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tv   FBN AM  FOX Business  February 20, 2018 5:00am-6:00am EST

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>> that's it for us. thank you so much for watching. sebastian is among our guest tomorrow. please join melissa francis on after the bell every weekday at 4:00 p.m. >> had it been law that would have prevented this individual from the teen in a firearm in going to the high school in parkland, florida. lauren: breaking news this morning to the gun-control debate heats up as the white house says it will support tightening gun-control checks. cheryl: new russian meddling. russian bots for many internet hours florida shooting tried to celebration over the gun-control debate. trent investors return to the markets after a long weekend. the s&p 500 coming off its best week in more than five years. take a look right now in stock market futures. the s&p down three quarters of
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1%. dow jones industrial average down more than 300 points in the premarket. drain to the european markets opened slightly higher they slightly higher there had to borrow thing. as you can see, the foot peak in the dax have gone into the red. lauren: japanese stocks pulling back about 1%. a similar move in south korea. stocks remain closed for the lunar new year holiday. trading to chicken crisis for kfc. the chain running out of chicken. you're not going to believe this one. "fbn:am" starts right now. lauren: 5:01 a.m. in new york. tuesday february 20th. and lauren simonetti. cheryl: good morning i'm cheryl casone. if you want chicken you might have problems in some parts of the world. lauren: well, the mashed potatoes are good.
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cheryl: hope you like your carbs. lauren: president trump supporting efforts to improve gun purchases after teenager killed 17 people in a parkland florida school last week. cheryl: blake burman is limited white house details. present trouble in the same session on wednesday on the issue school safety in the white house says the president is quote, supportive of looking for ways to improve the federal background check system. he spoke to senator john corning last week. he has a bill with senator chris murphy which would strengthen reporting standards. the white house says the discussions are ongoing. >> he has a phone call to the fbi. we look for ways to do fix the system you want to understand what broke down and allowed for this individual to go on unattended by the people raising red flags.
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reporter: resident trackback at the white house after we can get away at his residence in south florida, during which much of his twitter attention was focused on russian meddling with the president than once point saying obama was president up to and beyond the 2016 election, so why didn't he do something about russian meddling. back to you in new york. lauren: good question. speaking of russia. an hour after news broke of the florida shooting last week, twitter account suspect it of having links to russia. they released hundreds of posts about gun-control. some use #gun control now and # gun reform now. they focus on making politically divisive for americans. cheryl: staying with this, facebook is coming under fire again following the indictment against 13 russian nationals for allegedly using it to meddle in the presidential election.
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researchers say the indictment is proof that facebook was not prepared to deal with the problem. connecticut secretary of state speak in a recent cybersecurity says americans face a disinformation campaign. >> it is come true to me also that the biggest threat is not for many of these election process or cybersecurity issues. the biggest threat seems to be from the american public believing that many false stories that were told out there doing a lot election. cheryl: the russian government maintains it did not try to manipulate the u.s. election, but many in this country disagree with that. >> would bring an attorney for prosecutor david brunel. good morning, david. >> good morning, lauren. lauren: let's start with what the ceo -- basic rob ullman wrote over the weekend. most of it if the outcome of the
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2016 u.s. election. i signaled the rationale for making say definitively that swayed the election was not the main goal. the president retreated this outcome using this common come into you think you should be doing now? is he vindicated in this russia story? >> in this party years. this is the information warfare part included in this indictment and clearly based on the indictment in the words of rod rosenstein, there was no american that was wittingly involved in cooperated. unfortunately, lauren, that does not vindicate him totally because there's other parts of this. the hacking at the dnc in the clayton staffers in the obstruction of justice. while the indictment does stand for vindication of the information warfare component, it does not mean that for the others. lauren: the information warfare
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continues. not just facebook. it is twitter karma is twitter, too as we see the gun-control bot spreading back online, on twitter particularly. so what do social media companies do to prevent this from happening and what do we do is try to be a well-educated citizenry to stop this from happening? >> this is their mo. this is what they did. they turned specialist that they were to put out this content to very divisive and controversial topics. what do we first? we have to determine what her false accounts. they were using false u.s. persons to post and also be mindful of the high volume bots and duplicate content. those are things the countries can do in this business. lauren: i do not want to downplay the issue at all. this is an insult in detriment to our democracy and any other
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country trying other country cheryl: impactor elections and politics. if you look at the volume in facebook's case, diaz we were seeing at campaign time to cite one of their executives, their general counsel, if each of these posts for a commercial on on television you got to watch 600 hours of television to see something like this. 123,000 pieces of content. is this stuff by rick selections, david? >> i don't think this specifically. people are smarter than that just to be influenced by something they read on facebook. but it is a sign. it is a tile. something has to be done about this because if it's not facebook, it could be one of the voting machines or registrations. lauren: david brunel, thank you very much. cheryl: facebook is 25,000 employees and the other seemed to be on them. lauren: in money.
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cheryl: and google. a couple of big retailers reporting earnings. tracey carrasco has the headlines. >> good morning, the fourth-quarter earnings season is winding down with big reports expected this morning. wal-mart and home depot calls for solid growth on both the top and bottom line for the three months that ended in january of. they're looking for modest earnings in the same period of last year. >> ksc closing across the united kingdom. what's going on? >> this is a crisis. kfc is facing a shortage of chicken. two thirds are closed in mid-delivery challenges. kfc treated about the issue making light of it. they said the chicken crossed the road, just not a restaurant. we brought a new delivery
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partner on board but they've got a couple of problems getting chicken out to 900 restaurants across the country is pretty complex. the colonel is working on it. no word yet whether stores will be back up and running. as of yesterday, 300 were opened. cheryl: i can't believe you got kentucky fried chicken in your name when you ran out of chicken. we will see if they get it together. millennial so financially worse off than their parents were at the same age. >> this is interesting. according to global analysis of eight high income countries, the resolution foundation found that millennial center early 30s of household intends lower on average than the numbers of so-called generation x at the same age. particularly in the u.k. and spain could look in other countries come in the resolution foundation said the u.s. and germany at the minimal generation on generation games.
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typical approaching 50 are no higher for those one in the late 1960s and those born in the 1920s. cheryl: kind of a surprise considering that that generation is that all the data and the lack of opportunity with wages. we will see you in just a little bit. tracee carrasco. well, we've got a lot more coming up. in the wake of the tragedy in florida, democrats are calling for debate in congress over the debate of gun control. >> it also makes note sense that he could purchase all of these assault rifles and that's why we need to have been reformed. cheryl: the president wants to tighten background checks. what if anything should be done about the issue in that romney to become the next senator from utah. you are watching "fbn:am."
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lauren: good morning and welcome back. let's get you caught up with what's happening now. after the games last week, with a selloff. dow futures down by 214 points and nasdaq futures down by 57. we'll continue to monitor
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activity on wall street. president trump back in his former presidential rival mitt romney in his bid for a senate seat in utah. the president leading his support even though romney calls trump a phony and a fraud. in 2016 this is what he treated. he announced his running for the senate for the wonderful state of utah. he will make a great senator and would-be successor to orrin hatch and has my full support and endorsement. romney treated his thanks to the president. the trap administration is now charging the office of financial research as an example government overreach. "the wall street journal" reporting budget cuts and oppositions from republican have forced major projects to be scaled back. the agency created after the financial crisis was supposed to create trouble and issued warning about the financial market, but the paper says it has yet to produce anything of substance. albertson's trying to stay competitive with amazon and
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wal-mart. "the wall street journal" reported in a supermarket chain plans to buy the rest of right aid that isn't being sold to walgreens. companies were $24 billion including debt. that is what is happening now. cheryl: we have been following this tragedy out of florida and the wake of the school shooting there. democrats and call for debate over gun control in congress. forget this. abc "washington post" poll shows 59% of americans think mental health republicans -- the mental health issues are more responsible for them. cheryl: here to weigh in, republican strategist chris maloney and to defend the president, ted harvey. good morning. >> good morning. >> thanks for having us. cheryl: when it comes to conservatives, they are now
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willing to have this debate, but the poll says most americans take the issue is more mental health that it is gun control. where does that politically lead republicans? >> 57% of americans still think this is a mental health issue that is a debate we need to be having. democrats want to go after gun control. they want this to be at gun control debate. but it really is a mental health today. sick people that take sick action and do horrendous things, but that's what the discussion should be about. how do you stop that, not take away the energy right it is the second amendment. cheryl: when you look at the situation the state of florida, perfect example of where we're at, florida mayors by law since 2011 can not put any gun laws or restrictions for anything on the books at all. not only would they be fined by the governor, but you can't restrict people from shooting guns off at a party. that's the state of florida where this happened.
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does it change this? >> i don't think it would change the laws nationally on the issue. as cliff said, we need to focus on the mental health issue. cheryl: dallas florida where that happening. >> i come from colorado where we have a lot of unfortunate situations with my shootings in colorado and my son went to arapaho high school. in the case of columbine, in the case of the aurora shooting, everyone of those individuals had no mental health problems. it wasn't because there was no gun laws. it was because we knew these people had mental health issues and we didn't deal with them. plus, we have no gun zones come a safe zones where we are leaving our students and their teachers without the ability to defend themselves and these are easy targets for individuals can go into safe zones like a theater, safe zones like a
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school. my wife is a teacher. i want her to have the ability to be safe. cheryl: i've got to inject because of this latest abc poll, arming teachers is not the least favorable things you see in the polling. if you look at that same poll, similar poll when gabby giffords were shot in arizona, republican congresswoman after she was shot from use of the pool saying 83% of americans polled said we should report people with mental illnesses. jay shoji added to the federal database when it comes to trying to get a gun. where are we now? >> i think the violent attacks are just that. they are horrendous violent attacks. when you look at those situations, it is a slippery slope to start to let bureaucrats decide who has a right to bear arms and who doesn't. i don't buy the darn place i don't but i don't play scenarios. they are horrible, horrible acts. but the end of the day, dcf problems that can solve the
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problems they can solve. turning to the government to get rid of the second amendment right to bear arms for so many citizens that follow the law. i see that as a solution. cheryl: real quick to know when you've got all these high school kids come in their sweet little face is marching on washington next month, it is going to be in the face of congress that they've got to do something. too many children are dying. >> i look at my sweet little kids face at arapaho high school and they had to do with a situation like this. we knew the individual had health problems and didn't do anything about it and we denied the school the ability to have people there with guns to defend the kids and the teachers. that's the problem. cheryl: cliff, ted, emotional and tough discussion the nation is having right now. thank you. lauren: coming up, even fergie admits that something went wrong. ♪ that our flag was still there
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♪ cheryl: my ears are still ringing. lauren: she is weighing in on the overwhelming criticism of her on the national and done. plus, tracking a major weather systems across the nation. janice dean coming up with the full weather forecast for you. investors back at work today are hitting the cell but not this morning because dow futures are down 223 points. you are watching "fbn:am." this not -- ♪
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cheryl: well, fergie is
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apologizing for her infamous rendition of the national anthem at the nba all-star game after to the internet by storm. the ♪ banner yet wave the ♪ lauren: she tried to jazz it up. she told tmc, i've always been honored abroad to confirm the national anthem and last night he wanted to try something special for the nba. a risk taker artistically but clearly this rendition didn't strike the intended talent. i love this country and honestly tried my best. cheryl: well, there is nothing to apologize for the world of weather today. spring in the northeast, but mother nature. lauren: janice dean is tracking all this whether this tuesday morning. reporter: we are loving the warm temperatures ahead of the front, behind the front, along the
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front. 32 in kansas city, 67 in memphis. 60 in chicago. you could really see where this rant is just stalled out and along the front is where we see potential for heavy rain and flooding as well as ice and snow behind the front end it's not going to move very quickly so that is my concern. that is the future raider on the ohio, mississippi river valley, eastern parts of texas to his great lakes. that is where we will see big 10 flooding over the next five to six days. you can see the areas here were really concerned. people need to be on alert for the possibility of flash flooding behind it. that's where we've got the cold air in the snow. there's your highs wednesday. new york city 70 degrees and we get into thursday he'll be back to reality. my big concern today is going to be ice along the front and the flooding potential as we head into the weekend for parts of the ohio, tennessee and
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mississippi river valley. lauren: janice dean coming thank you very much. we'll enjoy the nice weather for the next couple hours. cheryl: at least in new york will take it. consumers seemingly embraced the smaller size of the iphone 10. why is apple thinking about going bigger? lauren: a lot bigger. cheryl: reports coming that would dwarf the first-generation model. lucky charms is a little more charm been added to the mix for the first time in 10 years. here's your mix. the markets reopen after a long long weekend printed output and lower the free market by more than 200 points. s&p nasdaq a percentage lower. you are watching that "fbn:am." the ♪ oh, manatees. aka "the sea cow"" oh! there's one.
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>> had their bad lot that would have prevented this individual from obtaining firearms in going to the high school in parkland, florida. cheryl: that was the vice president. the gun-control debate heating up in washington as a group of florida students had to the state capitol to call for changes. meanwhile, the president is supporting efforts to improve background checks. we've got a live report. lauren: investors back to work after the presidents' day weekend. the s&p 500 coming off of its best week in 500 years. spectacular gains this week. as new features are down by 20 points. cheryl: waveguide jonathan hoenig. he will be here in a few moments. asia affairs. the shanghai market still closed after the near holiday. hang seng, kospi on the red. lauren: we have a mixed bag. cac, but the ftse in london is down by 36.
5:31 am
cheryl: lauren, is a tablet or a phone. planning to make the iphone 10 plus. it is massive according to reports. "fbn:am" continues right now. 5:31 a.m. in new york on tuesday, february 20th. good morning i'm cheryl casone. lauren: good morning. i'm lauren simonetti. thank you for joining us. iphone 10 plus. cheryl: i've been enjoying the smaller size of the iphone 10 but maybe i'm about to be outvoted by consumers around the world. lauren: you might have an ipad. president trump supporting efforts to improve federal background checks for gun purchases. a group of students heading to florida today calling for gun control laws after the massive school shooting killed 17 people last week.
5:32 am
cheryl: live in our new york city newsroom at the latest on what will happen today. kelly wright. reporter: good morning to you both good when students for marjorie stoneman arrive in tallahassee today, that when demand for state lawmakers to stop gun violence. a series of vigils being held to remember the 17 people who died in last week's tragic school shooting. today students and parents remember those who were killed and they vowed to push politicians to make real reforms to gun laws. >> i'm not going to let my daughter's death go in vain. i promise all these kids that i've been talking to you that they're going to school and they're going to be safe and we will have a movement. we will make medicine movement. >> we are the voice of america. do not just send us prayers. let your actions be your words. reporter: verisign's students and parents are being heard in florida because florida
5:33 am
lawmakers reportedly are considering raising the h. from buying an assault rifle to 21, imposing a three day waiting period and identifying the closing background screening luke. as for the shooter, nikolas cruz, judges ordered a sealed court records to be released. were those allegations that he lived in a home filled with abuse and neglect. the judge saying the public has a right to know. >> i don't believe that he suffered in a prejudice. it is being kept confidential. i am going to be urging the way it is. >> beyond the courtroom and beyond parkland, students are starting a national movement against gun violence, demanding answers against president trump. the president plans to have a listening session with the students about this very issue tomorrow. lauren. lauren: we will be watching out for sure. kelly wright, thank you very
5:34 am
much. cheryl: the president as well as liking what you see in the economy. he treated about the economy. the u.s. economy looking very good, even better than anticipated. companies pouring back into our country are versed in trend of leading. regulations intact have a link type. jobs, jobs, jobs. let's take a look at features after the long holiday weekend for presidents' day. pointing right now to a much lower open for the dow down by 200 points in the premarket s&p nasdaq as well. the president again last night how great things got a lot shot to the south this morning. what do you make of it? >> the president is right, cheryl. it is strong. the jobless numbers are good. they anticipate the news and doesn't reflect it. fundamentals are almost always stellar just as a major selloff for bear market begins.
5:35 am
the market especially seems to indicate or so more of these on the horizon moving forward. >> are you talking about inflation or to .9%. it's still kind of gives treater jitters. no? >> you are too young to even remember inflation. cheryl: no i'm not. i remember. >> good, 50, 60, 70 years old to remember what inflation was like 30, 40 years ago. today's stock investors haven't seen that one of the things on my screen this week is the the government selling another $250 billion in bonds. this is the government expansion of the money supply. interest rates are now rising even faster than the federal reserve is raising them. that's going to be the market worried despite the fact was a good earnings of low unemployment. cheryl: i see a lot of
5:36 am
commentary backing up what you're saying. concern is the global banks have to pick up the pace with inflation. that could spell the global markets. >> the global stimulus going back literally and a lot of other economies. there's no question for that reason. this is time for caution. it's not just opinion. look at the actionable we've been talking about. stocks in ats to one-month highs names like precious metals, soybeans, beyond, although one-month lows are the spawn related investments. given the fact that many americans are in debt and invest in the stock market makes a good time for caution rather than on breeched enthusiasm. cheryl: pointed to a new study
5:37 am
that shows millennial so worse off than the gen x, which is their parents age. the economy, earnings were incredibly strong for 2017. do you see a positive story? >> the question, cheryl, where is it going to come from? is it going to be those internet stocks, the face books, amazon said it was the market for the better part of five or six years. a great time for most investors simply to sit on their hands. cheryl: wherever gas lines, mortgages or 14% to 16%. those were the days. >> i don't believe it. i don't believe it. cheryl: jonathan hoenig, thank you it great to see you. lauren: the iphone 10 price tag may be the reason sales of their wagons overseas. cheryl: tracee carrasco has that another headline news.
5:38 am
>> iphone may be losing customers in asia, losing out on market share is there because they are choosing other smartphone makers of chinese manufacturers show me corp., the apple of china as it's being called because the price tag is a lot lower, but they offer a lot of same features, even more features than the iphone 10. features like a better battery, the hardware being more durable, also came as for soap is that more people these phones rather than the iphone, which is interesting to see that shift. >> with the iphone 10, there can do during a plus version. >> this is the latest rumor circulating. always rumors about the new iphone, but we should see three new iphone later this year in september. one would be if he said an iphone 10 with quite i've edge to edge screen. also a second generation of the iphone 10 in a new cheaper lcd model of the iphone 10.
5:39 am
these come with an updated. so people have been complaining about the notch on not. they want to make a smaller in the sensor would be smaller. lauren: what is the notch? >> the sensor. the thing at the bottom. that's at the tech people call it. cheryl: facial recognition is hit or miss for me. lauren: sometimes my face of an iphone i don't need to another times when i don't want it to happen. but the second generation. lauren: lucky charms have a new charm? >> for the first time in a decade. a magical unicorn and this was coded and chosen by children. they did a social media kind of account on this. they asked parents which time they wanted to see if this is
5:40 am
what they voted on. you see it on your screen with some blue and pink games. the last one was the hourglass in 2010. that was retired last year. cheryl: they are hot according to lauren. this issue told me earlier. lauren: there you go. >> president is kind of thinking. it kind of looks like it. cheryl: a lot more coming out. elon musk in the news again today the first greenlight, with american cities issued a permit to build the high-speed tube system. plus this. >> take turns trying to pop these wonderful things on his forehead. once that pops you never know, but then it will go. cheryl: lauren simonetti will take us to the international toy fair to see the toys for this year. lauren: i like to pop pimples.
5:41 am
that's what she was doing. cheryl: okay, this is interesting. she's coming out. ♪
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cheryl: welcome back. this gets you caught up on what's happening now after the president three day weekend.
5:44 am
investors are hitting the sell button as you see in the premarket futures down 173 in the dow, s&p, nasdaq pointing to a lower open as well. we're also watching this. google are looking to expand to the skies. the company's ceo says he can be commercialization of the air find taxi service happening within five to 10 years. meanwhile, elon musk has been given the greenlight to start building in washington. "washington post" reported the district of columbia has issued a preliminary permit to start digging an abandoned lot better. this could be the first step in fulfilling the dream of a high-speed transportation system that can take them from knee-jerk to d.c. in 29 minutes. as north korea's return home from the winter games possibly without any metals. they hope to avoid the gallant or 22 north koreans participated, but none have won a model.
5:45 am
kim jong un's grandfather sent to the world cup from concentration camps are losing the championship game. we shall see, lauren. that is what is happening now. lauren: unbelievable on a different note. a related toy story this week for an toys to sign. dozens of what can be this year's hottest toys or showcase for the near toy for is a place for vendors to show off their latest product and for attendees like me to feel like kid again. >> the most exciting four days of the year. tons of new products. >> little robots and basically you connect it to your phone or tablet. we show you step-by-step how to do it. >> take your finger and draw whatever design you want. here you can actually see it driving on the screen and she will also dry up on the floor, like this.
5:46 am
lauren: she better be bringing that doughnut to me. >> these are sad abandoned pets to take with you. you love them. now that we've adopted him, we'll give him a little brush. we are going to wipe the tears out of his eyes. this is a cute item for kids who want to adopt a pet. lauren: turbojet by razor might be the cool thing one time powered by lithium ion battery that is an electric motor there. you can see him move and groove. >> the hottest toy is the toy they love and will continue to play with. lauren: how do you know that her hearty best predict that? >> you can't. no one predicted l. wells and fingerlings would've taken the world by storm. >> if the baby monkey that lives on your finger and likes to case. >> i hear slime is very trendy, particularly in social media.
5:47 am
>> people love to make their own unique combinations. it's all about the diy movement. >> one of the cool trends is grossed out games. >> this is poppies z. you roll the dice and take turns poppies miss it on your forehead. lauren: you can't predict where this it is going to pop. trade to the camera lens. that's actually disgusting. lauren: i kid you not. parents, now you know what to get for kids 2018. trade to or get the little bear you can wipe his tears off. we've got a lot more coming up this morning. american matti bellman trying to defend her olympic gold medal in the free ski half pipe. jared max has all the highlights from the olympics coming up. we'll also go to london to check
5:48 am
out what's going on with your markets. a big selloff. the europeans are watching it and you are watching "fbn:am."
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lauren: finally some great news for team u.s.a. at the winter games. cheryl: jared max as with all the highlights from pyeongchang. doing better? >> yakima doing better. a little bit of a kick up last night. that'll smart tactic, decorative red white and blue among which u.s.a. scored two. matti bellman crashed in each of
5:52 am
her three runs. her last fall especially rough. she ended up finishing 11 worst. each in the same spot every time. bruno sigourney edged teammate annalisa drew by one point to get on the per diem for a bronze medal. by scott moyer won gold for the third time and became the most decorated winter olympic skaters now with five medals, olympic american siblings maja and alec should the tiny won a bronze medal as they increased teens u.s.a. medal total 12 to 16 fewer than the overall leader norway. miracle on ice part 2. the u.s. hockey team needed to beat slovakia last night to stay alive. it's not coming to u.s.a. would have been eliminated. team u.s.a. breaks out. first, when nothing in the 44 seconds later, james writes that americans spend three to one in
5:53 am
the dream is still alive. short turnaround. the guys are back on the ice. a must for an elimination game against the czech republic face-off 10:10 eastern time. the u.s. women's hockey team goes for gold facing canada into the final. over 2000 fans showed up to new york yankees spring training yesterday in tampa to watch giancarlo stanton and aaron judge take batting practice. yesterday the rival boston red sox did as well. they agree to a five-year contract for $110 million for jd martinez. last year 45 home runs and also 103 rbis. baseball geeks, if you are craving another stack to keep track of when you're scoring the game, we have some good news for you. major league baseball instituted some rules changes. teaching on visits. keep track of that in your scorebook. shorter commercial breaks will range between 205 and two
5:54 am
minutes 50 seconds unlimited trips to the mound page six trips per nine innings. cheryl: it takes forever to watch a baseball game. i don't have six hours to watch a baseball game. >> they are starting to get it. i need a page clock. >> you do. jerry sports reports. of course you can listen to the headlines 21st of an xm channel 115. lauren: coming up, asian shares for the markets that are open. they stop overnight. european markets mostly higher, but what is going on with the ftse? we are going straight to london to find out. the ♪ [fbi agent] you're a brave man, mr. stevens.
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♪you know it's true ♪everything i do ♪i do it for you lauren: asian stocks fell overnight but european stocks in this richer right now. turn to joshua mahoney in london joins us. that got us off on our hands in the u.s. it's moving there? >> yeah, good morning. what we have seen in europe is the fact we seem to have a break through in brexit negotiations with the e.u. so essentially we've seen the european parliament put together a 16 page report the u.k. could potentially a single market access in the town rally in the back of strength as weakness in terms of the ftse 100 could the strength in the u.k. focus to 50
5:58 am
in this really is in line with the weakness we see on the ftse 100 in line with the trend we see globally indicted but worries remain in relation to the fact we are seeing a rising inflation and that means we have to get used to the fact monetary polytheism necessarily going to be here to stay in terms of the environment we've been seeing globally for the past eight to 10 years. lauren: that is very much to struggle u.s. investors are facing right now. thank you very much. >> thank you. cheryl: lauren, that's it was real. it's been two days. the president a holiday now pointing down 200 points on the dow. lauren: without, will we'll send it over to maria bartiromo. mornings that very starts right now. maria: thank you so much. happy to say to you. i am maria bartiromo. tuesday, february 20th. 6:00 a.m. on the east coast. a volatile return points to a sharp decline. take a look at what is taking
5:59 am
place at the dow and s&p 500 coming off of a six-day winning streak. a decline of about the trade opening this morning. investors were blue-chip retailers today. home depot and wal-mart to report earnings for the battle. numbers before they had before they hit the tape to give you a sense of what is happening with consumers to year, next performance is that the market indices at the ft 100-point back a quarter of a percent of the cac in the dax in germany higher this morning. right across the board as you can see with korea and japan, done better than 1% apiece. shanghai composite closed at the chinese lunar new year celebration there. a taxing situation. republicans said to be in a battle for which government agencies are writing your regulations following the historic tax overhaul. some of the office of management and budget to get involved in what was traditionally handled by the treasury department and
6:00 am
the irs. this coming as it shows the majority of americans now support tax reform. speaker of the house, paul ryan about the overhaul last week. >> because of tax reform coming up massive amounts of repatriation. because of tax reform you won't see any more versions. because of tax refunds you see foreign investment coming through. we had the worst tax code before tax reform. now we have one of the best tax codes in the industrialized world because of tax reform. it's the basics of economic growth that we have placed here. very serious progrowth policy. higher wages. that is good for everybody. maria: on that debate coming up this morning. starbucks grooming him for big change unveiling a new color changing cold groove. there is a catch. we bring it for you. speaker fergie's speech event following her disastrous rendition of the national anthem.


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