beyond their wildest dreams laughing their butts off in moscow get smart america, maria sat down with host of this was yesterday, rush limbaugh's show forboding words on "fox news sunday" for body words. >> the danger for the president is it would be very i think seductive to embrace in, totally embrace a see, see
8:34 am
i have been vindicated the worst thing he could do in his in his world are is to validate this whole investigation. by claiming victory here because us what if down the road there is another indictment or series of indictments, that do name trump or do name the -- the russians trump campaign colluding that is what this is about this is about getting trump. >> joining. dagen: chief political correspondent washington examiner fox news contributor byron york what did you make of the indictments trump reaction, and the next steps in this? >> well as far as the indictment is concerned, there is not actually a lot in the indictment that the intelligence committee didn't already know from their tru russia investigations we new in russia using social media facebook instagram, twitter to try to disrupt the election. we knew all that, i think one of the things you see in this
8:35 am
is really how small it was. we know you know there are dozens of people working on this, mueller is kind of vague how much money was spent he says in september of 2016, nrndz at the top of it, in other words, the top spent 1.25 million dollars a month, that is an election in which both sides spent total 2.4 billion dollars, so that is not even a rounding error, and then if you combine what is in the indictment with what facebook and twitter executives testified before the senate and the house, last november, then you see a little more, they said for example the facebook ads, of all impressions of those ads 44% of the impressions came before election but 56% came after the elections election they talked about extraordinarily small amounted of money paid in key states apparently russians paid $300
8:36 am
for facebook ads in pennsylvania, 823 dollars for facebook ads in michigan not stuff of rising an election. >>. dagen: byron by president trump tweeting about it over and over and over again, over the weekend, i am not i am going to ignore how may be stre media covered it a lot of networks don't like president trump immediately -- kind of almost appalling this you they posted from parkland shooting to this this investigation is their bread and butter, with president trump tweeting about it you put it in terrific financial perspective in a perspective of numbers but president trump talking about it incessantly gives it life makes it bigger seem bigger than it really was. >> well one of the president's reoccurring themes you saw again in the tweet that is there was no collusion, between his campaign, and the russians how many times has he said that just many, many,
8:37 am
many times. and indeed no allegation no suggestion of collusion. it doesn't say doesn't rule it out there is just nothing in there. but there is always been two aspects to this trump-russian investigation, the first finding out what russians did actually you see a lot of that in this indictment. but the second aspect of the trump-russia investigation has always been the get trump part of it that is what drives the president nuts, everything it is what drives it politically on capitol hill, what drives some democrats to talk be impeaching president trump, if they were to win control of the house, this november. and that is the element that the president cannot seem to ignore. dagen: ignore the suggestion by his foes this is their again their life blood. that suggests the -- the election the results weren't
8:38 am
legitimate now because of this eats at him i don't think i am overstepping say that. >> not at all here again rod rosenstein deputy attorney general said this on friday the allegations the indictment makes no allegation at all about the -- the election being affected the ruts of the election being affected by this indeed there has been no official body, the intelligence community or anybody else said election results were he affected by that i go back to what i was saying earlier about simply smallness of measures when they would have affected an election as big as national u.s. presidential election. dagen: in terms of plugging the elaboration to the justice department maria talked to attorney general jeff sessions, pressed him little being done to address elaboration playgrounds did plaguing doj. >> that is a violation of the law to leak classified
8:39 am
dominates being investigated, i will say this, there are last two years, before i became attorney general, there were each year there was three open investigations of classified leaks. now we have 27. we're going after this aggressively. i have directed it personally some of the matters involve this matter. and some of it is -- a matter that i am not recused on we are pursuing aggressively. dagen: is doj doing enough to combat leaks that they are doing what they can do certainly republicans were pulled a the beginning of the trump administration remember one of the biggest leaks was the leak of this interpreted phone telephone conversation between michael flynn at the time incoming national security advisory and return ambassador a conversation most people believe entirely proper there is no problem with incoming national about security advisory talking to an ambassador from another
8:40 am
country including russia. thank you russian ambassador was wiretapped by american intelligence, not unusual there either. but what is unusual is the conversation the recording transcript classified at the very highest levels of secrecy indeed leaked before trump ever became president. so this is something that the intelligence impunity who ever does leaking got off von bad foot with new trump administration jeff sessions has been pursuing it ever since. dagen: how long does this mueller probably go on? we don't have any sense do we. >> now don't you heard talk about the trump lawyers teams saying well we think going to be over soon we have had we do know there have been talks between mueller and white house, about speaking to the president, which suggests might be getting toward the end but you know they have a trial of paul manafort not going to happen at least until the fall.
8:41 am
so going to be going to that, clearly there is lots of other aspects of this investigation, for example, this new indictment we were just discussing, did not address the hacking of dnc john positive did he say at a the obstruction of justice element to it there seems a lot more left to cover in this investigation. dagen: brie ron great to see you. thank you for coming coming to work on holiday. >> good to be here. dagen: great to see you as also a byron i don't recollect, a slam-dunk for fans the nba all-star games garnering rave reviews it was fergie who stole the show. for all the wrong reasons. ♪ ♪ dagen: [laughter], hilarious reactions to what some are calling the worst rendition of
8:42 am
our national anthem ever. ♪ ♪ we have seen it all in the end we have seen it ♪ with big dreams... we came with big appetites. with expedia one click gives you access to discounts on thousands of hotels, cars and things to do. like the garland hotel for 40% off. everything you need to go. expedia
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dagen: somebody tweeted me we're not on tape it means that that creruns didn't bother to come to work we did because we care. carnival reviewing how security officers handled a brawl on a cruise ship cheryl casone has more hey. cheryl: lot to look at dagen dream vacation of carnival cruise ship south pacific turned into a nightmare screaming yelling punches kicking, witnesses say members
8:46 am
of family started trouble with other guests onboard some reports say brawl began when won stepped on somebody's flip-flop 23 people remove after fight carnival offering 25% cruise credit on future trips like i said earlier no idea of alcohol was involved in this one pm. >> elon musk delaying lunch of falcon 9 rocket to wednesday scheduled to launch yesterday from california but spacex said more time for final checked for upgraded he knows cone a clamshell set for 9:17 a.m. eastern on wednesday. what a thriller it was day topa 500, austin on final lap putting number three in victory lane that is number, of course, famous by dale earnhardt sr., was 17 years to the kathe driver was killed in a accident at daytona, 20 years to the day that enhart
8:47 am
won his only daytona 500, a push from a team mate bubba wallace helped propel him to a victory danica patrick ending crash 35th place to go daddy car going to race indy 500 her second to last race overall in godaddy car. >> east versus west team lebron james versus team seth curry first national anthem performed by fergie, listen. ♪ o say, does that star-spangled banner wave -- cheryl: draim obamaed green had hard time keeping a straight face, [laughter] > laughing this is unusual yet jimmy kimmel also, sounded
8:48 am
like, look at face what was that? what was that that is the question, anyway, steph lebron chose teams for all-star in have l.a. looks like lebron chose while give and go with russell to alley-oop la bron put on a show the most valuable player 29 points 8 shifts would win 148 to 145, back to national anthem, my ears are ringing. dagen: again, sing the anthem straight it doesn't need to he excessively long if you are christina has that range can hit notes like no one not ideal -- it was just beyond,
8:49 am
beyond horrible. >> my kids screaming watching it. dagen: roseanne bar it was tweeted could come out of hiding now, if anybody remember that that was she grabbed crotch that was roseanne's problem but i am trying to think about other i think paul luis sang national anthem really bad. >> didn't know the words she didn't know the words credit for that. real pitchy. dagen: i don't know what that was it was bad sounded like me trying to imitate barbara streisand after i got out of bed. >> what a game. >> by the way, eric the 10 car robbed of that victory a lot of people are mad about that he races. just saying coming up, next play time in the big apple new york toy fair under way the will couldest new gadgets sure to make your kids christmas list. later this year, february we are talking about christmas.
8:50 am
straight ahead. ♪ it's time for the 'ultimate sleep number event' on the only bed that adjusts on both sides to your ideal comfort, your sleep number setting. does your bed do that? save 50% on the ultimate limited edition bed. plus 24-month financing ends monday visit for a store near you. i want you to pick a new truck for your mom or dad, knowing that they could possibly pass it down to you one day. cool. but before you decide, you should know that chevy silverado's are the most dependable, longest lasting full-size pickups on the road. which means that ford f-150s are not. (laughs) which truck would you pick? the chevy. the chevy. the chevy. there you go. boom. that was obvious. plus it looks cooler. no doubt about it. now they know what to get me. (laughs)
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dagen: meet, the new york toy fair is now under away showcasing hottest toys to have it market joining us now a preview, senior editor of the toy insider, one of the most interesting rewarding things you do is rescue a pet what about rescue -- >> back on table, and basically it is very trendy to
8:54 am
rescue a pet a lot of people shying away from breeders we are seeing that in toy industry as well kids can rescue their puppies with rescue they come kind of like, this they have money -- muddy paws a collar on them a brush now they have their pet. >> a cute way to encourage small children to rescue animals prepare them for taking care of their lives. >> all about that nuturing play. >> right here about collectibles this gallon here can talk she purrs, you can hear that she even has a cute dance party mode. ♪ take insure recognizes it music gets faster and faster. all different play modes tells
8:55 am
you how she is doing through expressive eyes. >> the sequined pillow. >> unicorn one of the hottest trends, you've got a reversible sequin pillow rub your hand over that see the color of the pillow will change. new animal. >> so it is very sensory experience. >> just to let you know they make dresses like that. >> really? >>. dagen: see quicken if you rub them they change color. >> yeah. also unicorn characteristics available. dagen: tell me you warned me don't touch him. said this is a prototype. >> a lot of toys looking at
8:56 am
prototypes. >> moving the arm, like -- rex for real friends line interactive pets can come to life hop begs for food a caveman cookie treat broccoli a bottle finicky sometimes wants to eat sometimes not so much i love the color on him just so so cute. dagen: available by christmas. >> yes, most are out around august. dagen: what about the flying sushi dish. >> game category up 3% last year spree of from overall industry up 1% it is a really great fun game there is air that makes sushi fly off ped city halls, plik them off using plastic sushi order. dagen: finally the morphed -- how different from the skateboard. >> very different a two in one
8:57 am
so that will actually change from a skateboard to a scooter has little easy twist off modifications you change some things around now a scooter $99 great price point two toys in one. dagen: goes to the point toys tiered of seeing adult men over 40 on skateboards through streets of manhattan great to see you thanks for coming,. final thoughts from all-star. ♪ excuse me, are you aware of what's happening right now? we're facing 20 billion security events every day. ddos campaigns, ransomware, malware attacks... actually, we just handled all the priority threats. you did that? we did that. really. we analyzed millions of articles and reports. we can identify threats 50% faster. you can do that? we can do that.
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>> thank you to jessica, mitch, and steve for being here on this holiday again. we come to work, right, charles payne? charles: right we're open and the other people, whoever they are, aren't. >> love you. charles: good morning. love you too. i'm charles payne. stuart's going to be back tomorrow. but we have a ton of stories for you. president trump says there's no collusion. yet 13 russians indicted for medaling in our elections and no results. the head of the fbi should resign after the agency didn't follow up on a tip about the florida school shooting suspect. and to your money. president trump considering a tax on consumption also a higher gas tax and internet sales tax. what would that do with all


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