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tv   The Intelligence Report With Trish Regan  FOX Business  February 19, 2018 2:00pm-3:00pm EST

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on city nance and stalemate over guns and immigration. sometimes common ground can be found. we got indication in last couple hours on this show from republicans and democrats. hopefully this time is really different. to trish regan. trish: thank you very much, neil cavuto. president trump issuing a stark warning meanwhile today, get smart, america, guess what? we're getting played by the russians and our government is too dumb to figure it out. moscow doesn't care whether a republican or democrat is in the white house. they want to divide our country. they have been successful creating chaos and could fusion. we played right into their hand. you know what? the mainstream media has played into their hands. could you argue that cnn and others are doing the russian's job for them. all this as the florida shooting suspect appears before a judge. it is certainly another big news day here.
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while our competition is off, taking a nice little holiday for themselves, guess what we're doing? we're here live all day on fox business. we know how important this is and we want you to have the news. i am trish regan. welcome, everyone to a live edition of the intelligence report on this president's day. the president blasting the fbi following the agency's bombshell admin -- admission that it did nothing after receiving a tip on the in shooter. the president says maybe they're spending too much time on russian collusion. that is exactly what i said on friday. they were so busy out there trying to connect the dots, trying to implicate president trump in collusion with the russians that they missed a really big tip, a really big tip that could have saved 17 children's lives.
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so does this mean it is time for a big, major shake-up at the fbi? does christopher wray and others need to resign? we are debating that. breaking overnight reportedly there was a big scuffle over our nuclear codes last november in china. china claims just a big misunderstanding. let's not forget this was china. we are asking retired four-star general jack keen exactly what the chinese are up to on this one. let's go back to blake burman at the white house on president's trump's stark assessment of the fbi. and it is not good. reporter: trish this came over the weekend via tweet. he did not mention chris wray specifically? the tweet, pointing to the fbis that an institution as a whole how it did not respond to the phone call in january warning that the parkland shooter was an imminent danger. here is the president's tweet over the weekend.
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he wrote, quote, very sad that the fbi missed all the signals sent out by the florida school shooter this is not acceptable. they are spending too much time trying to prove russian collusion with the trump campaign. there is no collusion. get back to the basics and make us all proud. the president received some criticism from some of the survivors of the shooting combining the two issues but the president continued to tweet over the weekend about russia, and this indictment levied by bob mueller's special counsel towards 13 russians meddling in the 2013 election. on sunday president trump tweeted this, if it was the goal of russia to create discord and chaos in the u.s., then with all the committee hearings, investigations, party hatred, they have succeeded beyond their wildest dreams. they are laughing their asses off in moscow, the commander-in-chief writes. get smart, america. here principle deputy press
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secretary raj shah put part of the blame for the meddling on the obama administration. >> he has been tough, measured and smart when it comes to russia. if you want to treat this as an act of war or something very extreme, and have a very forceful response to russia, you know the first place that democrats should look is at the previous administration. reporter: top democrat in the house intelligence committee. adam schiff over the weekend said that the obama administration indeed could have done more during their time here in the white house but schiff also said that this mueller indictment does not vindicate the president as the president sees it. trish? trish: thank you very much, blake burman. joining me with reaction trump re-election advisory board member harm hand hill and democratic strategist michael star hopkins running for senate in new jersey. michael he is getting a lot of criticism combining these two issues, something i did right on the show on friday, because i don't think you can look at the two issues independently.
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i think you had a highly distracted fbi, a highly politically-motivated fbi. whether you can blame christopher wray for that, we can talk about that in a moment. i think you can. that may have come from the holdover from james comey, but nonetheless you had an fbi that was so distracted with this whole russian investigation, an fbi out there issuing fisa warrants based on piece of bad intelligence, if you can even call it intelligence, likely a bunch of garbage that the russians fed to christopher steele, which was paid for, his work was paid for by the democrats, and hillary clinton, and they took that as gospel enough to go out and issue a fisa warrant against the opposition campaign. while simultaneously failing to follow up on a simple tip, michael. is this an fbi that is distracted right now? is this an fbi that can not do
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its job? >> well i don't think you have to take my advice on this like you said, look to the survivors of the attack in park land who said these attacks on fbi were disgusting. the mueller investigation had nothing to do with the shooting in parkland. by combining those two it furthers confuse people. the mueller investigation is completely separate entity that is walled off from the fbi and has their own -- trish: i'm not talking about the mueller investigation. i'm talking about a culture within the fbi that is so focused on politics and not focused enough on keeping us safe. >> but with all due respect you called for the investigation of hillary clinton, eric holder, barack obama, all in the last six months on this network. so if the fbi is too busy to investigate russia, why aren't they too busy to investigate hillary clinton, you can't have it both ways. trish: they failed over and over again whether with hillary clinton's email server, whether taking a bunch of tabloid junk
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assuming it is somehow correct enough to go out and issue a fisa warrant and not even tell a court judge that it is opposition research you've been collecting. or whether it be missing, missing this tip in florida, to me, harlan hill, it shows an fbi that can not do its job. >> it is very concerning. i'm normally one hesitant to do any monday morning quarterbacking, particularly when it comes to our law enforcement but you touched on something that i vane heard anybody else say is that there is a toxic and dysfunctional culture at the fbi and at the justice department, that has led to this hyper fixation on these political dramas that seem to be, to the benefit of democrats and the exploitation of the justice department and the fbi by the previous administration. there has been zero check on it. so i'm not one to monday morning
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quarterback but i think you're absolutely right. the fbi is distracted. this one fell through the cracks but what is more concerning to me, is that how many more tragedies must fall through the cracks before we have a wake-up call at the justice department and the fbi? >> so i guess my question, who do you hold accountable then? these were all republican appointees. chris wray was specifically brought in by donald trump -- trish: i'm not getting partisan on you, i do hold christopher wray partly responsible. go to this clip, christopher wray doesn't get there is bias and a preoccupation hating trump there at the fbi right now. and that makes me question whether or not he is really the guy to lead this organization. roll the tape. okay. we don't have it yet. we're get it for you because he was in testimony in senate intel hearings just last tuesday and he was asked point-blank, is there any bias at the fbi to
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which he said no. here we go. >> there is no shortage of opinions about our agency, just like every other agency up here and i'm a big believer in the idea that the fbi speaks through its work, through its cases, through the victims it protects. and i, encourage our folks not to get too hung up on what i consider to be the noise. >> you haven't seen any evidence of some sort of inherent political bias in the agency? >> no. trish: okay. so there you go. politics aside, as you point out as a republican appointee, i don't care if he is democrat or republican on this one, i'm just holding him accountable, michael star hopkins, for doing his job. doesn't the fbi need to do its job or did it or did it not fail in florida? >> absolutely. i think the fbi needs to do its job. the fbi absolutely dropped the ball here. we should have inspector general report figure out what happened, how the ball was dropped so we
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move forward to see this never happens again. if we start talking about left and right, things like that, it muddies the water. when people want to know if they send the kids to school they're safe. trish: forget the left and right. we need to focus on now is keeping this country safe. >> amen. trish: harlan hill, this fbi is too bogged down in trying to prove something that from all accounts we've seen thus far didn't happen and didn't exist that they're not out there doing the very basic things that they need to. >> i don't want to hear from anybody at the fbi that the fbi is impartial. absolutely without fail. any organization composed of humans is going to have some, some shortcomings. during the last administration, the fbi cofunded opposition research with the hillary clinton campaign and the democratic national committee to seek a fisa warrant to pursue
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the incoming president of the united states, president donald trump. don't tell me there is no bias. it es the truth. it's the truth. >> you can yell all you want. >> there is more context to that simply saying the fbi funded a document that was directed -- >> did they pay field money -- did money come from the fbi to the justice department to steele in coordination for his research? >> absolutely. i have no problem admitting that. >> they co-founded it. they cofunded it. trish: yes he did. >> that is not true. christopher steele had relationships with the 20 years. trish: before went to work for fusion gps. >> and free beacon. free beacon. let's not this isn't a republican and democrat thing. people were worried about trump. i know people who were here worried about trump before he was nominee. most people had no respect for trump before he became the gop nominee. trish: i think we can include christopher steele in that.
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if you haven't read it -- >> i read it. trish: i debate, i'm talking to viewers right now, if you haven't read it, go online, read this thing. it is on buzzfeed, for example. it reads like a piece of tabloid trash that you would see in a supermarket. i don't know how anybody at the fbi would have ever taken that seriously because just as journalist i read it and i could tell where it was coming from. and that was not from an intelligence officer. >> but a lot of accusations about manafort, about gates, about money laundering have ended up seeming pretty true so, mike flynn -- trish: do you think the russian's goals have been fulfilled to a certain extent? maybe this was their intention all along? in other words our government, the fbi you're so passionately defending here michael -- >> it is twilight zone. trish: that the fbi got played and they got played by the russians and failed to protect our kid? >> i just say this. i think it is "the twilight zone" when dems
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are defending the fbi and republicans bashing it. i should say we should allow the investigation to finish. we have no idea at the end. day what happened. there is election coming up. >> there was no collusion? isn't that part of what we heard from mueller, no americans coy lewded with any russians. >> he was nothing in that accuser to instrument in that. that is not what he said. trish: we're doing the russian's job for them right there. cnn is really, i'm wondering how much russian money -- i'm teasing. >> nra. trish: this is a fair question. you're like. i don't like nra money. i don't like money in politics. >> amen to that. trish: reason i don't like the whole carried interest loophole. >> i agree with you 100%. trish: thank you, michael, harlan. we have congressional candidate antonio sabato, jr., good to see you. >> good to see you, trish. how are you. trish: i'm good. what is your take? do you think the fbi got played?
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>> american people deserve an apology from the doj and fbi as soon as possible to the people we lost in florida. the fbi dropped the ball. no, they didn't do their job. started working with hillary thing and russian thing for too long. now we lost beautiful lives in florida and nobody is stepping up to take it, responsibility for what just happened. this is craze at this to me. we have to to put the american people. i'm fighting for the people of ventura county because we need representatives saying truth for the american people, not what is right for the party. that is crazy to me. that has got to end. trish: you bring up an important point. this is something that donald trump was successful if doing because he brought a lot of people that have been historically democrats, a lot of blue-collar, union worker democrats in places like pennsylvania, in coal country. they voted for him. >> right. trish: because party less and less is taking center stage right now.
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antonio, do you agree with that? >> our constitution, our constitution has to stand for something. that american flag stands for something. it is not the party. it is not the president. it is for the american people. that is why i'm going to win in november. we need somebody willing to say the truth to the american people. do whatever it takes, i don't care what every takes from gun laws, mental illness we have to do whatever it takes to protect our children. our schools need to be protected whatever it takes. i don't care what party you're at. american people are first in my book. trish: what does that mean for you, for example? as a politician, as a candidate when it comes to say money that you would get from the nra? >> listen, i'm going to do what is right for my community. i will do whatever it takes. i'm a gun owner. i'm a ccw holder. i understand the second amendment better than anybody. i might be carrying right now, you don't know. we have to protect the american people. it is always guns fault. it is people's fault in our government especially the fbi in this particular case who didn't do their job in why can't we say
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that? they knew about this particular character this, man full of evil, nobody did anything about it. let's step up, start firing people. do it from scratch. because the american people deserve better. >> michael star hopkins is running for senate in new jersey, he is making the point, trish, you can't use those two examples together because they're completely different, what was happening in the fbi in washington is different from what was happening at fbi in florida. to which i say, i don't know i did, my response to that, antonio, they're not entirely different, right? they're being led by the same person. leadership matters. >> right. trish: i don't care if it's a field office in florida where they're in the doing their job or the fbi in washington where they're to the doing a very good job, isn't it all coming from the same place? >> coming from the same place. we used to take pride in our police officers. we used to take pride in our leaders. they used to take pride in our teachers. they're taking god away from our schools. they want to take the flag away
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from schools. there is no leadership anymore. nobody takes responsibility. all they want to tax more, regulate more, instead of going down to the source of everything. we have a constitution. le's follow the law and protect our american people. so you know, listen, this particular case the fbi did a big mistake. they should be accountable for everything that just happened in florida. they're the ones who misled everything and they didn't do their job. trish: they and, there is blame to go around too. mental illness is clearly an issue in our society. we should have a better system for sure to flag that. >> yeah. trish: including i would say, there is no reason why someone who is mentally ill who had the police visit their home 39 times is able to go buy a gun? >> it is unbelievable to me we're talking about this he should not be able to buy anything, not even a spoon n this particular case he was able to buy an ar-15 and weapons and magazines. how is that allowed?
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stop blaming nra. stop blaming guns. start making better laws to protect the american people. why can't we do that for once? i'm really mad. trish: i'm equally mad. i know why we can't do it, because too many politicians have their hand out from a variety of difficult organizations that are paying for their actual campaigns. so nothing gets done. >> exactly. nothing gets done. private interests in lobbyists and private interests from everybody, instead of doing it from the american people. these politicians are working for the american people, not the other way around. they're getting extremely rich by doing jobs, pelosi walks away with $60 million every year. how does she make this kind of money? i'm going back to the roots of this whole thing. my grassroots campaign is about the american people. it is not about me. it is about you. that is why i'm going to win. we need better representation in washington. for once and for all, please, let's do it. >> antonio, good luck to you.
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>> go to vote i appreciate you, trish. trish: is it time for a big shake-up at the fbi? i would say so, huh? it may mean new leadership at the fbi. will christopher wray resign over this? we discuss it after the next break. ♪ ♪ i can do more to lower my a1c. and i can do it with what's already within me.
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e-commerce. real time inventory. virtual changing rooms. that's why retailers rely on comcast business to deliver consistent network speed across multiple locations. every corporate office, warehouse and store near or far covered. leaving every competitor, threat and challenge outmaneuvered. comcast business outmaneuver. trish: florida governor rick scott is calling on the fbi to release all the details regarding the agency es failure, and it was a big one to, investigate the florida school shooter. this as president trump slams the fbi for mishandling a huge tip on the shooter. so where does the fbi go from here? can it regain the trust of the president? can it regain the trust of the american people? does fbi director christopher wray need to resign? joining me, steve rogers, former
2:24 pm
member of the fbi's joint terrorism task force. he says yes, you told me that friday. you say, you want the entire senior management changed? >> yes. trish there is a culture created by the failings of the fbi. that culture is political culture more than a public safety culture. it started with james comey and probably permeated throughout the entire leadership of the fbi. not only does the director has to go but the top leadership team has to go. that is how you restore confidence in the law enforcement agency. let me add this. has nothing to do with the field agents. they're men and women doing a great job. they pretty much feel, the ones i talk to, feel pretty much the same way. >> field agents in florida kind of messed this up. they should have investigated this. i just ask, doesn't leadership come from the top? don't you need a leader for the fbi that is encouraging those
2:25 pm
field agents out in florida to go follow up on tips to do their job? >> that is absolutely right. what is the priorities the leadership established for the agents? you mentioned in your segment, is the priority political, going after political candidates. that may have been a big problem. when i hear we don't have enough manpower. i disagree with that. you have got the manpower. you need leadership to set priorities. let the agents in the field that you will protect people first and foremost, politics second. trish: there are some different components about this. there is the mental illness component. we need to improve background checks because somebody that is actual nuts should not able to get that kind of a weapon. we need more protection for the kids in our schools for themselves. i'm all for it. you have retired cops that -- retired vests. is there some kind of a better system we can put in place in our public schools in america so that our kids don't have to fear
2:26 pm
for this. >> there sure is. in this century, parents called me, what can i do now, i'm tired of talk. i want to do something now. first and foremost, every parent in the country should go to the school board meetings, demand armed security personnel are put in the personnel. let's talk about armed security personnel. they don't have to be uniformedded. trish: what does it care whether they a matter or uniformed? does parents don't want uniform? >> liberal progressive leaders in the school district, told pewe're concerned about image of officers in our schools. how about being concerned about the blood being spilled on the floors of those schools after there is an incident? parents can take a very proactive position. i want cops, retired military, retired police, trained in tactical training in those schools. what is wrong with that? trish: i, i don't, i don't have anything wrong with that, steve. i don't understand why people are so worked up about that. if you have trained
2:27 pm
professionals there. the other thing i add, maybe they don't have to be retired. >> active, right. trish: maybe a new component when we think about our state and local tax what is we need to pay for? >> yes. think about this, trish. you talked about taxes. that is another excuse we can't afford it. how about this? maybe we get the nra to start paying through grants of putting security in the schools. what do you think of that? what do you think of that? it would be good for them. good for the people. maybe it will lower the temperature a little. what do you think of that? trish: i'm all for it. you have a lot of good ideas. steve, thank you. >> you're very welcome. trish: shocking new report claims that china nearly got their hands on our nuclear codes. china claims this is one big, misunderstanding. really? senator marco rubio said days ago that china is our biggest national security threat and, i don't know whether to believe in coincidences. retired four-star general jack keane is here. he is weighing in. heme has intel for you next.
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trish: breaking overnight, everyone, china reportedly came very close to getting its hand on our nuclear codes. pretty serious stuff. according to axios, when president trump was visiting china last november chinese officials tried to stop a military aide from carrying our nuclear codes into a state building. these codes must be with the president at all times. so, when chief of staff john kelly found out, he got in a physical altercation with chinese security. axios claim at no point did the chinese have our codes or even touch the briefcase with the codes, and china claims this is just one big misunderstanding. is it? were they trying something here? were they testing us? joining us, joining me right now fox news military analyst general jack keane. general, good to see you. i will start with that. were they trying to test us? >> i don't know for sure, trish.
2:33 pm
you know, based on what little facts we actually know but a couple of things here are relevant. i do suspect that that security guard was stopping a guy because he was more, he was in uniform more than anything else. thought he wasn't authorized to be there. everybody else was in a suit. that is logical reason why the security guard may have stopped him. kelly takes charge of the situation. he knows he has a serious language problem. he doesn't have time to sort that out. he pushes the kid physically into the room they were going into. another secret service guy gets into an altercation with a security guard over it. the good thing for our viewers that understand this, that security codeine if they got their hands on it is totally useless to them, without one thing that is the president of the united states who carries on his person the authentication code to make that those other codes useful. they are absolutely useless without him. and his authentication code.
2:34 pm
trish: this gets us to the bigger issue of china. we don't know really what happened. i hear you, it could have been an honest mistake. it gets us to the issue of something that marco rubio correctly brought up in the senate intel hearings just last week. that's that china is a threat. it's a threat that we need to start recognizing. talk to me about that, general keane from economic and military standpoint. >> he is absolutely right, the senator. the national security strategy and the national defense security strategy, both identify china as a long-term strategic threat to the united states. the chinese literally come out of the closet so to speak. they have taken therapy gloves off. they used to keep everything closeted in terms of geopolitical ambitions. they put it in writing and talk about it. in the pacific they want to dominate and control the pacific and reset the stable at the expense of our allies and the
2:35 pm
united states long-term interests that has been there and they are gaining in doing just that. in the world itself, president xi has stated that in 10 or 15 years he wants to replace the united states as the preeminent global power in the world. that the united states is indeed in his mind a declining power and china is a rising power that can not say again, can not, can not be stopped essentially where they're going. what is on their mind. trish: we need to take pretty seriously. that is what they're seeing, and we sit on our hand recognize that threat. we continue to allow the companies to get their information technology stolen by the chinese, if we continue to allow ourselves to be taken advantage of trade position by the chinese, in -- general, i think the future will look
2:36 pm
increasingly bleak. is it time we wake up? >> we have woken up. the policy of the obama administration was appeasement, accommodation and head in the sand over china and head in the sand over russia and north korea and iran. this administration gets it. they know who the threats are. they're looking at world realistically and they're pushing out policies to push back on our adversaries. and to support the united states interests worldwide. they totally understand what is happening out there. i'm encouraging by that. when streets leadership is strong in the world, trish, the world is a better place -- united states. trish: that is why we've been a hegemonic power for so long and need to fulfill that royal. general, always great to talk to you. happy president's day. >> okay. same to you, trish. trish: facebook everyone, is back in the hot seat over its role in the russia scandal. the social media company unknowingly aiding the russians
2:37 pm
in their attempt to create division in america but what can facebook do now to protect us from future attacks? is facebook even going to bother? we'll have more coming up.
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trish: special counsel robert mueller handing down indictments over 13 russian nationals using social media to manipulate american politics of the 37-page indictment acknowledges their frequent use of facebook and instagram posing as americans. how were these companies outmatched by the kremlin? 13 russians got the better of our social media giants? our very own hillary vaughn has the story. hi, hillary. reporter: hi, trish, facebook, twitter, youtube, paypal, all mentioned in this indictment. facebook aloned name dropped 41
2:42 pm
different times the indictment detailing how russians were able to assume american identities using stolen personal information to buy ads and pay for it, using paypal accounts. so facebook as one fix they say might help stop foreign users from buying political ads in the future, postcards. facebook's global director of policy announcing at national association of secretaries of state winter meeting this weekend, that facebook will send postcards by u.s. mail to verify midcall ad buyers actually live here in the u.s. -- political. the company admitting new step won't solve everything that went wrong in 2017. second tar of state dennis miller was president of map during the 2016 election. she said voter fraud and hackers are not the biggest threat to election security. >> it comes to me the big threat is not from any election process or the cybersecurity issues. the biggest threat seems to be from the american public believing the many false stories that were told out there during
2:43 pm
the last election. reporter: facebook's vice president of ads rob gold man saying russian ad buys were not just about the election. tweeting most of the russian meddling to outcome all the results of 2016. i have seen all the ads. that was not main goal. that getting a shoutout from president trump on twitter. twitter says they should not be leading this charge. they need law enforcement to take the lead. trish? trish: all right. hillary, thank you very much. joining me with more on all of it, "bullseye brief" author and publisher adam johnson, vision four fund vice president heather zumarriaga. there was a time in history, i put my history cap on, u.s. history major with heavy concentration in economic. >> yes, of course. trish: you think about historically where we were, american companies say during world war ii, adam -- >> yeah. trish: they weren't doing business with the germans
2:44 pm
because the germans were the enemy. >> sure. trish: i think now about the social media companies that are doing business with countries and people i include terrorists and all of this, that want to harm us. >> sure. >> they don't have enough mechanisms in place to do anything about it? >> i know, we have opened world's largest pandora's box with social media. on one hand it is a wonderful thing, everyone has a voice but the problem is there is no editors. that is the problem you're getting at. there are 1.9 facebook users but only 3,000 employees engaged at facebook to make sure the postings are legit. trish: it is not just the postings but who is buying the ads. >> true. trish: they didn't care. >> they cared about revenues. trish: they didn't care if it was russians buying the ads. >> that's right. trish: they wanted -- >> they wanted money, why the stock has been making new highs
2:45 pm
month after month, admittedly i have been long facebook. i hate to admit it because it seems sort of dirty but the fact is, it comes down to freedom. almost a first amendment issue. you want to give people a voice. that is american. that is what we stand for. the problem you can't trust everything just because it happens to get posted. trish: i get it. heather, i think to myself, snapchat, right? they had postings of this crazy man, this animal in florida. there was something on youtube he said right there, in the comments he was going to become a professional school shooter. is there no way -- i think there is a way for these companies to pick it up. is there no incentive, no desire for these social media companies to take a more proactive role? >> well there is now, trish, especially with people like you bringing this to light in the media. i think that will have a big impact on their bottom line and
2:46 pm
they will have to do something about it. facebook is already hiring 10,000 new security experts, working with companies like the fbi to combat this but i also think twitter, who has a lot less money in terms of market cap or valuation, only 15 billion-dollar company, it would be harder for them, they do have machine-learning algorithms they can use but facebook has a lot more money they can put behind this, as long as their advertisers don't pull out, the likes of a twitter. i do think there is hope. the postcards issuing those, is one way to make sure the addresses at least, you live in the u.s. as an advertiser, meaning you're a u.s. citizen, you don't have a russian-based address that is one step. that is just the first step to combat that. trish: tell you something, i don't have a lot of faith in any of these consist. i don't have a lot of faith in twitter. i had a incident few years back,
2:47 pm
i think adam remembers that. >> yeah. trish: a crazy person from a foreign source, there wassing nothing we could do. we, not even anything that law enforcement could do, because it was a foreign account. they said you know, at that point, all they could do is hope that twitter would not allow this person to have an account. but twitter doesn't care enough. the account keeps coming up. it is the same, it is the same address, the same i.p. address and twitter doesn't bother to shut it down? >> the advertisers do care, trish. unilever is second largest in the world and they are threatening to pull out with advertising from likes of google and facebook if they don't have more transparency in political news they're giving and incidents likes yours. if they don't have the necessary technological means to stop and avert this behavior, advertisers pull out. money talks. that will impact their bottom
2:48 pm
line. >> heather, i agree with you, that's a wonderful concept, the problem is where the eyeballs are. the advertisers want to be in front of the eyeballs. i almost feel like the united airlines incident from a few months ago, everyone complainedded. guess what. united drop the their fares 10 bucks and everyone came running back. unfortunate but that is where the world we live. trish: our government taking more proactive role telling social media companies what they can and can not do. >> please. trish: otherwise our safety is threatened. anyway, adam, heather, interesting debate we'll keep having and having, thank you very much. mainstream media criticizing president trump over the response of the florida shooting. he spent too much time thanking first-responders. this president can't do anything right, right? in the ice of the plain stream media. the mainstream media is doing russia's job for it. they're the ones out there
2:49 pm
trying to create chaos. this is exactly what russia wanted them to do. anyway we're all over the story. i will see you here next.
2:50 pm
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trish: everyone, the mainstream media taking issue with president trump's visit to the victims of the florida school shooting. here is an excerpt from "the
2:53 pm
washington post." quote, president trump, as he often does while responding to national disasters, mass shootings or unfoldings crises, spent much of his time congratulating responders instead of memorializing the victims. it goes on, trump said he saw victims at the hospital but he was not seen doing so. so, what does that mean? are they suggesting that the president lied about meeting with the shooting victims? in case there was any doubt, by the way here is picture of donald trump at the hospital and, you know, point out there he is, there is the poor victim alongside him and the family. can this president ever do anything right in the eyes of the mainstream media? i think that easy answer to that is no. joining me right now, media reporter joe concha. if he had been there with the victims, they would have said he is exploiting the victims for
2:54 pm
his own gain. i just think they can not win, i think you agree with me. so let's get to why that is. how come? >> well, trish, the problem here is that there is overwhelming photo graphic evidence as you're showing on your screen right now and i don't see an apology from "the washington post." i don't see any contrition that is a big problem. they are caught dead to rights saying he didn't see any victims of this shooting, and then this photo comes out. there should be overwhelming outrage from all media critics like me, hey guys, you got this one wrong, you should apologize to the president and full traction on your newspaper's front page. not going to happen. and that's why there was a harvard "harris poll" last year, so telling. two third of americans think that there is fake news in the media, including 80% of the republicans, 60% of democrats. those are numbers that are
2:55 pm
impossible -- not only not trusted but even loathed by many people within this society. trish: mainstream media doing russia's job for it, joe? >> oh, as far as divisions and sowing discourse? trish: exactly. >> 100 times over. are you telling me that, that facebook, that bought over 50% of its ads bought before the election were $3 or less, okay? in wisconsin, pennsylvania, and michigan the ad buys were less than $3,000 total. we're being told that the russians affected the election in terms of changing votes, the media continually puts out stories demonstrably false, saying all media, not happens all the time, but it is like a hockey goalie, you let a couple pucks get by and people won't
2:56 pm
remember the saves. i hope people watch hockey at home. trish: you look at msnbc, cnbc, you see why no one is watching. you see why they're tuning in to us. they want the truth. they want both side. they want clarity and they want fairness. joe, thank you very much. on that note, remember we're open. the competition is closed. i will be right back. this is your new house. and a perfectly inconspicuous suv. you must become invisible. [hero] i'll take my chances. .. ..
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open for business. in a way there is a lot of
3:00 pm
news that will affect the news tomorrow. so stick with us. they are probably running some of my old reruns. i hope they are. trish, thank you very much. the commander-in-chief commander-in-chief getting set to leave florida. as the high school shooting the suspect makes another visit to court. the parkland high school attack. it is dominating the headlines. they are tweeting about both. gunman nicholas -- nikolas cruz was in court today.


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